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Tweets for 31 May 2011


(05:25:12) Good morning. Last (half) cup of coffee for a month is sitting in my Bodum mug thing. Nice short work week, though... hurrah for that!

(06:25:42) By the way, stretch limo based hurtling is in progress. Sunshinely. Today's @Easybus driver is friendly and has a fine butterfly brooch.

(06:55:08) Disembarkation. Woo.

(11:15:40) Celebrity spot of the day: Greg Davies looking grumpy on a mobile phone. To be fair, it was raining...

(12:13:54) RT @uk_soundmap: The UK Soundmap was intended as a 1-year project when it was launched last summer. Final date for uploads is Friday 24 ...

(12:18:18) Time, I think, for some cheese baps. In an official capacity.

(16:28:26) Signing Little White away.

(18:02:20) All back in Luton with (Cardboard) Edd our new beige Zafira. Well, it's not beige; it's beigesque. Here's Ed & Edd

(20:13:28) An enjoyable evening of helping @pootspublic set up her new phone (she has joined the Android ecosystem yeah!)

(21:01:10) Right.. enough of this faffing around (I've done a lot of that today) - to bed for a fresh Wednesday of novelty and cormorants. Nighty then!

Tweets for 30 May 2011


(07:50:46) Good morning. All a bit achey after my lolloping about yesterday. Notwithstanding, I shall put some toast on. Get it while it's how!

(13:37:55) I liked a @YouTube video nxmeevlog games 1 30/5/2011

(15:50:34) *yawns* I've just been looking into replacing the inverters in two broken monitors... or I could just Freecycle them. Hmm.

(19:31:11) I have officially stopped steaming.

(19:45:57) Chuckling at the most recent @BagelTechMac show - worth listening to at least for @BritishMac's grumpiness and Ewen's Mobile Me experience.

(20:59:26) A functional society is all about compassion for others, I think, which would be self-organising, not that machiney one. #awobmolg

(21:04:29) That #awobmolg documentary is all very well except for all those odd noises and musical breaks. But the old cutaway shots were amazing.

(21:08:17) I would ~love~ to watch this Queen programme - what a phenomenon! - but I had better get to bed.. work in the morning. Nighty then.

Tweets for 29 May 2011


(07:55:59) Good morning. Yesterday, we saw a magpie trying to cross the M1 on foot. Stupid bird. Magpie Frogger. Magger.

(07:59:08) Time to go and ablute. I was up early enough for a potter and a tidy of the studio. I can feel an audioboo coming on. Later, maybe...

(21:00:18) How best to sum up today? Family visit, extreme table tennis, barbecue, running about, hula hoops, yeah. I'm thirsty after all that.

Tweets for 28 May 2011


(08:34:56) Good morning. We're going to Borehamwood. I can't think of anything. Else. The children are in good voice, though...

(10:20:06) Bit on the ol' chilly side here...Lenni's keeping warm butter discovering her feet don't reach the pedals..

(12:41:01) Home again, and being declined free 7 day insurance because of the industry I work in. Sorted something out with Admiral instead....

(12:41:49) Beigeness will soon be ours. AND @RobJD managed to swing some mats (hopefully!)

(13:17:12) I'm starting to get a bit irked by the way my phone likes to change words in my tweets. I mean, 'butter' for heaven's sake...

(19:47:39) To heck with this, I'm going for a walk. To Asda. Analoguely.

(21:02:10) Home now, without incident nor Creme Eggs (sorry @simon_toon @pewari!). Although I found a bit of greenery of which I was hitherto unaware.

(21:12:15) I think a cocoa is in order. I am SO OLD.

(22:08:58) It can be finished in the morning. Night!

Tweets for 27 May 2011


(05:28:40) Good morning. Feeling a little sleep depraved, but I'll bumble through. Far too many factual dreams again.. I shall clear my brain tonight.

(07:22:59) Ooh.. maybe @perrygascoine would be interested to know that Brian May and Roger Taylor are on Radio 2 at the moment...

(08:43:07) Thank you SO much for the #FF @Oliwia_S, @BaronHawkey and @dizzydanni84 - three wondrous folk who are definitely worth a follow :)

(08:45:20) Turned off Radio 2 when I heard a song with the singer "do do do"ing along with a funky guitar solo. It's really annoying.

(11:31:32) I think my head is getting bigger. I do hope it's not.

(13:20:20) Wow.. this looks fun!

(18:06:54) Audioboo: Loud passengers and the mighty Brian May boo [live from my stretch limo home!] #commuting #thequeen

(19:49:14) All eaten (yum - thank you, @pootspublic!); now time to watch some slow moving comedy by a man with collitis (it's how he's billed here :D)

(22:04:28) 2% battery left on my phone. Better put her on charge answer switch my brain off. Night!

Tweets for 26 May 2011


(05:24:41) Good morning. I've had a night of work-based dreams, including an entire meeting with @Barwickgreen's boss. Yeah, that's how to sleep.

(05:31:03) Up da hill. Like Rob Da Bank except without a festival. Or apparent affableness.

(05:31:53) Also, I think the milk might be on the turn. Careful now - I recommend smelling it first.

(07:31:32) I am NOT going to run for the shuttle bus this morning. I am NOT going to run for the shuttle bus this morning. I am..well, I might have to.

(09:09:46) Oh epaul epual epaulettes...

(14:07:16) RT @MuseumsLuton: Ready for half term? Checkout our half term activites at Wardown Park Museum and Stockwood Discovery Centre at museums ...

(16:30:46) Shame it's Crap phone warehouse.. the HTC Desire Z looks like a good bargain (200GBP SIM free)

(17:29:49) Like an unnecessarily milky coffee, my stretch limo is latte. This is not satisfactory. Please have it seen to (@unhelpfuldave?)

(17:36:16) I live here (for up to 45 minutes at a time some days) (@ Greenline Coach Stop, Gloucester place)

(17:46:22) Oh I do like a nice hurtle in the sunshine. Busy evening ahead, though. I need to find a Cool Thingy for tonight's @BagelTechNews Big Show..

(19:51:26) I have no idea what my ICQ number was. I think it had a 4 and a 1 in it... (I only wonder because I've just installed Nimbuzz)

(20:00:11) Better go and tart myself up. *sighs*

(22:36:24) Right.. All done with showing off on the internets. Bedtime for me. Goodnight then! :)

Tweets for 25 May 2011


(06:44:57) Morning, then. I bet Wednesday is the least sung about day of the week. Although Tuesday is a close second/third(sday).

(09:34:59) Oh no. I can feel a 'Reply All' storm coming on...

(09:49:23) Ha. Email Reply-All storm averted by a two-word response to the original mail by someone who clearly has no idea about email etiquette :D

(16:17:13) Right. Time to change a password. Ooh, spooky.

(17:08:04) I'm going to go home now. Wearing my favourite purple work shirt (I've been wearing it all day, but saving mentioning it until now).

(20:26:23) Catching up on long overdue correspondence...

Tweets for 24 May 2011


(06:18:22) Good %TIME_OF_DAY on this %WEATHER_DESC %DAY. This automated message is sent sincerely to you, %READER, from all of us at jamescorp.

(06:21:48) Happy birthday, @fishplatetwo! Hope official retirement is moderate to good :)

(06:36:37) Holy jumble sale it's warm on the stretch limo this morning. I have a day of conundra - two consecutive training sessions 2 miles apart..

(07:43:03) What better way to begin the workday than with some Unnecessary Password Failure issues. Computer, it would appear, says no.

(08:04:41) Attention Luton Tweeps (from @TimTheReporter): @jvsshow is asking why Luton should get City status.. want to comment? Contact Tim! :)

(10:24:55) Stopped for a bit. Now having an apple, then starting again.

(12:34:35) Heading to Bvsh Hovse to learn how to appraise people like I shouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuld.

(13:26:01) This is a pointless course. Or rather it's being run in a pointless way. And it's too warm #perennialwhinge

(16:38:38) RT @UrbanRebekah: if anyone found a Leki walking stick outside The Orange Tree pub in #Hitchin it's my (disabled) dads and he REALLY nee ...

(16:38:50) I've eaten biscuits this afternoon. Misjudged, to be sure.

(18:03:17) I am waiting for my stretch limo. It is late (the blighter)... and so therefore will i be. Oh.. here it is... still, sorry, @pootspublic!

(18:14:29) Earlier, my boss walked in when I was watching a Boxxy video (she's back, apparently). A career high point, I think. (@pootspublic @robjd)

(18:35:31) Disaster plus - cut open car on Marylebone Rd & major looking fire by the north circ

(19:14:06) Not so often I see a helicopter landing at @LDNLutonAirport, let alone a pair (the blue one is hiding)

(19:52:42) I've no idea what Conan O'Brien looks like. I picture him as being, well, Jay Leno. He's the one with the chin,right? Or is that Jimmy Hill?

(20:08:38) I am incredibly garlicky. Now i shall call my Dad on the phone. This is ~science~.

(21:54:17) Tuning out of Tuesday FM, since broadcasts are over for the day. More Take That repetitivenes tomorrow. Sleep is my test tone. Good night.

Tweets for 23 May 2011


(07:50:52) Ah yes, it's Monday - statistically the day about which the greatest number of moaning songs are written. Thus: good moaning.

(11:25:14) Hail to the Mighty Poo Hose #nowwashyourhands

(16:30:14) It's been an afternoon of varied and miscellaneous things, including a visit from my Dad and wrestling with Java on my mac. YEAH (sort of)

(21:22:52) And so tobed. Tobing is all the rage at this time of night. Until the morning, then.

Tweets for 22 May 2011


(07:34:06) Yes, happy birthday @perrygascoine (@dt90spt )

(07:36:41) Morning. Busy day ahead. It may involve a muddy field, a church and a used car salesman. But first: shower and shave. Got to be fragrant...

(11:15:32) Right. Off to crave an audience with @RobjD.

(14:40:13) Back home from Bletchley. It didn't all ring true, even down to the salesman being useless. I won't go to Perry's Peugeot again.

(16:12:20) What an afternoon. With lots of thanks to @RobJD we uncovered a lot of holes in Bletchley Car Salesman's pattoir. It's a Learning thing.

(17:06:10) Audioboo: Used car salesman fail boo [or: how not to bother selling a car] #bletchley #fai #dodgyusedcarsalesman

(17:38:14) Wow.. half-past six already? Time to write a list of Things To Attempt To Do This Evening. It might involve doing some irony.

(20:48:14) Why is ironing so tironing?

(21:09:42) I have a paper cut on the tip of my left ring finger. I blame the car salesman. And my very sensitive skin.

(21:26:23) I've said it before, and I will repeat it, Nescafé Original 3-in-1 is a aberration against all nature and good taste. And it's Nestlé.

(22:16:46) Over the course of this evening, I have watched the entirety of series one of @RobertPopper's Friday Night Dinner. Really very quite good.

(22:18:27) Right. To bed. G'night then.

Tweets for 21 May 2011


(13:39:35) Having a day out. Conclusion: Cambridge is just that bit... normaller than Oxford, and I like that. Although Oxford is splendid.

(13:41:49) In other news, I visited a park of which @tonythetiger880 is the mayor. That's quite cool. Also, it is WELL sunny.

(16:37:09) Some car sprucing my be in order.

(20:24:27) Today has been a good, busy, physical day. And I'm a bit sunburnt. And exhausted. Time for a sit down and some nuts. They're rapturetastic.

(20:42:57) I can feel an early night coming on. I ought to record an audioboo.. that @dt90spt keeps saying things to which I feel drawn to respond.

(21:46:54) Busy day tomorrow, quite possibly taking on the might of the Used Car Salesman. I may well attempt to bewilder him into a bargain. Nighto :)

Tweets for 20 May 2011


(05:33:38) Morning. Another training day ahead, with work squeezed in the coffee break gaps... Now: brush teeth then off up the hill

(06:22:44) Ten minutes into the latest They Might Be Giants podcast is a splendid reworking of Old Father William by C S Lewis:

(07:50:30) Definitely doing a Just In Time James today - so far I've managed to catch two buses (one being my Stretch Limo) that have already left...

(07:52:17) On the flip side, I'm clearly being really jammy today :D

(10:39:16) Seen on my walk to the office this morning - someone's been made an example of...

(10:45:05) One amusing thing about the iPad is that the soft keyboard has the bumps for touch-typing home keys drawn on. Ha.

(11:47:39) I'm starting to get a bit fed up with the Windows7 startup sound. The sound of me starting to get fed up goes "bleeng ba-loonng".

(17:32:05) Good heavens.. mobile Twitter's gone a bit posh. In other news, thank you for the follow, @LordGibbon. I went to school with a David Gibbon.

(17:33:39) I think I stole this joke off of Twitter, so here it comes back: "What's blue and can't sing?"

(17:54:31) I would like officially to give @brennig the appropriate credit for the Blue joke that I've been chuckling at all afternoon.

(20:41:54) All eaten (thanks, @pootspublic!) and now sparking up the studio grid for some more high calibre tech punditry. I can feel it in my veins.

Tweets for 19 May 2011


(05:26:23) Good morning. I'm on a course today. Go me. Quite literally.. up the hill, definitely.

(07:41:46) Right. I'm going to W12. Also, @LauraShav just used the #notaeuphemism hashtag that I claim to have invented. Or great minds think alike.YAY

(08:29:46) In Telly Centre they have a model of grumpiness & unpleasantness to which all staff should (and mostly do) aspire

(10:09:51) Coffee break. I am in a small lit room tucked inside an abandoned support office in stinkytellycentre. On the upside, I get to use an iPad.

(10:29:23) Ahh well. Back to it. Virtual machines ahoy!

(11:49:47) Playing with Powershell. It's a bit like Linux. Even ls works. Heh.

(12:25:24) SMS costs approx £600 per MB... @ThreeUK intend to charge 1p for text delivery reports to " for this cost of this service." Blimey.

(20:36:59) Wow.. Thursday evening went quickly. Time for zed, said Bedebee. In other news, @pootspublic smells nice this evening. Eau de Success?

(20:43:10) Gute nacht, Bon nuit and g'night. (Apple prefers Gutenberg nacho, Bon nuke and g'night)

Tweets for 18 May 2011


(06:48:49) Good morning. I was given of a new musical instrument by @pootspublic yesterday evening.. can't wait to have a proper go on it.

(07:35:23) First email of the day: dear boss, please sign off my expensives. I've also treated myself to a chococcino. The rest of the day: fruity tea.

(08:24:01) Right. Knuckling down. In fact, they're practically dragging on the floor.

(08:26:13) RT @funkids: The Wiggles are tyring to buy Princess Beatrice's hat! What would you want them to do with it? @ItsWig ...

(08:26:55) Oh, and before I go (properly this time) I am getting the urge to write and record a song. I've no idea what it's about yet. But urge it is.

(08:43:50) Focus, man. (Not Ford).

(09:11:16) In an All Staff Briefing. I thought Our Lord And Master would be here. He's definitely not, but @Richard_C, @simontuff & @Barwickgreen are.

(10:44:15) I have not been playing this rather intriguing YouTube-based game: (h/t @cindyvriend)

(11:30:08) I haven't heard this for years.. - these guys are brilliant. And they're still going.

(14:19:07) You know it's warm in the office when the white-tack on which the thermometer is sitting starts to melt...

(16:46:08) Tired now. And a bit worn out. Similar but different. One more interview question to write. It won't, unfortunately, involve biscuits.

(17:22:02) Bit rainy. First daytime rain in a long time.

(18:14:55) Holy antiquarian, this stretch charabanc is rattly and humid, but the driver is very friendly, so it matters less. Or fewer. Or lesser.

(21:24:26) Right... I need to be trained tomorrow. So I shall go to bed forthwith. Nighty nighty.

Tweets for 17 May 2011


(06:54:03) Mornin'. Not really adept today.. hoping I can hide away and attend to some Administrative Clerical Errors. It's going to be warm again.

(07:35:21) Right. Doing the thing. (which is checking emails and putting my lunch in the fridge. It was never going to be an impressive thing)...

(08:03:30) Ooh exciting. Once again, the vagaries of out-of-control scheduling have sliced my Salford plans into the rough. Just what I was after. Boh.

(08:29:19) Zoiks.

(16:28:48) I had a number of aphorisms to tweet today, but only now have I stopped for long enough to have forgotten them. Hmm. Daewoo Winton. Yes.

(16:32:20) Today I've mostly been trying to persuade @Errolin that he doesn't need to go on a Bear Grylls survival course to spend 2 weeks in Salford.

(17:14:37) Time, I think, to depart the office. Some objectives achieved today... always feels nice when that happens.

(18:30:51) I still have brainitches/earworms lingering from Eurovision at the weekend. Am I alone in this?

(18:34:52) Meh. I remain surprised how ignorant Arriva coach drivers can be of their role as representatives of British customer service to tourists.

(19:09:49) I just saw an amusing comment from @simon_toon on my Foursquare check-in, alerted to it by an email that introduced it: "He was all like..."

(21:00:54) Tonight's pointless dinner musing: do I like a 4:3 monitor better than 16:10 because it's nearer the golden ra… (cont)

(21:08:25) Bedtime. Well; truth be told,.I'm already there. Sleep time then. Say my prayers and close my eyes till morning. All that. Night, then.

Tweets for 16 May 2011


(05:51:56) It appears to be morning. I shall have to do something about that. Good morning, anyway.

(09:23:20) Right. Hosepipe attached to new nozzle (thanks to @pootspublic for foraging in Asda). It reaches to the potatoes, but not to the car #poetry

(09:24:14) Going through my brain today has been "Eternal Flame" sung with a strong North-eastern UK accent. It just feels nice. Have a go.

(10:48:27) Ahh.. I just got a letter from my sponsored child. He doesn't seem keen to do all the things I'm sponsoring him to do. No beans OR wellies?

(14:58:36) I have a rumble in my ears.. like drum'n'bass tinnitus. Both progeny are home. I shall have a celebratory reduced Muller rice.

(16:15:59) Perfect line drying weather. But I have absolutely no wet lines. Ahh well.

(19:10:21) I've tuned the piano again. I get the sense that its natural tuning is a tone below what it should be. Is that normal? Ahh well...

(19:46:33) I learned a new term today: Math Rock. There's a band called Battles to whom I was introduced by @thenewbrunette - an endorsement for sure.

(21:28:47) Right.. bedtime, and not a moment too soon. In fact, several moments too late. Good night, and don't let the something something something.

Tweets for 15 May 2011


(18:10:47) I have a grumpy son, because his PC monitor's stopped working again - the backlight's shot. Ahh well - plenty of guests today :)

(18:46:01) Half an hour of Mario Kart, I think...

(21:04:55) I don't think I've had enough fluids today. This must be remedied. Attempting psychokinesis on my pint glass. And my body.

Tweets for 14 May 2011


(09:59:47) Despairing of British bureaucracy. Stupid people.

(10:23:04) Do you know of a good Eurovision drinking game..? Need to print scorecards, too. That is pretty much the extent of prep for tonight. YAH.

(11:37:23) I predict lots of cutaway shots to an increasingly overexcited Jedward during the voting this evening. They may well explode. @bbceurovision

(13:32:25) I am going to buy one of these for @Fridgemagnet2 for Christmas

(17:36:23) Tonight's episode of #DoctorWho has had some classic lines already. Nice one, @NeilHimself :)

(17:50:10) Quite possibly the best episode ever. Or at least the most mental. #DoctorWho

(18:13:38) Idris, though..? #DoctorWho

(19:02:13) A good point raised by @pootspublic - Rory is becoming Kenny from South Park #DoctorWho

(19:13:51) Tweeting as @eurosyzygy. Reviews on an audioboo later, though...

(21:09:04) My faves, but no way tips for the winners (still possibly Ireland or Hungary): Denmark, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Serbia. UK: top 15. #eurovision

(22:29:56) Right, and after all that European pop-based excitement, I'd better get to bes. Night! :)

Tweets for 13 May 2011


(05:26:07) Good morning. And some coffee. Better dash off - the early morning routine goes by so quickly.

(06:57:08) Capital FM makes me want to cry. OK, so it's not as horrifically bland as Heart or Magic, but the music they play is just SO jarring.

(11:52:57) RT @ThreeUK: #Competition! Follow @ThreeUK & re-tweet for your chance to #WinThreeiPad

(11:53:40) I apologise for that greed. Still, I'm on @ThreeUK and have 22p credit left. They haven't told me to shove off yet :D

(16:48:29) I've still got it... irritating scheduling problem conquered. Bam. #LastSpecialistStanding Now, though, I think it's "game of soldiers" time

(20:26:15) Preparing to participate in Internet shenanigans. I've not tweeted much today. I blame industriousness.

Tweets for 12 May 2011


(06:14:49) Good morning. Last night in summary: odd dreams. Time to see if my corporeal being still exists. Using coffee as some kind of divining tool.

(06:34:37) Before the mighty @NeilSleat did his mighty 7.30am news, there was a lot of mumbling on @r4today this morning.

(07:46:56) Bonus school run today, since I took a day off. Before which I ironed crinkly trousers & told Lenni ALL about science:

(08:08:51) I've put an 'out of office' message on my email. The rest of the day is my own (sort of.. I've a guest room to tidy, and a visitor expected)

(08:13:55) Benefits of visitors: need biscuits. I say 'need' - it's not conventional to offer toast. Even with @dragonhistory's mighty rhubarb jam on.

(08:15:10) Right. Leaving Twitter alone.... NOW.

(10:04:00) Calling up the blood donor people to find out if I can donate. Should've asked Doctor Dalek when I had the chance. Boh.

(15:36:07) I think I know what I'm going to have to spend the next half hour doing.. finding out what's jammed up my mac's via

(18:10:55) I'm watching Cubs do first aid. It's... effective. In otter news, Lenni's just been infested into the pack. Dib dib dob etc.

(19:02:58) RT @Lutonbookworm: Why not learn a new language this year? Luton library members get free use of the BYKI website, with 80 languages - h ...

Tweets for 11 May 2011


(05:14:10) Mornin'. Wow.. listening to the story of The Shaggs on "@JonRonson On" - I'd heard of them from my Outsider Music days, but wow.. special.

(06:23:47) I want a wind turbine. And solar panels (but not wonky ones), a water butt and a car that runs on LPG. Or even better, love.

(06:31:45) It's bunga bunga day at work today. #notreally

(07:55:59) Typing and that. It's email time.

(08:11:23) While I remember, there's a shortinterview on @BBC3CR with Kim Cotton, the UK's first surrogate - ...we've met her :)

(13:17:06) I wonder what the record is for a meeting being unstarted..? 16 minutes so far...

(14:11:22) This is quite a scary meeting. It makes me want custardy doughnuts.

(16:57:50) I've got too much to do to ponder a non-existent fish-based trident-toting fighter ( ) (@MrRobaloba ;)

(18:21:46) It's Hendon Way, by jiminy. Google Latitude is good like that. Also "Hendon Way" is the name of a comedy character I haven't yet written.

Tweets for 10 May 2011


(06:11:36) Good morning. Both of which are negotiable. Hurtling & catching up on Audioboos now: @brennig's amazing account of his & @sophums' US trip.

(07:44:24) RIght. Here we go. Caffeine free from 6.30am...

(07:44:37) (until 6am tomorrow, anyway)

(07:45:38) Must get on. That lemon & ginger tea isn't going to make itself. And Digital Brian isn't in yet.

(12:42:50) I changed my password today. Nobody would EVER guess it. Even a computer. It's Ken Dodd's Dad's Dogs postcode.

(17:24:36) Finally leaving the office. Things got in my way. Non of which were serious trip hazards, though.

(19:31:16) I am watching Eurovision. It is the highlight of my day. Apart from coming home to my wife and fambily. And tweeting you.

(19:47:37) Tweeting as @eurosyzygy with the #eurovision hashtag. So as not to irk those for whom it is something of a trial...

(20:13:04) Hungary, then. It started off a bit Steinman, and ended up, well, all #eurovision.

(20:21:45) Lithuania has all gone a bit Disney. Or Lloyd Webber. With foreign gesticulations @bbceurovision #eurovision

(21:34:37) Good night to you. Always.

Tweets for 09 May 2011


(07:59:57) It's going to be another warm day... unwrap down cool!

(08:40:41) Good morning. Blue skies and coffee.

(08:41:07) (That was an earlier tweet that never went. It's like a Twitter time machine, which only works one way)

(08:41:34) I look casual this morning. Or a bit scruffy.

(10:19:44) This is the most bewildering thing I've seen today. And I expect it to remain that way. Wow. ( via @Bazmati2020 )

(10:32:03) I think I'd better stop sending work emails. I'm getting all stressed, and when I get stressed I stop making any sense.

(12:44:56) My work email's stopped working. I do hope it's not something I've written...

(14:11:35) I went out in the garden and was infested with greenfly. I'm now back indoors and feel like I'm infested with greenfly. Ooh tickly.

(14:12:06) In other news, I have a massive amount of stuff to put in a Quite Full loft. Jam it in today.. sort it out, er, when it's less hot.

(21:48:05) All done with the day - bro's gone home, and noodling is finished. Bedtime is sooner than imminent, since work won't wait. Night night!

Tweets for 08 May 2011


(06:50:55) Mornin'. Trying not to be distracted today. Trying.

(07:38:29) Breakfast at ours.. does this count as distraction..? Working out how many honey hoops there are in a full box… (cont)

(14:49:43) Tidying. Bikes are very difficult to tidy. I think I need a ninja.

(14:52:11) I may just have a sit down. In other news, I wish I knew where Swype gets all those made up words.

(14:53:06) Sad news; he made the #HIGNFY theme: RT @mediaukradio BBC London's Big George dies (Radio Today) #radionews #medianews

(15:49:11) Definitely time for coffee, and NOT hammering.

(19:15:16) Watching an intriguing programme on BBC4 about PYLONS! Brilliant.

Tweets for 07 May 2011


(11:03:23) Quiet morning so far.. may well be much the same this afternoon, but with more Screwfix.

(11:11:58) Bah. And pleh. Amazing how one becomes, if not reliant on, then quite used to using free web apps.

(12:54:00) Me: "Lenni, the other night I had a dream with you in it." Lenni {mumbling and looking disinterested}: "I had a dream with me in it..."

(13:04:49) Audioboo: Baroque (I think) Musicians at The National Gallery [warning: loud soprano singing based distortion] #london

(13:21:55) If I ever make a computer game, I'm going to give it a secret 'Bod mode' where you turn into a small bald boy in a dress.

(16:56:46) It was just a bit of grit stopping the cistern valve... just frustrating that I couldn't remember how to open it up. Sorted now though, yay.

(18:35:04) Doctor Who all watched - interesting how some episodes rocket by, and others seem to last ages. This was the latter. Good, though. YARR etc.

(22:09:08) Probably best to go to bed. Nothing more can be achieved tonight. Nothing was achieved tonight. Noodling, mainly. Night night.

Tweets for 06 May 2011


(05:31:00) Good morning. First Friday of work in a while... time to hurtle, I think. Minor milk freshness issues first, though. Brain remains unbooted.

(06:05:09) Not wanting to split onions, please note that "The proof is in the pudding" isn't the proper wording of the phrase. #pedant

(07:31:30) I hate to admit it, but I checked my work email at 10pm last night. This does, however, mean, that there will (hopefully!) be no surprises..

(08:33:09) Oh dear... another attempt to update Google Maps has now nobbled my Audioboo and more. Are Google moving entry points around or something..?

(12:12:01) The old brain hasn't made it to full speed so far today... at least it's not whirring so loudly it distracts my colleagues (probably).

(13:56:25) Popping out into That Warm London. Still feeling a bit wibbly wobbly. I think a storm may be on its way. Eventually.

Tweets for 05 May 2011


(06:10:05) Good morning. My brain is a bit full, which may result in me forgetting something.. if it's anything to do with you, I'm sorry in advance.

(06:58:02) I'm going to practice different voting in the office today. First past the post versus AV. My colleagues are going to be utterly bewildered.

(08:58:26) RT @TimHarford: Stickers on the central line: HT @jamescrabtree

(09:25:20) Right. Nearly time for a meeting, in theory. Time to brush my brain.

(11:43:27) I am SO getting this: "You’ve been stranded on a dying spacecraft..." new audio iphone game by @VoiceOfSE: (H/T @BillT)

(12:01:40) Conference call. WOO.

(12:50:47) Echoey room and a speakerphone. Pardon? I said "Echoey room and a speakerphone." Sorry, could you come closer to the phone? It's too echoey.

(15:44:04) Just had a phone call from someone with a Brummy accent about something I'm not advertising on eBay. Was it you..? Putting a voice on (obv)?

(15:48:45) Stuck in a stifling, busy coach. On... ~drum roll~ Finchley Rd.

(17:08:39) Audioboo: First experience of voting boo [with Lenni] #democracy #notoav #yestoav

(17:40:23) I voted #YesToAV because it's the only one with a corresponding mode on the telly. I would've voted HDMI but it's not an electoral system.

(19:25:47) Chuckling at the homepage which features a selection of negative comments from Twitter & the Daily Hate. Ha.

(19:53:42) Time for bed. Well, it will be in about an hour time, but I really do seem to take ages to get moving and my brain's frozen up. Night, then.

Tweets for 04 May 2011


(06:26:06) And a good morning to you. Which would imply I have already tweeted this morning. But I haven't. Sunny hurtling in the stretch limo today.

(06:34:12) Today I am going to try and change my mother's maiden name by deed poll. Those identity thieves are never gonna catch me out.

(07:06:13) I've been enjoying the @audioboo features on Bedford's Mayoral candidates by @BBC3CR - .. perfect use of the medium.

(08:13:38) Do I look ilke I know what I'm doing? I hope not.

(08:53:52) RT @rhodri: I've just spent about eight seconds laughing at this screengrab from a new iPhone game (via @stuartdredge)

(10:20:43) On a conference call. Hands free. These hands could be doing anything. So far they have stuffed an apple in my face (on mute) and tweeted.

(16:40:39) Jammed in a busy stretch limo but freedom will be mine in just 5 minutes (if the traffic speeds up!) Looking forward to a nice walk home.

(16:48:32) Ambling home at a moderately healthy pace. Yes. It is possible (I have long legs) (@ London Luton Airport (LTN))

(17:37:37) All getting a bit much, this council voting business...

(18:40:41) Bananas & custard & creme egg & Waggle Dance. Hurrah! Campus! Hurrampus!

(20:50:32) I appear to be in bed. On time. To complete this trick I simply need a mallet and someone to apply it swiftly to my head. Night night!

Tweets for 03 May 2011


(05:27:39) Good morning. Last night's sleep could well have done with being defragmented. And the recycle bin emptied. Best get to work...

(06:45:45) Trying to work out where the settings live on Tweetdeck for Android.. still haven't settled on a Twitter client. Seems nice & quick, though.

(11:29:17) Receipts tessalate.

(13:15:02) Audioboo: Back to work boo [with sympathy for @sm2n] #technology #work #gubbins

(18:13:36) Home now, and work emails conquered. Sort-of.

(18:41:38) Trying to work out the statistics if people only put a number 1 candidate on their ballot sheet in AV. Cos that's nearly FPTP, isn't it?

(19:53:19) RT @TWlTTERWHALE: Please do not click on any links saying Osama Bin Laden EXECUTION Video! This is a virus that hacks accounts. RETWEET!

(20:18:10) I am very easily pleased. Thank you, @AudioBoo for giving me the beta of the Android audioboo to play with. Right up my street, this.

(21:02:00) Going to bed now. Unofficially. night night!

(21:05:15) Officially gone to bed now. BED. NOW. Night.

Tweets for 02 May 2011


(08:39:00) RT @voiceoverartist: The Simpsons as 12 pixels, and they're STILL recognisable.

(08:56:10) Good (rather belatedly) morning. Another beautiful day on planet Earth. I'm tempted to paint a door.

(12:52:35) Heh.. @LDNLutonAirport gets a mention on the latest Specsavers TV ad.. but it's obviously NOT our dear old airport!

(13:42:16) Luton & Dunstable's worst typesetter:

(13:45:55) Cheap Creme Egg alert: 4 for 50p at Luton Asda (that's 12.5p each :D)... get 'em while they're still there.. but after I've got mine ;)

(14:35:18) Hope the dog walking clears your head like the nap couldn't. X

(16:15:14) "This experience has been utterly sullied. And I mean that in the Eugene sense."

(16:15:46) Creme eggs and custard make a fabulous dessert #ifIweresingle

(16:25:30) No matter: the family's collection of those McDonalds monopoly on-line codes painstakingly entered into the website. Codes: 7; Winners: 0.

(16:25:42) At least we got some free porridge.

(16:27:11) Must remember: I've changed my card holder from a yellow Oyster card one to a black Starbucks one. I can see myself forgetting it tomorrow..

(16:27:39) Enough of this trivia. I'm going to hide downstairs and noodle for a bit.

(20:58:59) Right. Enough noodling for the evening - I'd better get to bed. Work in the morning. Work and coffee. Mainly work, though. Night night! :)

Tweets for 01 May 2011


(07:33:24) Mornin' mornin'. Looking at Google maps of West London... is it really known as White Stadt? And I'd never heard via

(07:59:13) Playing Jonathan Coulton's "Want You Gone." We like it.

(08:03:32) Right.. better get myself clad and squeegeed. Later potato.

(10:12:09) We sang Amazing Grace at church... it was difficult not to imagine #Campus while singing. Specifically Grace 3.

(10:13:23) Ninja nuns and all that.

(11:44:24) Sunday drivers and idiot motorcyclists on the North Circular. One of the seven circles of hell.

(12:58:52) I think one of my teeth has gone a bit broken. Dentist attention required later this week, I fear.

(15:30:39) Queuing for the playpark. What Sunday afternoons are for:D Still, at least there's an old tree at which to marvel.

(18:00:43) Playing the "Go Green" board game... reminds me of @akgpodcast :D

(22:33:00) Audioboo: Out for the afternoon in West London [with thanks to @SparkyAnnC] #london #kensingtonpalacegardens

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