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Tweets for 30 Apr 2011


(07:10:10) Good morning. Head still hurts. Beth's out and about, and the children aren't playing on their computers, meaning they're milling around...

(10:02:58) Tea break over. Back to the tidying. I say 'tidying'.. it's more industrial than that. And involves discarded clothes. NOT mine.

(12:11:50) Post-tidy, I can assert with some confidence that we have enough pens. Yes. That is an enormous mug. http://yfrog.com/h7xfhsyj

(14:18:38) Sitting down after a full-on tidying & hoovering session.. having a look at tuneinradio while someone makes annoying sawing noises outside.

(14:19:28) And before you ask, I haven't given the children a go on my circular saw. I haven't got a circular saw.

(17:07:43) Watching #doctorwho with a nice cup-a-soup. Good for the pancreas.

(21:59:51) Time, I think, for bed. It makes sense, really (especially since I've finally completed single player Portal 2). Good night & happy sleeps.

Tweets for 29 Apr 2011


(06:44:34) Good morning. I'm pondering and drinking coffee. This may well extend throughout the day.

(07:39:35) This morning, I am pondering a ringtone for my work mobile. At the moment it's between Juliet Bravo, Blockbusters & some funky moog thing.

(07:43:36) I'm also pondering whether it's sensible/advisable to install a custom kernel in my Galaxy S (voodoo) because it improves sound quality...

(07:45:18) If I were to form a band ~right now~ I would call it "Snake debris". #caffeinatedthoughts

(07:51:09) RT @RadioKate: Difference between a protest and a celebration? Bunting.

(08:35:13) The camera on my phone has just stopped working with the message "Warning: camera failed". I've had it a week. This frustrates me. :|

(08:44:02) Hmm.. looks like an update to Google Maps screwed up the camera on my Galaxy S.. darn the magic of geolocation. Normal service etc.

(08:52:10) Enough of all this malarkey. Off for a shower then a swim. It's what the Duke of Cambridge would've wanted

(12:47:06) Just home from Bedford Oasis swimming pool - best leisure pool we've been to in a long time. Friendly staff, everything working & 80s music.

(13:30:35) I do like the Plume Twitter client on Android.. occasionally a little buggy but very reactive. I might keep it.

(13:51:11) This is an assembled Kinder Egg toy. From a normal sized yellow capsule thing. Ingenious. http://yfrog.com/gz5epewj

Tweets for 28 Apr 2011


(05:29:02) Good morning. Another fragment of a workday approaches.. better get going. It's Thursday, right..? Just checking...

(07:21:45) Sitting at my desk. About to wade through emails. Is this what life has become? I s'pose I don't mind wading. If I'm wearing email waders.

(10:26:53) Back at my desk now. I shall attempt to think.

(15:38:22) I wonder if they saw my tweet about the sign.. angry cartoon woman isn't saying anything today... http://t.co/J8090dq

(16:31:21) Walking home to happiness. Won't find a whole lot at the airport. Maybe at arrivals... (@ London Luton Airport (LTN)) http://4sq.com/lUWEGg

(18:54:41) I wonder if ARIN would consider selling vanity IPv6 addresses. I want one in the subnet B000:BIE5 #childish

(19:30:41) Installing Google Authenticator ( on Mr @JamesCridland's advice - his Android advice blog post is rather good, too: http://is.gd/qp8wD7 )

(19:54:18) When's the best time to demonstrate the Doppler effect? Nyooooooooowww

(20:18:42) I think it's probably sensible if I go to bed about now. An exciting day tomorrow, y'know. Good night.

(21:20:51) Audioboo: Nearly every hour boo [a day in the life] http://boo.fm/b343399

Tweets for 27 Apr 2011


(01:40:54) Why are Beth and I awake at 2.30am..? Because of the noise a pair of foxes were making on our drive. Sounded like one was dying. Harrowing.

(01:43:27) I might add that this is why I'm not a journalist: I only thought to record the horrible noise once they'd gone (yay for bright torchlight).

(06:23:55) Up, up and away. Sort of. Good morrow.

(06:39:04) Hole in my shoe playing on #radio2! Brilliant song - we had it on vinyl, inherited from my uncle before he emigrated. Cheers, Uncle Frank :)

(06:50:29) An inspired choice "William it was really nothing" by the Smiths - Lenni's reaction: "Prince William wouldn't be pleased!" :D @AChrisEvans

(07:46:53) Bonus day off (left over annual leave for my 6 week post-op checkup) - always a joy to walk Lenni to school :)

(10:42:46) Waiting in the waiting room. It delivers its speciality well. Hopeful my snozzle is in good form 6 weeks after the op. We'll see...

(15:34:21) I was in and out of the hospital in less than an hour earlier. Good result, Burnside. Or Mr Kothari, actually. Back in 4-6 months... grand.

(20:22:45) Right.. to bed with me. Busy day tomorrow, preparing for the Royal Wedding by reading and replying to emails and doing spreadsheets. Night!

Tweets for 26 Apr 2011


(05:30:56) G'day. Running late (as always) so better get going. DASSHHH

(06:31:58) The motorway's moderately quiet this morning... I think many people have given up on the idea of work for the week...

(06:37:13) Must remember to finish work at 4 today. Comes round all too quickly...

(07:41:23) Splendid. I've had to reboot my PC twice so far this morning. Heaven forfend that I might get some work in between Windows updates :D

(07:50:49) Listening to my radio amateur colleagues talking about a Special Dispensation to have an extra R in their callsigns for the royal wedding...

(07:51:11) Not sure I'll bother.. http://www.rsgb.org/operating/weddingcall/

(07:58:32) RT @TheDailyEmma: Squee! RT @steven_moffat It begins. http://t.co/eIsiPpB via @twitpic

(08:34:52) Excavating through emails. It's going to be one of those days. Uhoh.. haven't checked my calendar for meetings :/

(10:41:07) Phone or email.. phone or email? I vote.... PHONE.

(11:56:14) I have nearly sorted out a job advert. NEARLY.

(12:04:58) Right. Lunchtime before uchtie.

(15:46:23) Heading homeward on the busiest stretch limo in a long time! Everyone's being really quiet & well behaved. Some smell of Imperial Leather.

(21:14:49) The first 12 minutes of Campus have been solid gold comedy so far.

Tweets for 25 Apr 2011


(05:42:54) Awake, but considering the risks/benefits of dozing off again. Risk: bedhead; benefit: mmm lovely comfy bed...

(08:40:39) I've just got round to watching all of this: http://is.gd/M9lwQn (Unfinished London 2 by @JayForeman) Brilliant. HT @helenduffett (I think!)

(12:11:57) I've just realised I don't know the process by which processed peas end up processed. It's probably horrible.

(13:55:01) Collecting the smaller progeny. She appears to have had a good time.

(18:40:07) I did write a blog post: "Google Android Smartphone review: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S" (it's shiny - it excites): http://is.gd/YrHTBk

(18:46:22) Hurrah.. blog pretty-much up-to-date. Time to go and do something creative (maybe)...

(18:47:01) That said, I'm feeling a bit wobbly tummied. Too many Easter eggs..? I really don't think so...

(20:48:22) Hmm. Need to work out how to get podcasts on this new phone. Doggcatcher is the well-respected Android podcatcher.. other recommendations?.

(20:59:08) Also, gute nacht. ALSOOOOOOO

(21:08:11) Good grief.. someone's nicked my (and @smartie999's) idea! OK, so it's the mighty Nick Reynolds, but still... http://is.gd/3U1MaA (FB event)

Tweets for 24 Apr 2011


(06:52:07) Good Morning, and a very Happy Easter. I have the remnants of a migraine but coffee & open windows will doubtless sort that out.

(22:39:22) Hmm. Not quite as much achieved this evening as I might have hoped. Better get to bed. There's always tomorrow.. sort of a spare Sunday.

(22:39:33) Good night, and lots of lovely wiring.

Tweets for 23 Apr 2011


(06:39:33) Wow.. I read about The Mail Rail when I was at school.. always intrigued me.. http://t.co/bMQ2RVL (via @meripen @thegizwiz)

(07:16:36) Good morning on this wholly Saturday - I'm making coffee if you'd like some..?

(07:48:59) Audioboo: Good Friday boo [@sm2n @jn2n @t_northernbloke @pewari @radiokate] http://boo.fm/b338690 #allsortsofthings

(08:47:10) RT @TwopTwips: MEDIA. Avoid unwanted privacy laws by reporting actual news instead of celebrity shagging stories. /via @Lord_Percy

(08:55:34) Too much tweeting, not enough showering. Back later.

(08:56:23) RT @Barwickgreen: Met Office have issued a Yellow weather warning for much of England, heavy thunderstorms afternoon & evening. Soggy BB ...

(09:09:21) *smugs* I just fixed the shower pump by hitting it with a mallet. Two things you need to know to be an engineer: where to hit it & how hard.

(09:12:01) RT @Carnage4Life: When automatic pricing algorithms go awry to hilarious results - http://j.mp/gQ87Yp

(09:14:10) Right. Pump up the bike tyres. I ain't no Rakim.

(10:59:47) Give a boy a hammer and he will cheerfully destroy stuff. http://t.co/2Wuvh2o

(11:24:53) I have just been accused of sexism by @pootspublic - apparently girls like smashing things with hammers too.

(12:30:34) "Something something something al fresco" That's Lily Allen singing about my lunch.

(12:32:37) Well... I recline corrected... "@fandrews: @syzygy it isn't Georges day today - http://t.co/oeyzr2u "

(13:07:25) Oh that is the COOLEST thing.. Android supports a keyboard AND mouse, so no need to reach over & touch the screen to hit 'Submit' *glees*

(14:50:24) RT @akgpodcast: I am going to be on PM on Radio 4 just after 5 o'clock. No doubt I will sound a lot calmer than I currently am. http://i ...

(15:54:02) Has anyone yet produced electricity from drizzle? I am fairly sure I've asked this question before, but if Absolute 80s can repeat music...

(16:03:43) I am going to campaign for the formal conflation of "less" and "fewer" into the universally functional "lesser". It will solve ALL problems.

(16:20:42) I always get a bit irked when Fool's Gold gets played on Absolute 80s.. OK, so it was ~just about~ an 80s hit, but it was a 90s sound. Bah!

(16:24:10) Listening to @akgpodcast on #Radio4 #PM; I like Pete, but I like peat-free compost. But which is better? There's only one way to find out...

(17:03:30) What in the wild world of crappy Saturday evening TV was that..? #bbc1

(17:07:46) Oh my goodness yes. #DoctorWho

(18:13:32) The light is ~amazing~ outside... prefect for photography. But a bit damp.

(18:22:30) I hope Lenni is dry... it's an adventure to be sure!

(18:23:45) The edits on Doctor Who Confidential are really hard. Quite unsettling....

(20:24:06) I appear to have adopted a headache (for less than £2 a month) so I shall call a halt to proceedings for the night. Sleep well :) Nighty!

Tweets for 22 Apr 2011


(07:32:49) Good morning.. coffee and a brief wrestle with a recalcitrant shower pump before taking the girl to camp. Good day for it (camping)

(09:27:50) Just dropped the girl off at cub camp. She will have so much fun.. and sun!

(15:53:06) Hmm. Where's my solder..?

(16:43:09) Building things with the boy. http://twitpic.com/4o27qe

(16:53:25) The boy's first experience with superglue... it won't be his last...

(17:47:24) The woodpigeon at the back of the garden seems to be saying "I ~AM~ a pigeon" I suspect assertiveness issues (during mating season, too)

(20:09:12) Too much audio, too little time.

(22:25:25) Bonus Saturday tomorrow :) with the prospect of Easter soon after. For now, though,I must to bed. I must stop thinking in German. Nighty!

Tweets for 21 Apr 2011


(07:06:02) Guten morgen. We're doing tools.

(08:59:57) Coffee break time... I am doing things to this system that frankly shouldn't be done.

(09:19:29) Happy Birthday your maj.

(10:10:13) I love everything about this error. http://t.co/AhTDk33

(11:39:16) Uhoh. Post-prandial dip.

(14:12:17) Syzygy is almost impossible for me to type correctly on a German keyboard.

(14:50:27) Seems like we've come to an end. I still have work to do, but I can do that on the plane. Yeah.

(15:43:30) Ich warte am flughafen. Der check-in ist um 18.05. Mein Deutsch ist als so schlecht. @Orgmul ist ein Superstar!

(16:44:12) Right.. Audioboo boo'd, security done.. Now Passport control. Fantastic view of, well, Germany from here. Next stop, EZY2176 (@streamlines)

(16:46:16) In 'unusual things' news, the Dortmund airport security staff have a sense of humour. Genius.

(16:53:02) Wish there was free wi-fi here so I could keep track of the plane with FlightRadar24.com :D

(19:28:06) That one was me.

(21:52:42) ~yawns~ I think it's time I went to bed. Hurrah and good night.

(22:20:12) Audioboo: Belgium and the Eurostar boo http://boo.fm/b337740 #belgium

(22:22:28) Audioboo: Pointy-fronted ICE train in Köln boo http://boo.fm/b337741 #db #train #pointy

(22:27:47) Audioboo: Dortmund Airport boo http://boo.fm/b337746 #goinghome

Tweets for 20 Apr 2011


(06:20:19) Guten Morgen von Deutschland. It's another bright one.. which is more than can be said for me! What will I learn today..? Day 3 begins...

(07:28:00) Oh look! It's @orgmul telling us stuff. 'Us' being me, @sparkyannc and @pauliehedgehog. There are biscuits.

(09:55:13) RT @pootspublic: I've booked for (a picture of) @syzygy's face to go into space on 29th April hopefully this will make him smile more th ...

(10:07:31) Getting my LDAP on. It's a bit baggy, but ideal for the current weather.

(10:15:32) The Biscuit Offering to VCS was, I think, well received. Thank you, @pootspublic for supplying them, and @orgmul for being Biscuit Monitor!

(11:20:17) RT @TwopTwips: DAILY MAIL READERS. Experience your favourite newspaper in 'audiobook' form by simply tuning in to the Jeremy Vine show. ...

(11:22:45) And now: Mediasrv. With Birgit.

(12:18:01) Oooh! Insourcing ftw.

(13:13:47) Some can brandish the Stick of Indicative Pointing with aplomb. Others just stand and mutter at Word documents.

(13:43:18) Trying hard to remember how the verse bit of "Weather with you" goes...

(14:01:25) Ruining ENPS. Well, watching as @sparkyannc does. I am not allowed near News systems.

(14:10:12) It's like one of those games where you have to click a tiny bit of the screen or nothing happens.

(16:56:25) I'm eating fish sticks a floor higher than I was this morning. I really, really like fish sticks..

(17:00:57) Cashew? Also, is it International Asparagus Day? Or was that yesterday..?

(20:59:34) Going bedwards. Not Jedwards. N'night.

Tweets for 19 Apr 2011


(07:24:49) Guten morgen. Today we will mainly be learning about big coloured rectangles. Also, I have a lunchtime meeting. The fun never stops.

(10:01:47) ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Help yourself.

(11:33:18) Post lunch double espresso. I'm going to be unmanageable.

(13:52:40) Oh good. Another conversation about remote access. I think purgatory might be full of bureaucrats.

(14:44:43) I envy the Germans and their regular use of the word 'funk'.

(17:07:55) Cadbury's chocolate fingers are such a dichotomy.

(17:44:26) The The - Armageddon Days (are here again): love it! Some tunes before I head out to see the legendary @ClaudiaHaun. No connection. Honest!.

(19:10:06) I think I have rather taken to Deutschland.

(21:48:59) Well, that was an interesting evening. I shall now go to bed because, by all accounts, it's late. Also, I've unplugged the telly. N'night.

Tweets for 18 Apr 2011


(05:48:59) Good morning. It's nearly 8am in Germany, and that means breakfast. Also, I've been married to @pootspublic for 13 years today. Bless 'er.

(05:52:58) Time for coffee and lack of connectivity. Bis spaeter.

(07:44:09) The z and y kezs are the wrong waz round. And it's almost impossible to find the @ :)

(07:49:32) I need more coffee. And a nice pear. Fortunately I have both.

(09:36:53) I still haven't found what I'm looking for. And I've even done a Daddy Search (on the internet)

(12:51:08) I'm learning about a brightly coloured audio editor. A true sign that we're in the Jedwardian era. (Jedwardian is © @Brennig) Abbrechen!

(12:56:27) Coffee is the elixir. I am SO glad it's not June.

(13:06:56) RT @miche: If I were the John half of Jedward I'd be really annoyed that the other one got 86% of the name.

(14:34:52) I still haven't got the hang of this German Keyboard. The question mark is shift-ß. Why_

(20:02:03) Definitely sleepy time.. I think the travelling of yesterday has caught up with me. I can see an evening of BATH coming up soon. Wednesday?

(20:09:11) Good night. Fo' sho'. As they say in Germany. I'm sure that's what they were saying.

Tweets for 17 Apr 2011


(08:24:38) Good morning. I'm being driven to Milton Keynes in Lenni's make believe horse & cabbage. Glorious spring morning in the park.

(08:30:10) I reckon this lamp wonkiness was caused by an over-exuberant pigeon launching itself from a nearby tree. THONK! http://yfrog.com/hsx5gldj

(11:53:09) Making a Palm Sunday pilgrimage to St Pancras International. First Capital Connect don't do donkeys, but if they did...

(12:08:27) Just saw from the train window that the #M1 is blocked northbound about a mile north of Brent Cross. Traffic building up behind it :/

(12:56:08) One day I'll be familiar enough with international travel to check in & traverse security & passport control without dropping EVERYTHING.

(13:23:29) On board the Eurostar. I've not really taken to it yet.

(13:35:29) All going off in the #BTCC - from the limited amount I've seen of it...

(14:01:29) Hmm. I suspect the coating of the windows is impeding GPS reception. If I were paranoid, I'd say they were doing it on purpose.

(14:06:44) Bye bye Britain.

(17:33:57) Is this thing on? I think I'm in Belgium. Top speed today: 182mph. Cost to tweet from the continent: 10p a go. Current status: in an übe ...

(17:35:43) That was meant to say: übertrain. It has a headphone socket that plays, among other things, anodyne cover versions. My goodness.

(22:12:53) Finally ensconsed in a hotel room with two little beds. I've never been here before. It's very 1980s (except for the flat telly). Night!

Tweets for 16 Apr 2011


(07:58:59) The lovely @pootspublic & I started going out 16 yrs ago today. In two days time, we'll have been married 13 yrs. That's an average of 14.5

(08:11:12) Chris is enjoying some AudioSurf action.. especially now GladOS has infiltrated it. The device has been modified.

(08:20:50) Happy St Magnus Day (Especially to @Sweynh and @dragonhistory)

(08:34:01) We all gathered round @pootspublic's netbook to watch the excellent Minecraft video that @GiaGia's son made. Fabulous! http://t.co/cn68Fju

(08:34:32) Time now, though, to break out of the domestic orbit and into outer space. Well, out.

(10:37:21) Mmm. Chloriney.

(10:55:37) This is supposed to be a bridge. It is rubbish (and why the A505 between Hitchin & Letchworth is closed). http://yfrog.com/gzur7yqj

(11:50:47) "Meat raffle..?" http://yfrog.com/h0aq6ygj

(12:55:56) Chris is using the Wii Fit to help with his hypermobility. Seems games stop being so much fun when one needs to do them for health...

(14:18:03) http://yfrog.com/h0ki9qp We're being buzzed by a FedEx plane.. (it's probably getting ready to land in a roundy via http://fro.gy/11e1v

(16:40:35) Making a list. But I'm not going to check it even once. I wonder what the dress code is. I am going to opt for t-shirt and cargoes. There.

(16:41:50) RT @bjango: Adobe throws in towel, adopts HTTP Live Streaming for iOS. http://t.co/tHdKNxh

(18:53:28) Tagic, TRAGIC Guerilla Sunflower Growing News: it's been dug up. As have the ones in the back garden. What's going on? Who hates sunflowers?

(19:56:30) Audioboo: Portal 2 anticipation boo http://boo.fm/b333668 #excitement #portal2 #valve #woo

(21:04:47) I may well have inadvertently watched every Rich Hall TV performance. He appears on telly randomly on the odd occasions I'm watching it.

(22:08:21) Righty oh, then. Need to get to sleep, really. Busy day tomorrow, and I need to get it over with. Night night shirt shirt!

Tweets for 15 Apr 2011


(04:54:48) Morning. Sort of.

(05:25:24) Oh cool! Flightradar24 has an iPhone/Android app! :)

(06:00:02) Listening to Jet-propelled Jason discussing the best stretch limo route to London. Uhoh.. looks like the M1's broken.

(06:17:11) Taking the scenic route. if you're in Wheathampstead and see a convoy of green coaches rumbling through.. I'm on the front one.

(06:26:07) There's a Twitter account for everything! Here's @londonfire's message about the M1: http://t.co/E3OfjUd

(06:33:01) I failed the Hatfield Tunnel.. didn't get enough preparation time #IAmWeird

(06:44:23) Seems Google Maps thinks I'm in Clayton Square Shopping Centre in Liverpool. I'm not. I'm in my stretch limo stuck at the bottom of the A1.

(08:49:44) I just got an email where someone used the word "pend" as a verb. Today is just getting better.

(09:06:18) I like this, too. It's vibrant. "John & Karen, the early years:" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXLZeL59gfc (via @Stealinghome @canuckuk)

(09:19:32) A very interesting piece on the Guardian's Politics Weekly podcast has just introduced me to the theory of hedonic adaptation. Cool.

(11:57:55) I nearly managed to keep a meeting to under 10 minutes. Nearly.

(12:14:48) I'm eating pizza AND doing health and safety. Go me. (And yes, I am eating my pizza in an entirely reckless fashion).

(16:44:31) Woo.. I've just sent my first ever "team email" thing. I'm a proper pointy haired boss. Lots of "yeah!" and "Woo" and that. Hmmm.

(16:45:51) Right. Time to tidy my desk. Yeah. Woo.

(17:34:40) Tooling up Finchley Road. It's too precarious for hurtling. The limo chauffer today is Grumpy Malcolm (probably not his name).

(17:50:18) I had to stop reading when it made me cry with laughter: http://t.co/ezWfY0T - best eBay description ever (ta, @PontoonDock @FlashDytor)

(17:57:53) Tooling, and indeed, hurtling has ceased. The A1 is not being co-operative. I am traffic. May have to break out the emergency lovehearts.

(18:02:07) The blossom's resplendant this time of year. I wonder if Google Goggles can identify the type of tree. I don't have an Android phone, mind..

(18:46:18) Yay! Finally back on the M1 and to the hurtling again.

(19:05:32) I think it would only be fair to let the delayed passengers off the coach first.. I do feel for them and hope no fights were missed.

(22:30:13) Right.. I'm all done being on the internet and laughing. Time for bed. Good night! :)

Tweets for 14 Apr 2011


(05:31:55) G'day. And quick quick quick.. better charge off up the hill.

(05:57:12) I'm running late, owing to phone misplacement. Might make it to the coach on time. Like in the song.

(06:03:49) Yeah.

(07:02:10) Inspired(?) by @LeafyBear, the #walktotheoffice will be accompanied this morning by the 8 minute long version of Take Me Home. Fabulous.

(07:02:35) And yes, I sense the irony.

(07:15:14) Definitely a 1985 12" (well, actually it's closer to a mile) walk to work. #nowplaying Propaganda - P.Machinery (extended).

(08:17:46) Yay! My account's been locked out and the service desk's Active Directory tool has broken. Ahh well.. back to pen and paper :D

(10:48:45) Wow. Radiohead performing live with 6 Ondes Martenots .. takes a while to get going but.. 'mazin' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chE1_g3GAWw

(13:17:19) http://yfrog.com/hsnxrqmj Weird. There's an impromptu photo booth in front of the foreign exchange in Gt Portland St Post Office.

(15:58:25) I am this: http://yfrog.com/gya5sg

(16:26:15) Looks like I'm on the Bagel Tech BIG Show on Friday with @ErikLanigan, @SarahJaneUK, @KyleSwager & @EwenRankin. 10pm UK. Want a shout out..?

(17:50:28) Homeward unbound (save for the seatbelt) - it's been a day of Matters and Doesn't Matters. No meetings (save for a conference call) yay!

(17:53:36) In other, more superficial news, I have a spot on my philtrum and a mosquito bite on my dorsum pedis.

(19:35:59) Millions and billions and billions of pounds spent on coach tickets.

(19:42:03) ninja stealth watering. (NOT wee)

(20:27:46) Rebooted the Virgin Media Box, and it came back on the BBC News Channel. Is this what News is? Really..? http://yfrog.com/h82pcglj

(20:33:51) Seems the children's bickering has escalated to the whiteboard in the kitchen... http://yfrog.com/h052287274j

(20:52:50) Nice to see @pootspublic getting some @mrchrisaddison -eration. Between 9pm & 2am tonight there's only one hour when his programme isn't on.

(21:21:47) Nearly all done for the day. How come bedtime comes round so quickly? Someone needs to have words. Night!

Tweets for 13 Apr 2011


(05:29:33) Good morning. Excitingly I have an annual contract review meeting today. WOW. *sighs*

(07:47:06) Hmm. Getting things done. Ish.

(07:49:44) Going to Germany on Sunday.. should I take out euros at the post office, or use my Barclays Debit card at ATMs (2.99% conversion charge)..?

(08:20:05) Finally getting round to having a look at http://www.radioplayer.co.uk . I don't think I like it that much. Also, Chill isn't there...

(08:35:04) Radioplayer is officially rubbish. It doesn't have Bute FM on it.

(08:50:46) Right. To the Excel Spreadsheet of doom. Let's go!

(10:56:08) This tea's a bit stinky.

(12:08:57) Going Wesssst.

(12:37:06) I could do with some chocolate.

(14:17:54) I'm on a scary seat in a scary building. I shall escape back to the safety of my desk when I've found the free hot chocolate.

(15:07:27) All in the shuttle bus, after a quiet half-hour of perching & checking my work emails. Not bad coffee. Must get an anniversary card.

(17:55:39) It's M1 time and not an @UnhelpfulDave in sight. He's probably off harassing other travellers. Nice to be heading home after a busy day :)

(20:46:34) Early to bed, early to rise. All that business. Something that rhymes. Night! (PS last night's Campus was wonderfully unhinged.)

Tweets for 12 Apr 2011


(05:30:27) Mornin'. Launch imminent. Boh.

(06:07:19) The stretch limo driver shouted "All aboard!" before hurtling began. I'm sitting on the right hand side (seat 18). These things never happen

(06:50:20) Another audio essay by @deanabbott that sets a high bar for wit and whimsy. Perfect for a sunny Tuesday morning: http://t.co/PbnVKOE

(07:06:58) Wow.. a fine mashup on the walk to work this morning - I'm in the mood for Rammstein techno dubstep action (http://t.co/0NK4ua7)

(07:32:37) Email''s on a go-slow this morning. Service desk and coffee.

(07:37:24) YAY! Email server's not responding. Service desk analyst got me to do ping, tracert.. copy the output and.. paste it into an email. Ha.

(14:17:26) I just actually said "German mums shouldn't be underestimated." I think it may well be true.

(14:18:35) I worry about people who wear sunglasses indoors.

(14:33:34) Out of puff after 4 flights of stairs. Still, managed to get to see @Ms_Howard, then get all apologetic with R4 pres. Stretches the legs.

(14:55:30) Putting on my arse-kicking boots. Well, putting on my setting-off-a-firework boots.

(15:39:04) I typed "apposite" into an email. Outlook suggested I may have meant "opposite." No. Apposite is the opposite of opposite. Idiopposite.

(17:27:19) I can't work out whether I'm flattered or offended that I'm something of a cause célèbre in the Arriva world. Nice to be thought of, though.

(17:42:02) Good old Unhelpful Dave. That's not his full name.

(18:37:18) Just had a chat with Helpful Michael. He said there wasn't a problem or anything. I bet he never gets a twitter account, @UnhelpfulDave :D

(21:02:07) Wow. There are a lot of war-based computer games out there. I really don't understand what the attraction is. Give me Portal 2 any time!

(21:13:11) Boink! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMKGv3KFqKo

(21:20:51) Right. A little late, but good night!

Tweets for 11 Apr 2011


(06:38:48) Good morning (or nearest fraction of). Beth's up and out early.. I should really get going myself...

(09:15:56) Beth's taken Chris out so I've been helping Lenni make a cushion using her new sewing machine - she's done a good job! http://is.gd/7hL3P7

(10:58:22) Big up the @pootspublic and her student abiliteez.

(12:15:55) The children appear to be performing "Brown - The Musical" in honour of my least favourite colour.

(12:16:35) RT @kyleswager: Get this wks Bagel Tech BIG Show - No, I'm Spartacus w/ @ErikLanigan, @SarahJaneUK, @Syzygy, @KyleSwager & @EwenRankin. ...

(13:12:13) Audioboo: Nothing To You [a Monday lunchtime jam] http://boo.fm/b327277 #music #song #notverygood

(13:13:33) jamelopoeia - Nothing To You (snippet) http://post.ly/1sl8s

(16:24:51) Apparently today's Daily Mail offers a free packet of spring onion seeds to every reader. I would urge you to think about that for a while.

(17:16:01) Lenni's not feeling too well.. a bit of Sorry I've Got No Head on #iPlayer will set her right. And make me chuckle.

(20:57:21) There's a vast swathe of Tuesday approaching from the north-east, so I really ought to build myself a little fort out of bedclothes. Night!

Tweets for 10 Apr 2011


(07:33:41) Up sticks shake a leg etc. Run out of Audioboos to listen to, so time to tip myself out of bed to the sound of wood pigeons outside. Mornin'

(08:03:37) Playing in the kitchen this morning: @FunKids. It's been good quality pop for the past hour.. not sure one can get that anywhere else.

(08:05:43) Definitely heading for the studio this evening to make some music. I'm really taken by the 1970s drum sound at the moment.

(09:05:24) Saints preserve us from poor sound quality at church. Everyone's a critic, I s'spose. Who's the patron saint of threatening howlround?

(11:52:04) Audioboo: On the wonders of Audioboo [introducing @DragonHistory and referring to @RadioKate and Mr @SM2N) http://boo.fm/b326506

(13:51:47) Progeny dispatched on the Earliest St. George's Day Scouting March Ever. Bit warm for that sort of thing. By rights it should be drizzling.

(15:31:36) Bit unusual.. my MySQL database appears to have tipped over. Thanks to @PontoonDock for spotting it. Turning it off and on again...

(16:24:42) Home & bacon butties eaten. Children watching Total Wipeout. I am tempted to have a nap. Is that wrong..?

(19:53:18) A little late, but here anyway - my photos from the Luton Truck Art launch on 28th March: http://is.gd/rkAwFY (@MuseumsLuton @Love_Luton)

(20:23:33) Geotagging on Stoopid Flickr has broken Stoopid Firefox on my Stoopid mac. Next time I shall send it to Truprint.

(21:33:08) Audioboo: St George's Day(ish!) Parade 2011 boo http://boo.fm/b326854 #Luton #Scouts #Parade

Tweets for 09 Apr 2011


(01:56:52) Sleeping.

(07:21:32) Wow.. I love this concept - a new form of internal combustion engine that's up to 60% efficient: http://t.co/gfQI5Lb (via @skattyadz)

(07:38:33) As @pootspublic has so astutely observed, it seems like a "windows open" kind of day.

(08:43:33) Absolute 80s. Love & Pride. Grand.

(09:13:36) "And maybe love is letting people be just what they want to be." I like that (and have done since 1983).

(11:38:13) Lunchingtons after a morning of gentle pottering. I'm in the mood for some BTCC but will have to wait until next week :D

(15:08:58) Warning, Luton (especially the airport stretch of the A505) I have my legs out. I really am sorry.

(15:49:02) They're playing a game which involves "double points for headshots..." At least they've stopped shouting "CHEAT!" at each other...

(16:20:42) Good heavens. Well done Luton Town - a reasonably comprehensive 6-0 win against some northern place or other. Southport.. that's it :D

(16:32:02) Audioboo: Outdoor afternoon boo [with bickering] http://boo.fm/b326090 #spring #sunshine #outdoors

(17:38:59) I love that Lenni works out her compass directions using the mnemonic "Never Ever Support Watford." I blame her uncle @RobJD :D

(17:47:17) I'm glad I wore slippers in the garden... seems I trod on a bit of delapidated shed. Nails embedded in the heel.. http://yfrog.com/h4dlcxmj

(18:05:47) Right.. better get on with Other Things. A bientôt.

(20:50:11) Catching up with #iPlayer comedy.. Opinionated, #HIGNFY and Russell Howard's Good News. Some chuckles.

(21:13:39) I would love to have Ross Noble and Katy Brand round for a Tuesday evening of chatting & whimsy. They wouldn't mind the untidiness, I hope.

(22:26:18) RT @nateadams: 嗯中国,艾未未在哪?http://www.whereisweiwei.com/

(22:27:01) Billions, of which we are just ones, but blessed to be so. Goodnight.

Tweets for 08 Apr 2011


(05:54:21) Cutting it a bit fine. In a sort of 'alarm didn't go off' way. Good morning nonetheless.

(06:00:05) Made it to the coach. Next: work, coffee and unpacking servers. http://t.co/xpY20Rd (which is probably already registered).

(08:29:48) It is not a morning for getting servers out of boxes before coffee. I'm all over the place now...

(08:51:27) OK everybody (at work). Please stop emailing me. I have plenty to be going on with, ta.

(10:09:28) RT @fridgemagnet2: Maybe this is well known but I only just found out that the date of the royal wedding is the same as when Hitler got ...

(10:09:56) Not having Instantaneous Messenger on this PC is slowing me down somewhat. Having to use that rather antiquated 'email' thing. Boh.

(11:08:22) Yay! Done my expensives!

(11:15:01) D'you know who I feel sorry for? Ed Palmer & Simon Buschenfeld - the Heart Network's comedy producers. Diamonds in the rough. And bland.

(11:17:43) Hey, Mr @Simonvsthewhale, when's yer comedy on? I absolutely love radio comedy and have missed out on your stuff up to now. For some reason.

(11:20:44) It strikes me. Hunger.

(13:20:14) Is it too soon to complain about it being too warm in That London..?

(13:33:59) Con-fer-ence-call. Takes forever. Or even longer now I've had coffee.

(14:15:00) I think I want an ice cream. But I don't.

(14:27:21) Too hot to type. MELTY FINGERS.

(17:44:02) On the homeward stretch limo. I've actually stopped for the weekend.. with just one question: what have I forgotten to do..? Ah well.

(17:44:40) I'm not picking my nose - I'm extracting stem cells.

(18:19:15) Airport! Da na na naa na-naaaa.

(20:41:09) Audioboo: Salford and cuteness and distraction boo [@sm2n @jn2n @pewari] http://boo.fm/b325549 #studio #Salford #cuteness #rambling

Tweets for 07 Apr 2011


(05:58:23) Morning. Lots to do, so an early breakfast is in order...

(07:24:18) Bit on the moist & humid side in The North this morning... and busy on the Trammytram.

(07:40:58) Arrived and ready to go...

(08:22:41) I may need to start doing two things at once in a minute...

(08:57:07) Ridiculous. :/

(10:39:10) M-m-m-my Pomona.

(10:52:48) Phase one of Operation Startled Cormorant is complete. I think I may have been thinking of corncrake.

(12:07:17) It's all gone a bit tricky to work on the train to Milton Keynies - the mains to this table is borked, and my laptop battery's gone flat.

(12:52:05) Phase 3 of Operation Startled Cormorant about to commence. It's all about the bus service.

(14:06:06) Phase 4 of Operation Startled Cormorant is nearly complete. Next: Operation Disgruntled Ramekin. Not sure what it is, yet.

(18:24:28) All piling up a bit.

(19:58:17) Eating damp cucumber. Part of my five a day.

(20:43:10) Time, I think, to head to my boudoir, and catch up on.. oh my.. 43 audioboos! Good night, sleep tight. Cucumber burps.

Tweets for 06 Apr 2011


(08:51:00) I get the sense that I used to move more quickly.. it's the only explanation for not being able to get so much done these days...

(08:55:31) Trambling in the sunshine. Now that's an Oasis lyric (it's not).

(10:33:53) Man, it's so loud in here. At times.

(11:48:13) I think I shall stop now for a bit.

(13:44:41) I have a massive muffin with what looks like bran on top. It was either that or chocolate chip. Bran muffins: are they a regular occurrance?

(13:53:51) I like the German word "genau." Also, I like the phrase "Es tut mir leid." But I don't hear that all too often. Which is nice.

(14:11:24) What does the Nokia ringtone say about someone who leaves their phone set to it..? Am I wrong to consider it a little unimaginative..?

(14:31:05) I do wish I'd stop getting lost. I s'pose being lost is a state of mind. Unless I have somewhere I need to be. More arrows needed.

(17:32:15) Oops.

(17:33:30) I would like to start trambling please. Now I have dug myself a delightful hole.

(17:47:53) Lots of Southern accents on this tram.. must be an invasion :/

(17:49:22) Definitely not "wearing a coat" weather. I wonder what's for tea...

(18:38:51) Off for a forage. Beth sent me a gift, which I think is almost definitely dessert. Hurrah!

(19:45:36) Bath time.

(19:45:51) Bath time, and Down The Line. In fact.

(21:32:08) Closing down. I think I had a very long bath and now feel much less achey. Odd how that works. Night!

Tweets for 05 Apr 2011


(06:33:53) Good morning. Coffee's not bad... need to launch now, though. Tramwards (ooh!)

(07:06:01) Brightening up a bit...

(07:30:44) Made it in the nick of time. Thanks heaven for Trimmy Tram action. Second induction in 4 days...

(12:06:29) Beware the lifts. They (much like @Fridgemagnet2's software) are self-aware.

(13:11:41) Shiniest building I ever saw.. http://yfrog.com/h2y24fgj

(16:15:03) This trammy tram is really mad crazy full.

(16:15:58) Ello Bitsy :) I'm tired and warm. But OK, ta. You fine and feisty?

(16:18:17) I have my jhodhpurhs and sou-wester on over my two piece swimming costume as is appropriate - need to be ready for any weather...

(17:17:03) I really ~have~ stopped work now. Honest. *sighs*

(17:50:45) I got lost again. Indoors. Time to forage.

(19:16:41) Went for @EastZEast IBIS as a dinner option - tasty food (I went for a very mild Karahi Murgh Tikka Makhani), good service AND on Twitter :)

(21:43:55) Wow. Campus is utterly bat crazy. In other news, when I get home, I shall ask Beth if we can close our Halifax account. Cos of the advert.

Tweets for 04 Apr 2011


(06:20:53) Good morning. Time to slide ungracefully into another busy week. Mainly contemplating Decent Coffee provision.

(06:39:31) Is that it...? 7 Day Sunday's been canned? It's the only thing on 5 Live I listen to. In podcast format at least. (@AJHMurray @RebeccaFront)

(07:02:31) I got a tweet from Rebecca Front ~does an excited dance~ Sorry. Comedy legends do that to me :)

(07:48:37) Making outline plans for the day. This includes a number of instances of the phrase "at the latest..." to add some drama to proceedings.

(08:58:50) It would be interesting to do a sustained sound level measurement at a pre-school.. must be around 75-80dB in a hall...

(10:51:47) Sorted HP.. or at least brought the problem within the company.. now to do something else that doesn't involve getting annoyed with macs :D

(17:23:33) All done with the day's travails (major-league PC installations). Now, time for the evening's business. Elsewhere.

(17:29:54) Oh I do like a nice hurtle of an evening.

(17:59:34) I must look a sight grinning like a numpty as I listen to The Unbelievable Truth on the coach. Brilliant :) #radio4

(19:14:05) Tired out. Definitely the out bit.

(20:33:51) Nearly there.

(22:30:44) Going to bed. Big empty bed... night!

Tweets for 03 Apr 2011


(06:38:55) Good morning. Coffee being prepared for Beth...

(06:55:50) Listening to @TimHarford's latest More Or Less - now I know about the tempo change in Strawberry Fields Forever, I can hear it :D

(07:02:37) Women in Beatles songs.. Eleanor (my daughter), Lizzie (my wife... ish!), Rita, Penny and "Your Mother" (My Dad's wives :D) #beatleswomen

(07:03:48) Missing: Yoko, Lucy and Michelle. I shall be insisting on those names for my grandchildren #beatleswomen

(08:05:39) Testing my (broken) automatic blog posting tool thing... (sorry!)

(08:07:13) Audioboo: End of the week London (bit vague) boo http://boo.fm/b319050 #bollards #millbank TESTING - PLEASE IGNORE THIS TWEET SORRY!

(08:41:16) Status: away. Playaway.

(14:21:16) Good heavens.. I've heard Suzanne Vega's "Left Of Centre" twice in the last two days. Sums up my life in some ways.

(17:14:58) Back from @RobJD's after a delightful Mothering Sunday afternoon - hopefully @PootsPublic and her Mum enjoyed it as much as I did :)

(17:19:03) British Touring Car Racing on ITV4: Fab! My enjoyment was mainly owing to the bright colours, bizarre rules, crashes & @RobJD's Ford hatred.

(17:20:00) And no, I am not referring to a new mid-sized hatchback by Ford called the "Hatred." Although that would be a brilliant name.

(18:03:56) Off to plant a primrose (or a primula.. or quite possibly a pansy. I have no idea... I'm not @akgpodcast - who is brilliant).

(18:17:45) Ah! @akgpodcast is, of course, correct; it's labeled a primrose and is now in the Mothering Sunday Plant location: http://yfrog.com/h44cjwaj

(18:21:37) All packed and ready to go to Manchester later in the week. It's work - and apparently quite unremitting. Fun.

(20:50:27) I'll be honest, I really shouldn't be allowed to write shell scripts. A whole evening evaporated, trying to embed an @Audioboo to my blog :D

(22:04:43) Okey doke. All done with scripting (well, not really - my automated podcast listening blog will have to wait..) so it's time for bed. Night!

Tweets for 02 Apr 2011


(07:39:24) Good morning. Making plans. It includes sewing a duvet. Ohyeah.

(07:41:06) Ohh.. and I did a very passable impression of Mordrin McDonald (21st Century Wizard) last week. All day. Fun, but apparently quite annoying.

(09:00:59) Wow.. ep 147b of The Bugle podcast - the first half is genius (the rest is about cricket) http://is.gd/4YsAaA / http://is.gd/7hZYd8 (mp3)

(11:05:23) Finally getting round to updating my blog. I'm at the middle of March now. One or two more posts to do.. but they'll have to wait.

(13:13:53) Watching people falling off things.

(13:30:47) Chris, about to fall off something. http://yfrog.com/gyesixiyj

(14:14:18) RT @helenduffett: Pedestrian crossing of the day: a cross between a zebra and a pelican http://bit.ly/ecTqvB

(14:15:22) Living in this house is like being in a permanent musical.

(14:49:07) Red fuel light's flashing.. need a doze.

(15:30:09) Lenni: "Who made Barbie do 'The Robot?'" Chris: "Me."

(15:34:08) Now the pair of progeny appear to be trying to out-annoying each other.

(15:36:37) Finally (before I go for a sleep) I'm going to install Firefox, because Google Chrome has stopped displaying the top of web pages. Well.

(16:17:28) Sorting out my about.me profile (it's http://about.me/jameshart if you're interested...)

(18:33:06) *dramatic music* SUNFLOWER UPDATE! The guerilla one's going OK. The two in the garden have been eaten(!) Bah. New seeds sown. (@Smartie999)

(18:55:06) Good heavens... seems both @Pewari's and @Zararugosa's boys have suffered the same fate. I wish I knew what to suggest... owie ankles :(

(19:03:16) I've moved from Chrome to Firefox 4 on the mac.. not interesting, but I though I'd mention it. Quite odd having to install Flash!

(19:27:48) Oh. Seems AfterEffects CS5 is 64 bit only. So the Windows XP virtual machine I installed for Chris to try it on won't work. Plan.. er.. C?

(19:30:00) Right. Studio, I think. It needs a tidy; that's a start. I can do that with the energy I have left. Might find a james recharger down there.

(21:55:22) Good night - and sleep well. I will be celebrating Mothering Sunday tomorrow.. the amazing gift of motherhood is not to be underestimated.

Tweets for 01 Apr 2011


(06:31:05) Good morning. Inspired by @gruppox I shall tweet my day so far as a rhyming verse thing.

(06:33:29) My limo was delayed by a minor altercation;

(06:36:09) Man doing it's a "ganger" so I really can't be late.

(06:36:39) ..stumbling in my blockerboots.

(06:54:51) I know this might be somewhat controversial, but I have committed to buy myself a Petite Lap Giraffe. http://t.co/0AV3gBW Am I a bad man?

(07:30:17) Made it to my induction in time. Got another one on Tuesday. All go. Not wearing hi-vis & hard hat yet though. Saving that for later.

(08:54:05) Audioboo: Buying Houses - sort of - boo [mainly for @T_NorthernBloke] http://boo.fm/b318264 #houses #decisions

(08:59:16) Always splendid when my boos get bunged up.

(09:01:49) Right. To business - train tickets, summary of the week's work and then going to Millbank All political-like and that (not really).

(10:19:15) Audioboo: Swimming and lists [@sm2n jn2n @pewari et al] http://boo.fm/b318317 #Swimming #lists #responsiboo

(13:18:40) All done at Millbank. I do believe it's Pizza Time (Jubilee & Victoria allowing) All a bit tired out now.

(14:32:05) Someone has initiated the shutdown procedure on my brain. I am not pleased.

(16:59:54) Right. Going home whether I like it or not. This won't end well.

(17:12:38) Wow. What a way to end the week. A query on an invoice that nobody can see from a purchase order I didn't raise. And ~I~ have to fix it?

(17:20:59) I've set the wheels in motion at least... I'm away doing techy stuff next week, so I'm going to have to juggle things :/ Ahh well...

(18:12:49) Heh.. nice April Fool from @HootSuite - http://hootsuite.com/happy-owls

(20:24:07) Thank you SO much to @Zararugosa @ManOnClaphamBus @JQP74 @Jonno_UK @crabbyknickers and @dizzydanni84 for the wonderful #FF kindness :)

(20:26:27) This: @thepervycouncil @PervyQueen @forkinabucket @BaronHawkey @Bootcoot @painted_duchess @jrr4film & @BitsyVonMuffin. They are mighty. #FF

(20:35:21) I'd like to offer a vote of thanks to my dear wife @Pootspublic for so generously moving around our family arrangements so I can work :/

(21:04:58) This has GOT to be an April Fools joke! The Playmobil Apple Store: http://is.gd/52Y4sv (ThinkGeek via @pootspublic) Just one more thing...

(22:08:32) Audioboo: End of the week London [bit vague] boo http://boo.fm/b319050 #bollards #millbank

(22:27:01) End.

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