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Tweets for 31 Mar 2011


(03:19:35) When I wake up at 4am I like to research good value but high quality virtual drum kits. EZ Drummer (£45 on special) vs Addictive at £160...

(03:22:07) Now I shall listen to the Media Show until I fall asleep again. Jeremy Hunt's on.. the intro will be (potentially) the most interesting bit.

(05:40:20) Happy birthday, @PootsPublic - I love you, darling.

(05:44:46) I dreamt I was hanging out with David Tennant. We talked about music and upcoming gigs. He seemed OK.

(05:48:50) In other news, I've done my sciatica in. Bring on the stiletto heels.

(07:29:59) The M1 was a bit stuffed this morning. Unconsequently I don't have any fruit tea.

(08:01:21) Ooh! A 9am meeting! I feel spoiled.

(08:21:17) ~sings~ Andy's brought biscuts. He's brung 'em, I'm eat 'em. Twice cooked, once eaten, lifetime on the hips. Go on have another.

(15:36:04) My laptop battery has formally expired. I reckon it was a bunch of Maplin AAs...

(18:13:17) Stretchy and limoy. But a bit later than planned (owing to an extended chat with my boss's boss). Hope the birthday girl will forgive me :/

(19:03:53) Gettin' dark. Long old day.

(19:08:11) Am I a little wrong in being irked when people say "You're gonna love this..." on the radio?

(19:38:02) Enjoying watching Beth open all her birthday cards :)

(21:16:25) Off to that bed. Not as busy as That London. And not nearly as big. But FAR more comfortable. Night!

Tweets for 30 Mar 2011


(06:34:46) I recorded a light-hearted ranting for the relaunched BagelTech Rage... - closest I've come to writing comedy in ages.

(07:26:14) From what the Guardian has written ( ) seems the @jonholmes1 and @mermhart show will be a good listen on iPlayer #radio2

(08:30:06) WOW! I don't have a meeting until 12.30pm. That means I can actually get some work done.

(09:00:05) Right. 169 emails in my inbox. By 11am there will just be... some. Fewer.

(10:14:53) I have been in email contact with someone whose signature says they are a "Ganger." I keep reading this as "Ginger." Am I a bad person?

(12:37:45) Just had some sad news from @HumbersHomemade - the wonderful Ian Pearce (BBC 3 Counties Radio) has died:(

(12:40:57) It's pasty time with pasty james and salad's here as well.

(12:42:08) Ooh. My bluetooth headset's working again. I s'pose I'd better put it back together.

(13:07:29) Team meeting. Instead of biscuits I have brought an out-of-date cup-a-soup. Everyone can have a slurp.

(15:24:22) I need a break.

(16:22:33) I've done that thing where I've left the annoying thinky stuff to the last 40 minutes of the day. Idiot. *kicks self*

(17:37:47) Rude dentist. "WE'RE A DENTAL PRACTICE STUPID"

(18:13:18) All tired out now. Lift home yay!

(19:50:11) I quickly tire of trying to extricate salad cream from a nearly empty bottle.

(19:54:18) I think i deserve a small drink. I have been Quite Good today.

(20:12:39) Getting bizzy with the fusy.

Tweets for 29 Mar 2011


(06:04:18) Good morning. The sun resembles a satsuma just above a horizon neatly drawn by the tarmac of the runway. Heading Stinkylondonwards.

(07:58:30) Woahh... it's only just occurred to me (well, @JemStone made me realise) that Netmums is entirely different to Mumsnet. But which is better?

(08:00:13) Ominous feeling this morning. And no, sorry, I won't attend a meeting for you.

(08:22:06) Right about now I tend to decry the performance of our overly bureaucratic, incompetent, outsourced HR department. Help us @PlainTalkingHR!

(08:56:54) It's amazing how HR can combine so adeptly the two qualities of 'Useless' and 'Annoying'.

(09:49:55) I'm in a MEETING. It's Powerpoint time.

(13:47:41) I went to Boots and now my hands smell.

(15:11:39) In other news, Oxford Street has a new landmark - it's Very Tall Man In Dayglo Advertising Waxings.

(16:05:21) Pondering the statistical distribution of primes. In a lift.

(17:32:41) On Finchley Rd is a dentist with an aggressive-looking DC Comics-style character in the window saying: "IT'S A DENTAL PRACTICE STUPID" Rude!

(17:36:41) RT @Alfie: remove the 4th panel from peanuts cartoons and you are left with pervasive despair, awesome:

(18:13:57) Nearly finished hurtling - had to run for the stretch limo this evening. That doesn't seem right. Really busy with co-travellers...

(20:00:34) Bizarrely I'm quite glad it's felt like a Wednesday today, since it means I get an extra workday to try and get stuff done.. that's sad, eh?

(20:06:51) The football seems dull.I shall go for a shower and install a hard drive into Christopher's PC. That's how I roll.

(20:11:23) I made a pledge with Lenni this evening. She will get out of the habit of sucking her thumb and I'll cease the habit of picking my nose. :/

(20:18:39) Oh my goodness. Is it really 9.20pm? What have I been doing..?! (Answer: tweeting). Boh.

(21:18:38) Bedtime for me.. lots of Steam files copying on Chris's PC. Must remember to do the rest tomorrow!

(21:18:48) Good night then.

Tweets for 28 Mar 2011


(07:10:43) Good morning. So far today: princely porridge; classy coffee; invisible invitation; siblings on a space hopper. Marvellous

(08:06:12) From discussions with @pootspublic, adulthood starts at 33 and a third, middle age at 45 and old age at 78. I shall make a record of this.

(10:34:28) Back from a long overdue waln with Beth; listening to Mumford & Sons while eating strawberries with the windows of the house nice and open.

(10:38:46) Back from a long overdue ~walk~ with Beth; listening to Mumford & Sons while eating strawberries with the windows of the house nice & open.

(14:54:52) The children have had a good school day - Chris has a posh t-shirt from his uncle @RobJD, too!

(15:16:06) I don't know why I like this site but I do (maybe it's the sheer range of alleged crimes)... Chicago arrest mugshots:

(15:19:36) An abandoned registration plate on the way home.. @MyCarCheck's app says it's a white convertible Astra Coupé :(

(15:24:41) I wonder how many long stories I need to tell to be termed a 'raconteur'.

(15:45:03) From an advert: "I always find myself saving money when I shop at @Asda." What's he doing there..? I always end up ~spending~ money :/

(17:38:20) Just had a wonderfully warm welcome from @museumsluton - I'm at Stockwood Park for the opening of the Truck Art project

(17:40:03) I don't normaly come to these sort of events, so this is quite unusual for me. I have my camera with me, though.

(18:08:16) Listening to drummers in preparation for the first part of the opening - on the 3rd birthday of #Luton Culture

(18:15:26) Entertainment on stage by Ish Dance. Surrounded by very old vehicles (casting no aspersions on the audience :D)

(18:21:17) Liz Hughes is talking. She's Creative Programmer for the Eastern Region (so not part of the Deliverance Committee). Culture + sport. #Luton

(18:31:35) Utterly kicking myself that I didn't bring a microphone - there's a most amazing Pakistani blessing song being played & sung. #Luton

(18:39:05) Listening to Karen Perkins (who, I'm guessing, is @MuseumsLuton's boss?) followed by a man from the Pakistan High Commission.

(18:47:02) I'd not realised that TruckArt was a big hobby in Pakistan. Great to have it pioneered in #Luton.

(18:55:14) This is what everyone's come to see - it's still a work in progress. A photo doesn't do it justice.. wow! #Luton

(19:10:50) Being treated to lamb biryani.. yum! Apparently @museumsluton has been responsible for all of this. ~applauds~

(19:51:41) Heading home after a remarkable event. I feel privileged to have been part of it (thanks, @museumsluton) #Luton

(20:17:47) Hello @MattFrog - I probably walked past you this evening - if I'd known you were there (and who you were) I would have waved :D

(21:22:36) Audioboo: Luton Truck Art Project [sniffly] boo #Luton #truckart #culture #olympics

(21:27:47) Beddingtons. Sleepy, but not bitter. Good night!

Tweets for 27 Mar 2011


(07:06:31) Good morning. Post clock-change check on my kit at work - all seems to have gone fairly flawlessly. Worst was a live track cut-off at 01:00.

(07:07:34) Time for some intermittent warbling in the shower.. and trying to avoid sneezing fits for, say, 22 seconds.

(07:12:41) This morning, Chris is selecting the radio station. His choice: Absolute 80s. Which reminds me: must put Absolute 90s on the presets.

(07:26:53) Hair was bigger in the 1980s. Every rose has its thorn.

(10:15:47) Any other business?

(11:48:18) Discount.

(17:26:47) Home after an afternoon with @RobJD and the family - some fun playing frisbee with Lenni.. now trying to stay awake. Needed that fresh air.

(17:29:46) Regardless of tiredness, I am still trying to create a VMWare Windows XP machine on Chris's PC.. he's only got Windows 7 Home Premium.

(18:59:21) There is no doubt that Cathedral City will appear in my memoires. It is cheese therapy, and I recommend it to anyone. Toast recommended.

(19:33:56) In the style of a gossip column: "Which idiot was seen accidentally dropping his bluetooth headset in a glass of water?"(It survived. Phew!)

(20:04:35) Facebook keeps going wrong on my Google Chrome browser.. the whole thing shifts up, so I can't see the top menu. Ahh well, it's free...

(20:05:03) Studio time. I have things to do. THINGS.

Tweets for 26 Mar 2011


(08:45:37) Spongebob & Garry's Mod - Saturday morning indulgences for the children while I sip my coffee in bed... I'll get going soon, honest!

(09:09:44) "Oh.. I like Invaders Must Die!" Nearly-eight-year-old Prodigy fan daughter for the win (not from church).

(09:16:25) RT @DJJansta: Turns out 3DS doesn't work if you close one eye. Guess Nintendo really is serious about clamping down on pirates this hard ...

(13:15:31) As if Nestlé products weren't bad enough.. not just abusing the developing world, it's apostrophes as well...

(13:57:01) Listening to my pal Dasa on Czech Radio (Vysočina) - very conservative Czech music..

(14:57:19) Beth: "I just read that Mylene Klass should've called her babies 'First' and 'Second'.." Me: "Ha!" Lenni: "Why? Is she going to post them?"

(15:29:24) Audioboo: Guerilla Gardening boo [shhh... don't tell anyone!] #sunflower #gardening

(16:35:50) Is it too late to tell my children that the United Kingdom is made up of Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Poundland?

(16:44:28) Here's something to do on Monday... put this on your work PC, then go and make a cup of tea.

(17:02:33) Dull, I know, but so much musicianship has gone into Windows startup/shutdown: (compared with mac: )

(17:04:36) We are applauding @PootsPublic who has just gone on a mercy mission for bacon. :)

(17:37:38) At the tea table we were discussing songs that sum up our lives. For me, I think it's probably the theme tune to Bodger and Badger.

(17:47:52) It has become fairly clear that I don't know how to wear a bandana. In other news, @FridgeMagnet2's tweets are very amusing.

(17:50:48) As are his Dad's (@FishPlateTwo) And his sister's on Twitter, too (@Mad4Mogzz) An entertaining family. In a good way.

(18:14:04) I'm going to have half-an-hour online with the ol' Mario Kart and the world at large. 5241-7201-3887 if you don't already know it.. :)

(19:39:05) An entirely peculiar episode of TV Burp this evening. But then, it might just be because I'm tired out.. time for bed for the children.

(19:39:43) Oh, and it's clock change tonight (springing forward an hour). But you knew that. @PootsPublic already told you. She's great like that.

(20:08:02) Watching Twenty Twelve episode 2 - the translator is solid gold. And Olivia Coleman bringing sandwiches. But the rest is a bit cringey.

(20:22:40) Memo to self: Olivia Colman hasn't got an 'e' in her name. I should do better.

(21:27:12) Trying to spot the Milton Jones gags in season 3 of Not Going Out. Like Ben Elton, I can hear his voice saying the lines...

(22:12:37) Better go to bed.. done the kitchen clocks. I wonder if nothing will break tonight... it sometimes does - good night!

Tweets for 25 Mar 2011


(07:22:25) Good morning and Happyish Friday. Time to fill it with things and items. Mainly work-related. My snozzle is very dribbly today #TMI

(07:26:50) Looks like I did give myself a paper cut on the nose when I blew it yesterday while holding some paperwork. Oops.

(10:03:30) Shall I go to Television Centre? Shall I? Well. Yes. It would appear so.

(11:05:36) Mercury one-2-one.

(13:19:32) PIZZA then.

(14:58:47) RT @LDNLutonAirport: To the people who love Luton, support the city bid by entering the fab #LoveLutonContest and you could win £500 htt ...

(17:52:35) Entertaining Friday Afternoon Mishap. Remind me to write about it in my memoires.

(18:26:45) Only @BritishMac could start a newsflash with a toast to the glorious mysteries of life. That should be mandatory on all news programmes.

(18:29:21) It's been one of those weeks.. I'm in my stretch limo heading home - I can barely keep my eyes open.. hope I perk up for @BagelTechNews BIG!

(18:47:09) RT @BagelTechNews: Join us at 10pm for the BIG Show at Bring a beer and some cheeky comments :-)

(19:21:56) Drum'n'bass... you know just what to do & when. Fab Sub Focus / Prodigy mashup playing.. heading home. Weekendy.

(20:17:48) Going downstairs to plug in the firewire.

(21:33:20) Having major camera connection difficulties tonight. Might have to resort to USB webcam action. Boo.

(22:41:38) RT @eriklanigan: I'm LIVE right now on this week's @BagelTechNews panel with @EwenRankin,@KyleSwager,@SarahJaneUK,@Syzygy http://ustre.a ...

Tweets for 24 Mar 2011


(06:22:00) Good morning. Coffee, porridge and Act Your Age. The latter of which is both funny and annoying at the same time #Radio4

(06:29:11) Better get to work. Busy busy busy!

(07:06:13) RT @macgenie: This is hysterical: This magazine cover desperately needs a comma! (via @dansmath via @GrammarGirl via ...

(07:28:03) I have the front of today's stretch limo to myself (except for the chauffeur, anyway) which is splendid. Sunshine already, too.

(08:41:27) Audioboo: The truth about dead batteries boo [a propos of nothing] #batteries #science

(09:11:33) What's that coming over the alps? ANOTHER MEETING.

(10:45:10) Overrunning.

(10:57:42) Actually getting involved in interesting fun stuff. Sun's shining.

(13:14:40) I s'pose I ought to stop and have something to eat. Can't have me wasting away.

(13:33:24) My over-used phrase of the fortnight: "This is doing my cone in."

(14:17:20) At this stage, I don't think I really need to be at this meeting. I mean, @BarwickGreen and @Richard_C (sort of) are both here.

(15:22:00) Trying to save money yeah.

(15:35:41) RT @rhodri: Fame. RT @chrisahoughton: Can't imagine Rebecca Black getting abuse from London train stations was part of the strategy http ...

(15:42:42) I'm not going in a room. That is all.

(15:58:24) Quite a lot of taxi drivers in London really don't look like they've got The Knowledge :/

(15:59:36) RT @akgpodcast: Question - do the St John's ambulance charge for attendance at community events?

(16:12:58) Nearly had a Pivotal Conversation. Left a Pivotal Voicemail instead. In the style of Robert Peston, apparently.

(16:13:09) Now sending a pivotal email.

(16:56:45) I'm going to book a flight with an external supplier using a browser on a pilot version of Windows. What could possibly go wrong?

(17:32:13) I'm looking into rail journeys in Germany. A bit worried about potential delays, so thank goodness Google Trainslate was there to help me.

(17:55:16) I need to go home. It says so on my prescription (sort of). Trying to get to Manchester can wait until tomorrow. That'll learn it.

(17:55:58) Must remember to water the garden this evening.

(18:41:02) Another gorgeous sunset :)

(18:46:13) When I want to do ~proper~ writing, I wonder why I prefer my laptop to, say, my phone or my iPod.. anyway.. writing it shall be.

(21:33:04) Audioboo: Responsiboo [@SM2N @JN2N and @T_NorthernBloke although I don't think I mention banking which I had intend...

(22:17:08) Audioboo: The Rebecca Black Phenomenon Boo #RebeccaBlackMusicARKMusicFactory

Tweets for 23 Mar 2011


(06:49:51) Good morning. It's a Non-Coat Morning. Feeling a bit zombie-like.. early nights tonight and tomorrow. I hope I'm not grumpy today.

(06:55:24) Catching up with Audioboos...

(06:58:22) It's quite a photogenic morning.

(07:11:09) Today's stretch limo is in the 'classic' idiom, but at least isn't all rattly. Listening to @zany_zigzag reading from books.. great voice.

(07:53:30) t@RobJD (sorry for the delay!) According to @Marvin_Engl, they're called Piaggio MP3 - for inexperienced (or bad) riders :D

(08:10:47) I like the idea of parallel universes. All parallel parked. And no cosmic traffic wardens.

(10:51:43) It's nice to know everybody knows what they're doing. And I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible.

(13:06:28) RT @johannhari101: Johann's Self-Help Guide, Principle One: Whenever you feel down, just remind yourself: I am not Richard Littlejohn.

(13:07:19) I can feel another punk era coming on.

(15:34:38) Is there a phrase diametrically opposite to "Thanks for your help?" I just got an email from HR, and I wanted to respond. I won't bother.

(18:33:18) I have itchy ankles. Is that a portent?

(19:54:57) "We've both said a lot of things you're going to regret."

(19:58:17) Home & putting the kids to bed. I think I might change the bedding, too. Before the children sleep, obviously. Too tired for a challenge!

(21:22:09) Yoghurt and biscuits. It's wicked hedonism.

(21:31:57) Is there a shortage of the letter "g" in Bedfordshire?

(21:37:52) This brings to an end programming for today. Please tune in tomorrow for more lack of tweets & cynicism. Please switch off your set. Night!

(22:02:52) I sometimes get out of the shower thinking "That would've been a perfect place to have a cry." But I very rarely feel like crying. Shame.

(22:27:44) Eyes and brain both subject to gravity. it's not a weak force at this time of night. Definitely gone. Night!

Tweets for 22 Mar 2011


(07:18:04) Good morning. The bus driver wrote my (and others') @easyBus booking reference on a bit of paper. I can understand.. er, no. I have no idea.

(07:27:30) Time for some @emmaandpete - I (and others) have been spoiled with another pair of shows. Thanks, guys :)

(07:37:05) Junction 1 of the M1 is scuppered again, then. Needs a bus lane. (!)

(08:58:15) Nine o'clock and all's well. I say that...

(09:09:55) Digital Brian is being annoying with a signal generator on his iPhone. He's old and can't hear the high pitched tones.

(11:06:11) I wonder what someone from the 17th Century would say if I offered them a megabrunch.

(11:16:01) Oh no.. I missed the chance to take a photo of two policemen on trikes. (or at least those motorised things with two wheels at the front).

(12:30:10) All done at Bvsh. Back to W1 for a rushed nom followed by an Epic Meeting Of Doom. Or DMI. There will not be biscuits.

Tweets for 21 Mar 2011


(05:59:25) Sorry to @pootspublic for waking her with a snigger at 5.30 this morning.@thisrealitypod was playing radio outtakes. I'd not heard that one.

(07:46:43) Morning again. (I fell back to sleep and now feel a bit bed-heady). 15 minutes until the electricity goes off - better jump in the shower!

(08:50:32) The birds are in good voice this morning; there's a rather ugly blue mist in the air, but the sun is warm. Coat removal imminent.

(09:07:37) The electric still hasn't gone off. Is it wrong to be mildly excited at the prospect? It's only for 4 hrs, but limitations beget creativity.

(09:08:53) Whistling along with Genesis sets the guinea pig off. Just too traumatic, I guess :D

(09:56:47) All time record for electricity usage! Well, granted the power's off for maintenance, but it'll take some beating!

(10:28:02) Pitiful Fair Trade Easter Egg selection. I think I shall buy a donkey instead. Not a chocolate one.

(10:39:36) No Liebherr cranes for sale in this week's Truck & Plant Trader, but I like the interloper here.. For practice?

(11:48:34) In case the power wasn't back on when we got home, we treated ourselves to sandwiches from Asda. Whoever made them: THANK YOU!

(12:14:45) On hold with someone in Outsourced HR called Letitia. I think. Now "Lucretia my reflection, dance the ghost with me.." is stuck in my head.

(12:17:29) Love it.. "Sorry, we can't release employee details on this person - you'll have to speak to his line manager." Me: "I am his line manager."

(12:22:14) Utterly shambolic. No, seriously. Utterly. #outsourcedHR

(14:08:14) Right. Yes, it's time for me to say 'right.' And not have coffee. 1 hour to go until school run. What to do? Well, lots. First: phone calls.

(14:51:09) Good heavens.. four bank holidays in two and a half weeks. That's mad crazy.

(15:06:22) Shelf avalanche! I think I know what I'll be doing between now and the school run. Fortunately no injuries.

(15:42:24) Another sneezing fit. If those naughty surgeons have left a feather up me snozzle, there'll be trouble.

(17:04:31) Sitting and reading while the children cycle round Memorial Park. Lovely. Gives Beth a chance to study, too.

(17:18:22) The youths in the playground have played the same bland pop song four times now. It's like listening to ThisIsHeart for a day.

(17:21:04) Apparently it's "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. What are trendy teens(?) doing listening to that middle-of-the-road tedium..?

(18:19:27) Soggy marshmallows. Mmmm.

Tweets for 20 Mar 2011


(08:30:18) Half-past eight already? At least I've had my breakfast. Good morning.

(09:26:28) Right. All showered and dressed, and engine temperature is now optimal (long-sleeved t-shirt for the win). Must sort out the webcam.

(12:11:52) Hear that? That's the sound of two children doing homework. I reckon it's a lot easier in these days of Google. Should I ban Wikipedia? :D

(13:05:37) I think I might go to Halfords in a bit. For bicycle purposes (unless you have a better suggestion of local bike part supplier..?)

(14:00:27) Okeydoke. Emails (nearly) caught up with. Kettle on. Will Lenni actually finish her homework today before nightfall..?

(15:54:08) Wow! Lenni's nearly finished her homework.

(18:31:19) I have created a monster. Or rather, encouraged Chris to give his room a 'makeover' :D Lenni, apparently, is helping.

(19:04:25) Beth's listening to Half Man Half Biscuit while the children destroy the top floor. I think this might be what life is all about.

(20:04:29) Learning about Game Theory. Blessed complicated.

(23:09:03) About three-quarters of the list conquered today plus bonus script to disable the internet to the children after 8pm. That'll do. Night!

Tweets for 19 Mar 2011


(09:24:04) Good morning. Lenni is transfixed by an amusing magician woman on #BBC2. Dick & Dom are very funny.

(10:08:28) I'd like to recommend two excellent podcasts this morning - the first is @AkgPodcast's informative episode on biofuels:

(10:11:42) My second podcast recommendation is @DeanAbbott's whimsical essay on being like a Ferrari: (thanks to @Vobes)

(10:13:19) Time to have a dig. Well, actually, to fill in a hole then dig some more. To put carrots and parsnips in *praying there's no more frost*

(10:17:50) Happy birthday @stu4art!

(10:18:04) Right. Going now. Layterrrrr

(10:18:56) Oh, in case you missed it last night, here's @kathyclugston's photo of @JohnPrescott in the Slanket Of News:

(10:20:48) Also, worth £10 to Red Nose Day: two comedy legends, but which is better? There's only one way to find out..

(12:14:13) Audioboo: Saturday morning gardening with Lenni boo #garden #Luton #carrots #parsnips #potatoes

(13:11:00) I think I've overdone it this morning. And a bit of this afternoon. I might have to sleep for a while. Perhaps in the garden (not the shed).

(13:18:23) Zzzz

(16:24:59) Nice out.

(16:56:57) Jaker jaminger cake. I just can't say it.

(20:29:52) Not moving for the next hour or so. Jack Nicholson SO reminds me of my Dad. That might be why he likes his films (not my Dad's films).

(22:14:56) I want a decorative email opener.

Tweets for 18 Mar 2011


(07:21:09) Good morning. According to @TwBirthday, four years ago today my life changed for the better. I joined Twitter. Cool.

(07:22:15) Totally #ff #PervyCouncil: @painted_duchess @PervyQueen @jrr4film @BaronHawkey @syzygy @Bootcoot @forkinabucket @BitsyVonMuffin @PervySims

(07:41:51) A little technical assistance, please. My Dad's just asked if he bought a netbook in the US would it work here in the UK? My guess is yes...

(07:55:31) Going to avoid the Marylebone Rd.. an old article, but the pollution's pretty bad: (h/t @Vobes)

(08:30:25) Time to focus on work. Work and coffee. But mainly work. Seeya later!

(09:46:22) JAMYEH! I've got down to 300 emails in my inbox. Time to do something else for a bit. Like some work.

(09:48:23) Happy birthday to @JamesCridland; if anyone asked me whom to follow for radio & audio technology-based knowledge I'd say FOLLOW THAT MAN #FF

(16:46:17) RT @truesilveruk: Pls RT Does anyone know a marquee company around the bedfordshire area?

(17:06:22) Yes. This IS the worst song ever. Lyrically.. just EVERYTHING (h/t @radio1danw @misscorsham (YT)

(17:28:35) Obfuscation, though.

(17:51:16) Shuttydowny time.Sort of thing. Well, that wasn't too bad.

(18:01:33) Am I the only person who asks "I wonder where Steve Wright's going..?" as he shambles westward along Duchess Street.

(18:38:36) The clouds on the horizon stripe the sunset like it's been set to 16 bit colour. Nice to have left the house ~and~ the office in daylight.

(19:25:49) Weekend! Well, after a walk. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 4 others) [pic]:

(20:27:33) Audioboo: Computerised voice next door boo [of no consequence] #bangbangbangmusic #thattheyouthlistento #BrianUK

(20:49:19) Feeling much more corporeal now I've had a shower. Shower sounds like a comparative. I want to install a walk-in showest.

(21:08:54) I'm afraid I'll be making noise on the @BagelTechNews BIG Show at about 10pm ( Let me know if you'd like a shout-out!

Tweets for 17 Mar 2011


(07:48:50) Good morning. I hope you have a day with lots of unexpected LEDs in it. Laters!

(09:57:07) Last day before my return to work. Feeling a little numb. Perhaps I've been sitting here too long.. :/

(13:21:07) Asda Smart Price Ant and Dec.

(13:26:24) Sunshine!

(13:55:43) I really am worried about my breath (quite aside from the garlic bread I had for lunch).

(14:11:14) Looking at my Luton tweeters list, I'm sure I've got someone I follow who works for TUI.. are you still out there..? If so, please tweet me!

(15:26:38) Right. Coffee. Then more of what I was doing before.

(17:32:24) The children don't believe the 2nd letter of the phonetic alphabet is Buttocks. It's at moments like these I wish they were still toddlers.

(17:50:18) This Easter, @PootsPublic is in charge. Well, OK, she's ALWAYS in charge.

(18:28:27) Lenni is really enjoying looking at Vi Hart doodling videos on YouTube. I love to see her being inspired by amazing mathematics and art.

(18:44:53) Uhoh.. just discovered (from the website) that a UKMail delivery driver has marked our parcel as having been delivered. It hasn't. Blast it.

(19:00:33) Turns out the UKMail delivery driver signed for it himself because he lives two doors away and will drop it off on his way home :D

(19:02:18) Yes, it's him with the big van that hangs out onto the pavement. Someone needs to have a word.

(20:14:33) Making bananas and custard. We have lots of bananas and quite a lot of custard. And loads of bowls. Bring your own dessert spoon.

(20:31:14) Here y'go, @PlainTalkingHR and @PerryGascoine :)

(21:30:55) Right.. time to psychologically prepare myself for tomorrow. I shall bid you good night and hope you sleep well when you do. Bon voyage! :)

Tweets for 16 Mar 2011


(06:52:37) Good morning. Time to see if Wednesday's full of wonderful things.

(07:12:09) Right. Back later.

(07:57:21) RT @gcluley: Twitter goes secure – turn on the “Always use HTTPS” option NOW folks Please RT!

(09:06:49) Audioboo: Preschools and Privacy [jn2n @Simon_toon @Akrabat @T_NorthernBloke] #preschool #government #privacy

(10:00:54) Audioboo: Rubbish gardening boo #gardening #apple #cucumber #sunflower

(11:01:14) Proper community radio! - I love it already! (h/t @hedgemint)

(11:38:13) Right. onwards. Too much going on or something.

(13:44:13) Listening to @GaryBellamyDTL - this series of Down The Line has started strong, innit. Ya get me? "It's like Davros on heat." @Radio4

(13:52:34) It's got @robertpopper on it. #DownTheLine

(14:30:13) Comedy and jazz do ~not~ go together.

(15:14:06) Stopped ironing. Started school run.

(17:18:25) Gah... when @replies go wrong :D Sorry to have broadcast that, @BigNormski1 & @HelenBach! (scuse the pun!)

(18:10:07) Just heard about potential cuts in BBC local radio services. Nicholas Clegless defends local radio ( Uhoh. We're screwed

(18:41:25) Home with two potentially unwell children. Looks like they've got the bug @pootspublic and I have had/got. Early nights for all again!

(19:34:48) Watching Twenty Twelve. It's approaching Quite Amusing. AND it's got Olivia Coleman in it. Which makes it good. #BBCiPlayer

(21:56:14) Right. I'm off to bed, and if I don't wake up as a cyborg in the year 3129, I will be moderately disappointed. But not surprised. Goodnight

Tweets for 15 Mar 2011


(07:00:18) Good morning. Still going (although that has yet to be proved). Tuesday, though, eh? Having work-based dreams didn't help... :/

(07:13:31) I'm not breaking any records this morning. Keeping well away from the gramophone.

(08:20:32) Here's a great video by Ewen of @BagelTechNews as he makes the daily podcast. Love the bits when the kids come & play :)

(08:56:29) Audioboo: Book recommendation: Bullies, Bigmouths and So-called Friends #book #school #friends #JennyAlexander

(09:08:50) Time to do Something. And not stop until I get hungry.

(11:35:07) I bore myself.

(15:45:45) I challenge that every Madonna track sounds better backwards (@PodQuiz)

(17:05:41) Tigger was a slightly deranged tiger, right? That is surely the most terrifying type of tiger.

(17:44:15) Right. I'm feeling a little sub-par, but another early night might help. Time to write a letter or two.

(18:35:26) Horrible Histories should be MANDATORY viewing. And win awards. They just used the phrase "warp spasm." Takes me back to when I was a kid.

(21:10:56) Writing off today as an insurance job. Removing the number plates and hoping it'll come back as tins of ravioli. Good night to you.

Tweets for 14 Mar 2011


(07:23:25) Gotta get up gotta get up gotta get up (woah hoho). Good morning

(08:42:25) One of my favourite activities - walking Lenni to school. We have such interesting conversations. Today: chopping arms off.

(09:13:33) RT @billamend: Pi Day: a day for people of the world to put aside their differences, join hands in a big circle and then calculate the c ...

(09:14:09) I can't stay indoors when it's like this. I shall have to take you with me. Happy Pi day, by the way. In American format. American Pi.

(10:12:11) Our weekend - the Big Bang Science Fair; here's a YouTube video: @BigBangFair

(10:39:10) RT @Richard_C: @syzygy Consider a disc of radius z and height a, then the volume of that disc is Pizza. Happy Pi Day to you.

(14:03:51) Audioboo: Busy Weekend and Happy Birthday Audioboo boo [@Simon_Toon @jn2n @T_NorthernBloke @MarkRock @SkattyAdz @Jd...

(15:27:14) It' a non-coat school run. Glorious.

(18:18:40) Doze & Media Talk.

(18:48:06) Disappointing satsuma.

(20:18:36) I'm made of dead stars. Yummy.

(21:32:40) I reckon we'll all be in bed by ten tonight. But burglars beware: I sleep by the front door (the post tends to be late round here).

Tweets for 13 Mar 2011


(08:00:34) Good morning. I have had a toasted muffin already. Got to be a good sign.

(08:53:37) Tidying up. Not down.

(09:24:56) Right. (Yes, it's come to that).

(09:40:04) I managed to spill a whole mug of coffee after I fumbled getting it out of the microwave. Bah. Too hasty. I need a giant haste axe.

(16:18:45) In the past week, we've had a call from our local Nationwide Branch Manager & a letter from the electricity board warning of a power cut.

(18:23:20) Espresso pipe. That is MY idea. Nobody else is allowed to have that idea now. Thermally insulated/regulated neck. I am a genius.

(18:32:30) Strange quarks are my favourite. And I very much like the idea of bag containment.

(23:12:48) Well, that'll be the video from yesterday edited (not very well, mind) and the evening evaporated. Bed, then. Good night!

Tweets for 12 Mar 2011


(08:22:17) Good morning. Everything nearly all charged up.

(10:10:13) All quite exciting. SCIENCE.

(19:31:02) Back home from @BigBangFair - great event; the children loved it. There was SO much to do! YouTube video on the way.. eventually.

(19:53:09) Eleanor has a new Favourite Thing In The Whole World. It's quite a good thing, but not one that would easily be guessed.

(20:31:19) Eleanor's new Favourite Thing is a peacock feather. In other news, I didn't do enough cutaway shots. I am rubbish at making video.

(21:33:41) Ooh.. managed to get my Time Machine to restore from an old backup, replacing some mysteriously disappeared documents. Hurrah.

(21:34:03) And no, I'm not trying to put off editing video. Well, maybe I am.

(22:02:30) I really don't like this mac keyboard.

(22:03:57) ™™``¢¢`™¡™`¢∞§¡øˆ¨¥†®´∑åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…÷≥≤µ˜∫√ç≈`;¡™`¢∞§¶•ªº–π–≠‘“πø¬«≠“慬慬≤…‘“πøππºª•ªªºª•¶§∞¢`fifi›‹‹›fiflflfififififififl‡°·‚؈¨Á¥Á††ˇ†©˝©˙ÒÒ˚˚

(22:05:24) I finally found the euro €. And I can make the word fifi with just two keypresses. And an apple . Still. Don't like this keyboard. Much.

(23:09:42) Right. Better get to bed. I'll finish editing tomorrow... I'll never get a job in telly. Night!

(23:11:03) Speech bubbles. Underrated. Definitely good night now.

Tweets for 11 Mar 2011


(06:58:48) Good morning. Last of the antibiotics taken. More studio time required today. If only to avoid George Michael.

(07:37:27) Lenni wrote a musical last night, called "The Flying Triplets." We're playing The Messiah now, to show how lyrics can be repeated.

(07:58:01) RT @forkinabucket: #ff to @thepervycouncil members @PervyQueen @syzygy @BaronHawkey @Bootcoot @painted_duchess @jrr4film @BitsyVonMuffin

(07:59:18) I'm struggling to remember the sitcom where there was mention of someone called 'Brabara' and it turned out that was what she was called...

(12:59:08) Well, it's not perfect, and it never will be, but my musical project is actually in a state where I may get it close to finished. Muffins.

(13:01:03) Thinking of the folk in Japan. Seems like 2011 has been a fairly ferocious year so far, and we're only in mid-March :/

(13:14:01) I am extremely fussy about the toasting of my muffins.

(20:08:59) Charlie Brooker time. I still haven't managed to get 4oD working on the Wii's YouTube XL. Something about not being able to play the content

(20:20:39) Not going out tonight.

(21:04:20) In the timeline of Not Going Out evolution, it became officially fantastic in s2 ep6 with the first appearance of @KatyWix. And thence on.

(21:30:14) Drinking fizzy vitamin and imagining it's champagne.

(21:53:49) Signing off, I think. Another day of mixed emulsions. Good night!

Tweets for 10 Mar 2011


(07:05:47) Good morning. I'm going to have a look at the difficulty setting of today and see if I can set it to "easy" (or "Hey, not too rough" #Doom)

(07:49:10) Back later. At some point. 24 hours of quiet, I think. Time to get the grey "things I'm thinking" book out. À bientôt.

(09:02:32) Audioboo: I'm pleased I remembered the word "Obfuscation" boo [@Simon_Toon @T_NorthernBloke @jn2n] #um #er

(09:07:42) Hello @cyberdonkey.

(09:07:49) (Gone again)

(19:14:13) I've gone all allergic. And I'm temporarily back. But only as long as it takes to put the children to bed and find the potato cakes #selfish

(20:18:09) My day was ruined, yes RUINED. By ThisIsHeart playing this execrable abomination. (YT - unctuous) It is EVIL AND WRONG.

(20:24:14) Sorry? George Michael did that for Comic Relief? I am not sure I understand anything any more. If you want me I'll be in a darkened room.

(20:25:26) Oh dear.

(20:30:55) I have stopped ranting now. I will no longer be grumpy.

(23:37:28) Time for me to sleep. I'm very good at sleeping. The music can wait until morning. Needs tidying up, but it's not appalling at least. Night!

Tweets for 09 Mar 2011


(07:57:02) Morning. Less than a month until Lenni's birthday.. I've shown her this advert: (Better than this: )

(08:05:11) Downloading the free Sophos Antivirus For Mac ( ) - on the advice of the mighty @BagelTechNews:

(08:22:59) Hey, you, the Ofsteddy crew... go to Lenni's school and do what you have to do.

(10:14:52) Right. Enough of this whatever it is I'm doing. I defy anyone to be bored. The Internet is too full of things, and failing that: books.

(10:50:14) ~sighs~

(11:05:26) Beth is listening to a love song based on the compliment cascade of the immune system. That's what YouTube is all about. A bit out of tune.

(11:17:21) RT @SteveDoherty1: I do not tire of this clip! Look at Jones' reaction in REFLECTION RT @NewStatesman: One Show caught Cameron off-guar ...

(11:21:17) Good heavens - Google Chrome has gone all peculiar on the mac.. to save inadvertent closures, you have to hold Apple-Q. Cool. I think.

(13:26:54) Finding it difficult to keep my finger from my nose.

(13:45:02) If I ever invented cloning, I'd first clone Vi Hart ( because she's a genius. Then myself. So I could marry one of her.

(13:55:47) "Welcome To The Pleasure Dome" Alternative To Reality 12" version. Musical honey. Just what I need right now.

(14:04:55) #nowplaying Godley & Creme "Snack Attack" 12" version. Vinyl catharsis.

(14:12:41) #nowplaying Shamen Pro-Gen 12". Another record I completely forgot I had :D

(14:21:36) "If you don't have a story to tell from every place you go, you've probably missed out on seeing or doing something there."

(14:35:44) I just did a cassette transplant. It's been a few years since I performed that delicate procedure.

(14:38:18) Listening to shortwave pirate radio from the late 1980s. Do they still do that?

(14:52:46) Jean Michel Jarre never gets played on the radio these days. Has he done something wrong?

(14:53:01) Wow. German number station. That SO needs sampling.

(15:05:56) Audioboo: For the love of shortwave [oddness recorded from the radio in 1988] #radio #shortwave #international

(16:45:57) I am utterly confused by the Lifestyle Programme that's on the telly.

(17:22:24) I wonder whether any man has taken his beloved on a romantic weekend to Powys by mistake.

(18:59:34) We're filling in the census. Online. Makes sense, us doing it that way. On paper it's senseless. I'll stop now.

(21:11:30) Listening to @TrevorDann on a hissy cassette of a hissy radio station from 1998 (the GLR 10th Annivversary special). Those were the days.

(22:57:29) In bed before 11. I can do better. A couple of Audioboos then sleep. Studio's tidy, set up for music & cassette player put away. Good night!

Tweets for 08 Mar 2011


(07:50:47) Good morning and hello. Bit of a sore throat this morning.. gargling probiotic yoghurt. It's why I'm not a doctor.

(09:14:44) Well, that @paul_steele has done it again - another brilliant Twitter Singup; smiles & karaoke from around the world:

(09:17:16) MT @WhatsOn_LU Reckon we could/should get a Twitter team together for this? Quiz Night Sat 12 Mar #whatson #Luton

(09:47:01) Making arrangements.

(09:47:15) If I were asleep, then I couldn't be much calmer.

(10:16:26) A woman in a car driving the other way wagged her finger accusingly at me. Nonplussed. In other news, the Co-op has its own radio station.

(12:56:22) Better eat, really.

(16:02:31) Ooh. Classic - another one I've not heard in over 15 years: Moodswings - Spiritual High (Part 3)

(16:15:02) Wow... a METAL tape! The holy grail of cassette technology. It's got recordings of Red Dwarf on it.

(16:49:58) I have sticky fingers.

(17:06:51) Matra-Simca Bagheera. That is all.

(18:06:06) Beth is an International Woman Of Pancakes, to be sure. Lemon, satsumas and golden syrup.. yeah!

(21:30:48) I would publicly like to apologise for playing Simply Red on my radio show on student radio in June 1991. I didn't know what I was doing.

Tweets for 07 Mar 2011


(00:35:03) Any allegations that I only just remembered that I'd promised to do a voicer a week ago and haven't gone to bed yet because of it are LIES.

(00:35:17) I have, actually, gone to bed now. Good night!

(07:57:08) RT @BagelTechNews: You can now sign up for our Newsletter/Show Notes 'THE SPAM' 4-5 emails permonth with all the stories, questions and ...

(08:02:57) Good morning. Well.

(08:09:11) Hmm. Some advice please - I'm considering replacing my mobile phone with a second-hand Galaxy Tab - is this (a) possible or (b) a good idea?

(09:31:28) Hmm. Bit throaty again this morning. Hopefully this means things are improving. Always optimistic!

(10:06:20) A lady from @Asda bakery got me some paninis of my very own. I feel special.

(10:12:12) I'm guarding the Babybels. I know my place.

(12:25:55) Luton railway station has looked unwelcoming since I first moved here. Great website, though! (Thanks @Pewari)

(13:24:24) It's five-past panini, and now I'm going to tidy up. And have a throat sweet. Owie.

(13:25:23) Here's another question: If I have some 1980s radio content on cassette that might be nice to get an airing, should I @AudioBoo it? Naughty?

(13:30:54) Coffee. Just seems right.

(13:42:12) I donated to the campaign to turn @computermuseum into a PROPER computer museum: If you love retro tech, please do too!

(13:50:11) Happy 30th birthday, ZX81! (Thanks @thefrolick & @jackschofield, and @RupertG who wrote this )

(17:54:22) The children are creating 'radio shows' in the studio. Two microphones, and just a cassette player to play music. It's like student radio.

(17:55:11) Not sure I like the EQ on the microphone.

(18:14:27) “@giagia: BT launches its search for storytellers for the London 2012 Games #ldn2012story ( I'm one :)” @dragonhistory?

(18:18:20) Amazing how 2 children in the studio can sound loud enough to seem like it's full of people. Presumably that's how the White Stripes worked.

(19:23:43) Time to put Lenni to bed. Last of the tape echoes: an ex-girlfriend made me a Pet Shop Boys mixtape with this on. Magic.

(19:41:16) All worn out now. It's a bit like a tidal wave of noise and excitement.

(22:08:19) I thought Asda Dating was a joke. ( Once again, the punchlines write themselves (assisted by tweets ALL DAY :D)

(23:07:36) Darn. Should've been in bed 8 minutes ago, but I'm now listening to Dragon 32 loading sounds. And I haven't even got a Dragon 32 here.

(23:37:13) Gone to bed. Finally. Less than a dozen cassettes left to 'do'. Night!

Tweets for 06 Mar 2011


(08:01:54) Good morning. Bit of a sore throat and gurgly tum today. Still, alive another day and plenty to do and see (after a nice big mug of coffee).

(08:56:37) Odd dream last night - involved Chris and a train... and confusion between St Leonard's Warrior Square and West St Leonard's. Rail dreams.

(13:46:58) Bit gurgly. Time to put a podcast on as I potter.

(14:08:38) As if he didn't have enough to do, Richard Hammond appears to have his own YouTube programme channel thing: (h/t @Vobes)

(14:24:29) I may well chuck most of this box of cassettes away - they never get played, but there's a lot of my history here..

(14:55:10) The consensus is that I should keep my cassettes - although there are real rarities on some of them, from Pet Shop Boys demos to 80s radio.

(16:25:20) Found some gems on cassette this afternoon - Harry Hill when he did a radio show, for example. I'd entirely forgotten. Welcome to my world.

(16:49:41) Good heavens.. I haven't heard this for nearly 20 years.. (Pele - Raid the Palace)

(17:49:01) I do wonder if I have any cassettes that ~don't~ have INXS on them...

(19:06:44) Ahh... the housemates next door are having a barbecue outside and listening to Abba on a little stereo. Bless their chilly socks.

(19:37:42) Risking it all on some "extra-thick carrot and coriander soup".

(21:23:55) Watching Wonders of the Universe. Not quite as compelling as the last one. Still. Food for thought.

(21:39:10) Arrow of time. Padoingggggg #Wonders

(22:09:39) RT @CocoChar: Had house burgled tonight. Both cars stolen. Nottingham area. Reg t516kbo and x363wev if seen please call police? Can we g ...

Tweets for 05 Mar 2011


(08:58:05) Good morning. Day 1 of returning normality. I shall sit & write a list. And maybe read a book. Or both (I was told never to write in books).

(10:12:46) Marvellous - got Minecraft (the free version) going on Lenni's PC now - it was a bit of a struggle but she loves it. Like virtual Lego(ish)

(11:39:03) Happiness is a lazy perusal of the @B3ta newsletter in bed on a Saturday morning - some cracking content this week.

(12:28:49) RT @Microsoft: It's not often that we encourage you to stop using one of our products, but for #IE6, we'll make an exception: http://bit ...

(12:34:37) If I wasn't a @virginmedia subscriber, that utterly horrible DDB "Our House" advert would put me off permanently. Ruined a favourite song :(

(18:03:47) Closure on the Outstanding Computer Game. That's more better.

(18:11:13) Plastic Bertrand was Belgian. Have a word. #TotalWipeout.

(20:13:22) I'm not sure I've seen as interactive an online magazine as @virginmedia's "Electric!" .. impressive and terrifying.

(20:15:14) Quite funny: #24pp

(21:17:15) Audioboo: Sniffly home boo [With thanks to @pewari, @Simon_Toon, @T_NorthernBloke, @R2UK - oh, and @MarkRock!] #home

(21:24:48) Hmm.. a trivial matter, I acknowledge, but should I share my AudioBoos with Facebook? I don't feel as part of that community as Twitter.. :/

(22:12:52) I would like it publically noted that once again my iPod Touch went all non-responsive. I'm fairly sure they all do this every now & again.

(22:29:14) Right.. bedtime. Tomorrow will be another adventure into the unknown. Or at least a bit of a rummage through the slightly unfamiliar. Night!

Tweets for 04 Mar 2011


(06:34:27) I wonder when breakfast is. Could do with some caffeine, I think...

(08:38:22) Breakfast has arrived, as have the doctors (not pictured). Porridge is very passable. I'd better write some notes.

(09:11:12) Ice pack applied to forehead (achey) before the packing comes out - then out comes the canular, followed by waiting for meds.. then escape!

(09:19:36) The ice pack is a rubber glove with ice in it. Works for me. Right.. pack removal action.. time to load up the podcasts for horizontality.

(11:04:24) Up and about... canular out. I may well put some Proper Clothes on soon.

(11:52:07) Escaped from the hospital (and had a decent cup of coffee - thanks, @pootspublic!) and before midday as well. Huzzah :)

(12:43:09) All home & sleepy now. SO nice to be in familiar climes. And have toast whenever I want. Which may be soon.

(13:13:51) RT @pootspublic: Illegal to feed the homeless in Westminster? Can this story really be as bafflingly heartless as it looks? http://tiny ...

(14:23:28) RT @BagelTechNews: In 40 minutes, we'll be here with a very special event. @GCluley from Sophos will be joining us with @MarkSunner, @Er ...

(16:28:29) RT @jasonjarrett: oh please dearest twitter, magic up a prop or model maker, really need small statuettes. Will pay

(16:34:27) RT @RealSharHorgan: This just gets funnier by the page RT @kilian_doyle: My new favourite website: Kim Jong ll Looking At Things http:/ ...

(18:21:34) Really really really really struggling with the idea of letting go of work for two weeks. I honestly don't think I can do it. :/

(19:35:59) Being blown away by how quickly @nxmee has taken to Minecraft. He's playing the Java on-line version.. impressively.

Tweets for 03 Mar 2011


(05:47:26) Putting on my second-favourite purple t-shirt and having a shave. Bag packed (mainly chargers). Good morning.

(06:18:01) Black coffee imbibed, and just about to race the sunrise to just beyond junction 11 of the M1. Let's do this.

(06:47:22) I'm here... waiting in a queue for the Waiting List Office to open. Which seems to work. #hospital

(07:27:31) My legs are on display. I feel somewhat denuded. They're playing Solsbury Hill on the little stereo in here. Best song of the 70s.

(07:45:57) And now we wait... (listening to podcasts)

(08:08:39) Just been seen by the anaesthetist... a tall hairy man. Now: the surgeon is writing stuff. Looks like it's all go!

(08:32:45) I am SO feeling the Twitter love today.. feels all snuggly as I wait to be slung on a low-loader and trucked away. I'll check in later!

(09:16:34) Audioboo: Pre-op boo [muttering in the corner] #hospital #halflife #surgery #muttering

(12:40:33) All done and - probably quite literally - dusted. I was looked after by Paul the anaesthetist, Sophie & Tony the operatives, and Melissa.

(13:00:34) Apparently I'm not going home today. What an interesting way to spend a Thursday.. I feel the urge to play the bass guitar.

(13:46:34) I'm a bit of a sight at the moment, but they missed a trick not covering up my mouth as well :D God bless the NHS

(14:51:47) Right. Time to count down the (as yet unspecified) hours until I get to go home. I feel like Arthur Dent with a big white moustache.

(16:12:04) Settled in Ward 20. Better not do any more dashing about because of leakage. But I am behaving myself, at least :D

(16:23:10) Here's an interesting thing: if a male nurse gets promoted, he doesn't become a sister; he becomes a charge nurse. There y'go.

(16:31:54) The man in the bed opposite me is the first Lionel I have ever met.

(16:35:37) Thanks to the nurses on Ward 21 (Debbie, Debbie & Sheila) I'm now on Ward 20 - being looked after by Barbara & Stacey. Heaven help them.

(16:37:22) Having to resist the urge to sneeze. Could be messy. Tic tacs everywhere.

(17:10:23) Watching an Arena documentary about Brian Eno I've been saving up to watch. What a splendid fellow - definitely a personal hero.

(18:08:21) Nearly feeding time at the zoo (as long as they don't forget me!) Biggest challenge at the moment is not sneezing.

(18:16:28) Tonight's delicacy is corned beef hash, creamed potatoes & beans, followed by ice cream. Hope they'll bring the cheeseboard round :D

(20:23:35) Lionel's gone home. (@JohnDredge)

(21:27:28) Audioboo: Post-op boo [while trying not to sneeze] #hospital #sneeze #sinuses #surgery

(21:43:09) Signing off now.. thank you for the Twitter love! Until the next time the sun comes trundling up. Or I wake up & get tweety. Night!

(21:55:58) Aaahhhhhhh-mother-respecting-choooooooooooo! That's better. Although not for the rest of the folk in the ward. Sorry.

Tweets for 02 Mar 2011


(06:32:01) Better get going.

(07:25:39) I'm going to record an Audioboo on the walk to work. There. I've said it.

(08:54:06) Not going far enough west again (beyond Swindon would be ideal). A bit south would be nice, too. Considering hijacking shuttle bus. #joke

(08:57:49) Just going over the Westway - the speed reduced section that was mentioned on #TopGear on Sunday. Nobody goes at 30.

(13:29:32) I gave into the temptation to buy an 'electrified piano'. That's the last time I get my fingers burned.

(18:14:54) Last dash (literally) to the bus stop for a few days.. interesting non-work times ahead. Doctor, will I be able to tweet again..? :D

(18:27:26) Oh go on then.. just one more work email...

(18:31:07) I was surprised by @SparkyAnnC who cycled to the coach stop and gave me a post-op recovery pack. What a superstar! :)

(19:03:01) That'll do now.

(19:44:50) Audioboo: Catch up boo [@t_northernbloke, Mr @Simon_Toon, @jn2n] #houses #noises #sinuses

(20:13:52) Definitely all done with work emails. Bit of a nightmare day, but there's not much else I can do.. time for a shower. That's better.

(22:41:19) Bed to sleep. Busy day tomorrow. More sleeping, but as far as I remember it doesn't taste so good. Night!

Tweets for 01 Mar 2011


(07:55:58) Good morning. Struggling a bit.. need coffee.

(08:02:44) Slate grey sky, innit. Time for a workward walk. (@ Baker Street Underground Station)

(08:19:07) Strange things seen on the way to work: a dog in a baggy t-shirt and a man crouching down looking at the wheels on an Audi.

(10:44:51) In a team meeting with more guest speakers than we have time to listen to. This is all very exciting*. *sort of. I forgot my satsuma.

(12:33:50) Yay.. just had a call from the L&D. I'm going in for surgery on Thursday. I'd cleared my calendar for a day off anyway; all rather exciting.

(13:58:17) RT @shiftrunstop: The listeners appear to be taking over the asylum:

(14:00:56) PAG! *shouted with a very, very long A*

(15:41:58) This sign made me as "I can haz CHEM!" I am so internet.

(15:43:24) Also encountered on a brief lunchtime amble - a QR Code that I couldn't read.. #QRCode

(16:15:40) Happiness is being rickrolled by both your brother-in-law and your son in the space of a fortnight.

(18:00:12) Right.. time to put my little computer to sleep and wend my way home. Not enough wending goes on, in my opinion. Except on Wednesdays.

(19:21:59) Disembarking the stretch limo to head home. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 2 others) [pic]:

(21:02:14) Home, eaten (thanks, @PootsPublic) and caught up my Mother. Now: more Game Theory. This bit is about randomness. What are the chances..?

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