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Tweets for 28 Feb 2011


(07:02:49) Yawning and stretching. Good morning.

(07:56:24) Pre-emptive school run. A little apprehensive, but I'm sure all will be well.

(08:17:14) All done at the school.. lots of nodding and agreeing - hopefully all the points were made & understood. Next: school run part 2.

(08:55:56) Miserable weather... hood up, Sub Focus in my ears.. all good. School run conversation with Lenn: hurtling downhill in a shopping trolley.

(09:41:56) Another entry to the 'selfishparking' blog is on the way. This one is special in so many ways.

(11:02:54) Slowest checkout operator EVER. We thought she'd died at one point.

(11:36:26) RT @10ticks: #mathsuselessfact: 1/1089 = 0•00091827364554637281... (the numbers in the 9 times table are 9,18,27,36...)

(11:39:57) A stretch and a semi-desperate think of what I was just about to do before I felt the need to have a stretch (and catch up on Twitter :D)

(12:48:25) I had completely forgotten I wasn't at work on Friday. My burgeoning work inbox has very effectively reminded me.

(12:51:10) Peas. Norma.

(14:05:08) Finally played the Horizon "What is reality?" thing over lunch, then took to the sofa to finish watching it. Fell asleep: reality avoidance.

(16:14:07) Is a black hole the only extant manifestation of infinity in the universe? Just a thought. If so, I think bus stations are like black holes.

Tweets for 27 Feb 2011


(09:50:56) Our idea for a new Discovery show, based on items that turn up in unusual places around our house.. "How Did That Get There?"

(11:19:37) Wow.. there's some actual temperature out there.. fabulous :)

(14:17:30) Sunday lunch: eating a luxury poultry dish (cheap post-Christmas deal) & playing 'Extended Family Trivia'.. who lives furthest east etc..

(15:29:46) Having another go at not having a doze.

(18:47:05) Making notes for the morning.. meeting with Chris's form tutor. Always good to have most things on the list.. saves awkward silences.

(20:16:37) Watching a short man get excited about an old car. Could see that at any vintage car show. #TopGear.

(20:47:34) John Prescott reminds me of a Sontaran.

(22:10:30) Early to bed, early to rise, otherwise bedhead will ruin my Monday and the consequences will be unthinkable. As the poem goes. Good night!

Tweets for 26 Feb 2011


(00:15:00) Listening to @SpaceKate's @AudioBoo recording of the shuttle launch - it was rather loud but very exciting. Well done, space nomad Kate :)

(09:19:18) Listening to this Tom Wrigglesworth Open Letter: http://is.gd/Qto8Uk (#Radio4 #iPlayer) I'd recommend it to @Fridgemagnet2 - very very good.

(13:56:22) Getting occasional Twitter withdrawal. Tricky.

(17:44:23) Eating pizza.. quite possibly getting rid of the hoppy repeats I'm still getting from yesterday. Otherwise relaxing in front of the telly...

(18:29:35) Off out to take a photo of the space shuttle from a distance...

(20:40:30) Audioboo: Failed Space Shuttle Photograph boo http://boo.fm/b288845 #spaceshuttle #photography #ISS #NASA #DespicableMe

(20:47:29) I think I might manage to take a photo of the shuttle/ISS tomorrow.. for the time being: Orion. http://yfrog.com/h06fi1j

(21:29:28) We saw a young deer yesterday. Near the tidy tip. It wasn't recycling.

Tweets for 25 Feb 2011


(10:28:45) Good morning. I have been up for substantially longer than just a few minutes.. but it feels like a Saturday and that confused me.

(10:29:59) Also, it's almost impossible to find the hash key on this bluetooth keyboard.It comes out as a pound sign. Poundy poundy poundy. £notworking

(11:10:06) Right. Shower. (me, not you)

(12:16:26) Robinsons Fruit Shoots - by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen. She likes it with her fish fingers, beans & potato smilies for lunch.

(12:55:04) Uhoh. Bedhead.

(13:47:20) Where I am right now could not be less like Libya. My heart goes out to them.

(15:36:29) Attending the Luton Beer Festival.. half number 1: Dark Star's Hophead (hoppy & grapefruity) 7/10 .. not as smooth as I remember.

(15:43:44) Luton Beer Festival half 2: Concrete Cow Cloven Hoof : rather chocolatey, with vanilla pods (which made it just a ~little~ bit sickly) 6/10

(16:48:53) Half number 3: Side pocket for a toad.. my favourite so far.. I think I might have had it before. And I daresay I will again. 8/10

(16:51:53) Half number 4: Hopping Mad - Fruit Case. Just... OK. 7/10 Got chatting with some other drinkers.. forgot... #LutonBeerFestival

(17:01:04) Half number 5 (last one of the day, I think): Buntingford Twitchell - reminiscent of Hophead, but a little less pungent. #LutonBeerFestival

(17:46:23) Audioboo: Luton Beer Festival boo [early in the proceedings] http://boo.fm/b288022 #beer #festival #realale #portlymiddleagedmen #Luton

(17:52:46) Joe Swash is doubtless a smashing bloke, but my goodness he makes the family TV look and sound really untidy. Sorry.

(19:42:27) There's a lass called Hayley singing and playing at #LutonBeerFestival this evening; good entertainment with a vast range of beers & ciders.

(19:46:51) Good heavens.. I didn't expect to hear @HumbersHomemade on my AudioBoo feed, but here she is on 3 Counties Radio http://audioboo.fm/BBC3CR

Tweets for 24 Feb 2011


(07:23:33) Good morning. A half-moon (already..? Seems like no time since the full moon) and a sunrise.. but a very tough day ahead. Uhoh.

(07:32:03) Note to self: checking work emails before bed will inevitably mean dreaming of work from 3am to waking up time :/ ~yawns sleepily~

(08:49:08) Going west, where the air isn't necessarily much clearer.

(08:56:59) The caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.

(10:35:35) Back to W1.. my boss drew a diagram that gives me some reassurance - at least that he's aware of how much there is to do...

(10:43:11) There's a small stretch of the Westway (A40) where one can see three almost identical pointy church spires.

(19:22:41) Finally done for the day.. emails on the coach written (since I've been in meetings all day) .. and now: a long weekend yay! Walking time...

(19:59:22) Home and playing with my new toy - if I can get the hang of it I can tweet much more quickly :D

(20:00:24) (it's a cute little bluetooth keyboard.. I don't need a netbook now sort of)

(22:20:37) I bet @SpaceKate is having the time of her life :) God speed, Discovery.. (and believe me, God goes pretty quick in a vacuum)

(22:28:41) I do hope the sky's clear this weekend - might be possible to see the space shuttle going over: http://is.gd/0AIJKF

(22:54:36) I am finding it difficult to identify exactly what's on top of the telly. It's quite small; they don't make tellies like furniture any more.

(23:11:45) I'm not going out.

Tweets for 23 Feb 2011


(09:07:45) Good (belatedly) morning. Bit of a drizzly one, but we'll get there (being the hospital). Did I tweet my theory of what's blocking my sinus?

(10:51:51) Just about to head for the hospital - my theory? I sniffed up a wasp at Chessington World Of Adventures. (Haven't been there in years)

(11:35:42) Sitting in a waiting room (not something I do very often for myself..) - the receptionist in EN&T is nice - she said there's a 20 min delay.

(11:47:23) It's specialist consultant time.. he's gone to look at a special computer. Quite exciting. More soon...

(11:49:06) Bit worrying. My consultant's name is (nearly) an angram of Dalek. I shall run upstairs at the first sign of trouble (he looks old school).

(12:08:29) Looks like exploratory surgery's on the cards. Testing for MRSA now. Woo. I hope I don't have it.

(12:20:25) I was tested for MRSA by a student nurse called Clover. Which is an anagram of Velcro. Those punchlines just write themselves.

(12:33:57) Apparently it's ~all~ the sinuses at the left of my head that are blocked. Quite unusual, apparently. Hence the exploring. Nasal spelunking.

(14:47:24) Some boxes of chocolates remind me of brown Daleks. They make me a little uncomfortable. I think I might be a bit Dalek concerned.

(17:45:30) All quiet on the western front. And now we wait. Or I wait...

(19:35:17) Cheese & chutney on toast... nom!

(20:51:37) Audioboo: Take me to the hospital [for a consultant's appointment] boo http://boo.fm/b286235 #hospital #consultant #dalek #sinuses

(21:37:12) Right. Time for bed. I dread to think what has happened at work today.. it's almost not worth me taking a day off :D Good night, God bless.

Tweets for 22 Feb 2011


(06:21:59) RT @teenaswager: Prayers for the #earthquake victims Christchurch, New Zealand...

(07:33:29) Definitely good morning (worth a go). I was able to say hello (and thank you) to the recycling bin men, which started the day off well.

(08:48:40) RT @bronwen: Google has people finder up for #eqnz #christchurch http://bit.ly/i0aAle please RT widely

(08:58:46) RT @rhodri: Technologically cool way of showing the terrible damage in Christchurch: http://bit.ly/ek3VIQ (Move the red sliders) (via @a ...

(11:50:59) This is just amazing - I love engineering wonders of the world.. a geographic London Tube map with platforms & depots: http://is.gd/wuGD4p

(13:40:58) RT @learnsigma: As a kid we played a game called "knock & run", knock on someone's door & run away before they answered. Today it's call ...

(15:14:36) I've brought my laptop to a meeting. It's what all the cool kids (and @simontuff) do.

(17:54:37) Fair takes it out of one, Tuesday...

(18:34:03) I'm at a @RadioAcademy event. It's all about the howlround, apparently.

(18:36:19) We've learned so much from poor audio quality.

(18:43:32) If I'd known @laurashav was coming I'd have brought a handsome gift or similar. #radacad #NowIdeaWhatTheHashTagIs

(19:20:35) It seems @JonHolmes1 is wearing a shirt with cuffs 6" longer than they need to be. I couldn't carry that look off.. no shirts long enough.

(19:51:19) I do believe I'm sitting next to @HelenQuigley. Lots of Twitter folk here. #RadAcad

(22:21:56) Bit of a headache as I hurtle home. An evening of radio anorakking, and a catch-up with @SparkyAnnC - late night tonight; busy day tomorrow.

(23:21:31) A brand new addition to our kitchen: Kerry the dishwasher.. ready for action. Not broken, like Olga. http://yfrog.com/hs15t3j

(23:42:13) Going to bed now before I eat anything else. Goodnight!

Tweets for 21 Feb 2011


(00:35:18) I've spent my whole life not using the phrases "across the piece" and "going forward" and intend to continue. Now, though: sleep. Night!

(10:00:39) It's good to be alive on this Monday morning. I would heartily recommend it if you get the chance. Washing up's done at least. Next: shop.

(11:01:05) Eleanor's watching a 42 year old episode of Scooby Doo, while Beth pops to Asda to print out a digital photo. Technological advances..

(11:47:45) Just walked past one of those "We Buy Your Gold" stands in the Mall. There was a box of tissues on the counter.. says a lot. :/

(12:19:26) http://yfrog.com/h4wvydj It's time to buy school shoes again.. at these prices, I'm expecting them to wear the boxes at the weekend.

(12:45:02) Interesting.. seems Twitter's prefix to send a DM has become 'm' rather than 'd'...

(12:54:36) Just had passport photos taken of the chilldren & Beth. The biggest challenge? Getting Lenni to stop smiling :D

(13:58:40) Don't go chasing waterfowl, just stick to the pigeons and the magpies you're used to.

(14:13:57) Watching Chris and Lenni set up a netbook. Bless'em.

(15:18:19) I really do need to get my email box size down.. it's all gone a bit full again, so I can't send anything. Bah.

(16:46:42) I've been sitting on my bottom for far too long this afternoon.. mainly sorting out photos from the past month. Takes ages...

(16:53:19) I saw this at the weekend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shard_London_Bridge ... but it's not quite finished yet: http://is.gd/dZDJ5s

(18:13:33) Lenni's new bob. She has declined the offer of changing her name to Bob (it would make sense). http://yfrog.com/h2ex95j

(18:17:09) May I have some advice, please? I find myself typing at my iPod Touch a lot.. which should I get? http://is.gd/feFkiK or http://is.gd/NFSTh1

(20:43:36) RT @mssres: Podcasting pals: you may be interested in the new BBC College of Production http://t.co/QrHZMnv Lots of interesting skills / ...

(22:00:55) Right. Tuesday. I'm nearly ready for you - just hold still and I'll take a run up. To you, though: good night.

Tweets for 20 Feb 2011


(08:27:25) ~yawns and stretches~ nearly half-past eight on a Sunday morning.. have I missed anything? Oh, and hello, by the way. No hangover: win.

(09:09:14) Eep.. forgot to take my porridge out of the microwave.. It'll need a pneumatic drill now.

(09:19:29) Time to start the day the Hart Family way.. http://vimeo.com/7522366 (Spongebob.. SFW)

(09:25:47) Right. Can't stay here a-tweeting much as I'd love to. Two quietly bickery children this morning...

(10:01:19) Bit drizzly. Thin on the ground at church... all about soluble pensioners, I think.

(12:49:23) Causing trouble at the Green Man. It's traditional...

(15:35:40) Ooh.. FreeAppADay has just shown me that Mobile Mouse Pro is free today.. worth getting - it works on PC and mac... http://is.gd/44MWb6

(17:21:39) In-car conversation topic of the day was about dimensions.. Lenni wants to live in 6 dimensions but drive a 2-dimensional car.

(17:41:02) Eleanor is watching "Victorious" on Nick Toons. I don't think I've seen such an odious, charmless 'sitcom' - canned laughs to unfunny acts.

(18:47:20) Not watching Dancing on Ice, but considering getting out of my Sunday clothes. Too early for jimjams..?

(20:14:09) I'm taking a very dim view of skype calls on my i600. It is not entirely reliable. Nor does it work on my bluetooth headset. Heh.

(20:34:28) Time for "Star in our reasonably priced I'm off to the kitchen to make some toast" #TopGear

Tweets for 19 Feb 2011


(01:03:28) No idea what happened there. I appear to have broken into Saturday accidentally.. Better pop back later to tidy it back up. Night!

(10:02:33) Audioboo: Happy Birthday @Simon_Toon boo [quietly] http://boo.fm/b282384 #birthday #Happy #Simon #Toon

(10:04:39) Audioboo: Cheeky son [or: how to get in trouble with your Mum but make your Dad chuckle] boo http://boo.fm/b282386 #family #games #Quake3

(10:16:09) Audioboo: Weekend ramblings boo http://boo.fm/b282391 #sinuses #dishwasher #domesticbliss #family

(10:43:10) Say 'no' to shower-based tweeting.

(11:50:12) Playing with Fuzzy Felt. Simple pleasures..

(12:50:57) I just found a Sharpie that I'm fairly sure I dropped on my last walk to/from Luton Airport Parkway. I now have a Sharpie. JAMYEH.

(13:23:47) I'm beset by hangnails. Apparently*, if I moisturised my fingers better, I wouldn't get 'em. Who'd have thought? *wikipedia says

(13:30:43) Currently inventing a fine mist post-shower moisturizer delivery system. Or something to put in a towel. All too complicated, modern life.

(13:32:18) Catching up with PMQs.. see, I find Nicholas Cleggless has quite a nice voice; Cameron's is OK, but the timbre of Milliband's is ~horrible~

(15:45:52) In the pub (quite loud music, some real ale) with @LiamWhiteside, @NickLeach1, Showbiz Dave and Nik Lingwood.. quite good.

(17:36:42) Such is the calibre of the folk I'm with - one of our number knows that the carrot boy from Tiswas was Matthew Butler. Blimey.

(18:51:20) It was only so long before the stories of Chiltern Radio would start being told...

(18:59:51) I'm being reminded of a letter I sent to Computing Magazine regarding the explosive properties of barbecue sauce in a party popper.

(21:40:17) "Someone told me Monday Someone told me Saturday Wake up in the morning and there's still no guarantee. Actually I was at St Pancras.

(22:36:39) Home and replete with beer. It's not really an "I'll never drink again" feeling.. more that I'm a bit.. full. Pints of tap water to follow.

(23:43:02) Oh dear.. all worn out now.. time to get horizontal. Night night!

Tweets for 18 Feb 2011


(07:03:58) Good morning.. and one replete with podcasts; just heard @VobesShow - now I'm enjoying @PodQuiz with a fabulously kitsch music round.

(08:33:57) Ground hog day at work. Except this time I have pizza.

(08:48:18) Don't forget - presumption makes a pres out of u and mption.

(11:00:33) It's all a bit much really. Management reports and meetings so far this morning.

(11:20:11) "Have you ever heard of something called Link Edlin?" - er.. no.. haven't used Edlin in years.. "It's a social network" - Oh... LinkedIn! :D

(11:23:14) I have had pretty-much enough of my email box being over capacity. Stil, it means nobody can send me anything else... :D

(17:51:11) Nearly hometime. And I think I'm nearly prepared for taking two days holiday next week. Yeah.

(18:40:11) Boh. Missed the bus by moments. Having a go at the next one (@pootspublic - home shortly after 8, I hope.. sorry!)

(18:48:44) Going home on a stretch limo that's quite possibly older than both of my children. Vintage luxury* cruiser. *not true.

(19:14:48) Listening to something I don't understand: @kritzkast ... I shall have to ask @nxmee what half of this stuff means...

(21:50:06) RT @BagelTechNews: Goign Live with Bagel Tech BIG in about 20 minutes at http://bit.ly/hu1WZf - The Return of Carey Holzman

Tweets for 17 Feb 2011


(06:27:58) Good heavens, it's Thursday already. Who knows what might happen today? Well, whoever can see my Outlook calendar. Mornin'.

(07:00:18) Oops. Trivial decision failed.

(07:04:03) Lucky break. Jammy.

(08:00:48) ~yawns~ 15 minutes to worky work. (@ Baker Street Underground Station) http://4sq.com/gGOagZ

(09:05:08) Right. Time for some attempted peace & quiet to gather my thoughts. And paperwork. It's all a bit of a mess at the right side of my desk.

(09:47:52) This morning I am mainly a member of the Spillage People.

(12:35:53) I'm being briefed. The journey to W1. Where I am now...

(13:52:09) Is there anyone on Twitter who ~hasn't~ spilled something today..? :|

(18:21:31) Right. Whoever walked off with Thursday while I was in meetings today: I would like it back, please. Also: everywhere is very warm.

(18:24:07) In other news, I have nearly tripped over three times today. #ClumsyThursday

(18:28:45) I will be washing the dishes tonight. Olga (I honestly can't remember the diswasher's name) is all worn out.

(18:44:19) I have a very ominous feeling.. it must be impossible to keep a baby happily gurgling all the way up the M1 to junction 10..

(21:30:09) Series 4 of Not Going Out watched and what have I learned? Tim Vine & Lee Mack - very funny. And I have a crush on @KatyWix.

(22:41:32) RT @RoseGardenAcs: I love good news stories http://yfrog.com/hs27jmfj

(22:42:31) I'm glad Thursday tends to be collapsible. I'll fold it up and stick it under the bed in case I need it for spares. Good night!

(22:49:59) RT @Barwickgreen: I'm not saying staff at my Tesco are hopeless but I've used the self-service checkout twice and I've been awarded Empl ...

Tweets for 16 Feb 2011


(09:01:12) They don't go big on street names in Leicester. I'm either going the right way or will end up in Northampton...

(09:31:20) Round a big table, drinking coffee and eating biscuits...

(10:06:34) In a meeting room thing, listening to a man whose lapel microphone is too loud. Verge of feedback. Hurty.

(10:11:17) I'm listening to a man from @ITsmfUK. Credentialing is a new word to me.

(10:23:23) I've never seen a presenter use a microphone as a pointing device before...

(11:40:50) Someone has left an open, empty sardine tin in the gents' toilets. Therein lies a tale, no doubt.

(19:24:20) It's not really ideal to be finishing work, finally, at 7.25pm. Still, a very useful day in Leicester. I never thought I'd say that.

(20:10:39) Charlie Brooker's How TV Ruined Your Life is amusing and remarkably Chris Morris this week. I do like it.

(20:17:23) Both of us at the same time: "I bet Connie's happy." #HowTVRuinedYourLife (@CharltonBrooker)

(20:32:46) Watching 'Not Going Out' - it is quite amusing. I'd never seen it before. Some proper laugh out loud lines.

(20:38:20) Oh dear. Plot error.

(20:55:19) My chest hurts from laughing.

(21:38:02) Ooh - I got an email from @FunKids to say I hadn't won Rastamouse competition. I like - normally one hears nothing. Still. Didn't win.

Tweets for 15 Feb 2011


(07:08:38) Good morning (in theory). I spent a little time with Lenni shortly after breakfast - she was awake early! Now: playing limo hurtling...

(07:10:00) Oh dear.. the southbound exit at junction 6a of the M1 is closed - that probably means the M25 is broken, too :/

(09:59:00) Oh dear. It's going to be one of those days. Fortunately coffee still exists.

(13:30:24) Right. Time to stop for a moment and ponder.

(13:30:36) OK, that's enough.

(18:29:46) All a bit going home now. At least I remembered to collect my exciting rail tickets. Hoo.

(20:59:13) RT @markrock: Audioboo plugin code is now live. Add audioboo to any iPhone app: http://bit.ly/dMPvpp

(22:08:10) Right. I shall have a dig around for the receipt for this Tuesday & dump it in a carrier bag by the front door. Manufacturing fault. Night!

Tweets for 14 Feb 2011


(00:17:24) *edges slowly towards bed trying not to draw undue attention to myself* {sotto voce} Night!

(08:12:10) Sleepy good morning, as the boy is despatched for school. My porridge is surprisingly hot this morning. Is that a portent? Or just potent..?

(08:19:05) On the agenda today: phone calls, blood donation, hair cuts and ~definitely~ some studio time. And doubtless a bit of work...

(08:52:25) Another blue sky morning, extra layers being persuaded off by a pre-spring sun, though I can still see my breath attemtping otherwise..

(09:25:27) Nearly time to lose a little weight for the benefit of others. Not otters, as I nearly wrote. Also, my 3G connection keeps turning off.

(09:47:05) Exciting times - I've got an appointment with ENT on the 23rd, because of a major blockage in my left sinus. Yeah!

(09:59:10) Why do I find it so hard to walk past Poundland without popping in..?

(10:20:59) Boo.. blood donation denied. I have to wait until I've seen an ENT specialist (my GP said it's fine, but better safe than sorry).

(10:21:46) Do I still get a Club biscuit? They didn't even do the ironic prick test.

(10:32:20) RT @JaneReynolds8: @syzygy The best bit is the cup of tea & 'guilt-free' biscuit! My next session's on 25th. If anyone's thinking about ...

(10:52:37) We're frequenting the fine facilities of @TheMallLuton, but irked by the occasional high-pitched squeal in some shop speakers. What is it?

(11:54:43) Well. Apparently in Finland, it's Ystävänpäivä today - a day to celebrate good friends. I definitely ~APPROVE~ (thanks to @sparkyannc!)

(12:02:02) Right. Onwards. I need to book a second-class return to Leicester.

(13:11:38) Paninaro. Oh-oh-oh.

(13:18:45) RT @thefrolick: RT @DanRebellato: Holy Moly have discovered the weirdest ever live mouth fail. http://is.gd/Iu32vQ < still laughing, ...

(13:20:45) RT @MitchBenn: ALL COMIC SONGWRITERS - gonna start a comedy song podcast. Send mp3s to mitchbenn@hotmail.com for consideration (and plea ...

(15:29:50) The school run comes round so quickly... managed to book my Exciting Train Ride To Leicester.. the chief achievement of the afternoon..

(16:10:25) "Self restraint flour"

(16:19:34) Chris has brought home his first piece of woodwork. Impressive - I think I made a rubbish 'shoe horn'. He's made a ball-bearing puzzle.

(16:24:03) Chris's ball puzzle - all sanded & waxed. Nice work (better than the ill-fitting shoe-horn I made!) http://yfrog.com/h26rt6j

(16:36:43) Off to Alley Barbers.

(18:49:07) Bless 'im, @nxmee is all excited, since Portal 2 has just appeared as pre-release on the Steam store.. 26.99 GBP (+free Portal 1!)

(18:58:45) Nearly time to do Scout Driving, and Lenni Bedding. I'm feeling a little unfocussed and distracted at the moment.

(21:57:13) I think I've stumbled blindly into bedtime... seeing as I'm here, I might as well get comfortable. Monday's getting out for a start. Night!

Tweets for 13 Feb 2011


(08:12:02) Good morning. 8 hours sleep in the bag & an odd dream culminating in causing @laurashav to be late for the Now Show. I'll not be asked back.

(08:56:23) I'm really, really enjoying the latest Hyde Pod Corner ( http://www.hydepodcorner.co.uk ) - Little Slices of Happiness. Just brilliant.

(08:58:06) I am going to start a hashtag in honour of Hyde Pod Corner: #LittleSlicesOfHappiness

(09:03:15) Yay.. no wrestling with brambles when I empty the kitchen compost bin later #LittleSlicesOfHappiness

(09:04:15) I just heard a version of The Irish Rover where I could actually make out the lyrics - they're very good. #LittleSlicesOfHappiness

(10:02:27) I saw a woman and her son playing 'sword fights' with the free Sunday papers they were delivering #LittleSlicesOfHappiness

(13:22:17) It's entirely Sunday Lunch Total Wipeout time.

(14:07:11) Homework time for the children.. then we might play 'TV Programmes' in the studio..

(15:48:20) I might go and have a read.

Tweets for 12 Feb 2011


(00:05:42) I really should learn about video..

(00:18:10) Right.. need to go to bed. I think I'll sleep well. Probably for AGES.

(09:23:51) good morning to you, especially. Fun with the NHS - I have an appointment with ENT on the 16th Feb. And another one on the 21st. Go me.

(09:35:14) What are people in professional circles most likely to say if you try and cross them..? Die, amateur! HAHA. Maths joke. Oh.

(11:05:07) Right.. a small toasty (and late) breakfast eaten.. time to spend some time with the children. Long overdue, really.

(12:03:55) Being beaten by my daughter at Game Of Life. Again.

(13:05:48) Listening to @Funkids over lunch. No, Lenni, it's not Random Matt ... it's "round at @Matt's". Close, thought.

(13:06:08) though.

(13:09:30) Moaning about the Saturdays song playing on @FunKids ... are there no new ideas left? They're using Yazoo's FANTASTIC "Situation". Ruined.

(13:28:24) Off out into the garden. I have a 'battle with the brambles' thing in my head; if I'm not back in 2 hours, please call the authorities.

(15:39:22) Taking a short break from bramble engagement to enjoy a baby blue sky and a half-moon. Lenni, however, is digging...

(15:58:54) Photographic evidence taken - back to the spiky issue of the afternoon..

(17:26:43) Found at the front of the house this afternoon - a warm February so far! http://yfrog.com/h0q7h7j

(19:43:21) I am completely worn out, now. And I have a bothersome tickle at the back of my throat. I do hope it's not a bit of bramble.. :D

(21:24:40) I think I might be getting a cold. Hmm..

(22:55:05) Bedtime for me, after a bit of a self-indulgent amble down memory lane listening to my music on a long-neglected MySpace page... night!

Tweets for 11 Feb 2011


(07:17:34) A bewildering multitude of starlings, side by side on the electric cable, as if assembled to witness the dawn. Just to make sure.

(07:47:51) Maemo just ain't happening.. looks like Nokia is going with Microsoft. This could work very well. Or could be a total shambles. Hmm...

(08:47:05) Interesting to see Mr @JamesCridland mentioned in the credits for this amusing and informative video: http://is.gd/AZgiNf - very.. British!

(12:57:36) Coleslaw Overdose. It must be a prog rock band name, because there ain't no such thing in real life.

(13:53:57) RT @alicebell: Ha! @alokjha plays spot the error in the Edison Google doodle http://bit.ly/he6Ryn

(15:55:12) Doing something unusual on a Friday afternoon.. just how I like it (with the valuable assistance of @leica0000 :)

(16:16:39) RT @montrose77: Uninstalling dictator ... 100% complete ██████████████████████████████ #Egypt

(16:21:59) I would say @PlainTalkingHR @dizzydanni84 @MuseumsLuton @pootspublic @tubbyhermit @bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother are fabulous #FF ers...

(18:41:24) Audioboo: Happy Birthday @Simon_Toon boo [quietly] http://boo.fm/b276116 #birthday #Happy #Simon #Toon

(20:53:38) Home = done. Food = done. Now: shower and wire up the studio for video. Oh my. Internet humiliation at 10pm.. it's tech punditry time.. :/

Tweets for 10 Feb 2011


(06:15:25) It's Bob Servant Emails time http://is.gd/rQfL6E #iPlayer #Radio4 Happy Thursday. I'm wearing a very blue and red shirt today.

(06:30:55) Launch sequence initiated. For the uninitiated, I'm just about to leave the house. Uninitiated initiated.

(06:39:33) Another mild morning, the air thick with birdsong and traffic, the former inviting me to stop, the latter urging me on.

(06:49:04) Timing.

(06:49:45) What's the secret of telling a hilarious time travel joke?

(06:57:55) I want a tiny hadron collider for my desk at work. In fact, a marble collider would be fine.

(07:04:38) Last night's dream: I moved back to the shared house I inhabited when I first moved to Luton. All my housemates were female.

(07:05:49) I got my old bedroom, and it was that kind-of uncomfortable politeness with introductions and the like #LastNight'sDream

(07:07:49) Then a bloke called John turned up, who'd, it appeared, arranged to sleep on our sofa; nobody had invited him to stay #LastNight'sDream .

(07:10:29) I have a number of telephone conferences today. Judicious use of the headset mute button. And eating a pasty (one's over lunchtime)

(07:28:18) It's blimmin' drizzling. Who ordered the lemon drizzle cake with no lemon or cake..?

(07:48:23) There's a man snoring loudly on the coach. Quite unpleasant.. I hope I don't make too much noise when I occasionally doze off.. :D

(09:49:01) I've just had a meeting with someone who reminds me of a short version of my stepmother. Quite odd.

(13:18:07) Oh futtocks. I've left my biscuits in the meeting room. The current inhabitants had better not have them away. They're only digestives..

(18:44:38) The LED lights on the front of the Palm Hotel on Hendon Way are a little unreliable. My suspicion is that the controllers are a bit borked.

(19:32:50) The food smells a bit burned at the Holiday Inn tonight. Normally it gives me Teh Hungers.

(19:37:07) I have got SUCH a drizzle-proof hood. First time in a long while. I recommend it. (drizzle sold separately, where not available free)

(20:18:37) All going off in Egypt this evening. Amazing how the world seems so much smaller when such things happen.

(22:17:54) Embedded and ensleeping. Good night, and don't let the neighbours bite.

Tweets for 09 Feb 2011


(07:31:37) Good, if rather inept, morning. I'm rather achey - I'm trying to work out if there's a correlation with chicken kievs. Or rubbish sleep..

(07:58:16) It does irk me when people confuse Royal Mail with the Post Office. They're different (aren't they..?)

(08:09:32) Listening to the 10 o'clock Live podcast, was @CharltonBrooker's bit so controversial it got removed..? Or did I miss it?

(10:31:23) RT @espionagemanc: A man comes to doctor.."I am addicted to Twitter", he says....Doctor says: "I'm sorry, I dont follow you" courtesy of ...

(18:54:40) Going home - a little delayed due to strategic ticket purchase & entirely replete 18.19 coach... I definitely need an early night... zzz

(20:47:51) Shower then bed. But some unnecessary faffing inbetween. It's the law.

(20:51:26) So.. right.. the England C team are playing football in Luton..? Is that the match that's on 5 Live right now? I am SO confused.

Tweets for 08 Feb 2011


(06:16:11) Good morning. Bit sleepy. Hospital appointment later. Life is littered with events. That's about as deep as I get at this time of day.

(07:46:54) RT @Richard_C: I purpose it's an urban camp tank. http://twitpic.com/3xmsyz

(07:59:21) While I remember, I've installed the "Chrome Nanny" plugin to make any inadvertent link to the ]aily Ma!l send me to AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com

(08:05:42) There's a man giving away copies of Reader's Digest outside Baker Street station. Has it come to this..? You may already have one...

(08:56:10) I'm just about to go to a 3 hour workshop. I might have to take my work laptop. Heh. That rhymes.

(11:49:03) My laptop juice has lasted until 15 mins before the end of this meeting.. this has meant I've reduced my inbox from 153 items to 35. Yeah!

(11:49:22) RT @ruskin147: Warning to you metropolitan types - Central Line suspended westbound at Marble Arch

(14:12:04) RT @griffinkate: Want a copy of Nationwide's moving "Internet Banking- User guide"? They send me one every time I'm forced to re-registe ...

(14:18:18) I just discovered I share 9 Facebook friends with the mighty @TonyBlackburn. I ~so~ work in radio (13 years, now.. 1/3 of my life..)

(18:05:18) Parked up by the poets, and now heading for the hospital.. CT scan of my head - apparently they're looking for my brain.

(18:13:22) There's nobody here...

(18:28:13) That was cool. A bit like I imagine what being in a tumble drier would be like. Although not on a high heat. Going home now.

(20:19:38) Back in the studio, starting work on a long overdue arrangement..

(22:12:35) That lovely @kathyclugston will doubtless have seen this (it's ukulele fabulousness) but my brother sent it to me today: http://is.gd/orCx1o

(22:16:31) Off to bed with my little me in a cardboard box. Good night. (Actually, it's not a cardboard box, it's a bed - I am, indeed, a lucky man).

Tweets for 07 Feb 2011


(00:53:22) Right. That's it for video editing until I get some decent software. For not much money. Back to the audio tomorrow. Yeahhh. Good night!

(08:04:22) Good morning. My head's a bit tender.. Hopefully some porridge will help.

(08:15:48) Dispatching the boy for school with a little trepidation.. hoping for a better day for him than Friday.

(10:07:43) It's always nice to see a vehicle with a purple ribbon on the wing mirror - it denotes Luton In Harmony... it'd be great to find more.

(10:41:34) In this fortnight's Yours magazine, there's a FREE Susan Boyle biography for every reader. Yes. Every reader. FREE. Only £1.40.

(10:43:16) And in "love it!" magazine this.. er.. week(?) BORN ON TWITTER - Mum who broke the last taboo. No more taboos left. Fab. Only 68p.

(12:54:08) Audioboo: Peaceful Protest (so no press coverage) boo http://boo.fm/b272195 #Luton #EDL #UAF #Newspapers #Protest

(13:12:45) I want to invent a fish sausage.

(13:24:37) Jobsworths: people who get pleasure out of putting obstacles in the way. Otherwise known as impedophiles.

(15:34:08) I could do with a nap. I'm waiting for Lenni to come out of school, though. Might elicit raised eyebrows...

(23:09:33) Audioboo: Cheeky son [or: how to get in trouble with your Mum but make your Dad chuckle] boo http://boo.fm/b272613 #family #games #Quake3

Tweets for 06 Feb 2011


(00:45:02) Home, exhausted and ears ringing. Oh and my hat blew off & away. Which will disappoint @nxmee. Bedtime for me for sure for now. Good night!

(07:38:54) Good morning. A pink dawn, and it's quiet. Very quiet. Coffee machine's on - I'll pour Beth & myself one, and go back to bed to make a list.

(08:17:58) I just replied to a bot. What an arse. I should really get on with the day.

(08:21:47) Stepping away from the Twitter...

(09:31:12) Ooh.. must remember to catch up with the Alan Partridge episodes on FostersFunny. I think they've started again... yes. Yes, they have. Woo!

(12:40:49) Apparently there's a new trend to serve bacon sandwiches at midnight during parties. I had no idea. I'm rarely up that late.

(13:05:21) In case you're interested, this is where the 'plastic type' number is on Heinz squeezy ketchup. http://yfrog.com/gz2bq5j

(14:07:04) I have just been ~utterly~ humiliated by my 11-year-old son at Quake III. Either my gaming skills have deteriorated or he is phenomenal. :/

(14:10:42) I'm going to tidy. I'm good at tidying, at least.

(15:53:44) It's normal to get a bit out of breath doing the hoovering, right.. Also, is there a technique I could employ that will decrease my paunch?

(16:32:01) Last time I went to the seaside I drove over a load of washed-up shell fish. I hope this doesn't affect my no clams bonus.

(16:51:25) I've put a bottle of Rakia in the fridge in advance of some casual racism this evening. They might pick on my demographic (i.e. me :D)

(16:52:15) RT @helenduffett: The verb that became a noun that became an adjective: http://bit.ly/hE4ECM

(17:00:00) Scanning in some examples of Lenni and Chris's doodlings. It'll be nice to look back on them. If PDF readers still exist.

(19:27:08) YouTube's a bit jammed up. Maybe they need an upgrade. A series of YouTubes, if you like..?

(20:18:21) Albania. Go on, #TopGear... (I'm drinking Rakia - thank you, @SparkyAnnC! - so I have an appreciation of New Europe. Yes.)

(20:21:12) I'd better not drink too much - I'm s'posed to be giving blood tomorrow, and I don't want some poor soul to wake up drunk. And Bulgarian.

(20:25:24) It may say Subaru, but it looks like a Ford Focus #TopGear

(20:27:47) ~comment about the RS Focus removed to preserve relationship with my in-laws~ That car looks like evil. #TopGear

(20:29:56) It's a mental Volvo. Who would've thought. #TopGear

(20:40:25) This is so so very funny. Jonathan Ross is a nice man, but taller than me. Haven't seen him since he left the Beeb #TopGear

(20:52:07) Migs are nowhere near as good as that Tupolev that looked a bit like Concorde. T-222 (@Brennig..?) #TopGear

(22:16:47) I'm on the water now. Lots of it.

(23:53:22) I have officially had enough of the Flip HD's own video 'editing' software. I wonder if I can triple-boot my studio PC as a mac.. :D

Tweets for 05 Feb 2011


(06:40:59) An unsettled night, mentally untangling a very stressful work week, and, as was inevitable, planning my first intervention at C's school :/

(10:28:19) This morning's Minor Disaster: we have lost one of the legs of my Poundland tripod. As Christopher pointed out: it's now a bipod. Hmm.

(10:31:17) Not in any way overenergetic this morning, so dealing with much needed paperwork and family calendar updating. Desk: nearly cleared.

(11:16:36) Setting aside a day (25th February) for the Luton beer festival. I have annual leave to use up - might as well dissolve it in real ale.

(11:36:25) If ever I create a moving video to tug at heartstrings, instead of choosing Snow Patrol as a soundtrack, I'm thinking New Orleans 1920s jazz

(11:44:30) Onwards / upwards / in my lady's chamber.

(12:05:54) RT @davidschneider: Cameron to replace multiculturalism with noculturalism #savelibraries

(12:20:52) I've entered the @FunKids Rastamouse competition. I want to win so that Beth.. I mean Lenni can have her very own Rastamouse goody bag! :D

(13:44:06) Need to get off my bottom and sort out the lounge. First: coffee.

(14:08:55) Hmm. Where are our Muzzy DVDs?

(14:29:07) I appear to be sitting down again. Hmm. Get that coffee down me, I think.

(15:15:00) I am officially Not Having The Best Of Days; now I've managed to mislay the CF card from my camera. Which had a photo on, but I forget what.

(17:40:58) Apparently this doesn't count as 'ready to go out'. Which might be why I don't get invited to parties on my own.. http://yfrog.com/h25myjyj

(20:58:42) There's a man here singing Michael Bublé. I thought it was only fair to warn you. Remain indoors.

(21:39:21) I'm at one of those places where I wish I had brought one of those little remote control helicopter things. But I'd get kicked out.

(21:57:53) This is what I look a bit like this evening. I have not been dancing, and anyone who claims otherwise is wrong. http://yfrog.com/h36fqavj

Tweets for 04 Feb 2011


(06:01:18) Morning. Need to get busy - the trick is not to doze off once the alarm goes off. Commute kicks off in half-an-hour...

(06:28:21) Excellent bit of Tom Wrigglesworth action. And, if you listen to the version on #iPlayer, you get to hear Shorty nominee @AliceArnold1

(06:30:02) I nominate @alicearnold1 for a Shorty Award in #art for her unique creativity in any number of art forms (more than 2) http://bit.ly/shorty

(06:30:21) Zooming time. ZOOM.

(07:30:21) Fab to hear @boggits on the Guardian's @TechWeekly, talking with authority on IPv4 vs IPv6 (mind, @VirginMedia has no plans for IPv6)

(07:32:11) Bah.. I meant @GuardianTW which is the TechWeekly podcast Twitter account...

(07:36:10) I remember a dream - I was in a pub, and kept seeing old uni mates there. I had a Flip cam & @JayHirst was gurning comically into the lens.

(07:38:00) I know some very cool, interesting people.

(07:57:22) Every so often a song comes on to the walk-to-work shuffle & makes me go "Eh..?" This one: Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance #NowPlaying

(11:41:36) A lot of people here like to make discreet telephone calls in the stairwells. I really don't know how that works. Is it the acoustics?

(12:28:56) An astronomical unit is 93 million miles. That's astronomical.

(12:29:37) Pi + zza = Pizza.

(12:33:09) The quality of 'comedy' emails from colleagues has really plummeted of late. Is there nothing funny on the internets any more?

(14:33:52) Off to that telly centre again. Lots to do... time to collect my thoughts. Both of them. I think one of them is in the Foyer..

(16:55:21) Back to W1.. although I realise now, there might be a problem with that. The problem which is the problem of rush hour. Hmm.

(19:33:10) RT @pc893: Message from Luton http://farm1.static.flickr.com/179/458208004_f8307e025b_z.jpg

(19:36:50) It's been a trying working week; although it had a go, it wasn't a roaring success. So a fairly inept week, really, and should be sacked.

(21:14:02) I'd say, follow @Zararugosa since she make me blush ~blushes~ (see?) & is one of the most genuinely lovely people I've known on Twitter #FF

(21:57:55) Establishing quite how many episodes of this series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks I've missed. About 3.

(22:22:10) RT @sarahjaneuk: Now live on @BagelTechNews Big show. Watch live and chat at http://bit.ly/hu1WZf

(22:46:29) I think Friday can quite easily be written off; I'll take an angle grinder to it, so the insurance company can't sell it on. Ah well. Night!

Tweets for 03 Feb 2011


(06:19:49) ~yawns~ Good morning. Today will be a challenge.. I've been semi-conscious since 5.15am, working through the details of the day.

(06:20:50) Oh I'm very much enjoying the Bob Servant Emails. Live lions. Brilliant.

(06:39:00) Wow.. the morning stars are spectacular...

(07:55:24) Thinking of buying a shortwave radio. #scrreeeewoooooshhhhhhhradiomoscowsshhhheeedididididididi

(07:57:19) A photo I've been absolutely gasping to take - down at Lords, the amber sunrise between the mosque's minaret & the BT Tower.

(08:46:55) Kung Hei Fat Choi! I'm going to Soho for lunch.

(09:51:08) Nearly ready to launch. Westward. Ho. etc

(10:18:42) Good heavens the media is such a small industry.. it's the same voices on #Radio4's The Media Show week after week.. :/

(10:20:02) I think I hate rap music more than punk. At least punk doesn't desecrate perfectly good songs with misogynistic bragging.

(10:29:34) Weak lemon drink sunshine.

(12:56:32) The most interesting conversations are often had on the company shuttle bus. Fact.

(12:59:22) Right. Today I am mainly going to be taking a lunch break...

(19:07:34) Bit thirsty again. This stretch limo needs a bar.

(19:16:35) “@simonhill: The post from @syzygy has arrived, thanks guys! http://t.co/5sb3qUN now just need a frame...” @syzygyuk

(19:28:32) Pretty breezy out.. better get my gloves on and sign off twitter :D Home in 22 minutes (yay!)

(19:36:12) I kinda miss @dizzydanni84 - hope her BlackBerry works again soon.

(19:49:02) Unless something frankly quite phenomenal comes along, @ImogenHeap's "Hide And Seek" is my favourite piece of music of all time.

(19:50:51) (it doesn't go "hope you find it in everything, everything that you see", although that is a glorious song I treat myself to sometimes, too)

(20:19:49) I got a letter referring me to EN&T, offering 3 hospitals.. it's a bit like choosing a browser.. go for what I know or go for SHINY!

(20:49:13) I went for the L&D. Why? Because my CT scan is there, too & they're spectacularly poor at passing data and information to other hospitals :/

(22:23:19) Right.. time to let Thursday back into the wild and steal a go on @helenduffett's Friday before mine gets here. It's only fair. Good night!

(22:24:29) RT @corfmeister: Prior to recording The News Quiz, the fabulous @susancalman visits 40B to try on The Slanket. http://twitpic.com/3w7ejj

(22:24:52) RT @corfmeister: I think JO BRAND was reminded too much of her stint as an Announcer for Red Nose Day 2 years ago! http://twitpic.com/3 ...

Tweets for 02 Feb 2011


(06:26:21) Good morning. Highlights so far: Ed Reardon's week, changing my Google Mail password due to 'unusual activity' and drinking coffee. All go!

(07:37:30) Hurtling, as is traditional, at London; my chauffeur this morning is Cheery John, who I teased about @pootspublic seeing in Asda. Bless'im.

(10:31:17) I'm in Some Kind Of Meeting For Management Things. That's all I know. If it's rubbish, I'll escape.

(10:36:48) They didn't believe me when I told them I was in charge of investigating parallel universes. Next: summary executions.

(13:31:08) I'm going to be meetinged out by the time today ends. Also, the 8th of February is looking like a bit of a nightmare.

(16:22:25) If I have one more meeting today, I might explode. Oh, hang on.. I'm at one. ~spadoooooom~

(16:59:23) Nearly done.

(17:05:16) I try to raise a laugh at every meeting... normally works (regardless of how stupid I end up looking)...

(17:20:30) Hmm... nearly had my hospital appointment thing sorted.. but now the training bloke's said there's no-one on the waiting list. Plan B. Or C.

(17:23:05) RT @lucytobin: Paxman's email to Newsnight e subscribers: this is the last email you'll receive, because it's "crap".. http://twitpic.co ...

(17:52:39) Beating a hasty retreat. To make a hasty retreat omelette.

(18:22:05) Nobody saw fit to tell me I had excessively Big Hair today. It's OK, though - I already knew. More fool them (or something).

(18:28:54) I'm not sure I like the look of Finchley Road today.

(18:48:26) Having 20 minutes of @kyleswager - he's presenting @BagelTechMedia and @BagelTechNews podcasts today, and he has a splendid voice.

(19:41:12) Bit odd that I completely forgot about doing Boris Biking today - got me to Bvsh in half the time.. for only a pound. May do that again.

(19:46:07) I don't own a bradawl. Never needed one, and they only end up in fingers. A propos of nothing.

(19:48:35) I came home to find @pootspublic watching Rastamouse. For professional reasons, apparently.

(21:55:43) In bed by 9.50pm - not bad at all. Tomorrow might be better (although I'm planning a trip to TVCentre. I shall steel myself)

(22:06:02) Shutting down. Save changes..? Hmm.. only if they're ones for the better. Good night...

Tweets for 01 Feb 2011


(06:19:18) *too sleepy to yawn and stretch* Some chuckling is in order, because of #ISIHAC, and it's porridge with coffee to start. Morning, then.

(06:26:47) Good heavens, some @emmaandpete audio (courtesy of @akgpodcast and the erstwhile Pete Cooper) has plopped onto my iPod. Commute sorted. Yay!

(06:49:54) Going to work, now. Tactically.

(08:47:27) It's going to be one of those days. Specifically one of those "updating my CV" type days...

(09:59:16) I'm not messing about today. Like on Eastenders. They don't mess about. They're cockneys. Gertcha.

(11:46:43) RT @rhodri: Spot the difference between this John Simpson clip and a well-known video game: http://bit.ly/gPX9km (thanks @webofevil)

(13:36:24) Good heavens... seems YouTube gets a bit swamped at lunchtime...

(13:43:00) My brother sent me this.. utterly brilliant interpretation of some fairly low-grade trolling: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/558516

(14:11:12) I'd fight off a rabid velociraptor, or indeed rhinovirus to protect my @Dropbox. http://db.tt/bgxLT7k Hence the invitiation to get your own!

(14:12:20) Yes, I can spell invitation.

(15:45:30) If I had my scrolling LED message sign with me (I must write a blog post about that) It'd be set to mode 3: "I don't have time for this"

(15:55:25) There are three iPhone 4s on the table in this meeting. And an HTC Desire. And my clunky, beloved N95.

(16:10:00) It's always of benefit to tell an anecdote that has some bearing on the matter at hand. Otherwise it is just a stupid story.

(17:36:55) It's unnervingly quiet around Broadcasting House this afternoon. I fear everyone's hiding from me. Except @sleat because he's great.

(17:39:08) ...by which I obviously mean @neilsleat, who's the same bloke and is thus still great.

(17:43:15) One of my legs is behaving in a suspicious way. In other news, I went into FOUR new apparatus rooms. In the New Dungeon. Yeah. Metalwork.

(18:31:48) Do you or anyone else play Breach? My brother's written a dedicated server manager: http://breachdsm.computerosity.com Please RT!

(18:40:35) Thanks, brennig - I know I can always count on you ~shakes your hand gratefully in a very British way~

(18:42:12) Confounded nuisance.. I was meaning to find out how easy it was to do something by Googling it, but completely forgot. I was in a meeting...

(19:40:56) Bit damp underfoot in Lution. Misty and that, y'know. Quite autumnal.

(20:33:41) How engineers populate a cutlery drawer. In almost every way it makes sense. Or is that just me..? http://yfrog.com/h3nr82j

(20:36:03) Right. I need to do something with DropBox and then go and have a shower #notaeuphemism

(22:09:11) Audioboo: Holidays and Lights [@SimonToon @Jn2n @T_NorthernBloke @R2UK http://boo.fm/b267978 #holidays #lights #stuff #rambling #budgets

(22:40:49) I'm going to turn out the light and pretend I'm in deep space. Then Wednesday will turn up and bring me firmly back to earth. Hmm. Night!

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