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Tweets for 31 Jan 2011


(07:07:15) RT @BagelTechNews: If you havent done so already, then you need to change your Amazon Password. Hack is possible unless you have recentl ...

(07:12:17) Happy Mondaying.. I shall start as I mean to go on: vertical.

(07:52:30) Drinking coffee, eating porridge and making old man noises. It could be any time of any day... but it's definitely me.

(07:54:28) Chuckling at the size of the big green arrow pointing to the DropBox icon in the system notification area of Beth's netbook. It's huge.

(08:58:48) It woud appear we've lost our Principal Ice Scraper. Having to make do with the understudy (which has no squeegy abilities)

(09:23:55) Who ordered the sunshine..? Whoever it was, thank you!

(09:50:39) Right. Need a new ice scraper and some honey & mustard salad dressing. Must buy them. Otherwise work lunch will be rubbish.

(09:58:19) My predictions: Heart will play Take That or Lady Gaga in the next 10 minutes, and the doctor will do nothing about my sinuses.

(09:59:09) Yes, I'm not really sticking my neck out here...

(10:50:14) Salad dressing yeah. Oh, and the ice scraper mysteriously turned up. I think it was probably on holiday.

(10:50:53) ToysRUs sell Trilobites (sp?) I may well have to buy some.

(10:55:36) I think @_spell is the best bot on Twitter. Just wake him/her up with (sp?) .. love it.

(11:33:49) Work has quite neatly beaten me round the head. Time to stumble round a bit & try to work out what to do, and in what order. First: coffee.

(12:03:44) NOW the birds turn up! Four coal tits, a robin, three blackbirds and a dunnock, all popping by the bird table for lunch!

(12:16:00) Of course, typically, as I put the webcam back on, they all disappear..! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/luton-garden-bird-live-webcam

(12:50:15) This afternoon I am going get round to making sushi if it kills me.

(14:16:07) The irony is about to commence. Assemble the Irony Board.

(15:38:13) The irony had to be curtailed for Lenni collectation. Such lovely sunshine - I'm glad I'm not driving, though.. very low!

(15:52:55) Wow.. Lenni's school has gone leaping into the early 21st century, moving from a yahoo.com email address to a hotmail.com one.. *astounded*

(16:12:09) Doing manly things with wood to make door handles for Lenni's box...

(17:34:55) My studio sometimes doubles up as a workshop.. (there's a nice work surface to saw on.. except for the keyboard!) http://yfrog.com/h3dqm1j

(20:24:17) RT @Z80GameCoder: TPC047 - Ciao, has been posted. A special 5 year anniversary edition. http://www.totalpodcastrophe.com

(22:38:06) Well, I shall finish the day as I started it. Asleep, and with no idea what's going on. Which is reassuring in its way. Night night you!

Tweets for 30 Jan 2011


(00:02:19) Audioboo: Family Saturday in Milton Keynes [And Various Other Things] boo http://boo.fm/b265632 #shopping #family #miltonkeynes #studio

(08:18:08) Now is the time. Well, to be fair, it was 20 minutes ago, but I've been lying in bed playing on my iPod Touch since then. Good morning...

(08:43:15) RT @BBC3CR: Luton in Harmony Celebrations (29.01.11) http://yfrog.com/h8sj5pj

(08:44:48) Mmm coffee.. the children are playing with their Build-a-Bear on-line community while I wrestle with Google ActiveSync. Porridge: cooking.

(08:51:27) It's the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.. http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch - what a restful way to spend an hour. Lovely.

(09:02:14) Who's in charge of looking after accommodation for the rabbits at @LDNLutonAirport ..? Luton Burrow Council, of course! (h/t @nxmee)

(09:27:51) Right. Onwards and upwards. I'm thinking of buying a super micro PC thing. Do you have any recommendations?

(09:59:41) Our in-car conversation on the way to church: the physics of porridge temperature in Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. I love my family.

(11:59:23) Almost everything in biology seems to have something to do with proteins. That, if nothing else, reinforces the importance of cheese.

(15:06:41) All the birds are hiding. I'm only trying to count them...

(16:29:24) *super sleepy*

(16:46:11) Bah. My mac mini has got a gigabit interface, but it's running at 100Mbps. Another item of fine procrastination potential..

(19:31:49) Superman had Kryptonite; I have a whole periodic table of weaknesses. Hot bacon & brie sandwiches is just the latest (thanks, @pootspublic!)

(20:05:01) Top Gear versus the Strines. I roundly approve. #topgear

(20:16:07) Pagani have made a beige car. Beige. #TopGear

(21:04:34) RT @RadioKate: Nice to see that Al Jazeera is using @AudioBoo for their #Egypt coverage. http://bit.ly/fGYP4x @markrock must be pleased.

(23:32:00) All done with the weekend. Tomorrow, I'll iron. VST Plugins all in what would appear to be the right place.. ought to test them, too. Night!

Tweets for 29 Jan 2011


(00:54:48) Another fine nugget of BagelTechLive done for the night.. some laughs, some quite sensible discussions and general bonhomie. Night, then!

(08:45:14) An extremely yawny good morning to you & your kin. Can't stop in bed long, as my iPod Touch is almost out of batteries. Yes, that important.

(09:35:41) Coffee mmm

(09:39:58) RT @TimHarford: When are tweeters happiest? http://goo.gl/yLZCP via @pkedrosky (Hint: about 10 hours to go)

(09:41:20) I am putting Twitter down for a bit now. Really I am.

(09:44:28) Right.. you're going to have to stop being so interesting, otherwise I'll never get showered & dressed! Laaaaaaaaterrrs #Wurzels

(09:47:30) Oh. Mercerised just means 'shiny'.

(09:48:22) *unplugs the monitor*

(10:44:20) Emergency last-minute maintenance carried out on Chris's iPod Touch.. it was a bit jammed up. Now: the world..

(13:10:06) Is telling a child to "stop crying' a stupid idea..? Or just bad parenting. Oh well.

(16:36:07) Back home from the Wonders Of Milton Keynes (always worth a stop in Hotel Chocolat for free samples), soon to head to @robjd for visitaton.

(19:00:58) RIP Hopscotch. That means Frisbee's outlived two of her cage-mates; she's an old lady piggy now. http://yfrog.com/h51p9kj

(19:14:41) Thank you so much @Brays_Cottage @BaronHawkey @helenduffett and @sparkyannc - serendipity in a way: the bairns got new teddy bears today :)

(19:15:41) How Lenni paid her respects to Hopscotch, laid to rest in a gift-box: "She's dead in a box.. she's dead in a cardboard box." My children :D

(20:02:31) Interesting.. Chris's Windows 7 PC had a "This copy of Windows is not genuine" message earlier, before updating Security Essentials.

(20:08:10) There are some phrases it is now pointless typing in to search.twitter.com.. "Windows 7 not genuine" is one of them. Spam central. Bah.

(20:10:10) What to do this evening? Need to do some stuff in the studio.. I shall check my long-overdue 'to-do' list and try to stay awake...

(21:06:31) Learning how strikes are the worst outcome of a simultaneous game. It doesn't help that I'm a bit tipsy.

Tweets for 27 Jan 2011


(06:19:23) Good morning. Some cracking #Radio4 comedy this morning, including Mordrin McDonald and the legendary Bob Servant emails http://is.gd/MATEEC

(06:32:21) Right.. I'm one minute behind schedule and I haven't even brushed my teeth yet (uhoh!)... launch imminent. See you on the other side..

(08:00:41) Time to escape the confines of the coach.. yesterday the driver nearly shut the doors & drove on.. I normally sit at the front. Oops!

(08:34:21) Thirsty.

(11:02:10) RT @pootspublic: Beds Police has SMS for EDL protest. Text POLICE to 88020 for news & info. Texts to 88020 are charged std rate. Texts f ...

(15:55:17) Pointless snow.

(18:02:14) Sent-i dash! Dash! Dash! Dash dash dash! http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/just_plain_stupid/Broken_Wear/ (SFW - odd)

(18:19:22) A mile in just under 10 minutes.. that's not too bad for me. In my blockerboots.

(19:19:39) RT @jamesstodd: Want to do my old job?: http://wp.me/pkbKs-cA

(19:26:15) I don't think a coach can be considered properly parked unless it does a bit of reversing before everyone gets off. I insist on it.

(19:43:28) Here's a hint or tip if you come to Luton: the Shell petrol station quite near the airport has repairs blocking some pump approaches.

(19:46:06) Vehicles always seem to enter this petrol station downhill - despite no signage. I wonder if I can reverse this. Moderately safely.

(20:49:39) I've just spent the last 30 minutes telling @pootspublic about my day. I guess it's something that I've had a day worth talking about..

(21:49:33) Melting my brain at this time of the evening.. jolly good. I like to learn. It's a strategy.

(22:31:41) Right. Brain well and truly jammed to capacity with the goings-on of today. Yup. Life's for living. And sleeping in. Like a slanket. Night!

Tweets for 26 Jan 2011


(04:23:40) Pretending to be awake. Badly...

(06:20:32) No decent #Radio4 comedy on yesterday, so I've gone for "How TV Ruined Your Life." Genius & insightful, as always, but difficult watching!

(06:20:40) Oh, and good morning.

(06:35:50) DASH!

(07:19:00) Hmm. Not too shabby this morning. The Stretch Limo's a bit warm, though - and I haven't got my usual seat because a smelly person's nearby.

(08:28:24) Some lovely 80s electropop/new wave I think, this morning.. good old http://soma.fm :) :)

(08:54:15) From this article (well done @GavinShuker for perservering despite it) Beds Police seem keen for a kick-up on Saturday: http://is.gd/yQ8FGN

(08:58:22) Here's something quite impressive by my namesake (@syzygyuk) - 20 of 2010's internet memes in one picture: http://bit.ly/eAkbw1 #20things RT

(08:59:26) Big Pig - "I Can't Break Away". Wow. Haven't heard this in YEARS!

(09:02:45) I would publically like to wish Joe from my office a happy birthday. He's brought in little muffins. What a top bloke!

(09:08:53) #nowplaying Sigue Sigue Sputnik - 21st Century Boy; just looked it up; their first two singles were produced by Giorgio Moroder.. of course!

(09:23:59) I really should learn how to play slap bass. It's one step closer to being funky. Chicks dig a funky bassist, right?

(09:28:38) RT @cole007: Feature request: every email client should feature a 'have you checked this on @snopes?' prompt whenever someone hits the F ...

(10:19:49) I really really need to tidy my desk.

(11:21:23) Time for a briefing by our Lord and Master. Or Lady and Mistress. Or, oh something.

(12:27:35) Starting to get a bit hungry now.. carrying out the fine tradition of my former boss before lunchtime... scanning in some paperwork.

(14:27:10) What a delightful lunchtime mission. Post-Christmas socks purchased & entertaining conversation with shop assistant about serving celebs :D

(14:47:08) I just saw this message pop up on an FTP server connection: "421 Timeout - try typing a little faster next time" . How rude!

(18:46:59) Who told all these people they could get in my Stretch Limo..? I barely have a double seat to myself :D Starting to get sleepy & peckish..

(18:49:17) And now I have to sit next to a HUMAN MAN.

(19:07:57) Sleepy...

(22:02:41) Right.. time to close down the electronical accessories and sleep. Bon nuit à un et toute. Or something

Tweets for 25 Jan 2011


(07:14:22) Good morning. Hurtling. Hoping it's going to be a reasonable day...

(07:41:43) Coming over all sleepy. Definitely need some perking up when I get to the office... and a darn good noisy stretch.

(08:27:48) RT @tamarakuzminski: The view through the window. http://ow.ly/1s0bcK

(08:45:15) I have nearly made coffee. They're mashing up the concrete again this morning...

(12:06:15) RT @helen_keen: women with LEDs stuck in their braces/an army of bite-y gynoids - you decide! http://bit.ly/fx4Vnx (be *mature* & ignor ...

(12:24:37) Hmm. Why are green apples so resistable?

(16:39:38) God bless the service desk.

(17:28:32) It feels really weird sending my children emails.

(18:55:40) The limo home is quiet & smooth today. However, it is, definitely, hurtling. Definitely an earlyish night tonight for me. I guarantee it.

(19:18:03) ~yawn~ escaped from the T917 Acron stretch limo again.. time for the last walk home. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) ✈) http://4sq.com/dNinE1

(20:55:55) All fooded up; now watching a debut of @theilppodcast live streaming onto the internet. It's a compilation clip show with inaudible clips :D

(22:12:40) Snoozy. As opposed to snoody. Night :)

Tweets for 24 Jan 2011


(00:46:21) An evening of interesting shenanigans with old-style media and nostalgia. Bedtime is, however, well overdue. So I shall go now. Night!

(01:23:25) Odd to be kept awake at this time of night by birdsong - like a late-night chat... if I had the energy I'd get up & record it. Later, maybe.

(08:07:32) Good morning. I will now attempt the miracle of the levitating corpse. Marvel at the way it rises from bed and pours coffee into its mouth.

(08:40:32) School run time.. the 5 minutes we had in hand let slip to find hat & scarf.. still time to say hello to School Run Cat, though.

(09:38:11) Hmm.. listening to my old stuff, there's a theme - too much bass & not enough distortion/harmonics. And the EQ's all off. I haven't learned.

(10:10:50) Audioboo: Archiving boo number one [80s songs and glorified greasemonkeys for Mr @Simon_Toon] http://boo.fm/b261423 #archiving #dvd #80s

(10:25:04) Right. Need to tear myself away from this PC & get on with, well, everything else that needs doing. This copy will take another 30 mins.

(10:37:03) Audioboo: Forgotten gem in the archive boo.. ["Good Luck Embryos" by Chris, Lenni and me] http://boo.fm/b261450 #children #singing #embryos

(11:32:47) *sighs* I celebrate my ineptitude with more coffee. (Deleted the wrong copy of half of the data I was archiving.. start again!)

(12:24:52) Our combination microwave oven grill oven thing occasionally reboots itself. Technology is taking over.

(12:25:49) RT @cr3: If you're wondering what all my tweets from Germany were about, I was launching planes from space! Watch this! http://youtu.be/ ...

(13:21:56) Ew... Facebook status updates now have gaudy emoticons and things.. fortunately most of my friends are nice and sensible ;)

(13:54:16) Dogs Must Be Carried - It's Such A Good Album (But There Aren't Any Singles On It) - brilliant Radiohead spoof... can't find it online :(

(14:14:03) This CD of photos is taking AGES to copy.. I'm going to leave it and go upstairs for some cake manufacture (or something)

(14:48:28) Banana bread is in the oven. I hope it's.. well.. edible.

(15:29:04) Hmm. If I were to start a blog with photos of breathtakingly ignorant parking on the school run, what should I call it..?

(17:52:59) Can't believe I've not seen Little Boots' Later With Jools Holland performance. Fantastic one-woman-band stuff! http://is.gd/h2B2xY (YT SFW)

(20:46:24) A blog has appeared magically on the internet.. http://selfishschoolrun.blogspot.com ... I'm sure this isn't an isolated incident.

(22:02:06) If I were a pop musician, I would be perfectly happy to perform my songs, but would be rather annoyed if a journalist wanted to talk to me.

(22:02:53) (And by journalist I mean television or newspaper. They always get things wrong and ask questions that make musicians look awkward).

(22:03:47) Right. I'm going to go to bed, and see if Tuesday can stand up on its own. If so, I'm going to play Tuesday Leg Jenga ALL MORNING. Night.

Tweets for 23 Jan 2011


(08:16:14) ~yawn~ good morning. Time to take on Sunday.. a little achey - probably too much exertion yesterday. Oops!

(09:26:27) Interesting option in Google Latitude: "Hide stale friends." They'll only go off and start to smell...

(11:54:34) Incidentally, yesterday I was introduced to the art of plumbing on a live system with a jigsaw and a wet'n'dry vacuum cleaner. Rar!

(12:40:10) Audioboo: Children and Languages boo [@simon_toon and @T_NorthernBloke] http://boo.fm/b260890 #children #learning #languages #noise #music

(12:44:20) Hmm. Starting to get a bit peckish now. I am going to sort out Sunday lunch. Sort of.

(14:10:48) Oh dear. I can't recommend Sainsbury's restaurant in Bramingham.. waited for food, only to find they didn't have what the children wanted :/

(15:52:25) Having a fab tweetup at JS in Bramingham with @museumsluton @humbershomemade @plaintalkinghr & random children. http://yfrog.com/h3hvpepj

(16:20:18) I've had cold fingers all day. Time for a hot drink for me to hold.

(16:42:46) I should take off my scarf when I'm indoors. It's nice and soft, but it's outdoor clothing.

(16:54:06) "The national dish of Mongolia is ~not~ the Kit Kat" - me to Lenni a moment ago. She's having trouble googling geographic facts..

(16:54:53) (For reference, the national dish of Mongolia is, in fact, Tesco Value chopped tomatoes).

(18:40:21) I do like Total Wipeout as a format.. it goes from hilarious to edge-of-the seat. I'd do it, but my back would break :(

(19:46:00) RT @paul_steele: WARNING - Google is 13yrs old later this year - then it becomes a teenager and it won't answer anything. RT @5tevenw

(20:17:57) That Jaguar with the gas turbines.. a bit disappointing there's not an option to open the boot & fire up the afterburners #topgear

(20:18:17) LARGE spanner? #topgear

(20:19:01) Top Gear tweets will now cease. Hopefully (sorry @vobes)

(20:20:42) I'm sorry (yeah, one more) the lass to the left just behind Hammond is ~very~ pretty. #topgear

(20:22:30) That's Hammond's left. #topgear #IWillStopNow

(20:38:05) I so very love #topgear. They are very very silly.

(20:39:59) I am utterly gobsmacked by that helicopter pilot's skillz. #topgear

(20:57:01) I wrote this. #topgear

(21:07:10) Quite cheerfully tipsy now. I think I shall empty the dishwasher and migrate studiowards to wreak havoc on musical creativity. Or tinker.

(21:19:29) Am I alone in having nostalgia-induced sneezing fits?

(21:46:03) Must remember to record an audioboo for @Simon_Toon tonight.. two things I need to bumble on about.

(22:40:11) Whenever I see automatically posted astrology tweets, I think "Heh.. probably wrong now." :D

(23:09:24) Ahh fab. First cyclic redundancy check failure of the evening.. only five discs in to the Archiving Of Doom.. still, it's just a mixdown.

Tweets for 22 Jan 2011


(00:04:25) Thank you, @uk2 for making it possible to talk about tech in an irreverent way on the @BagelTechNews BIG show. http://is.gd/ZAOuak (SFW)

(00:58:18) Audioboo: Musical Tastes, Mashups And General Things boo [@simon_toon] http://boo.fm/b260195 #music #markjohnce #mashup #hello

(08:31:32) Good morning. I'm not ready for being awake yet.. the children seem well-rested, though. I shall stay in bed just a ~little~ while longer..

(09:43:10) It doesn't happen very often, but whenever someone says "I miss you" to me, I feel a bit guilty. Can it ever be a happy phrase..?

(10:01:12) DANGER: Clearance between washing up bowl and nozzle of kitchen sink tap is NOT sufficient for risk-free coffee jug rinsing. *shudders*

(10:05:24) Also, dubstep has ruined my life; a phone ringing tone reminds me of the Caspa remix of TC's "Where's My Money" http://is.gd/E4Reab (YT SFW)

(12:10:11) Making the most of our local @LutonLibraries library. It's warm, friendly & full of knowledge; the children love it, too. #saveourlibraries

(15:03:23) Contrary to any other reports, I have not been throwing balls at children all afternoon so far. I am just a big kid, right..?

(18:03:40) Discussing families. For sure.

(20:57:30) An enjoyable day spent with family friends - last time we visited them, Lenni hurt her chin. No chance this time! http://yfrog.com/h7ux4jfj

(21:46:58) Wrestling a little with 4oD on the Wii. It's.. er.. a bit clunky.

(22:16:29) 4oD fail on the Wii, then. It displays the programme window, but nothing inside. Ahh well. The 10 O'clock Thing will have to wait.

(22:54:33) To the end of Saturday, then. But I won't fall off the edge - that will only end in tears. Or grumpiness, more like it :D Good night!

Tweets for 21 Jan 2011


(06:31:38) G'day. Porridge eaten.. coffee nearly finished.. better get going because 6.30am has come and gone. Again! Off to W12 today. Hmm...

(06:33:07) Something's a bit odd.. I'm up before @Zararugosa ... some much-needed sleep, hopefully!

(08:03:00) Definitely in the mood for some nice loud music when I get to the office.. Techno Friday!

(09:54:43) Seems like this morning is a funky morning; my younger brother's sent some remarkable music to me, like this: Raga jazz! http://is.gd/3kWNQp

(10:54:26) Note to self: Leaving the "n" off emails to someone called Julian can cause offence. Thank goodness for my 'delayed send' rule.. :D

(10:56:44) A fairly reassuring response; I wonder how many other government petitions are going to be "That's not our policy" now? http://is.gd/01BXD9

(13:13:23) Time to find a hot desk to eat my pizza on. I like a nice warm pizza, y'see.

(14:32:20) Time to learn how to be a line manager HR style. Yeah! (I'm having my pizza now!)

(14:57:17) The hot chocolate's not bad here. Are there many places where the hot chocolate is woeful? I wouldn't want to go there.

(16:42:38) I should write a song about listening to Jeremy Hunt, queuing to go on the Westway at Shepherds Bush. But it would be too bleak.

(18:35:38) It would appear I'm going home. I have an Audioboo (intended for @SimonToon) to record but I'm terribly terribly tired. Perhaps as I walk...

(20:51:13) Down in the studio, preparing for the @BagelTechNews "BIG" show by, er, installing the drivers I need to use Skype.

(20:58:20) RT @BagelTechNews: 1 hr to Go to Bagel Tech BIG. LIVE at http://bit.ly/hu1WZf - @ErikLanigan, @KyleSwager, @TheTroyKing, @syzygy and @Ew ...

(21:43:13) I think I'm all wired up & ready to go. The only thing missing is any concept of what happened this week, technologically. Busk it? Always!

(23:09:34) Thank you, @uk2 for making it possible to talk about tech in an irreverent way on the @BagelTechNews BIG show. http://uk2.net yeah!

Tweets for 20 Jan 2011


(06:31:18) Mornin'. Objectives for today: get Skype working on my rebuilt PC (turns out version 5.x has problems with DV cams) & read more of my book.

(06:32:36) *yawn* time to get going... have a delicious day. Going to try and resist Twitter.. :/

(07:56:11) Good grief.. a 757 @easyBus on a tow-truck on Finchley Rd with a nasty looking dent in the front, 2 police cars & a windscreen swept up.. :/

(10:16:05) I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to this, but Visio diagrams on PowerPoint presentations.. it's technical ketamine.

(10:53:24) I have now completely lost track of what's going on. Another man is now talking about streaming. Which is why I thought I was here.

(11:22:52) I have an idea of what's going on now. Something was rubbish & a company who does something else wants to make it better.

(12:29:15) Y'know when you walk past Noel Fielding and think.. "That looks like Noel Fielding"? It helps when he's wearing a white feather coat.

(12:30:58) A brief period of exchange will now take place. Unless there's a queue.

(12:46:52) In searching for a replacement jumper (clearly popular - they seem to have gone) I just took a chunk out of my knuckle with a fingernail.

(13:32:00) Shoes: off.

(15:37:24) I'm sure there's a good reason why the top right side has been cut off two boxes of fruit tea I've brought to work: http://yfrog.com/h7dn2cj

(15:44:04) RT @PootsPublic They were cut off to use as a label in the sandwich bags containing the teabags I took from there to leave at my mum's. YAY!

(15:50:14) I don't have any problem with union activities, but I do wish, when the event is over, they'd take down the posters they put up. #TidyFreak

(16:13:15) Meeeetting...? Oh meeeting..? Oh to heck with it. Back to the Word document.

(18:22:08) I'm a bit worn out now.. I may have said something about an early night yesterday. It kind-of didn't work. Tonight for sure.

(19:07:46) So sleepy.. going through my limited Japanese in my head with my eyes shut and "Thinking Allowed" podcast in my ears...

(20:39:06) *yawns* is it that time already? *checks the Alt Gr key for wetness* Yup. means I'm at home and must prepare for beddingford.

(21:40:54) Sleepy time. cos derren brown told me to. Or was that a sofa? Night!

Tweets for 19 Jan 2011


(06:24:45) *yawns* I have actually organised something at work today. Oh dear. It may all go horribly wrong :D

(06:32:51) Zooooooom. Gotta go.

(07:05:04) The moon.. it's setting - glorious and orange. Oh I ~wish~ I had my proper camera. And wasn't on the coach :/

(07:19:08) Yik.. just passed over the M25.. it's a red and white striped toothpaste snake of slowness.. in both directions :/

(08:27:22) Meeting success guaranteed through tactical purchase of McVities chocolate digestives. The way to a specialist's heart..

(09:08:33) Reasons not to watch breakfast television, even from the other side of the office: there is an arse in a hat on there. Do people watch this?

(09:13:29) My Alt Gr key is inexplicably wet.

(09:18:02) Interesting.. seems a dodgy upgrade caused the scrolling slowness in Twitter: http://is.gd/0JMpnJ (via @TwitCleaner) Newer != always better.

(09:19:44) RT @pootspublic: I've been putting a few receipts in the Asda.co.uk check thing and a couple of them have given vouchers. It's worth che ...

(10:03:53) Ooh.. I've got a week's holiday left to take between now and April. That works out at nearly every Tuesday morning off.

(11:07:41) Meeting is on. My boss is quietly spoken. I also don't know who some of the people here are...

(12:04:27) Seems the Oxford Street gunman story is a fabrication. Although I'd avoid Oxford St if I can, anyway.. it's hell out there.

(14:14:05) Off for an audience with the @BushHouseMice, avoiding all the men with guns on Oxford Street... yeah.

(14:21:34) Wine made 20% from offal? Oh.. hang on.. http://yfrog.com/h2p4fsj

(17:31:11) Heading back to the heart of the metropolis or at least a different but. My brain's full. Still.. interesting times...

(17:39:09) I've decided I'm going to spend my time walking to and from World Service learning Japanese #Earworms

(18:17:21) Next time I go past a Superdry store, I will throw a glass of water in there. Every little helps #ThisIsAJOKE

(18:20:21) Next time I go to a wholefoods shop, I will ask for half a.. er.. whatever beige stuff they sell in there. That comes in halves.

(18:39:21) Ever thought you're just a thought experiment? I am trying to work out what life would be like if I was.

(18:50:53) I've let some of my molecules go and they've landed on most of the other passengers on this coach. Shhh.. don't tell any of them.

(19:13:29) I've come over all sleepy. Lots of walking today (feel the benefit!)

(19:17:11) ~yawn~ one more walk to do.. and another attempted early night. A good workday, I think. http://4sq.com/eAluwU

(19:26:17) RT @pootspublic: well, @syzygy and I have been in this house (Geri Halliwell Towers) 10 years today, time has flown. It's not posh but ...

(19:33:51) Good grief I'm getting through batteries today. I need a coat of PV cells. Crinkly.

(19:40:05) Mmmm.. misty moon!

(21:04:48) Wow, #NewTwitter on Internet Explorer 6 is.. special.

(21:21:06) Phew.. Google Chrome installed.

(22:33:34) Last couple of Microsoft updates of the evening.. then will come drivers, then will come bed. Or maybe the other way round.. :/

Tweets for 18 Jan 2011


(06:56:02) Good (to be confirmed) Tuesday to you. All quiet at the airport this morning, My iPod Touch was dead when I woke up. It's fine now. Odd.

(06:59:33) Studio PC update: all the updates were complete by 10.30pm.. so that's four hours for an XP install.. no software, though. Ouch.

(07:01:30) (I'm sure Windows 7 is quicker, but there's no driver for my mixer... or 8-channel sound card... or webcam...)

(07:22:11) Right. Who's broken the M1..? (near Watford)

(08:12:20) "Tell me where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him..." genius #nowplaying #shuffletowork

(09:05:26) Right. I'm tweeting because my inbox is in a mess and my scrollwheel's not working (long story). Focus, man..

(11:11:31) I might get seamonkeys for my desk.

(11:41:56) Either there is some heavy machinery smashing up concrete outside, or it's all gone a bit Robot Wars in W1. I'm hiding under my desk.

(13:21:22) Much as @fridgemagnet2 takes exception to a veritable plethora of workplace irritants, I've decided I dislike how Outlook changes "j" to "J"

(13:22:04) Lunchingtime! The doctor is out.

(14:15:36) Ooh. I'm off to see @Ms_Howard. Better look smart. And turn up.

(15:39:29) I really need to stop idlly kicking the plugs on the distribution board under my desk with my besocked feet.

(16:24:37) Why am I listening to Bruce Springsteen singing live?

(16:49:07) We're talking about restraining orders in the office. Again. They discuss this when I'm not around, too.

(17:08:52) Hmm... the return of BBC Technology..?

(17:34:43) I have been very naughty on at least two occasions today. It is this level of childish subversion that gives me job satisfaction. Heh.

(18:18:01) One doesn't see many animals in central London. I saw a fox once (at the Total garage, Gloucester Plc). Getting a Twix, probably.

(18:28:34) Something on this coach keeps making a sound that makes me think it's the opening note of Soft Cell's Tainted Love.

(18:34:45) Abuse of "your", text speak & inept comma neglect I can deal with, but use the word "gamification" and I will think DARK THOUGHTS.

(18:42:21) The more I look around - advert for ridiculously expnesive trainers and an Aston Martin DB-S the less I feel I fit properly in the world.

(18:50:55) Right.. time to catch up on Facebook messages. I still can't work out whether I can type faster on my iPod Touch or my i600..

(19:48:39) Ahh home.. waiting for my @Asda chicken korma (best supermarket curry EVER) to cool down so I can attack it with @pewari and chutney.

(20:39:50) It's Tuesday and therefore, early night.. er.. day. Trying a shortcut to the second partition of my studio PC. Death and/or glory.

(21:01:19) Eh? A version of Together In Electric Dreams that doesn't have Phil Oakey straining his voice all the way through? FAB! http://is.gd/LTpw6i

(21:20:59) (ooh.. spelling suggester @_spell is rather cute - triggered by ( sp? ) - doesn't work with French words, though :D)

(21:33:31) Didn't work.

(21:51:31) Oh a good joke on @JonHolmes1 this week. Save you listening to the podcast, I shall tell the joke in my next tweet (not THAT one).

(21:54:08) I bought a car off Bonnie Tyler. It drives fine, but every now and then it falls apart. #ItWasFunnyWhenHeToldIt

(22:26:38) Right.. time to ease Tuesday off the work surface and into the bin. I'd put it out for the birds, but they'd be too fussy. Night night then!

Tweets for 17 Jan 2011


(00:34:35) Yup. Phone crossgrade done. Another thingy off the list. Better get to bed now, I s'pose - PC rebuild tomorrow (dull, eh?) Night night!

(07:51:29) Good morning. Some odd dreams last night, of which I can now only feel the echoes. I think I came up with another invention.

(07:52:13) Oh yeah.. I dreamt I was with the family, moving between a café (which didn't do proper coffee, but then they found some and gave it to me..

(07:53:24) ..for free[!]) and a queue outside a building by an arcade and a broken vending machine, and I fished 3 quid out of the jammed coin slot.

(08:01:56) Chris is writing a poem. I'm musing on doing a 'hair metal' version of "Too Many Broken Hearts In The World."

(08:03:51) Coffee and porridge... @pootspublic is the best.

(08:49:19) There must be a way one can statically charge oneself to repel raindrops. Although touching metal handrails might be quite hazardous.

(08:53:57) Where would modern music be without the side-chained noise gate? Eh? Eh? Oh. Over there.

(09:03:27) It's not to everyone's taste, but I'm glad @AChrisEvans is back at #radio2 - definitive family breakfast entertainment & well-chosen music.

(09:09:12) Light tunnels through the clouds. Might be a bit precarious.

(09:23:56) It's International Optimism Day today (or "Blue Monday" depending on your point of view). I shall come up with more inventions. Yeah.

(10:26:37) Technology - yay! I've just scanned some of Lenni's artwork.. keeping hold of tattered bits of A4 would be almost impossible, I think...

(10:49:13) Apparently I'm a Libra now. So's @robjd.

(10:50:32) Note to self: scan it ~before~ you throw it away.

(10:55:06) We've taken to laughing like Spongebob in our house. It's very annoying but also satisfying. It'll wear off.

(11:05:50) This is definitely going on the turntable later.. (thanks for the reminder @iamamro) http://yfrog.com/h4wvfanj #BlueMonday

(11:12:58) Hmm.. is today a 'cutting corners' hoover day? Or dare I pull the sofas out to see what tragedy is played out in miniature freeze-frame..?

(11:21:06) Great news! "Research suggests that dirt could in fact be good for you http://bit.ly/h3sKaQ " - @BBCFocus via @pootspublic yay!

(11:28:16) Best bit of the housework day.. the Precarious Tower Of Chairs. http://yfrog.com/h3lj1rj

(12:32:46) It is entirely lunchtime. Down tools (so to speak)

(12:52:46) Hmm. Back to work. Although the VPN is being evil today...

(14:44:56) Post Officing done & some treats for the childs, experiencing that bewildered look when I proffered currency to mimize change.

(15:11:03) I'm quite tolerant, but I'm afraid the quality control on this week's @radioacademy Radio Talk podcast is perplexingly poor. *shrugs*

(15:16:11) Time to amble to collect Lenni. It's stopped raining. HURRAH (to the power of x minus 1)

(16:08:28) Lenni's playing with a USB kitty thing. It has a slightly frightening wobbly head. Unlike most cats; they have frightening non-wobbly heads.

(16:17:46) On the DreamCheeky.com site: "Can't find what you're looking for? Just clueless about life in general? Contact Customer Service." Bit harsh.

(16:37:50) The children are now singing "Put that thing back where it came from or so help me..."

(17:54:43) Carrying out maintenance on my midfield monitor amp. Second fumble in two days.. now looking for a washer. Where's my torch..?

(18:25:19) Ahh.. the delicate sound of a Quad going through 4 foot speakers. I was indulging myself with my all-time favourite Abba song. Yes. I know.

(18:25:48) It's half-past six. If I start rebuilding my studio PC, what are the chances I will be even quarter of the way through by bedtime..?

(18:44:39) Right. Shutting down. This might take some time. Especially if I can't find my XP install disc.

(19:21:17) May I have a piece of quick advice, please? I'm making Reggae-Reggae cheese on toast: spread the sauce on the bread, or pour on the cheese?

(19:37:32) Went for both over and under.. and I think I like under better. I used a layer of butter to prevent sauce soakage. WIN!(nfc)

(19:38:17) Ooh.. cheese-on-toast update: three votes for "on top" and one for "under" I'm going to have another go.. round TWO! (Ding ding..)

(19:49:47) Conclusion: underneath with strong, mature cheese (otherwise: salty overload) - on top with milder cheese. Which is my favourite, I think.

(20:00:28) I wonder if dashing up and down stairs a bit will make me fit..?

(20:12:05) Ooh.. please welcome @FishPlateTwo to Twitter (loud as you can - he's old and deaf). He's @Fridgemagnet2's Dad. Ha.

Tweets for 16 Jan 2011


(08:28:47) Good morning. I like that I can tell the weather while lying bed from the sounds coming through the window. Light drizzle or volcano.

(08:44:40) My next invention: a kettle with three settings- tea; hot chocolate; cafétiere. No need to wait for it to cool down. Come on, Russell Hobbs!

(09:13:13) Wrestling, quite possibly in futility, with my sparsebundle. Not the sort of thing one expects to be doing on a Sunday morning. #techystuff

(09:21:38) More coffee. And some kind of vitamin-enriched product. Toast just doesn't cut it.

(12:14:54) Back from Religious Duties.. now: watching a progress bar doing that thing where it looks like it might start going up sometime this week.

(12:31:45) The library system is so sophisticated now, it's possible to look up a book online, and send it to my local library. Genius #savelibraries

(12:33:46) Also, our local library (a branch of @LutonLibraries in fact) has the most friendly, lovely people working there. #savelibraries

(12:35:09) Hello. Please go to your local library. It is brilliant in at least eight different ways. #savelibraries

(14:45:55) Note to self - our geocache is up the slope between two big trees, by the fence behind the small tree in a line with the first big tree.

(15:41:14) Home after some running around the park fun. Chris is listening to Heart & playing with Lego, Lenni is playing Mario Kart. All is well. Tea?

(16:06:31) I'm making pancakes #GreatThingsToSayInAGeordieAccent

(16:41:20) My next new invention: cheese-covered coffee beans.

(18:15:59) I don't think I've ever won at the Game Of Life.

(19:08:54) Ahh splendid - my mac's backing up again. Annoyingly, I don't think I needed to have deleted the old time machine backup, but hey ho (etc).

(20:31:28) In the studio, making (yet another) list of what to put back on my production PC when I rebuild it. Imminently.

(22:42:43) My favourite kind of destruction is wanton, followed by inadvertent. Or do I mean construction?

(22:45:40) Waiting for something to boot up after a firmware upgrade is a very modern kind of anxiety-induced hell.

Tweets for 15 Jan 2011


(22:06:16) Hmm. I'm back. I am beta male - and will probably be in beta for the rest of my life.

(22:16:16) In the past 24 hours, I've watched Monsters Inc, washed the bedding, played Junior Monopoly, and got a bit frustrated with a USB hard drive.

(23:16:43) Thirsty like the.. what's the equivalent of wolf? Er.. yak.

Tweets for 14 Jan 2011


(05:00:32) I'm not awake yet. My body (specifically my lower torso) doesn't think I should be asleep, though. Can't be having of that. zzz

(05:53:47) Good morning. Extrication time...

(06:35:36) Woo... not too squishy underfoot this morning. Looking forward to a walk up the hill. Back later!

(07:29:09) Time for a ponder. I fear a list is required; tech support at Geri Halliwell Towers has been lax of late. Dave the NAS is nearly full. Uhoh.

(07:36:21) In the words of the mighty @BagelTechRage (I'm catching on!): "Blast It!".. Google Calendar isn't syncing with my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone.

(07:55:25) Disembarkation by Baker Street Station. I could be a freestyle rap battler with my sumptuous rhymes. Bro.

(10:54:42) I'll be honest, I don't mind Britney's new single. As always, it would probably be better if she didn't sing on it, but there y'go.

(13:08:23) Short notice report knocked up in 10 minutes flat. I feel ike the cat that's got the Creme Egg.

(13:56:59) I don't think I've ever met anyone called Sarah who wasn't quite lovely. #justsayin

(14:50:28) What could be better than a team meeting on a Friday afternoon..? Darn.. only 70 characters to compose a reply...

(18:25:33) I think I've made it about 87% through the week, but am now going home - the other 13% can go onto the big pile under my desk.

(18:27:30) It's jalopy time again. People seem insistent on speaking to other people on their mobile phones who aren't on the coach. Sadly.

(18:29:59) Today's @easyBus driver is an altogether better calibre of man. I like the way he insists on driving as quickly as he can. Cheerful, too.

(18:31:11) In other news, apparently it's an obvious sign that I'm easily distracted when I point to the window and go "Ooh! Lightning!"

(19:14:03) I'm considering a Twitter-free Saturday.. must get my grey notebook out to jot down my musings. Withdrawal required, I think..

(19:20:32) 23 minutes until the weekend starts! Unless I start celebrating the weekend as I walk home. Doing one of those 'jump kick heel' things.

(20:43:08) I checked the list of apps trusted by my Twitter account on a desktop; there were 56! Now: 21. Maybe worth a look? http://is.gd/vntRoE (SFW)

(20:47:12) RT @heatherrhian: All of life needs a button like this! http://twitpic.com/3q0fo5

(21:07:50) Hmm. The eternal dilemma. (a) Go to bed & get up nice and early (ha!) (b) play Mario Kart or (c) do studio stuff..? An hour of (c) I think.

(21:26:26) Archiving: One can buy a 2TB hard drive for £70 + p&p. That's 425 DVD+Rs (cheapest = £51 + p&p). HD = eggs in one basket; DVD= LOTS! Help?

(21:56:23) I think I know what I'll be doing on Monday: taking a trip to Archive Central. My shoulders are lighter knowing I'll not be burning DVDs!

(22:01:19) Best be off. Back soon!

Tweets for 13 Jan 2011


(06:30:23) Good morning. Now watch this drive.

(06:40:58) Wow.. quiet on Twitter this morning. And it must be heading for 10 degrees C outside. How long have I been sleeping..?

(07:01:56) RT @pootspublic: just heard on #radio4 about the programme this evening about Luton, I shall make sure I listen. http://www.bbc.co.uk/pr ...

(07:04:58) Listening to @BagelTechRage talking about Google Chrome withdrawing support for h264. What's next..? JPG? GIF? (please!) MP3..?

(07:22:58) Hmm. #Radio4's Media Show podcast.. Maggie Brown, Greg Dyke and Eastenders? Ugh. ~clicks Prime Minister's Questions instead~

(07:54:15) Hmm. Not in the mood for human beings today (except those I know and love like you). Is there anything I can take that restores diplomacy..?

(08:23:11) Blimey.. someone's got car outside Western House with the registration "W12 BBC".. that's some dedication to Auntie..!

(08:23:46) a car, obviously. Oop!

(08:33:46) I can't be the only person who, if I had twins, would give them the same name? And that name would be "Atwin".

(08:40:54) Coffee's brewed! Bring your mugs (but please save some for me..)

(12:18:41) Which do you prefer, girls with glasses or contacts? O… — I honestly don't mind.. glasses, perhaps - so they can… http://4ms.me/dGDmJA

(12:19:50) Meeting number one done. Have I voiced my resentment about thaving a 1pm to 2pm meeting yet? My guess is probably. Resenty resenty resent.

(12:20:05) I have resent that tweet.

(12:48:15) Digital Brian is stinking the office out, once again, with his fishy lunch. He has the temerity to blame his wife. I have had words.

(12:53:44) Apple:3/10. I think it's past its best. Can't remember the variety, but there are some rather nice organic ones waiting at home..

(16:48:23) Oh lordy.. I saw @kathyclugston earlier - but I've not got tim to crave an audience with her and the Great Slanket of Con. BOO my life!

(16:49:48) If you could spend up to £100 on yourself, what would… — How much is a tank? Er.. ooh.. I was thinking of somet… http://4ms.me/fny1Wa

(16:51:20) RT @MimFox: @syzygy new website is up, would love an RT :-) http://miriamfox.co.uk/

(16:53:07) Are codpieces back in? .... No? ....That would explain it.

(17:04:50) Coffee at this time of the afternoon leads to whimsical work emails. It's just an inevitability.

(17:17:07) "Please be assured that I'll present a full method statement of what I believe needs to be done to you closer to the time." sounds wrong...

(19:18:56) Yeah Luton Airport. Hmm.

(19:21:23) Heading home, but not by damp plane. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) ✈) http://4sq.com/emTBAH

(19:41:03) Ambling home after a hard-braking @easyBus ride to LTN, driven by a man with fewer customer service skills than a disgruntled stoat.

(20:01:00) There's a programme about Luton just about to start on #Radio4 (8pm) - worth a listen, I think, if you have an interest in such things.

(20:58:50) Well, being a bit staid and lacklustre I have left it until now to shower. Pretty ropey, eh..? It's nearly bedtime, too. Ahh well.

(21:02:59) RT @Kazuzzle: I keep goldfish. They really are a pain in the arse. Though, thinking about it, probably best if I kept them in a goldfish ...

(21:11:41) OK. Dousing time. Dowsing? Something like that.

(21:12:35) I don't think New @Twitter works properly. Getting "Send follow request" for people I already follow, and DMs not appearing are irksome. Hm.

(21:45:03) Well, I've got wet hair, it's a bit of a 'mare, but I don't care cos I can't see it from here. Friday tomorrow. It'll do me good. Night!

Tweets for 12 Jan 2011


(06:25:39) Morning. 6.26 already..? Yeek!

(07:10:37) It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

(07:11:38) On other news (have I said good morning yet?) The standard of limo has plummeted somewhat in the past two days.. I'm in a 758. Bah!

(07:26:38) I am beyond Watford. Can I have my Royal Wedding bank holiday today, please?

(07:44:21) I'm not feeling demure.

(07:56:24) I entered a competition to win a galaxy named after me, but all I got was a bunch of stars. It was a constellation prize.

(07:58:16) Oh dear. I just made the same joke as producer David did on the @JonHolmes1 podcast. Always the bridesmaid(?)

(07:59:15) Also, I can listen to the whole Guardian Politics Weekly podcast and, once it's finished, be able to recall absolutely none of it.

(08:07:36) On aggregate, I would give this commute 5/10 (bolstered by top Twitter action). Time to get off at Baker St. A bit late.

(08:09:11) I am also not feeling mendacious.

(08:56:54) I have coffee, emails and the lights are bright in the office. We're having our windows cleaned today, so all the plants are on my old desk.

(09:37:40) A hearty round of applause to @brennig of the @thisrealitypod podcast for an excellent letter to the @RadioToday eRadio newsletter #ukradio

(09:43:30) Waiting for my computer to reboot, thinking back to an earlier era, when we thought Harry Enfield's "Stavros" was funny. How times change...

(10:28:45) I've just overheard someone say "That was the most boring day's cricket I've ever seen." Other colleagues are talking about chainsaws. Hmm.

(10:33:04) I have run out of lemonyginger tea. Also, the mug of coffee I had when I arrived appears to have had no effect. More coffee required.

(10:57:13) I entirely endorse this podcast: Dad And The Dude - http://www.bageltechnews.com/?cat=220 .. a man and his son in conversation. Love it!

(15:00:17) Whats your favourite word? — I have had to think long and hard about this, but I don't know many long, hard words,… http://4ms.me/fC6OOb

(15:01:11) happy, sad or indifferent today? — I would say that today I am about two thirds of the way between indifferent and… http://4ms.me/gvLAa9

(15:01:49) do you think ladies should dye their hair as they get … — My opinion is just to leave it. I don't think it's 'or… http://4ms.me/fIf63H

(15:02:51) do you believe cosmetic surgery is wrong? if not, what… — I don't have an opinion on cosmetic surgery, but I hav… http://4ms.me/fZ05G1

(15:07:18) hand massage or foot massage? — To give: foot massage. To get: Neither. I don't really like being touched, on the … http://4ms.me/fHHf0D

(15:07:32) blue eyes or brown eyes? — Green. Definitely. Or a bit yellow. http://4ms.me/fbkm3m

(15:10:22) Today is officially A Bit Of A Struggle. But it's OK - ti's a bonus day, so everything I get done is.. yes.. a bonus! :)

(17:28:37) Chorlton and the Wheelies is that the time..?!

(17:45:08) I wonder where the girl from Ipanema is now. Apparently she's 63.

(17:57:19) By my troth (which I brought with me to work today) it's nearly 6pm. That can only mean one thing. *toots tooter* Down tools! #simpsonstheme

(18:44:36) I do hope Arriva haven't broken all my nice new stretch limos (Van Hool Acron T917 y'know) because I'm in another old trundler again.. :/

(19:09:34) Oop.. my pay-as-you-go free Three internet (a whole 150MB) expires today.. better put another fiver on the fire...

(20:05:28) http://yfrog.com/h0878nuj I'm a lucky me.. @PootsPublic has treated me to Christmas Dinner :) WELL festive! (@HumbersHomemade)

(21:09:23) A firmware update on the ol' internet radio has not gone ~completely~ smoothly. Still.. it works just as well as before. No, really...

(21:41:19) I really need to go to bed. I imagine that is what I shall do, then. Good night, sleep well when you do, and embrace Thursday like a badger.

Tweets for 11 Jan 2011


(06:59:02) And so.. preparing for the hurtle - an old rattly charabanc of a coach this morning (a Hemel one).. older than Lenni & Chris!

(07:36:04) Abysmal traffic towards the bottom of the M1. An unattractive place to be stuck in a slow-moving queue. Still, mustn't grumble.

(07:55:17) It's nearly daytime. I could do with going back to bed. I daresay yoga or pilates would help. Shame I'm strapped into a coach.

(08:26:06) Am I losing my air of feminine mystique? — Not at all. Women are naturally inscrutable. http://4ms.me/eUbq6I

(08:26:40) Do birds sneeze? — Yes, but they never say 'bless you'. The cheeky blighters. By all accounts, pigeons can't burp,… http://4ms.me/emmd9u

(09:05:05) Hmm.. need some tunes to get me going. Fantastic.. the Gregory Brothers have made a new video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjYSERaXEGI

(09:22:18) What's the best thing about being you? — I think it would be that I can find fun and amusement in almost every par… http://4ms.me/e7QKBv

(09:24:47) There is an unnecessary amount of upbeat music on dubstep.fm this morning.

(11:31:03) O noes! @Audioboo has snapped (500 - infernal server error!)

(11:46:44) This morning when I got off the coach and was ambling down Baker Street, some bloke stopped me and asked wher London Business School was...

(11:48:03) I told him it was 'up there around the corner a bit'; he responded "OK." & walked off. In true Nick Burns style, I shouted "You're Welcome!"

(11:48:18) That was my Passive Aggressive Moment of the day.

(12:04:11) We're discussing Wales.

(12:14:22) If one eats chocolate covered coffee beans while drinking instant coffee, does that make it all right?

(12:17:19) People of St Albans (are people of St Albans on Twitter?) @ucalegon has not had good coffee today. If you have some, please let him have it.

(13:15:54) Digital Brian just got put in my Book. It's illegal to cook fish in the microwave just before my pasty goes in. Or at least NEARLY illegal.

(14:10:34) A brief period of Fresh Air is required.

(16:34:49) I wish I didn't love meetings as much as I do, but I don't really think that's possible.

(16:36:36) In a more worrying development, the scrolling message on the BT Tower has gone blank. A nice shade of purple, but blank nevertheless.

(18:55:36) Heading home in any number of ways less than two. Tonorrow's Wednesday, right? Bonus day (not really, but if I keep telling myself...)

(19:35:45) Here is my idea (inspired by @sparkyannc and reminded by @Ariadnes_web): Medicine flavoured shots/soft drinks...

(19:37:09) Just think - the great tastes of Peptobismol, Gaviscon, TCP or cough medicine without the 4-times-a-day limit. (AND alcohol)

(20:16:40) Yeah! I have the foods and two contented children and you. It's good to be alive.

(20:29:00) I love that Heinz Tomato Ketchup tastes as glorious as when I were a lad. But sad the bottle doesn't have a "recyclable plastic" number.

(20:40:24) For the glory of temperance and benefit of mankind, I stand before you and say: I am going to bed at quarter past nine. Who's with me?

(21:58:55) Right.. sleepytimes (not two or four moments too soon). Oh.. must remember: my work shirt has NO breast pocket tomorrow. Careful now. Night!

Tweets for 10 Jan 2011


(00:04:17) I am in bed and asleep. I am not doing anything else. Shhh. (Night)

(07:32:33) Time to haul myself from my pit. Y'know what.. I'm going to make a doctor's appointment. Clear these sinuses once and for all.

(07:51:16) Continental breakfast this morning - Deutschlandfunk on the radio; croissants on the table. Coffee in my cafetière mug thing. Lovely.

(11:20:19) A short French woman just came to read my electricity meter. I never thought I would ever type that.

(14:15:50) Chris's mobile phone successfully located.. what's next on the list..?

(15:14:10) I should hoover, really. On hold with the doctor's now, though.. might be a little.. aggravating if they pick up.

(16:25:50) Wahoo.. a clean bill of health at the dentist's shop - just me needing a tartar to be removed from the bottom of my mouth. Yum

(18:00:42) I can hear Lenni murdering Neil Diamond downstairs #thingsIneverthoughtIwouldtweet

(18:04:06) I think I'd better join Lenni downstairs to put Neil out of his misery. "Cracklin' Rosie get on boaaaaaarrrd"

(20:48:47) Le Tombeau d'Edgar Poe. That is all.

(21:02:25) Y'know they say "Cold hands - warm heart" Can it therefore be said: "Dry hands - wet heart?" Sounds dangerous. Better moisturize.

(22:09:17) I want an orchestra, so I can be known as "james Hart, out of off of james Hart And His Orchestra"

(23:10:37) Uhoh. A little late to bed, after an evening of music, samples and laughs with my younger brother. Better go. Night night! :)

Tweets for 09 Jan 2011


(08:27:56) RT @therealgokwan: Tweeties: This size zero/pro anorexia rubbish is total self promotion! The easiest way to combat this hideousness is ...

(08:49:04) Good morning! Blue skies over Luton.. children in good form.. I showed Lenni the principles of Venetian blinds - we're talking life skills!

(09:28:37) Listening to Seahaven FM (it goes FM at midday today: hurrah!) automated music.. Olivia Newton John followed by Public Image by PiL. Genius.

(10:06:59) Right.. time to ask the kids to turn off their computers and engage in some photosynthesis. Back later!

(10:26:48) I have a crumpled jumper. Strong consideration is being given to whether I should adopt it as my trademark look.

(13:10:54) Visiting the London Borough of Lunching... Beth's trying to listen to The News Quiz over the children bickering. Requires loud volume...

(13:54:53) So far I've mislaid my bluetooth headset thingy & my car keys. Bluetooth thingy found.. I know what I'll be doing for the next 20 minutes..

(13:57:54) Well. That was refreshingly less than 20 minutes. (Unexpected pocket of other trousers). I need to be more organised.

(14:00:30) This evening, I will do something that was suggested on a radio programme a few weeks ago. If I remember. I hope I do. Then tweet about it.

(14:48:00) Woo.. Tweetup! With @museumsluton in Sainsbury's new posh café. Hoping @dizzydanni84 will be here soon!

(15:21:50) Where are you, @dizzydanni84 ..? We've got @humbershomemade and @museumsluton drinking tea & sun shining!

(16:26:09) Home after a fun, chatty tweetup with @museumsluton and @humbershomemade. A top way to spend Sunday afternoon!

(16:45:09) Just about to see if @BaronHawkey's about for some MarioKart Wii. If you'd like to join me/us, please shout. 5241-7201-3887

(17:39:28) It always makes me smile to see the International Space Station going over. It's a ~gorgeous~ starry night - well worth enjoying! :) #iss

(18:00:58) Have you ever taken the blame for something you didn't… — Good questions.. I would say - for minor things - I'm … http://4ms.me/gHHvH9

(18:37:22) Taking on the might of @BaronHawkey at MarioKart Wii.. jump in if you want to join :)

(18:58:46) Some cheeky blighter(?) has set Flickr to be in Indonesian on my mac. That makes things a little challenging.

(19:05:08) Ahh.. Flickr's back to normal. I like the way Chrome can do webpage translation. Makes idiocy ~far~ easier to remedy :D

(19:36:46) The Engadget podcasts from CES2011 are hilarious - and there's hours of coverage. Nice one @JoshuaTopolsky, @Reckless and @FuturePaul !

(20:27:10) Ahh.. dear old QI XL on #WiiPlayer. Banana bread beer is my serving suggestion. (I guessed the Zoe Katze one! Yeah!)

(22:23:07) My intention: edit some video of the children at Wicksteed last June. End result: wrestling with my mobile phone, which is being evil.

Tweets for 08 Jan 2011


(00:14:51) Right.. time to pack the things away that it's sensible to pack away, and stomp up the stairs to bed. What a long, interesting day. Night!

(09:36:13) Good morning. Bit of a slow start today (late night last night and wine). Very much enjoying an ad-free @Asda FM this morning. Lovely.

(09:37:20) I'm also looking at Klein bottles. And Gallium. Mmm. I like gallium - the chocolate of the periodic table: http://is.gd/km43N (h/t @giagia)

(09:47:56) Doing SCIENCE with the children :)

(10:23:27) I'm not really very good at online banking.

(10:48:55) Working through a List Of Things To Do. This half hour: tidying the kitchen. Next half hour: probably still tidying the kitchen.

(11:54:31) This explains a lot: cheese has traces of morphine & has opiate effects when digested. http://yhoo.it/dQi5Hn (via @yahoogreen @paul_steele)

(11:56:51) Stopping for a bit. For some reason I feel a little below-par today. My suspicion is that the wine I drank last night is past its best.. :/

(12:03:22) Heh.. just got this email: 'Offered Ad : Approx 70 VHS Video Cassettes - Mainly Children's & "Bring Me the Head Of Alfredo Garcia"' #ISIHAC

(12:22:56) I'm just about to change my profile picture to me at my hairiest (and sleepiest) - photography by @superalora :D

(13:44:11) All done with lunchingtons.. time to drag the children to the park while the sun still shows its face (just about)...

(15:17:32) I think I can safely say I suffer from cynophobia, although whether it's abnormal or simply suppositional is not clear...

(15:20:04) I wish I had a German table on which to place a popular cafetiere manufacturer. Bodum Tisch.

(15:20:48) I'm not sure I agree with the phrase "Everyone's a critic."

(15:39:00) I have a hankering. Norwich, or Coventry, or London.

(16:20:29) Audioboo: Karaoke singing boo http://boo.fm/b251484

(20:03:59) ooh! Cool - Chris found this.. a full version of "Presto" - that brilliant short that played at the cinema before Wall-E: http://is.gd/knVk6

(20:43:22) Right. Really need to do some recording. I think my microphone needs to be warmed up to get decent sound out of it. Or it might be me.

(21:24:50) Hmm.. I think my DVD drive is on its way out. Either that or two audio archive DVDs I've burned are knackered :/ Uhoh...

(22:10:14) Good heavens. Can't believe it's after 10pm already. In other news, I think I'll chuck the rest of these blank dual layer DVDs away. Darn.

(23:35:58) Yay DONE! Another load of voicers in the tank - this time for a community radio station launch on Monday. I'm SO lucky to be able to do 'em.

(23:41:00) Nearly in bed at 11pm.. if I'm quick, I'll only be 45 minutes late. Night night! :)

Tweets for 07 Jan 2011


(06:22:17) Up, alive and listening to Mark Thomas on #iPlayer #radio4 Honey nut cornflakes for breakfast... it's only blimmin' Friday. Mornin' :)

(06:25:47) RT @TimHarford: Need a web designer? @RichardWiseman has some great recommendations, if you don't mind tearing your eyes out first: http ...

(06:28:23) Uhoh.. better go...

(09:16:35) Sweet mother of creation, that was long and unnecessary.

(09:31:52) RT @cindyvriend: Because i like to start the day with a smile >> RT @paul_steele Twitter Singup (karaoke) #16 - The Lion Tweets To ...

(09:33:51) The lights on my desk are no longer designated Christmas lights. They are "james is in the office and causing trouble" lights. Be aware.

(11:09:31) RT @DomesticScience: EXTRA EXTRA behind the scenes at the #xmaslectures http://tinyurl.com/2u9mphm and http://tinyurl.com/2ugnccw (feat. me)

(12:26:36) I've just been firewarden briefed. Jolly good.

(12:27:40) However, I was knee-deep in emails before I had the meeting, realised I needed a wee when I stood up & was therefore late. Is this just me?

(12:30:28) Hmm. I think my sinuses should just calm down now.

(12:43:43) In other news: mmmm pizza!

(12:56:49) The woman doing an online training thing I'm struggling through has a most gorgeous American accent. It's not as bewitching as Brum, though!

(15:17:43) Hmm. I keep answering FormSpring.me questions & forget to press the 'go on.. tweet about this' button. Does the asker know I've answered?

(15:18:46) Also the powdery bit at the bottom of my effervescent vitamin C tablet tube thing is like healthy sherbert. I'm off to Dragon's Den with it.

(16:52:59) Next idea: to stop people forgetting, for example, that the kettle's boiled, a range of domestic applicances that go BANG when they're done.

(16:58:54) Poor Hazel is looking unwell :(

(17:56:23) I am no longer here.

(18:07:45) Geocaching in the dark (and rainy) does not come recommended.

(19:16:22) The weekend's officially started... 22 minutes from home :) (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) ✈) http://4sq.com/haJrCK

(19:38:02) The poor old internet might have me and my half-formed opinions inflicted upon it later.. :/ Lock up yout modems.

(20:46:04) Almost definitely shower time. Trying to work out what to wear this evening. I think it might still be purple hoody season.

(20:52:18) To shave or not to shave? I've got a good bit o' stubble going. Hmm.

(21:28:04) Well hairy & hoody. But clean & fragrant. Ooh get me. (@zararugosa @cymraescoch @Rebs39) http://yfrog.com/h2zczvgj

(22:07:05) RT @BagelTechNews: Bagel Tech BIG is LIVE...ON OUR SITE...NOW! . http://bit.ly/hu1WZf

(22:09:44) I'm doing this: Right now. How exciting :) http://bit.ly/hu1WZf

(23:24:10) All done with the BagelTech BIG show.. quite amusing.

Tweets for 06 Jan 2011


(06:14:22) Oop.. looks like I've nearly missed a whole series of Count Arthur Strong - enjoying Barry Cryer's guest role in episode 6 #radio4 #iPlayer

(06:23:55) Hi ho and off to work and all that. Happy Thursday to you and Tibet.

(07:03:05) Ooh I like: "Let's get the story from the BBC" - @leolaporte on this week's TWiT. Nice to hear @ruskin147 & team getting quoted.

(08:54:30) Hmm. Fruit tea is nowhere near as good for dunking. Either I'm going to have to give up biscuits, or drink more coffee. Or not dunk. What..?

(09:02:08) I like it when, after interrupting a dishwasher mid-cycle, I close the door & there's a confused pause before it continues. Ehh..? Whuh..?

(09:11:54) I've lost my blimmin Sharpie!

(10:17:20) This really is SUCH a lovely story - everyone deserves a second chance. Yay internets! http://bit.ly/fDMTn5 (via @Mmmster & @moominstrudel)

(11:13:58) What do you do with an overkeen DBA?

(11:35:02) I like free things. I like coffee. This, therefore, appeals to me: http://wish.starbuckscard.co.uk/filtercoffee/voucher.html (from Facebook)

(13:08:05) I need a wee and a salad and a pasty, otherwise it is gonna turn nasty. #icandohiphop

(13:10:31) Also, I'm still a bit scared and overwhelmed by Quora.

(18:07:25) The coach just passed a house where someone was playing Wii on a MASSIVE telly. At least I think it was a Wii. And a massive telly.

(19:31:47) Audioboo: End of parsnips boo [well, OK, New Year boo then] http://boo.fm/b250395

(20:46:41) How could I have missed this work of genius (by @rathergood - naturally)? http://is.gd/kfFK0 (YouTube. Odd. Hilarious. Frightening in parts)

(21:51:53) Uhoh. Bedtime's just clunked round already. That means we're just a small scattering of minutes before Friday happens. Quick! Hide! Night...

Tweets for 05 Jan 2011


(06:25:32) Good morning. The coffee's strong, the comedy's passable and I'm all dressed & ready(ish) to head up the hill to work. Best I can ask for!

(06:29:39) We are go. Which isn't grammatical.

(06:58:06) Thinking and emailing and writing lists and ~not~ dozing off or playing casual games on my iPod Touch.

(07:52:42) Winding my way down Baker Street. Light in my head & dead on my feet. #RIPGerryRafferty

(08:13:46) Why have I got Roy Orbison's "Crying" stuck in my head? I don't even like Roy Orbison.

(08:21:37) So.. the key question: coffee or vitamin C tablet drinky thing? Tempted by the former...

(08:29:03) Coffee and a text to the HR lady it is, then.

(12:38:00) Time for pasty and salad. Must remember to pop downstairs for Meeting Cancellation, too.

(12:55:51) Woahhhh! RT @D_NS This is freaking me out http://twitpic.com/3mwjcl (One clearly evolves into the other) (via @Aiannucci)

(13:10:50) Odds bodkins, where are the calories in cupasoup?

(14:16:27) Right, james: focus. And don't think about biscuits.

(16:34:24) It appears I am a little early, and now have something of a dilemma. Also, one of my domains is about to expire. It's all go here.

(17:26:06) Nearly dozed off earlier. In Luton, incidentally, it is very drizzly. These are truths, albeit from the factbox that's labelled 'dull'.

(18:10:16) All lovely and home. Wondering whether I should shower now or later.. just been doing some pottering - starting to get hungry now, though :D

(19:38:27) I think I got a bit of WD40 in my vitamin C fizzy drink thing. Bonus!

(20:22:34) I have made the mistake of going for a lie down under my duvet before going for a shower. Must.. fight.. lazybones.. urge...

(20:43:29) RT @TimHarford: Can't believe this brilliant Wikipedia article really exists: http://goo.gl/lCkN Thank you, XKCD!

(21:39:39) Another slow wade through the mire of domain re-registration. Horrible. Still @emmaandpete get a small cut :)

(21:40:34) Enough of today, I think. Time to go to bed. Please feel free to stay up and have a go on whatever's left of my Wednesday. Night!

Tweets for 04 Jan 2011


(06:49:30) Good morning. Always a bit of a struggle getting going on the first commute after Christmas.. timings a bit off so far.. shuttle bus, then.

(08:10:00) It's still dark. What's all that about? Answers including the word "eclipse" will be dismissed.

(08:17:33) Time to plug in the sound system and crank up the tunes. In other news, Hazel The Peace Lily isn't looking well at all :(

(09:05:25) Achieved so far this morning: inbox rationalisation / tea made for colleagues / label put on recycle bin so it doesn't get filled with crap.

(09:09:07) More coffee flavoured drink.

(09:22:16) Oh I love this.. it's long, but very clever. I like Maths - I should show the childrens http://is.gd/k4rJ9 via @alexbellos and @TimHarford

(09:58:21) Still not sure where to start (although to be fair, I've started already, but it might be striking out in the wrong direction..)

(13:26:14) "Aplenty" and "galore" are examples of post-positive adjectives. Funnily enough, there aren't that many of them.

(14:15:12) First a brown-out, and now my computer's Gone A Bit Funny. This isn't going to end well.

(15:54:02) Right.. I MUST remember to leave wotk at 4pm. Which is a mere 7 minutes away!

(16:11:05) It's not dark yet. Bonus.

(16:23:12) Non-representative traffic, I'll be bound - most schools aren't back yet. Boh and, indeed, selecta.

(18:33:31) Home and feeling a bit wobbly... I should freshen myself up in the shower, really, but I'm enjoying watching Chris build a Garry's Mod map.

(20:50:16) Bit cloudy. I should make Chris watch the Stargazing thing on iPlayer. Or would that not work..?

(21:01:21) Wow.. I still have three quarters of an hour before bed. Another glass of wine, I think.

(21:29:14) I'm being followed by @foleypod, whose bio says "...I can't get enough sushi." This is because NOBODY can get enough sushi. Fact.

(21:55:12) Right.. definitely bedtime - what a fun evening of internet socialising it's been. AND I've caught up with some old friends. Night night :)

Tweets for 03 Jan 2011


(08:51:00) Good morning - and a record start to the day: resting power usage of the house: 161 watts. Can still improve! http://yfrog.com/h8mhykj

(09:31:16) Right.. in the shower, then out on the green to do some singing.. :/

(10:32:36) Well.. time to visit Mr Cohen's shop. Hopefully the siege mentality has subsided (and there is bread on the shelves).

(11:47:27) I'm Sportacus! #iamsportacus

(12:19:48) Bosh. Sorted.

(13:15:21) A virtuous salady lunch (with a bit of cheese & bread) nom. Watching the blackbird in the garden.. all quite relaxing.

(15:57:54) Just back from the @museumsluton Discovery Centre at Stockwood Park - we love it; a splendid afternoon of fun and interesting things :)

(19:48:30) Right. One more night before I go back to work.. a bit of singing needs doing, then.. well.. I have a list. A list of DOOM.

(21:16:13) I felt nothing.

(21:37:04) Audioboo: Brief and frivolous [and easy..?] "Guess The Sound" outdoor boo http://boo.fm/b248531

(22:09:17) Going to bed. Night.

Tweets for 02 Jan 2011


(00:16:38) An evening of reading, playing Uno on the Wii and listening to @TimHarford's excellent More Or Less statistics of 2010 podcast. Top.

(00:19:59) End of day 1 of the year. 364 of which to make better use. Lots of clearing up and sorting tomorrow, I think. Good night to you!

(14:50:17) A quiet, deChristmas-treed Sunday afternoon. I need to go out and do a video for @paul_steele's next Karaoke Singup, but I'm a bit sleepy :/

(15:16:09) We're playing Game Of Life on the Wii.. again, while listening to the Strictly CD (thanks, @sparkyannc) Love it!

(17:58:23) When's the next tram to Ambridge? #sattc

(18:50:18) It appears I'm about to listen to #TheArchers - first time in years.. I used to listen while driving from site to site in 2000-2001 #sattc

(19:13:56) If there is a spot effect of a baby crying at any point during #TheArchers, I will be most irked. #sattc

(19:16:27) It'll turn out to be a bad case of trapped wind - the episode will end in a noxious cloud #sattc #myprediction #TheArchers

(19:23:22) RT @karamina: 1950 meets 2011. We're all sitting around our radios, tweeting. #SATTC #archers

(19:27:25) Gravity.. the mainstay of the cliffhanger ending. That and explosions #TheArchers #sattc

(20:34:24) I think I have a new showbiz hero (well, after Rolf) - @ChrisGPackham is owning the panel guests on #Buzzcocks & was hilarious on Unwrapped

(20:39:19) I still have no idea who Example is. He looks like a work experience boy. #Buzzcocks

(20:49:48) I'm looking up Joanna Page on Google.

(21:17:54) I really am a sucker for a pretty face. For... very rarely of.

(22:12:53) Rich Hall - funny bloke.

(23:24:31) I'm going to practice my sleeping skills. I think I'm getting pretty good, though I can't keep going as long these days. Good night to you.

Tweets for 01 Jan 2011


(00:00:14) Happy nouveau cuisine.

(01:59:56) RT @mathematicsprof: 2011 is also the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers: 2011=157+163+167+173+179+181+191+193+197+199+211

(02:03:42) All home after the children's first New Year's celebration, Wii karaoke, singalongs, fireworks and a drive down the M40 with LED cats eyes!

(02:04:21) A splendid, family way to say hello to the new year. Now, though, I think it's time to avoid Saturday for at least a little longer. Night!

(10:22:51) The house is slowly stirring after a late night - the children stayed up to see the new year in, and it was nearly 2am when we got home.

(10:25:51) Meanwhile, I've been awake for about an hour, making coffee, feeding the guinea pigs & topping & tailing the #xmaslectures recordings. Yeah!

(10:38:45) Going through the plans for 2011.. definitely visiting That Deutschland (going to be quite near @ClaudiaHaun!) & trying to read more books.

(12:00:39) MUFFINS!

(12:05:43) It's SO good to see the children both watching the @rigb_science #xmaslectures with such interest.. SCIENCE! (kudos to @DomesticScience)

(12:31:39) I am now all brunched up. I should attempt a return to humanity through the medium of warm water and shower gel. SCIENCE.

(12:35:33) There was LOTS of singing last night; I played guitar with a guy called Chris. I don't think it'd be a new year's eve party without singing.

(12:36:37) Also, I have successfully avoided checking my work email throughout the Christmassy festive period. So Blwyddyn Newydd. Pronounced "Yeahh!"

(12:46:59) Seems all the cool kids are changing their twitter avatars to butterflies. I'm going to change mine to a Daddy Longlegs.

(13:06:59) I have just found myself smelling my clothes. That doesn't happen so much these days. I am SO classy (& well-looked-after by @pootspublic!)

(15:52:55) Trying to work out what to do. Not "what a to-do!"

(16:37:34) Watching the second of the @rigb_science #xmaslectures - they've got an electron microscope and a man with a beard to work it.

(17:46:17) Ask me anything (except about sport.. I'm rubbish) http://formspring.me/cacophonyx

(17:49:28) I have a feeling today's not going to be the most productive.. still, means there's room for improvement :)

(22:33:01) I've spent a sizeable chunk of this evening reading a book. Quite complicated (not least because it goes into hypercubes & that). Tired now.

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