December 2010 Archives

Tweets for 31 Dec 2010


(10:56:15) Good morning! A busy morning of (overdue) tidying & pottering.. now sorting out on-line blood things. Interesting graph:

(11:11:47) I think I have some drilling and screwing to do.

(13:02:42) 2011 is less than half the world away... it's time to squeeze all I can out of the rest of the year. First, though: cuppa tea.

(13:55:05) Is it just me, or has Facebook been sending out some rather spurious New Year's Eve party invitations? I've seen three go awry... :/

(17:24:31) Ooh.. it is going to be an utterly fruitloop evening. Isn't that the best way to see in the new year..? I may be back later... :/

Tweets for 30 Dec 2010


(14:45:20) We're just approaching the end of some busy family time - 6 of the 8 cousins at their grandma's, having great fun. Which continues tomorrow!

(17:32:09) Need to recharge batteries.... a little errant with the ol' Charger situation. But not as bad as forgetting to order lunch for the kids :/

(18:17:40) Woo.. it's good to be home (albeit an untidy one) after a long drive from Sussex. Now: to perk myself up with some vitamin C & unpack...

(20:16:17) Watching Andy Parsons doing stand-up. He has an odd voice... immediately recognisable. I've never enjoyed 'picking on the audience' skits.

(22:30:21) Time, I think, to turn in. Last day of 2010 tomorrow; I'll doubtless be seeing it to its bitter end. Let's hope it's not bitter, eh? Night!

Tweets for 29 Dec 2010


(07:25:06) Good morning. Time for porridge and coffee before preparing for more family visitations.. listening to #ISAHAC - brilliant that it's back!

(07:25:35) By which I meant #ISIHAC (I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue) :D

(07:26:01) In other news, I don't think we've ever had so many nail clippers in this house.

(08:56:24) Right.. time to find Christopher's phone charger and put some clothes on. Some that fit would be ideal.

(13:21:19) Wow.. incandescent lightbulbs. Warms the room up nicely.

(18:08:35) My brother Pete's just discovered the 1985 Radio Times celebrating Live Aid.. wow! [In pretty good nick, too!]

(22:58:27) A busy family day - and another tomorrow... hence the lack of tweets. It's been fun, though - running around after the kids :)

(23:00:57) in other news, I watched Terminator Salvation this evening. An annoying, dark film, with Christian Bale in, whom I can't stand. Bah. 2/10

(23:01:58) And with that sub-Winkleman review, time to sleep, listening to a Peter Gabriel documentary. V. interesting. G'night!

Tweets for 28 Dec 2010


(08:26:44) Good morning to you and the rest of planet earth (at various times). It's Tuesday, but it looks like it's been disarmed, which is a bonus.

(09:06:09) Making porridge for girl child... might have some myself in a mo.

(09:37:29) It appears I am back in bed. Non optimal. I shall shower and dress, once I've won at wrestling the duvet. Uneasy standoff...

(10:22:45) My bluey-green hoody has shrunk in a most unsettling way. Or have I grown? Worryingly, probably the latter.

(10:37:04) Straightening up plans for Family Visitations. We all take it quite easy as a family, so we'll probably all turn up at a similar time...

(12:47:33) Can't read my... can't read my... can't read my Uno face.

(15:01:48) We're out at Dad's - while Beth's doing some sale shopping. I'm fairly sure the sun popped out earlier...

(20:15:58) Not really been tweeting much today. I've been doing Family things.. now watching the RI Christmas lectures. Have I missed anything?

(21:29:57) I am not admitting to what I'm watching on telly. If anyone asks, I'm reading @MarcusDuSautoy's The Num8er My5teries. And tweeting.

(22:20:12) Just saw the next @ShiftRunStop promo video; I thought.. "That looks like @Rhodri playing the musical saw." Then the caption appeared. Well.

(23:09:28) Oop. Best be unconscious so Wednesday can discreetly tumble down the chimney and leave a rather untidy mess on the lounge floor. Good night!

Tweets for 27 Dec 2010


(08:41:33) Good morning, and a happy Box Holiday Monday to you. Good start for me.. up before 8 am :D Now: Doctor Who on iPlayer before Chris gets up.

(08:45:08) I do so utterly love the Doctor Who theme. Also I ~need~ to get Neverwhere on DVD. I'm in a good mood. Mmm caffeine.

(09:14:11) At least this #DoctorWho Christmas special doesn't have Kylie in it.

(12:49:20) Watching Lenni playing Uno on the Wii - only 500 WiiWare points.. bargain.

(14:50:57) I'm hoping @dizzydanni84 made it into her Gran's house OK #BoxingDayBurglary (@PlainTalkingHR)

(15:05:03) I wonder how many of @MermHart's "Miranda" phrases are in common parlance. We use "ruuude!" & "such fun!" now :D

(15:15:06) Catching up with festive @Audioboo recordings of @T_NorthernBloke, @PerryGascoine, @r2uk, @floyduk, @andymooseman & @simontoon

(17:53:52) We popped to Woodside Farm (a Christmas treat - thanks, Mother!) Fun, but the animals looked cold!

(18:01:06) Lenni's special bonus present this year - an ENORMOUS cardboard box (imagination sold separately!)

(19:21:51) Hmm. Might watch a bit of Eddie Izzard, and then do some Pottering. It's a plan.. what could possibly go wrong?

(19:50:13) Mmm.. beer and cheese - they go well together. And jazz chickens.

(20:09:19) I have a round tummy after all this Christmas. I will endeavour to minimise my paunch in 2011. When the cheese and beer has all gone.

(20:36:50) Too many cartoon cows have male voices. That irks me.

(21:34:19) My 11-year-old son has started using "peace out" to sign off his emails. Is this good..?

(22:01:53) It's @charltonbrooker's 2010 Wipe on #BBC2. Now. I'm off to watch it, then.

(22:17:17) "an oil rig exploded damaging pipes... down in the Spongebob Department" - Charlie Brooker has a fabulous turn of phrase.

(23:04:06) Right.. that's the 27th done with (apart from an overdue text to my sister to wish her a happy birthday!) It's Tuesday tomorrow, right? Oh.

Tweets for 26 Dec 2010


(10:40:27) Good morning (belatedly). Officially, Boxing Day's never on a Sunday, so I have designated this Bonus Day. Very little will be achieved :)

(10:59:05) There's a burst water main up on Farley Hill - Veoilia vans with megaphones warning of wet roads.. it'll be dicey if it freezes! #Luton

(11:45:51) Playing "Pictionary Man" with Lenni.. a present from Beth... great fun, although some of the clues are quite obscure. Draw "Tom Cruise"..?

(12:32:15) Talking about Android and how it's not cooked yet. Which, in the case of FroYo is quite, quite cold.

(14:18:23) Cool... the story behind my favourite Christmas Song: Greg Lake's "I Believe In Father Christmas" (thanks, @pootspublic!)

(16:13:52) I'm remarkably thirsty today. Although it's actually Sunday.

(17:16:28) I wonder if Mumsnet was the inspiration for the idea of (at least the title of) Angry Birds..?

(18:04:24) Ooh.. Chris got a electronics kit for Christmas - this one can record sound... very posh!

(19:31:06) It's all gone terrifyingly quiet - the children have (sort-of) elected to have an early night... not sure what to do with myself now! :/

(19:48:05) RT @TVCatchup: Top Gear: Middle East Special is on in 15 minutes on BBC2 ( - Should be another great show!

(19:53:22) I've just seen an advert on a "SwapShop" Yahoo group for "OFFERED: KARAOKE SERVICE ...with a personal appearance croon mid-session." Blimey.

(21:06:32) Top Gear's nearly finished - although I'm enjoying it, I do need a wee.

(21:25:33) Trying "Come Fly With Me" on #WiiPlayer ...knowing @LDNLutonAirport as well as I do, I'm hoping it's not too cringey! :D

(23:40:47) All done for Bonus Sunday (including an iPlayer catch-up)... nearly time to see what boxes are available for Boxing Day. Boxage. Good night!

Tweets for 25 Dec 2010


(00:03:55) Happy Christmas! What finer way to celebrate the birth of Christ than with a poor quality cover version (if it's good enough for X Factor!)

(08:00:51) A Happy Christmas to the wonderful folk at BagelTech: @bageltechnews @bageltechrage @kyleswager @AlexGFox and @sarahjaneuk - superstars all!

(08:01:34) Mornin'. And a festive one at that. Coffee..?

(08:10:45) The children are awake and rummaging in their Christmas sacks :)

(08:44:57) <3 @pootspublic

(11:44:17) Back from church - the family's arrived. Lunch is smeling lunchy. More coffee. And best behaviour (mutually exclusive..?)

(12:45:23) Boo.. my direct messages have stopped working :/

(13:03:35) Yummy yummy Christmas lunch :) Well done, @pootspublic!

(13:09:20) Happy Christmas - tasty lunch.. thanks, Beth! :)

(13:56:19) I'm very impressed with #PervyCouncil contributions to #KSS2010 - @forkinabucket's performance is unmissable!

(14:02:12) Of course, @Painted_Duchess sang like an angel; took me a while to realise we both have different YouTube usernames to Twitter #PervyCouncil

(14:17:14) Ohhh.. @SpaceCadet_76's moving interpretation of The Darkness is quite spectacular #KSS2010 #PervyCouncil What a fantastic event! @jrr4film

(15:47:01) Festive cartoon by @pootspublic's very talented Dad

(15:49:03) Beth is fortunate to have a batty great-aunt, who is capable of remarkable gifts. [ Like this: Bags by Google..?]

(16:16:11) Watching Lenni's Christmas play... "I've been on my feet ALL day..." lovely.

(17:05:12) Oh! I've been sent a #KaraokeSecretSanta song by @jennifer_aus: truly lovely! I smiled lots knowing it was sung for me :)

(18:57:42) Yummy - Marston's Oyster Stout - 8/10... lovely & festive! #realale

(19:28:41) I have eaten well today. It's been fun.

(20:54:59) Better call my Dad.

(22:46:15) Audioboo: End of a happy Christmas Day boo

(23:28:22) What a great Christmas Day - thank you for being part of it :) Night night!

Tweets for 24 Dec 2010


(08:25:12) Good morning. Struggling a bit, to be honest, but once I've got my sinuses unjammed and some coffee down me, it may be a good day.

(09:50:45) Putting fresh water in the bird bath, I loved the little bird footprints around the snowy terrace!

(09:56:54) Feeling 43% more human, and 72% more festive. YEAH!

(10:38:27) I don't know if my studio is a bit smelly or not. Perhaps it's the lack of Airwick effect in here. Also: liqueur chocolates for breakfast!

(12:16:36) A Christmas visitation from Chris's godmother. Drinking lime & ginger tea & eating home-made biscotti. Posh-o!

(13:43:45) Hang on a mo... MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, @painted_duchess @SpaceCadet_76 @jennifer_aus and @LisaTickledPink - since it's now Christmas Day!

(17:27:35) Pretty-much done with work for 2010 - now watching Prince Caspian with the family. Completely bewildered by the start of it...

(17:40:52) Eating & being merry has commenced. Might have a drink in a bit.

(17:53:28) First drink in weeks.. and first of Christmas - coconut rum & pineapple juice. Cheers!

(18:13:14) Eddie Izzard! (playing the mouse in Prince Caspian) Wicked.

Tweets for 23 Dec 2010


(06:23:32) Aww.. I was part of the Monochrome community.. early social network adopter, me :D ( ShinyShiny.TV via @monobbs )

(06:26:29) Yeek! 6.25 already... I've got two hot beverages to drink before I leave the house. Might have to carry the coffee up the hill... back soon!

(07:54:47) Bit weird but festive - the street lights on the M1 between junctions 5 & 6 are flashing. Please don't be epileptic & drive.

(11:42:50) I'm going to move desks. NOW.

(15:52:34) I'm back on-line, having moved, labelled and safety tested about 50% of my stuff. In some respects that's all I need.. plus a kicking sub.

(16:14:35) Right.. third PC tested and booted.. now I can go and do what I was supposed to be doing at 3pm.. :/

(17:35:04) Okey doke.. I think there's a whole load of rubbish from my old desk to put in a box, and then I'm ready for the last day before Christmas.

(20:20:24) My goodness it's splendid to be home. Eating sweet & sour with a hot wheat bag over my eyes. Well, above my eyes...

(20:34:21) Tweeting from a steamy Olbas oily headbath thing.

(20:59:40) Watching that Ruth Jones Christmas thing on WiiPlayer. It's a bit clunky.

(21:17:34) Turned the Ruth Jones thing off before Ricky Gervais came on. Probably about 5 minutes too late.

(21:56:41) Quite enjoying the Ronnie Corbett thing just ending on #BBC2 - talented bloke.

(22:14:47) Watching 8 Out Of 10 Cats. It's quite funny. Jason Manford should be on telly more.

(22:44:30) I saw my Olivia in a trail... she's back on Peep Show this Christmas! Must find out when it's on.

(23:15:56) Not such an early start tomorrow, but lots to get done. As a result, I'm in bed, and all will be well. No, really, it will. Good night then!

Tweets for 22 Dec 2010


(06:25:13) Good morning. At least I think it's morning... might just be a clock conspiracy. Down my coffee & vitamin C, and dash out of the house time!

(07:01:16) Ooh.. no @easyBus Special Bus at the airport this morning. Also, it's either sleeting or snowing. And still dark. Bit desolate. Desolée.

(07:01:17) The latest @JonHiolmes1 podcast podcast is making me chuckle & cough. Ken Bruce ACTUALLY on KenBrucemaster. Fab.

(07:08:02) I wish mobile twitter wouldn't repeat my tweets from ages ago. Most unusual & irksome. Still, a Special Bus has arrived. Short turnaround..?

(07:16:24) I was hitherto unaware of what a 'dreidel' is.. I am so culturally unenlightened. Google helped (and @TheILP, to which I'm listening).

(07:22:06) "I turn my face away, and dream about you" If that song is played less than 15 times in a festive season, it'll bring a tear to my eye.

(07:24:03) Literally hurtling at London.

(07:51:10) Coming over all sleepy now. Not particularly good with the prospect of ten hours of work ahead...

(08:05:01) "BBC One... BBC Two... BBC Three... BBC Four... BBC Five... BBC Six... BBC Seven... BBC Heaven!" Heh. I wish. #nowplaying Ming Tea

(08:07:10) The Beatles "All You Need Is Love" is such a loose production. Noises & voices everywhere. Love it. (literally) #nowplaying

(08:19:00) A fab #walktotheofficeshuffle - NaNoWar's interpretation of "Superman" followed by Andrew Oldham Orchestra's "The Last Time".

(08:23:47) Landed with a resounding thump in the office.. time for one of those fizzy vitamin C tablets and a stretch.

(08:44:56) Vitamin C.. no scurvy for me.

(12:21:10) I can't wait until this year's @RIGB_Science Christmas lectures - on #BBC4 at 8pm, 28th, 29th and 30th December.. and on iPlayer too :) YAY!

(14:28:43) Back from a delightful (if a bit cold & damp) yomp around Fitzrovia and now in a team meeting. No mince pies, but hot chocolate...

(14:52:46) I think I might have coffee.

(15:30:11) Ooh.. a meeting invitation between 1pm and 2pm with no details of what it's about. I really don't think so. *ignores*

(17:21:30) I'm slowly fizzling out here. Like a damp fuse (but not at Robin Hood Airport) #OldTwitterReference

(18:40:40) Quite excellent piece of corporate marketing: The Santa brand manual (PDF) (via @RadioKate + qwghlm + @willhowells)

(18:48:15) I cannot believe it's now 22 quid for an open (3 month) return between London & Luton Airport on the Greenline coach (16 quid day return)

(19:14:46) Ooh.. misty moon.

(20:12:53) I've lost all my followers! Boo!

(20:18:35) Bad @Twitter naughty @Twitter IN YOUR BASKET!

(20:43:05) Picking my order carefully. 1. Drink Asdalemsip 2. Put out the compostables 3. Have a nice warm shower. I will not deviate from this order.

(21:03:26) Parts 1 and 2 done, including rinsing out the compost bin with snow. Shower time. No snow in that bit thank you very much.

(21:32:41) My sinuses are telling me to go to bed, via the medium of morse. I think I shall comply, using semaphore and legs. Good night to you & your.

Tweets for 21 Dec 2010


(06:25:47) Good morning and happyish Tuesday (best I can offer). Time to trundle up the hill, without falling over too much. Until later, then!

(06:28:07) While I remember, some cracking Kevin Bishop comedy last night on #Radio4 - (iPlayer) - Les Kelly's Heroes. Très amusant.

(07:56:21) Shortest day or something today. Will I get to work before dawn..? "Dawn" joke omitted.

(09:01:26) Sitting at my desk, working through emails. I will be avoiding niffnaff & trivia today - too much else going on. Why's Rolf Harris trending?

(10:14:24) A brief TwitterBreak (and perhaps to enter @TheMallLuton's Christmas competition on Facebook) before the last bit of email excavation. Yup.

(13:41:38) Castle Close, Prudhoe..? Seriously?

(13:58:57) Going for a cold damp constitutional. Coldstitutional.

(14:30:05) Ooh.. lovely marionette animation [at Sotherbies]

(15:34:37) I s'pose it's good that I feel a bit manky, since the temptation to eat biscuits is far less strong...

(16:04:04) Starting to fade a bit. A bit like daylight.

(17:24:52) My sinuses hurt. BOO.

(18:32:10) I'm glad, in some ways, I struggled into work today - if not only to mock Digital Brian since he doesn't have the biggest beard in the BBC.

(18:36:01) Today's featured @easyBus Special Bus Driver is wearing a jolly Santa hat with flashing "HO HO HO" LEDs, and likes Radio 2 nice and loud.

(19:08:56) The matrix signs on the M1 are saying "Don't drink and drive" ... gets me all festive.

(19:13:53) Is "Too Lost In You" supposed to be a Christmas song..? Baybeee baybeee bayybeeee!

(19:19:22) All a bit busy round @LDNLutonAirport this evening... must be time to escape the UK or similar. Allow extra time for parking and so on.

(19:47:28) The latest @JonHiolmes1 podcast podcast is making me chuckle & cough. Ken Bruce ACTUALLY on KenBrucemaster. Fab.

(20:03:58) I am SO looking forward to this.. Festive #TopGear on BBC2 now! (Thanks for the reminder, @RobJD)

(20:17:15) "Is there an arse that can be kicked out on this thing..?" Only the driver, Clarkson, only the driver. #TopGear

(21:49:21) With all that excitement, I s'pose it's time I went to bed. First, though, I must choose my Wednesday pants. In reverent silence. Goodnight!

(22:14:39) Pants selected. I am now ready for Wednesday*- good night for the second and best time. *lie

Tweets for 20 Dec 2010


(08:24:58) Mornin'. Wow.. how to make me turn off @R4Today - an 'item' appearing to be an advert for The Archers, including Hardeep Singh Kohli. Meh.

(08:25:52) Checking on how the @EasyBus is running today..

(08:36:34) Is it just me that finds the song "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" rather patronising?

(08:42:03) Urgent announcement: the light in the microwave has stopped working.

(09:04:46) Aww.. the doctors have an amusing queueing announcement. "Your current position is... thank you for your patience at this busy time.. 3"

(09:06:21) They like to play their bongos in the morning.

(09:30:54) Try as I might, I can't get Heart Herts/Beds/Bucks to stream on the internet radio. A mixed blessing...

(09:36:40) Inspired by @dizzydanni84, time for a bit of Horrible Histories (CBBC now - genius!) before getting on with the day..

(10:57:18) RT @mz2: Best ever train announcement:"We need to stop at Stevenage to collect a crowbar.A passenger is stuck in a toilet and we cannot ...

(11:28:37) Fierce cleaning of kitchen surfaces going on. Cillit Bang is resisted, though. I shall hide out downstairs where the washing needs hanging..

(13:21:22) Sunny & blue skies over Luton this afternoon.. quite festive and lovely. It's beginning to feel a bit like winter. Or something. Stage 3.

(13:36:42) Untidy work inbox. Which is pretty-much the antithesis of my natural sensibility. It's like side-of-the-road slush. I hope it melts...

(15:43:21) Only a bit stressed.

(16:04:30) All coffeed up. That'll help.

(18:24:30) I'm a big fan of bonhomie. It's a quite lovely thing to witness between strangers.

(21:55:56) Pics from our visit to Father Christmas at Harrods; well worth a trip (especially since it's free!)

(21:57:59) Right.. time to adjust my phase & slew rate, since I have to attempt an exceptionally early rise time tomorrow. Good night #geekily

Tweets for 19 Dec 2010


(09:22:34) RT @hayleytagg: Any tweeters out there live near Thursford in Norfolk ? (maybe you could help, @Brays_Cottage ..?) /via @Zararugosa

(09:26:28) Good morning. It is a bit delayed & I'm still feeling achey & tired, but today I will be ~better~ just as soon as I'm showered & dressed.

(10:06:23) Right. I'm going to treat myself to the latest Alan Partridge Midmorning Matters once I'm vertical & showered. Then: getting on with Sunday.

(10:37:11) Right. I'm feeling energetic, I don't have a headache and I haven't coughed for about twenty minutes. BRING IT ON. (Lounge tidying. Yeah).

(11:49:14) Kitchen table cleared (mostly) and the lounge & kitchen hoovered. I have some music to work on later... I may well still have energy...

(13:13:06) I dreamt last night that all the snow had entirely cleared. It must've been a dream. Or an out-of-body experience...

(13:33:49) I've brought the guitar into the lounge, and am performing alternative versions of Christmas classics, since Lenni doesn't like me singing.

(13:42:26) I keep seeing links to hilarious things that it would not be suitable to tweet. That, I suppose, is what the internet's all about.

(16:35:46) Wall-to-Wall Kinect adverts (aside from the cringeable perfume ads) on telly. But The Muppets Letters To Santa is jolly good (on Five, now)

(17:50:10) Singing "Go Compare" over the perfume ads. "...When you wear perfume, stinks out the whole room.." It winds the children up. Perfect.

(21:53:42) In the studio, trying to work out if I'll record the song I've selected for #KaraokeSecretSanta or not. At the moment it doesn't inspire me.

(22:51:32) A little disappointing that CageAgainstTheMachine only made number 21 in the Christmas chart - and Horse Outside only made number 2 in Eire.

(22:58:03) Well, I expect to be even better tomorrow, as Christmas Day approaches at a rather impressive rate. Sleep well, when you do - good night!

Tweets for 18 Dec 2010


(00:03:54) Yes.. Happy Birthday, @nausea18 ! (@CymraesCoch)

(00:04:50) Another @BagelTechNews Big show in the can.. one-and-a-half, even. I should go to bed for any hope of recovery. So I wish you goodnight.

(10:13:59) Good morning. I've nearly made a full and miraculous recovery. That's what I'm telling myself. In actual fact, maybe I'm a tiny bit better.

(13:28:19) #uksnow LU2 8/10 - glad to be home from town... not sure we're going anywhere this afternoon!

(13:33:25) Is Platignum still going?

(13:33:55) Seems so.

(13:35:02) Listening to Xmas Melody radio on the internet radio - - all snuggled up at home. Breaking out the cough mixture.

(15:12:40) RT @LDNLutonAirport: London Luton Airport is currently closed due to severe weather. Please check with your airline before travelling to ...

(19:46:49) Well, seems Chris is Last Man Standing today - I've spent much of the day dozing, and @pootspublic has a migraine & is now asleep :/

(19:47:43) It has, at least, stopped snowing in LU2, and the roads are very quiet (although the gritter's now been past). We may not emerge tomorrow...

(19:48:43) I s'pose I ought to make myself something to eat.. in some ways I'm not in the slightest bit hungry, but part of me wants eggy bread. Uhoh.

(20:56:42) What to do..? What to do..?

(21:03:31) It's very, very quiet outside - no aeroplanes flying out from the airport, and everyone seeing the sense in staying at home if they can...

(21:26:54) Audioboo: Under the (snowy) weather boo

(22:06:52) Back to bed, attempting to resist coughing. I'll run an internal antivirus programme (based on the eggy bread I ate) Complex proteins. Night

Tweets for 16 Dec 2010


(09:55:00) Good morning. Fancy an easy quiz challenge (if you didn't see my tweet yesterday)? Here are 10 'Christmas'es to identify:

(10:05:32) I am musing on doing a WEEE at the tidy tip.

(10:48:22) SD cards follow on in the fine tradition of 3.5" floppy disks in that they can be washed with clothes but still work fine. /insert punchline

(11:59:57) My lips are not in tip top form. Sorry, no kisses.

(12:33:55) I've hardly ever watched daytime television. I am, however, playing twenty minutes of MarioKart Wii... does that count..?

(13:38:44) If anyone wants me, I'll be under this blanket, lying in (a) state.

(15:26:04) Probably it's going to be an adventure later.

(16:11:09) I really am not good at doing nothing. Nearly time to collect the smaller one from gym club & attempt a visit to my Dad's. In the sleet.

(18:06:14) We saw fit to abort the trip to Hitchin - fortuitous, since @RobJD has reported an accident on the A505. It's up to 80% less scary indoors.

(18:33:10) Technology switching off.. girl-child taking an early night in the hope she can keep her symptoms at bay for just 24 more hours...

(19:17:39) Eating pizza, and feeling more human. There is a biological connection there that I will publish in Nature. Or The Lancet. Or A Pamphlet.

(20:39:02) Teenagers are shouting at the Prince of Wales & Camilla. On telly. Although I think that's what N-Dubz are for.

(21:02:34) Jack Whitehall. I could do less worser.

(21:31:57) The word "zhuzh" is made-up, isn't it..? I only know how it's spelt because it was on the subtitles earlier. It's also a "tan accelerator"!?

(21:34:09) I don't need to go and see Les Mis now. #rvp

(21:41:38) I quite like Jamie Cullum. That's not very trendy, is it? #rvp

(21:47:10) Why is it sometimes A Bloke That Sounds Like Tom Baker doing the introductions and sometimes Michael Mackintyre? #rvp

(21:51:49) Robbie Williams has been very shrewd in rejoining Take That when his record sales were slumping.

(21:54:06) They could sneak John Bishop back on and nobody would notice #rvp

(22:01:37) Your Royal Harnesses. Time for Buzzcocks.

(22:06:52) Juliette Lewis versus Vic Reeves & Noel Fielding. She looks perplexed. #buzzcocks

(22:34:20) Time for the hit & miss comedy of Russell Howard #BBC3

(23:13:42) Time to sign off for now (not least because my phone battery's almost run out...) Tomorrow is a different (but quite icy) Friday. G'night!

Tweets for 15 Dec 2010


(00:05:04) That was Harpenden, about which I don't have anything significant to say, except that the swimming pool is quite nice.

(00:13:29) Bit chilly out. Still, though. 20 minutes from home...

(00:50:19) Bed. The best place to be (quite possibly ever, but certainly at this time of the day). Running late, so better go to sleep. Night night!

(07:42:44) Good morning.. seems I slept for seven hours solid, which is somewhat unusual (or I have no recollection of waking up). Porridge time..!

(08:01:36) Oh dear. Heart's not working. Is that Stuart Miles chap doing 'sleeps till santa'..?

(08:04:37) Resorted to trusty FM. I have begun to hate the processing.

(08:56:36) Must find out where we ended up in the @radioacademy quiz last night... I hope it'll be on the website...

(09:50:15) Nearly done with Christmas shopping. I hope @sparkyannc likes her cooked lobster & my mother enjoys the snowboarding goggles.

(12:17:04) All done with the Edwin Lobo lady. She seemed very nice and supportive, but utterly perplexed and discombobulated by our boy. Which is fine.

(13:02:15) Soupy rolly lunch. Now: one last bit of Christmas shopping, then some more creative pursuits. My tweets can be terribly dull at times.

(13:02:50) That said, we stayed in Sainsbury's car park for 2 hours 9 minutes today. Fortunately, it got our registration number wrong on the way out.

(15:28:02) Ooh. Lenni won an award for being Best Class Member Of The Half Term. Proud of our little cheekychops.

(19:16:25) I'm wearing a scarf indoors (in the modern idiom). This either means I've forgotten to take it off, my neck's cold or I'm ill. Or an idiom.

(22:43:29) Audioboo: Ten Easy Christmases - a quick quiz (inspired by @MuseumsLuton)

(23:00:51) Is it really Thursday tomorrow? That's outrageous. I shall go to bed, and if my cold's not gone, I shall deem tomorrow null and void. DEEM!

Tweets for 14 Dec 2010


(07:39:54) The faintest of praise for #Luton in today's Guardian:

(10:00:37) In the "parents' enclosure" at the parish church; influx of noisy children for Lenni's school carol service. Some teachers have buckets(?!)

(11:19:35) Ooh.. I wonder if @dizzydanni84 would be pleased or dismayed that there's a Right Said Fred CD in Poundland..?

(12:27:53) School carol service organisers: why not use carols that are actually easy for kids to sing, without crappy MIDI instrumentals behind them?

(12:29:26) Time to forage. Another day, another CPC bargain catalogue. Oh, in other news, we have a new shredder. I will call it "Lesley-Ann."

(13:54:01) More Christmas present buying, and festive doings. Need to remain focussed, really.

(14:12:12) RT @johndredge: horrible biscuits last a lot longer.

(14:40:29) That wasn't what I planned to do, but needed doing, anyway (sorting out my commutes for the new year). Time to work on Festive Art Project.

(17:31:14) You can get a train direct to Rochester from Luton Airport Parkway. Who knew..? Popular route, then..?

(17:41:58) Bit of a delay in the Londonward train.. but I will make it to the @RadioAcademy quiz so I can fail to answer any questions right/sensibly.

(17:59:39) Preparing to navigate myself to Highbury or Highgate or something.

(19:11:18) I'm rubbish at quizzes. I prefer to muck about.

(20:43:07) We've reached the halfway point in the #radacad quiz and there is very little chance of us bothering the top 3. Or 15.

(21:19:52) I have entirely lost track of what is supposed to be going on. I'm under a speaker, so it sounds crap, whatever it is.

(22:15:38) Well done us. We nearly won! (Well, we didn't come last. Which counts as a success). A @RadioAcademy Quiz, that was. And my first.

(23:54:38) On the First Crapital Connect cattle train home. This is St Albans. Posh people live here. Not the likes of me.

Tweets for 13 Dec 2010


(07:43:31) Good morning. I've been awake, on & off, since about 6, but the ache behind my eyes has been a bit annoying. I'll drink restorative coffee.

(09:08:48) Audioboo: post-schoolrun boo [or: why having children is brilliant] @r2uk @t_northernbloke

(10:13:11) I was taken by surprise in the shower earlier (no, not like that).. Heart played a song I didn't recognise. Turns out it was @RadioLAB.

(11:04:38) A new generation of gaming technology is here.. HD graphics, surround sound & no need for a controller. It's called 'going to the park'.

(12:40:35) Lunchtime, I think. And while I eat lunch, I'm going to write a list. (But not on my lunch. That would be ridiculous. And indigestible).

(13:58:19) Oh dear. Our shredder is making rather faily smells.

(14:03:10) Hmm. Speech podcasts aren't getting me motivated. I think I need choons. Nobody else in the house.. time to stretch the lounge sub #dubstep

(16:00:13) Geri Halliwell Towers is now replete with inhabitants.. two of us are off to Alley Barber's for a hair cut imminently, though. Arg.

(17:22:03) Wow.. I've been honoured with a portrait of my tweets from @OrangeTheFeed : #SecretPortraits (thanks to Ellen Witley!)

(17:25:34) Is it still cheaper to make national calls after 6pm? On a normal phone. Well, a @VirginMedia one, anyway...

(18:07:38) Prince, @HellenBach @MomsofAmerica @paul_steele @cindyvriend @liesbetvh @becauseuarehere @spitfirejon @bignormski1 style!

(18:08:47) Owie. I think I might have sprained my corporeality. Either wonky coughing or inopportune vacuuming. Makes breathing/sniffing a bit hard!

(20:06:29) "Protect your unicorn from Dolph Lundgren". Yes. Very nice bit of marketing. Shame about the product..

(20:07:42) I have had a very large plate of what would appear to be garlic and salad. And some more chutney. I am full & doubtless delicately fragrant.

(20:28:38) I would like to stop with the coughing now, for purely practical reasons. Time to get busy with the Evening's Activities.

Tweets for 12 Dec 2010


(08:49:07) Good morning. Just need to get rid of this sinus headache, and I think I'll be ready to roll down the bumpity hill that is Sunday morning.

(08:51:39) Oh heavens. It's Hardeep Singh Kohli on Radio 2. He's the one that isn't funny. Or in any way compelling to listen to. Bring back Aled (!)

(09:03:43) There's a gang of three squirrels in the back garden - one of them was helping itself to bird seed. Outrageous behaviour.

(12:01:38) RT @jamesstodd: Look what's Free to download now on #iTunes:

(12:04:03) Feeling a little less face-hurty after sitting over a steam bath for a bit. Might do it again in a mo. Clears the pipes.

(12:41:00) Watching Jack Black on Blue Peter on iPlayer.. he's being quite well behaved. Yes.. Tenacious D's Jack Black. On a children's programme.

(16:21:34) Hmm. Autocorrect's gone a bit wonky on my iPod Touch; it's taken to capitalising the first letter of typos. "Er... it could be a name..?"

(16:27:26) Watching "The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe" with Beth & Lenni - the cinematics are simply stunning. One of my all-time favourite films.

(16:52:39) It's not very often I'll participate in such things, but I'd love for John Cage's 4'33" to be Christmas number 1 ( )

(20:43:54) i am preparing to perform a very complicated piece of music at 9pm. If I can remember how it goes.

(21:17:59) Audioboo: Cage Boo [Movement 1]

(21:36:52) I'm going to try and make my own antibiotics. Back in a bit.

(22:19:12) Time to repair to my quarters. I leave you with an affectionate video about my former hometown (thanks @cloudexplosion!)

(22:26:15) Off to bed with me. Have a smashingly restful night. I'm hoping my sinuses are better behaved tomorrow (thankyouplease) Goodnight!

(22:29:01) Oh.. while I remember: maybe I'm watching more telly than normal for this time of year, but are there more crap perfume ads than ever on TV?

Tweets for 11 Dec 2010


(08:38:46) Languishing in bed with a numb kind-of head & a tummy that wants to complain. I probably look like Death recooked; at least I'm in no pain.

(14:28:23) RT @jamescridland: Great idea. "Cage against the machine": make John Cage's 4'33" #1 for Christmas, and stuff Simon Cowell ...

(16:54:35) I wonder who will sign up as @alangordonpartridge .. I'm surprised some momal mwam hasn't already done it :D

(17:03:00) I have decided that I wish to have an ostriturducken for Christmas. Beth suggested one can get a 'five bird roast'. Mind=boggle

(18:47:17) I'm tuning. I'm not tubing. In other news, I'm quite impressed with the maze game Chris has made with his game maker software.

(20:51:19) I would like publicly to apologise to @pootspublic for my making of bad music in the studio, and not shutting the door. Sorry. I don't rock.

(21:00:51) Audioboo: Bad Noise With A Cold boo [with sincere apologies to @PootsPublic and @T_NorthernBloke]

(21:31:25) Back under my sofa blanket. Or 'germ tent'. If you need me, send morse.

(21:39:23) Listening to the mighty Peter Dickson on the Guardian Media Talk podcast.. what a splendid bloke.

(21:58:02) Time to express, by means of unnecessarily florrid metaphors that I am going to bed & that I am very fond of you. Goodnight!

Tweets for 10 Dec 2010


(04:32:48) RT @RadioKate: Yay- new Audioboo fun! RT @markrock If you want the chance to beta test Audioboo 2.0 on iPhone, log your details here: ht ...

(04:34:44) Awake. Going back to sleep.

(06:51:58) I don't think I've ever heard a spoof Dickensian drama paying homage to Robocop before. Bleak Expectations this week: hilarious! #radio4

(06:54:51) In other news, I woke up at 4am with something resembling a plan for work. I just hope I can remember some of it. I only do vague plans

(07:06:34) And finally, newspaper journalists on #radio4's Media Show tacitly admit they're irrelevant - deadlines too tight to investigate anything.

(07:25:10) Listening to the latest @TheILP podcast - on which I feature (thanks, Dave!) discussing #Geocaching. An extremely amusing episode.

(07:29:49) Just reflecting on my working life. It wouldn't be a good day if I didn't make my colleagues laugh at several points during it...

(07:45:45) Good heavens.. it must be over 30 years since I heard Regina Spector's "Little Boxes".. a fabulous song. Would a dubstep remix ruin it?

(08:27:35) Today I would very much like to be homing from work.. in the office, but wearing my jimmyjams, making toast and generally faffing about.

(08:52:28) Coffee and emails. It's what the time before 9am.. and quite possibly 10am, 11am, 12pm and hometime is all about.

(08:57:55) If you've just this minute sneezed, bless you.

(09:32:06) So far I have had to resist replying to two emails simply thus: "srsly?"

(10:48:24) Oh wow.. this was the height of technology that Argos had to offer in 1985 - (via @thenewbrunette and @zemblamatic)

(13:21:56) I don't do snivelling, but if I did, it would be the most entertaining and exuberant snivelling ever witnessed. #secretportraits

(13:24:33) It's only been and gone and pizza time!

(13:40:16) Corky o'Rourkey, I nearly had refusal on that last slice of pizza, but I manned up and ate it anyway #glutton

(15:28:13) I will do visio when I stop sneezing.

(15:51:31) I think I sprained my face with a penultimate sneeze.

(16:02:01) I'm going to buy some Berocca and suck them. One by one. Until I turn orange. And get unscurvy.

(17:07:50) Woo. Today's Coup de gras (French for 'lawnmower') is the eventual location of 5 disks I ordered from HP. Only problem is there should be 6.

(17:46:20) Tidying up.. then going home. YEAH.

(19:22:30) Quite possibly the last time I'll be at the EGGWhisk (@LDNLutonAirport) for over a week. How will I get my daily exercise now..?

(19:45:41) If I had the energy right now, I'd work on my song about Twitter, and also compose a ditty called "We love @bootcoot" #ff

(20:56:57) I'm really not sure I'm going to over-achieve this evening. By which I mean it's blobbing out in front of the Discovery Channel.

(21:10:18) QI XL on Dave. Adverts for me. Cos I have a cold.

(22:30:24) Time for zed, said Bedebee. Pinkyponk, all that business. Good night and please: look after your feet & teeth, because you might need them.

Tweets for 09 Dec 2010


(07:32:23) Good morning! Who's a bit of a zombie today? I am.. it's only my hoodie that's stopping my head falling off when I sniff.

(08:03:22) Aww.. Eleanor is writing a letter to Santa (from the Royal Mail website). With a pen and everything.

(08:20:39) Eep. Sneezing fit. I like to wander round the house while I do this. It's callesneezethetics (or something)

(08:43:36) Lenni and I are agreed: we both have excellent profiterole vision.

(09:25:53) Right. Shower. Make a list. Check it twice. Concoct something mystical with echinacea. Do stuff. Cope. That all seems feasible. Back later.

(10:48:40) That's a bit odd. The pineapple juice in the chilled juices aisle is 10p less than exactly the same stuff in the long-life section.

(10:50:48) That last pineapple juice quandry tweet was tweeted at @Asda .. other supermarket curative drinkage scenarios may vary.

(13:29:46) Break... 4 lunch #1988 (*coughs*)

(13:32:55) Right.. onwards and roundwards. This cold had better go away now - I don't really want it any more. Catch it, bin it, kill it etc.

(16:49:47) Fancy some festive mashup goodness? I would recommend it: (YT - sfw... made by mojochronic)

(17:33:21) Eleanor is writing on a tissue how many of each craft there are in a game of battleships. I, on the other hand, have a blanked over my lap.

(17:34:12) Chris, on the other hand, is failing to find woodwind trivia on the internets.

(17:56:34) He's taking his pick of the woodwind facts! Thank you xxx

(21:09:52) Better get ready for bed. I shall watch the mighty @MarcusBrig and @MermHart on #HIGNFY as I go.

(21:11:11) Here's a perfectly suitable "good night" for this time of the evening: Bonsoir.

Tweets for 08 Dec 2010


(00:57:32) Oh good heavens... I love the NHS, but still.. Beth had a 10.20pm appointment at the out-of-hours doctor.. she still hasn't been seen! :/

(06:22:07) Mornin'. Beth got home sometime after 1.30am.. she has antibiotics. I have had, well, some sleep. Today might be challenging. I have coffee.

(07:59:21) Baker St. approaches. Today is going to be an interesting one.. I have a CSCS 'visitors' test, and a smattering of meetings.

(08:03:47) I shall take a diversion to pick up some pineapple juice. I'm not going to let any microbiological entity defeat me. With enzymes.

(08:04:03) And Del Amitri.

(09:28:44) Just passed my CSCS test. It wasn't really that hard.

(11:05:44) It's a bit dark in here.. they're testing the lights or something. So they've turned them off.

(11:25:43) Rather annoyingly, it doesn't seem possible to buy a purple hard hat.

(12:04:10) Coo.. Office 2010 is quite clever. I mistyped "..if such a think is possible" and it underlined 'think' in blue.. I need never thing again.

(12:12:11) Hmm. Is it nearly lunchtime yet? In other news I think my brain might fall out.

(12:14:38) You do wonder how much attention to detail someone possesses if they can't spell their own job title in the company directory...

(12:25:40) In other news, I still want one of these. Too late to get it for Christmas..?

(12:51:45) Hmm. Outlook 2010 doesn't think the word "spreadsheet" is spelt correctly. I'm going to have something to eat.. see if that helps.

(13:14:26) Life is good at the pasty/salad interface.

(13:20:41) Right now I want to call @pootspublic to see how she's doing & tell her I love her. She's lost her voice & can't stop coughing. I'll text.

(15:07:29) Time to help myself to more of this email buffet. Some of it's really past its best, and even the fresh stuff doesn't look very appetizing.

(17:50:45) Taking my laptop home.

(18:42:52) I do believe I've been on a tour of various circles of heck over the past day or so. TWO whinging toddlers on the coach this evening.

(19:03:10) Web Outlook on IE7 is stinky slow.

(20:29:11) Watching a quite splendid programme called "The Joy Of Stats" - on the #BBC iPlayer now. I'm sure @TimHarford quite likes it. As do I. Yup.

(20:37:28) Advent calendar chocolates cure colds.

(20:39:56) "Norfolk tops the Bastardy league" (well.. it did in 1842). This is very funny. More amusing statistics, please.

(21:03:01) My ideal job would be as a modern day Florence Nightingale, doing spreadsheets in bed. I love spreadsheets. Is that wrong..?

(21:08:50) RT @leica0000: @syzygy Spreadsheets in bedsheets. Sounds good to be honest.

(21:49:09) In bed. I shall conquer this cold with horizontality & sleepage. If I'm not back in 10 hours, please get a spreadsheet to waft at me. Night!

Tweets for 07 Dec 2010


(08:21:51) Good morning. Fighting off manflu symptoms with coffee & rest - I was a shivering wreck last night. Work will benefit...

(11:19:33) Still struggling with work emails.. I will rest once I've finished with the summary I'm writing. I really don't 'do' unwell. Must. Not. Nap.

(12:28:54) Waning. I've never tried waxing.

(12:51:17) I've been using a netbook this morning - for emails & suchlike, it's not bad at all. Time for a screen break.. need to feel less ropey.

(13:04:16) Catching up with audioboos as I do the washing up. It's remarkably relaxing.

(13:48:52) Traditional Restorative Lunch (tomato soup and fresh-baked rolls). Plenty for everyone.. (mainly me)

(15:49:39) Time to humanise myself. Like AutoTune, except with more shower gel. Then... more emails, I reckin'

(20:27:45) Audioboo: Mercy mission to Asda [and a bit about tidying & storage @jn2n] boo

(20:45:06) Back from Asda and now preparing food for sustenance (there are rarely other reasons). Then bed. In other news: I sang today. A bit.

(21:06:03) Phew. I'm younger than the Chancellor Of The Exchequer. By just under 6 months. (still counts)

(21:34:57) I just successfully negotiated Luton's new 111 service - like NHS Direct except.. well, localer, I s'pose. @pootspublic is off to the doc's.

Tweets for 06 Dec 2010


(07:44:07) It's taking a bit of effort to get going today.. haven't quite dozed off on the Special Bus yet... bur Finchley Road is soporific...

(07:58:51) When I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought of making my own name tag for work. Saying 'Barbara Streisand'.

(08:48:06) I don't think technology could be blamed for #radio4 just before 8 this morning.. unless it was dust that made Jim Naughtie cough... (ahem)

(09:13:34) The best bit about being first into the office today was that I could turn all the lights up to full brightness.. Now being dimmed by gits.

(11:15:23) On a conference call with Citrix.

(11:36:13) One of the people on this phone conference is so loud that it's hurting my ears.

(12:55:11) It's only blessed-well pasty and salad time. (A bit earlier than normal because of INHUMAN 1pm MEETING EVIL CHIZ ect ect)

(13:06:47) I am in a meeting. I will give it 15 minutes then I will leave. It's lunchtime.

(13:09:15) RT @Aiannucci: All 12 eps of AP Mid Morning M now in the can. Alan takes a wee holiday after this week's ep6, then back late Jan. Like ...

(13:57:15) Bored now. Oh, that's convenient.. I've got another meeting to go to. I shall take an apple & crunch loudly. I am such a child.

(14:17:48) While I remember, my alarm didn't go off this morning.. I was woken at five to six by someone scraping their van windscreen. Noisily.

(14:38:15) I forgot my darn well apple.

(16:43:36) Hmm. I had 3 things to do. I can now only remember 2 of them. If anyone knows where I left a thing to do, please get in touch. It's beige.

(20:03:39) Listening to @LiamWhiteside explaining Capital's processing. I don't think life gets better than this.

(20:42:33) Right - I'm done for the day, I think. All the major elements: meetings, emails, spreadsheets, networking and cake. Very small cakes. Yes.

(21:14:18) Waitin'. Always waitin' (except when I'm dashing about). Here comes the Special Bus, then. Hurrah!

(22:05:46) Bit warm on the Special Bus this evening.

(23:15:45) Generally safe landing in bed (well, I had to reboot the mac on the way.. :S) & warming up. Definite manflu symptoms. I shall cut them off.

(23:17:13) If you're still awake (regardless of timezone) I wish you a sleep that's dim, long and restful. Until, then... good night!

Tweets for 04 Dec 2010


(00:19:10) Good grief.. bedtime already - and I'd nearly completed a blog post. I'll finish it in the morning, then. Goodnight!

(00:20:22) Oh.. and it's snowing again. I wasn't expecting that. I hope the gritters were... gone now. Night!

(09:21:31) Chocolate rotator! #notaeuphemism

(10:12:02) Feeling a bit chilly in your house? Put a hoodie on and do some hoovering. I am now very warm indeed.

(14:02:16) Milton Keynes is broken... there is nowhere to park. It is best avoided (I think we got the last space :/ )

(18:20:07) Guess which lummox left the loft hatch open. That'll be why all the snow in Luton has melted. Darn you, science & convection.

(19:08:27) Watching @TimWestwood doing NeverMindTheBuzzcocks - he's certainly a character! Much friendlier than Amstell.

(19:50:10) Popatron - some excellent comedy - worth checking out on iPlayer, if only for the performance of Brian Belo. Yes. That Brian Belo.

(20:56:09) While the #XFactor is on, @pootspublic and I are watching "The Beauty Of Diagrams" on #BBC4 WiiPlayer. It's much better.

(21:06:19) Good grief.. I listen to too many science podcasts; I recognised Dr Kate Lancaster (@DrKatyPoo) from her voice (from Naked Scientists) :D

(22:24:21) RT @DodoLibrarian: Borrowing 120 children's picture books a year from libraries = free. Worth over £444 if you had to buy them instead. ...

(23:20:52) Well, what a marvellous day - the Christmas tree's up, I was taken to Spamalot by Beth, & we had a decadent night in. Tops, really! Night :)

Tweets for 03 Dec 2010


(03:31:42) Hmm. Darn reflux ~goes back to sleep~

(07:05:23) Good morning; happy Friday. I hope your day is as mobile as it can be despite ice. My brain came out of standby at 3.30am. Bit sleepy now.

(07:12:43) Dear @TrevorDann, you're the only person I have ever heard using the word "bailiwick". This may well remain the case (@RadioAcademy podcast)

(07:16:01) Right. I've had a coffee... I need to email my brother. However, no further cups will be broken & this party doesn't fear two. #80sthrowback

(08:09:52) Woo.. David Bowie's China Girl followed by Divine Comedy's Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World on shuffle. #oddlovesongsFTW #nowplaying

(08:33:03) If you have ears & 30 minutes of life to use, I recommend this week's @ShiftRunStop ( featuring the genius of @mink_ette.

(09:54:51) Best get on.

(09:58:13) Lemonyginger and GO! (Properly this time)...

(10:00:06) I am going to go to go to go to (etc) @TheMallLuton's Poundland to buy a motherlode of USB Christmas lights. About a fiver's worth. BIGTIME.

(10:25:04) At the moment it's going: write a bit of a user guide -> try to work out how to do it in Office 2010 -> correct user guide -> rinse & repeat

(12:19:25) The macro I'm running appears to have stopped responding. This is either because it is working fine & will be finished soon, or it's jammed.

(12:24:24) I've got my lunch in a Poundland bag, but nobody calls me "Bogie." (as far as I know). And yet, I still have my dignity.

(12:48:45) Ooh. Turns out my macro was running. It would just have taken much of the day to finish. Making it better (in theory)

(15:58:31) Here's a question for corporate IT sorts - if it's OK: do you have an on-site hosted third party remote access solution? If so, what is it?

(16:03:57) Microsoft have seen fit to remove the egg timer in Windows 7 and replace it with a very small hadron collider. It doesn't improve matters.

(19:26:11) Time for the chilly mile & a half walk to my lovely warm & happy home... my fingers won't tolerate tweeting. God bless Thinsulate!

(20:36:16) All full and relaxed after some tasty sweet & sour fish on fried rice. I'm very well looked after here :) Now.. shower & jimmyjams, I think.

(20:44:38) I am indebted (to the tune of a #FollowFriday tweet & a glass of wine) to @BaronHawkey @KimTins @Zararugosa & @Oliwia_S for #ff kindness :)

(21:32:27) Ooh! Looks like I might be appearing on the interwebs this evening. Better spark up the grid, plug in my mic & come up with something witty.

(21:37:47) Right. I'm going down to the studio via the fridge. Just you try & stop me. I might just join in the Big Show chatroom. Heckler in-a area!

(21:49:41) Brr. Bit nippy in the studios of Geri Halliwell Towers this evening. I am sitting by the computer, trying to make it think hard.

Tweets for 02 Dec 2010


(07:10:41) Good morning to you. Pampas grass?? (SFW) I'm not even sure I know what that is. #Luton

(07:12:01) RT @Natwivity: Starting tomorrow, don't miss the @Natwivity, #thetwitternativity. Please RT

(07:34:08) If you're going out today, please do watch your step - it's ferociously slippy - and p-p-pick up any pensioners who've fallen over. Thanksy.

(09:01:40) Hmm... I think Hamleys may have misjudged the idea of putting live penguins & reindeer in their store. (h/t @Toxophilist)

(10:27:19) It's been non-stop emails so far this morning. For a bit of variety, I am now going to make a telephone call. Got to mix it up a little...

(12:58:53) Stop. Eat. Go.

(15:36:52) I am SO going to have a cup of lemonyginger tea cos of you*. *not you, really.

(15:43:52) I have a current practical joke I'm working on - it's to collect perfumed cards from department stores & hide them on Brian's desk.

(16:10:20) "I mean... what harm can it do...?"

(16:13:14) What will they think of next? Sony are doing a TV with a built-in PlayStation 2. Yes. I know. Actually not that much use

(16:29:33) RT @forkinabucket: I see the Russians have a theme song already recorded for 2018... #worldcu ...

(19:13:47) Audioboo: @T_Northernbloke - The Dilemma [a response to]

(20:17:52) Audioboo: Family catchphrases boo [inspired by @T_NorthernBloke]

(20:52:02) RT @Clairey11: Just left my laptop on Easyjet Flight 71 Luton - Glasgow. Thur 2nd Dec. Feeling sick.. Please RT @LDNLutonAirport @EasyJet

(21:02:25) Margaret Thatcher still isn't dead, is she? She's like, immortal or something...

(21:06:43) It had passed me by that Italy hadn't been in the #Eurovision Song Contest since 1997. They're back in 2011. The Vatican should enter, too.

(21:43:17) Right. Off for shower & bed. It's what normally happens. If I could arrange both to arrive on the sofa now, it would be damp but convenient.

(21:44:03) Bed. Night!

Tweets for 01 Dec 2010


(04:27:23) I'm still asleep by all accounts.

(06:31:05) Happy Wednesday! Careful out there, it's slippy. I had this brilliant idea about going into Tesco every day in December & buying Dairy Milk.

(10:55:21) Running approximately 12 mins behind... arrived at 10.30 meeting at 10.42. I don't think I would ever be able to run First Capital Connect.

(11:39:46) Two meetings down, two (and a half) to go... although there may be more. Who knows..? Anybody fancy a meeting..? I'm free 3.30 to 4pm.

(11:52:49) It's penetrating.

(15:58:30) It appears I am about to sponsor my first project. I will make it sit in a bath of baked beans for 1p an hour.

(19:24:36) At least one of my thoughts has gone missing. In other news, my work VPN connection doesn't work on the Special Bus. Also: dark, innit..?

(19:50:23) Amblin' home from the EGGWhisk (@ London Luton Airport (LTN))

(20:00:23) It is exceedingly cold.

(20:48:52) Mmm... I had of the scampi and the rices and the sweetcorns, and now I am replete (save for a waffer-thin advent colander chocolate) NOM!

(21:03:09) If I don't have a shower in the next 45 seconds, I will be too smelly to tweet. FACT.

(21:36:02) Another fine AudioBoo by @AndyMooseman - a very insightful & informed account of why trains break in this weather:

(21:42:46) Good grief. I've developed a crush both on @PalomaFaith (she is SO funny on N-M-T-B) and Minkette (who's on @shiftrunstop this week!)

(22:01:47) Right.. I'm going to attempt a sensible bedtime tonight. Which is.. about.. now. I wish you a warm and very effective night. Sleep well!

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