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Tweets for 30 Nov 2010


(06:26:48) Mornin, then. Toast..? I think the crumpets are off.

(07:41:26) Listening to chapter 4 of @akgpodcast and @petecooper's building travails. I like the concept of "recooperation" :D

(08:02:07) Starting work on the coach... everyone in London seems to have decided to get into a vehicle and drive it, slowly, about this morning.

(08:55:04) I need some perky music to write a list to. My iPod Touch offered me Clannad and John Barry on the work to walk.. not really suitable :D

(12:16:15) Still going. Just about.

(13:57:00) Don't get kettled.

(14:12:36) Going for a meeting. Having coffee. There's plenty of room in Carstairs NcKenzie if you want one.

(16:00:23) "What do you do for a living?" "I'm a rapper." "Oh."

(17:50:12) Well, my afternoon of server sorting has been flattened by me being lumbered by something nobody else has been able to deal with. Bah.

(20:35:06) Thai fishcakes and Miranda on the WiiPlayer. A significant improvement.

(22:23:01) Audioboo: Boo without portfolio [with special mention of @Pewari @Simon_Toon ... oh, and @jn2n!]

(22:25:08) yeek.. it's only been and gone and been (again) bedtime. Yes. Night!

Tweets for 29 Nov 2010


(07:25:47) Good morning world. It's one of those occasions I am glad my life isn't being filmed: I'm having difficulty extricating myself from bed. Beh

(09:04:01) Ahh coffee and Sub Focus.. not sure there is a better combination of things that get me going on a cold Monday morning. Please let me know.

(13:01:48) Twitter break! All's (moderately) under control in the World Of Work (save for another SMTP server IP address change). Now: chicken salad.

(13:04:17) RT @petecooper: 4x new Emma and Pete Shows: (all sfw)

(13:54:08) Very very dull Freecycle/Freegle/EcoBees posting. I do wish it were possible to get any joy out of it...

(13:56:55) RT @DaveMedlo: Stapled to a telegraph pole near my house:

(14:56:18) Vacuuming done.. not a massive amount of afternoon left... and my younger bro's coming over to do some music this evening. Coffee time, yes.

(14:59:18) RT @TimHarford: In praise of my spectacles, and what they tell us about economic growth: (weekend col RT)

(15:11:38) Lordy lordy pumpkin lordy.. nearly time for the school run! Lenni fell off her scooter last time I took her. Bit slippy for that today...

(16:56:32) Fruity tea and Mario Kart Wii. Only for a short while, I would emphasise.

(23:09:31) All done with Monday (not that there's very much left...) - a visit from my younger brother for some electronical jamming was the highlight.

(23:10:45) Y'know, I think bed-time is well overdue, so I shall have a go at that. While I do, please have a lovely night & don't get snowed on. Night!

Tweets for 28 Nov 2010


(08:55:50) I bid you a good morning. Time to hose myself down and pretty myself up for some Sunday action. I say "action".. I'm not doing well so far!

(09:31:49) Happiness is discovering a lack of hot water yesterday was due to a downstairs tap being left on a bit, rather than central heating failure.

(09:34:12) Scraping!

(12:10:45) Interesting.. at @LutonLibraries there's some booklets on 'Luton Core Strategy' - interesting reading:

(12:39:52) Chilly hands today. I rummaging to do in the loft.. this is probably best left until after lunch. Brrr.

(12:41:42) Bat flattery.

(15:51:51) Home after a trip to @TheMallLuton - already starting to get a bit busy... it's going to utterly crazy in a couple of weekends' time!

(17:21:18) Tidying has been slow progress this afternoon. But thorough. Chris's computer desk has lost ball bearings.. no sign of them... mysterious!

(18:14:01) Right.. back up to the loft.. it's like playing Jenga, but with bonus ceiling collapse risk. I like a challenge.

(18:21:25) Went.

(19:06:31) Loft mission complete but not in any way successful; found a chocolate fountain (Freecycle ahoy) & a load of cups & saucers. #CrockeryFail.

(19:20:46) Next door are burning their dinner again.

(19:36:53) A piece of installation art called "Dangling" by Lenni Hart, aged 7.5

(21:09:39) Hmm. Too sleepy to do anything productive. I shall watch Alan Partridge & The Trip and potter, I think. Pottering is therapeutic.

(22:37:38) Listening to QI-XL as I tidy... I'm not sure there's any need for video, really. TV is just radio with shiny shiny lights. And Clarkson.

(23:53:33) Uhoh.. bedtime! Finished my tidying, and it's nearly not the weekend any more. Rest well, when you do. Night night!

Tweets for 27 Nov 2010


(00:11:20) Right. That's about 80% of Lenni's song arranged for her to sing over.. I'm just not sure how the end goes. Finishing's always a bit tricky.

(04:30:59) S'pose I'd better go back to sleep. It's like an inverse disco nap, this. Night!

(08:22:08) RT @metofficeSEEng: FLASH Warning of Heavy Snow for London & South East England valid from 0800 Sat 27 Nov to 1300 Sat 27 Nov http://bit ...

(08:34:10) I hoped the grating wittering shudderingly annoying voice of Maggie Brown on Guardian Media Talk podcast would propel me from my bed. Fail.

(08:36:35) #uksnow LU2 2/10 A light dusting - more expected later...

(11:40:49) Audioboo: 80s music [and lots of it] boo

(12:55:02) Ooh.. this looks like fun.. I could play with it for hours (it involves a megaphone!) (thanks @emsquare_d)

(13:00:19) All sausaged up... playing the "Pictionary Anniversary App" on Facebook with the children.. it's clunky, but less swearing than iSketch...

(13:04:40) RT @pootspublic: anyone in Luton have any info about a Red M or N Plate Mazda 323 that hit and run an 11y/o on Crawley Green Road 5.30pm ...

(15:47:29) I do declare that Sorry is an overcomplicated game. We're playing "Sorry Sliders" on the Playstation 2 now.

(18:29:39) Well, that says a lot. BBC1: "Walk On The Wild Side"- quite hilarious; ITV1: "Britain Does The Funniest Things"- abject dross. Kettle's on.

(18:49:08) Right.. I'm going to have a game of iSketch while You've Been Framed is on. It's amusing and new but schadenfreude is schadenfreude...

(18:50:38) Lots #makesmehappy - coffee, music, hugs, comedy and good friends on Twitter. Photos of nature at its most beautiful and powerful. The sea.

(19:26:27) I forgive the creative agency individuals that came up with the Halifax 'radio studio' TV ads. Bitterness & resentment only hinder my life.

(20:48:11) My mac has 5GB left on the hard drive, and is steadfastly resisting letting me make more space. I am NOT spending this evening archiving...

(21:23:42) I have succumbed: wine and toast.

(21:30:40) I was rather amused by the chorus of "Oh NO!" earlier when more songs were announced on #xfactor. I thought it was about singing.. right..?

(21:51:47) Made it to the studio. Sixteen bars of outro & some extra instrumentation for verse 2 then we're good to go for the demo. Then: Twitter song

(23:50:23) Well, I think I've licked as much of the good stuff off Saturday, so I'll put the wrapper in the bin & doze for a bit. Good night to you!

Tweets for 26 Nov 2010


(06:19:18) Ooh.. cold fingers this morning. And some tasty miniature shredded wheat bite things. Everso tasty. Good morning - happy Friday!

(06:48:47) Ahh the Friday morning commute - made 173.4% better by Leila & Roo (whose last BBC tweet was published in Ariel.. ooh!) on @shiftrunstop

(06:59:02) Special Bus driver is MIA. Oh.. there he is. Probably went for a wee.

(07:11:36) Good grief - I can see the northbound M1's about to reopen just south of J10 - traffic is queueing solid from beyond J9. Best avoided.

(07:26:00) If you can see east (& you're in the UK) there's a spectacular sunrise - wish I could find the top of a hill above a plain & photograph it.

(07:29:23) It keeps cropping up: creativity is best expressed through limitation- like Dominic Wilcox's 30 creations in 30 days (@less than 10GBP each)

(07:40:59) A special #FollowFriday with a theme: @pootspublic, @BitsyVonMuffin, @CymraesCoch & @Brambling - my favourite tweeps called Liz/Beth #FF

(07:52:53) RT @BeeStrawbridge: SNOW JOKE for garden birds; time to start helping them now it's getting very chilly! - #birds # ...

(09:55:09) That does it.. I'm totally putting Absolute 80s on. And editing down yesterday's AudioBoo. About 80s music. JAMYEH (

(10:42:11) What really annoys/troubles me is that it's too easy to change the entire context of a sentence by changing the "w" of "now" to a "t"...

(10:55:24) RT @m1updates: SEVERE M1 Bedfordshire - One lane blocked and queueing traffic southbound, accident, two lorries and a car involved betwe ...

(12:23:54) Hmm.. I think I'm running a little behind schedule. About 2 hours 25 minutes.

(12:33:08) It's only just occurred to me that there's no such thing as a Cheshire cat.

(16:28:32) LIstening for the first time in ages to Propaganda's "Duel" - it is like a precious piece of jewellery.. best appreciated only occasionally.

(18:15:10) Typical.. Hendon Way's a bit broken. Not sure what's going on. I wonder if muttering "come on.." would help.

(20:13:42) Right. Time to shoehorn the children into their rooms so I can have my Friday Pizza. Quite hungry, y'see.

(21:15:30) Better go. Also, I think I need a shower. Why did nobody say anything? Ew.

Tweets for 25 Nov 2010


(07:05:28) I just received an odd look from a fellow passenger on the Special Bus. Why..? @HelenAndOlly's "Answer Me This" made me do a sputtery laugh.

(08:25:14) I'm aware it's very British to bang on about the weather, but this crisp cold & blue skies (occasionally) really puts me in a buoyant mood.

(08:39:17) Oh dear. I need to replace another cache battery.

(09:35:14) Heh.. I bet @nxmee is chuffed to hear his email read out on @KritzKast .. and an excellent one, too! (Won't spoil it for him :D)

(13:17:40) Most days at work, I have a little salad with my lunch. Are these my 'salad days'? I'm waiting for my 'sticky pudding with custard' days.

(13:39:06) Yesterday, I wrote a haiku, printed it on A3 paper and put it on the door to our office. Nobody has taken it down yet, which is nice.

(13:47:50) The haiku read: "If you seek exit,

(13:56:06) Learning Japanese as I trundle towards the distopian gates of hell (which is no where near Tokyo. It's closer to Shepherds Bush).

(17:40:50) On the extra-Special Bus back along Westway. I may not make it back for 6pm. This will be irksome. Still, I survived TVC. I want a badge.

(18:53:06) Bit warm and quiet on the Special Bus this evening. Starting to get a bit tired & hungry. It's Watchdog tonight... or something else?

(21:19:51) I think Paul Merton is being upstaged somewhat by Grayson Perry and that Jimmy Carr. And by upstaged, I mean not doing very much. #bbcHIGNFY

(21:36:47) Time for me to ascend the wooden hill to an appropriate county. Although Sean Lock is being very amusing on "Live at the Apollo" Fab.

(21:47:22) Definitely goodnight. JAMYEH!

Tweets for 24 Nov 2010


(06:26:38) Nearly half-past six.. no time to download iOS4.2 on my iPod Touch. Such excitement will have to wait...

(06:31:52) Going equipped. I mean, going well equipped. (I have an apple and a suspicious satsuma).

(07:10:52) As the special bus hurtles southwards with an unhabitual urgency, I'm still buzzing from an early morning coffee. Good way to start the day?

(11:43:05) What is the most diplomatic way to answer someone who asks "How many megapixels has it got?"

(15:53:30) OW! Some bloke here has got a bagpipe ringtone. He is a scotchman. Obviously

(18:37:46) There's more than the average number of beards on this Special Bus. Also, a stinky man. But I'm going home & catching up on emails. JAMYEH.

(20:18:31) Home & eating some of Dalepak's finest product. With noodles & vegetables. Nom. Thank you, @pootspublic!

(21:00:38) If you're near a telly and fancy watching something entertaining, the Fry & Laurie reunion's on GOLD now. If you've got GOLD, that is. Hmm.

(21:19:51) There's an interesting employment law chat in this week's @radioacademy RadioTalk - produced by the fab @heatherrhian (

(21:22:01) It's time for me to shower & go to bed. You'll not see me protesting - I'm not keen on being kettled under my duvet #notaeuphemism. Night!

(21:53:29) Wow.. @fridgemagnet2's birthday card replete with tat never ceases to amaze & amuse. Thanks, mate!

Tweets for 23 Nov 2010


(06:32:29) yeek.. work!

(08:48:53) Innit typical.. I'd intended to bring up printing from mobile phones on the last couple of BagelTech Big shows I was on. iOS4.2 sorts that!

(08:50:06) I have also brought banana bread into the office on a day where I am the only person in on this desk-of-four. Should I save it..? Really..?

(08:55:45) Is the British Public still owed money by the banks? If so, I might pop into The Halifax later.

(09:02:03) Today's challenge: try and work out how to get 24 mahoosive servers delivered to our office this week, where reception has been closed. Hmm

(10:42:24) Meeting! Coffee! Exclamation mark! The last one is a lie.

(11:40:30) Going through job descriptions. I will pretend to be dead.

(12:48:36) I completely know what I'm doing.

(14:02:38) I just saw a phone for sale at 22,000 GBP. It's the Vertu Ascent Ti. The case costs more than I'd ever spend on a phone.

(14:48:59) Right.. after a third attempt to order some Microsoft Server licences (you'd think it was simple.. oh how wrong you'd be!) .. time for tea.

(21:10:08) I've worked out what I don't like about soap operas: I've better ways to spend my leisure time than watching fictional people not coping.

(21:49:30) Time for some milk and a shower (separate glasses), then I shall lie in state until something interesting happens. Like Wednesday. Night!

Tweets for 22 Nov 2010


(07:42:30) Happy Monday! I'm not quite awake yet, but @nxmee is making me do mental arithmetic for a gameshow idea. Coffee is needed.

(09:55:41) I am SO going to take on Asda now. Expect tweets in case anything untoward or interesting happens. Yeah.

(10:23:38) I am now a little concerned that most of my tweets are not very interesting. And that this one is representative. Winds light to variable.

(10:36:43) Takes me back to my days at Sainsbury's... I can detect a spillage from four aisles away. Also, the greeter at Wigmore Asda is intolerable.

(10:56:46) All go here. The supervisor has just given us our very own feckless youth for checkout duties. How invigorating.

(11:30:00) Home again.. keeping tabs of the goings-on at work... I've got a large number of servers arriving this week - apparently they're heavy. Oh.

(11:33:34) A great post by @SueAtkins - 'Is your Child a Hopeless "Screen-ager"?' - quite encouraging:

(17:41:20) Two tired children this evening.. (and a tired me, for that matter). Early night, I think.

(19:17:23) The children are enjoying programming recorded sounds into Chris's Lego Mindstorms... at least they're getting on!

(20:04:43) Me: "If you don't put your light out, if you're manky in the morning, it won't be my problem." Lenni: "It will, cos Mummy will blame you."

(21:51:34) Right. Off to bed with these thoughts: Is there really such a word as "Phraseology"..? And why do politicians use the phrase "in the round"?

Tweets for 21 Nov 2010


(09:09:18) Morning! I've been spoiled since I woke up today - thank you, @PootsPublic, @Nxmee, @SuperAlora, @chepbourne and @sparkyannc :) :)

(09:32:49) Thank you thank you thank you @Impurrfection @thatlass and @hooker1uk - you are truly delightful and make me WELL happy! :)

(11:40:35) Wow.. I'm whelmed, if not moreso - thank you, @thenewbrunette @franklandtalks @Brennig @hark_the_herald @spacecadet_76 & @forkinabucket!

(11:42:41) I'm sure I saw the sun earlier. Or "The News Of The World" as it's known on Sundays.

(13:17:40) We may well not get asked back to the Green Man at Offley. It's a bit upmarket for my behaviour :D

(13:32:51) A pitifully small jug of custard - the waitress got her own back! [ @painted_duchess ]

(15:01:07) RT @paul_steele: The first 13 Twitter Singups (Karaoke) - Fun and Smiles From Around The world (a fun quick one out ...

(15:52:29) Chilling at BiL's, just round the corner - the children are playing Eledees and TimeSplitters 2 respectively .. quite happily :)

(19:18:37) Home, with children in bed nice and early.. won't to be too long for me, I think. It's all a bit dark & wintry. May I borrow a hemisphere?

(20:15:08) Top condiment recipe: 1 part Levi Roots Reggae-Reggae Sauce to 10 parts Heinz Tomato Ketchup to make, er, Reggaechup. Great with sausages.

(20:16:47) That should be "Regchup".

(20:32:50) Someone should invent the #xfactor worm, like on the Prime Ministerial debates.. I've a feeling it would be below the line most of the time.

(20:43:38) Righty.. back down the studio to create a backing track for the song @superalora's singing in the school play. Hope I get it right!

(22:55:15) Ooh - he kept that quiet! The mighty @paul_steele made another fine Twitter #Singup: What A Beautiful World You Live In!

(23:08:59) Right.. best leave the last vestiges of today to those who'll make better use of it than I would. Officially: thank you and good night! :)

Tweets for 18 Nov 2010


(07:08:46) All aboard the Skylark.

(08:01:56) Shocking commute... starting work on the coach. It's science.

(09:03:51) Definitely coffee time. Still chuckling at "Put him on a pedalstool" #itcrowd

(09:25:37) How much is a shedload? And how much of a motorway carriageway does it cover on average?

(11:14:52) RT @carolermp: Postal scam: if you get a card through your door to call PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) Don't ring the number it costs £31 ...

(11:20:47) RT @andytuk @carolermp That PDS thing is a old hoax. See [syz: mea culpa.. I was just about to get Watchdog onto it!]

(12:03:38) Wow.. Errol's brought in a cheapo "E-pad" (ZT-180 by Zenithink) - it's actually quite good.. resistive touchscreen, but Android 2.1. Neato.

(12:30:55) I like suggesting things that I have no intention of doing, but get the response "Don't you DARE."

(13:20:28) A colleague asked me where I got my bananaguard. I told him it was probably Betterware, but I still need something to protect a juicy pear.

(14:14:19) Happy birthday, @binabery! Please make every effort to have a splendid time :) x

(14:26:31) Picking teams.

(18:47:37) It doesn't happen often, but I've had to skip a song on the @homemadehitshow because it made me anxious. Well, I would've but it was short.

(19:13:11) Stinky old man bellowing into his mobile phone. That will be me sometime. Perhaps as soon as this evening.

(19:20:42) Not quite so damp at the airport this evening, thank heavens. Quick quick home before it does raining! (@ London Luton Airport (LTN))

(20:51:27) Watching @bobbyllew and his CarPool on Dave. It's better than #BBCWatchdog. Definitely.

(20:56:08) We have an OWL. It's FANTASTIC! But makes depressing reading. Time to turn everything off. Then maybe it'll be too dark to see the display.

(21:30:08) I don't think I will ever remember a fact from QI. It's like a comedy version of University Challenge.

(21:57:16) Right.. off to bed. I can see myself optimising our electricity use this weekend..! Night :) 

Tweets for 17 Nov 2010


(08:17:52) Good morning. It's a good thing I like meetings, because they're practically wall-to-wall today. Or am I thinking about carpets..?

(08:46:21) Interesting new feature.. it seems Twitter is sending me texts for @ replies. Neato.

(08:48:12) Are you doing OK, @ndixon and @regularjen ...?

(10:12:25) I think I would like another week off work.

(13:12:22) Ooh. Lunchingtons. That will make all the drizzle go away. (Except honey & mustard dressing).

(14:03:53) Right. I will have a quick game of iSketch before the cavalcade of meetings starting at 2.30. It's right and proper.

(15:17:48) On the 7th floor, in a slow but OK meeting. But mainly slow. View's nice, but I can't identify a building - looks like 3 tall chimneys.

(18:40:56) RT @BBCRadio4: Here's that address/details of how to buy PM's Upshares Downshares CD (in aid of Children in Need) ...

(19:26:13) Luton Airport is dank tonight. Danky very much.

(22:17:01) Audioboo: old reel-to-reel [retro] boo

(22:49:01) Too much interesting stuff on the internet. Now, though: sleep. Night!

Tweets for 16 Nov 2010


(06:30:59) Ahh well. Time to tear off Tuesday's security seal and consume the contents. Have a good day :)

(06:56:14) Listening to Sunday's TWiT .. it's like being part of a bar-room techy chat.. quite uninhibited and amusing.

(08:02:27) My goodness, it's a bit foggy in That London this morning.. I'm in the cloud.

(09:12:18) Waiting for the coffee to take effect as I sink slowly into the quicksand of emails. If I don't struggle, I will float. True story.

(10:57:22) Dear {insert manager name here}, A meeting scheduled for 1pm to 2.30pm is inhumane. I will eat my salad and pasty noisily through. Nommynom.

(11:00:48) Happiness is finding a 5 pound note in my little oyster card wallet. Although it's probably change that I forgot to give back to Beth :D

(11:09:40) New parents: Please don't call your child Joachim. Everyone will pronounce it different/wrong/in Germany.

(11:25:07) I was just thinking.. y'know what we need? A royal wedding.

(11:57:28) There is something really strange but brilliant about being able to email my seven-and-a-half year old daughter. Technology is brill.

(12:16:29) Listening to my mate MissVK's electrohouse competition entry... jolly good it is, too. She's a hot-rockin' DJ. Yeah.

(13:18:22) I'd rather go to a meeting than watch or hear any coverage of what is quite a dull thing. Which I will be. At 1.30. Careful what I wish for.

(16:20:16) My Dad just rang me up, I think just to tell me jokes.

(19:09:35) When I got on the Special Bus this evening, it smelled like manky feet. Now it smells like Snack-A-Jacks. I dread to think there's a link.

(19:16:54) Bit foggy in Luton this evening. Careful if you're landing a plane

(19:34:48) I'm going to buy a commemmorative mmug.

(20:49:06) Ooh.. too busy earlier to mention that I had a quick chat with the mighty @barwickgreen earlier. He invented HD Radio Sound (or similar)

(20:51:29) Watching Miranda. Quite amusing. Like the Podmore thing that was on #radio4 yesterday. Gawd bless ya, BBC (Wi)iPlayer :)

(20:56:57) When the WiiPlayer buffers, it's only good when the spinning ring thing makes it look like the person has a comedy goatee.

(21:29:20) Watching Popatron - quite amusing in its way. Modern.

(21:46:19) Going to bed after I've worked out where that whirring is coming from. Shouldn't take long; I have stereo ears. Night night to you, special!

Tweets for 15 Nov 2010


(00:11:07) Audioboo: Soft Kitty [for @SyzygySweetie to use when required] - my 'interpretation' of the Big Bang Theory smash h...

(00:21:22) Right.. Monday's here, and I'm completely unprepared. Better go put my make-up on. I may be some time. Please stall it. Night!

(00:23:43) I wish I was in the USA - they've got a Big Bang Theory "Soft Kitty" video competition: ... right.. definitely gone now!

(07:39:09) Good morning... downstairs is coffee. I need it.

(10:23:33) Right.. need to go to That Tesco, then ring the Nationwide. Mundane Munday.. so good to me :D

(12:17:04) RT @Aiannucci: Alan Partridge's 1st press interview in 10yrs is now here.

(12:18:16) I need to call The Nationwide. I hope they haven't been rebranded to something ridiculous...

(13:07:20) Wow.. listening to @GuardianTW TechWeekly - the Japanese have done something I've wanted to do for years - road music! YT

(15:40:31) Back from my Dad's & doing the school-walk. Folk seem in good spirits.. it's chilly, but the sun's out (and quite low.. nasty for driving!)

(16:24:08) Oh yes... and Lenni had a bit of a spill on her scooter on our way home. After she got over the shock.. "I can't wait to show my friends! :D

(16:25:48) Phineas and Ferb is the children's equivalent of Family Guy - surreal, amusing and musically fantastic!

(17:44:03) Sorting through my work email.. lots going on (as always). Lenni's opinion: "You're not working, you're just reading emails." Bless 'er.

(17:46:03) Yeah. Phone calls done for the day. Time for more emails, I think. And commutey special bus ticket buyage.

(18:16:38) I like that, many places I go on the internet, I'll find someone I know... just goes to show it's a small world.

(18:59:41) A bit tired again. I think it's a function of the darkness versus the lack of aerobic exercise I'm getting. Can't do much about the dark :D

(21:00:29) It's about this time of night I feel the urge for a slice or two of toast. That's right toast.

(21:18:23) Dear Work, I'm afraid @forkinabucket @BaronHawkey @SpaceCadet_76 & @bitsyvonmuffin can't come in because they've got rickets. Ta, your Mum.

(21:21:09) I've eaten too much toast now.

(21:22:38) Midmorning Matters with Alan Partridge watched (quite slow-paced, actually).. now podcasts, dishwasher emptying and BED. I am SO excitable!

(22:24:53) Hmm, all the stretch has come out of Monday.. Tuesday's looking a bit tight, so I'd better prepare myself to squeeze into it. Talc..? Night!

Tweets for 14 Nov 2010


(09:27:47) Good morning. Another opportunity to share two minutes of silence at 11am - I'll definitely remember this time. Have a good day :)

(13:04:19) Watching Toy Story 2 with @pootspublic and the children. Lunchingly.

(13:57:05) Wahoo... I’ve created my profile at! Check me out: and sign up at

(14:37:09) Playing Pictureka, even though I don't really like it - the pictures are grotesque and speed of gameplay makes me anxious. Not recommended.

(15:51:30) After real-life boardgames, time to indulge myself for twenty minutes on - haven't played that for years!

(23:58:11) Audioboo: weekends and boardgames boo [and preface to the one following]

Tweets for 13 Nov 2010


(07:19:17) Awake.. dozing & catching up with 28 audioboos, I think... good morning anyway!

(08:38:02) RT @BagelTechNews: When @BagelTechNews reaches 500 followers, one of those followers at Random will win a Panasonic Lumix Camera. Pass it on

(08:40:53) Excavating myself from the wonderful keys of bed .. heading straight for the coffee.

(08:42:02) Dozy dozy me.. the joys of bed, of course.

(10:56:28) All showered and attempting to see what Saturday looks like from an upright position. Lots of blue-tits in the garden :)

(12:04:35) A relaxed morning making "treasure hunts" with whimsical clues for Lenni to follow. Not so keen on independent thought, bless 'er...

(13:41:01) Foraging for hay for the piggies - children all fed with Typical Saturday Treat Fayre. Parking nose-to-nose right here.. everyone's out!

(14:14:26) I've just had a first go at the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Unnecessarily expensive, but I ~so~ want one and think they're the future. Mmm.

(15:36:09) RT @heatherrhian: This week's #radiotalk is a must listen for anyone that wants to work in digital or online in radio

(15:53:12) Home from various places including Staples (where I got hands-on with the Galaxy Tab.. I could never work for Engadget!) now: tea & cookie!

(16:42:22) I imagine few, if any of the fine folk who follow me buy it, but this is a good summary of the Daily Mail (by @Jon_S)

(17:04:43) Chris & Lenni are telling ghost stories outside with torches.. I just heard the line "That's not scary - that's humiliating..."

(18:28:40) Watching last week's The Cube - we played Pictionary at teatime.. two rather contrasting games..!

(20:10:08) Hmm.. time to go to the studio. I have a rubbish idea.

(20:31:20) I've just called my Dad to wish him well at the Cenotaph, and now I'm playing with WD40: this is a GOOD evening. Oh, and I have Love Hearts.

(20:35:11) Ooh.. Goodies on BBC2. That'll be on @TVCatchup as I tinker then...

(21:17:34) Wow. I remember Ecky Thump in the playground...

(22:58:18) Bah.. I was considering doing an audioboo, but I'm too sleepy now. No staying power, some people :D

(23:42:38) I think the consensus is to turn in now, so I shall save up my musical prowess, stick it in a sandwich bag and pour it out tomorrow. Night!

Tweets for 12 Nov 2010


(08:05:53) Good heavens.. a bit of blue sky. Haven't seen that sort of thing for a while.

(09:06:52) Right. Enough of all this cake talk. I have Windows 7 to break (apparently, it's shatterproof, so that's OK) and an SCOM monitor to install.

(10:03:38) I'm still surprised nobody has registered '' ( already exists.. but is spammy marketing BOO!)

(10:11:39) Outlook 2010 has a "Japanese consistency checker." How very handy.

(12:10:35) I am afraid I will be unable to resist going here at lunchtime: (SFW)

(13:22:12) RT @adambanksdotcom: Now *this* is menacing - but not illegal, because it wasn't on Twitter

(13:23:22) A fine band of Pervy Councillors indeed: @forkinabucket @SpaceCadet_76 @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @BitsyVonMuffin #FF

(13:24:07) Half-past one. I didn't go to HMV because I don't have sixty quid and I have no idea what I'd say to the Goodies if I faced them. Oddly.

(14:28:45) Well. That is technology. And Japan. (YouTube, SFW - via @doctoe)

(15:15:07) I am spending the afternoon, much like the rest of the day - and the week, in fact - plodding through things and getting very little done.

(15:26:17) Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed! It's OK - @easyBus doesn't go there, and I'd only end up burning my lips on the exhaust. #IAmSpartacus.

(16:41:32) - one of my colleagues just dumped some vintage media on my desk.. [some of which I have NO idea of what it is!]

(18:51:03) Bit slow on the Hendon Way tonight. Why? Because a Toyota people carrier's just piled into somone's hedge. Nice work!

(20:49:24) Probably one of the best #Buzzcocks ~ever~ - and I've seen a lot of 'em. Terry Wogan. He's a legend and a LOVELY MAN.

(21:42:34) RT @BagelTechMedia: Bagel Tech BIG Show will be live in 25mins - @TJManotoc, @KyleSwager, @BagelTechRage, @SarahJaneUK, @BagelTechNews a ...

(21:58:01) RT @sarahjaneuk: Getting ready for @BagelTechNews Big show at 10pm. Watch live and chat at

(22:01:52) Blank #badgameshows

(22:16:20) Fine ending to this week's #AskRhod - ver funny. Top #ComedyFriday :)

Tweets for 11 Nov 2010


(06:28:23) Good morning. I'd better dash.. this commute won't do itself. That would be 'working from home', wouldn't it..?

(07:07:37) Utterly windswept. And rainswept. Bit of a gauntlet run to the airport.. more of that horizontal rain. Time to doze...

(08:02:47) The Special Bus driver has got Radio 5 Live turned up so loud it's drowning out @Vobes & @beershowjimmy not knowing what a ramekin is. Wow.

(09:03:32) I've just been given a black bag full of junk to dispose of. It includes a small reel-to-reel tape labelled "Outtakes" .. intriguing!

(09:54:24) RT @ucalegon: It was almost worth having two world wars to hear some people shut up for two minutes once a year.

(11:38:56) I am gutted that I missed the two minutes silence today :( I don't tend to clock watch. Next year I will have an alarm and an airhorn.

(12:17:53) This lunchtime I will mainly be looking at @paul_steele's fine "Twitter Singups" - .. I hope there'll be another soon!

(12:58:29) I'm playing with Windows 7 (and Office 2010) in an enterprise environment. It's VERY exciting.

(13:02:07) Hear that? That's the sound of a pasty warming in the microwave. The devil's instrument according to Lee The Engineer.

(13:41:26) Heh. I just did something it would normally be quite impractical to do.

(15:34:03) I'm all at fives and nines at the moment.

(17:54:07) RT @chrisred: If you don't think #TwitterJokeTrial is important, look through your timeline and imagine the law taking *everything* you' ...

(20:37:11) I can't believe I never saw this.

(20:41:34) Happy birthday @WymRoyal!

(21:00:08) Good heavens.. I was rather surprised to see @PeachyPics in a Twitter singup! Light -> Bushel etc. (What a fine singer!)

(21:09:55) Wow. @TheDarkGlove = legend. He did this:

(21:31:18) Heavens above.. now I've seen @K4thyBrown on the Twitter Singup... have you guys been holding out on me..?

(22:25:20) My goodness, bedtime comes clattering down the stairs like a recalcitrant vacuum cleaner. Better get showered and bedded. Good night to you!

Tweets for 10 Nov 2010


(06:11:18) Listening to @JonHolmes1 podcast show podcast (again, the #radio4 comedy cupboard was bare) - he's snuck policeman names in his show. Heh.

(06:14:52) Having shredded wheat and sugar puffs with milk. It's no breakfast for a gluten or lactose intolerant. Hopefully that's not me.

(08:53:18) I am supposed to have got a laptop and Windows 7 to play with yesterday. It's still not arrived. I'll stick with Windows ME, I think.

(13:06:02) Y'know if you leave your hair without washing it for long enough, it cleans itself... is the same true for tea towels? I do hope so.

(15:03:11) Right.. time for another meeting, after playing with SCOM and having jolly exciting results (in theory). Coffee is needed.

(15:50:13) Apparently I deserve a visit to Colchester. Well, who'd have thought it.

(18:07:57) RT @Jayhirst: Favourite placard seen on the news "I only popped out for a pint of milk". Brilliant.

(18:09:00) I couldn't be happier where I am now. In general.

(19:45:50) A delightful after-work meeting with m'friend.. this sort of thing doesn't happen enough. It's called 'networking' apparently.

(21:34:26) It's the same old thing.. shower then bed then up then breakfast (maybe including shreddage) then out. Ready, then? Night night night! :)

Tweets for 09 Nov 2010


(06:28:49) Chilly morning.. listening to @HelenAndOlly's "Answer Me This" since it's more amusing than Just A Minute. Better get to work, then...

(07:49:29) All broken at the bottom of the M1.. looks like there's a road closed :/

(07:52:41) Too sleepy.

(07:55:44) RT @jackschofield: Boeing 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 in a line for the first time (pic) (HT @CoolPics)

(10:04:03) My left upper arm aches a bit. This is almost wholly down to rigours of pretending to conduct an orchestra in Wii Music. Won't do that again

(12:30:44) Meeting number one done... only, er, four to go.

(12:39:29) Wow. I've just seen the remarkable tweets of @LauraBeddington (thanks - I think, @Lutonbookworm) Makes me want to set @laurenotw on her.

(13:00:12) Today on Twitter, I've mainly felt a bit disappointed with humanity. Amazing how a couple of people (that I don't follow) can ruin things.

(15:56:53) Participant on a conference call: "What's IE8?" Seriously..? Or am I being a bit pompous?

(18:13:58) Rp

(18:45:24) Woo.. listening to @theollymann and @helenzaltzman on The Guardian's Media Talk. They're good & lovely. Like @ShiftRunStop & @thisrealitypod

(18:50:39) I've always wondered... what are the significances of the numbers after @ruskin147 and @johnplunkett149 ..? Very similar.. and who is 148?

(18:54:52) Heating's on in the Special Bus this evening. I consider today as pretty-much summing up my new job. Challenging, but with coffee & laughs.

(20:12:15) I would like cake now, please.

(20:32:12) I just did that thing where I substituted the wrong word in a sentence because I was thinking of it. "You must've been covered in cake."

(22:17:49) Sleepytimes. And not before.

(22:27:01) I'm definitely asleep now. For real.

Tweets for 08 Nov 2010


(09:24:19) They should design bathroom products with non-topple bases. That is all.

(10:29:25) I got so engrossed in chuckling at the Top Gear 2011 annual at Asda that I lost my wife for a bit. It's what they would've wanted.

(11:16:15) I got an email with the "To:" address a strange amalgamation of the whole of Beth's address on the left of the @ & my domain to the right...

(11:33:08) According to @Rhodri, " media: a bunch of people randomly hammering on their computer keyboards." Well, djwrwuwsn ddifieeia ccidb.

(11:40:55) RT @meeware: RT @chr1sa: New Lego Digital Designer 4.0 is out, with improved interface. A vision of what easy to use 3D CAD can be: http ...

(11:55:13) Well, I can safely say I've read a newspaper this year. Brief review of "i": news OK, but celebrity obsessed otherwise - a shame. Meh/10

(17:52:23) Watching Chris clap along with Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

(20:07:19) Hmm. It's all gone a little bit quiet - Chris & Beth are out, and Lenni's in bed. I shall put a jumper on and make some noise. With it. On.

Tweets for 07 Nov 2010


(08:26:14) I think my metabolism has stopped. Didn't fancy coffee yesterday morning (most unlike me) and I'm not that fussed about breakfast today...

(08:27:38) Should someone who describes themselves as an 'edutainer' be taken seriously..?

(11:12:15) It's the scouts' remembrance parade. At a very peculiar church. Lenni's carrying one of the flags. Chris isn't trying to capture it. Phew.

(12:41:08) Brrr... bit nippy.

(13:40:33) Mmm... pizza for lunch. That's my kinda Sunday meal :)

(16:58:25) Audioboo: Scuffing through leaves [at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton] boo

(17:29:52) Sleeeeepy. I blame @DerrenBrown.

(19:39:45) Doing research on 1983 hit "Love of the Common People".. an interesting story. (There's an interview with Paul Young on Absolute 80s now)

(21:04:35) I'm very sleepy now, doing that huge yawning thing. Can't see it being long before bedtime. Definitely need to stretch tonight.

(21:25:40) RT @RobJD: Stig Farm Video, funny :) (SFW)

(23:36:21) I'm unnecessarily excited about finally getting an OWL, but fear the resultant capital spend means it'll take a while to pay for itself :D

(23:40:18) Speaking of which, electric monitor makers are missing a trick by not making it look like their products have a hangover. Night!

Tweets for 06 Nov 2010


(06:54:45) That was short-lived zzzz....

(08:58:18) All quiet at Geri Halliwell Towers this

(10:40:08) RT @abers1: simontkey Simon Key

(10:52:19) Right. I can feel the need to vacuum coming on.

(12:14:39) I like the way vacuum cleaners sound like they're getting VERY cross when forced to attempt to hoover up curtains and carrier bags.

(12:32:38) No geotagging test... for the win (not from church)

(14:09:35) Heh... I saw this on the @B3ta newsletter and it made me chuckle - something for the #MasterChef afficionados: (YT - sfw)

(14:13:39) Woahhh.. Lauren Harries (@laurenotw) has got a podcast. My life is complete*. (insert "a" and "shambles" where required)

(15:20:04) Hmm.. @nxmee has invited one of his mates round. Fortunately the house is tidy, but it's still a bit awkward.

(18:47:01) Not such a bad evening for it. If you're at the Luton fireworks, we're about 20m to the right of the unnecessarily loud speakers :D

(19:07:02) The Heart presenters here are being let down by #microphonefail. They're doing 'shout outs'. It's classy stuff.

(19:07:47) I wish I was here.

(20:55:23) I'm not sure I've ever seen such an affectionate appraisal of Luton: ... Kashmir doesn't get such a good review :/

(21:50:16) Drinkin' wines & chatting about family.

(22:17:01) A brief sample of Luton's mighty fireworks display; I very much enjoyed it (especially the purples!)

Tweets for 05 Nov 2010


(06:25:55) A quick good morning to fellow early-birders @Zararugosa and @willipmrpip before I brush my teeth and head out the door! Have a good day :)

(07:08:37) Listening to the engaging and entertaining @ShiftRunStop, which includes cheese and @Helen_Keen who is effervescent & amusing. Top stuff.

(07:48:45) I think I might have a fully fledged cold. Right now, rather than intending to order one from Amazon.

(08:22:23) I would say "But first, coffee..." but I've been in the office ten minutes now, and done nothing but emails & tweets. Now: coffee. Heh.

(08:26:05) RT @pootspublic: Not the same but a useful and fun alternative to the Today programme: # #radio4 #bbcradio4

(08:41:19) I have discovered a correlation between server shifting and back discomfort. I'm glad I'm going into management.

(08:48:05) Love it.. an 'interview' by Dick Flash for 'Pork Magazine' with Brian Eno on his home page ( .. really made me chuckle.

(08:56:08) That Brian Eno interview is made even more fantastic by the fact that, in @johndredge style, he's actually interviewing himself. GENIUS.#

(10:45:27) Hoping @RobJD is OK..

(11:46:48) Lordy lordy.. getting my fill of mighty dubstep at - headphones on, of course. They won't let me have a subwoofer. Bah!

(13:17:05) RT @empiremagazine: Today is the most glorious of days, for it brings us the return of Alan Partridge: H/T@TheDailyEmma

(20:25:08) Well.. home now, and I'm officially 'between jobs' I shall play podcasts later, but I'd better go for a shower first. I am stinky.

(20:55:29) Hoping to catch the second half of @ImogenHeap's genius starting soon at (thanks, @Z80GameCoder!)

(21:59:41) RT @BagelTechNews: All dressed up . dont leave us hanging. Bagel Tech Big 2nd Birthday (Broadcasting live at

(23:34:12) Audioboo: children, text speak & typing boo [@simontoon @pewari @r2uk @t_northernbloke and @akrabat too, I think]

(23:40:06) I think it is time for bed. A bit damp outside, so I'm glad to be indoors. I've also eaten too many cinnamon swirls (two). Night night!

Tweets for 04 Nov 2010


(06:28:13) Uhoh.. the first 45 minutes of the day go FAR too quickly.. better go and brush my teeth, put my trousers, shoes & coat on.. and RUN!

(08:53:04) Coffee time. If that doesn't knock my migraine on the head, I will have to resort to stronger measures (bananaguard full of concrete).

(10:42:22) If you're travelling to Luton Airport, heading north, I would recommend using the A1M, coming off at Stevenage (north) & going via Hitchin.

(15:36:05) I'm wondering.. is it just Errol and I that are playing Storm8 "Racing Live"..? I need a bigger crew :D What am I getting myself into..? :D

(16:53:31) Hmm.. there's an NUJ strike AND a fire brigade strike tomorrow? The idea of setting fire to a journalist couldn't be further from my mind.

(17:07:46) I'm being guided through the installation process.

(19:33:24) RT @duckorange: Right, nobody tell the Daily Mail the main image on their homepage is 1.8MB. Just keep pressing F5 #DailyFail

(20:07:35) It's #Watchdog time. Be afraid! Don't write anything down. Don't string out a trivial feature into 10 minutes. REMAIN INDOORS.

(20:14:49) I can't quite finish this aphorism: The more someone feels entitled to, the less... er...

(20:20:03) Is she really called Rizla Teeth..? #Watchdog

(20:25:21) Wow! My account number includes 7192! This could so easily be me! I feel annoyed! Then angry! Then irritated! #watchdog

(20:33:33) Hang on.. I'm not sure what this whole 30 minute recipe thing is all about - you'll have to show me again #BBCWatchdog #Watchdog

(20:36:27) Good grief - product placement! Anybody else get a glimpse(!) of Green & Black's Organic ice cream..? #watchdog #BBCWatchdog

(20:44:14) RT @Gnarlydawn: #watchdog big story: Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals may take longer than 30 minutes! It may sound petty but that's how the ...

(21:10:29) All righty.. if I have any hope of being perky and coherent tomorrow, I shoudld've gone to bed an hour ago. Night night, you splendid you.

Tweets for 03 Nov 2010


(06:21:32) *yawns* Must remember to bring coffee to work, otherwise it could get drastic (a word not used often enough in song lyrics).

(07:51:25) Once again, a bit slow on the road this morning. I don't approve. I don't have anything coherent to say this morning. Back to dozing.. :D

(08:06:24) Yay.. made it to Baker Street! Not sure my walk can be delayed - or can it..? (@ Baker Street Station)

(10:26:41) Time for a wee, and a cup of tea. It's nothing but non-stop fun for me.

(12:21:00) I just got an email from someone with ALL the vowels in their surname. Next to each other. But not in order. Still, pretty cool, though.

(12:32:23) NAUGHTY Google! "We're sorry... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a compter virus or spy ware application.." eh?!

(14:23:34) Hmm. Need a server.

(14:47:52) I now have a server. And a meeting. Better play with the meeting first.

(17:02:51) All righty.. meetings all done for the day. Only several emails to write and a server to play with (for a bit) then hometime. Busy busy.

(17:51:36) Time, I think, to be making my way to the recycling area, and thence to the Special Bus Stop where I will be demure and defiant.

(18:00:27) I'm going to record an audioboo on my way home. Lots to respond to - @T_NorthernBloke, @R2UK, @Simontoon & @Pewari are TOO interesting!

(18:01:47) Hmm.. that was yesterday's tweet.. I should avoid doing that.

(18:08:06) Listening to the @vobesshow as I preambulate sleepily (somnambulate?) to Gloucester Place. Simple pleasures( podcasts, walking & tweeting.

(18:11:20) Correct use of mobile phone keyboards and colons: simple pleasures.

(22:28:36) Audioboo: This is because of @PeachyPics @LinseyT and @Brennig [with apologies for the drasticness]

(22:37:38) Bah... @MichaelRosenYes got there first! Clearly I wasn't drastic enough, @LinseyT @PeachyPics @Brennig (H/T @sparkyannc)

(22:38:34) Definitely going to bed now. Nice to have actually got a bit of the piano recorded. Have I given it a name yet? I have't put a sticker on.

Tweets for 02 Nov 2010


(06:27:51) Well, if it isn't Tuesday... better head up the hill and do something with my life (mainly throw it onto the Special Bus). Good morning.

(07:58:25) Bit on the slow side heading toward That London this morning... makes the coffee taste better, though.

(08:37:10) Right. Coffee. While my computer boots. Yeah.

(09:06:37) I now have two mugs of (even if I say so myself) quite mediocre coffee on my desk. Made one for a colleague but forgot not to put milk in.

(09:47:42) Struggling a bit with the excavation of some archeological emails (well, from last week) - it's like a normal Tuesday, except beligerenter.

(14:51:48) Waiting to be inducted. If I do, I win a pink slip. Wahoo.

(15:03:12) I'm watching a poorly filmed video of someone doing a Powerpoint presentation. Brilliant. Saves anyone actually being here.

(15:04:21) "Enter via access point at the top of the world" - presumably while looking down on creation.

(17:11:42) Ha! Alan Partridge has got an Instant Replay machine (North Norfolk Digital is my favourite station now :D) (YT - sfw)

(17:46:03) Ooh.. Radio Wun are streaming video of Newsbeat onto the interwebs now. I wonder if @DebsR will be on it. (h/t @meeware)

(18:31:27) This Special Bus has a disproportionate quantity of large people on it. By which I mean they seem to be scaled up in every direction by 25%.

(18:35:16) Also, someone has a very irritating cough. I feel quite manic this evening. But also a bit headachey, and I've eaten too many biscuits.

(18:40:54) Wow.. @asda are selling a 7" Tablet for 97 quid - if it can run Android 2.2 and the marketplace works, that's going to be a bargoon.

(18:44:30) Watching @OldGoldTech's Hallowe'en Special video. Silly, silly men. I chuckled.

(19:01:44) I'm going to record an audioboo on my way home. Lots to respond to - @T_NorthernBloke, @R2UK, @Simontoon & @Pewari are TOO interesting!

(20:04:20) Audioboo: Walking home boo [@SimonToon @Pewari @R2UK @AndyMooseman]

(20:53:18) What is the point of the fatfaced cockney bloke on Masterchef? He ruins it.

(22:12:40) It's a bit too late to respond to all the interesting AudioBoos I've heard this evening; I shall try to remember when I wake up. Yes. Night!

Tweets for 01 Nov 2010


(07:58:51) Good morning. Guess what Lenni and I are doing..? Yes! Looking at the crime figures website. THAT is home education :D

(08:00:37) In other news, VLC is now available for iPhone/iPod Touch. If it can do even half of what the desktop app can, it is WIN(nfc) [kudos @nxmee]

(08:10:55) I'm going to record a daily podcast about my struggles to write part of a novel every day in November. The novel will be about my moustache.

(09:16:55) It only takes ten people to comfortably push a broken down Mercedes up a car park ramp. With plenty of bonhomie.

(12:18:25) Lunchingtons - Strictly on iPlayer & crumpets for Lenni.. I shall have muffin and podcasts. Job done.

(12:44:06) Via @rhodri: The message from Danny Baker for those people not on Facebook. - you might want to see this, @Vobes

(17:42:03) Introducing Lenni to the delights of Excel. Well, the chart function, really. She's enjoying it - that's my girl! Next week: pivot tables.

(20:10:06) Right... Beth's on a course, Chris is at Scouts & Lenni's in bed. Time to let myself loose on the Errant Piano Of Tuneage.

(20:17:03) Ooh.. I need my iPod Touch as a tuner.. @EmmaAndPete is going to have to go through Real Speakers.

(22:03:55) In an attempt to avoid a surfeit of jollifcation for a Monday night, I shall go to bed now, just see if I don't (please don't check). Night!

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