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(09:57:31) Good morning (GMT - please check regional listings). I have no truck with Hallowe'en. Give me All Saints any day. Or B*Witched (heh.. not!)

(16:31:52) Playing Trivial Pursuit with the extended family. It's anything but trivial.

(19:45:41) Right. Time to sort out some Untidy Paperwork. And emails. And Special Bus tickets. It's not all glamour and post-it notes here.

(20:59:00) I'm really not the 'sit down'y type. Is there a profession where pottering is mostly involved? I'm thinking 'Butler', maybe..

(21:26:03) I wrote another blog post: Norfolk Children's Book Centre... http://is.gd/gxzjM

(21:57:00) Another bit of @ProjectSugru hacking - this time a rather bodged attempt at a battery cover for an MP3 FM transmitter. I'll fix it in post.

(22:02:10) I have a reason to believe it's bedtime. So I shall wish you good night, sweet dreams and no confusion about what tomorrow might bring.

Tweets for 30 Oct 2010


(10:32:59) Good morning, and happy Saturday :) We're back from our family holiday to Norfolk. What have I missed? I need to learn how to tweet again!

(10:34:19) Right. First things first (after unpacking) - a million photos to go through, and a blog entry to write. Feels oddly comfortable to be home.

(16:52:23) I ~will~ stop fiddling with photos and start my blog entry. No, honestly I will.

(17:48:11) Aww.. Lenni's been reading her book to me.. add the game of Trivial Pursuit we had earlier, it's been a fun day with the children :)

(18:14:51) Stop press! There's a free Tina Turner CD in the Mail on Sunday tomorrow. No, seriously - stop the presses.

(19:18:14) Incidentally, while I was away, I left Chrome open with a Twitter tab.. when I arrived home 10,200 tweets had arrived. I have not read them.

(19:19:31) I'm not watching the two most tweeted about telly programmes, so I shall play Mario Kart badly and eat cashews. With skill. And fingers.

(20:25:15) Is it wassailing time yet?

(22:36:34) I just wrote a blog post: "An autumn half-term full of delights." http://is.gd/gv497

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(05:26:06) It's only been and gone and started to be Friday. Best get to work.. I brushed my hair as soon as I got out of bed this morning. G'day!

(05:52:13) I have a challenge ahead of me on my commute home tonight... thanks to @sparkyannc - more on this later (if I remember!)

(06:39:58) Just wrote an email that represents something of a change in my life... be interesting to see how that goes.

(07:41:04) Some very clever German humour.. love it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U7Nmy-1xrk (YouTube, SFW) - thanks, @PaulWebster

(08:44:34) Cereal, I think.

(09:45:18) Woo.. I've been invited on the @BagelTechNews Big Show again this evening. Better bone up on my tech news action.

(10:53:15) Fully caffeinated.

(11:22:58) Woo.. @claudiahaun and her husband and daughter are visiting our office. Hungry baby noises :D

(11:56:39) Stop; pizza time.

(12:05:49) London Fire Brigade is on strike tomorrow.. fire wardens have been told to be extra vigilant. I will, but from my house. Webcam, maybe?

(12:52:14) RT @DaveGorman: Retweet----> @jackschofield: Brilliant! Rick Astley hidden in a student's essay on broadband - http://tinyurl.com/33s ...

(13:49:00) Right.. hopefully for the last time this week, I'm going to wrestle with a broken server. RAR. etc.

(15:05:26) RT @Pewari: @syzygy catching up on boos and thought of this for you: http://youtu.be/dF2HG1PVZok << Oh I love this!

(15:28:35) Back to the dead server.. definitely for the last time today. No, @forkinabucket .. no half-nelson. The odd Chinese burn may be necessary..

(21:14:05) Playing @BagelTechNews Big Show live ustreaming for podcast goodness.

(22:45:03) I'm off to bed. It's only sensible. Twitter break this weekend, I think; I'll be writing my musings on a Bit Of Paper. Technology! Night::)

Tweets for 21 Oct 2010


(05:29:23) Brrr.. bit nippy in the house this morning... still resisting putting the heating on. It's what socks, a jumper and another jumper is for.

(05:29:37) Oh and good morning...

(07:20:08) Listening to @radiokate's AudioBoo rant about Nokia's N8.. wow- it's not gone down well. I think I'll avoid (snogging smartphones is wrong).

(07:25:35) Oops.. I've missed some vital elements of preparing myself for the day. Like brushing my hair. I probably look like a post-hedge pigsty.

(07:47:28) I would like formally to wish my mother-in-law a Happy Birthday. What with it being her birthday an' all :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUM!

(09:49:53) RT @regularjen: This is cute (stop motion sfw) -- Western Spaghetti by PES http://youtu.be/qBjLW5_dGAM via @youtube << quite lovely!

(10:17:38) Oh dear. I think it's broken again.

(10:37:44) No matter how bad I think my job is (I don't- it's fab) I just need to watch 2 paparazzi dashing out of a car after a celeb to appreciate it

(11:06:43) Right. Going to go back to the office now.. not least because I want to have a look at MyPlayer (for Windows Mobile) - thanks @mugpi!

(11:17:55) I am fairly sure those workmen are constructing a maze outside Broadcasting House. Is it a Spending Review thing..? http://yfrog.com/75376qj

(11:49:26) Checking in to Hotel Lunchington.

(11:58:20) Looks like Audioboo is emptying its buffers all over Twitter.. :/

(15:29:19) Wow! Nadine Dorries says 70% of her blog is fiction. http://tinyurl.com/25lxf95 ALL of my blog is true, as are my tweets. Except.. this one?

(15:34:27) RT @hark_the_herald: Dear @vodafoneuk - it's called karma. Suck it up. http://j.mp/9b2ayU (Couldn't agree more)

(15:47:40) Trying to select the best soundtrack to Mark Thompson's Doom And Gloom speech. Chill isn't cutting it.. might have to be uksfinest...

(15:52:29) Watching Thompo's Speech Of Doom: he keeps going "Erp erp!" Which is annoying. Also, cameraperson keeps doing cutaways to 'hot(ish) chicks'.

(16:21:41) Watching Thompo. From the comfort of my desk. (@ BBC Broadcasting House) http://4sq.com/cDveXr

(19:18:46) Watching #BBCWatchdog, while eating lamb food. All about the simmering rage (not the lamb bit).

(19:46:21) That Rogue Traders bloke who takes Matt Allright on the motorbike never appears in the studio. My suspicion is that he's not housetrained.

(20:11:27) I'm stinky and need a shower, but Have I Got News For You is on. I was never any good at punchlines.

(20:29:41) Wow.. Ai WeiWei (corrected to 'weirdo' by my iPod Touch) is a remarkable artist. My kinda thing. Also: must visit the Tate turbine hall.

(21:08:26) I had an interesting conversation with a Polish lady about the British "Class system" on my walk home. Something to 'boo about.. night..!

Tweets for 20 Oct 2010


(06:16:36) It's a wonderfully chilly, calm, dry morning; as the sun emerges through red & green, the trees in silhouette, I feel sleepy but enchanted.

(06:59:46) Super-sleepy this morning... at least there's no drizzle between me and my coffee this morning. (@ Baker Street Station)

(07:36:38) My prediction of the government's announcement later will be that they expect the BBC to be funded entirely by its employees. That'll work.

(08:19:26) RT @rockmother: "the govt hopes the private sector will provide jobs lost in public sector' < HOPES??!! (there's yer answer @fridgemagnet2 )

(08:46:28) Right. Another cup of tea required before I finish these meeting minutes.

(13:19:21) Might be time to put PGP (or GPG) onto my email..

(14:11:43) I was intending to meet up with my big brother at lunchtime. My guess is that his phone battery ran out.

(15:22:17) Righty.. all meetings done for the day. Time to write some more things in Word, and dream about plugging servers in..

(15:37:44) I'm going to have my second cup of coffee of the day, I think. Yeah.

(15:56:17) It seems Taylor Swift has just arrived at Western House. The current discussion in the office: "Who the hell is Taylor Swift"?

(16:56:34) oooh.. look.. it's hometime. My caffeine rush will get me to the Special Bus Stop in no time...

(17:35:18) Aww.. my little i600 may be Windows Mobile 6 and quite old by now, but I do love it. Mind you, I'm typing this on my iPod Touch. #hypocrite

(17:43:55) I am a bloody genius: To save money, the BBC should get rid of anyone wealthy enough to own an iPad. Or BBC3.

(18:19:42) Much less drizzly at the EGGWhisk this evening.. I shall AudioBoo on the way home. Yeah. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 5 others)

(19:04:31) This appeals to both of my progeny - Chris loves Michael Jackson; Lenni loves Spongebob Squarepants. Hence: http://is.gd/ga4K4 (video - SFW)

(20:58:07) Audioboo: Astronomy [descending into chaos] boo http://boo.fm/b202904

(21:13:53) Audioboo: Astronomy [properly, this time - oh, and jobs] boo http://boo.fm/b202917

(21:17:38) Right. After all that excitement (and chocolate) I will to bed. At 20:10, incidentally, I was eating pork. That's all I can remember. Night!

Tweets for 19 Oct 2010


(05:22:58) Mornin'. Not enough sleep & disturbing dreams about a version of Android that fatally destroys its users' DNA: not really ready for Tuesday!

(07:47:43) There are some days where the objective is simply to cope. Of course it's measurable.. if by the end of the day you've coped: WIN(nfc)

(08:07:11) Who is your favourite broadcaster? — My all-time favourite broadcaster is Chris Morris, on-air now it's Eddie Mair… http://4ms.me/aKGlGR

(08:07:13) How's the piano? — I have so far tuned two notes on the piano. Those two notes sound nothing like any of the other… http://4ms.me/adMc6d

(08:07:14) Do you like percy pigs? — I like them, yeah, but they're a bit posh for me. Give me a bag of Haribo anytime :D http://4ms.me/cV6S8I

(12:36:18) Lunchingtons. Bit late, but hey.

(12:43:21) I really really do like salad. Especially with mustard & honey dressing on top. Am I weird?

(14:33:25) is just about to call HP again. Marvellous.

(16:11:04) Pleh.

(16:36:52) Is it wrong to want a Pilot v5 at work because none of the other pens here work properly? Am I going to have to buy my own? From Poundland?

(19:53:58) Should've: showered. Did've: visit http://verydemotivational.com and http://thisisphotobomb.com & chuckle for 20 mins. I blame @PoleMonkey86

(20:26:20) Ahh yes.. I remember Flea Market Montgomery: http://is.gd/g8DMn .. someone had a moment of genius: Pet Shop Boys version! http://is.gd/g8DON

(21:08:37) To bed. For the. Night!

Tweets for 18 Oct 2010


(05:52:59) Good morning to you. I shall overlook the fact that it's still dark and simply celebrate the existence of coffee instead. Buono estente.

(06:48:45) Right.. time for a shower while the children do their homework.. Chris was holding out on us - he said he didn't have any. Oops!

(07:56:09) Home after a rather fluorescent school-walk to a strangely peaceful house... today will mostly be spent shopping & checking work emails.

(08:44:48) The eternal dilemma.. Asda or Tesco..? The fruit's better at Tesco, but Asda is a shorter drive away. Yes.. I know.. grow it myself is best!

(10:09:19) All the shelf edge labels in Tesco Dunstable are in the wrong places. Or missing. Well, not all of them. Enough to be really annoying. Boh.

(10:20:11) I dreamt there was a lion in next door's garden and the fence was rubbish.

(10:38:22) I am such a child & shouldn't be left alone on this aisle (yes, I put them back in alphabetical order. I'm OC innit) http://yfrog.com/5tx75j

(11:10:05) RT @RadioKate: Definite #fail RT @jorishermans: banner fail http://www.twitpic.com/2yorrn #baby #gun

(11:26:21) Home and making phone calls. Might put that #radfest10 radio station on (although I don't know the stream URL for my wi-fi radio..)

(11:32:44) RT @festivalradio10: If you want a direct MP3 link for Festival Radio, then remember this: http://bit.ly/festivalradio

(13:41:46) Time is running out (as, I believe, Muse once sang) so I shall continue to listen to @FestivalRadio10 (heh) & pottter before the school run.

(13:43:41) Uhoh.. @FestivalRadio10 is playing Lady Gaga. Strike 1.

(14:11:54) Right.. better get out of the house to collect Missy Moo - listening to @RadioAcademy's Radio Talk.. two mentions of Luton so far..

(16:15:32) Ways to keep a 7-and-a-half year old entertained: a QR-code website (http://mobilecodes.nokia.com/create.jsp ) & a mobile phone with camera!

(19:02:19) Listening to LBC, about to hear @helenduffett talkin' about homebirth. When Beth had her last, we had 12 people in the house. PARTAY!

(19:13:16) Empty shirt hangers a-gogo. I know what I have to do. http://yfrog.com/3ddrwlj

(19:46:57) Right. Definitely going, now @IainDale has failed to pronounce my Twitter username (and missed out the more relevant of my two tweets :D)

(20:22:06) Got a bit distracted. A4 and G4 are now pretty much in tune. I can play the first two notes of Neighbours. Or 8 of "Winnie the Pooh." Right.

(21:15:36) Thought I'd give it a go.. heaven help me all. Please ask me anything http://formspring.me/cacophonyx (I'll answer tomorrow. If I've time).

(21:42:46) Right.. ironing: tick; dishwasher emptying: tick; amusing Engadget podcast (well worth a listen): tick.. quick late stretch then bed. Night!

Tweets for 17 Oct 2010


(00:23:29) Another late night... this will cause my brain to go soggy. I shall do better tomorrow/today. Night!

(08:21:03) Time for a refreshing shower, then to pour myself generally towards the day. Did I miss anything yesterday while I was in Surrey? Hope not.

(13:08:22) Fairwell, Benoit Mandelbrot. You made my 6th-form college days colourful, jamming up computers with days of recurring calculations=WIN(nfc)

(15:00:27) Half-watching the HD remake of Star Trek - the Motion Picture. I hadn't realised it had the Star Trek - Next Gen theme... slow pace, though.

(15:43:35) Ooh.. this looks like an interesting site.. I could quite easily get the urge to invest in this kind of home improvement: http://j.mp/9LLn8S

(17:51:59) Right. Kitchen duties - not really in the mood for food. More in the mood for bed and sleep. But I shall empty the dishwasher relentlessly.

(18:42:17) When asked by @pootspublic's Grandma to shred some old documents I found this piece of history... http://yfrog.com/77i9bp

(18:49:29) RT @Helenwrites: Did you find a locket in London last night? It's worth nothing, but means everything to me. My last hope - Please RT to ...

(18:58:49) Right. Time to rest my eyes and have some cheese. And then, I don't know what. I think I might see what a catatonic state is quite like.

(19:50:23) Typhoon heading towards the Philippines - http://is.gd/g5OXG - (via @canuckuk) - I hope @KyleSwager & family make it through OK.

(19:51:46) Watching Undercover Boss USA, thinking it wouldn't work at the BBC despite the scale. Everyone knows what Thompo looks like for a start.

(21:50:38) All done for the day. Night!

(21:52:39) Also.. there's been an unusual number of ladybirds and fake Adobe Acrobat spam emails about this week. Quite odd. Night night night!

Tweets for 16 Oct 2010


(08:31:26) I was third out of bed this morning.. par for the course, I think. Now: power tools and freezers.

(08:54:42) I have a modified Supertramp song going through my head.. "Steamer.. you're nothing but a steamer.." http://yfrog.com/0qivuj

(09:27:00) All done with freezer defrosting. And why? So I can install my @ProjectSugru-pimped top drawer yeah! http://yfrog.com/e4xsnj

(10:17:47) Well, in half an hour, I'm going to be heading as close to Sunbury as I'm comfortable. I smell Quite Nice, though.. Dunhill aftershave.

(11:33:07) This #uktrain's too short, too full of people & too warm. First Crapital Connect.. I wonder why I rarely travel by train :D Londonward ho!

(12:19:42) Audioboo: Waiting at St Pancras Station boo http://boo.fm/b200282

(14:08:42) Watching @nickleach getting married & sitting next to the husband of @ms_howard's former colleague. Small world. http://yfrog.com/2ocj8oj

(21:46:47) I'm at Wimbledon. Four stops from Waterloo; five tube stops from St Pancras; three(ish) stops from Parkway; a mile & a bit from home: 00:33.

(22:42:11) Ooh.. managed to get a slightly earlier train, so will be home before half-past midnight. On the downside, I've not got my ubertorch.

Tweets for 14 Oct 2010


(06:04:29) Mornin' .. not the best start to the day - @pootspublic made my Friday pizza for Thursday and I left it in the fridge. Bleh. Commutin' now.

(06:50:22) RT @HilzFuld: Um, Hootsuite is free today on the iPhone, did y'all know that already? (iTunes) http://bit.ly/b8fWI9

(06:55:34) Ooh.. @pootspublic - there's a new 7DaySunday podcast out ... bound to be amusing.

(07:03:03) One more mile until all-important coffee, and some rummaging inside a server. It's all go. (@ Baker Street Station) http://4sq.com/5xlzPJ

(07:47:36) Heavens above.. @RSElectronics have sent me a spam email saying I'm not signed up to their spam emails and would I like to be? Durhh. NO!

(08:07:42) Hmm. Right. This is where it gets interesting.

(09:20:03) Oh bottoms. Time to get that HP engineer action.

(09:35:03) Thanks to @leica0000 for this gem: http://is.gd/g1s5r (other parts of this site have rude words)

(09:41:50) It's going to be a long day.

(09:48:23) Eh..? I thought .NET frameworks subsumed all previous ones. I've installed .NET 4.0 and now the software I'm installing wants .NET 2.0. BAH!

(10:37:05) Playing with Microsoft's "Sync Toy" tool. I have made the drive with the data I don't want to lose read-only. It could go horribly wrong!

(11:49:47) A delicate balance between hardcore server rummageage and utter trivia this morning. In other news: I have some soldering to do.

(14:17:19) Hmm. This isn't brilliant. Yet again, the old hardware letting things down...

(15:27:28) Status: beige.

(17:43:20) The realisation's just dawned that this is the first time in years that the coach driver has had Radio 1 on in the cab. Normally it's Magic.

(18:25:16) Mild flu symptoms. Although it might be co-incidental with the dark & drizzle. Still, an evening of WatchingDog with @pootspublic will help.

(18:43:29) Audioboo: Drizzly homeward [broken server] boo http://boo.fm/b199337

(19:37:39) I don't have high ambitions - all I want is not to appear on Watchdog.

(20:09:26) Benedict Cumberbatch has the most gorgeous voice ~if I were capable of jealousy, I would be spitting greenness~

(20:19:25) Stretchercise time. Innit.

(20:52:16) Right.. to bed at a reasonablish time. In theory. Good night, and don't let the bed bugs in.

(20:53:53) Definitely gone.. busy day tomorrow, and I have a head to empty of thoughts between now and then. Night night to you and yours!

Tweets for 13 Oct 2010


(05:15:48) Annoying voice over man on the Chile miner rescue. I wonder how many other #BBCNews channel viewers have turned the sound down..

(05:20:35) Right.. workytime. Comes round so quickly. Have a delightful day, please.

(07:43:48) Things I didn't know #145903: The "Man" in "Man Booker Prize" is named after an investment group (with an unoriginal name) that sponsors it.

(10:52:46) Things I didn't know that I really should: the word hermaphrodite comes from the immortal son of Hermes & Aphrodite. #GreekmythologyFTW(nfc)

(10:56:38) Bah. Curse you, firewalls, and your tendancy to switch back on when a PC is rebooted. Now I'm going to have to go back to the apps room.

(14:41:49) On the phone to HP. Bye bye afternoon!

(16:09:46) What's the collective term for #radio4 announcers? Because I just saw one.

(16:22:18) Rebooting my work laptop. It all went funny when I tried to save a document. I've got wise to it, though, and pasted it into an email. HA!

(17:38:00) Audioboo: Homeward Boo [of an evening] http://boo.fm/b198675

(19:58:29) Right. Time for a shower and then the root beer I was going to have last night. I shall also catch up with tech and emails. YEAH PLAN. Hmm.

(20:34:58) Apparently last night, while asleep, I sat bolt upright, slapped my knees & said "OK.. you do that, I'll sort the beverages." Pre-occupied?

(20:37:56) I am SO glad I have (nearly) sorted the web server log analysis software on my mac.. I love to read the search queries that land on my site.

(20:39:20) Favourite search criteria so far: "Chris Jarvis married" and "before and after haircuts" heh... now that's what I call disappointing!

(20:50:23) "The average British man is 38" - @pootspublic just threw that statistic at me. It stung a bit, and then I ate it. Then though.. that's ME!

(20:55:00) Questions I never thought I would ask: "How do you cheerlead to techno..?"

(21:03:27) You would never believe quite how to bed I am going. Emails largely un-replied-to (sorry, @brennig) but there's always tomorrow.. nighty!

(21:42:49) Really going to sleep now, honest. ~vanishes into unconsciousnes like a crisp packet from a Mercedes dashboard~

Tweets for 12 Oct 2010


(05:29:24) Good morning.. it's that time again. Best get to work, then. Have a good day!

(05:30:27) It's really far too easy to be late.

(08:03:34) Today's metaphorical tool with which I intend to mollify my Large Pile Of Tuesday Email: a squeegee. Or quite possibly an angle grinder.

(09:42:50) My fingers are cold this morning. Also, I'm surprised & perplexed at how much use the fax machine in our office still gets. ie. quite a lot.

(10:53:17) I now have warm fingers.

(10:54:25) Am I really going to have to wait half an hour for lunch? Meanwhile, the apple was nice.

(11:45:17) Blimey... I've just seen @simontuff & @meeware on the R&D presentation that's on.. is there room enough in there for both big brains?

(15:07:19) HA! @petecooper linked to this: http://yfrog.com/4bv19g (SFW) ..thought @nxmee might enjoy it :D

(17:52:39) There was a very large crowd of football sorts outside the Globe pub on Marylebone Rd as I walked past. Is there some kind of match on..?

(18:23:59) This registration plate made me snigger. I am a child. http://yfrog.com/n6o1numj

(19:03:50) Ooh. Kickage.

(19:04:36) With @TVCatchup on the little mac mini in the kitchen, I can watch the footy while I eat. Genius.

(20:15:20) Woo.. this arrived today: http://yfrog.com/5yi4aj - I can see several hours disappearing with this lot jammed in the piano..

(20:30:21) Right.. enough of this frivolity.. time to stretch, shower and sleep. Good night to you, wherever you may be. I am the Lord.. oh, no. Night!

Tweets for 11 Oct 2010


(07:53:08) Woahh there's a breezy breeze blowing this morning. It's been a busy one.. bit of short-notice work; now the school walk. G'mornin'!

(09:07:25) Hmm.. a Twitter name of "Amy Lakes" and a picture of the Tardis.. how could that possibly be a marketing account? Try again...

(09:08:39) I was going to say "Million Dollar Bill" was, regardless, a modern timeless classic. Until I discovered it sampled a 1976 song. It's crap.

(09:19:19) RT @asda: You can buy and sell pre-owned games in more than 200 Asda stores today following our launch of 'Buy Play Trade': http://bit.l ...

(09:20:01) Oh, and that Banksy Simpsons YouTube video is quite, quite splendid. I'm sure you've already seen it. Or can use a search engine.

(09:23:25) Right.. I'm off to get my Tesco on. I'm not chuffed that they've turned my favourite parking space into a bit of road. Won't stop me though.

(09:28:17) Where's my piano tuner?

(11:33:05) When @BagelTechNews hits 500 followers, one of them will win a Panasonic Lumix Camera... - if you like tech AND news, it's the place to be!

(11:33:54) Back from Mr Tesco's shop (I hope I didn't blog @wkdstepmother in ;) and I have the place to myself until the children come home. CHEMISTRY!

(11:34:48) Ooh.. I just got an email that said ".. made one of your photos their profile picture." - always a bit chuffed when my photography's used :)

(12:16:52) I'm glad I'm not an Aries. Or a Taurus.. or - hang on.. they're all the same! http://is.gd/fX0Z8 (Media Guardian)

(15:05:54) I've just been introduced to the work of one CW Stoneking by my Dad. He's a walking anachronism. (Stoneking, not my Dad) http://is.gd/fXdef

(17:26:17) Well.. that's another little project almost put to bed. Looked a bit hairy for a while, but ninja file negotiation skillz and all that.

(21:00:10) Right.. turning off the studio for the night and disappearing to my pit for a few hours. Have a lovely remainder of Monday, please. Night!

Tweets for 10 Oct 2010


(07:49:29) Good morning (if belatedly - lurking in bed earlier with the Material World podcast... probably the fastest rattle through the Nobels ever!)

(07:51:00) Shower and shave time. Need to prepare myself for 10:10:10 10/10/2010. Indeed.

(07:54:25) Listening to cheesy Christian music on #Radio2 reminds me that there is some equally cheesy Muslim tunes out there. Is it a religious thing?

(08:42:26) I can safely assert that having a sneezing fit while trying to have a wee is a bit of a showstopper. #TMI

(11:07:32) Someone should design a compost bin that harnesses decomposing power of vegetable waste to propel it to the Garden Dalek. And empty itself.

(11:41:16) Out into the garden, compost bin in hand while @pootspublic and @superalora strict Watchly on #iPlayer.

(15:53:46) Much as McDonalds should generally be avoided anyway, I would recommend making a special effort to eschew the one at Stevenage Leisure Park.

(16:00:08) One more foray into the garden, and then it's almost definitely time to prepare for the week in general.

(17:35:53) Right.. that's the Special Bus bookings done for the next little while.. hope my working hours don't change significantly..!

(18:44:25) Righty oh, then. Children are in bed - I shall toast some muffins and then hit the studio. This time, my friend. This time.

(21:13:06) One of those "hmm... when did I last save?" moments...

(22:45:42) Boo'd ... now bed. Night!

(22:47:32) Audioboo: Sunday Night Summary boo [podcasts and computer crashes] http://boo.fm/b196925

Tweets for 09 Oct 2010


(08:24:51) Off goes to the boy to his Scout camp. I hope he's in as much of a mood for adventure as I am most of the time :D Me now: shower & tidying.

(09:59:31) Our "Tidying Lenni's Room" soundtrack has included Inspire FM (http://www.inspirefm.org) - very interesting listening.

(10:03:13) Back to the tidying. A propos etc., I suspect my piano tuning kit is currently in the custody of the Royal Mail. They should give it to ME.

(12:10:08) Top floor of the house hoovered & generally in a less manky state than it was. @superalora has done a fab job of tidying her room. Attagirl!

(12:13:40) That's the problem with electronic billing and bank statements.. it's pretty tough to get hold of ID-supporting paperwork these days.

(13:39:22) It's gorgeous at @MuseumsLuton's Discovery Centre this afternoon, even with the planes overhead on final approach. http://yfrog.com/3wwoyjj

(15:25:20) Mm... coffee :)

(17:15:36) Quote from Lenni earlier: "I am going be a play writer when I'm older, because they don't need speechmarks. Or a book illustrator."

(17:49:07) While there's a lull (i.e. before TV Burp returns - yay! I thought it went to Sky..) I shall see if I can remember how to make potato cakes.

(18:27:30) Woo.. #TVBurp's back and entirely on form. I wonder who'll replace Knitted Character. Heh.. tweet of the devil.

(18:58:16) Twitter's buzzing with the Yeo Valley ad.. via @brennig http://is.gd/fTxGj (YT sfw) it's very good... but are they real farmers? Seriously?

(19:11:50) Now: potato cakes. Yell if you want one.

(20:02:53) Potato cakes ahoy! Help yourself to butter & cheese, @flossieteacake and @nausea18 - yours are in the oven, Tamara! http://yfrog.com/5m2thvj

(20:15:57) right... to the batstudio. With a couple of batbiscuits and the remainder of a mug of batredbush.

(20:57:24) The gritter @pootspublic saw was, fortunately, a street cleaning lorry - it came back the other way a-trundling & a-brushing. Lows of 12°C.

(22:27:41) I haven't done as much plinkety plonking as I'd intended to this evening... instead, I used a chisel for a bit. Now: stretches & bed. Night!

Tweets for 08 Oct 2010


(05:25:31) Well, if it isn't Friday.. I've, er, seriously overslept. It is, though, so I'm OK. Good morning. It's Tie Day Tidy Pizza Pie Day Friday.

(06:07:47) The clouds are low over Luton today.

(06:50:48) Looking at the posh houses on Avenue Road (stupid name for a road) since there's apparently a burst water main at Swiss Cottage. Fromage.

(07:21:56) Hmm.. what's the tune for the morning? Echo and the Bunnymen & Cyrus Sullivan on the way in.. but the office needs perking up fo' sho'.

(07:33:23) Opted for some surprisingly hard techno for the time of morning from uksfinest.org.uk . Also, I've had a minor sugar mishap. Split sachet!

(08:19:19) Well. It seems I've a meeting at 11.30 (and a conference call at 9.30 & an ops liaison meeting at 11, but I'm not too concerned about them!)

(08:46:33) Conference call done. Some careful negotiation required. Next week, it would appear.

(09:13:23) Conference call done. I'm starting to get hungry. I shall forage. I think I have an apple and some popcorn. And some frosted flakes.

(11:58:07) Right.. that's it for meetings today. Summary: it is not going to get any easier next week. I can feel more telephone conferences happening.

(13:30:05) Gok Wan is an anagram of Axl Rose. Probably.

(13:35:20) #FF #FollowFriday @helenduffett :D

(15:06:55) Big glass of water and a walk to Radio 1. It wouldn't be right to have anything stronger.

(17:50:45) Lots of braking & swerving on the special bus this evening.. I was hoping to record an Audioboo this evening, but I haven't got my mic :/

(17:53:18) I am so tired I've entirely lost the power of coherent typing. Also, there appears to be pleasant Bonhomie on the Special Bus this evening.

(18:25:35) I am SO going to be the Mayor of Luton Airport (EGGW :D) one day. Now, though... I'm going home. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 5 others)

(19:20:38) I am thinking of changing my name to Rupert. My mileage may vary.

(21:22:18) I dun been on another podcast. That's three weeks in a row. I hope I wasn't too crap.

(22:07:27) Another entertaining evening on @BagelTechNews Big Show with Ewen, @BagelTechMedia (Kyle), @BagelTechRage (Troy) & @DaneGolden (Dane). Fab!

(22:25:39) Oh... and please get better soon, @sarahjaneuk - thank you for the opportunity to be on the big show, shame under frustrating circumstances.

(22:28:29) Goodnight to you - rest well, and may your weekend be a wondrous one with many jolly good things in-store (bakery).

Tweets for 07 Oct 2010


(04:28:51) Hmm. Waking up after 6 & a half hours' sleep with brain rushing through work matters.. does this mean I've had enough sleep or is it bad..?

(04:29:14) Twenty minutes doze, I think, before official morning starts.

(04:55:54) Comedy comedy comedy comedy comedy ~rummages through the #iPlayer~

(05:25:39) Watching "We Need Answers" - I think I've seen it before, but it's still quite funny.

(05:29:48) Uhoh.. better brush a selection of my teeth and then ascend the hill. I wouldn't have it any other way. Except later. And not there.

(06:13:35) It's one of those mornings when I wish I could stop the Special Bus so I could take in the beauty of the mist over the valley of Luton. Fab.

(07:38:58) Thrashing through the undergrowth of email as I try and motivate myself to get up and make Digital Brian a cup of tea.

(08:13:06) RT @kathyclugston: Never imagined I'd be typing this: my book is out today. http://amzn.to/cmCwsZ

(08:14:05) [1] I have got the #newtwitter - I quite like it [2] It's quite chatty and animated in the office this morning.

(08:39:40) They should make @Asda Smart Price Dopamine and Tesco Value Seratonin.

(10:06:40) Project for the weekend: diddly diddly dubstep. Irish folk mixed with the fattest bass wobbles the Emerald Isle can offer.

(10:48:31) I am trying to articulate my precise opinion on the concept of a 'foam party' but 140 characters simply isn't enough. In short: ekk. Vwp.

(13:33:36) Ask a cheeky question...

(17:47:45) Woo I'm all tired out now after another extremely busy type of day. Homeward up the M1 as dusk happens, in a near reverse of this morning.

(18:12:40) Dozed off on the M1. Tried to download Stanza for my iPod, so I can read some Gutenberg books but I think I've broken the iTunes store. Bah.

(18:20:02) It's louder here than usual. I'm going home. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 4 others) http://4sq.com/45BArN

(21:36:14) Right. Definitely sleepy time for me. I wish you dreams that make you smile, and a splendid rest, as horizontal as you like. Night night!

Tweets for 06 Oct 2010


(05:24:58) Good morning. I s'pose I'd better get to work - much like I'm sure @SpaceCadet_76 has been already today. Still dark outside.. *yawns*

(07:09:15) Two teenagers have been bailed on suspicion of arson at Hastings Pier ..http://ow.ly/2PaJJ - sad (via @andrewdunning & @subutcher)

(07:24:16) Rubbish commute this morning - an Astra decided to acquaint itself with the Central Reservation (not the magazine) slowing everything up.

(07:54:24) RT @pootspublic: I thought I would start this to see how well it works. It gets frustrating trying to reply to people not following me.

(08:40:50) The errant iPod Touch was last seen in Milton Keynes.

(08:54:17) Happy birthday to @billt, whom I've never met, and only seen in person once or twice. But definitely doesn't look 50(!)

(09:13:08) I need to stop thinking about redesigning my website. It's like rearranging the shop window while the shelves are full of out of date stuff.

(09:29:00) RT @moderateorgood: I’ve missed a few episodes of “A History of the World in 100 Objects” — are we up to the Betamax VCR yet? #radio4

(09:43:30) I'm regularly irked by the library images Siemens put on their 'portal' that have the sole intention to make a dull webpage look less dull.

(09:53:05) Ooh.. awkward 'waiting for the printer by my desk to warm up' conversation avoidance is obtainable. Thank you, internets! http://is.gd/fNE2q

(11:28:40) Right.. first meeting of the day. This one will be a bit 'ground-hog' I fear.

(12:18:24) I've got pins and needles.

(12:50:54) Back from the meeting.. quick pasty and salad before a brief tour of the Cool Stuff in BH. Definitely.

(17:42:39) Breeeeennnt Croooossssss. I'm tired and addled, but at least on my way home.

(17:55:21) There's an amazing clear sky up there tonight.. Errol says there's going to be a heatwave(?) this weekend. Well. Good for @nxmee's camp out.

(18:05:32) Very much enjoyed this week's Guardian Media Talk podcast - especially @VickyFrost's contribution.

(18:38:06) Nearly time to say the the words I almost always say when I arrive home from work. 600 points if you can guess what they are.

(19:19:46) The answer is: "Where's my dinner?".. not really - @FlossieTeacake came closest... the words are: "Hello beautiful wife." in that order.

(19:37:00) Hmm. Stretching exercises (stretchersize!) then shower & studio. I could do with dessert product but it doesn't begin with S & I'll get fat.

(20:40:04) I'm not even watching #TheApprentice and I dislike all of the inhabitants of the telly already.

(20:57:58) RT @danosirra: Surely 101010 is a better binary day than 011010 was. 1. Internationally consistent; 2. Represents 42 in decimal.

(21:04:55) I've just listened to the funniest @engadget podcast ever - it's geeky AND comedy. @reckless, @joshuatopolsky & @futurepaul - top banana!

(21:08:21) And on that bombshell* I shall bid you good night. *turned out to be a metaphorical suspect package most likely full of cooking ingredients.

Tweets for 05 Oct 2010


(05:28:34) Mornin'. Some proper 'out loud' chuckles at this week's Unbelievable Truth on #iPlayer - that's top-flight #radio4 comedy http://is.gd/fLolM

(07:11:21) The strangest bunch of blues & twos vehicles just zoomed down Marylebone Rd - a Volvo, a BMW X5, a Saab and a battered white van. Odd.

(07:40:34) RT @canuckuk: @kathyclugston 'Twitter's Got Talent' Dust off that uke girl!X http://tiny.ly/vAU (via grattonboy)

(07:42:35) Twitter's amazing - I don't need news services.. heard from @SuButcher and the mighty @fridgemagnet2 that Hastings Pier's burned down. Oops.

(07:44:15) Mmm.. Coffee. And I've enough milk left to make some Oat So Simple when the urge arises. Porridge Urge. Porrurge.

(07:51:45) Right... I have coffee and emails to dig through before my boss arrives (we're battling SAP together this morning) so I shall go. Bon Matin!

(08:47:50) One out of three SAP requests done.. play halted because it went over budget. Time to shuffle things around / build servers out of Lego.

(09:25:24) Hmm. Time for a think and a ponder.

(09:29:15) Errol is most definitely back... only his technology is capable of such irritating noises.

(11:50:37) Right. Better get some lunch into me before I head over to elevision Cent .. my old nemesis. Shouldn't take too long, hopefully.

(12:17:51) Good grief... the shuttle bus driver didn't seem particularly keen to stop and pick folk up from the usual(?) place. Still.. heading west.

(12:28:03) Grubby. W12.

(12:41:29) Yup.. everybody still looks really miserable at TV Centre. Or is it that most of them are horrible, horrible people?

(12:42:13) RT @LutonLibraries: Learn one of more than 80 languages from the comfort of your own home. Plus Twitter and IPhone features. See our web ...

(16:15:26) Heading back to W1 after an afternoon of doings.. I learned a lot, which is always useful. Nice to be nearly back in civilisation now. Mm.

(16:52:56) Right.. I think I've pretty much eaten as much of today as I can manage.. off home without a flimflam or buffet.

(17:57:00) I'm at the back of the Special Bus (a bit unusually for me)... busy coach. Also it's jiggly & warm. So so very sleepy.

(19:38:52) Two @audioboo s of special note today- the first is an on-the-scene chronicle by @andymooseman of Hastings Pier burning.. http://is.gd/fMA3d

(19:39:55) The second @audioboo of special note is @Tweetminster's interview with @AndyCrane64 of BBC Radio Manchester - excellent! http://is.gd/fMAe1

(19:40:12) Time to snuggle up with @poots and watch Genius then.

(20:38:47) Watching "Ask Rhod Gilbert" on #iPlayer - it's hilarious. All gone a bit "We Are Klang" - I blame Greg Davies.

(20:43:10) After all that hilarity it's time for bed. I wish you happy sleepings and a splendid new day. Night!

Tweets for 04 Oct 2010


(06:21:54) Mornin'.. nice mellow start to the day - some chilled out cover versions on @asda fm (Jamie Cullum's "Don't Stop The Music" is jolly good).

(06:59:29) Pretty much perfect timing.. first into the waiting room, and the surgery's only just opened. What could possibly go wrong? :D

(07:30:41) All done.. I need to make an appointment for an X-ray, to check my back's not gone rubbish, otherwise it's back exercises & Pilates. Woo.

(08:05:53) Home again, having been kept company by @akgpodcast and @petecooper through their fine Emma And Pete Show podcast (http://is.gd/fJJDe)

(10:30:06) Back from Mr Cohen's shop. Attempt to stave off the early lunchtime appetite with some coffee. I ought to do some tidying, too #dulltweet

(10:31:26) I will probably get in trouble for saying this but I like the new Ford Focus Boy Racer car. Especially that it only comes in TicTac colours.

(10:50:23) Nothing yet.

(12:26:11) Boke. I've got a bit of a dicky tummy. Current suspect: the chilli I had lots of yesterday (especially the second helping with burnt bits).

(13:48:37) Woo.. the X-Ray people have rejected my referral. I shall go back to my doctor after I've built my own X-Ray machine.

(13:51:09) I quite like getting calls from people who work for the R&D department, but it bothers me that we don't do enough Cool Stuff already.

(14:03:08) RT @B3tan_Tyronne @syzygy could you not use the 'sellotape' x ray machine? http://is.gd/fKdJT (SFW) // I could SO make one of them! Probly.

(14:11:26) Time to wander up the hill to collect The Girl Child. It's been a bit of a 'nothing' afternoon. Bleh.

(14:31:29) Smells a bit like handcream here.

(15:20:02) What on earth is @RealDMitchell doing on Fineas and Ferb..? Quite peculiar to hear his voice. He's playing a character called Mitch. Fab.

(15:20:23) I meant Phineas.

(15:21:27) Right. Hair. Now. OK. X.

(16:43:57) Back and shorn. Time to try and piece together the tatters of an old podcast, I think. Tidy up the internet ftw.

(17:36:46) To heck with this. I'm going to use a PC.

(18:17:14) Can you believe I've managed to be and go & lose one of the podcasts I produced. If anyone has a copy of Bauble (NSD-8a) please let me know!

(19:18:42) RT @helenduffett: RT @martinnicholls: So, CAPS LOCK is not just UGLY and SHOUTY, it's ACTUALLY DANGEROUS. I knew it. http://bit.ly/9FFWDy

(20:06:22) My wireless mouse is behaving in a most erratic way. I put it down to solar flares (not the Just Relax podcast by @R2UK I'm listening to :D)

(22:23:14) Audioboo: Retrieving Podcasts from the Internet Binbag boo http://boo.fm/b193665

Tweets for 03 Oct 2010


(07:07:17) I really am knee-deep in trivia, right now. I blame that @NickLeach for sending me a Lotus Notes file..

(09:06:34) Ploughing the fields, scattering, all that.

(15:44:03) Audioboo: Harvey's Vestibule boo [A song sung this time every year] #uksm http://boo.fm/b192822

(16:30:39) Goodness me.. what a day. Definitely full-on family things, including a parish lunch. First time I've had chilli con carne in years. Yummy!

(16:59:40) Lenni's really taken to playing the #DoctorWho Adventures game, which works fine on my 3 year old mac mini :) http://yfrog.com/50ulztj

(21:04:32) RT @paul_clarke: What #tweetbike is all about... http://rb.tl/bTsP9p

(21:06:48) Heh. I cannot remember the context. I'd have been more likely to ask for gaffer tape.. :D

(21:41:23) Hmm. I had really better make a list. None of this 'checking it twice' business, though. I'm not Father Christmas. Doctor's tomorrow, y'see.

(22:03:13) I have no idea what Reno is. I'm fairly site it's nothing to do with the kidneys. #thingsihavenevergotroundtolookingup

(22:27:39) I had a weird dream about an Adam Curry / Mark Zuckerburg clone taking over the world at about 2am. Not a good time of night for dystopia.

(22:28:58) Hoping for a less eventful night's sleep tonight. Goodnight!

Tweets for 02 Oct 2010


(08:14:22) A relaxing Saturday morning, so far.. the children sat through all of this inexplicable YouTube video: http://is.gd/fGbIM - odd. Amusingish.

(08:22:46) Heavens above, it's nearly half-past nine on a Saturday morning, and I feel like I'm running late given everything that's going on here!

(08:51:27) Is it worth planning a trip to Uruguay just to visit Fray Bentos? Or will it end up being a bit like Quorn..? Not making that mistake again.

(09:13:09) Wow.. when the only way to get on t'internet was via telnet: Forgotten telnet games http://bit.ly/aTrIyR (via @yvesbolo

(09:35:14) Is it really just me and @listeningbank who remembers the "Monochrome" bbs? @monobbs is still alive and well.. but what was my username?!

(10:23:40) http://twitvid.com/QPSI6 - @gardencity_mark Nice job.. "everything Sinclair designed had a stylish look" .. heh!

(10:25:39) I'm getting entirely distracted by retro computing and general good times. This isn't getting the baby bathed. Or the syzygy showered.

(10:54:37) Listening to @thebuglepodcast, which will mean I will have the theme tune stuck in my head all day. Nice to see @LeoLaporte listens too.

(10:59:27) Eh..? The leader of the Labour party is less than two years older than me? Either that's really young or I'm starting to get old. Oh dear.

(11:48:44) Happiness is a freshly washed & fragrant purple hoodie fleece.

(12:50:05) Bit noisy. (@ The Mall Luton) http://4sq.com/d9k67e

(13:40:52) If you're considering driving into Luton town centre today, I'd urge you to reconsider. It's a nice day to walk. Not be in a traffic jam.

(14:35:42) Back from the park. I need to decide what to do this afternoon - trivia or sensibleness. The temptation is trivia (virtual Ubuntu install)

(15:31:51) Right. need to do email answering. And avoiding a nap.

(15:51:59) Not being slow on the uptake or anything.. but heh.. Adobe Lightroom.. kind of the opposite of darkroom. Yes, I know.

(21:41:57) Hmm... not a huge amount of progress made this evening. I think a good night's rest and a fresh view will probably help. Bedtime: imminent.

(22:42:31) That's definitely it for the night, I think. Enough wrestling with VST plug-ins.. the actual compos(t)ing will be tomorrow. Probably. Night!

Tweets for 01 Oct 2010


(05:26:22) Mornin'! dearth of #radio4 comedy this morning, so watched #Genius on #iPlayer.. brilliant! Even down to the @CyriakHarris title sequence.

(05:31:04) Better head up the hill.. featured listening this morning: the Panorama programme about #stupidscientology - who needs visuals, eh? :D

(06:49:29) Well, that was an interesting programme about Scientology. As with all faiths, it's fine until people get involved & it becomes a 'religion'

(06:51:12) Why is it that every unplayed podcast and video I've played today has started several minutes in? Having some @shiftrunstop action now. Fab.

(06:55:25) Uhoh.. Need to start my day at Radio1 - even before I've had coffee. Yeek.

(07:35:58) I would just like to emphasize that I went to Radio Wun to do some work, and not because JLS are there.

(08:15:58) Now: Radio 4.

(10:15:40) My 'going out & doing things' for the morning is complete. I will now drink more coffee & have some Oat So Simple. Not Bagel So Complicated.

(11:26:15) Though I dearly adore all the Twitter folk I follow, a special #FollowFriday for @klausschlau who has ALL the artistic & comic abilities #FF

(11:54:08) If it isn't pizza time, I don't know what it is.

(12:01:26) I have big boots, but they're still not quite large enough to step on ALL the bureaucracy in this place. It's like getting air bubbles out.

(15:03:31) Back in the office after another bit of cable tidying. It's much improved. Now: a cup of tea.

(16:48:45) See this? This is my 'going home' angle. It's obtuse.

(18:32:24) Mm.. horizontal drizzle. A perennial favourite. I nearly ran for a bit. Nearly home, huzzah.

(21:18:37) Another @bageltechnews podcast in the can.. thank you to Ewen, @BagelTechMedia, @BagelTechRage and @SarahJaneUK for having me on the show :)

(21:58:13) Ooh.. while I remember - thank you SO much to @PontoonDock and @BaronHawkey for the #followfriday - you're both fine figures of men :) #ff

(22:04:39) Right.. bedtime. There's always tomorrow (in theory). Good night, and $Deity bless.

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