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Tweets for 30 Sep 2010


(05:27:22) Morning! Catching up with AudioBoo; amusing migration synchronicity: @Brambling's boo about birds followed by @T_NorthernBloke's about data.

(06:09:13) Listening to the Playschool presenters on "The Reunion" on #Radio4 #iPlayer - takes me back.. worth a listen if you remember it!

(06:12:49) Good morning, @listeningbank, @Ariadnes_Web, @Vobes, @drmasquerade - and evening @SpaceCadet_76!

(06:14:47) A lovely sunrise as the Special Bus trundles south on the M1.. I wish I had my camera. Although I don't know if I could do it justice.

(06:25:54) Wow.. swinging round to J3 of the M1, the sunrise streams through the cab window, but in seconds we're shrouded in dawn mist. Beats drizzle!

(06:59:01) Bangin' tunes time. The unusual but entertaining Geologic podcast (first listen - like a long Audioboo with jingles) will have to wait.

(07:11:27) Delicious.. Sub Focus -> Elvis Costello -> Polly Paulusma. Makes me cheery on my walk to the office. #nowplaying

(07:21:39) Coffee. Must have. Otherwise no pronouns.

(08:00:39) I just sent an email to my colleagues asking them to recommend a subwoofer for under my desk. It's only fair that I warn them.

(08:27:46) RT @klausschlau: @syzygy much fun with your new toy :) (image) [Klaus, you're a genius!]

(11:36:23) I'm Spartacus? #tonycurtis

(11:37:54) An interesting morning, looking at BBC World Service. The conclusion: it's much better to listen.

(12:30:28) RT @irkafirka: - @darraghdoyle I used to date an opera singer, but we had to split up. She was all 'mi, mi, mi' (heh.. @painted_duchess)

(12:32:34) Woo.. @poots and I are thrilled to see three qr5 wind turbines on the new Luton Station Car Park! :D (SFW)

(12:38:54) Nom... my lunch has successfully assuaged my sausage sandwich urge. (cf @helenduffett -

(13:22:19) This afternoon, I will mainly be tugging CAT5 until it comes loose #notaeuphemism

(16:55:03) Right.. anyone who installs a 10 metre network cable in a space where a 1m cable would do should be denied access to any apparatus room.

(17:18:08) I just interrupted 2 women's animated discussion by asking for one of the free G2 newspapers they were s'posed to be giving out. Am I evil?

(17:21:22) My plan of action: wait for Special Bus. Get on Special Bus. Write emails. Get home. Have a quiet evening sitting by my wife. PLAN!

(19:32:27) Watching #watchdog and their UK hotel woes makes me think: I really need to review positively the good ones on TripAdvisor. It's only fair.

(19:35:23) Enjoying some hot consumer action on the sofa with @poots. It really could be a 28 minuter if it weren't for the filling. I have Pálinka.

(19:38:03) RT @RobJD: I bet @syzygy would like one of these :) << Yes. Yes, I would :D Star Trek AND shiny AND pizza = WIN(nfc)

(19:40:06) Fonejacker in primetime #watchdog

(19:41:44) Ann Robinson: should've gone to Specsavers. #watchdog

(19:53:09) #watchdog has stopped making sense.

(19:57:21) RT @StoatsJackson: I'm not going to get a wink of sleep tonight, not with so much poor quality turf and so many stains in the world #wat ...

(19:59:18) UPS advert: no.

(20:01:08) I only really watch telly when I'm drinking alcohols. Does this give me an inappropriate view of it? (excise the pun. Or excuse it. Uptoyou)

(20:03:59) Nothing will ever make me like Ricky Gervais. Also: Karl Pinkington is a witty raconteur. An Idiot AFraud more like #watchdog #wronghashtag

(20:28:28) There's a programme on sky 1 about a boy who looks like the young one in Malcolm In The Middle. So not Malcolm. Hence: The Middle. Right.

(20:42:12) Someone needs to do a dubstep version of Depeche Mode's 'Strange Love'.

(20:44:08) Right. Shower and bed. I'm starting to make no sense. And get all a bit silly. Thank you @sparkyannc for your Hungarian gifts.

(20:46:19) Goooooooooooooooooooooooodnight. With the emphasis on 'night'. Obviously.

(21:32:17) Audioboo: Good day [and homer simpson jimmyjams] boo

(22:08:25) RT @russbravo: My mates Pat and Ron offered to ice a birthday cake. They were told they couldn't – because they're men. I call that patr ...

(22:10:01) I am asleep, really.

Tweets for 29 Sep 2010


(05:26:07) Two feet more-or-less on the ground. That's a start, I suppose. Time to venture into the autumnal dark and see if I can commute. Mornin'!

(07:50:07) Hmm. No milk in the Departmental Fridge. I shall have to make other arrangements for coffee-age.

(09:13:34) Audioboo: A rambling boo [@Simon_toon @t_northernbloke @r2uk @akrabat]

(09:56:27) Try as I might, I don't seem to be able to follow @R2UK ... either that, or Twitter's a bit borked. Also, I feel a bit lightheaded and bleh.

(10:03:40) This is looking like it's not going to be my day.. blue screen of death on the ol' work laptop. Oops.

(10:31:48) Oh this looks like brilliant fun: (Thanks @gazuky)

(11:09:33) Listening to @aanightingale's latest #Radio1 show.. pretty much the best match of music to my mood right now.

(11:10:10) (That said, her microphone makes her sound like she's talking through a roast chicken)

(11:32:53) RT @LDN: Calling Foursquare users- the UK's first ever super-swarm will be in London (I'm tempted!) [via @helenduffett]

(11:38:35) Currently researching software delivery by Altiris to Win 7 machines without compromising User Account Control. I wonder how experts do it.

(12:05:11) Ooh.. while I remember - it was great to hear @giagia on @guardiantw this week.. all about that Social Network film. Definitive TechWeekly.

(13:08:05) I'm going to get some coffee-flavoured drink.

(14:21:50) Hmm. I still need coffee. And to raise some quotations.

(15:09:58) Ha. Dubstep. With cats in it: (YT - sfw) It's a bit noisy if you don't like that sort of thing, mind.

(15:33:57) Look! It's a joke about Luton! There! RT @tonyblackburn: I've got a friend who's so tall he tripped in luton and hit his head in Dunstable.

(16:02:17) Ooh! One more click and now I certainly am (with apologies for a surfeit of emails) My day is complete :)

(16:03:14) Note to self: I must take a photo of our dingy lounge for the @Cree lighting contest. Nobody else do, please, because I wanna win LEDs YEAH!

(16:06:21) When I hear 'antidisestablishmentarianism' I feel a bit sorry for 'floccinaucinihilipilification', which gets far less use about town.

(16:07:42) Although I have no sympathy for pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniosis (in stark contrast to the pity I have for its sufferers).

(16:15:29) Oh that is very, very good: "Q. What's the temperature in Motown Records? A. Three degrees. Four, tops." (via @JuliaBall @thatmagicbloke)

(16:18:14) Should I keep a calendar of when all the people I follow on Twitter's birthdays are? Or is it sufficient simply to wish them happy birthday?

(16:24:29) Heh.. someone's cut up a Behringer catalogue & hung it on a string inside the toilet cubicle door. #onlyinanengineeringdepartment.

(17:00:25) Uhoh.. better run (etc)

(17:41:04) Listening to @HeatherRhian, @TrevorDann and That @JonHolmes1 on the @RadioAcademy podcast. I feel another audioboo coming on..

(17:45:41) Turns out @HeatherRhian didn't cut the bit about DAB. And women engineers don't go to fix @JonHolmes1 for the same reason I don't :D

(18:13:57) I wonder where @annainterrupted and @Rebs39 are... beautiful sky photos.. it's dark & drizzly on the M1 right now. Heavens above (and open!)

(20:45:02) Bah. Ubuntu is being a bit fussy on this Freecycle PC. One more go at getting it to stay installed, and then I'll give up. Challenge!

(21:23:43) Mr Freecycling Collector Man is 23 minutes late. I do need to go to bed. Still, he will enjoy his Ubuntu Challenge Puzzle Thing. Mmhmm.

(21:24:47) Ooh. My 25,000th tweet was about Ubuntu. Also, I haven't got the new twitter yet. I wonder if that makes me special.

(21:54:39) Hurrah.. nice Freecycle Man has taken away the obstreperous PC. I will now shower and go to bed (not in front of you, though). Night!

Tweets for 28 Sep 2010


(05:24:52) Absolute genius & hilarious - The Unbelievable Truth is back on #radio4 and worth a listen: .. 6.30pm comedy upturn YAY!

(05:28:47) Hi ho and all that. My future is in whatever the opposite of jeopardy today. Which is probably why I slept fitfully. Ahh well.. commute!

(06:08:29) I'm using backup headphones set 3: the white ones my iPod came with. They keep nearly falling out of ears. No idea where my main ones are.

(06:27:45) Listening to a long-awaited episode :O ( - playing a top music tune from (Groove Science)

(07:29:48) Having an entertaining discussion about personality tests. I'm sure it's possible to break them...

(07:48:05) It's Tuesday morning. That means wading through the emails I've only skimmed on my Home Day and planning the week. Also: coffee. Mmm

(08:27:20) Ahh the sound of rending metal #buildingsitenoise

(09:40:29) Off up the hill to collect Lenni. Feeling 13% more human. Dave's over for a jam this evening.. hope I'm perkier by then.

(10:49:47) I have my own telephone cupboard.

(12:15:45) 45 minutes to go. I am having salad. With a pasty.

(14:46:13) I am SO glad I didn't have coffee before that interview. I went at it a bit like "Ram Ray" as it is.. [YT SFW]

(15:27:05) Whenever I encounter a piece of blu-tack, I am unable to resist forming it into a regular tetrahedron. #justsayin

(16:46:59) Right. Nearly home time. Will I get Office installed and be able to recreate some strange behaviour in 15 minutes? I have a feeling I won't.

(17:33:59) I am tempted not to do a vast amount until the Special Bus's arrival at @LondonLTN, when I'll meet @sparkyannc & @binabery off their flight.

(17:51:09) When we go on holiday, I will read a bunch of books & start work writing some long overdue comedy. I say 'will' - if I can resist tinterweb.

(18:14:43) Listening to @brennig and @zkarj on @UKHDRadio - they know about music and that.

(18:30:44) Waiting at t'airport for t'travelling laydies. Flight's due to land in 10 minutes.. how long will immigration take? A MILLION YEARS!?

(18:34:08) I should totally have thought of printing out one of those cards with names on. The arrivals corridor is Costa central.

(18:49:06) The flight has landed.. bags are taking a while to turn out, but immigration isn't bad (ten minutes or so). Peoplewatching is good, though.

(18:50:57) The man sitting next to me has some very expensive looking flowers. How nice. There's also a lady waiting who's clad entirely in brown.

(18:54:39) Brown-clad lady's met 3 people & did triple continental kisses to them. I haven't seen anyone I know yet. I thought it was a small world.

(18:57:00) It's like a Big Brother eviction on a massive scale. Except there's no crowd, and Davina wouldn't be seen dead here.

(19:03:33) Expensive looking flowers man has met his passenger. It was a short, beaming lady. I was hoping for a llama. The fans are LOUD in here.

(19:17:23) The travellers have returned. I'm going (circuitously) home.

(20:49:35) Utterly exhaustipated. It's been quite a day, all told. I shall go to bed herewith. Good night to you and yours!

(20:52:31) I am going to have to make a mental note to watch [a] #Genius and [b] Panorama on #BBCiPlayer. Both have set Twitter alight just lately.

(20:54:35) Before I go.. wish I'd thought of this! - kind of sweet but somewhat creepy... (via @poots)

Tweets for 27 Sep 2010


(06:14:46) Morning. I'm looking up "reality distortion field" up on Amazon, since it'd doubtless improve my chances tomorrow. Failing that: PowerPoint.

(06:52:59) Hmm.. interesting - it seems that @AudioBoo is being used for English lessons (in China?) - what a great idea!

(07:15:34) RT @RoyalMail "Good morning all from Steve and Hugh here at Royal Mail..." [Now we know what they get up to when the Now Show's off air :D]

(08:41:01) Attempting to employ Pomodoro to my PowerPoint Presentation Of Doom. It seems my computer may well spend the next 25 minutes frozen up. Hmm.

(08:48:05) Now is NOT a good time for my work laptop to stop working. Turning it off and on again.

(08:56:13) Attempt number 2. Waiting for my Evil Work Laptop (Clive) to settle down. Most irksome. In other news: the gutter clearing man is here.

(09:18:26) The hard drive light has finally gone out (so clearly it wasn't what Morrissey was singing about) - that means it's first Pomodoro time.

(09:48:48) I've just had the sudden realisation that as well as preparing the presentation, I need to prepare for the interview itself. Oh bottoms.

(11:13:57) Presentation finished. It is the dullest thing in the world, down to Ariel Bold & bullet points. The only thing that'll save it is AutoTune.

(13:27:13) Bleaugh. I wonder if it's possible to have a nap while hoovering. Still, I've done (nearly) as much interview prep as I can. Tally ho.

(13:54:17) Ahh well... time to reap the wild wind of Freecycle-based disappointment. Then off up the hill to collect Lenni from school.

(14:26:27) Off up the hill to collect Lenni. Feeling 13% more human. Dave's over for a jam this evening.. hope I'm perkier by then.

(15:14:55) Yahoo Groups is running REALLY slowly this afternoon. Bah. Five out of six items promised.. two arranged, and just off to drop off a third.

(15:51:52) Audioboo: Busy day at home boo

(16:10:06) I have been advised to include this in the presentation during my interview tomorrow. (YT - sfw) Not so sure myself!

(16:43:09) RT @petecooper: Discovered the marvellous (sfw, nerdy) - and there was much rejoicing.

(17:48:38) Rather them than me. That is all (transmitter tower repair men video) [via @brennig @danielpercy]

(19:38:14) In the studio with my brother. Actually working on a SONG. Yeah.

(21:30:47) Bedtime. Big day tomorrow - I've had a shave especially, and will be wearing a shirt with purple in. On a Tuesday. Good night to you!

Tweets for 26 Sep 2010


(07:52:07) Sleepy and rubbish this morning. Time to conquer at least one of those adjectives with Coffee Flavoured Drink. Good morning, nonetheless!

(11:27:04) Listening through my projects folder.. I've found some music beds I'd completely forgotten I made. Some of which are actually not too bad.

(12:01:13) Finally getting round to watching the Brain Rules videos that go with the book (that I still need to read) - VERY useful:

(12:17:25) Catching up with audioBoos - and wishing Greg Hyatt and his family strength and courage at a really tough time:

(15:27:20) At my Dad's.. wireless set up and general chatting done. Unfortunately, it's a bit damp to take the dog for a walk in the woods...

(17:33:30) Bah. I feel a bit ropey and have failed to create a satisfactory Ghost disk to increase Chris's system drive size. Still: sausage sarnies!

(17:34:33) Chris is rather impressively using MovieStorm ( and his webcam microphone to make a little virtual reality film.

(19:51:42) Ooh.. Windows 7 has backup image creation software.. means increasing Chris's disk size will be easier than I thought (since Ghost doesn't!)

(19:51:54) RT @gazuky: Hear my Chris-Moyles-esque rant about pay on my Rhubarb Radio show... '10 Items or Less' -

(20:16:12) I've got araldite on my jumper. #middleclassblues

(21:15:13) Audioboo: Freecycle Purgatory boo

(21:15:50) Audioboo: I could easily ramble on boo [I shouldn't be telling you this]

(22:10:35) I'm all Freecycled out.. 36 responses to sort through (so far) - but now, I think it's bedtime and podcast catching-up. Night night, then!

(22:43:21) Instead of going to bed, I made my Wikipedia debut and found the lyrics to Synchronicity II - whatever you think of Sting, they're AMAZING.

Tweets for 25 Sep 2010


(05:56:18) *sleepy yawn* awaiting the arrival of @sparkyannc and @binabery for parkage and airport transportage. I hope they haven't got lost.

(06:05:11) I forgot to post this - a colleague took this pic of Moyles & lasses in t-shirts reading 'Feed The Moyles' *sighs*

(06:34:27) Offdroppage done. No point in going back to bed, though, so the coffee machine is on, and I'm eyeing the crumpets lustily. Plus ça change.

(07:30:19) Collecting my thoughts for another radio-related audioboo. Entitled 'where does he get off'?

(07:52:43) Right.. I've shamefully neglected my family over the past 45 minutes, hiding under the duvet with twitter. Time to take on Saturday. Laters!

(08:50:29) I'm always intrigued by the difference between demo versions of pop songs and the released arrangement: (YT sfw)

(09:56:51) Time, I think, for some fresh air. I shall ask next-door if I can borrow their garden waste bin for Shredding Purposes.

(11:25:46) Back from the tidy tip after part one of apparently interminable tree-shredding. I think two more will do it. Not now, though. Sit down. Mm.

(11:26:41) Is it only me who gets a gentle feeling of dread about putting things on Freecycle. I'm even more nervous about EcoBees.. is it any good?

(12:23:54) Seeing this tweet: reminds me that the Boris Bike maps are WRONG. It takes me ages to work out which way's north! Wrong.

(17:58:48) That's this season's shredding complete; Evil Leylandii Of Doom cropped & eviscerated with no collateral damage.

(18:12:03) Hmm.. much as I would love to spend this evening drinking wine & sitting on a comfy sofa, I must tidy my studio & organise Freecycling. Boh.

(18:26:16) Do I: [a] see if the remainder of some Port I found at the back of the cupboard is still drinkable or [b] walk to Asda and buy some ale? Hm.

(19:31:22) I'm most definitely going into the studio & making a mental note to watch that Stephen Hawking thing on 4oD when my brain's actually working

(19:48:17) Ooh... I've still not recorded an AudioBoo today. I shall do that in a mo.

(22:02:08) Audioboo: Questions About Chris Moyles boo [my opinions, not my employer's]

Tweets for 24 Sep 2010


(06:34:39) Listening to latest @shiftrunstop podcast - it's only gone & got @simonmhickson on it! And is brilliant (note: swearing)

(07:06:49) PritStik's "Yucky Toast Flight" always gives me a laugh. I wish my children would make music like this.

(07:15:16) Office = coffee. Although it's already 23 degrees in here, and I have no desk fan. Nasty. I shall go & purloin one. Ooh. purloin. Top word.

(07:22:52) RT @Aiannucci: So, we've been shooting Alan Partridge's radio show all week. It'll pop up as 12 10-minute eps somewhere quite soon.

(07:49:25) It's going to have to be more dubstep today. Blocks out the building site sounds outside.

(07:55:16) I can't justify spending licence fee on a kicking sub for under my desk. I think I might have to build one out of cardboard & elastic bands.

(08:18:05) This tweet unsettles me: "More than 1500 kids in Luton will be swimming in a pool in their school hall thanks to British Gas Pools4Schools "

(09:05:43) Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough, it isn't fit for humans now! #TwitterJokeTrial

(14:49:18) Bloip. I think, by all accounts, I've finished zipping back between my office and the apparatus room. Time for a hot drink - want anything?

(15:36:17) Good heavens.. I've just spotted an audioboo I recorded yesterday (and over-ran!) that hasn't uploaded ..

(15:38:23) Listening to some wonderfully messed-up stuff from one of my work colleagues. She's very talented in the ol' mix there..

(15:39:38) Audioboo: Slow traffic home boo [overran a bit and belated!]

(16:22:45) One of my colleagues has just been clonked on the head by a didgeridoo. That is all.

(16:34:55) Slowly grinding to a halt. Nearly hometime. Time to tidy up the ol' desk and prepare for the weekend. Yeah.

(17:29:23) Heh. Trent Reznor tribute band: Nine Inch Fake Nails. (I blame @LeoLaporte for that).

(17:44:52) I am a bit vexed that the Special Bus is only as far as the O2 on Finchley Road. London's borked again. Off you pop, vast amount of traffic.

(17:54:33) Ahh.. flashing blue lights. It had better not be another motorcyclist.. Finchley Road is an absolute danger zone. Hopefully moving again.

(18:10:43) MegaBus goes faster than easyBus. True story.

(18:16:37) Just crossed the M25.. it's horrible anticlockwise at j21a. I wouldn't recommend it. 0/10. See me.

(18:24:38) Two yucky M1 days in a row. At least the Special Bus is moving (at the moment)... and just approaching J9.. I thought we'd not passed Hemel.

(18:53:25) Fantastic 'striding down the hill' song - Glenn Frey's "Smuggler's Blues." Reet grand. #nowplaying

(19:35:11) Tasty lovely fishcakes and now rooibos and cake as I lurk in the studio ready to play Podcasts. That @poots is good to me :)

(19:52:30) RT @BagelTechNews: Getting Ready for the BIG Show in about 10 minutes (Broadcasting live at

(22:17:31) Seems like I'm going to be in a podcast.. I'll listen to it before I share a link, though :D Off to bed now.. need to be up early. Night!

Tweets for 23 Sep 2010


(05:26:09) G'day... running a bit late, since I dozed off into a mist of musings (never a good idea) - gotta dash!

(07:12:49) RT @johndredge: Today's Daily Dredge podcast includes a well known eighties band in unusual circumstances

(07:16:39) Mm.. five and a bit minutes of Yazoo's "Situation" - a good music shuffle to the office this morning. #nowplaying

(08:25:34) Oh I love it: on the BBC 3 Counties news website, in the "things to do" section: Luton's library car park is to be demolished. Can we watch?

(08:27:02) The Luton Library Car Park: good riddance - as I recall, the mayor's car got stuck on the ramps at the official opening.

(08:31:47) I've learned a new term today: backhaul. Either the transport of internet content between distribution points, or a video link to a studio.

(08:32:12) Now I'm going to wreak havoc on a SAN. After I've had a wee (well away from the SAN).

(11:44:56) Damp and hungry.

(12:22:28) my salad isn't quite crisp enough today. Don't get me wrong - it's fine, but flaccid lettuce is a bit of a turn-off. Pasty's great, though.

(12:40:24) I just made up a really geeky joke. Not sure it's either finished, nor if I should share it.

(12:42:41) I got so cross trying to get my PC networked I ended up plugging two ports together and it crashed. As Oasis said: Don't loopback in anger.

(13:18:46) This is quite breathtaking music, and another reason why the internet is BRILL: (YT - sfw.. thanks to my Dad)

(15:04:50) RT @petecooper: Anyone in the OX postcode area had solar PV installed? Looking for installer recommendations. Thanks.

(15:05:14) Writing up this morning's tests. Not in Excel.

(15:15:45) Listening to @stuartmaconie's #radio4 programme about music fading/not fading on #iplayer as I type things into my computer for a while.

(17:00:18) I've had Too Many Sweets. I'm going home.

(17:29:53) Listening to the #radio4 Media Show podcast.. that Lord Putnam is a very erudite man.. he sets the bar for top-level media insight.

(18:05:37) "Long delays M1 j8 to 13", says the sign.. flowing freely 2 miles from j9.. but now slowing. Here we go, then. Will my evening evaporate..?

(18:52:05) All done and dusted with the manky roads.. just the walk home to do. What could possibly go wrong?

(22:05:30) Sneaking to bed after playing with FireWire in the studio. It's all the rage. Night!

Tweets for 22 Sep 2010


(05:18:37) Hilarious bit of Neil Fox / Peter White commercial radio bashing on Listen Again (and "Radio Harpenden" - ha!) on Listen Against. #Radio4

(06:15:54) I am in no fit state this morning. Lots to think about, but my brain doesn't see fit to leave me to my own devices..\

(07:03:08) Sleepily catching up with tech stories in the podcast and Google Reader idioms

(08:34:30) I can see today being a bit of a struggle. I have to confess to having bought some cheap hob-nob alternatives to sustain me. Uhoh...

(09:38:41) My desk fan has died. Again. I shall have to steal one.

(09:44:53) Giving a go on the recommendation of @jamescridland (and since @TrevorDann is going there). Ooh.. dubstep. Fab.

(11:12:28) Back from a meeting then.. it's been a busy morning. I even spent half an hour at Radio 1. When Moyles was there. Suffering for my art :D

(11:33:01) Ooh. CTRL-SHIFT-X makes Google mail go all EVIL. Pressing it again makes it go back, though. Not worth the risk though. REMAIN INDOORS.

(12:15:54) Lunchingtons, where I shall sit at my desk and gnaw on a pasty (and some salad). Don't say you weren't warned.

(13:15:13) Boh and plap.. I quite obsessively keep and sort all my emails in case I need them. So can I find the one I want? No. No I can't. BAH.

(14:50:53) I'm in the mood for some more wobbly bass. My colleagues almost definitely aren't.

(14:58:17) Found some dubstep yeah

(18:22:03) I am not going to walk home really quickly. Starting... now.

(20:29:14) All fresh and showered.. although I was hoping to have a little time in the studio to start setting up the Non-Audio Equipment. Hmm. Little.

(21:03:56) RT @VizTopTips: SUPERMARKETS. Delight and appal grammatical pedants simultaneously by opening a "5 item's or fewer" till. /via @badassday

(21:05:40) Well. Instead of setting up things in the studio, I wrote a bit of script to backup the family Google Calendar once a day. Oop. Night, then!

Tweets for 21 Sep 2010


(05:28:32) Listening to "Great Unanswered Questions" and preparing for Tuesday Workday. It's moderately amusing but surely there's better? #BBCiPlayer

(05:29:53) Launchage!

(06:18:02) Dear @poots, please could you save some empty milk bottles for another of my Hair Braned Schemes (before I forget :DP

(06:26:18) A day replete with Things To Do, although I'm not clear what. I may well try to be elsewhere this afternoon; @ leica0000 are you in today..?

(08:28:26) High on caffeine and totin' a PC keyboard #signothetimes

(08:58:34) Wading through a mire of emails. Still*. *not sparkling.

(12:04:03) RT @giagia: Seems Twitter's been hacked or there's some bug on 'old Twitter'. Stay off the site. I'm gone.

(12:14:26) Uhoh.. you might like to watch where you put your mouse pointer - nasty "OnMouseOver" javascript on Twitter ( h/t @poots

(12:18:34) Quick solution to the Twitter JS worm thing - use Internet Explorer 6. It's so rubbish it can't do JavaScript properly.

(12:34:35) Nom. Pasties are like beautiful little pies.

(13:20:29) CAUTION: Retweets about the Mouseover security flaw are jamming up Twitter.

(13:30:19) I really ought to take a break. Time, I think, to forage for hot chocolate drink.

(14:46:57) I still haven't got up yet (except to fill my glass of water with water)

(16:49:11) Oh dear. I think I might have fallen off the end of the working day. Time to stumble home...

(17:44:45) Audioboo: The name's the thing - or vice versa boo [@simontoon & @pewari]

(18:28:20) Nearly at the airport. It's almost, like, dark. Will that make walking home take longer? Or shorter, since the air's thinner..?

(21:02:45) This evening I've mostly been making a studio light out of a 2' fluorescent and some plastic & wood.

(21:16:26) Right.. bedtime for me, before I turn into a pumpkin or somesuch (or kumquat) Good night!

Tweets for 20 Sep 2010


(05:53:00) Happy birthday, indeed, to @mediocre_mum (thanks @BeachHut81)

(06:02:58) I should get up. Listening to Ales Lester's Oddcast. Remarkable that it's 15 minutes of reading (somewhat) amusing emails. From listeners.

(06:10:01) Someone needs to play the Reveille right next to my head until I get my weary carcass out of bed. And put some pants on.

(07:28:21) Finally.. a blog post:

(07:51:58) One of my dreams last night involved my studio becoming HUGE and me mashing up Kylie's "All the Lovers" a capella with "All That She Wants."

(07:59:55) Also, my bramble scratches are a bit hurty. I'll be straight on the phone to Claims Direct.

(10:15:52) Altogether too many crying toddlers/tweenies in Asda this morning. i.e. more than none. Still, it's only 11.15, so plenty of morning left :)

(10:24:09) Right. I'm being of no help to Beth, so I'd better start jamming things into the fridge for a bit.

(11:40:45) I need to potter. Pottering is good.

(13:33:43) I have hoovered the lounge into submission. Now a coffee & bananabread break, then email & birthdays. Followed by the school run. Splendid.

(13:39:47) I very much enjoy the comic stylings of Mr @JohnDredge, and thus would recommend his week of podcasts a-here:

(13:49:18) Hoping what remains of my mac mini's optical drive lasts long enough to read Beth's OU CDs.. it's not very well. Not very well at all.

(14:05:58) I dislike almost everything about Yahoo*, especially that gurning man on the Yahoo Groups home page. *except Flickr. It's an anomaly.

(14:17:04) Uphill to fetch the Girl Child. Then, back to repopulating Google Calendar. Ooh.. hang on - I think I backed it up a few months ago *glees*

(14:26:42) My body finds the most peculiar and unnecessary ways to go a bit wrong. The bits of skin around two fingernails on my right hand are hurty.

(16:19:30) A fantastically speedy response from David at @LutonCouncil's Street Seen team to my email about dangers in a nearby alleyway. *applauds* :)

(17:24:00) Having repopulated (most of) our family's Google Calendar, I'm now downloading Gcaldaemon to back it up automatically! (

(21:05:08) Audioboo: new studio arrival boo

(21:56:04) My forearms are more tireder than the rest of me.. what a full-on few days it's been. Less heavy lifting & so forth at work (I hope!) Night.

Tweets for 19 Sep 2010


(07:14:26) Good morning. Something of a lacklustre Saturday evening.. hopefully the last vestiges of my headache will subside soon. *half asleep*

(12:17:34) Lordy lordy.. non-stop action today. Out into the back garden to chop down bits of rogue leylandii. Evil shrubbery, that. HAVE AT YA!

(13:52:27) Onward to the garden for some more battling with irksome leylandii. I would emphasise that it is a ~borrowed~ shredder. I'm not a real man.

(13:54:26) My listening for the afternoon: the @BagelTechNews 'big show' - not quite enough British pundits for my money ;)

(16:53:12) I think I've chopped off more than I can shred #gardeningaphorism

(19:34:19) Working through a veritable Sunday Evening List Of Things To Do. I may well put the kettle on, so please help yourself to beverageage.

(21:47:35) RT @gazuky: Pssst. 10 Items or Less? Latest edition? Witty comedy and music? Sorted:

(22:36:04) Bedtime.. the mistake I made was opening Google Reader for the first time in AGES.. too many amusing things in there. Night night!

Tweets for 18 Sep 2010


(09:46:35) An interesting Saturday morning of upgrading Chris's PC.. now installing Windows 7. And emptying the compost bin (not into the PC). Mornin'!

(09:46:54) RT @sparkyannc: If you're interested in #homeed, then get yourself to Westbourne Grove this afternoon. Free, drop-in Home Education fair ...

(09:50:35) Worth the licence fee: @TimHarford's More Or Less: "Our reporter Wesley Stephenson was tragically killed by a rogue sound effect." #Radio4

(18:17:03) Wow. Worn out after a busy day at my brother's in Oxford, which involved birthday cake, football and sunshine. Fab time, really.

Tweets for 17 Sep 2010


(06:57:20) It's sunny, cool and a bit stinky in Central London this morning. I blame the Pope (it's convenient) (@ Baker Street Station)

(07:07:48) I'm being more bothered than normal by people smoking on the walk to the office this morning. It just makes London even stinkier. Yik.

(07:35:12) Luton has some LOVELY people: @poots @RobJD @dizzydanni84 @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @lucieshuker @annainterrupted @gruppox #followfriday

(08:12:59) My desk is a mess. Thus, I designate today Tidy Friday. If I achieve nowt else, it'll be to stick my untidy rubbish on Digital Brian's desk.

(08:55:10) Oh. My. Days. How could I forget @MuseumsLuton as one of Luton's finest people? (Along with @Jim_Pea and @lutoncouncil ) #Followfriday #FF

(09:49:53) It's all a bit sleepy at 6music today. Or is it me? (it's probably me).

(17:43:50) I have no knee room, and the internet doesn't work. #ifthatistheworstihavetoputupwithihavenoreasontocomplain Homeward Ho! (or maybe 'tally')

(18:13:24) Good heavens - a paltry 7/20 on this week's @Podquiz. Still, more than I got on @ShiftRunStop, which isn't even a quiz. V good, though.

(18:26:46) The closest rhyme I can think of to 'mayhem' is 'Graham'. Lady Gaga should capitalise on that. With a former Goodie.

(18:32:31) I'm variously ired by the song 'Changes' by the Osbournes & the way Adrian Chiles says 'Bleakley'. Both mercifully avoidable, on the whole.

(20:46:15) RT @eddieizzard: Eastbourne and beyond, to Bexhill

(20:48:28) Hmm. My 100GB "Stuff to Archive Onto DVD" drive is nearly full. I think I've been slacking...

(21:16:08) All gone a bit tired now. Also, Google Chrome keeps going all inscrutable. What's that all about? Bedtime is sensible, I think. Night! x

Tweets for 16 Sep 2010


(05:09:17) Good morning, early birds - especially @Vobes, @GilesBabbidge, @Stu4art and @DrMasquerade I'm eating cereal & being semiconscious. Good, eh?

(05:20:56) Inspired by @poots's find yesterday, I'm sifting through the BBC's podcasts collection - there seem to be more than ever:

(06:15:44) Audioboo: "Good morning" boo [ambling and rambling]

(08:02:11) I'm having a quite splendid time having a crash course in streaming systems, since our streaming specialist isn't here. #tonguetwister

(08:16:53) I am an internet streaming NINJA, I say.

(08:58:15) OK. Time to press some more random buttons.

(12:52:47) No messing. I'm going to kill Alan.

(14:52:20) Ooh.. just heard this audioboo.. it really does sound like Patrick Stewart is doing a lift voice. ( Heh.

(15:30:34) And this is why I love @StephenFry (and hate the D**ly M**l) : (SFW)

(16:59:35) Home time! Not homeopathy time.

(17:31:08) I should statistically deduce the percentage of occasions when I have to run to the Special Bus stop & the bus is later than if I'd walked.

(18:16:18) Until I heard it on 404funny ( I was unaware of this: - cynosure or abomination?

(19:17:09) So.. when did Rogue Traders lose their own series? I find Watchdog a bit aggressive & overbearing. And emotive. Still - makes things better.

(19:20:42) Ann Robinson has the most fantastic shoes this evening.

(20:14:06) Ready for bed a little earlier than normal tonight. My plan: listen to the Avengers theme over and over again.

(20:27:02) Note to self: don't get sucked into ... off to bed now. G'night!

(20:29:21) Definitely gone now. *waves from the top of the stairs* See?

Tweets for 15 Sep 2010


(06:02:37) RT @vl: Meet the new

(06:18:01) Not too bad night's sleep.. only woke up once (or maybe twice) - tempted to resist painkillers for a week so I can give blood.

(06:32:55) Better sort out emails so I shall sign off now.. hope @hark_the_herald is OK.. I've heard nothing since a troubling tweet last night :/

(07:22:37) First task of the day - call up about the borked air con. Now: coffee. It sounds counterintuitive, but frankly, I don't know what it means.

(07:29:42) There's something delightfully impersonal about an automated email that starts: "Dear JAMES HART" ..

(08:26:03) I wish I was as prolific (and skilled) a composer as @kmacleod (of - it's amazing where one can hear his music.

(09:37:11) Right.. time to escape the bounds of the office and have a rummage in an apps room. Cockney rhyming slang: Wurzel.

(09:54:12) For a brief moment, I think my mojo returned. Need to keep the musical momentum going.

(13:04:54) Important Irish Times article about homeopathic magnetic fields & the HARM they can do. (via @ruskin147 & @sparkyannc )

(13:46:21) I am so totally in a team meeting it is impossible to escape its orbit. Attaining enough velocity would likely result in chairs falling over

(16:58:09) Well. Need to go home now.. lots to do in the morning. Including whirring servers yeah.

(17:47:23) I am worn out. I'm sure there is something I should be doing, but I'd have to dip into the mush that's my brain to find out. Which is icky.

(17:54:24) Special Bus activity of the day: ||: woman poking her mobile phone, then shouting into it, then peering at it, then looking perplexed :||

(20:22:45) If someone ever invents a shower-proof internet, it will either be a very bad, or very good thing. In the meantime, I'm off for a shower.

Tweets for 14 Sep 2010


(05:23:13) Good morning (already?) Bag packed.. socks on.. it must be time to commute - these mornings are getting darker...

(07:30:49) RT @AAAResumes: "Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that they own it. " - John Lennon (via @painted_duchess )

(07:32:32) It's all doom and gloom. Doesn't help that the air conditioning's broken again, the windows don't open and there's a drill outside. COFFEE!

(07:32:59) May well be Pendulum Tuesday.

(07:38:37) HELLO Katigori! *waves* (@painted_duchess)

(09:42:07) If I had a hammock.

(10:09:59) RT @helenelectric: Any manics fans can listen to their new album for free here (@EmmaTofi ?)

(10:11:05) Eleven o'clock, and the email squishing has been completed. Now to investigate an ailing server and have a rummage for bits of wire.

(13:43:16) Note to self: don't trust Outlook to complete the name of an email recipient. It can confuse one's Mother-in-Law :D

(13:46:23) Just read this from @poots : Nasty coffee machine explosion in Farnborough's Sainsbury's: (sfw Sky News) Careful now.

(17:34:07) All warm & hot after a work-out running towards the Special Bus stop. Worked, mind- all on Finchley Rd now. A Loud Coughing Man is annoying.

(17:41:12) "When Twitter becomes real life. Where's the line?" I have to confess that's me sometimes: (via @carrozo & @judisue)

(18:37:58) Walking home as the sun sets.. how very autumnal. At least it's not drizzling. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN))

(19:52:17) Yum.. toad in the hole for tea. What do vegetarians put in the hole, and - more importantly - what is it called, then? I'm off for a shower.

(20:43:08) Having discovered the new Shift Run Stop forum ( I notice that the evening's evaporated & I must go to bed. Oops. Night!

Tweets for 13 Sep 2010


(07:52:43) Heading home after the school walk.. 3 hours to do practically what I like. It won't be what @canuckuk suggests. Oh no. The studio calls.

(08:17:38) Time to top up the caffeine levels, and then sit myself at my studio desk until some music comes out. *hopes*

(09:15:41) 11/8 time is nice.

(11:09:07) ElfAcht (a Monday Morning noodle)

(11:24:33) Ooh! Ooh! They're playing @ImogenHeap's Hide And Seek on @Asda FM - the acoustics in the supermarket completely ruin it, mind :D

(11:47:58) Monday mornings work very well with a full-on caffeine buzz. Certified by medical professionals*. *not true.

(13:28:08) In a minute, I'm going to get off this comfy sofa and sort out the freecycling. And tidy the studio. And sort the washing. In a minute.

(13:57:11) Listening to @TopOfThePods while I get some Freecycling photos together. And consider the likelihood of eBay sellability...

(14:17:23) Right.. time to go and collect progeny #2, after clearing down the camera's memory card. So far: one eBayable item.

(15:20:23) Lenni needs to be reminded not to bring a sword to the tea table. It's like the 1540s all over again.

(15:22:41) I take exception to @poots misquoting the Milky Way advert at me. "He tweets everything he sees..." BAH. Oh no.. the internet's gone..!

(15:24:05) Stopping now (@petecooper will be pleased :D) If something important happens now, it won't make it into my memoirs. That is all.

(16:42:47) Plans for the evening: update my website and record some voicers. Need to put together a portfolio (just in case).

(17:37:40) Audioboo: Waiting for Lenni at 'mass exodus' time.. [#uksm]

(17:41:14) Audioboo: Noisy magpies at rush hour [soundscape]

(18:52:11) Boy dispatched to Scouts.. home again to wreak havoc on a microphone, while watching Global cut swathes from the radio industry. Again.

(22:10:08) All done in the studio- it's been a good day for such things, after a weekend of minor technical failures. Late to bed, so goodnight to you!

Tweets for 12 Sep 2010


(06:26:02) I had an odd dream last night: the day before our holiday some people replaced the contents of the front drive with much older versions.. :/

(06:29:08) Listening to the Friday @Vobes show (with bonus @DrMasquerade & @AlanTShearer - both excellent voices) to pop me out of bed to make coffee.

(07:12:02) Quality porridge moment.

(07:54:17) Nearly time for Last Rites on Chris's mobile.. warmth & alcohol doesn't seem to have revived it. Off for a shower now (me, not the mobile).

(09:02:39) Another swift cheeky coffee before a service at the Methodists. They should do church services with a full breakfast option. That'd be ace.

(12:07:40) RT @RadioKate: My friend @mattythorne is demo-ing a robot he programmed to write Tweets on a whiteboard today - tell it what to write! h ...

(12:17:32) Helping Lenni build a Bionicle taller than her knee.

(12:32:12) Gah and bah.. having bad times with Google Calendar and ActiveSync to mobiles... appointments are just vanishing :/

(13:18:42) About to fulfil the important task of taking the children out for a run around. Before it starts to rain. And be winter.

(15:54:24) Enjoying (probably) the last good day of the year at Ashridge - perfect weather for a walk :)

(16:46:30) The children's 'tree shelters' at Ashridge

(18:22:34) RT @russbravo: Absolutely stunning photos from space: Twitpics really worth spending time with

(18:27:01) The children are in their 'chill-out' time.. I'm trying to eradicate malware & generally work out what to do this evening. Cup of tea. Yup.

(20:36:55) Hmm. Not really feeling the full shilling this evening. I shall abandon the studio, catch up with some emails, then iron until bedtime. Hmm.

(22:36:35) It's been a weekend of Technofail & Doing Things. And some odd(ish) dreams. I s'pose I'd better.. y'know.. so, goodnight then ~awkward hug~

Tweets for 11 Sep 2010


(06:50:03) Attempting to extricate myself from bed - can't seem to get comfortable anyway, so I think making coffee is the ideal alternative. Morning!

(07:15:55) Right. Coffee and... pancakes. Yeah. I shall make pancakes.


(07:49:09) Well, after all that excitement, I'm not sure what to do. I shall shower and get dressed. @Asda FM is playing some drab stuff this morning.

(09:15:00) Another hideous edifice that looks like it was designed by a primary school remedial art class. Nice one, Luton.

(09:17:18) I'm in an auditoriam I've not been in for - must be ten years. Waiting for @nxmee's Cineclub showing to start.. our little movie maker.

(10:51:26) The grand opening of Poundland at @TheMallLuton - crowds queueing for a 'meet & greet' with some woman from Emmerdale.

(12:59:03) Post-meal sleepiness...

(15:22:23) The pace of this afternoon could best be described as languid. I shall inject some caffeine into my almost stationary blood. Whirrrrr etc.

(16:49:58) Fish tank decommissioned & cleaned - now drying ready for the loft... now: collating some more freecycling gubbins. Or do I risk Ecobees..?

(17:17:29) I've just had to put @nxmee's mobile into Intensive Care (back of the mac mini with the fan on full) after it was washed with his blazer. :D

(17:23:54) Emergency spare mobile phone put on charge for @nxmee to use - it's not as little (forgettable?) & there's a good week until next washday...

(21:11:41) Bit much. #bbcproms

(22:01:39) Since when did "buttonhole" become a verb? I've heard it a few times this week, but I'm sure there's a proper English idiomatic equivalent?

(22:08:28) Right.. unless anyone buttonholes me(!) on my way to brush my teeth, I'm off to bed. Night night you fabulous, intelligent you.

Tweets for 10 Sep 2010


(06:26:57) ~yawn~ warm & thirsty on the Special Bus this morning. Podcast choices: @shiftrunstop & @guardiantech. Dozing off.. bah.

(06:58:02) Time for some @podquiz podcast style memory stretching on the walk to the office. Prize round this week! (@ Baker Street Station)

(07:31:26) Making coffee... want some? (@ BBC Brock House)

(07:55:44) One of my colleagues has just told me he's got a Sinclair QL boxed up in his loft.. the vintage collector in me went a bit loopy. SO cool!

(08:10:32) Just watched the Bagel Tech News for the first time.. excellent stuff ( - VLC coming to the iPhone YAY!

(08:22:39) Right. Back to the appraisal, I s'pose.

(10:28:08) Ooh! ooh! I've just found the "Messaging" tab in AudioBoo. Who shall I send a voice message to? WHOM?

(10:31:57) I've so far resisted installing the updated Twitter application for my iPod Touch.. is it still rubbish?

(10:46:52) I get irked when I see that stock image of the woman who looks like she's surprised & pleased that headphones have been glued to her ears.

(11:42:08) Pizza time! I'm waiting for the group to my right to disperse so I can put on a Noisy Server. I'm quite considerate like that.

(12:32:38) When is someone going to invent TwitSmell? Turkish Delight scents during a gentle amble around Regents Park Rose Garden:

(13:34:13) Coffee and documentation before Erik Hugger's Game Of Mousetrap or whatever it's called.

(14:57:53) I'm going to go to a meeting. I've given up on Erik Hugger's Town Centre Drinking or whatever it's called. Apple mentions > 1 every 5 mins.

(15:52:52) They're playing children's TV audio in Henry Wood House lift lobby. It's like having the beigest acid trip ever.

(17:28:05) Someone close to me on the Special Bus smells distinctly like the Jubilee Line. I'm aware PlayDoh is now a fragrance; are TfL branching out?

(17:37:03) This weekend I might make a miniature dalek out of a bunch of strips of ibuprofen and a radiator valve tap. Or I might not.

(18:35:23) Ninja VBScript coding on the Special Bus.. now just some debugging & an email before the weekend begins. And a walk down the hill. JAMYEH!

(19:43:14) Looky.. a bottle of wine with string round it. That must mean it's posh. Or wearing the equivalent of fishnets. Classy.

(22:23:50) A busy evening of VBScript debugging, & ordering bits to replace Chris's ailing PC - he's going dual core & Windows 7. Yeah. Bed now. Night!

Tweets for 09 Sep 2010


(05:11:26) Good morning.. here's something I mentioned yesterday, but this is Quite Interesting: 11.6% #followersihavemetIRL

(05:20:06) Wow. The Maltby Collection is probably the most flaccid 6.30 #bbcradio4 comedy since a bit of wet string appeared on Just a Minute. Yeek.

(07:36:05) What a fab way to start the workday - a brief audience with @kathyclugston and@neilsleat (who did not have coffee). I didn't break anything.

(07:38:13) Right.. coffee fo' sho', innit. I really must control my use of English in tweets. It just looks untidy otherwise. Anyone want a brew?

(09:33:39) I've sent an email to Germany. With diagrams. I'm not sure how I can top that, so I'll have a cup of tea & sharpen my pencil #notaeuphemism

(09:44:05) I think @HelenandOlly's AnswerMeThis podcast is funnier than almost every 6.30pm #BBCRadio4 comedy (except Listen Against) at the mo :/

(10:35:01) *applauds @easyBus and their excellent customer service*

(10:53:51) My brother's getting unsolicited marketing calls even AFTER registering with TPS. He's started recording them on YouTube:

(11:09:52) Right.. I need to get to W12 using nothing but my wits and shuttle bus. Back soon(ish).

(12:09:04) I'm fine never coming to W12 ever again thank you very much. But I s'pose I'll probably have to.

(14:02:06) This is a little troubling: (SFW Google) - I wonder who's put stuff onto the BBC Radio 3 website from an infected PC..?

(14:09:04) Tea and pasty required.

(15:13:46) Woo. I've just had serious coffee. I have also smugged at my spreadsheet ninja skillz, which means I now have time to write up my appraisal.

(15:49:41) *applauds* @leica0000 on her ninja XP admin skillz.

(16:54:47) Approximately 38.9% through my appraisal form. More tomorrow, along with displacement activities first thing after coffee. Off home yeah.

(17:03:19) Hmm.. I wonder why I don't get a text any more when @poots tweets. Also, I have my Zoom H4.. recordings will be made.

(17:09:55) RT @thenewbrunette: i bought my children an expensive overly chocolatey cereal i normally deny them. secondborn wants to know if i'm dying.

(17:37:16) Reading part 1 of Dad's autobiography, listening to the exciting Media Show podcast. This interviewee sounds like he's been Fatboy Slimmed.

(18:12:09) Ooh.. if you put a tilde (~) in a tweet, it counts as two characters; that's why some of mine occasionally refuse to send. Oops. (@Twitter)

(18:13:52) Good night for it: @Sat_London: [ISS APPROACH] direction:W278 at 19:14:59,maxAttack:78deg in SSW193 at 19:18:02 #ISS”

(19:24:46) That's what it's all about.. none of this 'ginkgo & oil of marzipan' nonsense. It's Morrison's shower gel. It's purple.

(19:31:42) Watchdog's on the telly. It's about wasps at Legoland. The General Manager looks (a bit) LIKE A WASP. Collusion!

(20:34:33) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My phone is clearly evil (@RussBravo)

(20:41:32) I'm sure the vibrate on my phone is louder than the text message sound.

(21:00:25) Audioboo: London Zoo - The Rainforest Life boo (post sloth escape attempt)

(21:02:34) I can't spell Haysi Fantayzee. Blimey.

(21:17:34) Audioboo: Luton Airport EasyJet taxi and take-off [with bonus private jet] boo

(21:35:01) Audioboo: Luton Airport is all full up [editorial] boo

(21:37:05) Right, that's me all 'AudioBoo'd out - I had a few buffered up, there. Hope they make some degree of sense. Better head to bed.. good night!

Tweets for 08 Sep 2010


(05:24:16) Right. Having enjoyed the return of Listen Against (worth a listen; nice one, @JonHolmes1) on #BBCiPlayer, better get to work. Foggy laters!

(07:20:00) Oohh #nowplaying Fields Of The Nephilim came up on shuffle! Months can go by between me remembering that 80s goth rock even happened.

(08:05:41) *cries* I still can't book any @easyBus tickets. Three web browsers, two debit cards.. one support call (EZB11038090) .. no progress. Snif.

(08:12:53) Nearly started a discussion about Stephen Hawking / religion / misinterpretation on Facebook. Resisted. Why do people read newspapers?

(09:01:35) Lawks a-larky it's the first meeting of the day. I honestly don't know how I get time to do my proper job. Bet there's no decent coffee.


(10:59:05) Cup of tea?

(11:17:09) I have successfully demonstrated to my colleagues that it is, indeed, possible to replace an IDE CD-ROM while the PC's still switched on.

(11:39:13) Incorrect music alert: I think this might be to @robertpopper's taste.. it's.. there's just something.. (SFW) H/T Dave.

(11:46:40) Baron Lunchingtons.

(12:26:04) Salad eaten. Time to muck about with computers. Or go for a walk. Or kill Alan.

(12:29:36) Digital Brian's been listening to The Breeze, Christchurch (; ad time given over to what shops are open after the quakes.

(15:28:27) Ooh. All a bit damp aussen.

(15:53:53) I think I may do some reading on the way home tonight. If I ever get there.. phone conference at half-past five(!)

(18:03:10) Oh, and I had a conference call this afternoon negotiating large scale shenanigans. Consequently, I'm on a late Special Bus. Finchley Road!

(19:09:09) Good heavens.. epigenetics got a mention on The Forum (#BBCWorldService podcast) - one of those words I've heard a few times lately.

(20:06:12) Home and all fed, after catching up with the children & their day. 45 minutes till bed time... what to do? Have a shower & regroup, I think.

(20:20:35) Having another go at trying to count how many of my followers I've met in real life; no need for pen & paper when there's an app for that :D

(20:43:08) It took a while, but: 11.6% #percentageoffollowersihavemetinreallife (@TheNewBrunette @CalamityMaclean & @Jon_Day)

(21:05:47) Right. Bed, and quick. Another evening has shrunk to the size of a tweet & been lost in a timeline of 50Cent's incoherent ramblings. Night!

Tweets for 07 Sep 2010


(06:28:35) Good morning to you. I think I know too much about Luton Airport & its environs.. another (rather desperate) driver helped on my walk today.

(06:36:26) All a bit jammed up at the bottom of the M1.. watching TWiT - there's a British bloke on it who's just taking the mick.

(07:15:50) Finally spilling off the Special Bus... bit of a ropey journey this morning. Coffee is 15 minutes away. (@ Baker Street Station w/ 2 others)

(07:36:25) Fab #nowplaying tunes shuffled on the walk to work.. Rolf followed by Osymyso's Intro Inspection. That's all I need.

(09:02:09) I am going to stop the milk going to waste.

(10:17:58) I'm still not really sure what an ESTA is (because I don't go to the US), but @RadioKate & @JuliaBall say it's a good idea to get one soon.

(11:53:45) How odd.. reports of mad crazy rain in Luton, but it's bright sunshine and blue skies here in London, just 30 miles away.

(12:07:42) Right. Lunchtime, and a diplomatic email.

(14:41:28) Well, it seems my amble has been delayed by two hours, but I think it's only fair that I stretch my legs before the last salvo of emails.

(15:54:42) Doing the server patrol, listening to @RadioKate's fascinating interviews with Bletchley Park veterans - #bpark

(17:39:02) I save (ahem) the Thinking Allowed podcast till last & consequently forget how interesting it can be; this week: French Culture & Networking

(17:42:46) I've no radio on the Special Bus, so I'll listen to @JonHolmes1's #6music podcast while Listen Against is on #radio4. It's almost as.. long.

(18:28:46) Threatening clouds to the east, blue sky to the west. And the #ISS visible in plain sight... heading home from the airport. Fab.

(19:41:04) RT @helenduffett: RT @jonathanfields: Google Chrome Is The New “Down For Everyone Or Just Me” via the all-knowing @ms ...

(19:45:15) Darn it.. the pics I took on my walk home from the airport haven't turned up.. must be a configuration of @PockeTwit thing. No yfrog :(

(19:57:41) I wonder where @PockeTwit actually puts posterous pictures.. they don't turn up on Twitter. It's a shame yfrog's not supported.. :/

(20:20:57) Another go at uploading a cloud pic (and #ISS?) from earlier (albeit from my phone.. wish I'd had my big camera)

(20:24:14) Another 'clouds on fire' picture to which this camera does not do justice .. I wish I could remember the 'sky' hashtag..

(20:56:47) I have ~totally~ set up my Posterous account.. it now exists in the nomansland between my over-sharing Twitter and rather neglected blog.

(20:57:48) Borne aloft by this technological success, I shall forget that I was supposed to be doing something else this evening and go to bed. Night!

(21:18:24) Right, I really do have to go to bed now. You're just too splendid to leave behind but I must go. Goodnight and thank you for being fab.

Tweets for 06 Sep 2010


(06:20:44) Right.. up and at 'em. Achey this morning.

(06:58:42) Right.. shower & dress and the prospect of a quick rooibos before I march @superalora to school. Not quick enough progress this morning.

(07:52:18) I changed the battery in the shower radio this morning - probably for the first time in two years. My iPod Touch lasts a week. 'mazin.

(07:57:40) Monday mystery: every day this man goes to town with a white stick & loop hanging out of his bag. What's his job?

(08:03:31) Stick Man guesses: @GriffinKate = Magician; @Vobes - professional eye poker; @AnnSquires = "The Child Snatcher" (!) Me = pigeon wrestler.

(08:45:12) Further StickMan suggestions: @Bazmati2020 = he's a punisher; @Fridgemagnet2 = he's out catching shrews. All in, it's a sinister occupation.

(08:54:19) Right. Need to: make a doctor's appointment, empty my NatWest account, steam the sofa, go to the supermarket. Pianos do NOT feature today.

(09:01:58) I hope Dad & SM made it to the hotel OK last night.. I think arranging a 50 mile taxi journey in Spain at 3am is challenging. And expensive!

(09:14:11) Ahh.. just got a text from my Dad - they got to the hotel at 4am.. what a start to their holiday, but at least they're there! :)

(09:28:14) I have to say those 'PIN Sentry' things are remarkable. Completely unfathomable, and rubbish as a calculator. But still remarkable.

(11:21:54) Dear Mr @MarcusBrig, will you be strutting your stuff in Spamalot in Milton Keynes in December? My wife's just reminded me we're going :D

(12:07:24) There seems to be scant bric-a-brac in charity shops these days. Still, I've found a splendid samplable 7" single for this evening...

(13:40:48) All a bit sleepy now.. time for what I believe young people like @HelenDuffett would call a "disco nap" before school run. Put a donk on it.

(14:21:58) I nearly forgot: congratulations to the fine @PockeTwit & @PockeTwitDev team for a splendid job of updating the app to oAuth! Thank you!

(14:24:03) A brief rain shower before the afternoon school run, which stopped fortuitously as I left the house. Off up the hill for Lenni Retrieval.

(14:36:49) Skies are now open. Damply down the hill. Quite breezy, too = the wonders of horizontal rain. That's science!

(14:40:14) Damp girl on the school run hill. Was it mean to ask her to stop for a photo..?

(16:10:49) I've done the ironing & failed to requisition the hoover. I'll take the compost bin out instead. The children are eating Sherbert Fountains.

(16:36:33) While lining the compost bin, I spotted this quality typesetting on a Sunday freesheet's puzzle page

(16:44:01) Some comedy internet signage has been shared today.. ; & #inappropriatesigns

(17:23:55) I've been mildly irritated twice today: once by someone starting a sentence "Listen, .." which I think is rude. And someone saying "superb".

(17:51:53) Awaiting the arrival of my brother for sample-based musical mayhem* and biscuits. (*mayhem not guaranteed)

(19:12:12) Having some splendid Lord Melody action.. scratchy old 45.. "Everybody got a nice Daddy, I got a big ugly Daddy named Lord Melody.." Fab!

(19:25:25) Now we're listening to a completely anonymous white label 12" - must be from 1988.. it's got every sample in the world in it. Heh.

(22:17:54) Right.. I'm everso late for bed, so it's a quick goodnight, and some hurried stairclimbing. Careful now. Night!

Tweets for 05 Sep 2010


(08:02:19) Good morning. Plans for the day include: church, Dad, airport, piano, sofa, steam, food and no jazz, as far as I can see.

(09:47:20) Awaiting the arrival of Dad & SM.. I've reached the 'making a cup of tea' stage. They're bound to be here before it's cool enough to drink.

(10:54:50) Right. Tree shredding before lunch.

(12:03:52) Shredding cut short by bad @LdnLutonAirport and @easyJet experience.. having to drive Dad & SM to Stansted.. sorting connections now.

(13:55:00) Interesting journey to Stansted - free bonus Red Arrows display. Dad & SM dropped off.. Heading home.

(14:54:05) Home and having a nice cuppa tea, before playing two-player Family Trainer with lenni.

(15:39:40) Oop.. looks like my plans for next weekend have disappeared. No problem.. there's plenty left over from this one!

(15:41:49) My goodness Lenni is stroppy this afternoon. She shouted at a poetry book for not having a storyline. Early night tonight for her, I think.

(17:30:21) Uhoh.. now Dad's flight from Stansted is delayed. They'll not get to the hotel until after 3am... and a very expensive taxi ride.. :/

(17:36:31) I can hear what sounds a bit like an ambient ice cream van.

(20:02:44) Suffering from poor drum choice.

(21:53:55) Bed. Night!

Tweets for 04 Sep 2010


(19:19:25) I am in good-natured purgatory.

(21:05:28) ~dancey dancey dancey dancey~ WOOOOAAH! Your sex is on fire! YEEEOOHH! Your sex is on fire! <repeat 19 times> Yes. I know.

(21:49:26) I'm still having my cultural horizons broadened.

(22:57:57) Well, that's the last (in theory) of four wedding receptions I've attended this year. All different in their unique way. Nobody got injured.

Tweets for 03 Sep 2010


(05:24:12) Waking up to That Mitchell And Webb Sound on #BBCRadio4 #iPlayer - a repeat, but some chuckles over my cereal for sure. Good morning Friday!

(06:56:55) Time to disembark the Special Bus.. and y'know what? I'm going to ride a Boris bike to work! (@ Baker Street Station)

(07:37:43) I survived the cycle into work - still a little undecided about the whole 'traffic lights' thing.. I'm sure I'll get used to waiting. Yeah.

(08:24:37) I so so want to buy @poots a Kindle for Christmas. Please persuade her that it's a good idea (I'm sure I'll not get in trouble for that :D)

(08:25:50) I am also toying with the idea of selling @nxmee my iPod Touch at a discount price & buying one of them high-falluting new ones. Good idea?

(08:27:54) Ooh.. Microsoft don't do "Windows Media Encoder" any more.. it's "Expressions Encoder Free" now... for XP SP3 and above. Well. There y'go.

(08:30:01) Oh brilliant.. now I need to install .NET framework 4. Can't people write programmes in machine code any more? FOR SHAME!

(08:30:11) By which I mean programs.

(08:35:15) Has anyone tried to use a Pritt Stick as an inexpensive replacement for lip balm? I think it might just work.

(09:29:02) Looking for last year's appraisal...

(09:33:38) My #FollowFriday folk today.. people of many talents: @rhodri, @painted_duchess, @thenewbrunette, @akgpodcast, @Brambling & @sparkyannc #ff

(12:02:54) Appraisal: done. Pizza: eaten. Now: a brief jaunt on one of Boris's fine steeds (that just sounds wrong) while the weather's nice. HELMET!

(15:55:28) Of far less importance than any other thing going on in the world (including Leicester) I just found a small bit of boiled sweet on my desk.

(15:59:06) RT @stuartthomas: Latest on Hare Krishna Temple fire now on BBC Radio Leicester 104.9FM & BBC1 at 1830. Official says all safe - gas bot ...

(16:27:42) - @lottieloves1 Hello foot!

(16:54:02) Homium!

(17:38:37) A valuable lesson to learn about using Boris bikes at rush hour. If you leave late, expect to have to go much further to collect & dock.

(18:18:52) There were an astonishing number of people out and about this evening - pubs filled to bursting. The last fine day of the summer..?

(18:36:05) The picture doesn't do it justice but the sunset is spectacular tonight... fluffy clouds & plane trails!

(18:51:32) Yeah.. last stop before home and the weekend starts in earnest. Seems no time since last Friday! (@ London Luton Airport (LTN))

(19:08:49) Ooh.. seems is closing - I'd not realised it was a SixApart product. What'll I use to upload video from my N95 now? Ovi, I guess..

(20:27:23) I've just put the England match on, and thought "ooh.. the pitch looks nice and clear" - then I realised: no vuvuzelas! #mildsynesthesia

(21:07:54) Since @canuckuk mentioned such things, it's reminded me: I don't believe emperor penguins are nearly big enough. Should be up to my nipples.

(21:13:52) I'm going to sign off now and go to bed. Then I shall awaken bright and early & remain focussed all day. That's the theory. Good night, you!

Tweets for 02 Sep 2010


(06:29:26) Good morning innit. Hurtling down the M1 in a dozy dazr. A busy day ahead... nearly coffee time, though!

(07:31:27) RT @psweetman: Rather than buy Blair's book, why not donate £25 direct to Royal British Legion instead /cc @DrEvanH ...

(07:43:32) Wow. I've just seen a post on Facebook that one of my former classmates has just become a grandmother. Another milestone/millstone :D

(07:57:52) Cats into wheelie bins, puppies into lakes.. how are they going to top that? I think someone should throw a cow into a cooling tower.

(11:37:30) I've just discovered my mobile's been sitting at the "Enter PIN" screen; desk phone's diverted to it. That explains why it's been so quiet.

(12:28:57) Natwest online banking = rubbish. I can't request a new PIN for a card I don't want, so I can transfer money out of the account & close it!

(13:35:04) I'm still reeling at this piece of delusional quackery. .. He invented this(!) (h/t @robertpopper)

(15:40:54) Is it really so hard to set permissions on a share? Bane of my life at the moment, I tells ya. I'll get Digital Brian to sort it.

(16:55:22) Lordy lordy pumpkin lordy... better go home.

(17:29:18) Unruly kids & de-facto teenagesque Luton Mum's voice (think Lily Allen after a stroke) at the back of the coach. Praise be to in-ear phones.

(18:17:39) RT @jackofkent: I hereby defame Andy Coulson #IherebydefameAndyCoulson #MetGate please do RT :-)

(18:21:16) Last leg of the homeward journey.. lovely evening! (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 3 others)

(20:10:22) I just updated my Friends Reunited profile after receiving an unexpected email from someone on there. That site is so sadly irrelevant, now.

(20:20:51) Honestly, I don't care what William Hague did in a hotel bedroom, unless it was stick a guinea pig in a trouser press & film it for YouTube.

(20:49:29) Right.. having researched 1950s casualwear ( - FYI, Mr @vobes) I'm off to bed to dream of charity shops. Carrier bag, sir?

Tweets for 01 Sep 2010


(05:26:47) Good morning. Can't stop.. not sure how, but the first 45 minutes of the day have zoomed by. To work with me... have a good day if you can!

(07:53:47) Things I aim to get today: [a] a spare bin; [b] a Boris Bike Key (which is to me, like the Oyster card, a symbol of marriage to London. Erg)

(09:19:41) Hmm.. looks like Twitter has finally moved to OAUTH authentication only, which is why PockeTwit has stopped working. Oops.

(09:54:58) Hello hello @jakes @roelvandenbrand @marclandis @theMark_S @lifanxi @markandey and @kjhughes ! Help.. PockeTwit has stopped.. is it OAUTH?

(10:02:52) Thank you for the announcements, @PockeTwit and @PockeTwitDev - looking forward to the update.. I feel like I've lost a limb ;)

(10:04:08) Right.. back to the email catchup - lots to rake through today. Then.. an appraisal, perhaps?

(11:14:11) I am happy to confirm, and assure listeners to #BBCRadio4, that NONE of the newsreaders use Autotune. #Radio4

(11:54:36) Right.. time for pasty, noodles and salad, and then I'll get my act together. YEAH.

(12:37:15) I forgot to tweet this yesterday - if you've got Google Chrome and a fast PC, it's wondrous: (SFW) - Arcade Fire tuneage!

(13:06:36) Meet teaming!

(13:08:24) I hope @billt and @CharlesArthur don't ever appear on the same podcast. I might not be able to tell them apart :D

(14:38:04) Right. Team meeting done, coffee drunk. Time to rake through the ashes of the email for unburned embers. I have no idea what I'm on about.

(17:34:48) OH little girl on coach: "What's that?" Man: "A mosque." Girl: "Same as the insect?" Man: "That's a mosquito." Girl: "No! Like a butterfly!"

(18:13:42) A little advice please? I opened a bottle of wine on Sunday & half of it is still in the fridge. When should it be drunk before it spoils?

(18:15:51) Ooh! I must remember that there's a flyby of #ISS at around 20.25 BST tonight; in the southern sky, but quite high, I think.. looking clear!

(19:27:05) Now! :)

(20:27:46) Right.. better head off for a shower, then back into the garden to take some test shots for 10pm... fully clothed, of course (probably).

(21:30:55) Audioboo: Amazing Disappearing International Space Station Boo

(21:32:56) International Space Station flyby over Luton - it must have gone into shadow halfway past! #iss

(22:06:36) Sleeptime for me, which is late regardless of my current orbit (which is at a maximum of 0.000001mm from my bed) - definitely goodnight!

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