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Tweets for 31 Aug 2010


(07:05:42) Good morning... a busy day ahead, by all acounts. Hoping for the best...

(19:06:54) Wow. Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) has written a #DoctorWho episode. What a legend!

(19:10:13) Not feeling particularly talkative - tomorrow's going to be a tough day. Not least because I have an appraisal. And a borked server. Yeek.

(19:39:03) There's but one way I can think of ending a day like today: to iron some work shirts & listen to @topofthepods. Then shower & bed as normal.

(19:40:43) I think I can safely say it's been a rollercoaster of a day.

(20:39:49) Proof if it be need be that I need to brush up on my photography - the #ISS as it passed overhead.

(21:01:38) Tooling around with long exposures on the camera - shame it was out of shot, but I am ~sure~ I saw another faint flypast of space hardware!

(21:13:58) Quick... to bed! Night night.

Tweets for 30 Aug 2010


(07:48:04) An epic visit to the tidy tip today - not least to honour the little 'bin with a line through it' on old & broken electrical stuff. Mornin'!

(10:00:36) I had no idea Uno cards came with 'swaps' - I've got a spare yellow 1 and green 6 if anyone is missing them..?

(10:01:48) Amazing how music consumption has changed - our 11-yo listens to music by searching for it on YouTube then alt-tabbing away when it plays.

(15:59:40) Lenni's intently watching the video to "Our House"... I was only a couple of years older than her when it was released - an evocative song!

(16:54:37) It's been a delightfully relaxed Blank Holdall Monday.. haven't shredded as much as I could/should.. there's always time.

(20:06:45) My long weekend has somewhat ground to a halt since I've checked my work emails; it's not looking good. I fear lots of phone calls tomorrow.

(20:51:19) Right. Emails sent... anxiety levels not quite as high as before. Time to rehydrate and prepare for bed. Signing off now.. night!

Tweets for 29 Aug 2010


(12:11:17) Sunday lunchtime in the Hart household, with @funkids on the radio & battenburg for dessert. It's how things should be.

(15:15:54) We've had a lovely (and extremely breezy) Sunday afternoon walk. Time for a coffee, while the children dissect Mickey Mouse cartoons.

(15:38:04) In the studio for half an hour. Should be: working on a beat. Am: flying a 737-400 from Luton Airport. Because I can.

(18:55:45) Seems I spend longer removing dust & hair from the vacuum cleaner's mechanics than actually hoovering. Now, though: a small glass of wines.

(18:58:55) Definition of annoymence: thinking there's a bottle of wine in the fridge, only to discover there isn't. Bah. 30 minutes till wines..

(20:01:16) Large glass of reasonably cool wine (a Chilean Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc blend). In my tummy. Yum.

(20:18:00) I am SO in the mood for the sort of bass that reveals areas of brickwork that needs pointing. But the kids are asleep.

(20:18:33) But some more cheese would do.

(22:36:05) Time for bed (overdue!) Evening officially marked down as "relaxing" - tomorrow will be more productive. Or at least it should be. Night!

Tweets for 28 Aug 2010


(07:43:12) Making coffee to the strains of, well, until Beth gets down. She's not so much into early morning drum'n'bass cone rattlin'

(10:35:35) A glorious morning sky over Luton; nice & chilly for August. Finally replanting our geocache in Bells Close park.

(11:30:26) Waiting for Chris to cook us lunch. 11-year old style. Everybody want bogies?

(13:49:08) Ambling to the library, we saw what seems to be a small upside-down test-tube on a lamp post. A pollution thing?

(17:23:50) Right. I'm going into the loft. Want anything?

(18:01:55) I'm all sleepy now. Amazing the effect a rummage can have. #notaeuphemism

(20:01:11) I think it might well be my turn to feel a little ropey. Opting for the 'plenty of water and early night' strategy. We'll have none of this.

Tweets for 27 Aug 2010


(05:19:57) Beep beep! It's only been and gone and turned Friday. Cereal eated, listening to and laughing at this: (iPlayer - SFW)

(06:03:02) Wimped out of the walk of damp this morning... now splashing Londonwards on the Special Bus. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 2 others)

(06:22:04) Wow.. two woefully bad @podquiz scores in a row (both sub-10) ... hoping to do better next week!

(07:00:18) If you are heading towards the bottom of the M1 or the North Circular westbound at Brent Cross.. it's borked!

(07:42:01) Audioboo: Marylebone Rd to Paddington St Gardens in August boo [damp!] #uksm

(08:11:27) RT @youthluton: Don't let the weather put you off! Luton's Play Rangers are having a Beach Day at Wardown Park frin 4.30pm ...

(08:38:09) Right. Enough of this frivolity (much as I enjoy it).. I'm going for a wee and then totally getting my act together. #notaeuphemism

(11:33:36) Waiting for Manchester to call...

(12:13:02) It's been pointed out to me that I'm the only member of my team in on this floor today. I've got half the office to myself.. what to do..?

(15:26:09) I can see myself carrying around a tablet device with 3+G and a bluetooth headset for it to make phonecalls. And a REALLY BIG POCKET. Yeah.

(15:39:36) I think I might make some more coffee. It's Friday afternoon.. an ideal opportunity to Do Stuff (even better when caffeinated).

(16:22:18) Bleh bleh and bleh. I've spent practically all afternoon doing something that should've taken ten minutes. Darn you, software compatibility!

(16:27:15) Also, my work PC is slowly accumulating those frozen windows that don't actually do anything. And my email won't open. Nearly giving up. Mm.

(16:40:40) On a scale of 1 to 17, how poor taste is it to put a "Do not resuscitate" sticker on my monitor? I just came up with the idea & don't know.

(16:53:10) Time to do something else for a bit. Those bits are very, very valuable, so it's worth the effort.

(18:10:09) Best of all the animals. Although if I had a giraffe, I'd feed it Sainsburys Taste The Difference leaves.

(18:28:19) I just saw the most rubbish escape attempt by a sloth ever. It was never going to end wel. Or quickly.

(22:01:31) My heavens, looking things up on my phone can be horrible; some sites' *homepages* are over 1MB in size! Mine: 96kB; my blog: 250kB ~smugs~

(22:54:09) Nearly home after a lovely evening at London Zoo with the fab @SparkyAnnC- a remarkable experience, including the loudest silent disco EVER!

(22:56:46) Yay.. in the house before midnight - no chance of me turning into a pumpkin (much). Night night to you and those you tolerate.

Tweets for 26 Aug 2010


(05:22:50) Morning, then. My iPod Touch takes a million years to sync, probably due to the thousands of songs. But I want them ALL (except Simply Red).

(07:28:48) Good heavens.. I only just heard about this from @ruskin147 - UK Sound Map... time to get Audiobooing! (SFW)

(07:37:06) If I'm going to go.. I'm going to go now. *hoping it's not too rainy and steamy out there*

(08:51:34) Playing with computers in the studio where they make "Outlook" ... woo exciting (etc) (@ Bush House)

(09:56:28) I just saw @PeteCooper's doppelganger (although, to be fair, scaled up by 5% in all directions except beard). It took me rather by surprise.

(09:58:26) They say husbands and wives start to look a bit like each other. I'm very happy if this is true, although I feel sorry for @poots...

(13:39:41) More caffeine, fewer problems.

(14:37:05) I want to start a website called "Laminate THIS dot com" where all manner of things get laminated. There's a gap in the market.

(14:43:52) I'm in the mood to get some FRED THE RAVER choons on. (with apologies for the gross capitalisation.. it's a YouTube thing)

(15:32:28) "Cole was taken to a secure mental health facility in Geneva but later disappeared from his cell. Police are baffled but not that bothered."

(15:33:13) Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future - top! (via @DanRebellato, @willfilmmaker & @doctoe)

(16:44:47) RT @artistsmakers: Great British seaside fun - spot the Banksy. There's one in Hastings:

(16:56:05) Good heavens, it's hometime already. Time to put my desk in the drawer, and the drawer under my desk. It's an Escher thing. RUUUUNN!

(17:28:16) This particular coach stop has a very convenient shelter. But no Special Bus. Yin and Yang. And steady precipitation.

(17:47:37) On the Special Bus, working on that form again. One more box to fill in. If I can write coherent English.

(18:32:29) It's like dusk. Makes me feel sleepy. I'll have walked ~9 miles today by the time I'm home. I like my boots (they're comfortably lovely).

(18:44:47) Do planes have horns?

(18:59:15) Twitter clearly isn't as informative as Wikipedia, but a darn sight more amusing :oD

(19:01:14) I simply don't like standing at the side of the road and waiting. (This is not in reference to the whole 'aeroplane horn' thing)

(19:03:42) I shall go on Flight Simulator X tonight with the express intention of finding a jumbo jet's hooter.

(20:13:01) I got a "rep cookie" from @nxmee (11 years old) today. He made it himself. He is SO much cooler than me.

(21:28:32) Audioboo: Mario Bros Game & Watch retro boo

Tweets for 25 Aug 2010


(10:06:18) After a biscuit free high-level executive meeting, the day has taken something of a turn for the More Interesting. I'm glad I've got tea.

(11:27:41) Helpful..? Not at all.

(11:28:16) I'm going to have to watch Sky News now.

(11:46:36) What I learned about grammar today: "A number of..." = plural, therefore "...have"; "The number of.." = singular, therefore "...has".

(12:04:12) Woo.. Caledonian Road whiteboard marker art FTW (via @alicebell)

(12:14:47) I deeply dislike Sky News. Also, I'd like to work in an office with fewer men. The kitchen hygiene here is APPALLING.

(12:29:28) Day two of the Noodle Analysis. Golden Wonder are tasty and thick, but the flavouring's a bit strong. Yesterday was Tesco's own - kinda, OK.

(14:19:58) I need a wheelie-bin cam for my house.

(14:29:26) I might take a photo for @MuseumsLuton's "Luton Art '10" competition; I can't draw or paint. Open to Herts, Beds & Bucks:

(15:32:58) Isn't it lovely.. David and Margaret (or whatever) Cameron have called their daughter Florence Xanthe Moschin.

(16:57:34) I s'pose I'd better slope off. Busy day tomorrow - a shame I can't go to my colleague's leaving drinks.. I shall drink to his honour later.

(17:54:49) Up the rainy motorway with me. And some other people on the Special Bus. (@ Brent Cross Coach Stop (Northbound))

(18:20:54) I hope my skin is waterproof.

(19:47:30) Right.. after dealing with calls from work (yes.. at this time of night) time to work on a job application (yes.. at this time of night).

(19:49:10) I don't know anyone who's anti-crastinating.

(21:35:55) Time for bed said Florence. Night, you fab human. Fo' sho'.

Tweets for 24 Aug 2010


(05:25:47) Happy Tuesday (if that's not an oxymoron) to you. I'm taking no prisoners today. They just slow me down.

(06:52:25) Kids TV fact thing: the woman who played Agatha the pre-cog in Minority Report also did the original voice of Ruby out of off of Max & Ruby.

(08:25:16) My mixero screen's all blank. How rubbish.

(08:38:09) I'm on a quest for gruntlement. Bring it on.

(09:53:45) What @Smartie999 said.

(11:36:14) I still don't know if I can be bothered to post to Google Buzz.. does anyone you know use it?

(15:37:47) All done with meetings for the day. Time to see what other havoc I can cause in the last hour-and-twenty of the day. I'll make tea. Some?

(15:50:34) I just got a phone call from someone because his inbox is full, and he couldn't email me back. I heart technology.

(16:55:31) Woo.. is it really nearly home time? That means I must go home. Thus, I shall do that for a bit.

(17:25:06) Blimey... bit warm & malodorous on the special bus this evening - I'm like a cat in a wheelie bin here.

(18:00:48) No rainbow tonight. I shall compose a strong letter of complaint.

(18:31:14) Is "Woo hoo" by the 5-6-7-8s the most annoying song ever? Or is it just me. Or that dreadful Lloyds Bank theme..?

(20:06:28) It can't be nearly bedtime already..? I've only just had my tea.

(20:32:40) I'd better pop off. *squeezes nose* Goodnight!

Tweets for 23 Aug 2010


(09:52:04) Good morning.. it's Tesco Time- still a building site at the Dunstable branch. I could do with an energy boost. Is papaya any good for that?

(10:59:23) Home and catching up with the last week's work emails.. I'm still inexplicably sleepy - need to get the blood cells whizzing round.

(14:16:14) RT @artistsmakers: Opportunity for artists to use #emptyshops in Norwich (please retweet - thank you)

(14:42:11) Sitting out of the rain, ta.

(14:50:40) The results of @nxmee's first experience as a chef at The Inspired Gourmet Cookery School. Smells great!

(16:43:11) I've posted something in my blog: Chris's cookery course (and other holiday activities...)

(18:47:21) Time to catapult the children to the upper floors as is traditional. We don't have room for a trebuchet.

(19:03:12) RT @PontoonDock: RT @buddaboy Simple and useful -

(19:04:22) Hey, Mr @Vobes - fancy joining me at the Hegley gig that @RussBravo's presenting on the 11th Sept? If so, is the 9pm show too late for you?

(19:18:34) I'm going to have half an hour on the Mario Kart Wii you see if I don't. #craprebel

(19:56:28) Resisting cheese before bedtime.

Tweets for 22 Aug 2010


(08:23:03) Good morning. Just about to scurry to our Sunday service - not sure what to make out of the remainder of the day. Definitely some fresh air.

(08:25:16) ~sings in non-Marilyn Monroe style~ Happy birthday to you; happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear @kathyclugston; happy birthday to you!

(08:25:51) Blimmin' clothes. They'll be the end of me.

(11:10:46) Back from an eventful church - someone came in and tried to steal Beth's purse :/ Also, sorted out some necessary hammering. Now: lunchings.

(11:15:37) Still exhausted.

(11:40:38) I wonder what a molecule of cake looks like. More investment in #ukscience, I say.

(14:09:16) I've posted something in my blog: Jon and Lisa's Wedding - 20th August 2010

(14:47:31) RT @gazuky: Listen live at 5 on as we revive an old gameshow, have a topical round-up and taste.. well... join u ...

(17:23:45) Beth & I have been doing a jigsaw this afternoon, to the strains of Phineas & Ferb (musical genius). That's what Sunday afternoons are for.

(20:03:11) It's 9pm.. some might consider the evening somewhat youthful, but I'm already considering bed. I shall sort out my commute first. Yeah.

(21:33:47) Bedtime.. listening to the rain outside and the cars swishing along the wet roads. I hope you sleep well, with bizarre and fabulous dreams.

Tweets for 21 Aug 2010


(10:32:39) Heading home.. all tasks completed. JAMYEH.

(16:12:36) A remarkable drive back from Sussex - M25 was broken, so we went through London. 4 hrs & 110 miles of closed roads and queues. Never again.

(16:15:03) The past couple of days are catching up with me.. and the 4.30am call from the hotel reception that woke me up. There will be repercussions.

(17:58:51) I am now not even in the mood for cake. I think I might just potter gently and drink fruit tea until bedtime. Please feel free to join me.

(19:30:28) The sofa in my studio still smells of my Dad's house. If I can stay conscious, I might write a song tonight.

(21:38:31) Right.. well, that's enough playing with my little four track recorder, guitar and iPod Touch musical instrument apps.. bed time. G'night!

Tweets for 20 Aug 2010


(07:20:50) Good morning. Big day ahead... I shall brush my hair special.

(10:23:28) Working through the pre-flight checks. Currently on schedule. Weather conditions: quite sunny.

(10:50:35) Pantaloons. Cut-through = stuck behind a dustbin lorry. Time is of the essence.

(11:31:43) Me, @Fridgemagnet2 and Kev the unruly photographer. Yeah.

(11:45:05) A better photo of me and @fridgemagnet2 - no photographer this time.

(11:54:23) We are on.

(13:10:43) Yay! @fridgemagnet2 and Mrsfridgemagnet2 are now married. Happy group photo thing!

(13:53:58) This is the best thing about a seaside wedding .. the sea!

(19:11:32) Best man's speech done the best I can. A couple of laughs.. now - the disco bit. Four hours of bangin' tunes till bedtime.

(19:24:14) Discussing the intricacies of photography with Beth while the children run around out on the green with a seaview...

(19:33:01) Outside with Beth, watching the sun not go down over Eastbourne. The air is so lovely down here. A nice way to spend a Friday night.

(20:55:57) A lyric in Prince's "Raspberry Beret" inspired the name of Ian Broudie's Lightning Seeds #weddingdiscopoptrivia

(21:27:57) A brief escape from the Rocking Out portion of the night to listen to the sea. Feeling a bit tired now, though. All still running smoothly.

Tweets for 19 Aug 2010


(08:14:21) Good morning. Time to forage for berries and nuts.

(08:41:36) At the Diplocks café, near Hailsham. Very friendly, and lovely food - only let down by the coffee (I could be accused of instant snobbery!)

(09:48:40) I am an ireland of tranquility amidst an irish sea of chaos. To be sure.

(11:45:38) Lenni ascending the climbing wall (at Monkey Bizness, near Lewes)

(13:58:24) Ambling.

(15:22:42) Happy children on a swing, by the A22. Upper Dicker Lower Dicker something something ooh. #badpoetry

(15:49:51) I bet (given the state of the sign) I missed this, which is a bit disappointing. I hope it was in the morning.

(17:07:22) Chuckling at the Simpsons. The best thing about not watching it for ages is that the likelihood of seeing a fresh one is higher. On BBC2.

(19:58:29) With the groom. It's like the Eve Of The War. Except with mic cable instead of, well, war.

(20:20:59) I think I just got flashed by a speed camera doing 32 in a 40 zone. It's a topsy turvy world. Now: getting a dressing gown.

(22:57:18) All done for the night. If it's not sorted now, it may well never (need to) be. And by this time tomorrow, I'll be practically all done.

Tweets for 18 Aug 2010


(07:11:28) Slow down, Wednesday, and I might be able to jump on.. good morning, then. Struggling this week.

(07:29:29) 11 feet from coffee. Stick that, Google Maps.

(09:34:15) Tea & the park. I found a piece of paper Lenni wrote, saying "Songs about poo and wee." I have insisted it should be her debut album title.

(09:42:22) I just heard this on @asda FM - an absolutely splendid cover version. Always raises a smile. ♫

(10:06:43) Stockwood Discovery Centre's heaving and there are marquees in the garden.. is there a particular event going on? (@museumsluton?)

(10:21:14) Chariot children! We've just been to see the results of Chris's archeological dig - great work.

(10:24:40) Lovely day for it. Whatever it is.

(10:47:50) In the temperate greenhouse at Stockwood - there's a fig bush - reminds me of one we (or neighbours?) used to have when I was young..

(11:35:45) I am ~so~ ravioli. And I've just discovered a further saw related injury from yesterday. Oh me & my fine, easily damaged skin. Now: yoghurt.

(11:46:17) It's terrifying how easy things are to order from Amazon. I'd not do it if I wasn't in a rush, though. Small businesses need the.. business.

(11:50:13) Right.. s'pose I'd better finish packing. I will be taking my duvet. That's how I roll.

(15:08:26) Middle of blimmin' nowhere. Well actually, quite near Lower Dicker and a former lunatic asylum. I can hear a combine harvester. Yarr lovely.

(17:33:04) On something approaching my best behaviour. Or best man behaviour. This is only a drill...

(19:15:59) Looking for places to take Beth & the children (11 & 7) around Eastbourne/Lewes for the day tomorrow. Any suggestions gratefully received.

(19:31:04) I really need to knuckle down and finish preparing my best man speech. Back.. sometime.

Tweets for 17 Aug 2010


(07:44:36) Good morning. Have I missed much? I have no intention of planning today. Unless it'll rain, in which case I'll probably remain indoors. Mmm.

(10:53:36) Today's "first" - our first 5 mile bike ride.. it's a bit grubby getting to it, but the Lower Luton Road cycle path is utterly wonderful :)

(14:01:33) RT @robertpopper: Hm. I wonder what this XBox video reminds me of: // they say imitation's the sincerest form of theft.

(14:03:57) Time for a cup of tea. Too much staring at TFT rectangles. I shall charge my cordless drill.

(17:45:04) My Twefficiency score has two rather bare patches and a rather impressive collection of marzipan in a back cupboard. It's also beige.

(17:48:36) Work is complete on Pimping Our Coffee Table - piano hinges on the opening hatches, castors on the bottom & a little cubby-hole at the back.

(17:51:34) I'm only nursing one minor injury - a scratch when I was sawing up a screw. Not bad for a sleepy afternoon's capers.

(19:02:31) Children on wind-down in their rooms.. kettle on for some peppermint tea. I might rescue some pretzels which are inexplicably in the fridge.

(20:49:14) Oh yes, I do like Shamantis's Justin Bieber Slowed Down 800% track (sounds a bit "Sigur Ros" I'm told): h/t @robertpopper

Tweets for 16 Aug 2010


(09:15:30) Good morning. I ~was~ up shortly after 7am, honest.. just not in a tweeting frame of mind. Now: some Important Pre-wedding Hair Cuttage.

(11:37:44) There's a fab duet by @alyankovic & Kate Winslet that @FunKids play called "I need a nap" Worth a listen - sums up this time of day for me!

(11:44:09) The children seem to be enjoying - another kids' social media/virtual world site. We'll see how long this lasts...

(12:57:03) Eleanor loves flying kites; Chris loves climbing trees - both have more skill at these than I could ever dream of. This is really cool.

(17:08:45) Home from my Dad's, and a tramp around the woods with the older of my sisters & her children - and not catching any grasshoppers. Tired out!

(17:46:35) Administering primary care to my Dad's wi-fi router. It seems still to be working at our house. Odd.

(19:47:03) Blimmin' heck.. "Wu-How" is very hilarious & informative. An easy-to-miss pilot on #BBC3 (about the only thing it's any use for, I'm afraid)

(20:08:59) Watching last week's Shooting Stars on WiiPlayer. I get the sense I may not get this half hour back. Also Matthew Horne is vaguely annoying.

(20:21:50) Maybe I was a little harsh on #BBC3 - importantly, the mighty "Klang" is back at 9.30pm tonight. If you like Rentaghost for grown-ups, I do.

(21:16:03) RT @grneyedmonster: Love it! RT @AZVern @PZMyers shows us some helpful warning stickers, that can be applied to newspapers and magazines ...

(21:22:31) Hmm. I've had an evening on the sofa watching comedy on TV (much of which was rather disappointing, to be honest). I'll do better tomorrow.

(21:48:57) Time to shake the crumbs of today's tiny choc chip muffins off the t-shirt of my existence & make my way to bed. It's been fun. Yeah. Night!

Tweets for 15 Aug 2010


(00:16:20) Best get some sleep - supremely heavy eyes ahoy. The boys have ambled up the hill & I'm well sleepy a a bit sitatistical fail. Night night!

(07:07:24) I think I shall rise, even if I don't shine. Kettle's on.

(08:21:06) Ambling along the deserted seafront on a peaceful Sunday morning. It's the kind of tranquility one doesn't get any other time of the week.

(10:53:53) Weiird.. every song I've had on shuffle today has been an 80s classic from when I lived down here. #nowplaying: "Opportunities".

(11:01:03) How many inflatables?

(11:20:22) Waiting for a train... amid the wonderful Victorian(?) architecture of Bexhill station. Evokes so many memories.

(13:09:00) Watching "Can You Hack It" - a documentary about hacking. Nothing I'd not already been aware of, but it's got @leolaporte on it.

(13:11:52) Not far from That London now.. East Croydon. I was musing on getting a Boris bike across London, but I don't yet have a key. Must sort it.

(13:52:58) Unexpected pingpong table at St Pancras station. Shame I'm on my own, really.. I fancy a game!

(14:03:59) Penultimate leg of the journey - rattly First Crapital Connect train to Luton Airport Parkway, then the familiar walk home from the station

(14:44:16) It's a lot louder here. Being driven home from the station by @poots. Smashing.

(15:38:10) Watching "Matilda" in the kitchen with my 'two girls' - a wonderful portrayal of a fantastic story by my favourite childhood author.

(17:46:28) I have had to stop what I'm doing (cleaning an old Quickshot joystick[!]) to say this: my wife is an utter genius. GENIUS, I say.

(17:51:12) "If you do not have an itch, you cannot know the pleasure of scratching it." (unless it's just behind your shoulder blade)

(18:27:43) I'm afraid I'm really not interested in Dizzee Rascal's opinion.

(22:40:30) Clear for take-off runway 26 (etc). Night.

Tweets for 14 Aug 2010


(06:35:51) Happy birthday, @RadioKate! You've just entered the BEST decade (so far) :) x

(06:59:02) Gotta get up gotta get up gotta get up. Good morning in a piano-led Italian house manner that belies my weariness.

(07:18:09) Actually, flouncing round the house like Louis Spence is a lot harder than one would imagine. It takes a lot of skill to avoid door frames.

(10:56:03) Walking roads I've walked hundreds of times - at various different heights (not above sea level). And now it begins. Expect pictures.

(11:47:54) This is about as smart as I get - save for a bow tie, button hole, jumper & tiara. Later: a drink with the groom.

(13:14:24) This view makes me very happy. Although, to be honest, it's a bit bright. Sea's like a millpond.

(13:41:08) Good heavens - I've never seen something like this before: a play park for old people (well, this ~is~ Bexhill!)

(16:20:39) There's been jets flying along the coast this afternoon- airshow in Eastbourne, it appears. Homeward for the family; time to tart myself up!

(19:03:53) Well, the evening has started in style (at the Royal Sovereign, Bexhill)

(19:12:49) First pint of the night - Shepherd Neame Spitfire. Lovely. (@ The Royal Sovereign pub)

(19:26:14) A new Vox video: 14/08/2010:

(19:26:14) A new Vox video: 14/08/2010:

(19:30:24) Curry time (at Basmati Indian restaurant, Bexhill)

(21:47:00) Two Cobras and now a Harvey's.. much more mellow. At The Harp, Devonshire Rd.

(21:58:48) A new Vox video: 14/08/2010:

Tweets for 13 Aug 2010


(06:42:42) Sleepy. I woke up before the alarm again this morning (only five minutes, mind) but it meant I could finish a bit of work. Demob Friday.

(07:18:25) Right. Coffee & the answers to @podquiz (12 out of 20 today) and making a list. Last day at work for a bit, so I need to tie up loose ends.

(07:43:36) A little unkind, and out of date, but quite amusing: (SFW)

(08:05:28) Looking for tunes... I ilke the way Grooveshark has got a server called "Cowbell." Websites need more of that. For now, though: #6Music.

(09:12:07) This mashup made me chuckle.. it's my kinda rock'n'roll (MP3 - SFW) -courtesy of

(09:57:52) Word Of Which I've Only Just Got Round To Looking Up The Definition Of The Day: "Prurient".

(11:05:55) I got a nice email this morning. Nice to be thanked for a bit of work I did.

(11:11:05) Another fine bit of Google Maps amusement: 'Dead girl' captured on Google Street View alive & well (via @guardiantech)

(11:33:02) Chatting to my boss about retro PCs - he was playing with a C64 emulator yesterday... it meant I could show him some of @andytuk's pics :D

(12:06:41) Hot rocking Bexhill-on-sea headline: "Bexhill crisp man to put packets on display" - now THAT's news! (via @dlwp)

(13:15:01) Off to BH. Again. I'm sure there was something I was supposed to take.

(14:25:47) Right.. back from seeing the wondrous Mr @theilppodcast .. time for a cup of caffeine and to read an email that may change my life (etc).

(15:49:53) We've only been and gone and run out of laminate. This is NOT GOOD.

(16:40:08) I'm not sure whether I should use "finesse" as a verb.. it seems to conform to my List Of Nouns That Should Not Be Verbed. (heh).

(16:41:49) Good heavens.. it's nearly hometime. I'll start clearing my desk for a week of Not Being Hereness. Plenty of opportunity for junk dumpage :D

(16:52:11) Right.. shutting down and washing up. Out of office on.. rock and roll.

(17:36:50) ScotPop! New Belle & Sebastian Album Gets Title, Artwork (seen this, @shonie1966?) @PasteMagazine (via @thenewbrunette)

(17:39:05) F-F-F-Finchley Road. I wrote a song about it. It wasn't terribly good. Sums it up very nicely. (@ O2 Centre NW3 w/ 2 others)

(17:49:57) Now I've got a sofa in my studio, I really should use it for multimedia jollities. Trying to resist the lure of video & associated lighting.

(18:39:30) It's at about this time that I wish I had a skateboard. And any aptitude at all for riding..? driving..? one. All downhill from here!

(18:44:54) I quite like giving people directions - it gives me a sense of satisaction, doubly so when I'm at all sure of where I'm sending them. Yeah.

(19:31:02) It's half past 8, I'm home, filled with good fresh home-made food (thanks, @poots) & worn out. I have no idea what it's time for. What? For?

(20:47:09) RT @artistsmakers: One of you must know somebody from my list, introduce me so I can have a cup of tea with them ...

(22:06:35) Before I go a-bed: another fine @shiftrunstop podcast, this time including a b3ta founder who's worked with Chris Morris!

Tweets for 12 Aug 2010


(05:25:01) Good morning. It seems entertaining, non-repeat 6.30pm and 11pm comedy on #Radio4 is getting harder to come by. Better be off to workings.

(07:53:28) Oh.. claim to fame - some work I did yesterday indirectly made @StephenFry have to do a recording in a different studio. That was ME. Yeah.

(10:47:10) I had a really weird dream last night, involving the band "Texas" who turned up at my desk, and asked for their photos to be taken with me.

(10:53:20) I have rebooted this server nearly 347 times. I WILL get this done by midday. Possibly.

(11:07:57) Having a weird cup of tea. Or a cup of weird tea.

(12:01:21) My goodness I'm sniffly today.

(12:06:32) is not finding it in the slightest bit amusing watching @erroling scurry around looking for servers. I have EATEN THEM ALL.

(12:07:47) By which I meant @errolin, obviously. He's still got Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition on his computer screen. Fat lot of good that'll do him.

(16:03:04) It's been a day of servers, labellers and tie-wraps. Just how I like it. And to finish the day: an Excel spreadsheet. For the win(NFC) then.

(17:24:11) Wet bus stop, I'm waiting.. something about Digital Brian. Actually, I think it's stopped raining.

(17:29:34) Hurrah. It's that "being on Finchley Road but not having to be anywhere near the pedestrians thereon" moment. I need to write some emails.

(18:38:41) What I did on my walk home: looked up the lyrics to "A Design For Life" and "Rock The Casbah" the latter of which I can only aspire to. Wow.

(20:15:57) I've been preparing stuff for next week, which has involved labelling cables. I ~always~ get marker pen on my fingers. Is this normal?

(20:23:21) I just got a spam email purporting to be from "Shorter Norrington." If I were writing a novel, he would be a character for sure.

(21:02:38) Well, much as I'd love to hang around and spatula up the last scrapings of Thursday, I ought to go to bed. Horizontality is splendid. Night!

Tweets for 11 Aug 2010


(06:43:03) Good morning. Somewhat reflective - the conundra seem to be accumulating. Much less rainy this morning (100% in fact).

(12:10:43) Right. Time to fill my baps. I'm all at sea today. Fortunately, my bread rolls aren't briney.

(16:59:17) Thats my workday all filled up with things, & preparation completed for tomorrow's Impending Server Replacement. Time to go home for a bit.

(17:39:24) Sitting. Thinking. Listening to pop music. No screaming toddlers this evening, though. Or rain. Yup, very different from last night.

(20:00:28) That's it! @ecobees... the alternative to Freegle and Freecycle that nobody seems to have heard of (thanks, @the_anke. Thanke.)

(20:21:09) Right. Shower then bed. If only everything was as predictable. I would like to wish you a good night, so I will. Good night.

Tweets for 10 Aug 2010


(06:06:30) Good morning... and a bit damp around the gills. Workward Ho!

(07:58:44) I woke up before my alarm this morning ~and~ got out of bed. That's quite unusual for me. I quite enjoyed the Proper Vertical Rain, too.

(09:01:54) Oh how frustrating.. I'm going to miss out on a (work) trip to Germany because I'm not in the office next week. BOO.

(11:04:22) Ooh.. just walked past @BobbyLlew and his done-up CarPool Prius outside BH with the cameras and fluorescent lights on the dash.

(12:22:25) A fantastic ITV video from 1983 about the MSX range of computers.. AND something about the QL (with Sir Clive being only mildly bonkers)

(12:50:35) It would've helped if I'd linked to the YouTube video (sorry @n_sonic!) - Guy Kewney (beardy bloke RIP) = NOT Guy Goma :D

(13:28:15) I just spent lunchtime trying to find out what waveforms the Yamaha DX7 used for its main oscillators (not LFO) - absolutely no sign of it.

(16:45:48) I extremely need to wash my hair this evening. Other than that, everything is going yes. Well.

(18:09:21) All a bit slow from junction 9 of the M1 this evening.. I'm so glad I've got my earbuds firmly jammed in - angry/tired toddler on bored :/

(18:18:16) Nearly time to disembark. There's a patch of blue sky over there ~points~ but massive queues approaching the airport...

(18:51:54) Home and with a little seven-year old fast asleep. Poor thing - hope she's all better soon. Chris, however, is building robots. Rar.

(19:26:24) Oh that is RUBBISH. Natwest have replaced my Solo card (used to buy @easyBus tickets) with a Visa Debit card. Why? They're phasing them out.

(19:28:21) NatWest : "Helpful Banking"? I don't think so. Completely and totally the contrary. I'm moderately annoyed now. Any other Solo card banks?

(19:57:13) Deciding what to do. It's a conundrum (among my least favourite varieties of drum)

(20:03:29) There was an Alfa Romeo ad on the telly earlier - Beth said "I'm sure that's Uma Thurman" - I heard, "I'm sure that's Edith Bowman." Er. No.

(20:59:29) Well, that's Tuesday all frayed at the edges & threadbare in the middle. It wasn't that much better this morning, mind. I'll bin it. Night!

Tweets for 09 Aug 2010


(09:53:21) Today we are mainly going to be strapping a sofa on top of a Volvo. Lenni is in charge of sofa cushions.

(11:21:35) Watch out if you're on the A505 from Hitchin.. sofa coming through!

(12:40:01) Dad's old sofa is now installed in the studio - really comfortable :) Great adventure for Lenni, too!

(16:27:31) I'm going to iron some shirts while the children fight with each other and 'converse' with (i.e. shout at) our new neighbours' children...

(16:33:48) I just wasted 8 seconds of my life finding out who Martin O'Neill was, and a further 30 seconds tweeting about it. What a wally.

(18:06:40) Looking up Kish Mauve. They seem like a non-shrieky version of LaRoux...

(20:06:41) Oh.. I found the hinge. It was down the back of the telly. Of course.

(20:34:50) Well, after all that excitement, I'm off to blow my nose and go to bed. Trying to get my brain pointed at work for tomorrow. Goodnight! :)

Tweets for 08 Aug 2010


(06:29:14) Good morning! It just doesn't seem right to get up at this time on a Sunday morning, so dozing and @TheBuglePodcast seem the best options.

(06:53:59) Playing with the London Cycle iPhone app- interestingly, docks extend only as far west as Notting Hill. The app also paused my podcast; odd!

(08:57:57) My goodness that Kylie song "All The Lovers" is totally, completely and lusciously perfect pop. Best song of 2010 so far. If not the decade.

(08:58:56) Also, it's Win From Church's 90th birthday today. For The Win (From Church)

(11:21:57) Casual blackberrying before Sunday lunch... a tiny proportion of those in the brambles at the end of our garden.

(11:46:06) What's a hot spot not? This article found by @andytuk explains how they made "Strike It Lucky" | Retro Computers (sfw)

(14:25:25) Just great. No wind to fly Lenni's kite and Chris's silly putty ball's disappeared, suspected stolen.. I asked. They claimed no sight. Bah.

(14:32:27) Maybe I could've done more but I wasn't going to call them liars. Now dealing with an extremely sad boy. For a 2GBP toy. After his birthday.

(15:49:32) Thanks, @matt... you've got @poots playing @arrogantworms's "Baby Poo" for after hearing it on Fun Kids :D Now, all I think about is..

(16:46:32) Ooh! Fun Kids has got a Twitter account. I was hitherto unaware. Yes! Hitherto! Yeah, it's @FunKids.

(16:52:50) Waiting for the green light.

(18:18:24) Has anybody seen my hinge? I appear to have misplaced it. Also, when I think "I need a drink" it means I shouldn't have one. Aphorism # 44

(19:00:18) In the studio having a go at Reaper.. I like Logic, but it frustrates me. Time to see if there's something better out there. For the PC.

(20:21:41) Dark. I reckon it's the housekeeper. Beth disagrees. I'm going to have to concentrate on this. #Sherlock

(20:50:16) Woo.. website spin-off (sorry if it's GC) #Sherlock

(21:15:42) Do all flats in London have crap seventies decor? #Sherlock

(21:37:44) Wow.. how to describe that #Sherlock episode without spoilers? It was Definitely Quite Goon.

(21:39:49) Bedford time for me. Amazing how the A6 goes through our house, though the dual carriageway up the wooden hill is a bit inconvenient. Night!

(21:56:33) Definitely going to bed now, dreaming of being as sociopathic and excellent as Sherlock Holmes. Yeah. Night!

Tweets for 07 Aug 2010


(08:45:57) Good morning! Celebrating @nxmee's birthday with fun, excitement and Discovery Science. Off for a shower in an attempt to clear my head.. :)

(08:57:16) Peppa Pig is brilliant.

(09:32:22) Right.. all fresh & showered. I'm not sure what to do this morning.. my brain says "do stuff" while my body says "get better from this cold"

(09:49:10) Looking into wormeries and bokashi composting... looks like the wormery is winning (in terms of running costs)...

(11:02:54) audioBoo: 1980s Radio - "Open Forum" on BBC Radio Sussex boo

(11:12:07) There is no sign on the interweb of Lee Orviss, who presented weekday afternoon shows on BBC Radio Sussex in the 80s. Odd how people vanish.

(11:49:00) Birthday lunch for the boy - we've not been here before. Expect a review later! (@ H&H Café)

(12:12:14) A happy birthday boy - great to see him enjoying himself :)

(13:05:06) I don't think we've got any wood polish.

(15:37:51) I'm enjoying playing with the little helicopter that @nxmee got for his birthday... maybe a bit ~too~ much? :D

(16:48:33) Wow.. this is pretty much the highest quality webcam I've ever seen - that Abbey Road Zebra Crossing: (SFW; thanks, B3ta)

(18:57:10) Hello, Mr @TheOllyMann - thank you for the follow :) I'm in radio/broadcasting, too.. just not at the pointy end.

(19:00:34) Incidentally, I was most impressed with the opera episode of "Hey Arnold" Lenni watched earlier, but I get him mixed up with Stewie Griffin.

(19:08:02) It's either javascript or FM synthesis this evening. Neither of which are particularly social activities. Must be Technopariah Saturday! :D

(19:11:37) Congratulations, @itsdarrenlee - hope your second gig on Absolute goes well!

(21:16:15) Listening to my mate Vanburger on FTLfm while looking up vintage computer keyboards on the internet. I ~have~ to hack something tonight :D

(21:44:44) I'm not on holiday.

Tweets for 06 Aug 2010


(06:38:46) Hurtling Londonwards.. it's a little quieter than normal on Hendon Way this morning.. Friday summer holiday? I've still got my cold with me.

(06:41:41) A rather disappointing 10/20 on this week's @podquiz - there were some definite 'kick myself' questions!

(06:54:15) A little delayed by the chocolate horse parade (that's what I call it) but coffee soon yeah. (@ Baker Street Station)

(07:02:16) Hmm.. I could probably halve the time to get from the coach to the office (& back) if I got a rent-a-bike. But is it worth 45GBP a year?

(07:08:19) It's just struck me that @Shiftrunstop are quite like @helenandolly except friendlier. Their podcast has really grown on me.

(07:48:49) A striking evaluation of the 'Benefit Trap' - certainly made me think: .. but how to solve it..?

(07:52:46) I would like to thank Mr and Mrs @hooker1uk for the cookies and cake they saved for me from the picnic. A surefire Friday workday treat. Ta!

(10:34:58) Thank you, @LDNLutonAirport! @chris_globe @MJASmith @AirlinesAngel @Cloudrider @andiabz @haydenmead @Lisamaffiauk @TheTravelEditor #FF

(10:59:08) It's an image thing.

(11:02:22) A #followfriday for folk who make me smile @LutonMuseums @DizzyDanni84 @ArtistsMakers @Vobes @Emilia_Oops @HelenDuffett @hark_the_herald #ff

(11:35:58) While my computer embarks on its second 'go slow' of the day, I think I might prepare some pizza. It's only right and / or proper.

(11:38:01) Time for some tunes.

(12:07:27) It is rather annoying that I cannot eat pizza and tinker with the innards of a server at the same time. I need an extra pair of arms.

(12:09:05) I may have blipped this before, but it bears repeating. This is my kind of lovesong. ♫

(12:31:54) I defy anyone to play me a prettier song released in the 21st century. ♫

(12:36:43) I'm still giggling about the bit in last week's #ITCrowd where Moss called the judge "M'love".. genius.

(14:43:52) Starting to fade a bit now.. I was fine earlier apart from the runny nose and sore throat. Something needs to be done. Tea?

(15:27:55) My laptop is refusing to relinquish the blank CD I just put into it. I don't have any ISO burning software. It has eaten it, I'm sure.

(16:12:35) RIght now I feel like I'm on the second night of nightshifts. I also feel oddly festive. I can't begin to describe how odd that is.

(16:49:46) Here's an ill-thought-out idea: insultation tape.

(17:35:25) Coaching home. And I left the office at precisely the right time (which, of course, leaves no scope for earliness!) Going: good to bouncy.

(17:37:40) RT @fridgemagnet2: Anybody know where to get hold off or have a spare couple of shelf brackets which fit this old style mounting? http:/ ...

(18:09:13) I have just been explaining Twitter to my former boss in Facebook. I'm sure I'll offer him a warmish welcome :D

(18:19:20) .@nickleach1 Hello, m'friend!

(18:21:26) Wahey.. the weekend is only a mile and a half away! (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 3 others)

(19:08:25) Well. I'm all poopled out; the children are wending their merry ways upstairs and I believe there is televisual entertainment to enjoy. Top.

(21:33:51) Going to rest my baking owns. G'nightly! And thank you.

Tweets for 05 Aug 2010


(08:30:41) Good morning! I've been up since 5.45 & at work since 8, honest.. I've finally had coffee, so power of communication has only just returned.

(08:44:39) I've decided. Today is Bogdan Thursday. My colleagues will not be pleased.

(09:53:57) Going to where the cool kids are. Supposedly.

(10:52:43) I'm back from the Office Of Cool Kids (OoCK for short) and am now contemplating making a cup of tea and a list. Anybody know where Errol is?

(12:23:22) Listening to Gary Numan songs.. is it just me or do the drums just sound a bit 'separate' from the rest of the music.. since they're real..?

(14:04:25) I need a RAID controller. Off for a rummage downstairs #notaeuphemism

(16:25:29) RT @alantshearer Any #tweetypies on the coast want pictures from the #hastingscarnival? It's a random request... you never know (@ThatLass?)

(16:26:32) I think I have a cold. How jolly inconvenient.

(17:37:32) Heading up Finchley Road with thoughts of CSS and JavaScript. Neither of which I can do very well, but hey nonny.

(20:24:25) I'm going to take my cold to bed with me. I aim to be rid of it by morning. That's the kind of man I am. Yeah. Good night!

Tweets for 04 Aug 2010


(06:13:08) Good morning. Listening to @TopOfThePods with associated chuckling on my Wednesday commute. Trying not to doze off. Failing. Zzzz

(06:51:58) Coffee imminent.. just a mile away... (@ Baker Street Station)

(07:24:06) My desk fan stopped working. This may be disastrous, since I'm allergic to temperature. However, without any further ado, or adon't: coffee.

(08:14:46) Digital Brian told me there was Aurora Borealis over Hemel yesterday - sunspot activity means there may be more tonight!

(08:25:01) Desk fan repaired (with the help of a screwdriver and some WD40) - saving the planet one repaired thing at a time. Cool (now).

(08:50:47) RT @ixdStudio: @syzygy Walt Kowalski:WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with ...

(08:57:40) RT @sparkyannc: Great coverage on BBC Breakfast of #gukforrealimages and @centenarycamp and @fusion10. Well done everyone! #guk100

(09:51:36) Why is nobody answering their phone this morning? Apart from my Dad.

(12:57:37) Popped out for a brief amble before the team meeting. Came back. It's quite nice out in any of a number of ways.

(13:19:43) Team meeting scenario. The word scenario is unnecessary. That's twice now.

(13:36:56) It's hammering down on the plastic roof. I'm presuming it's rain.

(13:46:25) Our noisy Lego meeting room (@canuckuk)

(15:52:33) I wonder what the internet equivalent of 'Poacher Turned Gamekeeper' is.. I guess it's got something to do with MI6.

(17:26:04) Waiting for the coach, yeah, something something something. This lyric needs some work. It's quite explanatory, though.

(18:02:49) Bit squally again. Skies are beige. I've got my fleece with me, though, so wings/shield of steel etc. Although I forgot my housekey. Again.

(18:11:54) ~sings~ "It's a double rainbow..!"

(19:20:29) Home & relaxing.. after bouncing some tracks down for @tonythetiger880 .. then some Top Gear action, I think. Life is good.

(20:55:06) Righty... off to bed. The evening disappears so quickly, mainly down to gravity or some other weak force. Good night!

(21:01:02) Definitely gone to bed, without a speck of cheese to be found. Sweet dreams!

Tweets for 03 Aug 2010


(10:15:55) Attempting fresh air therapy. Sunglasses and non-striding ahoy.

(11:30:18) Back on the sofa - head's clearer but limbs achey. Avoided Jeremy Kyle, or the music of Robert Smith - it's not a Kyle or Cure situation.

(12:13:32) My Dad's just told me that @virginmedia's new email service doesn't work with Windows Live Mail on Windows 7. Seriously? If so, I'm shocked!

(13:15:23) Working from home. All systems operating within normal parameters (except for the bit where my laptop did a blue screen of death).

(13:17:32) It seems that @virginmedia don't even support Mozilla Thunderbird 3 ( - it makes no sense to require webmail access. Bah.

(20:21:53) Well, that was an unexpected evening of learning about FM synthesis. If Brian Eno can do it, so can I (although what I did sounds AWFUL :D)

(20:35:57) Ironing, shower and bed. I got it all going on. Yeah!

(21:17:11) Right. Shower time, bed, then up bold and brash and ready for Wednesday. It's purple shirt day, y'know. Good night to you. Merry Christmas.

Tweets for 02 Aug 2010


(06:13:20) Coffee, fo' sho'. Good morning. Need to work out what we're doing today. Some long overdue geocache maintenance, definitely.

(07:18:08) The children are up & eating breakfast, and Beth's gone to Asda... time to shower & prepare for the day. Good heavens these tweete are dull!

(08:54:46) Right. Onwards and upwards. An impromptu doze didn't help, but a cup of rooibos might.

(14:06:12) Good heavens, I've been more organisationally challenged than normal today. How hard can it be to not lose a list? My sleepiness can't help!

(15:07:17) Back home and barely conscious on the sofa with a cuppa and a cereal bar thing. I'll sort everything out later.

(18:18:47) Good heavens.. I've been consigned to bed in commemoration of my first migraine in months. Owie. 90 minutes of sleep hasn't helped. Boh.

(20:41:27) The end of a busy day - although I've not been on my game. Geocache retrieved for maintenance, DIY bits bought for coffee table; not so bad.

(21:24:43) My migraine was tempered by the melifluous tones of @petecooper and @akgpodcast - new @emmaandpete podcasts at !

(21:26:43) Off to bed, still a bit muggy-headed.. hoping it's not my first sick day in nearly two years tomorrow. Let's hope sleep sorts me out. Night!

Tweets for 01 Aug 2010


(18:56:21) Back on the internet now. Did I miss anything interesting? Seems #TopGear and #Sherlock have a bit of a clash. Not best pleased about that..

(19:11:54) Electronica from 1990.. smashing - another long-lost cassette find. ♫

(21:03:29) Jolly good. I think everyone had their own pet plot error, but a splendid romp nevertheless #sherlock

(21:42:11) I'm all tired out after a non-internet day of DIY, board games, swimming, laughing and generally having fun. It's good to have a break. :)

(21:47:43) Right. I'm going to bed, and I want all this tidied up by the time I'm up tomorrow morning *points to the internet* Good night to you.

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