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Tweets for 31 Jul 2010


(06:27:01) Dozing and @Vobesshow ing ...listening to Richard @Vobes's birthday show, taking it easy at this time on a Saturday. Good morning :)

(07:27:23) Idle layabed no more. Time for coffee.

(08:13:51) Oh no! @poots's MediaUK pen has run out! *sad face*

(08:17:09) All righty.. shower, compost bin, tidy the kitchen, piano lesson for Lenni... time to get going with Saturday properly!

(09:25:02) audioBoo: Radio reflections at the compost bin boo http://boo.fm/b160250

(10:16:23) My main objective today is to resist buying a vintage computer. And to put stuff in the loft. And do some tidying. But mainly resisting.

(13:58:01) I failed in my objective (apart from the putting stuff in the loft and tidying). Oop.

(13:59:28) Time to find some stuff to sell on eBay to fund my vintage computer habit :/

(15:27:14) I'd forgotten how much I don't really like Freecycle. It's like gannets mixed with vultures mixed with will-o-the-wisp. Not pretty.

(15:47:33) Mmm.. the kitchen smells of PlayDoh.

(15:48:26) "I can collect immediately" -> I email back immediately -> I hear nothing for two hours. I clearly have the wrong idea of 'immediately'.

(17:03:58) I think some coffee is well overdue. Oh, and when the children go to bed tonight, we're going to have 24 hours of non-technology. Cool.

(18:28:49) I've posted something in my blog: "The Someries" executive lounge - it was my idea! http://tinyurl.com/33ce87r

(18:38:25) Right. Off now... I'll be back in time for Top Gear. Good night/morning!

Tweets for 30 Jul 2010


(07:02:05) Happy birthday to @Vobes, happy birthday to @Vobes.. this bit means it's not the copyright version; happy birthday to @Vobes.

(07:05:53) Men's Hour: tries hard but c'mon.. calling on Louis Spence for cogent opinion? And Tatchell was aggressive. I shall wait for Human's Hour(!)

(07:09:19) I love everyone on Twitter, but @museumsluton is at the heart of Luton life, so is my #FollowFriday for today :) #ff

(08:48:41) Who are you calling "Toady"? :D http://yfrog.com/g0rt1j

(08:54:09) Oop.. missed @UKHDRadio's relaunch. They're in the mix with DJ Massive right now. "The Energy" from 10am UK time. Friday listening sorted.

(09:36:36) Good grief, @UKHDRadio - my ten year old son was listening to that then - please check your mixes for bad language. *FAIL* and *turns off*.

(09:39:08) I'm in a really bad mood now. Time for a cup of tea and a game of tetris.

(10:11:22) Aww.. both of the children are out at summer activities - it's amazing what is available.. nice and peaceful here now, too :D

(10:59:05) I'm not an audio content addict. Playing yesterday's @Vobesshow in my left ear with @StuartMaconie's Freak Zone on #iPlayer through speakers

(11:01:23) I get Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith confused.

(14:28:00) I went to @LDNLutonAirport and all I got was this executive lounge named after my suggestion.. and lunch :D http://yfrog.com/089f5j

(15:19:10) An interesting blog post by @jamescridland about London's cycle hire scheme with idiot questions from me: http://muk.fm/qlo (fyi @psweetman)

(17:22:53) I've just read about that AA Gill & John Witherow thing (http://bit.ly/9rptRg) Sunday Times is now added to my 'non-reading' list.. #GoClare

(17:26:24) Blimey. It's been a day of ups, downs & oddities. I'm going to hide away, and hope for better for everyone. Hope & love will get us through.

(20:03:10) On the phone to my mother. Always helps.

(20:53:02) This. Definitely. Except without the jostling and the slackjawed Northernness. But with the lawsuit (metaphysical... ♫ http://blip.fm/~u7rsx

(21:28:28) What an absolutely brilliant #ITCrowd - it had everything. Nice work @Glinner!

(21:43:41) I don't think I've ever sat through a whole album by The Verve. And that is a trend that is set to continue *chucks another tape away*

(22:05:36) It's 11pm already! That means today's nearly over, and it's time to go to bed. Who's with me? (not literally, unless you're mad keen) Night!

Tweets for 29 Jul 2010


(06:07:06) Uhoh.. it's gonna be a non-trivial commute; accident on the M1 southbound = borked motorway. Good morning anyway! http://yfrog.com/e3og7j

(06:11:39) Why? Why has the driver joined the motorway? It's a bit.. er.. slow.

(06:19:13) Seriously sniffly this morning. It's only fair that I share it with my work colleagues.

(07:46:06) Right. Coffee. Incidentally, if you know of any broadcast engineers who want some contract work in London: http://is.gd/dQhXn (SFW)

(08:15:16) Pop trivia fact for the morning: Ray St. John, who, as part of Halo James, wrote "Could've told you so" also wrote Sade's "Smooth Operator".

(08:23:18) Mmm... caffeine buzz.

(08:24:09) RT @MuseumsLuton: Visit Wardown Park Museum and have a walk on this!! http://twitpic.com/29nrim

(09:42:35) Right. That's that sorted. Now to do something else, just as brilliant. After I've done the write-up.

(12:15:10) Bah! I just managed to blow up a Word document. Dear ol' Office 2003... still so easily confounded by links and tables....

(14:53:43) Oh dear oh me. I am going to have to break some bad news. Well it's more "sorry, not yet..."

(15:41:21) I feel like I'm chasing my tail today. The problem may well be that I don't write documents very quickly. Perhaps I'm too thorough..?

(17:32:03) Heading home, having said to my boss's boss's boss "have a good weekend". It feels like a Friday but I'm working from home tomorrow. Honest!

(17:40:02) Yeah.. one of those few places that shares its name with the first two digits of it's phone number. Right. (@ O2 Centre NW3)

(17:58:15) Right.. M1 - time to catch up with some emails and listen to "Men's Hour"...

(18:08:42) RT @akgpodcast: Have you been to Thorpeness recently? Did you leave someone behind??? http://hadenmaidenshouse.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/726/

(20:37:11) I would like formally to apologise to @gilesbabbidge about my next tweet.

(20:38:05) I have a bunch of old radio clips on cassette that I'd like to share with the world.. what's the best way to do it these days? YouTube..?

(20:44:16) going through cassettes.. haven't heard this one in a while! ♫ http://blip.fm/~u63x8

(20:46:54) Just don't ask. Another cassette find! (Well, OK, I have the whole Automata album on MP3 but this is a classic) C... ♫ http://blip.fm/~u642g

(21:03:07) RT @Brucey1 Oh internet, with your "Invisible Touch" / "California Girls" mashup you spoil me http://is.gd/dRtuY (via @matt @amateurgourmet)

(21:58:39) I really should chuck some of these tapes away. Or maybe someone else should. But not that one. Or that one.. or.. oh dear.

(22:26:05) Right... I'm going to have to get up extra early to put this load of tapes into a box so I can actually do some work in here. Night!

Tweets for 28 Jul 2010


(05:25:13) Good morning. Listening to "Everyone quite likes Justin" on #radio4; a few chuckles.. quite funny that he's a radio presenter in the sitcom.

(06:15:34) On the coach to London listening to some very irreverent radio recordings from the '80s. They don't make Christmas Tapes any more, do they?

(06:56:02) I've been very much enjoying the @akgpodcast's virtual "Big Green Blog Gathering" festival - worth a look at http://www.coopette.com/blog :)

(07:17:28) It's unquestionably coffee time. I would recommend it to friends and family.

(08:02:46) My shirt doesn't sit right on me today. And it's got no breast pocket. But it's purple.. I just can't bring myself to reject it.

(08:34:17) Some good news about the cancellation of Luton's countryside extension: http://is.gd/dO9vs There are PLENTY of brownfield sites to develop!

(08:59:14) Meetinging. Yeah.

(08:59:43) RT @EmmaK67: Apparently @ivybean104 has passed away. Happy travels Ivy. You were a game old bird. *salutes you*

(10:18:05) Oh no. I'm getting the urge to make audio content again. If I could sustain it, that would be great. So many ideas, so little energy.

(11:34:35) 1) The screen on my sandbox machine keeps going a bit cyan. 2) I'm hungry, so will now have some humous. 3) Too many hard questions.

(11:43:56) It's only just occurred to me that falafel is fried balls of humous. Goodness gracious (etc).

(11:57:34) I received an email with two exclamation marks the other day. Two things: how did they do it and what made them think it was THAT important?

(14:11:25) Hello @leica0000 from Bvsh Hovse! And thank you for your helpage :) x

(16:06:14) A not-entirely optimal visit to Bvsh.. need to do some homework when I'm back in the office. And have a cup of tea. That would be nice.

(17:30:56) Feeling a bit clonky.. how many early nights does it take to get me feeling izzy, wizzy and let's get bizzy? I shall try another tonight.

(17:33:25) There is no suitable rhyme for "cleavage" which is why it doesn't appear often in contemporary songs.

(18:22:43) Quick, quick.. home before it chucks it down! (@ London Luton Airport (LTN) w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/45BArN

(18:40:28) Ahh well, it's only spitting.

(18:44:59) Ahh home. JAMYEH!

(19:46:41) I have moved the Wii closer to the router in order to watch Rev on #iPlayer. Also, I have to press the 'A' button at ~just~ the right time.

(21:01:25) Quick, quick - to bed! Good night to you :)

Tweets for 27 Jul 2010


(05:19:16) Mornin'. Struggling to get going, as often happens at this time of day. "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" helps. I don't fancy wearing clothes.

(08:32:06) I am not going to complain about today. I'm going to batter it flat and post it through Hazel Blear's letterbox.

(13:21:49) RT @PeachyPics: Grandson Jake has had his bike stolen from Tring. It's black and grey with X-Rated printed across it. If anyone sees it ...

(15:29:23) I've just attended an informal "How To Write An Investment Proposal" course. There is much writing involved.

(17:40:25) Heading homeward. There's something odd with the air... has someone put a big plastic bag over the UK..?

(18:15:44) Hoping I'll beat the rain home.. (@ London Luton Airport (LTN)) http://4sq.com/45BArN

(19:40:17) RT @JemStone: "you're lucky mate. Don't get many of them handed in". Farringdon station staff hand back my lost iPhone. V.impressed with ...

(19:45:33) Large glass of wine and Mock The Week on WiiPlayer - funny, but mainly because #Rev wouldn't play #iPlayer

(21:24:41) Oop! Night!

(21:31:27) Nice typing, james. Have an Oscar.

(21:32:38) Before I sleep.. yes, I've finally got round to watching it.. GENIUS! Newport state of mind: http://bit.ly/9EGlAH - YT SFW (ta, @canuckuk)

Tweets for 26 Jul 2010


(07:27:06) Good morning! I've been awake for hours and setting about righting the world's wrongs, not lying around and dozing. Time for a coffee break!

(07:51:56) RT @gogowiththeflow: Peng=really good. See, living with a teenager has its advantages! FYI Deng=really bad. // I learn so much on Twitter!

(08:22:28) Right.. must get on - it's going to take me much of the morning just to find a right-had gardening glove! À bientôt..

(10:39:58) RT @gavinshuker: Our cat Nixon is missing, 2yr old white&tabby boy, Cardiff Road area of Luton. (Lutonians pls RT) http://twitpic.com/28t7rh

(10:46:13) Well I'm not the world's most physical guy, so I've come in from the garden before I expire. Tree cropped - not much shredding done, though.

(10:50:40) Time for a nice mug of rooibos and a Penguin. It's a shame it's raining... need to get going again soon - Lenni's bike needs looking at...

(11:28:48) I like that it's not just me for whom the first instinct when encountering a dusty surface is to draw a smiley face.

(11:32:14) It's a bit of a shame the Halfords bike shop man was too busy to identify the fault with Lenni's brakes; fortunately I found the right part.

(12:31:25) Wow.. I've missed basic cycle maintenance - the smell of GT85 and a couple of small grazes to my knuckles. Lenni's bike is fine now :)

(13:10:21) I think I have a nettle sting on my finger.

(13:41:39) Briefest trip to the dentist ever - no action to take from a slight oddity he noticed in my previous appointment. Home & back to the garden.

(15:27:17) Family garden shredding! http://yfrog.com/n3q8mjj

(16:46:41) Listening to the BBC #DoctorWho proms on iPlayer with the children... definitely "shivers down the spine" stuff... love it.

(17:08:01) I am well garlic, innit.

(18:08:09) Yeah.. that's gonna need a tidy. And I couldn't find the one I wanted. http://yfrog.com/mrjlnj

(19:09:25) I am utterly agog at quite how many cassettes haven't been rewound.

(19:21:27) Of course it's a genuine copy of "Living Years"..! Bought from a petrol station no doubt. http://yfrog.com/9fx8zgj

(19:31:08) I have Coldseal album on tape. I am only mildly embarrassed by this fact (it's something of a rarity and @nxmee s... ♫ http://blip.fm/~u13fq

(20:49:45) I never cashed the only royalty cheque I ever got. I am THAT rock'n'roll.

(21:03:03) Right. All too much excitement & exertion for one day, I think, so I shall shower and go to bed just in case Tuesday is interesting. Night!

Tweets for 25 Jul 2010


(07:21:29) Well, I'm awake and I've made coffee (plenty in the pot - please help yourself) but that's as far as I've got. Busy day ahead, it seems.

(07:54:44) I'd better shower & get dressed. Something suitable for the tweetup at Stockwood Park this afternoon. Exciting times.

(08:28:59) Uhoh. Better get going.

(10:59:05) RT @feral_pigeon: poo on the kings of leon http://dlvr.it/300tT (via @LizaChief)

(11:05:42) It's bad enough that we have wood pigeons, but that they're fussy eaters is insulting :D They've left one type of seed on the bird table :D

(11:18:05) Eh..? Why is the #DoctorWho prom not on #radio3..? It may be the same as yesterday but still. Although William Orbit's on. Hmm.

(12:12:32) This weather won't enjoy itself. Time to give it a hand - it is ~gorgeous~ :)

(13:05:52) We're at @museumsluton's

(16:13:33) audioBoo: Musicians at Stockwood Park Luton boo http://boo.fm/b156843

(16:16:01) What a jolly Stockwood Tweetup organised by the lovely @MuseumsLuton - fab to meet @gruppox @annainterrupted @annieqpr & @lucieshuker. YAY!

(16:26:12) A special 'thank you' to Jane @museumsluton from @nxmee for the allotment-grown gooseberries - and to @lucieshuker from me for the muffins!

(16:35:21) I wonder if @mediocre_mum's ears were burning earlier.. :D

(17:43:35) I'm enjoying watching @superalora customising her Twitter page. Lots of purple. I approve!

(17:55:44) Things I have been meaning to look up: what Germans call a German Shepherd dog. Is it really Deutsch Schäferhund..?

(18:34:45) Oh why do I never eat the bananas when they are yellow..?

(18:37:56) When Top Gear is finished I am going to indulge myself in some retro cassette listenage :) I have some truly remarkable recordings.

(19:07:56) As always, ~amazing~ photography on #TopGear - which will be ruined later by the appearance of Tom Cruise out of off of #StupidScientology

(19:22:17) I am ~so~ going to get a servo-assisted spoiler for my 11-year-old Vauxhall Astra estate. Like the Bugatti Veyron Stupid. #TopGear

(19:24:42) James May is going so fast, he's experiencing red shift. Wow. #TopGear.

(19:28:26) I need to go away now. #TopGear

(19:34:41) I'm going to spend the Tom Cruise interview looking up what "peng" means (as used by @JustEdina). I am SO old. #topgear”

(19:36:07) RT @chrisveck: Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are the two most amazing people on the planet. FACT. #topgear // Quick! Update wikipedia!

(19:37:28) RT @EbowGB: Next week: Mel Gibson and Gillian McKeith #topgear

(19:39:17) I'm eating a Penguin biscuit and reading the joke on the wrapper until Tom Cruise has gone. It stopped being funny ten minutes ago. #TopGear

(19:47:49) Of course Tom Cruise is going to get the best time - he only weighs 9kg. #TopGear

(19:52:50) It's amazing to see how #F1 has changed over the years after Senna. #TopGear

(19:57:32) Maybe it's the editing (since Schumaker was amazing, too) but this makes Senna look like a legend. As he was. This is GREAT! #TopGear

(20:01:29) Eh..? Is that it? #TopGear

(20:04:34) Trying "Sherlock". I'll be gutted if it's good, since it means I'll eat chocolate and not potter. And I fear it will be. Darn you, Moffatt.

(20:12:17) Bugger. Sherlock looks brilliant. That's Sunday evenings sewn up.

(20:18:32) This is great. Although Sherlock Holmes has a bit of the #DoctorWho about him. I should stop tweeting.

(20:19:48) Bah. Baker Street's one way. #Sherlock

(20:57:09) "I pickpocket him when he's annoying." - genius. I am going to have to try that at work. #Sherlock

(21:37:53) I don't think I was alone in enjoying #Sherlock - definitely due some award or other (@smorris @tamarakuzminski @Ariadnes_web @RadioKate)

(21:45:42) In order to avoid overloading @TonyTheTiger880's twitter feed any more, I'd better head to bed. Good night and thanks for all the tweets!

Tweets for 24 Jul 2010


(07:07:51) Good morning. Of course Grand Theft Auto Rothbury was made up: http://is.gd/dEeVu - amazing how they thought they could get away with that!

(10:49:03) Wow. Bit loud for the time of morning. This isn't John Shuttleworth's "Scenes From South Yorkshire" by any stretch of the imagination :D

(11:01:20) I wonder if it's possible to apply to take two weeks leave of my senses. Unpaid, of course :D

(11:05:55) Things I don't expect to see number 2 (in quite possibly a long series): Lady Gaga's "My Telephone" video in a children's indoor play area.

(16:56:15) Home from a lovely day out with family friends - lots of driving & maybe some running around after a football. A sit down and a cuppa. Yeah.

(17:35:02) Eleanor has come out with some gems since we got home. "Pooingtons is a poo at a posh house".. etc. Typical seven-year-old :D

(17:45:11) RT @orgmul: Panic at the #Loveparade #Duisburg. Media is telling about at least 10 people died.

(21:08:16) Really really tired now. Lovely mug of peppermint tea and giving Misfits a go on #Channel4 - it's gritty. Yeah.

(21:31:53) I'm watching telly again. Is this what relaxing is? It's a bit like being asleep while sitting up, with someone else making your dreams.

(21:32:24) Except with adverts and trails.

(22:08:08) I think I've borrowed quite enough from Saturday, so I shall let it shuffle off for a week & see if Sunday offers a competitive rate. Night!

Tweets for 23 Jul 2010


(03:47:55) I have to be up in an hour, so it is ~not~ good that I am awake.

(08:05:22) Another great @shiftrunstop podcast - with Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who is a brilliant interviewee. The rest of it's a bit echoey, but hey.

(08:48:08) Listening to Absolute 80s while trying to focus.

(09:49:33) RT @tweetminster: "Check-in suspended at Luton Airport" http://bit.ly/aetyrv @LDNLutonAirport (via @poots)

(14:01:26) I just turned my keyboard upside down and bashed it on the desk. Now I need a wipey cloth.

(15:05:08) Ahh.. some drum'n'bass for a Friday afternoon. It somewhat mutes the sound of countless fans. (although nothing sounds great, @emilia_oops!)

(17:41:59) Ooh yeah I'm going home. I was awake at 4am formulating a definitive guide to creating compelling audio & thinking about my job. Tired now.

(18:00:45) ♪PodQuiz 283 - http://www.podquiz.com My score: 12/20 - great connections round! (@podquiz) #inthemood

(18:03:46) ♪TOTP - Top Ten Time Machines - @topofthepods http://www.topofthepods.com YEAH! #podcast #inthemood

(19:21:19) Happy wedding anniversary to @jasonjarrett and Mrs Jarrett - and many more :)

(19:37:45) Home & entirely chock full of Chinese style foodage (thanks, @poots!) I'm tempted just to read tonight. And have a beer. Before #ITCrowd :D

(20:56:43) Wow.. I'm rubbish at the IT Crowd game on http://www.channel4.com - I could never be a remote IT Technician.

(21:35:44) The adverts after (and between halves of, on reflection) the #ITCrowd have left me feeling so desolate that I can't get off the sofa. Blip.

(21:53:52) Bedtime.. listening to @vobes & @mrpegg - great show :) Hearing Status Quo's Francis Rossi singing "Fallen for the Vobes" made me laugh. :D

(21:56:41) All righty, nighty nighty. Sleep tighty. If you're in Blighty.

(22:09:26) Zzzz :)

Tweets for 22 Jul 2010


(06:37:00) Good morning. Time to extricate myself from horizontality. I'm fairly sure most other people don't have the same trouble as I do. ~achey~

(07:06:12) Oh.. it's a Thursday.

(09:23:57) All done with assembly number one. Home, then Argos, I think. We need a new doorbell. Woo.

(09:41:57) Can I get you a coffee..?

(11:09:58) Amused to overhear someone moaning about how long it takes for a coffee machine to make a (decent) cup of coffee. The instant brigade, heh.

(11:20:57) It's not raining here. Not sure whether to be pleased or not. I'm in the mood to garden, but will have little opportunity this weekend.

(12:19:53) That's one way of getting the message across.. I like it. http://yfrog.com/n92xgqj

(12:43:31) Awaiting the beginning of Assembly Number 2. I am preparing my whelmness.

(14:57:04) Well, that's the first performance I've ever seen that's used a small set of PC speakers with a dodgy lead as the main music source. Lo-fi!

(16:39:36) Wow. I have this really nasty feeling that Virgin's "on-demand" music channel is compressed harder than Capital FM. Ow.

(18:25:26) It comes to something when I'm pondering the possibility of tweeting from one of my small collection of vintage home computers. Inner geek.

(18:32:33) The first four tracks of the Mumford & Sons album are just splendid. I am not yet tired of it. (I have a short musical attention span :D)

(18:46:43) Wow. I have to tweet this to make sure I remember it. Never put a three year old child on a garage roof and then be unable to get her down.

(19:17:36) audioBoo: Don't put a three year old child on a garage roof boo http://boo.fm/b155405

(21:18:50) RT @gazuky: In defence of Cheggers: http://ping.fm/xZo9w @thekeithchegwin

(21:23:16) I have nothing more to offer, except a box of rooibos tea and a Lego USB memory stick that doesn't work. So I shall go to bed. Night night!

Tweets for 21 Jul 2010


(05:07:20) The things I learn from the @vobesshow - the name Spitalfields comes from the name 'Hospital Fields' - St Mary's Hospital was nearby.

(05:24:26) Time to perambulate up to the airport, to find out what Wednesday has in store for me...

(07:09:46) Listening to @shiftrunstop - another previously undiscovered UK podcast.. some good bits of retro computer chat. Bit random otherwise.

(07:12:15) Yeah.. Baker Street! But it's a bit stinky. — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/r/WayC

(07:28:22) Portland Place cycle hire stand.. free for the first half hour - a pound a day otherwise (I think) - neato! http://yfrog.com/mf4a8j

(07:58:32) Wow. I was so dozy this morning that I typed a tweet into my Facebook profile. Five alive!

(07:59:11) I really, really don't know where to start this morning. I have a list. I should probably look at it.

(08:57:46) Ooh yeah.. it's Will It Blend, but with industrial equipment: http://www.ssiworld.com/watch/ "Watch It Shred" (h/t the mighty @RobLound)

(09:57:13) I just got a free banana.

(10:03:24) I really do hate London. It is just too bizarre to be any good.

(10:06:28) eating a free banana time ~ #elevenses

(11:00:49) I just referred to my small stash of Emergency Tea Bags as "my spareset." I have spent far too long with RAID arrays. That is all.

(11:24:03) RT @boggits: "There's a hole in my door dear #renault" http://bit.ly/d0UV8c” - I think I can be fairly sure I'll never buy a #Renault.

(12:14:46) RT @RubyJubilee: Sweet Jesus. What BP could have bought with the market cap they've lost since the spill: http://bit.ly/9MuW6s (totally ...

(12:21:21) There's a completely alien internet out there, where children of all ages bully each other. (I've clicked some of @painted_duchess's links!)

(14:14:40) Sometimes it takes me three goes to type my name properly.

(15:03:13) I would like the job of sound man at the Houses of Parliament.

(17:34:20) I'm a-going home for a short weekend, then back to work on Friday, followed by a proper full-size one. I'm on Finchley Rd. It's not lovely.

(18:05:52) Uhoh... the O2 phone network appears to be dead (@ruskin147?)

(19:20:53) Apostrophe abuse outside a school. Yes, an educational establishment for heaven's sake. http://yfrog.com/jbtuzmj

(19:22:36) Apostrophe abuse outside a school (or pre-school). Yes. An educational establishment. (spotted by @SparkyAnnC) http://yfrog.com/75x4zyj

(21:54:59) audioBoo: Windows 7 Easy Transfer boo [from Monday] http://boo.fm/b155026

(22:13:01) Ahh to heck with it. I can do nothing else with the remnants of today. Good night!

Tweets for 20 Jul 2010


(07:38:20) Bleugh. It's entirely Tuesday, and have no script. Good morning nonetheless (I have coffee, at least)

(08:08:34) RT @stopsleyvicar: A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. :) (Grove Books)

(08:13:16) I am a grumpy bug today. My desk phone has had a software upgrade, though. That's quite clever. For a phone.

(09:20:27) Meetings meetings everywhere (well, in the W1 area). Until 1pm. Then I might be able to get some yeractual work done. And write a list yeah.

(13:52:44) RT @MuseumsLuton: Wow!! just realised we need 3 more followers and we will have 500!! Anyone could give @museumsluton a boost? #Followmu ...

(13:55:37) I is warm.

(16:12:25) Yay! New game! :) :)

(16:16:59) Clunk.. I think something's just dislocated in my brain. Still, at least I've got the use of both my ears.

(17:28:34) RT @DIG60: Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday subscription (Discounted): £199.96 BBC License fee: £145.50. #proudofthebbc (via @shortymcstompy)

(17:36:55) Going home. It's a good (if a little warm) place to be. I definitely need an early night.

(17:50:25) I think I'm a bit bored with Gowalla. I wonder if my fellow users are on FourSquare... — at Brent Cross Coach Stop http://gowal.la/r/Tkge

(18:20:18) I am the opposite of excitable. Whatever that is. Goodness, my tweets are downbeat today. I think a long sleep will do me the world of good.

(19:32:21) RT @Kodak_UK: RT to win an M530 digital camera - http://bit.ly/bgDusG 200th person will win!

(19:33:55) I don't even know what a Kodak M350 is. I'm hoping it's a tall building in the middle of a roundabout in Hemel Hempstead :D

(20:01:31) I'm blimmin' well going to bed, you see if I don't. Hopefully I'll feel better in the morning. Good night to you :)

Tweets for 19 Jul 2010


(19:04:53) Low blood sugar. Rubbish Microsoft transfer software. Time to send in the crumpet.

(20:53:37) Wow.. what a day - it's certainly been one of variety. How my Dad will get on with Windows 7 I have no idea. But it works. Just about!

(21:02:49) I shall iron one more shirt and call it a night after a quick shower. Happy Tuesday when it trundles around. Night night night!

Tweets for 18 Jul 2010


(06:28:21) Woken up at 7 by an errant (and unspeakably loud) phone alarm. Listening to the weekend @vobesshow & dozing... an unusual start to the day!

(07:42:53) I am quite amazed at how good the music is on Spongebob - Jellyfish Fields is a top episode (Lenni & Chris doubtless know it by heart :D)

(08:07:10) Right.. busy busy!

(11:21:59) Eating pie on a Sunday. It's right.

(11:24:59) That cheeky @helenelectric has rather stimulated my interest in Words With Friends Free.. are you a player of such scrabblesque delight?

(11:29:33) Repast - yup; represent - yup; refuture - NO. I am sure that has some philosophical meaning. Thus, I have written it down.

(11:38:16) Stone Roses - Fool's Gold. Frankly it's only the funky beat and baseline that makes it a fine track.. not the mumbling that accompanies it.

(11:42:49) What a pleasant surprise to hear @kathyclugston doing a voicer on @Asda FM... which proves the point that #youcannotescapecluggers ;) #PR4L

(15:24:16) RT @emilia_oops: Twitter comes into its own when there is a child gone missing,13yr Old Aaron H Missing frm home in Worthing,blue t shir ...

(15:25:18) Just caught up with tweets after a Lego Mindstorms session with Chris. We built a safe.. might see if I can programme it to be secure now...

(15:47:38) I have stickers all over my face.

(15:53:49) I am also clad only in my boxers (yeah, sorry.. TMI) but this is just to illustrate why I didn't answer the door to the Avon lady.

(16:05:10) I have sticky fingers, but I am not letting that stop me.

(19:44:56) I like ginger beer and #topgear and the first half of this year.

Tweets for 17 Jul 2010


(06:52:24) Mornin'. I came ~this~ close to assembling a coffee table at 6.30am. Now what's this about free DAB radios in the Mail? (according to @matt)

(06:53:58) Also, @kathyclugston transcends #followfriday to such an extent that I extol the virtues of her entertaining tweets on a Saturday. #ff

(07:04:15) According to MoneySavingExpert & @poots Daily Mail's free DAB Radio requires 60 copies to be bought at 50p each; regular readers only, then!

(07:14:25) Also, yay for @CharltonBrooker - his Screen Burn is as incisive as always. And I still hate The News (except #radio4). http://bit.ly/91zrRh

(08:05:53) RT @rhodri: Cheers Magazine, the "new free magazine for Barking", brings us this enlightened angle on men and women: http://is.gd/du6TT ...

(08:58:10) I've posted something in my blog: syzygy : that word game! http://tinyurl.com/29ufqxg

(09:37:16) We're going on a picnic in a bit. I'm trying to decide whether to take my proper camera or to see how well I get on with a point & shoot...

(09:59:10) I need to prepare for a picnic. Towel and ant mallet.

(14:02:30) It's great to see the sun's come out for our picnic.. with a fine gathering of folk. Just need to move the car to avoid parking charges FTW.

(15:52:30) A lovely afternoon... Aylesbury Vale's remarkable (especially when it doesn't rain). I am about 50 times more worn out than the childrens :D

(18:58:44) Jingles in the studio this evening.. remixing some and making others. Yeah. It might involve singing. Stand Well Clear.

(21:50:53) Wow.. rather chill and crisp air coming through the window tonight - it's great to be tinkering with sound in a cool studio for a change :)

(22:11:36) Right.. I think that's another little project put to bed. I can't see why audio mixes should get special treatment, so I'm off, too. Night!

Tweets for 16 Jul 2010


(07:07:25) If the economy wasn't in such a shabby state, I'd apply for a Science Grant to find out why the kettle goes 'clunk' 45 mins after it's used.

(08:20:41) RT @Dirtyboxers: MORE EXCITING NEWS: Almost finished adding new stuff to the new website: www.dirtyboxers.NET is our new home people!

(08:22:01) Right.. non-stop morning ahead, with a Leavers' Service for Chris, followed by lunch and school uniform buying. It's what days off are for!

(08:51:51) Typical.. router failure just when I was recording some on-line audio for a pal... fortunately a reboot brought everything to an even keel..

(10:52:21) I have fleeting ideas.. but I'm not an ideas person. Or my life is too fluid to be able to remember, let alone be organised to fulfil 'em.

(14:51:02) Ooh.. http://www.giffgaff.com looks interesting - a mobile phone company run by its members (is that a co-operative?) [h/t @ewan]

(14:58:47) I could do with a nap. Instead, I shall edit some audio. And maybe nap.

(18:24:21) Just dropped the boy off at his school "leavers' ball".. now out with Beth on an Asdate. Yes, that is as romantic as it sounds/gets (@asda)

(19:20:15) Hello @106jack! Is there a way I can get Jack on my internet radio? It only seems to have a flash player on the site & that makes me sad :(

(19:41:32) I have decided my opinion of Madonna is exemplified by "Justify My Love".. someone else does all the work and she just spouts for a bit.

(19:42:49) Also, Lenni's goldfish seems unbelievably bored.

(19:43:29) Also also I tried to post a video of the rainstorm last night but neither Twitvid or Twiddeo wanted to upload it. Something I did wrong..?

(20:01:17) Our handsome @nxmee just before he went to his school "Leavers' Ball." Party on! http://twitpic.com/25vk1i

(20:15:29) I'm fairly sure the sun isn't where it's supposed to be.

(21:31:58) It wouldn't surprise me if advertising agencies had to pay PRS to include the songs by the performer in the advert for their CD. #justsaying

(21:35:55) Nearly none of what has been on Channel 4 since the end of #itcrowd has made ~any~ sense to me. Especially the Halifax advert. Wowsers.

(21:51:54) Bedtime. I promise to do better tomorrow. Not sure what at, but the intention is there. Good night to you!

Tweets for 15 Jul 2010


(06:02:45) Well, it's an autumnal (do the Americanians say "fallal"?) Thursday which is nice. Let's commu — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/CBoc

(07:55:28) Definitely coffee. On a desk, rather than a table.

(07:59:59) Shush now*.. I've got an investment proposal to write. *I am, of course, talking to myself. You carry on!

(08:13:55) LOVELY LOVEY rain.

(10:19:23) RT @stevyncolgan: If you missed it yesterday - best ad in years. Sweeeeet!!! http://youtu.be/-0bdQBx1a0w // OH COME ON. Quality control..?

(14:06:31) I am going to a meeting I don't have to attend. I'm a sucker for this sort of thing. But also, I can doorstop an attendee For Profit.

(14:55:20) Back in the office, with 2 hours to clear the paperwork on my desk. I think I'm making progress, and have certainly learned something today.

(17:25:14) Typical.. late out of the office, floppity run to the coach stop and.. no coach (yet). Boo! — at Allsop Arms http://gowal.la/r/EmzM

(17:36:18) I'm glad I'm not in London tomorrow.. the breeze is blowing all kinds of particles & insects variously into my head.*blinks & clears throat*

(17:58:34) I'm all a bit drained-feeling.. fortunately I have a working thumb, so can share such mighty insights. Also.. M1 yeah!

(19:11:03) Heh. You can buy T15WAS for £2,500. Oh these amusing car registration plates. They'll never happen :D

(20:48:02) Bah. Just ruined a cup of tea and my mouth hurts. I think I might cut my losses and go to bed. Too many "v"s... good night to you!

(21:10:00) Right. Definitely going to bed. All done with pushing buttons and sitting down. Goodnight properly this time!

Tweets for 14 Jul 2010


(06:10:14) Dozing down the motorway.. I'm so glad I don't have to drive. A busy day ahead... I ought really to boot up my branium. Good morning!

(06:56:57) I really don't have anything interesting to tweet... time to trudge with iPod on shuff — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/r/yFcR

(09:19:35) Meetings meetings. There are some very grumpy people in HWH lifts. They must be TV programme makers. How can people be so grumpy? It's sad.

(09:36:03) Gah. I treated myself to a Double Decker, which was a terrible, terrible mistake. Because now I want another one. Or four.

(11:23:18) My brain has now turned to mince, so I will now have a nice cup of tea and consider what order to do things this afternoon. Email first :/

(13:11:36) Heh. Contains electricity. http://yfrog.com/j244066020j

(14:08:29) I just learned where The Gambia is. My goodness, it's tiny.

(14:11:03) RT @angryrobotbooks: RT this to be in with a chance to win an Angry Robot USB key - 1 winner chosen at random today. http://yfrog.com/htw7zj

(14:11:27) I feel a little dirty retweeting for competitive means.

(14:32:39) I don't have enough liquid on my desk. This must be remedied. And remediated. And remediatorised.

(15:15:27) Today is definitely a three cup of coffee day. Also, it's really having a rain outside. Splattery.

(17:41:17) I'm on the coach home; I'm on the coach home; I'm on a coach dear Twitter, I'm on the coach home (to the non-copyright tune of your choice).

(17:48:47) I feel a bit odd. I've got my @stuartdj on (what ~was~ in your shed?) and my boots off. There are some good hospital radio podcasts.

(17:55:51) Yarrr! I'm in a Pirate Coach! (not really) (@ Brent Cross Coach Stop (Northbound)) http://4sq.com/dtZYn5

(18:27:55) Yeah.. walky walky hometime. Bit dark over Will's Mother's (and Aylesbury).. hoping for the be — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/AT92

(18:32:10) Might rain... http://yfrog.com/5e1fvrj

(18:55:29) I really want to spread my arms wide above my head & invoke the forthcoming tempest, but I'd look an arse if nothing happened. For an hour.

(18:57:27) Darn it! Now I wish I had..!

(20:18:25) Yes. Yes. I like http://www.flickr.com/photos/st3f4n/sets/72157616350171741 (SFW - Stormtroopers)

(20:49:36) Righty. Bedtime and don't spare the horses. Because there aren't any. Spare. Night!

(21:10:38) To sleep, listening to the @Vobes show... yes - redbush = rooibos; it's my non-caffeine beverage of choice. Fine with & without milk. Night!

Tweets for 13 Jul 2010


(06:00:02) Good morning... preparing for my commute in time-honoured tradition.. well.. — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/uXWM

(09:57:14) Oh my days. Eleven o'clock and I'm at the 'planning my day' phase. Granted, there was triage to do, but it's all a bit whelming...

(10:32:36) Ooh.. I like "Dirty Great Fanfare" by Grampian Horn: http://www.myspace.com/grampianhorn @asjmorris - (h/t @robertpopper / @serafinowicz)

(10:47:58) Oh yes. @UKHDRadio following the gentle tinkle of mandolins on Maggie May by Rod Stewart with the rasping bass of Prodigy's Warrior's Dance!

(11:02:37) Working to some old-school electro.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pk9U1jom0U (SFW) this ~made~ 1988!

(12:13:07) I forgot to mention earlier.. I had to rescue our remaining goldfish from being stuck in the tank filter this morning. I hope she survives:/

(12:40:08) There is definitely a niche in the market for reasonably-priced non-lined notebooks that don't have 'autographs' on the front. #justsaying

(12:57:12) All this nonsense about #TopGear being rude about the 4-door Porsche.. I saw a 4-door Ferrari earier. It was even more wrong-looking.

(14:17:15) Well. Today hasn't proceeded as I'd expected, but it's definitely out there somewhere. Time for a cuppa to steady the boat. Or something.

(16:46:52) Well, that was an edifying afternoon reading a support contract document. I think I might go home shortly, now my brain's full.

(17:58:17) This coach smells faintly of washing up liquid. Or one of the passengers does. I wonder if it's Nanette Newman.

(19:48:41) Eating biscuits, drinking tea and playing with Wordpress. It doesn't get much better than this, does it..?

(20:30:23) Right. What an exciting evening of printing coach tickets and fiddling with Wordpress (surprisingly easy to install) that was. Night, then!

Tweets for 12 Jul 2010


(06:01:55) In the words of the biggest hit by pop combo Black Box: "Gotta get up.. gotta get up.." etc. Good morning to you.

(10:21:16) Dear Mr Cohen and company, please stop selling tomatoes at special offer "a million for £ — at Tesco Extra Dunstable http://gowal.la/r/uq1z

(11:52:15) Right.. tasty cheese salad eaten, coffee drunk; now I'd better get this place tidied & hoovered before my Dad arrives in a couple of hours..

(12:15:27) Listening to the Prince CD (given to me by @poots's Grandma - not funky enough for her, clearly). It's not bad, given it's free. Quite 80s.

(13:49:30) Gah and bah.. I just sabotaged my finger on one of those evil anti-personnel grasses that give you a nasty cut if you pull them up. Owie.

(13:56:51) I have a long and detailed blog post to write about the state of radio in the UK at the moment, but I am really struggling to articulate it.

(16:02:11) A surprise walk home from school with my Dad and Bella the retrieve; it's a bit of a shame the grass around Luton (and beyond) is so brown.

(17:03:02) WHY? Why does my iPod dictionary not have the word 'hug' in it? Yeah.. I really want to give you a jug. Or a jig.

(17:10:44) I really should stop chuckling at the repeats of Spongebob Lenni's watching.. but it is quite funny. I do a fearsome Squidward impression :D

(19:21:21) In the studio recording some vocals. Applying Autotune. Turning autotune down a bit. Despairing. In need of a female backing singer.

(19:26:37) Right.. I've given up on Godfinger. It crashes and rots my gold more often than it should and is thus more frustrating than fun. BOO, then.

(19:30:07) I do, however, like the way you can use the Wiimote to spin round the triangle pink "i" thing on the Wii's BBC #iPlayer as it starts up.

(21:15:19) Well, I'm sure I could've done more in the time I had, but there was Raving Rabbids to play. Tomorrow night, I shall have done the vocals.

(21:16:52) I s'pose I'd better get horizontal and see if Tuesday comes to push me out of bed first thing in the morning. Good night to you, especially.

Tweets for 11 Jul 2010


(06:35:45) Happy birthday, @giagia :)

(06:36:48) Half-past seven is a perfectly reasonable time to get out of bed. But I'm not feeling particularly reasonable. More dozing required.

(09:29:24) We've just been to the 'old' play park at Stockwood (while it's still quite cool out) - a quiet nature haven with squirrels & chaffinches :)

(09:30:48) I really hope it's not too hot today.. I have aspirations to do garden tidyage. There's doubt about whether we still have a garden shredder.

(11:09:36) A little drama at church this morning.. no surprise given the heat and lack of air movement. May I recommend keeping your fluids up.

(12:52:52) Lunchtime, then some Kidney Wood Playtrail fun, I think. The trees provide wonderful shade & it's quite breezy. Just a shame about parking.

(14:32:50) We've just visited the @DunstableDwnsNT Tree Cathedral; the children intrigued by the purple/green leafed tree! http://yfrog.com/5d8cupj

(16:18:08) I nearly put milk into @poots's cola. Greater concentration required.

(17:16:04) This made me go "Wahohh!" http://is.gd/do4mL (sfw) My utopian dream* of a combined oven, hob and dishwasher has come true. (*lie) h/t @poots

(18:25:47) Ooh.. I completely forgot that Beth's Grandma gave me a copy of the latest Prince CD & I've been carrying it around today in my back pocket.

(19:14:34) Topping Watch Gear. With tropical fruit and coconut rum. Is there football on?

(19:34:12) RT @thenewbrunette: roses are #FF0000 violets are #0000FF all my base are belong to you #geeklove

(19:41:57) My Pavlovian response to "And now it's time to put a star in our reasonably priced car" to turn over to the footy will have to stop #topgear

(20:12:18) Gah.. this World Cup match is far too watchable for me to get off the sofa and do something more constructive....

(20:42:52) RT @danslee: Strewth! RT @Dankzy @TaylorHerringPR: snap of the match: fan punched as he tried to place a hat on the World Cup http://tw ...

(20:58:54) It's "Everyone Gets A Yellow Card" night in Johannesburg...

(22:46:32) What a remarkable weekend. Who knows what the next few days hold.. in a carrier bag by the front door. Good night to you, for sure!

Tweets for 10 Jul 2010


(05:16:30) I can't decide whether or not to get up.

(08:37:20) Walking from one room to the another thinking "It's too warm" is about as far from my finest hour as I've been this week.

(08:52:19) Introducing Lenni to the delights of emoticons.

(08:58:08) RT @andytuk : If games had super easy mode - http://bit.ly/a82O3S (SFW) // Made me laugh.. Chris is king of cheat mode!

(09:16:05) Right. While Eleanor shouts at the Dettol No-Touch Handwash advert ("It doesn't matter!") I'm off for a shower & listen to @TheBuglePodcast.

(09:58:49) Time for a cuppa. Then I shall look under the sofas, one of which which I suspect may be hiding my get-up, and the other my go. The fiends.

(12:07:51) Tasty burgery lunch; the children are now watching an episode of Scooby Doo which was made before I was born. Timeless cartoon comedy :)

(12:27:53) Unsung hero from my childhood: Austin Roberts (http://j.mp/arBW2r - SFW) who sang all the chase scene songs in the original Scooby Doo :)

(14:16:04) A delightful respite from the heat: @MuseumsLuton's Mossman Collection at Stockwood; an ideal library location.? http://yfrog.com/5md39uj

(17:27:30) The woman in that Thirst Pockets TV asks appears to mouth something most unseemly when the elephant turns up for the first time.

(17:58:41) RT @Bazmati2020: Osfoora twitter client free for short time!! http://yfrog.com/evzz2vnj - trying it now.. ta, Baz!

(18:01:54) Brilliant: the children are catching up with the @Blendtec "Will It Blend" ads... top family entertainment :) Who needs Saturday evening TV?

(18:50:52) RT @poots: http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B000071NUS/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_all hehehe! // Now ~that~ is effective!

(19:28:17) Right.. this evening's challenge is to do the basics of an original @DirtyBoxers jingle - a glass of something cold & tasty.. a good start.

(22:54:15) Beddingsleeps; not quite so too warm tonight (in theory) The studio was a bit toasty, though... progress made despite this. Good night so :)

Tweets for 09 Jul 2010


(05:51:21) Good morning. Lazy shuttle bus to the airport (it arrived as I passed.. poor excuse!) - a small child stared at me constantly throughout.

(05:57:47) #FollowFriday Seven Days in Seven Dials made by @artistsmakers @vobes @stevebomford @alice_angus @artbizness @bookleteer #7days7dials" #ff

(06:01:56) It's Friday, so it's tie-day. (see, that's how you do it, @BitsyVonMuffin :D) Listening to @Dirtyboxers on the commute.. Jason Mraz mashup!

(06:58:23) Just a mile from my first coffee of the day... it's a pleasant cool walk this morning — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/r/ssyZ

(07:14:08) #songihaven'theardinyears Jim Diamond - Hi Ho Silver .. top pop faux reggae action. #nowplaying

(07:31:28) Righty. Coffee. Definitely. And emails.

(08:27:03) I've set my sights on less lofty things than aristocracy. Freedom of the City Of London is fine. Apparently they're hanged with silk ropes.

(08:29:47) Not to mention driving sheep over London Bridge.

(08:38:57) Wow.. listening to some German electropop on @UKHDRadio Frauenarzt_Manny Marc - Disco Pogo. Wibbly.

(09:03:25) Just cos @serafinowicz says 'just because someone said "Just because someone said it, it doesn't mean it's true"', it ..er.. no, it's gone.

(09:40:34) Bless. I found Ray the Elderly Van Driver's van keys - he was walking back to his head office to get a set of spares. In Richmond. Oops.

(09:50:18) RT @giagia: Great short story http://www.galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html via the @b3ta_links newsletter

(10:52:16) This is really interesting .. http://is.gd/dlluD (h/t b3ta links - bit sweary NSFW) - an insight into Prince's life - by Kevin Smith. Wow.

(11:51:01) Some Pizza. Yummy yummy.

(12:00:41) I'm not sure this morning has been as productive as I would like. Most notably because of a piece of software unfathomably refusing to work.

(13:24:51) Just back from the wonderful Illy collection at Strada, Brunswick Centre with @SparkyAnnC (http://is.gd/dlvAF) http://yfrog.com/5uzvnj

(13:44:32) I am in a meeting. Full of blokes.

(13:54:53) It only took 24 minutes to get into semantics. My opinion.

(14:00:10) It's warm in here. Warm and slow moving. Kind of like a donkey on Blackpool Beach in August. And just as morally questionable.

(14:33:55) Still going. I say 'going'. I've not moved in over an hour.

(14:45:09) I would like specifically to say that @BitsyVonMuffin doesn't get a #FollowFriday from me. #ff

(14:45:55) I have another meeting at 4. Thank heavenses.

(17:37:54) I'd give this workday about 4/10. Some good bits (and lunchtime doesn't count) but mostly it was Quite Disappointing.

(17:43:06) That said, I'm glad I left the office when I did; the air con gave out just after lunchtime. Yay for cool coaches! http://yfrog.com/iygu3j

(18:13:00) There are more broken down cars on the M1's hard shoulder than I've seen in a long while. It's hot & slow.. check your waters! #uktraffic

(18:20:17) Slowly approaching a busy busy airport.. nearly home. JAMYEH! All tired now. — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/sLgr

(18:40:11) One hill from home...

(19:54:50) I can think of little more mawkish than watching journalists turning a murderer who is worthy of nobody's time into a spectacle. I hate news

(21:23:08) Quite frustrating.. I wish I could identify the little computer with red keys behind Moss #ITCrowd (and the one to the left of it.. Oric?)

(21:45:21) Woo.. the two computers behind Moss were, I'm fairly sure, an Oric 1 and an Oric Atmos (the one with the red keys) :) #ITCrowd #geek

(21:51:43) Off to bed, I think. Nothing else that can practicably done with Friday.. I shall look forward to enjoying a weeken with you. Good night :)

Tweets for 08 Jul 2010


(06:28:26) Good morning.. sleepy morning.. listening to PMQs on the coach I just managed to catch (alarm was set wrong.. oops!) It's nice and damp.

(07:12:42) Strange, ongoing dream last night.. I was me, but not me. Quite dark, trying to deal with the police & driving with my Dad. Intriguing.

(07:14:48) I just walked past someone who smelt like Play-Doh. Not just vanilla perfume... full-on kids toy stuff. Compelling.

(07:33:36) Thanks to @thenewbrunette, I am now aware that there is an actual Play-Doh scent available at @Firebox http://bit.ly/b6COTu - and.. crayon?

(07:53:17) I've taken some inspiration from @giagia (thanks!) - http://www.refollow.com is a useful tool... untangles Twitter follow-spaghetti nicely!

(07:53:39) RT @robertbrook: Coffee.

(07:55:37) Right. This morning calls for some banging tunes.. It was Meat Loaf and Michael Bolton on shuffle play as I walked to the office... ouff.

(08:02:12) On my way to work I passed someone who smelt very strongly like Play-Doh. @russbravo replied: It was probably a model. <<Badum-tish!>>

(08:04:23) I'd like to garner your opinion. A 7in photo frame for 8GBP + free delivery. Is it good value (even for pulling apart & mucking about with?)

(09:37:22) It looks like I'm typing in a different language if I move my right hand one key to the left while touch-typing. A kuttke but kije tgus.

(10:29:43) Dear Mr Linux, I have entirely had enough of your spurious package dependancy version conflicts. Stop it now.

(10:32:06) By which I mean 'dependencies'. I though it looked wrong.

(10:34:13) I have yet to work out who keeps leaving empty milk bottle things at the bottom of the fridge at work. Or why. http://yfrog.com/59g9kyj

(12:12:24) I realised this morning that I've never linked to my brother Dave's blog. He has interesting things to say: http://blog.computerosity.com

(12:27:06) Here is a new shop. It's called Tossed and is selling hot drinks for a pound. See? Free publicity. http://yfrog.com/j5jljfjj

(12:42:12) Walking past near the site of the 7/7 bombing. A sad day to remember seven years ago.

(13:01:59) Walking past near the site of the 7/7 bombing. A sad day to remember five years ago. (gah.. should've been concentrating.. sorry!)

(13:04:56) Just popped to see @artistsmakers at #7days7dials ... missed the @vobes, though, who's off doing audiotours. Cool stuff, and worth a visit.

(14:32:22) Second coffee of the day. Not particularly satisfying.. I don't think I used enough coffee. Expecting a visitor from News in a bit. Yeah.

(14:57:56) Wow! Just heard Freur's "Doot Doot" from 1983; fore-runner to Underworld. I'd not heard it before! @UKHDRADIO is, on the whole, full of WIN.

(16:30:56) Good grief... that's the afternoon nearly gone, then. May have to go home soon. Busy busy busy.

(19:12:23) It would appear transport infrastructure is borked in London.. A41 is ruining the coaches, and Eurostar's suspended until further notice.

(19:13:42) Oh bless.. just arriving at West Hampstead, a French couple asked me how to get to Victoria. I'm quite pleased my French isn't too rusty..!

(19:16:46) Also fortunately, a clever man had the bright idea that they take the Jubilee line to Green Park.. 30 secs before the train stopped. Timing!

(19:46:00) Ahh the delights of a rather industrial footpath towards home. Lots of chalk cliffs (but not as lovely as Dover) http://yfrog.com/evz89qj

(21:03:37) Bedtime, although I don't have the energy or will-power to get off the sofa and under the shower. That Derren Brown's been round, hasn't he?

(21:09:04) Ooh cool - ISS visible passes on my iPod Touch! http://iphone22.arc.nasa.gov/getpasses.php?lat=51.881550&lon=-0.416080&lm=0 via #NASA_App

(21:14:51) Definitely going now. G'night, & rest well (unless you're @LisaTickledPink or @painted_duchess, for whom it'll soon be elevenses). Bon nuit!

Tweets for 07 Jul 2010


(05:26:58) Work beckons. Yup.. it's definitely beckoning, rather than looming, so I'd better dash up the damp hill. Have a lovely day.

(07:21:09) At work, and it is coffeeing time.. I dozed all the way to Baker Street, which is never a good start. Better perk myself up and have a day.

(12:06:06) Time for some lunch after a pleasant visit to Radio 4 Pres. All under control.

(12:41:46) RT @dmatryx: This is just unbelievably awesome - http://bit.ly/91oO8S (via @_ibby_) - wow. (YouTube - Animation. Odd!)

(16:37:31) These look like fun - guided cycle rides around Luton: http://is.gd/diTAv .. what a great way to spend a lunch hour :)

(16:45:17) Right.. I think I've reached the end of the piece of damp string I've been allowing to slip through my fingers all day. Going home.. JAMYEH!

(18:08:03) No six o'clock coach today, so home is just that bit further away.. motorway time now, th — at Brent Cross Coach Stop http://gowal.la/r/rxq3

(20:47:18) Bouncing down some studio noodlings from Monday. Top ambient noisage for the win (not from church) Some of it in 7/8 time.

(21:31:52) Sleepy times. Night night. Thank you for an educational day :)

Tweets for 06 Jul 2010


Tweets for 05 Jul 2010


(06:57:33) Ooh.. looks like it's going to be a perfectly lovely day today. 19 degrees C, breezy. Just how I like it. Good morning!

(08:10:50) Why is it that some people insist on recounting every detail of their pitiful life down the phone at an indiscreet volume? With swearing..?

(13:14:33) It's a learning, enriching experience. Right..?

(15:15:11) Back home after a chaotic day with Chris's school - cinema (Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief) and bowling. Time for some decent coffee :)

(16:00:41) Too tired to do anything but stare vacantly at a screen. Need to give Lenni her piano lesson. After Spongebob/workemailchecking, then.

(22:11:00) zonk. That'll do for Monday. An evening spent in the fab company of my younger brother... once again, we ~nearly~ made some music. Night!

Tweets for 04 Jul 2010


(06:53:11) Listening to a rather depressing @RadioAcademy Radio Talk (save for super @suecarter who runs an ~interesting~ station). I have opinions...

(11:26:02) At an extremely blowy Wigmore Valley Park, watching the children play with bobbly balls on the skateboard ramp. http://yfrog.com/mgcrtj

(11:29:44) Is there such a thing as the 'wrong kind of wind' to fly even a single string kite? It's constant but turbulent here; a family's struggling.

(11:32:00) Other musings: I'm not a particularly capable photographer. Can I justify the cost of Flickr Pro so I can display all my half-decent photos?

(12:00:46) I quite like the reflection of the sky in the (rather filthy) boot window of Little White. #slightlynarcissistic http://yfrog.com/0jel5fj

(14:33:04) audioBoo: The Story Of Plastic Thing boo http://boo.fm/b148420

(14:40:07) Y'know I mentioned earlier about the whole Flickr thing..? Well, by the time I came home, @poots had bought me a 2 year 'Pro' gift! *loves*

(16:02:37) Well. It seems I am mainly interested in birds, trees and my family, given by the photos I've just uploaded to Flickr (http://is.gd/df9FM)

(16:12:02) Right. Enough fun re-igniting my love of photography.. time to do something else. I have emails to write, blog entries to update.. all that.

(18:31:26) Yeah.. nice one Apple: "your password contains unacceptable characters".. and you expect them not to be hacked? #justchangedmyiTunespassword

(18:33:03) RT @JonathanEx: http://ow.ly/26Qyk BBC accidentally upload a Sport subsite too early, with silly filler pics and "You can also become a ...

(19:01:52) Ooh. It's #topgear time. I have drink and biscuits.

(19:24:23) ~sniggering constantly since #TopGear started~ That's a man pointing at another car from a car he can't get out of.

(20:03:07) While Alistair Campbell was on #TopGear I cleaned the mirror in the bathroom. Says it all really. The German Car bit was quite amusing, but.

(20:06:43) I have completely forgotten what I was going to Google.

(20:18:30) I'm on hold with Three.

(20:38:52) Not on hold with @fridgemagnet2

(22:50:41) Righty.. time to go to bed, but not before wishing @Painted_Duchess a horrifically splendid birthday. Chocolate and cake are must-haves! :)

(22:51:29) Night night, bed bugs. All that.

Tweets for 03 Jul 2010


(11:57:41) I would contest that somene has fine-tuned the weather today to be pretty much perfect. If it was you, @BitsyVonMuffin, thank you :D

(12:01:13) I might see if I go past a shop selling insoles today. 9 miles of walking yesterday pretty much did for my current ones. Hmm. Gaffer tape..?

(12:04:09) Ooh.. seems @LDNLutonAirport had some performances in the terminal today.. must've been a sight to behold. Not sure about acoustics, though.

(12:42:27) Eating sandwiches in the shade on the steps outside a building.. Lenni: "I feel like I'm a tramp." I prefer to call it an 'urban picnic' :D

(13:11:51) I am a member of the "quite liking air movement within a building" society. Possibly a founder, but others may well join.

(13:17:18) Unlike @RadioKate, I won't be enjoying the delights of science-based free coffee/beer. This is going to be a lot more horrible #esof

(16:16:41) I'm sure I've tweeted this before: I'm in Boots. My feet are a bit sore; I'm adding insole to injury. I doubtless apologised last time, too.

(16:21:43) RT @UKHDRADIO: We're coming back, full strength, with a tweaked schedule, real soon.... Fancy doing a show for us? Get in touch.

(18:12:33) RT @MarvK: "In a place where no one behaves like a human being, you must strive to be human." -Hillel” // He must have been to Swindon.

(18:14:55) RT @Adrian_MusicFan: For everyone who has a blackberry, tvcatchup is now accessible on our handsets, just go on http://m.catchup.com and ...

(19:25:16) Sorry, McDonalds.. you're unlikely ever to do better than a mug of rooibos and a couple of toasted Cathedral City cheese sandwiches :)

(19:26:01) Incidentally, I have had a number of close encounters with magpies when driving today. Madpies more like. Are there more around than normal?

Tweets for 02 Jul 2010


(04:00:50) Being awake at 4.30am is not appropriate. Someone needs to have words. Especially since waking moments were spent musing on work stuff. Hmm.

(05:23:14) Listening to the bit-cringey "The Secret World" as I try to wake up... best get moving - unbelievably busy day ahead. #radio4

(06:18:11) Oh man. I'm tired out, with a mere 45 minutes until I start work. I wouldn't normally whinge, but I'm hoping expectations will be tempered.

(06:53:52) Coffee in 15 minutes. Hopefully it'll unjam my boot sector... time to amble. — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/r/kGz3

(08:38:27) Five alive.

(09:44:38) In a minicab just off Southampton Row. I'd walk, but I have a boxed-up computer with me, and I don't look good with a trolley(!)

(09:45:51) RT @itsdarrenlee: Love you, @alibooker and so does everyone else xxx http://www.jackfm.co.uk/ali/

(15:03:09) Oh I do hope @zany_zigzag gets to see this: http://bit.ly/dq4Tbo And, of course, @StephenFry. Cos it's about him.

(20:42:03) "I want OXO Tower, I want pancakes, I want bed." Life is quite easy when you look at it like a seven year old* *some wine helps.

(21:16:03) Dusk over London (at Gabriel's Wharf). Noisy, and yet oddly peaceful. With the smell of barbecue. http://yfrog.com/5kq0wwj

(21:35:13) Blackfriars bridge.. hundreds of little pillars going the width of The Thames (rhymed with"James" when I was 7) http://yfrog.com/jk5bjyj

(22:42:37) Waiting for my bus home.. a little later than expected (oops). I've walked a fair few miles today. And been to Bvsh Hovse. Tired now.

Tweets for 01 Jul 2010


(06:34:47) Good morning. Working from home today - and I have COFFEE (blessed strong at that) so that's what today looks like. Pork pie first of July.

(07:52:24) Oo-eee. Serious caffeine shakes. Man that's strong stuff. Children succeassfully depopsited at entirely separate schools. Exciting times...

(11:29:52) This just made me cry with laughter: http://is.gd/dbdtt (YT - sfw) If you didn't appreciate @FagsMagsandBags before, you might now. #radio4

(12:31:17) I've heard that @AliBooker has died :( My condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. Radio has lost a true gem. Rest in peace, Ali.

(12:35:30) RT @andyharris: Lord Mayor of Leicesters trousers fall down in front of schoolchildren. You couldn't make it up. http://bit.ly/9vaGu7

(13:42:03) Good heavens.. @UKHDRadio just played Praga Khan - "injected with a poison" ... haven't heard that in decades! LOVE it!

(14:00:04) Kinda digging some Pendulum drum'n'bass sounds this afternoon. Their interpretation of Violet Hill was jolly good. Granite samples Wizball?

(15:13:37) At Chris's teacher consulatation in the school he'll be attending in September. Forms to complete and searching questions to be answered..

(16:12:24) audioBoo: First Parent Consultation boo http://boo.fm/b147343

(18:16:57) At @Poots's old school, attending a barbecue fundraiser. Lovely, but the band could improve.. they've performed 'one.. two..' twice, now.

(18:30:09) Yeah! We're at an infant/junior school barbecue and the band's first song..? Cream's fine rock anthem "Cocaine". Neat.

(19:58:26) Home again, after a run around playing inflatable cricket with kids (though not @nxmee - he's not into competitive sports) Top fun.

(20:47:06) RT @Z80GameCoder: Hafdis Huld is on stage next. #IcelandInspires #Iceland www.inspiredbyiceland.com [ahem @syzygy]

(20:58:50) After a lovely performance by Hafdís Huld, I'm off for a shower & some horizontal bed inaction. Good night, especially to you. You're fab.

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