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Tweets for 30 Jun 2010


(01:09:59) I've been awake since 12.30am. This is not good; quite frustrated. Not least because I am going to be rubbish in the morning. C'mon, sleeep.

(01:14:00) Sending @vobes my best wishes as he languishes at the hands of the NHS.. I know what being transferred between hospitals at night is like..!

(06:06:44) I get a sense it's going to be a swamp of a commute this morning. Baker St's closed due to a fire, so I'll have to pile out at Marble Arch.

(06:50:11) Listening to @radioacademy podcast - it's got Olly Mann on it (yay) but sounds like it's in a bin. Come back @heatherrhian - all's forgiven!

(07:05:11) Oops.. bit of a misjudgment not getting off the coach at Lords.. now in slow traffic on Maida Vale. Oh pantmuffins.

(07:54:09) A day of meetings.. well, some at least. Quick cuppa tea and some inexplicable fan #fail maintenance, and I think I'm good to go* (*lie)

(09:46:06) I'm not sure it's as horribly hot outside today. I quite like overcast days. Better chug my tea before the next meeting at 11. Blimey.

(11:23:52) I ~love~ this.. Ramesh and Dave reveal the trade secrets of good shop. "Ten in!" http://tinyurl.com/34gawet #radio4 (via @FagsMagsandBags)

(11:49:37) If I were to become an author, my pen name would be W.T. Effington.

(11:51:06) I think free burgers are important (http://www.weareyates.co.uk/joinus - SFW.. marketing) NOT Burgons (sorry, @johndredge)

(11:58:28) Hmm... "Effington" or "Effingham" I think the latter. I shall go straight to Mr GoDaddy and register the domain.

(13:12:06) I just fixed one of my boots with gaffer tape. That makes me a proper engineer, no?

(15:26:01) Waspbot. Yeah.

(15:26:19) RT @helenduffett: BBC Broadcasting House - how it might have looked, and how it's shaping up now: http://bit.ly/9e6HIk // Woo.. that's cool!

(18:26:17) Airport! (etc)

(20:19:35) Woo.. New Emma & Pete shows coming down the intertubes (http://emmaandpete.com/show) If you have some delectation, why not give it a treat?

(20:22:49) I give in.. I've got a headache (yes, @sparkyannc - that makes one :D) .. probably due to too much Haribo earlier. Bedtime so. Goodnighty!

Tweets for 29 Jun 2010


(06:37:47) Good morning. I wonder if I've misjudged my clothing choice, since it's raining a bit. I fear consciousness may take a while.. still sleepy.

(07:04:00) Actually, the rain is quite pleasant in an odd kind of way, and I'm sure I'll dry off in no time. Can't say the same for my sleepiness...

(09:51:28) Ooh.. another internet radio station to add to my collection - @UKHDRadio (http://www.ukhdradio.com) - I hope it's good.

(09:54:53) Oh, also, I have had the first hour and a half of my working day wasted.. onwards and upwards (through the medium of rooibos, naturally)...

(10:00:03) Er... so why has @UKHDRadio played three German songs in a row? Is this a revenge thing? (Although to be fair, they're good songs)

(10:23:37) Good heavens above - @UKHDRadio is playing "Just For Money" by Paul Hardcastle. It must be 25 years since I heard that song!

(12:36:52) I could do with a doze now. And getting shot of this cold. Not doing both of these should be against the law.

(15:21:01) 27 degrees in the office again. WARMSK.

(17:50:24) M1 time. The coach is quite full today. There's a man talking loudly into his mobile sitting next to me. I need stronger

(17:52:18) earphones. Actually, now I've pushed them in a bit further it's much better. Also, he's stopped. Podcast listenage: Guardian Science Weekly.

(18:06:54) The coach driver's taking the scenic route. Which has a Starbucks on it. Nit quite so scenic any more, then.

(18:10:28) I'm in the mood to borrow my in-laws' twig shredder thing & sort out the back garden. It's too warm & I'm too sleepy, though. And on a coach

(18:21:27) Yup. Definitely putting Iceland on the list of places to want to visit/live. I wonder what their radio stations are like.. I shall research.

(18:26:39) Colours are bright this evening. Mostly orange here. Time to amble home. — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/hy77

(19:49:07) Grumpy this evening. It's probably a pension thing. I shall sell my feet on eBay if it comes to it (size 12, one careful owner 25,000 miles)

(20:58:36) I wonder how many hairs I need to keep on my chin to count as a beard. And on that note I shall go to bed. Clean shaven. Yeah. Night!

Tweets for 28 Jun 2010


(06:46:09) Good morning, Monday. It's the beginning of what may well be another hot week; 31C on Friday.. eek! I shall invent air conditioned trousers.

(08:07:57) Lenni: "Aww! School-run Cat!" (a ginger moggy we see some mornings) Me: "That's not School-run Cat." Lenni: "She's had a makeover."

(08:33:59) Power tools. Definitely. I'm on it.

(09:50:05) Power tool usage all done.. sneezing fit, then trying to decide whether to do Asda before or after a shower. Or both! Cuppa rooibos first.

(11:41:07) I was about to tweet a pic of the massive hot chicken salad (+bonus coronation coleslaw) I made, but it just disappeared. Darn you, lunch.

(13:48:25) What a strange day. Lots of gentle pottering (too warm for anything more strenuous) and a couple of phone calls.. nearly school run time!

(15:03:44) It's dentist day for the family. And then Chris & I are going to the barber's. Not the highlight of my week to be honest. Teeth & hair. Ick.

(15:41:23) At the barber's. The regular guy isn't here - the stand-in's quite scary & there's a man giving a dummy a haircut in the waiting room. #odd

(17:05:23) RT @RobJD: Does Nokia have a sense of humour? LOL, nice work http://bit.ly/akRRbj #iPhone4Fail

(21:35:20) An evening of Scouts for Chris: his first (and he seems to have taken to it) and general pottering for me. And there goes Monday. Goodnight

Tweets for 27 Jun 2010


(08:20:10) Good morning! Pancake breakfast for the children, and first shower of the day... Sunday has started well. I hope it has for you, too :)

(11:46:45) Now, apparently, is not the time to go to the supermarket - the Avon lady reports that it's mayhem at Luton Asda. Must be buying sauerkraut.

(14:40:51) ~sighs~ This is turning into a bit of a casserole. #worldcup #wc2010

(14:42:36) ~sighs~ This is turning into a bit of a casserole. It's too warm for slow cookers. #worldcup #wc2010

(15:02:36) RT @BBCClick: Why football refuses to adopt goal-line tech http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/8757936.stm Topical!

(15:22:25) I would very much like that Peter Crouch to have a go at playing. He'll be able to take on that tall chap in the German team. #WorldCup

(15:28:00) "England get Müllered" - that'll be the headline tomorrow.

(16:01:16) The FA should take a leaf out of the French book and send the players home by Ryanair. They don't deserve their salaries #WorldCup #eng

(18:43:33) I've gone all sleepy, but have banana milkshake and Doctor Who Confidential to watch. Definitely OK. Quite warm though, eh..?

(18:44:25) RT @TVCatchup: New Top Gear series is beginning tonight. 20:00 until 21:00. http://pulse.im/bbctwo Don't forget to try our iPhone, iPad ...

(19:44:30) Ha! #topgear has become delightfully ridiculous. Banana bread beer helps the appreciation.

(21:49:08) Well, that draws a veil over an odd weekend for me. Hopefully I'll sleep better despite the heat. Must check the weather actually. Night!

Tweets for 26 Jun 2010


(06:07:49) Wow...lots of tweeps around, given the time of the morning. I wonder if they'll still be here after I've had a bit of a doze after @podquiz?

(08:55:10) I've posted something in my blog: Retro computers and... er... music! http://tinyurl.com/3xhn9l3

(09:49:30) Right. I've spent FAR too long tinkering with my website. One more blog entry to write, then I'm up to date. Now, though: definitely shower!

(11:14:10) Playing "Bohemian Rhapsody" to the children. They are bemused.

(11:32:27) A very relaxed Saturday so far. Perhaps an amble to the library later to pick up a New Scientist book for Chris. Nice to have no agenda. :)

(14:28:58) audioBoo: Sunny Saturday Skateboard park boo http://boo.fm/b145501

(15:26:03) I'm sleepy after an entertaining trip to the park.. one more blog entry before Doctor Who, I think & dropping @poots off for her night out.

(18:43:01) Oh and top episode of #DoctorWho - I kinda understand why my colleagues have struggled to enjoy this series, but I think it's been cracking.

(21:56:16) RT @Ewan: Did Stepehn Moffat do a Hitchcock cameo in tonight's Doctor Who? Discuss! http://twitpic.com/207m1q

(22:02:04) Is it really nearly 11pm..? I can't really account for a huge amount of this evening. I may well have just been catatonic for much of it...

(22:04:24) Time to tidy up & load the dishwasher, so I shall plop on a podcast (I've caught up with the @Vobes; now: @dirtyboxers?) and say goodnight!

Tweets for 25 Jun 2010


(06:43:30) Ahh Finchley Road. AND I got a "hello, james" from Emma @akgpodcast on the Emma And Pete Show. Happy Friday :)

(07:09:12) This weeked I resolve to spend lots of time with the children and try to write a song. And watch Doctor Who and the footy. And do tidying.

(07:10:23) Wheels are moving relatively freely this morning. I daresay I'll want a nap at lunchtime, though!

(07:45:12) I was just given a peppermint teabag by Jennifer from HR. Being easily pleased is fantastic.

(09:09:58) RT @sophiebr: Could this be the most uninspiring tourist advert of all time? http://yfrog.com/j6wepej

(11:54:40) I think there is a pizza that needs reheating and then eating (not re-eating. That would be odd).

(12:11:42) RT @matt: Looking to train up new radio cover presenters for Fun Kids. Interested? Email Top 10 facts about yourself: matt@funkidslive.com

(13:15:15) I'm off to take my apple for a walk.

(14:35:18) Listening to Grooveshark Radio playing 80s ZTT wonders. Nice.

(14:51:50) When I was a teen, were the generation who'd been teenagers in the 1960s as emotionally affected by 60s music as I am by 80s songs now..?

(14:53:23) And when my kids are in their 30s, will they hear Lady Gaga & Kings Of Leon and be as wistful about the 2000s? (While we fade to grey.. :D)

(21:46:51) Wow.. an impressive moon this evening -http://twitpic.com/1zx2zq and http://twitpic.com/1zx19k [from @Ariadnes_web and @corfmeister]

Tweets for 24 Jun 2010


Tweets for 23 Jun 2010


(05:14:27) Sniffly good morning. Cuppa rooibos and some slightly out-of-date potato cakes in the toaster. It must be Wednesday. Hurrah for being alive!

(07:07:12) I will be mostly keeping to the shade today.

(07:41:41) Wrestling with network connections this morning. I shall try turning it off and on again. Again.

(12:01:52) it's all about the dips.

(12:27:20) Good heavens. I've just discovered that I have recurring (mild) nightmares about is real.. it's called a "paternoster" lift.

(13:55:18) I'm putting my 'working really hard' trousers on now. Please do not disturb me - I'll be colouring in a spreadsheet for the next hour or so.

(15:34:13) I've only had two calls since the football came on. Some people are just too committed.

(17:42:24) Heading home after an afternoon of impromptu spreadsheet wonder. And trying to ease the price down on a supplier quote. Mmyeah.

(22:16:37) I think the jingles are cooked. As an attempt to sound contemporary. I'd give myself 7/10, which is quite good. Tired out now.. night night!

Tweets for 22 Jun 2010


(05:53:25) Woo.. lots of pollen around this morning - sneezed my way up the hill! Good morning, then. — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/9BE4

(06:06:12) Sad sad sad :( - the future of commercial radio for money, not "love of life round here": http://j.mp/ckw2D7 .. This is Homogenous #radio

(07:26:41) Please have a lovely day. I think I'm going to be be busy with whatnot and things. My keyboard feels nice, though. I will enjoy using it.

(10:13:27) RT @Z80GameCoder: Never mind about Wilmbledon or the World Cup... Top of the Pods is back! :D www.topofthepods.com #awesome #podcast #ro ...

(10:26:49) I think I might have a cold. This tallies rather suspicously with @fridgemagnet2's experiences, since I also have hay fever. I'm INFECTED!

(18:07:06) Well. Another work day rumbles to a halt like a Peugeot that's run out of petrol.. not sure I like iOS4 entirely yet.. Godfinger crashes :/

(19:57:03) Watching Argentina (my team in the office sweepstake) not beating Greece; enjoying pistachio ice cream. Life doesn't get much more adequate.

(20:00:56) Apparently, sniggering at the way the commentator rattles off the Greek footballers' names is a @poots-single-eyebrow-raising offence.

(21:17:21) Zzzz gone all sleepy now. Suitable for bed. Night!

Tweets for 21 Jun 2010


(06:51:09) Up and about (just) - I need to make a list of things to do today. Writing emails, shopping, possibly a blog post and studio time. Morning!

(08:22:15) Home, and brewing some rooibos. I shall break up the day into half-hour chunks and attempt to maintain focus. And open windows.

(09:05:08) Youtube musicians. I like: http://is.gd/cXmHT (YT - sfw) Hat tip: @Dirtyboxers

(11:51:01) BBC #FiveLive's man of this #WorldCup match should be the enigmatic "North Korean Defender" :D #wc2010

(11:53:34) Quote from Eleanor yesterday (while I remember): "My room's really messy. But it makes it colourful, which is nice."

(12:02:54) RT @matt: Excellent Vodafone/Jenson/Hamilton/McLaren video: http://cot.ag/9SkjRj (via @phillclark) // made me chuckle. :D

(12:45:43) Why am I not in the studio yet? Better get on.

(15:24:53) Mmm rooibos and potato cakes (and the remnants of Saturday night's dip). Lurvely. Also the children are home from school untraumatised. Win.

(15:50:46) I am feeling sleepy. Very sleepy... 10-9-8-7.... uhoh.

(17:27:03) I just managed not to get butterscotch dessert down me. #notaeuphemism

(17:31:55) I feel a bit guilty that I got 2 bingos in a row (including one on a triple word score) in the only FB Scrabble game I've played this year.

(17:36:07) The "Lego Hero Factory" podcast to which @nxmee was listening caused @poots & me to chuckle - unexpected cultural in-joke reference FTW(nfc)

(21:59:32) Well... one more session, and the Guides jingles will be done. I just hope they're up to scratch. Compress the life outta them :D Night!

Tweets for 20 Jun 2010


(05:33:16) Hmm. I think I shall find a semi-comfortable position and go for one more sleep cycle. So not "Good morning" yet. You ain't seen me.. right?

(07:41:04) audioBoo: Inner city pre-school singing boo [Raynham Way Summer Fayre] http://boo.fm/b143210

(08:10:49) Aww. I received some very entertaining cards from the children & a special Father's Day mug. I couldn't have done it without @poots, though.

(14:10:20) At the Vintage Computer fair in #bpark - there seems to be lots of ways to make the commodore Amiga come back. http://yfrog.com/5omj2uj

(15:13:21) Watching @pixelh8 show "Obsolete" at #vcf #bpark - industrial. There may well be some Dragon 32 sounds in there http://yfrog.com/e4oruj

(16:22:26) Heading home from the #vcf- very entertaining.. must do it again. Bonus first lifetime experience: being in a convertible with the top down.

(17:27:34) Out on the green with some rather stroppy children (mine, naturally) - trying to get them to expend some energy before bedtime. #fatherhood

(20:09:32) This just made @poots almost collapse with mirth. It is, indeed, very, very funny. Thus: http://j.mp/apUNiJ (sfw - awkward)

(22:08:00) I was introduced to a genre of music known as "Donk" last week. But I am staggered by the signing skillz on this: http://bit.ly/cKNxSO (SFW)

(22:24:28) Some photos of the visit my brother & I made to the Vintage Computer Fair at Bletchley Park today - top fun! http://is.gd/cWRax #bpark #vcf

(22:26:04) After all the excitement of today, I'd better get to bed. I feel like I've neglected Twitter somewhat. I entirely blame Godfinger. Night!

Tweets for 19 Jun 2010


(08:13:33) Like an episode of Home Truths, I'm having a relaxed cerealisation of Saturday morning. Lenni is shouting at the Dettol no-hands advert.

(08:42:00) Right. A shower (since Godfinger isn't working - late night maintenance, I believe). Gerald McBoingBoing is keeping the children enthralled.

(10:49:00) I'm sure there is a market for grown-ups' shoes with flashing LEDs in them. Even if that market is just me.

(12:25:05) RT @sparkyannc: Invites you to come to a free show at The Scoop (next to City Hall in London) at 3.30. Lots of excited Brownies - please RT!

(13:29:10) Not something I see every day - our local MP (@GavinShuker) scoring a penalty (at Raynham Way Fayre) http://yfrog.com/7fijmj

(16:14:43) Well. Today, I've mainly been blown about a bit by a strong breeze & made to put on a chicken mask for a kid's magic show. And watched "Up".

(17:44:27) Full on #DoctorWho episode ahead. JAMYEH! #nospoilers

(20:02:05) Back in the studio. I really need to focus... no excuse really. If I don't get something out by the end of this weekend I'll be frustrated.

(22:16:32) I s'pose I'd better get some sleep... busy day tomorrow of familying, geekery and (hopefully) more music production. Good night to you. :)

Tweets for 18 Jun 2010


(05:24:07) Good morning :) I've just downloaded GodFinger for my iPod Touch (a bit like Farmville, except cuter) http://is.gd/cTI3Y (iTunes) Uhoh...

(05:26:09) Hmm. Running a bit behind this morning. No time to tweet - better put some trousers on and get up the hill (in that order). Have a good day!

(07:22:53) First thing anyone said to me in the office today was "That's wildly eccentric." OK, so I had just found my Leatherman in the fridge. So..?

(09:05:02) I am hiding in this office until the French have gone #notracist.

(09:23:19) Listening to PMQs this morning, I'm sure someone called "Elfin Fluid" asked a question. Well, turns out it was Elfyn Llwyd but it amused me.

(11:17:12) Nearly done with a Visio drawing which really isn't going to look any good at all on A4 paper.

(12:34:46) Mmm pizza. I think it's definitely Friday. Watching Germany fail to keep all their men on the pitch on my lunchbreak. Is it still drizzling?

(12:50:25) Time for something more different.

(16:40:30) Good heavens, is that the time? Well? Is it? Oh. That would explain it.

(17:33:13) I happen to be going home; a bottle of Whitstable Bay (the ale, not the seawater) in the fridge, and football frustration to enjoy there.

(18:54:57) Oh for heaven's sake. This is rubbish. #eng <- My first, and probably only #worldcup tweet.

(19:29:49) Yum. Breaded mushrooms & anticipation of a glass of Shepherd Neame Whistable Bay. Not much else to enjoy on TV. http://yfrog.com/jpw7pj

(20:32:45) I'll now get up off the sofa in the style of England's football team. In that I probably won't even look like I'm going to bother. And won't

Tweets for 17 Jun 2010


(05:10:58) Good morning earlybirds @dizzydanni84 @pontoondock and @vobes. And @jamescridland (who couldn't sleep at 3.37am)

(05:11:56) I just found two copper olive washers in the bathroom. The temptation to put them in my eyes and put on a silly voice was strong. Resisted.

(05:14:46) Word Of Which I Had To Check The Definition For Fear Of Using It Wrongly of the day: Peripatetic. I did wander what it meant...

(05:28:19) Right.. best put my best foot forward, and so on. You may expect an exciting Luton Airport Update when I finally get there. Woo.

(06:26:44) Luton Airport update (dedicated to @BitsyVonMuffin): Sporadically quite busy. Nobody at Burger King (No surprise)! http://yfrog.com/5pgnqj

(06:59:22) Queuing to cross Marylebone Rd. Less stinky than the underpass.. rooibos in 15 minutes — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/r/8AYN

(07:21:28) Briefly.. in one of the most amazing places in the world (#radio4 continuity, checking the #ISIHAC trail plays out OK). Yes, it does. Grand.

(07:23:22) Back to warm reality now. And a mug of rooibos.

(07:25:16) I really do have bad socks on today.

(08:34:14) RT @leica0000: "In Our Time" = "History of the World in 100,000 Words." #radio4

(09:10:24) Wow, this is quite odd and impressive (and good for lazy people) Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype http://dxn.me/9HdLB8 (via @ndixon)

(09:10:56) I wonder if I should get my own vanity shortening URL. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

(11:54:46) Bappage. Bappage and typing. It's what lunchtimes are for.

(14:20:55) I'm being foxed by a foxing problem. Darn those foxes.

(14:55:10) RT @JeremyJHardy: #isihac is at Royal Festival Hall tomorrow night. Suggestions for Late Arrivals at the Naturists' Ball welcome. #BBCradio4

(15:13:25) Hmm. I have two things that are really causing me to have to think. Tricky tricky tricky...

(15:53:48) .@CafAnonymous You're kind to get in touch - thank you. I'm doing OK though, ta. It's not so much an addiction as a love affair with coffee.

(15:54:50) RT @purehilton: Rule 1: Cheer up. Rule 2: If you don't like your job, quit it. Rule 3: Money isn't everything. Rule 4: If your bf/gf is ...

(15:56:00) I like to think I invented the #thatlondon hashtag. And the #notaeuphemism one. Although that one doesn't get as good a go #notaeuphemism :D

(16:16:27) I think I'm down to two trickies. Hope you're satisfied, @leica0000 ;)

(16:57:51) audioBoo: Building site vuvuzela boo [well... not quite...] http://boo.fm/b142343

(17:28:42) Ahh the homeward coach journey. I hope I've got the energy actually to ~do~ something this evening. Not a bad work day.. I like a challenge.

(17:45:31) That's something I don't see every day - there's a house on Hendon Way with a front door that opens outwards.

(17:59:26) Listening to @dirtyboxers (http://www.dirtyboxers.co.uk)- one of very few new UK podcasts. Quite amusing (but has swearing & Moyles jingles)

(19:24:56) Mmm.. @Asda's korma is my favourite - quite possibly even beyond store-bought ones. It's definitely good mood food!

(20:19:21) I think I'll step away from the liquid crystals and do something else. Good night and congratulations on making it through Thursday. Mostly.

Tweets for 16 Jun 2010


(06:01:39) Extra sleepy this morning. More stumbled than strode to the airport.. Good morning anyway! — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/7bAT

(06:11:34) Dear BBC, a documentary about (or advert for?) a venue is ~not~ comedy. Mickey Flanagan wasn't very good either. Poor comic pickings #radio4

(06:53:54) Nearly at work and a bit achey and thirsty. Time to focus on Wednesdaying myself until I'm awake.

(11:01:26) I would like formally and publicly to attempt to wish @Z80GameCoder a very happy birthday, through the medium of Twitter. Here goes...


(12:18:37) Ooh yes. Lovely lunch baps. Apple and a cuppa tea and a wander.

(13:31:37) Well.

(14:01:11) Something about grime and lime.

(17:44:01) I wonder if my bike is working.

(19:33:05) Yummy chicken kievs & mash (comfort eating) followed by bright green pistachio ice cream that we bought on special offer at Tesco. Nomyeh.

(20:40:36) Bedalready. I may well get something approaching enough sleep if I start now. Ready? GO. Nighty!

Tweets for 15 Jun 2010


(06:02:16) And so the commute begins. Good morning on what may well be rather a warm day! — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/r/5G9Y

(06:27:48) Ooh..! I got a 'shout out' on the @radioacademy Radio Talk podcast. That's about as close as I ever get to being on air :D (no 'talent' me!)

(06:33:32) ~sleepy coach~ (where the wi-fi isn't working, but the driver's OK :)

(06:58:13) A good trip in this morning.. 15 minutes from a big mug of rooibos - halfway through J — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/r/5Gqc

(08:14:36) Great Infinite Monkey Cage, but missed the chance to make a valuable point: children should be taught to ~think~ at school. (@ProfBrianCox)

(08:18:46) Knee deep in emails until about 10am, I think... then, er, getting cross with outsourced service suppliers. (In theory)

(09:02:26) Blimey. I've just won a quite unusual competition. More details when I have them...

(11:02:06) Meetings. Yeah.

(11:25:10) I just got an email from someone whose surname contains all five vowels. In a row. Just not in order (which is a bit of a shame). Impressive

(12:39:17) I think it's time to have something to walk.

(14:50:59) I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get something to break in the way it's supposed to be broken. Try again.

(15:22:56) Hurrah. Well, the call to our Esteemed Outsourcing Partners didn't turn out nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was a 'system' thing.

(17:38:36) Heading home, catching up on all the interesting links tweeted today. Very relaxinging.

(17:48:47) Woo. Motorway time. It's times like this I'm glad there are no vuvuzelas on the coach. — at Brent Cross Coach Stop http://gowal.la/r/683k

(19:24:17) Home and just about to enjoy some sweet'n'sour chicken and noodles. That's two banal tweets in a row. I think my brain's already asleep :D

(20:13:18) I keep leaving my stylophone switched on; bad enough, but I only realise this when my mobile, which is next to it, gets a tweet text #geek

(21:22:59) RT @michaelsavage: I've just heard someone blowing a vuvuzela in the Commons press gallery. (via @poots) // was that you, @helenduffett? :D

(21:24:05) Goodnight, specifically to you. Hope Wednesday doesn't sneak up and cause immeasurable havoc.

Tweets for 14 Jun 2010


(06:47:09) Good morning :) Strange dreams last night - like being at the back of a meeting room with an iPad. AND I completely missed the thunderstorm.

(09:02:33) Time for a cuppa tea and maybe a crumpet. I can't believe I ever considered acid jazz acceptable listening.

(09:17:47) Last night I dreamt that I nearly won a radio station's promotional mug in a raffle. It clearly means a lot to me to have one :D

(09:22:53) Word Of Which I've Had To Check The Definition To Ensure I'm Using It Correctly of the day: visceral. Visceral. I had this feeling I wasn't.

(10:29:09) Jazz apples are 2 packs of 8 for £2.50 - nice. They're not too tart. Not acid jazz apples :D — at Tesco Dunstable http://gowal.la/r/5yMx

(12:33:34) I think the best way to listen to the World Cup is on #BBC #FiveLive - minimal vuvuzelas - shame about the picture sync, that's all.

(12:49:20) Time for some post-lunch plumbing. Obviously not a patch on what Mr @Sleat is capable of - a mere toilet flush mechanism replacement. Yeah.

(15:16:58) Two children all home and everything. Chicken cooking in the oven. Just about to introduce Lenni to the guitar. In other news: it's warm.

(15:19:15) Oh, and also I fitted a button to the cistern of the upstairs toilet. It's the right-hand Alt key from Christopher's PC. He hasn't noticed.

(15:48:22) Given that the goalies just have to be distinguishable from the players & officials, I'm surprised they aren't a bit more flamboyant!#WC2010

(16:58:25) Poor Lenni's fingers were a little too small - and hurty - for the guitar, so we've moved on to the keyboard. Scale of C learned. Grand.

(17:25:01) Tea. Tea and something.

(18:35:00) Yeah. I don't do this often enough: a half-hour teaching Lenni keyboard, then a half-hour working on Python with Chris. Proper Dad Stuff :)

(19:37:29) God bless PTFE tape. The saviour of the substandard plumber (and associated leaks) :D

(20:03:23) I'm not sure I know how to stop, but can just about slow down. Treating myself to a Brakspere Oxford Gold ale... http://yfrog.com/mia52j

(20:30:17) Hmm.. Oxford Gold is a little rambunctious for my delicate palate, and with strong afterflavours. Tasty, though - and light. 6/10

(21:13:13) Bedtime fo' sho'.. all done for the day. I think I've left Monday the way I found it - although there may still be crumbs about. Good night!

Tweets for 13 Jun 2010


(00:06:52) Still grumpity. Not least because now I am ~seriously~ putting friends out.

(00:23:39) Back at E&P's... considering options before what I believe is known in modern parlance as a 'disco nap'. Expect attempt 2 later... night!

(06:46:34) Good morning. Somewhat broken sleep, so I think I may have to revisit that. Hoping there's no-one on the 09.20 ... too early on a Sunday..?

(08:32:46) I'm on the coach (T.B.T.E&P), which is remarkably talkative, and hurtling toward High Wycombe. It goes to Luton as well (in theory).

(08:36:47) The word Of Which I Can Never Remember The Definition, And Will Probably Never Use In Conversation of the day is: gainsay. Gainsay.

(09:42:28) I'm not very impressed with High Wycombe. It should be simply called Wycombe. Or possibly A Wycombe. But now, I'm nearly at Hemel Hempstead.

(10:03:47) It probably (in fact almost definitely) is just me, but I get confused between the back of the new Vauxhall Astra and the Mazda 2. Yup. Me.

(10:22:51) Lots of police cars at the airport this morning - not sure I've seen so many here. Nearly home yay :) http://yfrog.com/epiv3j

(10:52:41) Ahh lovely. Home, and kissed the girls. Now time to attempt to rescind the title of Lord Mingington OBE with shaving and showering. JAMYEH!

(12:00:27) I believe, given how @poots hates the sound of the vuvuzela, it must be possible to create a notch filter to get rid of it from footy sound.

(13:10:40) Hmm. Fun Kids seems to be broken on tinternet. Is @matt on holiday?

(14:11:58) Picking up the boy from his cub camp - they've had a water fight, so he's a bit damp. Perfect weather for some outdoor shenaniganigans etc.

(15:14:05) Hot chocolate time. NOM. Even in this weather!

(16:44:39) While it's still available, I would like to recommend last week's @JonHolmes1 podcast, which has the hilarious Hafdis Huld on it. She's FAB!

(17:19:18) Starting to fade a little now. Cuppa tea, some typing and then some tidying, I think.

(19:22:04) audioBoo: jack plugs and sunshine boo (with bonus tiredness & distractions) http://boo.fm/b140727

(19:59:15) Time for me to put my weekend to bed - and what a weekend. Saw @Vobes, @MrPegg and @artistsmakers - a veritable Worthing mini-tweetup!

(20:01:19) But most importantly, praise be to you, @petecooper and @fluffmuppet for your hospitality, generosity and patience with me - it means a lot.

(20:05:37) With such upbeat musings, I bid you good night with this advice: please don't put dead batteries in the bin. Tesco take them for recycling.

Tweets for 12 Jun 2010


(05:31:45) RT @corfmeister: Is it really this early? Am I really at work or having a bizarre dream involving a BBC weatherman, the Chairman of BP a ...

(05:34:38) Good morning. Since I'm among polite company I shall do my best to withhold the groans of self-righting that normally accompany my reveille.

(06:57:00) Ahh.. the A34 and drum'n'bass (Hospital Records compilation FTW(nfc)) - eternal bedfellows.

(07:14:05) We just passed a sign saying that the A303 at Stonehenge will be busy on 20/21 June.. is there anything else from 1500BC still around today?

(07:57:04) I just saw a bona-fide roadsign on the A27 just outside Chichester: "No racing by horsedrawn vehicles." Is this endemic on the south coast?

(08:05:30) RT @psweetman: There are a couple of signs I recall around Brighton. I believe it goes back to gypsies racing but I don't know for certain.


(08:15:59) Wow. I am regularly - and love being - impressed by the wonder and resourcefulness and friendliness of Twitter. You are amazing.

(08:19:28) I'm wearing my England polo shirt today, incidentally. A bit jingoistic, granted, but hey, I'm not American :D

(21:03:33) Wow.. what a busy, fun but tiring day. All done with the studio refit and a test show.. seeed to work OK. Brill. http://yfrog.com/htp8qkj

(21:40:26) Heading up the A27 - there are some fantastic streetlights near Chichester (yes.. anorakky, I know) - a tonic from the horrid orange glow.

(21:41:57) Oh.. while I remember (and @PeteCooper heroically drives) one of the most bewildering snags today was caused by freakishly long jack plugs!

Tweets for 11 Jun 2010


(06:08:21) Good morning! Please remind me to get the hoffing great case out of the coach when Baker Street arrives - otherwise it ends up at Victoria!

(07:49:39) Suitcase duly dragged through W1. The challenge later will be to get the whole lot over to Marble Arch & persuade the X90 driver to take it!

(08:56:43) Wow.. there's a hungry/greedy bird on the bird table - it's been there a good few minutes, and I'm sure it's not a pigeon. Blackbird, maybe?

(08:57:46) Oh darn. It is a fat greedy pigeon.

(09:07:29) I am definitely going to have to create an internet-activated bird scarer. The Arduino temptation is growing.. :D

(10:48:34) My new monitor is so big I keep losing my mouse pointer. Although normally it turns up on my laptop screen. Git. #notshowingofforanything

(12:32:21) "Hey there you with the sad face, come back to my place, let's live it up". Great song.

(13:34:30) Yesterday I had to explain to my colleagues that theobromine is not the same as 'bromide'.

(14:12:39) My head is still spinning at quite how funny this is. Not for kids, but. Wow. http://is.gd/cLvdg (thanks to @colboy for the tip-off!)

(16:42:36) Nearly time for me to make the ill-thought-out pilgrimage to Marble Arch & thence to Oxfordshire. I've not been away on my own for a while!

(18:10:01) Hurtling out of Hillingdon. There are some unusual grassy mounds beside the A40 east of Perivale - I'm intrigued as to why they're there.

(18:22:37) RT @djrich: @syzygy They are built with the spoil from excavation work from the new Wembley Stadium.

(18:31:53) This sounds a bit like a money-making scam: http://is.gd/cLLet ... not sure they'd be interested in our mucky 10 year old Astra, anyhow :D

(18:34:33) Hmm.. why doesn't the Google Maps app for iPhone have Latitude & Streetview? The version in Safari is all v. much better.

(18:53:33) Thornhill Park & Ride. It's got toilets and pamphlets and lots of green all around. Smells like the countryside. http://yfrog.com/86kq8j

Tweets for 10 Jun 2010


(05:22:43) Good morning - all comes round quite quickly, doesn't it..? I'm carrying a big box to work today. Feel the benefit etc. Better get going!

(05:53:13) Made it to the airport.. up the hill and on the shuttlebus at least! One more mile till it's at work, then another mile to Marble Arch. Rar.

(06:16:10) Wow.. this is a bit "East Ham" - Homeopathic Double Helix Water (Sacred) http://bit.ly/chxIaH Medically 'proven' (via @PSweetman & @medtek)

(06:46:30) I've finally learned what 'grok' means: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grok -I'm not sure I speak profoundly enough to use it in conversation.

(08:15:10) Bah! The Apple Store left a voicemail on my mobile on the 2nd of June, but nothing popped up on my screen to say I had a voicemail. D'oh!

(08:49:43) RT @MandyPandy32: Oh, BP....So *this* is why Twitter was behaving so badly yesterday... http://tinyurl.com/27xkrdv

(08:55:56) I just had to look up the word "ostensibly" to check I was using it right. I have a love-hate relationship with it.

(09:54:48) I wonder if @petecooper and @fluffymuppet know the people who are sitting opposite me. I shan't ask them.

(11:52:14) Google's background customisation has given me the opportunity for this classic bit of foolishness [sorry!] http://twitpic.com/1vihvu

(12:18:21) Sorry, Geeta... your tomato and onion chutney is just a little too impractical, even though it's in a squeezy bottle. Tastes OK, though.

(12:37:38) "A sense of entitlement has brought more misery to society than anything other than maybe TV programmes presented by Vernon Kay" HA! #radio4

(15:14:03) I'm not so fragrant now. It's a bit warm and humid in here. Boik.

(15:43:33) Right. More tea, I think. Then poring over some instruction manuals. IMPORTANT: Not pouring tea over instruction manuals.

(16:06:35) A very strange confluence just took place of three engineers (of whom I was one) who entered the kitchen at the same time to make tea. Odd.

(17:39:11) Tonight's @easyBus driver is a top bloke.. asked a passenger to help translate, so a non-English speaking person didn't get ripped off.

(17:50:34) On the coach blim blim blim. I suspect I might be hungry. And a bit tired.

(18:12:14) I suspect WMWiFiRouter makes my i600 completely break. Grr.

(19:55:57) RT @alnicholl77: Oooooh, I like the look of this - http://twitter.com/worldcup/worldcup // Me too! The hashtags work well :)

(20:06:08) Well, it's certainly been a day of Interesting Happenings. The iPod Touch replacement story's come to a good end, though. (h/t @PeteCooper)

(20:08:31) I'd better fill a rucksack with clothes and a scattering of toiletries and be on my way to bed. You may not hear from me again*. *today

Tweets for 09 Jun 2010


(06:04:37) Good morning. No riot of birdsong at 4.30am (or I didn't hear it!) meant a full night's sleep... still not running optimally yet, though.

(06:58:58) Are you a Real Man? These men are. http://bit.ly/b56Bky (Women's Aid - sfw) (via @PSweetman & @DuncanBannatyne)

(07:06:30) I might make a doctor's appointment. Not sure my back's right. Bet they don't know what is wrong with me, though. I'm an enigma tangled etc.

(10:45:34) I have decided I want a larger monitor for my desk. I can't do Excel spreadsheets and Visio drawings on a 17" telly. BIGGER SHOES!

(13:32:29) Team meeting. Hot chocolate. People talking. Keep awake! Need to apply some 'macho management' to myself.

(17:29:10) Today was, as much as anything, about clocks'n'genealogy. Genially. Other achievement: getting my work calendar onto my work mobile. JAMYEH.

(17:57:39) I wonder if other countries and cultures refer affectionately to a friend or colleague by using their surname with a 'y' after it. German..?

(18:07:50) Nearly home.. the sky is kind of dark over Hertfordshire. I really, really should make more podcasts. I can edit audio with & without plomb.

(19:11:03) RT @helenduffett: Qik - Lib Dem Deputy Leader announcement by Helen Duffett http://qik.ly/BX4e2

(19:16:25) I'm waiting for the Captain.

(19:20:18) I drew Argentina in the work World Cup sweepstake. That ain't no chimp.

(22:00:05) Well. That was enlightening. I hope we assisted The Captain. I now have a borked RISC PC, too - it'll have to wait until after the weekend.

(22:00:44) For now, though, no time for elevenses... I need to shower and bed myself. A fond and fondant good night to you.

Tweets for 08 Jun 2010


(05:21:57) Mornin'! Wow.. some remarkable people on this week's Museum Of Curiosity (#radio4, #iPlayer) - and Jon Richardson. Off on a (damp) commute..

(06:45:45) Busy busy on Hendon Way this morning - not unexpectedly... time to make a start on the work emails (while my laptop battery lasts!)

(07:29:39) Finally at Baker St.. not too soon, since both of my tiny laptop batteries are comme la crêpe. To the office, then. Leg stretching FTW(nfc)

(07:31:38) The man who stands in the middle of Marylebone Rd selling The Times & The Sun to passing motorists seems SO pleased with each (rare) sale.

(07:49:43) I hadn't realised how annoying the ringtone for my phone's "loud" mode was. Basically it's a series of "padoing" sounds. Better change it!

(11:29:59) "Robocopy"... Pfft.

(11:31:29) Coleslaw advice needed, please: most coleslaw says "Eat within 2 days"; this one doesn't. It's been in the fridge all weekend. Is it safe?

(12:47:06) I am so thankful for the coleslaw advice. AND I'm still alive. That is why I love Twitter.

(12:48:39) Tea. Definitely tea. Bring me your mugs, your teacups etc.

(13:08:28) Oh joy.. the air conditioning's borked again, and the windows don't open :D

(14:03:02) Drag'n'drop just stopped working on my desktop PC. #unnecessaryreboot

(14:42:20) I'm party to something exciting from @Richard_C which involves Alistair Darling. Yes: "exciting" & "Alistair Darling" in the same sentence!

(15:40:47) A brief tea break; watching @robertpopper's incorrect YouTube video collection. he's like a new curator of MP3.com's "Worst of the worst"!

(17:20:08) It appears I am smuggling grit out of London two eyes at a time. Blink and you'll miss me. Blinking.

(17:29:07) Listening to historic anoraking about the halcyon days of independent radio on @RadioAcademy's RadioTalk podcast. Bring back dear old ILR :D

(18:26:41) I have ZX81 tape noises (containing classic games) on my iPod Touch. I hope to goodness they don't come up on shuffle. (@TheGizWiz)

(19:06:05) Enough of this garlic anticipation.. I'm comin' to get ya, chicken kiev NOM!

(19:31:41) I'd invent a device that measures speeds of cars that pass & tweets their registration plate if they're going over 25mph #ifIhadaYearOffWork

(21:17:19) Time to take the tyres off Tuesday & watch it slowly clank into the dusty corner. There's a fresh Wednesday bakin'; I can smell it! Night :)

Tweets for 07 Jun 2010


(06:46:26) It's on mornings like this I wish I had a Wallace "out of bed tipper/automatic dresser/toast maker". But that'd require a hole in the floor.

(07:13:40) Not recommended: waking just before 6am, thinking I have to get up, then dozing off with the @JonHolmes1 podcast. Result: disturbing dreams.

(07:38:44) Catching up on the weekend's work emails, only to find Outlook appears to have eaten them. It's OK, though.. there are plenty left.

(09:55:42) Oh Doctor Oetker. You make tempting cake components. As does Betty Crocker (thinking specifically of icing tubs of delight. And fatness)

(12:34:22) RT @ucalegon: I had a dog called Minton. He ate a shuttlecock. Bad-minton.

(12:40:12) It's surrepticiously, almost deceitfully sunny through the overcastness and nearly breeze-free. I won't stand for it.

(14:34:28) Here comes the son (doo doo doo doo). In theory, anyway. Kick out time at school...

(15:55:15) I wonder if it's possible to go postal from experiencing so much apostrophe abuse.

(16:19:32) The children are watching a remix of the Chorlton And The Wheelies theme. About 500,000% better than iCarly.

(18:17:52) Woo.. a new cartridge for our beloved LaserJet 6L arrived today (cheap from Amazon Marketplace). That'll last another couple of years, then!

(18:47:46) I'm going to indulge myself in a little bit of Mario Kart for twenty minutes. Then I ought to do something more productive. Mmm. Yeah.

(20:35:21) Off to bed after another fruitless noodle in the studio- though I got to listen to @HelenDuffett on @IainDale's LBC97.3 show. Sounded fun :)

(20:46:24) Righty.. that's quite enough fun and/or frolics for the day. I'd better head to bed and see if work will have me tomorrow. Nighty night!

Tweets for 06 Jun 2010


(07:41:18) Morning! Yum.. rooibos & rice krispies. A sleepy Sunday start after a late night.. I think I'll be needing some antihistamine today, though!

(07:48:58) It turns out "Working my way back to you" was recorded by the Four Seasons ~and~ the Detroit Spinners. Dan Dan the Man was right. Sorted.

(10:56:57) Back home after church and the drilling outside is in full swing. I wonder what exactly they're doing a few houses down. And why.

(10:58:08) Beige for lunch today.

(11:27:53) audioBoo: noisy drilling boo [Day 2] http://boo.fm/b137084

(14:21:56) RT @helenmilner: Testing the power of twitter: Do you know anyone who went to Godalming Grammar School intake 1973? (via @HumbersHomemade)

(14:28:52) Time for a cup of tea and something more productive than sitting on the sofa while the children watch Spongebob. Which is frankly anything:D

(15:10:03) I can feel another "right..." coming on.

(15:49:07) Mmm... toast is toasting. This can only end well.

(16:24:17) Whenever I read about Occam's Razor, I have to look it up. Either it needs to be renamed or I need to commit it to memory better. Hmm.

(17:23:50) Drawing things out on paper with a pencil. Old school!

(18:32:59) Watching last night's Doctor Who, which was, apparently, written by Richard Curtis. Some good line so far. Shush for a while. #DoctorWho

(22:02:54) Sleepily deserting the studio in a bit of a huff, since Logic wouldn't let me put a click track on. Good old task avoidance tactics. Night!

Tweets for 05 Jun 2010


(06:11:58) I'd like to wish @fluffymuppet a sneaky 'good morning' - hope your headache's improived somewhat x

(06:13:21) Awake and surprisingly alert at 7am on a Saturday.. clearly all the best tweeps (and @MediocreMum :D) are awake at this time of day. Tea..?

(06:52:03) Tea and coffee are all brewed and ready for your delectation... come 'n get it!

(10:15:17) Technology! (well, sort of) http://yfrog.com/2868ahj

(10:18:56) Argghhh! Typo!

(13:28:48) I just asked Lenni to pop upstairs to get me a video cassette... she didn't know what one was - I had to describe it to her. #kidsthesedays

(15:53:06) It's remarkable how few TVs will display the ZX81's modulated output.. our LCD telly in the lounge is hopeless, even through a VCR!

(15:55:29) Right.. enough of this tootling about with technology (although I did enjoy loading ZX81 games using my iPod Touch!) - need to iron a shirt.

(21:56:54) At a wedding disco. It's so loud the bride has joined us on the balcony.. is it time to go home yet?

Tweets for 04 Jun 2010


(05:21:41) 'ere we go.. Friday, then. Good morning! Still asleep, though.

(06:52:46) I like the 'clang' noise when floodlights get switched on. Probably not particularly ecological (and wouldn't happen with LEDs).

(07:19:25) I'm fairly sure I just held the door for Adam Hart-Davis, who came in our office reception to ask for directions. He said thank you. Legend.

(08:13:58) Hmm. I had forgotten about the safety course I'm on for much of the day today. It somewhat gets in the way of 'proper' work. Ahh well.

(08:32:16) CLERICAL ERROR.

(10:32:38) Taking apart mains plugs. Does life get better than this? In short: yes. But the people here are nice, the aircon works and I have pretzels.

(11:39:25) Catching up on work while the course is in recess - I'm glad I brought my work laptop with me! Mini pizza frenzy time, I think.

(12:38:26) I can't help feeling this trainer's treating us like we're idiots. Can't help feeling sorry for him, having to reel out this stuff all week.

(14:26:03) It's all slowed down here somewhat.. I'm hoping to be back in the office within the next hour or so. Then: more email and pizza. JAMYEH!

(15:09:37) He's now reading from the course guide. And not sounding like he understands or believes any of it. Nearly finished. #rubbishtrainingcourse

(15:27:06) I'm not sure to which matriculation this exam is affiliated, but the questions barely rate as English. I may be disqualified for tweeting.

(16:20:15) Bayswater Road in a shuttle bus on a Friday afternoon. I was going to say "Should've taken the tube" but that would probable be worse :D

(17:52:27) Heading home - I still have over half of my pizza left from lunchtime - I wonder if it would be safe to eat for tea..?

(17:53:33) Every time I look out of the window while the coach is on the M1 I see something I've not seen before. Except a particlar pylon. That one.

(18:18:36) Woo airport. Just a short walk and the weekend starts for real. JAMYEH!

(18:26:44) The sun's still quite high in the sky... warm warm evening.

(18:29:21) I've only just realised how much "Call of Duty" sounds like "Paul and Judy". I shall call it that from now on (@z80GameCoder @EpiduralGirl)

(22:43:55) Right. I think I have somewhat tamed this unruly Logic Audio beast. One more reboot and (if all is well) bed and audioboo catch-ups. Night!

Tweets for 03 Jun 2010


(07:16:46) Good morning. A Thursday full of possibilities. Quite warm ones, as well. Whatever transpires, though, I'll have my phone with me. Handy.

(08:15:31) Since there's a risk of me actually going into the sunshine, I s'pose I have to cover myself in suncream. Eugh. I want a manly parasol. YEAH

(11:02:31) I'm clearly not used to the feeling of adrenalin. Quite tense at the moment.

(15:41:42) Hot car boilage. Woweee.

(19:24:48) audioBoo: Wicksteed Park Sunshine boo http://boo.fm/b135778

(19:36:33) I completely forgot to mention - all four of us had our first 'Big Top' circus experience today.. quite splendid! http://yfrog.com/49iokj

(20:31:03) Bedtime for me, after a lovely day out with the family combined with a bit of work email & phone calls. Good night to you, a lovely tweep.

Tweets for 02 Jun 2010


(05:28:37) "I don't want us to descend into a nation of people all repeating the same thing some famous guy just said." - the great @BobbieJohnson

(05:35:47) Good morning. Apart from being a bit sleepy, normal service has been restored. After a bumpy 24 hours, June's full-on coffee-free now. Yeah!

(08:56:50) I'm hungry. Being something of a spendthrift, I am in conflict about how to resolve this. WHY CAN I NOT COOK BACON IN THE OFFICE?

(12:39:56) RT @sparkyannc: is being impressed by this video: http://bit.ly/dpkfra and this behind-the-scenes: http://bit.ly/autb5k (Both YT, SFW).

(12:59:27) Bit warm and sunny round here. Wasn't expecting that. Hiding in the shade until dusk, I think.

(14:46:45) Lemon and ginger tea and a mild headache.

(17:58:18) Safely ensconced in a northbound coach - the motorway's nice and clear so far. It's been a strange work day - just a bit irksome at the end.

(18:03:05) Hmm. Thinking about collaborative radio shows over Skype. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before; I mean, it works for @LeoLaporte!

(18:19:40) Oh Luton, you have so many trees. Quite impressive given what an industrial, inner-city type town you are. Harumble for oxygen.

(20:46:01) Watching a fine programme about Geniuses on Channel 4. I also read a book this evening: most unlike me. All's well at Geri Halliwell Towers.

(20:48:10) That is a ~very~ impressive Nationwide TV advert.

(21:03:14) Framed on all sides by trees.. and with one solitary star #thisismysky [Luton, UK] http://twitpic.com/1td889

(21:07:52) All tired out now. I think I'm going to curl up with a good bed. Night night! :)

Tweets for 01 Jun 2010


(05:59:36) On the way to work... I'm on the commuter coach today for a change - feeling somewhat aware that I've got someone's 'favourite' seat.

(06:03:17) I wonder what's happened on Hibbert St., Luton... the road's closed and there are scene-of-crime officers with cameras and vans and so on.

(06:18:45) A moderately exciting day ahead (for a Tuesday): Apple Store visit and mini-tweetup, alongside the daily goings-on in the office. Well then.

(07:07:56) I've just remembered- a highlight of yesterday was watching the children loading & playing old, primitive games on the Atari ST. Good times!

(07:15:41) I feel quite short this morning. Nearly rooibos time.

(07:37:17) This morning's Luton Hibbert St incident: "Facebook thinks that someone was 'brutally attacked there & is in hospital'" Blimey. (h/t @RobJD)

(07:45:01) Right.. time to jump head first into the email inbox and see what delights await me. Well, OK, I got a sneak preview earlier. Later potater!

(11:15:26) Not running at full strength, I think it's fair to say. Also, Alan's plant keeps moving around like the Aspidistra in the Adventure Game.

(16:34:25) Bailing.. in every possible way. I'm sure last year the 1st of June was on a non-work day. Either that or I'm properly unwell. Blee.

(16:53:11) Heading homeward, head ringing (but not as badly as before) - bed soon after I get home, I think. Hopefully all back to normal tomorrow.

(17:45:48) Odd that on the first of June I'm chillier than I've been in a while. Being damp around the gills doesn't help! It'll be good to be home :)

(19:12:41) Fed & feeling better. Nom. @poots is good to me :) I'm also grateful to @SparkyAnnC for her patience, too. Watching 'Child of Our Time' now.

(19:46:10) RT @SteveDoherty1 The C in my OCD stands for creased. // Ha!

(20:52:49) Sleepy time for all of me. Let's do this thing, yeah! ~does the sleepy dance~ #notaeuphemism. All comfy now. Night!

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