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Tweets for 31 May 2010


(06:54:52) Good morning.. up before 8 on a bank holiday - wow! In other news: I'm about to drink my last mug of caffeinated coffee for a month. Eeek!

(07:33:15) I love Twitter so so much... especially @thatlass @leica0000 @helenelectric and @Ariadnes_web for coffee-related support and concern :)

(08:03:53) Made the mistake of reclining on the bed for a quick Twitter check before my shower. It's soft & comfortable. I don't want to move now :D

(08:20:34) Listening to a programme about Orkney folk music on Resonance FM. Amazing what they play. (@Toxophilist)

(08:49:33) Wow.. Luton is well-served with community radio.. Diverse FM (102.8FM) and @radioLaB (97.1FM). Only Carnival Day pirate so far: 101.2FM.

(09:03:51) Bryson: "America is about individual wealth & collective poverty & we've (Britain) moved into that camp." -via @emalyse

(09:15:07) Hmm. A lot of the people on my Twitter feed are keen and capable runners. I keep fit mainly by pottering. Not quite so aerobic, I fear.

(09:28:52) What is it with expired SSL certificates on the interwebs at the moment? Google and the BBC have both gone a bit funny. Oddnessess.

(10:37:58) Quick bit of lounge hoovering done, and now to try and extricate a splinter from my thumb (unrelated - I got it in the loft yesterday).

(10:38:21) Oh, and: rooibos 'n' BANANABREAD! Thanks, @poots :)

(10:45:28) I'm SO hoping I can go to this: (Vintage Computer Festival at @bletchleypark 19-20 June) with my brother. Retro JAMYEH!

(11:04:03) Ha! Splinter removed by the medium of a sewing needle I encountered while hoovering. It's the circle of life.

(12:27:46) Bit damp out today... still undecided whether to venture into town for the carnival. By all accounts, it's all getting ready down in Luton..

(13:33:22) Wow. That is BASS. Here it blows... Cheapside, Luton.

(13:56:55) Bass & bubbles.. it's kinda good here. Not too warm, either. #LutonCarnival

(14:26:21) I wonder if Nottng Hill is as stop-start as this midway through the parade...

(14:34:02) Bit of the ol' Local Radio, there. Well, OK.. most of it. #LutonCarnival

(14:59:49) That was Lenni's first carnival experience - a far cry from Bexhill's efforts in my teens! I wonder if @fridgemagnet2 still has the tapes..

(15:08:36) Lenni apparently told her teacher during the week: "'England' has two syllables except when there's a football match on, when it has three."

(15:14:45) I shall edit together a YouTube video of the carnival procession... I'm fairly sure the audio will be off the scale distorted, though!

(17:13:03) Pleh. Stupid video editing software that only saves 3 out of 28 edits. I'm going to go and do something else.

(19:24:50) Ah yes.. video - the only digital medium where processing time is measured in hours. I'm going to eat more cake and burn some archive DVDs.

(20:50:58) Oh, I completely forgot to mention: the voicemail that 3 wouldn't let me have was from *drumroll* the lovely @RadioKate! Sorry I missed you!

(20:54:41) So, as the ferret of time makes a beeline for the trousers of eternity, and before the whippet of opportunity decides to chase it: bedtime!

Tweets for 30 May 2010


(07:26:34) It's all quiet here at Geri Halliwell Towers this morning.. just me @nxmee having breakfast while the girls rest. Ooh.. here's @superalora!

(10:21:32) The children were most amused earlier by a YouTube video of Barack Obama talking about pie. Bonzer.

(10:46:59) The official Facebook app for Windows Mobile is officially rubbish. R. U. Bbish.

(11:14:19) H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to @orgmul!

(12:09:15) Watching "Coast" over lunch - the episode from between Whitstable & The Isle Of Wight. have such an affection for that part of the UK :)

(12:45:51) All worn out now. Off for a lie down :D

(14:45:11) Quite quiet on Twitter this afternoon.. I think I might just have a tinker down in the studio seeing if my O1X & Logic work in Windows 7.

(19:42:18) Well, that's about put paid to installing Windows 7 on my studio PC.. too much old (3 years old in some cases!) pro hardware. Back to XP..!

(19:57:21) audioBoo: Luton Kidney Wood Play Trail boo

(21:13:20) Ooh.. new comedienne to have a crush on - Laura Solon is pretty and funny. That said, the WiiPlayer is up to its usual tricks. Oopla.

(22:27:38) Right.. enough of all this excitement. I'm going to bed, just in case it's nice tomorrow. Good night!

Tweets for 29 May 2010


(06:58:59) Good morning. Making coffee & listening to @TimHarford on the More Or Less podcast - the most pragmatic programme on #radio4. Yay Saturday!

(07:43:05) Is there a word for the mispronunciation of "th" as "v"? I take an interest in speech formation & diction (especially when it irk me a bit)

(08:01:52) RT @zany_zigzag: @syzygy it's apparently called "th-fronting" :) // I am surrounded by erudition on Twitter. And humourous wags. JAMYEH!

(08:38:59) Listening to some bizarre on-street recording on Resonance FM.. makes me want to do radio. Can I commit to a regular show, though..?

(08:49:50) I've settled for more upbeat choonage from uksfinest for hot shower action. Drum'n'bass (though without the bass on my tiny phone speaker!)

(09:33:02) Right. I'm going to listen to [a] drum'n'bass, [b] Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek or [c] The Killers - Read My Mind PSB remix loud in the studio.

(09:43:45) Went for a sweet bit of dubstep remix as a compromise... (YT - sfw) Mmm bassy. Tidying music

(10:31:48) audioBoo: They don't make 'em like this any more boo [but what's the 1980s game?]

(11:46:05) I'm doing bad noise in the studio. Feels good. I also have a ZX81 16k RAM Pack on my computer desk. It's a good day.

(15:29:13) Right. I'm all done in the studio, I think. Didn't quite achieve what I was intending, but I have opened a SoundCloud account. Handy.

(15:36:28) Here's something I slung together, then.. jamelopoeia - Wizball Theme (zappy techno lo-fi remix thing): via #soundcloud

(16:27:45) "Oh Lelli Kelly, the cutest shoes oh yeah - you can play with us, we are so cool oh yeah" - makes me feel better about the lyrics I write :D

(17:02:15) I've just booted my studio PC with a Windows 7 DVD and an empty 25GB partition. I only want to test it.. hope it doesn't break everything!

(17:33:30) Hmm... ecobees, then. Does anyone actually use it?

(18:44:22) This is ~such a dark~ episode. #DoctorWho

(19:05:47) The telly's on.. the stereo's cranked up.. the atmosphere is cheery. I have Pimms... I have yogurt. Let's do this! #eurovision

(19:11:19) I wish there was a red button option for NO GRAHAM NORTON. Irritating man. Can't simulcast Radio 2 cos of digital delay. Arse. #eurovision

(19:13:51) Azerbaijan: LED dress lady. Max points for outfit :) Using the BBC's scoresheet: 25/30 #eurovision

(19:17:27) Spain: Spawn Of Leo Sayer. Some scary stage occupants. Not like. A generous 18/30 since the children are still up :D #eurovision

(19:19:34) Norway: I quote Lenni: "Is that it? Chris: "A puny effort". They don't want to win again. My lovely lovely lovely horse. #eurovision

(19:21:26) Norway: Too much #DoctorWho - I honestly thought the backing vocalists were going to get him. #eurovision a lacklustre 11/30

(19:25:20) Moldova: The stage show a BIG hit with the childrens. Especially the singer's eye shadow & Ellie LaRoux hairdo #eurovision 25/30 #eurovision

(19:28:52) Cypruwales: I have no time for this. That drummer should not be there. My kids talked all the way through this. 14/20 #eurovision

(19:31:59) Bos & Herz: He's got his iPod on. Show some commitment, man. If there were no strobes, this'd be dull. And less flashy 16/30 #eurovision

(19:37:00) Belgium: Sweet, but ineffectual. it's hardly "A little peace" - the benchmark for guitar-based winners. 19/30 #eurovision

(19:39:55) Serbia: His in-ear monitors are clearly not working poor love. And the backing vocalists are in stasis. Silly hair. -1. 20/30 #eurovision

(19:41:05) No, Lenni.. "Lines are now open" is not one of the lyrics #eurovision

(19:41:29) Why will Spain sing again..? #eurovision

(19:42:31) RT @Ewan: Oooh this is going to be controversial. Spain are getting to sing again because of the protestor on the stage. #eurovision

(19:44:49) Belarus: This has the children enraptured. Sparkly dresses. Miss Houli-haired backing vocalist. Good bit. 28/30 #eurovision

(19:49:23) Ireland: Purple dress! And Titanic song. This is going to be a BIG song. Lovely arrangement. Cute backing vocalist. Wind! 22/30 #eurovision

(19:52:17) Greece: Lenni's already started shouting "Opa!" It's German for "Grandad". Where's Clive Dunn? Fun nonetheless. Funtheless 25/30 #eurovision

(19:53:46) Let bygones be beegones! #eddieizzard #eurovision

(19:54:38) UK: The children are singing: "They've put him in a box.. they've put him in a cardboard box." #eurovision

(19:57:21) Dear old PWL Linn drums. His voice has gone a bit Jemini.. #eurovision

(20:04:14) Georgia: I put the kids to bed during this. Bedtme ballad. 21/30 #eurovision

(20:05:55) Turkey: A bit different. Looking forward to the angle grinders. Stig woman! I've said "I ~like~ this" twice, now. 28/30 #eurovision

(20:07:57) Bonus points for Turkey - performing in monochrome. That is ~clever~ #eurovision

(20:09:48) Albania: "In love with you I'm falling" <- NO. Bloody catchy. The scene changing is phenomenal. I am having a good night! 24/30 #eurovison

(20:13:26) Iceland: bonus points for cute backing vocalist (left hand one) and techno synth. This is BIG. In a manner of speaking 28/30 #eurovision

(20:17:34) Ukraine: her hood doesn't match her dress, her eye makeup is too much and she's popping the mic. Please blow her away. 10/30 #eurovision

(20:21:09) France: Filth. And I like it or bedammed. 25/30 #eurovision

(20:25:20) Romania: I still love that piano. LED keys. Mmm. This is another catchy as flip song. Some crackers tonight 27/30 #eurovision

(20:26:16) Good use of leather ~approves~ #eurovision

(20:28:59) Russia: Not good use of cardigans. Is that what passes for a photograph in Russia? #eurovision

(20:31:24) Russia: Well, OK. It was traditional Eurovision. Made me go "ahh bless". 17/30. Five to go. Woo. #eurovision

(20:34:42) Armenia: Bonus points for what sounds like a Casio VL-Tone. And opening cleavage shot. I should rephrase that. 26/30 #eurovision

(20:37:39) Germany: EXCITED. Knock it out, Lena! Love oh love this song. Quite low-key performance, but hey! 29/30 #eurovision

(20:39:16) In retrospect, the lyrics of this song are a bit stalkerish #Eurovision

(20:42:58) Portugal: Pleasant enough song.. but she's wearing beige. Which is one worse than cardigans & flat caps. Bit warbly, too. 17/30 #eurovision

(20:45:02) Isreal ~gesticulates in a very dismissive way at the screen~ BOF! I'm off for some pistachios. #notaeuphemism 0/30 #eurovision

(20:48:42) Denmark: Now on Sky 3: When Boyzone Goes Bad. #eurovision

(20:50:31) Denmark: Is this the closest thing to a mullet in #eurovision 2010? Still a bit 'Starship' Working the "last song" vibe. 23/30 #eurovision

(20:57:31) That link was ~very~ impressive. Bonus points for the presenter. #eurovision

(20:58:50) It is far too easy to vote accidentally for Germany. Especially when tipsy. This can only be a good thing #eurovision

(21:04:27) I'm totally voting for Germany. Or is it Belarus? Turkey? Iceland? Romania? Or EVERYONE EXCEPT ISRAEL?! #eurovision

(21:16:45) RT @fridgemagnet2: when it says "dont vote for the uk", does every country get that banner as well? #eurovision

(21:18:53) This interval thing is quite impressive. Dear old Madcon... they'll be beggin' for a break by the end of this :D #eurovision

(21:24:05) Apparenly, my mother-in-law has a bigger ironing board than the woman announcing the results. #eurovision

(21:30:33) Ahhh the voting... unlikely to be too many technical problems but lots of intercultural awkwardness. Reet grand #eurovision

(21:32:15) I like the way this is going. As I recall, last year was a bit frustrating. Also, Norton is slightly less annoying now I'm tipsy #eurovision

(21:36:52) RT @corfmeister: paddy o'connell is now @paddyeuropaddy

(21:38:57) I wish I'd put money on Germany winning. Although, I'll be quite content if they don't. So a win both ways. #eurovision

(21:40:32) How can I arrange it so that "Gok Wan" becomes the standard #Eurovision greeting during the results section? It works, I reckin.

(21:49:17) I am having the best night since the General Election. That just sounds wrong. #eurovision.

(22:03:01) The fact is, if I wrote a song for the UK, I can guarantee it would do better than blessed second from frickin' last place. Bah. #eurovision

(22:09:39) I like the noise @poots made when the Swedish announcer bloke turned up. Scott Mills didn't do that :D

(22:11:13) I am seriously tempted to try and get a ticket to #eurovision in Germany next year. Top banana!

(22:43:09) Right.. off to bed after all that excitement, completely oblivious of all the bad things in the world. Like BP #oilfail. Night night!

Tweets for 28 May 2010


(05:54:54) Up an' at 'em! Quite an achey morning today & I had a very odd waking dream. However, I also got a satisfying 15/20 on this week's @podquiz.

(06:01:25) Must. Sort. Posture. And find out what's going on this weekend.

(06:50:05) Hmm.. another swift coffee when I get into the office before some more PC surgery. It's pizza day to boot, and only one meeting (in theory).

(06:55:13) Walky time. In the sun, today, I think.

(07:38:16) If I'm not back in two hours, shoot me.

(12:19:00) It's pizza nomming time, with stories of derring-do to be told (well, OK, a recalcitrant PC) and tea to be drunk. And irons to be explained.

(14:55:28) Starting to flag now.. bit of a full-on day. I've had hot chocolate and spoken to a bloke from Apple, though, so that's good. 2 hours to go!

(15:32:59) I was just told about this piece of @charltonbrooker wonderment by Ian. I'm surprised; Ian is a very demure bloke. (NSFW)

(18:12:41) I'm following @shell3870 on the #followfriday recommendation of the mighty @pontoondock. It is only right/fitting/orthogonal so to do.

(18:15:12) It's a bit of a struggle up Finchley Rd tonight, plus a missing 18:00 coach from Victoria: crap journey home. That's your travel on the 13s.

(18:31:59) What a gorgeous evening :)

(18:33:06) Also: the woman sitting next to me has been on her mobile since she embarked, 20 mins ago. I'm sure someone was singing to her at one point.

(18:54:40) I don't need no location software to tell me I'm at Lu'on Airpor'. Home walkage now. Tired, headachey & hungry but happy. Yeah.

(19:14:36) Downhill. I had an amusing Facebook status update in my brain earlier, but it's gone. It had nothing to do with Crowded House.

(19:18:58) Cool beans.. my colleague Vee is booked for a DJ set at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, where the legendary @gazuky does Rhubarb Radio!

(19:54:39) Cool.. @sparkyannc's mate Jesse just won Mastermind. Well done him :)

(20:07:24) Right. Definitely an hour in the studio. I'm not taking you with me, I'm afraid, otherwise this sampler simply won't get programmed. Sorry.

(20:10:26) Oh. and also: Soreen Malt Loaf is following me on Twitter. Big up your lightly buttered tea time treat, innit! (@SoreenHQ) #FollowFriday #ff

(21:46:57) Sleepy and headachey. Sleep will be turning up to untangle the wires of Friday & put up some wall-sockets for Saturday. Cable clips. Night!

Tweets for 27 May 2010


(04:59:49) Ooh. Bit on the ol' achey side this morning. Need to work on my posture, I think.

(05:22:53) Good morning @vobes, drmasquerade, @stopsleyvicar & @fluffymuppet - always great to know I'm not alone at this time o' the day!

(05:24:14) Right. Definitely going to leave the house on time today. JAMYEH!

(05:53:08) Hmm.. when TimesOnline has gone behind a paywall, I wonder if @theBugle podcast will still be available to non-subscribers. Hope so!

(05:54:05) By which I mean @TheBuglePodcast. Timesonline. Paywall. Uhoh. etc.

(06:08:22) Quite lovely gentle rain this morning (it's ~not~ drizzle. Drizzle isn't lovely). Need to move the carpet out of the gazebo. Oops.

(06:49:25) :) It's a good use for our old lounge carpet. Hope you have an entirely lovely day. Ooh.. I get to see you in a few weeks time (in theory)!

(08:57:55) There's nothing like a bit of peace, quiet and solitude to allow one to take stock. I really like where I am right now. Yeah.

(09:01:18) I'm surprised how long it takes AppleCare registration to finish. Does Steve Jobs sign them off personally..?

(11:17:05) I'm surprisingly upbeat despite utter corporate idiocy (not my employer). If you've left a voicemail, I won't be able to get it for 48 hrs:D

(11:57:43) What's more entertaining is I currently can't get into any technical apparatus rooms to wreak havoc... I mean, fix the stuff I look after :D

(12:14:41) I got an economy class ticket to Lunchington, baby. Let'sss gooooooo #Westwood.

(14:30:26) I totally have hot chocolate. JAMYEH! (sorry, you can't have one; the meeting room with the machine in is in use)

(16:02:22) Uhoh. I'm off to wash my hands. It's Query Of Doom time.

(17:27:53) I just breathed in a fly. It wasn't pretty. Lots of coughing (me, not the fly - I daresay it didn't have a particularly fun time, either)

(17:35:26) Lots of elderly men all smart and blazered leaving Lords Cricket Ground - very civilised ~thumbs up~

(18:06:01) I bought Opera Mobile 8 for WM5.. it was top & great. Now they're doing Opera Mobile 10 for free and it's "unable to reserve heap"..CRASH!

(18:21:20) All a bit slow approaching M1 j10; darn those roadworks beyond. In other news, I've got an appointment with an Apple Genius on Tuesday. Ooh.

(18:23:59) Best Buy is coming to the UK (according to @guardiantw) - sounds like a cross between PC World, Maplin and an Apple Store. Will it survive?

(18:26:52) It's strange to think that the control tower at the top of the hill is a thing of note to many of my fellow passengers.. so familiar to me.

(19:20:26) #eurovision so far: Lith: yeah! Arme: ehh OK. Isre: worse than crap. Ack! Den: It's like the song Starship never sang. Fair start, I guess.

(19:23:59) Having heard the lovely @Paddy_O_C on @Ewan's fine podcast today, I think he's my #Eurovision hero. Wish he could do the final. Just for us!

(19:28:54) My #eurovision update: Switz: meh. Sweden: where did her guitar go? @poots can still hear. This really is a dull balladfest.

(19:33:38) I heard that Azerbaijan were tipped.. bit of a flaccid ballad, but she must get my vote because she's got AN LED DRESS. #eurovision

(19:37:44) Ukraine: A power ballad (with no political content and within the rules).. what a surprise. It's all about the lightshow #eurovision

(19:40:57) Neth: Is it 1972? But with LEDs (and no - I've already used my LED vote, OK?) I could honestly write a better song than this. #eurovision.

(19:46:14) Rom: That's quite a special double-ender Joanna. And with LED keys! They seem to be having fun. I like this :) Non-ballad. yeah. #eurovision

(19:49:53) Slov: this song clearly has sever bipolar disorder. Or quite possibly tripolar. Is that possible? Find a style & stick to it! #eurovision

(19:55:01) Irl: Lovely purple dress, and an anthemic song, but - as @poots pointed out - no LEDs. It's Phones 4U. #eurovision

(19:59:31) Bulg: Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone" came on shuffle on my iPod earlier. This like a shouty version. #eurovision

(20:01:25) Cyprus: Full of mediterranean style, warmth and festivity... hang on. He's a Welsher. How is this Cyprusian? Cyprusish? Cypriot! #eurovision

(20:05:52) I'd encourage you not to eat ribs while tweeting on a QWERTY phone unless there are wet-wipes available. All clean now. No stucccck keys.

(20:07:17) Croatia: ooh. More shiny beige (some call it "gold"..meh) & another ballad. Can't fault the vocal performances tonight, though. #eurovision.

(20:12:15) Georgia: Have we had this song before? Also, the men are spooky. Is this a Coke advert? Will it stop soon? Climax,for Po's sake. #eurovision

(20:16:53) Turk: Blimey. Epileptics look well away now. Now, being a muso, this could be SO much better a bit more Muse-y. Rock though! #eurovision

(20:23:42) I liked about five of the songs this evening: Lithufunkia, Armeniapricot, AzerbaiLED, Rompanioa & Turflashkey. #eurovision

(20:30:58) I didn't vote. Couldn't be arsed. None of them were Germany #eurovision

(20:34:35) #Eurovision: the perfect opportunity for casual racism. Apart from the World Cup, obviously. Great fun.

(20:41:51) Mmm... @Sarah_Cawood I wish I could be your co-presenter #possiblyaeuphemism

(20:51:51) Israel got through? They're not even anywhere near Europe! AND the song was just shouting. Bah! etc #eurovision

(20:52:59) It's like Wales gets their own entry.. that they can vote for. #eurovision

(21:14:15) Right... definitely need my bed after all that Eurovision excitement. I also have an itchy leg. Good night and thank you for being!

(21:20:07) Back and OUTRAGED! Why did you not tell me The Shuttleworths was back on #Radio4? Eh? Wednesday nights at 11pm. Brilliant :)

Tweets for 26 May 2010


(05:25:15) Listening to "So Wrong It's Right".. a vehicle for Charlie Brooker's funniness. It makes me nearly smile at this time o' the morning #Radio4

(06:46:17) Today's @easybus driver is a friendly bloke, but has listened to downbeat music all the way to London. My brain's a bit fuzzy this morning.

(06:49:23) Good heavens, it was @achrisevans on #radio2 playing Radiohead. Srange things are afoot at the Circle K.

(06:53:04) How much would it cost for someone to follow me around all day with a clipboard, writing down what I spend/waste my time doing?

(07:04:36) Listening to @garethp talk #eurovision & social media with @ewan on #digitalplanet ... not sure podcasting gets better than this!

(07:09:37) Brrr. Bit nippy out.

(07:12:31) #nowplaying Joe Strummer - Appleseed. He should be FAR more famous than Paul Weller in my opinion.

(08:01:08) Finally got my phone set up to get texts from a smattering of tweeps, but it doesn't seem to text on @replies and DMs any more.. am I right?

(08:22:11) I have a fairly major caffeine buzz and thus should not be approached.

(08:36:05) RT @giraffetweet: It's #wakeupwednesday so come in to giraffe for a free take-out cup of coffee (or tea) before 10.30am (excluding airports)

(10:14:36) Hmm. I've had FREE COFFEE (yay!) & almost enough sleep, but I'm still struggling. A chunky helping of @petecooper's bleepshow is required.

(11:37:00) audioBoo: The brilliant things boo: Free + Coffee + Giraffe YEAH! [@giraffetweet]

(12:07:16) I want to get into a busy lift on the ground floor, press all the buttons then storm out at floor one shouting "I don't have time for this!"

(17:57:04) Here's how Facebook's new privacy settings look: (via @ruskin147) .. still not convinced. I'm a reluctant user.

(18:11:35) I'm certainly not complaining but someone appears to have removed sunshine from the M1. Fortunately along with too much traffic. J9 FTW(nfc)

(18:40:07) Home! Home and can't find my keys. Oop! Ah, there they are. JAMYEH!

(20:03:12) Watching a presentation about HTML5: (SFW). I'd have watched it earlier, but it made my Win2K PC crash :D (h/t @ucalegon)

(20:35:37) Right. I'm going to bed before anything else interesting happens. You're in charge of the internet. I know I can trust you. Good night! :)

Tweets for 25 May 2010


(06:09:21) Surprisingly mild this morning as the coach trundles down a grey-skied motorway. #nowplaying @JonRonson on Museum of Curiosity. FAB. #radio4

(08:01:34) RT @Toxophilist: In the immortal words of Douglas Adams Don't forget your towel // and a happy Towel Day to you.

(08:05:54) Considering it's Towel Day (I am wearing mine metaphysically) I have a number of meetings to attend. I should have planned this better.

(08:52:56) I'm still really not sure about today. I expect it won't be as bad as my unease suggests, but I'll be secretly pleased if it is.

(09:33:08) Off to my first meeting of the day. HARUMBLE.

(12:41:22) ...and onwards to the last (scheduled) meeting of the day - this one should be a doddle, since I've done the groundwork #famouslastwords

(16:10:35) Here's a very silly bit of free 'music' software - Guns ‘n Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine ftw! (via @Richard_C & @SynthGear)

(18:08:09) On the (quite stinky) coach home.. I don't think I've been very effusive on Twitter today - late nights are catching up on me, I fear. Zzz

(18:16:05) Yay! Nearly at the airport.. a short mile-and-a-half walk, and my first commute will be over.

(20:31:59) I've been enjoying the #eurovision semifinal - amazing how some of the songs get SO much more of a vibe when performed live. Great fun :) :)

(20:46:40) I want Germany to win. That is all. Apart from the left-hand Iceland backing vocalist. #Eurovision

(20:47:01) Is that an ironing board? #eurovision

(20:53:28) Russia..? What's that all about? #eurovision. Also - Iceland and Finland.. come on!

(20:56:58) What an exciting evening. I feel sad for the countries that didn't make it through. My goodness, #Eurovision is FAB, though. Bedtime. Night!

Tweets for 24 May 2010


(07:40:39) A happy, warm - if a little sleepy walk to school.. topucs range from Chessington rides to World Cup wallcharts and horsre poo.

(07:55:50) Pointless Project Of The Day: use Twitter, Messenger & Skype on Three 3G to find out if, indeed, it's free. e.g. What about the S3 avatars?

(08:00:48) Uhoh.. the municipal mowers are out. Time to take the hay fever medification. Smells gorgeous, though :)

(08:54:58) It's true.. Rik Mayall's foopball world cup song hasn't got nearly enough radio airplay. Quite a jaunty tune (if a little light on lyrics)..

(09:42:50) Er... who's "Wazza"? My bet is Wayne Bridge. Or Peter Crouch (I have no idea how that would work, though).

(09:56:35) I think I would probably watch the World Cup in 3D if there were more goals on that version.

(11:12:39) Home from Tesco with a few bags of shopping and a nose that can smell nothing but shower gel. Serves me right for sniffing too hard. Oops.

(11:15:57) Oh - if you're driving through Luton, it's worth avoiding the roundabout at Crawley Green Road / Vauxhall Way. Temporary traffic light jams!

(12:44:28) Someone should invent a body-heat powered heat-exchange system jacket thing. Perspiration is just ~so~ last millennium. As is sunburn.

(14:09:16) Time to go and collect the children. Unavoidable sunshine on this occasion. If I'm not back by 4pm, I've probably melted :D

(15:05:27) Uhoh.. energy levels dropping. Must take on more water, and make a start tidying the studio. Mayday etc.

(16:09:01) Our house is like a walk-in scrapbook. I quite like that.

(16:14:02) According to @RadioToday: Government advertising spending has been slashed: ...issues for commercial radio at weekends..?

(16:32:31) Mixed feelings about repairing Eleanor's polystyrene sword thing... but I don't think she'll use it for evil. Much.

(16:34:28) Uhoh.. @poots: "Out of ten, how much evil are you intending to commit with that sword?" @Superalora: NINE!"

(17:09:59) Right. I really need to do some studio tidying. Please stop distracting me with your interesting things kthxbai.

(17:48:07) I've discovered that "Wazza" is, indeed, Wayne Rooney. I could list on the fingers of one and three-quarter hands what is wrong with that.

(22:07:35) Late to bed after a fun evening in the studio with @ucalegon - lots of silliness, bad guitar playing & singing for a pal's sick daughter.

Tweets for 23 May 2010


(06:12:41) Good morning. Making coffee with Lenni - she's awake quite early, too. I think I'm definitely more of a 'lark'. Some pottering is required.

(06:59:27) Playing with the "Windows Phone Marketplace" and it is sad viewing.. Apple has over 70,000 iPhone apps.. Microsoft? 92. Yes. Ninety-two. :/

(08:18:53) Worth hearing - during the #save6music protest yesterday @radiokate did a fine AudioBoo interview on @jonholmes1: (SFW)

(10:17:21) George Lamb to leave 6 Music - that's not the worst news I've read today :) [via @RadioToday]

(10:35:57) There are plenty of poor drivers around today. Just sayin'.

(11:22:32) It is through Twitter & Facebook that I realise there are some top people in the south-west of England. One of these days I shall go there.

(11:40:55) Playing "The Three Musketeers" with Chris and Lenni, although I still don't understand why they were armed with swords, not muskets...

(11:59:25) Something something something al fresco. #lilyallen

(17:32:10) Back from my Dad's after a successful antivirus reconfiguration on his ailing laptop and some virginmedia/gmail bafflement solved. JAMYEH!

(18:01:01) I'm impressed by @nxmee's new-found expertise at Steam's Hammer Editor. It's early days, but right up his street. Not bad for a 10-year-old!

(18:36:25) I just saw a blackbird visit the bird table! Such occurrences are still so rare, they bear mentioning; sorry if it's bird-based tedium!

(19:35:32) You can tell a lot about a person from their tweets.

(19:37:39) I am not going to spend more than an hour playing with seeing if Windows 7 works on my studio PC. Honest. No, really. You'll see. :S

Tweets for 22 May 2010


(07:26:06) Good morning. Another bright morning of blue skies and birdsong. Quite sleepy, though - a run around with the children might help. Might.

(07:36:10) Hmm... better find out if my phone is still textbroken. Also, get up offa this bed.

(08:03:38) Things I love about @poots #3: when I say something nice to her, she doesn't respond with "What are you after?"

(08:06:16) Today I think clothes are a hindrance. I'll go out with nothing on today if everyone else in Luton does too. Can I rely on your cooperation?

(08:19:05) The children were baffled by my performance of "Rolf's caahtoon club - y'can join t'day!" Also: What's with Barney Harwood's "beard"?

(08:40:35) Picnic later, fo' sho'.

(09:19:29) Gardening glove #fail: six left-handed, no right-handed. Brilliant.

(11:32:25) A busy morning in the garden with Lenni; we've made great progress. It's warm, hence #nowplaying Doves & @LondonBulgChoir - Catch The Sun :D

(11:54:18) Wishing the #save6music crowd a warm, happy, successful day... wish I could be with you, but I spend enough of my time there as it is :D

(12:03:19) The results of Lenni's and my efforts clearing the steps and patio in the garden: a 'club house' for the summer :)

(12:10:09) Watching @SamDownie's coverage of the #save6music protest in London - - while sausage rolls cook for our picnic at home.

(13:15:15) I am having a five minute sit down. This may or may not be my second. Just one more and I think I'll be ready to sort out the kitchen :D

(13:24:55) Five minute sit down is over. Time for some tunes and a tidy.

(14:37:38) Things still to do this afternoon: finish a blog entry, fix Lenni's birdhouse, cut down the carpet in the gazebo and anchor the gazebo down.

(15:11:15) Ich habe durst.

(15:12:05) Or is it "Ich bin durstig?"

(18:26:33) x@N3ph4lim Aren't we all? (@ThatLass) ;)

(18:27:58) All DoctorWho'd up.. now playing with my post-Windows-Mobile-6'd i600. Setting it .. again. Need to re-install Opera, WMWifiRouter & Skype.

(20:36:14) i just remembered.. yesterday I saw a man with a Lego Mario hanging from a bling chain round his neck. Or it might have been a Luigi.

Tweets for 21 May 2010


(05:26:54) Good morning. It's gonna be another unacceptably warm day, I think. Hope @PontoonDock's wardrobe choice has the required effect :D Commutey!

(06:11:08) Today's @easyBus driver was happy to stand outside the coach smoking while the sun warmed up the occupants. Passengers die in hot coaches.

(06:13:03) Also, today's @easyBus driver's mate (perhaps an inspector) told me "this seat is reserved" when I sat at the front. Quite a rude man.

(06:56:02) Swish Cottage!

(07:03:09) Two thousand steps till coffee. Warm steps at that. But not upstairs (mainly).

(07:23:14) Thanks and hugs to @BaronHawkey and @ leica0000 for the #FollowFriday #ff :)

(07:42:22) Hurrah.. coffee brewing, and emails clattering in. It's going to be a busy day.

(09:04:16) Thank you, @MuseumsLuton & @dizzydanni84 for the kind #FollowFriday - fine Luton folk both, along with @emalyse, @robjd and others! #ff

(09:41:59) Time to stretch my legs. Caffeine's beginning to wear off. Lots of phone calls, but no snacking (so far this morning!) All in all: quite.

(09:56:25) I just entered an office where two people were discussing the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. No Britain's Got Talent drivel here! :D

(11:47:01) I officially declare it: PIZZA TIME!

(12:38:51) Hmm. Feeling a little sleepy now. Time for a brief lunchtime amble in the shade (as much as it's possible!)

(12:44:56) I was just offered a fig roll. Very kind.

(15:34:58) Today's Google logo is inspired! And very time-consuming. Best score so far: 14,500 :D

(18:13:38) So.. do I take a photo of some traditional Victorian technology or some modern art? And a big glasss helmet?

(18:48:21) Drinking from the Mad Goose at the Dean Swift this evening... fruity, light & hoppy. 8/10 :)

(19:17:28) RT @vobes: My #Followfriday suggestion is: @MrPegg Mine too. He's a hero. So is @gilesbabbidge #ff

(19:36:44) I can't seem to send texts. This isn't terribly good. Also, after two pints, I feel like King Of The World (drawn in pen by an XKCD cartoon)

(20:35:59) This building is all a little too wonky and high. I think I might go home. London Bridge is fairly nearby.

(20:39:00) Perhaps I should post the rubbish photo that I took. I'm new to this Web Point 2 business. #vertigo #hashtag

(21:08:23) There's absolutely no point in living anyone else's life for them, even if you'd enjoy it much more than they would. I shall enjoy mine, ta.

(21:44:29) At this time of night, London smells of barbecue, hot motor oil and tired ladies.

(21:47:34) Is it only me that can see beneath the veneer of London - from Poetry on the Tube to the pressure-washed marble of presige, it still stinks.

(21:50:15) Trundling north, listening to #Radio4's #MaterialWorld podcast (with loud coughing) after a reflective, enjoyable evening with The Captain.

(22:12:23) I'm musing on writing a song about London Underground & its occupants at busy times. One trip is all that's needed for plenty of inspiration

Tweets for 20 May 2010


(05:50:25) Good morning. I've just had a thought.. I can have a nice cup of coffee ~before~ I leave the house today. Splendid :)

(05:58:13) I'm a bit achey this morning (so can sympathise with your owieness, @fluffymuppet) - I think I spent too much time sitting down yesterday :/

(06:07:21) 23 minutes until I depart for Birmingham. Better check the traffic on the M1...

(06:09:04) Wow.. @Asda FM has done it again.. @poots tells me they played Jose Gonzales's "Hand On Your Heart" this morning.. wow!

(08:43:11) Well.. I've made it to Birmingham.. not too bad a journey, all told. Time to get some PCs out of the car.

(15:55:03) Most TV characters are shorter than they look.. a Dalek is no exception. Off home after a busy day in Birmingham.

(18:05:10) Home in time to collect @nxmee from Cubs in the groovy sports car thing. Mind you, cars with spoilers are wasted in 50mph motorway roadworks

(19:24:17) Showered and thirsty. The plan: lots of water followed by some interesting Polish beer (from the Polish Beer section of Tesco, naturally).

(20:18:50) Boring boring Polish beer. Tastes like lager; no subtlety or delicacy. Although still not as nasty as Fosters.

(20:25:47) RT @russbravo Polish beer mistakenly puts all its effort into the label, rather than the contents of the bottle, in my (limited) experience.

(20:27:23) I love that @poots thinks the "We Buy Any Car Dot Com" advert should be the UK's #Eurovision Entry. @Ewan.. douze, six or nul points?

(20:48:11) I went on Spaghetti Junction today. It was OK, because I had a satnav. I wish I could've stopped and simply enjoyed the expanse of concrete.

(20:54:42) This is a really unnerving episode of #Outnumbered. Quite, quite dark. Or is it just me?

(21:19:02) I've had a sneak preview of Friday and I don't mind telling you that the robot invasion was quite a surprise. Can't wait! Goodnight, then.

Tweets for 19 May 2010


(05:23:53) Mornin'. Listening to @charltonbrooker talking about Twitter on So Wrong It's Right.. Lee Mack isn't a big fan (he's missing out!) #radio4

(05:50:37) It's been something of a nervewracking morning so far.. my iPod Touch is (hopefully) recovering from a slight mishap last night. #notplaying

(05:57:40) A special Good Morning for my regular earlybird tweeps @vobes, @drmasquerade and @stopsleyvicar. I hope the day brings many rewards.

(06:06:17) Making plans for caffeine-free June.. I'm going to take the opportunity to fine-tune other parts of my life; mid year resolutions, perhaps..

(07:36:19) Rummaging through my bag, I discovered a free mini sample copy of The Guardian that I was given yesterday. It's all diddy. Bless.

(07:38:11) Also, both #Radio2 & @Asda FM play Katie Melua's new song The Flood at the mo. I very like it.. especially the tempo change halfway through.

(08:43:23) Just about to enter a workshop. If I don't tweet again in an hour, it means I need an urgent call on my work mobile.

(09:27:00) I'm quite impressed by @sparkyannc's choice of biscuits - they're dull enough that I don't eat them all NOM NOM but better than rich tea.

(09:52:47) While I waited for the shuttle bus to the airport (I was late, OK? :D) I saw a bird making the noise in my AudioBoo: a greenfinch, I think.

(11:14:26) Still going. Some useful questions being asked. Sometimes

(12:19:57) It's like the blind leading the hungry.

(13:07:54) I've had quite enough chicken.

(13:41:22) My boss just made me a cup of Proper Tea. Just what I needed...

(15:19:25) I wish to be promoted to Head Of Handwritten Health And Safety Labels. That is all.

(15:31:30) I know at least three fine people who have Amazon syndication codes, but I ~always~ forget to use them when I order stuff. Is it just me..?

(16:07:59) I am in a car that's far too sexy for me.

(16:21:51) It's got a 'sport' button. Makes Radio 5 Live come on the radio, I expect. I'll stick with #Radio4, thank you.

(16:35:15) Looking through this back window is like peering through a letterbox. Don't get me wrong.. this car smells great.

(17:47:50) I'm all tired out now (again) and emotionally drained. It's been a busy day, and rather warm. My iPod Touch is a little unwell, too. Bless.

(18:21:08) Oh dear.. my iPod Touch is NOT well. It keeps making that sad noise.

(18:51:15) Mmm salmon stir fry. Top @poots loveliness. :)

(20:22:00) especially loves @petecooper tonight. #notauphemism

(20:55:01) This year's summer theme song Grey Fluffy Clouds - The Orb vs Alan Parker (via @petecooper @hiddenplace @atomicskunk)

(21:06:57) Enough of all this jollification, I'm off to bed. Please keep the internet tidy and lint free while I'm away - I'll need it tomorrow. Night!

Tweets for 18 May 2010


(05:24:20) Good morning - especially to @vobes, @shonie1966, @stopsleyvicar, @HumbersHomemade and @pontoonDock, all of whom were awake before me :D

(05:28:27) Has someone already come up with the idea of calling the Milliband brothers "Dedward"?

(05:57:09) I've taken my first hay fever tablet of the year.. the air's thick with pollen this morning. It's going to be a roasty one!

(06:13:49) I follow very few tweeps in/from Wales. England and Scotland are very well represented... how odd!

(06:59:37) Where should one put the emphasis on pronouncing the word "emphasis"..? Another difference between us and our American cousins...

(07:01:34) RT @alicebell: If you think the Science Museum has issues with BP sponsorship... (HT @zoecormier, see also @liberat ...

(07:11:31) London's not really got going yet this morning.. perhaps the caffeine hasn't kicked in — at Baker Street Tube Station

(09:06:35) This is quite clever - and with some subtleties: Monkey Business Illusion (SFW) (from @RichardWiseman & alnicholl77)

(09:25:19) Right.. resisting twitter till at least midday.

(10:47:09) Brian Blessed? As House Of Commons speaker? Why haven't they done this already! #blessedspeaker

(12:17:18) Cheese'n'salad bap followed by an apple. I am clearly the epitome of healthy eating. Now, where are those biscuits..?

(17:43:30) Going home. Feeling rather selfish and unsociable, which is rare and not really very much like me. How odd. Could do better 3/10.

(18:05:02) Inside the coach it's quite subdued, but the sky is vivid!

(18:33:10) Not far from home... I'm walking The Short Way after being dropped off by a kindly coach driver. If I had more energy, I'd garden till dusk.

(18:35:57) I don't play enough cricket. In fact, I don't play ~any~ cricket. Even rounders would be great fun. Perfect weather for a run about.

(19:23:41) Rhubarb and custard. It's GOOD.

(19:48:53) Why doesn't Skype do a version for Windows Mobile5 Smartphone any more? Also, is instant custard an acceptable breakfast cereal alternative?

(20:03:54) Thank you for your custard advice. I think I might go and have a shower.

(20:25:53) Enough of all this sitting around... I'd better have a shower and get to bed. Night night... see you on Wednesday with any luck!

(21:24:52) They say that one is the author of one's own destiny... I would say that my idiocy makes a substantial contribution to mine. Night!

Tweets for 17 May 2010


(07:05:50) I really ought to write a blog post today, but I can't decide what it should be about. Lots of little things, y'see. Like atoms & molecules.

(07:19:22) I'm a bit disappointed @RadioAcademy podcast didn't talk about the elephant in the Sony Awards room - the woeful state of commercial radio.

(08:15:05) Children dropped off at school. They played a "Nanny McPhee" game. Mainly involving Lenni banging a stick on the floor & Chris ignoring her.

(09:24:58) I've just looked up cognitive dissonance & discovered that I don't have it. I'm not so much full of contradictions as half-thought thoughts.

(10:11:06) 15p for four yogurts? Wow. One kind of wonders how much yogurt there actually is in there..! — at Tesco Dunstable

(10:25:17) It's a real shame neither @poots nor I like olives. Best bargain at Tesco's this week!

(10:57:30) Is it just me, when I hear a piece of electronic equipment play a short series of tones, that can't help playing a game of "Name That Tune"?

(11:37:14) Cool.. listening to my old uni pal James Blessing on #radio4 - talking about VPNs. Not VPLs.

(12:04:21) I just sent an email to Tesco. Go me. It wasn't about 1p olives.

(12:21:56) It comes to something that I get my musical education from @Asda FM (as well as #6music, naturally :D) Puts in perspective why #IHateHeart

(12:47:36) RT @LDNLutonAirport: Fully operational Luton Airport! Check the status of your flight with the airline / handy to know!

(12:51:00) In my lifelong love affair with radio, Heart is like an ex who's got more and more self-involved, but I still see (and avoid) around town.

(12:56:47) Important dates (Eurovision and World Cup England group stages) are now in the family calendar. No fear of double-booking now! Beer: bought.

(13:18:42) I'm looking for an NPN transistor. The chance of there being one anywhere except @nxmee's electronics kit is very low. Hope he doesn't mind!

(14:25:17) Childrens collection time - hopefully avoiding flash showers. People are parking like utter peasants today. ~sigh~

(14:47:25) Yay!

(15:14:17) RT @Londonist: Wanna raise Tower Bridge? Here's how you can. (via @RadioKate) // what a fabulous competition! :)

(15:37:38) Here's a really useful tool to check your Facebook privacy settings: ReclaimPrivacy (via @BBCCollege and @emalyse)

(16:14:44) audioBoo: Continual birdsong boo

(16:34:28) Bleh bleh bleh. I've just been staring at Logic Audio for 20 minutes and seriously struggled to make anything cogent. Come on, musix skillz!

(16:44:03) Stealing my wife's friends. Well, OK, getting numbers off her mobile phone... I've only got 19 contacts on mine at the moment!

(19:32:54) I think that's my listening for this evening sorted - it's my mate Vanburger's 1000th show on FTLfm tonight. What a man.

(19:52:09) Y'know, I think I might actually have nearly finished repopulating my mobile phone.. if I don't text or phone you, I apologise profusely!

(21:44:24) Bedtime.. or it was an hour ago. Needs must when @easyBus bookings need cancelling. I shall wish you good night- thank you for the smiles :)

Tweets for 16 May 2010


(07:58:37) Good morning - a peaceful one with just me, @poots & Aled Jones. And coffee, of course. Birdsong was loud earlier; should've audioboo'd it!

(08:37:45) Cool thing I've discovered this morning - my dear old Windows Mobile 5 phone can do Google voice search AND Latitude location. Coolio :)

(11:11:50) It's been such a relaxing weekend so far, I'm finding it really difficult to make a list... lots and lots to catch up on - mainly emails...

(11:25:39) Am I a member of the only family for whom any mention of the phrase "Fruit salad" is responded - in unison - with "yummy yummy"..?

(11:37:10) Yesterday's comedy moment - Chris describing sprinkles on his dessert as "Sediment shaped sediment".. funny if you've finished #Portal :D

(11:51:29) I'm downloading Portal for mac, while it's free on Steam (until the 24th!)

(12:45:41) Exchanging Lenni's old "Imagine Doctor" game, since she's completed it.. — at Gamestation

(15:07:26) Evidence that I spend too much time on Twitter #1: I just said to my Dad "I've had reports of rain in Oxfordshire." (thanks @griffinkate :D)

(18:11:35) All tired out now. And my mac hard drive is nearly full. Bedtime for the childrens, near enough. I could do with a cherry bakewell.

(21:09:06) Listening to some recordings @SparkyAnnC made with her Guides.. sounds great :) Not quite enough energy to create the jingle beds, tonight..

Tweets for 15 May 2010


(08:01:28) Good morning! Busy day of tidying, library, Christening and watching Four Lions ahead. And looking out for ninja pigeons:

(08:39:58) Brilliant "pirate" article by brilliant @serafinowicz: (via brilliant @zany_zigzag and the brilliantine @robertpopper)

(08:42:38) I'd especially like to wish @dizzydanni84, @MuseumsLuton and every Lutonian I follow a happy and glorious Saturday morning. So I shall. YAY!

(09:13:30) I'm looking almost human this morning. Remarkable.

(12:39:56) It's all go here. My mobile phone has jammed up, and what am I doing? Cleaning the external metalwork of a 29 year old computer. Go me! :D

(12:58:51) I've now lost all my contact data. *sighs* If you have my mobile number, would you be kind enough to text me so I can add your name, please?

(16:50:54) Home again home again, in the sunshine. Thank you SO much for the text messages. I have friends again. HURRAH! :) :) Now: cup of tea.

(17:10:40) I took great delight in getting @nxmee to guess that his netbook has a million times as much memory as my childhoo

(17:38:33) Oh. #DoctorWho is entirely perfectly scripted - and the shot before the titles was just amazing. This has a bit of "Q" about it (STTNG) YAY!

(22:02:01) Back from watching #FourLions at Stevenage. It didn't disappoint! I won't spoil it with the quotes @poots and I shared on the way home :D

(22:10:07) I have to repeat myself: Chris Morris is a genius. And that he and @AIannucci have both released fabulous films in 12 months is bliss. FACT.

(22:24:08) What a busy, fun and interesting day. Except for the bit when I lost my phone contacts. Which was interesting in its way. Tired now.. night!

Tweets for 14 May 2010


(02:42:39) I'm not awake, honest. (Darn you, empty glass of water).

(05:25:02) Good morning. It's a Friday, isn't it? Well. I think I might wear a tie today. I hope it matches my shirt. A bit. Right... off to work.

(06:05:04) Sunny morning at the airport... A good way to head weekendwards! — at LTN Luton Airport

(06:54:15) "We love Apple" says full page ad by Adobe in FT. But read to the end (via @ruskin147 - back to his fine day job!)

(06:59:01) Is it just me that gets bothered by people breathing loudly on-mic? They invest so much on sound treatment and then it's "Pfffffff fwwww" :D

(07:11:57) One day I will learn how to put my coat on while still seated without excessive flaili — at Baker Street Tube Station

(07:57:21) Isn't it great that the children will grow up and be able to go into any café or pub without having to think "I hope it's not too smoky."

(08:24:13) My #followfriday recommendation is everyone I follow, cos they're fab! Except @mediocre_mum & @canuckuk. Because I want them just for ME :D

(09:35:33) Fantastic coffee here - friendly staff and good company (taking a brief break with @radiokate) — at H.T. Harris

(10:31:47) We've been discussing how we can get my colleague Alan to pass off as Kylie so he gets mobbed when he leaves Radio2. So far, unsuccessfully.

(16:01:41) Highlight of the day: I have lent my sonic screwdriver to someone at Radio 1. That is all.

(16:14:38) Today, I also learned what "Purple" is in British Sign Language.

(16:36:41) Oh flippity flop. And, indeed, bottoms. I just failed to make a nice cup of coffee. BAH.

(18:02:16) The M1 is zooming by and I'm tired out. It's been a busy ol' day, but quite a moderate to good one. Salesmen came but didn't bring biscuits.

(18:28:25) I can see the weekend! It looks a bit like a medium term car park. In fact, it may well — at Holiday Inn LTN Airport

(18:39:18) This is fascinating indeed: TFL releases bus drivers' manual "Big Red Book" (H/T @PontoonDock & @ WhatDoTheyKnow)

(18:51:35) Hmm. I appear to have arrived home to a power cut. I shall take almost all my clothes off in protest till it comes back. You've been warned.

(19:30:43) Eastern Electricity are apparently aware of an underground electrical fault in Luton LU2 9 & LU2 0 and they'll hopefully fix it by 11.30pm!

(19:34:13) Incidentally, if you're in Luton and there's a power cut (whoever your supplier), the automatic lady on 0800 783 8838 is quite helpful. Yes.

(20:00:15) I'm losing interest in this power cut. I am going to take an opportunity to look up hydrogen fuel cell CHP on t'interwebs. Or UPSes anyway.

(20:15:31) I'm passing the port. Please shout if you'd like some. And you're to my left.

(20:28:56) I wish I had an audio recorder running for when the power returned. It made the most glorious noise! Next time. For now: ~electric~ JAMYEH!

(20:48:29) RT @SoShortStories: Fancy writing a *very* short story? Tweet it HERE! Pass it on!

(20:59:34) I had no idea that Oasis sampled the "Amen Break" for "D'you Know What I Mean"... listening to it again, it all makes sense. Quite clever.

(21:24:21) Oh pantaloonicus. @TheBuglePodcast's RSS feed is borked. That does it. I'm going to bed without any supper (although I've already eaten it).

(21:26:19) On the whole, I think I will benefit more from an early night and a good sleep than try and achieve anything else today. Except an AudioBoo.

(21:47:57) audioBoo: Rambling powercut boo

(21:51:55) After all this excitement, I'm going to give up and go to bed. Oh, in #birdtable news: the pigeons have developed ninja skillz. Wow. Night!

Tweets for 13 May 2010


(05:59:28) Good morning... heading down the motorway imminently to have another day. Who knows what Finch — at LTN Luton Airport

(09:11:23) Hmm. Not the best start to a day; misbehaving PC is evading diagnosis. It is no match for me (in theory). Time for a cup of tea now, though.

(10:55:38) If ever there was a good time to sign up for Steam (on PC or mac) it's now.. Portal is FREE till 24th of May! (SFW)

(13:36:04) A fine post by @matt (about radio, naturally) - RAJAR Awareness for Evans, 6Music and Absolute 80s (SFW)

(13:43:56) How remarkable.. I've always been a bit of a webcam fan - here's what @asda has to offer - quire revealing & impressive:

(14:51:19) I'm coping.

(15:59:43) Good heavens. I have a zero-height Tower Of Power. All my PCs have gone (except those two *points*... and my laptop. And my broken monitor).

(17:27:54) Come on, then, coachy. At least it's not drizzling, I s'pose.. :D

(17:29:21) And I can talk to Digital Brian about his hospital radio station... ~zips up anorak~ (which came out as 'amoral' on my iPod Touch...)

(17:37:40) RT @PeachyPics: How lovely. Lots of people have RT my grand opening announcement of in friars square Aylesbury on Saturda ...

(17:41:03) How exciting! @PeachyPics is hosting a Grand Opening of in Friars Square, Aylesbury at 11.30am on Saturday. Wish I could go.

(18:31:52) Is this an airport I see before me? Its runway toward my... er.. coach..?

(20:09:55) I'm watching Frank Skinner's Opinionated on WiiPlayer; I know it's an audience participation show, but there are ~far~ too many crowd shots.

(20:31:00) Outnumbered! Yay! :)

(21:06:01) "Have you ever put milkshake into a radiator?" .. "Yes." .. "Have you ever set fire to your shed by accident?" I was ~crying~ with laughter!

(21:07:42) If you can, I'd recommend watching the "Red button" extras of #Outnumbered.. it is hilarious.. perfect to go to bed on a laugh. Night night!

Tweets for 12 May 2010


(05:30:19) Mornin'! Up / at 'em (to a limited extent)- listening to @charltonbrooker's amusing sneerfest "So Wrong It's Right" (SFW)

(07:09:37) Hmm.. Fighting off a headache.. I want to give blood so I shall resist painkillers. Wonderfully blue skies today - it may well warm up...

(07:19:13) ~Yawn~ coffee in 15 minutes... just one more mile to walk. Have a good day — at Baker Street Tube Station

(07:33:29) #NowPlaying Hockey - Song Away ... another track I'd forgotten I had - great tune!

(09:05:30) Blood donation #fail ... didn't leave it long enough after the hurty bit of my mou — at Blood Donor Centre - West End

(10:05:48) Y'know, last night I was wondering why the PM's two microphones had two windshields.. @record_Producer has the answer:

(10:13:24) I went to get inducted in the lower ground floor, and all I got was a little shiny sticker.

(10:59:12) I think I need a screen break. Dartmoor appeals.

(17:33:13) I'm on the coach. That's about the best I can do at the moment.

(17:35:28) Not ~at~ the O2 Centre per-se, more stopped outside it in a coach. On Finchley Road. — at O2 Centre

(18:30:42) Nearly homeopathic.

(19:07:40) Listening to the lovely LibDem @helenduffett on LBC 97.3 FM talking politics with @PetrieHoskenLBC ( 

(19:27:12) I was going to make a cup of tea, but I think there's a bottle of dandelion & burdock going flat in the downstairs fridge. True story.

(20:38:50) Off to bed with an enormous smile on my face. I know some amazing people. Including you. Goodnight!

(20:51:25) Oh..! Oh..! AND @poots has booked tickets to see #FourLions on Saturday night. It just gets better and betterer. Really going now. Nighty!

Tweets for 11 May 2010


(05:26:45) Preparing to launch. I've probably forgotten something, but I'm sure I'll be able to improvise. Happy Tuesday :)

(05:53:54) Bit brisk this morning... I have to confess to getting the shuttle bus from the top of the hil — at LTN Luton Airport

(06:54:32) It's a little slow on Finchley Road today.. lots of green coaches in the bus lane.

(07:12:23) Amidst the torrent of folk emerging from Marylebone snaking to the tube station. Me? M — at Baker Street Tube Station

(08:17:44) Rumbling through emails.. I have a terrifying amount to do today, much of which involves terrifyingly long documents and tedium. Hey ho.

(11:26:32) Tea time... worth taking ten minutes away from the screen for a cuppa with The Captain :) — at BBC Broadcasting House

(14:01:25) I think @CanfordTweet needs to sort out their database - 36 copies of their catalogue just arrived!

(15:25:58) No diggity. No doubt. No idea what that means.

(17:30:24) I am so glad I'm in a coach heading home.. it's a terribly long way to walk and I feel quite tired. Also, free wi-fi.

(17:42:39) Right. Who's broken Hendon Way? Eh? Something needs to be done <--please note: this sentence contains a verb in the passive voice.

(17:46:01) Ahh.. Brent Cross. I never thought I'd ever be pleased to utter those words. In fact, I'm — at Brent Cross Coach Stop

(19:20:24) In all this political chaos, I did something for the first time on the way home - I watched a full episode of Family Guy. It's quite good.

(21:15:27) Another day (with a brief bit of voicer work done this evening); another trip to unconsciousness yet to enjoy. Good night - sweet dreams!

Tweets for 10 May 2010


(06:32:43) While the boy prepares for his SATs, I'm having an early morning Imogen Heap cramming session; I'd not realised she was half of 'Frou Frou'.

(06:51:34) Off for a shower as @superalora listens to Radio Teddy... top German kids' music. Her choice :D

(07:25:50) Woo! Less (fewer?) than three weeks 'til Eurovision :) I'm shamelessly a great big fan. I'll be keeping up with @ewan's coverage, of course.

(07:30:57) In all the excitement, I've just subscribed to @ewan's The Unofficial #Eurovision Podcast.. - Le JAMYEH!

(08:52:01) I always get a bit grumpy when I hear seagulls in Luton. It sounds like they're taking the mickey :S

(10:01:29) It's an absolute building site here today.. but the Tesco Finest meal deal for £9 looks temptin — at Tesco Dunstable

(10:09:19) I get the sense someone dictated this over the phone... "masala"... "meal centre" [to someone with cloth ears!]

(11:01:27) Ooh.. looks like dear old Hertbeat FM has relaunched as @106Jack .. time to have a listen to find out if they've ruined it (h/t: @JuliaBall)

(13:01:21) My Dad had lunch with Prince Charles yesterday, apparently. I should make a Twitter account called "Cool things my Dad does."

(13:03:43) Also, a bloke dressed in running gear just delivered a leaflet through our letterbox and ran to the next house. Now THAT is applied running.

(13:40:15) Off to hang out with @vobes in the delights of Dunstable. I will take a coat.

(16:08:20) Just had a tasty coffee here with Mr @Vobes after a wander around Dunstable Priory. Two of the highlights of this little town.

(16:38:49) Emergency biscuit accrual complete. — at Asda, Wigmore Lane, Luton

(17:32:39) Having recently discovered the wonders of @ImogenHeap's music, I can't believe it is so underplayed! I'd only ever heard the FrouFrou song!

(18:21:03) My brother came to play & he brought this wonderful piece of history.. @Z80GameCoder - you might like to take note!

(21:29:23) Top evening with my brother, as always.. off to beddy byes with me. Work in the morning. Getting busy with the fizzy. Boop boop. Night!

Tweets for 09 May 2010


(05:42:50) Reading tweets with half-open eyes, as I listen to the tail end of a seriously geeky podcast: clearly a bit early to be awake on a Sunday..!

(07:23:35) "Facefood" is the order of the morning, apparently. This is the eating of cereal (without milk) straight from the bowl with no utensils. Hmm

(07:24:50) I had a very strange dream last night/this morning. It involved tens of people touring our house, while I was ambling round in my pants. :|

(07:55:06) I wonder if I will ever get to the stage where I no longer get star-struck and reduce my status to that of a doe-eyed buffoon on occasion...

(10:58:59) I would never have come up with the name "Wormwood Scrubs." Or "Tooting Broadway" for that matter. They should rename London.

(12:42:51) Good heavens.. some of yer actual sunshine.

(13:28:30) This place always makes @poots nervous... which is why she's not here :D Lots of shin — at Apple Store, Milton Keynes

(13:52:27) Note to self: buy Imogen Heap's "Hide And Seek" - as ruined by (I think) Jason Darulo. The original is heartrendingly lovely. And techy.

(15:41:30) Home! Home & dry. Children are eating panini (Oh yes, Paninaro in training) while I drink coffee for science. I say 'science'; I mean 'fun'.

(15:50:01) Amazing what you can do to a Lego shop in 10 mins :D [pictured: @superalora and her fine work; I may have helped :D]

(16:11:37) Inspired by @LottieLoves1, if you'd like to add my blog (updated about once a week) to GoogleReader, here's a link: (SFW)

(16:15:45) My current listening is @Gazuky at with his amusing "10 Items or Less" music & comedy show. Well worth tuning in :)

(18:23:51) I'm going to test my rubbish "Tweet about brilliant radio shows I'm listening to" system. When it works, it'll be brilliant, I promise.

(19:42:05) A guy called @TwibuteS lost 2000 followers for Cancer Research UK & needs 'em by 13th June: (via @poots & @Bazmati2020)

(19:45:08) I am having a special Glass Of Port moment (thanks @SparkyAnnC!). And tooling around with TomTom. All is peaceful at Geri Halliwell Towers.

(21:29:32) Well, I've avoided Logic crashes long enough to put a suite of samples together.. I may have to do another load tomorrow. #musicaltedium :D

(21:42:37) Right.. better get to bed, since @nxmee has SATs starting tomorrow, so will have to be up early for last-minute revision classes(!) Night :)

Tweets for 08 May 2010


(07:36:14) Good morning to you and Saturday. Bit damp outside, but the good news is that my anti-woodpigeon measures are working. Come on little birds!

(07:36:29) RT @akgpodcast: Kids comp - draw your fantasy tree to win a trip to Kew

(07:39:07) Party bags being filled. There'd better be one for me.

(08:54:06) Having read this: - SFW, I have a nihilistic (and socially isolating?) urge to delete my Facebook account. Just because.

(10:59:52) Time for a cup of tea. This morning has taken an unusual direction. Mainly including the High School Musical soundtrack and emergency Asda.

(12:27:36) And so it begins...

(16:09:09) Home and all tired out after an exhausting party (although I did no trampolining). Time for tea and cake, and to see if any photos came out.

(17:21:30) There are some utterly splendid lines in this week's #DoctorWho - I'll not spoil it.

(18:15:22) Listening to Tracey Smith on Apple AM ( I think I might make a Twitter feed that features my favourite radio shows.

(19:46:19) Sorting out a few photos from this afternoon.. lots of smiles on the party-goers.. I may pick out some to print :)

(20:02:41) I'm mainlining roasted pistachios. This won't end well. Or maybe it will. I've not yet overdosed on nuts before.

(21:04:25) For the benefit of @BaronHawkey, here's that splendid (and not quite SFW) video of protesters on Sky News today. Classic!

Tweets for 07 May 2010


(00:06:41) Well, what a splendid evening. I've really felt part of the #ge2010. Shame I was still up when the Tories won a seat. Night! #C4AltElection

(07:07:47) Good morning, what's-left-of-Britain. Better shave and shower... make myself look semi-acceptable for Chris & Lenni's school events today..

(08:54:50) Part of me just dissolved. Fortunately it's a figurative part, so I don't need paper towels. Or "Plenty" as I believe it's known these days.

(09:28:22) It's times like this that I want to give my two beautiful children a big hug. I'm so lucky to share a snippet of their school life with them

(11:09:10) Walking to work with @poots before lunch and then.. I may actually hide out in the studio for a bit. Not being Morrissey.

(12:07:56) Time to have a sit down and make a list. Catching up with podcasts as I try to work out how to think. This may take a while.

(13:33:12) Woo. I've repaired the errant pitchbend on my keyboard. Now to sort out the birdhouse (not in my soul) before the school run. All good fun.

(14:31:43) Bird table modified to be.. well.. less accommodating to pigeons, but hopefully still caters to smaller birds and visible on the webcam!

(14:33:28) Ahh... the joyful Friday walk home from school with the childrens; a rare treat indeed.

(15:53:09) Waiting for a haircut. By all accounts I'm not aware of a song with that name. Chris is playing on the iTouch; I shall attempt not to doze.

(16:48:26) Here's a pic of @nxmee and me freshly shorn - it took a while, since Alley Barbers was busy, but it was worth it :)

(17:22:14) Off to collect the Smaller Child from Beavers after making a quick modification to my blog homepage to include the Garden Bird Webcam. Top.

(18:53:59) I get the sense that I'll probably not get a huge amount done this evening. A couple of long-overdue emails and maybe some reading. And tea.

(20:11:32) I think I'm going to go to bed. I'm no David Dimbleby.. I shall, instead, wish you a heartfelt goodnight, and pray for a tomorrow. Ta ra!

Tweets for 06 May 2010


(06:25:43) Listening to the last splendid @gdnpolitics Election Daily, I'm still undecided whom to vote for (but I'm clear who's NOT getting my vote!)

(06:26:14) RT @GdnPolitics: Help us map voting turnout: tweet #ukvote + 1st half of yr postcode after you vote #ge2010

(06:54:15) Good grief Finchley Road is jam-packed again. I guess rush hour's started a little early today. Coffee is only 25 minutes away, though...

(07:07:37) Time for that last walk to work, accompanied by a Genius Playlist based on Election Da — at Baker Street Tube Station

(08:16:50) S'pose I'd better go fix my firewall again. I managed to break it before reading the instruction manual again. All coffeed up though JAMYEH!

(10:12:47) Time for a cuppa and some mafipulation of INI files. Yes, it's all Thursday fun in World Of Me.

(11:33:56) I just had a spontaneous cup of coffee with my big brother.. good to see him, on a delightfully sunny day as well. Back to the grind now!

(11:42:44) I can feel the inevitable hand of bappage on my shoulder. This sentence contains the word "salami".

(11:56:36) Woo! Apparently you can vote using any pen. I'm going to bring my lucky voting pen. JAMYEH! Now, I just need to find a lucky voting pen.

(12:18:39) This afternoon I will answer every question with "That's all very well, but what is that in percentage terms?"

(15:19:45) This is brilliant! (sfw) #Radio4 puts TV election coverage in context (via radio stalwarts @stuartthomas & @TrevorDann)

(16:46:43) I think I might just wind down for the day... I have some Important Voting To Do with my Voting Pen. More fun & action soon, probably. GONE!

(17:25:14) RT @stopsleyvicar: Voted. Nobody tried to kill me. Thankful for peaceful democracy.

(17:26:52) It's rare that I occupy a booth of any description; it is with some trepidation that I slowly edge along Finchley Road, destined to do so.

(17:45:24) Brilliant.. the classic Wurlitzer jukebox in the basement of BH has been repaired! It looks & sounds ~lovely~

(17:55:33) Ad for #channel4's satirical fun tonight. Three sneery men? More than made up for by @ProfBrianCox (not pictured)

(18:12:18) Note to self: find a copy of "Blake's Junction 7" on DVD or elsewhere. It looks hilarious and has Mark Heap in it. (thanks to @Bazmati2020)

(18:23:34) Perfect weather for a walk down the hill to vote :) — at LTN Luton Airport

(18:59:03) I did some voting. I used my lucky pen. One of @Esther4Luton's pals was th — at St Francis Church, Carteret Rd, Luton

(19:00:26) #ukvote LU2

(20:11:01) I'm enjoying a bottle of Bateman's Spring Breeze #ale while watching #Channel4's irreverent election coverage. Nom!

(20:34:38) I'd never seen Come Dine With Me before. Is it always like that? How is that different to a family lunchtime? :D #c4altelection

(20:48:46) RT @giagia: "Ha! Jimmy Carr just called Brian "Walking Talking Stephen Hawking"- Chris Morris called him that first." // I chuckled at that!

(20:59:14) Mainlining pistachios while enjoying the second of a trio of ales my lovely Mother-in-law gave me. I'm a lucky human being :)

(20:59:46) Good heavens, some sensible/normal people. #C4AltElection.

(21:25:02) Onto #realale number 2 - Bateman's again, this time it's a ruby beer called "Dark Lord". Incredibly rich & sweet.

(21:27:02) Long Legged Cleggy Weggy is trending? Who'd have thunk it? One of these days there'll be an election won by the Twitterati.

(21:42:34) I like the ad breaks on the #C4AltElection - means I can immerse myself in some Paxby and Dimbleman for three-and-a-half minutes.

(21:48:32) I'm being told by @poots that police are turning people away from polling stations... there's something clearly wrong there.

(21:49:28) Woo! #LutonS gets a mention on #C4AltElection... I voted there :D

(21:55:32) I'm well underway with the pretzels, listening to people talking about not voting. I feel so involved.

(21:57:35) That young lad in the pink shirt is going to get torn apart. And he deserves to be. I have no sympathy for apathy. #C4AltElection

(22:00:59) Armando @AIannucci! He is ~owning~ this interview. The rest of them need to blow their noses. #c4AltElection

(22:06:10) He's called Professor Vernon Bognador. #C4AltElection Ad Break.

(22:12:30) I've completely lost track of #C4AltElection .. I was expecting You Have Been Watching. Although isn't that the Banzai theme..?

(22:21:05) Woo.. #LutonS on #BBC1 now.. trying to locate where they are.. Regional Sports Centre or the Drill Hall?

(22:34:17) The final #realale of the evening - Wychwood's Goliath. Right down the middle with a hint of citrus & burnt malt.

(22:58:25) Henning Wehn on #C4AltElection! Can't wait for him to be all odd looking and amusing. And forrin.

Tweets for 05 May 2010


(05:54:05) It's that time again... the airport is quiet (comparably) with more people in day-glo jackets — at LTN Luton Airport

(07:05:19) Another lovely chill morning in London town, although the air is thick with fumes. Wea — at Baker Street Tube Station

(09:53:25) I was linked to this by my brother.. it's an algorithmic music sequencer: (YT - sfw) .. bleepshow potential, @petecooper?

(14:50:31) RT @giagia & @OpheliaBottom Cutting Women for Fun Is there a hashtag for this? #DannyDyerDeservesSocialOstracization? :/

(15:05:53) RT @OpheliaBottom: Hashtag is #dyerzoo [ re:Cutting Women for Fun ]

(15:14:42) This afternoon I am mostly doing battle with an ISDN dial-up and a firewall. In another building. I can see many trips there & back ahead...

(15:15:24) "I don't think Adolf the red-nosed Nazi really had a shiny nose" #thingsErrolsays [he is now singing along with drum'n'bass. He is unaware/]

(15:30:41) Hello, Mr Wind. I would like to introduce you to Mr Caution. Please feel free to have a chat; if you want me, I'll be installing a firewall.

(16:52:53) I found myself a nice quiet place to settle to fiddle with my firewall. It nearly works. Nearly, however, is not quite good enough. Tomorow.

(17:27:35) I may well be on a Lutonward coach. Today's featured @easyBus driver is a lovely cheery lady who seemed genuinely happy to see me. ~likes~

(18:16:27) Yay.. nearly at the airport. This is good squeezy.

(18:24:31) Yomping home... hoping it doesn't rain. — at Holiday Inn LTN Airport

(19:30:44) Wow... @poots told me a story galvanising my view that the @royalmail posties round here are BRILLIANT :) They're always helpful & friendly.

(20:11:48) Hmm. Too early for bed, yet scant time for studio shenanigans. I think some email catching up and ~yes~ maybe even some reading is in order.

(20:51:03) Bedtime betimes betims betis bets bet be b. All that and free sleep, too. Night!

Tweets for 04 May 2010


(06:16:21) ~yawn~ I'm not quite sentient yet. Trying to remember if I took some more coffee to work. Supplies are getting low... ~dozes off~ Morning :)

(07:05:32) It's a bit slow on the road this morning.. surprising, given how sunny it is. Nearly time to disembark, though...

(07:09:02) ~stretches legs~ lovely blue sky over London this morning. Time to put the iPod on ran — at Baker Street Tube Station

(07:36:41) Where did I put my coffee..? WHERE? I'm hunting high and low.. ooaahhhhhhhhh (/A-ha)

(08:21:53) Crisis over... I've found my new pack of coffee - I'd been carrying it back and forth to the office in an obscure section of my work bag :D

(09:14:59) A very well-balanced Independent article about the Gilian Duffy furore by @AIannucci (via @CharltonBrooker)

(09:39:54) In a meeting with my boss's boss and my boss's boss's boss. I suppose I ought really to pay lots of attention. Or at least look like it.

(12:04:46) Time for a cheese bap. That's what I do, y'see.

(15:32:08) Oh heavens.. it's 4.30pm.. who's run off with Tuesday? Come on, own up. It'd better not be those coffee-stealing gremlins again..

(16:25:45) If someone is vaunted as a "Social Media Expert" should I have heard of him..? Because I haven't.

(18:27:27) Ambling home after quite a well-written 4th season finale of Heroes. Save for Saturday night whimsy, that's about it for my telly viewing...

(20:54:49) I hope that strange unearthly sound I can hear outside my headphones is the washing machine in the room next door.

(20:57:54) Well, a pleasant evening in the studio catching up with an old Czech pal; better get to bed now, otherwise the morning will attack. Night!

Tweets for 03 May 2010


(07:25:45) Good morning! I'm being educated about "taunt kills" by Chris (it's a Team Fortress 2 thing). Bionicle time soon; less aggressive in theory!

(07:59:14) Fresh* home-made* porridge crafted* delicately* for Eleanor. It looks like there's the tiniest soupçon of sunshine outside. JAMYEH! (*ish)

(10:20:39) Indoor family fun so far this morning - here are our Bionicle creations (under the instruction of @nxmee)

(11:11:38) Family indoor play day part 2 (as the hail tumbles from the sky) - Lenni and I are playing Syzygy ( - great game!

(14:28:55) While the children watch Friends Of Dorothy, I'm off to the loft to harvest some vintage computer gear...anyone fancy a game of Chuckie Egg?

(20:50:16) Some things, it is official, never change. I am still unable to complete Wizball on the Atari ST. Walkthroughs are clearly a modern thing :D

(21:06:46) Right. Time to see if that small serving of chocolate covered coffee beans earlier was such a good idea.. off to bed. Good night, smashing!

Tweets for 02 May 2010


(06:28:44) Good morning! Time to make some coffee - I've also got my fingers crossed for @HenrysmumUK, whose waters went last night... exciting times!

(07:21:40) Fantastic quote on Material World: "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research." Hence, my life is a research project :D #radio4

(07:36:16) Right.. time to find Appropriate Clothes For The Day And Weather and apply them after I've hosed myself down. Please avert your gaze.

(08:26:08) More often than not, I am grateful for the existence of the last minute. It's amazing how much I can get done because of it.

(10:48:45) Here's a philosophical question: should I learn to deal with receiving compliments? It's one of my few awkwardnesses (and thankfully rare!)

(11:37:38) On board the train to lunchester.. @poots is a very capable driver :)

(13:07:23) Is that a little sunshine I see..? It may well be 'escape into the outdoors' time...

(15:35:17) My ninja pancake-making skillz have been somewhat tempered by the pancake batter jug tipping over. Flip that, crêpe sensai!

(17:46:17) Sleepy. Less coffee tomorrow, I think.

(19:26:53) Woo.. it's amazing how some yummy fresh home-made rhubarb and custard can perk me up.. I may actually get off this chair and do something.

(20:06:30) Displacement activity? I don't need no displacement activity! (now: repairing the pitchbend in my Alesis keyboard)

(22:04:05) I suppose I ought to get to bed before I break anything else. My keyboard keeps randomly jumping into capitals. How confounding. Nightie! :)

Tweets for 01 May 2010


(05:27:26) The dawn chorus is vibrant this morning. Or at least it was... I think they've stopped for a cuppa :D

(06:01:00) Half hour doze, I think.

(07:39:07) A shredded wheat cereal bar would just be a shredded wheat, wouldn't it..? Breakfast and coffee time.

(09:29:32) Wow.. @TimHarford's More Or Less podcast ( - SFW) is the most informative podcast I've heard during the election. #radio4

(09:31:36) Taking a break from Children's Room Detoxification to research @canuckuk's MissMarpleville village May Day celebrations. May pole ahoy! :)

(12:04:17) Listening to Fun Kids over lunch. I really shouldn't follow "We're round at @matt's" jingle between songs with "..and Matt's gone for a poo"

(12:14:39) Mounting a final assault on the upstairs vacuuming while listening to the @RadioAcademy podcast. Yes, @TrevorDann - it's hoovering radio :D

(13:10:28) I think I might blow the dust out of my hair by taking the children to the park in a bit. Some birdwatching may be on the agenda. JAMYEH!

(14:04:54) Watching the children throw themselves around the climbing frame. Resisting joining — at Manor Road Recreation Ground

(14:46:05) Will we get the children home before it rains? There's only one way to find out... ruuuuuunnnn!

(15:35:37) All tired out now. Cuppa tea and a sit down. I might even write a (long overdue) blog entry. Hmm. Yeah.

(16:14:24) RT @stopsleyvicar: What closing sentence would you use to finish a Gospel if you were one of the writers? Pleaase RT (Sermon research)

(17:29:12) I've posted something in my blog: Studiology (and "Finchley Road")

(17:53:26) Two words: Little Red Riding Hood. #doctorwho. Genius.

(18:10:54) Oh wow.. I knew there was something missing when Russell T Davies was writing #DoctorWho... and next week it's VAMPIRES!

(19:34:38) I think I might take a glass of red wine down to the studio and get on with something constructive. Anybody want to be serenaded? :D

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