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Tweets for 30 Apr 2010


(05:54:29) Good morning. Preparing for launch in a big orange cuboid, which will hurtle splendidly down t — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/c/FLcj

(06:53:06) Is it really the @corfmeister's birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Corrie! Hope you get to do everything you like best today (thanks to @BaronHawkey)

(06:55:26) Uhoh.. Lords Cricket Ground already? I'd better put my boots back on and get ready to disembark. Coffee is just four random songs away..

(07:16:08) The random walk-to-work selection has been delightfully @poots centric.. two Chicago songs & a Jason Mraz. Love it. Love @poots #NowPlaying

(09:09:04) Right. Time to balance the gravitational forces of Excel Spreadsheets & Bacon Sarnies. They say it's a weak force. They are lying. Mostly.

(10:48:18) I've just read about the "English Defence League" protest tomorrow (prompted by a tweet by @binabery). One question: Why Aylesbury?! Odd.

(13:23:18) Poor old labour. Grey skies, grey people.. the only thing green is the Volkswagen Golf that crashed into the grey bus stop.

(13:28:42) Too much of my food is ending up on the floor today.

(16:42:56) I have had a quite unbelievably clunky afternoon. I shall make some coffee and go home. No. I shall make coffee, drink it and THEN go home.

(17:32:47) There's an aroma being carried on the dank air, detectable among the fumes & rapeseed pollen. It may be torrential rain. Or a long weekend.

(17:40:40) Bring it on, raininess... I can take it! I'm on an @easyBus. [please note: when I get to the airport, I need you to go away, thankyouplease]

(17:41:20) How many maths do I need to have to be a polymath?

(18:09:31) The matrix signs say '60' ... the coach is going at.. 60. Hurrah! Long may that continue. Or for at least 9 miles :D

(21:02:10) Yay for Friday night studio time! Second version of radio voicer recorded; now I'm having a go at installing the Independence Free sampler.

(22:35:30) Right.. I might have a more-or-less functioning studio (or at least it doesn't go silent every time an electrical appliance is switched on).

(22:37:22) I can hear the sound of losses being gradually snipped, so it's time I made a hasty exit. Night night - especially good luck, @HenrysmumUK!

(22:49:54) Oh! Lovely science music to end the day - Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking sing(!) : http://bit.ly/MkSRM (h/t @rebeccawoodhead & @zany_zigzag)

Tweets for 29 Apr 2010


(05:25:02) Good morning. I woke up before the alarm today, which is Quite Good. Listening to the end of Mark Steele before disappearing up the road...

(07:02:02) Off the coach and down the road, I still look like a scruffbag, even though I'm wearin — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/c/Ftse

(12:34:53) I popped out for an amble & saw this little chap tied up outside the office. Dogs scare me, but he's SO cute! http://yfrog.com/b8rorj

(14:39:51) It's time for another "Identify that bird" challenge. It looks like a fat chaffinch! [sorry about the lack of clar http://twitpic.com/1jdyd7

(14:56:44) I am eating a surprisingly nice apple.

(17:19:45) Emergency ale procurement for tonight: Badger's Blandford Fly. Perfect for the #leadersdebate tonight. With ginger! http://yfrog.com/bhvx0j

(17:22:25) Emergency ale procurement for tonight: Badger's Blandford Fly. Perfect for #leadersdebate tonight. With ginger! http://yfrog.com/0lwmoij

(18:04:01) I am starting to get frustrated with my sore, unsightly mouth. I wish I knew how to do things with lasers. Lasers are ALWAYS the answer.

(18:36:00) RT @RadioKate: I am resigned to the fact that unless every one of my Twitter followers votes for @bbc_sos in the Webbys we won't win. ht ...

(18:37:09) It smells like it's been raining here. Raining with car exhaust.

(19:48:44) I think Gordon is looking more splendid than usual. Which is really saying something. Probably bigoted #LeadersDebate

(19:50:28) I didn't spot that David Cameron was sinister at the last #LeadersDebate ... also, I'm not taking the blindest bit of notice of these men.

(19:51:19) I wonder what David Cameron's silly little moustache looks like in HD #LeadersDebate

(19:54:05) Have Brown & Cameron made arrangements to ignore Clegg entirely? It's "Nobody's talking to Nick" night.. will he capitalise? #LeadersDebate

(20:01:53) Why has each politician got two lapel mics AND two lectern mics? With 12 microphones they could record a vegetable orchestra #LeadersDebate

(20:06:47) (Why 12 mics?) RT @tamarakuzminski: so there's an even greater chance of one of them still being on when the filming finishes...

(20:07:47) Nick Clegg mentioned Sheffield again... ~large gulp of beer~ This won't end well #LeadersDebate

(20:09:16) RT @owenblacker: <pedant> Oh Nick, I like you but [...] you're not currently an MP for anywhere. There are no MPs #leadersdebate </pedant>

(20:19:19) Go on, Gordon. Mention Rotherham. Even though it's in Yorkshire. (I think..) #LeadersDebate

(20:23:54) I would say that my #toryname is Arthur Ayleswade-Campbell.

(20:33:02) RT @regularjen: Oh dude. Just made the Ferengi/Brown connection. No wonder he likes numbers. #leadersdebate #startrek

(20:43:34) Frisbee the fluffy guinea pig purrs whenever David Cameron speaks. Something of a Conservative Cavy. http://is.gd/bNxnJ #LeadersDebate

(21:04:56) RT @mediocre_mum: RT @benjamincohen: Very funny screengrab from the #LeadersDebate http://twitpic.com/1jge7b // @syz: that is MIGHTY fine!

(21:05:51) Well, that's all over, then. The thing I'm most impressed with is that none of them slipped over on that shiny shiny floor. #LeadersDebate

Tweets for 28 Apr 2010


(05:30:02) Good morning.. I'm behind the curve again, so this tweet will have to remain brief. Which is obvious, really. It's a tweet. Commuuuuuute!

(05:58:47) The #radio4 iPlayer comedy offerings from yesterday were a documentary about a git and a drab sitcom. Hurrah for the Vote Now Show, then!

(06:02:24) Heading to London on a fine @easyBus coach. Some are green — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/c/FaHg

(06:09:42) It's a bit busy on the ol' M1 this morning... something of a rarity at the time.

(06:52:38) Today's @easyBus driver is clearly tired. Either that or he simply likes to play Magic 105.4 at an almost intolerable volume. Westlife. Ack.

(13:23:06) I was reminded of this poem at the beginning of this meeting: James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree... http://is.gd/bLvGw

(13:43:03) This meeting has moved on to being about meetings.

(15:37:27) Woo.. last meeting of the day. Marvellous.

(16:56:30) Time to disappear homeward. Feeling the first stresses and strains in the departmental reorganisation. I shall remain duke of spreadsheets.

(17:26:35) RT @billt: Relatively few #bigotgate tweets in my stream- testimony to the intellectual cachet of those I follow, clearly :-) //syz: agreed!

(17:31:39) This evening's featured @easyBus driver has no idea how to switch air conditioning on. Fortunately, he knows how to point a coach at Luton.

(18:08:24) I proffer a little mashup silliness, courtesy of MashupTown.com (for all your music mangling needs): http://is.gd/bLTb4 (sfw)

(18:09:11) Well, hello St Albans. The motorway must be crappy this evening. If you see a big orange coach go by, please wave!

(18:48:33) Ambling, achey-legged, home. Still, the M1 doesn't break all that often. ~jinxed~ — at Ibis Hotel LTN Airport http://gowal.la/c/Fkip

(20:01:27) Hmm. Just hmm.

(20:35:12) Right.. I think it's time I stuffed the rest of Wednesday in a jiffy bag and sent it to a Freepost address I found in the Daily Mail. Night!

Tweets for 27 Apr 2010


(05:09:07) Up up & away, to the strains of @realDMitchell on the Quite Funny Unbelievable Truth, where I first heard Henning Wehn. Smashing. Mornin'!

(05:31:46) Righty potity, better get my trousers and related clothing up the hill to catch the Coach Of Tuesday Commutes. Please have a splendid day :)

(06:55:18) Finchley Road's a bit slow today... time to catch up with work emails while I listen to the Guardian daily politics podcast.

(07:04:14) 15 minutes between me and coffee. And my goodness I'm thirsty this morning! — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/c/ETSJ

(07:46:17) I'm beginning to understand why folk bring their laptops to meetings.. it's so they can get on with proper work when it gets boring. Genius.

(07:54:52) What is it with these cars? Ford Kuga: http://is.gd/bJtx8 (inflated Fiesta) & BMW X6 (http://is.gd/bJtLY) (inflated 5-series) #inflatedcars

(08:19:49) "And now, a party election broadcast from the BNP. This may contain disturbing and offensive content from the start." #ge2010

(08:59:48) Hungry now. I wonder if I can delay my 10am meeting until, say, 10.15....

(09:43:06) IKEA knows how to do marketing - BRÜN, KAMERUN and KLEGGI kitchens.. hilarious! http://bit.ly/ce5BIu (SFW) - via @CakeGroup & @Sophiehobson

(14:59:06) I've successfully negotiated the Three phone menu labyrinth and spoken to a nice lady who has accepted my phone PAC thing. So complicated!

(15:26:23) I sometimes wonder if meeting attendance can prove fatal? I suspect my soul may be trying to escape through my doc martens. Surreptitiously.

(16:30:14) I will be leaving this meeting in less than 7 minutes. Progress has been slow, and despite our collaboration, it's been most unhelpful.

(16:49:42) Oh, and it doesn't help that I'm a major league scruffbag today. I totally don't look smashing, unless you squint. And face away from me.

(17:00:50) Better knock it on the head and wend my merry way. Or merr my wendy way. Race you to the bus stop, Digital Brian!

(17:31:24) Homeward on a coach thing. Today's featured @easyBus driver is lovely- he calls me 'bro' & always asks how I am. Happy to be alive, I reply.

(17:34:09) It's the time of year when I need to bring a water bottle with me to work, requiring delicate optimisation of capacity/weight/inconvenience.

(18:24:48) Saved 5 mins of the homeward walk, since the coach driver dropped me off here. JAMYEH! — at Holiday Inn LTN Airport http://gowal.la/c/F36R

(21:07:40) audioBoo: studio wiring (pretty-much) finished boo http://boo.fm/b121524

(21:09:15) Bed. A bit late again.. one of these days I'll get 8 hours! Night night :)

Tweets for 26 Apr 2010


(07:14:08) I had better get up. Not least because I think there's a bee behind the curtains. Out the window, you...

(07:58:36) Children duly deposited at school.. homeward to resist going back to bed.. too much to do! A refreshing shower is in order. Then Tesco :D

(08:13:04) Less clicking, more dousing in warm water with Radox's finest products.

(08:15:47) Oh that's too funny.. watching the woodpigeon try to feed from the little birdhouse, which is just ~too~ small for him/her to perch on :D

(08:26:15) I find #radio4's Feedback podcast is best half listened-to at double speed. I'm less likely to end up bashing my head on the wall that way.

(09:52:54) Into the arms of mammon to purchase cheese (among other provisions) — at Tesco Dunstable http://gowal.la/c/ED1g

(12:11:52) Next #LutonS debate! "How to renew democracy & restore faith in politics?" 7.30 tomorrow St Andrew’s Church. #GE2010 (via @JoeHallForLuton)

(12:15:50) I'm going to brandish the Dyson for a bit. Can I hoover anything for you?

(13:43:49) Best David Cameron photo of the election campaign so far: http://ow.ly/i/1g5M (via @leica0000 via @capn_b) #ge2010

(13:48:14) It's coffee time. Coffee and some little wafer things from Londis (we went to the H&H Café first but they didn't seem to do cake). JAMYEH!

(14:03:30) Nearly school run time.. scooter hurtling fun. Good exercise for me trying to keep up, though. Hoping the caffeine boost kicks in soon!

(16:36:05) I just misheard @poots.. apparently she didn't say "Chris, don't wear that facebook app indoors".. it was "baseball cap". I'm not obsessed.

(16:37:55) I promised Lenni a Quad amp when she gets her first home.. couldn't decide what to go with it... her idea: "cardboard Poundland speakers" :D

(16:43:19) I am unable to resist the temptation to wire one more thing into my rack. It's like an addiction, this studio engineering....

(19:09:22) Am I being completely thick, or have Apple removed the 'categories' for iPhone applications in the iTunes Apps store? Quite frustrating...

(19:10:22) Dear heavens.. I've found the 'Categories' - it's on a normally invisible drop-down menu along the top. *sighs* Righty oh, then.

(20:43:30) Well, the functional testing of the studio didn't go well, but I know what I need to do, and there's always tomorrow... and the next day...

(20:44:19) I s'pose I'd better get showered and bedded.. back to the commute tomorrow, so I need a good night's sleep. Cocoa first, though. Nighty!

Tweets for 25 Apr 2010


(00:44:11) Well that took slightly longer than I expected. Still, cables all buzzed & the rack's back together. The tidying can wait till later! Night!

(07:19:26) Morning. I'm a bit tired and making the appropriate noises.

(07:58:25) It's raining... I've got a St George's Day scouting parade to marshal later. As @nxmee astutely pointed out, it's all @nickcleggsfault. Bah!

(10:30:13) Yay! Rain stoppage! I had another thought, but it's gone. The children wore their Beaver/Cub uniform to church & Chris did a reading. Aww.

(11:11:42) That @kathyclugston can't resist a challenge (unless it's running/falling). Yes! Sailing By on ukulele! http://bit.ly/bBHvnb #radio4 *bliss*

(12:43:12) Waiting with @nxmee and @superalora on St George's Square, Luton for the St George's Scouting parade to start. http://yfrog.com/2tl04j

(13:06:39) Dressed all in day-glo, waiting for King Of The Marshals to show up. http://yfrog.com/5xujkj

(14:13:13) Luton's St George's Parade, with @nxmee carrying the flag & @superalora beaming happily on a sunny spring afternoon. http://yfrog.com/49y92j

(14:45:03) Sweltering. Beth's buying short-sleeved cardigans, which makes sense. — at Matalan, Castle St., Luton http://gowal.la/c/Eogp

(15:56:13) Home again and all tired out. The sky's getting a bit dark - having a cup of rooibos to perk me up before the downpour begins. Good timing!

(16:21:35) I'm going to hide downstairs for a bit. Patch cables to build and a studio to tidy. Nearly finished (almost definitely).

(16:22:56) Listening to @gazuky on http://www.rhubarbradio.com while I apply wire cutters to all kinds of unusual materials. What a fine combination.

Tweets for 24 Apr 2010


(07:16:49) Helloo. A brief tweet before immersing myself in full-on family life for the morning. With coffee and Gormiti (apparently). Happy Saturday!

(07:56:03) There's no hope.. http://publications.teachernet.gov.uk/ (or "maybe the IT team should have a read of the documents when they get a mo...")

(08:06:00) My early morning listening was "Meet David Sedaris" (as recommended by @SteveDoherty1) - most amusing! http://is.gd/bFR3q (iPlayer - SFW)

(08:38:43) If you see me picking at the little sore bit on the right side of my mouth, please tell me to stop. What am I, five years old or something?

(11:02:19) I like @poots's Generic TV Presenter theory by age range: Justin Fletcher --> @BarneyHarwood --> Richard Hammond --> ..er.. Adrian Chiles?

(13:00:48) Back to the Bizarre Gormiti/PicturekaFlipper Game I've been playing with Lenni, after an interesting email exchange with Mr @Vobes. Rooibos!

(14:12:15) Watching "Gastronuts" - the children love it... the secrets of the food we eat. Stefan Gates is an excellent presenter :)

(14:26:11) Oop.. #facebook fail. Too many people clicking "Like" on the fabulous Rik Mayall England video: http://is.gd/bGcms (YT - sfw) I can see why!

(16:45:58) I'm going to hide in the studio while the children watch people falling about under the expert guidance of Richard Hammond.

(17:03:26) This place could do with a tidy. I ought to finish wiring up my headphone amplifier first, though... http://yfrog.com/jqhpzj

(17:46:43) They have fantastic torches on #DoctorWho ... LED splendidness.

Tweets for 23 Apr 2010


(06:36:57) Good morning and Happy St George's Day! I'll be celebrating by using my entire repertoire of regional accents, one every 30 minutes.

(08:02:28) A fairly mundane 12/20 on this week's @PodQuiz - prize round though (hooray!) - win a t-shirt or a badge/button http://www.podquiz.com :)

(08:22:25) Oh I do love coffee, especially when I'm suffering from withdrawal. I'm in a fine, feisty mood now. In the mood for some Cabaret Voltaire.

(08:42:25) I'm REALLY enjoying @StuartMaconie's breakfast show on #6Music this morning. Especially the Oompah Brass band: http://is.gd/bEEL8 JAMYEH!

(09:55:25) Trundling on... doing mostly third line support stuff today, which makes a change from spreadsheets and project consultancy. Hungry, though.

(12:25:26) I don't think big, I think fast.

(13:39:00) Am I the only person who's really bothered when a phone is ringing and not being answered..?

(17:37:26) Heading homeward, feeling buoyant, if a little weary. Deleting apps on my i600 in the hope of getting it to work better(!) I have plans...

(17:40:30) A complete pillock on a motorbike just zoomed off the pavement, blindsiding the coach as it pulled into a stop. Could've got himself killed!

(18:19:37) Homeward bound. Walky walky. Weekend!

(18:46:17) Rar! Wi-fi connection sharing on my i600 is go! Time to see if I can transfer my number to Three, then bye bye Orange.. hello permatweet! :D

(20:06:49) Right. Plan for this evening: put PJs on; go into the studio to finish wiring my equipment rack, so I can record a piece for the @vobesshow!

(20:41:46) Interesting.. Orange's India service desk passed me to a British operator to deal with issuing a PAC to transfer my number. Soft touch..?

(20:44:14) Drinking some Fiege beer - brewed in Bochum - kindly brought back by @sparkyannc from her visit there. Reminds me of German nights out...

Tweets for 22 Apr 2010


(05:00:34) Wake up, james! In the next couple of hours, at least...

(05:35:21) Uhoh.. best dash. See you on the other side of a dozy commute!

(06:52:10) Not sure what was going on with the M1 this morning.. it involved a police car in the middle of the road. 15 minutes late now.. bloop.

(07:04:17) I nearly forgot! Today's Featured @easyBus driver is a very helpful man with an encyclopedic knowledge of London Transport. Top bloke.

(08:02:38) I have coffee. Finally. Starting to get a bit peckish, now..

(08:03:10) The temptation to see if I can get a whole creme egg in my mouth is tempered by the lack of them in any of the nearby shops.

(08:36:21) They're talking about snooker again. SHUT UP ERROL :D

(08:55:09) The gutters on my house are full, and it's too high to be able to do anything about it. My vertigo is definitely #nickcleggsfault.

(09:02:27) Nick Clegg was responsible for Eldorado being cancelled #NickCleggsFault

(10:10:50) I was out of the office when my colleagues went to the bacon roll shop #nickcleggsfault

(10:12:56) RT @Richard_C: Nick Clegg is responsible for the blame culture in today's society #NickCleggsFault

(10:15:08) It's approaching "Right.." o'clock. Time to find out how to get a DLL distributed over a bunch of machines and rework my spreadsheet. Again.

(10:22:13) Twelve? There are TWELVE candidates for #LutonS now? Is having more candidates better or worse in a 'first past the post' system? #GE2010

(10:56:59) RT @judisue: Whatever you're #nowplaying, turn in up at midday for #MalcolmMcClaren & have one #MINUTEOFMAYHEM in honour of his death.

(16:23:34) Ooh.. a song about it being #nickcleggsfault ! http://is.gd/bDIdb (SFW. Reggae) Well done, thesuburbanpirate.com - very laid back.

(16:25:32) I am shaking my head in disbelief. Everything that is broken here is #nickcleggsfault.

(16:28:21) I can't think of a way of implementing a three way swingometer that won't look like Jeremy Vine is stirring broth. #ge2010

(18:30:39) Schlomping home. I'm on a bit of a roll this week.. short walks all the way. Home, hug the childrens, eat food, watch the debate. Sorted :)

(19:18:25) Arcadia gets a bad press from Gordon Brown. OK, they were hardly Duran Duran, but still.. #LeadersDebate

(19:23:43) I am waiting for David Cameron to say "Now I met a chicken this week..." #LeadersDebate

(19:30:51) With apologies for the idiom, I lost my @YoSushi virginity today. They were lovely and gentle with me. And tasty. http://yfrog.com/5nphwfj

(19:36:59) I've stopped looking at the television because those three keep staring at me. I'm frightened and going to make a cup of tea. #LeadersDebate

(20:09:13) I just had a conversation about the noise the dishwasher was making. This programmme is no longer remarkable. #LeadersDebate

(20:16:20) RT @pj_kent: Figured out what this is... it's Loose Women meets Grumpy Old Men. #LeadersDebate

(20:56:20) I'm glad Sky put on the #LeadersDebate to finish in time for #Outnumbered. Just the laughs I need before bed.

(21:25:21) Bedtime comes round quickly on a Thursday evening. And so I shall bid you a fond goodnight, and thank you for making my day such a good'un.

Tweets for 21 Apr 2010


(05:23:55) Ahh the delicate sound of jet engines (I think. Or it might be next door's Audi. The windows are shut) Time to see what the airport's doing.

(06:10:54) Wow, the sky is a defiant blue as the sun spills yellow on the horizon.. but planes are intent on colouring it all in white & stripey again.

(06:54:57) This morning's featured @easyBus driver likes to whistle along quietly to Heart. Such is the variety of humankind.

(07:08:09) iPod on random again for the last 15 minutes of the commute. First up: Oasis/Carpenters — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/s/826

(07:34:23) C'mon, Carstairs NcKenzie. You know what to do.

(11:49:40) I've only been and gone and bumped into @helenduffett outside BH this morning. What a pleasant eventuality! http://yfrog.com/5cnzij

(12:02:33) RT @YOSushi: Free sushi plate in London YO!s today and tmrw. Text Twitter to 60300 and show ur code instore to claim. Central London only.

(12:15:13) Time to stop thinking and start eating. Although I am just about to chop a cucumber, so best not completely turn off my brain. Bon appetit!

(14:22:18) Right. I need some peace to deal with Borked Things and redraw my (current) Excel Spreadsheet Of Doom for the third time. SHUSH COLLEAGUES.

(15:49:57) Well. I need to make more progress. I shall do that now. Comedy quote of the afternoon: "The finger of fudge is pointing at YOU."

(16:02:48) Hmm.. is it normal at this stage that the betting shops start influencing the election through news reporting of their odds? #ge2010 #lutonS

(17:25:07) Workday: done... and doner.

(17:53:03) I always feel a bit unwell at this time on a Wednesday. A slightly less than satisfactory workday, buoyed with some bright moments.

(19:24:59) This is why I will vote UKIP.. er.. or not: http://is.gd/bCmFI (SFW) - Lord Pearson does his John Fortune impression (thanks to @gazuky!)

(19:39:35) Enjoying last week's You Have Been Watching. It's got Liza Tarbuck in, and she is quite, quite lovely. FACT.

(19:54:56) It's great to see Twitter handles appearing in the credits of TV shows.. only about 8 steps from actually being on the programme. Probably.

(21:36:41) Right. No more arranging of little bits of paper onto old PO jack sockets. Sleep is more important. So I leave you with this: night! ~zonk~

Tweets for 20 Apr 2010


(05:30:10) Here we go, then.. good morning & everything. I'm celebrating the return of Total Podcastrophe (http://www.totalpodcastrophe.com) podcast!

(06:52:03) It's one of those peculiar days where it starts cold & warms up; consequently I've too many clothes on. I also have a grazed knuckle. Klutz!

(06:53:35) Coach-based excitement for today: man misses stop because driver didn't announce it. I know how frustrating that is. All quite calm, though.

(07:02:04) Striding purposefully to work. Not ambling in the slightest. — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/s/826

(09:07:57) Screenbreak. Or Twitterbreak, really. Before a meeting at half-past ten. I have too many meetings today.

(12:45:06) Hmm.. Another meeting in 15 minutes (penultimate of the day) ... I think some coffee may be in order. Some ginger cake would be nice, too.

(17:37:49) Tonight's featured @easyBus driver is quiet, subdued and a little scruffy. But he he's driving safely, and surely that's all that matters..?

(17:50:29) RT @transitionluton: Interested in alternative energy for your house & Luton? 7.30pm tonight at Hightown Methodist church http://j.mp/blRn7k

(17:52:28) In my opinion, the weather is 100% perfect. Just sayin'.

(18:21:42) Good grief. Quiet Driver is going to drop me off practically at the end of my road. Nobody's done that for years. Home in 5 minutes: JAMYEH!

(21:15:34) Well. I'm going to bed. Please be assured it's all under control, and we can only do our best. Good night.

Tweets for 19 Apr 2010


(06:40:08) In bed, half-asleep, listening to mashups from MashupTown that don't quite do it for me. Last day of the Easter holidays for the childrens.

(07:38:54) Ninja Skillz.. I tuned to Asda FM when ThisIsHeart played that awful Russian Roulette song (at breakfast!) and the children didn't notice :D

(08:23:37) Dragging the children round.. the doughnuts smell good, though. — at Tesco Dunstable http://gowal.la/s/5dsF

(08:58:39) I still struggle to remember the word 'ramekin'. Also, Tesco now does a bottle of cola with a hint of chilli. Gets everywhere, that stuff!

(10:02:36) RT @TomCampbell: Chris Moyles is stranded abroad, radio presenter Tom Campbell wants to have a go!!! #TomCampbellForRadio1 // JAMYEH!

(13:13:28) A perfect afternoon for a tinker in the studio - installing a synth and some mains distribution, listening to The @EmmaAndPete Show podcast.

(16:06:48) Halfway through the studio rack power rework.. it'd be finished already if I weren't so fussy about labelling cables. Possibly.

(18:02:13) If ever a political campaign benefited from a musical endorsement, it's not this one: http://www.camerongirls.com / http://is.gd/bzyT6 (SFW)

(18:04:03) Now I've come up with a hair-brained scheme to wire in a compressor to my patchbay for extra synth noise action. This is getting silly.

(22:09:05) All tired and achey after being curled up on the floor worshipping at the altar of a 19" rack. Best sleep now; work tomorrow. Yeek! Night :)

Tweets for 18 Apr 2010


(06:34:31) Good morning! This time 12 years ago, I was probably thinking "Oop, better get up - busy day ahead." What with getting married and all that.

(06:51:15) Thank you, @rol62, @fluffymuppet, @shonie1966, @kathyclugston, @Bazmati2020 and @TomCampbell! I'm SUCH a lucky bloke to have a @poots :)

(06:56:25) Mmm.. Brought coffee back to bed, so I can hear the children playing & enjoy the peace of a Sunday morning. Thinking of stranded folk :(

(07:36:00) Our anniversary gift to each other was to adopt a beehive (www.adoptabeehive.co.uk) - the best alternative to setting one up in our garden!

(07:43:30) I'm rather taken aback that @qurbanhussain has not capitalised on the LibDems' success during the week.. a town centre spectacular, perhaps?

(07:47:55) This is a splendid listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/moreorless - where else would you hear "a cappuccino the size of Wales" ..?

(08:31:10) Another day of peace and quiet in the skies over Luton (save for the occasional propeller plane) - the lack of pollution appeals to me.

(11:29:21) Out for celebratory lunch (our anniversary and Lenni's First Communion) with the in-laws. Lovely weather to be out and about.

(14:20:54) Home and slumped on the sofa watching Total Wipeout. Coffee would probably help. Kettle's boiled.. Americano by round 3. Come one come all.

(14:56:53) Next up on the Relaxing Sunday Afternoon WiiPlayer is last night's Graeme Norton's Friends Of Dorothy thing. I shall go & do some gardening.

(15:17:06) Hmm.. 1999GBP.. AND we'd need to get a newer car :D http://is.gd/bydf2 (can I get the part of my brain that wants vanity plates removed?)

(16:42:36) Good grief, @BaronHawkey .. what have you done to deserve that? (@BitsyVonMuffin)

(16:50:40) We've just been treated to a cup of pretend tea from Lenni's hand-painted [and personalised] miniature tea set. Bl http://twitpic.com/1glya0

(18:00:27) http://twitpic.com/1fzb94 - Having read my Book Of Garden Birds, I have identified this as a chaffinch. I think

(18:07:27) Bird related 'first' of the afternoon: I saw (oh some kind of) a finch having a drink from the bird bath. YAY! Fully featured bird catering!

(20:08:38) Right.. blog tidied (although I still need to write a new entry) and commute bookings done for early July (despite potential hours changes).

(20:38:58) I'd better get off my bottom and do some tidying. Or at least something more useful than playing with MP3 streams and tweeting. Matt Bianco.

Tweets for 17 Apr 2010


(06:55:44) Woo.. top internet satire based on David Cameron's #LeadersDebate performance: http://bit.ly/cBA46G (SFW) (via @mrchrisaddison & @stuartdj)

(07:34:48) Mmm.. the smell of bacon and coffee. That's how Saturday works really well.

(07:45:37) I felt I had to take a photo of the front of the Polish Embassy yesterday - the scented candles smelt so sweet.. http://yfrog.com/09zetpgj

(07:51:16) RT @vobesshow: Are you interesting? Have an interesting business or idea? Want to be on the Vobes Show podcast? Email kate@vobes.com!

(09:03:00) Just answered an email enquiry about wi-fi radio from an Australian who read the article on my blog. It's nice to be considered informed..!

(09:10:41) Hmm.. @virginmedia are going to Google Mail for their webmail service. I can see the benefit, but are they outsourcing my privacy..?

(09:29:13) Right.. long overdue freshening up time. There's only so long I can spend ambling around in my jimmyjams with a beard like Mark Thompson(?!)

(09:40:04) For one brief, disturbing moment, I had a half-tache. It will never catch on, because it looks ~ridiculous~.

(09:58:16) Good heavens.. a rag and bone van just drove by, bell a-ringing. I say "rag and bone".. perhaps that should be "nylon and expired fridge".

(10:38:19) Our bird-table visitor of the day - a (rather evil looking) wren :) A wonderfully peaceful morning in the garden! http://twitpic.com/1g8ggq

(10:43:58) We also have a pair of goldfinches nesting in a nearby hedge - I wish they'd come closer, so I can get a better ph http://twitpic.com/1g8hn2

(11:42:52) Watching a guitarist singer in Central Square - she's very good. And loud. — at Luton Mall http://gowal.la/s/8vz

(11:45:02) There's a singer called Jess performing live at @TheMallLuton for http://bit.ly/abGgzI .. I ~love~ live music!

(12:01:51) We're ambling around the gimmegizmo.com shop in town.. makes me wonder where one can buy a reel of caps these days. The fun that can be had!

(14:44:37) Home and Project FishtankLight commenced (a very nice little 6 LED Poundland torch heroically sacrificed).. now to sterilise some bottles..!

(16:22:52) Baf baf. I can't take photos with manual focus. Either it's the little adjuster thing on the eyepiece that's wrong, or my hand's not steady.

(17:16:19) The temptation is still strong... http://yfrog.com/jqmz2hj but it's vanity, right? Vanity, yes.. one of the seven deadly sins (probably).

(17:38:57) It's only Doctor Who, innit. JAMYEH!

(17:59:26) Cool.. "Where Eagles Dare" and "Star Wars" ... film references ahoy #DoctorWho

(18:01:19) And now a Star Trek Next Gen reference.. Positronic Brain. Love it! #DoctorWho

(18:07:37) Well OK, the Positronic brain was an Asimov creation and featured in #DoctorWho before... well, according to Wikipedia, anywoo.

(18:14:42) Right. Where's my audioboo got to..?

(19:24:05) I'm going to go down to the studio and upload my audioboo again. And a spare one I recorded later on. THAT will learn it.

(20:12:47) Quite the dullest twitpic I've ever posted [but it illustrates the lack of vapour trails in the sky over Luton!] http://twitpic.com/1gcpcp

(20:14:40) Jess Mason-Wilkes [director of http://lutonartsfestival.co.uk] performing live this lunchtime at @TheMallLuton http://twitpic.com/1gcpun

(20:17:51) I knew the time would come when Chris can do things I can't.. I made it about halfway up this tower at Manor Road http://twitpic.com/1gcqtc

(22:34:02) A productive evening, if only preliminarily(!) so. Fish tank light stage 1.5; studio tidied; EVS-1 synth installed but not yet wired. Night!

(22:35:24) audioBoo: Birds, Bees & Traffic [And no planes] from a Luton garden http://boo.fm/b117700

(22:42:36) audioBoo: Homebrew hassles [charcoal shaking] boo http://boo.fm/b117703

Tweets for 16 Apr 2010


(05:27:04) Good morning. I'm a little achey, but will doubtless survive. Time to up sticks and head airportwards with laptop in hand. More typing! :/

(07:22:55) Another day of remarkable focus from me.. need to get this document finished. Coffee's brewing and brain slowly whirring to speed...

(11:27:52) Can I get a JAMYEH!..? I've got to the end of the Word document; now I'm = having perfect Bleepshow.com#478/Excel Spreadsheet juxtaposition.

(11:43:13) At 2m41s, what is David Cameron thinking when he says "This is an amazing country"..? Watch his eyes http://is.gd/bvpnh (SFW) #LeadersDebate

(12:01:21) Saw this cute birdy in the park yesterday - [bit beige :D] BUT we've had a goldfinch on our bird feeder at home to http://twitpic.com/1fzb94

(12:10:24) H&H café opens on Monday on Eaton Green Rd, Luton.. any connection to the St Albans one, I wonder? [@jim_pea] http://twitpic.com/1fzd3v

(14:52:15) It was good, and then it was ruined. I will make it good again. Just quite possibly not as good as it was. DAMN YOU, MICROSOFT WORD MARKUPS!

(15:32:22) Right. When I said I'd finished earlier, I lied. I think I've finished now.. I should have, really, since I've only got half-an-hour left!

(16:25:44) Please disregard my last tweet. Unless you have a "spammy" email account or like junk mail. It's a non-Cadbury marketing thing. Sorry.

(16:30:36) Right. Best get on with the last half hour of my working day. Emails to squish: 6. I'd ask you to count with me, but I need a wee first.

(18:18:44) Woo.. it's looking like I'll be home before 7.30 - when the weekend begins for me :) There'll be a bottle of wine in the fridge before 8pm!

(18:36:26) Home! Home and alive :)

(18:50:34) My #FollowFriday For Fab Luton Folk: @dizzydanni84, @museumsLuton, @TheMallLuton, @HumbersHomeMade, @StopsleyVicar, @Bazmati2020, @RobJD #FF

(19:21:27) WiiPlayer, Outnumbered, pizza and wine, sunset, my beautiful @poots and NO Word documents. Does life get better than this?

(20:01:58) Good heavens.. the (rather dull, actually, despite @MarcusBrig being on) Have I Got News For You just fell off the WiiPlayer & crashed it.

(20:26:37) Watching Alain Robert (French Spiderman) on Russell Howard's Good News - I would love to be a MILLIONTH as cool as him. #iplayer

(20:29:04) Also, http://www.postpals.co.uk - what a wnderful idea.

(21:03:15) I just noticed Twitter handles @D088Y, @LucyLouLoves and @vvickiejoness at the end of last week's Russell Howard's Good News. Kudos to you.

(22:09:54) The Review Show has got Laurie Anderson and Jah Wobble on it tonight.. definitely one for the iPlayer to skip through the boring bits! #bbc2

(22:12:11) Time to wrap Friday up in newspaper like so much broken glass & stick it in the bin. Note to self: get new matching set of weekdays. Night!

Tweets for 15 Apr 2010


(05:20:21) Syncing the iPod with listenables as I munch ricepops (just a child at heart)... I feel like I've forgotten something important... mornin'!

(05:32:04) Oh yeah! I rememeber: apparently if you take a travel mugs to (participating) Starbucks today, I'm told they'll fill it with coffee. JAMYEH!

(06:05:35) I think @LDNLutonAirport's not running any planes at the moment - that'll explain the coach's fullness. Gruntlement factor: most likely low.

(06:17:31) Uhoh.. flights cancelled at Luton Airport because of the Big Iceland Volcano :/ http://bit.ly/d1TJzB (via @petecooper)

(06:57:03) Sleepy yomp to work... shuffle on the iPod.. #nowPlaying: Madonna. Right. — at Baker Street Tube Station http://gowal.la/s/826

(07:22:47) I've brought my travel mug into work, and will save the planet through the medium of Free Brown Water http://www.starbucks.com/thebigpicture

(07:29:17) RT @Toxophilist: Latest #ukash news from the skies over Orkney. Now dull overcast high cloud with browish, redish tinge. So far world NO ...

(10:23:49) I have used the phrase "And no, that isn't a euphemism" at least three times so far this morning. It's almost definitely just me.

(10:40:39) RT @guardiantech: Volcanic ash: why it's bad for planes http://bit.ly/asTItT // An interesting explanation. Nice glaze for your engine, sir?

(17:29:57) Head back down into Microsoft Word. Please don't be so interesting for the next 22 hours 31 minutes.

(17:34:00) Heading north on the coach to a very quiet Luton Airport.. UK airspace is closed! — at O2 Centre http://gowal.la/s/uhV

(17:43:08) send @radiokate to NY as #vblogger - it is fair & right. And if you know Kate, I would urge you to retweet. That's how ya do it, Cridland ;)

(17:43:52) Really going now.

(18:16:17) Pantsy slow traffic on the M1.. bit bobbins. No matter, though; nearly at Junction 9, and I should still be writing this Word document. Beh.

(19:08:19) audioBoo: Quiet airport boo #ashtag http://boo.fm/b116875

(21:42:49) RT @samworm: http://twitpic.com/1fu5mc #leadersdebate Worst Kraftwerk concert ever!

(22:01:26) Right.. sleepy time (is it 11pm already..?!) All else can certainly wait until tomorrow. G'night!

Tweets for 14 Apr 2010


(05:30:12) Time for work.. it comes round quickly, doesn't it! Happy Wednesday, whatever it ends up looking like.

(08:43:05) First batch of emails squished... second cup of rooibos of the day.. man, I'm cooking with what appears to be last night's chipfat today.

(09:12:48) HenrysmumUK That's a really inspiring post - and makes me glad I live in the UK, where the midwives do an amazing job :) :)

(09:14:47) Time for a screen break and to refocus. Information overload... a list is most definitely required.

(09:55:46) I can't wait until the BBC launches its new Urban Classical Music station, Radio 3 Xtra. Booyah! (in an opera voice)

(10:25:00) Wow.. Ozer's breakfast offerings - I wouldn't even know where to start! (http://is.gd/bs8Ht - SFW) http://yfrog.com/3eozerposterj

(12:07:11) Ooh. A lunchtime meeting. How marvellous. ~sigh~

(14:46:26) Back from my crazy metadata meeting... have I missed anything? If so, please write it on a biscuit. With icing.

(16:55:21) Hmm. Not the most auspicious end to the day. I'm going to make a break for it, and unpick the complicated breakage tomorrow (it wasn't me.)

(17:55:01) I'm trundling home. Trundling with the tourists. The sun: low over the M1; something pithy about purists. I'll.. er.. go back to my email.

(18:30:58) Trundling has succumbed to trudging - but I've bypassed the airport, so I'm just moments from home, and the sun's not quite set. JAMYEH!

(18:37:25) Home! O'pathic!

(20:31:21) A nice big mug of cocoa, and a snuggle up in bed to finish an email... a fine way to end a Wednesday, I think. Good night, and thank you! :)

Tweets for 13 Apr 2010


(05:55:32) Back to work today.. a day spent squishing up the inbox, I think. Happy Tuesday, nonetheless! — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/s/dkt

(09:41:58) Yay! Email pretty much tamed.. now to catch up with the actual work I need to do. Time to make a list and eat a carrot.

(18:04:17) Allrighty potatoes. Heading home after a most interesting First Day Back At Work. 1.5 meetings, a grand tour and a missed coach. F.T.W.(nfc)

(18:22:25) RT @psweetman: Having a bad day? Could be worse, where did you park your car today? :-) http://bit.ly/bJ1TyA

(18:26:22) RT @RadioKate: ..apparently people get to vote for these Webby Awards.. please choose Save Our Sounds.. pretty please.. http://bit.ly/aNvnZV

(18:48:41) Heading home.. hungry, but happy. — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/s/dkt

(20:21:23) Good grief.. it's well after 9pm already..! No time for dessert or coffee - a quick camomile tea and a mac reboot is all I've got time for!

(20:22:18) RT @VoteNoToBNP: A quick Twitter straw poll ... if you would NEVER vote BNP re-Tweet this #UKElection - #GE2010 - http://bit.ly/dmMh7e

(20:47:42) Yay! I've fixed the Postfix #fail on my mac.. and with a small child screaming on the telly, too. Time for a hasty retreat. Good night, you!

Tweets for 12 Apr 2010


(06:14:17) RT @Z80GameCoder: NEIL INNES - PROTEST SONG, Rutland Weekend TV http://bit.ly/1FzbZU "I've suffered for my music, & now it's your turn"

(07:43:02) Good morning.. last day of my holiday today, so I'll make the most of it; swimming, blogging & cleaning out the fish tank are on the agenda!

(08:31:52) http://yfrog.com/20c21nj They're cutting branches off the trees just outside. I'm sure there's a reason, but it seems 'counterpermaculture'.

(09:25:03) The Guardian's Civil Liberties questions http://is.gd/bhqES & @JoeHallForLuton's answers: http://is.gd/bpogL Thank you, Joe! #LutonS #GE2010

(10:06:44) For what it's worth, general election hashtags I'm keeping an eye on are #GE2010 and #LutonS - already some interesting comments being made.

(10:08:09) I have a scattering of invitations for (and seemingly no friends on) MFlow! If you're interested in having a go, please feel free to DM me:)

(12:12:09) If you roll pastry to the thickness of one atom, is it still pastry? This should be CERN's next project once they're done colliding hadrons.

(12:31:06) Yay! I matched my personal best score on @podquiz - 15/20.. it could've been more if I'd got the first question right.. which I should have!

(15:10:14) Back from Harpenden swimming pool; crazy busy, but we practiced our diving in the deep end where there were fewer people. All tired out now!

(15:27:11) Also, I thought I saw @mediocre_mum on the way to the swimming pool. Or at least how I imagine her to be in real life.

(15:29:54) Teatime discussion topic: rules & strategy of "What's The Time Mister Wolf". We can't work out what happens to people caught by the wolf.

(15:47:11) Wow! What's The Time Mister Wolf's complicated! I might turn it into a wide game with walky talkies & 1/4 of a mile between kids & wolf :D

(16:11:30) Cree's announced a revolutionary new LED platform delivering 160 Lumens per Watt: http://bit.ly/ahiTJ0 ..serious brightness YAY! (via @Cree)

(16:14:47) An interesting question raised by Michael Crick's Newsnight blog: what do the #LutonS #GE2010 candidates do for a living? http://is.gd/bpKUd

(18:00:34) I had a bottle of beer last night and didn't like how dehydrated it made me. I think I'll stick to really nice coffee as my vice of choice.

(18:11:08) Time to put some tired children to bed; I had a nap earlier (oh I'm SO old) but will probably sleep well tonight, too. Tweet erudition: 0.05

(19:38:57) "Aw, Snap!" Oh Google Chrome, why do you crash on Google Maps? Silly dead folder thing..!

(20:49:46) I've posted something in my blog: Mary and David's Wedding http://tinyurl.com/yd6beq8

(20:55:34) Right.. bedtime. I didn't get ~quite~ as much as I'd intended done this evening, but there's always.. er.. the rest of my life. Good night!

Tweets for 11 Apr 2010


(06:45:14) Good morning! Wow.. what a day yesterday - we made it to the church on time, and I think some of the photos I took were in focus. :/

(06:47:32) In other news, I don't think I've stayed in a place in earshot of the sea before. It's got quite an aggressive timbre as pink noise goes.

(07:00:34) I have no idea what has, practically on a daily basis, caused my hands to accumulate tiny papercuts. They are rather annoying fo' sho'.

(09:29:38) Beth's done a fab job of packing while I took the children to breakfast. We didn't get kicked out of the restaurant- that's 2 days in a row!

(15:01:46) Home! Tea! Good sit down! Clockwise on the M25 is the way ahead (or at least it is today.. :/ ) Now: a million photos to sort through :D

(17:15:00) We went for a run on the green earlier, but I got a tummy ache. Too much pizza. Now, Lenni's behind the sofa. This can only mean one thing.

(17:50:12) I quite like the current Doctor Who theme tune.

(22:54:09) 500 photos reduced to 350.. I really need to work on my focal points and backlight avoidance.. 42 half-decent snaps that sum up the wedding.

(22:55:48) Bedtime now, though, after updating my website.. I entirely need to write a blog entry. It'll be odd not hearing the sea as I sleep.. night!

Tweets for 10 Apr 2010


(06:07:37) Listening to @frequencycast ... I'm finding this episode rather stilted, and dismissive. Is there a better UK tech podcast out there..?

(06:32:15) Trying some coffee bag things this morning - just like minature disposable filter coffee machines. Hope they taste OK :D

(07:49:28) Off to feel the pebbles under my feet :£

(08:37:08) I'm back in the hotel room now, the sounds of pop-pop scooter engines constantly outside.. there's obviously a rally this weekend.

(08:38:42) Someone has clearly invented an Infinite Moped Generator - the constant starting & zooming off sounds are giving me mental images of Escher.

(08:59:48) Ugly Yeti is rubbish now. Just sayin'

(11:16:09) I'm at Eastbourne McDonalds http://gowal.la/s/5EEu

Tweets for 09 Apr 2010


(07:35:23) Y'know, I'm sure I heard @kathyclugston take a large spoonful of porridge in the pregnant pause at the end of the @r4today 8.30 headlines :D

(07:51:17) Fun Kids: single-handedly keeping up Chico's royalty payments :D (@matt)

(07:55:50) A sunny, sunny morning here in Luton. Pancakes and coffee (thanks, @poots) before getting everything prepared for my sister's wedding. Eep!

(10:02:04) Demonstrating the delights of slide guitar to Lenni: "It sounds sad.." cue lots of melancholy yet uplifting country music as exempla.

(10:39:56) Serendipity is my all-time favourite thing. Although coffee comes a very close second :)

(11:33:11) Real Men repair PA speakers using Lego and Blu-tak. I am a Real Men.

(11:43:32) Thinking of ideas for appropriate activities in which to partake during the mandatory hot drink -> cold yoghurt exclusion zone.

(19:05:12) Hiding out in a hotel on the night before my little sister's wedding. We can see the sea! — at Travelodge Eastbourne http://gowal.la/s/5D81

(21:02:09) Woo.. it's been my week for songs played on podcasts: Lenni's jingle on @HelenAndOlly's 'Answer Me This' & No Advice in the @HomeMadeHitShow

Tweets for 08 Apr 2010


(07:00:09) Hmm. My early night turned into a solder-fest (with partial success). As a result I'm not quite prepared for Thursday. Ponder time required.

(08:10:03) Need to perk myself up.. current plan: put something a bit more upbeat on than "In Our Time" and have a shower. Then, do something useful.

(08:37:54) Tech packing.. ~sighs~ this is why I will never be an Apple Fanboy. It's a charger, for heaven's sake! http://twitpic.com/1e0ifr

(09:22:52) I am now at that 'Just don't...' stage.

(09:56:31) Right. I ~am~ going to get showered and dressed now. I think I have one more backup cable to find, then I think I'm all set. Probbly.

(10:33:41) Sometimes only the good stuff will do - @asda's finest Fair Trade Ethiopian coffee... tastes as good as it smells. http://yfrog.com/0mly6j

(10:41:27) It is only about 9% amusing that there's no point in finding out if my MP voted for the Digital Economy Bill (http://bit.ly/aL6bFV) #DEBill

(11:56:52) David Ford playing on @Asda FM..! Any more reason why it is 1000% better than Heart..? (Apart from the presenter's mic being distorted :D)


(18:55:48) I've made a website explaining "JAMYEH!" (a cheapo domain from GoDaddy at that). It's at http://www.jamyeh.info if you fancy a look.

(19:02:50) Here's one for @Asda - do you have a downloadable 'Store Finder' POI list for TomTom? Finding a supermarket in an unfamiliar town is tough!

(19:06:21) Good heavens.. Malcolm McLaren's died. I only saw him last year, recording a documentary for 6Music. He was same age as my Dad...

(20:15:06) That'll do with soldering for today; time for a large brandy, HIGNFY (it's Thursday already..?) then Outnumbered on #BBC1 at 9.30pm JAMYEH!

(22:50:28) audioBoo: Heath Robinson Recording boo http://boo.fm/b114371

Tweets for 07 Apr 2010


(06:05:04) Good morning, @fluffymuppet, @bitsyvonmuffin and @BaronHawkey - hope your day just gets better and better! Coffee time, I think! :)

(06:28:48) I've just delivered coffee to @superalora in her room - a special birthday treat; amazing to think she's seven today. And drinking coffee :D

(06:40:46) "Gordon Brown will be holding a People's PMQs tomorrow - to ask him your question on Twitter use the hashtag #askGB" - interesting idea.

(06:46:39) Just completed the latest @podquiz (weekly 20 question podcast - great fun) and got 14.. that's about the best I do most weeks. Great fun :)

(06:54:52) My question for the Prime Minister: Why, in the government's last three terms in office, have there been no full UK referendums? #askGB

(07:26:52) http://twitpic.com/1dsgtj - @superalora opening her cards and presents - a happy young lady this morning :)

(08:06:10) A BBC article on Luton South prospective parliamentary candidates here: http://is.gd/bieRV - including brief soundbites from each #GE2010

(09:59:54) Watching the bubble clock! — at Midsummer Place http://gowal.la/s/2Qhz

(18:23:32) Quote of the day: "My 'E's and my 'L's may be close together, but my name is NOT 'Beanor'!" - Lenni, after Chris's elementary reading error.

(19:09:18) Boo. It always frustrates me that I get tired and sleepy by this time of the evening. I think I may need a nap and a ponder. And coffee.

(19:50:25) RT @Bazmati2020: Remember those old Commodore 64 games? They're free on the iPhone Apps store!! http://twitpic.com/1dw79h // RAR! Thanks!

(20:22:22) I'm slowly grinding to a halt. I don't like it. I don't like it at all. Bedtime at 10pm, and up nice & early to make a list, I think. Maybe.

(22:16:50) RT @bpiboycott: A whole generation just lost all faith in modern politics in the space of 24 hours. Well done guys, well done. #debill

(22:27:01) I am entirely more confused than ever about what went on in the House Of Commons this evening. I guess the #DEBill is in the details. night!

Tweets for 06 Apr 2010


(07:00:24) Tine to extricate myself from my pit & apply myself liberally to Tuesday. I think I may read a book today, which is revolutionary. Mornin'!

(07:03:18) Not bein' funny or nuffink, but the frustrating thing about the #debill is it's impossible to protest against; MPs are ignoring reason.

(07:05:52) Oh, and that Luton South doesn't actually have an MP to write to. Margaret Moran has, once again, let everyone down. #debill

(09:08:37) Dropping Chris off for a holiday activity. Guess what.. I forgot to bring a USB stick... d — at Lea Manor High School http://gowal.la/s/5wep

(09:51:57) Home again.. all on my own, since @poots has taken @superalora to the cinema in Stevenage (@juliaball please take note and have a tidy :D)

(10:15:40) "Ms Moran must be the worst MP since Baldrick represented Colin the Dachshund and a hen in its late 40s in Dunny-on-the-wold." - @Richard_C

(10:19:41) Right... enough displacement activity (sorting my on-line gallery in reverse date order.. living the dream!) - off to do something useful!

(11:58:52) RT @FagsMagsandBags: "A goth buying a Lucozade Sport? That's aspirational"

(13:02:52) I've read four chapters of "Python for beginners". It's quite straightforward save for some unusual traits; the challenge is to remember it!

(16:04:57) Boo! Nearly won a much sought-after (by me, anyway) but the auction was cancelled because the seller couldn't find the PSU. ~frustrated~ :D

(17:55:03) Dear @gavinshuker @Esther4Luton @qurbanhussain @JoeHallforLuton - please could you write a blog post answering these: http://is.gd/bhqES :)

(19:31:01) Blimey.. more out of luck than judgement (with thanks to @asininemonkey) - Python's running serverside on my mac: http://is.gd/bhxKg (sfw)

(19:33:25) We couldn't help but make the most of @asda's "Everything for 5GBP" bargains (http://is.gd/bhxUY) - the Wii lightsabres were hard to resist!

(21:15:12) Many of my fingers seem hurty. Not sure what's going on there. I think I shall go to bed and watch the rest of HIGNFY there. Nightly night!

Tweets for 05 Apr 2010


(08:49:49) A gentle start to Easter Monday morning.. Lenni's watching 'Over The Rainbow', Chris is tinkering on his PC. I'm drinking coffee. Morning!

(09:34:52) Ooh.. Space Shuttle launch in less than an hour's time.. I've got this: http://is.gd/bfhZ3 (sfw) on the mac screen. Time for a quick shower!

(12:24:23) I've made this sign for @nxmee's bedroom door. If @ProfBrianCox had known of this, it could've featured on #Wonders http://yfrog.com/73tpkj

(16:17:19) http://twitpic.com/1dfe5p - Our first visit to Ashridge of 2010 - and what a lovely afternoon for it! The children helped to build a fine lo

(16:50:49) Really elementary LTFC question: if Luton scored 20 goals in the last 4 games, why is their 'Goals For' total just 28 for the season..?

(16:57:48) Thanks, @JuliaBall and @poots - turns out I've only been looking at the away matches :D I'll never know anything about foopball!

(20:03:39) In the studio with my brother, drinkin' coffee and making tunes. Monday nights rock.

(22:38:07) An entertaining evening with my brother Dave; we've the makings of a piece of music, but currently in two different editors. Bed now. Night!

Tweets for 04 Apr 2010


(08:21:16) Happy Easter! The sun's shining (at the moment) and Lenni's freshly repainted bird house is outside - and possibly pigeon-proof. Bonus!

(12:00:39) We're at the Stockwood Country Fair, and have even met @museumsluton! The children are queueing for a slippy slide.. here's the sunshine!

(12:59:06) Yay! Falcons! They totally go over my head.

(17:10:55) Just about to tuck into Easter Pie.. small amount of DIY done and only one injury sustained, but that was earlier. And with a tennis bat.

(18:12:12) Photos from our visit to Stockwood Country Fair: http://is.gd/beixC (sfw) - thanks for a fun (and sunny!) afternoon out, @MuseumsLuton!

(18:55:14) I've posted something in my blog: Stockwood Country Fair http://tinyurl.com/y8wspnz

(19:15:10) I'm overawed by @kathyclugston's amazing rendition of File On Four using nothing but her Ukulele Skillz (and her uke!): http://is.gd/bemrh

(19:21:42) Well, I can barely see the yard-arm in the dusk; time to enjoy a long awaited Easter Ale, which was a Norfolk gift from @sparkyannc's Mum!

(20:01:38) Finally! Cadbury's Easter eggs have a triangle thing on the plastic packaging; it's definitely recyclable. JAMYEH! http://yfrog.com/3piu5j

(20:07:03) Watching #Wonders on #BBC2 right now.. trying not to think of that fantastic spoof... http://is.gd/bepHB (NSFW!) Last of the series. Boo!

(20:16:27) When I grow up, I want to be as smiley and clever as @ProfBrianCox. He's arguably the smileyest man on telly. #Wonders

(20:37:53) I am going to train termites to power my central heating. Also, IS HE MAKING THIS ALL UP? #Wonders

(20:42:00) I wish I knew how they manage to get those shots of @ProfBrianCox's face when he's strongly backlit. I suspect he has an eerie glow #Wonders

(20:53:43) Dammit. I wasn't listening when he said what the most important question was. #Wonders

(21:01:51) I am SO going to buy #Wonders Of The Solar System on BluRay. And a BluRay player to play it on. And maybe even SpaceHoppers, cos it's funny.

(21:12:25) Right.. enough 'spamygy' (as my Father-in-Law calls it when my tweets set my Mother-in-Law's phone off :D) from me.. Heroes then bed. Night!

(21:43:47) Ooh. This is very clever.. anti-spam linkage. I must add this to my site: http://officeofstrategicinfluence.com/spam (Thanks, @WiccadWitch)

Tweets for 03 Apr 2010


(07:26:23) While the children tread the fragile nomansland between make-believe games and bickering, I think it's time for some coffee. And earplugs.

(07:49:12) Cool beans.. the Heart.co.uk website has pics of Chris and Lenni at @MuseumsLuton Stockwood Park! http://is.gd/bcjRg & http://is.gd/bcjO7

(08:09:06) RT @MuseumsLuton: RT @WhatsOn_LU: Country Fair 2010: Sun 4 April to Mon 5 April. http://tinyurl.com/ykp8x2f #whatson

(08:11:48) Peace has descended, courtesy of @BarneyHarwood (& Basil Brush) - time to decide what to do with the day. @poots is still asleep, bless 'er.

(09:13:02) I may put BBC Three Counties Radio on later to hear the Luton v Stevenage match. Quite an exciting day all in - with bonus Doctor Who later!

(09:47:41) Right.. time for a shower, while Lenni watches a swan being dismantled. She's not so keen on fishing things out of animals when she's older.

(13:00:35) Yeep! I was a Freecycle no-show today.. :( Fortunately, the nice man accepted my apology, and we now have a small collection of golf bats :)

(13:27:08) D'oh! Chris can't change his Twitter password, since the page has, in the header, every conceivable profanity, tripping the parental filter!

(14:29:34) I've posted something in my blog: Finchley Road (and this time of year) http://tinyurl.com/yfckave

(15:48:06) I'm creating a SoundClick Artist site. This must mean I'm a proper recording artiste. Not necessarily a good one, though :D

(15:51:56) 10 new songs by jamelopoeia on SoundClick: http://tinyurl.com/yh5o8a6

(18:02:28) Splendid #DoctorWho - great pacing, and some excellent lines. AND Patrick Moore (he plays the xylophone) JAMYEH!

(18:06:28) AND Olivia Colman FOR THE MELONFARMING WIN! Best. #DoctorWho. Ever. ~luffs~

(19:27:37) RT @MrPegg: I met P Moore when i was 12 on a school trip. I was prompted to ask a space question by my teacher. I asked "Do you like Dr who"

(19:44:27) RT @zsk: I went to Patrick Moore's house to interview him once. He cracked open some wine at 11am and 3 hrs later we finished the interview.

(19:44:53) Top quality Patrick Moore stories. He was - and will always be - the true Gamesmaster.

(20:24:43) I am entirely unashamed to say that I really like some of Bucks Fizz's lesser known hits - New Beginning (Mamba Seyra) is splendid. SO 80s!

(22:57:30) audioBoo: Rambling music boo [with bonus unnecessary noodling] http://boo.fm/b112650

Tweets for 02 Apr 2010


(07:26:34) Morning! I wish you a happy, peaceful Good Friday, and that you have time and space to rest & contemplate. So quiet this morning...

(10:24:17) Thank you, @Esther4Luton and @Bazmati2020 for the #FollowFridays :) #ff

(10:32:17) I've discovered there's an optimal ratio of mayonnaise to cabbage & onion when served with a salad. I shall call it: Cole's Law.

(11:06:37) I've had reports from @poots that we've had our first house sparrow visit - YAY! Nice to see the wood pigeons are leaving food for them! :D

(12:41:08) It entirely feels like a Saturday today. Although slightly more subdued. Peaceful at Geri Halliwell Towers, with Animal Hospital on telly...

(14:04:03) I need to arrange some vocals for an all-electronic track. Simply multitracking and being very piercing seems to work for Eleanor La Roux :D

(17:26:49) Made more noise with Christopher (easy when you can hammer away at some VSTs) and played "on-board ship" with Lenni this afternoon. Lovely.

(18:48:52) Woo.. this is odd and beautiful: http://is.gd/bbAlW (YT- sfw). Hints of Michel Gondry. I could watch it for hours. And then feel a bit sick.

(22:42:54) Righty... another song mixed to within an inch of its life, so I have lost interest in it. Next on the list: podcast theme commission (eek!)

(22:51:22) That's about it for Good Friday.. sleepy time for all average jameses. Night night! :)

Tweets for 01 Apr 2010


(05:59:11) Today's featured @EasyBus driver is a cheerful, jolly lady.. and a Classic Gold listener. — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/s/dkt

(06:06:06) Chilly morning, but a low moon at dawn and the sun's catching the world at a delightful angle. Wish I'd brought my camera. Always the way..!

(06:48:08) Happy Thursday, @gilesbabbidge, @drmasquerade, @BaronHawkey, @regularjen, @fluffymuppet. (and Happy Birthday, @LDNLady!)

(07:33:52) I'm pleased - finally! - to be able to announce that I'll be standing as an Independent Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South.

(08:45:14) In a very serious meeting, with merely an apple to sustain me, although I had some dry roasted peanuts earlier. Top breakfast fayre, innit.

(09:38:45) In-meeting quiz (not to say I'm bored.. just progress is slow): if the London Eye were to become untethered, would it roll west or east?

(09:59:22) As @Richard_C has astutely pointed out, the London Eye would roll south/west. Although @Toxophilist's point about traffic wardens stands :D

(10:47:00) RT @canuckuk: Sometimes the good guys do win! http://bit.ly/bh2Xlg // I hope this sets a precedent that stops the UK being Libel Central...

(11:02:46) Well, OK.. I'm not really standing as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South. Quite the most rubbish April Fool ever..?

(17:25:47) RT @matt: THIS is how you do a twitter account for a business: @OrkneyLibrary // syz: I have to say @MuseumsLuton does pretty darn well, too

(17:41:39) That's interesting.. there's an Apple Store at Brent Cross and Cricklewood is the closest Thameslink station. That's GoWalla 'interesting'..

(17:45:03) Time for the M1... on the last day before a Bank Holiday weekend... wish me luck! — at Brent Cross Coach Stop http://gowal.la/s/5kdS

(18:02:09) Nice work from bedfordtoday.co.uk: http://is.gd/ba09n (SFW) - I'm not surprised this never made it to the Luton version of the paper :D

(18:34:36) Yay.. it's the beginning of a long weekend (save for the solemn observance of Good Friday). Egg — at LTN Luton Airport http://gowal.la/s/dkt

(20:18:56) Family all home, half in bed, the other half in jammies; not sure there's much Thursday left for me. I shall wish you 'bon nuit' now. Night!

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