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Tweets for 31 Mar 2010


(06:19:34) Good morning, and a very happy birthday to my beloved @poots :)

(07:06:52) I love to hear my children singing in the morning.

(07:57:56) I'm in a good mood this morning.. the @r4today team seem so, too (great item on circuses earlier) & happy children in school. It's a JAMYEH!

(08:48:06) I've decided my next song will either be an uplifting country number or some acapella drum'n'bass. Or a combination of the two. Bwow wowow.

(09:25:45) Mmm.. tiny little parma violet noms!

(09:40:54) Bah! Three-way temporary traffic lights on Crawley Green Rd, Luton at the junction of Ashcroft Rd.. won't be coming back that way!

(09:55:17) I was hitherto unaware of how unnecessarily long and tedious the organ solo is on The Doors' 'Light My Fire'. I mean, really. #radio2

(10:28:18) Not buying a last-minute birthday present for Beth, honest! I saw a @MuseumsLuton stand - twitterer in — at Luton Mall

(13:46:35) Home after a delightful trip into town with Mrs H. Soon, we'll collect the bairns and head to the other side of Luton. Blessed cold out!

(13:47:45) RT @youthluton: Easter activities for 10-19 year olds in Luton: If you know of anything else, please let us know!

(14:00:42) Enjoying Beth's Mumford & Sons birthday CD that's playing.. made better by the fact that they don't get overplayed on the radio. Secret joy!

(14:08:40) Quick.. up the hill while there's a break in the clouds and the sun, weakened by the onslaught of hail and drizzle, attempts to fight back!

(14:11:13) While I'm out, could you keep an eye on the birdcam ( SFW) & if you see that fluffy cat, please shout into your CD drive!

(16:05:38) A little bit of hyperbole goes a long way; the children are trying to bewilder their Grandad with iPod based conjuring. Bewildering indeed.

(17:47:27) "I was dying for a wee, and then I had a wee, and heaven knows I feel better now." Morrissey is just too angsty. And doubtless needed a wee.

(17:49:05) There's just about to have a family vote on what to shout when we have successfully put our seatbelts on in the car. We are SO democratic.

(18:43:33) Another reason why I will probably never be any good at (and will most likely never bother playing) poker: "deep stack donkament". Riiight..

(21:29:35) Bedtime for me.. some entertaining stories here: (SFW - via @fandrews and @hywelowen) Customers, eh? Night! :)

Tweets for 30 Mar 2010


(06:16:10) Mornin'. Heading workwards; woke up 2 mins before my alarm was due to go off this morning. Which it would've done if it had been set. Lucky!

(06:59:57) It's damp in that there London this morning. — at Madame Tussauds

(07:08:26) Coach journey drama earlier: the driver of a number 82 bus didn't like the look of RodStewartCoachDriver & kept cutting him up.He was cross.

(07:12:11) Coffee time! — at BBC Broadcasting House

(07:34:25) Hmm.. my iPod Touch's battery seems to be running down more quicklier these days. Am I using it more, or have I worn it out? Oop..!

(07:36:28) Every month or so, a man comes to turn off the lights in our office. Is he testing the emergency lighting, or is there Rogue Lamp Suspicion?

(09:44:11) I have literally got itchy feet.

(09:52:44) I've just had an email from someone who's clearly read the credits at the end of Top Gear and put for each :D

(11:54:31) I think I clicked something and now my Outlook inbox is RUINED. I had it looking just lovely, as well. I shall make a bap with ham in.

(12:13:55) I'm off for an Annble.

(16:09:32) Heavens above. Eight minutes past five. One more hour & one more work day till Easter. I've spent much of the day trying to squish my inbox.

(17:29:42) My eyelids are cold from all the rain. Heading up Finchley Rd now, though, so home is just an existential molecular juggle away. I feel odd.

(18:10:34) Listening to the @vobesshow on the M1, and thinking what to do this evening. Not a vast amount, most probably. I'm available for mumbling.

(18:16:27) Wow.. never saw so much traffic between J10 & J10A. People are escaping something, I think. Escaping towards MY HOUSE!

(18:21:25) Woo.. I love being on Three pay-as-you-go.. especially now they do free Twitter. A third of the way through the 90 days ~and~ my bandwidth!

(18:23:03) JAMYEH! Time for a damp walk home. — at LTN Luton Airport

(20:21:52) RT @claire_brewer: When someone tweets about what Fearne Cotton is wearing you know it's time to unfollow. Then track them down & kill them.

(20:26:33) Good heavens, Luton are giving Salisbury a seeing-to in the same style as they did Hayes & Yeading. On @qurbanhussain's birthday, as well.

(21:30:54) 90 minutes until the last day of the first quarter of 2010. Best get to sleep, in preparation for high living and carpe-ing the dium. Night!

Tweets for 29 Mar 2010


(06:19:58) Good morning! I feel like I'm just scratching the surface of life - a bit too sleepy to make a big dent. It'd only need hammering out, mind.

(08:00:50) Major damp school walk, running a gauntlet of dog-poo & sick (yes, eugh). Children all deposited warm, dry & clean of shoe, though: WIN(nfc)

(08:02:04) RT @Toxophilist: I look out of the window & have to smile at the suitability of Mother Nature for this planet this environment evolution ...

(08:12:56) Next stop: a supermarket. Stick that in your gowalla and so on. Time to forage for lovely lunch. It's definitely a Lovely Lunch day.

(08:36:18) Buying the foods — at Tesco Dunstable

(10:40:01) Work email tamed (well, at least a couple of chairs thrown in to be chewed on). There is a woodpigeon waggling its bottom at my webcam. (!)

(12:37:30) Listening to @robertpopper's most recent audioboo - I love the way Robin Cooper refers to 'Richard Jarvis' when talking to Stephen Merchant.

(13:13:50) audioBoo: Homebrew and miscellaneous projects boo

(14:57:33) I am entirely disgruntled. There is literally no gruntle left.

(15:43:14) Two things. Firstly, me, 2 mins ago: "That Bakugan sicked out a dice." Secondly: I just subscribed to my followed AudioBoos in iTunes. Cool!

(15:50:23) Rolf-based pop quiz! Which 80s hit 'borrowed' this song? (YT sfw; comments give it away) Result: out-of-court settlement.

(16:40:00) Noodling with the "Everyday Looper" iPhone/iTouch app. Quite sweet, but impossible to play the guitar and get it to loop neatly :D

(17:05:54) Right.. sorted out @nxmee's slight administrative difficulty. I now fancy some microwave popcorn. Or an apple. Or quite possibly both.

(17:36:37) Interesting.. Luton Airport's on Twitter now: @ldnlutonairport .. it'll be interesting to see what they have to say!

(18:16:12) I've got my #askthechancellors twittersearch search ready.. might be worth a watch. @FactCheck may be useful, too! (h/t @poots)

(19:12:09) Vince Cable's getting ready to pounce. I can just sense it. #askthechancellors

(19:13:12) Thumbpointing! #askthechancellors

(19:57:19) I think all the potential chancellors did very well: concensus & civility, and none crashed & burned. Good job, Channel 4 #askthechancellors

(20:10:01) RT @scyrene: Well done @krishgm :-) // seconded :)

(20:14:42) Despite it being only 20:14GMT, I'm off to bed, to snuggle up with a podcast. Work tomorrow - I need to be over halfway up my game. Night!

Tweets for 28 Mar 2010


(07:24:51) Good morning. Summary of last night: the best laid plans of mice and men oft end up in cacophony. In summary: bleh and bah. Best get up..!

(11:28:29) I'm well grumpy today. I shall stop doing work, and start having family time. Also reflecting on last night's Earth Hour. All too much. Meh.

(12:34:23) I'm off to the @MuseumsLuton Discovery Centre for what will be an interesting - and doubtless popular - 'Virtual Worlds' exhibition. Coolio.

(14:54:48) I need to rationalise; tidy up - be more effective. Please don't be offended if I stop following you. I will be back. Time to regroup.

(15:17:00) I've not logged into Second Life since it came out; 'twas interesting to see a demo at the @MuseumsLuton exhibition. Do others still use it?

(19:05:36) Bleh. The moggy deterrent's gone wrong (I have my suspicions about the technical capabilities of cats) & a fluffy bag of fur's been lurking.

(20:12:51) I'm fiddling with Gowalla instead of doing anything more useful. It's not actually as if I go anywhere interesting :D Right: to-do list...

(20:55:07) Ooh.. a very readable article from The Word about the loudness wars in commercial music: (via @griffinkate & @jpstacey)

Tweets for 27 Mar 2010


(06:34:34) What better way to spend the peace of early Saturday morning is there than trying to fix my internet radio iPlayer script? Coffee's needed.

(07:37:32) Right.. coffee drunk, cereal eaten and huge one-line XML file duly split up (I have limited scripting skills). Time to see the childrens.

(08:25:10) Children duly bothered; their rooms are a state (which I guess is fairly typical) so some assistance given to decluttering it. Sleepy again.

(08:40:03) Woo.. shell script command of the day is "uniq" - gets rid of the duplicate programmes in my Radio 4 iPlayer list (LW and FM, y'see).

(10:06:54) Checking out of hotel website update. I hope it doesn't rain.

(12:28:31) Home. I just used the phrase "WANTED: Golf bats" on Freecycle. And mentioned Tiger Woods in the post that I wrote. It's bound to succeed.

(12:57:46) I like Hertbeat FM - they play some good music. And Bryan Adams. And not that horrible "Russian Roulette" song. Like ThisIsHeart does. Ick.

(15:40:30) I've posted something in my blog: Music 2010...

(16:27:33) What's going on? Luton town have scored 14 goals (so far!) in their last two games. Currently winning 8-0 against Hayes & Yeading (where..?)

(17:14:51) Yay! Someone found our geocache. I feared it had gone missing, and hadn't been to visit it since before the winter. Maintenance needed soon!

(18:17:24) We've reached the consensus that Richard Hammon has a Receding Evil Dictator's Mullet on Total Wipeout tonight. I can't see it catching on.

(18:46:13) Time to give the bairns an earlyish night - they'll lose an hour of sleep since clocks go forward tonight!

(18:58:33) Right.. half an hour of Mario Kart Wii, then I shall do something useful. In theory. Well, I've made a list, at least.

(20:07:06) Right. Time to concentrate on one thing at once. Tweeting while playing Mario Kart does nothing for my score number thing (technical term).

(21:38:22) I've finished Earth Hour - (I started a bit late) - spent in as close to pitch black as I could, with no technology, scrawling song lyrics.

(22:13:45) Best shut down, since this time tomorrow evening it'll be.. er.. bedtime. Wishing you a peaceful and intriguing dream-filled sleep. Night!

Tweets for 26 Mar 2010


(06:28:50) A sleepy good morning (especially to @drmasquerade, @dizzydanni81, @stu4Art and @the_anke, who are clearly earlybirds) #ff Time to commute!

(07:51:49) Bright sunshine as I struggle to wake up.. listening to @fluffymuppet's Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast as Swiss Cottage approaches.

(07:56:34) This morning's featured @easyBus driver likes Rod Stewart - incessantly - and honking his horn at vehicles he doesn't like the look of.

(09:45:15) Hmm. Porridge, I think.

(10:03:18) RT @BeauBodOr: Bloggers. From June, block this ip range to protect your content from News Int'l (via @hooker1uk)

(10:24:56) "You only need 2 tools in life: WD40 & gaffer tape. If it doesn't move & should, use WD40. If it shouldn't move & it does, use gaffer tape"

(10:29:42) I just discovered why the office was so warm the other day: the nightshift engineer likes to be cozy and turned all the controls up. Bah!

(11:34:13) Interesting Guardian article about the East Of England in the forthcoming General Election, including Luton South: (SFW)

(11:38:28) Blimey.. Luton Crown Court's on Twitter - @ccLuton - listing the names of (presumably) each of the people appearing in the court rooms.

(12:56:47) Ooh.. I do hope the spring sunshine hangs around until after I've finished my pizza. Standard Friday Lunchtime Amble ahoy..

(14:50:29) RT @transitionluton: Earth hour is tomorrow 8.30pm Turn off your lights for an hour and save the world.... More:

(14:51:29) Time for coffee. I may need to fill Carstairs NcKenzie the Cafetiere RIGHT up. Can I get you anything?

(15:02:37) Resisting biscuits.

(15:14:52) I just said "I didn't know you could whistle Pink Floyd" to an engineer (testing speakers with 'Crazy Diamond'); they just looked perplexed.

(16:18:17) I wonder if there's a clever site that tells you how many followers/followings you share with other twitter users. If not, I may write one.

(16:38:40) Hmm.. can nearly do the shared follower thing but doesn't give names. I want details :D Interesting, mind (fyi @scyrene)

(16:56:16) RT @paulwebster: Have you tried // we have a winner! Thanks, Paul! (@scyrene .. we have 14 followers in common!)

(18:31:28) This evening's featured @easyBus driver: he's quietly spoken & likes a warm coach, but at least he can work the wi-fi. He's not called Kev.

(18:38:14) Poignant moment of the day: my cherished mug of over 6 years encountered the floor and was rendered impractical :(

(21:17:52) Watching last week's 'The Bubble' in WiiPlayer 'pause-a-vision'. I'd like to be stuck in a house with Josie Long & Katie Brand. And Tim Key.

(21:55:02) Five words assured to make me turn over to another channel: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Joe Pasquale" (went for Synth Britannia repeat on #BBC4)

(22:44:50) Listening to Scrooby Trevithic before attempting sleep so I can grab Saturday by the early bits and anneal it into a shapely arc. Goodnight!

Tweets for 25 Mar 2010


(08:46:02) Arrived in the office; the air-con's gone again.. 26 degrees by my desk at 8.45.. gonna be boiling by hometime! Still.. we have electricity!

(09:31:15) I have a screen switch that switches between my work laptop and my 'surfing' PC. I shall put this on my surfing PC: (sfw)

(16:48:12) Righty.. that's my Clock Change duties done for the day. Now, time to present a slide show to colleagues of my Tour D'apparatusroom. Tea..?

(18:58:51) Hurrah :) Kindly coach driver took pity on me in my dampness. Homeward bound. Feeling a bit unusual. Could somebody reboot me, please? Warm.

(21:09:46) Interesting article by @Jeremy_Williams about the cost of transport: (SFW) Quite appalling figures, really! (ta, @poots!)

(21:20:13) Aware as I am that it's not even half 9, I'm off to prepare my daily protest against consciousness. Please join me at your leisure. Night!

Tweets for 24 Mar 2010


(08:12:11) Thing I Learned Today: the sugar turning to alcohol is because the yeast is being poisoned by the sugar. Brewing is yeast torture... eek!

(08:14:21) I've pretty-much managed to shift most of the headache I had last night; feeling remarkably fresh and 'ready' today. Time to climb the hill!

(08:30:44) Oh I do like that new Amy MacDonald song "Don't Tell Me That It's Over". BIG sound :)

(09:12:24) Home from the school-walk.. it's stopped raining now :) Time to tidy myself up, then jam the car full as a PA speaker test (non-live :D)

(09:59:24) Good result, Burnside. And the sun's out :)

(11:12:26) I do wish I knew who signed me up to the Sophie Ellis-Bextor mailing list. It was probably a retaliation thing.

(11:40:17) What I should be doing: writing a modern folk song (I've done the first verse). What I'm doing: trying to get Joomla admin working on my mac

(19:03:27) After a moving afternoon celebrating the life of Beth's Grandpa, I'm now off into #Luton town for a @TransitionLuton event. Busy busy day!

(20:09:17) Listening to a conversation about Permaculture while some technical issues are resolved. Some very dedicated people here #TransitionLuton

(21:15:18) Discussing "Landshare" and "Gardenshare" - must look it up.. and apple trees wired to grow in small spaces! Inspiring. #TransitionLuton

(21:49:53) Heading home after an inspiring evening.. the how is the biggest challenge in a struggling town like Luton. Lots of ideas! #TransitionLuton

(22:43:50) And so to bed. A tad late (work tomorrow) but caffeine will sort that. In the words of @coradevine: anon; may sleep find you. (Horizontal).

Tweets for 23 Mar 2010


(08:20:01) Good morning. If you like your pop music educational, They Might Be Giants are doing a family show on 26th June:

(08:23:44) RT @petecooper: it seems all google exists for in chine is for people to search for tiananmen square' and not get get any results.

(08:25:52) Right. Time for a school run and then a productive morning of some description. It may even briefly involve Excel spreadsheets :D

(10:42:43) Nearly finished compiling clock change plans (yes, I'm supposed to be on leave, but also mildly OC :D) Now: to enjoy some spring sunshine!

(13:43:11) I went on a lovely 3 mile walk beyond Wigmore with @poots earlier - wonderful views of the airport & fields.. and we saw two red kites! :)

(17:20:16) Spreadsheet fun all done.. now some @superalora time; We've been painting her birdhouse while @poots & @nxmee are the other side of town. :)

(20:08:10) Children all tucked up in bed.. I'm not sure it'll be too long for me, either. Time to hide out in the studio & noodle before then, though.

(21:45:44) I've finally finished a song. It's not very good, but I've submitted it to the "Home Made Hit Show" podcast, just in case they like it. Woo.

(22:12:34) Lady Gaga is a funny looking lass, isn't she? Her music's not bad, though. And with that thought, I'm off to bed. My eyes are achey. Night!

Tweets for 22 Mar 2010


(10:14:12) RT @leica0000: Just walked out into the garden. Gorgeous out, it even smells like spring. And I have the day off. \o/ //It does, too! YAY:)

(10:47:56) This afternoon, we're expecting a @VirginMedia man to replace our blown-up V-box. Shame the HD one's not out yet.. would be perfect timing!

(11:26:48) Hot oil: used by villagers in the middle ages, blissfully unaware of the good they were doing to the marauding invaders' hair.

(13:58:00) Just had a fab chat with @HumbersHomemade - outside HMV in the Mall, Luton - who has an amazing range of home-made jams & chutneys (mmm!) :)

(14:43:03) What on earth are @virginmedia using as hold music on their sales line? A Vanilla Ice cover version? Is it Jedward?! Enough to put me off!:(

(14:46:11) Sorry, @virginmedia, you've just lost a sale. £49 is OK, but £15 for delivery? Also, do something about Jedward on your sales line, please!

(14:54:46) Awaiting the arrival of my Dad and Bella, his dog, who'll be walking the children home. Or vice versa :D

(16:25:19) What with all the MPs for hire scandal, Margaret Moran is clearly in hiding.. she's even scuppered her website ..d'oh!

(16:31:17) What was I going to do now?

(16:34:23) Looks like I'm making tea (@sparkyannc and @BitsyVonmuffin) .. anyone else..?

(18:23:45) The @virginmedia man is having a rummage in the cabinet across the road. He's been out there 5 minutes. It's the V-Box which blew up. Eep!

(20:07:39) Ooh.. I was offered a taste of an @innocentdrinks Thai Coconut Curry pot thing at Tesco today. It is GORGEOUSNESS ( -SFW)

(20:13:53) Incidentally, an overall A* rating for Adam, the @VirginMedia man, who did a very thorough job, replacing our cable modem as well our V-Box.

(20:14:56) Ooh. Dispatches on #Channel4 is about Margaret Moran. I have her to thank for stimulating my interest in local politics. I say "thank"... :/

(21:11:20) Videoing myself pouring water into a bottle, while @poots watches Glee.

(22:00:09) Back from a quick visit to Asda to buy a thermometer. Yeah. That's living all right.

(22:47:12) I have sticky fingers. 1.6kg of sugar is a lot to handle (and even more to dissolve). This is harder work than I was expecting! #homebrew

(23:09:55) Bedtime for all good boys. And me. Who knows what excitement we can expect tomorrow. My money's on an unusual zebra crossing incident.Night!

Tweets for 21 Mar 2010


(09:21:13) Wow. Sunny today, innit. Going to resist tweeting unless absolutely necessary. Please have an absolutely splendid day. It's Trolololotastic.

(15:21:54) RT @helenduffett: Political campaigners: think of your audience. It's not about you - it's about them [even when it's about you] http:// ...

(15:27:46) Making the most of the sunshine at Stockwood Discovery Centre. Lots for the children to climb on & run around. Café's a bit rubbish, though.

(15:48:20) Sunshine at Stockwood - it's busy, but good-natured. Just how a Sunday afternoon should be.

(19:11:09) I'm all worn out now. If it's this tiring doing things in spring, what's it going to be like in the heat of summer? Sleepy inactivity time..

(20:26:48) Watching Wonders Of The Solar System ep 2 with @poots, with regular WiiPlayer buffering resulting in some very interesting discussions :D

(20:44:45) Me: "The next Wonders Of The Solar System's on in 17 minutes; what shall we do in the meantime?" @poots: "Watch Boyzone." She wasn't joking.

(21:54:52) Watching @ProfBrianCox on #Wonders Of The Solar System, he could've done all this on Google Earth. And.. Google Saturn.. Google Titan.. :D

(22:28:14) Right. Time to hide under the duvet until Monday has come in, unpacked and found that there's no fresh milk. (There is, but I've hidden it).

Tweets for 20 Mar 2010


(08:29:46) Up early to attempt Inbox 0; now resisting a second mug of coffee, watching Space Hoppers (with @ProfBrianCox & Big Cook/Little Cook on it).

(08:35:36) Time to extricate myself from the internet and immerse myself in Saturday. In case of emergency, break glass. Tinkly. Anon!

(09:05:55) Useful site on homeopathy:


(15:30:03) Watching the children play in the Squashy Sculptures at Wardown @MuseumsLuton [they love the sculptures' visits!]

(16:08:12) It's very spring.. lovely that the rain's held off. Home, now, to do some birdhouse painting and shower head dismantlement. Saturday JAMYEH!

(16:18:55) Blue wizard needs caffeine badly.

(19:09:51) RT @thisisjinsy: Sad news. The Great He (Jinsy Praise Him!) decided there'll be no more broadcasts: // Stupid decision!

(19:20:03) Watching TV Burp with the progeny. The adverts were of a particularly low quality. What to do this evening?I should do some writing. Hmm.

(20:49:07) I SO want to write a song like the Flaming Lips do/does. "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" is a lovely song; deceptively simple, but catchy.

(21:03:22) I have an ambition to write a song that starts with the word "And". That, obviously, is the easy bit.

Tweets for 19 Mar 2010


(06:29:31) Mornin'. Listening to Milton Jones.. "Twitter is where you send out a pointless message, using up to 140 characters. A bit like Eastenders."

(07:52:58) Highlights (..!) of the coach journey this morning: snoring man, drum'n'bass bleeding from someone's headphones and a slow journey. Commute!

(07:57:21) Disembarkation (disembarkment..?) in 25 seconds. Coffee in 15 minutes. Friday: all day (hope this helps, @RobJD !)

(08:35:29) Moo. Or, in fact, not.

(09:51:10) I third that! RT @spykey_uk: A wonderful woman who always knows the right thing to say. Really caring and makes me laugh: @dizzydanni84 #FF

(09:54:33) Office conversations this morning: Twitter, displacement activities, and turning things off. I'm not the only one who's permanently wired..!

(15:10:52) Time to make some tea and knuckle down on some Friday Afternoon Spreadsheet Action. Also, I might tidy my desk.. it's a bit of a mess.

(17:11:30) Thanks for the #followFriday @PontoonDock & @BitsyVonMuffin! I offer: @mediocre_mum, @petecooper, @kathyclugston, @juliaball & @canuckuk #ff

(17:15:25) Boring fact of the day: when you buy a 1TB drive, you only actually get 931GB. The hard drive manufactures use Base10; computers use Base2.

(18:59:00) Heading home on a remarkably peaceful coach, given how busy it is. Podcasts in my ears; many this week in front of a live audience. Unusual!

(19:03:01) I'd like publically to thank @sparkyannc's mum for the unusual Easter gift. I shall reveal it in all its Norfolk glory in a couple of weeks!

(19:05:49) RT @relaxkids FREE Download- tell all your friends! (hat tip to @PositiveParents)

(19:16:06) My nomination for @easyBus driver of the week: Jim. Always cheery, patient and helpful. Top bloke.

(20:49:44) Time to have some offline & comedy time. Notes taken on the delightful Outnumbered Sport Relief skit (thanks @sparkyannc & @PositiveParents)

(22:59:27) There was a flurry of rather aggressive fireworks outside about 15 minutes ago. No idea what all that was about. Bit drizzly.

(23:01:52) There was very little TV comedy on iPlayer this evening, so we went for @ProfBrianCox's Wonders Of The Solar System. Wow. I learned a lot!

(23:03:09) I have added 'seeing the Northern lights' and 'watching the galaxy from a dark, dark place' to what's still quite a small bucket list :D

(23:06:40) Right. To bed. Listening to Feedback. A bit worthy and annoying and mostly about Radio 4. Stop belly-aching, middle England. ~sighs~ Night!

Tweets for 18 Mar 2010


(06:29:59) Good morning. Best get ready for work. Heavens above.. politics is untidy: (Daily Telegraph). Have a good Thursday.

(08:03:15) Hmm.. it's my contention that @Rhodes4Luton is a spoof account - it has all the hallmarks of a 'tribute' to emulate and perhaps discredit.

(08:31:56) In the office.. 250 emails to rifle through.. letting the rules do the work to start off with. I shall make coffee - come one, come all.

(10:19:32) I am eating honey nut cornflakes like a man deranged. Better stop, or I won't want my lunch.

(10:21:18) Also, I cut the tip of my right index finger yesterday (through quality idiocy of which I'm not proud) which hampers my typing somewhat. Ow.

(10:45:38) Too many emails, not enough working fingers.

(12:40:51) I have an uncomfortable feeling that I need to listen to the opening 5 minutes of Steve Wright's "Big Show" this afternoon. For science. :/

(13:46:31) Chris Morris' 'Four Lions' trailer: I'm SO going to love this. Tears of laughter watching the trailer (via @giagia)

(13:53:05) Today I have MicroBaps. Just as nice.

(17:02:40) Owie. Should've cut this headache off at the pass. Only one cup of coffee today, which probably didn't help. Still, getting Stuff Done...

(19:09:42) It's busy and smelly on this coach. Raining outside. At least I can open my eyes now, though :)

(19:14:03) Woo, junction 10.. I am jolly pleased to see you. Airport in 5 minutes (traffic permitting) and then HOME. It's the best place to be.

(20:25:48) Musing over the cause of the 19:00 #radio4 #6music takeover.. most likely Manchester took the wrong network at 19:02.. not sure how, though!

(21:35:19) Our Virgin Media Box has blown up. Internally. Terminally. (It was that which went pop at @poots earlier fwiw, @asininemonkey & @mugpi)

(21:36:45) I will try to resist participating in those "retweet" competitions that appear to be proliferating. Free(ish) marketing powered by greed..?

(21:46:24) Right.. Best see to disposing of Thursday in an environmentally responsible way and putting newspaper down for Friday. The messy pup. Night!

Tweets for 17 Mar 2010


(08:09:49) Good morning. And Happy St Patrick's Day. Please have a pint of Guinness or Whiskey for me.

(09:12:59) I'm off to Hitchin. Want anything..?

(11:20:32) Home after Important Shopping Missions achieved. I aim to succeed at sunflower planting this year. First time this millennium. Heh.

(11:55:14) Right.. after briefly getting sucked into transmitter spotting with Google Streetview (yes.. very sad!) time to write a Get Well Soon card.

(14:02:54) RT @canuckuk: BNP plan on standing at least 400 candidates at General Election.2005 they had 119 candidates. ...

(14:06:31) Back from lunch with Dad (keeping him occupied while Wicked Stepmother's in hospital) Now: planning either to read or write this afternoon.

(15:12:30) Off to get the chimplets.. woo - mummy blackbird, daddy blackbird & woodpigeon visitors to the bird feeder a couple of minutes ago. Cool :)

(20:47:13) Google Streetview WIN(nfc) of the day: - SEAGULL! (via @poots and @hooker1uk)

(21:35:34) Ahh t'be sure, time to shut down the ol' grid and prepare for a lie down among the shamrock clover*. Good night. *thanks to @fluffymuppet :D

Tweets for 16 Mar 2010


(00:09:12) Yup.. "In The Loop" was well deserving of its Oscar nomination for Most Splendid Sweary British Film, or whatever. @AIannucci, I salute you.

(00:10:24) Best sleep now - Tuesday's already started, but it's only the trailers for future presentations. I shall sleep through the adverts. Night!

(08:02:33) Right. Autofilling my iPod with tuneage, drinking coffee and keeping @superalora company until school time. Time for breakfast. Yum.

(08:30:49) School run time! The simple pleasures of parenthood... we have some excellent conversations on the walk up the hill.

(10:42:22) Interesting video promoting British Children's TV: (YT - sfw) .. as heard about on the @vobes show podcast.

(12:28:28) Good heavens.. Stephen Rhodes of BBC Three Counties radio is, indeed, standing for election in #Luton South: (SFW) #PPC

(13:55:17) Virgin TV Customers can get HD for No Monthly Fee- New HD Box (£49 to get the new HD box). Tempting! (via @virginmedia)

(14:06:32) Back to the studio. Stat. Oh I do like saying Stat. Now I know what it means.

(16:46:04) McDonalds is by no means the best place to enjoy peace and quiet and Internet amblings. Too many peasants. Going to find a non-scary park.

(17:37:25) There are, somewhat unexpectedly, no geocaches on Leagrave Common (the closest is Bramingham Woods) but I did seen an interesting sign. Mmm.

(18:02:16) Signs that fascinate and intrigue.. clearly someone's had a bad watercress experience!

(19:51:50) Tired children in bed. Tired me not yet in bed. Food time, I think, then back to the studio to avoid tantrummy children and screaming women.

(19:58:31) Has whimsical food packaging stopped not being a teensy bit annoying? Or is that just me... and my low blood sugar..?

(20:26:10) is playing too much acid jazz for me to be able to work out how to make electronic ambient music. Bleepshow time.

(22:32:57) Bedtime bonzo.

Tweets for 15 Mar 2010


(00:03:02) Podcasts replopped, and all is well. Time for bed, forth-, if not fifthwith.

(07:25:47) Creakily attempting to extricate myself from bed. @poots has put coffee on (I think); the children are getting dressed. Crank up the Monday.

(08:08:46) Ooop.. hairline cracks in the coffeemaker jug. Sounds like we might need a new one. Hopefully one that won't leak. Is there such a thing..?

(09:50:47) My intentions today involve floral tribute buying, supermarket shopping, hacksaw purchase and perhaps some sewing machine action. JAMYEH!

(09:52:37) Despite my previous tweet, other things crop up in my brain that require me to make a list.

(09:53:30) Also, when a magazine has a 'free gift', it's not really free at all, is it? Or a gift. That's a newsagent I'll not be able to visit again.

(10:03:22) Can't get enough of Эдуард Хиль on YouTube. He's a veritable powerhouse of musical singage. Ripe for the sampling.. Russian Boy Slim!

(11:23:13) Is it just me who finds it hard to resist adopting an opinion from Twitter on a TV or radio programme without actually having seen/heard it?

(12:27:41) Today I mainly wish there was a perfume version of 'Shazam'... there's a particular scent I've been trying to identify for years. It's posh.

(13:19:34) Anti-cat coffee grounds duly applied to part of the raised bed, and a Mothering Sunday purple primrose planted out. Now: lunchingtons :)

(14:07:07) Coffee (first use of the new machine.. . we got a cheap one in the end) and a Good Sit Down. And maybe some simnel cake NOM.

(16:43:21) I'm in the barbers. I had a read of "Men's Health" but found it a bit aspirational & not really me. @nxmee's reading a 2007 Computer Acitve.

(17:08:21) I am shorn. @nxmee is being done now.. being asked what he wants to do for a job. Designing Bionicles :D

(19:56:40) Ahh, Cathedral City "Mature Yet Mellow" I love you more than cheese itself.

(20:18:30) Watching Heroes, and then going to attempt to knuckle down in the studio. I am long overdue some creativity. C'mon, inspiration!

(20:33:25) I really should give up taking sweetener in my coffee. Or at least find an easier way to measure out half of one of those little tablets.

(20:36:59) I'm entirely going downstairs to avoid the hyperbolic 'investigation' of music downloading. Did the music industry commission this Panorama?

(21:47:00) RT @poots: What the Dickins? (sfw - google maps) // made that much more spooky that there seems to be no hand...

(21:51:10) Oops. That'll be Logic running at 44.1kHz and my mixer running at 48kHz, then. Which might explain the bizarre errors. Live and learn...

(21:57:41) Google Maps "Pliers Of God": and likely culprits: (google maps, sfw) (thanks, @petecooper & poots!)

Tweets for 14 Mar 2010


(00:06:58) Bedtime & the latest podcast from @downingstreet.. pleasantly surprised: the PM's being personable on this one; normally it's like a speech.

(00:08:23) Five alive! Mothering Sunday happens in just a few hours. Let's be extra nice to all mums. This may involve patience and cake :D Night...

(07:49:22) Happy Mothering Sunday :) Or Simnel Sunday. Little home-made gifts duly given to @poots and coffee served.

(08:36:01) - Home-made Mothering Sunday presents for @poots [well done, @nxmee and @superalora!]

(12:23:39) Mothering Sunday lunch - the sun is shining and I'm having scampi (food of champions) Hoping Beth is feeling appropriately spoiled...

(14:08:19) Interesting - and possibly entirely pointless..! - I've just discovered what the 'barcodes' on the Ferrari #f1 team's outfits mean: Marlboro

(23:55:57) An evening spent doing nothing of consequence (save for calling my Mother, as is appropriate), leaving tomorrow for More Productive Things.

Tweets for 13 Mar 2010


(06:52:56) Woke up. Listened to #radio4's Feedback. Waste of time- a usual bolshy defence of poor editorial decisions of news headlines. Now: Now Show.

(09:03:05) Coffee, cereal, happy children and peace... a nice way to spend a Saturday morning. Time to prepare for Mothering Sunday. Hmm.. what to do?

(14:24:02) I do hope it's Quite Sunny this afternoon. If so, a trip to the park may well be in order. The fresh air may help my bedheadedness. Hope so!

(15:17:33) 'spose I ought to go and check the geocache, really - two 'not founds' in the past couple of months. Come on, sunshine!

(16:04:31) I appear to have grazed my shin at the park. Surely a sign of a successful trip. @superalora has sustained damage, too. Well done us :D

(17:49:58) Mmm... honey on hot buttered muffin. A proper treat :) (though I wonder how that compares to @BitsyVonMuffin :D)

(19:29:11) Right. TV Burp. It's funny (except the K Factor. Bit contrived).

Tweets for 12 Mar 2010


(06:25:26) Good morning, Friday. Tried having a cup of tea was quite the best idea before leaving the house, but Rooibos goes straight through me..! :/

(08:49:39) Good morning, blackbird! (although it'll probably have flown off by the end of this tweet :D)

(09:00:07) Apparently, Starbucks is having a Taste Challenge for their new "VIA" instant coffee range this morning: (SFW). CAFFEINE!

(18:06:16) What an afternoon. It's not finished yet- things are more borked than I thought, and I'm not sure our suppliers are aware of the severity..!

(20:02:43) So close to home I can almost smell it. Or it might be kerosene. Or possibly even @canuckuk :D The weekend starts in 16 minutes. JAMYEH!

(22:43:53) Time to put Friday back in its box and send it back. Not sure what to tick: unsuitable? Defective? 7 days till a replacement arrives; night!

Tweets for 11 Mar 2010


(07:10:44) Good morning! Struggled to get out of bed today; not because of the prospect of the day ahead, but my bed was so comfy & my dreams so sweet.

(07:17:06) Woo! Google Streetview's worth a look today - almost all of the UK is now there. I can see 'Little White' (our family's Astra) from here!

(13:15:27) Time for a constitutional. A little sunshine would be nice thankyouplease.

(15:26:54) I could do with a nap. Current Number Of People I know On Google Streetview: 4(ish) I had something profound to think, too, but it's gone.

(17:43:58) Nearly done with the Thing I Have Spent Almost All Day On (by which I don't mean Google Streetview). Tomorrow: everything else in the world.

(20:46:14) I have things to do, but they can wait. Shower then Portugal Radio Challenge, I think. Then bed then Friday. Who knows.. it might just work.

(23:00:46) My plan nearly worked. I just have to hide the unfinished bits of Thursday where noone will find it, then: sleep. More me tomorrow(!) Night!

Tweets for 10 Mar 2010


(06:29:38) Bit of a restless night with odd dreams; hopefully that means I'm well enough rested to take on Wednesday. Everybody in the place? Let's go!

(07:17:15) Propelled Londonwards coachily in the (virtual) company of @vobes, then @emmaandpete, both of whom have been delightfully prolific of late.

(08:53:57) Right. Coffee drunk, account unlocked.. now to the main business of the day. I think it may involve spreadsheets and broadcast servers.

(08:59:26) - Another bird table visitor - a blackbird, bold as brass [who shooed away a robin, too]

(10:27:20) - Bah.. the squirrels have got a sniff of the good stuff.. [they've got a challenge on to get to the fat balls, th

(11:38:54) That's twice I've called the Durhamites today. It's all very well storing a file I need on your servers, but not when the server's borked.

(15:18:50) Heavens to murgatroyd, this documentation is taking its time - every time I check an item it raises more questions. Gets it done, though.

(16:55:34) I've just called my work phone to find out if it's borked or not... it hasn't rung all day. Which is good, but unnerving. It's fine. Phew.

(19:29:18) Wow. Life knows how to poke me hard between the eyes. Caught up with a regular commuter I'd not seen in ages. Why? Her daughter was murdered

(19:38:57) Nearly home. Es gibt das Windchillfaktor.

(20:40:02) Right.. shave, shower, Mothering Sunday Card Writing, Portugal, bed. It's a plan.. it might just work.

(22:22:03) Heavens above, what a day. Time to sleep. It's good to have you around, and tomorrow. Good night.

Tweets for 09 Mar 2010


(07:49:38) Hello then, Tuesday. Another work week takes effect; squeezing the last bit of juice from my N95 since the wi-fi on this @easyBus is borked.

(07:56:12) I still have an annoying dull ache in my chest. Like that neck-ache you get when you sleep in a draught. But inside my ribcage. Coffee soon.

(07:56:50) Dim Sum Daily.

(09:07:47) Coffee: tick. Emails: tick. Utterly exciting news about Portal 2 being on its way: tick. Genius of Valve people: JAMYEH!

(10:46:46) Mmm... 2 minute porridge.

(11:31:34) Right. Enough tweeting. Back to the grind. I have empty DIGAs to investigate.

(11:38:33) I haven't taken to my tiny new PC keyboard. My current favourite is the one I use when working at home. Time to find a suitable candidate.

(11:40:26) I believe there is a correlation (in inverse proportion) between the font size of a 'comedy' email and the overall level of hilarity. QED.

(12:54:19) Bap + page = BAPPAGE! Cheese'n'ham'salad. NOMS.

(14:36:24) An enjoyable coffee-flavoured lunch break with my pal Michael, including insights into How To Upgrade Storage and What Is Wrong With Radio!

(15:47:20) I don't know where the pinnacle of my talents lies.

(18:26:01) RT @SaliWho: RT @The_No_Show: @alexispetridis Sadly, local headline writing skills do not extend to picture captions.

(18:30:02) RT @patrickbaty: RT @lucyinglis: More information on Helen Kent and how to get in touch if you know something:

(18:30:27) RT @coradevine: RT @lucyinglis this is Helen Kent, and apparently she went missing yesterday, in the Exeter area. Please RT. http://twit ...

(18:31:36) Sorry about the nearly-duplicate retweets - harnessing the power of Twitter for good, badly.

(18:38:02) Heading home- delightful. I have had far too much caffeine today. Even my usual cognitive dissonance is muted by the subdue of numb neurons.

(18:40:39) The M1 beckons. I may write an email. Using nothing but words of less than one syllable. 'Gist' is a fine word.

(23:01:09) Having spent more evening than strictly appropriate having a go at Portal's "Transmission Received" achievement, time for sleeps! Night :)

Tweets for 08 Mar 2010


(08:26:28) RT @johndredge: 3D was in fact the price of admission to Alice in Wonderland.

(08:27:46) Good morning. Advice for the day: buy the most expensive junior hacksaw blades you can afford.

(09:07:50) Children duly deposited at their seats of learning - now to decide what to do with much of Monday. It may involve supermarketings.

(09:46:22) Happy International Birds' Day *runs away*

(09:47:43) - Cheeky pigeons nibbling from @superalora's bird house. [I think I might need to sort that out...]

(09:59:24) Checking my work email would be a lot more efficient if Outlook didn't keep giving me the Eggtimer Of Doom. C'mon, now...

(11:52:01) Ooh.. "Our Lips Are Sealed" by Fun Boy Three on Absolute 80s.. splendid record :) Supermarket shopping done. Now: coffee & emails.

(12:26:26) Feelin' kinda useless. Beth's off to be with her parents. I shall stay here and do what I can.

(15:34:11) School run time. Not the place to have a quiet chat with the children, but we'll sort it out. Scootering.

(15:53:16) Unfazed, the children are working on their 'stick & sour' soup. I shall make them cheese on toast (which doesn't involve nasturtium seeds).

(17:58:34) Watching Chris and Lenni get the hang of Mario Kart Wii. They're both very capable children.. won't be long until they're beating me easily!

(21:12:10) Glee for @poots, bed and Heroes for me. Back to work tomorrow.. best get some camomile tea down me. Night night, sleep tight. Outta sight. x

Tweets for 07 Mar 2010


(09:46:51) Right. Time to decline an offer of employment as a TV playout engineer, and then decide what else to do today. I may well saw wood. SKILLz!

(10:07:08) One step at a time today, I think, under the circumstances. The sun's shining, though, so photosynthesis is feasible. Slowly does it.

(14:14:14) RT @charltonbrooker: I couldn't disagree with this less: (via @RealDMitchell)

(14:19:23) I need coffeeee.

(14:35:49) There was ice in the birdbath; @nxmee smashed it with a rock. He likes smashing ice with a rock.

(17:43:42) An afternoon spent outside; I worked on the birdhouse and Chris & Lenni made some 'soup' in a bucket :D Time for tea now. Sunset: soonish.

(18:30:58) Bathing the children - @poots's brief return is just in time to wash @superalora's hair (it's a girl thing!) and to have a cup of tea.

(22:08:23) I've posted something in my blog: Bird table version 2 (and 'stick soup')

(22:12:20) I seem to accumulate small inexplicable cuts on several fingers over the course of days and nights. Has someone snuck paper into my bed..?

(22:14:12) Right.. early night. I'll watch @ProfBrianCox's well-received #wonders programme on iPlayer tomorrow, I think. Now: bed & The Bugle. Night!

Tweets for 06 Mar 2010


(07:47:53) Good morning, so. Minimal tweetage today, I think.. need to focus on real life and making lists. Have a splendid weekend :)

(09:45:30) I've just taken delivery of my old school certificates (thanks, @chepbourne!) - including a school report from when I was 5 (and 'lazy') :D

(09:46:10) - One of my proudest achievements - sewing machine ninja skillz [bronze] by the age of 12. JAMYEH!

(12:00:06) Just discovered there's a seed swap at Bunyan Free Meeting Church, Mill St, Bedford.. if only I'd known! On until 12.30pm ...

(12:41:23) Leaving Bedford. Make way! (Actually, Bedford is a bit like Hitchin but without anything like the charm)

(12:44:37) Bedford also seems entirely populated by teenagers with, er, distinctive hairstyles. And no car parks.

(14:33:59) RT @RobJD: @syzygy oh no!!! Impending [LED] doom!!! (what's the inside scoop, @Cree ..?)

(14:39:02) Woo.. the bird feeder was visited by a (rather emaciated looking) robin.. I didn't make it to the screen capture in time. Hoping it returns!

(16:41:26) A glorious day - the sun's shining; the children are playing out after @superalora's Beavers event & @nxmee helping fix the car electrics :)

(21:24:21) Ooh.. nice bit of R'n'B in bluegrass style: Carolina Chocolate Drops performing "Hit 'Em Up Style" - (YT SFW) Smashing!

(21:41:08) This evening's endeavours: a rework of @superalora's TomTom voice - she's done a fine job. If you'd like a copy please feel free to DM me :)

(23:55:01) Off to bed, after a relaxing evening. Trivial achievements included completing Cyclomaniacs; at least the lure to play it has gone :D Night!

Tweets for 05 Mar 2010


(06:26:31) My fingers are really rather cold this morning, and I don't feel very rested. Enough of my woes - it's Friday & coffee's just 1hr45 away :)

(08:41:56) Work's in full flow... things aren't as (bad as?) I was expecting... time to have coffee and defrost my brain. At least I smell good today.

(10:22:05) Listening to the Radio Academy's latest "Radio Talk" I've decided that I'll go wherever @jonholmes1 ends up... unless he gets sacked again.

(17:35:15) Ooh nearly home time. Despite putting on a distinctive shirt, I am not really up for the Twissup tonight... there'll be other times. Maybe.

(18:47:27) I'm on the coach home with an Irish man talking loudly on his phone behind me. Dulcet though his tones are, they're rather invasive.

(18:48:10) Grumble grumble. Gummo!

(19:08:04) I can't decide if it's such a good thing that my N95 can be a 'MyFi' - I have the internet wherever I am, now. Until the battery runs out.

(19:14:35) Slowing up a bit on the #M1 northbound.. somewhere before junction 9; that'll be Friday night into the roadworks between j10 & 11 #uktraffic

(19:22:41) Time to put my iPod Touch down... it's been a fun commute. Thank you for keeping me company. 6 minutes till touchdown. Doors to automatic(?)

(21:21:27) Dear iPlayer on our Wii, please stop the buffering already. Our internet is SPLENDID.

(21:48:37) Watching "The Bubble" & reminding @poots who Jon Richardson is. We saw his stand-up in Southampton. (thought you'd be pleased, @EmmaTofi :D)

(22:12:22) Enjoying tales of Ed Byrne playing Modern Warfare 2 while Germain Greer knits, swearing behind him. "Knitting in the name of..."

(22:37:10) This Jinsy thing is weird, and quite beautiful. Better, for example, than anything James Corden has been in.

(22:56:25) This, apparently, is @thisisJinsy: - quite the most surreal thing I've seen in a long time. (Not child-friendly)

(23:00:42) Time, I think, to take the remainder of the week to the compost & open a fresh one in the morning. I'll check the best-before dates.Night!

Tweets for 04 Mar 2010


(07:49:22) Good morning. I'm reflecting that the first words I say on a workday are to an @easyBus driver. And then I'm silent until I get to my desk..

(08:52:20) - Bird feeder update: Arrgh! Cat! I need to up my game with the deterrent. Bring it on. [Suggestions welcomed]

(09:20:53) Here's an interesting way to find out what Google has on you - there's a dashboard: (h/t @leolaporte)

(12:17:30) Right. Wires played with; although I'm not entirely satisfied with the outcome (seems a bit belt'n'braces to me) it seems to be working. RAR

(12:32:18) If ever there was quite a good advert for an iPhone app, it's this: (YT - sfw) I'm tempted to buy it for loopy goodness.

(14:01:11) How about this as a solution for the Caddington pothole problem, @esther4luton ..? (sfw) [via the wondrous @canuckuk ]

(16:24:01) Blim blim blim it's all about the clocking today. I have a feeling I need to fiddle with something that I can't get hold of. Ooh enigmatic!

(17:14:42) The only voice I hear in my brain is my own. I wonder if this is normal. That said, I only have one person to blame for my actions :D

(22:34:09) Bedtime. I am not sure what I have done this evening is of any use to humanity, but it approaches creativity, so that's something. Night!

Tweets for 03 Mar 2010


(06:31:37) Okeydokey then, Wednesday. I'm coming to get you. At an amble. Nice to see it's approaching daylight out there. Good morning.

(07:51:57) I don't ~need~ coffee. But I would very much like it. When I finally get to work, I have a very fine mashup to share with you. Ooh! Teasy!

(08:46:33) Here's today's remarkable mash-up offering: (SFW) - my colleagues clearly weren't in a reggae mood this morning.

(09:04:07) ~sighs~ why are no birds coming to my bird feeder(s)? EH? ~sad tweet~ (the video's working today - .. just about!)

(09:34:26) I am amused by @poots's communication methods. Salmon, please.

(11:43:04) - The bird feeder has had a visitor! A blackbird nibbling at seeds in @superalora's birdhouse :)

(12:29:01) I reckon the new bird table is a bit too wobbly. I have a plan.

(14:49:56) Team meeting. Someone's just mentioned Shoutcast. Blimey.

(17:51:55) Homeward, unbound. Let's do this thing.

(18:37:24) Why am I sitting on the coach, wearing my earphones, listening to Simon Mayo being all cringey & dull on Radio 2 on the coach speakers? Buh.

(19:09:14) I don't know what to do with myself this evening. I fear the espresso I had earlier has given me brain scramble. Still, I'm perky, though.

(19:10:00) They're spreading salt on the M1 this evening... it's going to be another cold one. Brrr, bit nippy out.

(21:01:59) My plan for this evening was: eat; fill in a form; fix the pitch bend on my MIDI keyboard; finish Cyclomaniacs. Fixing my keyboard can wait.

(21:56:18) Fruitless rummage in the loft, but somewhat enjoyable trip into the small hamlet of my past. Now, a bit bedtimey, so yeah. Good night, too!

Tweets for 02 Mar 2010


(09:56:10) I utterly disagree with Mark Thompson saying that by increasing 6music's audience it would compete directly with commercial radio. BOLLOCKS.

(10:02:28) It also bemuses me that "History of the world in 100 objects" is cited as a success despite being censured on #radio4's Feedback. #bbcfail

(10:16:12) I'd mind the closure of Asian Network if they produced a weekly Japanese techno show. Or some Himalayan throat singing.

(11:21:32) RT @JemStone: RT @rooreynolds: #6music recently played tracks are interesting (via @tristanf)

(11:27:44) Hi from me, too! :) RT @drmasquerade: @Hedgewytch @doclorraine @syzygy @GabrielleNYC @HeadConcierge @vobes @quirkytraveller Great people ...

(16:26:32) This made me smile. Lots. (YT, sfw) There are some clever people in this world, including OK Go, James Frost & Syyn Labs.

(16:42:29) Feeling a bit manky now. I don't even want cake. That's the second time in three days.

(19:09:45) Attempting to conquer a migraine while hurtling up the M1. I am not coherent in this endeavour; I blame faulty chemistry with some success.

(21:44:47) RT @canuckuk: RT @dragonfly63 Odd signs // that's entirely going in my Google Reader :)

(21:51:44) Oh goodness.. too many lovely tweets to reply to, but I must go to bed before my head starts trying to remove itself again. Good night! :)

Tweets for 01 Mar 2010


(00:26:26) They say "You are what you eat"... I've been an awful lot of Spogs today. Studio tidied.. cables cable-tied.. time to sleep. Good night! :)

(07:20:41) It's Monday! Time to scrape myself out of flatness & take on a busy day. Taking bets on how disrupted it'll be by dishwasher engineer #fail.

(09:17:02) Happy St Dave's day to you.

(09:19:41) Dishwasher update: One of their, ahem, fine engineers is due for a visit 'before 1pm' - we'll see, eh? Now: birdfeeder action, I think.

(09:21:29) RT @AIannucci: I'll be on Lauren Laverne's 6 Music show around 10.40am answering all sorts of questions about all sorts of rumours. |JAMYEH!

(09:23:22) What an absolute genius @AIannucci is - choosing 6Music as the station to be interviewed on; if that doesn't boost its profile, what will..?

(12:33:54) RT @RadioKate: "I am now an avid listener to 6 Music... I strongly suspect 6 Music will be saved" - Ed Vaizey responds to @chrisunlimite ...

(12:43:19) I've had my bird-table building interrupted by lunch (paninininoms - thanks @poots!) and Dishwasher Dave turning up. He's got the part! WOO!

(13:11:10) Dishwasher update! The new part has been fitted, but we only have a plate to wash at the moment. The proof of the pudding etc.

(13:59:57) Back from a brief Asda trip. I need to find out why my i600 doesn't get an IP address in ad hoc wi-fi mode. And finish the bird feeder.

(14:39:23) My fingers are covered in woodstain. Makes me look like I smoke 350 a day. Although it peels off fairly easily. Tidy up time, I think.

(14:45:25) I still want one of these as part of my toolkit: (sfw)

(16:38:43) Showing the children REM videos; Bad Day ( YT SFW) is my favourite EVER. Shiny Happy People ( is lovely

(16:40:00) I won't, however, show them the exquisite "Everybody Hurts" as I will surely blub, like I do every time I watch it ( SFW)

(20:35:21) Today I have mainly constructed a bird table thing out of bits of old wood I had lying around and a frying pan cover item (thanks, @poots!)

(21:15:53) audioBoo: Transition Luton Hustings - 25th February 2010

(22:03:57) All done with Monday. Something of a qualified success, with @nxmee getting into the local school and the dishwasher getting fixed(?) Night!

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