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Tweets for 28 Feb 2010


(08:21:35) Bah.. should've got up ages ago, but I'm achey this morning. Must be the dampness. I wonder if I'm eligible for the £2,000 scrapage scheme..

(15:43:03) Well, the exciting Bird Feeder Cam is back up again: http://is.gd/9h6hg - the project to encourage more birds to the garden begins soon...

(15:57:43) RT @fridgemagnet2: pulling twitter feeds into Playout. And why not indeed. // @jamescridland - my mate's playout system is evolving nicely!

(16:16:05) All tired out after a long tweet. Time to empty the dishwasher and attend to some long overdue emithers while the children are in the bath.

(18:26:08) Children in bed nice and early, since Chris had a bit of a rough night last night (same as Eleanor exactly a week ago.. how odd is that?)

(18:29:30) Right, I ~really am~ going to catch up with emails this evening. And tidy the studio. First, though, some Mario Kart Wii to, er, set me up.

(18:49:32) Having a bit of a tussle on Mario Kart with @V_Moo. And a whole load of internets. It's good.

(20:16:41) I am not in the mood for cake.

(22:13:58) To the studio, then, to tidy... listening to @MarvK's 5th anniversary Mr Nice Guy podcast (http://is.gd/9pkgi) - congratulations, Marv :)

(22:41:00) The studio looks like a bombsite. Most annoying. Last task of the day: get it sorted & listen to the @Vobes show [http://twitpic.com/15xanr]

Tweets for 27 Feb 2010


(10:22:18) Busy day so far, with tidying and hoovering out the car. And wet-wiping copious amounts of mud off the insides :D Proper Saturday mornings!

(11:45:09) An escape from a rainy Saturday - painting breakfast bowls at Bedford Kiln [http://www.bedfordkiln.co.uk] http://yfrog.com/3790upj

(22:25:26) All tired out after driving round more of the North Circular than I have in a long time and going for dinner with my Dad & stepmum & @poots.

(22:50:01) My eyes are rather heavy; my brain appears to have stopped working. But at least I know how to get to the Tesco in Brent Cross now. Night!

Tweets for 26 Feb 2010


(08:31:12) Work emails caught-up-on during the coach journey.. just a bit of tidying to do now, and then I think it's Spreadsheet Time Again. RAR!

(08:41:06) This story, if it's true, makes me sad: http://is.gd/9dGdn My views do not represent those of the BBC. They're making a mistake with 6Music.

(08:50:51) I'm one of the "20% of adults" who've heard of it & quite like the things it does (except George Lamb) #save6music // my views not the BBC's

(10:02:47) This looks like an interesting idea - help Ofcom measure the true speed of the UK''s broadband (http://is.gd/9dUcM - SamKnows.com SFW)

(12:26:45) Support BBC 6music, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - http://bit.ly/cFlRBK

(16:46:33) Listening to Sarah Millican's Support Group #radio4 (http://is.gd/9fvLI) while copying data off my spreadsheet into a Word Document. WOW!

(17:24:52) Need perking up before I go home, I've slowly slid down the slippery slope of sleepiness as I've typed this afternoon. It's Friday.. JAMYEH!

(18:29:21) On behalf of @SugarVendil here's a link to a fine music site that shares my Twittername: http://www.syzygynewmusic.com :)

(19:23:04) Bizarre iPod Touch autocapitalisation of the day: 'tWas . Yesterday's, if you missed it, was Reading. Another at this time tomorrow. <--lie

(19:49:05) I wish I still had the ZX81 from when I was 10. I'd put it next to my boy's netbook show him his computer has a million times more RAM. Heh.

(21:11:26) Watching Bellamy's people and playing with @errolin's kindly lent gadgetry :)

(21:12:19) I may well convert to Tarvu. What a splendid religion. Hebbo (@robertpopper)

(22:52:22) Since it's a bit dark & miserable out, I'm testing my IP server & @errolin's camera on the guinea-pigs for SCIENCE! http://is.gd/9h6hg (sfw)

(22:59:28) Ooh.. secondary school place announcements are due on Monday. That will be interesting. Hoping for the local school for @nxmee - it's OK.

(23:01:45) Bedtime, I think. People's heads look enormous on Newsnight. And with that I wish you peace, warmth, contentment & a jolly good duvet.Night!

Tweets for 25 Feb 2010


(08:29:54) Yay! School run! Always a light-hearted walk up the hill :)

(09:15:03) http://twitpic.com/1582k8 - One of last night's (many) highlights - Fruit Punch Snapple at ICCo's pizza place. Best soft drink ever [maybe].

(11:26:09) Either I've managed to lose a cup of tea somewhere in the house or I've drunk it without my tea-satisfaction trigger firing. Making another.

(11:46:36) Yes, it's Dishwasher Update time. Nothing heard, so I called them: the part's due to arrive tomorrow (quelle surprise) & be fitted on Monday

(12:13:59) Since when did DHL delivery drivers start to turn up in Citroën Xsaras?

(12:18:40) Dodgy question of the day: what's the best way to get a Nokia N95 unlocked from T-mobile? (perhaps an expert like @ewan can help..?)

(12:45:40) I am the Marquis of Lunchington.

(15:35:46) Damp school run number 1 - the boy is a-scooting... but do I run to catch up? JAMYEH!

(16:37:21) Damp schoolrun 2 - watching 'promotional videos' in reception at @superalora's school. Not sure what that's all about.

(17:39:32) I'll be live-tweeting the #transitionluton hustings event this evening - my first time to see the prospective parliamentary candidates.

(18:06:16) I've posted something in my blog: Bird feeder cam..! http://tinyurl.com/ygnkwqn

(18:34:45) I'm all tired out after doing a fair amount of walking and tinkering today. Quick bite to eat, then out again for #transitionluton thingy.

(19:41:21) The #transitionluton event has started - 8 candidates attending, which represents all parties & independents.

(19:43:12) The green candidate started the 3 minutes summary of their position concisely (with technical problems) - doom & gloom #transitionluton

(19:48:51) Joe Hall - local businesses. Doctor ? (can't remember his name) is a climate change skeptic.. yeek! Wasn't expecting that #transitionluton

(19:51:57) Charlie Lawler (ukip)'s another skeptic. He wants manufacturing to grow in Luton. Stop the big lorries & population growth! #transitionluton

(20:02:59) Conservative's Nigel Huddleston has had green credentials for years - lots of complaining about what's gone before #transitionluton

(20:04:56) Short break. In summary, not many realistic propositions (save for rather terrifying hair-brained ones) from the candidates #transitionluton

(20:07:11) Theme is a vibrant, low carbon Luton. Question time. This is where it gets, er, interesting. #transitionluton

(20:10:24) Food miles. @esther4luton - price vs locality. Fuel issues will force the issue. Green candidate: supermarkets are evil. #transitionluton

(20:13:45) The sound person is #fail Next question: railways. green: renationalise. lib: where it's not delivering, back to public #transitionluton

(20:16:37) Joe Hall - why is it all about money? Dr Latham - trains, energy, water. Lawler - single private company for trains #transitionluton

(20:18:36) Lab - renationalise the trains. Esther - subsidise & competition. Con - get tough with the companies. PPP #transitionluton

(20:21:22) East-west public transport. Con: get rid of translink Esther: too much money. Lab - in favour of it. Lawler: steam train! #transitionluton

(20:23:42) Latham: something! (?) Hall: replace it with better local bus services. Lib: if it costs Lutonians nothing, we'll have it. #transitionluton

(20:24:28) Green: translink will fail. Stop spending our money. #transitionluton

(20:27:44) Industry here - what's in it for Luton? Con: bad reputation. Government site first? Esther: Luton needs jobs & creativity #transitionluton

(20:29:13) Lab: 1 in 20 unemployment better than con in 90s. Lawler: we cannot rely on service industry - need manufacturing. #transitionluton

(20:32:32) Hall: How do we create green jobs? Insulate houses. Lib: Luton is a manufacturing town. Skilled people - green cars. #transitionluton

(20:33:06) Sorry if you're not interested in Luton!

(20:34:24) Green: discretionary rate for small businesses. "This will help you" #transitionluton

(20:37:08) NUS - what will they do about education to create green jobs? Doctor: children should know about fuzzy logic(!) #transitionluton

(20:40:30) Lib: slagging off Labour. Education & health should be free. Green: scrap Trident make education free. #transitionluton

(20:42:58) Con: he can't commit to reducing fees (party policy). Lab: he signed the pledge not to increase fees (unilateral) #transitionluton

(20:47:34) Esther: Youth community training. UKIP: no tuition fees to get people qualified. Hall: rebalance spending to more education #transitionluton

(20:49:35) Incentives to new starting businesses to form a tax base. Con: yes & reduce NI for new businesses & apprentices. #transitionluton

(20:51:36) Esther & Lab & UKIP are in favour of apprenticeships. Doctor: we're losing technical skills. Train people. #transitionluton

(20:53:29) Hall: more about an apprenticeship event.. where's the money coming from? Lib: free uni education to make professionals. #transitionluton

(20:57:34) How do we stop Luton being an embarrassment? Con: get rid of the extremists Esther: show media Luton in harmony #transitionluton

(21:01:00) Lab: same as con(!) UKIP- show unity in Luton. Doctor: don't let them make martyrs Hall: extremist groups thrive on poverty #transitionluton

(21:03:49) Lib: muslims are peaceful people - he was a victim of extremists. The cases were never investigated. Green: Luton For Peace #transitionluton

(21:06:01) And that's it. Thank you for putting up with my tweets. I think the weak may be weeded out, but is there enough strength? #transitionluton

(22:07:41) Right, after all that excitement, I'm going to bed. The audioboo will have to wait until the morning/afternoon/weekend :D Nighty nighty :)

Tweets for 24 Feb 2010


(06:16:36) Listening to "Act Your Age" on #radio4 - Cannon & Ball added a bit of magic, but Mayo was as grey and dull as ever and ruined it. Again.

(06:27:54) Here we go again... the sun's just about to rise, which is nice, though. Busy day of work and #radioacademy today for me. Good morning!

(07:12:24) On the M1 in the dawn mist, listening to @fluffymuppet & @petecooper's fine 'Emma And Pete Show' - "the glorious sound of potato on mud!"

(07:42:06) Oops.. three car prang just before junction 2 southbound on the #M1 - left lane closed.. and really slow at junction 1 onto the north circ.

(07:43:43) RT @FlossieTeacake: RT @nicolamorgan Hi from a kids author! RT & show my class how far & wide a twitter message can spread #artscouncilh ...

(07:55:19) Handy to be able to scramble through my work email inbox while the coach trundles down Finchley Road. My server doesn't seem to have borked.

(09:05:49) Digital Brian is directing Ray the bonkers van driver to Hemel Hempstead. This is not going to end well. On a brighter note: mmm... coffee!

(11:30:26) I've set up a rather ropey (dreadfully soft & impossible to focus) webcam to point to our bird feeders: http://is.gd/94q72 - improving soon!

(17:31:53) http://twitpic.com/153qjz - My work mobile phone has now become somewhat more special to me. [Gaffer tape FTW(nfc)!]

(21:35:18) Homeward after an evening of @jamescridland being brilliant; pizza being tasty and @sparkyannc & @radiokate being smashing. #radioacademy

(21:37:26) Oh wow! Radcliffe & Maconie interviewing Goldfrapp (JAMYEH!) followed by The Visitors - my all-time favourite Abba song. Splendid, #radio2 !

(21:45:01) I've got a day off work tomorrow. What on earth am I going to do with it? School run, obviously. Then..? Music? Comedy? Songwriting? Sleep?!

(22:05:58) Woo.. junction 10. This means that I'll be home quite, quite soon. Hurrah! Everyone gets cake!

(23:40:33) Well that'll be the end of this particular individually wrapped Wednesday. Time to have a rummage around the box for a Thursday. Goodnight!

Tweets for 23 Feb 2010


(07:15:12) Ranting is inefficient.

(07:53:14) Bah. @echofon is still crashing at random points. Last night I dreamt we ended up with a Blu-ray player and @poots was annoyed. Odd dreams.

(11:16:31) Well, I wasn't expecting to be working on one of my long-term projects this morning.. therefore work email inbox zero ain't gonna happen.

(15:49:00) Hmm. Time to hoik a server across the road while the snow holds off. Everything else will have to wait. Including more coffee (yum...)

(21:34:47) My favourite comedy on #radio4 at the moment is "Fags Mags & Bags" (http://is.gd/91Wd4 SFW) - Sanjeev Kholi is both amazing and great.

(21:36:02) Listening to BBC #digitalplanet's Digital Planet I'm left wondering if the EU will make Apple give users the choice of what browser to use..

(21:39:08) Last radio tweet today - good to hear local @Jim_Pea on an interesting programme about Luton earlier: http://ow.ly/1agwa (iPlayer) #radio4

(21:42:59) In bed with a hurty head. All has been said so I'll see you on Wed. Nesday. Goodnight; may your dreams be hilarious so you wake up laughing.

Tweets for 22 Feb 2010


(07:29:16) Lurking in bed is doing me no good. Another slightly broken night, although this time it was only me who didn't sleep soundly. Happy Monday!

(07:57:05) There aren't enough risers in this house. Also, I really do need to climb a ladder soon. Perhaps when it's stopped with the snowing.

(13:54:46) Home from a blizzardy shopping trip. There's a rather unpleasant melty 'snow soup' on the ground but it's not too treacherous. Cold, though!

(14:10:01) I seem to have blown up two power supplies. You would have thought I'd have got the idea after the first one. In other news: GOLDFISH LEDs.

(15:00:53) Mmm coffee and cake. I would recommend it to my closest friends.

(15:18:30) http://twitpic.com/14qigv - My choice of Monday Afternoon Cake: fairy cakes with Betty Crocker Icing [for @bazmati2020]

(15:42:52) RT @ndixon HTTP status 418 = "I'm a teapot" The HTCPCP server is a teapot. The responding entity MAY be "short and stout" http://is.gd/8W6y4

(18:01:23) I'm not sure I've got the hang of that Spotify.. choose '80s pop' and all it gives me is Whitney Houston. Entirely not what I'm after. Bah.

(18:08:58) http://twitpic.com/14ra5o - Enough of the Whitney Houston already, please?! [Time to put Absolute 80s back on]

(22:02:04) All righty oh then. Seems Monday has evaporated into a haze of trivia; I will be sure to take more care of Tuesday. Maybe put a bag over it.

Tweets for 21 Feb 2010


(08:26:02) It's a rarity that my iPod will have as low a battery as it has.. an unsettled night, all in; I must've dozed through quite a few podcasts.

(10:15:34) Right. I am neither showered nor dressed. Time to deal with both situations (in the appropriate order). Then I shall conquer the house. YAR

(11:37:13) All righty.. kitchen state improved by 15%, washing sorted (nearly) and a daughter dozing on the sofa. Time for a root beer and a potter.

(14:00:46) Sleepy now. Puzzle assembly with @superalora in a peaceful lounge is almost as good as a nap, right?

(16:17:17) RT @CrispyPancakes1: RT for the chance to WIN a month's supply of Crispy Pancakes #WinFindusCrispyPancakes // (via @pinkpebs - hilarious :D)

(16:19:08) RT @CrispyPancakes1: @LoLoPants not quite a ton :-) We reckon a month's supply is 4 or 5 boxes. // Well that's answered my next question :D

(16:34:12) Having half an hour of mucking about on Mario Kart (I seem to have lost the ability to play with any aptitude) and then back to pottering.

(19:28:18) I've just spent FAR longer than I should playing a game called "Cyclomaniacs" - it's silly AND fun. http://is.gd/8Su5X (sfw - Kongregate) :D

(20:46:33) Good grief. I have achieved (personal) inbox zero. That's a first. Encouraged by this, I intend to do the same at work... er... this year.

(21:11:32) Ooh I ~very~ like 'Files Lite' iPhone file store by @olivetoast - tempted to buy the full version.. that'd make it a fine wi-fi 'USB stick'!

(23:04:21) I think I have resurrected some technology from the dead. Now, though, I have to decide what to do with it. I might ask @fridgemagnet2...

(23:22:12) Right. Bedtime.. I'll do the tidying up tomorrow. I can pop round and do yours too, if you'd like? Goodnight!

(23:32:34) Definitely gone, now. The screen's contracted to a tiny white dot, which will fade into a cathode ray nothingness. May we all sleep soundly.

Tweets for 20 Feb 2010


(09:18:58) The ThisIsHeart time tunnel - the same 150 songs as they usually churn out, just played in year order. Inspired. But what was the year..?

(09:51:53) Righty.. coffee drunk, and ten o'clock approaches. It's been a slow, rather pleasant start to Saturday but now it's time to turn up the gas.

(10:19:30) What crazy world is it where Luton Town is in the same division as Stevenage, Oxford, Salisbury and Eastbourne? And, er, Ebbsfleet United(?)

(10:31:23) RT @r_banks: @syzygy hahaha... well check out my websoite and you'll see that is NOT the case... www.robinbanks.com/radiotraining ;)

(10:32:45) Oh dear.. Robbie Williams 'mac the knife' as hold music to Tesco Credit Card. I'm sure they do it on purpose to make me call back later.

(11:11:55) I'm aware that I started a little late, but I have decided to give up alcohol for Lent. This has been assisted by @poots buying root beer :)

(11:30:48) I've posted something in my blog: Half-term fun and action! http://tinyurl.com/ykzeykb

(11:32:28) Right.. blog post written, time to stop using the computer for a bit. RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO TWEET! Lovely morning.. happy sunshine!

(14:20:18) BORED NOW. Failed to update my website to a new version of Joomla. All the clever plug-ins I installed have stopped working. Bleh.

(21:20:35) Home with tired children after a Chinese meal at Beth's Grandma's (90 today) & visit to Beth's Grandpa. Kids in bed. We're watching a film.

(22:51:41) I reckon stuff filmed in HD and shown on standard definition TVs looks pretty amazing as it is. Victoria Coren certainly sets the benchmark.

(23:17:41) The intro sequence to the BBC's Winter Olympics coverage really doesn't make any sense to me. Is the Mighty Boosh doodle character in it..?

(23:23:06) Bedtime. Watched 'The Bucket List' this evening - lovely heartwarming film. Hoping for a Getting Things Done day tomorrow. We'll see. Night!

Tweets for 19 Feb 2010


(07:03:44) Another fine @podquiz this week. I got 11/20 (the 'what year' questions stumped me!) Do I need artist AND title in round 1 to get the point?

(07:13:36) Righty, then.. into the jaws of the Friday monster. Bring it on.

(09:38:17) "I was made for loving you, baby; you were made for loving me." - Now that's a strange brain-itch. Must be the coffee. Or the @poots effect!

(10:57:16) I have aspirations of doing something else this afternoon, so if I can shake this morning off over lunchtime, there's always hope...

(10:58:15) Oh, and I'm wearing my Bright Red Tie today. Apparently it makes me look like a schoolboy going to his first interview. Classy.

(11:33:34) SCREEN BREAK! Oh. too late.

(14:13:59) Right. PIZZA TIME. And then - y'know, I think I might do another spreadsheet. In other news, my boss's boss asked my when the interview was.

(14:31:55) RT @RadioToday: Dance music station FM107.9 wants to 'flip format' to become a 45+ easy listening station. (One of your ideas, @pj_kent? :D)

(15:15:57) Time to put some #bleepshow on while I crank some numbers through the grid. It's the way ahead.

(21:16:17) Did someone kill Larry The Lamb?

(22:25:33) Ooh. Ingrid Oliver - beautiful and funny and quite posh. There are so many amazing women comedy actors around at the moment.

(22:27:26) Watching @robertpopper on Bellamy's people. What a strange character. He was playing.

Tweets for 18 Feb 2010


(06:26:47) Bit chilly this morning.. and still dark. It was good to see that dusk hadn't quite fallen when I left work yesterday, though. Spring: soon!

(10:40:36) I would like to have some coffee now please thank you.

(11:49:39) I just used the word "contemporaneous" in an email. On the rare occasions I can remember long words I shoe-horn them into correspondence :D

(12:22:58) RT @achrisevans: International tweets required today to @nationaltrust to save Abbey Road - this is very very do-able. Please, re-tweet.

(12:24:23) Dear @nationaltrust Please save Abbey Road. It's as much a part of our heritage as many stately homes. Thank you very much :)

(16:22:06) Today has been a full-on One Big Problem day. I am going to have some coffee, so I can squeeze a bit more work into the last hour & a half.

(17:29:05) Right. Anyone else want to report a major problem? You have 32 minutes of my day left, and I'm only on number six. Lucky seven..? Anyone..?

(17:42:33) I've lost the back cover of my work mobile. Do I [a] use gaffer tape; [b] order a new phone [c] get battery burns from coins in my pocket?

(17:57:51) Most votes for tape YAY! Going home. What a day...

(18:56:48) RT @petecooper: http://www.ipspotting.com/ || My current IP address is a lame - it is beige (zero points).

(19:04:18) Listening to #digitalplanet I'm amused that Luton.gov.uk doesn't need a DDoS to go offline at inopportune moments. It's often just borked :D

(19:11:06) My torso is achey.

(19:19:05) Yay, Luton Airport! (bet not many people say that). A quick walk home and then I can unwind.. for a few hours, at least..!

(20:23:08) Home and eaten (mm.. chicken!) Now: shower and relaxation. Definitely the relaxation.

(20:54:34) I'm playing Mario Kart for a bit. Quite badly, it would appear. Now's your chance :D

Tweets for 17 Feb 2010


(06:25:55) I had an odd dream last night.. it involved a train and Spain. I've a strange brain. Listening to "Act Your Age" - just for the jokes, mind.

(08:54:00) Stretchy sleepy, achey and in need of coffee. It's like first thing in the morning at Snow White's house. Except with full-size engineers.

(09:04:55) I was delighted to discover when I arrived this morning that Digital Brian made me a cup of tea.

(09:31:16) RT @griffinkate: The thing about David Cameron is, he's basically just a scaled-up iPhone.

(09:38:50) If I'm honest, I've been feeling a little dizzy since I woke up this morning.

(11:00:52) RT @petecooper: vince clarke, synth *god*, is reportedly selling his house. and it looks ace: http://is.gd/8wfmT (sfw) // Beth.. can we..?

(13:19:35) I'm thinking of changing my name to Colin Occupants.

(14:32:08) It's time for a tea mmeeting. My dizziness has become a migraine, but I have emergency ibuprofen for that. A busy afternoon in prospect.

(15:06:04) RT @frequencycast: : New TV-over-IP service SeeSaw has just launched.

(16:18:39) I've just ordered a free SIM from Three (thanks @errolin!) If reception's OK at Geri Halliwell Towers, I am totally going to change to them.

(16:33:31) I, for one, am not in favour of making a PayPal contribution to @R4Today'sThought For The Day (kudos to @pheasantplucker)

(18:29:47) Homeward bound yay :) An evening with little planned - catching up with Newswipe, shower, bed. I think I'm sleep depraved. And hungry.

(18:36:25) Darn it.. #echofon keeps crashing again. Back to my reserve Twitter client (what do you mean, 'unnecessary resilience'..? :D)

(19:41:35) "Let's meet the contestents.. let's meet the contestents.. (etc)" - it's catchy. Watching the @mermhart one on catchy-up. Literally.

(21:18:35) http://twitpic.com/13thjg - It's a cold night, so what better way to watch Newswipe than with some Festive Beer & Christmas Pud? [Thanks, @r

(21:56:37) Right. No more aphorisms or idioms, I'm done with Wednesday, like a metaphor that has become a cliché. Good night, and restful sleep :)

Tweets for 16 Feb 2010


(07:12:44) Workward ahoy! So far this morning, I have eaten breakfast and failed to post to Google Buzz on my iPod Touch... not sure it'll catch on.

(07:46:03) RT @dizzydanni84: RT @FreyaSykes: If you'd love 4 1/4s of traditional sweets for FREE then give this a quick RT...u might be the lucky w ...

(07:57:48) I'm only 24 minutes from coffee.. less than half an hour from my desk.. (etc)

(09:30:00) I finally looked up what 'maven' means. It means expert. I shall continue to use 'expert' since it sounds less like a type of bird.

(09:53:15) YAR! Emails conquered (well, read, anyway). Now to get my teeth into some of the issues of the day. Must concentrate.

(11:40:05) My desk needs a darn good tidy. I have a meeting at 12. I wonder if I can combine the two.

(16:49:12) It's an hour and ten minutes till hometime, and I have not yet emerged from the email sludge that has seeped into my inbox over the weekend.

(22:12:27) it's Shrove Tuesday (as if anyone didn't know) so I've celebrated with a Skype chat with a Czech pal & eaten some Nice biscuits. Success.

(22:20:17) Bed! Wednesday! (In that order). Good night.

Tweets for 15 Feb 2010


(08:34:40) Time to get movin'.. breakfast's all done, and the children have stopped bickering (for a while). Let's have a look at that to-do list...

(10:49:34) I've posted something in my blog: New(ish) year..? http://tinyurl.com/yhc8xfg

(12:44:45) Tesco shopping is more of a challenge with children. In other news: Christopher's computer has frozen up. Again. Perplexing!

(16:27:32) Just home from a fantastic half-term outdoor play scheme organised by Luton PlayRangers.. [just our two there, though!] http://is.gd/8r8Kz

(16:32:20) Here's a link to the Luton PlayRangers flyer (it doesn't seem to be on the Luton Borough Council Website) - good fun! http://is.gd/8r9yR

(18:22:48) RT @mediaukradio: BBC Trust publishes review of BBC R2 & 6M (BBC Press Office) http://muk.fm/dwr #medianews // looks like 6 Music's safe :)

(23:10:51) Off to bed after some noodling and chatting with my younger brother - it's good to catch up with him :) Work tomorrow, so now: bed. Night!

Tweets for 14 Feb 2010


(14:57:36) Struggling a bit in the World Of @nxmee's PC rebuild (after suspected motherboard failure).. always seems to take much longer than planned!

(19:35:51) I've spent practically all day trying to persuade @nxmee's desktop PC to accept more than 512MB of RAM. Including flashing the BIOS wrong :D

(20:29:12) I have a studio cluttered with sawdust, computer parts & mains adaptors. Need to tidy. That's the last time I try to make a PC out of wood.

(23:51:20) I have only hoovered half of my studio. The rest of the time has been spent building a 'remnants' PC and making a compilation CD. Top fun(!)

Tweets for 13 Feb 2010


(08:56:49) Good morning! Saturday, and I plan to have a fit. Listening to Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio.. quite amusing, but very 'grown up' chat...

(09:16:07) Must... concentrate. On.. er.. it's gone. I shall empty the dishwasher instead :D

(19:47:32) Home after Wedding Suit Looking At with Mr & future Mrs @Fridgemagnet2, his parents & @poots. As the man himself says: entertaining. YES

(20:32:49) I recently discovered that the Prime Minister does a regular brief podcast (http://is.gd/8jXov). Timewise, it's most effective at 2x speed..

(23:32:14) Right. Eleanor now has a tiny little PC (suits her) which needs a teensy bit more memory & more software installed. Now, though: bed. Night!

Tweets for 12 Feb 2010


(07:09:31) Uhoh.. the M1 is all borked southbound, I hear. The coach is taking alternative measures (maybe the Lower Luton Road). Also: sleet eww.

(07:22:40) I am sitting behind a man with a loud, irritating voice & strong opinions. He seems to to know the driver (which doesn't help any). Sleepy.

(08:26:07) How Asda FM became the UK's biggest radio station http://bit.ly/bu6MLg - I'm proud to be an on-line listener (via @asda @Guardianradio)

(09:05:50) Finally in the office.. and there's no milk. Time to forage. And answer emails. And fiddle with broken terminal servers. It's all go!

(10:19:29) There is milk. I will drink coffee (and resist bagelage YAY!) so all is well, really. My boss was a bit surprised at my spreadsheet, though.

(13:06:08) Heavens above.. it's lunchtime already! Terminal Server resurrected (needs configuration) and general wiring fun this morning. Now: PIZZA!

(18:41:11) Is it just me for whom #echofon keeps crashing? Mainly when I click links...

(18:44:28) Fine upbeat #FollowFriday folk @alicebell @BaronHawkey @Bazmati2020 @BitsyVonMuffin @canuckuk @dizzydanni84 @drmasquerade & @gilesbabbidge

(18:50:29) #FollowFriday wireless wonders: @itsdarrenlee @jamescridland @davidanderson00 @kathyclugston @sleat @pj_kent @RadioKate @TomCampbell @Vobes

(19:11:57) Bah & gah.. #m1 fail just after junction 8 northbound. It's practically stationary. That's the second time the motorway's broken today. :(

(19:15:51) How odd! One doesn't normally get ten minutes of traffic at a standstill only to be able to zoom off at 50mph.. utterly bewildering. Yay.

(20:14:29) While emptying my work trouser pockets, I just had a "Oh I hope that wasn't a ten pound note I just shredded" moment. It wasn't. Phew.

(20:36:38) Wow. I can't believe I hadn't heard Capital's latest #RadioFail . THIS is how to open a breakfast show in style: http://is.gd/8fU4f (NSFW!)

(22:50:19) Catching up on comedy - Bellamy's people, Mock The Week (yup.. Milton Jones was brilliant) and now, after pop tarts, The Persuasionists.

(23:10:31) Righty-oh, then. Busy day tomorrow, so I should sleep. Please leave the remnants of the week out for the birds - it's good for 'em. Night!

Tweets for 11 Feb 2010


(07:40:16) Achey and planning my escape from under the duvet. I can check my work emails from here, but it's not a sustainable tactic.

(10:03:23) Am I too old to need scratch mittens? I'm just not used to facial blemishes (unless one takes my face in totality, but that's a given).

(10:50:07) Kettle at home - minimal contention. Brilliant.

(11:22:27) Best mash-up video so far this year.. by The Kleptones: http://is.gd/89hn8 (YT sfw) .. trying to place the nice wobbly bass in the chorus..?

(12:48:53) Third attempt to call HP. Their Business Sales options: Replacement Parts, Desktops & Laptops, Printers & Scanners. What about servers..?!

(14:11:47) Still going, although I've given up on the HP phone menu of doom. Awaiting emails back from resellers now. Also: my sinuses are achey. Meh.

(18:17:55) I've just put the finishing touches to a mighty fine Spreadsheet Of Doom.. the grand total at the end is a bit bigger than I was expecting!

(18:34:34) Right. My fingers are cold again. Time to stop flapping them round a keyboard and make something to eat. Low blood sugar ain't helpin'!

(19:37:33) OK shelving unit. You will succumb to my demands and NOT collapse on my fingers. Or both.

(22:05:22) Well, that was an evening, then. Intention: put a network switch behind the kids' computers. Reality: repair an exploded weetabix bookshelf.

(22:06:35) I'd better get to bed, really, after brandishing a brush & dustpan for a bit. Good night, and please be careful not to trip & awaken Friday.

(22:44:24) Sleepytime definitely.. needed to stay up a bit to let my hair dry. Otherwise it goes mental in the morning. Good night fo' real, innit.

Tweets for 10 Feb 2010


(07:45:28) A little slow on the M1 this morning... but the dawn broke beautifully and the sun's peeping over the houses on Hendon Way. Morning, then.

(08:01:35) Christian O'Connell is doing a really annoying feature; the driver's listening to Absolute and the noise of shouting phoners is irritating.

(08:05:22) I'm listening to @fluffymuppet's Alternative Kitchen Garden about bees. A wide variety of flowers is the key: http://is.gd/84bjn (sfw)

(09:20:01) It's snowing hard in Luton, apparently.. I'm keeping an eye on a Ustream (http://is.gd/84nPE) Crawley Road, I think..? (from lutonlive.com)

(11:34:33) RT @rigb_science: To win tickets to 'Smart drugs' http://is.gd/84KyH write a Haiku about your favourite scientist (reply to @rigb_science)

(11:52:05) RT @FlossieTeacake: RT @porridgebrain Please read this post & think about making a Twitter emergency contact list. Breaking the Silence: ...

(13:40:23) Right. Off for an amble (with an objective today) after being 6Music's mac support person for ten minutes. Go me(?)

(16:14:45) Why? WHY?! If XP (and presumably Windows 7) has support for flatbed scanners, why don't the manufacturers just provide bogstandard drivers?

(16:30:16) I appear to have subscribed to a Morphy Richards mailing list. Sometimes I really should pay more attention.

(19:02:56) Heading home after a day of doing a variety of tweakings. However, Friday will be a day of fixing stuff that is broken. Tomorrow: storaging.

(22:55:29) RT @SteveDoherty1: Bought the wife a bag and belt for Valentine's Day. The Hoover will work a treat now. #AsHeardOnRadio2

(22:57:32) Sleepy time now & downward from the hump of the week. I really need to write a blog entry. When I have something interesting to say. Night!

Tweets for 09 Feb 2010


(09:24:26) The sun is out, my boss is happy and I am raising change requests like they were never in fashion. It may well be celebratory bagel time.

(12:02:46) <various comedy voices> "Shut up, Eccles!" "Shut up, Eccles!" "Shut up, Eccles!" "Shut up, Eccles!" "Shut up, Eccles!" #goonshow

(13:39:31) Righty oh then.

(14:56:00) Bleh. Fire drill imminent.

(18:35:58) Finchley Road is a dark amber colour... one of these days LED streetlamps will be defacto. Still, home soon. Why does Tuesday tire me so..?

Tweets for 08 Feb 2010


(07:58:05) Good morning. I'm going to hide in the shower until the snow stops.

(08:25:05) The Superbowl's just the American version of the FA Cup Final, then..?

(09:07:30) Back from the school walk - the children enjoyed trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Next: shopping - want anything from Tesco..?

(09:13:41) Ready to launch. 30 seconds till main ignition. Unless one of the children has left an internal light switched on. Woudln't happen to NASA.

(11:10:03) Fun with pulling Jackson Five singles apart to their individual elements - MXP4 is a new multitrack file format: http://is.gd/7VKzm (SFW)

(12:13:10) They play #thisisheart in our Doctors' waiting rooms. I wonder how long I'd have to sit here to have the same song played twice. 45 minutes?

(12:36:01) Home again... tomato soups for lunch. In other news: I can't find my work mobile. If you hear it ringing, please let me know! :D

(13:18:01) Beth and I have concluded that the problem with meditation is that I can't get up halfway through and do something else. Like on Mario Kart.

(15:12:15) Right. Time to get some children. Mmm.. drizzly.

(15:54:52) Home, home and deranged. I think my brain's stopped working.

(17:11:45) Handy Flash block/button for Chrome here: http://is.gd/7WY64 (Mac users need the Dev version of Chrome: http://is.gd/7WXZR ) h/t @petecooper

(17:25:29) The jumper's back on. Chilly cold day (but still only freezing drizzle outside).

(20:31:33) I'm just staring at my laptop screen. Surely I've got ~something~ to write a blog entry about..? Maybe my eBay experiences... bleehh.

(20:37:15) If I were benevolent dictator of the UK, I would pass a law banning background music from factual programmes like Panorama. And Jeremy Vine.

(21:09:04) I've put Monday out with the recycling. I hope they don't notice that there's little chance of any of it being used again. Good night, dear.

Tweets for 07 Feb 2010


(07:53:16) Goodness.. @psweetman's local @Asda refused to sell a woman wine because she had her 17yr old son with her. http://bit.ly/aljE8E Logic #fail

(07:53:36) RT @burntoutcar: @Jayhirst Awesome

(08:07:23) Right. Time to get on with Sunday. I'm all achey this morning; I s'pose I overdid it swimming yesterday. Oops! Coffee & breakfast time then.

(14:09:51) Right.Lunch had (and very tasty it was, too! I can recommend The Highwayman in Graveley for friendly service). Onwards and tidywards, now.

(15:51:27) Hmm.. any Mario Kart action planned for 4.30pm? I may just go online & see what happens (@petecooper @fluffymuppet @smorris @pj_kent @V_Moo)

(18:53:08) I reckon Eleanor would be inspired to see what the Guides could - and can now do #guk100

(22:56:11) Hmm. Bedtime. I spend too much time ~doing~ & not enough ~making~ Nainly because making needs creativity & action; I'm too tired to do both.

(22:58:17) Mainly. Even 140 characters is clearly too big a challenge :D Before I get too melodramatic: time to sleep. Goodnight, and sleep robustly!

Tweets for 06 Feb 2010


(00:34:04) Off home on a late train after making sure @sparkyannc has enough cheese, soup & other veggy items. I wish her a speedy & entire recovery.

(00:35:34) Entertaining train moment - man disembarks at St Albans, then realises he's lost his phone. He bangs on the window & gesticulates..

(00:39:10) .. the doors shut; train moves off; some loud drunken lads look for, then find the phone just in time to throw it out of the window. Result!

(01:26:37) Some things are best left till morning: an OS update was available for my iPod. I installed it only to find it deleted my audioboo :SADFACE:

(01:26:58) To, and indeed, from heck with it. Bed. Night!

(09:01:40) Saints preserve us!* It's nearly 9am.. I need to stop being a flat white and get going.. espresso! Good morning :) [*yeah. Catholic jam]

(11:22:14) We've just taken @nxmee to his Film club showing.. it's a bit too foggy to take @superalora to the park, so coffee at Sainsbury's it is.

(12:25:25) I picked up a Red Bull Music Academy's "Daily Note" yesterday. I'm surprised I could reach it, considering how far up its own bottom it is.

(12:27:00) The children are being beastly to each other. Time-out.

(14:14:26) mmmmmyeah! @hertbeat are playing Propaganda - Duel! Possibly my all-time favourite song. (Any chance of Alphaville - Forever Young?)

(14:22:58) Kettle's on!

(17:55:31) Back from swimming.. I think it's worn us all out. Children settled in front of Spongebob. Time for a coffee and to decide what to do next.

(18:22:19) I was offered a job as a hand model for blank DVDs, but I turned it down - I've had my fingers burned too many times.

(18:22:45) Yeah, but is international rugby ~really~ better than Total Wipeout?

(20:21:23) An evening of live & catch-up TV. Now: The Virtual Revolution. Musing on playing a 'Lingering Shot Of @AleksK' drinking game #bbcrevolution

(20:47:28) The internet empowers, but only virtually. Sociology does the rest; true revolution is only possible when change is unanimous #bbcrevolution

(20:54:56) The Virtual Revolution's certainly thought-provoking. I wonder how inate subversion is in humanity and whether it is dawrfed by gullibility.

(21:01:02) I've run out of stuff to drink #LingeringShotOf@AlekskDrinkingGame #bbcrevolution

(21:08:29) I was just about to say 'Estonia looks like a beautiful country' until I saw footage of the rioting. I still want to visit. #bbcrevolution

(21:42:02) I am being edified this evening. 'QI XL' now - I just wish I could remember even some of the facts I encounter.

(22:19:39) Blimey - now I'm learning about the Act of Union (1707) from Bellamy's People. Which appears to have the colour saturation turned up to 10.

(22:23:24) Which reminds me, the Roman, Viking & Norman invasions are oft written about - but the Saxons invaded, too. Were they stealthy or something?

(23:05:27) I have done little more than tweet & watch telly this evening. The to-do list will have to wait. As, indeed, it has, since I'm a bit tired.

(23:09:52) Bedtime. I'll be more effective tomorrow. Although I ~did~ go swimming today, which justifies the huge amount of cheese I've eaten. Night!

Tweets for 05 Feb 2010


(07:14:23) Shh.. I'm still asleep. Which may be why I'm failing at @podquiz (http://www.podquiz.com) - 10/20 was my score. Tough questions this week.

(08:14:12) All righty then. Time to put the kettle on and attempt career maintenance. I hope Florence has set her machine to 30 degrees to save energy.

(08:44:59) I know what I'm going to be doing after YIP. Yup.

(12:22:42) Hungry now. I was on my bestest behaviour earlier because my boss's new boss was sitting next to me. With a bright coloured shirt on.

(16:09:01) I think I've broken a number of things this week. Fortunately, none of them technical. I need a new belt ~and~ a new water drinking glass.

(16:39:48) Need caffeine. Well, I say "need". I think it's more "would quite like" but the meeting room where the machine lives is in use. Crivens.

(19:50:58) Visiting my dear friend @sparkyannc who is most unwell - my recipe for recovery: eat lots of tasty foods and drink plenty of water.

(19:51:25) And get someone else to wash up.

(20:54:02) I am resisting jaffa cakes. And when they are open I will have to resist nomming them all. They will be my fatness.

Tweets for 04 Feb 2010


(06:18:47) Here comes Thursday. <<Imagine a whistled Derek Griffiths theme and the calming voice of John Le Mesurier>> That's what it's all about. Hey.

(07:08:14) Heading workwards, listening to The Media Show. I get a feeling it's going to be a slow one; traffic's crawling at the j10a roundabout. Hmm.

(07:57:56) Hmm. I'm trying to decide whether I want to do some seat-of-the-pants stuff this morning. I have a feeling if I need to decide, I shouldn't.

(08:04:16) I realised yesterday that my only consumption of television news (in fact not far off broadcast news in general) is Newswipe. Says it all.

(08:58:51) All righty then. To the first meeting. I promise to try to behave. I think I might be allergic to meetings.

(09:40:35) I have identified the meeting slower downer. Now where is the comedy 1 tonne weight..?

(10:16:32) There are no biscuits at this meeting. If I were a manager I would bring biscuits. And have a break for a cup of tea after an hour. I'm not.

(11:39:37) Meeting number two: we're pulling into Reorg Central. I have coffee. My boss's boss has no idea who I am. Yet.

(13:51:08) I like Little Boots. With her winsome looks and upbeat synth-pop, sShe's like an acceptable version of Lady Gaga.

(13:59:12) Lunchtime, and my thoughts turn to Luton South.. of the eight candidates (http://is.gd/7GyDx) four are on Twitter: http://is.gd/7GyKc

(14:46:04) I'm rather looking forward to the #R4Tweetup - no doubt there will be erudite and interesting people there. And me. #SMWLDN.

(18:03:29) Right, time to pack up for the day and see what happens with the ol' #R4Tweetup in a bit. Horse 'n Groom at 7.30pm - most interesting.

(18:35:49) In 'All Bar One' at Portland Place on a Thursday evening. I am amazed how cacophonous, unwelcoming and generally unfriendly it is. Bleh.

(18:53:21) Just about to encounter @juliaball for the first time. I must admit, I'm a little scared.

(22:03:40) Homegoings - on schedule after an impromptu tour of Wireless Wun with @moderateorgood among a small detatchment of #r4tweetup folk. Tip top!

(22:19:51) Most of the #r4tweetup tour folks in 40B, keeping @kathyclugston company while Front Row is on. It's only fair. http://twitpic.com/11e3yy

Tweets for 03 Feb 2010


(06:25:06) Up and alive (I checked). I dreamt of work. I might have a doze in the office later (at lunchtime obviously) and dream about being asleep.

(06:32:24) Off to the world of industry again. Even better, I get paid to do it.

(10:13:19) RT @leica0000: How to suck at Facebook: http://bit.ly/dsyoPX - see, no mention of hashtags in status updates!

(10:15:09) A morning of General #Fail. Time to up the ante. Opening the small blind, doing the flop and going down the river. And all that business.

(14:43:49) My email address is james@team-meeting.info (not really)

(16:04:31) I have had a LOT of caffeine today. I am feeling quite a lot better. Correlation is not causation. But I'm willing to give it a go.

(16:27:46) Is "facetime" a horrible management-speak word? I keep having to stop myself from using it. Alternatives to "Just go and talk to him/her!"?

(19:13:40) Slow traffic. Drizzle. Home soon, though, with any luck. What to do this evening? Put something In A Box. And Newswipe FTW(nfc)

(19:14:50) Also, I have a remarkable TWO meetings tomorrow, one of which is a rather intriguing re-org meeting. I may end up with a new boss. Hope not.

(19:22:59) In other news, I nearly got run over by a bus that went through a red light on Baker Street. Got the old adrenalin pumping, I can tells ya.

(19:24:19) Bah. Now I get the sense I've forgotten something important. Or, worse, let down Beth or one of the children through lack of fact retention.

(19:30:26) Drowned Rat in 22 minutes. Bring it on.

(22:21:00) I've completely run out of anything useful to say (well, OK, that happened several years ago) so to sleep with me, perchance to recharge.

(22:21:25) Sorry about using the word 'perchance'. Night!

Tweets for 02 Feb 2010


(06:27:43) Time to poke Tuesday in the ribs and see if reacts. No? Still too early? I'll just drag it to work with me. Mornin'!

(10:06:33) I'm having quite an exciting morning, all in.

(12:10:06) An electrical fault in BH (I say 'fault' - there's a rather nice looking bit of charred wall in CAA) has made for an entertaining morning.

(12:41:11) Time for a cheese and salad style sandwich product. I'm all a bit worn out now after a long squawk.

(15:22:40) Hm. I'm starting to fizzle out a bit. Quick march round the block (if it's not raining) and some document browsing. That'll do it. Not cake.

(17:29:30) Behhhhhh. It's the sound of my brain slamming against the endstops.

(18:32:48) Homeward bound, I wish I was[sic] homeward bound. Oh. I am. It also seems I'm attempting to fight off a virus. Help me with THAT, paperclip.

(19:13:33) I just read instructions to "Texas Hold'Em" poker (there was an iPhone app in the iTunes '12 Days' thing) and thought: errr.. complicated!

(20:01:03) Home! FOOD!

(21:24:34) Not much can be salvaged from between the parquet floors of an abandoned Tuesday, so I shall go to bed. Goodnight, and good health.

(21:59:36) Bah. Too much sneezing. Try again goodnight!

Tweets for 01 Feb 2010


(07:29:56) I'm all achey this morning - an unusual manifestation of a cold. Medicinal coffee being imbibed. Monday morning - let's do this thing.

(07:44:28) RT @DaveGorman: A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no returns.

(07:51:55) Dishwasher Andy's here! Exciting times. And early ones, to boot.. it's not even 8 o'clock.

(08:26:48) Time to take the children to school in a February fashion. Then: S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. Saves me being left to my own devices (never being boring)

(09:08:32) Time to get going. (Now the children have been dispatched/despatched at school) GO GO GO. After the postman's been. Can't rush these things.

(09:51:44) April is going to be a busy month.

(10:05:13) I wonder if data.gov.uk has how many supermarket deliveries have been cancelled due to road collisions: The Greatest Hits Of Morrisons Vans.

(11:23:57) Tesco report: nothing unusual today. The price check scanner was borked but the woman guarding the self-checkouts wasn't keen on my playing.

(12:58:54) The woman on air on @Hertbeat FM is going to share her underwear dilemma with her listeners in the 'next hour & a half.' How will we wait?!

(15:12:42) Goodness me.. nearly school run time again. And one more batch of Office Teatime Product / Groundhog Day Items to go in the oven. Busy busy!

(15:49:51) http://twitpic.com/10vk84 - Me-made treats for my colleagues at work tomorrow [suitable for vegetarians, in theory]

(16:01:44) It's not often I'll stare open-mouthed at the telly, but the Bhangra version of SpongeBob Squarepants theme I just saw on Nickelodeon: wow.

(16:08:11) RT @HeartKent: I'm quite a big fan of Neil Sleat too - www.heartkent.co.uk (The radio "Neil list"; @sleat's there.. no Doctor Fox, though!)

(17:01:35) I just made a 26 minute phone call to one of the local sports centres while being nowhere near the phone. I'm sure they'll be pleased.

(17:03:35) I like @HertBeat FM. I'm not sure I've heard the same song twice today. Also it's given rise to the family concept of a "Hertbeat Anecdote"

(19:25:10) I'm right in the mood for a large amount of Plopp. http://is.gd/7uTs4

(19:50:05) Is at that "right..." stage. Thing is, there's not much of the evening left to do it.

(20:57:07) All done with fiddling in the studio. Not particularly happy with the results, but there ends the (brief!) project. Now: Heroes. Next: Bed.

(22:03:52) Oh dear. Heroes season 4 ep 5 has reached an all-time fail. Teen drama meets slow-paced romantic drivel. Last chance - my time is valuable.

(22:05:58) Sleepytime for all barely-adequate jameses. I wish you a night of blissful rest and a remarkable Tuesday in whatever form it takes. Night!

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