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Tweets for 31 Jan 2010


(08:06:29) Good morning. I really have no interest in the tennis. Or even a tenni. In other news: the children have colds. And David Mead on Radio 2!

(08:19:04) Mmm.. coffee :)

(08:22:31) I think today marks something of a turning point in winter - it was light at half-past seven this morning. Light but cold. Very cold.

(09:07:18) I quite like this interpretation of death metal: http://is.gd/7p3Ki - and vice versa: http://is.gd/7p4a1 (YT sfw). Yeah good Sunday choons.

(11:31:23) Prompted by a hungry-looking finch on a terrace railing, I've finally put out some birdfeed![not too late I hope!] http://twitpic.com/10ohnc

(11:44:29) http://twitpic.com/10ojny - @GardenCity_Mark I'll be honest.. I don't even know if this is a finch or a tit.. [no bird expert - or photograp

(12:37:43) Thanks, @GardenCity_Mark, @sparkyannc, @juliaball and @fantasticpru for the bird identification help! Now to tempt them to the foodage..!

(13:08:24) Fun Kids Live. Yes - top quality radio accompaniment to Sunday Lunch.

(15:17:27) I don't follow @qikipedia, but I do love QI. Most definitely. #qikipedia

(15:48:46) At 16:30 today there'll be a Mario Kart Wii session - 5241-7201-3887 @smorris, are you still up for some driving action? Tweet you at 16:25?

(18:22:42) Bathtime for the bairns.. traditional Sunday Evening stuff. Although we used to have boiled eggs (not in the bath). Life was simpler then.

(23:30:32) Righty-oh. Best get to bed; noise in the studio is all done and it's Dishwasher Ultimatum day tomorrow. Or, well, maybe it isn't. Goodnight!

Tweets for 30 Jan 2010


(08:29:20) Does nobody take any notice of Newswipe? Why why why do they make murder the top story on the news? Meh. I should get out of bed. In a bit.

(08:45:33) Right. Coffee. It's the elixir of getting out of bed. I have commissioned @nxmee to supply some. It's why I had children.

(10:28:21) Right. Now where am I? The Other Nine on BBC Three Counties.. quite amusing (as always) Now: getting @superalora to help package eBay items.

(11:21:41) Tinkering with a freeview PVR, to see if it works; looks like it does, but now the children are watching Blue Peter on CBBC. Distraction!

(11:23:13) I really really musn't miss out on the blue skies & sunshine (despite it being chilly) - might take the children for a walk this afternoon.

(12:27:33) Hmm. The PVR I'm trying to get into saleable state has crashed. Thank heavens I'm soaktesting it. Hard drive replacement next on the agenda.

(14:05:59) RT @BenLaMothe: Hahahahahahahahah: iPad v. A Rock http://tcrn.ch/c0QmOF

(14:07:36) Off to Stockwood, I think, to see what @museumsluton have to offer today :)

(17:25:48) "It's too late to apologise... Oh - sorry - I hadn't realised... It's OK mate - you weren't to know." #whenbritssingamericansongs

(18:04:19) I'll be attending the #R4tweetup next Thursday (4th Feb) for #radio4 listeners.. http://tinyurl.com/yh8qpu6 - quite exciting, really.

(18:06:48) I'll SO listen to the Chris Morris Profile on #Radio4 at 7pm (with @quantick, @trevordann, Michael Grade & Moazzam Begg http://bit.ly/adBDVf

(18:31:34) Hey @petecooper @fluffymuppet @smorris @pj_kent @V_moo If there's not one organised for 16:30 tomorrow, are you up for a MarioKart session?

(18:36:01) Neato mosquito.. doing superquick backups across gigabit LAN (thanks, @petecooper) to this bargain 1.5TB firewire drive: http://is.gd/7mRUx

(19:21:09) TV Burp - back and entirely on form. A Hart Family Favourite.

(20:36:27) An evening of telly delights: The Virtual Revolution with @AleksK then QIXL; #bbc2's finest). I'm bound to learn something. #bbcrevolution

(20:46:48) Is @aleksk a tall version of @regularjen?

(20:57:57) Looking for Bob Dylan lyrics for style & structure, so clicked on a random song. I was hoping for more than this: http://bit.ly/cgBU8C (sfw)

(23:18:06) Bedtime. Goodnight to you in the most effective way. Be comfy :)

Tweets for 29 Jan 2010


(06:25:12) I have a sense it'll be a bit of a damp walk to the airport this morning. Better get on with it, then. Good morning nonetheless!

(07:17:28) A tough @podquiz this morning (http://podquiz.com); the 'Elizabeth' questions had me struggling, despite being married to one! 10/20: poor.

(13:36:16) Good grief.. someone's eaten a load of my Friday. Time for a quick check that the outside world exists before the afternoon's workage..

(16:08:23) What a busy busy busy day.. I'm only just stopping for a cuppa tea before zipping over to BH with a screwdriver to wreak havoc there. Mmm.

(17:53:17) I have greasy fingers. Server rack grease is the word is the word is the something. Sod this for a game of potatoes, I'm going home. Laters!

(18:49:35) I've been not sitting at my desk for much of the afternoon & it feels good. I've never really been one for being overly sedentry. Hyperme!

(19:03:14) Listening to @frequencycast.. they recorded making coffee. Cappuccino should only be drunk in the morning. Give me an Americano any day :D

(19:18:59) Good grief junctions 9 to 10 north on the M1 look a bit borked (slow moving). I feel sorry for whoever's stuck behind the gritting lorry.

(19:26:13) This coach driver hearts rumble strips almost as much as I do. One day I ~will~ get a tune out of them.

(19:39:38) Blimmin' Nora it's chilly out. 16 minutes from home. JAMYEH!

(19:49:39) My walk-home listening: Kid Carpet's Ideas And Oh Dears. Fab.

(21:48:55) I'm not sure I'm going to be up much longer.. how tragic is that for a Friday night? Best to save up my energy for the morning.

(21:49:42) That said, this Mario Kart is hard to put down, especially when there's a 'Mum' who keeps beating me. :D

(22:13:19) I'm being amused by The Persuasionists. Because I quite like it. I'm more than happy for it just to be me.

(23:01:50) Right.. having watched "Bellamy's People" ep 2 and enjoyed seeing some sights of London I've encountered on lunchtime walks: to bed. Night!

Tweets for 28 Jan 2010


(07:15:10) Thursday.. coach.. motorway. Last night I dreamt that I went to London with the family & we ended up on a partially submerged rope bridge :S

(08:55:31) I thought "I'll give netradiouk.com a listen this morning".. tuned in & what were they playing? That stinking turbot of a song by Jay-Z. NO!

(10:31:42) I have been struggling with a poxy web browser issue for longer than is suitable. Now I discover I have meetings to attend. Day -> Crapness

(13:28:19) RT @asda: We're offering £5 or £10 off your big shop at Asda in-store this weekend: http://bit.ly/a4lqgC (darn it.. we do ours on Mondays!)

(15:32:43) I have few aspirations, but one thing I want to do is see this for real: http://is.gd/7dSiS (YT SFW) - it's here, though: http://is.gd/7dSFh

(15:58:00) I must just set my email to autorespond: "Thank you for your email. Please be more specific."

(16:31:00) RT @AIannucci: mm. can i just say, this http://bit.ly/9J7Pov is all bollocks? nothings been discussed yet. [Syz: That's why I love Twitter]

(17:14:21) Oh dear me. Oh dear me indeed.

(18:35:55) Off home. If I had a tail, it might well be between my legs. I ate biscuits this afternoon #healthfail. They were chocolate hobnobs.

(19:11:47) Wow! #sugru looks impressive (http://www.sugru.com) - it could join gaffer tape & tie-wraps in an engineer's essential kit! (h/t @alfie)

(19:28:05) Nearly home yay! And it may well not be raining. JAM100%YEH!

(19:58:29) Home again.. casserole cooling and nothing on the agenda. That said, lots on the list.. just lacking in energy really. Evening time, then.

(21:14:45) Righty. I'm going to not waste the last half hour of my day in the studio, quite possibly babbling into a microphone. Or looking for samples

(22:28:25) Right. That's Thursday flattened and stuck underneath a neighbour's front door for their feral dog to obliterate. Goodnight, you lovely.

Tweets for 27 Jan 2010


(06:24:59) Good morning.. at least I think it's morning. Dark, cold,with a couple of own-brand weetabix things. Winterbix. To the batcommute: let's go!

(07:05:30) Time for the motorway. I'm planning to doze; I'm hoping the coach driver isn't! Lots of impatient beeping of horns this time of the morning.

(08:09:36) iPod randomly chose Five Star as I jumped off the coach. I'm wise enough not to take this as a portent for the day.80s Economy Jackson Five!

(09:45:25) It is Wednesday, right? Lots of people are making demands on my time. I shall build a cubicle hideout out of A3 Excel spreadsheet printouts.

(12:23:02) Okeydoke. One more meeting before lunch, then an afternoon of trying to work out what I scrawled on this post-it note. I'm cooking with gas.

(13:27:38) Woo. In theory, I'm all done for meetings today. Time for a sarndwhich (as Count Arthur Strong would no doubt say).

(13:37:39) Someone clearly knows their 3D rendering.. this is quite impressive: http://is.gd/79jb3 (Flight 1549 computer recreation - YT SFW)

(16:35:49) JAMYEH! I have an X-Windows breakthru. Now to work out how to record a remote screen. Not using a video camera :D

(18:32:20) On the coach, listening to the @emmaandpete show, catching up on emails. Newswipe on iPlayer this evening - that's all I have planned. Yip.

(21:28:40) The reporter film spoof on #Newswipe is quite splendidly Chris Morris in style and content. Tick VG (as @petecooper would rightly say).

(21:32:47) Watching #iPlayer on the Wii when it keeps buffering is like impromptu, rather dull ad breaks of indeterminate length.

(21:52:31) Has Celebrity Big Brother finished or has everyone lost interest? I'm imagining 5 bored E-listers stuck in a house unaware no-one's watching

(22:04:03) I was in bed a full 3 mins early tonight. That I spent the last 20 mins since tweeting & emailing has somewhat tarnished this record. Night!

Tweets for 26 Jan 2010


(07:22:36) Good morning. Children up early - Chris has 'booster' classes; I'm up late (relatively), since I'm working from home. Coffee time. Some?

(09:33:52) Dishwasher update! I called the repair people. At least the manager actually apologised this time. One more go: 8.30am Monday. Last chance.

(12:21:38) My mouse was irritatingly 'jumping around' as optical mice sometimes do, 'til I jammed a cotton bud soaked with cleaner fluid up the sensor.

(12:56:33) Slowly chugging through a spreadsheet & feasibility study. And a cheese salad bap. Woo - sun's out. It did that yesterday for about 15 mins.

(17:51:51) We're off to buy a goldfish. Apparently if I throw it to the cashier accurately enough, I will win a little wooden ball.

(21:24:12) Right. That's work done with - I do believe that I have my Excel karma balanced. Tomorrow: Visio diagrams. How ya like them apples? JAZZ!

(21:45:07) Right... back to Normal Operation tomorrow, so better head to bed and get some rest. Good night, and see you on the other side of sleep! :)

Tweets for 25 Jan 2010


(07:36:11) Eh..? The 7.30am news at ThisIsHeart this morning: "In the Big Top 40 this week, JLS are at number 5. And the weather.." Random or what!

(08:16:24) For those who have any interest in such things: YES! It's a Dishwasher Day. News of Dishwasher Dave (or similar) as soon as I have it.

(08:19:12) New for CBBC: "How Damp Is Your School Run?" Find out about the Hart Family's merry Monday Morning trudging in just under 12 minutes.

(09:08:26) School run: 100% minging wet (how can it be drizzling ~and~ raining at the same time?) But home & dry(ish) now. The waiting begins..

(09:28:31) I like a bit of toast.

(11:40:26) Yes, it's Dishwasher Update time again! Despite arranging for the appointment to be this morning, it has been scheduled for this afternoon.

(11:41:20) We've waited in this morning for no reason. Just to make that clear. I've also started recording the phone calls, as well as diarising them.

(12:48:31) Apparently, my profile photo is both "horrible" and reminiscent of a "young Chris Morris". Is it possible to be both? Should I change it?

(13:57:16) Dishwasher update: we're still waiting. All this 'staying inside' business is giving us the opportunity to plan a major escalation. Yup.

(15:08:20) It's nearly school run time and my heavens it's bitterly cold out there. At least it's no longer raining. Still waiting for Dishwasher Dave.

(15:51:13) School run entirely completed; youngest not too stroppy. Awaiting a call from Dishwasher Dave (some hopes). I need to go to the Post Office!

(16:58:19) Dishwasher update! A rather unhelpful woman answered the phone when I asked why the engineer didn't call us. I fear his call is unlikely.

(17:37:51) Dishwasher update: Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have.. yes.. it's a NO SHOW! @JuliaBall - I thought you might be pleased ;)

(18:19:16) Google Documents doesn't work on Google Chrome for the mac. Or at least it doesn't upload. Bah.

(18:26:05) I'm expecting my brother over in about an hour to do some musical jammings in the studio. Where to start.. that's the question! Noodles!

(23:23:06) I'm off to bed after an entertaining noodling session with my brother - the technology was out to get us, though. Good night, then!

Tweets for 24 Jan 2010


(00:10:24) Saturday's all gone. I wonder if I'll remember it. Gute nacht. Definitely.

(07:39:43) It's the eternal dilemma of being comfy & warm in bed but having ~far~ too much to do to stay here. I need a Wallace & Gromit bed ejector.

(10:02:05) Oh mac mini USB, you frustrate me with random disconnections. I need to find an alternative which actually works. Firewire might be better.

(12:42:46) I just embarked on another rant about Jay-Z's oafish pointlessness having heard Alicia Key's ~proper~ version of Empire State Of Mind. Meh.

(16:21:51) I'm 'fixing' my Dad's PC with @nxmee while he takes @superalora for a walk round the block with the dog. Or vice versa. Round the dog.. no.

(17:43:47) Home & children fed. My plan to get my children to refer to JayZ synonymously with the word 'oaf' seems to be working. @nxmee's made a sign.

(17:47:50) RT @petecooper: next mario kart wii session is 4pm UTC next sunday (date for your diaries @pj_kent @syzygy @sidesey @smorris) - please a ...

(18:10:21) Goodness me.. if I thought listing things on eBay was traumatic enough, actually seeing the totals as they complete is even note harrowing.

(18:10:36) I fear I will never be a salesman.

(19:24:25) Having just uploaded a rare photo of me from my uni days, I think it's safe to say I've not changed much. Less 'big hair' now, though.

(20:09:33) Time to put things into bags and boxes and the like for sending into the four corners (and some edge bits) of the UK. Creativity is a must.

(22:16:13) I've started not recognising my own tweets because my avatar's so.. well.. not me :D Four parcels packaged up.. Two to go. Post tomorrow!

Tweets for 23 Jan 2010


(08:15:29) Good morning :) Still in bed - I've delegated @nxmee and @superalora the task of making coffee, and they're bickering away downstairs. Hmm.

(09:03:35) We're going to be learning card games this weekend - I will be insisting the children learn this little trick http://is.gd/6RlbV (YT sfw) :D

(09:41:05) Right. Time to shower, dress & proceed in a Saturdaily direction. Although it's fun playing "Club Penguin Mad Libs" with @superalora, too.

(11:48:42) Since @poots has brought the external HD her folks kindly keep for us, it's time to Do The Backups. My mac now backs up to the NAS! Finally!

(11:58:19) In the eternal battle between Apple and What I Want, I've found another handy bodge document: Backup to a non-Apple NAS: http://is.gd/6RKjh

(13:13:29) Lunchtime at the zoo.

(13:13:46) By which I don't mean Whipsnade.

(13:27:44) Woo! Fewer than 1.2 million items left to back up(!) I think I might celebrate this by tidying the kitchen & going to the library.For a bit.

(15:42:40) audioBoo: Last night shenanigans boo http://boo.fm/b92811

(15:55:55) I think it might be tine to change my profile pic again, but fear I ming at the mo. Time to find an old photo my uni mates posted on FB :/

(19:55:31) Well, the NAS is rattling away again; time to take another look at the 'things to do' list & see what's next on the agenda. I Я archives.

(21:23:16) I was in hysterics during episode 2 of "The Persuasionists" - the skit about Australia is just genius. And wrong (it's on #BBC #iPlayer).

(21:34:58) "I like beer; I like cheese; I like the smell of a westerly breeze. But I like more than all of these to be on horseback." - Mike Oldfield.

Tweets for 22 Jan 2010


(06:30:57) Oop.. time for Friday. Good morning, Twittern. Best get going. Three word sentences. Etc.

(07:09:07) If you like drizzle, you'll ~love~ being outside right now. Nice to be hurtling down the motorway after a damp wak to the airport. ~sleepy~

(08:04:39) Time for the 'iPod on random' walk the rest of the way to the office. First up: The Coral. Nice and perky, which always helps. Oh yeah.

(08:24:37) Is it wrong that I get most of my news from Twitter? And Newswipe..?

(08:39:04) My morning commute was something of a @garethm fest.. I dozed off during Digital Planet and woke in the middle of Material World. Confusing.

(09:04:20) This turned up on random play.. needed a rewind at work (although the speakers don't have enough bass to do it justice) http://is.gd/6N1Jt

(09:22:52) RT @Ale_2point0: I can't cope with how good this is http://post.ly/Jwuh

(13:41:01) Well, that was quite painless.. fiddling around in Moyles's studio; completed nearly half-an-hour sooner than planned. Now wash your hands.

(15:06:08) This is quite good fun: http://www.andybarefoot.com/politics/cameron.php

(19:08:45) I just played this week's @podquiz (http://podquiz.com) & got 15/20; not bad for me. Could've got a couple more, though. Never satisfied :D

(19:11:01) I will contest that the 18:18 EasyBus driver either went a different way or left early; it's going to be another 8pm arrival at home :/ meh.

(19:13:57) I would do a #followfriday, but it would be quicker to list the tweeps that I wouldn't recommend. Unfortunately, I've run out of characters.

(19:33:38) I may have a MarioKart appointment this evening; taking on work colleagues & the world. If you see me online, come'n'get some.5241-7201-3887

(23:33:05) Right. It seems the week has ground to a juddering halt, so all change for the replacement bus service that's 'the weekend'. No rush. Night!

Tweets for 21 Jan 2010


(07:12:38) Good morning from the M1 (busy but free-flowing southbound 9 to 8) - a little late for my 'first tweet of the day' owing to eBay questions.

(07:17:28) I'm sure there's a better 'stock' answer to the eBay question "Can I buy it now for £.. inc postage" than "It's an auction, dimwit!"

(07:59:28) Lords cricket ground - finally. Finchley Road needs, oh I don't know.. a bus lane that doesn't constantly get blocked up. 20 mins to coffee!

(08:17:05) Oh, Eels, what would you be without that glockenspiel?

(08:28:47) I think I want a coffee thermometer.

(09:20:52) Oh cakes. The day has taken a turn for the borked. I think I might have to break out the crackerbread.

(12:40:48) Taramasalata tastes like pink marmite.

(15:57:39) I have drunk coffee and now it is FOUR O'CLOCK. What on earth has happened to the afternoon? Quick quick.. etc.

(18:00:55) Right. All done with emails and things for the day, and I'm nearly NOT late! Dashing out to BH now for a quick afterwork drinky. Ooh get me!

(20:53:08) Bah.. twitpic fail.. I'll try again on the coach.

(21:25:08) Here's @BaronHawkey, nearly invisible @Ms_Howard & me in a pub. [For @JuliaBall, @scyrene & @nicky_t -if you were here, it'd be a party :D]

(21:33:48) Right.. for @nicky_t, @scyrene & @juliaball, evidence that @baronhawkey, @Ms_Howard (maybe) and I exist. [in a pub] http://twitpic.com/z415c

(22:03:10) It's thirsty work being alive, alive-o. Junction 9 approaches.. nearly home yay!

Tweets for 20 Jan 2010


(06:25:36) Mornin'. I just broke my favourite cereal bowl, while listening to "Act Your Age" on #radio4 iPlayer. I blame Simon Mayo's dull dull voice.

(08:14:03) Off the coach, and time for the last mile yomp before coffee.. feeling a little achey this morning, which explains my clumsiness earlier.

(08:17:58) Aztec Camera were under-related in my opinion. Possibly because they're right at the end of the 'A's..? Like a grown-up Prefab Sprout. Yep.

(08:42:53) Bah. The thing I set running last night stopped 12 minutes in. Apparently scheduled tasks don't run well on locked workstations. Bah again.

(09:19:18) I wonder if I should've brought my snowboots in. @poots suggests that the snow will be drizzled away by hometime. Now, though: ELECTRICITY!

(10:07:07) I'm starting to tire of waiting here for the engineer to do wirings.. I need to get back to my desk so I can do more Sitting Down Work.

(18:30:25) Hmm.. it's been a quiet Twitter day for me.. this means I've either been catatonic or quite busy. Time to relax my focus and head home. Yep.

(20:44:25) All eaten and wished the children good night.. time for a quick shower, followed by (quite possibly) a borked Screenwipe on iPlayer. I hear.

(21:16:34) Beth: "An American without bright white teeth!"

(21:21:50) I am ~so~ glad I'm not watching the rubbish on telly at the moment - watching teh Newswipe instead. Thunderpants!

(22:13:13) Mighty nighty night.

Tweets for 19 Jan 2010


(06:25:39) Time to launch myself on an unsuspecting world. Well, the part of it that I walk past on the way to the coach. Good (if a bit dark) morning!

(07:10:22) 2-4-6-8 never too late... especially when the M1's running clear.

(10:35:24) Right right right. It's half-past ten already, and I've done the Emergency First Thing VBScript writing. Time to trawl the inbox for FUN. :D

(13:37:20) Right, then. Humousy lunchtime done (100% vegetarian so far today :D) now time for a short break before being busy in an afternoon stylee.

(16:28:03) Bleehhh. A bit.

(19:10:52) Rather strange traffic this evening; not long to home, though. Ended up listening to Simon Mayo on #radio2. Personal opinion: Boring much..?

(19:17:18) Luton centre or airport.. which is it going to be..? My suspicion is it'll be the latter. These are the things that occupy my small brain :D

(21:39:57) Bedtime business.. just listened to the end of Stevenage Borough giving Vauxhall Motors a good drubbing in a football match. Peculiar.

(21:40:26) is going to bed, then. Good night, smashing!

Tweets for 18 Jan 2010


(08:19:19) Good morning, and Happy Birthday to the great @BaronHawkey, @fridgemagnet2's mum (and a belated Happy Birthday to @fridgemagnet2 himself :D)

(10:18:15) It's Dishwasher Update time! Yes: they thought they'd fitted all the parts. I expect @JuliaBall's probably going to be livid on my behalf :D

(10:20:19) We can expect a visit next Monday from a distant relative of the homo genus, who may or may not have forgotten to bring a "box thermostat."

(10:30:20) Right. Shop shop shop shop shop shop baby Jesus! Most interesting thank you *spang*

(10:31:04) Oh, and HAPPY OPTIMIST DAY! Things are looking up :)

(10:50:28) RT @Alfie: thinking about quantum computing and how ironically mundane it's going to be when we're using them to watch failblog videos

(11:42:16) I'm having substantial difficulty deciding what to have for lunch at work. Cooked meat products seem to have increased in price recently.

(15:14:37) Back from a walk to investigate Luton cycle routes for summer (2 out of 3 sucked) but a pleasant walk nonetheless. School pickup time now!

(16:17:00) Home with two tired children after they've scooted down the hill.. off for a haircut with @nxmee in a mo. Then.. relaxing time, I think :D

(17:50:34) I am a shorn again Christian. Nothing spectacular, although maybe it's time to reconsider the Purple Hair Dye Project in 2010...

(17:57:51) For Stopsley residents, I can certainly endorse "Alley Barbers" just opposite the Co-op. A good haircut, friendly chat & very reasonable!

(18:43:00) One of the things I've long intended to do but never have got round to was make a page for http://www.ytmnd.com . It's simple, and ODD.

(20:36:01) I am going to spend the remainder of today not playing computer games nor eating fudge. This leaves many alternatives, but none suit. Yet.

(20:38:54) D-Link's DIR-685 has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.. http://bit.ly/5zQHBX <- oh that is pretty. Quite small screen though.(via @mydlink)

(20:40:18) RT @clownfishrob: My daughter has gone missing (Huddersfield area) Any info pls contact the local police! please RT http://twitpic.com/yntq6

Tweets for 17 Jan 2010


(11:27:22) Greetings, Sunday. I blame Aled Jones.

(13:02:14) So that's the difference between evaporated and condensed milk: http://is.gd/6rzGt (sfw) ... ooh, strong.

(15:18:03) I have had far, far too much white chocolate fudge. Sugar rush and lethargy simultaneously. Quite a special experience. eBay progress: slow.

(15:45:36) We have redefined the rules of Trivial Pursuit here at Geri Halliwell Towers - we stop playing when everyone has collectively lost interest.

(20:34:40) 10 down.. 3 to go. It should NOT take this long to sell stuff on eBay. It's all the "checking it works" & "looking for driver CDs" business.

(22:25:23) YARR. All done putting things on the eBay. I reckon it'd be easier just to invite strangers to the loft and ask them to take what they want.

(23:33:17) I completely forgot to say "good night" to you.. sorry! Good night. I hope it's a peaceful, contented and comfortable one. And long enough.

Tweets for 16 Jan 2010


(08:24:48) Awake & alive.. could've slept for longer if it hadn't been for the alarm (not the band) but all dressed & ready for the day now. Bring it!

(11:44:35) Back from an exhibition of development at @nxmee's next school. Lots of wood & glass; no concrete. They have lots of thinking to do, though!

(12:06:41) I put so many boxes in the loft, but can never find the one I actually want. U2 should write a song about that.

(13:07:20) I'm not sure I'm comfortable with prize draws on packets of toilet roll.

(13:59:03) Being distracted by pointless bluetooth fiddling and broken electronic equipment. Free listing day tomorrow on eBay, y'see. Cha-clunk!

(14:29:54) http://twitpic.com/ybwp3 @superalora went to a birthday party ealier, which included a 'mini-makeover'. Quite a striking one, at that!

(15:33:04) Listening to @Hertbeat FM.. they're playing some rather good music this afternoon.. haven't heard "Satellite" by Hooters in years :)

(15:39:25) The power button just fell off my monitor. That's not good, right?

(15:39:58) White chocolate fudge made (taking a tip from @scyrene with the 'home made food' this afternoon) and cooling. Ready this time tomorrow. NOM!

(16:39:25) I am fairly sure I'd be a better man if I had a good memory. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to do anything about it. Darn.

(18:18:23) Right. What am I going to do with myself this evening? I have a suspicion it might be photographing niche things I no longer want. Unboxed.

(23:27:24) Not an evening wasted, just one that's reaffirmed my lack of electronic prowess. Better go to bed before I take anything else apart. Night:)

Tweets for 15 Jan 2010


(06:25:03) Oh look, it appears to be Friday. On this day in history I probably went to work. I still have this feeling I've forgotten something. G'day!

(07:36:19) My @podquiz score was a rather rubbish 13 this morning. As always, I've been saved by the music questions :D

(08:38:45) Listening to @heartheswish (http://is.gd/6iHsZ) while I reserve judgement. "Good Times, Great Oldies"..? That rings a bell.

(09:11:24) Nothing unique about @heartheswish - same boilerplate station imaging as most commercial stations, & automated breakfast. Back to Big L :D

(11:27:02) http://twitpic.com/y62t3 - I was just given a Plopp by a colleague. I feel appreciated. [Top Swedish fayre from the Scandinavian Kitchen]

(11:31:26) I am old. What sort of a name is "Kissy Sell Out"? I couldn't bear to listen to 2 hours of this: http://is.gd/6j59H Also: are they on speed?

(16:33:32) Another very impressive bit of video - global air traffic over the course of 24 hours: http://is.gd/6jZVb (YT sfw) - thanks to @chepbourne!

(17:19:55) I'm not really one to do #ff #followfridays but I am pleased as punch that the @FramleyExaminer newspaper is tweeting. It is genius. JAMYEH!

(18:41:22) I'm on the homeward coach, behind some unbelievably stupid young ladies. They're hilarious. In a very very stupid way. I should record them.

(19:35:30) On the verge of being home (not the grass verge).. which reminds me.. they've fixed the hole in the fence through which I normally sneak.

(20:55:20) I fancy a drink. And something lemony and tarty. A fine way to round off a splendid QI of German descent.

(23:14:18) And so to bed.. I think I need the ret, since I may not be 100%. Hopefully up & perky in the morning. Definitely the morning, anyway. Night!

Tweets for 14 Jan 2010


(06:16:43) RT @guardiantech: The latest email fad - signing off with just an initial http://bit.ly/7Azcla <<- Ha! I've been doing that for 20 years!

(06:27:06) All righty then.. I have podcasts (music can come later) and a stout pair of boots. Time to do that 'going to work' thing. Cheerio!

(07:22:40) It's Jason at the wheel of the @easybus this morning. Quickly. Despite the rain, we may well arrive in London before we left Luton.

(07:51:10) I am going to get ~so~ damp on the walk to the office. The rains have come, doubtless to wash away snow, slush & cat litter. Coffee soon!

(08:43:05) I will never click on a dailymail.co.uk link again... I will never click on a dailymail.co.uk link again... I will never click on a daily...

(09:10:24) RT @emalyse: It's Thursday so that means it's 'difficult listening hour' all day on Binalog Frequency http://post.ly/Ia6r

(09:13:50) I've an embarrassment of riches internet radio-wise this morning.. rediscovered http://somafm.com (SO much choice!) and http://raydio.gr

(10:51:18) I should stop playing with UDP datagrams and start running database queries.

(13:43:38) RT @n_sonic: Must... Not... Waste... An hour... Looking at... http://consollection.de/ << syz: Too late for me! :D

(18:01:08) Going home! Home again! etc.

(19:12:25) C'mon there, M1.. there's no need to be slow & a bit borked. Crawling a little between junctions 8 & 9. It's rather foggy. Careful now.

(19:27:41) Yay.. made it to the airport, so it's walking through the mistiness (less slippery than slush) time, listening to 'More Or Less'. JAMYEH.

(19:52:22) Home.. almost at the same time as my offspring and @poots came back from Cubs. CHAOS YEAH!

(21:46:42) Off to bed, after another day of what ThisIsHeart would call 'More Variety'. Except with less Robbie Williams (thank heavens). Goodnight!

Tweets for 13 Jan 2010


(07:12:10) Another thin layer of the white stuff this morning. In other news: my iPod has dispensed with podcasts, to be replaced with 49GB of 'other'.

(08:52:14) Good grief, it's @410.5 already. Made it to the office, though, where it is warm and dry. Time to put some upbeat music on. JAMYEH. Mornin'!

(09:21:29) Whoever invented Thinsulate should be given a medal. Brilliant stuff.

(16:28:33) I'm having coffee. Expect bouncing.

(16:45:53) I always do an evil laugh before doing shredding.

(18:27:22) It appears I am going home, accompanied by a small fraction of my MP3 collection.. I don't listen to enough music, I fear. Not properly.

(18:34:04) The @easybus coach driver is playing a classic soul hits CD very loudly through all the speakers. I can even hear it with my earphones in!

(20:21:37) Home & eaten tasty chickeny dinner (thanks, @poots!) - I've Important Commuting Things to do this evening: need to catch the 'January Sale'.

(22:19:22) Bedtime.. I've worked my way through a list of Things; it's nearly time for Thursday, by which time my iPod Touch will have restored. Night!

Tweets for 12 Jan 2010


(08:44:11) Coffee time - much needed this morning. Quote of the day: "Sarah Kennedy's show is basically just her reading the newspaper"

(11:48:26) New toy time! I now have my own Ubertorch - an LED Lenser P7 (powered by @Cree LEDs ..rar!) thanks to my dear in-laws. Shiny shiny bright!

(14:42:47) Today's lunchtime meander was to a shop called "Liberty". They had shiny cushions with pictures of Mr and Mrs Liberty on them for sale. Odd.

(15:39:03) Right. Tea time. A little Scotsman is making me a cuppa, and will make you one too if you ask nicely. Possibly. I'll find out.

(17:18:30) I'm in the mood for another mini-Christmas, maybe sometime in early-to-mid February. Pancake Day! Yeah! Mardi Gras! *makes a note*

(17:20:37) Also, how many slices of crackerbread with olive spread on is it acceptable to eat as a mid-afternoon snack? Less than 20?

(18:28:52) I'm all on the coach home, not feeling too bad for a Tuesday evening. An afternoon snack was a good idea. Pointy pointy pointy pointy point.

(19:26:55) I broadly approve of mercy dashes to the airport - means I get home in good time. Odd that the snow's gone in London; still slippy in Luton.

(22:52:21) Bed. Late. Rubbish. Still, Chris's PC's back installed (if a little noisy). Night!

Tweets for 11 Jan 2010


(07:42:57) Mornin'! First impressions of the #radio2 Chris Evans breakfast show: fine family listening, making ThisIsHeart Breakfast sound lacklustre.

(09:48:45) School run done, now onto the main business of the day: shopping, tidying and generally pottering. Might go swimming later.. wooyay.

(10:59:18) I've just had a lovely trudge through the snow.. intrigued by the range of footprints - some people wear very impractical shoes. :D

(12:50:42) What on earth is Fern Britton doing on #radio2? She's rubbish, even compared to Sarah Kennedy, who is on when I'm asleep. Thank goodness.

(13:30:29) Cool.. @asda FM has just played "Driven By You" by Brian May.. haven't heard it in years. Will they ever play "Don't Give Up" by Louise? :D

(14:37:21) Picking up the young'uns.. @nxmee's school has an arbitrary system, causing an entertaining amount of discontent among the peasantry. Heh.

(14:45:09) The trick is knowing how to work even the most inefficient system. Boy collected, and heading home.

(18:50:41) I think the consequences of breathing computer innards dust yesterday has taken its toll.. my sinuses are ringing. Steam bath this evening!

(19:49:55) Watching BBC Parliament - the second reading of the Children, Families & Schools bill. #homeeducation could be stifled due to paranoia.

(20:06:07) Esther Rantzen (@Esther4Luton) attended @nxmee's school assembly today - apparently she told stories & spoke about Childline; they loved it.

(20:12:38) I just saw this on @Esther4Luton's twitter feed: http://is.gd/65ihG North Luton gets a vegetable oil transformer; Slip End has power cuts :D

(20:30:55) All the music seems to have fallen off my iPod. Weird. Fortunately, the MP3s are still on my hard disk. Which reminds me - backup time soon!

(20:49:13) Right. Time to snuggle up in bed with a long episode of Heroes and an attempt to reflect on what's actually been quite a mellow day. Night!

Tweets for 10 Jan 2010


(00:05:55) Time for sleeps. I'm all eBayed out. What an interesting day. Good night :)

(08:22:00) Good morning. I can't work out what colour the sky is - kind of a whitey blue. No sign of the sun yet, though. Time to see what today holds.

(08:27:22) RT @drmasquerade: @syzygy This good day holds whatever you make of it & it will be fun, funky and rich in all things good if you MAKE IT ...

(09:08:18) "Daddy Pig put a fan heater in the car to warm it up while he cleared the snow." I may get myself a wristband saying "WWDPD?"

(11:55:27) I'm hosting a Mario Kart Wii session between 4pm and 5pm today. Please DM me if you'd like to join in - all abilities welcome :) JAMYEH!

(15:17:29) Only 45 minutes until rather a jolly Mario Kart Wii session.. could be quite a few of us playing! Back to @nxmee's PC rebuild for now...

(17:39:18) Anatomy of a Jay Z track: quite acceptably sung (if repetitious) refrain interspersed between meaningless jabberings by an egocentric arse.

(17:49:21) Feeling a bit tired out now after all that Mario Kart. Not ~too~ long until bairns have to go to bed, in case school's open in the morning.

(17:55:13) I love it when I hear the children use my unusual idioms; like answering a selection question from anyone with "I'd like {...}, please Bob."

(17:59:10) Interesting.. another comedy show making the transition from #radio4 to TV: Bellamy's People: http://is.gd/61bHs - SFW [or 'Down The Line!']

(22:32:11) I'm having a thorough geek-in this evening, with two PC rebuilds on the go (one for @nxmee, another with bits for Freecycling/charity). YAR!

Tweets for 09 Jan 2010


(09:02:31) Good morning/heavens it's 9am already. Better shake a leg and get some coffee on (I store coffee grounds in my wooden leg).

(09:37:34) Stupid stupid internet banking. Halifax, you could do a lot better. "Name Of First School" Well, is it St. Saint saint ..? I CAN'T REMEMBER!

(09:59:50) RT @leica0000: The government just announced the name of its comprehensive snow removal plan - "Spring"

(10:12:57) The #radio4 Vox project http://is.gd/5X09Y To audioboo you don't need an iPhone; create an account & go to "my boos" to record on a browser.

(10:25:34) This is quite impressive - 'virtual backlot' showreel by Stargate Studios (with kudos to whoever tweeted it..!) http://is.gd/5X3ID (sfw)

(10:26:06) RT @neilhimself: I do not play the tambourine. But this is glorious, & I hope it gets seen & does some real good. Watch and RT: http://b ...

(10:29:05) "Good grief" (to quote @superalora) .. it's blue skies and sunshine AND it's blizzarding (6/10) here in LU2. #uksnow

(12:36:42) Gotta love technology - @nxmee has a DSi, but chose in favour of that to play simple platform games on an original Gameboy this morning.

(12:37:07) LU2 0/10 #uksnow (bright sunshine, but still blisteringly cold). REMAIN INDOORS.

(16:18:29) What a splendid walk into town - good exercise and fresh air, and we got almost everything we went for. And eggs. Home & sitting down now :D

(16:20:38) Right.. who'll join me in a campaign? There's already a recyclable plastic labelled "PETE" - I think there should be one called "EMMA" too.

(16:29:00) We have our postergirl (@emmatofi) and the plastic - potato starch & compostable (thanks, @fluffymuppet) .. let's get EMMA in the shops :)

(18:37:17) audioBoo: james & Chris reciting Eleanor Rigby [#radio4 vox project] http://boo.fm/b89772

(18:56:21) audioBoo: Beth & Eleanor reciting Eleanor Rigby [#radio4 vox project] http://boo.fm/b89776

(20:16:14) RT @HeartKent: I'd like to hit Steve Denyer round the head with a Club Classic. www.heartkent.co.uk

(22:32:14) I've just listed an item for sale on eBay. It felt very intimidating and slightly out of my comfort zone. Is this normal?

Tweets for 08 Jan 2010


(06:20:14) Amusing use of the word "plinth" in Deep Trouble (#radio4, iPlayer); not a bad sitcom with some funny lines, though a bit cringey in places.

(06:22:37) Oh, and I just discovered - Heroes is back: Saturday 22:10 on #bbc2... quite excited, although it might be a bit rubbish like season 2 was..

(08:56:42) I'd like to have my own office. I had a bit of a rant about putting the kettle on, then returning to find someone had used all the water.

(09:12:25) RT @ProfBrianCox & @TheSkepticMag: Little Atoms with @ProfBrianCox - Friday 8th Jan 19.00 on Resonance 104.4FM [@syz: Resonance FM rocks!]

(09:15:36) During a quick check of www.radiofail.co.uk to see if I've any outtakes they haven't got, I heard this: http://is.gd/5TXs4 (NSFW) hilarious!

(13:30:26) One of my colleagues is watching this: http://is.gd/5Utyt (YT, sfw.. painfully radio anorakky). Yes, I'm talking about you, @MrRobaloba ...

(13:48:47) Off for a wander.. if you'd like anything in the Oxford Street area, please do let me know. Also: Selfridges - what a brilliant shop!

(15:38:25) I went to Fortnum & Mason today for the first time (that I can remember). It's like looking round a posh old lady's house.With price labels.

(16:04:13) Here's an interesting thing for people who like to audioboo: #radio4 has "The Vox Project" - http://is.gd/5UMcr (sfw)

(18:58:11) Hurtling up the M1 in fine fashion - the way this guy's driving I'll be home by half seven! Then.. JAMYEH, the weekend will begin.

(22:08:34) This week's 8 Out Of 10 Cats.. Jamelia: "I home-school my kids"; Claudia Winkleman: "Really..?! What do you wear?" ~chuckles and sighs~

(22:36:46) I'm still not sure what the point is of those little fin things that almost every car has on its roof these days. Or boot on the Volvo S70.

(23:25:12) Bed. Best thing to happen to me in at least ten minutes. Goodnight.

(23:26:38) ~excited squeak~ Audioboo.fm <- it now does browser recording! Not on the front page, but in the "my boos" bit. How fabulous is that? YAY!

(23:28:11) Right. Really going now. Audioboo not just on the iPhone, though, eh? Fab! G'night (again!)

Tweets for 07 Jan 2010


(06:23:41) Awake, alive and foraging for fruit. Looks chilly out there... I had better watch my step. Good morning and a Happy Thursday to you!

(08:21:51) Safely in the office; pavements are like ice rinks this morning, with folk slipping all over the place. Don't be afraid to walk on the road!

(10:57:04) Something is wrong with the tip of my middle finger, but I can't remember damaging it. Time to put some antibacterial stuff on it. Hmm.

(11:04:43) I'm now a bit discombobulated and need to regain my bearings. Ball bearings.

(18:00:34) Right. That's pretty much seen off a Thursday at work. Plenty to do tomorrow. Now, time to see if there's a coach nearby.

(18:54:39) I am pleased to announce that I don't have hypothermia after waiting half an hour for the @easybus (the 18:18 obviously went early).

(18:56:16) Also: coach with wi-fi! The first in weeks.. JAMYEH! Once again, the roads are fairly quiet.. hoping for a hassle-free coach journey home.

(22:10:46) Well that puts paid to Thursday. Y'know, I think I've encountered (and indeed, met) the richest seam of fine humanity on Twitter. Goodnight!

Tweets for 06 Jan 2010


(06:25:19) Good morning world, part of which has a white carpet. Better leave the house a little earlier today - could be a bit treacherous underfoot!

(07:20:20) Trundling down the M1 as the sleet descends.. apparently, it's not snowy in London (according to @vobes) - I've two pairs of boots with me:D

(08:33:35) Righty.. I'm first specialist in this morning - time to get a coffee on and see what the day holds. Boots are most definitely OFF right now.

(09:12:26) I've a cafetiere full of coffee, some oat flavoured cereal product and an Excel Spreadsheet to work on. That's me settled for the next hour.

(11:32:43) W1W 3/10 It's snowing much harder by my desk, although that might just be my dandruff (@mrRobaloba) #uksnow

(12:16:20) Oh brilliant.. the ArrivaBus.co.uk website's tanked. Still, I'm going to remain here, stoic and indefatigable, because I have SNOWBOOTS.

(13:52:10) Time to take another look at the Arrivabus website; my colleague who lives near Flitwick appears to have bailed already. I fear nothing.

(15:30:52) I just popped down to pick up a hard disk (my Linux server was complaining about a dead drive) only to end up moving junk around. Ho hum.

(16:53:15) Why does this 'Labour Leadership Coup' business (http://is.gd/5OxiH) remind me of The Thick Of It? Bet the real Malcolm Tucker's kept busy!

(16:54:57) Right. I'm going for an adventure.

(18:34:50) I'm on the 18.18 coach (on time: woo!) with plenty of water, snowboots and some Emergency Biscuits.. ready for anything! I may be some time.

(20:18:47) Home and dry and tucking into hot food (thanks, @poots :) Only snag was dropping my phone between the seats on the coach as I left. Ooop!

(20:21:07) (and for what it's worth, I'm tweeting on the phone I foolishly dropped - the coach was waiting, so I could pop back. Harumble and JAMYEH).

(22:09:20) Righty... that's a full & unusual Wednesday done and, indeed, dusted. I'll be back after this short word from our sponsors. Sleeeep. Night!

Tweets for 05 Jan 2010


(09:13:30) Back in the office after nearly three weeks away. On the upside, at least I still have a job. I don't, however, have any coffee. Silly man.

(10:58:27) Right.. I've had coffee now, and Digital Brian brought in some home baking - bakewell slices. He clearly has a hidden talent. Back to work..

(12:29:41) #bbcradio1 have got this show called "In New DJs We Trust." I'll be honest, having heard some of them, I'm not entirely sure they should.

(12:33:38) They're trying to do a fire alarm test in our office building So far they have announced nine and a half times that they're about to do it.

(12:42:16) Tweets from prospective Luton South parliamentary candidates: @Esther4Luton - Independent; @GavinShuker - Labour; @QurbanHussain - LibDem


(14:30:47) Good grief it's warm in here. A cup of tea is the only solution. Also: good news - @poots found the code for the car stereo. Win! (nfc)

(15:06:43) Since when was 'golf' a verb?

(16:25:08) Righty.. off to BH. It's getting dark. Dark and cold. But there will probably not be wolves.

(17:56:01) Righty.. a busy first day back at work, but I'm tired out now, so I shall go home & prepare for another. It's how this sort of thing works.

(18:22:35) Dear @easybus driver, the coach is due to leave Gloucester Place at 18.18. I reached the stop at 18.15. Why were you already driving off..?

(19:58:48) Walking the perimeter of the airport in light snow. I think it was hailing in London, mind. And I got batted in the ear by a bit of grit.

(20:35:29) Home, warm and full of chicken kiev. There are few finer ways to be in my opinion (vegetarian home alternative available in some areas).

(20:48:52) I am looking for remnants of Christmas... anybody hiding a mince pie? Oh & iTunes 12 Gifts of Christmas is "Let's Golf" today - it's great!

(21:03:37) Our dishwasher sometimes sounds like a tube train going over points near Shepherds Bush station. Rather unnerving.

(22:10:39) Right. Enough of all this nonsense.. I need sleep. I didn't really do very well this evening, since @poots is in bed before me. BAH. Night.

Tweets for 04 Jan 2010


(08:06:02) I'm listening to BBC Three Counties Radio.. I find myself listening to it more often these days. Apparently, @hypnotistchris is on in a bit.

(08:48:34) Woo yay.. heard a track on @chilldab I've wanted to identify for years.. It's Air - "Les Professionnels" ("All I need" with radio tones :D)

(10:38:05) I think @johndredge would be proud. @nxmee said he wanted his own diamond... I offered him a twig and he accepted it with aplomb. JAMYEH!

(11:32:09) RT @Alfie: whoah, if you use Spam Assassin be aware, all emails received 2010 on are labelled as spam: http://bit.ly/8cG1Vl

(11:34:57) It's a bit on the nippy side this morning.. seems to be more of a dampness in the air than yesterday, making feel colder.

(14:39:38) One pair of school shoes bought; various potterings done. Next: hospital visit, and then preparation for a return to work. Early night then!

(19:29:10) Amusingly, I get more anxious about the price of my commuting coach bookings than the prospect that I might get snowed in a journey :D

(19:31:03) I may well make grammatical sense in one of my future tweets.

(19:35:15) I'm planning to amble along to @hypnotistchris's http://socialtrance.com at 8.30 tonight for a world record attempt. However that works...

(20:32:15) I have a big glass of water, chocolate covered coffee beans & headphones on.. ready for #socialtrance ... ambient music at the mo, mind.

(20:55:42) Listening to @hypnotistchris talk about hypnosis. It's nothing I've not read in books like Trance-formations and NLP studies. #socialtrance

(21:05:59) Well. #socialtrance didn't happen; legal issues & Guinness World Records were unable to verify it. Interesting to watch Twitterfall, though.

(21:19:21) Good heavens - despite the disappointment, #SocialTrance is a tending tropic.. @hypnotistchris may have achieved what he set out to do :D

(21:34:27) Right. Having seen the 'Halifax Radio' advert & spat feathers (considering my last experience with them.. BERKS!) I am going to bed. Night!

Tweets for 03 Jan 2010


(14:59:16) Nearly time for Christmas to be over for another year.. we're starting a little 'memory book' to put in the loft with the decorations.

(17:45:24) We're about to put on Celebrity Total Wipeout after defestiviting the lounge.. time, nearly, for some serious post-Christmas tidying.

(20:27:55) I don't think I've been so tickled by the 'the glovebox opens well in Australia' gag.. still laughing now. Proper comedy writing #topgear.

(21:16:50) Right. Large glass of water, a metric truckload of podcasts and bed. I intend to be up early tomorrow, to practice for Tuesday. Night night!

Tweets for 02 Jan 2010


(09:04:03) Awake and alive, thinking of Places Of Note in Luton to drag @sparkyannc around today. I've found myself listening to BBC Local Radio more.

(19:27:54) Bedtime for teh childrens.. feeling a little sleepy now, though. Who knows, though, some pizza and a session in the studio might perk me up.

Tweets for 01 Jan 2010


(00:01:39) HAPPY NEW 2010! You deserve the most splendid year ever, because you're great.

(00:32:29) Bedtime. I saw in the New Year warm, comfortable and doing something I love to do with good people. That, surely, is contentment. Goodnight.

(09:41:14) Good morning.. I've been up for ages, honest. Time to shower and then continue making the house a Slightly Better Place To Be Generally.

(19:22:34) All righty.. watching a double bill of Doctor Who in the delightful company of @poots, @sparkyannc and some treacle traybake. Splendid.

(21:34:52) Just finished watching teh big New Year Doctor Who. Quite, quite good. Well.

(22:22:23) Whoever came up with the idea of selling cheese in zip-loc bags should be honoured by her majesty Teh Queen. That's my opinion, so.

(22:39:02) Watching Doctor Who Confidential - it's amazing to see how much time, effort and technology goes into just a few moments of television.

(22:39:22) Also: Sinead Keenan: lovely.

(23:32:54) Bedward (not Jedward) after a Doctor Who rich evening & some entertaining banter on Twitter. I've been rather remiss today. Ahh well. Night!

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