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Tweets for 31 Dec 2009


(09:13:46) Music this morning: Bailey's Drum & bass (WHY do they have to talk so much?) on 1Xtra iPlayer till @poots came down.. now: Absolute 80s woo.

(12:00:36) A trip into town all done; this afternoon, @nxmee has a hospital appointment. Now: we're in the car park of a residential care home. Busy!

(12:36:53) I am fairly sure I've tweeted this before, but will do so again: Burger King coffee is almost undrinkably poor. I need to write this down.

(12:46:20) Ambling back to the residential home.. lots of roads to cross. It's chilly, but the sun's out.. just.

(13:30:11) Right.. time to head for the hospital. My money is on: "currently inconclusive" as a diagnosis. It's an evens bet each way.

(14:54:29) Bliminy that was quick. We saw a consultant called Mr Hope, who says that @nxmee has slightly turned in feet but is otherwise fine. Cool.

(17:45:46) We tried to open an account at the Halifax for @superalora. She is six. The woman said: "We need to assess home contents insurance." Eh??!!

(18:54:53) Time to put two festive ales in the fridge, to take them back out shortly before Arbitrarily Appointed Times. New Year's Eve System FTW(nfc)

(19:09:04) Watching the very lovely "Here Comes Science" DVD by They Might Be Giants - a fine way to end the year for the children :) (thanks, @poots!)

(20:22:32) Today's iTunes "12 Days" free gift was 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'. It's now downloaded, so I can spend a happy 2 hours not watching it. Yup.

(23:04:53) I'm being a bit daft on at the moment. Nobody else has turned up to see the new year there, so I'll do it ;)

Tweets for 30 Dec 2009


(11:49:37) - This is @superalora, doing her best to attempt flight yesterday. [For @drmasquerade - thanks for the twitpic!]

(11:53:12) Once again @Z80GameCoder and @EpiduralGirl, you have left me speechless with appreciation and glee. THANK YOU for the buttons/badges! WOWOW!

(14:17:59) I rather fortuitously composed a soundtrack yesterday for a video I wasn't expecting to make today. It seems to work quite well, too. Brill.

(16:41:16) I (p)resent: the death of pop music: (YT sfw) .. it makes me feel nauseous to hear what Jay Z has done to this. *sadface*

(16:43:11) This - (YT- sfw) - makes me happy again. I have this 12" single and will play it. Too loud. This evening. Karma restored.

(16:54:33) We saw the "Space Age" exhibition at Luton's Discovery Centre earlier - it was great. YouTube vid here: (@MuseumsLuton)

(18:21:54) Eleanor has taken to following any and all kisses with 'mwahahaha!' type evil laughs. I can't decide whether to dissuade or encourage this.

(20:37:49) Right. Time to get a large glass of water and, perhaps, some nice Christmassy ale, then finally get on with some long-overdue Freecycling.

(22:44:26) Hahaha! @jonholmes1 out of off of the radio doing a spoof of The One Show on "2009 Unwrapped" right now.. #bbc2. About #twitter. Hillarious!

(23:30:01) Bedtime.. responses to my Freecycle offers are already trundling in. Thank goodness for the "folding table in the brown bin" trick. JAMYEH.

Tweets for 29 Dec 2009


(07:50:27) Awake (yup.. Not The 5am Club!) in the dawn half-light, enjoying coffee and the very clever "News At Bedtime" on #radio4 iPlayer. Morning!

(08:32:54) Radio choice of this morning: Radio Teddy. Children's songs in German (@superalora's second favourite station after Fun Kids :)

(08:39:29) Time to shower & dress.. before 9am to boot; surely a record for the past week, which goes to show what a shamefully relaxing time I've had!

(10:20:32) We can spend all we like on presents for children, but four days after Christmas, they're happy bouncing on a bed with a knitted character.

(12:08:10) Oops. Car fail. Plans B and C required.

(13:35:28) Little White lives :) Thank you for the messages offering help & encouragement. Off to take her for a spin now to recharge the battery :D

(16:42:32) Having a splendid afternoon with family friends. I'm wearing New Trousers (thanks to my M-i-L) since my old ones got rather damp cycling.

(17:10:48) It's dark.. I'm sleepy. It's been a busy day, really, but at least I got to do some Important Drilling earlier. And go for a bike ride.

(21:46:05) Home again home again.. nice cuppa tea. Time, I think, to relax, catch up on emails and have a look at the site...

(22:58:08) Enough of all this frivolity.. I'm off to bed, having already (mentally) spent my Christmas Money :D

Tweets for 28 Dec 2009


(00:06:11) I discovered a neat bit of software called 'Movino' ( which turns my Nokia 95 into a wi-fi webcam for the mac.. handy..!

(00:07:02) I'd better get to bed now. All this gadgetry (and driving..) can tire a man :D Night!

(08:11:30) I'm awake, trying to shuffle all my brain cells to one side of my head so I can decide what's best to do today. Time, I think, for coffee.

(09:00:05) Mmm.. porridge with golden syrup - luxury breakfast :)

(10:13:48) Pottering around, while @poots and @superalora do a jigsaw puzzle and @nxmee plays with his "U.B. Funkeys".. whatever they are :D

(11:45:55) Is that Fearne Cotton doing the voicer on @virginmedia's customer service line? It annoys me when she starts a sentence "Hey.." :D

(14:06:00) Nom.. coffee with chocolate covered raisins while I finish the family Christmas video.. now to see how YouTube's privacy settings work..

(15:26:51) We're back inside after an amble along the muddy green. Time for a big glass of water and some more pottering. Keep the energy levels up!

(15:27:11) Oh, and we saw a pheasant. Which is somewhat unusual for this part of Luton.

(16:52:33) We're watching the #TopGear Bolivia special. Hilarious, but it's not about cars any more - it's a road movie featuring amusing idiots.

(17:22:13) We have a daughter who is a delightful cross between Lola out of off of "Charlie & Lola" & Karen from "Outnumbered." Quite, quite endearing.

(18:09:55) Household record for Hula Hoop stacking: 8. This was, however, somewhat compromised by coming up with the idea when we only had eight left.

(18:50:08) "Sorry I've Got No Head" for the children before "Sorry, you're going to bed"...

(23:22:31) A small amount of noodling in the studio with a bit of pottering - a very pleasant evening and now bed. Slightly busier day tomorrow!

Tweets for 27 Dec 2009


(08:05:47) Good morning! A busy day ahead of more visitations, so we're all up early(ish!) to get going. Fun Kids on the radio, and coffee in the pot.

(08:20:48) I am ironing my trousers. They were just that little bit too crinkly.

(13:18:38) Absolute children chaos in Bexhill... live on the interwebs...

(21:34:15) Home, with a pair of tired children, a camera full of photos and a Flip full of video. First: a cup of tea & a slice of Standing Up Cake.

(22:32:15) Outnumbered! Yeah! #bbc1 #comedy

Tweets for 26


(09:43:19) Uhoh.. total @virginmedia fail when we got home last night.. internet's back (briefly) but phone & TV still dead. Still.. who needs tech? :D

(11:15:50) I'd better get showered and dressed.. so slovenly this morning so far. Still.. the phone & interneta working again. For now, at least.

(15:37:10) Sitting sleepily in front of a Christmas DVD with the family.. no point in rushing through Boxing Day!

(20:16:33) Home again.. children in bed.. phone & internet working; getting some fine pottering done to work off the vast amount of food I've eaten!

(21:28:05) Now I'm settled in the studio with a bottle of Bishop's Finger (yummy Christmas gift), a mince pie and some transcoding to do for tomorrow.

(21:42:05) Remember when stations other than #Radio4 did comedy? (BBC London had The Mighty Boosh originally!) Well. This: (NSFW)

(21:50:17) Good heavens. Having found the original series on CD of The Mighty Boosh to rip for a road trip, I've just discovered they signed it. Woo!

(22:10:27) Dear @virginmedia, I don't think 2Mb/s is good enough, given we pay for 20. The "At least it's working now" perspective doesn't work. Sorry.

(22:13:21) Yep yep yep, innit.. Gonkstep really is the big music kick now.. bubblin' (not bublé-in'). If it moves.. gonk it.

(22:19:25) is going to listen to the rest of David Hooper's Disgusting Electronica in bed (bandwidth permitting) after a quick studio tidy. Goodnight!

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Tweets for 24


(00:09:36) "Time for bed," said Chaka Demus. It's already 7 minutes into Christmas Eve! Lots going on tomorrow.. so it's goodnight from me. Goodnight!

(08:14:01) Righ... I've been marinating for long enough. Time to get on with Christmas Eve. One more sleep & two more rooms to hoover before Christmas!

(10:12:26) Memo to self: always dust ~before~ you hoover.

(13:00:15) Yay.. the internet's back! Good old @virginmedia. Also: vacuuming all done, and coffee made. Can't remember what else I was going to tweet.

(13:37:21) Aquafresh 'Extreme Clean' is my all-time ~favourite~ toothpaste, since it tastes just like the insides of honey-lemon Lockets. YUMMY!

(17:32:27) RT @RobJD: Nice start to Christmas with a lovely crib service :) Thanks @stopsleyvicar [syz: and from me, too!]

(18:16:54) is now wondering what beverages to put in the fridge. Maybe my Mother-in-Law will have some suggestions.

(22:23:03) is watching #QI; edifying as always. Would I rather have Fearne Cotton or a giraffe? Giraffes are clever & walk in a splendid way. FTW(nfc).

Tweets for 25


(08:38:53) Bah! Intereweb & home phone fail overnight.. The 'net is back again (for the time being; no phone, though). A Happy Christmas to you anyway.

(12:52:52) Christmas lunch is imminent - my role is to keep well out of trouble. Busy morning so far. Phone fail still!

(16:02:01) There are frenetic animal things zipping round the tiled floor, I have lots of smashing Real Ale as gifts. Now: dessert's on its way. Nom.

(17:19:03) - I have been looking forward to this [best cup of coffee I've had since first thing!]

Tweets for 26


(09:43:19) Uhoh.. total @virginmedia fail when we got home last night.. internet's back (briefly) but phone & TV still dead. Still.. who needs tech? :D

(11:15:50) I'd better get showered and dressed.. so slovenly this morning so far. Still.. the phone & interneta working again. For now, at least.

(15:37:10) Sitting sleepily in front of a Christmas DVD with the family.. no point in rushing through Boxing Day!

(20:16:33) Home again.. children in bed.. phone & internet working; getting some fine pottering done to work off the vast amount of food I've eaten!

(21:28:05) Now I'm settled in the studio with a bottle of Bishop's Finger (yummy Christmas gift), a mince pie and some transcoding to do for tomorrow.

(21:42:05) Remember when stations other than #Radio4 did comedy? (BBC London had The Mighty Boosh originally!) Well. This: (NSFW)

(21:50:17) Good heavens. Having found the original series on CD of The Mighty Boosh to rip for a road trip, I've just discovered they signed it. Woo!

(22:10:27) Dear @virginmedia, I don't think 2Mb/s is good enough, given we pay for 20. The "At least it's working now" perspective doesn't work. Sorry.

(22:13:21) Yep yep yep, innit.. Gonkstep really is the big music kick now.. bubblin' (not bublé-in'). If it moves.. gonk it.

(22:19:25) is going to listen to the rest of David Hooper's Disgusting Electronica in bed (bandwidth permitting) after a quick studio tidy. Goodnight!

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Tweets for 23 Dec 2009


(08:05:29) I am fairly incoherent this morning. Getting complaints from the offspring who have to tidy their rooms. A concerted effort may be required.

(08:24:17) Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without lots of adverts and promotions telling you what Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without.

(10:31:57) Bedrooms mainly tidy and ready for dysoning(?) and a hearty brunch eaten (thanks, @poots!) Next: hasty tooth brushing for fillings. Nice.

(13:48:04) Dentist all done & dusted (quite literally, I suspose) and home.. @nxmee came down to the studio & he made a song: cool!

(17:38:07) Home from an open house at our friends' nearby.. Chris ended up covered in snow. I had a small amount of eggnog. Christmas is nearly here!

(17:47:21) C'mon, then, rain (for it precipitates presently).. swish that snow away, so we can do the Necessary Driving tomorrow and make @poots happy.

(19:50:20) I was really delighted to hear @nxmee, clearly inspired by his earlier musical endeavours, playing MTV Music Generator 2 on the PS2. YAY! :)

(21:12:33) Toast is clearly beyond me this evening.

(22:26:13) I just wrote & recorded a whimsical festive poem for the #vobes show. I should really have been wrapping @poots's Christmas Presents. Oops.

(22:45:26) I'm wrapping, I'm wrapping, I'm wrap-wrap-wrapping.

(22:48:58) I was about to listen to Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off but heard @poots chuckling upstairs, so Russell Howard on @TVCatchUp it is .. hurrah!

Tweets for 22 Dec 2009


(09:07:12) Thank heavens for coffee. I'm having a dreadful job getting going this morning - even the Tuesday before Christmas is Tuesdayish. Mornin'!

(11:11:04) Woo.. @poots ordered me some snowboots and they arrived this morning YAY! Time to try 'em out. Might take my camera with me...

(13:36:27) A new iPhone Twitter App's available called Tweetings. Seems worth a go. - an @AppBoy review (via @HilzFuld @Bazmati2020)

(13:48:36) - It just seemed wrong not to make a snowperson! [@superalora made the head; she says it's a girl called Ellie]

(14:14:40) "Breadsticks" is almost an anagram of "brake discs". #almostananagram

(15:51:15) Time to do some tidying. No point in sitting around watching Spongebob Squarepants, eh?

(18:20:56) One task completed today. Another to do tomorrow. Which will possibly involve drooling, since I have 2 fillings due to happen tomorrow. Bah.

(19:32:23) Another @rigb_science Christmas Lecture; perfect to watch with my ten year old son. I always try & learn something, too. Slow paced, though.

(22:28:13) Lint! It's nearly time for that naughty Mr @charltonbrooker's NewsWipe. I'm going to get minty fresh in preparation. Now wash your hands.

(23:22:56) Screenwipe made me laugh & feel tragic. I can't really understand anything on my twitterstream at this stage so I shall sleep. Good night :)

Tweets for 21 Dec 2009


(10:59:25) I had a strange dream last night, where I tried to take a photo of a bendy-bus with my iPod Touch. Also, my tum still aches this morning.

(11:00:57) From @RadioToday - a journalist gets the 'eggtimer of doom' during his bulletin, and does the rest by memory. Impressive:

(16:09:47) Home safe as snow and dusk fall, both lit by the amber glow of sodium streetlamps. A Muppet Christmas Carol + hot chocolate. Lovely.

(16:12:20) Goodness me.. a Royal Mail parcel delivery just arrived.. now ~that~ is a tough job to get done in this weather. Top bloke.

(19:27:09) Watching the first 2009 RI lecture with Chris on catch-up, while Lenni has a slightly overtired meltdown. Bless 'er.

(20:04:53) I feel so sorry for the drivers stuck out the front.. might have to boil the kettle & take some tea to them.

(21:16:12) The scene in East Luton earlier - near stationary traffic and heavy snow. Little has changed. #vidly

(21:41:10) Blimey..the airportward road has cleared! Still chockablock toward Stopsley. I should be a travel reporter. And learn to spell "chockablock"

(22:05:25) I would love to see an overhead live view of Luton's traffic this evening.. there are so many hills here, much of it must be impassable.

(22:36:04) Right. I'm going to go to bed. The night is yet young, but I am old (although not as old as ..~insert appropriate tweep name here~..) Night!

Tweets for 20 Dec 2009


(00:05:10) Woo.. I just saw @stopsleyvicar's tweet.. it's snowing again! I don't know if this is good news or bad news. We've got plenty of beans in.

(00:22:24) Goodnight to you, regardless of snowiness.

(09:12:30) Time to put something resembling clothes on and have a go at driving. Main roads seem OK.. just getting onto them will be the challenge :D

(12:22:08) RT @modaco Win a MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch or HBH-PV200 Headset with MoDaCo and #SEAccessoriesPrize - WinMo @ MoDaCo

(12:24:54) Home safe and sound - bright sunshine reflecting on the whiteness of the snow to give the quiet streets a continental feel. Time for: PIE!

(13:05:28) - Early Christmas present to the family from @poots: it's only 3 CDs of Rolf Harris! [JAMYEH!]

(17:55:03) A lovely afternoon in the studio with the children. @poots took her folks to hospital; now once more safely home from the treacherous roads.

(18:08:17) It amuses me that Google Gears doesn't work on Google Chrome (beta, mind) on mac OS X, but works fine on Safari. Oh the irony.

(20:12:44) Sofa + @poots + Top Gear + carrot to chomp on (quietly). Gently warm for an hour. The recipe for a jolly nice Sunday evening.

(22:37:35) I thoroughly enjoyed Cranford this evening - beautifully shot, and very peaceful. I'd never seen it before, but it seemed familiar. Lovely.

(23:06:58) I've posted something in my blog: Snowday!

(23:14:40) Hmm. Bedtime already? I should try to be up earlier tomorrow.. first one to the kitchen..? I can only try! A fond goodnight, anyway :)

Tweets for 19 Dec 2009


(08:12:58) Awake & alive. I think I shall shower & dress myself up good and warm.. try to persuade myself I'm all better. It's teh psychology. Mornin'!

(10:23:38) The Donaldson brothers rock. That is all.

(12:36:48) It's been an entertaining morning in with the family; lots of laughs & fun.Next: we're going to brave the elements & attempt a walk to Asda.

(15:54:23) It's a proper "Saturday before Christmas".. a walk up the hill in the snow, and back to drink hot chocolate & watch a Disney fillum. JAMYEH!

(16:34:06) Ooh... I got an email from Steorn (who invented 'Orbo' - a new energy technology, apparently) - webcast at 5pm GMT at

(17:07:52) Hmm.. (sfw) - a demo of Orbo, but with no sound. That really doesn't help with context! There's a spinny thing.

(17:11:22) This isn't the most impressive of demos so far.. I think it might be broken. #steorn ( #steorn live on )

(17:29:26) Watching the Orbo demo - this time with sound ( Spinny motors. I have yet to be convinced. #steorn

(17:34:19) So.. Orbo demo showed that their system exhibits no back EMF when applying a voltage to an electromagnetic physical action. More in January.

(17:49:59) They're not done yet. Neither are we ( [via @fluffymuppet] #COP15

(21:34:21) In the studio tonight: a bit of tidying, plugged my electric guitar in, set up a microphone on a small stand (long overdue). Creativity: 0.7

(21:45:26) It seems many of my lovely tweeps are having a deservedly relaxing evening. I wish you one, too :)

Tweets for 18 Dec 2009


(09:07:59) I am 111.

(09:13:11) I'm sorry - that was a misprint. I am ill.

(10:10:15) I'm feeling slightly more human now.. but very very sleepy. I am not a good patient.

(14:22:35) The children are playing Bejeweled 2, @poots is baking cupcakes and I'm sleepy on the sofa with tummy hurtiness. It's good to be indoors.

(15:20:22) Me: "I have Rage Against The Machine's album on cassette from when it was first out. I'm so old-school." @poots: "No need for the 'school'!"

(18:00:55) Still stuck on the sofa, feeling a bit hungry, but daren't eat - my stomach's still not settled. @nxmee is watching CBeebies on WiiPlayer(?)

(20:17:56) Since I'm consigned to the sofa, I'll spend the evening in front of the telly.. quite a rarity. Yay for Discovery Channel & an item on LEDs!

(20:54:41) I'm going to try and eat something. Hmm.

(22:46:28) Bedtime. Whether I sleep or not is another matter entirely; goodnight nonethenevertheless.

Tweets for 17 Dec 2009


(06:30:21) Good morning. I can hear no larks (save for those on here.. mornin' @vobes, @GardenCity_Mark and @gilesbabbidge) Up the hill I go, then..

(08:41:51) It's the eternal dilemma.. to bagel or not to bagel. I'm tempted, to be sure. Especially since I only had enough coffee left for half a mug.

(11:34:57) Interesting Thinking Allowed this week- I learned a lot from it. It might interest @vobes, too (prison history). #radio4

(11:58:41) Well done, - you're impressively wide of the mark! "Q: Who was the founder of BBC? A: John Peel founded the business."

(12:54:07) My dear lovely children (@nxmee and @superalora) have introduced me to a terribly addictive iPod Touch game: MonkeyKick (

(15:11:07) Wow.. St Austell Tribute is lovely ( - a swift lunchtime half or two with my colleagues for Christmas. Top :)

(15:14:10) I won't be having any of this, then: (sfw) - Tactical Nuclear Penguin #realale

(18:24:56) Righty.. time to brave the Unusual Weather Conditions. Laters potatoes.

(19:04:10) #uksnow NW6 0/10

(19:28:08) #uksnow 0/10 WD25

(19:40:27) Thirsty, and a mere five miles from home. Nearly at junction 10 with no snow hurrah. So far.

(20:45:57) Home, drinking peppermint tea and watching last night's Never Mind Teh Buzzcocks. Chucklesome.

(20:49:49) I have no intention of moving off this sofa. It has a blanket and everything. I'm all teh olde. This is not like me.

(21:20:51) I am Spent. Much like the one featured in the original radio version of The League Of Gentlemen. Bedtime betimes etimes eties etie tie ti e.

(22:01:15) RT @SteveDoherty1: If you've a viewing dilemma in the UK at 10pm you could watch my film on BBC4. It's nice. And funny. @tvcatchup FTW(nfc)!

Tweets for 16 Dec 2009


(06:22:38) Time to go slip-sliding up the hill to the airport. None of the white stuff here, but it's chilly cold. May need that extra shredded wheat.

(07:09:12) Oops.. a grit trailer's fallen over on Airport Way, Luton - there's queues northbound towards the airport (but at least it's not slippy :D)

(07:58:40) The latest Giles Wemmbley Hogg (BBC iPlayer - #radio4) made me laugh out loud like an imbecile in the same way Sneakiepeeks entirely didn't.

(09:11:46) Definitely coffee time. I'm not sure I should've eaten that humous yesterday. Otherwise, I think I am actually quite alive today. Splendid.

(11:04:35) RT @helenduffett: There's no mashup like snow mashup! #uksnow IG8 0/10

(11:05:05) #uksnow W1W 0/10

(11:17:10) #uksnow 3/10 W1W

(12:37:16) #uksnow 1/10 W1W It's all gone a bit sleety.

(13:13:29) It's lunchtime.. that can only mean one thing. DANCE, MY PRETTIES! @stuckintheglobe ( Requests, you say? Hmm..

(13:16:18) I apologise to @stuckintheglobe for my last tweet. It made me sound megalomaniacal, which is hard to type. Put it down to low blood sugar.

(13:51:44) Feeling a bit tired and wobbly now. I don't think my 2pm meeting's going to happen, so I shall pretend to be dead for an hour.

(14:21:05) #uksnow Every time I look out of the window, there seems to be a different amount of snowing. A moment ago it was 5/10.. now it's 0/10 W1W

(14:28:31) I am being FAR too distracted by @stuckintheglobe .. I'm in an office full of blokes, and they ain't that good lookin', either. More tinsel!

(17:54:51) Time, I think, to pack up and get going home. A day where, once again, I have learned things & investigated things, but not concluded much.

(18:37:43) A mere hour and a half until I'm home, then one more working day before the festive season starts. I shall wear only tinsel. And armbands.

(19:17:43) Time, I think, to get damped on.

(20:15:34) Scampi - the dinner of champions. I have not yet eaten so many I feel a bit sick. It's on my list of Things To Do Before I'm 30. Ish.

(21:25:35) I don't think I actually warmed up today.. time for a quick shower and an escape to b.e.d. Last working day of 2009 for me tomorrow yay!

(21:31:00) Good night to you. In fact, you especially. You've been fantastic today. Ta.

Tweets for 15 Dec 2009


(06:24:29) I'm appropriately fragile this morning. Time to attempt a coach-based recovery. And brush my teeth (closing the stable door). Good morning!

(08:35:27) Right. In the office now, and it's chemistry time - experiment one: to create a suspension of C8-H10-N4-O2.

(15:28:51) Heh. This is quite spooky. It makes me a little uncomfortable - these are REAL PEOPLE (I think!):

(16:19:29) I'm Mr Thirsty and Mr Sleepy. Roger Hargreaves has a lot to answer for.

(17:34:44) Earlier, I shared a lift with Mark Thompson. We discussed the likelihood of snow (too soon to tell, apparently). He's a lot taller than me.

(18:27:33) Just listened to @emptyshopsradio 16; it has a most splendid interview with a young artist - Megan Clarke. She rocked. Props to the #vobes.

(18:36:04) Oh I'm on a coach trip. It's like being on a magical mystery tour, 'cept there's no mystery & the magic's limited. And the tour? Hendon Way.

(19:12:24) I need some new dark grey work trousers. I no longer approve of the ones I am wearing & no amount of sewing machine action will remedy this.

(19:17:56) Apparently the General Public find a comfort in hearing the same song around the same time every day. Hence, the #ThisIsHeart playlist. Meh.

(19:53:13) I'm being followed by @alenmajer: "My new book Selling IS Better Than Sex is coming out on January 15!" I am beyond persuasion, I'm afraid.

(20:12:17) I really, really ming. Time for a shower and to snuggle up in bed where nobody can see me. Ming.

(20:34:36) Time is marching on, towards switching off this computer & bedfordshire. I will follow - it might know a short cut. Good night, smashing.

Tweets for 14 Dec 2009


(07:39:18) I ache all over this morning. Best get conscious & see what can be done about it. Happy Monday :)

(10:03:43) School run done, coffee all drunk.. next stop: supermarket. Hmm.. I've had no breakfast. I won't say the same about lunch, though.

(10:33:08) Odd hilarity ensued when @poots & I both spontaneously sang just ~one~ word of the song playing on the radio. We've been married too long :D

(13:08:05) Coffee time. I also require a 3W wire-wound resistor for my own sordid needds.

(13:30:50) An interesting (and potentially profitable) way to spend a lunchtime - it's @tweetingtwankey ( I might just do that :D

(13:55:38) My foot itches in two separate places. I believe there is a superstitious meaning for this, but can't be bothered to find out what it is.

(15:40:22) OK, so schools showing films in the last week of term's a bit of a cop-out, but that's forgivable when @nxmee's class's choice was Stardust!

(16:35:29) Oh dear. A six-monthly dentist appointment is imminent. Time to brush my teeth to make it seem like I never eat sweets. He'll not be fooled.

(17:09:14) Clean bill of health for @superalora (though a bit of overcrowding).. no problems with @nxmee.

(17:20:44) Hmm.. as for me, a few fillings needed. Apparently flossing would've helped. Bleh and bah. I will never eat sweets again*. (*probably)

(17:51:31) Home briefly before taking #uktrain to That London for festive drinkies. I'll brush my teeth afterwards (I may end every tweet that way :D)

(18:39:11) - There's something a little ominous about this. [Pretty cool for album art, mind!]

(22:59:01) Heading home after some solid gold anorakking. Met some tech guys from Press Association & caught up with the Definitive Greasemonkey. Top.

(23:27:42) I think I might be a bit tired tomorrow. On a slow train, full of people, back to Luton. In fact, I'm a bit tired now. Darn you, tiny hours.

Tweets for 13 Dec 2009


(01:41:01) - Today's studio mission accomplished: 500 watts of lighting down to 50w. (Yup; some of yours, I think, @cree!)

(08:27:02) Win a new Canon 7D (or 2500 photo scans) from @ScanCafe & Scott Bourne. Pls RT. Details here: [syz: woo.. posh!]

(08:28:44) Right.. Time to drag my weary me out of bed, throw it at Sunday and see what gets knocked over. Fuelled, as always, by coffee. Good morning!

(09:27:59) Right.. busy day ahead - Christingle, lounge decoratings & cuppa with my Dad. Feeling festive (Heart's playing wall-to-wall Christmas hits.)

(11:15:36) - Chris and his Christingle (orange, ribbon, candle, sweets and fruit). [a service for the Children's Society]

(12:15:50) Time to put up the Christmas decorations. Now with LED Christmas lights. They're the future, y'know.

(14:00:13) Christmas tree up, and the lounge destively fecorated. Load the dishwasher and then make more coffee. And then it may well be List Time.

(14:17:20) RT @anushaverma: Piano stairs

(14:18:19) I can't sit around here enjoying your tweets all afternoon. Best get on. I'm putting the stove-top espresso maker thing on. Come'n'get it!

(14:34:44) I'm learning about Ochocinco ( & touchdown celebrations ( The Bugle - Hilarious.

(18:13:37) All sleepy now, after sorting out tea for the munchkins.. still haven't written that pesky list. Lovely visit to my Dad. Story to follow!

(18:24:15) - Our Christmas tree in its long-exposure colourful finery :)

(20:33:45) Working through what is actually quite a rubbish list. Also: the driver for the LED downlights above my desk has gone wrong. Already. BAH!

(20:39:17) Hmm. I can see myself going back into the ceiling void.

(21:59:52) I am going to make a hot drink, go to bed and watch the last two epsiodes of 'The Thick Of It'. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

(22:14:33) Good heavens, are we nearly half-way through the advent calendar already?

(22:36:25) Enough of this nonsense. Small piece of lemon tart and then bed. Good night!

Tweets for 12 Dec 2009


(08:33:53) This looks like a fine concept- I do hope it gets made. Some actual decent British sci-fi: [not for kids] (h/t @the_anke)

(09:03:42) I have coffee (thanks, @poots!) It will assist me in achieving duvet exit velocity (the grativational force is strong this morning).

(09:13:27) Myspace email: "Get real close to Katie Price and discover the music she loves on her new MySpace Playlist." They have NO idea, do they..?

(09:21:46) I've Just done some Scientific Metrics on the mac.. Safari: 6 bounces to open; Google Chrome: 2; Firefox: 22 bounces #fail! Chrome FTW(nfc)!

(09:31:00) I've just done some Scientific Metrics on the mac.. Safari: 6 bounces to open; Google Chrome: 2; Firefox: 22 bounces #fail! Chrome FTW(nfc)!

(10:34:32) - @nxmee, awaiting the fun of the Snow Garden at Hemel's Snow Centre [it's festively cold!]

(12:28:13) Back from a trip to the tidy tip, during which I caught the end of #radio4's "From Our Own Correspondent". Must subscribe to the podcast...

(15:03:18) Lenni's at probably the poorestly (mmm superlative adverb!) organised birthday party I've ever seen. Lovely location, though (Phyzz Kidz).

(15:19:57) Mmm. I'm drinking proper tea. Liquid kryptonite (with added tannin).

(16:03:44) Hmm. I must make a list. There's a metric truckload (h/t @petecooper) of stuff I need to do, but I can remember none of it. Headspace #fail.

(18:42:26) I have finished extracting hairs from the vacuum cleaner's spinny attachment thing, and now I am going to empty the compost & get some wood.

(18:42:42) Yes. I have a pop star lifestyle. :D

(18:48:44) With sincere apologies for the editing / soundtrack, here's a video of our visit to Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre: (YT sfw)

(20:22:55) I'm making custard. Plenty to go round!

(21:19:06) I've posted something in my blog: Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre - and Santa!

(21:21:21) Righty.. bloggage done - time to get busy with the fizzy. Yes.. I'm talking electric lights. And advent calendar chocolates.

Tweets for 11 Dec 2009


(06:28:05) Mornin'! Just listened to Andy Zaltzman's History Of The Third Millennium ( iPlayer, #radio4). Amusing and TheBugle-y.

(06:29:15) I've also discovered that Andy's sister (@helenzaltzman) is on Twitter ~and~ does a podcast of which I was hitherto unaware- Answer Me This.

(07:13:25) I saw the aftermath of a (thankfully apparently mild) head-on bump as I walked to the airport; hire car on the wrong side of the road. Oops.

(09:51:39) Right. I think my brain is already turning into mincemeat (and not the festive type) so I shall resort to going for a wee.

(10:17:33) Ahh splendid.. despite all our best efforts, it only takes one numpty to press the wrong button & put Radio 1 out on 1Xtra and vice versa :D

(18:42:35) Coaching home (unless my boss is reading this, in which case, I am still working tirelessly at my desk with no time for Twitter).

(18:46:27) There's a woman behind me has so far spent the journey talking near-monotonically at her phone. Her voice is seeping through my earphones :|

(18:48:19) I've just turned round to put my seatbelt on & discovered it's a bloke. With a stupid monotonic voice. I've got The Now Show up good & loud.

(19:17:50) The week is coming to a somewhat sleepy end.. a bite to eat, some banana beer & Buzzcocks on WiiPlayer when I arrive home, I think. JAMYEH!

(19:57:36) YAY Google Chrome for the mac :)

(21:43:22) Oh dear me.. Carol Vorderman is clearly both a little bit bonkers and out of her depth on this week's Buzzcocks. It's not Radio 2, dear.

(21:56:46) Friday evening + WiiPlayer + comedy = the best. There's a good deal of funny stuff around at the moment. Hurrah for the BBC. Even telly.

(22:50:33) Nearly bedtime. I don't think I'm in a fit state to achieve anything else today, so I shall bid you good night. Issit tho.

Tweets for 10 Dec 2009


(00:51:49) Home to bed.. on board a late coach now. A splendid evening, with more pub (well, winebar) singinging. Working from home tomorrow - phew!

(11:06:08) Working from home today. I've spent the last couple of hours pushing, filing, indexing, briefing, debriefing and - in some cases, numbering.

(17:14:27) This has so far been another quite challenging day. I mean.. Jimmy Page.

(19:29:25) I've just been out to get the boy from Cubs.. the car thermometer said 7 degrees, but I'm fairly sure it's a lot colder than that!

(19:32:46) Red wizard needs food badly.

(23:16:25) I'm somewhat perplexed by the whole "well-after-11pm-ness" of it all. This needs to be dealt with. Last Friday at work this year, tomorrow!

(23:16:43) Now is not the time to be ripping CDs. Good night!

Tweets for 09 Dec 2009


(06:29:13) Uhoh.. gotta go. A busy, quite long day ahead - off to see @sparkyannc sing with @LondonBulgChoir this evening ( ) YAY!

(07:48:09) I think it was quite adventurous of #vobes to show his pianists on yesterday's show. The man's back on form- loads going on. Worth a listen.

(07:50:08) Uhoh..let's see if the traffic lights are still borked on Finchley Road (the phases were all to cock yesterday). Busy day on London's roads.

(08:00:14) RT @ether_radio: Wow someone who I'm not following turned up in my news feed and it wasn't a retweet. [syz: me too.. worrying #twitterfail]

(08:25:47) I wonder if @GuardianTW listens back to their podcast.. it's variously amateurish, awkward & poorly edited. "Prestel"? "Ouch"? Text message?

(08:45:27) I need coffee. It's not been the most auspicious start to the morning.

(13:05:41) Right.. time for a brief amble to the heart of mammon to see what the outside world has to tempt me. Even better if it's free.

(14:32:23) Team meeting! I brought mince pies, which legitimized my tardiness.

(14:53:04) RT @leolaporte: Well the N900 ain't no iPhone. It's not even a Droid. Nice screen & camera but awkward interface & poor Google integration.

(17:36:28) What a busy afternoon.. three meetings, and a few phone calls to answer. Just a few bits to do before I go out to a concert. Woo then.

(19:03:23) Darn I'm good.

(19:50:07) I'm with @Richard_C, awaiting the arrival of @sparkyannc and some other folk, who'll soon be having a Bulgarians sing at me. It will be wow.

(20:47:53) It's times like these: the aural wonders of @LondonBulgchoir at the Salvation Army on Oxford St - that I'm thankful for my sense of hearing.

(20:55:20) audioBoo: The London Bulgarian Choir [at the Salvation Army, Oxford St, London]

Tweets for 08 Dec 2009


(06:24:03) It's Tuesday, I'm alive and yesterday's I'm Sorry I haven't A Clue was most amusing ( - iPlayer). Not a bad start, all in.

(08:12:27) Finchley Road is knackered today. No wi-fi on the coach, so I'll not be able to start work until I get to the office. Oh the inconvenience.

(09:14:33) In the office, with coffee, but circumstances and general well-being have left me feeling a bit grumpy. Time to plan my day. With post-its.

(11:51:56) I think I'm making progress this morning. Nobody has asked me too stupid a question so far today.

(15:13:59) I'm running Windows 7 without activating it, to see what happens. So far, the worst it's done is delete my desktop wallpaper...

(17:11:54) sleepy sleepy now. Rebooting an autorecorder while trying to fix its remote control client does that to a man.

(18:26:36) Coach: yup. Finchley Road traffic lights still stuffed: I fear so. Home: soonish. Headache: a bit. Blog & emails: better get started. Blehh.

(19:32:33) Hmm.. horribly tech-enthusiast blog post may well be plopping onto the internet when I get home. Need more family days out to write about :D

(20:20:40) This week's Hobly City started with what sounded like a Radiohead song. It's not going to end well, that's all I'm going to say.

(20:22:58) I think I might be allergic to not having tasty reduced-price panini noms right this minute now. @poots has heroically provided an antidote.

(20:44:03) Yay, my headache's cleared (mostly) and I'm chuckling quietly at and

(22:02:20) I've posted something in my blog: BBC iPlayer on the Goodmans internet radio (and elsewhere!) - techie

(22:26:40) Right.. I'm all geeked out. Off to bed, since I am being musically edified tomorrow. Goodnight!

Tweets for 07 Dec 2009


(00:12:03) JAMYEH! I think I've done it. iPlayer (well, kinda) on my internet radio. Splendid.

(07:49:31) Good morning. I over-indulged my geek foo last night. I have a nerd hangover. Coffee may help. And perhaps some 'hair of the digital dog'..?

(08:11:20) Humphrys on #radio4; @jonholmes1 on #6music .. playing in the Hart kitchen? Gordon Ramsey talking about Christmas with the Beckhams. ~sigh~

(09:02:55) Back from the school run. I feel nearly guilty that it was dry and fairly mild.. last week was pretty horrible! Happy children, though :)

(10:04:05) Time to do the Grand Tour of Luton. Next stop: Farley Hill. It doesn't get much more exciting than that :D

(10:46:05) I just saw what could loosely be described as a woman taking £600 out of the post office she didn't realise she had. "Bubblin'!" apparently.

(11:35:52) Quote from @poots about a dream: "Hundreds of people making a union flag with socks, thousands more wondering why." I love the profundity.

(13:14:23) Tasty chicken salad eaten - now coffee and catch up with work emails. Although my new laptop doesn't seem to like to make Outlook work. Hmm.

(15:47:22) School run. Bit wet, then. Bickering. Soggy dusk. I am ~so~ going to wash my rainy hair this evening, just you see if I don't #vogonpoetry.

(17:12:57) Technology #fail at the Hart household.. time to find out what the flashing code on the D-Link wireless printer thingy means. Bah.

(18:10:34) Thank heavens.. the print server problem was just power supply #fail. I think I'm running out of spare 5V supplies..

(18:57:34) We just got a silent call from 08000 524264 - is handy for such incidents.. Darn you, Admiral Insurance. Bleh.

(21:34:44) I'm quite chuffed with my script; every hour our internet radio updates from BBC iPlayer, so we can listen to 6music weekend shows any time.

(21:43:33) Right. I need to go to bed. I shall put The Infinite Monkey Cage on and wash that raininess right out of my hair. Until tomorrow. Goodnight!

Tweets for 06 Dec 2009


(00:31:06) I am so lucky to be married to @poots. Few ladies would contenance a bedtime conversation about radio over internet via multicast... night!

(08:14:51) I get the sense that at some point soon I will hear "December" and "wettest on record" on radio or TV. Or, of course, Twitter.

(09:50:53) "I don't want to be hip & cool; I don't want to play by the rules. Not under the thumb of the cynical few, or laden down by the doom crew."

(09:51:19) Yarr... Absolute 80s on the radio in the lounge. They made proper pop songs back then. Except UB40. #oldman

(09:52:18) The children are playing Lego Loco together - an underappreciated 'town planning' collaborative game. Splendid. When the networking works.

(14:09:25) Hours of fun(!) with @fridgemagnet2 working out to rewrite a URL using Squid (& Perl) to prototype my own Internet radio directory. Works!

(17:35:28) Has @matt been listening to my Audioboos? FunKids is playing a song I boo'd a few days ago. It's a slightly less.. er.. Luton version, mind.

(20:33:33) I can feel a Dairy Milk advert coming on. #TopGear

(22:50:15) Right. Vague and slight success with automating on-demand content for my internet radio. I think I know what I was doing wrong: lots. Night!

Tweets for 05 Dec 2009


(07:57:17) Soundscape of Saturday morning: children quietly playing/bickering as light traffic beyond the green splashes through yesterday's puddles.

(10:16:42) Pottering. Sweepstake: how many times will I empty the vacuum cleaner in the course of the hoovering? My guess: 229.

(11:12:41) Why is it that children only sit on furniture when it is moved out of the way for vacuuming?

(14:19:51) Hurrah.. we managed to bag a lightsabre ~and~ a Yoda :) Now: I shall attempt to get the children to share..! (YAY, @lintably :)

(15:21:04) JB's here. I'm feeling quiet and mellow. And sleepy. Tea is definitely needed.

(17:21:14) - I have to say that @lintably was right.. the Darth Maul lightsabre McDonalds toy is quite impressive..!

(18:47:19) I quote @fridgemagnet2: "I am not a sock forager."

(20:13:45) Right. A glass of wine and The Boat That Rocked. I shall endeavour to ignore factual inaccuracies & enjoy the magic of Proper Radio. JAMYEH!

(22:04:26) A Whiter Shade of Pale is British TV & radio's most played song. The runner-up is Bohemian Rhapsody. The word "fandango" crops up in both.

Tweets for 04 Dec 2009


(06:28:03) Morning! The last episode of Bleak Expectations was an absolute winner - hilarious & worth a listen: (#radio4 #iPlayer)

(06:30:15) Well if it isn't another commute. Best get on with it, then. Altogether now: life.. oh life.. oh liiiiife.. oh life. etc.

(08:52:12) I variously have an audioboo to upload and an amusing Twitpic. Must get round to them both.

(08:58:50) - Every whiteboard tells a story.. [and just the subtext of this one tickled me...]

(10:32:37) I have just suggested that my Dad uses the phrase "..issit tho?" at the end of a sentence. This will keep him young and not knackered.

(11:30:27) I have no cake, only apples. The moral highground doesn't have a high enough sugar content.

(12:56:09) My face is all hot again. I think I have been concentrating too much, and possibly being a bit stressed. Only a bit, mind. PIZZA TIME!

(14:22:33) It appears that Selfridges, as well as offering book signings by the Private Eye lot (ooh! Ian Hislop!) is hosting Gay Bingo this lunchtime.

(15:03:13) RT @Selfridges: @syzygy Thats right, we dont muck around! [syz: I totally wasn't expecting that!]

(17:18:07) Weekend plans in Haiku format (at Mr @petecooper's request): Hoovering to do; / FridgeMagnet2's arriving / Then: The Boat That Rocked.

(17:27:42) I am ~so~ going to have to spend some time in the studio tonight. If I don't do audio of some sort, I may well explode in a shower of XML.

(17:57:17) Right. Enough of all this excitement... or is it incitement? Time to go home and see if I can spot the weekend through the kitchen window.

(19:16:23) "Nearly home.. nearly home.." As children we used to chant this in unison when we could see the spire of Salisbury Cathedral, as I recal...

(19:22:10) Has the internet broadened my social horizons or simply changed them? Tens of people may read this as I sit in silence among tens of others.

(22:04:08) RT @TVCatchup ..very shortly we'll be going up to 28 channels on the iPhone streams, very soon as well this will be extended to all mobiles.

(22:04:43) audioBoo: Lenni's Year 2 Christmas Playboo [the sound of inner city 6 year olds...]

(23:21:52) Hmm.. Handbrake has lost the preset for transcoding DVDs for the Neuros OSD in its new version. Boo. I'm thirsty & going to bed. Night!

Tweets for 03 Dec 2009


(06:52:02) My right boot has given me a really nasty blister on my heel. One would not normally expect something so simple to be so distracting. Ow.

(07:25:55) There are some problems only a miracle will solve. For everything else,there's coffee. I don't think I need a miracle today- not yet,anyway!

(10:41:51) Nom.. first mince pie of the season! A perfect antidote to the rather evil freezing rain outside.. I felt for the postie this morning!

(13:29:53) I'm not going to mention the 's' word, nor that I may well have seen a teensy bit of it a few minutes ago. Maybe it was 51337 (heh)

(19:19:56) All done with work for the day - a veritable rollercoaster ride, with a bit of everything. Time to collect @nxmee from Cubs - a rare treat.

(19:37:23) I have seriously cold hands. My circulation hasn't really got going today. I should jump around a bit more. However: "I'm not Sportacus."

(20:57:37) RT @petecooper: latest #mixero now an open beta and not requiring invite codes. best twitter client i've used by far.

(21:00:31) I'm standing on a guitar amp, fiddling with my studio lights. Again.

(21:20:18) It seems I've bought the wrong kind of switch for my studio lights. It'd help if they were touch-on-touch-off; they're timer switches. Boh.

(22:04:19) Right. I'm going to sleep on it. @poots has quite rightly asked: "Why do you need touch switches?" I had dimmers before, but LEDs don't dim.

(22:36:29) Ready, steady.. Friday! (well, nearly) - good night!

Tweets for 02 Dec 2009


(06:19:43) I always find it remarkable how unco-ordinated I am at this time in the morning. It is doubtless how I get most of my bruises. Mornin' then!

(06:42:20) Bit damp out. And dark. Darmpk.

(07:07:40) M1 zzzz

(08:48:32) Coffee time. There's plenty in the NcKenzie!

(11:46:27) Mild steel = aww bless.

(14:28:10) I can say without too much fear of contradiction that returning to a 25 degree C office after being out in the cool rain is a bit dozifying.

(17:25:51) Right.. gotta dash.. needed at home. It's darn damp. Bleh! RUNNNN!

(17:56:49) Arggh! I don't run a mile in 8 minutes to be in time for the early coach only so that it can be ten minutes late. And full of commuters.Gah!

(18:00:01) Yes, I know I'm not so much Roger as Ropey Bannister.. finally on the coach now and deciding on tactics for getting home/rain avoidance.

(18:52:05) Bah.. blues on the M1 before J6 (plus dented Jaaag & sideways Gold.. oops!)- just going past, though, so hopefully not too much of a delay.

(18:54:51) That was supposed to be 'sideways Golf' .. some kind of Midasian slip... sorry!

(19:04:56) Right.. time to use my Jedi Mind Powers to get the driver to drop me off at the hotel bus stop just before the airport. ~nnnggg'scuse me..~

(19:50:50) Right.. I'm being Responsible Father this evening. I must, however, choose between the convenience of korma or unknown joys of creativity(!)

(20:43:31) I went for the korma, with some We Need Answers comedy (BBC iPlayer before it fell over!) - shame we never got tickets for the recording :(

(20:48:08) I need to stop eating jellybeans & do something more sensible. I shall do this by having a cup of tea first. Kettle's on if you'd like one.

(21:30:04) Homeward podcasts: #Radio 4's Today In Parliament ( and The ILP show 75 ( - content NSFW)

(21:34:36) Woo.. my studio LEDs approach Quite Good when the lenses have been removed - intimate yes. Still need to frost & defocus the glass, though.

(21:40:49) Bedtime already? What's going on there? Hurry hurry hurry! Night :)

Tweets for 01 Dec 2009


(06:24:37) Goodness me it's a bit nippy.. best wrap myself up & hibernate under a Christmas tree. Alternatively I could go to work, I s'pose. Morning!

(08:28:38) Computer's booting, and that can only mean one thing: COFFEE. Well, two - coffee and mild profanity. And surface wipes. That's three.

(08:31:04) I am going to spend today making an advent calendar out of old CD-ROM drives.

(09:17:22) Ooh.. this is a useful Microsoft Outlook tip for delaying sending emails.. an opportunity to change one's mind: (M$, sfw)

(10:12:42) I just thought of a song called "Eddie Mair's Picnic" but can't come up with a hashtag for it.

(10:16:35) I just had the strange juxtaposition of Lauren Laverne in the studio to my right and Jeremy Kyle on the telly to my left. I went: Mmmeuugh!

(12:45:27) Errol's trivia question of the day: "Name the members of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch."

(15:55:49) My colleague needs help identifying some music.. it's quite short, pizzicato & speeds up at the end.. it starts C F C D A C D E F E - G - C

(17:57:01) would it help the fine folk (like @richard_c & @Paul_Clarke) who are kindly helping with my musical quiz if I did this: ?

(18:08:36) I've had 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' suggested.. I can't verify this as I yomp to the bus, but kudos to my ever helpful M-i-L if it is!

(19:14:46) Nearly at the airport.. all hot faced and a little dizzy feeling - I guess I am probably hungry. Time for a refreshingly brisk walk home.

(20:07:35) We have an entire winner! Respect to @Ms_Howard: "I think you'll find this is what you've been looking for ... ♫ sfw"

(20:23:35) For the benefit of the lovely @RadioKate and everyone, the answer: Léo Delibes' 'Pizzicato' - I'd never have guessed!

(20:36:39) We're not s'sposed to be using Google, are we.. I keep having to tell the goldfish to put their iPhones away. #twubquiz

(22:02:18) Righty: shower then bed. Only with these ingredients might a successful overture to Wednesday be attempted. Wish me luck. And goodnight!

(22:55:10) That was fun - #twubquiz is the first quiz I've participated in while taking a shower between rounds & doing the last round in bed :D Night!

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