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Tweets for 30 Nov 2009


(07:02:28) Sleepy.. is it Monday already? Listening to the @r4today news before going to have another tasty breakfast. Also: breakfast telly is woeful.

(07:19:06) Darn it.. shower then breakfast or breakfast then shower? It's indecision like this that keeps me in bed. Shower first, I think.

(07:57:25) Good heavens, that @EmilyBell gets everywhere.

(08:46:44) Right..(tm) Time to see if it's still raining. News is, like, really boring, innit? Or at least the Today programme seems to be much filler.

(09:09:42) I'm having a nice cuppa tea with @vobes before catching a train back to rainy Luton. What a splendid weekend.

(09:55:19) I'm on probably the busiest #uktrain from Littlehampton of the day (first off-peak one), heading for Gatport Airwick.. homeward bound.

(10:33:00) I'm at Gatwick Airport (Brightkite's got nothing on my eyes, brain & location awareness :D) with 14 minutes till the homeward train. JAMYEH!

(10:44:34) I've stood on this platform so many times in the past twenty (or more!) years & it!s always quite chilly. Global warming solution: railways!

(12:02:22) One more station till Luton Airport Parkway! Also, the sun is shining, a tiny bit. Woo! In other news, my head's gone all funny. Blih.

(12:31:51) *sirens* *dramatic music* DISHWASHER UPDATE! Yes.. they've ordered the wrong part (again!) so will get back to me later in the week. HURRAH!

(16:01:55) We had sunshine for the school run home YAY! - the children scooted & talked on their walkie-talkies (they know no fear :D) Chilly, though!

(16:15:37) Right I'm going to get my hair cut. I shall take the boy with me. That'll teach him.

(17:41:36) I'm attending the #soLUTiONs (crime & antisocial behaviour) summit this evening, & I'll be tweeting as it goes along. First, though, buffet.

(18:17:12) Average age in this room of circular tables (like a comedy club except the audience has less of a sense of humor. Much less): 55 #soLUTiONs

(18:20:21) This event is designed not to allow people to bang on about specific issues. Table-based discussions. Works for me. #soLUTiONs

(18:31:48) Mark Turner, Luton Police Superintendent: "Our gang is bigger than their gang." #soLUTiONs (although very few of us are violent or armed...)

(18:44:05) Interesting that Nov & Dec are traditionally low for antisocial behaviour.. but it's on the rise. March is a peak for robbery. #soLUTiONs

(19:34:30) Lots in the small groups about increasing presence on streets of police as the 'best' action to reducing crime .. #soLUTiONs

(19:44:19) Interesting - - mark on a map where you feel safe / unsafe / have suggestions. #soLUTiONs

(20:11:43) Local perspectives of Luton: it takes someone special to make improvements.. but it seems they get often their windows smashed. #soLUTiONs

(20:12:37) I appear to have written the last half of that tweet using German syntax. Well. Sorry about that.

(20:16:51) I just showed one of the people on this table where in Luton to which someone was referring on Google Maps. I'm all teh high tech, issit.

(20:44:54) I'm getting the impression that Luton isn't that crap - just bits near where the people round the table don't live. Or are too scared to go.

(20:58:47) I reckon people would get to know each other better if roads were smaller. And weren't really quite so insular. But it all helps #soLUTiONs

(21:41:44) I'm home after being a one-man backchannel for Luton's Crime & Antisocial Behaviour Summit. I feel like I'm a rubbish version of that Scoble

(22:06:14) I forgot to mention that I had major eBay fail today - the LEDs I bought are really narrow beam & @poots's iPod screen doesn't work. Oopsy.

(22:06:57) Oh, and I also blew up one of the touch switches. My suspicion there is it didn't like the reverse EMF from the hoffing great transformers.

(22:07:52) Considering, therefore, I only got home at lunchtime, and was out this evening, I have managed to destroy much today. Go me. To bed. Night!

(22:13:07) Gah.. missed @themonkeycage's debut Infinite Monkey Cage on #radio4 today.. I'll check it out on iPlayer tomorrow, innit.

Tweets for 29 Nov 2009


(00:01:23) TV Burp then sleep.. it's been a busy, interesting, rewarding day; Brighton in the morning. Hmm..breakfast starts at 9am on a Sunday. Night!

(08:35:25) Awake and alive.. bit chilly this morning, so it's a bit of a challenge to excavate myself from bed... good morning, nonetheless!

(09:41:55) I'm pleased to report that Worthing's Grand Victorian Hotel does a very hearty, tasty, hot & freshly cooked breakfast. Set up for the day..!

(14:28:51) I just didn't bother generating a #Tweetcloud, but if I did it would probably include "Coffee" "sleep" and "zweiteraufnung".

(14:33:48) It's been an interesting morning at the Artists' Open House in Brighton with @vobes - we only covered four houses, but the art was amazing.

(15:06:30) I just generated my #TweetCloud out of 3 months of my tweets. Top three words: morning, time, hope -

(21:38:29) This #topgear has been mainly about really, really, really crap cars. I mean. Lancia? ~sigh~

(22:40:02) I'm tucked up in bed, musing that my two favourite Worthing people are @vobes and the "Find Keys" lady from Russell Howard's Good News. Yup.

(22:46:56) I'm on the south coast; yet again I can't get #Radio4 properly on FM. However, I can legitimately blame the French, so small comfort there.

(23:04:17) Right.. enough of all this excitement. Sleepy time after a day of art, comedy, chatting, rain and broken handbrakes(!) Gute nacht, liebsten.

Tweets for 28 Nov 2009


(05:50:28) Righty.. time to walk to the station - thank heavens it's stopped raining!

(05:50:45) Thank you, @BaronHawkey and @LifeComposer for the #ff!

(06:39:04) I wonder if I would suit a bohemian look? Or maybe Victorian Gentleman? Velvet & waistcoats intrigue me. Reflections in geek chic on a train

(07:42:15) First coffee of the day, and second train. Let's do this.

(08:36:14) Please mind the gap between the platform and the train" I was fairly sure it used to be the other way round. Sign of the times, innit.

(08:55:10) For what it's worth, I missed the train I was going to catch because I [a] got a coffee and [b] I forgot about the sidey bit of Victoria(!)

(09:24:39) I like the juxtaposition of being in Hove(Actually) & having drum'n'bass (loud, @striderpaul ;) in my ears. @petecooper's bleepshow FTW(nfc)

(11:01:45) is listening to Russ Bravo the poet. He's got the Empty Shop's attention. It's all going quite well at the moment.

(11:34:49) Just about to do some coffee tasting... this is going to be interesting :D

(13:30:32) I just played my guitar in front of some disinterested people who most likely couldn't hear me.

(13:38:24) In fact, I played my guitar & sang. At some points both at the same time. Including the full unexpurgated American Pie. With some mistakes.

(13:58:37) It must be nearly beer o'clock...

(16:04:09) I'm in a smallish, old-smelling hotel room; high ceilings, but flat-screen telly (it gets 6music, yay!) Now: rest before tea with @vobes.

(18:06:35) is off to forage for food in Worthing with the @vobes. Hoping for better than seagulls and seaweed.

(23:58:09) Funny room, this. The windows are single-glazed, there's a floodlight pointing at the window, and BBC Three doesn't work. Comfy bed, though.

Tweets for 27 Nov 2009


(06:23:46) Good morning! And a special #followfriday to the earlybirds; @vobes, @gailporter, @karmachord and @thatlass.

(06:26:18) I now know why I don't like to watch @Iannucci's The Thick Of It: it's ~brilliantly~ written & funny but none of the characters is likeable.

(06:31:01) Yesterday's podcasts: Vobes (; #radio4's Today In Parliament ( & Thinking Allowed (

(06:31:56) Righty.. off to the plague pits. Well, a few miles west. Rock'n'roll.

(07:15:46) Bah. Slow traffic on the New Improved Widened M1 southbound (junctions 9 to 8)... surely people aren't all going to Lakewater or Blueside..?

(07:20:47) That's one thing I'm really not keen to see: the delay was caused by a Royal Mail articulated lorry, whose trailer had burnt out. #mailfail

(07:41:44) Dear Brent Cross, please tidy yourself up. You are a mess. OK thank you bye.

(08:45:20) I just followed Moyles & Clarkson out of Radio1 (they were off for a smoke) & resisted the temptation to kick them both up the arse. Go me!

(09:20:49) Today's "to work" podcasts: Guardian Media Talk (; Podquiz 249 (; Material World (

(09:42:45) I find myself going "oops..." more often these days than I used to.

(11:37:11) I'm always amazed by Twitter.. I've variously had a tweet from the Facilities Manager at Brent Cross Shopping Centre and Doctor Love!

(15:07:27) I've been 'impressing' my colleagues with fascinating facts I learned off "It's Only A Theory." I especially like the one about gravity.

(15:52:29) Hmm. I have just had my definition of 'completely random' seriously contradicted.

(18:25:57) I can't decide whether the weekend has started yet. Also, considering how much time people spend on their mobiles, telcos must be minted...

(18:30:07) It comes to something when I find people talking about jazz less tedious than listening to jazz itself.

(20:10:06) I'm home all alone. What am I going to do with myself? Probably stick something in the oven, then eat it. I'm quite uncomplicated like that.

(22:15:58) I really have to finish packing. I wish I were better at it. I may just throw a small collection of chargers in a bag and let that be it :D

(22:41:37) Right.. bedtime for l'il ol' me. If there's a 5.30am club, I'll be subscribing tomorrow! Good night, dear tweeter.

Tweets for 26 Nov 2009


(06:18:29) Mornin' earlybirds.. half-asleep at 4am musing on work things didn't even seem like a good idea at the time. Listening to Laura Solon. Odd.

(06:25:54) Yesterday's podcasts: Empty Shops Radio (, Engadget ( & Guardian Science Weekly (

(07:52:34) Oh dear lord.. there's some bloke from PRS on the Radio Academy podcast - I may well skip this one. ~sigh~

(08:54:58) This made me smile.. six strings, four hands: (YT sfw)

(09:18:24) RT @PontoonDock: @syzygy You may like four strings (seven) hands, four people: [from 4:16] Oh yes.. I do! GENIUS! #UOGB

(09:26:12) I think I could quite easily spend a fortune here: ... some cool stuff (thanks to my brother Dave for the link!)

(10:08:25) Sorry, @ndixon and @GardenCity_Mark .. don't forget it's not ~that~ long until Christmas!

(10:58:34) I've said it before, and I'll say it again: JAZZ APPLES!

(13:26:13) I dislike breathing in dust and computer mouses with balls. On the upside, though, ham, brie and chutney baps for lunch. NOMS!

(13:30:54) It appears my current state of cognative dissonance is quite low at the moment. I hope it lasts. That would be quite splendid.

(14:39:31) 99.03% network usage - music to my ears.

(16:31:18) I've not broken Radio 1 or 1Xtra. In other news: coffee seems like a good idea right now. And the entire contents of a large tin of Roses.

(16:32:30) Please note: I do not have a large tin of Roses, but if I did, it'd be a very, very bad thing. Except for the chewy ones. Don't like them.

(17:31:44) RT @vobes; @artistsmakers: Hey - BBC just announced that Borders has gone bust. You read it here first - all the latest #emptyshops news...

(18:30:58) HOME! RUN! (not in a baseball sense)

(18:55:45) Come on clonky coach.. I've lost interest in being in London.

(19:25:02) Coach conference at Brent Cross. I do not live here, so please move along, dunnit. Oh my days. etc.

(19:59:27) I'm under the taxiway at Luton airport. It's noisy and windy. I am kinda having to shout into my twitter client.

(20:32:42) Yay! I'm home. And not a moment too soon. Or too late.

(20:43:24) Ooh yeah... Never Mind The Bouffants and Russell Howard's Good News on the iPlayer after food. As Alan Partridge would say: "JOIN ME."

(21:10:16) I love iPlayer on the Wii (best thing in the world ever, if one's had a lot of brandy) but the sound is SHOT on this edition of Buzzcocks.

(21:37:32) OK.. bedtime. Russell Howard and Stephen Fry will have to wait 'til tomorrow. Goodnight!

Tweets for 25 Nov 2009


(06:25:09) Morning to the early-birds.. @fluffymuppet, @vobes, @stopsleyvicar, @jasonjarrett & @juliaball (if she's still awake- that's just cheating!)

(06:32:07) Righty.. time to see what delights my podcatcher has for me as I pop my head out of the front door & pray it's stopped raining. À plus tard!

(07:42:43) Thank you for the birthday Emmagram, @fluffymuppet :) It made me feel like John F Kennedy (or his twin brother - props to @jasonjarrett :D)

(07:46:06) Is there a difference between uPVC & PVCu? Questions like this fleetingly beset me on a regular basis. I've got free mobile Twitter.Clearly.

(07:53:45) The de-facto business person's hands at this time of the morning hold a coffee in one & a mobile phone in the other.. what does a smoker do?

(10:07:34) - Kettle Murder On Great Portland Street! [or maybe it's modern art..?]

(10:27:44) Well, it's all go here today. The business network is broken. We're OK, though. Until they unplug us... nightmare!

(10:54:07) One of my Hong Kong deliveries has arrived. I'm opening it as I tweet. It's.. my lightswitches! YAY :D

(12:25:52) Time for a bap and a ponder.

(13:14:41) There's still a bit of blue sky up there.. off on a walk to Bvsh Hovse for a meeting in a mo (once I've found all the paperwork I need!)

(14:58:04) is in a meeting with truckloads of people, one of whom talks very slowly and makes very few points. Kill me now. Or eventually.

(15:52:00) Hmm.. I was expecting this meeting to go on until at least 5pm, but it's all over... back to the office with me, then... bye bye Bvsh!

(17:43:10) I'm fading fast... stop looking at vertical axis wind turbines, james, and get on with creating export processes! OK, then.

(17:56:12) Right.. I'm going home armed only with my wits and a felt tip pen I forgot to take out of my coat pocket. Wish me luck.

(18:37:41) Oh Hendon Way, you have iron railings in your central reservation. Also: I can't get an IP address on this poxy wireless network. Home by 8!

(18:50:04) Hungry now. I fear the approach of winter has caused my brain to require foraging. I had to resist buying a McDonalds mince pie thing twice.

(20:23:14) Noms.. tasty casserole (thanks, @poots!) and now I think I might be incapable of any but the most simple of functions. Off. On. Off again.

(20:38:31) It seems @superalora's school had a visit from a mobile 'petting zoo' today.. snakes & toads! @poots said "I'm a Year 2: get me outta here!"

(20:55:07) was on custard duty tonight. Good result (not Burnside).

(21:32:13) Right... off to bed. I've been sitting in front of this screen thing for HOURS*. Also I need a shower. Good night! *or nearly.

Tweets for 24 Nov 2009


(06:27:05) Just listened to I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.. quite amusing. Best prepare for launch... this requires trousers and plenty of food. Mornin'!

(06:27:53) Good morning to the Twitter Earlytweets club - @stopsleyvicar, @vobes, @the_anke and @bitsyvonmuffin (what ya doing up this time of day..?)

(06:32:24) I'm outta here.

(07:12:58) The coach has hit the motorway; I'm listening to TWiT & reflecting on the remarkable waking dream I had this morning. Time for a doze..

(07:58:57) Baker St already? I was just in the middle of a doze. I wonder if that French pastry shop minds me having a good stretch outside their shop.

(08:24:39) BT Tower has got a rather funky scrolling display at the top.. "976 days to go" it says. OK.. without Googling it.. to what is it referring?

(08:38:53) Right.. coffee and emails. It's what Tuesday mornings are for. And cake.

(08:48:02) Blue screen of death.. ironically just as I was reading an email about my laptop being beyond economic repair. Splendid.

(10:04:26) Where are my eBay orders? They'd better not have sunk en route from Hong Kong :D

(10:41:03) Do your MP3s lack Audiophile quality? Well,here's the solution you've been looking for: (sfw) a valve iPod headphone amp!

(10:46:24) I have mis-spelt "good morning" on almost every email I have sent so far today. This will only be a problem for another 1 hour 14 minutes.

(13:35:07) My colleagues are non-plussed by monkey dubstep.

(14:46:25) I think that Harry Hill's got something up his sleeve for the next TV Burp.. the Knitted Character has turned up all over telly this week!

(15:14:04) I wish my spreadsheets were as brightly coloured as Errol's.

(15:17:18) I should be ashamed of myself. But I'm not :D

(15:45:26) Biz Stone: " we.. changed the question.. 'What are you doing?' to 'What's happening?' because everybody was ignoring it." I wasn't. Bah.

(16:19:09) Right.. off for a brief amble. Is it dark alreadyl? BOH.

(18:29:17) Homeward commuting - not sure I've known such a damp autumn. Home & towelled by 8 (hopefully) though!

(18:30:46) It's on trips like this that I appreciate my 'jammed in the lugholes'(TM) earphones. Tired & extremely shouty small child on a coach #fail.

(19:20:40) is being drizzled at gustily.

(19:26:49) I've just tried to help a lorry driver, but since all the roads at the back of the airport begin with P it's hard to remember which is which

(19:33:20) 6 minutes from home. 6 minutes and a whole load of lamp posts.

(20:15:17) is home and has eaten tasty foods. I'm tempted to have an Americano to follow. And some cake. The temptation to forage is strong.

(20:35:39) Podcasts of the day: To work - The Daily GizWiz 967 ( @thegizwiz) and TWiT 222 ( @leolaporte)

(20:38:58) Podcasts of the day 2: Home - Vobes ( @vobes) @emptyshopsradio & Laura Solon Talking & Not Talking s3e1 (

(21:33:51) Oh, Lauren Laverne, you are SO PRETTY. *smiles*

(21:40:27) Yay for tasty late night dessert product (not a euphemism). @poots, you are a culinary miracleworker. Thankoo! x

(21:45:46) I've just done the BBC's Child Of Our Time "What is your personality like?" test ( I got "Quite OK". I probably cheated.

(21:53:09) Righty.. I'm off to bed, with a full tummy, a whole load of @emmaandpete to listen to and drizzly hair (@thatlass - where are ya..?) Night!

Tweets for 23 Nov 2009


(08:28:52) Time to pile into the school run, entirely ignoring the fact that it's damp and I feel like I'm running at quarter speed this morning. Zzzzz

(11:29:27) Back from the supermarket - the usual bread, milk, fruit, chutney. If I were ThisIsHeart, though, it would be More Shopping Variety. ~sighs~

(11:33:00) I think @SafestyleUK should be aware that reverse echo on radio ads makes it sound like they've employed a female Satan to do voiceovers.

(14:27:51) I've donated blood. They offered some rather odd yogurt bar thing, but you can't go far wrong with a Mint Club. And lemon squash.

(16:29:36) RT @stephenfry: I'll keep at this till a million sign! We mustn't let Mandy do this WRONG thing. Please sign & RT: #w ...

(16:39:38) Sleepy. Again. Bleh.

(16:41:04) I also suffer Lighting Frustration. I want LEDs but there's a good chance they won't be sufficiently bright. Or sufficiently inexpensive.

(16:50:39) I can't get my phone to do SMS notifications. Nearly time to give up with computers.. it has generally been a technically sucky day. Bleh.

(18:30:43) I leave Twitter for half an hour & when I return it's all bread shoes ( - sfw) & laugh machines (

(18:31:01) And cheesecake.

(19:07:49) We've just been making 'business cards' for @nxmee and @superalora because Lenni can't remember her email address, bless 'er.

(19:52:26) I can feel some cheese and crackers and chutney coming on.

(20:10:22) Right! Time to nibble on crackers 'n cheese while reading the instructions to make some home-brew liqueur (a birthday present from @poots :)

(20:27:41) They need to hide The Knitted Character a bit better.. that's the second week in a row I've seen a tweet (@neonbubble) that's identified it!

(20:42:56) is watching episode 3 of @mermhart's "Miranda" actually on the telly (#BBC1 now). This 'live viewing' thing is a bit of a novelty...

(22:19:16) Right.. bedtime after sorting old paperwork in the studio. I found some Swedish Krona, so I've literally made a 'tidy profit'. Ha. Night.

(22:45:13) The worst part about giving blood happens over six hours later, when I have to take the plaster off. Curse my hairy arms. (!)

(23:04:32) Come, sweet slumber, enshroud me in thy purple cloak...

Tweets for 22 Nov 2009


(08:21:44) is awake (barely) and reflecting on why I wake up during the night & how not to waste podcasts by falling asleep again within 2 minutes..

(12:18:58) I'm quietly singing to myself "Steamy windows.. coming from the pasta bolognese." Time for some lunchtime Sorry I've Got No Head on iPlayer!

(12:57:09) *yawns* All sleepy now.

(13:17:15) has put the compostables out, filled the dish-nearly-washer and now: time for some coffee flavoured drink. Americano, anyone?

(13:25:56) I know what you're thinking.. there simply isn't enough monkey-related dubstep on the internet. This might help: (YT sfw)

(17:22:07) has done battle with the demons of crinkliness and, on the most part, prevailed. Now: sorting out photos of last night's party.

(17:26:31) I quite like the sentiment of this song: Dan Bull's Open Letter To Lily Allen (YT - one swear) Thanks, @homemadehitshow!

(17:39:59) Once again, I'm too sleepy to be creative. Instead, I shall have a Good Sit Down, catch up with some emails and upload pictures to Facebook.

(20:29:44) is watching the "Armando Iannucci Shows" (by the stupendous @aiannucci) on DVD- a rare treat & birthday present from @robjd (thanks, bro!)

(20:42:08) wants an iPhone app where you can point the camera at the screen and it'll identify any gorgeous comedy actress who's on the telly. For me.

(21:24:31) RT @stopsleyvicar: ... [Top Gear's] hand made electric car reminds me of Church of England. Don't know why!

(22:25:26) has half-an-hour of pottering before bed, I think. Unfortunately, commute booking, dishwasher emptying & wageslip sorting are on the agenda.

(23:02:59) I intend to insist on having a Spongebob Squarepants themed funeral when I die. Even if I'm, like, 104. Just so someone has to research it.

(23:36:45) Right, I have seen fit to draw a veil over Sunday (I originally typed 'Tuesday'.. how inaccurate!) Time to avoid Monday for a bit. Night!

Tweets for 21 Nov 2009


(08:00:25) is cautiously awake and horizontally being beset by children in the traditional idiom of Saturday mornings. Happy weekend, dear tweeter.

(08:30:08) is enjoying listening to @r4today discovering the wonder of Poundland (@poundlandparrot) "..only four middle class people in there.." !

(08:53:05) can't help but love that Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA" song, despite it being Disney cheese. They just know where to put that hook.

(09:26:33) has spent a happy 10 mins on Facebook wishing a happy birthday to friends who share their celebrations with Liza Tarbuck (yum!) and Björk.

(09:29:58) has just had some BNP leaflets pop through the front door. I'm not sure what to do with them.. shredding & composting just seems too good.

(09:35:37) would now like Google Calendar not to eat the appointments I'm just about to poke onto it. It may, of course, be our Windows Mobile phones..

(09:50:28) had better get showered and tidying... "Tot later" as they say in Dutch (the language of love*) *it is to me, anyway.

(16:07:10) has had a lovely afternoon with the in-laws.. lots of cake noms. Off to a barbecue this evening. Drizzletastic :D Is it really dark already?

(17:01:24) didn't realised that Play Radio had stopped broadcasting. #fail

(17:09:35) wonders what to do for twenty minutes.

(17:26:28) is off to the supermarket, but unfortunately there's no time for requests, so you'll just have to see what I come home with. Cheese, mainly.

(20:34:06) wasn't really big on Children In Need until I was linkied to this by @robjd's mate Jess: (YT sfw) - worth a tenner LOVES!

(21:41:13) watched X Factor for the first time earlier. The people with whom I've spent much of the evening talked over most of it. Still bemused.

(23:43:47) has just returned home from my bro-in-law's 30th birthday - thanks, @robjd - to find some more birthday greetings. You are lovely to me :)

(23:50:33) will quietly slip up the wooden hill to bedfordcestershire and see if I can be horizontal before Sunday makes it over the horizon. Night!

Tweets for 20 Nov 2009


(06:08:53) will have to get up earlier to be first out of the traps.. mornin' @vobes - have a good day - & @nickwallis - hope the car door gets fixed!

(06:27:24) has got a bit of Mr. Blue Sky stuck in my head.. one of the cheeriest songs in the world. Might be a splendid Friday.. I hope so for us all.

(08:28:55) has crashlanded at the office after my ninja umbrella handling skills were tested during the walk to the airport. Result: brolly failure.

(08:35:34) is going to spend some time with Carstairs NcKenzie, who is - as you may know if you've followed me for a while - my cafetière. Coffee time!

(11:24:40) is a quarter of the way through today's course offerings. After the teabreak: how to completely break everything in the world ever. JAMYEH!

(12:33:13) is now halfway through the training. Nothing destroyed as yet, although Duncan may not be very pleased with what I've done with his PC. Oop.

(13:05:43) has 25 minutes to eat some pizza after helping out with Oddities at 1Xtra. A specialist's life is never dull, eh?

(19:09:27) is stuck in slow traffic on the M1. Again. Who keeps breaking it? C'mon.. own up. There's a weekend waiting for me just beyond junction 10A!

(19:20:33) has listened to Traffic Radio ( for the first time.. they mentioned the borked M1 at least, but not why.. meh.

(19:31:41) is just moments from the airport.. home before 8 FTW(nfc). It's been a commute of limited charm. Feeling that weekend vibe already, though!

(21:10:56) thinks that @nicky_t can only be referring to this magical musical edutainment: (YT sfw.. rap)

(22:31:07) has had a fine evening of (Wi)iPlayer-based comedy... time for bed, I think. Goodnight, and goodbye 37.

Tweets for 19 Nov 2009


(06:15:34) is 15 minutes behind schedule... better get some cereal down me, and step away from the computer. Good morning :)

(13:40:27) has time for a quick coffee (for that is what is needed) and an apple before part 2 of the course. I really have no idea if it's any good.

(15:45:10) is three-quarters of the way through today's course. I could talk about this system for days.. I just hope I'm not boring them to death :D

(20:23:38) is all homed and children-put-to-bedded. Earlier tea tonight, then Buzzcocks on the Wii iPlayer (hurrah!) Hungry noms.

(21:09:44) loves Martha Wainwright in every possible way.

(21:30:19) is just about to go to bed, tired but moderately contented. Lily Allen does not look well. I'm done with Thursday.. just crumbs left. Night!

Tweets for 18 Nov 2009


(06:31:49) has filled the iPod with fair to moderate items of interest and entertainment and ought really to trundle to work. Happy Wednesday!

(08:00:03) wonders why I didn't get a call at 6.45. Best head straight to BH to see whether early work happened. Poor start to Wednesday. Disembarking.

(08:56:44) thinks it's so sweet that @superalora (she's six) sends me Twitter DMs.. it's like little notes left on the kitchen table in internet form.

(10:19:44) can sense it is going to be a morning of bureaucracy and paperwork. And an afternoon of training course preparation. Needs more gadgetry.

(11:39:44) is listening to Chill ( & filling in change requests. I'm not sure I like the look of my lemon & ginger tea, though..

(12:20:08) is going to spend 10 minutes doing something else.

(14:57:34) needs a screenbreak before preparing for a two day course I'm running tomorrow. That's the working week blown into small splinters. Blammo.

(18:31:43) is on the coach, sitting near an Irish woman with a delightfully singsong voice who appears to be calling her entire phonebook.Home 7.46ish!

(18:36:36) wonders if women with cheery sing-song Irish voices can actually be evil. I should ask. @scyrene.. was the cheery lady on your train evil..?

(19:12:51) thinks there may have been spangage* between j6a and 7 on the M1 this evening. Traffic rubbishity. *technical term - back me up, @blabers!

(19:16:41) is on the move again. Brill.

(19:24:30) is not on the move again. NOT brill. Two police cars, a fire engine and a black Signum with a siren have just zoomed past. Not so good. Bah.

(19:43:21) has found a big pink apple in my bag. I also don't need a wee. Things could be substantially worse..!

(20:30:44) is finally at Junction 10.. if the driver knows what's good for him, he'll be heading straight for the airport. Home by 9pm.. good grief..!

(21:30:43) made it home shortly before 9 (thanks, @scyrene, @hadenmaiden, @djrich and @leica0000 :) ... sadly, I think the trains cause more trouble!

(21:45:24) is going to jam the rest of Wednesday under the carpet and pretend I never saw it. Thursday & Friday will be full-on. Sleep, so yes. Nighty!

Tweets for 17 Nov 2009


(06:27:43) Good morning- especially to @fluffymuppet, @stopsleyvicar, @kathyclugston & @vobes.. you're earlier birds than I am! Time, now, to commute..

(07:42:52) may have worked out what wakes me up from my coachy doze just before Brent Cross - there's a little dip after J2 that makes the coach jump.

(08:36:46) is in the office.. it's quiet and my work laptop has been 'Applying computer settings..." for the past 20 minutes. BAH. Coffee time.

(09:00:34) is in autumnal darkness, lit only by dim daylight and the glow of backlit LCDs. There are men working on the office lighting, it seems.

(09:03:55) is going to stay sitting right here. It's safest that way (but means Digital Brian won't get his cup of tea).

(15:54:24) is having a brief existence failure. I'm peering out of eyes that I'm not sure are mine. A quick walk round the block is what I need...

(15:56:40) has had proper tea. It has reached that stage. Post-post-prandial...

(17:57:48) just had a call from my Dad. who has just spent 7 quid at Luton Airport waiting to be discover that his wife's flight is over an hour late.

(19:04:50) is going home after what can only be described as a work day. I need to defuzz my brain. Or wash my hair. Yes.. it's a build-up of static.

(20:34:51) is home and peaceful, with tasty Asda korma, a mug of rooibos and a quiet, contented family. Who needs Apple & Microsoft when I've got naan?

(20:43:50) has finally got round to subscribing to The Bugle podcast (Andy Zaltsmann's satirical banter thing) - jolly good.

(20:49:35) has a bad feeling about this.

(20:50:21) has balanced customer satisfaction karma now.

(20:55:38) OK, Twitter, you can put it back now #stylesheetfail

(21:05:39) is listening to @gazuky on - cheery music before bedtime. I'll watch Horizon & James May's Toy Stories on catch-up :D

(21:12:52) is going to stumble inelegantly off Twitter now and take off my internet shoes before I do myself a mischief. Good night, you lovely you.

Tweets for 16 Nov 2009


(07:38:05) is a bit bleurgh, but that's about standard for this time of the morning. Another splendid weekend is now but a memory.. Monday's eaten it.

(08:01:57) wonders if @stopsleyvicar's caught up on his sleep yet...

(11:41:14) is home from shopping, and considering the practicalities of designing an electricity generator powered by drizzle.

(12:05:15) has an afternoon of studioing ahead.. need to finish the electricity meter cupboard, then hoover. Then: I might noodle for a bit.

(12:09:24) Have you heard..? They've just come out with a new phone for under-fives.. it's called the Palm Pre-School.

(12:45:11) never thought I'd actually say this, but I don't fancy a cup of coffee after lunch. Maybe it's because I've just had a huge bowl of custard.

(13:32:10) is sure there was a knob somewhere round the house.. it's all I need to finish my cupboard.

(14:20:57) has just updated the wi-fi network to the 20th century. Yes.. I know.. I should be in the studio. #easilydistracted

(16:28:21) Please note, @sparkyannc, the back of my head also featured in the 1994 University of Kent prospectus... #backofheadclaimstofame

(18:10:44) has celebrated meter cupboard success by investing in a studio upgrade. LED spots ordered;I could resist no longer (despite missing a knob!)

(19:42:18) has just been playing with Google Apps to avoid paying for email forwarding to @nxmee's dot com domain. It's worked, but I'm not sure how!

(19:45:45) FOODS

(20:56:28) has set up email for @superalora & generally tidied up @nxmee's web presence; only failure today was the WPA upgrade: Windows Mobile 5 #fail

(21:13:27) had better get ready for work in the morning. Twenty minutes in the studio first, I think, though.. something in the pipeline (so to speak).

(22:27:28) is going to pop Monday into the recycle bin (though it'll not be collected for a week) & look for an unopened Tuesday in the morning. Night!

Tweets for 15 Nov 2009


(00:28:34) has measured up, but will do no sawing until morning; there are some things that shouldn't be attempted after midnight - that is one. Night!

(07:46:23) is awake listening to #radio4's Feedback on iPlayer. Another bunch of robust defences to things that have annoyed & (~sigh~) offended. Meh.

(07:57:32) would like to wish Mr @petecooper a day commensurate with the observance of the anniversary of his birth.

(08:47:11) will now empty the dishwasher and go for a shower. Makes it so much more convenient that we wash our crockery in the bath.

(13:08:08) is going to saw some wood while the sun shines.

(16:45:34) is at the Luton lights switch on thing, wishing I had a pineapple.

(18:21:27) is: 'wahoo! Doctor Who ~and~ Top Gear later!' but also: 'gah.. chutney all over my phone from when I scraped the empty jar with my finger.'

(20:11:25) Just finished watching Doctor Who on catch-up. Quite crap -> the new Logopolis.. I could hear the cloister bell at the end. Cool. #doctorwho

(21:04:11) is praying Twitter silence for #topgear.

(21:16:32) is watching a fine excuse for breathtaking photography. And comedy. And mental cars.

(22:08:29) has got the sewing machine out (not inspired by seeing a Dacia Sandero on #topgear)

(22:15:40) One more? What is the most disappointed you've ever been with something you've found in a garment when removing it from a washing machine..?

(22:52:16) thinks that getting my electric nailgun out for a play at this time of night is probably not terribly sociable - bedtime, then. Night!

Tweets for 14 Nov 2009


(07:50:14) RT @stopsleyvicar: Up and rearing to go! Preparing for 24hr sermon - less than 12 hours to start now. Can you support?

(07:52:46) is in something of a subdued house this morning - @poots's guinea pig Pogo has died. All is peaceful, though, now, after a turbulent night.

(08:21:21) is going to have some coffee and put Sorry I've Got No Head on the telly.. two ways to make a drab Saturday morning better. JAMYEH!

(08:56:17) is having a "Right..." moment. Or will be in the next 25 or so minutes.

(09:21:19) Mark Heap as the Witchfinder General & Marcus Brigstocke as Harry Bolds in "Sorry I've Got No Head" - both comedy genius.

(10:01:27) is freshening up for the day ahead. Looks like the sun may make an appearance..

(10:21:59) is mystified about how iPhone apps can be so rubbish- I'm having another go at TweetDeck, but it crashes every time it asks for my location.

(10:50:25) found myself saying "I don't think I'm really cooking unless I'm using power tools." - according to @poots, it's a gender thing.

(10:52:01) wonders why my iPod Touch automatically capitalises the word "white" (but not "black").. What on earth is that all about?

(10:58:20) would like to make it clear that @poots is NOT making pasta.

(11:14:44) has re-installed Tweetdeck and Fring, and they seem to be co-operating now. @nxmee has now taken custody of my Touch for gaming purposes.

(11:50:08) inadvertently gave 61p to a cult.

(14:10:17) has had two goes at making coffee - distracted by putting washing away with @poots (not a euphemism) the first time - second time WIN(nfc)

(14:26:16) is installing a shelf into the cupboard under the sink with @superalora's help.

(14:38:07) - Is it still child labour if they quite enjoy crawling into small spaces with a screwdriver..? [#diy]

(19:30:14) has had a very busy afternoon, including a visit to my Dad's where he told us about when he rescued Vidal Sassoon from a squirrel. Blimey..!

(19:49:34) was put in charge of tea preparation while @poots nurtured her new piggy (Hopscotch.. aww!) - bacon sarnies on offer for everyone*!

(19:53:22) will now put the remainder of the offspring to bed and disappear to the studio with a bottle of beer and thoughts of creating a cupboard.

(20:05:43) For the benefit of @canuckuk (and anyone interested).. when my Dad was a copper he was sent to a house where the man's son had called...

(20:06:14) ...and found his father with lacerations to the face. Apparently he'd found the squirrel in the kitchen, and tried to get it out with a...

(20:07:21) ...broom, at which the squirrel ran up the broom handle and started savaging his face. My Dad arrived & got it out from behind the cooker :D

(20:13:48) is escaping while #xfactor is on in the lounge.. why are the vocals mixed lower than the backing vocals..? Oh.. er.. I think I can guess.

(21:17:08) has just popped up to see @stopsleyvicar delivering his 24 hour sermon (live on Ustream: - inspiring and friendly.

(21:51:59) I've posted something in my blog: Vive La Difference (in Luton..!)

(22:14:14) - My [self-appointed] reward for Being Good today. Heligan Honey beer - a gift from my lovely in-laws. Cool! #reala

(22:45:14) is being rubbish at Facebook Scrabble. This is becoming something of a habit I wish to break.

Tweets for 13 Nov 2009


(06:29:16) is up and preparing to face the perils of Friday (contains mild peril). Still dark & rainy then.. alors, bon marché et bottes la pharmacie.

(08:20:08) is officed and now will coffee. Hell, if the Americans can turn nouns into verbs, I can, too. Later today: adjectives as punctuation.

(08:52:47) really hopes this email exchange was real - although I doubt it! Some Friday morning humour I thought I'd share: (sfw)

(11:38:33) has been linked to (sfw) - makes me want to hide out in my studio & noodle (though my synth offerings are far inferior!)

(15:43:55) scored 14/20 on today's #PodQuiz podcast ( ... I would have scored more, but I'm rubbish with people's names.

(17:29:20) keeps encountering the limitations of Excel. 32,767 lines? I've got nearly 70,000 items that need DOINGS. Darn you.

(18:38:41) is on the homeward coach; the weekend may well start shortly before 8pm. Listening to the Home Made Hit Show..I need to finish making songs.

(18:43:58) would like to offer, as fine #ff folk: @scyrene, @baronhawkey, @ms_Howard, @canuckuk, @kathyclugston, @psweetman, @fridgemagnet2 & @vobes.

(19:16:28) is not enjoying the slowness of the M1.. sheer wait for traffic. Typical, I suppose for a rainy Friday evening, bit still, I must protest!

(19:28:10) has finally dispensed of the M1 for the day.. a brief tour of Luton, and a sturdy amble home from an apposite location (if I can find one)

(20:38:47) is watching Wednesday's Buzzcocks & it'll segue into Have I Got News For You at 9. It may well be Irreverent Comedy Hour. Mark Watson, eh?

(23:14:05) has just discovered bedtime has arrived with practically no warning, so I shall attend to its whims forthwith. Goodnight, there, then. :)

Tweets for 12 Nov 2009


(06:31:47) can't tweet.. dashing out the front door.

(06:33:23) is wearing a tie today. Not sure whether it's such a good idea,since Digital Brian is the only other person in the entire division who does.

(08:59:37) is finding it really really really really hard not to order some MR16 LED downlighters for the studio.. a tenner each on eBay.. tempting!

(09:08:14) is being repressed. As in "help help, I'm being repressed!" And I only mentioned guyliner.

(10:58:39) wonders if it's worth taking part in the #ebethchallenge, since it's nearly 11am already...

(12:06:36) I have read this rather worrying report and composed an email to those in charge: (via @leica0000 @robertbrook @jester)

(12:22:31) - This is the sole contribution for the challenge this morning. I am Chief Teamaker [#ebethchallenge]

(13:19:15) has eaten too much bappage. Well, in fact, I ate too many honey cornflakes mid-morning, which has had a knock-on effect. All full up now.

(13:23:56) completely forgot to take a photo of my huge baps for #ebethchallenge. It's not going terribly well. Off for a cuppa with The Captain now...


(19:31:19) had a splendid, yet all too brief Tweetup (or 'Twissup' as I understand it to be) with @canuckuk, @psweetman & fine folk. Home before 9...

(22:00:10) is bewildered how quickly the evening got slurped up, mashed into clouds & is now tumbling from high as heavy rain. Winds light to variable.

(22:10:22) has had quite enough excitement for one day, if not a small surfeit. I shall leave it downstairs by the shoes, in case you'd like it. Night!

Tweets for 11 Nov 2009


(06:33:29) is outta here in clunky boots. It's a bit chilly this morning, isn't it!

(08:56:31) is off to BH to wreak further havoc, as I am wont to do. Coffee levels: adequate.

(11:07:07) was pleased that the whole office observed the 11am silence - a few moments of contemplation of those to whom we owe our liberty & security.

(12:35:09) thinks it's time to see how much chicken, bacon & mayonnaise I can jam between two large baps. Black pepper optional.

(14:54:24) is in the team meeting, drinking herbal tea and talking tacticals. I quite like it.

(17:04:21) is going for one more massive run-up to jump onto Wednesday and flatten it down like the damp cardboard box it came in. Stand back, citizen.

(17:25:20) may well have tweeted this before, but I should never be allowed coffee after 3pm - it's the equivalent of feeding a mogwai after midnight..

(21:08:13) has just enjoyed last week's Never Mind The Buzzcocks.. ran the full gamut of styles from comedy, through awkward tragedy to Noel Fieldding.

(21:11:43) has made some space in the fridge for more milk. Such a domestic hero.

(21:33:42) may well go to bed now. Early. That's a bit of a novelty to be sure. Good night, and sweet dreams, regardless of your hemisphere.

(22:13:24) likes #radio4's Media Show to go to bed with; well worth a listen if such a thing interests you ( .. too short, though.

Tweets for 10 Nov 2009


(07:25:29) feels, quite unusually, like a 5/10 despite the time of the morning..i might make use of the coach wi-fi and spark up the work laptop...

(08:04:41) has had the blue screen of death, so that's all done for the day. Trundling past the Mosque.. next to a man in a custard coloured Rolls.

(09:03:55) keeps forgetting that my new boots haven't completely worn in yet, so the two-and-a-half mile workward walk gets a bit.. niggly. Ouch.

(10:08:36) has had the first assessment of my flapjack product at work: "Just the right combination of crunch and goo." Kinda sums my life up, really.

(10:49:22) I'm playing with a web-based Twitter/Facebook thing called Brizzly. Want a go?

(11:31:04) Is about to say "Right..."

(12:49:54) My Three-Step CD Cover (inspired by Mr @petecooper - see his tweets for details) #3stepcdcover

(14:32:34) is going to attempt migraine avoidance by getting out for a bit. First, though, a cup of tea. And, it would appear, a visit from @Richard_C.

(17:58:03) has spent a busy couple of hours making (technical) PROFIT from redundant kit. Wheeling (on a trollley) & dealing (with colleagues) FTW(nfc)

(19:35:01) has come over all exhausted (it's a warm coach). Feels like I'm going home after a night shift. But darker. This journey's taking ageszzz..

(23:04:57) is off to sleep, listening to #WindowsWeekly (on TWiT) I'll be honest, Windows XP is perfectly adequate for my needs. Meh. Goodnight!

Tweets for 09 Nov 2009


(07:40:04) feels like my limbs are made of shoe boxes, and Today on Radio 4 isn't making a great deal of sense. I think I need a Monday morning reboot.

(08:06:37) is still grumbly about the levels on #thisisheart's internet feeds - the Robbie Williams ad was deafening! Come on.. some comp/lim please!

(08:11:14) is intrigued that Milton Keynes has areas called 'Simpson' and 'Springfield' ... and I'm sure Bletchley has a branch of Qwik-E-Mart.

(09:44:02) has delivered the children to school in this season of mists & mellow traffic jams. Shopping may well be on the cards for later.After Lunch.

(14:37:20) is back from an epic shopping trip, which involved shirts, bran and, most importantly, golden syrup for office flapjack action. COOKERY!

(14:43:54) will now do bakery, although the temptation to try to load Ovi Maps 3.0 onto my N95 is slightly greater, and risks less colleague poisoning.

(14:46:35) thinks the man on ASDA FM has a Chris Tarrent gurgle to his voice & I can't help imitating him. At least they're not playing Kings Of Leon.

(15:39:30) has removed batch one of the flapjack from the oven. It looks almost edible...

(19:14:05) - Moderate success with the flapjack.. I was impressed that it all came out of the toaster in one piece.

(21:57:34) is going to stop playing with strange sound noises and prepare for work in the morning. I shall wash my hair just in case.

Tweets for 08 Nov 2009


(08:59:47) Support Royal British Legion, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -

(09:01:29) remembers those who gave their lives in the defence of freedom in the world, the country, for me. My Dad's standing at the Cenotaph today.

(12:46:20) has observed the two minutes silence.. earlier, I made a list of things to do today.. nearly time to embark on them. I may need 3/4" screws.

(15:29:21) - Lenni was rather underwhelmed by my minimalist approach to assembling her Ikea desk. [Flatpack ahoy!]

(17:38:12) has finished building Lenni's desk with the children's help.. it ended up a bit like assembling flat pack furniture during an earthquake.

(17:42:57) is listening to the Top 40 thing on Heart. So far: a song about Holiday Inn, just noise by David Guetta & Olive's "You're Not Alone" ruined.

(19:47:25) has a list of things to do, precious little desire to do any of them, and a bottle of inexpensive white wine in the ice box thing. Grand.

(19:49:58) is considering updating the home wi-fi to WPA2/PSK(AES). Best done before I have a glass of wine, I think, for inappropriate key avoidance.

(20:06:55) has dispensed with the idea of network muck-abouting (the PCI card I've got only does WPA) .. studio & MP3 mucking about time, I think.

(20:10:21) Right.

(23:20:35) has not really achieved awfully much this evening, but it's been a good day overall. Time for bed. There's a whole new day ahead. Night!

Tweets for 07 Nov 2009


(08:20:41) has been briefed by the children about how they've ruined the Mr. Men.. half have gone & Mr Lazy's been remodelled:

(09:15:47) cannot underplay the entertainment value of Peppa Pig.

(09:20:43) Peppa Pig's mum clearly has PMT in this episode. That, unfortunately, isn't a quote.

(09:35:19) is quietly pleased that @nxmee has emailed me an Excel spreadsheet he's created of what items he'd like from the Scholastic book catalogue.

(09:36:04) is also pleased that quite a few of the books @nxmee wants are available in the library - I'm considering requesting some of the others.

(10:24:13) is making a list of things to do today, including formatting Dave The NAS, some @EmptyShopRadio voicers and planning Lenni's bedroom revamp.

(11:09:34) can recommend an Iceland's "Rocky Road Finger" as a perfect accompaniment to a cup of rooibos. I'm in NOMmingtoncestershire. (sorry)

(11:29:20) thinks this is too odd not to tweet: (YT sfw) Yes.. It's Pink singing "We've Got Scurvy".

(21:27:01) AudioBoo: Luton 2009 Fireworks Display boo

(21:53:23) A new Vox video: Luton's 2009 Firework Display:

(22:00:03) is not sure what to do this evening. Too tired to be creative (darn it!) so might just wander down to the studio & tinker with MP3s.

(22:44:27) is going to prepare for bed & bring Saturday to a grinding halt. Then, I shall disembark and wait on a cold platform for Sunday to arrive.

Tweets for 06 Nov 2009


(06:33:50) Uhoh.. gotta go! Feeling bleh. Good morning, despite all that!

(07:54:06) is tweeting my way down Baker Street again. Sleepy in head and sleepy in feet. Bob Holness had it right.

(11:41:36) is wrestling with Windows 7 (I'm not sure I've taken to it;having an old incompatible graphics card doesn't help) and file copies. Rar.

(13:58:06) RT @stopsleyvicar: How do I get my church website to feature on a Google search. .."Stopsley Parish".. isn't there :( [SEO experts, please?]

(14:01:09) is having PIZZA. This is because it's pizza Friday. I think I need something to listen to this afternoon.. but what?

(14:37:17) is going to empty the dishwasher and make tea. I think Alan has some tablet left, so don't delay - put your order in now!

(14:56:45) thinks it comes to something when the sheer quantity of files being copied means that Windows can't work out how long it's going to take...

(15:12:07) is disgruntled by the poor value & service given by my boy's school's appointed photographer. Their response: "We can't please all parents."

(18:50:40) is a little bit moist around the edges, but on Finchley Rd, at least. Enjoyed a cuppa with the legend that ~is~ @johndredge earlier. JAMYEH!

(19:06:57) is trying to type an instruction guide, but being distracted by Twitter & the faint aroma of perming solution (if that's what it's called).

(20:36:18) RT @johndredge: visit Dredgeland now available on Facebook for silly reasons. [syz: True.]

(22:31:50) has finished drinking port & is watching files copy after random Access Denied errors stopped it working earlier. Computers, eh? ~sighs~

(22:33:06) loves, individually, @petecooper and @fluffymuppet. I am now 2GB* better off and much USB stickier - THANK YOU for your generosity!

(22:33:29) *plus another 128MB from @robjd - thanks, mate!

(23:38:16) is going to make a quiet exit and return to this exciting world of Twitter in the morning. Help yourself to my stuff when I'm gone. Night!

Tweets for 05 Nov 2009


(06:31:59) is outtahere. Today, I am almost entirely monochrome. It doesn't make much difference, since it's still dark. Darn those darkons & trousers.

(07:21:33) - was taken aback by the dark grey clouds that shrouded a tangerine sunrise this morning.

(08:02:00) is having a good stretch before disembarking the coach & yomping eastward for a mile, through an autumn of discarded cardboard coffee cups.

(08:51:08) is drinking coffee. Here's a splendid Kleptones drum'n'bass/rock/rap mashup to start the day.. (sfw)

(09:00:26) Me: "I need a kicking sub" Alan: "No you don't."

(09:01:31) I'm now listed on the Local Twitter Directory for Luton, Bedfordshire:

(09:23:39) has (via @psweetman and hence, circuitously via myself) discovered Sue Teller on YouTube and WORD!

(11:19:27) has just been entertained by CassetteBoy's Question Time mashup: (YT - contains racist) and voted for his novel. JAMYEH!

(18:33:39) is trundling home, tired and with plenty to think about. I could do with a Good Sit Down and some mucking about with radio & music. Sleepy.

(18:35:13) would like to thank @sparkyannc for the lovely chocolates, many of which ended in my cakehole. Cakeholates.

(21:54:14) is moving things from one hard drive to another. It's like archiving, except I keep accidentally deleting things. Oingy Boingy. I remember..

(21:57:49) Splendidly weird advert from 2001 (Oingy Boingy!): (sfw - YouTube)

(22:40:22) is going to give up looking for .DS_Store files and go to bed. Seems like the sensible option - beats disk futility, anyway. Good night!

Tweets for 04 Nov 2009


(06:30:27) is launching into Wednesday thinking I will probably spend much of the day wishing I could wash my hair. I might take some shampoo. Mornin'!

(09:33:43) is wearing the ~wrong coloured shirt~ today. It's a gorgeous, bright, crisp autumn morning, though. I shall definitely wash my hair later.

(11:57:20) has been away from the office practically all morning.. if things work at midday, I get to go back & have a Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down..

(15:16:09) has realised I still haven't washed my hair. I may end up leaving it until I get home. Time to save the world again. Or WAV files at least.

(20:46:57) has written a stroppy email to the photographers at Chris's school who ruined a potentially good photo of him by rushing the pose. Idiots.

(20:48:12) is going to have a hair wash. If you want me, I'll be in my trailer. (Well, actually, the studio, sorting out audio for work. Bah).

(21:07:49) Fresh pyjamas FTW(nfc)!

(21:43:31) is listening to The Superstation ( - it is unspeakably unusual. On now: A rockumentary on.. yes! Modern Romance!

(21:46:37) wonders how anyone could think the amount of compression on is acceptable.. it makes Capital FM sound like Radio 3.

(22:15:43) shouldn't be allowed near computers at this time of night. Apparently opening a 100MB file in vi is not a good idea. Bedtime, then. Night!

Tweets for 03 Nov 2009


(06:18:57) woke a little early after having work-related dreams. It's raining outside. This is all rather disturbing. Thank heavens for tasty cereal.

(06:25:01) loves this video (Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full Of Lead) - it's funny, disturbing and beautifully shot. (via @PontoonDock)

(06:27:09) had better up sticks & take what remains of my unnecessarily enormous umbrella to the airport. I bet it's not raining in London. Odd, that.

(08:33:16) has arrived at work, slightly damp around the edges. Coffee & email are first on the agenda. I have lactic muscles today (technical term).

(08:41:53) completely forgot that I'm having lunch out with my Dad & stepmum today. Oops. I just hope I don't look too crumpled today...

(09:57:24) is considering creating a binaural beat generator using two Compaq DL380 servers; one to the left, the other to the right. (geek)SCIENCE!

(09:58:56) wonders, when the message "Please wait" pops up on the screen, how long it should be there before a conclusion is reached that it's crashed?

(11:02:36) has just had some tablet (YUM!) but now needs to go and test some software that frankly scares me, because I didn't set it up (BOO!)

(12:17:39) is going for lunch with my Dad. This is going to be interesting.

(15:01:18) is not really coping. Coffee needed. I must look up what "stat" means in a medical context.

(16:20:39) would like a free promotional USB pendrive please.. is there anywhere that's giving them away at the moment..?

(17:28:19) is entirely overwhelmed at the generosity of my twittermates. Thank you :)

(21:15:10) is watching a programme that isn't about darkons. Well, to be honest, I'm only half-watching it, so it might be about them. Science is hard.

(21:20:20) would like to be as good at speaking as Anthony Head. Still, if you don't have an aspiration, how ya gonna have an aspiration come true?

(21:39:17) is off to bed, taking the rest of an interesting Horizon black hole programme (#BBC2) with me, courtesy of @TVCatchup (hurrah!) Gute nacht!

(21:55:14) wonders if this #BBC2 Horizon programme about black holes is a perfectly good #Radio4 documentary, just with (much!) more artsy photography?

Tweets for 02 Nov 2009


(07:30:16) is finding it difficult to get the ol' corporeal engine going this morning. Achey and sleepy meh. Please turf me out of bed in April.

(08:21:30) is preparing for half-a-school-run before a Dad 'n @nxmee day of sorting out his bedroom (long long overdue!) and putting up a desk.

(09:17:12) has deposited one(1) child at school, showered and is now ready (after cancelling our car insurance) to sort out @nxmee's room. JAMYEH!

(18:35:43) is all done with industrial sanitizing of @nxmee's room. It's now suitable & prepared for study. Whether I can get him to do any, though...

(19:00:43) is enjoying a toasted teacake, warm & covered in buttery-type stuff. Yummy. Time for a cup of tea, I think - I'd love it if you'd join me.

(19:20:03) had to resist temptation to save the purple lid from @poots's 3/4 skimmed milk because it's such a fantastic colour. I'm so easily pleased.

(20:04:15) has a small glass of port and a little chocolate - there is no need for me to get off this comfy sofa. Except to turn the kitchen light off.

(21:11:31) George Lamb moves to weekends on 6music - thank heavens - replaced by Lauren Laverne, whom I  heart (via @RadioToday)

(21:56:32) had better get to bed.. work in the morning etc. All that jazz (except without the jazz, ta). Good night, dear Twitter.

Tweets for 01 Nov 2009


(06:52:44) is awake and making coffee. Plenty available - come and get it!

(07:32:50) had coffee #fail - the espresso pot works if constantly watched.. lovely smells etc. If it starts to boil.. yik! Plan B: filter machine.

(13:59:49) is attempting to keep out of trouble - always a good idea.

(15:03:56) is keeping well out of a Daily Mail conversation.

(15:58:27) has entirely eaten too much. Nommy tummy achey.

(18:57:03) is home after an entertaining afternoon at family friends'.. lots to eat, plenty to do & conversation that bewildered me. Sleepy now.

(22:28:33) I've posted something in my blog: A narrowboat trip up the Grand Union Canal

(23:16:18) I've posted something in my blog: "Chris TV News": Hi-tech half-term homework!

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