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Tweets for 31 Oct 2009


(07:39:17) is dedicating today to my family, friends and anyone else who knows me. Good morning Twitterland!

(09:01:06) loves that they're playing Tori Amos on Asda FM.. the first time I've heard her songs on the radio in months. Hoping for Imogen Heap next :)

(09:18:04) is setting up the studio for video. And, of course, sound. It can look brilliant, but if it sounds like it's in a toilet it will be #fail.

(19:03:19) is home and sleepy after a family day here and there. Video all recorded - not perfect, but I think I've learned a lot! Nearly bedtime now..

(22:15:29) will premiere @nxmee's fine video on YouTube in the morning. He's done well; I, on the other hand, don't ~do~ telly. Tidy studio FTW(nfc)

(23:19:48) is off to bed. Saturday's got its fuel light flashing, so I'd better pull it into the motorway services & fail to end this allegory. Night!

Tweets for 30 Oct 2009


(06:19:18) is sliding through the semiconscious fug of pre-dawintude. Better get going - Friday isn't going to bother itself. Mornin'!

(12:05:29) has had a busy morning with mixed results. Some things work. Some are more borked. I shall attempt an aggregate victory this afternoon. Yes.

(12:28:20) has air conditioning men standing behind me. And I quote "So what was wrong with this one was that some idiot messed it up." Neato.

(14:47:21) would like it to be known that the Real World has windows that open.

(17:48:03) has hardly been on Twitter this afternoon. Thank you to the lovely @scyrene and mighty @BaronHawkey for the #FollowFridays :) made me smile.

(17:48:43) has had precious little success with an evil server on my desk this afternoon. I shall have to borrow one from downstairs. That'll learn it.

(18:32:30) is coaching home & catching up on some long overdue personal emails. Feeling a bit flat after a frustrating week. Home soon: perkier JAMYEH!

(19:22:29) is nearly piling into the airport (metaphysically) ... 22 minutes until the weekend starts properly.. chill me some pink wine yeah!

(21:26:36) Asphalt Now! Miranda Hart is doing a fine job presenting Have I Got News For You... rather anarchic, odd, dark & quite slow episode tonight.

(21:54:36) is catching up with Never Mind The Buzzcocks.. I can see why @emmatofi enjoyed it. Hmm yes. I'm not sure I don't fear Fearne Cotton.

(23:14:41) is all tired and going to sleep. Time to shut down Friday and turn off the mains at the socket (to avoid electricity leaks). Good night :)

Tweets for 29 Oct 2009


(06:23:26) has just enjoyed listening to Olivia Colman as "Minka" in Hut 33 (#Radio4, Weds 6.30pm & iPlayer).. now off for another day at the coalface.

(09:00:54) is in the office & a bit grumpy about the whole air-conditioning/temperature thing. It's 7 degrees above optimum for me. Right.. shirt off!

(09:23:17) has broken something a bit by running a slightly less than optimal query. Darn. Time to work on a spreadsheet and whistle innocently...

(10:29:28) is starting to get hungry. That's because I ate too many biscuits yesterday. Bah.

(11:15:30) is listening to Big L - Frinton-On-Sea's finest radio station. It's back on medium wave in November. I can't hardly wait. http://bigl.co.uk/

(11:22:47) Jazz apples .......... nice.

(11:26:07) draws the line at classic Cliff Richard. There's something about Easy Listening that makes me uneasy. Time, I think, for Junglist Thursday.

(12:05:22) wonders: is it wrong to consider repairing trouser turnups with araldite?

(12:30:00) thanks @leica0000, @psweetman, @petecooper, @nicky_t & @fluffymuppet for such fine suggestions. I may well get Doris the Sewing Machine out.

(14:56:08) has had the air conditioning people round, including the Head Of Building Brokenness. I have to keep the windows shut till tomorrow. Meh.

(17:15:34) went to see @Ms_Howard and @DavidAnderson00, both of whom offered a warm welcome in a cool place. Radio 4 pres is splendid. FACT.

(20:36:11) is going to put something on iPlayer for half an hour while I eat my yummy Toad In Teh Hole (thanks, @poots!) ... what to choose..?

(21:45:02) ought to get to bed now. Goodnight, and wherever you sail off to in your dreams tonight, I hope it's quite pleasant there. I have no idea.

Tweets for 28 Oct 2009


(06:30:28) runs out the door like a weary engineer, managing a 'morning' as I go.

(08:39:06) is a little annoyed to discover my webserver hasn't bothered to get out of bed this morning. I shall throw a glass of cold water over it.

(08:51:14) has a damp mouse mat & mess left by The Amazing Disappearing Project Engineer to sort out. As well as my disconnected mac (thanks, @poots :)

(10:29:08) has beaten the over-keen Mac firewall into something resembling submission, with thanks to @poots for her patient assistance.

(10:31:06) cannot believe that all the air conditioning engineer did was shut the window. Stupid stupid stupid stupid. He's ruined my (working) life.

(14:16:06) is in the team meeting. There are biscuits and I cannot complain (it is a rodent free zone).

(16:00:09) is still too warm. The window-closing git-man with the dodgy thermometer has come back with another man and a ladder. And gone away again.

(16:04:02) was asked if this was one of my dodgy installations: http://is.gd/4G1eo - yup, it's in Luton, but I would do much, much better ;)

(17:45:19) is preparing cabin crew for departure & a zoom home after a warm, busy day. I don't think I've broken too much. Quick bit o'gardening first.

Tweets for 27 Oct 2009


(06:49:15) is late. Uhoh.

(07:32:53) just heard a song from Hairspray on #radio2 (it's on in the coach) followed by a promo for the stage musical by Sarah Kennedy. Advertising?

(09:41:35) has just seen a scary photo of the protestors at Didcot Power Station (via @suecarter) www.bit.ly/XutG - Yeek!

(09:44:10) is amused by the twitter conversation between @nxmee & @superalora - especially since they're probably sitting beside each other.

(09:45:30) has not had the most impressive start to the day.. lateness, headache and general colleague failure. Dredging through emails now.. bleehh

(09:49:31) has just seen a scary photo of the protestors at Didcot Power Station (via @suecarter) www.bit.ly/XutGz - Yeek! (Thanks, @helenroper :)

(12:41:32) is amused at the fact that the designer of Asda's Olive Spread has just been round the outside of the tub with a thin brown marker pen. Heh.

(15:29:54) was wrong. Apparently, my colleagues would tolerate me putting festive music on in the office. What with it being 20 degrees out, I'll pass.

(17:17:29) wonders why it seems to be comfortable for men to sit with their hands clasped above their heads, but women don't seem to do that. So much.

(22:22:12) has no idea where Tuesday went. Like one of those irritating newfangled 5p coins, it slipped through my fingers. Whoops. Goodnight, so.

Tweets for 26 Oct 2009


(09:03:24) is a bit miffed that the Windows 7 family pack is $150 in the US and (RRP) £150 in the UK (best price: £130). Ahh well.. XP's fine enough.

(11:07:49) Ahh the noble carrot.. snackwise, it's almost as good as biscuits. Almost.

(16:07:38) has had a lovely family day; saw my Dad earlier, and we've done the park & some toy windowshopping.. now home & @nxmee's homework rehearsal.

(21:51:03) has missed all the fun today (@BaronHawkey..? Richard Briers? Cool!) & has accidentally set up a rubbish TV studio. I really don't DO telly.

(21:52:37) has heavy eyes and an inexplicably sugar-sticky computer desk. Two reasons to get a dishsponge & go to bed as appropriate. Good night, then!

Tweets for 25 Oct 2009


(01:12:44) is surprised that I woke up at the exact moment of BST's demise, but pleased that no station went off-air when 1am hit for the second time.

(01:15:19) may not get back to sleep if I keep #radio1 on, though.. ferocious drum'n'bass from Grooverider (who's blethered nonsense since he came on).

(08:37:19) has had a slightly unsettled night's sleep... I'd better tumble from bed and face the day - lots going on. Good morning, then (with coffee)!

(18:27:18) is settling down with the children after a bit damp but entirely enjoyable canal boat cruise on the Grand Union. The sun shone eventually:)

(22:25:29) is doing unmentionable things to my MP3 collection. Also, my right-mouse button stopped working for a while. Perhaps in protest. Well, then.

(22:46:19) is listening to the extended version of Madness's beautiful "The Sweetest Girl".. cover versions were rarely this good. Westlife: take note.

(22:58:43) had better get to bed, stop playing the tunes and quietly drivelling on to myself about how compressed modern pop music is :D Good night!

Tweets for 24 Oct 2009


(08:27:46) had pancakes for breakfast. Shower and more coffee and swimming still on the agenda. A good start to Saturday, I think. JAMYEH.

(09:25:29) Eleanor (about a sample of civet coffee we were given): "I like poo coffee. It's the only coffee I like." A young lady with expensive taste!

(12:36:26) has had a fantastic swim with @poots and the childrens, who have now learned to dive headfirst & underwater rolypoly - they are the coolest.

(16:54:09) is watching Lenni play Wii Music. She is JAMYEH. Kinda.

(18:06:11) has put up a replacement Darwin Tree Of Life poster (http://is.gd/4zBYR) in the lounge.. previous one was loved to death by the children :)

(18:07:35) used blu-tak & my iPod's spirit level application. Both of which adequately present evidence of our evolution that precious few can deny.

(19:03:07) has put a pair of exhausted children to bed.. who knows what time they'll be awake tomorrow morning! Time for something to eat.. got food?

(22:12:57) has had a chilled-out evening exposing my slapdash scripting methods. That's not a euphemism. I think I may go to bed, even though it's not.

Tweets for 23 Oct 2009


(02:27:43) hasn't had the most auspicious of attempts to return home.. the 27 bus from Camden never arrived, and we waited over an hour for it. Bah.

(03:12:46) is just one shuttle bus journey (& bit of walking) from home. I couldn't remember if I dreamt writing that last tweet or actually typed it).

(03:20:01) is home. Brush teeth, wash face & collapse. I've not had a night like this in years! Goodnight / morning!

(12:18:53) I've posted something in my blog: Doves and London Bulgarian Choir - amazing! http://tinyurl.com/yksu53y

(15:27:10) is having major connectivity problems this afternoon. I think my work laptop may be haunted. Where's Yvette Fielding when I need her?

(16:17:25) is pretty much all done for the week.. started four fairly pokey processes off to dump 1TB onto a disk.. one isn't working. Bah.

(18:04:28) is all done with a busy but barely conscious workday.. @nxmee assisted in configuring a Seriously Big File Transfer action for the weekend..

(20:58:28) is irked that iTunes has completely ruined EVERYTHING & jammed it up. It may well also be responsible for global warming and Nick Griffin.

(21:21:53) is going to bed with Kraftwerk (BBC4 now) on my iPod Touch - thanks, @tvcatchup - to finish the week in quiet electronic contentment. Night!

(21:39:18) is suffering @tvcatchup failure ... no BBCFour on the iPhone/iTouch version :( There's an empty little rectangle for it to go into, too!

(21:40:05) wishes you a peaceful and lovely night regardless of technological failings and #antimacassars. Goodnight!

Tweets for 22 Oct 2009


(05:29:42) has an interesting day ahead, if I can remember where everything is. I hope yours is remarkable, too. Workytime now...

(07:35:53) is drinking coffee, but not anywhere exotic. Exotic coffee drinking places tend to be quite dingy anyway.

(07:48:35) has now discovered what the initials making up the new divisional name stands for. It's got "Enterprise" in it,but not in a Star Trek sense.

(12:57:28) has decided to sell our house and save up to buy this: http://is.gd/4vLTe - s'pose I'd better let @poots know. She can have a go in it.

(16:27:41) needs perking up now.

(16:54:41) wonders: when they say "Doors Open" at a gig, does it mean they close shortly after that time and ticket or not it's impossible to get in..?

(16:58:18) RT @bougielyns BBC under siege police running everywhere & i'm still queuing for TVBurp in the middle of it all! [who's better..BNP or BBC?]

(17:16:57) is going to wander north until I hear noise. Laters!

(18:40:20) is in The Roundhouse, where the men outnumber the women and an interpretation of Kraftwerk is being speakered. Ooh. Band. #elecproms

(18:42:59) believes this performance will be entirely in 3D #elecproms

(18:49:08) likes Magazine. They've played a song, and now I think they might be playing it again. #elecproms

(18:53:54) likes that everyone on stage is almost definitely older than I am. I kinda half-recognise some of these songs. That's 6Music. #electricproms

(19:02:42) thinks this probably sounds better on the radio. Even DAB. Very bottom-middly here. The backing singer is sultry. Or sullen? #electricproms

(19:10:32) is watching the Talking Heads reserve team. #electricproms

(19:16:32) listens to the novelty song. Mr Manifold, eh? This b-side is also available on Audible (presumably) #electricproms

(19:33:46) has missed temporary threshold shift oh yes(!) The Magazine rock combo outfit have gone away now. Doves, soonish, then. #electricproms

(19:55:14) is all excited and apprehensive.. I'm practically right at the front, and will wave frantically when @sparkyannc appears :) #electricproms

(20:01:42) It's Sean W Keaveny and the Bulgarian lot are on as well... #electricproms

(20:04:51) http://twitpic.com/mi73f - The Doves! JAMYEH! #electricproms

(20:15:49) http://twitpic.com/mi8ul - The London Bulgarian Choir. Just... wow. #electricproms

(20:32:34) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me! http://qik.ly/mhrf #qik

(20:49:29) doesn't think the Doves sing 'JAMYEH' as well as the London Bulgarian Choir. More loud singinging please! #electricproms #bbcelectricproms

(21:05:17) is blown away. Just.. deafeningly amazing. And now: a blind bloke with a sitar. This is amazing. I wish you could be here. #electricproms

(21:10:33) wonders how the @LondonBulgarianChoir holds those amazing long notes... this is phenomenal. #electricproms

(21:31:25) enjoyed that. A good night out, I think. #electricproms

(21:41:06) is queueing for my bag. It's a bit like being at Alton Towers, but the end result is a little less exhileratng. It's a bag.

Tweets for 21 Oct 2009


(06:02:19) is about to clamber onto the slippery log of Wednesday after a night of industrial dreams. Goal for today: cope. Better get my coping saw.

(08:03:10) feels like it's still 7am, as the coach crawls through car queues on Finchley Road. Hoping I have time for coffee before a 10am meeting...

(08:36:55) is enjoying a tiny parma violet sugar rush (thanks, @poots!) while striding past the Polish embassy. True, but not interesting. Sorry.

(08:56:03) wonders if I will finish my cup of coffee & Outlook will open before I have to zip over to my first meeting. Both seem very unlikely.. bah.

(09:14:18) made it to the morning meeting before it started.. it's a rather humid, stinky room. Someone hasn't aired their clothes properly. Yick.

(09:45:56) completely forgot to bring my banana to this meeting, so will completely not be able to eat it. That's a bit of a blow.

(11:15:18) is all melty-brained and a little underwhelmed.

(14:38:34) is doing a staff survey: "I have someone I can confide in at work.." When I asked, Errol replied "You can tell me- I love a bit of gossip!"

(14:44:50) has just been out for a wander. It is grey. Back in the office now, and it is still grey. Time for coffee and concentration. Want some..?

(15:11:09) wonders why comedy emails I am sent are written in enormous fonts. Is there a correlation with the mental ability of the intended recipient?

(15:19:05) was going to type "comprehensive" but ended up typing "contraceptive". Completely changed the intent of the minutes.

(17:34:31) is aboard the homeward coach - a little early for my ticket, but being called a muppet by Dave the driver was sufficient penalty. Meh.

(17:38:08) wonders how @johndredge's burgon dispenser repair is going. I fear he may have fallen inside with the lid. He was a good man. Probably.

(17:44:15) wonders whether Arriva are gradually nobbling all of their on-coach wi-fi configurations.. another coach, another borked internet. ~sighs~

(18:28:11) is walking home. Much less drowned rat tonight. And it's not nearly 1am. FTW(nfc). Need to polish some VBscript this evening. Yers.

(20:41:31) has written a long, tedious & rambling email this evening; I will now - for an encore - go to bed. Good night, and thank you for top tweets.

Tweets for 20 Oct 2009


(05:21:26) is preparing for Tuesday in the only way I know how - cereal & grim determination. Oh, and multivitamins & #Radio4 comedy. Coffee to follow.

(05:23:16) wonders why "good night" is a regular trending topic on Twitter, but "good morning" isn't. I am sure the reason is not a morbid one. Mostly.

(05:28:27) had better embark on what will doubtless turn out to be quite a Long Day. I do hope it's not drizzling. #goodmorning nevertheless!

(07:00:59) is passing Lords cricket ground, feeling rather dozy.. my to-work listening includes a classic Goon Show and some new @emmaandpete shows.

(07:45:09) is catching up with tweets while waiting for Outlook to load & 30 min blue screen of death. There's coffee in the cafetiere if you want some

(08:14:54) has had the blue screen of death. Now I can get on with my work.

(08:23:38) loves @stephenfry's writing - I can imagine him saying it and that just makes me admire it more: http://tinyurl.com/ylzdfe6 (via @psweetman)

(11:27:20) thinks that getting someone on the speakerphone during a meeting where there is a hammer action drill drowning out all conversation. Neato!

(11:36:43) can no longer think straight enough to construct a coherent tweet. Hammer action drills cause cerebral dissonance. Fact.

(13:21:17) is talking about Vanessa Feltz vs. Errol. We can't decide who would win.

(17:16:26) voted five HILARIOUS stars for @johndredge's comedy sketch (http://bit.ly/twLZE) and I would be joyful if you would consider doing so, too.

(17:38:35) is a little bemused by flickr.com's breakage & the regular appearance of the #FailWhale today, but likes that it represents my Tuesday, too.

(17:55:16) is off to create all sorts of ructions at Radio 1 / 1Xtra. Shame I couldn't make it to the #radioacademy event tonight. Later: baps.

(20:58:51) is nearly at the end of a moderately eventful evening, but I think it might be over soon. I'm a bit tired now. Radio survived, at least...

(22:04:54) would very much like to go home now please.

(22:42:41) thinks I am pretty much the optimal age to be a splendid superhero. Unfortunately, I'm not the right build, and I'm quite tired. Ahh well.

Tweets for 19 Oct 2009


(07:57:55) RT @TVCatchup ...we are making some upgrades to the system, hopefully it shouldn't be too long :)

(08:11:35) has completed the drizzly school run. Now: reflect on the folly of failing at Gran Turismo 4 until 1.30am. Later: Dishwasher Dave returns!

(08:13:01) RT @TVCatchup: We are back and better, sorry for the necessary upgrades but it is your fault as you like us too much lol :)

(09:20:42) has a dishwasher update. The engineer ordered a part months ago. It's not been fitted. He doesn't know where it is, now. What a shambles.

(09:29:15) Dishwasher Dave,after I asked to speak to his boss: "I'm calling to tell you a part's on order, because my boss doesn't always return calls"

(09:33:36) is off to do something more productive for a bit. Moaning about a dishwasher repair company that can't repair dishwashers is SO 6 months ago

(10:10:40) believes I should have priority over brown cars (which includes 'beige' and 'gold') in any road layout. Also.. what's 'Gentlemen's Relish'?

(10:29:55) Wicked! Tesco jumble sale!

(12:07:21) caught up with the fantastic Never Mind The #Buzzcocks on iPlayer.. hilarious this week - Alex James is a very witty bloke.

(14:00:32) is having a play with VBScript after a walk to the postbox with @poots and before going to collect childrens. Such a rock 'n roll lifestyle!

(20:34:27) has had an evening of gentle VBscripting, and is now drinking some Dr Stuart's Valerian Plus tea (http://is.gd/4rn3l) - it was on special.

(20:34:54) had better head to bed now, then, before the effects of this sleepy tea take effect. Night!

Tweets for 18 Oct 2009


(07:26:19) found myself saying "..it's an external service, not looked after by the broadcast engineers, so it doesn't work properly." It's true, too:D

(11:12:50) is trying to decide whether to let mp3gain (http://is.gd/4p7QE - win / http://is.gd/4p7SH - mac) loose on my MP3 collection.. hmm...

(11:57:56) has selected Fun Kids for family lunchtime listening - splendid music (including a They Might Be Giants track - woo!) props to @Matt.

(18:00:21) is all home, and, as @CalvinHarris would say, it went off in Welwyn Garden City today. My brother Dave does a good line in balloon animals!

(19:00:30) is considering recording an audioboo. No sure my brain is pointing in the right direction at the moment, though. I'll try something else.

(19:32:53) thanks Pete & Carl! iPhone/iPod Touch users can now watch 11 Freeview channels live: http://bit.ly/P65TQ Wow..SO cool! (via @frequencycast)

Tweets for 17 Oct 2009


(07:09:10) is being beset by children. Must be Saturday morning. Still sleepy. Short sentences. Plim. Morning!

(08:50:27) is struggling with trying to do work-type things on a domestic computer network. It's a bit early in the day for high-bandwidth datamashing.

(14:35:03) has learned a valuable lesson today: it is impossible to vacuum a bed effectively using a crevice tool.

(18:50:48) wonders - since NASA's LCROSS raised no dust cashing into the moon, surely Newtonian physics says it knocked the moon a bit further away..?

(18:58:25) can't work out what "Strictly Come Dancing" actually means. Is it wrong that I am irked by its literal nonsensicalness?

(19:04:56) is quite looking forward to doing the music at my nephew's party tomorrow. It's the sort of thing I'm quite good at. (that's jinxed it!)

(19:11:35) needs to get organised. Or at least tidy up the mess I've made (of) today! First, though, Fred's saying "have another cuppa tea".. right oh!

(21:55:46) could quite easily go to bed now.. it just seems that 11pm on a Saturday night is a bit early. Might be perkier in the morning, mind. Night!

Tweets for 16 Oct 2009


(06:54:33) Yeek! Baker Street! And no, I would not like a free copy of Shortlist or that Sport newspaper thank you. All a bit trendy for me.

(07:57:05) is on a bit of a caffeine high at the moment. Still sleepy, but feeling good about the day. If it weren't pizza day, I'd have a bagel. Nom.

(09:08:39) is definitely being kept busy this morning.

(09:29:29) Old Man vs. TFL (or, how I learned to REALLY FAIL at customer service and stop worrying) - http://bit.ly/3l3Nn3 (via @jmacdonald / @n_sonic)

(13:19:20) has seen a brown flag in Regents Park. Some call it art; I call it entirely unnecessary. I have ceased even to attempt to find meaning.

(14:12:55) has had too many "Don't get me started.." moments. Is Jan Moir the new Richard Littlejohn? I'm ashamed that I share 35% of my DNA with them.

(16:27:16) thinks Charlie Brooker should be made a saint. Even before he's dead. A very rude, insightful saint: http://is.gd/4mEL8 <- Jan Moir article.

(17:38:56) is on a combination coach/slowcooker trundling slowly along Finchley Rd. Where's everyone going? And why were they not there to start with?

(18:30:28) is doing the walk home for Weekend Action. I have 12,000 mp3s to organise into a birthday playlist for my nephew. May take a while, then...

(18:44:14) is at the top of the hill, walking past an odd-smelling shrubbery and the betting shop that used to be a grotty newsagent.

(20:13:45) is watching Have I Got News For You, after raising a complaint with the PCC. Something to do. (Synth Britannia indulgence on iPlayer later!)

Tweets for 15 Oct 2009


(05:30:46) is off again. Time to stomp to the airport and see if there's a coach that'll take me to work. Good morning!

(06:58:54) loves the light just after dawn over Camden - bright yellow through the autumn trees. Wish I had my camera (and knew how to take photos!)

(09:08:20) spent the last 5 mins talking into a cupboard. I quite liked to imagine the person at the other end of the phone thought I was in a coffin.

(09:25:23) can pretty much guarantee that we won't be having an office Christmas party this year. I'm not sure I'd be missing much, to be honest.

(12:52:03) has missed an amble towards the outside world this lunchtime, instead dealing with a strange mac-based problem in W12 while eating. Boo!

(16:09:18) is nearly asleep and gullible.

(17:24:07) is amused that Jason the coach driver commented that my ticket was for the next bus (but let me on anyway) before zooming off 2 mins early..

(18:23:11) is being treated to a lift home from the airport.. yay! It means I get to put the children to bed. So so sleepy myself- won't be far behind!

(20:36:56) has just booked the next month's commutes.. they've played with the pricing again.. always confusing this time of night.

(20:41:55) had better get to bed; I must resist temptation to listen in to Denver police radio for news of the missing #balloonboy .. quite troubling!

(21:17:39) is going into standby for the night.. it's all about the little red LED. Goodnight!

Tweets for 14 Oct 2009


(05:27:55) is about to launch into damp darkness for some of that ol' commuting magic. This may involve extensive dozing (not while walking). Mornin'.

(05:31:41) is outta here. Booyah.

(07:33:05) is suffering from Slowest Laptop In The World. 5 minutes & it still hasn't opened up Outlook. I should pour coffee down it. Works for me :D

(13:11:50) is in the Team Meeting. I have brought provisions (an apple I am now eating). Rescue team required if I'm not out by 3...

(13:36:11) thinks sometimes: Life is unbelievably heavy going, and largely irrelevant. This has been an advertising feature. The meeting continues...

(14:45:05) is all done with meetings for the day and is finally back in the office, eying some suspicious looking lettuce.

(17:46:13) is catching up with "It's Only a Theory" (#BBC4 & iPlayer) since it's on after I've gone to bed. Episode 1 has a man with a splendid #beard.

(18:04:55) is nearly home yay! I am ~so~ going to wash my hair this evening. The benefits of being easily pleased should not be underestimated.

(18:44:40) is home. JAMYEH! It feels like a Tuesday, though. May I feel just a teensy bit festive, though, please?

(19:00:46) is gently amused & bemused by ITV1's footy coverage. I am going to have to resist live tweeting. About my Peter Crouch mancrush at least.

(19:09:47) has had to emphasize to @poots that England are ~not~ playing the Lapland Elves & they don't have to wear Santa hats. (sorry, @nicky_t!)

(19:27:40) is a little ashamed to admit that I still have no idea what the other England striker's called. Is his name unpronouncable or unremarkable?

(20:00:22) is permanently unnerved by that pulsating Sony TV thing at the beginning & end of the ad breaks. It won't make me buy Sony. Frightening.

(20:54:21) is heading to bed after all that foopball. But I haven't forgotten to wash my hair.. hoping it's too short to be nightmarish in the morning!

(20:54:42) wishes you a fond, and indeed frond goodnight.

Tweets for 13 Oct 2009


(06:35:06) spent yesterday evening sifting through MP3s.. it's amazing how many good songs there are from this year of which I didn't know the name.

(06:37:16) Also, commercial radio (Mainly thisisheart) has destroyed the charm of every tune ever released by The Script, mainly by overplaying them.

(07:29:48) wonders what sort of music one should choose for a six-year-old boy's birthday party..? Deadmau5 is a bit heavy; Miley Cyrus is too girly!

(09:15:32) has a spare day off.. time to pop into town via the tidy tip. Memo to self: go to the tidy tip first when the rubbish is in carrier bags.

(10:55:50) likes Poundland. JAMYEH!

(13:20:02) is finding Henning Wehn's contribution to The Unbelievable Truth (#radio4 & BBC iPlayer) rather amusing. Fi Glover is really charming, too.

(14:25:22) is enjoying perfect weather for collecting the children, and their subsequent hurtling down the hill on their scooters. Look out below!

(16:30:58) is going to be introduced to our local Secondary School. Right now, it's parquet floors and prospectuses. School uniform monopoly. Yeuch.

(16:35:49) is listening to a lecture on bullying, using emotive language. "We hate bullying" ... this is going to be heavy-going. #ashcroft

(16:40:27) has never heard the word 'fun' used with less good humour.

(16:54:46) can't really do backchannel in a school hall; I fear I might get detention. Headteacher's done now.. lots of student participation #ashcroft

(17:13:28) is doing the tour with lots of students doing their best. And some looking dopey in dayglo jackets. #ashcroft

(18:18:14) is all done with the look around. Given how many students & teachers have stayed late, I've warmed to the place. Hometime ~driing~ #ashcroft

(19:20:22) is home and about to make an enormous cheese bap with coleslaw and chutney. Plenty for you if you'd like one, too..?

(20:07:05) is watching #electricdreams hurrah! 1990s-tastic :)

(20:10:27) fears the fax machine. Very little else in this world terrifies me. That is all. #electricdreams

(20:14:16) wonders where the Atari Lynx is? With it's marvellous 'Blox' game. And.. er.. that's it. #electricdreams

(20:18:38) had a pager; so did @poots... we can't work out if we got them at the same time- or even if we had them when we first met.. #electricdreams

(20:23:26) Can't beat a bit of national self-doubt. It's a favourite sort. Also, we've got that doorbell & it's unnerving when it goes. #electricdreams

(20:28:29) wonders how they're going to make these pre-GSM phones work... bet there are no analogue cell towers left! #electricdreams

(20:39:45) wants to have a Playstation party now. But I freecycled it a few months ago. Bah. #electricdreams

(20:45:04) remembers courses in 'hypertext' as part of the Computer Science course at Uni... I am sure BT had something to do with it. #electricdreams

(20:45:50) Go on.. give them 33.6k! #electricdreams

(20:49:48) may just put an animated 'dancing baby' on my website in celebration of this programme. And a Hoff song. In MIDI. Oogachaka. #electricdreams

(20:57:17) recalling patching Proliant server BIOSes before Millennium Bug day. Bought a bass and acoustic guitar with the bonus :D #electricdreams

(21:08:35) had better get to bed so I'm all fresh for a Triumphant Return To Work tomorrow. Reap the wild winds, as Midge Ure once sang. Really. Night!

Tweets for 12 Oct 2009


(11:56:16) has returned to glorious LU2 after a long (mostly Twitterfree) weekend in a caravan at Winchelsea. Quite relaxing, but it's good to be home!

(12:11:23) AudioBoo: Caravan in Winchelsea boo http://boo.fm/b69601

(13:22:40) has pretty much finished sorting out photos from the weekend; some of them were only a bit rubbish, and many ~exactly~ 2.5F overexposed. Uh?

(14:13:42) I've posted something in my blog: Holiday at Winchelsea Beach - October 2009 http://tinyurl.com/ylzy2ch

(14:30:12) has uploaded a blog entry (http://is.gd/4fvZ5), sorted some photos (http://is.gd/4fw0s) and now waiting for my iPod to update. Cup of tea..?

(14:45:25) has now changed Twitter picture (ably taken by @nxmee) and sorted my audioboo blogging script. Still waiting for my iPod Touch to update...

(18:47:41) has just put @nxmee to bed after being whupped at Raving Rabbids on the Wii (I was whupped, not him :D). A good way to end the mini-holiday.

Tweets for 11 Oct 2009


(22:25:05) had a day of delights, from seaside & sand to chicken (mm.. rare KFC indulgence!) & chewing the fat (with my old pal @fridgemagnet2). Night!

Tweets for 10 Oct 2009


(21:00:55) is everyone on X Factor about 12? I feel old, tipsy, tired & ostensibly on what could loosely be described as holiday. Bring back 5ive/Star

(22:33:07) will see the denoument (please excuse the lack of accents) of this movie what is on and then go to bed. Goodnight!

Tweets for 09 Oct 2009


(06:36:55) should not be struggling to extract myself from the dent my body has made in bed.. but it's a very comfy one. C'mon, man.. up 'an at 'em! 3.

(06:49:17) has frightening hair (non-floppy) this morning. Luckily I'm intending to see the mane-mower. Shave it all off & draw on hair with a sharpie.

(07:26:01) spent so long trying to get Twitter to load properly that I entirely forgot what I was going to tweet about. Ahh yes. I know what it was.

(07:27:35) loves the bassline in that Beyoncé "Sweet Dreams" song. I'm not so keen on all the jiggling in the video, though (http://is.gd/46bvg) /lies

(08:05:12) If you've been enjoying the IT season on BBC4- #electricdreams #gameswipe #micromen - let the BBC know: http://bit.ly/6LM0t (via @giagia)

(09:52:18) is going to have some Quality Family Time. Probably quite low-tech... until later, then, dear reader.

Tweets for 08 Oct 2009


(04:58:05) Isn't really ready for Thursday, but will give it a go, anyway. Some interesting facets ahead.

(06:52:21) is athletically jumping off the coach and sprinting the mile to the office. And if you believe that... coffee in 15 minutes, though, yeah!

(10:10:40) has just seen a link to a TV station called "Current" on Sky and Virgin. I've never heard of it. I really don't know much about telly.

(10:40:27) just saw a man with very floppy hair. I wish I had very floppy hair.

(12:19:20) has just given @vobes a quick tour around Broadcasting House.. it's definitely a wondrous place, steeped in history and creativity.

(13:07:31) http://twitpic.com/kpj0d - I'm quite pleased how this sub has come out - ham+brie+cucumber+chutney=noms. Sticky fingers now, though.

(15:04:16) AudioBoo: Outside Broadcasting House with Richard Vobes boo http://boo.fm/b68812

(17:41:09) is slowly trundling home in the halflight, as the streetlamps flicker into a weak amber glow. Finchley Road - it's borked again. Clonky.

(17:59:00) wonders why my Twitter feed is so quiet.. is something I said? Also, I've borked my headphones. Spare set 1 engaged...

(18:34:50) nearly home and a day off tomorrow.. that means - ooh! The weekend is here, then! Why not join me? It's a good time to take a day off :)

(19:48:29) loves the new Fair Trade Dairy Milk advert. It's almost entirely pointless but makes me smile. And thats the main thing. I like chocolate.

(20:14:34) is watching Micro Men, but rather enjoyed a trail for Synth Britannia that @Richard_C mentioned earlier. It's a technological nostalgiafest!

(20:26:43) Brian Widlake! YAY!

(21:31:45) wonders what my two young'uns will be waxing lyrical about in 25 years time.. Wii? Netbooks? Surely there'll not be the 80s personalities...

(21:40:07) has a few things to do tomorrow, so ought to get to bed. What a fantastic evening it's been - and it's in no small part down to you. Night!

Tweets for 07 Oct 2009


(10:53:58) may not have tweeted yet this morning. Now I have, though. Working from home; cool air through the studio window, blowing fog from my brain.

(10:58:04) may be RUBBISH at photography but even I could do better than this (maybe) http://bit.ly/37gNlx [@gilesbabbidge & @TamaraKuzminski rock btw]

(11:32:43) is suffering mouse rebellion today. How hard can it be to get a pointer from one side of the screen to another? Am I doing something wrong.?

(11:38:01) is also taking screengrabs & loading them into MS Paint (classy!) only to get distracted & click on ~pictures~ of buttons. Struggling today!

(13:26:20) is going to stop for ten minutes and have a panininini. I'm so decadent. The battle to get my inbox down to a page is a losing one so far...

(15:22:30) needs the perking up power of coffee. Time for a read of some Important Documents. A good combination, I think.

(19:17:08) is finally all done with work for the day - they certainly got their money's worth today :D Time for a Good Sit Down & 80s nostalgia YAY!

(19:32:02) keeps forgetting how much Cliff Richard annoys me. I'm going to look for a ZX81 on eBay. Watching Electric Dreams on the PVR... LOVE IT!

(21:23:29) is all done with retro '80s nostalgia & I've moved a work-in-progress song to my iPod so I can try to fill in a missing bit. Bedtime. Night!

Tweets for 06 Oct 2009


(06:48:48) wonders what in the wide world of sport is that bizarre noise on @r4today this morning? Oh, I forgot.. it's the Tory party conference.

(06:51:58) was up & about early, woken by the recycling bin lorry, which was stuck at the end of our road.. gave me time to dash out with the bin!

(07:16:59) is cutting it a bit fine. With blunt scissors.

(08:51:23) is home and a little damp. Trying to get my thoughts together to make the most of the morning before work happens later. I can only hope..!

(10:03:44) is wondering if BT are planning some kind of invasion of our road - their vans seem to be parked all over the place nearby.

(10:46:23) Autotune the news goes from strength to strength- http://bit.ly/13eCia (SFW-ish) Hilariously, terribly wrong! [via @Alfie &@solobasssteve]

(11:28:58) is hi/ho/off to work. Here we go, then...

(12:03:55) is on an almost full coach heading Londonwards.. Arriva is certainly making their money today!

(12:05:45) Sorry, I've Got No Head returns Friday Oct 9th at 5.15pm, CBBC; one of the funniest children's programmes ~ever~-no small feat! (via @poots)

(12:57:57) will entirely need coffee when I arrive at work. Sleepeee etc. Nearly at Baker Street though, so better put my boots on. Rock and/or roll.

(15:34:24) wonders who put a chapter of the Qu'ran on my desk, and why (probably simply because it's the closest desk to the printer). Odd.

(17:54:14) is just about to kick off the preparatory stages of tonight's work. Wish me luck - I think there may be some slightly cross people. Heh.

(18:20:39) just saw that there @charltonbrooker. I tried not to gawp but y'know. It's blessed difficult under the circumstancers.

(18:31:51) has just had to reboot my desk phone so I could make a call. Turn it off. And on again. Now: "Phone is starting.. please wait" Borked. Bah.

(18:34:14) ...and so it begins. 6Music is from Manchester at the moment, so I only need to have Radio 2 on :)

(18:59:32) is suffering through Radio 2's mid-evening programming at the moment. Sentimental ruination of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" yeuch.

(19:18:47) is crunching carrots. I may, because I'm from carrot crunching country. Also, I made a championship level sub sandwich. Subway here I come!

(21:04:28) may well be nearly through the woods... a few bits still to do with the ancillaries, but all the patching's done. Radio 2 & 6Music are back!

(21:41:26) Goodnight, @poots and @nicky_t, both of whom seem to be going to bed simultaneously!

Tweets for 05 Oct 2009


(06:53:43) is under a dark, achey cloud this morning. A mood-induced 2, I think. Also, the sofas in the lounge are not fit for human use; hurty back,

(06:53:54) Still, morning anyway.

(09:36:35) is breaking off from blog writeage to do a bit of supermarket shopping. Are there any websites that sell supermarkets..? Saves a walk...

(12:04:34) went to http://tinyurl.com/y86r9wt and was most amused- although it didn't really help with my supermarket selection (via @V_moo)

(12:08:35) wonders where the little shiny letter 'L's have gone from both sides of our car, leaving just the 'S's. Clearly no "luxury" remains within..

(13:40:18) is quite enjoying the afternoon play on #radio4 - Audio Recordings of Human Traffic (http://is.gd/3YxXP) - intriguing and unusual.

(13:53:34) I've posted something in my blog: Bletchley Park http://tinyurl.com/yba2wf9

(14:13:46) is off to collect the childrens from school. Mondays zoom by so quickly. Well, to be honest, most days do.

(14:39:21) has, with help from @nxmee, explained to @superalora that the sign near her school doesn't say "Look out for kids zomph!" - it's 20mph. Heh.

(14:55:03) has been pondering, for much of the day, what to do with the bits of wood that remain after completely dismantling a sofa.

(16:56:22) has just been helpfully informed by @Bubble2009 that my blog & website have been borked for a couple of days. My (firewall's) fault. Gah!

(18:04:35) detests PRS so much that if I'm making any recordings & need a music bed, I will compose my own. Like today. Stick that, music industry. HA.

(19:53:03) wonders if one of my lovely followers has a ~Reciva~ based internet radio and could let me know whether it can pick up Real Radio Wales..?

(21:42:39) has just listened all the way through the Moonlighting theme. WHY?

Tweets for 04 Oct 2009


(07:06:03) has no alternative but to take Sunday by the earlobe and march it to the harvest festival. Starting off in a 4 shape.. Good morning, anyway!

(08:59:33) can see Harvey's Vestibule from here

(13:50:34) has two computers on the go. Well, two and a half. And I am getting nothing done. Par for the course, really.

(16:49:00) likes the concept of this website.. http://www.RadioFail.tk ... co-incidentally, @superalora is playing radio stations in the studio. Bless.

(20:14:22) is reclining in the lounge area with a guest and some of @poots's newest creation - parkin. Nom! Please feel free to join me. Reclinical.

Tweets for 03 Oct 2009


(07:15:01) isn't the full shilling this morning. Better get up, though, because the children can't use the Internet. Oops! Captain Caveman need coffee!

(08:21:42) has nearly fixed the parental control filter.. it's back to how it was before... still doesn't do rude language filtering, though. Boo!

(08:27:35) is "Right..."

(08:45:46) Hurrah! Marcus De Sautoy on the Other Nine on Three Counties Radio (@NineOClockShow). This is SUCH a good programme.

(08:55:35) needs to find a suitable shirt or t-shirt to wear. I think it's stopped raining.

(09:07:46) can't help but expect that Pixie Lott song to break into a Chris Moyles show tune.. have jingle makers started making pop songs, too..?

(16:42:53) is in a queue of traffic waiting to get onto the M1 after a splendid afternoon with @fluffymuppet, @petecooper, @poots, @nxmee & @superalora

(17:31:14) feels the need to sort out my MP3 collection and radio playout system this evening. Just because, really.

(18:01:16) is easily pleased.. seeing the little "1" in a triangle on an empty packet or container makes me go "yay!" as I put it in the recycling bin.

(19:19:19) is nibbling on a Coopers Crunch apple (not an official name but I don't know what it's really called) while I get frustrated with computers.

(19:54:00) wonders what I'd do without the interwebs.. a bit of searching revealed that MySQL installed with skip-networking set in /etc/my.cnf .. gah!

(21:29:13) has had a relaxing evening so far, and learned a lot. Like Leopard's firewall software being rubbish (it's not port-based). And dot_clean.

Tweets for 02 Oct 2009


(05:34:36) is dashing coachwards after listening to another excellent "@jonronson on..." on Radio 4 (http://is.gd/3RyrW - iPlayer) .. amazing stories!

(06:12:16) wants to know who broke the M1. I'm fairly sure it wasn't anyone I know, but it's worth checking your car's not parked across two lanes...

(06:29:13) was really into Leonard Cohen, for about 3 weeks in 1992. Bound to have been a woman involved - I can think of no other reason. Hallelujah!

(08:18:06) admires David Letterman for his honesty http://is.gd/3ROJ8 (BBC News) - it pays to show no fear to blackmailers & evil sorts. (via @giagia)

(09:41:49) is having a large bowl of frosted flakes in celebration of a very positive morning. Even my boss wrote me a letter, which was nice.

(10:19:57) is enjoying some @petecooper Bleepshow audio noms as I work... it's the right way to go about Fridays. Still need a kicking sub, though...

(10:48:15) has had an Orange SMS: "Great news- you now get free browsing on all..sites & not just Facebook with Dolphin when you top-up by £10 a month"

(12:33:57) is pizza yes.

(16:01:15) is going to give it all up and become a burlesque dancer.

(16:38:50) is a bit disorientated by the clock on the wall being stuck at 4.00pm - I'm now paying attention to the Windows XP Notification Area. Oop.

(17:07:43) wasn't quick enough on my feet to dash out of the door for the 6.15 bus.. it'll have to be the 6.45 - I shall stay & run an UberQuery. Yeah.

(18:26:00) is on the verge of reading. Disoverstimulation is required. There are three Irish ladies behind me but I cannot be bothered to talk to them.

(18:49:45) is only 23 minutes from home. This is good.

(20:06:38) is just about to try some Rakia (strong Bulgarian liquor) for the first time - a gift from @sparkyannc. It is very pale yellow in colour.

(20:11:31) thinks Rakia doesn't taste nearly as like burning as I'd expected. It's really quite nice.. slightly whisky-y, in fact.

(20:13:33) is going to work out why http://www.b3ta.com/talk (NSFW) isn't blocked by my parental control filter. Good site for weighted phrase limits!

(20:25:37) is grepping for things I haven't grepped for since I was a student. -R *

(22:14:52) RT @m000sh: We need a name for our new #radio4 Brian Cox + Robin Ince science/comedy show: http://bit.ly/135DVt Ideas welcome!

(22:15:43) is off to bed. This evening has zoomed by like a Bulgarian blur. I think it would be sensible to take a large glass of water with me. Night!

Tweets for 01 Oct 2009


(00:06:34) has sent the email that says 'all is well' ... for this network, and for this week at least. Now, home to bed. Good night!

(08:19:57) is in the middleground between asleep and awake.. I think the worst thing I can do is stay in bed. Or maybe step on an upturned mains plug.

(10:10:58) wonders if getting a waste disposal unit would be a good idea; seems that they enable things to be stuffed down the sink that shouldn't be..

(13:11:16) Krautsourcing works. So there. (via @the_anke) - I can testify to that :D

(14:35:54) has not rocketed through my to-do list as quickly as hoped today; frustrating, since I'm having a reasonably 7 day. There's always tomorrow.

(14:48:35) is not having fun. Brightkite won't even say where.

(15:12:15) is all done with parent teacher consultation. Some of the class have 'behavioural difficulties'.. if he can make it through this...

(18:18:16) is all done with work for the day - now awaiting @nxmee's triumphant departure from Cubs. Then.. hmm.. toasties, I think. Want one..?

(19:48:38) is giving up with Mario Kart Wii - please remind me of this if I am tempted to have a go on it. Timewasting is a form of masochism, y'know.

(20:03:02) just caught the last five minutes of Watchdog on #bbc1 AND IT'S GONE WRONG! Sorry. Just a bit of a shock seeing Ann Robinson, that's all.

(20:45:00) is trying to update an internet radio directory, finding BBC Local Radio has absolutely no brand consistency.. BBC Oxford / BBC Radio Stoke?

(20:47:11) was going to have a drinky this evening, but I've brushed my teeth now, so that's it for the day. Minty freshness: the natural deterrent.

(21:17:18) is off to bed in the traditional way. Well, actually, while leaving a bit of shell-script to run. Nearly, then. Good night!

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