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Tweets for 30 Sep 2009


(06:19:07) is not going to get whingey so early in the morning, but I feel like I'm having body failure. Energy levels at 2, but mind feels refreshed.

(07:57:55) has dispensed the childrens at school, and will now use the morning productively. I may even make music (and eat banana bread) before work.

(08:59:32) is pleased to announce that our letterbox is not big enough to accommodate anything with a mains plug, no matter how flimsy the packaging.

(09:00:17) seems to have spent the first hour of my 'home alone morning' working out how cookies work. Heavens above I'm dull.

(10:06:46) is whatever the grown-up version of a 'script kiddy' is.

(13:46:19) is heading workwards - emails checked; not looking too traumatic, although that's not to say it won't all have kicked off when I get there!

(19:18:43) has been in the office for 5 hours already (give or take).. 40 minutes until the big thing.. sorting out emergency options! Hungry now.

(19:58:23) is disappointed that there were no tweeps in #radio4 con this evening.. I would've liked someone I know to witness my destructive power :D

(20:01:29) is all systems go. Well, awaiting a call from Deutschland. I would've thought better of their ruthless efficiency. Ahh.. there they are!

(20:09:39) is raiding the fridge. Where is the chutney..? WHERE? (etc)

(20:33:56) has had the BEST COMMENT EVER on my blog. It's so nice to see companies showing an interest in their customers :) *glees*

(20:37:01) likes: - I'm getting all excited about LEDs again. They are the future, y'know. Tiny little cavities of joy.

(20:40:33) can report that phase one has already been completed successfully - @DavidAnderson00 @sparkyannc may be encouraged to know that :)

Tweets for 29 Sep 2009


(05:23:02) is amazed how many people are up and awake at this time of the morning.. time for me to wend my merry way to work - so far it's a 3 for me..

(05:28:44) Ack! Itunes spam! Most annoying that I had to click "No thanks" to an offer that's practically irrelevant before it'd sync my iPod... d'oh!

(06:55:05) wonders if spending half an hour trying (and failing) to log my laptop into the work VPN through the coach's wi-fi counts as work..?

(07:14:43) finds central London to be extra stinky this morning. I think it has something to do with horses.

(07:50:09) can't believe how much effort it took #radio4 to get rights to put Desert Island Discs on iPlayer.. someone clearly didn't "get" t'internet!

(08:47:19) had to resist the temptation to respond to an attachment opportunity email with the question "Would I get a tazer?"

(09:48:25) is listening to a painfully slow-paced quiz on Forth 2. The best thing about internet radio is that there are plenty of alternatives... :D

(10:15:58) wonders to whom Ricky Gervais actually appeals. And why.

(11:32:06) despairs at how hard it is to be environmentally friendly. To get laser cartridges recycled takes - so far - three phone calls and a label.

(11:34:28) wonders - is there an easy way to remove 'internet enterpreneurs' and spammy things from a follower list..? I'm not above creating XML..

(11:48:36) has a Holiday Insurance Update. They need more documentation, and wrote to request it on the 15th Sept.. but the letter never arrived. Oop!

(12:16:43) can't believe some radio stations still haven't got the hang of not ripping off listeners (Radio Hartlepool, mainly):

(17:35:28) is ambling coachward, listening to @vobes's audio journal. I should get a wriggle on, really, since time waits for no man, nor does @easybus

(17:43:19) wonders if it was a man that invented the pencil skirt. Just a propos of nothing.

(17:44:46) is standing behind a man wearing a cloth cap at a jaunty angle. I bet he didn't invent the pencil skirt.

(18:37:47) is nearly home & all tired out. What to do this evening..? Ah yes- #BBC4 splendidness from 9pm. With bonus @charltonbrooker & retro geekery.

(20:03:36) is watching "Electric Dreams" on #BBC4 - it's the work of @giagia & @bobbyllew et al; I've already gone "Ooh! We had one of them!" twice...

(20:39:16) Blancmange! (or is it milk jelly? Or was it only our family that had that?) #electricdreams (The music is FABULOUS, too!)

(20:43:01) Things aren't nearly so brown any more. I had no idea there were so many shades (although my beige awareness is historical) #electricdreams

(21:09:51) absolutely ~loves~ #GamesWipe ... it's like a documentary about computer games, except much more rude.

(21:57:03) has had the best night in front of the telly in a long time - lots of misty-eyed moments! Remember Ceefax's Bamboozle?

(22:00:33) had better get to bed - a late one tomorrow, so I'll have to save my energy. Night night :)

(22:06:06) OK.. Apparently, Bamboozle wasn't Ceefax. It was either Oracle on 4 or 4-Tel (via @pontoondock) Mea Culpa! I used to fix Ceefax, too; d'oh!

Tweets for 28 Sep 2009


(06:31:27) isn't up yet but should be. One of these weeks I'll resolve to bound out of bed every morning. Just not today. Coffee spoons ready? Morning!

(08:00:05) has two words to describe where I am: coffee, morning. Although (this will make me sound like a snob); others would be 'instant' & 'ugh!' :D

(09:58:35) is home from a very civilised coffee morning (they had Wagon Wheels nom!) and having some toast before food shopping (very sensible, eh?).

(10:03:59) managed to break my favourite pint glass by knocking it on the floor. This wouldn't have happened if it was still missing. Bits ~everywhere~

(10:24:14) is having a brief snippet of Milton Jones comedy ( - iPlayer) ... light-hearted silliness for a Monday morning.

(11:12:16) is inspired to be poetic, while snaking evasively through the aisles of Tesco, observing passers-by, but it would be rubbish, so I won't.

(13:32:13) has finally got round to calling for the blood test results. "They all came back normal." Must be just me, then.

(13:39:30) is now on hold with the holiday insurance people.. I would've thought a month and a half would've been long enough for them to get sorted...

(13:42:20) (That's not to say I've been on hold for a month and a half.. although I have to say this speakerphone is a's awful hold music!)

(14:16:13) is off on the school run... 3.15 already? Where does the day go..? Scooters at the ready!

(16:53:41) has done a small amount of tidying. This evening, I will mainly be fiddling around with an internet radio directory. It's a passion. Fruit.

(18:18:50) has put the children to bed, and put the bins out. Can't believe it's only 7.15pm - the evening is yet young :)

(18:48:49) has checked work emails - no nasty surprises, thank heavens - just quite a few emails to people called Tony (and one to someone who isn't).

(19:05:05) I've posted something in my blog: OK, I'll admit it - I really like LEDs.

(20:11:58) has completely ruined the internet. Again. Sorry about that. I think I put too big a load on.

(21:55:55) has entirely fixed the internet, and is now going to bed, safe in the knowledge (most of which is from Wikipedia). Good night!

Tweets for 27 Sep 2009


(07:08:33) is barely awake and catching up on audioboos. @mark_tywharton's are always entertaining (, as are @bootooyoo's, too.

(07:10:55) has been treated to coffee in bed.. lovely :) Hopefully it'll raise me from the current 3 to a slightly more habitable 4 or 5 (Yesterday: 7)

(07:33:10) is handing out the books at Back To Church Sunday today. As opposed to "Back Of The Church" Sunday, which it is most weeks :D

(10:31:24) loves all this autumn sunshine. Perks up the mood & gives much-needed vitamin D (it's all the rage, apparently). I'm photosynthesizing.

(11:03:46) This fantastic bit of CBeebies ska brought the children rushing into the kitchen to listen...! (via @juliaball)

(11:10:45) is listening to RadioTeddy because Magic105.4 doesn't work on the wi-fi radio any more, either. These directories need to be more dynamic!

(12:41:32) has tired children today.. we're aiming for a quiet afternoon with a DVD and some blogging. With the windows open, definitely.

(14:02:19) is watching a fight scene taking place on David Hasselhoff's leg. Genius.

(14:40:54) is now half-watching March of the Penguins - stunning cinematography. They should do a film like that about giraffes. In tallscreen. JAMYEH!

(18:15:04) I've posted something in my blog: Normality (mainly) in autumn...

(19:14:19) ought to have something to drink.. feeling dehydrated and grumpy.

(19:28:14) thinks my iPod Touch makes a really sad noise when I plug it in. It's like "Oh well..."

(19:35:47) Yeah.. record breaking drug raid! (LutonToday) - that'll explain the police cars last week, then...

(20:18:52) has no idea why, but instead of booking commuting tickets, I ended up looking up "Verlan" on wikipedia. Do I have ADD.. oh look! Handcream!

(21:58:35) is going - once again - to resist the temptation to spend money and go to bed. Good night :)

Tweets for 26 Sep 2009


(06:02:55) is not awake yet, despite the stirring of our earlybird children. Half an hour more dozing thankyouplease.

(07:26:28) RT @scyrene: Why do the morons who build these robots (who @ message me) think I'd click on their scabby links? What a waste of time! [yup!]

(07:28:05) has @FunKids on the wi-fi radio - lots of perky cheery songs and some woman pretending to be Dennis The Menace. That'll wake me up! :)

(07:44:07) had better get going. It's nearly nine-o'clock. Heavens above. Still enjoying the echoes of an interesting, somewhat recurring waking dream.

(07:46:56) RT @nxmee: i managed to put 19 socks on 1 foot last night [syz: That's my son, that is. I'm so proud]

(15:58:09) is home and sleepy. Splendid times with @Marvin_engl, @cloudexplosion, @Matildamouse and co in Oxfordshire - the children had fun :)

(18:31:33) has just come home from - an art exhibition in Dunstable. Very good it was, too - worth a visit.

(20:06:03) is in charge of the childrens while @poots goes to a very civilised party. It's been a busy day- must sort out all the family photos I took.

(22:52:12) had better get to bed, really. All a bit tiring, this being awake business. Night!

Tweets for 25 Sep 2009


(05:30:08) is heading out of the door already.. the first 45 minutes of the day go far too quickly. Off I go, then. Really going now. Yes. Gone. (etc).

(06:16:28) is, once again, being treated to some Jason coach driving. I may well arrive at work before I left the house. Hertfordshire is zipping by.

(06:19:24) is listening to @vobes being shown around @gilesbabbidge's village, and once again musing on a short, weekly 'All About Luton' podcast.

(06:19:59) needs to write another blog entry - it's looking rather bare again.

(06:46:31) is having a '5' day. I feel like my muscles are atrophying; not sure they are, but I've not done much of such exercise. Not one for weights.

(07:09:10) likes what my iPod does with the 'Genius Playlist' thing. It works best with lots of MP3s, I think. Having an 80s walk to the office.JAMYEH!

(08:07:12) RT @vobes: #followfriday - the Vobes, a great ninny with historic expectations.. :) [syz: bless 'im - he's not got the hang of hashtags :D]

(08:19:16) has written an email to the manufacturer of our our Wi-Fi radio, since BBC Local Radio has ceased streaming in RealAudio; 30+ stations:gone.

(08:26:12) may well be seeing Ken Brucemaster for tea and cake later. How exciting is that?

(08:29:00) would like to recommend "@jonronson on.." #radio4 last night ( - iPlayer) ..being invisible. Had a @jonholmes1 in it, too.

(08:37:33) RT @JemStone @syzygy Hi James. BBC soon to start offering local radio in WMA for wifi radios. @imyatt will confirm when.

(09:08:52) can't believe how many islands Germany has round its northern coast; kinda makes the Isles of Wight & Man (& Sheppey :D) look a bit rubbish!

(10:50:53) is trying to work something out. Shh.

(12:32:30) has helpfully been sent the URLs for streaming WMA media for BBC Local and National Radio. - next, sending 'em to PenBex.

(12:34:07) is all about the booklet format. And I'm worried that my breath is not fresh enough. You'd tell me discreetly, wouldn't you..?

(12:46:28) might apply to be Chief Executive of ITV.

(12:53:52) wonders who at @innocentdrinks thinks it's a good idea to drive a grass-covered ice cream van round London playing an "O Danny Boy" chime?:D

(13:03:42) is off for a constiutional;have podcasts: will amble. Want anything while I'm out? (Except Cadbury Fudge-it's impossible to buy round here!)

(14:23:17) is back in the office, and straight back out again, to help install a rather large RAID array. Two Man Lift [a band name if ever I saw one!]

(17:28:51) is on a warm coach (Van Hool Acron T917 route 757, no.83) with borked wi-fi. But I have a seat & the prospect of being home soon. So JAMYEH!

(17:50:14) "Together In Electric Dreams"..mmm! Perfect pop. I think I model my singing on Phil Oakey's voice. Which explains why I sound a bit strangly

(19:25:42) is home & has had yummy foods. However, my favourite pint glass that I put down somewhere yesterday, full of water, has not yet reappeared.

(19:26:31) (it is worth pointing out that the glass was full of water, not me - although I was approaching 80% water at the time).

Tweets for 24 Sep 2009


(05:19:27) is awake, and listening to last night's Chain Reaction on #radio4. I'm not sure Alistair Campbell is a very nice man. He doesn't seem kind.

(05:29:23) is out the door and up the hill in one fell swoop. Well, I will be when I put my trousers on. They're essential wear for the man about town.

(06:14:31) loves the low mist across the fields beside the motorway - the sun is low, casting long shadows over an amber glow; autumn can be beautiful.

(06:54:35) is sleepy. An hour of sitting in the same seat can't be good - the prospect of a mile walk ahead is resfreshing, in the gentle sunshine.

(07:57:33) is in the office, hearing stories of a high-speed crash outside BH - one of my colleagues was nearly knocked over by an out-of-control BMW!

(08:24:11) Borked car after it lost control zooming up Regent Street & nearly crashed into Broadcasting House last night []

(10:23:59) has been updating a spreadsheet, so I can update a spreadsheet, so I can raise a change request. I'm sure there's a Greek legend about this.

(10:54:07) is off to see the wizard; the wonderful wizard of JAMYEH!

(13:00:10) is in Outpatients with @poots (for the long haul, it seems.. we'll wait until JAMYEH arrives). There's an inexplicable mirror in here. Odd.

(13:05:15) has already lost interest now. Time to break out the iPod Touch and see if I can set up an ad-hoc wi-fi access point. I'm easily pleased.

(17:42:06) is back on Twitter after a round trip to Cockney Hospital, then home to catch up with work. (Thanks, @hadenmaiden; it went quickly & OK :)

(17:57:38) reckons Twitter is practically the only place online where I can converse with a local vicar, a Radio 4 announcer and, er, a @canuckuk. Top.

(18:13:21) still hasn't met the legendary JAMYEH. But his name will live on forever. Whether he likes it or not :D

(20:24:46) - I think I'll never tire of looking at the massive glass roof of St. Pancras [it's a good long walk!]

(21:26:14) is off to bed after another busy, stressful day. A shower, & some jotting of reminders into Evernote (not at the same time) first. G'night!

(21:58:18) had better get to sleep before Friday arrives. It looks mildly irked, and I don't want to have to explain my tardiness. Goodnight properly!

Tweets for 23 Sep 2009


(05:26:48) is off to race dawn to the airport - there was a spectacular satsuma sunrise over there last week.. wish I'd taken the camera. Good morning!

(08:21:31) has been enjoying my (really!) early birthday present from @poots - a brand new 64GB iPod Touch.. my whole MP3 collection on there FTW(nfc)!

(08:53:11) is going to print this out: (JPG - sfw), laminate it and put it on my desk for extra bonus smiles (thanks, @poots!)

(09:10:31) wonders whether Alistair Campbell has a lot of time on his hands or just a need for publicity; he's appearing all over the place these days.

(09:14:51) is the only specialist in the village (well, OK, the second floor office) again today.

(11:28:30) is a bit overcome with trivia and irritants. I don't think I've seen a user use Edit->Copy .. Edit->Paste in a LONG time. Special needs meh.

(11:47:24) has had half an hour of my life wasted by someone in Manchester. Hmm. Local support letdown.

(12:03:02) Right.

(12:12:33) is going to have something to eat and a brief pre-meeting constitutional before I lose any more faith in humanity (not you - you're great).

(12:17:07) wonders what @ChipAlliance are like live (Myspace tunes here: - CHOON!)- they're playing Luton on the 25th Sept. Tempted!

(12:41:14) thinks Chris Packham has the right idea.. (The Register).

(14:50:35) is having my brain melted by genealogy. I understand about 78% of this (26% of which came from an earlier conversation). Overwrite? [Y/N]

(15:04:09) "When a Style is Born" by Harry Biggerfontsize #aproposofnothing

(16:35:50) is a carrot cruncher.

(18:07:25) is zooming home on a coach driven by Jason, who drives like he's in control of a 12 litre version of a Citroen Saxo. This won't take long...

(18:48:26) has arrived home in record time (90 mins door to door) & discovered that my iPod speaker doesn't turn off if I plug non-Apple headphones in!

(21:36:33) is listening to Messrs. @jamescridland & @jonholmes1 do the talkings on the Radio Academy podcast ( Worth a listen, then.

(21:38:43) bids you a fond, slightly melony goodnight.

Tweets for 22 Sep 2009


(05:00:52) can't see clearly enough to tweet at this time of the morning. So I won't.

(06:07:38) is trying to create a compound verb combining 'doze' and 'commute' so I can describe what I'm doing in a concise way...

(09:28:47) has caffeine effects - work inbox down to one undead message.. can't find the link to a Flash-based music sequencer I'm sure was tweeted :(

(11:34:32) is struggling to do anything earth-shattering, or even cogent. I have a list, though. And not in a "poorly loaded cargo ship" way. Probably.

(11:39:56) wonders what the resonant frequency is of an office desk, and whether it could be converted into an effective subwoofer.

(11:48:49) is listening to @petecooper's Bleepshow ( - Machinae Supremacy - Flight Of The Toyota ftw(nfc)

(16:05:11) has been introduced to the genre of Rockney by a colleague who is now aware Dave out of Chas 'n Dave has left Chas 'n Dave. Quite startling.

(16:17:58) has no cake. Some "Healthy Choices" dried tomato flavoured biscuits were offered but they're not the same. Mind, don't want to spoil my tea.

(21:31:48) went to bed ages ago.. this iPod Touch screen is casting a glow which is keeping me awake... s'pose I'd better switch off & sleep. Night

Tweets for 21 Sep 2009


(06:27:51) is not enjoying the bleak news on @R4Today this morning.. Lib Dem cuts; CBI student concerns & repeated clips of Ricky Gervais's voice. Ugh.

(06:50:56) has porridge, won't travel.

(07:05:37) Ooh @kathyclugston .. ooh @kathyclugston .. ooh @kathyclugston on the radio. #1980sRadio1JingleRemake

(07:24:27) RT @fridgemagnet2: bizarely, following my recent post on biscuit related hazards- r actually advertising on t'radio

(07:30:37) is off on a 50% school run. All the walking, half the progeny. @superalora's teacher is a bit grumpy, but you can't have everything.

(08:13:31) is pleased that @superalora's teacher seems to be in a better mood this morning - she even said good morning to me(!) Today: dishwasher man!

(08:17:39) is perturbed, but not surprised that - after 4 months of regular calls - I no longer need to look up the Dishwasher People's phone number :/

(08:43:08) has received junk mail addressed: "Mr J Hart, Geri Halliwell Towers, Luton" (plus the postcode); lots of scrawling in biro, but it arrived!

(08:50:34) has noticed that there isn't a #weloveroyalmail hashtag. In some ways, I do (mainly when birthday cards don't go missing). Don't send cash!

(08:55:25) has a Dishwasher Update! Three of the engineers are stricken with swine 'flu; the fourth has the runs. Sounds like a no-go today, then. Heh.

(09:01:15) is going to propel myself into "RIGHT!"eousness, and do something useful, like cleaning out the fishtank. JAMYEH.

(09:29:10) has done the fish. More coffee, I think. And I might grab a nice pear before they go too mushy.

(09:41:03) wonders when the "Cheese eating surrender monkeys" 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Google search stopped bringing up the French tourist board's website.

(09:41:27) didn't have room for the #casualracism tag on my last tweet.

(13:01:19) ought to do something more productive... 1hr 15mins till school run time. I shall start by putting even more paint on a door. Want some tea?

(13:26:43) The Afternoon Play has got loud techno (mmm!) incidentals music and swearing (hmm...) on it. Something of a departure for #radio4, I think

(17:49:00) has been a bit busy with router reconfiguration, after adding one device to the wi-fi list. It didn't go well... full factory reset needed.

(18:29:53) can hear some lovely snippets of birdsong outside. At least, I think it's birdsong - these Twitter clients get everywhere.

(18:30:49) RT @Richard_C: @syzygy Pleased to report that 'French military victories' 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Google search, still works #casualjingoism

(18:50:51) is quite impressed with this Aldi bargain: ... I've just adapted @nxmee's bedside light to run with LEDs.. cool!

(21:50:14) is off to bed.. a little late (as always!) Tuesday approaches like a herd of wildebeest at a dry cleaner's convention. Good night!

Tweets for 20 Sep 2009


(06:51:52) wishes you happy Sunday action/inaction. The coffee machine is on, Aled's on the wireless and @superalora is watching Wedding TV. Mornin'!

(07:02:19) isn't impressed with the quality of my porridge this morning. Should've soaked the oat things for longer, I think. Or mashed it up bigstyle.

(07:23:38) wants to create a compilation CD ("complication CD" typo.. hmm) of all the silly whimsical songs that cheer me up. Or an MP3 playlist?

(07:44:29) came across this rather lovely Portal-based trance track in the MP3 collection (found by @nxmee) .. (YT) Blippybloop!

(07:48:53) wonders how many people there are called "Archie Bishop", and whether any has aspirations to be a head honcho of the Church of England..

(12:40:28) has this odd thing @poots & I do: if there's a song playing, we'll listen until some random point where we both spontaneously sing a line.

(13:05:14) has had pie (thanks @poots!), now: relaxing after failing to compile another piece of software. Well, I would if @nxmee wasn't being sick.

(17:39:24) has had more sewing machine action with @superalora this afternoon - sorted out trouser pockets(!), mixer dust covers & a SuperAlora cape :D

(18:12:38) is putting both children to bed. Another Sunday ends - certainly in terms of daylight, anyway!

(18:41:42) is getting out the Glenn Medeiros for a toastie.

(19:03:04) has, through skill & dexterity, managed to move @poots's brainitch from "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" to mine: Eye Level. HA! :D

(19:48:23) is in the studio, seeing if something a little more creative may be possible tonight.. I will not be holding my breath (that would be silly)

(22:19:40) is off to bed, after an evening of something, but not really very much. Plugging on, despite the lack of originality. Perseverence. Night!

Tweets for 19 Sep 2009


(06:23:04) is awake and listening to #radio4's Feedback podcast .. a lot about Wogan's (and Laycock's) departure from #radio2. A slow Saturday start..

(06:54:38) has made a mental note: the first half of #radio4 Feedback is worth listening to; the rest is a superficial exposé of radio programmes. Meh.

(08:01:07) has spent much of the first hour of the day tinkering with parental controls & the children's PCs - it's like being a SysAdmin at home :D

(08:03:08) has received children's book (Brussels the Terrier) won in a competition on the @vobes show; looking forward to reading it with @superalora.

(08:07:44) Yay! The Other Nine! Three Countries Radios! Now! Saturday morning mayhem.. splendid. (@NineOClockShow on the Twitter)

(09:33:24) Yarr! Arr! Swab the poopdeck yer scurvy dog, and then go and forage for a triple-shot Americano with a splash of milk. A-ha!

(10:10:51) just found a 9 month old receipt in my trousers pocket. Odd, given I've not had them for that long & they've been washed a few times since..

(10:19:47) will apply myself to housework for ten minutes. Ready go.

(11:39:34) has dispensed with the boy for the afternoon, but have now come over all dozy. It's a bright day outside, though.. must make the most of it.

(11:49:47) "Sinking Allowed" .. or "Yo Ho Home Planet" .. "Yesterday in Parrrliament?" or just listen to the oldies on Classic Dubloons #pirateradio

(11:58:38) is blaming Derren Brown for every occasion when I can't be bothered to get up off my bottom and do something more useful. That'll learn him.

(13:26:19) won't forget the oft-repaired cheap sunglasses this afternoon.. where has this last gasp of summer come from? Not too hot, though yay!

(13:38:02) is going to finish my coffee and get some vitamin D (from natural sources). À bientôt!

(17:23:10) is pied up, and has painted a door for a bit. The children are watching Walk On The Wildside; as @RobJD quite rightly said: FTW(nfc).JAMYEH!

(17:54:37) Question from @nxmee: "Why is 'pamphlet' a comedy word?"

(18:24:26) has done back-based mischief shifting the studio door into the house to avoid night-time. Oops.

(21:18:20) has been noodling in the studio. Mainly seeing if I could get all my synths to make a noise at the same time. They can. It is a bad noise :)

(21:40:19) is going to look on a USB stick for a song I wrote, then retire to my boudoir. In the meantime, this is my Official Goodnight Tweet. Night!

Tweets for 18 Sep 2009


(05:07:37) is barely awake & achey. I can actually recall a dream I had, but it was rubbish (basically trying to find a shop selling multimode fibre:S)

(05:08:01) is getting out of bed The Burkiss Way.

(07:27:58) has coffee (downgrading to one cup a day..) & lots of ideas for status screen coding. But first to get 30,000 items of resilience data back.

(08:08:38) is told there's free McDonalds coffee in London's Metro newspaper this morning. Not actual coffee, you understand. A voucher, presumably.

(08:18:56) is doing that Evil Overlord "My system works... ahahhahahaahahha!" thing. I think I'm going to forage for discarded Metros for a bit.

(08:24:34) had NO idea until this morning that 4Hero's version of "Les Fleur" was an #UnnecessaryCoverVersion.. Minnie Riperton's original is perfect.

(09:05:59) #FollowFriday The population of Staines.

(11:16:39) has just been told (by @roblound) about a rather nice bit of kit - a micro HDMI media player.. neato! (eBuyer)

(11:22:05) has discovered the delights of AviDemux ( I'll try its DVB stream transcoding wonders later.. (for ref, @fridgemagnet2)

(11:50:56) is pizza time.

(11:52:45) is all about the #echofon. And pizza. Although I ought really to give my fingers a quick wipe before I use my iPod Touch. Splendid Fridays.

(15:23:40) hears, it would seem, the police have once again raided a house on our street for drugs. I s'pose it's over three years since the last one..

(19:50:34) AudioBoo: Homeward boo [of little consequence]

(20:25:21) is home and catching up on Week Mockage. Laughings.

(21:21:47) will never buy a Peugeot ever ever ever ever ever. Ever. Or a gun.

(22:00:00) Bednight!

(22:20:01) Bedded. Proper night night!

Tweets for 17 Sep 2009


(05:05:32) is sleepy & still horizontal. This bed needs motorizing (although the M1 may be a hazardous). It's clearly been a busy night, too. Mornin'!

(07:44:35) is at work, and has coffee (one mug, strong.. just how I like it). I'm having trouble finding 30,000 items I played with yesterday, though..

(07:55:05) AudioBoo: Bad noise boo [the building site blues]

(08:01:58) would very much like them to stop strangling that angle grinder now, please. Put us all out of its misery.

(08:04:21) - @leica0000 My mug is not only strong, but cheery and ~extremely~ cherished... a gift from the US from a dear ...

(11:13:36) has had coffee and bagel with Mr @Vobes - good to see he's faring better. Now: difficult negotiations resume. Also other things.

(11:16:52) RT @SteveDoherty1: PRODUCT OF THE YEAR - (please watch, if only for her expression at 0'59") via: @simonmhickson et al

(11:36:29) has discovered something. It explains a lot. But doesn't help with the negotiations that are forthcoming. Hmm

(11:59:37) thinks you are both amazing and great You know who you are.

(12:54:37) is trying to do ecological maths. 150W of lights, on for 2 hours a day, 300 days per year @ (say) 20p per kWh = £9 per year.. is that right?

(16:47:34) has been setting up a Monitoring System. Ohyes.

(17:36:11) is proceeding in a homeward defection. Tomorrow is made of background noise & Vermicious Knids, but no Errol (not a gerbil). All for nowhy.

(18:18:08) watched 15 mins 21 seconds of BBC3's "Lunch Monkeys" before I decided it is definitely not for me. Sub "The Office" cringey sitcom. Nah.

(19:38:46) is home and in search of pineapple after tasty toad-in-the-hole nomming. Current static electric charge: 3.4

(20:29:41) is going to get an early night for a change. Where early = going to bed at about the right time. For a change. Good night :)

Tweets for 16 Sep 2009


(04:59:30) Dark, innit?

(05:24:07) has just discovered that the BBC have commissioned another series of "Sorry I've Got No Head" - brilliant! ( - Chortle)

(07:52:15) keeps finding bits of grit in my shoe. With my feet. If anybody knows who's putting grit in my shoe, please call the hotline: 0845 999999992

(08:45:26) has just read a review by The Times of my lovely friend @fluffymuppet's quite good book: It's very complimentary. Yay!

(08:53:09) Inspector Sands to the control room, please. Inspector Sands to the control room.

(09:08:21) can't find my "Shut Up Errol" banner.

(10:21:59) is, while 20,000 items are systematically being marked for deletion, going to get Dr Scholl's help & pay a cheque in. Entirely unconnected.

(11:09:50) wonders why my hands smell like I've been holding a balloon. I have not been holding a balloon.

(11:20:07) would probably be about 15p better off over the course of my lifetime if I had a Boots Avantage Card. That's a free finger of Fudge. Meh.

(12:09:07) Oh rissoles.

(12:18:28) is discussing meaningless euphemisms. I intend to invent some. Like "I'm off to behead Ainsley Harriott" or "Time to administer a boot sale"

(12:20:34) wonders: is it immoral to apply for a job on behalf of someone else, when they are unaware of the application..?

(15:02:13) has an entirely full brain, and still LOADS more organising to do. I don't ~do~ organising. This can only end badly. Screen break now. Yes.

(16:54:55) likes the feel of these new insoles (on my feet, not hands). I shall wear them going home. Going forward.

(16:58:12) can't get Google Chrome running on my Windows 2000 box, so I've run a Linux virtual machine, and have got it working over Cygwin & SSH /geek

(17:20:39) is going to go to go home home. All tired and that, though. Can't be having that. Might have a tidy of my desk before I go. That'll help.

(19:34:38) can't do the eyebrows.

(20:32:41) is about 85% of the way through some kind of organisation of the next month. I think I've missed some important bits, but hey. I do that.

(21:16:55) had better get to bed, and resist the temptation to apply all the XP service packs & patches to @nxmee's netbook that it needs. Night!

Tweets for 15 Sep 2009


(05:32:21) Atomic batteries to power.. turbines to speed.. time to trudge up the hill to Luton Airport for another magical mystery coach tour. Morning!

(06:54:00) is wondering what's borked on Finchley Rd this morning - it's jammed up. Today's a '4' day (so far).. quite achey. Coffee soon, though, yay.

(09:41:29) is raising change requests like a man repossessed.

(12:27:34) is about to be whisked away in the rain to a picnic with some free-thinking sorts. This is going to be interesting. And damp.

(13:59:35) is making tea. Want some? Unfortunately, I have no biscuits. Sorry. Or cake.

(14:58:00) can feel another reorg coming on.

(15:11:09) is in a meeting all about the new structure. I am bewildered. But that's fairly normal.

(16:24:09) saw the pilot shows of We Need Answers on BBC4 and very much liked them. Shall we have a Twitter outing to a recording?

(16:42:55) is ordering as many tickets as I can (4, then) for Friday 30th October's "We Need Answers"; if you'd like to join me, please book some too!

(19:40:08) is officially an Apple NON-fanboy. I suspect the latest firmware update on my iPod touch has knobbled my Macally iVoice III. Gah. Bah! etc.

(20:25:17) wishes I was better at remembering people's names. I should write more things down (quite possibly on people). It's what Sharpies are for.

(20:49:18) forgot to tweet: I now have a jumper for one of the two weddings I have to attend next year. Now I just need some gauntlets for the other.

(21:12:20) Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail Apple #fail then.

(21:36:37) AudioBoo: Grumpy Apple #fail boo [now with added drizzle]

(21:39:09) is off to bed before I get into any more trouble. I appear to be closing my tweeting day like this more often these days. Uhoh.. night!

Tweets for 14 Sep 2009


(06:27:51) Is attempting a reveille, hindered somewhat by what seems to be an extension to 'silly season' on Today.. is there really nothing going on?

(08:48:43) would rather like a decent cup of coffee about now. Nearly blood test & shopping time. It's awfully quiet without the children here. *peace*

(11:42:38) has come back from the blood test (no biscuits afterwards.. not like donating then BOO) and weekly shop - double Clubcard Points FTW(nfc)

(12:05:07) may buy a new green jumper this afternoon. The weather's got a bit of a chill stuck to it. Helps my More Jumpers At Weddings campaign, too.

(14:00:10) is back from town and one jumper better off. Brillig. Next: trudge up the hill with a pair of scooters. It's what gravity would've wanted.

(14:59:30) can smell chicken.

(15:06:57) wonders what, in the wide world of sport, is "iTunes U"? Apple does my head in with their random new stuff that has no documentation. Bleh.

(16:28:44) shouldn't be playing Mario Kart Wii, but is. The children are entertained by my #fail.

(17:33:25) is at the sitting & staring stage. Never good. Time to do something - such things normally initiated by a "Right..!" So here goes. Right..!

(18:30:05) didn't quite make it to the 'Right..!' stage.. feeling a little drained now. @poots has made camomile tea.. not long till bedtime.

(20:24:33) has reached the stage where I'm trying to kill a housefly with an electric bug zapper bat thing and some chutney. Best head to bed. Night!

(20:52:31) is asleep. Shh! *night*

Tweets for 13 Sep 2009


(06:21:57) is awake, prompted by noises on the landing - the children have stirred, and are quietly nattering combatively. Audioboo catchup time, so.

(06:48:49) loves this 'boo: - @xpresscoffee, post-warehouse-sleepout with his boys. I can only aspire to such excellent shenanigans.

(07:54:46) has discovered BBC1's "Walk on the Wild Side"- most amusing, and actually quite good Saturday evening entertainment. A Johnny Morris JAMYEH.

(08:42:24) keeps saying "fewer" to the radio. This is owing to @poots's & @Ms_Howard's perspicacious tenacity on such heinous errors. Mainly mine :D

(11:49:20) Radio 2's Sunday line-up.. Aled Jones; Ronan Keating (in for Steve Wright); Michael Ball; Elaine Page.. I'm getting a theme here...

(12:12:08) lasers!

(12:59:51) RT @petecooper: any takers for a mario kart wii game from 2pm uk time i'm 4339-5994-5496. send me [pete] your numbers [sys: I'll be there!]

(15:09:24) - Three-quarters of the way through long-overdue sanding down of the studio door.. @superalora's been helping!

(15:40:46) RT @emalyse: UK Freecycle moderators break away from US network [syz: no surprise.. it could be done so much better!]

(17:23:08) knows pop, right? Sugababes' "About You Now": good structure, lyric & arrangement. "Get Sexy", however, left me speechless. Who bought it?!

(18:56:42) has been getting all nostalgic, playing Z_Virus_V2 ( - the PC remake of Zarch.. I am still rubbish at it, but it's top!

(21:19:50) has blood tests in 12 hours time, and needs to fast. Thank heavens I can still drink water; I'm a thirsty houseplant. Time for reading time.

(21:41:07) is closing down all major interfaces for the night. If you want me, it's going to have to be gravel on the window. Night night!

Tweets for 12 Sep 2009


(22:26:27) has to admit to playing with wobbly synth bass all the time Last Of The Summer Proms was on. Does that make me a heathen? (I'm back, btw).

(22:47:55) is off to bed, after a day of sunshine, musical incompetence, pottering, and generally being At Home. I can't recommend it enough. Night!

Tweets for 11 Sep 2009


(05:11:23) is going to approach Friday with clinical precision. Of a sports injury clinic of uncertain repute. Best get on with it, then. Mornin'!

(07:28:28) has made a successful second stage re-entry into the work network. Attempting full landing in 5 mins. Coffee boosters required. Red alert!

(07:39:08) RT @giagia: If you've not yet read it, Gordon Brown's apology to Alan Turing is rather moving:

(07:43:25) has coffee, which equips me fully for the Change Management system and the Software Ordering system. I'm on a bureaucratic high, here. (!)

(08:14:04) observes that some engineers seem to spend longer looking at the staff rota than actually fixing stuff. The coloured squares are hypnotic.

(11:01:49) is having to write diplomatic emails today. Still.. two down, two to go (and one should be relatively straightforward. Famous last words?)

(12:22:43) has had a long and complicated meeting involving all kinds of destruction. Time for some pizza and a break from diplomatic emails. JAMYEH.

(12:38:32) has pizza and knows how to use it.

(12:50:00) is in the mood for a B-56 now, having discovered what one is.

(13:00:57) missed out on the action at the other side of Luton.. apparently a fire engine ploughed into a car near the half-finished traffic lights.

(16:02:56) RT @Z80GameCoder: Finland dominates World Mobile Phone throwing competition [syz: look out.. it'll nokia block off!]

(16:48:49) has just realised. I have a smidgeon of brie and some crackers - perfect to line my stomach for a quick drinky after work. Nommings.

(19:52:40) is home & sleepy, two pints of cheap bitter & some very tasty lamb chops better off. TwitterFon saw fit to miss out some tweets: wherefore?

(19:57:40) is physically, mentally and, er, a third adverb to make it sound effectively exhausted. Wheel me up to the edge of heaven, would you, dear?

(20:11:13) was told by @poots: earlier, @superalora said "I'd love to sponsor a panda cub, but Daddy wouldn't let me, because he hates pandas." Awww..!

(20:15:19) has learned a lot today.. just hoping there'll not be a written test. Going analogue for 24hrs (unless something remarkable happens!) Night!

Tweets for 10 Sep 2009


(05:41:19) is barely awake & trying to work out whether to go back to sleep again for half an hour is a good or bad idea. My body is definitely faulty.

(06:59:59) has coffee. Better boot up the grid and get connected to my work unimatrix. We are borg.

(08:21:32) is enjoying BBC Three Counties Radio's @NineOClockShow. If #radio4 is worth the licence fee alone, The Nine is a none-too-shabby free gift.

(10:33:06) is having a good stretch after doing little this morning apart from writing emails in response to a "Riddle Me This!" from our supplier...

(10:48:22) is KING HACKER of obscure playout systems. Also, I'm mainlining dolly mixture. These may well be connected. Aspergers meets Type 2 diabetes?

(10:53:31) ~sighs~ This phone call is slowing me down.

(14:13:54) seems to be making progress. This can't be right.

(15:05:08) RT @poots: [wibbly wobbly left-hand ball in Derren Brown's Lottery trick.. evidence of tampering?] linky:

(15:38:31) has done a greater variety of things today than I was expecting. Time to tinker with system monitoring agents before 'hometime'. JAMYEH.

(15:38:57) got a sadface email from my boss, though. They count double.

(18:02:50) loves the juxtaposition: 2 links, either end of the beauty spectrum. (YouTube SFW) (borderline NSFW:D)

(18:08:56) is off to collect the boy from cubs.. it's been a while since I've done that. Then, I'm not sure how to spend my evening. Feeling oddly odd.

(18:42:05) "Every 15 minutes someone in the UK starts to lose their sight" It worries me a bit that I had to stare quite hard to read that.#oneandother

(20:57:09) had better get to bed. I've method statements to copy.. I mean write tomorrow. Best be on top of my game. Or maybe Hobo Friday..? Goodnight!

Tweets for 09 Sep 2009


(05:05:52) Is listening to The Mitchell & Webb Sound on #radio4 iPlayer. Actually better than the telly version. Glad they're still doing it. Up now.

(08:27:07) is esconced at work.. feeling about 3-4/10 today (trying to log my achiness to see if there's a pattern). Not quite sure where to start...

(08:28:12) thinks this is a jolly good invention: (sfw) although I imagine it looks a bit odd on one's head.

(09:33:32) has a Dishwasher Update! They don't know why Dishwasher Andy didn't turn up "That's not like him.." - next visit: the morning of 21/09. Woo.

(14:13:29) has just signed up to be sent some free Lenor ( - and, of course, have my personal details marketed. NOM! Free food!

(14:16:35) is back in the office after one of those liaison meeting things. Better do the things I said I was going to do, then. In a bit.

(14:47:30) is still going. Just.

(16:45:29) definitely mustn't miss England's kickabout this evening- this will ensure they lose (despite allegedly smashing up all Croatia's players:D)

(17:09:49) I really really, really can't tell if this is Nathan Barley Comedy. It gives me Irony Malfunction: (via @griffinkate)

(17:56:10) is very warm in a very warm coach. I may well be melted by Luton Airport -pour me off at stop 12, please...

(18:46:55) is fully laden (some presents delivered to work) so may well risk the shuttle bus. Kick-off has nothing to do with it :D

(19:43:08) Note to self: don't catch up on tweets while watching the England Foopballing on catch-up. Croatia may well have scored two goles.

(19:54:38) Cool! The Croations have got 'Steady on old chap' Sign (also known as 'Limited clearance' sign) socks. It's a good look. Mmm drinkies.

(20:05:29) Nut Cutlet City Limits #VegetarianPop

(20:07:44) Quorn to be wild (I'm sure someone's already done that one) #VegetarianPop

(20:16:58) still doesn't like ITV commentaries. Even now they've got rid of the man who isn't very good. Considering accessorizing with 5Live ...

(20:19:46) Who could forget Chris Rea's Auberg(in)e? Or perhaps The Beatles' "I am the Eggplant.. I am the Raw pulse" (sorry!) #vegetarianpop

(20:25:19) Cliff Richard & the Young Ones - "Living Dhal". Or maybe the Humous League's "Bean Boiled".. Or anything by Falafel 42 #VegetarianPop

(20:28:11) is quite impressed by the number of goals that have been kicked in during this game. Still being shushed by @poots about the final outcome..

(21:40:21) has a mate who works for an epilepsy charity - he needs as many signatures for this No.10 petition as possible, please:

(21:50:33) How did Derren Brown do with the lottery results? Is he filthy rich now?

(22:00:11) will now do a very clever disappearing trick, involving a playing card with David Blaine's face on it, Derren Brown's laptop & a goat.Night!

Tweets for 08 Sep 2009


Tweets for 07 Sep 2009


(07:02:40) would like to wish you a good morning, and is therefore doing so through the medium of words. Good morning. Please help yourself to coffee.

(08:08:52) isn't sure what to make of Chris Evans taking over from Terry Wogan as R2 breakfast host. Is Simon Mayo still replacing Ken Bruce, too..?

(10:18:58) - I saw this lying on the road when I was out buying chocolate yesterday.. wonder if it was in a fit of pique.. ...

(14:20:26) is back home after a Proper Shopping Trip with @poots - a good sign of recovery! Ate at Morrisons near you, @GardenCity_Mark.. very nice :)

(14:24:02) has made coffee again & has banana bread FTW(nfc) - saving the Wm Morrison's Shop Baked Cherry Pie for later.. come on over for a slice!

(16:37:33) is back from the doctors with more nosey spray & a letter to get a blood test. Who knows, it might explain what's wrong with me.. or not..!

(16:45:17) - Please could you help identify this breed of dog [the stuffed toy; suggestions of @superalora's origins won't ...

(17:02:28) would like to thank @giagia, @leica0000 & @psweetman who are brilliant. The consensus is a Shar Pei. As opposed to a Sharpie. Thank you! :)

(17:49:21) has been reunited with the errant wedding ring. No excitement nor intrigue - it had merely fallen on the floor by my bedside table. Boo.

(18:37:51) is preparing a tasty ploughmans salad while listening to the @vobes show. Monday evenings like they should be. Pickle nommions.

(19:59:49) is taking last calls for cherry pie and custard. And squirty cream if I can find it...

(20:30:16) is off to bed after a brief 'boo.. the working week starts tomorrow, and I need all the beauty sleep I can get. Good night!

Tweets for 06 Sep 2009


(08:33:55) has had a satisfactory Sunday so far, of drinking COFFEE & showing the children how to iron a shirt (@poots will show them the proper way).

(08:35:05) really laughed at @johndredge's latest Programme Show ( and so did the children. And so did the goldfish. And Lionel.

(11:18:31) is amused by the way the children can take a phrase & turn into a musical refrain.. like one long episode of Wonderpets. "This is sewious!"

(13:30:32) is making a cup of tea and listening to the latest @homemadehitshow - always inspirational when I'm trying to get back on the music horse(?)

(14:09:51) is having another listen to @fluffymuppet's AKG40 ( and looking at this: ... more deterrents needed!

(15:10:21) was worried that our hard disk DVD recorder thing was borked..turns out that epro basic DVD-Rs simply don't work on it (

(15:20:56) has added this to the 'entirely unnecessary' category of my tech wishlist.. (making headlights look dim WIN[nfc])

(17:10:50) is just about to reach the "Right..!" moment, when I realise it's now ten past six, and I probably haven't done something that needs doing.

(18:57:27) has sparked up the George Formby for some tuna melt panini action. If you'd like one sent through the internet tubes, now's your chance...

(19:35:06) is sparking up the MarioKart Wii (to kick @BaronHawkey's butt ;).. come one come all: 5241-7201-3887 :)

(22:07:29) will go to bed and dream about designing a Trivia Alarm that goes off whenever I get distracted & end up looking stuff up on Google. Night!

Tweets for 05 Sep 2009


(17:37:40) had to break Twitter silence with: (YouTube sfw) Sorry to @poots, who's heard it too many times today (C & L love it!)

(21:29:33) has had a lovely Saturday, despite the temptation to tweet, and finally got round to calling my mother, with whom I had a long chat. Grand.

(21:45:01) has a new kitchen table centrepiece.. [though the children didn't believe me when I said they're great on muffins]

(22:18:41) might just go to bed. My pint glass of water is entirely empty, and my brain seems to be following suit. Night night :) À demain, alors...

Tweets for 04 Sep 2009


(07:43:39) has worked out why wi-fi doesn't work in one of the @easyBus coaches (typo in the portal name).. but how do I bring it to their attention..?

(08:27:05) - @JuliaBall I only spotted this for the first time yesterday in the #radio4 Long Wave studio [hoping I'm not g ...

(09:26:48) wonders if the crowd of people just outside Western House are waiting for some chap called Robert Williams or some other showbiz celeb...

(11:57:14) wonders how the shabby professional autograph hunters out the front of #radio2 can afford to buy food from Pret. I'm in the wrong business!

(13:55:59) RT @rigb_science: Family Fun Day tomorrow! Get your tickets at the door or book online Theme is space, drop in between 11-4pm

(15:18:32) has had a quick cuppa with @psweetman, who was in the area. It's definitely been a day for microtweetups. Shame I missed you, @SteveDoherty1

(15:25:21) #ff #followfriday @leica0000 @kathyclugston @Ms_Howard @DavidAnderson00 @Richard_C @sparkyannc & @psweetman all of whom I have seen today :)

(15:42:08) RT @giagia: I've met Matt Lucas a few times.. he's genuinely delightful & lovely. Nob off, Guardian. #welovemattlucas [syz: Me too, once.]

(17:40:54) has lost my nipple (is that the right term for the irritating thing in the middle of a laptop keyboard?) making playing Farmville tricky.

(17:41:35) also discovered my errant mac mini fan decided to slow to 1500rpm, causing it to run a temperature of 90 degrees C. Is it gremlin season?

(18:22:04) should really have put the laptop volume on 'mute'; my Farmville antics (moos, baas & clucks) have punctuated fellow passengers' journeys.:$

(19:14:46) is chilling out on the Wii with Mr @petecooper. This will doubtless be fun :) @BaronHawkey - fancy a rumble?

(19:51:06) wants to know where the "I'm making a cup of tea" message is on the Mario Kart menu...

(20:36:33) gets the vague impression that @fluffymuppet was just toying with me in those last races...

(21:00:41) might try 24 hours Twitter free this weekend. I am getting far too attached to the fantastic folk herein - what does absence make..? Prizes!

(21:21:36) Thanks for your confidence, @Jayhirst and @psweetman :P Seeya this time tomorrow ;) x

(21:22:19) is off to bed, after tending my overgrowth (that's Farmville and not a euphemism). THANK YOU for a fantastic day... it's been Twittertastic!

Tweets for 03 Sep 2009


(05:01:22) is struggling with verticality this morning. It's too early to be inventing new words.

(05:49:19) Ooh.. bit gusty.

(07:08:39) hopes the offspring (@nxmee and @superalora) have a good return to school.. same schools but new teachers. All very exciting!

(08:10:06) has golden syrup OatSoSimple, giving the office an almost flammably sweet aroma. Also, I have a headache,but that's not important right now.

(08:15:54) is amused by #radio4's regular mentions of #Twitter; Chain Reaction last night & @r4Today this morning. Although Humphreys seems cynical! :D

(09:20:08) is off to do some Ministration Of Equipment. I may be some time. @kathyclugston: you're in charge.

(12:17:35) is back at the ol' desk of doom after some fiddling in 40A and long-overdue Stuff auditing. Lunchtime: sandwich construction in progress.

(12:18:56) Herkunft ist Geschmackt (apparentlich)

(13:26:09) is getting sucked into TED talks over lunch ( - mainly techie ones.. but some remarkable people, too:

(14:02:40) has just introduced a rather vicious looking tomcat to a bunch of unsuspecting pigeons, while simultaneously opening a can of wasps.

(14:32:27) has entirely lost the ability to think. Also, my phone has just eaten up my credit. ARGH!

(14:41:20) has discovered that "unlimited Facebook, Bebo and Twitter" doesn't mean that... leaving ceTwit on exceeded their Fair Use, apparently. Bah.

(14:42:59) is now looking for an alternative to Orange on Pay As You Go.. is 3 any better for Twitterage? Any help or suggestions gratefully received.

(15:03:27) can feel a blog post coming on.. the hazards of being a geek on Pay As You Go..

(16:02:40) has been honoured by a visit from @Richard_C... got some chocolate hobnobs in especially (67p from Sainsburys at the mo - bargain!) Hurrah!

(16:59:39) will have to go home now. Everything else can wait until tomorrow. JAMYEH. Better take my brolly.

(17:44:57) wonders if it's a bit much to be tempted by this as my work phone: ... I ~am~ Michael Knight(?)

(18:02:22) RT @MarvK & @JewishChron: Nazi propaganda takes a new twist with this Olympic bluff;You've got to read it to believe it.

(18:09:09) is at the airport already.. home by half-seven? Preposterous! Yay!

(20:06:44) is failing at Mario Kart Wii for a while... if you need someone to humiliate, you know where to come!

(20:23:33) likes Farmville, but is ever so excited that there's a Facebook app dedicated to Yeovil. How many other towns in Somerset can claim that..?

(22:07:46) is off to sleep.. all done with Thursday (hope it treated you well, @judisue) - a busy Friday of microweetups(?) ahead. Good night, so.

Tweets for 02 Sep 2009


(05:19:05) is doing the Wednesday work preparation thing, while listening to the excellent Mitchell & Webb Sound - it's better on #radio. Good morning!

(05:31:12) is off up the hill. Sleep(y)walking. 1hr40mins till coffee.. :D

(06:13:11) is back at the airport, since the coach has been deemed unfit to travel on account of warning lights. And yes,they turned it off & on again.

(06:21:54) is on lap 2. That coffee will be welcome when I finally arrive. Thank heavens for podcasts (catching up with @vobes, who sounds more lively)

(08:02:05) has arrived, made coffee, and the laptop's done its Blue Screen Of Death for the morning.. now I s'pose I'd better get to the emails...

(09:14:28) now has a list of Things To Do, but absolutely no idea where to start doing them. I think some sustenance might help focus my brainial mind.

(12:17:21) has just been confused and infuriated by a text message from Orange: "We're moving you to a Canary package." Eh? Why? *growling noises*

(12:30:29) called Orange - they have no recollection of changing my call package, and have refunded me the 25p it cost to call them. I'm a cheapskate!

(12:32:46) would like to make it clear that Orange don't offer the Cheap Skate as part of their pay-as-you-go animal package. Apparently I'm a dolphin.

(13:16:14) is in the team meeting.. it doesn't seem like two weeks since the last one. Inside, I am already fast sleep (post-prandial dip).

(16:28:23) has been all about the screen shots today. Microsoft Paint does a good curvy line, baby. (Yes.. I am very easily pleased).

(16:58:44) might just go home now for a bit, if that's OK? Thankyouplease.

(17:14:59) left my umbrella in the office so would prefer it if the predicted torrential precipitation could tarry until tomorrow, ta.

(17:23:35) managed to sit in someone else's seat on the coach... not sure how I managed to do that when they weren't actually, er, sitting there. Hmm..

(18:26:40) is striding homewards through the horizontal rain. Wettingly.

(19:03:14) is home, dry and having dinner with one of the people I follow on Twitter... what are the chances? Yummy sweet & sour battered fish. Nom.

(19:38:09) Hmm.. "Hi from Orange. We couldn't set up your Canary package, as you've not had your current package long enough to swap." Oh well done...

(19:57:00) Did you find it in 'Classic Edition Corner'?

(21:41:56) spent the latter part of the evening writing letters (well, cards) & printing stamps from off of the internet. You can do THAT now..? Woo!

(21:44:01) is belatedly off to sleep after an entirely analogue evening sending off some things I should've dispatched - literally - years ago. Night!

Tweets for 01 Sep 2009


(07:49:20) won't (save for a short-notice miracle) be going on the #oneandother #plinth; some plinthers are a hard act to follow, mind! Disappointing.

(08:24:32) has coffee and a Dishwasher Update ~fancy music~: Dishwasher Andy is coming round, most likely before midday; better get the kids dressed..!

(08:47:56) wants to register domains at Godaddy (which makes me shudder anyway, since the website mings & the reg process hurts) but it's down.. #FAIL

(08:54:33) won the raffle.

(09:01:56) ~sighs~ @godaddyguy: the GoDaddy website is slow, ugly and makes my soul cry. Registering domains should be a delight, not a chore, right..?

(10:41:32) has had polar experiences registering low cost domains this morning- @123reg: simple, quick & easy. @godaddyguy: messy, slow & complicated.

(12:16:57) has been threatening to do this for a while.. it's a running joke in our house (mainly about @superalora :D)

(13:25:24) is on the hunt for cake. Disturb me at your peril (i.e. you won't get a slice. Well, OK, a slightly smaller one than the European Standard)

(14:13:47) has just received wisdom from my Dad: "If you clean cars, it frightens them."

(15:09:32) - [Especially for @KathyClugston] - Gingerbread Gentlemen. Almost too posh to eat (unless you're PR4L :D)

(16:06:12) is home from my Dad's and going for a shower while the children watch Gadget Show over tea. I wonder if I'll be able to hear the shouting...

(16:33:25) wonders if a CD lens cleaner will work in the DVD drive of our PVR... having disc burning #fail at the moment. Perhaps it's a bad batch.

(17:46:03) is about to enter the last evening of the School Holidays (for me, anyway).. early night, therefore, and an evening to be squandered, maybe.

(18:17:06) is having a nice cup of tea and some cake that @poots made. Out of tea. It's actually really nice, although we call it "railway cake".

(21:03:40) had better get to bed.. work in the morning, and Logic crashed one more time than I could tolerate :D Night night!

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