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Tweets for 31 Aug 2009


(18:26:01) is listening to @emmaandpete after a day's Twitter-freedom. Missed you.

(18:54:36) - Excitingly, I have added my old Commodore 64 to the official C64 online registry ( - the 8 ...

(20:31:52) is in the studio, trying to work out how to do, well, anything remotely musical, really. Time to spark up Logic. Or something else.

(22:15:58) will now go to bed, having collected a pile of noises that might just turn into some kind of tune tomorrow. Electro yum (though wobble-free)

(22:16:27) wishes you specifically good night, with a hat on. Good night!

(22:23:35) went to bed AGES ago. Really. *stops noodling and switches off NOISE (the studio PC... I give everything names). Night night again.

Tweets for 30 Aug 2009


(07:46:22) is awake for the second time; must get a wriggle on, but I feel like I've been on call & the Trent FM news printer ran out of paper at 5am.

(08:00:53) would like to wish @BaronHawkey and Toxophilist a good morning, too. Well met, gentlemen. It's like the Sunday Radio 4 convention here :D

(08:59:38) is Lou to @poots's Andy this morning. What a kerfuffle.

(10:17:40) wonders if it's possible to be addicted to pulchritude... and if so, is it unhealthy (as I believe most psychological addictions can be)?

(14:14:22) has taken the opportunity to burn some discs for @poots's Dad - getting round to those long-overdue tasks. It's what Sundays are for, right?

(14:42:18) wonders what the major visible police presence (apparently) in Luton today is all about.. we're not ~that~ close to Notting Hill!

(15:11:39) was looking for the satnav and then I found the satnav, and heaven knows I'm actually quite chipper. #middleclassandincapableoftheblues.

(17:10:51) has been utterly #fail at Mario Kart Wii practice. Every race but one has lost me points.. less than 6000 now. BLEH.

(18:08:24) went to the Hansom Cab pub, Wigmore Lane, Luton for lunch ( lovely folk there. @pubutopia review awaiting publication...

(18:22:44) loves this ukulele gorgeousness: (YouTube - sfw) makes me smile.

(20:28:50) is sorting out the commutes and then may just bang out a tune or two. Need to get back on the musical horse(!?)

(22:53:14) has managed to stomp out a simple bit of Ibiza-style chill stuff, live into Audition. Bomp bomp bomp etc. Bedtime now. Night night then!

Tweets for 29 Aug 2009


(06:10:22) is absorbing Listen Against comedy (please supply more, Mr @jonholmes1) while mustering the energy to tip out of bed & avoid bedheadedness.

(07:40:57) is writing a long-overdue "review of the summer holidays" blog post, while enjoying a Saturday morning coffee.. this could take a while!

(08:08:14) can't remember.. is it "replaced with" or "replaced by"..?

(08:49:10) RT @jonholmes1: @syzygy series 3 of Listen Against has been commissioned. We're just waiting on dates... [Syz: *excited dance*] #radio4

(08:57:39) has just put on series 1 of Look Around You for the children after being asked where the phrase "Imhotep is invisible" came from.. GENIUS.

(09:57:19) Hmm... - Luton Borough Council's website is borked (or is it just me?) That's rather worrying. #luton

(10:01:55) is off to Luton town centre with the children for library/Maplin/card shop action. Anything you'd like while I'm there? It's got Poundland!

(12:41:30) has the low blood sugar and caffeine crash blues. I am so middle class and white, although I do occupy my own demographic. Which is nice.

(14:39:55) is finishing a blog entry, then doing Dad/son stuff with the boy in an attempt to fix his bedside light.. we've already done the Maplin bit.

(15:58:24) I've posted something in my blog: Summer holidays...

(16:29:20) can't believe how long it takes to write up an Instructable (doing the build instructions for the Übertorch)

(18:18:41) wondered how widespread Ionica became it before they folded... turns out we were one of a select few 62,000 households!

(19:32:27) has had a shock.. I was just about to twiddle my wedding ring around my finger (absentminded thinky thing) when I realised: it's fallen off!

(19:44:31) has published my first Instructable. Übertorch: 25 LEDs of eco-friendly brightness (Hope you like it, @poundlandparrot!)

(20:52:48) would go to Asda ~now~ and buy some marshmallows and SmartPrice D cells (for ubertorches.. @nxmee's is running low) but it shuts in 10 mins.

(20:54:23) is loose at one end. Studio time, I think.

(22:45:16) AudioBoo: [The Strange Case of the] Missing Wedding Ring boo

Tweets for 28 Aug 2009


(06:13:02) is trundling Londonwards for a Friday, catching up on podcasts and dozing. They've put the TV on in here - showing the road ahead. Odd.

(07:00:35) is winding my way along Marylebone Road; there's a lovely autumnal chill in the air, but I imagine it'll warm up later. 10 mins from coffee.

(07:08:20) is looking forward to the Bank Holdall, but could definitely do with a proper vacation.. just need to stop (but not collaborate and listen).

(08:13:17) has further adorned my desk space with this: Poor Hazel the Peace Lily is suffering since I've not been here..

(08:38:18) can feel a bagel coming on....

(09:13:44) can't decide between trial or error. I shall go for both.

(10:09:27) isn't inspired by the colour of this yoghurt. It's electric beige with brown bits in.

(13:34:38) is out in the plippy ploppy rain heading for #radio4 pres, where I have an overdue appointment with @richard_C. I can also hear thunders.

(14:09:25) would like to cite @baronhawkey, @juliaball, @leica0000, @sleat, @kathyclugston, @toxiphilist & @davidanderson00 as fine #followfriday folk.

(16:21:58) wonders [a] if it's OK to be getting Christmassy feelings, & [b] if Snow Leopard is worth getting. The answer to both is probably "Not yet."

(17:28:46) is waiting for the coach home.. who knows, it might not leave 2 mins early like the last one did. Ooh.. mad crazy rain shower action! Blimey

(17:32:08) RAINBOW! Happines in the sky :)

(17:45:55) wants to go home now very please. I have far too much to do to spend standing around for over half an hour waiting for a bus. Sorry. Moany.

(17:54:53) is in a seated position with coolth, some wifis and an episode of #YHBW to catch up on. JAMYEH. I feel bad about bleating before. Sorry.

(18:14:17) has the Victoria Coren dilemma.. she is horrid and sneery but clever and beautiful. Also, the whole Famous Dad thing (see also: Lucy Davis)

(18:42:35) likes rainbows a lot. Blue skies over Luton, too (with any luck)... the weekend starts here, although it's going to be an unsettled one.

(19:50:28) has lasagne and will now shut up and eat it. (thanks, @poots!)

(21:37:16) is listening to the remainder of #radio4's The World Tonight on the telly, which gives an idea of how little video entertainment there's on.

(22:40:03) is off to bed after what has entirely been an entertaining evening on Twitter - thank you! Night night & happy Long Weekend if you have one.

Tweets for 27 Aug 2009


(07:14:51) can't seem to manage Thursday at the moment.. trying an injection of coffee and jabbing at the keys of my work laptop for a bit. Might help.

(08:03:40) is watching the #plinth for the first time in ages.. good to see it's still going! A bubbly scouser doing maths with bits of wood. JAMYEH!

(08:14:58) can't tell if Tamasine_C on the #oneandother #plinth is tiny or the cards are huge... or both?! I enjoy gregarious people being up there.

(09:07:09) has just signed up to an Adult Ed course on NLP, thanks to @poots's eagle eyes... need to do some long-overdue reading beforehand, I think!

(09:21:50) is listening to Bill Drummond's fine "History of music part 19" (why the demise of the music industry is a good thing) -

(11:26:41) is just about to prepare lunch for the progeny - they are both playing in the lounge wearing just their pants and new school coats. Stylish.

(12:29:45) is all about the tea and cake right now. Plenty left (Asda chocolate gateau) if you'd like some.

(14:41:49) has, for (maybe!) the first time, an urge to buy a 'vanity plate' Thing is, it doesn't exist on the DVLA site or on the DB :|

(16:16:28) has just been rickroll'd (schoolboy error: never click a link from @nxmee saying "A cool website") & I take back what I tweeted to @poots :D

(16:17:43) wonders how some of these "make money" Twitter accounts that request me to follow them can muster 19,000 followers.. are people THAT dim..?

(16:21:17) is getting busy with the pizza cutter. Get in there quick while it's still hot!

(17:03:43) has done the "down tools" airhorn noise and folded up the laptop for another day, having eliminated a syntax error at line 175. C:\STOP.EXE

(17:25:32) Three minutes of Peter Duncan's life that he won't get back.. wasted more than adequately by @robertpopper (AudioBoo)

(18:28:30) is relaxing in the traditional way. With a Wii controller, getting all cross with the public. :D

(18:44:11) wishes they wouldn't smoke directly outside the house next door. Stinky stinky stinky.

(20:37:58) had better top up the pint glass & head bedwards. Friday before bank holiday tomorrow... it could either be a gentle stroll or a crazy mess.

Tweets for 26 Aug 2009


(08:48:21) is working at home today to keep an eye on @poots, who has lifting restrictions (& lack of energy). Twitter catchup while rebooting ftw(NFC)

(08:54:36) is getting a bit frustrated with @Twitterfon's regular crashings.. can't remember how to submit a big report (something to do with iTunes?)

(10:14:06) is a bit gutted that I only heard about this after the event: (BBC sfw) - 80s festival ahoy!

(11:04:31) - Tea break for the family [courtesy of @teamergency ... teabags arrived this morning!] - love the poster :D

(11:29:40) will have some salad now then please yes.

(14:12:47) has decided that a coffee break is a good idea. A natural pause has ensued in the battle with the emails. May I offer you a beverage? Biccy?

(14:29:23) doesn't express a grumbly opinion very often, but I'm a bit irked by people who prepend @ replies with '.' so all their followers see it.

(14:36:41) is back on the sofa: email battle phase 2, followed by List Of Documents To Write Tomorrow (in the studio/office). It's all coming together.

(15:11:44) feels like playing with the Zoundz ( - Amazon) while I work but there are no charged AA batteries around. Boo!

(22:08:33) is off to bed with a headache (darn my intolerances!) after an evening with @robjd & @poots. I wonder what Thursday looks like. Goodnight!

Tweets for 25 Aug 2009


(06:52:51) is trying not to be a grumpy bug this morning, but it's not helped by hearing the phrase 'with thought for today, here's Ann Atkins' #radio4

(08:53:38) is on the platform of Luton station with a fair percentage of @nxmee and @superalora's schools for a day trip to Brighton. Noisy yes.

(09:31:02) is not there yet. There is a man reading a newspaper standing between me and the children. With any luck he'll be getting off in London...

(10:11:25) is now at East Croydon. The children's excitement has waned somewhat. The two may or may not be related. Actually, @superalora looks tired.

(11:04:05) is in Brighton. Next stop: the seafront. Down Queens Road then it's picnic time. Looks like a nice day for it.

(11:58:56) is watching the children have a damp paddle, hoping the sun & wind'll dry them out (eventually!) I brought towels, but not a tumble drier :D

(13:04:40) is enjoying traditional Brighton Pier action. Two happy children clearly have their dad's 2p pusher machine skillz. Could do with coffee.

(14:11:36) is at an outdoor play area along Marina... the children are drying out nicely in the sun... typical that there are sprinklers & fountains :D

(15:54:37) hashad a £1.99 burger deal thing in Burger King on Brighton sea front. It's of reassurance that flat, warm Coca Cola isn't as vile as lager.

(16:34:35) is sitting at Brighton station with two exhausted children. It's been a good day.. lots of dampness & sunshine (it's the seaside after all!)

(17:51:19) is gently trundling past Gatport Airwick. That means we're only just over an hour from Luton (in theory) Tired but well-behaved children.

(20:41:25) is home and rather exhausted. Early bedtime for me tonight (some hopes)!

Tweets for 24 Aug 2009


(06:15:37) was plopped out of a dream, the contents of which now escape me, by a monkeyboy whose PC wouldn't boot. Free technical support dispensed...

(08:18:48) may quite possibly be re-installing Wife 1.0 into the homepage later. There's space on the drive & the peripherals are mostly configured...

(08:22:28) is now bereft of houseguests, and is considering the options until I receive a call/text from @poots with the latest developments. JAMYEH..?

(08:56:30) has called Dishwasher Pete twice in the past week and there's been no reply both times. Did he take the money and run? #dishwasherupdate

(09:41:13) is having an "Alan Hawkshaw" moment with the kids; 'sofa cushion dance' to Move Move Move; now: The Grandstand Theme (YT)

(09:51:20) has a #dishwasherupdate: Dishwasher Andy (ooh.. a new name!) will be coming next Tuesday to fit a part that's due to arrive this week.. Woo!

(09:58:59) is now going to make a coffee and fill in an insurance claim form.Yin and Yang in perfect juxtaposition. Or do I mean ylang ylang?

(11:02:04) - It's amazing how much less threatening a bit of icing sugar can make a cake look...

(11:41:15) had better get on with making lunch... just had a lovely unexpected visit from a neighbour, who brought around a Peace Lily for @poots :)

(16:33:14) doesn't like traffic jams. Bleh and bleh and bad lane choice.

(17:13:36) is at the in-laws with a full compliment of family. All a bit tired out now.

(19:06:08) is home and intending to relax. Got to have a system (notably a Wii, actually :D)

(22:16:46) might just have a go at sleeping for a bit. Busy day with the children tomorrow.. off to Brighton with their schools' Family Workers. Night!

Tweets for 23 Aug 2009


(07:43:09) is not making as much progress as I'd hoped this morning. Running out of milk clerical error) didn't help. Even Flylady can't help me now :D

(08:40:49) is on schedule. Kinda. The pie's in, at least.

(13:46:35) is all done with Dyson action. Unfortunately our esteemed guests (Mr & future Mrs @fridgemagnet2) are stuck on M25. They have my sympathy.

(16:31:26) is in the park with @fridgemagnet2 & Lisa. I am continuing to assert my ignorance of crickets, most notably a googly. The children are warm.

(17:28:14) is having pie with @fridgemagnet & co, only aware of England (and Wales)'s #Ashes success through the medium of Twitter. Clever stuff.

(17:32:02) clearly meant @fridgemagnet2. Pie shut up shut up pie (according to @superalora, who is intent on baiting bots like @piebot & shutupmeg) :D

(21:41:02) is drinking wine, chatting with @fridgemagnet2 & lovely Lisa, who aren't drinking; thus designated drivers. Introduced them to Kevin Bishop.

(22:35:14) is off to bed after an evening with darn good nattering with @fridgemagnet2 ... not ~too~ much geekery, I might add. OK, then.. lots. Night!

(22:54:46) has really gone now. Nighty nighty.

Tweets for 22 Aug 2009


(07:20:54) appears to be in the kitchen. Time for coffee. For you, too? Also, you haven't seen the little cross-point screwdriver, have you..? Morning!

(07:21:42) was offered a broken toy to fix within 10 minutes of waking up. It's great being a dad.

(07:47:51) is making plans, but doesn't know anyone called Nigel. So far: shopping, swimming, cycling and - by Lenni's request - washing the car again.

(08:14:11) now has a valid TV licence until Sept 2010; well worthwhile since the children love CBBC and @poots & I love #radio4. BBC4's not bad,either.

(08:58:23) can't believe it's 10am already, and I've not even made the shopping list. Definitely a #teamergency.

(09:11:15) really needs to stop tweeting and start, well, writing a shopping list.

(11:10:24) has done the shoppings, and is taking five minutes before lunch preparations begin. Then: swimming, followed by cake making.

(12:11:52) says it best when I say: "SHUT UP, KEATING!"

(12:14:28) Christopher just threw a Kinder Egg innard at my forehead, shouting "Samuel Pepys!" I had to correct him. It was an apple. And William Tell.

(12:21:05) has discovered that Obidos is a town in Portugal. Its inclusion in Amazon's URLs has confounded for years.

(12:23:36) Obidos, then:

(12:31:21) Lenni loves to play with mirrors [so do I..!]

(15:35:48) is home and all swimmed (swum? Swam? Swammed?) out. The children are making cup-cakes. They are my back-up plan :D

(16:38:18) is preparing pizza for the children while they ice cupcakes. It's like a culinary frenzy here.

(18:26:59) is gliding to touchdown after a busy busy day.. still absolutely TONS to do before my mate @fridgemagnet2 comes to visit.. last minute tidy!

(18:29:17) will put @nxmee to bed in a short while then try to muster the energy to attempt my first solo cake bakery. Cakery. I'll sleep well tonight.

(21:39:58) has just- reminded by @SteveDoherty1- heard the excellent Listen Against re-run on #radio4's iPlayer ( while cake cooks.

(21:49:51) is a bit bewildered & frightened by the cake now it has emerged from the oven. I intend to drizzle it in an attempt to.. er.. wish me luck..

(22:10:38) [at the request of @Ms_Howard]: I call it "Drizzly Madeira Cake Chimera That Looks Like It Was Made By Satan":

(22:18:21) is, with a general air of triumph and cake cookage lingering in the kitchen, off to bed. Better get the Dyson out tomorrow, I think.. Night!

Tweets for 21 Aug 2009


(05:33:26) zooom.. better get to work. Good morning and happy Friday!

(07:38:53) is in the office, holding off on the coffee because there's no fresh milk. I have a plan. In fact, there is a list accumulating on my desk.

(08:58:48) is quickly running out of ado, both of the further and nearer varieties. Up and at 'em, then...

(11:29:21) RT @leica0000 (@patholio & @1854): Anti-terror laws can't be used to stop anyone from taking pictures, says Home Office.

(13:37:58) is having a gentle saunter down 'Server Fail' alley this afternoon. I think someone needs to fix it, despite it being in Birmingham.

(14:24:34) has magically fixed Birmingham. Oh yeah.

(15:21:15) spent five minutes in Radio 4 LW's continuity suite, saw two wickets and has thus taken an interest in crickets. #ashes

(18:15:38) is at the coach stop, having shared some time with my beloved @poots. Now, I've a weekend of fun/chaos ahead with the children. And Monday.?

(20:24:09) is taken aback at how wonderful, caring, patient, interesting, intelligent, charming and generally fantastic my friends are. I'm a lucky me.

(20:28:28) cannot simmer anything gently.

(20:55:26) doesn't like the rather accusatory messages Facebook pops up when I try to get into messages:"Check that you are connected to the internet."

(21:37:27) will now draw the blinds on Friday; put up signs saying "position closed" while secretaries turn off typewriters & put on their coats.Night!

Tweets for 20 Aug 2009


(07:26:23) RT @SteveDoherty1: Please read The Conversation (by and via @glinner)

(07:37:50) is mainlining Beconase this morning.

(08:17:38) is relocating from my Kitchen Table home office to my Studio Desk home office. Oh the complications of remote working...

(09:13:30) is struggling to get my head around pivot tables. Again. Listening to the FANTASTIC Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain again. Helps. SMILES!

(09:34:45) has just realised that the queries I ran last night was the wrong one. Time to slow down the 6Music system again :D

(10:35:10) Do you inadvertently type extraneous letters at the end of words? If so, you have Cooper Hart Syndrome. (In the absence of a medical term:D)

(11:27:42) - I know what I'll be doing over lunchtime.. don't forget to undo the transit bolts, james...

(12:25:46) has completed installation, with barely a major laceration. The long-overdue cavy bedding is getting a good washing now. Domestic blizzard.

(12:38:35) has just written a letter to the Home Sec demanding that they stop the anti-Islam march in Luton. Send a message now at

(14:38:30) is taking a quick twitter break while rebooting a linux server. Whammo and, indeed, Blammo to boot. Or to reboot.

(18:30:18) is home from the in-laws, and wondering if it's just me for whom Facebook is borked. Time for something to eat, I think.

(22:30:03) already tipped the remnants of my Thursday down the sink, but needed to add a phone reminder, so will wish you goodnight at the same time.

Tweets for 19 Aug 2009


(05:14:41) didn't sleep well. What's all that about? Verticality should've ensued minutes ago. Go go gadget me. Good morning..

(06:15:36) is facing the eternal (or, er, 60 minute duration) dilemma: doze or play with free wi-fi on the coach? Half and half, perhaps. Not both.

(07:57:13) has had an inauspicious start - managed to knock a full Carstairs NcKenzie (the cafetiere) over while emptying the office dishwasher. D'oh!

(08:26:33) is on the phone to those nice people in IT to see if they can give me the software I need to do my job. Odd that it disappeared. A hint..?:D

(08:32:00) wonders what one should do when the person I'm calling is breathing noisily down the receiver.. is it polite to shout "STOP BREATHING!" ..?

(12:09:34) RT @Richard_C That "I was there photo" [Ukuleles at @bbcproms] has been posted (Require MS Silverlight to work) @proms

(13:32:33) is in the team meeting. 13 men around a table. A bit like the last supper except nobody brought any food.

(16:11:32) just got an automated text from the Washing Machine Delivery People saying when they'll be over tomorrow (1pm to 4pm fwiw). My kinda system!

(19:18:38) has had a splendid visit to @poots, with hugs & kisses & love. They're a good bunch there, bless 'em.. but I'm hoping she'll be home soon.

(21:00:10) is home and warm. It's amazing how watching a film on the move can suck away the miles.. just had to make sure I didn't miss my stop!

(21:28:43) must go to bed in the prescribed manner. Until the morning, dear tweet reader - and thank you for helping me through this past month. Night!

Tweets for 18 Aug 2009


(04:57:01) is gently decanting myself into Tuesday. Quantum physics has let me down.. can't be in AND out of bed. Gotta get up, then. Morning!

(05:34:23) had better get going... up the hill and round the bend. 23 minutes from the airport. Ready? Go!

(07:34:31) is in the office, and really feeling for @poots. I may be dozy & dazed, but two hours sleep is my idea of a nightmare (literally!)

(09:03:21) wants something to eat. But what..? I have small plums, but they don't look very appetising.

(09:16:35) wants toasted muffins with butter & honey. We're not allowed a toaster here (something about London Fire Brigade not liking burnt toast)..

(12:10:33) should really stop tooling around with trying to get XMing working, have a cheese and chutney sandwich and look at some numbers.

(13:58:36) is off for a meeting where I will try not to drink any coffee flavoured drinks.

(15:45:18) is installing Adobe Air on a PC less than 3 feet away, but going through several miles of cable and an X Windows session over SSH. Go me!?

(17:21:29) needs to eat some higher octane weetabix tomorrow morning... off home now - I can see the coach approaching. Hurrah etc.

(18:41:28) has touched down at planet Geri Halliwell Towers, and is now going to have a rummage with some #radio3 #proms action on tinterwebbage.

(18:46:52) thinks the #proms is a bit weird & avant-garde at the mo. Until the ukuleles come on, I might have to complement it with wobbly Bassline.

(18:49:09) may just say "sod it" and wait until 10pm when the ukuleles come on. This is bollocks. #bbcproms.

(20:33:15) is off for shower & bed in the traditional idiom. I appear to have adopted my very own mild headache, too. Sleep will doubtless help. Night!

Tweets for 17 Aug 2009


(06:42:04) is having a quick listen to @r4today's newspaper summary (I listen for the trivia on page 3) before full-on Monday Action(?) Good morning!

(08:13:57) just read an excellent editorial by @radiotoday (I can't find a link to it) about PRS's "pay up or turn off" radio in public places policy..

(08:17:18) is 15 mins behind. Quick shower, then I shall get going with busy Monday things. Bring it on.. etc. Anyone going to Milton Keynes today?

(08:35:48) is sorting out holiday insurance claims and logging on to work email... getting down with da paperwork (innit)

(11:32:55) - is at the beach with the children... (OK, the largest indoor beach in the UK, at the Centre:MK!)

(11:35:59) has taken a ticket for school shoes fitting... we need to be there by 1:06pm, although it's not clear which day... beach vs blood sugar..!

(12:59:19) is waiting for MK's Midsummer Place 'Bubble Clock' to start its hourly display ~prepares to go all misty-eyed as the children laugh & jump~

(15:08:23) AudioBoo: Shopping [for school shoes] boo

(16:02:42) Only five people called 'Barney' and eight called 'Florence' are permitted on the X30 each week. £750 fine #funstagecoachoxfordshirefacts

(16:05:56) thinks it's amazing what you can buy in Aldi: (Aldi weekly deal - sfw)

(17:32:24) - Making the most of the children washing the car for fun rather than money [while it lasts, although I'll expe ...

(18:41:17) - I like the juxtaposition of these consecutive tweets! [hat tips to @mugpie_guy and @bobbiejohnson]

(18:44:05) is home, sans enfants, et sans boite diabolique. Well OK, I took remains of the washing machine to the tidy tip. Now: Cillit Bang the place.

(21:13:23) is off to bed. Back in the office tomorrow with the prospect of Interesting Things to look into. And a usual Dog'sBreakfast of borked stuff.

Tweets for 16 Aug 2009


(08:23:23) is in a bit of a mad dash this morning.. researching new washing machines, showering the children & putting the pie on. Good morning, then!

(10:22:31) has done churching & will now descend on ToysRUs for brief windowshopping fun with the children, then Comet for washing machine browsage...

(11:16:10) is suffering a dilemma: quick delivery for more money (Comet don't have the machine I want) or waiting for online bargains? More research.

(12:00:54) has had pie success, and is offering party rings (courtesy of @asininemonkey & @miniporquinho .. thank you!) to the childrens for dessert.

(12:16:28) is having some Total Wipeout action over lunch before we head south to harrass @poots. Washing machine research is preoccupying me. Rinsin'!

(16:31:24) is at @poots's bedside discussing washing machines. We are pretty-much agreed on an economical option... I shall call them when I get home..

(17:02:27) has installed @vkoser's excellent ceTwit on @poots's Windows Smartphone.. let's see how she gets on with it...

(17:10:48) is departing the hospital - quick in-car picnic, then home. It's extraordinarily sunny today.. fortunately there is something of a breeze.

(19:36:32) is home and trying to focus. There's a lot to tidy up, but I'm running short of awakeness to do it. I will ~not~ drink coffee, though. No...

(21:49:55) has completed Washing Machine Purchase based on advice from many people & consultation with @poots. Who'd have thought it was so complic ...

(21:51:03) is going to bed after all that excitement. Good night, dear reader.

Tweets for 15 Aug 2009


(07:28:18) is, as often happens on a Saturday morning,trying not to doze off again. Time to prepare breakfast for the children. Blast Lab time FTW(nfc)

(08:04:45) will have to demonstrate to @nxmee the side effects of singing along to an MP3 player.. some sneaky recording may be in order :D

(08:06:32) wonders why the instrumental of that 'Shut Up And Let Me Go' song by Ting Tings gets used on practically every TV programme at the moment...

(08:34:22) had better get on.. shower, shopping then shwimming to do before the day is out. Current children bickering factor: 3/10 .. perfect timing!

(09:12:44) had a random thought.. I wonder if Brian Widlake and Robin Clough are still going. #retro #radio4

(09:32:15) is off to Asda, once I've peeled the childs (& myself) away from the mesmeric glow of fluorescent-lit LCD. Can I get you a thing from there?

(10:48:45) is packing the bits and bobs for swimming. Beach balls, diving sticks, Baby Born & guinea pigs (it'll be an interesting trip out for them).

(13:05:34) is back from a rather chloriney swim.. the children are tired and hungry, but food is on its way. Spongebob on the telly.. all is peaceful!

(13:54:29) has had lunch and is now making lists.. there's definitely an afternoon's-worth of stuff to do, but: "how to fill it?" That's the question.

(14:31:08) - couldn't resist it.. the good news: the belt had come off (see pic). The challenge: finding out why it did it ...

(15:37:41) - knows how to put the washing machine together again [probably!] To be honest, it doesn't look good right now...

(16:20:57) is all tired out now. Caffeine crash, then. Time to prepare pizza for the children; sausages by request. Good chat with @poots on the phone.

(22:51:55) is off to bed. Unfortunately the washing machine is more taken apart than I currently have the brain power and strength to re-assemble. BAH!

Tweets for 14 Aug 2009


(06:11:11) RT @blabers: Our editor, @jackson5live is trying to get #welove5livebreakfast to be trending topic as an experiment. [it's on in the coach!]

(06:13:10) is descending to that there Londons for the last time this week. I wonder what today will hold; it's misty & grey but warm this... morning!

(06:57:18) is making good use of the 'free 7MB' of internet that I won(?) when I last topped up with Orange Pay As You Go by the medium of tweetage.

(10:12:34) wonders why caffeine makes me so affectionate..? Serious endorphin generator,coffee. Just as well I'm in a nearly entirely male-only office.

(10:33:50) is having an interesting debate about the compensation for sacked phone-in host ( - I won't tolerate shouting & incivility.

(11:09:14) was told about We Are Klang on #BBC3, Thursdays 10.30pm ( - not for kids) by @poots - it's proper daft comedy. YAY!

(11:32:41) Keeps running out of water. I need a bigger glass. Or jugs.

(11:49:41) Stop.

(12:49:42) is going to take a brief constitutional. Wish @poots could join me. Darn the restrictions of gravity (or similar).

(15:35:25) probably needs one of my toes looking at. S'pose I'd better make a doctor's appointment.

(16:51:05) has been playing with sample rate converters and autorecorders today. I will go home now, I think. At 44.1kHz 16 bit stereo.

(16:56:55) is going to have to hang around in the office for a teensy bit longer, since my bus ticket is a slightly later one.. anyone for tennis..?

(18:14:43) is going entirely home to see my smashing offspring & my lovely in-laws. When this coach gets going from Brent Cross. Timing is everything.

(19:43:16) is home with three-quarters of the family. Won't be too long until we're back together. For now, though, the sweet'n'sour is in the nuke..!

(20:33:59) wonders: did @MitchBenn actually sing "To bring teh satires back to you" in his last #NowShow song? @jonholmes1.. get yer geek flamethrower!

(20:36:22) RT @jamescridland: Hello chums. Do you know anyone from the media on Audioboo - and their username? Drop 'im a line:

(21:03:50) AudioBoo: Scanning & Printing Boo

(21:22:46) has an @audioboo choice of the day: "Push me over when I say Banana" - (AudioBoo) .. our children laughed like that :D

Tweets for 13 Aug 2009


(05:09:30) likes the noise Katherine Parkinson makes (listening to the Odd Half Hour, #radio4 Wed 6.30pm).. helps me tumble from bed. Sort of. Mornin'

(07:33:25) listened to @robertpopper & @serafinowicz's hilarious Radio Spiritworld on the way to work ( That shortwave sound.. love it!

(07:45:30) has got things a bit in the wrong order this morning, and hasn't made it to Carstairs NcKenzie th cafetiere, yet. Coffee time go go go!

(09:00:12) is going over to #radio4 to see whether the thing I installed yesterday still things. Also, is it normal to find pleasure in 100% CPU usage?

(11:04:42) may well be going to see Brinsley Forde and his pop reggae combo "Aswad" at the BBC Club W1 at half-past one. Come on and shine... etc.

(11:57:19) can announce results of the race between remaining phone battery charge vs. 2nd class post (for delivery of new charger): Royal Mail wins!

(12:32:30) is being shown a demo of something being borked rather than watching Aswad. It would be rude to desert the.. oh sod it :D

(12:42:42) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(12:47:05) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(13:55:04) lost one of the little rubbery end bits of my in-ear headphones at home, and found it at work. Now ~that's~ magic! (Not a lot..)

(14:20:29) A new Vox video: Aswad playing at the BBC Club:

(15:03:27) will not be buying one of these, tempting as it is: (sfw - mobile phone watch)

(15:33:38) has repotted Hazel, the peace lily, who was listing a little. She looks much better now. The pepper colony is thriving, though. Vivaciously.

(16:27:41) is off to pay a visit.. a wonderful visit to @poots. Better get movin'... need to charge up the ol' Oyster card.

(18:28:48) is with my @poots & gradually carrying out a version of 'Pimp My Hospital Bed' since she's in here for a while. Inna @timwestwood stylee!

(21:45:02) is home, having eaten and unpacked various bags.. now some hurried tidying so that the in-laws don't walk into a tip tomorrow! Then.. bed!

(22:56:25) - [not suitable for arachnophobes] "I'm afraid one of you two is going to have to leave..."

Tweets for 12 Aug 2009


(05:19:50) is doing a bit better this morning (save for a slight headache) and will proceed as normal to the office. Good morning, then (or even now).

(07:54:26) is having coffee tribulations this morning. I think the milk is off. I shall get a colleague to sniff the carton before trying a second mug.

(08:59:25) is feeling the need for bagel. Anybody want to join me?

(10:03:25) has had bagel & feels better. I think today will hold lots of meetings. I need to perk myself up for them. Raising a ChangeLite won't help.

(10:12:24) has a Beth update: doc's happy that there's been another non-leaky night, but she's still in pain. :( Hoping this will improve day by day..

(10:38:06) is off to crave an audience with @Ms_Howard. Best behaviour etc.

(11:57:26) would like you to make sure you save the document you're working on right now. Not that I expect anything to happen.. I just worry.

(12:09:55) has just been to see @Ms_Howard and @DavidAnderson00 and a fine time was had by all. Radio 4 pres: the best department in the BBC, I reckon.

(12:26:42) RT @petecooper: i do wish whoever invented the frankly godawful word 'webinar' hadn't. and please stop sending emails with it in, kthx.

(12:36:09) has a Beard Of The Week. Bello - our receptionist/security geezer - is working on a Doom Beard. That's: Doom Beard. (pic)

(12:48:01) They're looking after @poots the best they can under the circumstances, and some truly lovely, kind, amazing people work there #welovetheNHS

(16:39:39) RT @RuthBarnett: #welovethenhs - what's it all about? [syz: yay for tendring topics!]

(16:51:13) sees the skanky manky rainage out of the window. I hope it stops in 8 min 35 sec. Please see to this @leica0000 if you're near the controls.

(17:21:10) is an infomaniac.

(17:23:00) has completely forgotten what I was going to tweet about while I dashed to the bus stop... at least it stopped raining (thanks @leica0000!)

(19:04:31) is home and eating the foods, while wrestling with video formats. I will prevail! (after sausages and mash).

(19:06:02) is the hoist with the moist.

(20:26:05) didn't realise there was a foopball match on this evening. England versus some friendly oranges. (thanks to @EmmaTofi for the tip off!)

(20:47:07) has a feeling I've forgotten something. I hope it's not important. Shower and bed imminently, so I'll say Clive Anderson saying goodnight.

Tweets for 11 Aug 2009


(05:57:44) is .. er.. running a bit late this morning. Darn. I could never get the hang of Tuesdays.

(08:14:03) is finally back at my desk after 25 days away.. a distraction, since it's a fairly critical day for @poots. I'm praying we know more later.

(08:43:49) really doesn't like the noise Yammer makes when a new post arrives. In fact, I really don't like Yammer. Something about it bothers me.

(08:47:52) was reduced to tears of laughings by this: (YT - sfw) The latest craze: overdubbing excellent musicianship with.. well..

(08:58:57) is catching up on @petecooper's fine Bleepshows ( as the perfect soundtrack to a catch up of email and workiness.

(10:42:38) wonders if it's normal to get phantom phone vibrations in pockets where I don't have a phone..?

(11:48:49) hasn't drunk enough water so far today.

(12:33:27) has a Beth update: They were going to operate, but apparently the leak's stopped. They're keeping her in "until next week." More soon...

(13:36:50) has just been treated to Errol's jerk pork. Spicy noms.

(13:44:32) I've just received an invoice for Mr J Hart at Television Centre - it was forwarded to me when there's a perfectly suitable Mr J Hart there.

(14:37:49) is liable to get into trouble this afternoon. I'm feeling somewhat nihilistic. Time for tea, I think & I shall wash my hair when I get home.

(14:55:09) has spent the last five minutes on the phone trying to work out why my two sets of hours -> Gigabytes figures don't add up. 21st July #fail

(15:39:32) has NO undead emails. Time to plan the rest of the week based on what's left in my inbox. Priority will be given to those offering cake...

(16:22:56) is about to rock the Hammersmith and City line.. if you need me, you'll have to wait until I emerge from the murky depths of Neverwhere.

(21:37:35) has arrived home after a busy busy- but fulfilling- day. @poots's new gadget is on charge & will be tested tomorrow. Sleepytime now. Night!

(21:38:46) loves @poots if deleted still true, BFF or whatever the young people say these days. Innit.

Tweets for 10 Aug 2009


(07:08:16) has a busy but fulfilling day ahead - possibly my last 'family' day until the weekend; back to work tomorrow if it's cool with my boss...

(07:11:26) would like to wish you a good morning, and I've raised my mug of coffee in your honour. It'd be nice if the Twitter API was working, though!

(10:10:38) has officially cancelled our holiday, and told the insurers. Hopefully we'll have a replacement one later in the year. Now? Dishwasher Pete!

(10:33:12) Hama beads: good; Aqua beads: bad. That is all.

(10:45:25) has a Dishwasher Update! (can't remember the theme tune.. it's been a while!) They have ordered Another Part; they'll call when it arrives.

(10:50:38) - All in all it's been a bit of a phoney morning [in a literal sense, I might add]...

(11:26:29) is rather pleased at @fridgemagnet2's news, but now slightly more apprehensive given his recent response. Time to cook burgers for lunch.

(13:12:41) A new Vox video: The basket swing in Memorial Park:

(13:32:16) forgot to mention: Übertorch II is complete; not quite so robust, but @nxmee's happily taken it to his Nana & Grandad's. It's hurty bright.

(18:14:25) had an extended visit to @poots; she has surgery tomorrow, so it was special time.I also went to McD's for some other inmates.Homeward now..

(19:37:43) has arrived home, and is decidedly tired. Not long until an enforced early(ish) bedtime, since it's back to work tomorrow...

(20:21:37) is off to bed entirely now. No... now. Well, OK, in a minute, when I've brushed my teeth. Not the sort of thing you need to see. Night!

Tweets for 09 Aug 2009


(06:57:26) is catching up with mashups at DJ Y Alias JY's Oh La La and Shout is good - - a bit Jive Bunny?

(07:03:02) has had the morning 'beset by children' moment. Lenni was pretending that a small teddy bear was a remote control for her.Quite odd.Morning!

(11:16:09) has a @poots update: More pain for my lovely wife yesterday. Why? It seems the antibiotics aren't working properly. BLEH. #antibioticsfail

(13:30:20) is out in the sunshine - not too hot (yet!) which is quite good for August. The children are scooting on 'inline skates' in the play park.

(14:33:10) was impressed with this grasshopper's "fake eye" deterrent: (didn't stop me from catching it, though, eh? :D)

(15:11:28) A new Vox video: Rollerskating children...:

(16:00:10) has a bad feeling about the washing machine. This bad feeling involves it being broken. Darn it. I shall call Dishwasher Pete tomorrow....

(16:49:29) has been saved by my dear in-laws, who've let me bring damp clothes to them. Now: must resist the temptation to get handy with a screwdriver

(16:54:45) quite enjoyed the "Big Top 40" pop on internet radio 'til the "THIS IS HEART!" sweeper shouted at me & PussyCat Dolls played. HORRIBLE song.

(18:24:03) is wondering what's for tea in the absence of bread. I shall raid the freezers when the boy's in bed (but will not get sick on ice cream).

Tweets for 08 Aug 2009


(10:10:23) has had a visit from Christopher's Godmother - so long I've seen her (probably since we both left the band we were in).. coffee time now!

(10:16:57) RT @Alfie: OMG, my faith in peope suddenly re-stated [syz: What a beautiful, beautiful thing! Made BIG smile] (YT: sfw)

(11:37:35) will NOT be buying anything from Pixmania ( / again: prices are good; delivery is extortionate, slow & #fail.

(12:06:50) always finds it encouraging when the children react with enthusiasm to the prospect of food I am preparing. I am clearly improving. Slowly.

(12:28:25) narrowly avoided lunchtime #fail when I poured a jar of sweet & sour sauce over minced beef; fortunately noticed before stirring it in. Oop!

(14:15:02) is off to the play park with the children. I am not permitted to bring my crossbow.

(16:27:11) is home from the park, via a quick jaunt around Asda's freezer section for Sunday lunch pie purchase and cool down combo. Ice creams ahoy!

(17:06:07) thinks the grill in our cooker isn't so much a grill as a braising furnace. It even makes that rather terrifying roaring noise. Toasty.

(18:01:23) is just about to put the smaller progeny to bed. So far she's co-operating. Then: get the larger one to write thank you emails (hi-tech,eh!)

(19:14:01) loves @poots lots.

(21:30:57) is catching up with the Emma & Pete Show ( while drilling bits of copper. Perfect for 10.30pm on a Saturday :)

Tweets for 07 Aug 2009


(07:33:15) is preparing @nxmee (and Lenni) a Full English Birthday Breakfast fit for a boy entering a double-digit age. Happy birthday, my boy.

(09:39:03) is nearly ready to go.. quick shower and one more item to seek before we launch for @nxmee's Birthday Phase II. Bit less rainy this morning.

(18:42:12) arrived home about 10 mins ago from a lovely visit to my dear @poots. Still waiting for the children to get ready for bed. Right, you tw ...

(19:57:35) is about to do nothing of any consequence with great alacrity for the remainder of the evening. I would be honoured if you'd join me.

(20:56:46) thinks Twitter's still broken. It's taking ages to do things and is #fail. I'm going to curl up in bed with the pick of the week's telly.

Tweets for 06 Aug 2009


(07:22:33) has a busy Thursday ahead, but once again, struggling to tip myself out of bed. Tempted to ask @nxmee to make me coffee; how lazy, though?:D

(09:03:43) is off for a walk up the hill with the little'uns & off to Duxford with my Dad this afternoon. I have coffee. YUM. Spongebob on the TV. Odd.

(11:28:43) is back from Asda (yay.. ~definitely~ saw @emalyse this time - HELLOO!) and now preparing lunch for the childrens. Soup & fresh(ish) bread!

(11:49:25) thinks playing hunt the thimble ('Cold! Warm! Boiling!') as a child has prepared me for occasions when my phone's in vibrate mode & missing.

(18:15:46) did Duxford with Dad (ex-army.. knows lots!) Lenni went into a plane for the first time since birth- it was Concorde.. albeit on the ground!

(18:34:55) is fading fast. I had planned to work this evening, but I might leave it till tomorrow.. might perk up later, though (here's hoping!)

(20:12:28) has had a lovely telephonic chat with @poots. We have been - by all accounts - able to plan the next week, and things can only get better...

(21:56:26) is going to bed with hope, determination & a list of Important Things To Do before 10:50am tomorrow. It's all about the doing stuff. Night!

Tweets for 05 Aug 2009


(08:32:37) is awake (barely) with some children to cleanse and a guinea pig cage to sanitise... looking forward to visiting @poots later, though :)

(09:22:31) has just enough time to 'do' (or de-doodoo?) the piggies' cage before we dispatch ourselves across Luton. Clean children = bonus points yay!

(11:13:12) has been defeated (but only just) by @nxmee at Magic The Gathering. He won't take me on at Mario Kart Wii, though.. that'd learn him :D

(12:59:53) RT @robertpopper: Exciting news- my and @serafinowicz show, The Other Side ( to be a BBC #Radio4 series. [syz: hurrah!]

(18:22:16) is back in Luton after a visit to @poots; we went for a walk.. the bad news is that she's got to stay in for the next week. Pleh. Poor love.

(19:31:44) RT @RadioToday: Annual SBES event cancelled [syz: good grief.. the radio industry seems to have suffered heart failure!]

(22:01:03) has entirely lost interest in today & will now go to bed just to spite it. HA. Busy few days ahead; I'd better prepare with sleepage. Night!

Tweets for 04 Aug 2009


(07:11:36) is sleepy & being climbed over by a Lenni as @nxmee plays on the iPod Touch. Actually, they've just gone downstairs. Don't doze off, james!

(09:55:39) has done some catching up on Work Emails; now to call the holiday insurance people before setting to housework while the children Make Stuff

(10:30:06) has called the holiday insurance people and they say 'cancellations go through smoothly.' Is that to say they just reject 'em out of hand?:D

(11:23:34) is preparing lunch.. it was going to be chicken breasts in onion gravy with new potatoes, but I 'chickened' out :D Fish fingers FTW(nfc)...

(11:43:22) is watching the new series of The Gadget Show at lunchtime. I'm hoping for a @jasonbradbury vs Dora The Explorer shout-off. Or.. er.. not:D

(12:58:50) has had an email .. "One and Other: Not chosen this time..." I'm still in the draw for October, though. Fo' drizzle my brizzle. (eh?)

(13:19:04) shouldn't be sitting here when there is washing to be folded and a Lenni who wants to play a board game. Ceasing and desisting sitting now..

(15:41:42) has put a brilliant GladOS voice ( onto the TomTom.. Lenni's now playing with the voices.. @kathyclugston - is that YOU?!

(16:50:09) made scrambled egg for the boy (A- .. . could've fine-tuned pan choice a little) and pancakes for the girl (C- ... bad frying pan day: boo).

(17:13:00) RT @suecarter: - We see Heart Fm have a new slogan (via @106jackfm) [syzygy: HA!]

(22:07:52) is off to bed after an existing evening. Wednesday - dare you approach me at that rate? Have at ye with this spare USB lead! Night. *hides*

Tweets for 03 Aug 2009


(08:17:58) is awake (just about) and listing the potential achievements for the day. I have already put some boots in a bag. Rock'n'roll! Good morning.

(08:42:47) has sorted out photos from yesterday - it's been a while since I had the camera out, so it's good to have some new photos of the children :)

(09:09:50) is going to take the children shopping to take my mind off things. Time to seek out sofa savers (they seem only to be available on-line!)

(09:47:51) has a @poots update. It looks like she's sprung another leak.. unfortunately this is hurty, and another MRI scan is on the cards. BOO.

(10:00:14) is just popping into town. Text me if you'd like anything from the Pound Shop :D

(12:36:22) has prepared burgers for the children (I'd give myself C- ... need more practice!) & about to drop 'em at the in-laws before a @poots visit.

(12:59:52) is off to the in-laws to pop the children there for a bit, then heading, once again, into the smoke to tend to my beloved @poots. Back soon!

(18:25:29) has arrived at @poots's folks to retrieve the childs after a slightly more optimistic visit to my dear wife. Lots of downs & not-so-downs.

(18:27:07) (would like to clarify - the downs and not-so-downs refer to hospital life.. an anxious morning led to a slightly more optimistic afternoon)

(18:48:56) is home. I tried to be a good #cager in rush-hour London, but although the bicycles were easy to account for, motorbikes were a nightmare!

(20:02:06) has unsuccessfully done battle with Orange to reinstate my "Five Free Text Messages For Life" that appears to have evaporated forever. Boo.

(20:06:32) has remembered to put the bin out this week. Such mundanity is important to me. I also fear the last cream cracker in the pack was a mistake

(21:51:23) is off to bed after another rollercoaster day. Anyone would've thought it was Tuesday. Tomorrow: catch up with my boss & sort out insurance.

(21:52:02) wishes you a cheerful goodnight. Especially the marvellous @kathyclugston, who will be keeping the home fires burning. Nuff respec'.

(22:18:56) AudioBoo: Day 21 (yes.. I'm still counting) The Cycle Of Hope boo

(22:34:04) is finally in bed, after decapitating one of Beth's little statuettes while shaking out her duvet. I still haven't found the head. Oops. :|

Tweets for 02 Aug 2009


(07:26:22) is going to extricate what remains of my feeble me from under the duvet & attempt to conquer Mount Sunday. Coffee & Total Wipeout will help.

(07:33:07) is going downstairs for purely practical reasons. And #coffee. #allmouthandnotrousers (or is it #allmouthandtrousers?)

(08:17:04) has noticed that @nxmee has discovered Seesmic... while the novelty lasts, at least.

(11:18:19) is making Sunday Lunch. I think I programmed the oven a bit wrong, so will have to do maths. But that's what cookery's all about, really.

(11:26:27) has Seesmic, Tweetdeck ~and~ Mixero installed on this mac, but I still end up using the website. This clearly makes me some kind of Luddite.

(13:17:46) might just go and visit my Dad. Children are equipped for muddy outdoors. Sort of. Back soon.

(15:38:12) is at my Dad's; children are playing 'Cruise Ships' in the garden and my step-aunty Liz is visiting. Off to the woods for dog-walkage now.

(16:52:07) is back from an absolutely gorgeous walk in the woods at the north-east of Hitchin.. perfect weather for it. We'll all sleep well tonight.

(17:59:38) is home and putting children to bed gradually. They've had some late nights recently. Time to read Lenni a story.. "Wheels Keep Turning."

(21:35:46) is off to bed with a Top Gear and a big glass of water. Good night :)

Tweets for 01 Aug 2009


(07:17:09) is being read to, and feeling sleepy. Very sleepy. . Waiting for that 'You're back in the room' moment...

(09:10:10) is taking a slight risk by putting @nxmee's school shoes in the tumble drier on low for half an hour (or as long as I can stand the noise:D)

(09:38:10) has transferred slightly moist Shoes Of Doom (still stuffed with newspapers) to the airing cupboard, on MiL's recommendations. Gas Mark 3...

(11:36:54) is feeling most domesticated today; top floor hoovered and lunch is cooking. I could happily be a stay-at-home Dad. @Z80GameCoder = my hero.

(12:02:52) is introducing the children over lunch to the electropop genre via the wonders of La Roux & The Knife (and Lady Ga Ga, which set me off :D)

(12:10:22) couldn't finish the ElectroPop demo to the children without including @tarabusch's remix of Bat For Lashes' Daniel ( -sfw)

(12:11:47) ~loves~ the way Eleanor surprises me SO SO much. Question: "Is 'Toxic' on there?" Princess of the inspired questions...

(13:13:17) is off on a trip by Great Britain's public transport system to visit @poots in Great Britain's Health Service. What could possibly go wrong?

(16:45:38) is surrounding @poots with children to entertain her. She is being very well looked after, and - although uncomfortable - recovering slowly.

(19:25:03) has arrived home & put two tired children to bed after a whirlwind trip to London. It was lovely to see @poots; first family time in ages :)

(22:06:52) is off to bed. It's been a jam-packed Saturday, with quite a few sneezing fits therein (dust allergies, not swine 'flu!) Nosejam. Goodnight.

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