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Tweets for 31 Jul 2009


(07:16:56) is half-asleep, trying to recall the Quite Good Idea I had for a Friday morning activity. I should've written it down. Good morning!

(08:41:11) will have a shower and a muse. It's all gone a bit quiet, to be honest... not even a @poots update, now she's able to do it herself :D

(08:59:44) Lenni is opening a mysterious small box for me that arrived in the post. I, on the other hand, wondering if that was such a good idea.

(10:11:54) isn't doing very well, really. Cup of tea and a regroup, I think.

(11:38:37) RT @TUID "Former football manager David Pleat, widely regarded as one of the best pundits in the business, [is] axed by ITV Sport" [best?!]

(11:54:49) is eating raw carrot: nature's toothbrush (available in orange and 'original' purple). Yummy.

(12:36:34) is taking Eleanor out the front for a run around on the green. She's taking a foam sword and has given me her light sabre. The mind boggles.

(13:33:56) AudioBoo: Day 17: lull (and out on the green) boo http://boo.fm/b50022

(15:26:21) has returned to (something approaching) normal operation, and will now go and retrieve progeny 1.0 ... sunshiney Friday.

(17:08:31) has a full brace of children assembled at Geri Halliwell Towers. Boy is mucky, tired but appears to have had a very good camp. Pizza time!

(17:36:55) has a hurty thumb owing to oven glove slippage. Those corrugated freezer block things are very good.. ergonomically designed for digits.

(18:10:40) still needs to find out what 'zeitgeist' and 'gestalt' actually mean. They've made it into common English usage, and I'm ignorant of them.

(18:55:15) has one child in bed, the other in the bath. Washing machine full of some rather dank smelling clothes, & fresh bedding for the boy. JAMYEH!

(19:04:58) thinks @Z80GameCoder and @EpiduralGirl are among the most amazing people in the world, and loves them both dearly.

(22:15:35) has a semi-tidy studio (just the remainder of the Freecycling & some outstanding electronic work remains) .. shame it's too late to vacuum!

(22:17:57) is off to bed now, with a cautious eye on Saturday... it looks hungry. Good night, my fellow tweeter. You've been lovely this week.

Tweets for 30 Jul 2009


(07:08:35) is awake & buzzing a bit after hearing @garethm & @billt on #digitalplanet discuss the clockwork parking meter sound I recorded for @bbc_sos

(07:17:11) needs to get up/at 'em. First: put the twittering phone down; second: make some coffee.

(07:34:35) is going to catch up with #oneandother's #plinth with @r4today in my ear as I wait for coffee to brew and bread to toast. Breakfast. Mornin!

(08:11:06) is making a list & checking it includes milk. On the agenda today: hair cut, supermarket shopping, Dishwasher Pete & time with Lenni.JAMYEH!

(08:14:49) entirely agrees with #oneandother #plinth man's campaign. Care International petition: http://is.gd/1U3mM ; UN res 1820: http://is.gd/1U3gq

(09:07:43) is definitely going to have to put Twitter away, otherwise this morning's Plan Of Action is going to become this afternoon's! À bientôt..!

(12:00:16) is home. Milk replenished & hairs cut; now fish fingers are cookin'. This afternoon: Dishwasher Pete (hopefully!) & play outside with Lenni.

(12:04:16) is - for the record - very happy indeed with July's weather so far. Certainly in Luton. A bit windy, I'll grant you, but ~not too hot~ *YAY*

(13:11:52) can proudly announce that Dishwasher Pete is here & he's quietly tinkering. Also, he seems unable to find the right tool. (Dave's not about)

(14:29:41) has ~another~ dishwasher update. Dishwasher Pete has been & gone (needs to talk to Bosch).. in a tribute to @emalyse.. he's only Dave's DAD!

(14:30:02) will now attempt to give blood without getting wet. (Not sure how that works).

(16:28:24) is home, happy and half a litre (or so?) lighter. Time to make ham sandwiches for Lenni & feel sorry for the in-laws; they've a power cut :S

(18:50:52) is about to tidy and be light-headed. I have eaten well, today.

(21:58:25) will now do some soldering shortly before 11pm. If ever there was an appropriate time to carry out electronic repairs, this might not be it.

Tweets for 29 Jul 2009


(07:53:09) is doing the breakfast thing and despairing of Asda's poor fruit quality. All else is calm and quiet here, though, which helps.

(08:47:50) really has had enough of Windows Media Player. And Apple's Quicktime player is no better. Why can't VLC always be installed as standard?

(09:48:48) is just about to offer birthday greetings to FiL, then dispatch @nxmee to Cub Camp, then visit @poots. At the top of the rollercoaster..!

(13:14:56) is having a good run into London - although I just saw someone fall off their moped behind me. Quite unsetting. It wasn't me. 4 miles to go.

(14:15:38) is going to have to spend 20 minutes watching Sainsbury's car park to see if a man with a clipboard is keeping track of comings & goings...

(15:01:12) AudioBoo: Day 15: settling down(?), reflecting and gluing boo http://boo.fm/b49201

(17:32:39) Recommends some BBC #radio4 right now: The National Theatre of Brent - Iconic Icons.. Awkwardly amusing.

(19:09:17) is home; the small child is in bed, and the mouldy fruit & paper shreds are in the compost. Or vice versa. Time to eat, I think. Definitely.

(19:16:55) can't put it any better than @hadenmaiden (to @fluffymuppet @petecooper): We're both thrilled to bits. Thank you thankyou thankyou! [*hugs*]

(19:23:30) has enjoyed a definitive history of #BobDylan, courtesy of the National Theatre Of Brent (BBC iPlayer: http://is.gd/1T6mH) - FYI @TUID!

(20:01:29) has started saying "RIGHT!" again, but - at this time of the evening - with far less forthrightness.

Tweets for 28 Jul 2009


(08:14:46) is just about to make coffee after setting the TomTom to update. All the important things on the list, then..! Good morning.

(09:10:08) ought really to knuckle down and get organised. Where's my post-it note?

(09:56:13) RT @RadioKate (via @kidcapricious @louisedoherty @robmanuel) Jeremy Clarkson beat-box. http://bit.ly/1td7TQ - [syz: b3ta at its best!]

(10:02:46) wonders.. what was Marcus Brigstocke doing on the One Show last night? (And no: I'm not going to watch it on iPlayer to find out).

(10:04:42) will watch Bang Goes The Theory on iPlayer with the kids later.. Tomorrows World reborn. With a Gadget Show bloke on it. Shouty, probably...

(10:09:48) is now going to stop typing and do something else. Like all the things on the post-it note, none of which say "have great fun on Twitter".

(10:17:52) has a dishwasher update: Dishwasher Pete is popping by on Thurs afternoon, but will call first (that'll make a change) in case I'm not in!

(17:08:41) is relaxing with the children after a busy day of Important Things. Put them to bed after Top Gear, then: paying the credit card bill. Woo!

(18:32:22) has come over all tired out now the children are in bed, tomorrow is pretty much organised and @nxmee is all packed for Cub camp (again!)

(19:05:28) has a @poots update: The doctors have fixed her up (again again!) and she is on a much quieter, cleaner ward.. SUCH a relief, I can tell ya.

(20:27:36) is struggling to find the latest credit card bill. I feel this is in some way representative of the UK, but I'm not entirely sure how.

(20:55:50) has found the credit card statement. Now: internet banksying. It's all gone chip'n'pin now, y'know.

(22:03:03) is off to bed after an evening of mixed fortunes, and lots of paper. Night!

Tweets for 27 Jul 2009


(07:28:45) has a busy, interesting day ahead. Time for coffee, writing a shopping list on a post-it note, shower, then off to get the children (yay!)

(08:50:19) is trying to get some housework done but the children have got The Dick & Dom Dairies on.. it's hard not to be distracted by the anarchy..

(09:08:10) is going to focus for an hour. That's not the DIY store, that's the anathema of ADHD sufferers everywhere. Housework AHOY! (etc)

(09:23:23) has a @poots update: Doctors have agreed it's a fluid leak & will patch her up right there (and then? In NHS style.. then-ish!) More later.

(09:54:56) is off to Asda in a bit. Anybody want anything? The fruit & veg ain't up to much, but the bakery is pretty good.

(11:05:13) bought slightly more conservative (I know the children like 'em!) croissants (breakfast treat tomorrow) thanks for the brioche facts,though!

(11:46:15) has been tearing out the plastic (grr!) before shredding window envelopes on advice of @fluffymuppet's fine AKG podcast (http://is.gd/1OLbH)

(12:51:34) doesn't want to get "auger" and "augur" mixed up. Not very practical at all.

(12:52:44) is about to brush teeth, grab the satnav and some nearby children and take a trip down south. To Sainsburys (a bit).

(22:06:32) is finally back in front of the Twitter, after a fairly busy day, I'd say. Also: our sofa (or settee?) is long overdue for 'sofa savers'.

(22:41:17) has a @poots update: The children & I visited her today YAY! She's less sleepy, doesn't have a headache any more and is eating again...

(22:42:41) has part 2 of @poots update: She's ordered to have 24 hour horizontality (fortunately with comfort breaks!) No news about release, though.

(22:50:28) will definitely go to bed after sharing "When Students Make Gameshows": http://is.gd/1PsQa (click on "Accumulate" on right of the video box)

Tweets for 26 Jul 2009


(07:21:54) is nearly awake.. catching up on #radio4's Feedback podcast & overnight tweets. I had a proper cup of tea yesterday. It was a bit minty.

(12:11:41) is driving to London after a morning with the children - biggest hug ever from my boy @nxmee. @Poots update: resting & not in too much pain.

(15:19:18) is poking away at a Patientline terminal while @poots rests. 36 hrs of a 110bpm pulse (not to mention the pain) has worn her out. Bless 'er.

(16:15:19) is surrounded by cockneys & people who don't enunciate properly (but loudly) and machines that don't go ping (more: 'BEEP'). Open Plan Ward.

(19:54:07) is home & working out what to do now... perhaps an episode of "How Not To Live Your Life" (Mondays, 10pm, #BBC2) while I potter and tidy...

(21:15:32) ought really to have a refreshing-style early night, but will probably watch Top Gear anyway. Where, though..? That is the question.

(21:50:07) is in bed watching Top Gear. Funny AND horizontal. Night!

Tweets for 25 Jul 2009


(00:23:26) has been sent to the chav entrance to book @poots in. They've got her name, at least. Next job: to badger the doctors for painkillers...

(00:29:45) is waiting in a bay for someone to come 'in a minute'.. with 1 NHS min=9 min I think I'm being quite optimistic. Always the waiting...

(00:41:12) is now awaiting the arrival of the neurosurgery doctor.. some painkillers prescribed, but they don't have the drugs sheet.. I might call...

(00:53:48) has a major middle-of-the-night crush on Katrina, who's Best And Loveliest nurse of the day. Meds info transferred BY PHONE! Via me. ~sigh~

(01:02:43) had, for one brief moment, a neurosurgery doctor in the bay. Then her bleep went off.. all we got was her name - which is Rebecca. C'mon..

(01:18:04) unfollow 1radio

(01:58:15) has had clerking & bloods taken; waiting for (lovely - seriously so) Doctor Rebecca part 3. Where 3 = 3am eternal. Up next: hunt the MRI. CD

(02:12:19) might, inspired by @sparkyannc's high praise for World Service's output, put wireless on. #radio4 does such a thing well this time of night.

(03:00:03) is still waiting to go to ward. Attempting management of Beth's pain. Plates: spinning slowly. She's in for the weekend, strong antibiotics.

(03:52:29) can do no more today. Beth is in an all-female ward & I've been sent home. Time for an audioboo and a look at when the tubes start running..

(03:56:34) http://twitpic.com/bj8vl - The city, glowing, shortly before dawn (shame it was with such a rubbish camera..!)

(06:46:16) AudioBoo: Day 11: a long long (and rather frustrating)day boo http://boo.fm/b47458

(10:56:10) is awake and has a @poots update: I got a brief text this morning to say they're taking her for surgery today.. not sure when, though. Yeh.

(13:42:17) has had some time with the children - brief, but with lots of smiles. Now heading for London...

(15:13:26) has arrived in Whitechapel & parked up.. now to see the lay of the land (or lass).

(15:25:37) has a @poots update: she has been taken into theatre for more spinal area tinkering (technical term).. I'm awaiting a call when she returns.

(15:44:00) AudioBoo: Spooky hospital stair sounds boo [intermission] http://boo.fm/b47669

(16:32:18) has another @poots update: Beth's out of surgery - it was a fairly quick procedure, it seems. Now wrestling with Patientline #fail

(17:22:05) is suffering human generated noise pollution. Unfortunately, when they chuck the other visitors out, I'll have to go too.~Peace For @Poots!~

(20:43:29) AudioBoo: Day 11: More surgery boo http://boo.fm/b47832

(21:32:22) is the sleep. Night!

Tweets for 24 Jul 2009


(06:24:52) isn't sure how to go about today. I daresay nothing will be happening at the hospital for hours.. plenty to do at home, too. Mornin', then.

(08:26:46) The smiles and the sheer fun of this made me smile: http://is.gd/1K4cP (YT - sfw)

(08:29:09) is listening to @RealDMitchell on #radio4's Desert Island Discs. I've enjoyed all the music. And yes, @ms_howard, Kirsty's laugh is filthy.

(08:49:37) has a @poots update: a rough night, but her pain's under control this morning. Emergency MRI this morning in the standard NHS 'urgent' way..

(09:22:14) has a dishwasher update: Dishwasher Dave has been & pointed at another bit he thinks is broken. He will get another one. That might fix it..

(10:06:19) has been to the Associated Dairies & bought a bargain birthday card for the party Lenni's attending tomorrow. "Happy Hip Replacement, Gran!"

(10:13:05) is now going to clean out the guinea pigs' cage while drinking coffee & recording some audio for @vobes. That'll learn him.

(11:57:11) is having a bite to lunch after freshening up the cavies' cage. The order of today: damp floors (Dishwasher Dave was partially responsible).

(12:32:58) will now perform the Going To The Hospital routine, fully clothed & with no safety equipment. Stand well clear, this vehicle is reserving.

(16:53:35) has a @poots update: another bad day, but things are taking shape. Diagnosis complete, she's being taken back to the Royal London Hospital.

(22:34:58) is still waiting for transport to take @poots to the Cockney Hospital. Friday night, apparently, isn't good. Another tough day..nearly over.

Tweets for 23 Jul 2009


(07:29:20) enjoyed a slow start to the day, reading a book about time zones with Lenni. The calm may be about to end, though, given @poots's tweets..

(08:02:12) RT @calvinharris: Youtube have removed the ORIGINAL mix & video of Ready For The Weekend, due to a 'copyright claim'. [syz: Go BPI! Idiots.]

(08:26:14) is priming the main thrusters and setting the controls for the heart of the bass. All that caper. S'pose I ought to put some trousers on.

(09:30:31) is having serious adrenalin.. kids are at their grandparents (again!) and I'm heading to hospital with @poots.. she's in a lot of pain :(

(09:49:37) has some paramedics round to visit. No time to offer them tea, unfortunately. Putting Beth on a stretcher now.. :S

(11:25:37) is having a particularly crap day, all in. The ride in the ambulance was fun(?), but being in A&E is rubbish. @poots is stable, but hurty :(

(14:25:19) has coffee (thanks @poots's Dad), internets & a sleeping @poots to my right. The waiting's easier this way. THANK YOU! for the good wishes.

(14:31:51) would do a 'boo, but it's a bit busy in here. @poots update: x-ray, ECG, back specialist all done. Waiting for info from the Royal London...

(14:57:12) can never remember the word 'Orthopedics'. It's that variety of specialist whom - I believe - we are currently awaiting. Or anyone, really.

(16:13:25) kinda has an idea of hell. It's interminable waiting, watching someone I love suffer & constant shouting of senile old women. In hospital.

(16:48:55) has a non-update: @poots is still horizontal, but painkillers are taking the edge off the pain. Awaiting the Spine Expert finishing theatre.

(17:13:53) has a @poots update: Doctor Saied and Doctor Irene have had a good poke around & there'll be another MRI tomorrow. No outward signs. Odd.

(19:25:20) is dropping off requisite "Staying Overnight" stuff for @poots at hospital. Noise canceling headphones a must for anti-mental-old-woman use.

(21:24:50) is heading homeward, leaving @poots in the hands of the UK's creaking health system. But I'll return as soon as practicalities allow.JAMYEH.

(22:18:45) is finally home & heading to bed once I've had a bit of a potter and some Comfort Humous Eating. Both of which are cathartic/therapeutic.

(22:29:19) has come to a grinding halt & will now topple into bed. It's been a hell of a day & I'd rather not have one like that again soon, ta. Night.

(22:30:55) realises that having a phone on which I can use Twitter means I'm always surrounded by compassionate friends; I feel SO blessed. Thank you.

Tweets for 22 Jul 2009


(09:11:57) is finding work slow going this morning. Also, Dishwasher Dave is returning on Friday morning. I really need to tidy up; entropy's bad juju.

(09:23:46) hasn't got time for this. (But it's never stopped me before).

(09:41:13) is laughing at the "Technochoppersdirect.com" consumer caller on the @NineOclockShow ... genius.

(10:11:00) is buying technical things for my Dad. This time: FM transmitter for his MP3 player. Estimated support burden: low.

(12:40:32) is having a cup of tea and then heading back down to attempt an afternoon's work before term ends & chaos ensues. Just how I like it :)

(15:08:38) is waiting for the boring man to stop talking on the telly. The dubbing of videos of all my Dad's TV appearances is almost complete.

(15:08:57) Please note: the boring man talking on the telly is not my Dad.

(16:06:29) Hmm.. @Keys_To_Success? Keys to SUCK more like. And something about a cess pit that I can't be bothered to think through. Yeah. #mocknblock

(17:55:34) is all a bit 'doink'.

(18:38:28) is going to prepare a ploughmans salad, and I think I might even regain my sense of humous once the children are in bed.

(21:19:19) AudioBoo: Nearly finished Freecycling boo http://boo.fm/b46454

Tweets for 21 Jul 2009


(07:10:45) has coffee + muffins & honey. Need to boot up my work laptop quickstyle, though... time to scrape up the emails.

(07:49:45) wonders how the @r4Today programme manages to get their sports reporters all to sound identical. Garry Richardson cloning is illegal, right?

(09:33:04) is not sure I like the fact that everything I type into the Twitcam chat box gets tweeted... (@Ale_2point0 live on http://twitcam.com/38d)

(09:52:20) is waiting for a Dishwasher Man to turn up, because I want to do a da-dah-da-dah-dee-daaaahh dishwasher update. I might even Audioboo him :D

(10:05:56) is having a Tuesday of fairly standard form and content. This displeases me, and I am quite close to saying 'sod it' and going back to bed.

(10:44:56) AudioBoo: [Thinking aloud boo] school charity 'fancy dress' rant http://boo.fm/b45870

(12:10:25) AudioBoo: [Dishwasher Update!] 'Did he fix it?' boo http://boo.fm/b45888

(12:31:23) Hmm. Allen Lake (http://is.gd/1GlzJ) has been sacked from more stations than @jonholmes1 & Chris Morris combined. Genius or plank, though..?

(15:01:57) has the Allen Lake concensus: scruffy illiterate berk. Who sounds too much like Moyles for me to tolerate him (thanks @vobes & @Richard_C)

(15:25:42) has a pair of children for company before they are taken back to their grandparents for one more sleepover and one last day of term...

(16:17:20) was once asked to close a train window by Neil Tennant and has said hello to Moby on two separate occasions #lameclaimstofame

(16:19:03) is no longer in custody of the children. PARTAYY! Actually, I'm feeling a bit ming because of some really rather strong coffee. And I'm old.

(16:25:15) actually got a 'thank you' email from someone who collected some freecycling from me. It is a pleasant, yet bitter-sweet surprise.

(17:05:23) is doing something unmentionable with a chicken. Or possibly even four.

(17:24:58) isn't convinced the dishwasher is fixed. Which means a £100 part's been fitted for no reason. Definite dishwasher fixer #FAIL. Double fail!

(18:27:51) now has but four bunches of things left in the Big Freecycle Giveaway *audience applauds* (five if you include the hoffing great speakers).

(18:39:39) I once walked past Billie Piper, not realising it was her. Then I came back to have a gawp. I needed star-struck closure. #lameclaimstofame.

(18:49:41) needs to focus. Time to write a list, then ignore it and play Mario Kart Wii all evening. (Or not).

(22:17:29) would like to insist that yes, tinkering with a broken stereo system was on the list of Things To Do This Evening. Look! *hastily scribbles*

(22:19:53) has managed (subject to collection) to freecycle the Hoffing Big Speakers. Yay! I will be up ~way early~ tomorrow to finish tidying. Night!

(22:39:22) http://twitpic.com/b5ibx - This pretty-much sums up my life at the moment. It could do with a tidy, for a start...

(22:46:40) is definitely off to bed now, & will be up really early. No,:really, really. Well, OK, just one 'really', then. See you then :) Good night!

Tweets for 20 Jul 2009


(07:54:29) has coffee to make, a nurse to call and, I think, some videos to dub to DVD for my Dad. With inbox-watching, that's Monday accounted for!

(08:00:43) gets a bit nervous replying to Freecycle responses where the email address, email name & the name they use to sign off are all different!

(08:49:17) has an objective for today: get the hard disk recorder box thing down to one page of stuff. This might take some time. And lots of DVDs.

(09:14:15) has found a free mobile web server for i600: http://is.gd/1F45b - limited, but good (& about the easiest way to get pics to my iPod Touch!)

(09:21:34) reckons I could get a tune out of our shredder.

(10:14:17) RT @kathyclugston Is anyone/does any know of a cartoonist [in London] that might be able to help me with a small project this week?

(11:29:06) AudioBoo: [DVD burning boo] http://boo.fm/b45520

(11:57:37) believes lunch preparation & #radio4 go hand in hand like no other domestic activity. Except maybe hoovering & bangin' junglist choons.

(12:27:19) wished the outro for the item that's just finished on World At One had been: "...ending that report with some VERY poor grammar." #radio4

(12:29:09) RT @the_anke RT @bongbot: Bong! <- already? Wow... [syzygy: hahaha.. that is genius. And yet entirely pointless!]

(13:51:12) is back from The Shopping; there's time for a quick cuppa & another DVD dub before some Last Week Of Term things to watch & do. Tea, anyone?

(14:04:58) has just sent details of a great @funkids 10 years & under story writing competition to @nxmee... http://is.gd/1FigM - summer holiday fun :)

(14:13:12) http://twitpic.com/b02df - The lady currently on the [#oneandother] #plinth has the most ~amazing~ purple shoes. AND a megaphone.

(14:16:04) is off to push a wheelchair. Uphill. Anyone got a pair of fire extinguishers?

(16:24:38) is home & sorting out tea for the childrens before they're once again dispatched to Beth's folks. Anybody have a use for me this evening?

(17:15:18) keeps forgetting to press 'send' on tweets & I find them, half-finished, hours later. I'm really sorry if I have not replied to your tweet.

(17:47:16) http://twitpic.com/b0orw - is going for the Levi Roots Reggae Reggae variation of Welsh Rabbit. [I wonder if it'll be nice..]

(17:57:54) Heavens.. both #plinth & Artichoke got mentioned on I'm Sorry I Haven't A #clue in the unrelated word-for-word round. What are the chances?

(18:00:32) likes the vertigo-suffering Buddhist chanting lady with big hair who's about to descend the #oneandother #plinth. Especially her big hair.

(18:10:30) is going to go & get the Freecycling collections sorted. I'm surprised nobody's claimed my Huge Speakers (http://is.gd/1EyFY) - want 'em?

(19:41:53) AudioBoo: [thinking aloud boo] Pepsi Raw http://boo.fm/b45664

(21:10:57) is sighing at the presumptuousness of a Freecycle response.. I'm not sure some people understand the principle of generosity & sharing. Meh.

(21:16:33) is now sighing at http://bit.ly/dtEgD. If my Chris Hart grows up ~not~ to write for the Daily Mail, I will be a proud Dad. (hat tip @matt)

(21:29:16) is cheering myself up with some Slade (http://is.gd/1FCQZ - YouTube sfw) "Seeeee chameleon.. lying there in the sun..."

(22:27:38) thinks freecycling is worse than giving blood, picking up litter in public places & being patient with people in shopping centres. Combined.

(22:30:24) will go to bed now, pointing myself at Tuesday with a determined expression and the promise of toast & coffee at 7.30am-ish. Yeah! Night!

Tweets for 19 Jul 2009


(07:09:09) is listening to the #radio4 news before pitching myself at Sunday like an inept rounders bowler. (underarm). I need to take up yoga/yoghurt.

(09:02:38) thought it might be a little ambitious to use a Nokia N95 as a remote TV streamer; it works fine for 30 secs then goes fruitloop. To Plan B!

(10:32:23) can just about remember(!): In 1998 I became the husband of a remarkable woman, and my life changed entirely & permanently for the better.

(12:07:13) has had dishwasher and oven #fail so far today. I am not a domestic deity. Yet :D

(12:50:34) believes Total Wipeout is entirely appropriate viewing for Sunday Lunch. It's actually quite light-hearted mockery of non-athletes. We like.

(13:57:32) is having a brief 'Mario Kart Wii' break before doing something more useful (probably posting the Freecycling 'offered' ads...)

(17:06:15) has made cheese-based tea products for the children and dispatched them to their grandparents.. time to make Beth a ploughman's tea.

(18:47:28) is having a relax before Top Gear followed by Freecycling. Right now they seem like opposites in so many ways.

(20:46:11) is popping out, just in case. Fortunately, I have several hours of podcasts with me.

(21:18:30) is now not going directly out. We're waiting until the morning. I wish I wasn't such a medical ignoramus. Bleh.

(22:04:38) wonders whether so few British people applied for the #oneandother #plinth that they've had to import some from America.. two in a row?

(22:43:21) has finished offering a studio-full of items to the great world of Freecycle. 28 sets of ~things~ that will hopefully find new homes. Night!

Tweets for 18 Jul 2009


(06:56:02) is on standby, much like an old laptop. It might take me a while to rattle into action this morning, and some bits might not work properly..

(08:50:48) RT @kathyclugston: @zsk have a HAPPY HAPPY day! [syzygy: and the same goes from me - hope it's a wonderful day all round!]

(08:58:25) is thoroughly enjoying the 'other' @nineoclockshow on BBC Three Counties Radio - excellent listening for Saturday morning. Lots of laughs.

(09:56:16) is on Amber alert for the escape attempt - breaking Beth out of hospital just as soon as the paperwork's done.. bureaucracy, eh?

(12:04:28) has rescued Beth from the clutches of the NHS (with the help of her folks) and is slowly making a getaway... impossible to do any other ...

(13:44:49) AudioBoo: Day 5: The Great Escape boo http://boo.fm/b44505

(13:48:06) AudioBoo: My Mother http://boo.fm/b44509

(14:25:55) has re-installed Beth in Luton. Currently at the in-laws, catching up with the goings-on, while the children (OK, and I) play in the garden.

(15:51:01) managed to graze myself on my elbow, where I already grazed myself inexplicably. It's quite hurty, but at least it's still only one graze...

(18:20:49) is about to sort out a tasty home-coming meal for @poots. There will be celebrations (but no dancing).

(20:37:24) is going to reboot the mac.. it's doing that thing again.

(21:27:21) My @AudioBoo pick of the day: http://is.gd/1DxR0 - Facebook bans someone called Robert Downey Jr because... well... it's his name.

(21:29:16) wishes I wasn't such a 'pack rat.' I was about to make a list of gadgets I rarely use, to Freecycle them, but then thought "But what if..?"

(21:39:13) is going to bed because I've been sitting at this mac for over an hour and still haven't remembered what I was intending to do. Bah. Night!

Tweets for 17 Jul 2009


(07:01:55) is in work after a fairly typical night's sleep on an airbed.. I'm sure I slept - it just doesn't feel like it. Caffeine injection now. Top.

(09:10:45) hasn't audioboo'd in a while. I shall have to remedy that later. I need somewhere quiet where people won't look at me funny. Not here, then.

(11:47:28) has tried - and failed - to retrieve a deleted piece of audio that we think might have been the one they wanted. Why are people so VAGUE..?

(14:25:24) is having to carry out a wholesale review of the escape plan. Hmm.

(15:18:24) needs some uplifting music to get me through the next hour and forty minutes. Maybe not http://uksfinest.org.uk although it's Techno Friday.

(16:17:40) has approximately one(1) more task to carry out before I escape out East after work for quite possibly the last time... woo.

(16:45:08) is off. Stinky stinky tube action JAM YEH!

(20:44:23) is home, with sleeping childrens, in-laws waiting for an eviction & cavies nibbling hay. The weekend starts here.. I'll sleep well tonight.

(21:34:25) would like to wish you - and only you - good night. Tomorrow sees a new start... and these cereal boxes don't open themselves. Sleeeppyyy...

Tweets for 16 Jul 2009


(05:02:48) had better get up. I'm not really in the mood for Thursday... I shall consider my options.

(07:26:17) has made it to the office, so that may be regarded as a success. Next: coffee. In other news, I think I'm still a bit garlicky.(Not Jessica)

(07:32:06) Finds that Benny Anderson Band song "Story Of A Heart" catchier than I'm comfortable with (in classic Abba style) http://is.gd/1AH33 (sfw)

(07:37:57) believes YouTube is a dangerous thing. One click on a FailBlog video (e.g. http://is.gd/1AHCj) & I am sucked in. Step away from the fail..

(08:18:33) has just been on the phone to @fridgemagnet2, to whom I've been neglecting to give @poots' hospital ward address for fear of shrew delivery.

(08:30:29) has a training course at 10. Not ideal, since I was planning a cuppa with @vobes later, but should still make it to see @poots after work.

(11:34:01) is learning a lots from this training course, but mainly through fiddling about. And asking tricky questions (with thanks to @sparkyannc :D)

(12:06:40) is going to go & get a bit of fresh air over lunch. Anybody else want some? I'll be in the W1 area trying to catch some with a carrier bag.

(12:43:25) has had the air & brief walk, AND had the added bonus of Inconveniencing An Audi Driver with style and panache. (You've got to have a hobby)

(12:55:35) is heading back to the course ON TIME, having very satisfyingly bewildered Digital Brian. Great.

(12:57:16) RT @onthedlo: Our survey says: if your(sic) into Twitter your(sic) into sex! http://bit.ly/2XteED [syzygy: Sex & coffee. Yup.. about right!]

(13:35:55) is dying of course tedium. Tiny faraway screens full of useless information is NOT useful. Time to get busy with my own training format :D

(14:13:59) might start learning something now. Audio On Demand. It's the way ahead.

(15:16:58) has succeeded in identifying a bug in the system. Fortunately, it has not deprived 1Xtra listeners of their banging tunes. Probably...

(16:38:30) has just had some great news from Beth - her recovery is going well, and she doesn't have to be horizontal any more. She's hungry, though...

(16:39:24) is off to see my beautiful wife. She has refused my kind offer of some McDonalds. I'll have to have it.

(21:27:36) is in the pub with two Guide Leaders during a thunderstorm.I was going to ask 'does life get any better than this?' but I really don't know.

Tweets for 15 Jul 2009


(08:14:18) AudioBoo: Day 2 part 1: post-surgery boo http://boo.fm/b42874

(08:28:28) is borrowing McD's wifi again.. it seems they've got Iona's "Matthew The Man" (normally heard in Wilkinsons) stuck in a loop. How odd.

(08:33:51) wonders if it's just me that refuses to watch anything with Christian Bale in it, and gets annoyed whenever I see posters with his face on..

(10:29:45) is now at work, wondering what exactly is the point of London buses? Once again, I could have walked quicker, and just over half-way, I did.

(11:26:42) is a bit yawny, but I've done some Technology Strategy stuff and will shortly have a meeting to prove it. Coffee first, I think.

(11:35:03) has installed @mixero at work.. so easy to keep up with tweets this way compared with the website. Not so good to avoid addiction, though :D

(14:21:13) is back in the office after a fiddle around with some projecty spreadsheets. Hopefully I was useful..I did tell them an awful lot of things.

(14:51:13) is feeling sleepy. Has someone installed an illegal copy of Derren Brown somewhere around here?

(16:22:58) is going to duck out of the office now in the hope of seeing my beloved children before bedtime... laters potato.

(19:16:08) is at the in-laws having just put the children to bed. Cuddles duly passed on to them from @poots - and more to take back to her with me...

(20:06:27) is back home again, and the children are peaceful and asleep. Lovely. Now: lots of phone calls & texts and pasta. Also: comedy. Yeah.

(20:50:09) is going to manage three tweets in a row mentioning @poots's guinea pigs: Pogo and Frisbee. Or "Fat and Stupid" as I call them :D Squeak.

(20:58:19) is off to bed, although still available on the 24 hour helpline. Unless I'm in the shower... it's all a bit electrical. Good night!

Tweets for 14 Jul 2009


(07:27:51) AudioBoo: Day 1 part 1: Hospital admissions boo http://boo.fm/b42393

(07:58:58) has been through the rigmarole of the pre-flights.. health check, registrar, anaesthetist. Now we wait.

(11:08:23) is still keeping vigil... we are now the only occupants of the anteroom, although we have had a bed confirmed.. 'but it's not ready yet'...

(12:21:42) would like to report exciting & good news, but as yet there isn't any. We're still in the same meeting room(?) we've been in since 8am. Meh.

(12:43:32) is still with @poots, who's been placed in a wheelchair by a nice man called Jonathan. He's looking for a nurse. This may take a while...

(12:51:20) is on the move. Very slowly. Only one of the lifts is working.

(12:54:14) has just left Beth outside some doors that say "Main Operating Theatre". Off to work, now... back as soon after 6 as I can...

(12:55:40) (that's to say I've left, and Beth's gone through the doors. It wouldn't be good just to dump her there) Expect a General Anaesthetic Boo...

(14:18:06) AudioBoo: Day 1 part 2: spinal surgery boo http://boo.fm/b42492

(15:56:45) is going to have coffee, regardless of the consequences. I'm starting to fade now.. it's what 7 hours in a hospital waiting room does to me.

(17:12:36) is heading out east for some bedside vigil action. Hoping the number 25 bus goes all the way to Whitechapel this time.Always read the label.

(17:44:23) could probably walk quicklier, although I would get both wet, overheated and all puffed out. I'm not big on traffic jams. Bah.

(18:22:18) is ~still~ not at the hospital. This is irksome and vexing. Next Hammersmith & City train in 2 mins (I had to bail the bus.. it was awful)..

(19:01:59) is pleased to say Beth's out of surgery & in the ward (5 mins before I arrived) and is woozy & bruised but OK. Surgeon says it 'went well."

(19:22:20) Thank you SO much for the messages of support..I've passed them on. With any luck Beth'll be back on Twitter now! I'm pandering to her. Yeh.

(19:47:39) is watching Beth doze as an annoying old woman rabbits away on her mobile in the next bed. Earlier a man in another room went fruitloop.Eek!

(20:04:48) Actually, Beth's not able to doze, because the morphine makes her pulse go below 50 & the alarm goes off. Bah & gah. Not for long, hopefully

(20:35:26) http://twitpic.com/acyqq - dusk over The City and Whitechapel. Imagine the near-constant sirens and you're practically here.

(20:59:19) http://twitpic.com/ad22m - Beth, in her hospital bed, all wired up to machines & things (some of which go ping, but most go 'bleep bleep ...

(22:47:31) has left Beth in the capable hands of the nursing nightshift..back before work tomorrow. Thank you dear tweeps for helping me through today.

Tweets for 13 Jul 2009


(08:18:09) is packing chargers like there's no time tomorrow. Is this Day 0? The need for luck & prayers starts now, I think. Bring it on.

(09:50:25) will update Twitter with @poots's surgery as things go... she's staying overnight in London; she needs to be at hospital by 7am tomorrow.

(10:17:36) is off into town with a couple of days worth of clothes & things on my back... Luton's in good hands, but I might not be back for a while!

(10:41:09) just saw a lime green Ford Focus RS just like the one on #TopGear last night. A ferocious looking, yet delightfully colourful car. Zooom!

(13:35:24) has come to rest in Whitechapel. We're meeting lovely @sparkyannc after work later..till then, it's time to rest (definitely so for @poots!)

(14:41:22) AudioBoo: Day 0 part 1: Luton Railway Station http://boo.fm/b42041

(14:53:11) is having a spot of bother uploading my most recent audioboo... I think this McDonalds might be defective. Bah.

(15:06:40) AudioBoo: Day 0 part 2: Whitechapel http://boo.fm/b42055

(15:59:04) has had enough of the stupid, disorganised, stress-invoking, traumatic NHS. We need to call back at 7.30am tomorrow.. still in limbo, then..

(18:11:25) AudioBoo: Day 0 part 3: phone frustration http://boo.fm/b42141

(18:19:14) AudioBoo: Day 0 part 4: Frustration and Wetherspoons http://boo.fm/b42146

(21:00:22) http://twitpic.com/a9cle - The juxtaposition of new versus old in Whitechapel - near the Royal London Hospital.

(21:15:12) is ready to bring a mixed Monday to an early end. Highlights include top @sparkyannc company & random iPhone apps conversation on the Tube.

Tweets for 12 Jul 2009


(08:27:58) has been fiddling around migrating podcasts from Juice to iTunes.. hopefully it'll save time fiddling around in the morning. (Not this one!)

(12:55:54) is doing domestic dishwasher things, then up into the loft to seek out some fibre-board. Definitely DIY Dad things this afternoon. JAM YEH!

(13:21:56) is pottering & catching up with @audiboo offerings.. ones at music gigs are a bit annoying, since there's no gain control.. always too loud!

(14:59:00) has been in the back garden, sawing board with no shirt on. Not so much a Diet Coke break as an Asda Smartprice Cola one. Poor neighbours :D

(17:42:59) has had a fun afternoon with the children, building a 'Playstation 2 shelving unit' for the guest area. I think I may be hungry. And tired.

(18:22:22) is using Senuti to back up the iPod Touch in the hope that, if I completely re-install it, I can ~finally~ get Recorder working again...

(19:02:35) This... is BBC Trailers (of the TV preview variety, not the slow-moving dragged-behind-a-car type).

(19:50:12) thinks the washing machine's bearings are wearing out. Sounds like it's washing housebricks. I shall record it for painful posterity.

(20:29:01) thinks our noisy washing machine might just have something loose inside it.. (http://is.gd/1wgQ2). I wonder if I dare take a look tonight...

(20:31:37) is a teensy bit grumpy that some of my iTouch apps won't install because they need version 3.0.. no point in me having it, really. Bleh.

(20:54:15) has thought better of dismantling the washing machine at this time of night. 14 bolts and a lump of concrete is a bit much after Top Gear.

(21:23:43) is about to do an obligatory #oneandother #plinth tweet: A man completing his expenses. With a megaphone. In a boiler suit.Inspired.JAM YEH!

(22:03:05) has a stupid question - where's that music coming from in Trafalgar Square? If I were up there, I'd find it irksome. #plinth #oneandother

(22:18:04) is going to hide & sleep.. unbelievably busy & complicated day tomorrow, so I need to have my wits about me. Where did I leave them..?Night!

Tweets for 11 Jul 2009


(07:15:17) doesn't stop by Facebook much any more. But I still get to know new and fascinating people - in fact, perhaps even moreso on Twitter. Cool.

(11:18:03) has failed to get a hair cut. This afternoon I'll mostly fail at tidying & not getting distracted by shiny technology. Ooh look..an SD card!

(11:54:46) http://twitpic.com/9zn9b - had no idea... the head of the internet is a man called Mr Head! What are the chances..?

(12:30:01) has made an unusual but successful internet radio selection for lunchtime listening: HKG FM - Awesome 80s (from Hong Kong.. cool!)

(14:57:34) http://twitpic.com/9zygo - A little #plinth-based entertainment during the One Big Lounge Tidy (heh.. if only I could get Moyles to do i ...

(17:31:53) ~writes a banner: "More pretty teachers being inspirational on a #plinth!"~ Jo's lovely. (@fridgemagnet: has Lisa applied? ;) #oneandother

(20:01:05) is all done with vacuum cleaner action now. In case you consider buying a Dirt Devil 1100W hand-held.. it's not industrial enough for me!

(20:02:39) is off down to the studio after scanning some long-lost children's toy instructions (otherwise we're scuppered!) to do overdue #freecycling.

(22:24:17) has pretty-much wrung everything I can out of this evening & still never made it to the Freecycling. Better luck tomorrow, maybe..? Night!

Tweets for 10 Jul 2009


(06:51:56) is a bit achey this morning.. I sometimes wonder if I'm seizing up. Still, it was somewhat autumnal out at 6.30am.. lovely & cool. Mornin'!

(08:08:30) is a bit frustrated that there isn't a Tesla coil on our purchase order system. They never seem to have anything I want..

(08:54:42) has a dishwasher update: They've got the part and will be sending a man to fit it during my forthcoming Working From Home period. Splendid.

(09:12:37) is tuning into the #plinth for the first time today... it's another Standing Person at the mo. Wonder what she's thinking. #oneandother.

(09:36:40) It's my trainee attachee's last day here today..who am I going to get to do all my work when she's gone? In other news: time to break Linux.

(12:36:01) RT @poots & @deusmetallum http://twitpic.com/9vryn (BBC Weather report for this afternoon... batten down the hatches!)

(12:37:46) has had a morning of switching things back on and plugging keyboards back in. I shall reward myself with the PIZZA. Nom.

(13:18:52) no fair.. the lady on the plinth stole my idea of taking a bottle of wine up the #plinth& consuming it during the hour :D #oneandother

(14:41:52) may go and look at the big fire on Dean Street (http://twitpic.com/9w1o6 - photo by @jamescridland). But will probably not. All a bit burny.

(15:15:11) Ooh pretty pixie lady on the #plinth... I think I like plinthers that smile. In other news: now I can smell the Dean St fire. #oneandother

(16:16:20) has had enough of work. Feeling listless & tired, and the apple I've just eaten has given me sticky fingers. Otherwise, though, life's good.

(16:22:52) Mimiloo's probably my second favourite so far, just behind Julie Duffy (drenched on Day 2!) Simplicity in charm #plinth #oneandother

(16:58:48) will go for a pint with trainee attachee then go home for a weekend of general apprehension and audiobook downloadage. Sounds like a plan.

(21:55:22) is in the studio, struggling with audiobooks before bed. Some highlights of today: leaving drinks with trainee and, er, coach driver Dave.

(22:21:06) is enjoying the spectacle of the man on the #plinth & crowd interaction.. once again: simple, but entertaining and very British.#oneandother

(22:34:55) will catch up with today's audioboos then go to bed, I think. Just as soon as this CD's finished burning. I love this multimedia world.Yeah!

Tweets for 09 Jul 2009


(05:29:30) is Listen Awaying Now (http://is.gd/1rSuL- BBC iPlayer) before the daily yomp. Thursday, eh? Who'd have thought it?(Someone with a calendar)

(08:02:31) is watching the #oneandother #plinth & listening to a #1Xtra UK garage mix (it's Bassline Thursday in the office). Heady juxtaposition yeah!

(09:38:40) isn't making much progress with Altiris system analysis. I think I might have to take it upon myself to write some more VBScript. Dangerous.

(13:10:04) has just remembered I've not really eaten today (apparently, coffee doesn't count). Time for a cheese & chutney bap, I think.

(13:38:01) wants chocolate and the propensity for coherent thought.

(13:52:34) is a bit concerned that the lady on the #plinth only had 24 hrs to prepare for her participation in the #oneandother thing. Too little time!

(14:30:20) The lady on the #plinth has nice baps. I'm sure my naan could dough better, although I'll still toast her wholemeal success.. #oneandother

(16:28:17) has just seen the latest #plinth man's t-shirt. I bet it'd not say that if he'd been to Reading. It's hardly Slough, I s'pose. #oneandother.

(16:29:24) is always a bit uncomfortable when suppliers (whom I've never met nor had free food from) call me 'mate' in emails. Also: Oh.I've forgotten.

(17:11:19) has realised if I click the ordering system on my work PC & SAP opens, it makes the sound of a finger being snipped off with scissors. Ick.

(17:25:42) is going to perform going home ritual 133: download podcasts, wait for my laptop to shut down then run like stink to the bus stop.

(18:44:31) will be home soon. Tired & hungry. I'm trying to reflect on the day, but it's been a bit of a blur since about 11.30am. Un-audioboo-worthy!

(19:12:12) AudioBoo: Luton Airport Apron boo http://boo.fm/b39741

(20:36:15) is going to bed. Before Olivia turns up on the telly.. otherwise I'll be mesmerised & will have to watch Mitchell & Webb to the end. Night!

Tweets for 08 Jul 2009


(05:26:08) is having a top audio comedy moment: Arthur Smith's Balham Bash (http://is.gd/1qLvn - iPlayer) Glenn Tilbrook's Welsh Rabbit & Milton Jones!

(07:41:00) is in the office. Coffee, #oneandother stream, Twitter & cool air: yup. Hmm, music. in the mood for jungle, but baroque helps concentration.

(08:00:16) may have to do a @petecooper and give up Twitter. This is FAR too distracting.

(08:18:22) has just applied to go on the plinth. I can't decide whether I'll spend the hour failing to play the bagpipes or making a flan.#oneandother.

(09:08:30) very much liked the previous #plinth occupant; her craft, smile & the fact she swept up afterwards.2nd place behind Julie Duffy.#oneandother

(10:50:56) http://twitpic.com/9occo - @juliaball I've gone for #plinth over cricket (no HD telly here.. ought to put @BBCTMS on!) Top anoraks :)

(11:55:02) is going to have to get round to making a doctor's appointment. I have some WFH days planned when Beth's had her operation. Then, I think.

(12:38:12) is listening to @BBC_SOS's Discovery:Save Our Sounds programme on iPlayer (http://is.gd/1r2FA) ... I could get addicted to acoustics...

(14:12:24) is interested to see whether the entertainer on the #oneandother #plinth can manage to sustain an audience for an hour..hope he's rehearsed!

(14:15:14) RT @rosebiggin I feel like I'm watching an exercise video on Pricedrop TV. #oneandother [syzygy: sums it up beautifully :D]

(16:19:21) If I were to go on the #plinth, I don't think I'd shout. I would also be aware that the internet stream keeps breaking. Hmm. #oneandother.

(16:42:11) is hoping the rain doesn't happen for 37 minutes. One more diplomatic email to write, and then I shall go home. Feeling a bit tired now.

(17:29:49) is heading home, listening to the @vobes & his coverage of the #oneandother plinth. I daresay he and I will disagree. And he'll be wrong :D

(18:03:33) RT @jamescridland: http://twitpic.com/9p9ub - @billt on his phone, not watching The Plinthy Thing #oneandother [syz: I thought it was him:D]

(18:22:47) is walking home from the airport.. early enough actually to ~do~ something this evening... I hope!

(19:03:43) is, like @ndixon, listening to @emmaandpete live: http://bit.ly/381jl6 ... just made it home & I have itchy legs. I wonder what that means.

(19:36:33) Other things to talk about: please share your experiences of the highest place you've been, and the place you've been highest. IYSWIM.

(19:46:28) RT @leica0000 [highest/'highest']: 11k feet on Long's Peak in Colorado, and in Boulder, Colorado, respectively :-) (re: @emmaandpete show :)

(21:02:14) is utterly bemused by everything (including where the last hour went) so will now go to bed, contemplate my eyelids & catch up on @audioboo.

(22:33:47) should be asleep by now, but struggled with iPod. Fine now, though - since I've got Olivia Colman in my ear (http://is.gd/1rvuP BBC iPlayer)

Tweets for 07 Jul 2009


(05:29:43) has done the early morning work email check, with associated blue screen of death. This laptop is not well. Best yomp up the hill, then.

(07:01:24) is about to embark on the Marylebone zig-zag, taking in Harley St and many other places of note.

(07:58:57) is playing #plinth in a bit of space on my lefthand monitor. Tempted to apply & make a scrolling LED twitter text display thing.#oneandother

(08:03:23) can't help thinking of some bizarre & entertaining (for myself, naturally :D) ideas for what I'd do if I were up on the #plinth.#oneandother

(08:11:36) RT @charltonbrooker This is basically 'Britain's Got People', isn't it? #oneandother

(08:32:30) hasn't forgotten (unlike, it seems, some) that #oneandother #plinth is ART not entertainment. The twitterfall feed, however, is the latter.

(09:01:14) RT @LizzieCoulter Are people missing point? They can do what they want- it's not Britain's Got Talent: not there to entertain #oneandother

(11:03:52) is looking at the #plinth's T&Cs - seems there's no limitation on the amount of stuff one can take up.. just the pointiness.

(11:46:47) it's lovely to see someone on the #plinth who - at least so far - hasn't resorted to using her mobile phone. Best one today. #oneandanother.

(11:53:57) Rose petal #plinth lady: definitely my favourite so far. Quintessentially British, with a garden ethic of which @fluffymuppet would approve.

(12:37:53) is heading down to Trafalgar Square over lunch for a brief gawp at the 2pm #plinth person.This has really caught my imagination #oneandother

(14:00:02) is back in the office, a bit warm after a lunchtime yomp. Saw the #plinth & took a brief video, which will turn up once I've made the tea...

(14:21:03) Oh dear.. Errol says 40mm of rain ahead in 3 hours & Mr #plinth has just lost some of his plastic coverage. Do I hear thunder?#oneandanother

(15:57:15) has had a bit of a quiet twitter afternoon, really. Definitely due an early night tonight, I think. That'll help my twittering, then.

(16:04:32) http://twitpic.com/9lley - A photographer called Adam on the #plinth 2pm-3pm today. His pics will be on the #oneandanother site soon.

(16:13:44) I feel sorry for the #plinth lady. it is absolutely tipping it down in W1. As in buckets. #oneandanother.

(16:32:43) Wow. Proper thunder storm! I've developed rather a fondness for the #plinth lady, as she smiles stoically during the downpour.#oneandanother

(16:50:23) will try to avoid tweeting about #plinth for a bit (gets a bit annoying to those who aren't interested).. but someone from Luton on at 7pm!

(17:23:45) is going to make the most of the break in the rainingness and escape the office. I may end up looking like a drowned rat (or Julie Duffy :D

(20:31:29) AudioBoo: End Of Tuesday Wrong Button Pressing boo http://boo.fm/b38622

Tweets for 06 Jul 2009


(00:59:08) has been all about the scripting since Top Gear finished. It's taken a while, but I think my 'multimedia blogging tool' works. Maybe. Night!

(01:12:16) AudioBoo: Late Night Visitor Boo http://boo.fm/b37617

(01:22:02) Woo.. it worked! Automatic blogging.. I'm so lazy :D Right.. I'm going to be rubbish in the morning, so best get to bed. Goodnight, again!

(06:52:29) is about to scrape my weary carcass off the altar of sleep and pour coffee into it until some kind of pseudo-resurrection takes place. Bleh.

(08:20:13) is always delighted when Neil Hannon comes up with something genius. This - http://www.dlmethod.com - qualifies. Cricket-based ditties ftw.

(08:23:39) can feel some Freecycling coming on.

(09:43:56) is heading back down to the guestroom to finish the tidying process & commence the putting up of cupboards.Tape measure & spirit level ahoy!

(14:59:05) is midway through Monday Yomp, prepended by a zoom around town to drop off @nxmee's bike, pick up a ladder & pop to the tidy tip. Exhausted.

(19:24:35) RT @petecooper: my wifey, @fluffymuppet, has a book coming out in about 3 wks. PLEASE BUY IT AND MAKE US RICH.thank you x http://is.gd/1oZyj

(19:38:08) has reached the end of a brief era of helping at Cubs on Monday evenings. What to do now? Given the amount of freecyling piling up: that.

(19:41:41) wonders if we still named musical styles after the reaction they provoke (eg. Rock'n'roll), Acid Jazz would be called "shudder'n'cringe"...

(19:44:52) has so far missed the fun of #oneandother (http://www.oneandother.co.uk) .. might have to wander down there at lunchtime tomorrow. Coolio.

(20:06:37) is having a cup of rooibos and a ponder. Do I start on the grand studio tidying project? Sorting & photographing Freecycling first, I think.

(20:21:32) A new Vox video: 06/07/2009:

(21:32:37) is drawing a line under Monday, but not very neatly, so it goes over some of the letters & it looks like it's been crossed out. Oops. Night!

Tweets for 05 Jul 2009


(11:18:35) A new Vox video: Eleanor demonstrating her unconventional counting technique...:

(11:20:55) is going to do something unspeakable with household chemicals. And before lunch, too.

(12:25:44) Mmmm... Portal cake for dessert!

(17:13:34) AudioBoo: DIY boo http://boo.fm/b37418

(17:38:26) AudioBoo: Me Chris http://boo.fm/b37428

Tweets for 04 Jul 2009


(07:12:16) might get out of bed in a mo. I want to revamp my blog.. or is that a bit 'form over content'? Such geeky thoughts on a Saturday morning..

(08:02:52) is singing along with The Wonderpets (UK version) - I'd recommend it for lifting any mood.

(08:35:35) Bah & gah.. so near & yet so far! I can dial a (free!) SIP call to phoneboo (by @audioboo) but can't send DTMF in Fring to finish recording!

(12:07:19) has had a splendid time at the "Dads/male carers & children" morning - lots of drums... video (hopefully) on the way. Now I want a djembe...

(12:19:07) A new Vox video: Saturday morning drumming workshop:

(12:34:56) AudioBoo: I just recorded a phoneboo.... http://boo.fm/b36708

(14:21:14) http://twitpic.com/99ko2 - An example of TwitPic marvellousness for my blog then. Lenni & nasturtia.

(15:30:06) has been inspired by the percussion workshop this morning, but I'm not sure finances will stretch to a Hang Drum! (http://is.gd/1nfFU -sfw)

(15:47:11) I've posted something in my blog: The chronicles of life - Web2.0 style. http://tinyurl.com/nzj4s2

(16:36:26) has just been doing that very Dad thing of punching a baboon. #eddieizzard (http://is.gd/1niyh 04min07sec in ... nsfw - rude words!)

(17:57:18) will now go & freshen up after an hour of frenetic macro-coding to make a script that posts multimedia stuff to my blog automatically..(!)

(18:17:56) is off for a bit. Proper @poots time now. À bientôt.

(20:47:04) http://twitpic.com/9b32f - Date night with my entirely gorgeous @poots ... top food at The Wyvern and now: Bill & Ted's Excellent Advent ...

(22:42:12) A quiet, yet exquisite bedtime, with no children to put to bed; now: recollections of a wonderful evening with my best friend.So: goodnight.

Tweets for 03 Jul 2009


(06:24:37) is clammy & heading south through the heavy mist..there's very little air movement. When the sun burns through, it's going to be crazy hot.

(06:49:16) just saw a billboard for http://www.woolworths.co.uk- looks like the name's been bought by Shop Direct. I wonder if the pic'n'mix is better?

(08:04:32) is chewing the fat about programming with Digital Brian & how it's changed. It's all about knowing a library of objects, now.. tough for me.

(08:23:28) has an aircon update: 3 of 4 fan coils need replacing, which requires a financial case. Great. Today's objective: unbolt the window locks!

(08:29:54) is looking forward to watching "Meet The British" on iPlayer (repeated last night, #BBC4) - http://is.gd/1mc1w - delightfully idiosyncratic.

(09:49:15) would like to thank @ewanspence for his assistance in working out how this blessed N95 works. There are far too many settings on this thing!

(10:00:38) has had a morning of circuitous success. I've made an air conditioning system(!), played with RSS feeds & researched Linux authentication.

(10:50:02) is standing up in a meeting and trying not to cause trouble.

(11:07:10) A new Vox video: 03/07/2009:

(11:31:26) is a bit grumpy because Digital Brian has invaded my one-to-one SCOM training session. Boo, Digital Brian! Boo!

(11:53:15) will now have pizza, while trying to figure out why there's nothing on my left-hand-most screen. Also, I need to take a break from Twitter.

(12:33:16) has been explaining Uncanny Valley (http://is.gd/1mkEr - sfw; wikipedia) to a colleague. This is something I find immensely fascinating.

(14:01:07) is considering a search-and-rescue mission.

(14:26:42) is relieved to have heard from @poots. Five hours at the mercy of the NHS isn't good.. hopefully that's not a portent for the future. Eek.

(14:46:46) AudioBoo: Slightly Distorted Debut Boo (DeBoo?) http://boo.fm/b36113

(15:22:14) is going to have to resort to tidying and coffee. RIGHT. Bring it/them on.

(16:35:18) is wrestling with the ordering system. At this time on a Friday afternoon. I will never drink again (I've not been drinking; it's THAT bad).

(19:11:07) AudioBoo: Airport Directions Boo http://boo.fm/b36304

(19:55:41) is home & addicted to @Audioboo already. Just as soon as I've redownloaded all of my apps (long story) I may record another (thanks,@poots!)

(20:27:06) Woo.. I've just made a button on Safari's "Bookmarks" bar that shortens the current browser URL using http://is.gd (mmm javascript goodness)

(21:20:04) AudioBoo: Dusk And Water Butts boo http://boo.fm/b36376

Tweets for 02 Jul 2009


(05:20:31) is a bit snuffly this morning & not quite sure I've slept enough. Listening to #Radio4's "Look Away Now" on iPlayer.. sport amusement yay :)

(06:20:52) is on the coach, listening to @TheILPpodcast's coverage of #cheesefast, while browsing classic games (Steam-style) at http://www.gog.com

(06:57:53) is at Baker Street. Who needs Brightkite when there are road signs? (and I've done this for nearly nine years!) Time to stomp to the office.

(07:56:16) has discovered that @audioboo.fm provides an RSS feed of Boos of people I'm following, so I can plop them on my iPod. Yay! Who 'boos here?

(08:13:53) RT @hypnotistchris: Airline uses naked crew in safety video http://bit.ly/IjrKY [syzygy: what a splendid idea. Social psychology in action]

(08:28:19) must get round to finishing this tweet.

(08:55:33) #moonfruit and #squarespace sitting in a tree.. W I N N I N G.

(09:04:31) has had a visit from the air conditioning man (who is surprisingly not old & grumpy). He is going to look at the Air Conditioning Computer.

(10:29:20) Dit dit diddly dit.. air conditioning update: the man has discovered that three of the four fans are switched off. He's off to find out why.

(11:28:15) Aircon update: 3 men are poking through the suspended ceiling, mumbling to each other in the way engineers do. 3 fans are borked. One each.

(13:19:56) would like publically to celebrate the fact that my papercut no longer hurts. This sort of thing often goes unappreciated.I'm easily pleased

(15:04:46) wonders if the heat is made worse by the fact that I know what temperature it is? My brain is grinding to a halt. Time to hide away & think.

(15:20:31) has spent the best part of two hours trying to parse a day-of-the-week parsing configuration file. Starting to get rather frustrated.

(18:16:38) might well be on the way home, but will be unable to avoid wrestling a little more with this tiresome shell script. The hard bit's done...

(20:30:51) is not doing very well at stopping eating the liquorice allsorts.

(21:00:22) Ooh. La Roux ad on the telly. Y'know, that may well be the first full albumen I buy this year. Electro joy.

(21:27:29) is off for a shower, a bed & then a Friday. Free binder with Part One, apparently. Goodnight, dear Twitter. Hang in there while I'm asleep.

Tweets for 01 Jul 2009


(05:09:06) is awake and ready for a fresh start - Wednesday: new month, new division - and, in two hours time, COFFEE! Today shall be a good day.

(07:31:20) http://twitpic.com/8xg93 - is celebrating July, FM&T and - of course - @ms_howard's birthday with my first cup of coffee in a month :)

(08:05:44) thinks I may have made this coffee a little strong.

(08:07:33) has a hankering again.. I really want a microphone for my iPod Touch (gen1) but can't find one that I can guarantee will work with Audioboo.

(08:17:08) Would like to propose two things: [1] everyone on the interwebs replaces the domain prefix "www" with "ffs" .. i.e. http://ffs.mus-ic.co.uk

(08:18:02) [2] that FTW becomes FTW(nfc) since there's an old lady called Win at our church: we are NOT referring to her. For The Win (not from church)

(09:52:26) is astonished by the Kandoo attitude of some people.

(09:59:37) was intrigued by & enjoyed today's Guardian Tech Weekly podcast (http://is.gd/1jQ0e) from @guardiantw [worth a listen, @naivelondongirl..?]

(10:42:59) reminds you: home taping is killing music.

(11:45:08) is indulging in some casual DJism.

(11:48:26) would emphasize that I meant casual DJ-ism. Not anything else.

(13:33:43) isn't really making a whole lot of progress this afternoon. Much of it has been spent doing research. Hopefully my trainee is faring better.

(14:55:33) is shell-scripting like a man possessed. Or caffeinated. The windows are shut, and it's 28.4 degrees in here. Starting to get horrible.

(16:43:27) has had enough and is now off to do something with bananas and parks, too.

(18:25:35) is heading homewards, either still mildly caffeinated or crashed. I'm not sure which. Not so strong in the morning.Back to the shell script.

(19:57:35) found a purple biro just before I started to fill in my Solo card account thing. Cool! I don't have ADHD; I'm just easily pleased.

(20:18:56) has a new career aspiration: to compose dramatic/emotional music for reality TV shows, and include secret subversive messages within.

(21:25:31) is off to bed after fooling around with MP3 recording apps & uploading tools on the Nokia N95 for 'DIY Audioboo' action. Nearly there.Night!

(22:17:26) is in bed, fan blowing & windows open. The shower radio can't pick up #radio4. It has a picture of Homer Simpson on the front.Coincidence?

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