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Tweets for 30 Jun 2009


(07:53:11) is installed at my desk, with UnderDesk Fan on setting 2, buffeting my legs. Also, I managed to get a papercut on my right ring finger.Owie.

(08:39:58) is doing more cartplayer patching and jiggery/pokery this moring. The trainee has returned, and I must find something for her to do...

(10:10:03) is suffering from PC/mac/Linux hotkey confusion.. must remember it's CTRL-ENTER to send an email in Outlook, not CTRL-ALT-D. Bah.

(11:56:54) has had a various morning, during which I have further cemented a rather lovely geek chick crush. (She's not on Twitter, so that's OK :D)

(12:19:23) probably won't be going out in this weather..

(14:59:48) had a delightful lunchbreak in the Secret Garden - just a shame it's 15 minutes away. I may have to move my office there. 3G dongle, anyone?

(16:21:13) http://twitpic.com/8uvt2 - One of my colleagues is wearing a t-shirt today that just says "CoolEdit Pro!" to me...

(17:34:18) is within an area of air conditioning & wi-fi. The seats aren't all that comfortable and don't swivel but hey, it's better than the office.

(18:51:26) is home, and positioned carefully in front of the fan. Fortunately the upstairs isn't unbearably hot.. we have air movement! (a bit)

(20:50:39) Is going for a shower and a shave. "Bedtime, boys! (Oh mum!)" Good night.

Tweets for 29 Jun 2009


(06:54:11) is eating cereal (yum!) while making the most of a cool morning - it may well be roasting today.. windows wide open!

(09:57:14) has done very little this morning save for inept hammering. I think some inept drilling may be on the itinerary after lunch...

(10:07:50) http://twitpic.com/8qw4w - 'School Run Cat' on a footbridge - mercifully undamaged after another school run.

(12:17:30) is going to move about as little as possible while the weather stays hot. Now I'm looking for the comfiest chair in the house. Or the bath.

(14:50:54) I wonder if it is possible to lose weight just by being out in this sauna-esque weather. School Run 1 done; 30 minutes until I'm out again..

(16:11:51) is home with two warm children & windows that physically could not be more open. Off to Cubs in a bit- potentially my penultimate session...

(16:16:11) RT @SteveDoherty1 This is why they shouldn't pre-record large lumps of commercial radio: http://bit.ly/rsj0i [syzygy: sfw.. radio wrongness]

(16:17:36) wonders what it is that gives British city summers a 'plant-based creosotesque' kind of smell that wafts on the warm breeze wherever I am?

(16:41:11) is off to a awkward Cubs session. Fortunately it finishes at 7pm... if ever I needed a caffeine boost it would be now! Two days to go yay :)

(16:48:41) http://twitpic.com/8rmoa - is popping to the tidy tip en-route to dispose of a small shoebox-full of dead batteries (about a year's wort ...

(18:23:39) tried to take a pic of the seven magpies on the green opposite our house. They were reluctant to be in shot all together. Never to be told..

(19:22:46) is trying really really hard to get Mario Kart Wii out of my system. Problem with these games & mild OCD is that I ~have~ to do all of it :S

(21:16:27) is off to bed. Having caught up with the tweets, I didn't think tennis went on this late. How odd. Still, all good fun. Goodnight.

Tweets for 28 Jun 2009


(07:23:06) is watching yesterday's "Richard Hammond's Blast Lab" with Lenni - it's not evolved since series one, but that's not so bad. Still charming.

(08:06:47) is neither ready nor raring. A bit trying-not-to-sneezy, though. I'd better get dressed, I s'pose. Time to get a bit Sunday.

(08:21:20) http://twitpic.com/8ntwo - had a surprise when we planted Lenni's sunflowers out yesterday - my Pound Shop raspberry plant has fruited!

(11:05:54) is going to take to boy to a McDonalds birthday party in town. In other news, an earlier sneezing fit has left me with a husky voice.Yeah!

(13:43:14) is enjoying tea & a big cookie, a gentle breeze blowing through the house. If it stays like this, I might just make it through the summer.

(15:43:46) I've posted something in my blog: June..? http://tinyurl.com/lmgs5q

(15:51:40) can't eat salad properly.

(16:25:00) http://twitpic.com/8ogun - The bumble bees are benefitting from the overgrown nasturtia (despite the leaf damage from the hail last night).

(18:23:57) RT @petecooper: michael jackson jokes == lazy, not funny [syzygy: Bravo, Mr Cooper]

(19:00:29) is going to have some Top Gear and some cold tropical type stuff in a glass. Chin chin!

(19:05:30) has just (metaphorically) died laughing at the Stig at back of shot... Top Gear really is first class comedy.

(19:27:28) Oh oh.. Mercedes SLR.. my entirely favourite car. Top boss.

(20:41:45) has had Spotify installed for nearly a month now, and has run it twice. Hmm... perhaps I'm just too stuck on radio... (and podcasts!)

(22:33:08) is off to bed after approaching completion of the LED House Number project. Motorists will be blinded for miles around. Yeah! Good night.

Tweets for 27 Jun 2009


(07:12:46) is enjoying a slow start to Saturday with the delights of my two perky children piling into the bedroom with tales of their week. Morning!

(09:54:59) is enjoying a chilled-out Saturday. Lenni's watching Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory; Chris is re-installing Steam and I'm off for a shower.

(11:53:51) has made no great achievements so far today; mooching around with the children,really. Nice to have a peaceful, stress-free weekend, though.

(14:29:54) is home and enjoying an impromptu visit from @cloudexplosion and her children. Lovely day for it :)

(18:10:02) ..and so it begins. Turns out I didn't need to water the garden. Bring it on, Mr McThunderstorm. And don't let Stevenage have any :D

(18:25:12) http://twitpic.com/8l73s - Yup.. it's definitely throwing it down...

(19:18:05) Woo.. now 5mm hailstones. I'd take photos but it's too dark & wet, and I'm sorting out the scores of pics I've taken but neglected thus far.

(19:52:04) would quite like to try to take photos of the lightning, but it would doubtless be a futile exercise, and I've far too much else to do!

(21:23:27) has discovered that my automatic twitter archiving script has only been gathering the last 20 tweets. On a busy day, it's missed lots. Darn.

(22:58:52) has nearly finished June's blog entry (that is so sad) after being distracted by a need to check the caffeine content of Carter's root beer.

Tweets for 26 Jun 2009


(08:17:46) had a bit of an alarm clock malfunction, so arrived in the office a teensy bit late. Looking forward to rain. Is Michael Jackson still dead?

(09:28:32) is tooling around with Cartplayers at 6music.. An opportunity to give George Lamb a second chance? Yup. he still sounds like KwikFit to me.

(10:18:38) Good grief.. I've only just spotted that Malcolm McLaren is in the studio next door. Not someone I'd recognise till I heard him speak...

(10:36:33) hasn't made as rapid progress with the Evil Cartplayer of Doom. Listening to Malcolm McLaren tell the story of punk, one sentence at a time.

(11:29:27) is back in the office. Who knew that applying Microsoft patches could be so interesting? (!) Scariest place to do it: 6music News.

(11:56:22) would like there to be a quite spectacular thunderstorm now or in a minute, please. It would curtail this musty humidity & that'd be lovely.

(12:33:24) is watching the Breakfast scene from Falling Down.. I thought I recognised the HRG character from Heroes.. it's Michael Douglas's character!

(15:33:11) Ahh #radio4 pres how do I love you? Let me count the ways: 1- working air conditioning. 2- Moy in 40D. OK,and @Ms_Howard & @Richard_C too: D

(16:58:12) appreciates the daylight having spent the majority of the afternoon in windowless studios. Lovely.

(17:17:05) has completely run out of ado, so will now go and find some real ale. Harpenden is an apposite location, I hear. Off to the train I go..

(18:44:46) is at the Harpenden Real Ale Festival.. First off the blocks: Dark Star - Hophead. Favourite of the @vobes .. hoppy as the names suggest ...

(19:08:02) Seconds out.. round 2. Half a pint of Crouch Vale's Amarillo. Named after the newish hop, it's not got the kick of the Hop Head, and a l ...

(19:38:51) Number three (so a mere pint-and-a-half in) - Red Squirrel RSB. This one pushes the hoppy flavour a little too far.. Less grapefruity, m ...

(20:10:37) Number four: Buntingford Golden Plover. They call it a session beer, but I'm having it for the fruitiness. 'More citrussy than washing u ...

(20:46:32) Number 5; last ale of the night, I think. @ucalegon has selected York's Centurions Ghost (5.4%). It's dark. It tastes almost like chocol ...

(21:58:54) is home, still a bit woozy after some very tasty ales. I have my trophy (beer glass) and most of my dignity. Surely that's all that matters?

(22:13:45) is going to bed, safe in the knowledge that all is as it should be in my little world. Apart from the mild dehydration & the warmth. Night!

Tweets for 25 Jun 2009


(05:15:42) Good morning! Suffering a little today from a lack of fresh comedy on #radio4... there seems to be a lot of repeats on at the moment.

(06:25:01) http://twitpic.com/8cpzn - would warn anybody trying to drive to Luton Airport that it its approach is BORKED. As usual.

(06:36:43) is listening to Mark Thompson rattle on about 'rubicons.' I do not know what a rubicon is (a river?) I'm so, so ignorant.

(07:14:39) is finally at Baker Street.. took a while this morning again. Time for a lollop to the office, then lots of workings.

(07:58:00) has now worked out why the driver laughed when I showed my ticket this morning.. I'd put my August ones at the front & was 2 months early!

(08:04:32) wonders why my mac mini seems to be been running consistently 10 degrees C warmer since I installed Leopard. Is it working harder..?

(08:17:20) RT @giagia I want this! The UK Folding Plug: http://bit.ly/13TBXh [syzygy: what a neat idea.. wonder how safe it is... fine for 3A kit..?]

(09:18:21) is going to reboot my PC and then see what happens.

(11:27:48) is going to repot one of my pepper plants. I was going to listen to #radio3 while I did it, but it's just talking, then HORRID music. Bah.

(12:02:29) http://twitpic.com/8d54a - My office greenery - two repotted pepper plants (with fruit!), the aloe vera family & a little lemon :)

(13:06:35) is going to take a quick amble round the block. Does anybody want anything? (options are limited: pashminas, dodgy looking salad, bin bags).

(14:16:56) is back in the office. Great Portland Street is a fantastic place to amble along in the summertime - the tall buildings offer lots of shade.

(14:44:45) seriously thinks I have made the right decision about Chris and Lenni, and will hopefully be more sure later. I was worried for a while...

(16:58:49) is off for brief drinkies, to commemorate the disbandment of the division for which I work. A poignant, but mildly alcoholic moment.

(20:43:58) is home & tucking into tasty foods (thanks, @poots). @nxmee's cub session was good, with some familiar faces. Lenni tomorrow..still anxious.

(20:48:29) has read many stories on Twitter today of new jobs, new houses & success. Let the 25th of June 2009 be recorded as A Good Day (for you, too)

Tweets for 24 Jun 2009


(05:30:05) has what amounts to quite a busy Wednesday ahead. Mainly involving sorting out ProTools machines & moving the children to a new scout group.

(07:43:02) is finally at work after a bit of a poxy trip in. I think I might have to get a moped. Or a helicopter. Or some combination of the two.

(08:18:12) RT @lutonhaiku: Tea at Luton Hoo / costs twenty two pound fifty. / Best stick to Robby's [There's a twitter account of haikus about Luton?!]

(09:57:30) is having a remarkably lucid day so far. It's zipped by somewhat, but it always does. I'm also wearing my celebrity-meeting purple shirt.

(11:52:44) has just realised that Asha Bosle who sings on 1 Giant Leap's "The Way You Dream" (one of my favourite tracks) is the "Brimful of Asha" Asha

(13:37:50) is in the fortnightly team meeting. Apparently, both my boss and my mother follow me on Twitter. I need to watch what I say, I s'pose...

(14:34:57) Whammo! (Not the CD Labelling System) Registry spong followed by a reboot. It'll never work again...


(17:00:28) is about to make some phone calls to Cub and beaver leaders. The concept scares me a little.. feels a bit like an interview..!

(17:29:48) had partial success with the Cub/Beavers thing.. now time to depart for the coach with the PMQ circus ringing in my ears. Zoooooomeee!

(20:47:18) has spent the evening variously printing out coach tickets, scanning hospital appointment letters, eating stew & reassuring @nxmee. Blimey.

(20:48:07) needs a Solo card to facilitate cheaper travel. I'm not sure what one of those is. I shall go into Barclays tomorrow and ask. Quite nicely.

(20:57:23) is going to bed, a bit sulkily. I was hoping for a bit more whoosh and zoom this evening. Instead I got receipts and PDF documents. BOO!

Tweets for 23 Jun 2009


(05:32:11) ought to get a wriggle on.. that hill ain't going to climb itself. I would like to wish you a Happy Tuesday, but that would be impractical.

(09:39:21) finally has a working laptop, after a Tuesday Morning blue screen of death & two attempts at a scheduled desktop update. Is it hometime yet?

(10:09:44) has had to reboot my desk phone this morning, too. I'm starting to wonder if IT's out to get me. Now hoping my mug of rooibos doesn't crash.

(10:21:42) has IE7 on my work desktop! Will miracles never cease? Time for some tabbed browsing action! (Yes, I really am that easily pleased :D)

(11:54:09) Stop! Hummus time!

(14:47:03) is back at Desk Of Randomness, trying to work out what to do now. I could do with a break but really would rather leave on time. Right. Tea.

(15:40:15) can't believe I've only just opened Mixero today.. just goes to show, the Twitter website's perfectly adequate for a simpleton such as I.

(15:42:13) is pleased I've finally got IE7 as a browser, but the search engine they've locked in the search box is the crap intranet search module.WHY?

(16:54:45) is going to dash for the coach in the hope of making it to every apopintment this evening. Run, Forrest, run!

(17:39:39) is on the hi-tech coach heading Northwards. I have an itchy throat. Right.. time to catch up on emails. If you want me, I'm in seat 44.

(17:41:38) Oh, while I remember, I saw a woman yesterday with a tiny piercing just below her bottom lip. It was shiny and looked like permadrool. Odd.

(17:59:52) RT @emmaandpete stream link for emma and pete live: (best couplecast in the UK). 7pm today. I think.

(18:07:35) would like to claim publically that I'm Emma out of @emmaandpete's most biggestest fan. I defy anyone to disprove me (using mathematics).

(18:50:12) is home.. @emmaandpete is on in the house.. woo! (Emma, your microphone doesn't seem to be working?)

(18:51:14) You sound like you're a long long way away, Emma.. and yes, Pete's nice and loud ;) @emmaandpete. Colin Firth, you say? :D

(18:56:56) has the sweet and sour chickens. Mmmm! @poots rocks the wok.

(19:03:11) Oh I ~loved~ your frog/compost AKG podcast, by the way, Emma.. you are clearly either very kind to creatures or a bit bonkers. @emmaandpete

(19:21:02) will have to catch the rest of the @emmaandpete show later.. better head to the meeting. I wonder what colour the new car will be... blue..?

(21:50:55) is off to bed after an evening of opportunity and a bit of moaning. Oh, yes, and the fabulous @emmaandpete. WIN! (not from church)

Tweets for 22 Jun 2009


(06:59:25) can see consciousness through a squinty hole. I'm SO glad I'm not working today. Time to rise & shine(?) to help prepare for the school run.

(08:14:09) has just discovered that a software update has stopped my mac mini from starting its webserver when it boots. Result: broken website. BAH.

(08:35:24) is now trying to work out why 'index.php' now isn't good enough for an Apache configuration that hasn't been touched in months. Eh?

(08:43:45) now has a working webserver again. I have a funny feeling the reboot sorted it, but Safari left the duff website in its cache.. oops!

(09:12:35) called the dishwasher fixing people again today. I am not keen on the woman at the other end of the phone, and am thinking dark thoughts.

(11:24:08) is slowly summoning sufficient energy for a rendition of the word "Right..." and whatever productivity follows thereof.

(13:23:20) is back from Mr Tesco's shop, and is awaiting the oven's presentation of some Bargain Fishcakes. Nearly school pick-up time already..?

(15:57:47) is home from the pair of walks up & down the hill, and am now reaching the 'a bit exhausted' stage. Only Cubs (again!) to go, before..sleep!

(15:59:22) has had a pleasant day of doing not very much apart from the school jaunts, which has been a relief. Time to call @poots's surgeon's office.

(16:45:13) is now going to take Lenni to Beavers and @nxmee to Cubs. I will be glad when this term is over.. there may be big changes ahead.

(21:23:51) is currently running at 33% Perrin. (That's Reggie, not the Worcestershire Sauce) Off to bed now. Tired. Splat. Goodnight!

Tweets for 21 Jun 2009


(16:16:37) is home after a cub camp of bickering (leaders), running around (me & cubs) & decaffeinated coffee. I have not acquired a taste for it.

(18:46:17) has just been informed there is a new series of Top Gear starting on BBC2 at 8pm. I am jolly pleased, and may well break out the biscuits...

(19:01:25) ~Ahhhhhhh~ ... sofa sigh!

(19:17:37) is going to do all I can not to tweet all the way through #TopGear ... it is SO genius, and I have so much to drivel on about it!

(19:45:02) deleted the tweet for Spoiler Avoidance. Hopefully!

(19:47:01) is sure The Stig never had that kind of swagger. Time for the trivia geeks to watch through all the reruns on Dave. Not me, I'd emphasize...

(20:31:13) has gone blehhhhhhhhhhhh. It may well be time to take my iPod Touch to bed, and see out what remains of the day under my duvet. Hmm. Yeah.

(20:38:10) passed out at this keyboard 4 minutes ago. Nothing more to see here. (Apart from a face with some odd-shaped dents tomorrow morning). Night!

Tweets for 20 Jun 2009


(06:40:32) is juggling 30 noisy children & breakfast.. the rest of the adults are in the kitchen making bacon. My room mate snores like a diesel engine

(08:59:51) is about to watch the Cubs play 'Aeroball'.. volleyball on little trampolines. A lethal combination (so I won't be doing it, then).

(10:33:53) is approaching the 'I have entirely lost interest' point. Where's the adventure? Where's the Random Factor? Where's the danger? Well, OK...

(13:09:32) has had (I believe) a personal first. I shot an air rifle. @nxmee took to it like a boy to fire-arms.. he got the best score of the Cubs :D

(19:51:13) http://twitpic.com/7xhhi - is witnessing camp fire songs. Very traditional, although it's not dark yet. Still tired though...

(19:52:14) Alice the camel has how many humps?

(21:33:30) is, once again, waiting for the kids to settle. Won't be too long. Oh, who am I kidding? The newly arrived Beavers still aren't lights out.

Tweets for 19 Jun 2009


(07:06:06) is a little weary this morning. Time for a shower & to set up my office for a day working at home. Hot rocks!

(09:04:45) RT @the_magazine: 1 circuit board + 1 diode + 1 discarded toy = pure joy http://ping.fm/n7Xcq [syz: That's my kinda hobby!Must linky @nxmee]

(12:29:48) is mystified as to the disappearance of this morning. It was here an hour and a half ago.. who's nabbed it?

(12:59:59) http://tinyurl.com/nfyr8w - 19062009003

(13:03:33) is tooling around with Shozu on the N95 to see if I can tweet some odd pics over the weekend. Just need to change the default filename..

(14:57:43) RT @petecooper/ @johnsyweb: Everyone in the UK: Worst Daily Mail poll ever. VOTE YES to skew the results and pass it on! http://bit.ly/w4b6Q

(15:08:59) has two children and a whole load of packing to do. I just wish this document would end.. might work on it while helping at Cub Camp. HAHA!

(16:35:10) is off 'camping'. It's getting terrifyingly dark. In every sense. Thank heavens for my Übertorch. I may tweet for rescue. Keyword: Aaarrgh!

(22:31:24) is waiting for the kids to finish settling, while the adults talk utter bollocks around the camp fire. I can think of many better places ...

Tweets for 18 Jun 2009


(04:54:24) is not ready for Thursday. Please have it redelivered around lunchtime.

(07:04:23) http://twitpic.com/7p03m - is being delayed in a Very London Way. Where are they taking those cannons?

(10:32:24) is sitting in Radio 2, waiting for a backup to be restored on a sick server. Moby walked past earlier and smiled - he's a friendly chap.

(11:50:25) sausage + chutney + bap = NOM. Easy.. N=2; O=5; M=6

(13:34:10) is off for a constitutional. I hope it' not too dusty.

(15:36:26) has just been called by my Dad who's stuck on the M25. Digital Brian tells me there's acidic goo on the road. The two may be connected.

(15:44:04) can also hear a baby crying in the office around the corner. It's putting me on edge. There are strange things afoot. I'm a little afraid.

(17:11:50) RT @RobJD: [Is there a] Twitter 'Panel' for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and if so, where? Ta... [My B-i-L is suffering with his mobile.. :(]

(22:39:16) has completed the prototype Übertorch (Poundland flashlight pimped with 20 white LEDs) and it's Quite Good. Next version: brighter & better.

(22:41:36) off to bed, after tidying up a studio desk which resembles more of an engineering workbench at the moment. Like being at work, really, then.

Tweets for 17 Jun 2009


(14:17:12) Time, I think, for a veritable cornucopia of fruit. And a carrot.

(16:15:29) is aware that I don't have a headache this afternoon. This makes me happy.

(16:52:14) is off for brief drinkies (non-caffeineated nor alcoholic) with my dear @sparkyannc pal until the coach arrives. Right. Shut down, laptop.

(21:15:46) very very much likes @Mixero. It's eclipsed Tweetdeck for me as a versatile, tidy Air-based tweeting app. Channels and multiple filters FTW.

(21:32:15) is off to bed, with an askance look at Thursday. I'm sure it is threatening me, and I'll have no truck with that. Rhona is a disappointment.

Tweets for 16 Jun 2009


(16:49:58) is rather honoured to have been given a namecheck in the company paper, and in quite glowing terms, too. Thanks, @sparkyannc :)

(16:58:26) is now going to have a homeward stomp. God Bless Digital Brian.

(17:20:57) is going to charm myself aboard the Early Coach. C'mon, then... it's at the lights. The moment of truth approaches.

(20:15:40) is busy blaming the tools. Oh yes, it's definitely their fault, not my woeful lack of prestidigitation.

(20:17:24) Oh, and the dishwasher engineer only went and ordered the wrong part. He turned up with it yesterday, and I was very civil with him. Numpty.

(20:38:40) is facing the eternal dilemma - Araldite or No More Nails?

(20:41:54) has learned a valuable lesson this evening: never buy Pound Shop Own Brand Araldite. It eats its way through the lid of the tube. Nasty.

(20:54:38) Two votes for araldite; one for no more nails and one for loctite. I am able to type this without my fingers stuck together: success!

Tweets for 15 Jun 2009


Tweets for 14 Jun 2009


(17:06:55) is not winning. But not as badly as Lenni.

(17:12:55) wishes my children would say "eight pounds, please," instead of "eight pound, please." Makes them sound like fruiterers.

(19:45:34) is going to focus on something this evening. Not sure what, yet. It may be more soldering. It may be fried bread.

Tweets for 13 Jun 2009


(10:48:21) is going to put some jeans on and explore the Outside World. YEAH!

(12:16:46) thinks it's quite simple.. it's either air conditioning OR windows that open (which, in fact, I favour). Or both. Neither is just churlish.

(12:40:22) does like a nice breeze. And shade. Two personal favourites, especially in this rather clement weather.

(16:16:06) thinks that if I had a better memory, I would have a far happier life. I should write down all those things I will never do again somewhere.

(16:28:20) also thinks if my memory were better I'd read more, since I could recall myriad pithy quotes therein & thence be as erudite as @stephenfry.

(16:31:08) Enough navel-gazing & feeling sorry for myself. I wonder if,next year, there'll be 2 types of folk: those who say 2,010 & those saying 20-10

(17:00:18) RT @JuliaBall http://tinyurl.com/mne39d Please [Neil,] dont be drinking anything whilst watching :-)

(17:08:11) reckons those accident claim helplines should be limited only to making payouts & claims in toast format. See what they make of that, eh?

(19:55:03) is in the studio reworking a circuit. That sounds really technical, doesn't it? I'm just trying to fit my new light thing in a box. Hacksaw!

(21:48:55) now has the makings of an uber-house-number-light.. it just needs a bit of tidying up and then nobody will miss this place...

(22:14:35) is off to bed now, after variously drilling, hacksawing and filing lots of circuit board. Tomorrow is bound to be an entirely different day.

Tweets for 12 Jun 2009


(21:44:02) I've just been shown by @poots that Jack Black's got a "Flying V" ukulele in the Green Room of the Jonathan Ross show. How cool is that?

(22:15:46) has broken out the squirty cream. At this time of night. DECADENCE!

(22:21:40) has had enough of today and is now all full up. You can finish off mine as well if you like.. Good night.

Tweets for 11 Jun 2009


(16:46:15) has had a long, interesting conversation with @poots's surgeon's secretary. If it wasn't such a serious case, I'd find this whole thing fun.

(17:01:49) has worked out that it's both a Tube strike ~and~ a German public holiday today. Coincidence? I THINK SO! Off home now byeee.

(19:06:26) is home and eating tasty foods (thanks, @poots) with the prospect of a little MarioKarting, and quite possibly an Early Night. Party hard!

(20:30:11) Definitely went to bed, then. I'm not here. Good night.

Tweets for 10 Jun 2009


(15:29:23) is listening to @chilldab as I try to catch up with a day's emails.. they're playing Jewel - Hands. I ~love~ this song. I love this station.

(15:43:16) has some very fragrant blackcurrant tea making my desk smell jolly nice. It will be a delicate balance between smell sustainment & drinkage.

(17:57:11) would like a coach home now, please. Or, even better, a few moments ago. There's a vast quantity of folks walking home. Splendid stuff.

(18:25:57) gets no small soupÇon of pleasure from taking home a Daily Mail that I found on the coach expressly for the guinea pigs to poo & wee on...

(20:12:40) Here's my foopball tweet of the evening: top kickabout, but I do wish the pub team would stop making the England players fall over so much.

(21:11:14) is going to bed after an odd day.. tube strike, meeting about re-org, toad in the hole & England match. Wonder what tomorrow holds. Night!

Tweets for 09 Jun 2009


(12:03:08) has just heard about a neat feature on the BBC website.. just type http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/cake to find all programmes about.. cake!

(14:03:09) has had a delightful lunchtime amble - most of the geocaches around here are multi-part ones, so I've made a start, at least...

(15:07:24) is quite impressed by a recommendation from our Head Of Gadgets (Errol). 5 pairs of cheap but OK in-ear headphones for £6: http://is.gd/URH2

(17:29:50) is going home, no matter what the man said. Don't you listen to what the man said.

(17:55:02) is on the coach.. which is older than our car...

(20:04:29) is home, has had tasty foods and put the children to bed. Now: playing with my phone, then shower followed by bed. It's the circle of loaf.

Tweets for 08 Jun 2009


(07:06:07) hopes that the #radio4 Today team give the 8.10am interviewee a grilling that would even make Martha Kearney shudder. Bring it on,Humphries.

(07:20:04) was a bit disappointed by the #radio4 Today programme's 8.10am interview; as @leica0000 tweeted: could've given enough rope to hang himself.

(07:23:19) is off on the school run. It's a lovely cool morning, with some cheerful children and a Monday of opportunity ahead of me. Wake up, james!

(11:26:23) is back from the weekly pilgrimage to Asda. They had reduced price hummmus. YEAH! In other news: I'm not getting anything done. Again. Bah.

(16:09:31) RT @James1am @antonvowl: Here's an idea. We'll hold a ... protest. Next election day. Everyone goes to their polling station and ... VOTES!

(16:11:12) is about to have a dental examination. It would be really funny to leave a bowl of boiled sweets in the waiting room. Funny for me, anyway.

(19:14:06) is back from Cubs. It was chaos - as usual. Not least because they couldn't start until I got there (the dentist was well behind time). Boo.

(21:29:37) is a bit late to bed owing to some utterly extraneous Mario Kart Wii playing. I can now participate on-line with my odd Mii avatar. Go me(?)

(21:33:30) TIPPA IRIE! That is all. http://www.tippairie.com

Tweets for 07 Jun 2009


(00:26:22) is home, after an interesting, snacky evening with my old pal and it's now late. I'd forgotten Saturday evenings did that. Darn. Good night.

(07:44:23) definitely should get out of bed. It's damp out there this morning.. I think it'll probably be an indoor play day today. Where's the Boggle?

(12:04:09) is having family Sunday lunch. Or rather, tweeting during family Sunday lunch. I should be ashamed of myself. Well, I am, but only a bit.

(15:35:06) probablyshouldn't have sniggered when Lenni said: "Everyone in the world has a mind, except furniture." She must be out of her brilliant..

(21:12:39) wonders why I don't go out for a 5 mile stomp most weekend evenings - even Luton's got some rather delightful & interesting byways.

(21:19:19) is tired & migrainey, so will retire, in the hope I'll bounce out of bed at 6am raring to do whatever I was s'posed to do this evening. Ha.

Tweets for 06 Jun 2009


(09:00:50) is out of bed. Now I have some chest of drawers maintenance to do. Chucked some old clothes.. I've SO many white t-shirts that I never wear.

(09:01:53) (When I say 'chucked', I mean 'put them in a carrier bag to go to the clothing bank'. Might be usable for car cleaning as well, though)

(09:06:11) So, I will chillax, going forward.

(09:35:14) is quietly sniggering at Peppa Pig. It really is endearingly amusing, even if I can't see the screen. "Daddy Pig has mended the car wash."

(12:07:48) is enjoying singing a Queen song at the lunch table: "I am the Queen, I live forever - I'll never die, I'll live to a million." Classic.

(13:12:39) is going to find out how to make a car. And then I might go to B&Q.

(16:13:19) has bought a case for a super-bright house number. Now, time to work out how to attach it to a building. I shall look it up on Google.

(18:29:22) is going out. On a Saturday evening. This is unheard-of. With no caffeine nor alcohol, I daresay I'll be introduced to the whole J2O range.

(22:56:25) is still chewing the fat with my mate Nik. I'm drinking cream soda, eating dry roasted nuts and talking halcyon days. Rock & bleedin' roll!

Tweets for 05 Jun 2009


(14:19:24) is considering doing a 'Google' for the last few hours of the day... or I might just make a sculpture out of pens I've walked off with.

(17:01:41) would to recommend @kathyclugston (of #radio4minus1letter blog meme fame) @JuliaBall and @sleat for #Radio4 #followfriday action. Please.

(20:03:34) is home, and has had a veritable Smörgåsbord (or equivalent in Mandarin) of Chinese delicacies. Now: Mario Kart Wii until HIGNFY, I think...

(21:26:19) is watching 8 out of 10 Cats on #Channel4. It is amusing, but not a patch on #BBC4's "We Need Answers" (http://is.gd/Ps9A).. it's BRILLIANT.

(22:36:34) will now proceed to perform the same bedtime ritual that this sluggish rapscallion has held habitual. Toothbrush & flannel and bed. Night!

Tweets for 04 Jun 2009


(14:45:58) remembers that feeling when someone on whom I had a crush (but didn't know) contacted me. It would be cool to be a teenager again. A bit.

(16:49:55) has sent four emails to our supplier asking the same question (in different ways) and still haven't had an answer. Gah!

(19:19:42) is all home and voted. I made an origami Glade Touch'n'Fresh out of the paper before I posted it. It was the least I could do to posh it up.

(19:27:52) is having 100% tasty pizza. Thanks be to @poots.

(20:07:33) thinks this Literal Video is entirely the funniest so far - Total Eclipse of the Heart: http://bit.ly/4Dd5V (YouTube, SFW) Thanks @poots :)

(20:18:47) is going to concede defeat and go to bed. I feel the need to create something, but I'm not sure what. It won't be a Marillion album, though.

Tweets for 03 Jun 2009


(10:13:18) RT @MitchBenn: ...Gordon Brown's cabinet is starting to look like the last five minutes of Blake's Seven...

(11:54:26) wasn't overly impressed with PMQs. I'm off to call an election. Either that or have a sausage sandwich. Haven't decided whic,h yet.

(12:28:17) is off for a lunchtime ramble with a package to post. Another geocache claimed on my way to the office this morning.. might try another now.

(13:36:37) has posted a parcel to Paris (or thereabouts) & notched up my seventeenth (I know, rubbish, isn't it!) #geocaching find. Meeting time, now!

(14:38:45) Meeting completed (with added Kutiman and Cassetteboy enjoyment) - now off to an informal chat, then write up my appraisal. Marvellous.

(15:06:35) has come up with the ingenious(?) idea of putting my desk fan under my desk for leg cooling benefits. I'll be sure to tweet the results.

(15:43:04) is writing up my appraisal to the fine sounds of http://www.helpmechill.com - headphones jammed in my ears, so people will have to shout :D

(18:49:34) is awaiting the Next Bus Home, since I missed the previous one by a squirrel's whisker. Otherwise a splendid early evening with @sparkyannc

(20:17:42) has had my entire evening topped off (after feeding squirrels and chatting with my dear friend) by an advert with #johnshuttleworth in. YAY!

(20:29:19) loves the way Tweetdeck can filter out hashtags of no interest (sorry @TUID and all other apprentice and spymaster tweeps)

Tweets for 02 Jun 2009


(14:20:54) is back from a walk in the sunshine made substantially further because my phone fell out of my pocket and I had to go back for it.. oops!

(16:24:01) has found a new Favourite Part Of London today. That's what's brilliant about geocaching.. so many treasures in this world to be found.

(17:10:21) is off home now, with a slightly achey head and rather puffy eyes. Man, I look good.

(17:49:30) is at the bus stop, waiting. Always the waiting. When will someone invent a miraculous commuting machine? Door to door in 0.085 seconds etc.

(20:00:02) is home, useless & warm. I did run the gauntlet of getting @poots's Google Calendae ActiveSync thingy working again, though & did not fail..

(21:16:59) The Achers - a simple story of folk who overdid it in the gym yesterday #radio4minus1letter

(21:23:05) Bar-based beer quiz inexplicably presented by Paul Gambaccini: Counterpint #Radio4minus1letter

(21:25:15) Disgraced BBC Radio presenters give a refund: Feeback #Radio4minus1letter

(21:32:30) A programme dedicated to fabric lettering: The Material Word // Self-examination for seven days: Idweek #Radio4minus1letter

(21:35:24) An opportunity for celebrities of note to insult their peers from an isolated landmass: Desert Island Diss #Radio4minus1letter (again!)

(21:38:05) Right.. I need sleep - this #radio4minus1letter thing is just too hilarious, though. A show that is nothing more than tiny: Just Minute.

Tweets for 01 Jun 2009


(08:02:33) is going to have a haircut, then dispatch the boy to a school trip. There's plenty else to do, but even now it's too warm to start any of it

(11:29:40) is in a bit of a post-lunch lull, in preparation for dispatching Chris to his 4-day school trip, before dropping Beth & Lenni in town.

(15:42:09) has had a relaxing afternoon, pottering around, doing some tidying. Did I mention I had a haircut this morning. Yes it's all about me me me.

(15:44:03) owes Twitter a question mark. ? That's better. Karma is complete. "I caress it, because I possess it; I'm Stingy and it's mine." Riiight.

(20:45:22) is looking at the evening end-on after an active Cubs meeting, the temporary misplacement of my headphones and general sleepiness. Bed soon.

(21:20:55) is going to sleep. Please don't move too far; I might get a bit disorientated if you're not still there when I wake up. Goodnight, as well.

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