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Tweets for 31 May 2009


(08:26:54) RT @billt New blog post: The House That Tweets [@syzygy: That is SO cool.. makes me want to make some similar gadgetry!]

(12:31:20) has had splendid burgery for lunch, and, once I've loaded the dishwasher, I'll negotiate some Nintendo Wii time with the children. Yeah! (?)

(14:41:32) is getting creative with the children - we're each creating our own, er, 'unusual' Mii. It's amazing what can be made (

(16:33:03) has stopped playing MarioKart Wii Badly (special Hart Family Edition); now I'm going to find something more useful to do. Cup of tea anyone?

(19:48:27) is sitting in the peace of my studio, with warm sausage rolls, chutney & the last beer I'll be drinking for a month. Unless I have one more.

(21:02:34) has found a bottle of Newcastle Brown & a bottle of Budweiser, both with 'best before' dates in June. It's only fair they don't go to waste.

(21:09:56) RT @nickwallis: RT genius: @darryl1974 Goths in Hot Weather: [syzygy: some naughty words]

Tweets for 30 May 2009


(10:52:22) is looking idly at Canon zoomy lenses... how on earth does one choose? EF 75-300 III; EF-S 55-250; EF 55-200 U seem similar prices.. why?

(11:04:57) has given up with the whole housework thing & will now have lunchings. Fresh home-made spaghetti bolognese, by fresh home-made @poots. Yum.

(11:27:18) is enjoying listening to Fun Kids over family lunch. One of very few stations that play Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah song (fyi, @matt)

(15:14:43) has been swimming (all tired out now) and sorted out the photos. Now: blogging time. Can't believe it's 4pm already!

(16:43:09) I've posted something in my blog: Start of summer (and seaside).

(18:05:22) is still feeling sleepy. I can't get anything ~done~ when I feel sleepy. Also, I'm in my pyjamas: not appropriate for watering the garden.

(20:44:57) Grr... finally getting round to the penultimate module of my audio production course and I disagree with the practical example. Ahh well.

(21:49:45) watched Saturday's repeat of #HIGNFY while organising apps on my iTouch by colour and function. Mild OCD is fun. I shouldn't be allowed out.

(22:31:56) is going to bed, in an attempt to do something about Sunday. I wonder if it comes in kit form. Good night.

Tweets for 29 May 2009


(17:11:26) has been out for an amble and succeeded in finding another geocache.. except I didn't take a pen with me. Darn. Another go next week, then..

(17:51:29) is all done for what feels like a long, long week, but has only been two & a half days. Now, where is that coach? I want home, food & wines.

(18:10:02) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(18:32:20) Gah.. M1's borked northbound after j3 (or something?) Best check the travel news. There was a rather impressive car fire yesterday morning..

(18:45:27) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(18:52:01) is back on the move again... past the incident (see the related qik.. a car planted on its side) and only 45 minutes *sigh* from home.

(19:23:52) is by no means a petrolhead, but I do love the sound that a Subaru Impreza WRX makes. Nicer, even, than the Corvette I heard just afterwards

(20:25:42) thought of something. Laughing when someone's just spilt their wine: chardonnayfreude. #cantbearsedtothinkofahashtag. I can has wines now.

(20:56:34) can entirely associate with Reggie Perrin.

(21:58:31) is off to bed, with an iPod full of News Quiz and little of consequence left to say about Friday. Terribly warm, though, wasn't it? Night.

Tweets for 28 May 2009


(05:28:35) is about to depart on the daily quest for coffee & erudition. I'll tweet you when I get there (if I ever get there). 90s music was crap, eh?

(07:51:09) has a rather annoying headache. Time for coffee and painkillers (which sounds like a lethal combination).

(12:06:19) has taken @sparkyannc's advice and gone to bed, gone directly to bed, did not pass GO & thus missed out on that darn £200. A bientot, alors.

(15:24:55) has awoken (courtesy of my Dad calling me); now I'm keen to find out if my head's still exploding, & attempt to avoid sleeplessness tonight.

(20:04:26) is feeling at least 36% more perky now, having had salmon and flapjacks. I'm now able to look at a TFT screen without feeling sick. Darn.

(20:16:40) is surprised at quite how much fun Mario Kart Wii is, despite the fact I am still unbelievably rubbish at it. It's hard not to waste hours..

(20:21:16) saw this:

(20:25:22) can't get enough of @poots's flapjacks.

(21:03:52) is still not convinced about Panasonic's '600Hz sub-field motion' TVs, despite an interesting explanation here: .. hmm.

(21:06:11) is off to bed again. This time for Standard Format sleep. Not really hoping for much better tomorrow, but it'll mean I'm not disappointed...

Tweets for 27 May 2009


(11:31:07) RT @RadioToday: Ball bags regular Radio 2 show [syzygy: Pffft!]

(11:40:13) Quote of the day: "It's like nailing jelly to the Forth Bridge"

(12:34:39) RT @sleat: @syzygy How about: "like nailing jelly to a bouncy castle?" [syzygy: We have a winner! That made me laugh out loud :D]

(12:37:54) has got pins and needles. Also, T-Mobile charge 15GBP to unlock their phones. Boo! Anyone know how to unlock a Nokia N95? With WIRES..?

(13:13:42) is in the fortnightly team meeting. If I can depart it without my soul sobbing quietly, I would consider it miraculous.

(19:26:37) bucked the usual podcasts trend on the way down the hill - it's been ~ages~ since I listened to @mistajam on #1Xtra. I've been missing out.

(20:22:06) forgot to mention.. our geocache was found again today! YAY! It's not completely missing....

(20:56:03) has succeeded in not going to bed so far, but may just attempt some dignified failure of consciousness now. Goodnight, you Wednesday, you.

Tweets for 26 May 2009


(09:28:03) has had a game of Monkey Buzz with the kids (go Team Malcolm!) and is generally sleepy after a night on the air bed. Woo bouncy.

(11:35:43) is heading back to the hinterland between the South Midlands, East Anglia and the Home Counties. Mind out.

(15:47:04) has had tea (lemony for freshness) and now making scant plans for the rest of the day. Sort out sat nav; change bedding; check work email...

(16:46:18) "Lelli Kelly, the coolest shoes, oh yeah; you can play with us, they're cool, oh yeah" Each time I hear that nonsense, part of my soul dies.

(19:38:19) was slightly taken aback by PRS's price reduction (as capably reported by @poots earlier; ta :) ..internet radio WIN! Yay!

(21:42:21) will now attempt to sleep in my own bed again (yay!), then make that time-honoured pilgrimage to the heart of broadcasting. Not Heart, then.

Tweets for 25 May 2009


(06:51:28) wonders why some people have so few radios in their houses. I also have a coffee hankering. Time to put on #r4today & attempt consciousness.

(07:30:42) has a #towelday towel (strange word when I look at it). Thanks for the reminder, @the_anke. Isn't there s'posed to be bitter drinking, too?

(08:37:48) seems to have a small but steadily growing collection of wind turbine photos on my phone. Forgot to take a fantastic Tesco one, though. Boh.

(11:14:45) - A very badly taken photo of my all-time favourite folly.. Penshaw Monument. We didn't scale the hill today - ...

(15:27:12) has all the humidity; the Yorkshire is much less sunny than the County Durham. Drinking coffee with @trevypoos & @poots and relaxinging.

(17:23:25) is enjoying watching the children play superhero games; I've just been called a Malcolm by Lenni & Chris has threatened me with a hefty fine

(21:15:07) is playing Burnout Paradise with @trevypoos ... we're both ably demonstrating why we should never be in charge of a real racing motorbike.

Tweets for 24 May 2009


(07:57:54) wonders why Lloyd Grossman is the only person of over six billion with that accent.

(15:26:42) has some distinctive sunburn patterns on my forehead. The sky is cloudless & blue, and it is warm. That is the end of the weather. (or not).

(17:22:34) is still surrounded by children, but will not have the gin tonight. Things I like: rooms with windows that open. and that are open.

(18:38:04) isn't feeling sociable this evening. I want to play with LEDs and muck about on the interwebs.

Tweets for 23 May 2009


(06:17:41) is listening to the excellent More Or Less ( #radio4) - great to have brain stimulation early in the morning.

(11:16:07) has had a General Satnav Failure. This is bad, since my sense of direction is poo(r) at best of times. At midday the sun points up, right?

(15:31:41) is surrounded by children & macams. I have interwebs & a sofa, though, so all is good.

(17:00:00) forgot to espouse - I ~entirely~ love the latest series of Flight Of The Conchords (#BBC Tuesdays 10.30pm) - ta, @chrishoward1 for the tip!

(19:33:56) has gin. Tonight is a drinkies night. Children are in bed, and the breeze outside is cool (and a bit stinky). My satnav's still borked. Bah.

(22:03:40) has been soundly thrashed by someone called Colin at Fifa 2009 on the PS3. I am not a good loser, and thus will practice for next time. Yes.

(22:48:13) is in a parenting conversation with very few easily identifiable exits. Glass of water time (well-known gin antidote).

(22:54:51) defies you to name a conversation topic that can't be easily abandoned employing the phrase "The whole thing does my head in, to be honest."

Tweets for 22 May 2009


(12:04:15) is in the damp heart of Manchester. I shall stay indoors & eat smuggled muffins. It's been a busy day so far & showing no signs of stopping.

(20:35:30) is entirely home, and catching up with Have I Got News For You. Slow news week then? Amusing nonetheless.. I like Maconie and that Reg chap.

(21:02:58) is going to see if I can find a weekend lying around here somewhere. Please let me know if you have one, and if I may have a go on it.

(21:45:53) is going to put numerous things on charge and then go to bed. If you can hear some quiet humming, it's probably down to me. Night then!

Tweets for 21 May 2009


(11:44:47) quite likes this URL shortening idea for nsfw stuff: (tweeted as requested by @nsfw4me:)

(13:12:34) saw a joyful wonder of wrongness (h/t @james1am): (just sfw!) & recalled Zanger Bob, a Netherlands star

(13:41:47) has finally had a go on Spotify; I may be the only person on the interweb not to like it. I select 90s pop in 'radio' and I get Elvis. Whuh?

(13:46:11) has opted for the quasi-randomness of - a few more 30 second previews than I'm used to, but broader horizons, I'd say.

(19:47:03) is off on a business trip. That's not a euphemism. Or a jolly. It's Manchester, for heaven's sake. Train - hotel - work - train - home. .

(19:49:29) Oh look.. Stoke On Trent. GREAT! (actually, it's not as crap as Leicester. Or Leeds, which is where Chris Moyles is from). Robbie Williams?

(20:23:59) is about to enter Manchester at dusk. Unarmed. If I don't tweet in the next hour, call out the authorities. Wish me luck. Bye! *cries*

(21:10:49) is heading back to the hotel.. good night, dear twitterer. Safety first, eh?

Tweets for 20 May 2009


(12:58:31) is off to a 2pm meeting, in the hope that I won't be late for my 2.15pm sit-down-at-my-desk-again.

(14:50:22) has either a power cut at home or my mac's died. Or maybe the router. Irksome in any direction.

(14:54:06) learned about Virtual Air Traffic Control simulation today ( - when simply playing on a flight sim just isn't enough.

(15:02:39) has mac virtual PC action again. Neither the mac nor the router had any downtime. Must've been a brief @VirginMedia blip. Fair enough, then.

(16:15:43) is listening to my old mate Tony Vanburger on Seahaven FM ( ... proper local radio.

(19:31:05) is home and on the verge of collapse. But @poots needs looking after. I shall make custard.

(19:49:47) loves this time of year - it's lovely and warm during the day, but cools down wonderfully in the evening. Time to face the Wii Fat music.

(21:15:01) is thinking, unless anybody wants me, of going to bed. No? Fair enough then. Alors, à demain.

(21:45:33) Will definitely go to bed now. I was clearly lying before, but in a moment, I will be lying again.

Tweets for 19 May 2009


(19:03:13) is going to risk food preparation. I have counted out my fingers and will count them back in again. I shall listen to Pink Floyd as I cook.

(19:33:01) has variously wanted to use the word "immolation" and "evocative" in previous tweets. Also: I have oven gloves but I need 'freezer gloves.'

(19:34:20) Dammit, my onion rings have boiled over.

(19:37:43) is attempting chutney delivery synchronisation.

(19:58:55) will allow to provide the soundtrack to dishwasher emptying. I know how to party.

(20:42:31) has the plan: hangy uppy bed linen -> bed. Ready steady go etc. It's been a long old day, and I think I've walked 7 miles. Goon dight.

Tweets for 18 May 2009


(12:20:59) RT @sparkyannc [syzygy: Esther Rantzen may stand against horrible #Luton South MP Margaret Moran. Bring it on!]

(13:05:29) thinks musical theatre would be scuppered without timpani / kettle drums. Who told me they were introduced simply as a card table? Maybe...

(13:37:38) is about to watch some afternoon drama on BBC1 (unheard of) after a late lunch and while pfefferminz tee trinken. Danke schoen, @poots!

(14:21:18) is off to collect child number 1. It's like installments.

(16:14:18) has had fresh & home-made burger action and can claim both items of progeny are home (for the time being.. Cubs & Beavers soon). All's well.

(18:14:08) Quote of the Cubs session: "Lady Ga Ga would ~not~ be impressed with you." (to me, naturally).

(19:19:02) is home from Cubs & exhausted. Just enough energy to load up t'iPod with podgrams & sort out some shirts. Want to make music but too sleepy.

(19:25:57) wonders if it is churlish to say "if you don't ID3 tag your podcast when you add it to Britcaster, I'm not going to bother listening to it."

(21:03:02) wonders: is it possible to have iron inertia? We have a new one. I used it for the 1st time tonight. I have not yet taken to it: too slippy.

(21:06:37) is off to bed. Considering it was 8:10pm when I first decided to call it a day, this is quite poor form. Tell me why. I don't like Tuesdays.

Tweets for 17 May 2009


(06:53:18) is going to attempt 24 hours of interwebs avoidance, to redress the balance somewhat. Not sure what else is on the agenda today.. a bientot.

(14:54:07) RT @sparkyannc @mitchbenn I take it you've all heard about this? First ever Twitter Live Comedy Gig Please RT

(20:41:33) must get back on the Music Horse. 2 mins of guitar playing & writing down a small bunch of chords today isn't enough. I fear it is glue now.

(20:44:08) has just seen my mac mini's motherboard temperature hit 89ºC. Crank the fan up.. it's times like this I wish I'd not borked the controller.

(22:37:14) is to bed with a pleh & a meh. Backwards words ftwwtf. If anyone's got my muse (or @summerhaze's for that matter) may I have it back,please?

Tweets for 16 May 2009


(21:15:35) One of those jumping splashing people is going to go through that Perspex. Then there'll be trouble. #eurovision

(21:21:05) is watching the #eurovision voting bit. Since I was a kid, I have revelled in the vague hope that it goes catastrophically pear-shaped.

(21:35:57) This is all going very steadily. Absolutely predictable political voting. Despite the juries.. I guess they just did Norway's. #eurovision

(21:49:21) The political geography lesson continues.. just waiting to see if/when Norway beats the high score... #eurovision

(22:04:02) Why has that Armenian lady got Imhotep on a card? #eurovision #lookaroundyou

(22:06:45) It looked like that Azerbaijan lady was waving someone else's hand. #eurovision

(22:10:05) would make a point about the perfect Eurovision song transcending anything Andrew Lloyd Webber could clank out, but I tire now. #eurovision

(22:13:53) Did he just break that trophy? Right.. one last chorus of some grinning & fiddling then bed. Fine #Eurovision Song Contest this year. Night!

Tweets for 15 May 2009


(18:29:16) is waiting for a bus all in the damp rains. It's obviously been a busy day, since I've barely tweeted. Pint & tardy coach has followed.

(18:43:49) is being heavily drizzled upon. I can think of many things I would prefer. Some including olives.

(19:53:57) is a mere 22 minutes from home; less (or more) if I take the shuttle bus. What's it to be? It's not raining at the moment.. walking it is.

(20:26:28) is home and nice and warm and SCAMPI! (Oh and Rolf on the telly. Hurrah.. I've met him in my blue shirt and everything).

(21:14:44) Summary of the day #1: I met a top bloke who'd converted a 1930s radio into a wi-fi receiver. There was a Spectrum+ on the desk next to him.

(21:15:30) Summary of the day #2: I had to justify a work trip to Manchester with my boss's boss. Manchester? That's hardly a jolly, for heaven's sake.

(21:16:37) Summary of the day #3: Quick pubbage after work with @sparkyannc & my favourite Service Desk Bird of all time. AND I saw @mitchbenn earlier.

(21:19:48) is considering podcasts -> ipod; dishes -> dishwasher; body -> bed. In that order, else it gets all complicated and there are complaints.

(21:41:55) was intending to start this tweet with "Right" so it must be bedtime. Lenni was coughing in her sleep earlier, bless her little heart.Night.

Tweets for 14 May 2009


(18:49:13) loves the optimism of #brightside. At least 3 good things happen every day, even if it's just waking, breathing & having a Good Sit Down.

(18:53:18) is off for a walk. Home in 22 minutes.. ooh yeah :)

(19:31:00) is home, just before the torrential rain started.. watching #eurovision semi final 2. Wasn't Norway's song ~loads~ longer than 3 minutes?

(19:34:28) likes the Cyprus song - folky yet anthemic with just a touch of Björk. Or is it just me. Favourite so far..

(19:36:40) is secretly pleased that I've missed the Ireland entry, and quietly hoping the one that Ronan Keating wrote has also been on already.

(19:43:09) Darn. If I wanted to hear Boyzone I'd tune in to one of the millions of Global Media stations. Bleh.

(20:05:58) Moldova: Trumpet! That is all. Actually, that frock is to die for. I like #eurovision

(20:14:03) Albania: Barbie vs Power Ranger. This is a kid's Saturday morning musical fight. #eurovision

(20:18:35) Ukraine. This makes no sense and is clearly the brainchild of someone who has had too much Haribo. I ~know~ how that feels. #eurovision

(20:42:38) spent the last 25 minutes on the phone to my mate Jon, and I really don't think I missed anything apart from sparkly suits. #eurovision

(20:45:10) is a bit concerned it was I whose rather large avalanche of #eurovision tweets contributed to @vobes's dismissal of Twitter. A real shame.

(21:05:21) was just subjected to a barrage of nonsensical ramblings, mismatched video and illegible scrolling text masquarding as news on #BBC3. Uhh?

(21:10:09) Eurovision semi 2's finished, and I promise not to tweet all the way through it on Saturday. Drinkin'? Now that's another matter.

(21:20:41) is off to bed now in case Friday turns up and I'm not ready. S'pose I'd better find my trousers. Goodnight, Twitter, whatever you are...

Tweets for 13 May 2009


(05:23:49) is a bit awake, enjoying Asda own brand rice crispies & the most entertaining "Heresy" (#radio4, Tuesday 6.30pm) I've heard so far. Mornin'!

(08:08:49) is drinking coffee & sending emails like both are going out of fashion. Can't see that happening, but if it did, I wouldn't care. Geek chic!

(09:00:47) RT @Z80GameCoder: I think this has to be the perfect undergarment for today [...] #kevlarwednesday #flameretardant

(10:04:09) is taken aback by the idiocy at #lutonairport where the drop-off zone exit joins the roundabout BEFORE the entrance *sighs* (thanks @poots)

(11:47:42) wonders what it is I have to do to make it clear I am having a lunchbreak. Hanging noodles out of my mouth like an Ood doesn't even cut it..

(12:04:25) is going to empty the dishwasher, and then hide away so I can take a torch to pieces. Yeah. LUNCHTIME.

(15:40:57) has just left a very warm (in both senses) meeting. Need to write it up, then go to a #radioacademy event. My mate's going to be tehre.

(16:39:50) Yes, dear reader, it's magnet of the day: ... bonus points because it's got a health warning. And with that, I'm off.

Tweets for 12 May 2009


(19:11:30) is watching #ewanvision song contest semi-final 1 (thanks for the reminder, @ewanspence) What's the hashtag this year? #esc #esc09 #spong

(19:27:44) *sighs* I'm rather underwhelmed by #eurovision performances so far. Maybe I'm feeling cantankerous tonight. Hoping for better on Saturday!

(19:49:22) likes the Israel song - beautiful harmonies, well sung and lovely sentiment. Gets my vote. #eurovision. Enough with the capes, now, though..

(19:50:37) thinks the Bulgarian performance was a little stilted. #eurovision.

(19:55:05) agrees with @poots that, considering Sportacus has taken over from Björk in defining Iceland's identity, it's not helped much. #eurovision

(20:08:48) is intrigued by the #theBNParetwats Trending Topic. Cos of this: .Works for me on any number of levels, though.

(20:22:18) is tweeting utter nonsense tonight. I should cut my losses and stop. And vote. All profits go to a man called Malcolm. If there's any left.

(20:26:58) Top 3 for #eurovision semi-final 1 : [1] Israel / [2] Portugal / [3] Iceland

(20:30:09) RT @disputer: Luton Airport has shelved plans to charge drivers £1 to drop passengers off at the terminal - GOOD!

(20:53:11) HATES the 2009 UK #eurovision entry, for 2 reasons: that the song and singing puts my teeth on edge and because Lloyd Webber wrote it. GIT.

(21:03:19) is off to bed, having hadmy first evening in front of the telly (and laptop, mobile phone, root beer and Twitter, of course!) in AGES!

Tweets for 11 May 2009


(07:02:12) is drinking coffee and aching a bit. I may well be fighting something off. I shall call it: "farmhouse cheddar 'flu" #farmhousecheddarflu

(07:04:26) RT @blabers: Loving my boxes of healthy snacks from - use code 7Q6G4G8T to get a free one (delivered!) - it's a fab idea!

(13:50:27) is having a quick coffee at the in-laws after a busy day of shopping, opticians (-0.25 both eyes, near enough) and before the school run..

(13:54:27) forgot to tweet- yesterday I had a lifetime first: children coming to the front door saying "can we have our ball back, please?" I said yes.

(20:11:28) is home and Heroes-ing. Still as awkwardly plotted and scripted. But it's a way to spend a Monday evening. With yoghurt & wine. And LEDs

(21:23:56) has designed a rather ingenius circuit for a 20LED ubertorch that I'm hoping to build for Chris. Need some thick 40mm aluminium pipe now :D

Tweets for 10 May 2009


(06:54:13) had the strangest waking dream... I'm not going to begin to try to analyse it. Instead I shall make coffee & get ready for a sponsored walk.

(07:26:21) on the government's 'flu reduction "Catch it, Bin it, Kill it" campaign, Christopher: "That's going to take a hefty punch."

(13:43:19) is enjoying some home-made rhubarb and custard while thinking about making some home-made coffee, then working on my home-made house sign.

(14:03:02) has received a Facebook group invite for a reunion for pupils who left school a year after I did. Someone hasn't got the hang of this. Me..?

(15:54:47) will be teaching Christopher how to solder today, I think. I was ten when I first picked up a soldering iron.. by the cold end as well.

(21:26:08) has been called by work for the second week in a row... nice to be wanted. Also, I have a headrush from some celebratory root beer. Whizzy!

(22:05:39) is utterly frustrated with using @easybus to plan my commutes. The journeys I want have premium fares, and the drivers are getting stroppy.

(22:19:47) #whensweetsgobad rhubarb & mustard ; jelly rabies ; cholera cubes (or cholera bottles?)

Tweets for 09 May 2009


(07:27:17) is comfy in bed, with Sounds Of The 60s on the radio. The prospect of coffee, however, is downstairs. This needs reconciling. Dressing gown!

(08:37:59) may perk up a bit after a shower. Listening to the @vobes Saturday special ( - his upbeat ramblings will help as well.

(14:16:12) is ambling along in the Saturday sunshine. Lots of musicians around this afternoon. Watching a samba percussion band 'Sambuka' with the kids

(14:24:28) - 'Sambuka' Samba percussion band playing in St. Albans as part of the Music City week (9th-17th May)

(15:34:56) has had successful and slightly ingenious ice-cream action. Awaiting the return of @poots, with a sniffly daughter & bookworm son in the car

(19:14:06) is enjoying some toast while finishing listening to the @vobes Saturday show. "The police spoke to the man through a loud inhaler." Classic.

(20:03:41) has some samples to play with. I really should try to make some music tonight. Off to the studio, hopeful.

(21:43:32) is struggling to remember how to be musical again. Perhaps I shouldn't dabble in genres I can't quite 'do'. Sleepiness & wine don't help.

(21:53:57) was going to email my MP (Margaret Moran) about how crap this expenses thing makes the government look. Then I saw

(22:01:11) Need to be up early tomorrow, and it's only the prospect of two flights of stairs and a toothbrush between me & bed that's keeping me here.

(22:02:02) is turning off in every possible way. Goodnight. Don't forget to unplug the internet when you've finished with it. Otherwise it'll leak out.

Tweets for 08 May 2009


(15:48:41) has emailed off a rather disappointing 1.2MB spreadsheet of, well, I can't call it doom any more, can I? General unease, shall we say?

(17:22:40) is about to throw myself on the mercy of a coach driver. I would prefer it not to be this way.

(17:29:05) is on board the charabanc. I like the juxtaposition of being charming but a bit stinky. I wonder if there's a hashtag. #charmingbutstinky

(17:42:49) is taking great care to remain in the Doldrums #tendingtropics

(18:18:48) is musing on hiding in the studio and making something bouncy & bleepy. Logic seems to be behaving since I limited it to one core. Techno!

(20:01:07) has a terribly untidy studio, a glass of wine and a window that opens a bit & lets cool air in. There's no excuse not to make a little music

(22:42:16) has done Miscellaneous Things this evening. No music made per se, but some noodling done. And listened to TheHomeMadeHitShow. Kinda counts.?

(22:43:06) had better go to bed before Twitter realises that I'm poking it with a pointy stick and it collapses entirely. Goodnight, dear reader.

Tweets for 07 May 2009


(07:56:12) is at work, coffee in CNcK, and the rather surprising results of my SQL query to get through. 5.5 million lines might take a while...

(08:30:54) discovered an elementary error in the query - no unique ID of each line. So I'm having to run it again. It took 5 & a half hours last time..

(09:09:40) is giving up my laptop for a bit... an essential time, really, since I'm hoping it'll be back by the time my SQL Query Of Doom has finished.

(13:41:27) Is with @poots, seeing a doctor (not the specialist). I will be taking no prisoners.

(13:52:21) is now waitng for the doctor to return - he's gone to see the specialist. Options seem open at the moment. He's back; we're asking quest ...

(16:24:39) has finally got round to running my Script Of Doom, on my recently completed SQL Query Of Doom. Surprisingly not feeling doomed, though.

(16:27:34) is back at work, incidentally, after a surprisingly untraumatic hospital appointment with @poots. All went well.. an op's been signed off :S

(17:33:39) - As I head for the coach, a snaffled snap of @poots's MRI scan. Woo technology! (and associated tethered cord)

(18:03:50) is listening to the interview with John Gaunt on #radio4's Media Programme - a definite 'nodding and smiling' moment. ~sighs~ Matt Wells ftw

(20:25:24) is proud of @poots. She's booking the dishwasher doctor. On the internets. Woo.

(22:06:15) has stayed up too late trying to cross reference OS maps with GPS co-ordinates. I may well get very lost. Now, though, I know where bed is.

Tweets for 06 May 2009


(15:22:35) wonders what I'm doing wrong.. Tweetdeck is going through API requests like I get through post-it notes.

(19:39:54) The Inscrutable Sense Of Dread #crapnamesforpubs

(19:49:32) The Phlebotomy Rollover #crapnamesforpubs . I should stop now.

(19:50:26) Thinks #ladders is a fairly poor hashtag to appear in the Trending Topics list.

(19:55:13) is home, obviously. Very tired this evening. Wiifat time (no yoga tonight, @ChrisHoward1), then a quick bit of Skype before bed. Yes, that.

(19:57:30) wonders why Global Radio seems to be stuck in 1986.

(21:13:15) has achieved at least a bit this evening - managed to get my keyboard to give as well as receive MIDI. It was a Logic problem. Go me. Yeah.

(21:26:48) is going to bed before I break something else. Busy day tomorrow. Hospital (not for me, but I'll be there, so yeek nonetheless). Night, you!

Tweets for 05 May 2009


(13:08:07) is finally heading out into the garden. This afternoon's evaporated rather, in a flurry of folly & phlegmatism. Another cup of tea, first...

(13:45:22) now has a mains powered cat deterrent. It's not quite as dangerous as it sounds, but it saves me going through 9V batteries like billy-o.

(14:58:14) is home with the children, who are now playing a violent game of 'Infrared in your head' behind me. Family bliss.

(15:47:11) is going to take Eleanor to gymnastics after giving Christopher a brief lesson in synth portamento. Wibbly.

(16:54:52) likes that every element in a box of Twinings tea can be put onto the compost. I suppose I should use the teabags to make tea first, though.

(19:18:24) is just about to listen to the latest Total Podcastrophe with @poots. Thanks for making it, @z80gamecoder and @epiduralgirl!

(20:03:41) has twenty-three hours of podcasts to listen to. Where am I going to find the time for that?

(21:17:23) is off to bed, ready (well, with flat shirts at least) for 3 days of work. My main objective between now & 6pm on Friday: cope. And eat baps

Tweets for 04 May 2009


(06:53:43) is, with the rest of the family, still alive. It's a start. Good morning, Bank Holiday.. are you best experienced above or under the duvet?

(08:00:21) has had pancakes, porridge and coffee for breakfast today. Yum - totally decadent! (Thanks, @poots!)

(09:16:29) I've posted something in my blog: Off on my own (a bit)... and how to find my way about.

(12:04:18) is home after a brief mini-bash with one of @poots's interweb pals.Spag bol for lunch, then indoor play with the children- typical Bank Hol!

(12:09:51) appears to have caused offence with a Facebook status update. Kinda took me aback; I try & keep it light & airy & silly & entertaining. Bah.

(13:07:16) RT @vobes Vobes press release: [syzygy says: it's only fair I support one of the first podcasters I heard!]

(13:47:58) is watching 'Happy Feet' with @poots & Lenni. Excellent music. It's been ages since I watched a film.. this one's as good as any.

(19:21:29) is trying not to be on telly.

(21:23:20) I've posted something in my blog: Lots of weekends...

(22:12:19) has had enough excitement for one day, so will put the rest in the fridge, and hope it's still OK for lunch tomorrow. Goodnight, deary.

Tweets for 03 May 2009


(06:57:03) is awake, but rather out-of-sorts. Still need to regain some focus. Get something done. Coffee first. Then photo sorting & DVD burning.

(08:34:36) is going to attempt to eschew interwebs today. I've a blog entry (or two) to write but that can wait. Too much other stuff to do. À bientôt.

(13:40:13) has been tidying. Highlights include finding a beige colour pencil & an unopened daily pop quiz desk calendar. @nxmee's asking ze questions.

(17:04:04) is home and exhausted. Lovely, yet noisy afternoon in the centre of Luton - the children practised their circus skills watching a band play.

(20:11:04) has had a good/bad Wii experience. The component cable works (my error, I think!) but I nearly died trying a "shoulderstand" in WiiFat Yoga.

(20:32:54) is now trying to resist an unexpected (yet perhaps long dormant) urge to play Bubble Bobble on MAME. On a decent PC. With a controller. Bah.

Tweets for 02 May 2009


(08:50:11) enjoyed some delicious beer last night - managed to catch the 'spoons Real Ale festival before it finished. Must remember to tweet reviews..

(09:00:35) is most amused by the continuity presenters on CBBC. Shame it's not live, but very entertaining nevertheless. Wonder who they are.

(09:17:12) is reflecting on the week. I've seen the last tweet of someone who's died & heard an old work colleague's been to the Philippines for a wife

(10:40:07) is back in after the second leg of james vs. Leylandii. The upper section of the garden looks like a Westminster Street after Christmas.

(11:12:21) RT @petecooper why do i never get told about things like world naked gardening day? harrumph. (potentially nsfw)

(17:26:21) is home after an afternoon in the countryside. Been a bit busy workwise... it's not been a quiet weekend for them! Now: potato cakes YUM!

(17:32:18) thinks.. either there was only one episode of Hedz made, they keep showing the same one or we only ever catch it when this one's on...

Tweets for 01 May 2009


(05:25:33) is going to take on Friday in as sleepy a manner as is customary for this time of the morning. Not keen on more coach negotiations, though.

(06:58:18) is just about to jump off the coach for the last bit of the stomp to work. Still feeling a bit stiff. I should gesticulate wildly as I walk.

(10:44:02) has finished the Spreadsheet of Doom & acompanying proposal document, attended a meeting and eaten a bagel. Some might say that'll do f ...

(10:44:42) Oy! Tweetdeck! I hadn't finished! *pokes the screen*

(10:45:15) has finished the Spreadsheet of Doom & associated proposal document, attended a meeting & eaten bagel. Some might say that'll do for the day

(21:31:09) is on the coach home, having enjoyed the delightful company of @sparkyannc, who's one of the finest of God's people. The beer was good, too.

(22:42:45) is home & listening to @vobes's audio journal ( - facing a cornea transplant tomorrow. I wish him all the best.

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