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Tweets for 30 Apr 2009


(12:35:58) What iPlayer's actually for: http://twitpic.com/49nt4 (NSFW)

(13:32:39) is trying to work out what the man on the phone said about the car's front left wheel. Seems the last people to replace the brakes ruined it

(13:37:59) wonders how it's possible to bugger up something that looks like it's solid steel (http://is.gd/vBmq) unless one is a feral subprimate git.

(14:01:00) is going for a walk. Things might be better outside. I wonder how far I am from the seaside today. Or, of course, Kent.

(15:54:31) has a car called Little White, who just returned from a service. They put extra virgin oil in the engine; it's left me a little bit nervous.

(15:57:34) received an email that closed: "That's what I think anyway, so ner-nee-ner poopy drawers to the rest of you." I endorse this approach.

(20:16:34) is home & just drifting about the internet like a virtual carrier bag (which has been used for rubbish, not shopping); shower & bed,I think.

Tweets for 29 Apr 2009


(09:08:14) has just installed TweetDeck on my Windows 2000 virtual machine at home. ROCK AND ROLL! Suppose I should get on with some work now. Jeh.

(09:28:42) is now having a go on seesmic desktop preview. Which is much less Goth, but I can't seem to add members to the groups I'm creating. Hmm.

(11:26:20) is off to meet my big brother for coffee / lunchingtons. I'm getting out of the office.. before half-past 2! Miracles will rarely cease...

(13:38:17) is at the infrastructure group meeting. I'm tweeting, so it's clearly no longer interesting. I've achieved very little today, frustratingly.

(17:36:48) is on the homeward coach journey.. it was a local bus to work this morning -rattly (& with no wi-fi) but I still dozed. Less stressed today.

(19:34:28) is going to stop saying "aaalright" in a bad quasi-Irish accent, eat a choc-ice and then go downstairs. It's the circle of life.

(21:04:57) has been enjoying a brief listen to FTLfm while doing little of any consequence in the studio. Shower then bed. It sounds like a good idea.

Tweets for 28 Apr 2009


(14:21:38) RT @kathyclugston Something for all to enjoy: http://alturl.com/rqe4 (mwahahahahaha!)

(17:00:56) is going home. Hungry & headachey.. pretty much standard form for a Tuesday...

(19:27:25) is home, fed and heading down to the studio for the remainder of the evening. Tempted to take something delicious down there.

(21:05:27) spent far too long setting up the EQ and compression on my Rode microphone and I'm ~still~ not happy with it. Bed, I guess. Yes. Correct.

(21:34:59) is going to bed before I waste any more time on t'interwebs. Nice to see Depeche Mode on Later With Jools Holland, though. Goodnight, you.

Tweets for 27 Apr 2009


(06:44:08) is listening to 5Live on the hotel telly (mornin', @blabers!) after an unsettled night's sleep. Sorting out my travels today on Google Maps

(08:04:26) has failed to get breakfast at Worthing Sainsbury's (borked machinery) so nursing a coffee while nibbling smuggled chocolate & laptopping.

(16:28:32) is home and utterly exhausted. It's been an amazing couple of days.. comforting in a strange way to be home. Worried about @poots, though.

(19:02:15) is back home after another shambolic Cubs session. I know exactly why this is, and will be doing as little as I can to remedy it. FAIL.

(19:37:10) is preparing for the week at work. First thing to do is write a list. I have put this on the list of things to do. Goto 10.

(20:25:42) has found the elusive 'backup' button. My phone is still a bit clicky, but it works. Heroes is on. I'm thirsty and need my bed. Nearly...

Tweets for 26 Apr 2009


(07:17:04) doesn't understand how the whole 'needing a certain amount of sleep' thing works. Must've woken in the wrong bit of the cycle. Feeling meh.

(12:10:40) is all packed in preparation for a Gallivant to West Sussex. Recording a show with @vobes tonight (cool!) & seeing my uni pal tomorrow. Yay!

(12:15:05) RT @abisignorelli For all geeks and #F1 fans - this one is definitely for you!!!! http://tinyurl.com/dlf8m3 [syzygy: WOW! That is SO cool!]

(15:04:20) is just yards from the sea, just off to pick up some hotel-suitable snacks, then wander along the seafront. is Worthing pier still going?

(16:45:17) is ambling along Worthing prom, enjoying the fresh sea air. Typically, the pier's been closed - police, fire & ambulancepeople are there...

(17:04:52) http://twitpic.com/41o6k - A splendid welcome to Worthing.. obviously something happened on the pier earlier...

(18:18:46) is in the presence (or at least the residence) of the legendary @vobes. And I met the elusive Georgie. I have brought Proper Beer. Smashing.

(19:09:48) is just about to record the @vobes show. Delightfully apprehensive. He doesn't realise quite how shambolic I can make a broadcast. Yeah!

(22:37:08) can't remember where I parked.. better find out before restrictions start tomorrow morning. Ah, there's Little White. Nobody's stolen it yet

(22:55:12) will be appearing on the @vobes podcast tomorrow.. beer, chocolate and radio, mainly. It's a bumper edition (we do go on!) Now: night!

Tweets for 25 Apr 2009


(09:17:47) is listening to @NineOClockShow (well, the Other Nine) on BBC 3 Counties Radio - Proper Saturday morning fun. But will they read my email..?

(13:18:41) is off into the garden to enjoy what remains of the sunny weather. Plans include fixing the hose and running a wire for the cat deterrent.

(15:53:34) has fixed the hose & run a cable for the anti-cat thing, although I need to drill a hole into the house to plug it all the way in. Hmm. Boh.

(17:05:50) has the final score for the 1st leg of james vs. leylandii championship. james: 3-3: leylandii (brought on brambles in the 2nd half. Cheat!)

(17:40:28) is waiting for an email from a long-lost uni pal to arrange a meet-up on Mon. If it doesn't turn up by tomorrow, it'll probably not happen..

(19:53:51) had to dismantle my mobile again; I so rarely make calls that I'd not realised the earpiece had borked! Now I've lost the 'backup' button :D

Tweets for 24 Apr 2009


(12:51:08) is lunchbreaking. The course is not so much going swimmingly as cheeserollingly. Or maybe foxhuntingly. I'm having more pizza then a walk.

(19:26:14) is home and counting my idiosyncracies in the hope that at least a couple of them might be charming. Not the fly flicking one, probably.

(20:10:19) is delighted to see Katy Brand on a panel show. She's lovely.

(20:58:55) is enjoying 67% of Reggie Perrin. Well written, well acted; a little bit cringy. I wonder if I could have my very own Vicky.

(21:02:42) will not be watching the #BBC 10 o'clock news after both presenters (national & regional) gave me really evil looks in their opening shots.

(21:44:49) is off to bed, with a strange pain just below my left ear. Otherwise, tired and generally OK considering it's the end of a long week. Night.

Tweets for 23 Apr 2009


(08:08:20) is celebrating St George's Day by organising a battle for office territory with Scottish colleagues, armed with Morris Dancing paraphenalia.

(10:34:37) has done Emergency Maintenance on the children's web proxy - killed the mac last night (NAS problems); squid thought it was still running.

(10:35:44) is aware that last tweet was probably the least interesting or entertaining one I've made (impressive for 5,360!) Sorry about that, viewer.

(16:12:24) is nearly at the end of Thursday. Tomorrow will be better, for definite. I'm reaching a point of resolution with Stuff That Needs Doing.Yay.

(16:19:09) wondered, for a moment, how Steorn was getting on with Orbo. Then I visited their site. Then forgot about it again. It's the circle of life.

(16:23:34) RT @fluffymuppet Is it possible to vote against there being a Jade Goody musical, please? [for 'musical' read 'cynical moneymaking ploy' :D]

(17:30:29) is on the coachward home, listening to 'The Secret World' middle-of-the-road #radio4 Culshaw sketch show. From TV to radio? Unusual. Shows.

(19:36:50) is in the mood for some Traditional English Real Ale. I think the best we have is Newky Brown; Asda's too far away & I'm wearing no trousers

(20:04:13) has settled on Traditional *coughs* English Root Beer. Thanks for the suggestion, @poots. And bringing it upstairs. Please pour it now. ;)

(20:37:48) is going to beat a retreat to bed before the sugar rush wears off. Also before I post any more surreal nonsense to Facebook groups. Night.

Tweets for 22 Apr 2009


(05:13:42) had an unsettled night's sleep (doesn't happen very often) so may be a bit zombie-like today. It can't be as bad as yesterday, though!

(05:28:26) is finally taking into work the plants that @fluffymuppet so kindly gave me a couple of weeks ago! The lemon plant is definitely an 'Emma'.

(06:58:24) is having a big stretch in my coach seat. Nearly at work. I need to find my breakfast cereal and of course, drink coffee. Now: Baker Street.

(12:09:08) wonders what the term is for someone/thing that only eats carnivores.

(13:53:30) is trying to ignore the fact that my mac can't currently see my NAS. And the crontab error emails. I've rebooted NAS.. mac'll have to wait.

(17:46:39) has what I believe might be mild exhaustion. Can't really think why - I've not really achieved anything, which doesn't help. Frustrating.

(19:52:47) has rather taken to listening to Radcliffe & Maconie on #radio2 over dinner; their music trivia knowledge is immense. Like pop quiz answers!

(19:54:45) is, however, too tired once again to make any inappropriate techno. Some hot chocolate indulgence is called for before bed. Anyone else?

(21:19:59) was interested to hear that Luton got a mention in Prime Minister's Questions - Margaret Moran celebrating the cup win & some other guff.

Tweets for 21 Apr 2009


(05:16:57) has a rather unpleasant headache this morning and is waiting for the painkillers to kick in. Probably my own fault...

(08:52:53) is not having a good day. Laptop's alive but blue screening every ten minutes. I believe a bagel is required. Also, SHUT UP ERROL!

(09:20:11) is abandoning hope of anything being possible today; now my laptop's working again, but bluescreening at inopportune moments. Lots of 'em.

(13:26:22) is going to have a sarnie. And a constitutional. Two things that will doubtless improve my day. Can't work what else I need. Not coffee!

(14:42:03) wonders if it's just me who is singularly unimpressed by Britain's Got Talent. Give me a jelly on a plate, gently wobbling to music any day.

(17:11:40) is still waiting for Evil Work Laptop Of Doom (I have named it Neville) to shut down. 15 mins after I asked it to switch off. 6.45 bus ahoy.

(20:03:14) has a policy that if I don't understand it, I don't worry about it.

(20:57:13) quite like the whole 'scan to PDF and send to Google Docs' thing for letters and forms that might otherwise end up getting lost. Now: bed.

(21:38:24) has done all the paperwork for tonight. I will sort out a SYSTEM. Kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, I tell yas. Night night then.

(22:21:00) needs to be persuaded not to carry out a small act of insubordination tomorrow morning...

Tweets for 20 Apr 2009


(07:37:39) has just lost an impromptu game of 'The House That Jack Built' (but Jill couldn't afford the mortgage repayments, so they're squatting)..

(08:18:47) is making paper polyhedra with Lenni. Currently: dodecahedron. Next: great ditrigonal icosidodecahedron (heh.. probably not, then).

(11:34:56) has returned from the park / library / Asda and is now sorting out photos for a blog entry that might be happening sometime. Later: Cubs.

(14:32:19) is all sleepy & ended up dozing for 20 mins, while the children watched something entirely inexplicable on Cartoon Network (Billy & Mandy).

(15:02:38) has an opticians appointment this afternoon. If I need glasses, I'll be most put out. And stoic. My nose is touching the screen. I'm doomed.

(16:42:32) is taking the children to their respective Baden-Powell related activities. I feel there will be some running about involved; it's so warm.

(19:34:50) is having home made peanut-butter-on-toast after another Cubs session where I've been asked to extend my Helper Duties. Later: wine & Heroes

(19:45:32) wonders if there will ever be an episode of the #gadgetshow where there isn't TOO MUCH EXCITED SHOUTING!

(19:49:12) forgot to mention: earlier my work laptop broke again. I wonder if they have higher support charges than standard desktops.. they should!

(21:04:36) chom. Bed. BLEH.

Tweets for 19 Apr 2009


(06:41:37) remembers - last night I dismantled my i600 to see if I could make the keyboard less clicky.. simpler than expected (crosspoint screws FTW).

(08:09:55) believes there's not sufficent vocoding on Radio 2. I shall write to the BBC demanding that Roger Royle is replaced by Sparky's magic piano.

(10:22:17) wonders what it is with wasabi peanuts turning up everywhere? They have no redeeming features (even colour: khaki?!) and taste like burning.

(11:02:38) can't remember what I had intended to do when I got home from church. I should write down more stuff. Or tweet it. Yeah, you'd like that. :D

(14:05:26) is considering hiding outside.. it's a gorgeous afternoon (if a little breezy). Time to see if the children fancy a kickabout (I do!)

(16:09:19) is back home, preparing toasties for the children. Inspired by @vobes, I believe coffee may well be on the agenda, too. For me, obviously.

(16:46:39) would like very much now to stop eating Spogs. I shall have to hide them or something.

(17:03:27) still has no idea who Ashton Kutcher is, to the point that, to find out, I googled "Ashley Kutcher", which only served to confuse me more.

(17:31:29) has scheduled some internet downtime for when the children have gone to bed. I apologise, in recorded message format, for any inconvenience.

(18:56:48) Router update at Geri Halliwell Towers is complete. If it's not better, it should be at least as good. If not, please call local support :D

(20:19:39) has carried out the weekly commutey duty & is now preparing to be wholly uncreative in the studio/games room(!) It's late & I'm tired, OK?:D

(21:57:00) has reached the stage where I've realised I'm not very good at Need For Speed, which brings it to about the same level as making music. Bed.

(22:40:46) has just realised that I'm not sure I can remember what either of my grandmothers' forenames were... I think my maternal grandma was Kitty..

Tweets for 18 Apr 2009


(07:55:03) has had a slow start to Saturday, but it's our anniversary, so it was nice to have a lie-in together. Busy busy busy now.. coffee, I think.

(13:58:13) had a splendid morning exploring St Albans with the children (Beth was on a course). We visited the Verulamium.. and circumvented the Abby.

(15:10:59) RT @emalyse The headline "Radio 1 not axing Chris Moyles' has quite spoiled my day http://bit.ly/VINkE [me too!]

(15:13:39) wonders if it's wrong to write a bit of VBscript to help with a school "find words that can be made from 'chocolate rabbit'" competition..

(15:14:22) is going to use this brief period of peace and quiet to make coffee and tidy the kitchen. This place is an absolute state.

(18:21:59) is watching Beth look at zombie models with piggy noses. (http://www.monsoon.co.uk/icat/women)

(18:24:02) has had a family friendly day; my sole achievement was getting ActiveSync to work with Google Calendar on Beth's phone. Zap them duplicates!

(19:50:24) is heading down to the studio with rooibos and some Easter Egg. And a phone.

(21:03:03) wants a half-price sofa. But where to go?

Tweets for 17 Apr 2009


(07:52:06) had no internet last night (arghh! Withdrawal etc!) but is back in the training room, making preparations for the day. Time to break stuff!

(12:40:00) Why are the pirate bay people in prison? Because they Yarrrr!

(12:41:47) is heading round the penultimate bend (figuratively, but not ~that~ figuiratively.. I think) and has a bit to cover before the drive home...

(14:52:08) is all done with trainings... time to drive home for a while. The course went OK.. can't complain. One more coffee before I go, I think.

(18:25:59) is finally home after a bit of a hassled trip home. Why did I go through Dunstable? WHY? Food time, and some Radio 4 comedy. Yay Friday.

(19:50:28) is seriously considering a trip to bed. The view's not particularly good, but it's peaceful and a fairly good place to end the day.

(20:22:57) is going now bye. God Bless Ken Corder.

Tweets for 16 Apr 2009


(06:00:46) is staring at consciousness, thinking: "that doesn't look right." Off up the M1 in short order. Should I bring a laser pointer?

(09:06:26) is at the training centre, watching as the network grinds to a halt. Again. Nothing to do with me, honest! This could take a while.

(09:56:23) has decided to carry out the majority of my training over the next couple of days through the medium of interpretive dance. And prancing.

(10:57:25) is a bit sinussy again. I fear another visit to the doctor may be in order. I may request a CT scan, because that sounds cool.

(16:51:32) is all done for the day. Not sure what to do this evening. Food: definitely. Real ale: maybe. Recording: perhaps. Learn Cantonese: no.

Tweets for 15 Apr 2009


(09:08:45) smells a bit different today & I'm finding it hard to get used to. In other news, I will be spending much of the day writing training docs.

(16:17:38) has made FOUR Powerpoint presentations today. That's four more than I've done in the last two years. Is clipart still cool?

(19:47:42) is heading home after a busy day writing what may turn out to be pointless training material followed by a lovely evening with @vixster :)

(19:55:22) forgot to mention: I ended up using my spare spare earphones today.. fine for emergency use, but keep falling out of my ears. Odd canal boy.

(20:21:40) will be home in 22 minutes, barring all eventualities. It's a walk I've done a few times...

(21:07:36) is home & packing. Within 12 hours I'll be gone. Sounds a bit melodramatic... better charge my satnav, or I'll have no idea where I'm going.

(22:43:58) is packed (not quite to @sparkyannc's standard!) and going to bed for seven hours. Then: coffee & driving. Nighties!

Tweets for 14 Apr 2009


(05:45:54) is up and about, listening to @vobes and pottering. Nobody else around... bliss. Time to make the most of the peace and quiet.

(07:23:21) thinks there's too much shouting on The Gadget Show (the children are watching it on the PVR). That @gailporter's looking buxom, though.

(07:40:12) is off for a shower and then a haircut. PRAISE THE BALD!

(09:18:39) is a little anxious. Generally. I shall go to Watford.

(11:18:32) wishes this evil sinussy headache would go away. I say 'sinussy'.. it may be caffeine related. I just don't know. More coffee; kill or cure.

(12:52:52) is standing outside, perplexed by the warm, overcast humidity. Too warm for football, but Lenni likes playing 'Beckham free kicks' with me:D

Tweets for 13 Apr 2009


(04:59:34) is barely awake but not keen to get up because frankly it's too early. In other news, I wired the doorbell up to the mains last night. Rar!

(20:49:50) has spent a happy evening designing veroboard layouts, eating chocolate & watching Heroes. In the mood for sausage & fried bread sarnie now.

(21:57:37) has given up and gone to bed. Up early tomorrow to tidy my studio before the return to work. In theory (tidying, not working). G'night then.

(22:23:32) http://twitpic.com/3a587 - has now learned that a 'Mock' is a sock for a mobile phone. Thank heavens for free things.

Tweets for 12 Apr 2009


(07:19:16) is virtually awake & now fighting the inertia of the duvet (it has unique physical properties as yet unexplained by conventional science).

(11:53:26) is round my bro-in-law's ... Chris has control of the interactive music on the telly. Lady Gaga. My neurons ache. More coffee needed.

(12:07:19) RT @giagia: I already thought he was brilliant, but @RealDMitchell 's piece in the Guardian makes me love him even more http://bit.ly/vKgbe

(17:27:10) finds the stereo system at b-i-l's house rather fatiguing.. it's all surround & compressed & subby & a bit too much.. No finesse, I fear.

(20:37:45) very much enjoyed all the delightful callbacks on the final #reddwarf - the 'making of' just makes it all the more entertaining. Excellent.

(21:58:11) has given up with sorting out the comments on my blog. It's a bit borked and there's little I can (be bothered to) do about it. Bed, then.

Tweets for 11 Apr 2009


(12:40:09) has just deleted 19,000 lines from my blog's comments table using a hastily created SQL command. I just hope they were all spam...

(13:06:17) I've posted something in my blog: Goodmans CD1505Wi (and similar) - comments, news and an excellent blog! http://tinyurl.com/d3ook5

(17:13:52) has put my PC game controller thing in @poots's custody to stop me playing any more Need For Speed this holiday. I am sure I can do better.

(17:36:27) has a weekend listening recommendation: David Hooper's Disgusting Electronica - 23:00, 13th April on BBC Radio 1 (http://is.gd/rWtp) Genius.

(17:52:43) Woo.. #doctorwho ~and~ #reddwarf in one evening. Red London bus, eh? Like the Double Deckers all over again...

(18:01:22) So how is this different from the one where they're all in the thing and the thing & they get stuck in the thing? Less simultaneous talking.

(18:10:02) This is just stupid. Is that a dolphin? #doctorwho

(18:53:55) Ooh quite good premonition before the end.. s'pose they had to have the bus flying off bit. Lee Evans, though: genius casting. #doctorwho

(20:11:14) Oh my dear goodness. The ante has officially been upped. In a ~good~ way. #reddwarf

(21:13:12) RT @mediaukradio Free Toolbar Records Any Audio You Can Stream (radio.about.com) http://bit.ly/Ur2J9 [a handy thing, potentially]

(21:13:20) is off to bed with an iPod full of things to watch and listen to, and an email or two to write. Happy Nearly Easter.

(22:24:09) has finally watched @charltonbrooker's Newswipe - it's depressingly true & incisive. He should be forced to receive another award for that.

Tweets for 10 Apr 2009


(07:04:53) ought to get out of bed and Observe Good Friday. Not so much sack cloth & ashes as tracksuit bottoms & switched-off monitors. Doesn't work..

(17:02:22) has had an entertaining day with the children- lots of laughs (despite it being Good Friday) and I think we've all learned something. Maybe.

(17:03:17) is about to set up the PVR for the weekend's Red Dwarf fest.. praying there's enough space on it, since HD housekeeping's been lax recently!

(20:35:43) wonders.. has the last hour's worth of tweets disappeared? Surely not, given that #reddwarf returned tonight... I wonder what I've missed...

(20:37:59) reviews the return of #reddwarf thus: just as silly & well acted as ever. Pacing FAR slower. No live audience (WIN!). A+++ will watch again.

Tweets for 09 Apr 2009


(07:53:14) can't seem to find anything this morning. Coffee will help. And an amble downstairs to the IT people. A veritable highlight of the day.

(09:10:13) knows what will help: Bleepshow (http://www.bleepshow.com) - especially since Brian's not here. Brian is OLD.

(10:04:34) RT @blabers http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7991324.stm ... Peta truly has gone stark starting bonkers. (cf: http://is.gd/rpf1)

(10:37:40) is finding it difficult to concentrate today. I think I might try and write up my appraisal and build a Linux server. All before lunchtime.

(12:03:57) has had three cheese & pickle sandwiches, but I want ~something else~. Scampi & Lemon Nik Naks would be a winner. Nearest Farm Foods to W1?

(17:38:48) is on the homeward coach having spectacularly broken something today. Linux server installed, though. Appraisal? Still needs doing. Bleh.

Tweets for 08 Apr 2009


(06:02:42) is half an hour into the commute.. I'm really not very much looking forward to today. The passengers are stroppy, too. Dozing time.

(06:05:27) Keeps clicking the 'refresh' button, wishing a bucket of cold water would appear and empty itself over my head. Then I got off the bus (etc)

(10:18:53) is doing appraisal preparation. It's this time of year that a particular Fat Boy Slim song gets stuck in my head. I'll make it an objective.

(10:34:12) really should get on with appraisal prep, after all the excitement of @poots's Play.com fraud scenario; @ruskin147's taken an interest..

(11:15:31) wonders if the amount that fact can be used as a political lever can be measured as 'the moment of truth'. I'm off to be appraised. Pity me.

(12:46:28) has just heard (via @MitchBenn) that Gordon Brown's at Radio 2. I've got my Celeb Meeting Purple Shirt on today; not really that interested.

(13:00:27) wonders if @poots's play.com #fraud was a first result of #conficker? (A theory is that 1st April was auction day) What say you, @ruskin147?

(18:04:30) must remember not to listen to Milton Jones's standup while I dash to the bus stop - grinning & giggling is not a good look. He is SO funny.

(18:37:56) is vaguely tempted by: http://is.gd/rsfn. I wonder if Milton Jones would be fab performing live. In other news: beautiful sunset & headache.

(19:49:55) feels loved and wanted and appreciated, and quite full after a tasty tea. With beans. Time to see how much of a wiikling I've become...

(21:56:14) went to bed then.

Tweets for 07 Apr 2009


(01:42:40) Darn you, 'Need For Speed Most Wanted' ... it was you that made me stay up late, not me. Honest....

(09:12:51) is FAIL at Delicious Library. Not being very Appley, I don't have an iSight cam, & my other webcams aren't adjustable & look rubbish. Boo!

(12:59:18) is sleepily doing the window-shopping thing with the children at ToysRUs.. although they don't do the toy I want, we're all resisting :)

(13:08:11) Is a little apprehensive about going to work tomorrow... another 3 month mentorship, which is bound to be a lot tougher than the last one..

(14:16:43) Eleanor & Chris have developed a new form of teamplay in Wii Bowling; she plays in the bathroom while Chris shouts instructions upstairs..

(18:47:51) is probably going to get nothing earth-shattering done tonight, so I think I shall go to bed. I have asked myself & received no objections.

(19:51:48) Faceborked.

(20:01:25) is giving up with all this nonsense, and is off to Iron A Shirt before going to bed. I wonder if http://www.failbork.com is available...

Tweets for 06 Apr 2009


(10:32:57) Why am I still so sleepy? Defective body, I say. Better get on with something nowhere near as relaxing buy several times more constructive.

(10:47:04) I bought the @MacHeist 3 Bundle. 12 Top Mac apps worth $900+ for just $39 and I just got Delicious Library 2 FREE! http://mhtweet.com/IS9hGe

(10:49:16) is going to have a sucky sweet and muse upon what to do next. Prepare for mastication and rumination.

(14:01:03) is making coffee for everyone. Want some? Let's all get perked up.

(16:28:08) has copied the weekend's photos off the camera & used Lightroom to do terrifying things to architecture that'll never see the light of day!

(16:29:22) is going to do something with damp washing. Not sure what, yet, but it'll likely not involve jumping onto it from a great height.

(19:47:18) wonders if there's an A-level in sticking a cornish pasty into the microwave/oven thing and randomly pressing buttons till it gets hot.

(19:50:47) can confirm: it is a muschup moment.

Tweets for 05 Apr 2009


(15:07:56) RT @MitchBenn (and @the_anke): I love you. [Even if you're not reading this] http://bit.ly/8Qsc

(15:12:56) is all caught up on tweets and now I'm doing very little for a short time. Then, I might go for a walk. Or a geocache. Hmm....

(15:42:21) What's happened to Wogan and the fireplace? And the 'When I'm 64' theme tune? And why is Jeremy Vine on the telly? Pointless viewing.

(16:15:29) Dear politicians & everyone in the world, please do not use the phrase 'going forward' because it makes you sound like you've had training.

(16:26:34) More smiting on Songs of Praise! That is what I suspect has happened to Diane Louise Jordan. And badgers and hedge... hogs.

(17:15:59) Google Maps: ideal for effective Mosque orientation, then.

(21:26:59) thinks 10.30pm is a bit early to go to sleep, but hey, I can be up with the partridge tomorrow. #EOF reached: Sunday ended unexpectedly.

Tweets for 04 Apr 2009


(06:04:26) is lying in bed sleepily tweeting. I'm sure there's something more constructive I should be doing, but the duvet's warm & too good to miss.

(06:37:46) is intrigued but perhaps a bit unsure about "In The Loop" - Armando Ianucci's new film, based on "The Thick Of It"; a bit dark for my taste.

(07:31:04) When I die and (maybe!) go to heaven, one of the first questions I'll ask God is whether He actually likes modern Christian worship music.

(07:42:41) is delighted to see that kitchen tables are now available with a crispy crumb coating.

(08:55:31) is looking forward to a lovely few days with just @poots... dropping the children off with their Nana & Grandad now.

(15:53:05) is taking it all rather too easy after a delicious lunch with @petecooper @fluffymuppet (& @poots!) - three of the best people in the world.

(17:32:44) is of the belief that Oxfordshire offers a better quality of wild bird than most counties in the South-East.

(17:52:42) "Can I have a go on the jelly?" and "Infrared in your head, infrared in your head" Highlights of Saturday night telly. All done now, though.

Tweets for 03 Apr 2009


(11:32:22) not so much a #followfriday suggestion: @shutupmeg (I daresay it'd get a bit annoying in ones timeline; besides, I don't 'do' followfriday).

(11:43:40) I like this game! Abba - Noun me Noun you; Joy Division - Love will tear us aparticiple; Marvin Gaye - Conjugate a witness? #grammarsongs

(14:05:06) is having splendid palpitations due to caffeine overdose. I'm going to find it hard to sleep this afternoon. Love, however, is a warm pasty.

(14:22:16) Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss Motherboard, I seem to be unable to see the screw I have just inadvertently dropped onto you. May I have a hint, please?

(14:35:49) Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss Motherboard. To have had to turn you upside down to relinquish the screw showed unnecessary obstinence. Please still work.

(16:30:40) is half-watching "100 Hours of #Astronomy" (http://is.gd/qykG) while wrestling with an orange in an attempt to eat it. Seconds out, rind 3.

(16:34:27) has summarily designated today: "Mild destickification of computer peripherals Friday." Catchy,eh? I've got my damp bit of kitchen roll.You?

(17:07:21) has finally (near as 'arse' is to cursing) finished a project that must be at least 3 years old. It may, of course, break over the weekend.

(17:38:29) Popping to BH then going home. Bit stressed because I'm late finishing, but I was a bit delayed arriving today, so it's only fair, I guess..

(18:48:56) is going home as a busy week grinds to a close. Praying for soft sunshine of last weekend, but to be honest, I'll be happy whatever I get :)

(20:54:13) I've posted something in my blog: Royal Institution lecture, class assembly and clock change... http://www.mus-ic.co.uk/weblog/archives/ ...

(21:09:32) I've posted something in my blog: Google Maps over 3G / GSM on the i600 (techie) http://www.mus-ic.co.uk/weblog/archives/2009/04/google- ...

(22:03:11) I've posted something in my blog: Can I get the MT-Twitter plugin to use TinyURL? http://tinyurl.com/c8y32n

(22:10:03) is off to bed after a long and busy week for a bit. I wonder what the weekend will bring. I'm hoping for gentle undulations and ululations.

Tweets for 02 Apr 2009


(12:33:19) is a bit gutted... #cetwit has failed.. all I'm getting is @replies and DMs from yesterday despite re-installing. How frustrating.

(12:54:21) is enjoying a very pleasant work-from-home day, with tea, toast, tolerable temperatures & total peace. I can only get one of those at work.

(13:35:51) I've decided to use my 5000th tweet to say how much I love Beth (@poots). It's hard to do without resorting to crap poetry. Lots, basically.

(13:43:49) RT @cetwit update to fix date sorting bug introduced last night (http://is.gd/qhNl) upgrade in app or download the fix [#ceTwit fixed yay!]

(13:56:36) RT @hypnotistchris My granddad gave me some sound advice on his deathbed. "It's worth spending money on good speakers," he told me. :) [ :D]

(16:00:29) RT @ceTwit oops built 1018 now released to fix small bug in posting updates upgrade as usual for the fix (http://is.gd/gqZ) #ceTwit

(16:03:49) is a bit disappointed that I forgot to install Hundreds And Thousands on @poots's laptop as part of the rebuild. She's had to do it herself.

(19:04:02) is really very bad at Mariokart Wii. The question is: can I persevere (and hog the telly!) long enough to finish somewhere better than 7th?

(19:41:15) Ooh great dialogue box: "The driver is already existed! YES to reinstall the driver, NO to Remove the driver." Er.. so I can't cancel, then?

(19:43:00) And for your information, @trevypoos, I am just about to commence being really very bad at "Need For Speed Most Wanted." Say no more. Oh...

(22:31:20) I will put trousers on tomorrow, and pretend to be conscious. That is all I can promise. For now, though, bed then.

Tweets for 01 Apr 2009


(11:13:51) is all done with April Fools Day now. Please put away your placards and wish everybody well.

(11:15:55) will never issue an apology by means of a recorded announcement.

(11:53:37) feels like I'm in the middle of the World Rebooting Championship & I've reached the semifinals only to find that I'm playing against myself.

(15:16:00) has just spent a satisfying hour actually making something work. Also, I made a piece of test equipment using a paperclip and some blu-tak.

(15:49:40) went to asda.co.uk to complain about Exploding Moisturizer, and found this: http://www.youtube.com/savingyoumoneytv (YT - sfw)

(17:46:37) Is a bit delayed this evening, but not as badly as the folks heading south on Hendon Way - a housefire's closed Finchley Road southbound ...

(19:38:22) is shouting "Come on and kick the ball, footballing man!" at the television. I suppose I ought to switch it on, really.

(19:39:37) "How many Wayne Rooneys are on the field?" I'll stop with the Live ITV Commentary Crapness tweeting now.

(20:36:27) The England goalkeeper should have of used his face.

(21:14:22) is all tired out now. Quick wii fiit and then bed, I thiink. Tomorrow: I will do better everrything.

(22:54:22) stayed up irresponsibly (and badly) playing MarioKart Wii, before catching the end of this: http://is.gd/pGMS (BBC) Kate Bush is a legend...

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