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Tweets for 31 Mar 2009


(13:59:16) OK shut up now. (not you.. them).

(14:16:25) has the nibbles. Can I make it to 6pm without resorting to coffee?

(17:38:16) is on the homeward coach with free wi-fi (yay) but the air-conditioning system is making worrying crackling noises (erg). Hungry now.

(20:56:14) is carrying out a celebratory birthday re-install of @poots's laptop. Quite therapeutic for a Tuesday. Also trying to avoid nibbling Roses.

(22:42:06) wonders what sort of state @poots's laptop will be in tomorrow morning.. left it yellow shielding.. can't think it's be as bad as conficker!

(22:42:41) can do no more tonight. Sleeeeeep. For a bit.

Tweets for 30 Mar 2009


(11:27:42) wonders if it's right that I class changing bedding as aerobic exercise? Or am I simply doing it wrong..?

(15:19:24) believes hell is trying (and failing) to compile netpbm while Dora The Explorer is shouting at me. For eternity.

(16:13:12) found my Page Of The Day. Why? its URL contains "chaosdefrost" & text includes "Campaign For Real Fail." (NSFW rude words)

(20:59:00) is a bit vodka tiddly (best way to appreciate Heroes) and trying to determine if it's a cold or hay fever that's causing my sniffles. Sniff.

(21:08:16) thinks that BBC2 thing with Kennedy's speech done by barely saturated children is bordering on art; I've only just registered it's a trail..

(21:10:22) is just 70 tweets short of 5,000. I wonder if there'll be an award. AWARD! Photo! Photo! Bedtime, I think, before I tend toward Father Jack.

(21:17:16) is off to bed before, during or in case I stop making sense. Good night.

Tweets for 29 Mar 2009


(07:06:25) was woken at some Unsociable Hour (there are more of them on a Sunday) by ignorant individuals driving a noisy quad bike on the green. Bleh.

(12:18:14) believes the studio time I spent yesterday was successful, if only in bemusing some old ladies. A win under any circumstances.

(13:13:54) is listening to "Who Loves Ya Baby" by Telly Savalas on BBC 6music. Which is (not?) suprisingly more tolerable than what's on Radio 2 now.

(18:35:22) is home and a little unimpressed with British Summer Time so far. And the Lower Luton Road. Other things with three names: expect stricture.

(19:38:41) has done the Standard Weekend Feeble Workout on the Wii, and is heading down to the studio to do, oh something. Mainly tidy up, I think.

(22:51:04) has gone to bed after trivial achievements (coach tickets booked; studio tidied; Half Life 2 ep 2 finished). Sunday evening in a nutcase..

Tweets for 28 Mar 2009


(20:52:47) A beautiful #radio4 moment when a bloke yells over the 6 o'clock chimes: (link to MP3) Note @aitchsee's quizzical voice :D

(22:00:01) RT @sparkyannc (sort of) "I know lots of you are v good at writing comedy - have a look at this if so:" (You, @trevypoos?)

(22:01:29) really should have finished in the studio by now, but hasn't even started. Darn.

Tweets for 27 Mar 2009


(15:51:58) is home after the school-walk, with two happy children. Pizza picnic time, soon, and then - oddly enough - a school disco. Hyper children?

(17:50:52) is being asked by Chris to play the custom Portal level he's created using the excellent po_edit_03 map ( - Russian, sfw)

(20:37:59) is home from @nxmee's school disco. Cha cha real smooth. Apparently.

(21:16:05) is considering what benefits going to bed now would have. It would certainly stop my current craving for cake. Or cake craving for currants.

(21:36:20) RT @hypnotistchris It's Friday night! If you need a laugh proceed immediately to [I'll never understand animals!]

(21:45:09) thinks that if this was standard behaviour for cats: I would probably want one. Are they normally this entertaining?

(22:05:55) is finally off to bed with podcasts & the makings of a to-do list for the morning. And having said the word 'Right...' at least seven times.

(22:37:44) is going to attempt Facebook & Twitter withdrawal for 24 hours; I have a terrifying list of far more productive things to do. Bye, then.. :S

Tweets for 26 Mar 2009


(12:01:23) is being made to feel like a wuss because I can't concentrate at my desk owing to a low pitched hum that I've only just identified. Bah.

(12:39:36) wonders if was written by someone with ADD... try clicking any of the links...

(14:39:53) Dear facilities outsourced people: a reduction of 0.2 degrees C does not constitute 'turning the temperature down'. It's still 26C in here.

(17:32:55) has spent an afternoon writing strong emails about clock change. It's like a slippery fish, that always gets away & takes stations off air.

(23:02:43) is waiting at the bus stop wondering when the idea of a Shadow Shadow Chancellor came about... I'd rather be going home.

(23:15:29) very much enjoyed the Now Show recording, in the excellent company of @petecooper. Top evening, all in. Now: early weekend. ish... when ...

Tweets for 25 Mar 2009


(15:54:19) would like to complain bitterly about our documentation management system, colloquially known as the Knowledge Shrubbery, thus: AAAARRRGHHH!

(18:31:19) will have a go home on the coach now thankyouplease. I'm resisting weather-based moaning in tweet format as I wait at the bus stop. Yeah!

(22:04:06) Word of the evening (Twitter edition): upsidedownmouth #apprentice.

(22:07:38) is always amused that @downingstreet's #PMQs podcast always has a genre of "Blues". Genius, in its way.

(22:12:56) is currently enjoying @quantick's "The Single Story" - BBC Radio2 Tues 11.30pm & iPlayer. Excellent (and colourful) bit of musical history.

(22:20:12) bed, then, without any further ado. I've got plenty enough ado to be going on with thank you awfully.

Tweets for 24 Mar 2009


(18:59:11) is doing the homeward commute. All systems are operating within Norman parameters. Time to jump on Stewart Lee's comedy vehicle, I think.

(19:55:23) is home and having FOODS. Yum. Better put my tweeting equipment down (it's frowned upon at the table).

(21:52:55) RT @poots the vid I told you about, JS Luton [It's good - well, for charity - but it's just not right. AT ALL.]

Tweets for 23 Mar 2009


(07:33:46) had better pour myself out of bed in the direction of the cereal cupboard. Exciting day of @nxmee and me invading London later. Yaarrrrrrr!

(12:09:18) is navigating London's underground system with the boy. Not sure how it works, since he travels free... soon find out!

(12:45:31) is in the heart of Picadilly.. it's quite busy. Waiting for food...

(13:26:36) - has made it to the RI for what will hopefully turn out to be an interesting lecture on Blowing Stuff Up (or s ...

(16:04:09) - is impressed by the Royal Institution's interactive museum.. modern, whimsical & free - highly recommended.

(17:51:33) had only the briefest visit to the Science Museum.. heading back north via the marvels of London's transport system.

(19:46:52) is nearly home after a busy, exciting day in London Village. Back to the grind tomorrow... short working week, though, hurrah!

(21:19:45) is somewhat chagrinned by the rather derivative direction Heroes has taken. It's not as good as it was. Or is it me? (I'm not as good?)

(22:15:38) will be asleep by the end of this tweet, practically. Either that, or s

Tweets for 22 Mar 2009


(08:39:07) Daffodils for Mothering Sunday -

(08:41:25) wishes all mothers a Happy Mothering Sunday with no stress, plenty of hugs, sunshine and the occasional surprise :)

(08:51:23) is explaining the concept of 'mother-in-law' to Eleanor. She's just been telling me I should be ashamed of myself, so it seemed appropriate.

(14:12:12) is watching the children dance to Sam Sparro videos. Lunch was delicious, but I've hit the post-prandial dip. They've stolen my energy :D

(17:42:55) is having a buffet tea. Mmm crackers and cheese. Must remember to call my dear Mother later. Those two sentences are otherwise unrelated.

(18:29:42) is extolling the (whatever the opposite of 'virtues' is) of Chris Brown. Never was there a more talentless numpty-thug on the TV. Probably.

(19:44:00) is home, and attempting to upload photos from today while at the same time download my and @poots's "performance" from last Sunday. Arrghh!

(23:32:58) is off to bed after managing to achieve something that took me back to my university days... I shall leave the mac to cook a DVD overnight.

Tweets for 21 Mar 2009


(18:58:06) is putting the children to bed, and then has a blog entry to finish. No idea what else to do this evening.. I think swimming's tired me out.

(21:10:54) will have a glass of wine, yes please. I'm trying to resist breaking out cheese & cream crackers. Focus on the blog entry (not #MacHeist :D)

(21:32:59) I've posted something in my blog: Hobnobbing with the stars (well, being a 'hanger-on' anyway!)

(22:57:31) When asked, earlier, what she would like to do one day, Eleanor replied: "I'd like to see a Lamborghini. Or whatever they're called."

(23:01:28) is going to try an experiment tonight to test what was said on #QI about eating cheese before bed. Apparently it causes ~good~ dreams. Hmm.

(23:06:42) RT @annetsmith LOL parked car fail and oblivious win. [SO easy to get sucked into !]

(23:08:29) *cries with laughter*

(23:27:33) has to go to bed, for fear of being sucked into the Failblog ( ... I got it wrong last time!) Goodnight, funny internets.

Tweets for 20 Mar 2009


(13:41:23) has been amonsgt the Twitterati. There is breakdancing. What an interesting lunchtime.

(14:17:47) - the man @jasonbradbury and me at the #gadgetshowmob ... a happy, sunshiney breakdancy time was had by all.

(14:24:59) is back indoors for pizza & documents. The network man's still talking to @BigAlTwit about things which appear to be borked yet unconnected.

(17:05:13) is on the slippery slope towards the weekend. Must send Network Man an email. I feel sleepy, though. That's just not right.

(18:47:56) is sitting, unusually, nearly at the back of the coach. It's quite warm here, but I'll soon be home, with any type of luck available.

(21:05:39) has uploaded some photos from #gadgetshowmob this afternoon. They're here:

(23:03:45) has just managed to get hiccups from laughing at the 'Signs That Fascinate And Intrigue' facebook group. Better go to bed.

(23:33:50) is following @mitchbenn as demanded in song format during this week's Now Show...

Tweets for 19 Mar 2009


(00:13:48) is home and heading bedward. Tomorrow's going to be tough, unless I am reinforced by coffee, bagels & painkillers. That's living, all right!

(06:32:06) left my phone on silent again. The alarm didn't happen, so I'm on the run again! Oops..

(08:31:01) is quite pleased with the way Thursday has started, considering my state last night. Never mix the grape with the grain, they say. Yeah.

(08:35:21) has coffee and a micro-SD card. I can be quite the idiot sometimes.

(08:57:47) - Three generations of comedy - Steve Punt, @jonholmes1 and Barry Cryer at the excellent Radio Academy event la ...

(20:19:50) is home, despite lack of tweets to the contrary. Twitter seems a little broken; time to wheel out #failwhale? On a brighter note:yummy food!

(22:10:08) is off to bed at the end of quite a marvellous day. Please do save another one for me tomorrow, Mr/Mrs Day Vendor.I may go to #gadgetshowmob

Tweets for 18 Mar 2009


(11:02:09) wishes @jamescridland a very happy birthday :)

(11:51:58) has wrestled with scheduled tasks on someone else's server. Bad idea. It's eaten up my morning, but I've only needed to apologise twice.

(13:05:09) is all bap -> wander.

(14:04:11) must use hashtags more. Hashtags and teabags (but not the Stereophonics version)

(14:06:20) is watching managers fail to organise a meeting. Time to get a cup of tea and one of those foam hand things. It's a new spectator sport.

(14:23:24) is now in a meeting in the BBC Club; the management decision, then. We may be kicked out at any time, since we've not bought anything. Yeah!

(14:47:11) doesn't often find the need to bail from a meeting, but that was just plain unpleasant. Hot, smelly and argumentative. My boss wasn't happy!

(15:16:23) has effected reconciliation by means of eight cups of tea. All is now well. Thanks, @poots :) [Although it's still 26 degrees C in here!]

(17:20:40) was briefly but pleasantly distracted by a little 'help make a haiku' game on the Training intraweb. I adore serendipity as much as cake.

(17:26:05) RT @petecooper graham lineham nails it. absolutely right on the button: [imagine what would happen if the BBC ran that!]

(17:33:39) is off to be entertained, briefly.

(19:39:38) Is sitting in front of Adrian Juste (remember him?) & just feet from @jonholmes1, Barry Cryer & Steve Punt. Generations of radio comedy. ...

(22:09:27) Wwasn't expecting to have a splendid time tonight but I definitely did. Not sure midweek evenings out are a particularly good idea, though!

(23:03:05) didn't realize how much STUFF I had on my mobile phone's micro-SD card until I discovered it had pinged out at some stage this evening. Ach!

Tweets for 17 Mar 2009


(06:25:19) is trying to resist grabbing a handful of Fox's Glacier Dark sweets ( to take up the hill... aniseed & liquorice goodness!

(08:05:47) is mildly irked by slow traffic into London. Time to boot up the laptop & start work... the benefits of in-coach wi-fi.

(09:35:19) is already playing catch-up.. a little bit fraught as Tuesday mornings go. The coffee was delicious, though (thanks, @sparkyannc :)

(13:45:11) is all done with meetings & I've a post-it note of tasks to help me through the afternoon. Supermarket Special K alternative time, I think.

(19:30:56) wonders if it would be quicker to walk?

(22:05:05) was briefly distracted before bed by my newly-found highlight of Red Nose Day 2009- a simply divine meme overload! YT sfw

Tweets for 16 Mar 2009


(10:13:38) is definitely going shopping. Food and gardening stuff. Dunstable is a bit more aerated, although that's all it has going for it.. sunshine!

(12:46:28) RT @JasonBradbury: #GadgetShowMob Friday lunchtime (for just 1 hr) at Somerset House London (1 min Trafalgar Sq). Join HUGE Twitter meet..

(13:13:32) is back from the shops, with gardening materials and foodstuffs. Lunch is done; time to make the most of the weather for a couple of hours..

(17:36:14) Comic Relief: "I said I'd only do something funny for money if Horne & Cordon do. You'll not be surprised to know I didn't bother."

(20:18:11) is back from Cubs and entirely exhausted. Sorting photos may have to wait.. Heroes then bed looks like the agenda for this evening.

(20:24:56) gets a small soupçon of pleasure from Ofcom's Yellow card to GWR ( I, for one, am tired of hearing disco music on Heart.

(22:17:08) I've posted something in my blog: A home-made cloche... to avoid a late frost (hopefully!)

(22:20:09) I've posted something in my blog: Fire station!

Tweets for 15 Mar 2009


(16:12:01) is going to have a cup of tea and find something more useful to do.

(18:56:12) is yawning a bit... cheerful enough, but the day's taken it out of me somewhat. Some pottering & tidying is in order this evening, I think..

(19:19:26) has a lifetime's wish to learn how to eat a sucky sweet all the way through without biting it & mashing it all up within about two minutes.

(21:03:27) has discovered the delights of UTF-8 characters ( ☺ [inspired by @miniporquinho's last tweet- what WAS that at the end?]

(22:49:07) is off to bed in a mo - after sewing one more badge on Chris's cub jumper. I gave up on the idea of doing it with SCIENCE. Prestidigitation!

(23:41:42) has gone to bed, having gained a degree of competence in sewing badges. I wonder if there's a badge for it. If so, I ain't doing that one!

Tweets for 14 Mar 2009


(00:01:57) is home after an entertaining evening in the pub talking about local radio and those halcyon days when things were a bit more.. freeform...

(00:12:01) is culling celebrity tweeter followings. Well, OK, it's really just @jonholmes1 left. Interested in what he'll do with #deaconblue tomorrow.

(09:45:11) is up and about after a nice lie-in with @poots. Miley Cyrus is on the TV, and ninjas are on the PC. Our children are quite true to type...

(10:41:52) RT fluffymuppet Panda Do It for Earth Hour - [Note: not a real panda. They really are unbelievably thick]

(10:57:05) wonders if it's just me that wishes I could have a QI buzzer/klaxxon thing for when people get their facts wrong in the office?

(12:39:45) I've posted something in my blog: Pre-spring weather and lemony electricity!

(20:26:12) had a splendid time in the countryside, with trees and everything, but returned home to a cavalcade of irritating IT problems. Fair enough.

(21:33:28) is updating firmware for want of anything better to do. Well, that's not strictly true, but that's what firmware updates are for, right?

(22:40:07) has just realised I really don't know what a "double dare" is. My guess is that it's embryonic betting carried out by schoolkids. Scary.

(23:06:20) is all a bit achey now. Achey and sniffly. Which doesn't bode well, since I have to play guitar & sing tomorrow. Sleep & Olbas oil, I think.

Tweets for 13 Mar 2009


(06:24:44) is up & about, sucking throaty sweets because, well,I'm a bit throaty. Cherry flavour Halls Soothers: top breakfast fare. Hotels, take note!

(08:58:22) has done most of the early morning office stuff, although I have no coffee, so by 10am, I might be off for a bagel. I am rather predicable..

(11:49:31) found some coffee. That @sparkyannc knows how to cheer me up.

(13:16:13) can hear local schoolkids walking past in some kind of tedious unvarying drum parade It's often hard to tell between it & the building site.

(13:30:11) would have thought that having a plate full of pizza & pushing it into my face would be a fairly clear sign that I'm having lunch. Hmm. No.

(13:50:01) has breaking news: Telephone Tom has knackered the phone system again.

(14:02:44) Amusing PLUS free Katharine Jakeways (yum!) - Viral trail for @r4today (via @sparkyannc)

Tweets for 12 Mar 2009


(06:27:03) is eating shredded wheats while catching up with tweets. That will probably be the extent of my poetry today. Off up the hill forwards..

(08:51:28) really hopes @poots and @fluffymuppet are feeling OK after their early starts...

(08:52:58) is perplexed by this: ... is this from just under a year ago, and I managed to miss it?

(09:28:31) is off to show a man my pie charts. Exploded ones, to boot.

(13:49:44) is back from coffee with @vobes and a couple of informal meetings. Now: lunch & hmm.. more playing with data I think (no pie charts, though)

(14:19:04) has various bits of Chesney Hawkes's "The One & Only" in my head, except to the tune of "No Surprises" by Radiohead. Thought I'd share that.

(14:28:58) "Klingon function calls do not have 'parameters' -they have 'arguments'. And they always win." - found at a Fortune Cookies site. Geek-heh.

(15:38:50) has just written my Email Of The Day. Darn my smugness, but it really was quite good, which is why I'm tweeting about it. Wish I hadn't now.

(16:16:18) Uhoh.. Telephone Tom's here. Expect something to break...

(18:34:52) is going home, past horrific looking sculptures by Finchley Road's buildings. It's dark, so the propensity for Twitpiccing is mercifully low

(20:53:41) has had tasty Chinesey food, and is now ministering to @poot's laptop before the traditional Wii-Fat - shower - podcast - bed thing. Yurp.

Tweets for 11 Mar 2009


(06:27:51) woke up before the alarm & feels nearly alive this morning. Off up the hill for health and science and to see if I can get my brain working.

(09:37:19) is drinking rooibos & trying to summarise oddities (not Bill). I'm also a little hungry, but resisting the Special K for another half-hour.

(14:03:20) isn't really very much further on in life. Ideal: a nap. Reality: this chair is far too uncomfortable. And I have work to do. Solution: tea.

(20:44:59) is home and has eaten practically an entire toad and a whole hole. YUM.

(21:31:43) is attempting to sync my work calendar to my iPod Touch, thanks to @pheasantplucker's fine demonstration. I can still get it wrong, though!

(22:19:52) is sorry, Ms Lennox, but your cover version of Ash's "Shining Light" (or Rev'd Spooner alternative) is nice enough, but is: ~unnecessary~.

(22:22:14) much prefers Royksopp's new song, and will listen to it 1.00 times before going to bed. Goodnight wonderful string of binary, you.

Tweets for 10 Mar 2009


(16:28:41) has returned from a 2pm meeting feeling a little dizzy and sleepy. I wonder if coffee is a good idea. Let's find out.

(17:35:41) is playing the iPlayer Labs version of the cricket loud for my colleague because the Windows Media player version's knackered. Wasn't me...

(18:35:30) is on the coach heading home. Must take a sniffy thing. Workday summary: extensive. Snack summary: Special K. Colon summary: ::: Sleepy now.

(20:13:47) is home and tucking into tasty foods (thanks, @poots!) after some chatting time with the tired children / me. Early night tonight, I think.

(20:57:17) is off to hose down the dust of Tuesday, and hope that Wednesday doesn't smell like a damp dog. Also, I might go to bed.

(21:43:42) has enjoyed the denouement of "Standup With The Stars" (R4 - iPlayer). Worth a listen for a Radio 4 fan. I could really hear the influences.

(22:10:23) is definitely going to sleep now. Stop tweeting, james. OK. Well then, good.

Tweets for 09 Mar 2009


(09:42:27) went to the doctor's - guess what he told me. He said "Here's a Beconase prescription & call the blood service to see if it's OK to donate."

(11:30:09) is back from the supermarket. Overall assessment: music wasn't too loud; bread had RUBBISH sell-by dates (tomorrow!?); lunch selection: fish

(17:50:17) enjoyed a relaxing afternoon watching Outnumbered with Beth, chasing scooters on the school run and doing a bit of ironing. Now: Cubs chaos.

(20:14:10) is vaguely irked by the Gadget Show.

(20:20:23) will now attempt to attach Cub badges with a sewing machine while having a little drinkie and watching Heroes. This could end in a tangle.

(20:26:23) RT @poots is darkly amused that The Gadget Show recomended a phone co that looks like it is going under (Register)

(22:40:01) has failed to attach badges to Cub jumper with Electric Machinery. Well, not failed, per-se: just wonky & nigh-on impossible to unpick. Bah.

(22:55:41) is going to bed before something else doesn't happen. Goodnight.

Tweets for 08 Mar 2009


(07:46:52) will be out of bed in a mo, honest. Making plans from the warmth of the duvet.. not like me to think ahead to any degree.

(09:53:43) is listening to the In Our Time podcast about Schrodinger & quantum physics ( This will need another listen. Or twenty.

(09:59:01) RT @emalyse If Harry Beck Had Tackled Roads [Motorway map in London Underground format.. brilliant!]

(13:55:21) feels meh. Outside: horizontal drizzle. I shall rummage in the loft for a bit while wondering what cats do when it rains if they hate water.

(14:44:58) is making lists. It's what I like to do when I feel meh. I am not going to catalogue the Empty Box Mountain, though. Too great a summit.

(14:49:44) - The western face of Broke-box Mountain. Some of the stuff in here is well past its warranty period...

(19:10:29) RT @fluffymuppet: Help choose the title for the kitchen garden blogger's book - [ some great title ideas there!]

(19:12:04) is all done in the loft. Feels like an afternoon of foreign travel; they say the past is another country.. Facebook photos follow, no doubt.

(20:45:17) is undoing all the good with peanut butter on toast. Comfort eating. Come join me. JOIN ME./Alan Partridge.

(21:04:13) completely forgot about the humous. It would've been a healthier option. This particular one tastes like cycling down country lanes at dusk.

(23:04:48) has mopped up the spilt remains of Sunday with what looked at first glance to be a slice of bread, but turned out to be a dishcloth. Night.

Tweets for 07 Mar 2009


(10:19:52) A summary of 2008 pop in video format (by DJ Earworm) - really clever ... (unless you dislike US R'n'B pop crossover!)

(10:36:45) is writing one more blog entry and having a cup of rooibos & vanilla (without milk for greater antioxidant benefit - as advised by @vobes)

(14:25:08) - spent a happy couple of hours in the garden (turning over the beds & debramblification.. arrgh!) Lenni helped ...

(15:29:52) has a cheeky cup of coffee to drink before finishing off in the garden - anti-weed fabric and a bit more composting. Then.. relax, I think.

(15:41:15) likes that Art Brut song Alcoholics Unanimous ("Bring me tea! Bring me coffee!") on Jon Holmes's 6music show. A bit better than George Lamb.

(16:47:02) is back in the house & sleepy after some top gardening time with Lenni & @poots. @nxmee, on the other hand, is still in his dressing gown.

(18:23:30) is a little ashamed to admit I had to type Barack Obama's name into Google to be sure I had spelt it correctly. Not like Gordan Broun, then.

(18:27:12) wonders why they've seen fit to put a repeat of Wipeout on... is Saturday night TV that short of money? Let me check.. no, it's not on ITV.

(20:09:35) heard, from the living room: "let's up the drama with some tense music, please?" That, I think, sums up why I hate Saturday night TV.

(20:22:51) I've posted something in my blog: What do people use Twitter for..?

(20:56:09) likes the latest internet meme: literal videos..

(21:07:25) knows it's desecration but still.. this made me laugh a lot: (YouTube sfw)

(23:16:10) is off to bed. I'm not sure what tomorrow holds, but if it involves going out, I'll probably take the camera. And put some trousers on.

Tweets for 06 Mar 2009


(11:00:47) is having a Special K break.

(12:11:25) has made a doctor's appointment. I always feel a tinge of guilt doing that, because it's not like my arm's fallen off or anything.

(12:14:17) recalls that Lenni took the mickey out of me last night. She does not believe touch typing is possible, and I just mash keys randomly.

(13:14:30) would like to make it abundantly clear that it was not I who stopped Desert Island Discs playing this morning. I was at 6music then, honest!

(16:52:45) finds it hard to get the hang of propelling pencils. It's probably just me.

(18:03:11) thinks it comes to something when one has to actively avoid Steve Wright.

(18:06:51) will now do having a pint.

(21:11:06) is all done at the Tiny London Pub now and would very much like a coach home thankyouplease.

(22:44:21) is home and snacking on perfect post-pub foodage (thank you, @poots!) and drinking amounts of water which approach copious. Bedtime betimes.

Tweets for 05 Mar 2009


(09:46:43) is driven by a constant need to resist my underlying lazy nature.

(10:41:30) just opened the mail to find a bank statement for an instant saver account that I didn't know I had,with an overwhelming 0.1% interest rate.

(11:37:39) is tempted by this... bit of a bargain if you like Beethoven ( .. now if they did one for Bach...

(12:15:43) was reminded by @petecooper of the link I was going to repost today. & (YouTube sfw) .. mindblowing!

(16:04:34) is home from the school run, @poots is off for her MRI, and the children are contentedly waiting for their pizza. Back to work, I guess...

(16:07:49) received a bag of Spogs as a lovegift from @poots. She's so good to me. Consequently, my studio now has a delightful aniseedy aroma. Yum.

(19:15:57) hasn't heard anything from @poots yet.. offspring number 2 is in bed, not long for number 1. Then korma & Wii Fat. Structured evening? Bah.

Tweets for 04 Mar 2009


(07:46:25) is as tired as the 'yawning' / 'morning' rhyme. Coffee awaits when I get into the office...

(10:29:35) is off to a meeting, in somewhat robust mood. This will not be fun for anyone, in all probability.

(11:47:48) has been cheered up over 150% by a brief IM chat with someone I've not seen for ages just to say a quick 'hi' and NOT WANTING ANYTHING! :)

(12:22:15) has now written Email Of The Day. (Although I didn't have the chutzpah to put that as the subject line) I think Wednesday may be looking up.

(15:26:19) reflects on the afternoon so far: two graphics cards aren't better than one; are there any nice people called 'Piers'?; I need tea.

(15:30:32) "Any waste of effort isn't part of my design" When one has known a manager for over ten years, one learns how to respond to their emails.

(18:14:39) is off after another rather disappointing day at work. Peace & quiet (and tolerable temperatures AND toast!) tomorrow working at home. Yay!

(20:17:07) is home and hoping I still feel as much like going to bed in a couple of hours time as I do now. Food time yum.

(20:43:45) doesn't know what to do this evening, and has little or no motivation to do it. Going to bed & watching 'Oz & James' is certainly an option.

(22:25:05) This is the most amazing musical cut-up I've seen in AGES.. so so so clever: (my favourite in jungle stylee!)

(22:57:11) is off. Ye-e-e-s.

Tweets for 03 Mar 2009


(15:18:23) is using borrowed wi-fi so I have my i600 at a jaunty angle. And now: asbestos. In summary, keep well clear. I wonder what it's made off of.

(17:25:58) - has 2 little lumpy bits on the side of my hand. You can tell I've lost interest. I wonder what they are. Bite ...

(17:28:37) is back in the office and has half an hour to raise a change request. Do I get to go home after that? What a waste of a day.

(18:17:25) Oh yay - horizontal drizzle! A fine way to end an otherwise rubbish day. That said, I'm on a promise of chicken kievs when I get home. Yum!

(18:28:36) is homeward bound. There's something I like about Arriva's wifi hotspot terms & conditions. "Please look after your wireless device" et al.

(19:02:16) can barely find the words to describe ITV2's new sitcom 'FM'. Unrealistic & futile are two. Ophelia Lovibond (besides the odd name): pretty.

(19:13:49) is now listening to Cory Doctorow and Neil Tennant (not to mention @billt) on Digital Planet. People who know what they're talking about FTW

(20:03:13) is a bit like a drowned rat, having been nearly blown over on the walk home. Hungry now.

(20:05:17) wonders if David Mitchell is in ~everything~ at the moment.. he's just done some drama reading type stuff on Radio 4 (19:45 daily)

(20:51:08) can hear the plaintive rumble of wheelie-bins being blown down the street, as I say a prayer for anyone who's stuck outside in this weather!

(22:42:04) has a busy day tomorrow, including a lunchtime server job, so bed is well overdue (I had to retain my 'Pro' status on Wii Bowling & Golf..)

Tweets for 02 Mar 2009


(09:06:58) has deposited the children at their respective schools. Now to Monday Things including shopping.It'd be a shame to miss out on the sunshine.

(10:04:03) keeps saying "Right." like I'm about to do something important. This isn't going to happen.

(13:15:12) has finished carrying shopping round Letchworth in a bucket.

(14:07:26) has had tasty omelette and is now drinking coffee. I wonder how many tweets are about food and drink? Do mine meet the average?

(15:02:13) just listened to the Afternoon Play on Radio 4. Nicholas Boulton (who played Harry Towers) sounded uncannily like Chris Morris on it..

(15:47:54) is home with offspring number one; it's downhill, he scooted, but still arrived more out of breath than me. There's life in the old dog yet.

(15:50:49) reviews the video to Saturdays' Comic Relief song (Never Can Get Enough) in about four words: Post-Excess-Aftershock Vomit.

(17:03:55) has mmm...minneola (the illigitimate offspring of a tangerine and a grapefruit) the supremeliest(!) tangy of all the citrus family.

(19:56:53) is back from Cubs.. the troop had a performance tonight. It went surprisingly well, considering how much of a shambles it was beforehand!

(20:41:11) can recommend NOT knocking bottles of red foodcolouring out of the cupboard while retrieving peanut butter. Especially when the lid's loose.

(20:50:03) muses that this is probably what it's like cleaning up after a stabbing. I can assure you that I have not just done a stabbing.

(21:47:24) I've got red on me.

(22:01:21) should go to bed now. Heroes was a bit fragmented; hoping for better next week. Back to work tomorrow. Early starts will be the death of me.

Tweets for 01 Mar 2009


(11:54:54) has a bit of a headache. Owie.

(14:52:27) Thanks, Mr Vobes. Hope you're having a better eye day :) You heading for Moorfields any time soon?If so, I'm always up for coffee & a grin.

(14:57:05) has lovely coffee as reward for House Maintenance: a bucket in the loft into which water from the TV aerial mast drips was nearly full.

(15:00:23) has interesting Sundays with the children; improvising a siphon with a bucket & vacuum cleaner while listening to a friend on Czech radio..

(17:19:55) "Bring me the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West" ... Lenni is ~so~ enjoying The Wizard Of Oz. Timeless (yet as old as her Grandma!)

(18:17:54) That Blondie song "One way or another I'm gonna find you.." all a bit stalkerish, isn't it? More sinister than "Every Breath You Take"..?

(19:32:26) RT @fluffymuppet [What a fantastic tribute to Tony Hart - certainly one to remember!]

(19:43:06) will do some Wii Fit (my feeble, feeble muscles) then go down to the studio (my feeble feeble musicals). Cuppa tea. Anyone else want some?

(21:38:35) now has TWO of my former Suffolk Road housemates as Facebook friends. Of the remaining two, I wonder what they've done with their lives...

(21:48:56) has lost the cap for my 50mm lens. I need to find it before I fashion a poor-quality substitute out of gaffer tape.

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