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Tweets for 28 Feb 2009


(08:46:13) "Sie lieb' dich yeah yeah yea.." brilliant.. I love Sounds Of The Sixties on Radio 2. Kicks Classic Gold into a big bucket of blandness.

(08:52:41) has mostly given up Facebook for Lent. In other news, I have conquered Growl (and Safari 4 beta) breaking Mail, with help: http://is.gd/lceX

(14:57:49) has been out on the green with Lenni, playing football & trying to learn platespinning (the children got some from a circus demo at school).

(16:24:45) is wondering how best to persuade the children that money can sit in their pockets without burning through. Not easy in ToysRUs, really.

(18:31:18) RT @jonholmes1: David on the roof of broadcasting house singing Angel of Harlem through a badly miked up guitar amp. [worth a Listen Again!]

(18:59:35) will try and make some music this evening. I'm having electric guitar urges. A whimsical song, perhaps, that may never see the light of day.

(20:33:58) notices that "Buy this sexy thing!" and "Don't go getting a sexually transmitted disease" ads are converging.. hard to tell which is which!

(22:00:03) is frustratingly sleepy. An hour in the studio before bed, I think. Oh & I forgot to tweet that Chris and I had our hair cut this morning.

(22:07:07) is a little frustrated at the internet's speed tonight. I've been downloading a fair bit, but still...

Tweets for 27 Feb 2009


(07:10:12) is going south again. This coach (78) has internet.. hurrah. Although now I have web / dozing dilemma. Time to stream some radio.

(07:54:11) is looking forward to coffee & cereal when I get into the office... in all the fun of last week's holiday, I forgot to change my alarm. Oop!

(07:55:36) Baker Street... Time to make my disembarkation and walk for a mile.

(12:49:08) has had another morning of fun and frolics doing Microsoft patching; it's heading toward being nearly approaching finished. Yes. Definitely.

(12:54:56) is having pizza and today it is especially yummy. I am even eating the crusts (in case of forthcoming hair loss)

(17:02:24) is surrounded by superstars... Mr T is at Radio Wun, and Top Rockular Combo "The U2 Band" are at Radio 2. Eh suckah.

(19:05:13) has helicopters whizzing by outside (U2 live from BH on the red button if you have a digital telly) and a power cut at home. All go here!

(19:05:49) will go home, I think. Hope the lectric's back on by the time I get there!

(20:18:38) is heading north (should that have a capital letter?) for the last time this week. Yawny and hungry.

(20:31:50) still isn't sure what Bricket Wood is for.. is it just a bit of wasteland between the M1, M10 and M25?

(21:19:12) is home and the electricity has come back on, so no interweb Wiithdrawal for me! Food time ooh yeah yum.

(23:54:21) nearly won Friday in the daily cuddly-toy grabber machine. Another metaphysical 10p & I'll try to get a good grip on Saturday. After sleep.

Tweets for 26 Feb 2009


(06:01:12) OK.. Let's get vertical.

(06:31:25) is off out to see if I can find a decent copy of Thursday 26th February somewhere lying around (happy birthday @TUID, by the way)

(13:20:39) is capable of doing some subtly stupid things sometimes. Brainstrain.

(13:31:44) will never underestimate the benefit and enjoyment of breakfast cereal. Yum.

(15:48:41) is off to an apparatus room with a torch and a screwdriver. I promise not to take 6music off air. Much.

(17:41:21) is back, having not wrought any havoc at all. Slightly disappointing, but I think I've made progress on Finding Two Appropriate Holes.

(18:37:43) might like a coach to arrive in the next couple of minutes. There's wi-fi on the 73, but it didn't work properly last time. All tired now.

(19:02:09) has an internet on the coach (woo technology! Coach 75 for what it's worth) Twitter works, but will now wrestle with Fring for the uses of..

(19:29:27) is passing over the M25. And under a bit of it. Are we nearly there yet?

(21:14:19) is listening to the PM report on home ed (grr.. they keep calling it "home schooling") with trepidation. That Baroness better not be on it!

(21:30:09) is all done for the night.. quick weight check and then bed. Does anyone have a decent quality Friday I could borrow, please?

Tweets for 25 Feb 2009


(12:17:33) misses having @sparkyannc to motivate me. I may end up tidying my desk. Off to Western House to accidentally unplug some cables, I think.

(13:16:44) is all about lunch and painkillers.

(16:07:17) has finished a projects meeting about a budget implementation of a playout system. I'm thinking of developing EasyPlayout... Stelios?

(16:33:45) HAH. It's Beth's turn to be Bongohead.

(17:02:09) is pretty-much ready to go home now. Does something smell funny to you?

(18:44:56) is at the bus stop, reflecting on things I might want to tweet about. I will stop, and finish writing an email. Happy Ash Wednesday, then.

(20:54:35) felt invisible on the walk to work this morning - lots of jostling.. meh. This evening, I directed someone to a hotel in town, though. Yay.

(20:56:51) If only there were two of me.. we could alternate between having Beth's toad-in-the-hole and Asda chicken korma as our favourite foods. NOM!

(21:23:48) is off to bed after paying appropriate homage to the Wii Fit. 5 miles walked today.. too many Haribo eaten, though :D Night, interworld.

Tweets for 24 Feb 2009


(11:05:39) is going into the loft. If I'm not down by lunchtime, please send someone to extricate me from the pile of boxes that will have eaten me.

(11:08:26) wonders why toys with button cells are the most likely to need repairing? Also, I'm bored of Coldplay now.

(12:57:28) has had lunchings and done the first pass through work's emails. Now to install myself in the studio with a cuppa tea and some banana bread.

(13:01:36) had an "ARGHH!" moment; my opinion's been turned on its head. Beth put 6Music on over lunch. I liked it & left it on. It was George Lamb.Eh!

(13:03:09) has hitherto rescinded the "ARGHH!" moment, since it was actually Danny Wallace. He is quite, quite excellent, and I always liked him.

(15:52:39) is home from the schoolings run. The children raced ahead on their scooters. I felt old. Back to the grind after a quick cuppa tea, I think.

(16:45:51) has just made pancakes. Hooray for a small stash of McDonalds Authentic Pancake Style Syrup Substitute. Now for some shriving: back to work.

(16:47:23) told Chris that, although I agree that it adds authenticity to his homework in Word, correcting his typos with strikethrough looks dreadful.

(20:08:16) is popping down to the studio to see if I can get all my synths going. Probably futile given that it's an hour and a half till bedtime..

(20:55:45) is noodling like a bad-ass with Minimogue (http://is.gd/kIB4) using the rather excellent SAVIHost standalone VSTi player (http://is.gd/kICd)

(21:54:23) is off to bed, all sleepy like. Back to the office tomorrow, in the early early morning. Pleh.

Tweets for 23 Feb 2009


(10:09:52) is off to do some domestic entropy compensation and long-term storage husbandry. #bbingo (I could get into this :D) Tweet ya later...

(13:53:19) read this as "Fail Bunny" http://is.gd/kxkS ... I spend too long on the internet. Kinda sums me up, though.

(16:39:04) is back at my Dad's after a romp in the countryside.. coffee & cakes, then throw the children in the bath; they're back to school tomorrow.

(19:47:00) is, on the recommendation of @sparkyannc, listening to Desert Island Discs (David Walliams) while eating peanut butter on toast.Me, not him.

(20:19:28) is off to tidy & work email check before Heroes *quiet excitement* Might have to break out the own-brand Malibu & cola flavoured drink. Woo.

(21:48:46) has just watched the first episode of the latest Heroes... ooh very very good. Shiny and exciting and funny and not too violent yuk. Skill.

(22:39:51) is developing a workflow for importing photos on Adobe Lightroom. I could get the hang of this, I think.(Thanks for your help, @petecooper!)

(22:43:11) is also seeing if Eventbox (http://thecosmicmachine.com/) is any good - as tweeted by Mr @ndixon. Information overload. *brain goes melty*

(22:55:27) is having WELL slow internets tonight. I think I've broken it. Sorry.

Tweets for 22 Feb 2009


(00:02:21) thought I'd lost emails, but discovered that Leopard did something a bit manky with my Junk Mail rules (fixed with this: http://is.gd/kozl)

(00:51:47) is filling a mysql database mainly with blog spam comments. What a very stupid thing to do. Nearly done, though <-- famous last words...

(13:31:29) has had a fairly busy morning, kneeling at the altars both of God and bathroom functions... (replacing the toilet seat; yukky yukky job).

(15:55:34) I've posted something in my blog: Leopard... http://tinyurl.com/bbgmjd

(16:10:54) has just read Weaver's Week (http://is.gd/krJL) for UK Gameshows; it's clear that gameshows for children are in the ascendance. Great stuff.

(19:03:03) has got a bit of a headache. Nearly finished this server configuration. Who'd have guessed that there was a user called 'nobody', eh?

(20:51:25) is generally a bit despondent, not least by the apparent complexity of user rights assignments and launchd foibles in OS X. Console is good.

(21:17:06) isn't sure this mac has been rebooted so many times in its time here. Finally, though, I think I've conquered Launchd. Well, bits of it.

(22:43:48) just saw a snippet about Chris Morris on Blighty about when he got sacked from BBC Radio Bristol for filling a newsbooth with helium.Genius.

(22:47:54) is very looking forward to Heroes returning to TV tomorrow. Shame there's no Radio 7 show to go with it any more (nudge nudge @jonholmes1 ;)

(23:21:11) is off to bed, having managed to avoid tidying the studio and putting stuff in the loft for three days in a row, now. Better tomorrow, then.

Tweets for 20 Feb 2009


Tweets for 21 Feb 2009


(09:40:56) has arrived at Zero Hour - it's Saturday Morning, and the mac mini is about to be rebuilt with shiny Leopard. Back.. eventually!

(12:48:20) now has a leopard in the kitchen (with lots of gratitude to @asininemonkey and @petecooper) Now: software updates, then user migration...

(16:53:10) is home after a gymnastics and cheerleading display (Lenni did very well) and a sunshiney park. Cup of tea & pizza time. Yummy.

(17:56:18) is downloading Xcode (Apple developer's kit) and migrating users from Pip's previous incarnation. This may take some time...

(17:59:02) Bongohead is not rubbish.

(20:19:32) is watching Outnumbered and still waiting for the mac to get its act together. I may have a webserver sometime before midnight. Perhaps.

(21:16:38) has mail again, and is now doing mysql/apache2 installation (from the fine http://diymacserver.com) for web server goodness.

(22:45:16) was amused to see Audience Wrangler mentioned in the credits of QI. Must've been a rough crowd in that night...

Tweets for 19 Feb 2009


(08:32:19) has coffii while the children do their fitness thing. Not sure I'm really that good in the morning. Hopefully getting out & about today.

(16:52:22) is back from the farm (http://www.oddsfarm.co.uk) having had an exhausting but fun (and dry!) day out with Dad, Cath & her two. Sleepy now!

(17:03:05) is off for a rest. Photos from today can, I think, wait.

(18:09:54) is finding Twitter somewhat slow to day. In the style of @FreyaSykes, though, welcome to my new followers!

(21:04:46) is all a bit meh. My throat has a hurty bit, and the top of my face is a bit achey. I will resist being ill and go to bed instead, I think.

(22:15:34) ooh likes http://tinyurl.com/bsxemy ... found while looking for The Chap Collective. I like interesting, unusual music.

(22:28:05) is filling in a YouGov survey. "On which of the following days of the month were you born?" Now ~that~ is how to ask a question...

(23:11:12) has been watching Oz and James Drink To Britain while doing a YouGov survey that should've taken 10 minutes. The internet's borked tonight.

Tweets for 18 Feb 2009


(06:33:36) really should get up earlier, to save having to run up that hill (and not in a Kate Bush way)...

(23:14:51) hasn't really gone hellforleather on tweets today. Today I lost a mentoree (mentee?) and not through negligence this time. Bye, @sparkyannc.

(23:18:52) had a rare evening of beer & laughs at the YG after work. Now: home, feeling like I've reached the end of a good book. (Magic Faraway Tree?)

(23:57:37) (incidentally, the mics sounded ~awful~ First time I've seen lapel mics being used on radio. It's going to TV, though; perhaps a precursor?)

Tweets for 17 Feb 2009


(06:26:50) had to turn off Just A Minute because it was irritating. Listening to Ivan Brackenbury, which at least didn't have someone laughing loudly.

(06:31:06) is off up the hill. Have a lovely day, then.

(10:43:25) has a number of appointments today that just get in the way of doing what I need to do. Progress, therefore, is slow. Pleh.

(18:32:47) has finished with Tuesday (pretty much) with things achieved, but only vicariously. Tomorrow is definitely another day.

(18:37:14) has attended yet another manual handling course today. Very informative; just a shame that the subject matter interested me in no way at ...

(21:52:35) is off to bed now then then. Shower first, though, after doing faux-yoga on the Wiiiiii.

Tweets for 16 Feb 2009


(11:10:18) thinks it's sad how we've come to depend on free newspapers being delivered, not so much for the content as the uses to which it can be put.

(11:13:59) is off shortly to see an exhibition of photographic work by our wonderful friend Tamara: http://is.gd/jFOd She's very marvellous.

(11:46:41) is amused - our free Darwin "Tree Of Life" poster has arrived (http://is.gd/jFVQ). Lenni looked, then asked "Where's the daddy-longlegs?"

(16:44:57) saw Tamara's wonderful photographs - the theme was 'fleeting moment'; so much time must have been spent waiting for that ideal shot!

(19:42:33) has mixed feelings about Asda.. the music was FAR too loud, but there were little 57g packs of Extra Special Fair Trade coffee for 25p each!

(19:48:00) isn't so much bothered about reducing BMI, as getting my Wii Fit age down. I may never leave the house.

(20:02:18) has just started following a bunch of Radio 4 announcers. I am ~so~ cool.

(21:00:43) feels like I've eaten too much, but I possibly haven't. This would be great if it happened all the time. Nonetheless: early bedtime. Yes.

(21:10:45) feels that "yum" can never be quite appropriate for camomile tea, but it's satisfying in its way. Darn.. gotta pop to the studio before bed.

(21:13:43) completely forgot to have a rant about the current overuse of Autotune set to "Cher would spin in her grave if she were dead" mode in songs.

Tweets for 15 Feb 2009


(00:28:28) may be bowling in my sleep... praying Lenni's cough is subdued tonight, too.

(10:49:23) is up and about with some slightly poorly children and everyone in pyjamas. I shall (hopefully!) take the opportunity to write a blog entry.

(12:14:47) I've posted something in my blog: Wii and Bubble Clock... http://tinyurl.com/aher9v

(18:19:32) has just had some tasty peanut-butter on toast. I still don't feel particularly impressive... what to do this evening, I wonder..?

Tweets for 14 Feb 2009


(09:51:55) has had a delicious breakfast (thanks, @poots!) & is now enjoying overdramatic CBBC programmes with the children. Weekend yay! Happy VD :)

(12:33:16) is warm, and I know what can happen in this situation. The blue sky looks amazing, though, with fluffy clouds & criss-crossing plane vapour.

(12:39:24) http://twitpic.com/1hedh - it could so easily be summer...

(15:31:36) is home now and about to have some FamilyTime with the children. Wheeeee!

(18:08:52) is got pins and needles in my hands from playing baseball. This is darn good exercise, though!

(18:09:20) once again, incidentally, has faith in Asda Direct - we went to MK to pick up the Wii today... hurrah!

(19:35:01) finds this all useful for plastic recycling and that: http://tinyurl.com/835lbx

(23:41:58) has entirely squandered the latter part of the evening playing with cartoony avatars and slinging my arms around the lounge. Which was nice.

Tweets for 13 Feb 2009


(06:30:31) is quite pleased that the pavements are clear outside.. I might not slide around too much this morning. Work beckons, despite my sleepiness.

(08:38:13) is at work, and has lost my coffee. Add to that the milk shortage and we have a minor beverage crisis. I have been forced to improvise. Yum.

(14:03:31) Pizza slices do not tessellate.

(14:42:24) has mixed emotions about Google stopping work with radio automation.. http://is.gd/jqfu .. just: hmm.

(20:42:08) is home & hiding in the studio for a short while. I will mainly be attempting to mix coconut liqueur with root beer and eating apple pastry.

(21:55:19) has just been rambling on to @vobes about radio on his live video show... always dangerous to get me on my pet subject!

(22:31:52) is off to bed so I can get up early tomorrow & pop to the petrol station. Does anyone know how to make a Valentines card out of post-its?

Tweets for 12 Feb 2009


(06:28:21) has a whole Thursday to look forward to. I'll bring gloves.


(20:44:43) is home & out of caps lock. This made me laugh earlier (but not so much that I fell over) http://is.gd/eDRW Apple fanboys/girls look away ;)

(21:02:25) shall have a couple more muffins then retire to my boudoir. (If @vobes can have one, why shouldn't I?)

Tweets for 11 Feb 2009


(06:28:47) is stumbling, achily, up the hill. I wonder if yoga would break me. This time of the morning, it all seems like a little too much effort.

(09:00:56) is a bit disappointed that, before switching on the dishwasher, someone saw fit to remove my PC keyboard. The thought processes confuse me.

(12:24:59) is bewildered by the inability of some people to respond to emails with any cogence. How they expect me to get anything done is beyond me.

(14:41:31) is now calling Generic Outsourced Payroll Shambles to sort out my Christmas pay. Unsurprisingly they haven't paid me enough.

(18:46:45) is waiting for the coach. Sleepily.

(20:34:41) is going to bed. In the unlikely event that anybody wants me, that's where I'll be. Find me on Google Sleep.

Tweets for 10 Feb 2009


(17:18:20) wants to make an ethical fur coat, out of animals that have died of old age & signed a permission form. It'll probably look rubbish, though.

(18:44:37) is awaiting the coach.. at least it's not raining. Not the most auspicious of days, but there's always tomorrow.

(20:26:33) is home and feasting on fish. Fish and rice and maize (well, sweetcorn). It's like a dream. Actually, I had a bit of a dizzy spell earlier..

(20:40:46) has just had a mishap with the remnants from the coffee machine. I'm hoping it's not grounds for divorce.

(20:42:15) wonders... is it just me that wishes there's such a thing as 'meal taste action replay' when the food's gone, I'm full, but it was SO tasty?

(21:48:20) is half-pleased that Tuesday has zoomed by so quickly. Bedtime, I think. No apparent need for appropriate clothing, I would hope.

Tweets for 09 Feb 2009


(16:53:46) is experiencing my number one least favourite weather. This climatic condition is known as 'minging mank'.

(17:27:12) isn't really looking forward to Cub chaos tonight. For some reason my energy levels have been sapped. Coffee's on, and PA kit nearly set up.

(17:45:21) is off up the hill for a bit. With a minidisc player. Excellent for playing out spot FX by remote control (and I left my laptop at work!)

(19:25:22) is home again, after Cubs was cancelled. Some boy time playing silly computer games and now time for bed, I think. Back to work tomorrow!

(20:09:25) just looked at the clock and saw that it said "20:09". I'm not normally that easily confused.

(21:00:04) RT @giagia (has) signed up for http://www.twe2.com I'm having it send me DMs. It also does @replies, searches for phrases..[Fantastic news!]

(21:07:25) is being a bit less cryptic in this tweet: free UK text messages with Twitter DMs and @replies at http://www.twe2.com hurrah! (ad supported)

(21:59:50) http://twitpic.com/1erdq - Off to bed now, after sharing the view from my house; the compacted snow is being etched away by torrential r ...

(22:10:08) has definitely gone to bed. Properly this time.

Tweets for 08 Feb 2009


(18:16:23) is fairly pleased that the dishwasher still appears to be working. The whole house smells of pancakes now. Where's that aroma candle thing?

(20:09:07) is playing "Perfect Balance" (hat tip to the #b3ta newsletter): http://is.gd/ib3x (sfw) There's something about balancing games that I love.

(20:11:50) is considering a Twitterer cull. Not to say I am going round killing anyone.. just gets a bit noisy on here from time to time. ~gets scythe~

(20:20:09) is a little irked that it's snowing again. It's not so much that the novelty's worn off; more that everything's going to stop working.

(20:34:34) is about to drag this fetid corpse (nice) away from the mac & do some productive stuff in the studio. With a minidisc recorder (old-school!)

(22:13:14) isn't quite so sanguine about coach fares, since, after completely ruining the timetables, they've sorted out some slightly better prices...

(22:52:08) : the second only makes you wonder.

(23:50:11) is off to bed. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. No, really: who? And do you have their phone number?

Tweets for 07 Feb 2009


(13:18:07) may well have the dishwasher apart this afternoon. RAR!

(14:04:45) has put the dishwasher back together, and it still works... well, to the same extent as it has. No visible circuit board damage. Hmm.

(15:03:09) should be doing some housework, but is, instead trying to build good karma at http://www.fixya.com ... I fear it could become addictive!

(16:08:15) is pleased to take credit for 'fixing' the dishwasher. It is now drying. For the time being. Hurrah.

(16:40:13) just arrived back in the house after a snowball fight. It's not good snow. Well, OK, I'm rubbish at it as well.

(17:32:20) wonders if it's just me that finds it impossible to drink tepid liquids without spilling it over my front.

(18:48:18) is responding to tweets in all kinds of wrong orders. Also I have been playing my electric guitar and consequently have dusty fingers. Eugh.

Tweets for 06 Feb 2009


(09:07:16) is at work, drinkin' coffee, eating porridge & trying to work out why Radio 4's schedule interface doesn't like repeats. Feedback listener?

(12:19:22) isn't really coping. I think my blood sugar is low, so am upping it by means of pizza. Meeting at half twelve *sigh* Not much progress. Bah.

(15:55:30) isn't feeling 100% ... copying files off my laptop in case it needs to be rebuilt since it's still borked. Is there a human equivalent?

(16:52:05) is an hour away from hometime.. it's been a struggle today. I shall have an apple, for vitamin purposes. Vitamin = vital minerals. Splendid.

(17:12:07) just listened to a clip of Jeremy Clarkson being rude about Gordon Brown and honestly thought it was Alan Partridge to start with.

(20:23:43) is home, and has eaten some chicken in white wine with vegetables. Now I am eating Ricicles with milk for dessert. Haven't had 'em in years.

(20:40:16) is a bit worried about the dishwasher. It's been behaving oddly since we got a new one at work. Also, something smells odd in here. Hmm.

(22:35:28) is wrestling (read: struggling) with Joomla content editing on Safari. I am going to have to put Leopard on this mac; need to tidy up first!

(22:58:15) I've posted something in my blog: new song demo: 'no advice' http://tinyurl.com/cnlnkh

Tweets for 05 Feb 2009


(06:39:44) can see that it's another snow day for the children - Lenni's school is wonderfully efficient - quick off the mark an' all.

(08:08:16) was reminded - after following a link on @comparethemeerkat's page - of one of the best nature videos I've seen (sfw) http://is.gd/5Un

(08:19:53) is off for a shower and then down to work.. bit late this morning - darn that snow :D

(12:02:20) is definitely struggling today. It didn't help much that I woke with a headache. NIce and snuggly in the studio, though my fingers are cold.

(18:25:14) is all done for the day. Small amounts of progress made, but I feel I've been pushing against the tide.. working on a VPN can be like that..

(22:14:37) has actually DONE A MUSIC this evening. A little freeform, but it's got words & tune; might set me back on the right track ('scuse the pun).

Tweets for 04 Feb 2009


(09:18:09) has just discovered that Christopher has joined twitter. Who's he following? Beth, me, Trev & the meerkat from http://Comparethemeerkat.com!

(09:52:29) is a bit perplexed by my NAS box unmounting itself from the mac.. checking the uptime on the NAS: 14279 days. I very much doubt it...

(10:40:57) is off to the post office. Wish me luck. Or don't bother.. it's entirely up to you.

(12:33:47) is off to prove there is such a thing as a free lunch. I am, however, bringing my ravenous colleagues with me. This could get ugly.

(14:29:43) has returned from an audience with the mighty @jamescridland - first time I've met up with him since he's come to join me on The Dark Side..

(15:35:42) loves the internet. There's clearly more to life than not having ships' horns: http://www.shiphorns.com/media

(17:10:17) rebooted the errant NAS box and now the mac mini's not missing out on any of the fun.

(20:09:28) is home, and asking for chutney. I have developed a taste for it since lunchtime.

(22:24:21) has just lifted up the edge of the internet carpet & seen some ugly underlay. Such self-aggrandizing, arrogant shallowness leaves me empty.

(22:54:31) did go to bed in the end.

Tweets for 03 Feb 2009


(06:13:01) is slip-sliding up the hill in the hope that the coaches are running today. It's the first day of the new timetable, so I'm not rushing...

(09:19:03) is pleased that Beth and the children have another fun snow day.. perhaps I should've brought the Yahtzee dice into the office :D

(10:03:35) is booking the remnants of my holiday entitlement.. half term really isn't far away..

(14:52:32) is at the 'talking to computers' stage.

(18:08:19) is bewildered: http://www.machinadynamica.com/machina41.htm .. just how serious is this?

(18:45:57) is a bit delayed going home after assisting a young lady trying to find a theatre, and a man wanting his photo taken next to a snowman.

(20:46:39) keeps humming "Baba O'Reilly" up to a certain point at which it inexplicably changes into "Don't Go Breaking My Heart".What's wrong with me?

(21:15:51) has read the on-line reviews of what I'm drinking; apparently chemicals. I'll buy no more absinthe till I've finished this bottle, though...

(21:24:16) has given up on the toxic waste and gone to bed.

Tweets for 02 Feb 2009


(09:03:58) ought to get out of my jimjams.

(09:35:13) would very much like to do some sanding on the drive, but the snow's pelting down like a feather pillow in a nuclear explosion.

(10:10:21) loves the smell of the bread baking in the oven. We're hunkered down, although the snow's slowed somewhat. Time to tidy, I think.

(14:54:22) is back in after some quality frolicking in the white stuff. Avoided hypothermia in the progeny and made a snowman taller than both of them.

(15:41:00) I've posted something in my blog: Snowday 2009! http://tinyurl.com/bvrr7t

(15:46:33) made a snowman to keep an eye on the ringroad; I wanted to put a dayglo jacket on, but couldn't find one.. http://is.gd/i5RK #bestUKsnowman

(17:43:52) is introducing the children to Yahtzee. It must be nearly 25 years since I last played .. proper indoor game stuff!

(17:56:50) just had to explain to Chris that the chance of him throwing that Yahtzee in one roll was 1 in nearly 7800. I did call him a jammy git. Oop.

(18:39:10) cleared the satellite dish of snow, came in & asked "How did the TV come back on?" Lenni's response: "Chris moved his Rubiks Cube". SCIENCE!

(20:07:44) has now discovered what "bacn" means. I wonder how middle-aged out-of-touch people found such things out before Google? (It's friendly spam)

(21:44:43) will go to bed, just in case. Goodnight, fluffy stuff.

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(05:14:58) is awake. This may well be because I ate too much yesterday. Podcasts and dozing now then. Catching up on The Daily Giz Wiz ..

(12:22:50) put Smash Hits TV on children while we tidy up(ish!); found myself saying "I wonder if he realises how ridiculous he looks." I'm such a Dad.

(12:30:05) Oh no. Now I've just said "This doesn't seem to have a tune."

(13:26:16) likes the sunshine. I've turned the heating off in the hope that the sun will keep it warm in here...

(14:42:21) is playing family games at home in the warm.. Monkey Buzz ftw :)

(17:35:10) believes that in the average British home one needs to be a professional TV lighting specialist to get the Eye Toy to work properly. Grr.

(19:41:26) is heading to the studio to sort some more sound things out. Also, I think I left a jiffy bag down there.

(20:48:52) can see a very clear sky outside; if it was daytime the sun would be streaming through, and possibly melting the centimetre or so of snow..

(21:31:18) wonders why Windows XP Firefox is insisting on playing YouTube videos in mono. That's just rubbish. Thank heavens for Chrome type options :D

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