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Tweets for 31 Jan 2009


(00:05:10) is home, tired and happy after an excellent evening out with @fluffymuppet, @petecooper and @poots. Brigstocke was funny. Pizza was good :)

(09:14:26) is struggling to get out of bed; it's warm, cosy & I have internets. The small matter of progeny collection may need to be addressed,though.

(09:25:46) is quite impressed with all the work that went on with the M1 upgrade (http://is.gd/hTrw) - especially the recycling, bat boxes and wormery!

(15:47:06) is definitely having a relaxing weekend with friends... just the way it should be. Eton Fives, though... mental sport.

(15:50:42) RT @grader: WARNING! “Google May Harm Your Computer (#GOOGMAYHARM)” http://bit.ly/GKvA -- It's not a virus.. it's google gone loopy.

(20:49:51) is just about to set up the audio spots for a Cub performance that may turn out to be a complete disaster... what have I got myself into?

(20:51:15) clearly doesn't know the right word for bits of sound effects that one plays in during a performance. Them, anyway.

(23:03:13) has decided to call it a night, although it looks more like a decorative potato peeler. Towards Sunday, then.. more TV themes & family time.

Tweets for 30 Jan 2009


(06:07:25) has a Friday to have a go on. It's either going to be Techno Friday or Tidy Friday. Or Both. This evening will be fun... out with friends.

(09:12:35) enjoyed today's Twitter-based NewsBiscuit headline... http://is.gd/hMdY

(11:07:18) wishes people wouldn't lie about what happened, and then leave me to sort out the mess they left behind. Bleh.

(13:44:40) definitely likes the new prodigy single (http://tinyurl.com/7q6wwh) .. a bit less punky, a bit more synthy. Wibble. Grand.

(16:32:03) has had another quite manic day, but is hoping it'll be all done by half-past five, and my desk will be tidy so the weekend can begin. Yay!

Tweets for 29 Jan 2009


(06:18:09) is off up the road to work.. shortish day today because I'm going to the East End with @poots later. Gertcha.

(08:57:06) is bothering colleagues with half-digested RAJAR results. If they were at all interested, I'm sure they'd go to @mediaukradio to find out..

(09:36:43) nearly typed 'Composter Of The Week' in a change request for Radio 3... now that's a show I'd listen to.

(18:14:00) is on the coach home and it has ~free wifi!~ This is, however, overshadowed by unequivocal disappointment at the hands of the shambolic NHS.

(18:16:56) is disappointed but not surprised that the MRI scans weren't sent to the hospital, so we're back to start, with Beth's immobility worsening.

(19:55:15) is finally home, ready for another day. All seems a bit of an anticlimax, really. Shower and bed, I think.

(20:56:23) just caught up with "Does The Team Think" (R2 Saturday on iPlayer - http://is.gd/hIZR) - Vic Reeves, Liza Tarbuck, Marcus Brigstocke.. fab!

(21:45:06) has a fully charged iPod and a warm buzz from some coconut liqueur and almond cola.. definitely bedtime now. Goodnight twitterverse.

Tweets for 28 Jan 2009


(06:15:38) thought I'd lost my work pass, but, after 10 mins looking (quite worrying during the pre-work rush!) it turned up in an Obscure Coat Pocket.

(08:55:00) has coffee and virtual machines to run service packs on. Oh, and some Things To Investigate. Today will be a busy day.

(12:48:16) is just about to have lunch. First, though, I have a pile of nine aged PCs sitting by my desk that need to be dealt with. Anyone want one?

(20:01:00) hasn't tweeted since lunchtime, which - I think - gives an idea of what today's been like. Home now, and feeling a bit of a grumpy old man.

(20:03:26) is going to continue not sanding the studio door this evening. Otherwise, I'm not sure what else I'm not going to do. Any suggestions?

(21:03:45) is off to bed to study then sleep. C'mon then, Thursday - let's be havin' ya.

Tweets for 27 Jan 2009


(09:05:13) is back in the office.. chaos has already ensued - time to get the IT dustpan and brush out. We've run out of water and my phone was borked.

(09:53:26) is down to 40 undead emails

(10:43:49) can bear it no longer. No undead emails, but 30 to deal with. Bagel. FACT.

(11:43:04) now has water. Grand.

(12:41:50) is slowly dying of an interminable phone call.

(16:42:16) is down to one page of emails (hurrah!) and will now attempt to submit expenses ~and~ leave work a bit early. Rock and, indeed, rollio.

(19:27:26) ♺ @sparkyannc (because she) is laughing out loud over her dinner having read this gem from Popbitch: http://tinyurl.com/bwv7lz (I did too!)

(21:40:36) is off to bed despite my best efforts to do otherwise. There's TOO MUCH dust in this studio to be creative. Goodnight Tuesday, you irritant.

Tweets for 26 Jan 2009


(09:14:20) is a bit bothered by the strange phasey sound of BBC Three Counties Radio on the internet.. thought it was my wi-fi radio to start with..

(10:21:18) will go shopping, I think.

(20:16:47) has been a bit busy all day... finally coming to rest after Cubs. One more week of rehearsals before the performance! We're doomed! DOOMED!

(20:32:15) is pleased with a purchase from Aldi; a 4 port USB hub with 2-way audio switch. Avoids reaching down the back of their Pcs. Just 6.81 GBP!

(21:16:59) has hot chocolate with little marshmallows floating in it - topologically better than the larger variety. I should write a thesis on it.

(21:33:19) thinks that some mashups just... work: http://is.gd/hjFy (Duffy - Mercy / Police - Roxanne) by Mighty Mike... with no Songsmith in sight!

(21:44:40) is going to bed. No mucking about with NAS fans, Mac pre-rebuilding inventories or CD inlay writing. Digging out work shirts, though? Maybe.

(21:51:20) changed my mind and rebooted the mac in an attempt to get sound to come out of both speakers, while listening to The Colonel Radio Show 68.

Tweets for 25 Jan 2009


(12:07:44) wonders if it's possible to teach guinea pigs to talk...

(13:05:16) preparing to amble off to my Dad's in a bit. We may need wellies.

(17:33:00) is making the most of free wi-fi before heading home; a happy time at Dad's, though I managed to ping his micro-SD card into oblivion. Oops!

(18:43:26) just saw the trailer for the Star Trek film on @ShayRockhold's blog. My brain is melting. Zachary Quinto as young Spock? AND it's a prequel!

(19:50:31) has sent off an audio production assessment - probably the one about which I'm most nervous - it's a mix that's (on & off) taken a month!

(20:12:59) hadn't heard of the SSC Aero TT 'til one of the Cubs mentioned it last week. It's a very silly car; I wonder if Top Gear will ever test it..

(20:49:21) is doing something really stupid: switching on my work laptop. I'll know I'm safe if the wi-fi's not working.. I can't check my email then!

(22:04:13) has found a little bottle of rosé wine downstairs and is now drinking it, on the understanding that only the outside gets dusty, right?

(23:14:37) I've posted something in my blog: Door http://tinyurl.com/cda62d

(23:29:14) is getting on the Sniper Twins Tweetwagon (http://is.gd/98YC).. geek rap - bit preppy but if @markiddon & @Glinner like 'em.. might be good!

(23:33:32) My blog is oft-neglected, but it's ~so~ rewarding when I get comments like these.. http://is.gd/hd4O (and links to here: http://is.gd/hd5c)

Tweets for 24 Jan 2009


(09:43:28) Has finished the breakfast feast - the children enjoyed choosing from a 'menu' I prepared last night. Now waiting for Swap Shop to start...

(12:01:30) is taking a break from sanding.. my fingers are buzzing. This paint is gungy and horrible. The children are watching Gladiators.. it's back!

(14:12:24) is heading down to get some more vibration wobbly finger. Might put @jonholmes1 on while I whirr.

(16:04:31) has sanded about a sixth of the studio door, and that's with a mad crazy belt sander. Gloss paint is evil.

(16:12:19) is kinda chuffed Kid Carpet gets a mention on the revoiced "Thou Shalt Always Kill" by Dan Le Sac/Scroobius Pip/De La Soul http://is.gd/h4wU

(16:16:57) has just been reading @jonholmes1's Wikipedia page and is quite impressed; he's been fired by almost as many radio stations as Chris Morris.

(16:34:41) has just been given a half-eaten carrot by Eleanor, accompanied by the phrase "I don't want this." My 'eat anything' reputation lives on...

(18:53:29) isn't really sure what I've enough energy to do this evening. I'm always like this after a course.. I think I need more stamina. Roll 2 d6..

(21:11:12) is quite enjoying the way Microsoft Songsmith butchers classic acapellas http://is.gd/gXkP . I'm sure this isn't what they intended at all.

(21:51:34) is showing my sister the delights of Twitter. It's not all that scary, honest!

(22:48:57) doesn't think this red wine is drinkable. I hate to let things go to waste. Bah.

(23:22:19) is off to bed. This evening's reading never happened; I ended up back on the mac chatting to family- a good alternative, I think. Sleep now.

Tweets for 23 Jan 2009


(18:15:12) First tweet of the day? *sigh* home now... slowly destressing after the traditionally high-tension training sessions. Time for a weekend.

(19:29:57) is clonky.

(19:37:33) is considering participating in horizontalism - an art of the tired out geek community, involving a small TFT screen, a film and a bed.

(19:59:30) thinks it's too cold to go into the studio. Instead I'll replicate the art of pizza cooking by reheating some in the microwavey oven thing.

(21:19:01) stumbled across this (via @regularjen's tweet) http://is.gd/1Juh Merlin Mann's a clever,witty bloke. This appeals to me. Note: a bit sweary.

(21:21:38) is definitely off to bed after making something silly that will hopefully make the children smile in the morning. Night, tweeps.

Tweets for 22 Jan 2009


(06:38:05) is drinking early morning coffee, and loading up the iPod with podcasts for the drive up what seems to be a very wet motorway. Go go go!

(18:44:12) has survived part one of the course.. off out for foodage - I may end up having to be sociable. Thank heavens for free wi-fi. Definiely.

(19:10:37) is in Spoons, awaiting delivery of seriously non-vegetarian friendly PIEage. Slowly coming down off my caffeine/adrenalin high...

Tweets for 21 Jan 2009


(06:09:25) has just picked up Wednesday from the kitchen floor. Needs a bit of a shake down before I can use it. In my work bag it goes...

(09:14:02) feels a bit doomed, having realised my driver declaration has expired and I need a hire care first thing tomorrow morning. Could be tough...

(09:42:48) has a hire car! Now, I'm trying to smuggle up @sparkyannc for the two days of the course I'm running tomorrow...

(12:13:31) has had lunch already. I should really stop eating.

(18:53:35) waits. It's been a long day, and the commute home hasn't yet begun. Come on, coachy. And don't be hot and sweaty, please.

(20:32:04) is finally home, and tucking into a tasty fishy piey. Some comedy before bed, I think. And red wine. And rice pudding style dessert product.

(22:05:38) has packed (to a fashion) & gone to bed. I'm about 15% prepared for the next couple of days. I must steel myself to the lure of sociability.

Tweets for 20 Jan 2009


(09:00:55) is all in favour of this sort of thing: http://is.gd/gy5J - there are some headlines that are quintissentially British.

(09:11:39) is not making very rapid progress this morning. I put it down to the wifi being borked on my work laptop, so I couldn't do email from home..

(10:54:23) Hallelujah! Beth has an appointment at the Royal Barty London hospital thing. Sometimes my faith is restored in this aged health system.

(20:03:51) is home and about to eat some food. All of which is on my 'Twordle' (http://is.gd/gBWP) :D I may drink wine & think about molluscs, though.

(20:33:36) feels really quite tired now. I wanted to go down to the studio to start on the sanding, but 'up' seems a more attractive preposition now.

(20:35:07) RT @IHeartTShirts is giving away 10 "Yes We Can" T-shirts http://tinyurl.com/7r8amu - just RT this to enter, apparently.(via @abisignorelli)

(21:34:50) is wrapping Tuesday in a manky looking blanket & leaving it on the kerb for the dustmen to collect. And they're not back till next Tuesday.

Tweets for 19 Jan 2009


(00:47:47) definitely should have gone to bed. No maybe about it. Goodnight interwebs.

(09:07:39) has a busy, full but interesting day ahead. Jolly good.

(09:50:11) is off on a mercy dash, then to the supermarket for shopping action. Later: Screwfix (DIYer's paradise!)

(12:29:23) is having almost entirely beige food for lunch. Good thing is, it's tasty, and probably quite unhealthy. Yeah!

(15:51:55) Inspired by Kid Carpet (Ed Patrick) Christopher is "Rather Short Chip" and Eleanor is "An Alert Hero" My name doesn't have a good anagram...

(15:55:58) has done half of the school run. Just time to put a new handle on the bathroom door before dashing up the road to pick up Lenni...

(17:15:55) is home & now on hold with NHS. Still optimistic despite having encountered ignorant people today. There've been rays of sunshine, though.

(17:20:28) is now going to use a hacksaw, then go to Cubs.

(20:23:31) is home and all tired out. An early night, I think.. back to the work thing tomorrow. First, though, tidying. Tidying and fruit eating.

(21:55:28) quite likes the way this sums me up.. a Twitter Wordle: http://tinyurl.com/7vdcxp

(22:14:47) has gone to bed. A productive day all in - we now have a lock on our bathroom door (or at least a privacy handle thing) Work tomorrow.. eek.

Tweets for 18 Jan 2009


(13:13:23) has found out that Tony Hart has died. A remarkable man- very much the unassuming, gentle presenter, the likes of which we'll not see again.

(14:59:25) Oh, Retail Park, how you suck away my Sunday and my life. Still, the children are happy, and wi-fi is still free in ToysRUs :D

(16:41:20) is home and has managed to crash Windows 7 public beta within half an hour of running it on VM Fusion. Stop when you feel a bump...

(18:01:17) has a new favourite DIY weapon.. I mean: tool. A belt sander is an effective way to render a whole floor of the house unbreathable. But fun!

(20:42:19) is in the studio, although the door is tilted onto the frame.. must finish that sanding tomorrow! Now? CDs to be burned and MIDI to set up.

(21:33:02) is ~not~ happy with this track order. Songs are good, though. Rewritable discs are a great way of testing out compilation CDs.

(22:40:30) I only entirely want some of these bad boys.. http://is.gd/gnDk - I could easily spend 200 quid just on lighting the studio!

Tweets for 17 Jan 2009


(11:07:06) wonders why the minutes go by like seconds.. especially when I'm sitting around doing very little. Off to town in a bit - let's get busy!

(11:12:09) smells quite nice today. I think it's down to changing my b.o. basher & a t-shirt that went through the tumble drier. Sunny. Outdoors. Yay!

(12:38:23) is consuming consumables, having done banking at the bank. Quite a self-explanatory morning, all-in. Later: swimminging!

(15:26:34) is listening to Jon Holmes on 6music. He's most amusing; Ken Brucemaster is a tour-de-farce. I wonder if he's on Twitter...

(15:29:49) has cleaned out the fishtank and tidied cabling (a surprising amount of wires & tubes involved in such a small tank!) Sandwich bag ties FTW.

(17:55:43) is home after swimming. Toast time now. And coffee, I think. I remember rainbow drops & toffee popcorn from the vending machines as a child.

(20:47:51) has noticed it's all gone a bit breezy round these parts. I may well be writing a letter or two this evening. With a PEN. Wonders may cease.

(23:44:57) wrote one letter, but still has a few things to sort tomorrow evening. These post-it notes are getting a load of use. I'm SO web minus 5.0

Tweets for 16 Jan 2009


(10:19:55) just heard my boss say a sentence that started "I woke up this morning, and I was conscious..." Which is more than could be said for me. Zzz

(10:39:01) loves the sound of the crane motors outside. Less so the industrial jackhammers.

(12:56:49) has said "It's going to need a reboot" quite a few times today. Lots of Microsoft patches going around. Unsetlled times. Now? Pizza time.

(13:40:00) very much enjoys every aspect of the wrongness of this: http://tinyurl.com/5xj9cc (nsfw) .. now if my church did jungle..!

(15:30:26) Is drinking my first cup of proper normal tea in months.. mmm.. delish.

(16:18:55) has a spot. Which is terribly frustrating, since I try to keep my face crispy and dry like Spry Crisp'n'Dry (bad allegory. It's cooking oil)

(22:47:26) RT @stephenfry (as if you weren't following him already!) http://is.gd/ffXR This is the wrongest thing I've seen today. And I've seen a lot.

(22:52:32) I've posted something in my blog: Post-Christmas.. resolutions? http://tinyurl.com/75o8sx

Tweets for 15 Jan 2009


(06:14:54) is nearly leaving the house on time. Makes a change...

(08:29:15) was going to Shepherds Bush later this morning, but now my big bro's coming up to London so I'll probably have coffee with him instead.

(11:18:25) has discovered it's 11.13am.. the Post-it note list went up to 9 but it's now down to 7 items. Tweet and tiny orange break, I think.

(16:20:06) is back from coffee with Pete. We have jointly concluded that Stardust was a darn fine film; he recommends Merlin, but i'm not so convinced.

(16:20:48) has just come off the phone to DABS.com ... there's no point in putting something as 'in stock' on the website when it isn't. And I need it.

(16:23:28) is a little dismayed that the woman behind the counter didn't understand that I wanted a book of large stamps, not a large book of stamps.

(17:51:55) is enjoying the amusement of colleagues who are dealing with Jennifer Lusty & Henry Fullalove. They don't work in the same department.Shame.

(18:25:11) is doing that coach waiting thing. Bleh. They run to their own timetable, darn 'em.

(20:47:16) is watching Firefly. There's a lot of suspense in this, and they really aren't very good at doing things.

(21:15:48) is off to bed. Early. Some hopes... still, I've got one & three-quarter Emma And Pete Shows to listen to (no idea where the rest are!)

Tweets for 14 Jan 2009


(08:32:17) is back in the office and using coffee in an attempt to galvanise me into action. I'm beginning to feel like I could do with a holiday.

(12:27:17) is on the fruit tea now.. the caffeine's crashed & I now have my list of Things To Do stuck in post-it note form on the side of my monitor.

(13:17:45) has resorted to sticky tape to keep the post-it notes up. Lunchtime, I think.

(13:28:20) is laminating. There are few things more satisfying in the office environment.

(13:44:52) lamination satisfaction is only sullied by substandard laminating film failure. Bap time.

(14:36:32) is in a Microsoft SCOM seminar/demonstration thing.. it may end up doing my head in, especially since I'm sitting next to my boss's boss.

(14:52:57) is listening to a man whose name appears to be back-to-front.

(15:12:28) Shut up now please, stupid question asking man.

(15:20:32) has been in here for an hour now and my brain still hasn't been stimulated. This means it is Sales rather than Tech. Is it my turn yet?

(17:31:17) is back at the hot (literally) desk, trying to work out how something works that doesn't, & recall how to get something working that should.

(18:47:07) is still waiting at the coach stop. Insert your own unreliable public transport rant here.

(20:54:25) is watching a programme about Salisbury Cathedral (Superstructures on Discovery UK) .. he's climbing the spire! Yeek!

(22:32:34) has played with webcams. Lighting is NOT easy to do (but necessary when you look as bad as I do!) Manycam is fun, though (http://is.gd/eMrT)

Tweets for 13 Jan 2009


(06:12:05) is launching into Tuesday with a yawn & a birthday card full of novelty detritus (it's a tradition to find old tax discs & junk mail for JB)

(09:34:31) is an hour and a half into the working day and only just keeping my head above water. Must get an autorecorder built & a hard drive changed.

(10:04:21) is sad to hear that Astoria is to close (http://is.gd/fFju)- I've been to some great gigs there. Looking forward to the replacement, though.

(12:12:16) has just heard exciting sirens and seen a police cordon next to our building. Makes life a bit complicated. Persian TV launches tomorrow..

(13:38:11) has done the hard disk replacement, and it kind-of didn't work. I shall have a bap & see if that helps. Also, I'll get the Germans involved.

(15:46:48) is nearly asleep.. it's 27.3 degrees C in here, so not much of a surprise. I have called facilities mismanagement.. might go for a walk.

(15:50:19) apologises for the apostrophe abuse in that last tweet. I really am suffering here.

(19:45:48) is home.. plenty to do in this small chunk of evening - have some food, shower, chat to a pal on Skype, wire a cable and sue the Telegraph.

(22:04:51) thinks it was probably unwise to make 'Chocolate Rain' the last track I listen to before bed. That'll be rattlin' round my head all night..

(22:09:57) has decided on Radio Tip Top's interpretation of Jean-Jacques Perrey's E.V.A as Last Track Before Bed. Odd yet funky (with a 303 break FTW)

Tweets for 12 Jan 2009


(00:18:11) Having listened to an hour and a half of early 90s rave, I undertake never to use the 'Orchestra Hit' preset in a piece of serious music...

(08:25:21) is off on the damp, damp school run. Umbrellas ahoy!

(13:24:12) has finished the supermarket shop.. I should never do that when I'm hungry. Also borrowed some power tools from my brother-in-law. YEAH!

(16:07:47) is sitting with my right hand up in the air (note: not for Detroit) to stem the conpletely inexplicable DIY injury I have accrued.

(16:10:53) is whistling along to the string solo of Barry White's First/Last/Everything to counter frustration of my work laptop's wi-fi being borked.

(16:22:16) is off up the hill again (after reassembling my umbrella) to collect progeny 2.0 from her drama club. It's damp and dark. Hi-vis FTW

(16:53:00) has arrived home, with no further incident, accident or injury. Cubs in a bit; toasted muffins & DJ mixer installation(ish) in the meantime.

(16:56:16) has seen that Aldi is now doing holidays. This puts disturbing images in my mind. http://www.alditravel.co.uk

(20:01:11) is all entirely exhausted after a 'creative' session at Cubs.. they're putting on a performance just before half-term. Entertainment? Er...

(23:41:59) is late to bed now I've finished installing a DJ mixer in the studio, and writing up cribsheets for Skype recording & mic group configs.

Tweets for 11 Jan 2009


(10:05:51) is in a bit of a rush.. as always. PC upgrading kit all packed; my big brother's getting the treatment later. Busy busy.

(19:05:20) is home after a trip to Oxford for my neice's party. My big brother did an excellent Party Entertainer job, despite a splitting headache.

(19:34:08) is Doing Photos.

(22:39:27) is getting the soldering iron out at twenty to eleven at night. Is this wise? Oh almost definitely not, but once a nightshift engineer..

Tweets for 10 Jan 2009


(10:59:32) is still in my dressing gown, despite the fact it's nearly 11am. I intend to remedy this. A nice chilled out Saturday so far.

(11:02:25) listened to a ~very~ interesting Thinking Allowed yesterday about music and violence. http://is.gd/1Mfe Excellent podcast.

(12:11:34) is reaching a point where I'm going to have to do something else than tinkering with computers, still in my dressing gown. Like get dressed.

(20:08:19) has spent much of the afternoon collecting nearly a thousand bits of K'Nex for Chris. Beth: "Is he building heavy weaponry?" Er.. maybe..

(20:22:13) was reminded today why I dislike Luton. It's a disgusting town spattered with intolerable, undesirable peasants and councilled by ignorants.

(21:26:43) Good heavens... all of the biggest hit singles by The Feeling (well, the four I have as MP3s) are in C major. What's that about?

(23:28:37) lost any shred of respect for Wyclef Jean when I heard his unconscionable "Wish You Were Here" murder in http://podquiz.com 's music round.

Tweets for 09 Jan 2009


(06:16:21) is off to Friday. Who knows what will happen? If anything. Still feeling unsure - it's probably Januaryitis.

(09:05:19) has got a bit of an unstable tum this morning. Coffee will sort it out. Kill or cure...

(11:31:18) is three-and-a-half hours into the day and I'm still dealing with stuff from yesterday. I really need to do some new cool stuff.

(15:16:04) is still in the email loop.. what can I do in the last two-and-three-quarter hours of Friday? Depends if everything's working again, really.

(15:58:07) has spilt artificial sweetener over my desk. I see this is a portent and will therefore go to Radio 4 for some chocolate.

(23:37:14) has not had a great deal of success with the tech in the studio this evening. Freecycling, consignment to the loft & a rethink are in order.

Tweets for 08 Jan 2009


(08:07:47) is at work.. record time this morning. I can't say the same for getting to sleep last night - possibly a little mentally overstimulated..

(09:52:57) is getting worked up about @poots's general neglect by our beloved health system. Actually, I think it might just be two useless people.

(11:42:00) is pleased with the progress that's been made battling bureaucracy today. I think I shall spend this afternoon with my head in computers.

(13:38:31) is eating some samwich things & noting with interest that Apple Mail has decided to start putting Facebook notifications in the Junk folder.

(15:40:05) has had no tweets for an hour. What's all that about? I haven't had my head in a PC yet this afternoon, which is most disappointing.

(20:48:58) is finally home.. where the coach was is (and will remain) a mystery - I've just enjoyed a tasty toad/hole combination. Yum.

(21:44:50) will go to bed safe in the knowledge that I am in bed. Nothing else is really that clear-cut.

Tweets for 07 Jan 2009


(06:06:53) is off up the hill. More calories burned walking .. with any luck no slipping about. Happy (if sleepy!) Wednesday.

(10:05:32) has been talking practically non-stop since 8 this morning. Blimey.

(10:06:36) Overwhelmed with a feeling of love for @petecooper's wife that envelopes me and carries me along on a wave of warmth and appreciation

(10:08:07) has eaten too many dates stuffed with marzipan & coconut.. I may not want my lunch, but on the upside, that's two of my five-a-day. I hope!

(11:55:51) wanders what to do with the remainder of a box of Biscuits For Cheese now I've run out of cheese. I'll save the kibbled ones for @poots.

(14:48:35) is in a soul-sapping meeting. Just tell us what to do.. this isn't some bizarre democracy built to expunge you of any responsibility. Pleh.

(15:00:28) Can I go now? (in the tweeting style of @Doctoe)

(20:03:48) is shoveling as much noodle and Chinese Ribsteak (Dalepak's finest) in my mouth as possible. Post work hunger scenario.

(20:22:04) is doing a bit better with the walking.. nearly four miles today. I prefer it during cold weather.. otherwise I overheat terribly.

(20:58:09) has discovered that the coach company are messing with my commute again. Price increases and timetable changes. I'm entirely not chuffed. :(

(21:10:21) is off to shuffle papers, do some wiring, shower then bed. In that order (for safety reasons).

Tweets for 06 Jan 2009


(06:19:41) is a bit chilly this morning... I wish it were possible to wear a duvet-to-go. Or just not bother getting out of bed! Off to work now. Zoom!

(09:02:46) is irked by 3 emails - one with a scanned-in signature (why?) an automated one from my boss(!) and one that mentions 'The new Doctor Who'.

(10:50:44) feels quite buoyant this morning.. how long that will last I don't know. Perhaps, till the caffeine wears off :D Cheese and biscuits?

(10:57:31) is glad I'm in a good mood today. It's not good for hardware to be shouted at: http://is.gd/eBZG

(14:25:54) has had a long discussion about SLAs with my boss. Other than that, it's been a day of catching up, really...

(20:05:19) is home and eating fishy fishy cakes. YUM.

(22:08:42) is clearly unable to get eight hours sleep.

Tweets for 05 Jan 2009


(08:54:13) thinks the snow looks pretty as it sprinkles past the window. For some reason I'm not tempted to go out in it. Ah, that's right. It's COLD!

(08:56:42) would be disappointed by the relaunch of 97.6 Chiltern Radio to Heart were there to be anything notable to be disappointed about. Pleh.

(12:24:25) is all done playing with video, I think. A bit more archiving to DVD and I think I'm done with data housekeeping for a while. I can hope...

(13:22:46) is off for a haircut. Stomping through the snow. Brill.

(21:09:44) is back online after an afternoon of hair cuts, in-law visitations, migraines & Cub organisation meetings. Quick bit of foodage then bed...

Tweets for 04 Jan 2009


(12:31:24) is waching the RI Christmas Lectures on TV with the children. I'd love to take them to the live version one year.

(14:51:31) finds being a network manager something of a challenge. I've finally managed to get Chris's computer to map a drive. Go me.

(17:21:04) is helping Chris create his first 'proper' visual basic app... he's doing the forms, I'm doing the coding. Keeps the brain active, I guess!

(18:38:27) is enjoying peanut butter on toast and cogitating on what to do this evening...

(22:41:38) is definitely getting old.. I'm going to have to read up on datasets and Visual Basic...

(22:53:25) is definitely putting Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe on my 'programmes I have to see' list. Like TV Burp, except with swearing. And hair.

Tweets for 03 Jan 2009


(10:02:33) is really, really, really running out of patience with Apple Macs and their pointless, stupid rubbishness. Only Java 1.3 on Firefox? WHY?

(10:05:48) finally found this bodge .. http://is.gd/et3R .. you'd think they'd have fixed that after four years?

(11:32:48) has been solving Rubiks Cube with Chris... I'm sure they never came with instructions when I was a kid!

(13:59:55) is installing ffmpeg using fink. Chances of it breaking, having rattled away for 20 mins? 80% ... the software didn't even update properly!

(14:09:08) Ooh handy.. http://tinyurl.com/723q37 .. borrowing ffmpeg from ffMpegX :D

(17:35:19) is about to watch Doctor Who Confidential thing. I will not be looking at Twitter until it's over. Probably safer that way.

(17:35:48) #doctorwho The new Doctor is Patrick Moore

(18:04:16) is none the wiser about this whole Doctor Who thing. At least it wasn't Biggins.

(22:49:10) loves pop music like very few other things. Wish I could make some.

(22:51:47) wonders if William Orbit used an actual ickle Casio VL-Tone at the end of the album mix of 'Dice' by Finlay Quaye. If so: BEST SONG EVER!

(23:35:39) is off to bed. The day has officially zoomed by. Can I have another one, please?

Tweets for 02 Jan 2009


(06:20:42) is preparing for another commute and considering New Year's resolutions. More walking, less swearing and probably less alcohol. Mm yes.

(08:53:32) is letting http://blip.fm choose the music this morning. Let's get random.

(11:52:07) has made a degree of progress this morning. Feeling good, although I think I have now drunk too much coffee. Still blip.fm-ing..

(11:54:27) could well do with a good sit down, even though I'm already sitting down.

(16:48:08) is definitely yes. Brie on Hovis Digestives, Dylan's poetry and the whirr of machines under test. A good way to end a short working week.

(17:00:29) loves this strange crossover acoustic/techno interpretation of Mr Tambourine Man. Gotta love random blips! http://blip.fm/~1e3g0

(18:28:55) is waiting for the coach, as is traditional. Will it be late? Well. No. Hopefully

(18:29:45) Yay! Coach. Since it's back to business as usual on Monday, probably the last on-time one in 2009 :D

(21:59:27) is home.. and really struggling with the apposite transcoding of video from DVB MPEG (which is variable bitrate.. doesn't help) to the OSD.

(23:32:01) Right then. Bed.

(23:39:30) has very dry hands & lost my Asda Smart Price moisturiser. Used some of Beth's posh hand cream; big mistake - it's stinky ~and~ stingy. Ow.

Tweets for 01 Jan 2009


(00:26:19) played "Comfortably Numb" over Big Ben into 2009. So, so exquisitely suitable. Welcome to another year, my wonderful tweeting pals.

(01:49:12) imbibed too much wine and is hoping my metabolism will rise to the challenge... I can hope, right? Happy 2009, dear tweeps.

(10:46:48) is suffering the consequences of eating too many purple Quality Street last night. Time, I think, to line my stomach. Happy New Hangover!

(18:16:53) has recovered substantially from last night's excesses... we've been to the park, played in the studio and watched 'Over The Hedge'. Top.

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