December 2008 Archives

Tweets for 31 Dec 2008


(06:10:52) spent yesterday evening doing more cable building in the studio.. it's all wired up now & sounds quite good. Bit worried about mic gains..

(06:11:24) is 6 hours and ten minutes into the last day of 2008. I think I'm too sleepy to make the most of it.

(08:30:26) has made it into the office.. it's too quiet here... time to wheel out the hits. I also need to work out a way to stay awake until 2009...

(09:12:20) is listening to Play Classical UK - the presenter's rather wry. And so far no arias or obscure irritating music. Better than 3 & Classic FM!

(09:41:39) has just discovered .. wow. Can't decide whether it'd be safe to let Christopher see it, though; might give him ideas!:D

(11:07:38) is listening to 'How To Get Things Really Flat' - Radio 4 all this week at 09:45. Whimsical, but I don't entirely relate (too much OCD :D)

(12:57:11) is entertained by the little Father Christmas hat that the VLC cone icon thing is wearing. That's some clever coding.

(13:39:02) is drinking root beer & eating dates stuffed with marzipan (thanks, @sparkyannc!) Does dessert get any better than this? (Apart from Gateau)

Tweets for 30 Dec 2008


(06:09:57) is a bit cold this morning. Brr. Resisting the temptation to nuke my cornflakes.

(08:24:38) is back behind that big ol' desk, trawling through the emails that have plopped in over the weekend before I treat myself to coffee...

(08:50:48) The first person I followed on Twitter was @Z80GameCoder. #firstfollow

(09:04:40) is drinking coffee, eating a lovely warm pastie and doing what all the cool kids are tweeting about:

(09:16:56) is always mildly amused when people write 'ect' instead of 'etc.' - I like to imagine that Nigel Molesworth wrote it.

(09:59:31) is hoping Fun Kids (as Fun Radio is to be rebranded - stays on DAB ... there seriously isn't enough radio for children.

(11:02:48) wonders why I am wearing holey socks when I received some perfectly nice new ones for Christmas? Hmm.. how to re-use dead socks?

(11:23:59) is off out into the cold (1.7C according to Oregon Scientific) to find serial numbers & cache battery expiry dates. Excitement never ends.

(13:31:57) is intrigued by the prospect of 3 movies about The Battle Of Hastings.. - might even feature Bexhill, according to @vobes!

(17:40:33) is listening to SeahavenFM (my mate Van's on) while despairing of apostrophe abuse. Also working and nearly going home.

(18:30:16) would have thought that arriving at the bus stop a little early may have paid dividends, but no. At least I had some aerobic exercise. C ...

(18:30:44) can see a bus. Brilliant.

(18:32:24) is going to make a calendar on the way home. Woo.

Tweets for 29 Dec 2008


(18:27:56) is finally home after a family trip to Sussex. Blue skies by the sea.. but so, so chilly! Now? Sorting out the CO alarm (uhoh!) & tidying.

(20:29:45) has about a million TV programmes to catch up on. Now to work out the best way to see them...

(21:38:28) has transferred the pics to the mac & resized them for human consumption.. now to pick out the best (least worst?) for bloggery. Tomorrow.

Tweets for 28 Dec 2008


(20:36:19) is visiting my old mate JB. Was tempted to take a walk along the seafront, but it's zero celcius with a minus one million degree wind chill!

(20:41:18) has been suffering internet withdrawal all day, but resisted paying for 3G in the hope I'd be able to borrow some wi-fi. Now ~that~ is sad:D

Tweets for 27 Dec 2008


(16:11:52) is pleased belatedly to announce that there's a new North South Divide on an interweb: baubles! then.

(20:28:25) is home after a fun but busy day with friends. Now, I have loads of multimedia things to sort - too many programmes missed over Christmas!

(20:30:02) is also still sniffly and sinussy.

(23:56:12) finds it all too hard to do video transcoding... still trying to work out a way to burn DVDs of AVI, MP4, MPEG2 & MOV without mucking about!

Tweets for 26 Dec 2008


(09:27:36) is back in the office again.. still a little sniffly, but ready for action. Coffee!

(14:06:39) is listening to the Christmas edition of "The Eureka Years" on iPlayer (R4, 11am today) while coding VBScript and eating cheese & biscuits.

(16:23:50) is now enjoying "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Christmas Carol" - (BBC7 7pm Dec 25 on iPlayer) while making some pivot tables. Yin and Yang.

(18:38:21) is eating yum korma, listening to David Hooper's Disgusting Electronica on iPlayer (R1 26th Dec 00:00) Funny ~and~ Techno!

(18:40:27) needs to catch up on bleepshows. Definitely.

(19:11:39) is still ~entirely~ knocked out by .. perfect for getting stuff off my studio PC (with @poots's help!)

(22:41:41) is home, drinking some celebratory cherry wine while @trevypoos ministers to the uploading of a podcast.

Tweets for 25 Dec 2008


(08:03:00) is up & nearly awake.. the children are behaving perfectly.. To be honest, it's a little unsettling (my internal child wants mad craziness!)

(18:02:58) is back in the office, aware that I have eaten too much and should really get some exercise. That said, I'm praying the phone doesn't ring!

(22:20:20) is home and doing things with On Demand and DVDs for the in-laws because the stupid Sky box didn't switch on.

(22:59:39) was, driving to & from work, heckled by a toy Zebra that, every time I caused it to move, alternated between shouting "Wahoo!" & "Woaarrgh!"

Tweets for 24 Dec 2008


(09:35:16) is sitting in a quiet office, praying for a peaceful day.. and drinking coffee

(15:16:06) has done enough Heroic Broadcast Engineering tasks for today now thankyouplease. I would now have a nice sit down.

(17:33:19) had the foresight to save Zarg's specific microphone personalisation settings from his last performance. He's such a fussy perfectionist...

(21:17:13) is off home.. tired, but not as poxy as I felt last night. Now where is that darn coach?

(23:23:41) is (finally) home and preparing for Christmas Day by going to bed. What time will the children be up? Early o'clock by my reckoning.. night!

Tweets for 23 Dec 2008


(06:12:35) is up, full of cold. Some might say it's a little antisocial bringing my ailments into work, but Brian's not in, so I won't sneeze over him.

(11:46:53) can't believe it's half-past eleven already. Writing up all the oddities that have happened this morning, and trying not to reboot anything.

(13:53:21) is kinda proud I don't know the colour code for Quality Street. Thus, it is not worth the risk nor the descent for my Moral Highish Ground.

(17:35:01) was sent this interesting collection of photos by @poots: Cool.

(17:52:36) A colleague has had a roll of medicated toilet roll on his desk for the past few months. Why? He says he's Izal Compliant. Oh them IT jokes.

(20:21:36) is just about to do something creative in the bathroom involving water, steam and stuff that makes my nose explode.

(20:28:48) would set my Sky+ to record this if I had a Sky+ : .. Channel 5 from the 29th December. Brilliant.

(21:42:58) did suprisingly not die of Olbas Oil poisoning in the bath. Jolly good. Now.. editing or Week Mockery? Decisions...

(22:24:45) is off to get horizontal in preparation for Christmas Eve. How exciting!

Tweets for 22 Dec 2008


(00:00:45) is all done with the 'multimedia' 'upgrades' to the studio. Now there's no excuse - I'm going to have to make some music/noise in here...

(00:03:39) is to bed. It's now Monday, and it was not my intention to see it from this direction. More fun tomorrow, no doubt. Fun, coffee & mince pie.

(10:32:24) has wrapped Some More Presents. Also, I have hit my framed Luton cycling map with a hammer to see if it helps the Blu-tak stick. SCIENCE!

(10:35:05) forgot to relate the tale of last night's carol singers. Two teens of indeterminate gender, singing atonally ~and~ offkey to each other. Ow.

(18:37:25) is home after all kinds of things including parental visitations and gymnastics. I took photos today, but don't have the energy to sort 'em.

(21:38:53) has done a festive North South Divide recording with Trev. Time to stick it all together & spatter some sound effects liberally around it..

(22:30:24) has just gone through the work emails in preparation for tomorrow.. it's a mix of junk & borked stuff engineers haven't bothered to look at.

Tweets for 21 Dec 2008


(09:09:11) would like to put it on record that the X Factor winner's version of "Hallelujah" is the worst murdering of that song I have ever heard.

(14:36:26) is drinking coffee and hoping the hiccups and headache that I've suffered from over the past 24 hours doesn't come back.

(15:42:51) isn't sure what to do now. I ought to do some prep for the podcast... just hoping @trevypoos feels better soon.

(17:46:31) has been rewiring the mains in the studio rack.. now the plugs have labels (with help from Eleanor) and there's space for the synths...

(22:44:50) now has MIDI and audio out from some classic synths.. nothing better to avoid the need for creativity than some serious tinkering!

Tweets for 20 Dec 2008


(08:48:22) has to get out of bed because I'll be holding everything up otherwise. What for breakfast,I ponder and wonder..apart from coffee!

(09:16:37) has no hot water left for a shower after a tap was left on last night. Darn. I'm having ideas involving kettles..probably quite ill-advised!

(13:04:31) has done some serious tidying in Lenni's room & managed to.. er.. rationalise the collection of toys. Still not enough space for Christmas!

(15:12:30) prefers rooibos with vanilla without milk. But rooibos without vanilla with. Not just a fact, but a tongue twister. Perhaps.

(15:25:23) I've posted something in my blog: Missing calls on the Samsung i600 with a 3G SIM?

(15:27:22) wonders if Googling people @vobes and I met in a café is like stalking? Rachel's a bit of a superstar, all in, though..

(15:30:19) is off to the tidy tip. It's one of those 'load of rubbish' weekends...

(17:47:03) is all tired after vacuuming & tidying. It's been great to spend time with the family; surely that's what pre-Christmas housework is about?

(22:24:10) is watching some comedy (Outnumbered and IT Crowd) then going to bed, hopefully without the headache that's adopted me this evening.

Tweets for 19 Dec 2008


(12:26:42) is workin' at home today. Sunny. Apparently I'm the duty specialist, since everyone else has started their Christmas holiday early :D

(13:29:44) is getting a little irked by the mangling of Christmas carols & songs in radio adverts. Robert Webb, you should be ashamed of yourself. Yes.

(14:46:30) is pleased to see that the M1 j6A to j10 roadworks are finished.. on time, too! Doesn't stop there being delays due to a prang this morning!

(18:35:55) is all tired out after a fraught day in the office. Except I wasn't in the office, I was at home. Which had the benefit of: TOASTED MUFFINS!

(21:52:37) is thirsty. Also trying to get 5 pieces of AV equipment to work together with just two SCART leads. This is never going to fly..

(23:10:16) now realises why I don't do Christmas shopping in advance- it's all very well buying the stuff, but finding where I've put it's the problem!

(23:11:21) is distracting myself by calling up Virgin Media Customer Services to see if I can get On Demand working on my V-box. I should be wrapping.

(23:57:12) has found 100% of the presents. Splendid.

Tweets for 18 Dec 2008


(06:02:25) has found that SkyFire is available for Windows Mobile Smartphone in the UK. Flash on my i600? We'll see...

(08:34:27) is discussing non-fossil fuels (not with Brian, although he's accounted for) - apparently we're using 400x what can be generated renewably.

(08:35:24) still wants a hyrdrogen fuel cell central heating system. And a wind turbine to make the hydrogen. A little too early-adopter, though.

(08:46:28) is enjoying reading made-up astronomical words. Who'd have thought a Thix was worth 36 Tzolkins? (

(13:58:42) has been for coffee with @vobes at the best little coffee shop in London. A remarkable, entertaining & highly caffeinated experience.

(16:36:15) is suffering the interweb slowness now, which makes it a challenge to raise support calls.

(20:23:37) is home and has had more fruit and vegetables than yesterday. Which is probably to my benefit.

(21:11:13) I've posted something in my blog: Skyfire browser for the i600 (and other Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones) comes to the UK http://tinyurl.c ...

(21:12:06) is watching Vobes ( on the i600 - by the wonders of Skyfire ( - this is SUCH good software!

(21:51:13) I've posted something in my blog: Coffee with the Vobes at Monmouth Coffee House.

(23:13:22) is off to bed having totally forgotten how to wire up my studio for Skype calls. I'll need it this weekend for North South Divide recording!

Tweets for 17 Dec 2008


(06:03:19) is sliding into Wednesday with a sense of general confusion. Must do some more writing and take mince pies into work. Simple tasks..

(08:31:32) is in the office, drinking coffee and worrying about Brian.

(14:31:26) has variously eaten mince pies, been educated about new moons / lunar eclipses and investigated odd goings on so far today.

(14:32:58) is still a bit perturbed by the lack of pocket on my latest Purple Work Shirt, though. I have nearly dropped a number of items on the floor.

(16:20:49) is recovering from another sinus explosion. Ouch.

(21:45:37) has wired in (well, mostly) the cable TV Box. No point having it if it's not watchable. Heroes: watched. Now? Bed. Comes round so quickly.

Tweets for 16 Dec 2008


(05:53:42) is up and about again.. always seems like too much to do this time of the morning..

(08:39:01) is back in the office, having a somewhat belated breakfast. It's going to be an unusual day today, I think. Which is normal for a Tuesday(?)

(11:43:22) has nearly waded through all them emailses that accumulated over the weekend, after an hour & a half in the company of our Esteemed Leader.

(14:24:54) has just renewed . is one of very, very few sites that can bring me close to tears. Horrid. Yuk.

(14:53:29) was sent this article by a colleague: .. it would be great if Freedom Of Information could hold the government to account.

(16:16:17) My buffer underrunneth.

(21:35:41) is off to bed after squandering the evening playing Burnout Revenge. I need to do more writing tomorrow. Hopefully on the way to work.

(21:37:12) forgot to mention the new coaches Arriva's started rolling out on the Luton - Victoria route. Very plush; mains sockets & LED reading lamps!

Tweets for 15 Dec 2008


(10:47:03) has fitted remote control plug sockets to various places in the house (because we have them!) Tricky to find things that can be turned off!

(13:22:15) is all panini'd out.. time to get on with the housework and get some coloured lights out of the loft...

(13:22:35) doesn't like overusing the word 'get'. Sorry.

(14:58:09) has filled the hallway with noise-making equipment. It's almost 'mobile disco'... must remember 9V batteries, though.

(14:59:26) heard mention on The Now Show that Coldplay's Viva La Vida has shades of They Might Be Giants about it; I've been racking my brain.. Ana Ng?

(15:02:46) is listening to The Emma & Pete Show (from the 11th Dec). Whenever I go to John Lewis I feel just a bit intimidated, underdressed & common.

(16:00:24) I guess there's a bit of a similarity between the songs..

(17:11:42) is helping Christopher with homework (Christmas traditions in other countries) with Weinachtsradio ( I say 'helping'.. :D

(20:19:52) is back from the Cubs' Christmas party. Chaos sums it up, but I think they enjoyed themselves. Gave the JBLs' cones a bit of a workout, too!

(20:21:55) just saw a message: "Your Sky digibox is about to go into standby" ... that would explain why it keeps on, er, going into standby!

(20:24:28) has had a sneaky Sky box update.. Auto Standby seems to be the new 'thing' - after 2 hrs of inactivity & 11pm - 4am Cool.

(21:08:42) is suffering a sinus explosion. Ow.

Tweets for 14 Dec 2008


(02:56:25) is in bed late again.. darn it. Normality will resume in, er, 2009?

(09:08:11) is apparently "verging on abuse" (according to @poots) telling Eleanor '' is available, so I can make a site about her. :D

(11:26:40) hasn't had the most auspicious of mornings - a reading light left on flattened the battery.. thank heavens for jump leads & in-laws...

(12:08:04) is off to lunch for a celebration of Beth's grandparents' sixtieth wedding anniversary. Telegram from the Queen and everything.

(16:45:48) has jump-started the car & given it 20 mins of driving up & down the M1. Alternator's at 14V, but I'm a little concerned about the battery..

(20:00:43) is back home again.. the car started OK! Now booking my commute and about to watch "Big Bang Theory".. another programme I've never seen.

(22:25:00) is still not sure that I think the same way as Apple products.. I must be wired differently.

(23:31:41) is going to bed after failing to complete HalfLife2 Ep2. I'm beginning to wonder whether I'll have to start the last bit again. Not tonight!

Tweets for 13 Dec 2008


(00:07:06) has created the playlist for Monday's Cubs Christmas party. Certainly a variety they've come up with. Chris Brown to Coldplay, baby. Yeah.

(00:52:38) went to bed then.

(10:02:54) is not pleased that it's 10am and I'm only just eating breakfast. Children's radio station choice: Radio 1 Mauritius. Ver French.

(13:29:54) will now venture forth into the chilly afternoon. Not so much the Wind of Change.. more the insistent drizzle of despondency.

(18:16:05) went to Asda in Milton Keynes- good value coffee (2 cups of Black&White for a pound); less impressed with "About 20 items or less" checkout!

(19:20:29) isn't sure @giagia would have been impressed with TV Burp this week.. in fact, it had some laughs, but wasn't the funniest...

(19:22:22) is settling in front of the telly to watch Firefly for the first time. On a completely unrelated note: yum.. potato cakes.

Tweets for 12 Dec 2008


(09:53:23) is back from the doctor's.. it's definitely sinusitis; I've been told to take ibuprofen 3 times a day. Your mileage (and headache) may vary.

(10:00:52) was impressed with Sainsbury's solar-powered Belisha Beacons, though the registration plate recognition could do better.. it got mine wrong!

(14:33:16) has a meeting with my old boss at 3pm. There might be biscuits. I hope so - he's senior management.

(20:52:33) has realised I have a major clash on Monday.. I've promised to do music for the Cubs' Christmas party.. on the same night as my work's do..!

(21:28:09) Katy Brand = yummy

Tweets for 11 Dec 2008


(09:05:42) is at work, with 8% headache.. and coffee and a German radio station called "Hardbase FM". Kill or cure. G'mornin'.

(10:08:28) is in a meeting where it was only 2 minutes before the first dumb question was asked. I have brought fruit along for such eventualities...

(10:52:56) has run out of fruit. I have not yet been lumbered with anything, nor have I had to resist casting a squishy pear across the table.

(21:01:49) thinks Peter Dickson is quite the amusing

(21:02:13) is BOUFFANTS!

(21:34:45) enjoyed Never Mind The Buzzcocks tonight - Josh Groban was a real sport. Funny man, indeed.

(22:50:49) feels generally deflated and pleh. Not looking forward to the doctor's appointment tomorrow, and ill-prepared for the weekend.

Tweets for 10 Dec 2008


(09:25:14) is back in the office, with slightly less headache than yesterday - par for the course, I guess, considering I have a doctor's appointment.

(10:09:26) can't believe there's so much fuss being made about frozen wellies.

(12:47:00) wonders what to do with that extra second of 2008..

(13:25:41) is mildly amused by the @hibercote and @fluffymuppet 'before and after' profile pics...

(15:08:43) has left the fortnightly infrastructure group meeting with slightly less will to live than when I went in. This is normal. I am not alarmed.

(20:09:40) is home and has only 14% of a headache. Onion rings are brilliant. If I were single it would be onion rings & Black Forest Gateau EVERY DAY.

(20:55:47) is going to watch Heroes and go to bed.

(22:01:40) is 75% headache now. It was going so well, too. Sleepy time now.

Tweets for 09 Dec 2008


(09:46:14) didn't have the best coach drive this morning, so was consequently late to work. Not the most auspicious start - gonna be one of those days.

(11:22:28) is now at correct caffeine:blood equilibrium. I have also had a Tesco Value Strawberry Cereal bar. It's a rice crispie cake with bits in.

(12:44:01) is becoming increasingly worried by the grinding noise that the colour printer in this office is making. It's getting worse, I"m sure.

(12:44:52) had never exchanged tweets with someone just two desks away... until now.

(13:00:11) feels really quite appalling. I ought to make an appointment at the doctor's.. my colleague's had the same sort of headache for two weeks..

(17:19:40) is in a phone queue because I didn't think. It's been 20 minutes now! Fortunately, I can work (and tweet) because I have a headset. Yay.

(21:29:52) is home, showering and going to bed. I will do better tomorrow. No, really.

(21:57:13) is listening to "The Long View" on Radio 4, about High Street shopping - a very interesting find. The boss of Poundland & history repeating.

Tweets for 08 Dec 2008


(08:22:28) is a little delicate this morning.. aware that the headache that was behind my eyes is notable by its absence, but hinting it might return..

(09:05:23) is considering getting stencil & paint, finding a park bench and writing the word 'Bench' on it. THAT is the apposite labeling, not clothes!

(15:55:41) is home from the school run, with sausage rolls cooling by the window. All is calm.. I'm not in face pain. What to do now..?

(16:15:37) is proud of Lenni's geographic awareness - she was the only child in her class to be able to find on a map where she lives. Sticker ftw :D

(17:50:10) is off to Cubs with the boy. Painkillers at the ready...

(20:09:53) is back from Cubs.. I'm doing the music for their party; interesting requests from them (from Crazy Frog through Chris Brown to Coldplay)

Tweets for 07 Dec 2008


(09:25:33) is looking askew at Sunday. Time to scrape the windscreen.

(12:27:05) wishes it didn't take so long to sort out Freecycling. I had nearly forty responses for a PC.. and waiting for people to confirm.. heavens.

(13:49:10) is making the lounge a bit more festiver... shiny metallic plastic stuff FTW.

(15:14:28) thought they'd banned cartoon characters advertising food products to children (Coco the monkey's gone) but Tony The Tiger's still on TV...

(15:17:52) is Freecycled out - a good haul of reliable collectors. Three more items to go, and my studio's looking a lot tidier. Then.. on to my stuff!

(16:38:59) likes the version of "Apologize" that Magic 105.4 play.. apparently it's the "ballad" version

(16:41:16) loves potato cakes. YUM. Especially with thin slivers of cheese in the middle.

(17:38:49) I've posted something in my blog: Goings on...

(18:44:50) is going downstairs to seek out gadgetry. Saves having to do anything more creative...

(20:47:22) is watching Top Gear. I'm a bit bothered by Boris Johnson. He is a bumbling nincompoop. My forehead hurts a bit.

(21:02:48) "The Corvette is stuck in British Home Stores!" - more than makes up for cringeworthy politicians.

Tweets for 06 Dec 2008


(08:44:26) is up and about.. The usual Saturday morning things - children watching Tom & Jerry with coffee & croissant treat for breakfast. Yum.

(14:24:27) Is home from Bedford (I can't remember if I opined about it before; please forgive me if it differs from now!) which was rubbish and untidy.

(14:25:34) Now: serious lounge tidying session, because otherwise Christmas decorations are pointless! Sinus hurtiness aside, things is good.

(16:42:03) is having coffee. Ill-judged, but oh so tasty.

(22:04:27) found an email in my inbox: "Take the (free) Art of Time Management Online Assessment".. received six weeks ago. I never did. FAILED, then.

(22:53:04) is playing Tidy Up The Studio Tunes. On a Paul Simon/funky beats kick at the moment:

(23:16:19) is off to bed- last track of the night: Finlay Quaye / William Orbit / Beth Orton - Dice. (Hoping it's not me that @Doctoe is talking to :D)

(23:38:39) "Put this colander on your head; it will protect you from anything larger than a grain of rice & smaller than a colander" (Fags Mags & Bags)

Tweets for 05 Dec 2008


(08:50:23) is working from home today, in close proximity to the medicine cupboard. Honey, lemon and head-spang avoidance tablets. Oh, and coffee.

(12:07:55) can do without the politics... diplomacy is tough when I have a headache and he has an issue with taking responsibility.

(16:59:37) It's one of those evenings on the road where I can barely tell my headlights are on. Hazardous weather. At my b-i-l's for tree put-uppage.

(19:43:06) doesn't like the caramelised onion dip from McDonalds. It tastes like burnt plastic jam.

(20:57:31) saw this: and admired 999 operators.

(23:39:30) thinks there is still more fun to be had with cameras:

(23:41:36) is off to bed, under strict instructions to medicate my way out of ill-health. I want Calpol. And shoes with flashing LEDs for that matter.

Tweets for 04 Dec 2008


(06:15:11) will venture out into the damp for some Thursday... it's going to be a challenge, I think. At least my face isn't too hot yet.

(09:58:50) Heavens.. it was throwing it down earlier, now? Blue(ish) skies. I have tidied my desk, and now I shall open one of my Spreadsheets Of Doom.

(11:03:20) was asked, yesterday, if I play the bass. In retrospect, I should've responded: "yes - I approach a Sid Vicious level of proficiency."

(12:40:11) went to the Post Office. Places like that should be air conditioned.

(13:33:34) has hatched a Machiavellian scheme to escape after 30 minutes in case the meeting at 2pm goes on that long. I am not looking forward to it.

(15:16:59) is glad the scheme worked. 45 minutes was pretty-much perfect, and I know it would've gone on.

(15:26:08) wonders what one does in Windows to make Messenger go to 'Busy' mode automatically..

(16:26:35) has had some drugs (legal); now I don't feel like I've been spanged in the face by a saucepan / length of 2x4 / Ford Mondeo / concrete cake.

(20:12:05) is home and a bit perturbed that TwitterFon seems to have broken on my iPod Touchything

(21:05:00) was feeling upbeat earlier but is a bit down now. Bouffants will help.

(21:54:58) is forthwith going to bed. Working at home tomorrow (lots of spreadsheets & documentation to do) so I want to start early... night interweb!

(22:13:41) Is listening to "Act Your Age" on fon

(22:15:37) is listening to "Act Your Age" on Radio 4 Listen Again - still hasn't found its feet, though Jon Richardson is amusing. (2nd time lucky!)

(22:23:14) is rather pleased to see Jon Richardson has a podcast from his BBC 6music show..

(22:30:55) is musing on the similarity between the voices of Milton Jomes & Paul from TotalPodcastrophe (@Z80GameCoder). Comedy geniuses both.

Tweets for 03 Dec 2008


(08:25:11) is in the office.. well, I've popped over to Radio 2 and heard Wogan / Aled's Christmas single... bless. I think @poots would like it.

(11:25:07) has an IT bloke tinkering with my PC. Which is fine, but my boots are underneath the desk...

(12:46:57) is a git

(15:08:39) still has a hot face.. there's a vague possibility that I might end up in my sickbed tomorrow. Forecast: dizzy spells. Drinking lots. Bleh.

(16:25:29) is fading fast..

Tweets for 02 Dec 2008


(08:15:53) is just about to make coffee. It's SO quiet here - I suppose it's still early. Time to put some tunes on, I think.

(08:34:08) is listening to Czech Radio 1. It's everything Moyles isn't.

(08:39:21) wonders: what's the American for rugby tackle?

(09:24:03) just listened to a fine slab of Balkan techno. is nothing if not eclectic. Eczechtic?

(11:24:10) thinks Scroobius Pip is an excellent poet, but shouldn't really sing. No, he really shouldn't.

(14:57:17) is back in the office after decommissioning one of seven old servers.. I nearly died bringing this one back - I may delegate the rest!

(17:52:25) has helped the environment a bit this afternoon.. seven servers shut down and no stations off-air.. hardly any major finger damage, either.

(20:28:42) loves "Listen Against" (available on BBC Radio Listen Again) - geeky ~and~ proper radio in-jokes.

(20:41:57) has a hot face, and has done for much of the day. I wonder what that's all about.

Tweets for 01 Dec 2008


(09:17:15) has dispatched the children at school (Lenni's perky but still coughing) and is now going for the supermarket experience. Lots to post, too.

(11:49:44) is back from the supermarket, now packaging things for lots of people. Need to find a school photo of my boy & a video capture card driver.

(13:07:30) rants thus: "I was born on Christmas Day" by St. Etienne is ~by no means~ a festive classic. Radio stations: STOP PLAYING IT! It's rubbish.

(13:10:53) indulged in a gloriously delicious Asda Korma. Yum with the mango chutney and a mug of rooibos. Off to see Lenni's Christmas play in a mo...

(13:15:00) is listening to Wish You Were Here by Teh Floyd on a Random Burn CD. It's about the least punk thing on it.. bliss.

(17:03:30) is back home after some traditional pre-Christmas school performances.. nice to be back in the warm with some hot chocolate. Yum.

(19:15:17) wishes I could recall more of my statistics from A-level Maths - I just did the oddest YouGov survey, involving prizes, boxes and chance...

(19:16:26) "100 people- half men, half women. They randomly pair up. You choose a pair: the first is a man. What's the probability the second is, too?"

(19:17:58) (options: 25%; 33%; 50%; 65%; 75%; 100%)

(22:29:47) is off to bed.. late as usual. Tuesday tomorrow. Hmm.

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