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Tweets for 30 Nov 2008


(08:41:45) is in better shape this morning. Definitely need to get out of the house, though - one pyjama day is enough for me! Church then library, so.

(08:49:02) thinks that, if scientists could make it waterproof, porridge would be a very effective building material. Better than, say, Savage Garden.

(08:54:05) is unashamed to admit that I like Asda FM.

(14:22:43) is off to the hospital to visit Beth's brother.. it'll be good to show some support (and practice for when Beth goes in...)

(20:01:49) is settling down to Sunday evening comedy (Top Gear) with a coconutty cola-y drink, some banana bread and a @poots. Splendid.

(20:03:07) did some voicer work (woo!) - thanks for the opportunity to get some studio time, @gazuky - hope it passes muster.

(21:27:48) wonders if the refurbishment of a nightclub to make it trendy again is called a 'place rehipment operation'?

Tweets for 29 Nov 2008


(07:46:39) is barely up and about.. trying to sort my life out. Once again, I'm tempted to desert Facebook - too much pointless furkling.

(11:20:14) is trying to eliminate all the things about this place that frustrate me.

(16:26:33) is ripping and transcoding, while Lenni watches High School Musical 2, Chris plays with the HalfLife 2 SDK (kids' maps) and Beth interwebs.

(18:04:32) I've posted something in my blog:iPod Touch.. another new toy!

(18:07:49) I've posted something in my blog: More things to do with an i600...

(20:45:21) watched X Factor for a bit. I didn't like it at all.

(23:10:16) found myself saying "That is ~so~ like Lenni" on several occasions during Outnumbered. Those children make me laugh lots.. genius comedy.

(23:41:43) is off to bed. Another day tomorrow, and that day is almost definitely Sunday: the day I tidy up my Facebook and other wastes of time.

Tweets for 28 Nov 2008


(06:11:27) is listening to "Act Your Age" - Radio 4's stand-up comedy quiz.. ( Still early days, I guess, but a bit annoying.

(06:13:38) bought my first iTunes app yesterday for money. Like Amazon, it's far too easy.. one click is all it takes.. terrifying.

(08:36:14) Next year, I intend to chillax on a staycation. There. I've said it, and never need to use those words again.

(16:37:27) has settled for some Classic FM this afternoon. I'm feeling a little sleepy now, though, so perhaps some emergency coffee might help.

(21:31:47) enjoyed Have I Got News For You dor the first time in ages.. decent host & witty guests. (Mark Watson, Germaine Greer & Al Murray)

Tweets for 27 Nov 2008


(05:58:11) Good morning - and a special one right back to @mrsbojangles, who's been up for ~ages~! What will Thursday be like? A bit oblong, perhaps.

(13:51:42) is on the seventh floor of Bush House, looking across at stone buildings. It's eerie. I had a sandwich earlier, though, which wasn't.

(18:02:43) is heading home.. tired and brainfilled. Interesting times. Definitely.

(20:12:33) is home, drinking copious amounts of water and eating my favourite tea yum. Also, my iPod Touch wall charged has arrived. Life is good. Heh.

(21:39:29) is off to bed. Techno Friday tomorrow - don't want to be late!

Tweets for 26 Nov 2008


(06:10:32) is off to London in the traditional way. Happy Wednesday?

(09:12:55) is having a pastie. Or is it 'pasty'? Either way, tasty warm breakfast offering. Great with coffee. Not suitable for vegetarians.

(19:38:28) Quick! Quick! I've just got home to find Beth crying with laughter- there's a comedian (or more?) on

(20:45:18) ought to do something at least a little constructive for the quarter hour before Heroes. But what..?

Tweets for 25 Nov 2008


(10:16:17) is not having a spectacular Tuesday; two accidents on the M1, a hurty chest and discovering the intended murder of 'Hallelujah' on X Factor.

(11:48:34) is attempting a profanity pree Tuesday. I've not attempted to use any of the 'business systems' yet; they'll be the test of my mettle!

(11:48:55) meant 'free' - not 'pree'. There's something wrong with my typing today.

(11:55:36) Is testing Twitterfon...

(13:13:34) is in a meeting. I've always been told if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Just watching and waiting..

(17:11:24) doesn't understand why software needs to be installed on Windows for the iPod to charge.. this is all most perplexing.

(18:01:09) is now off home. I am having an idea for a new year's resolution...

(20:22:50) is still trying to work out my New Year's resolution. It may well be: get enough sleep.

(20:42:57) wonders why "Love Shine A Light" still brings me goosebumps 11 years on - it's the perfect #eurovision song, perhaps?

Tweets for 24 Nov 2008


(07:28:06) Happy birthday, @ewanspence!

(07:29:43) is up and having coffee (thank you, @poots!) Eleanor misheard the 'I love my Honda Jazz' promo on Magic as 'I love my haunted house' :D

(08:14:36) is checking the school run conditions. Looking damp.

(21:19:54) wonders why my iPod touch won't charge from a USB mains charger socket thing? Most annoying. I need to buy a spare lead (or three) anyway.

(21:24:37) finds it too easy to buy stuff on Amazon. Far too easy indeed.

(21:38:56) Hot on the 'different style' heels of No Squirrel No Cry ( comes White Wedding in ballad format: . Yeah!

(21:39:41) isn't ready for Tuesday but will go to bed anyway, just in case it turns up. Which it's bound to. Need to drop my shoulders- they're too up.

(21:42:02) was amused to see the 'Pre-Budget Report' Number 10 podcast has the genre of 'blues'. Never a truer word..

Tweets for 23 Nov 2008


(09:38:59) hah lots of sleep last night - feeling almost human this morning. MUST do some music later.

(12:14:21) is confused about how the sun thinks it can just start shining after all this snow, sleet, hail, drizzle and general freeziness. Cheeky.

(12:24:43) is playing with BrightKite. Although it seems reticent to load in Safari and on Opera Mobile on my i600. I don't know where I am with it :D

(17:18:11) Is running a bath for the children.. Sunday afternoons as they should be. SingStar, Top Gear & studio time when they're in bed. Win.

(23:06:44) has resorted to cleaning my mac mini remote control. It has not been a creatively fertile evening, so I shall go to bed. Night night.

Tweets for 22 Nov 2008


(09:52:59) has a formula: nine year-old boy + iPod touch and lightsaber app + FM transmitter + big speakers = one very entertained lad.

(10:05:14) Apparently my bro-in-law saw today's Dilbert cartoon & thought of me & Beth.. If you look close, yep.. definitely i600s :D

(13:49:18) is having family time - maybe playing Wii with my b-i-l and the children while Beth and her folks go Christmas Food Shopping(!)

(20:02:56) thinks this iPod Touch is SUCH a toy. I have yet to find anything in the slightest useful to do with it, but fun is to be had nevertheless.

(20:09:18) It seems Fring has stopped working since iPhone/iPod Touch version 2.2 came out ( ... just so you know!

(20:37:34) is very yery tired now. I think my body's shutting down for winter, and may well behave like a 20 year old Ford Sierra until mid-2009.

Tweets for 21 Nov 2008


(08:47:06) First Freelance Hellraiser, now Rage Against The Machine ( - Asda FM is going up in my estimations :D (or.. yeah.. not).

(12:26:44) is quite impressed with the take-up of rooibos tea in the office... it used to be just me, now there are four of us regularly drinking it.

(21:31:44) is amused to note that I recognise less than half the DJs in the Radio 1 TV ad, despite going there at least twice a week (less if I can :D)

(21:42:29) It was the last straw when I got an email from the O2 inviting me to Elton John's New Year Celebration. Mass spam unsubscription ensued.

(22:10:51) has banana bread beer, banana bread, a 4H pencil and my Writing Book. Were it not for a new series of The IT Crowd I'd be a-writing a song.

(22:32:00) was thinking 'it would be great if Chris Morris was in the IT Crowd and then.. he was! Splendid.

(22:33:04) ' I do wish I didn't have such a lapse in concentration that I keep forgetting to close my quotes. Sorry.

(23:02:29) has a new toy - thank you @poots (and @asininemonkey and @MiniPorquinho!) - now to spend the weekend learning how to use iTunes. Blimey.

Tweets for 20 Nov 2008


(07:35:38) should have got out of bed at least half an hour ago. Why is the world not one big duvet?

(10:38:00) TTT (TweetThatTune): "Sage and onion.. sage and onion.. cabbage and onion.. unbreak my heart." Teabreak during some tender document reading.

(20:52:04) will stop playing computer games. One day.

(21:18:37) thinks the colour's off on the telly, and I entirely put it down to Evil Of Scart. Don't make me get a HD-DVD cheap & upscale through HDMI.

(21:27:39) never really disliked Davina McCall, and has even less reason to do so given her performance on Buzzcocks. Not quite Liza Tarbuck, but..

Tweets for 19 Nov 2008


(06:17:26) chuckled at the return of "Listen Against" ( It's not very often I'll be moved to out-loud laughter at this time of day...

(09:08:41) was thinking about carbonic acid in the shower yesterday evening, musing whether it can be counted as an organic compound. My brain is odd.

(11:06:01) must get round to unsubscribing from Apple's sales email spams. And The O2 arena's. And Paypal's. Bah. (etc)

(12:48:22) Darn it. I wish I'd thought to decode The Stig's morse code during his laps. "Strictly Come Dancing is Crap" heh. It is now Sergeant's gone.

(20:25:45) will earn 50p.

(20:31:47) has earned 50p. Bless you, YouGov.

(22:05:52) is watching 'Outnumbered' on the recommendation of a workmate. Andy Hamilton is a very funny writinger.

(23:49:31) wonders if Jeremy Paxman's been taking tips from Chris Morris: "The hero of 'Celebrity Come Coal Heaving' hobbles off into the sunset". Heh.

Tweets for 18 Nov 2008


(09:08:36) is, despite colleagues asserting it's a publicity stunt, still delighted by the British public's subversive support of John Sargeant.

(14:02:29) is a pursuer of pointlessness - I've installed Windows 7 pre-beta and configured it to look as closely like Windows 98 as possible. Why?

(14:03:22) (the answer, were it not a rhetorical question, is that there's no File Manager, so Windows 3.1 is unattainable.)

(14:25:45) Arrgh! Someone's playing cheesey jazz/soul guitar chords within four feet of me. I can feel my hackles rising.

(20:38:44) wonders.. if you're a member of the BNP, does it, without exception, make you a racist? Just askin'...

Tweets for 17 Nov 2008


(09:19:28) recalls John Dredge's wise words: "A volcano is a mountain that's gone wrong." ( And with that, time to do some housework.

(12:07:57) is one hour and seven minutes off the pace. Time to do some work.

(14:36:36) ♺ @petecooper and @giagia 118118 live feed. (top reading to accompany fish finger sandwiches!)

(20:51:00) - replaced an indicator in the dark. Even trivial car maintenance gets my fingers mucky & grazed (right middle d ...

(23:18:33) is off to bed. Late, as usual. Still, only Tuesday tomorrow... no point in trying to get the hang of it.

Tweets for 16 Nov 2008


(00:32:08) is off to bed. Tomorrow has arrived a little too early. Put it back in its box until morning, please thank you.

(12:36:35) Whuh? ASDA FM playing Freelance Hellraiser? What gives? (yes- it's our democratic choice for Sunday Lunch accompaniment. We're an odd family

(13:46:13) loves the internet (thanks to the b3ta newsletter!) for its delightful array of oddities.

(20:31:05) "It's brick and beef... it's not gone well." - Top Gear does 'Will It Blend'.

Tweets for 15 Nov 2008


(08:22:38) The English language is precious and exquisite. The English languish, however, has no such accolade. I should extricate myself from bed.

(09:10:19) is having breakfast while the children watch Tom & Jerry. They love it - it's timeless (nearly) mime and slapstick at its finest.

(12:11:47) is doing some kitcheny housework while listening to some fine commercial techno on Birthday BRAP! to @petecooper :D

(13:14:41) is finally going to get some fresh air.. time to kick a football about on the green with Lenni.

(13:19:49) I'm not that happy with the smell of my jeans.

(14:50:54) is off to bash through some chords on my guitar to accompany an organ. Hopefully it won't sound ~too~ abysmal.

(19:42:52) will be in the studio tonight, trying to get some guitar calluses at short notice. Creativity: overdue in this bit of Geri Halliwell Towers.

(22:45:35) has sat in peace & quiet without the glare of a TFT screen (and without falling asleep) this evening for maybe the longest time this year.

Tweets for 14 Nov 2008


(10:00:04) A quote from a colleague when I put Voicemail Woman on speakerphone: "Someone should get her a comma for Christmas" (

(10:01:20) is unlikely to tire of the fun and games brought about by the new VoIP phones. So far, nobody can call in from outside the BBC.. Splendid.

(20:52:07) is finally home. I think I've run out of wi-fi settings on my phone. I've also discovered I can recall my 26 character key from memory. Sad.

(21:40:03) can't do it all by my self. I'm no superman.

(21:41:06) has the delicate juggle to perform between letting my food settle and going to bed.

(21:41:35) is also a little peeved that I need to reboot my mac just because a new Safari has installed. Wait at least till the 'torrent is finished...

(21:45:37) keeps bumping the 'scan' button on the scanner with my knee. I fear there may be some dull, dull PDF docs accumulating in my home folder...

Tweets for 13 Nov 2008


(06:17:03) is off to work. Lots of documents to look through today. I think I should find myself a comfy chair. They do those in Starbucks, don't they?

(09:04:30) ♺ @emalyse I admit I'm the suspicious type but it (Twitterank) seems to have generated concern [I've changed my password!]

(11:16:28) needs another USB memory stick. And something else, but I'm not sure what it is.

(11:49:37) now has a USB stick. It's a Sandisk Cruzer, and emits a disturbingly throbbing glow when plugged in. Very distracting.

(14:35:21) has had a VoIP phone installed on my desk. I am currently annoying my colleagues by going through the appalling ringtones at maximum volume.

(19:54:16) is having sesame prawn toasts that are exquisite. This, and sweet & sour battered fish fingers rice, makes up my tasty tea. Thanks, @poots.

(21:34:52) is off to bed after a shower. In fact anything to avoid Graham Norton's show. Trying to get java to run on the i600 included (mainly fail).

Tweets for 12 Nov 2008


(06:12:43) is about to approach Wednesday in a very similar way as yesterday. Twnety half-hours of work and five of commuting... kinda sums it up.

(12:31:49) First the 'crash Google Chrome' characters (, now typing 'reboot' into a text crashes the G1 ( Bless.

(14:11:25) bad: meeting. Good: wi-fi. Bad: no ability to play Flash games on my i600

(16:01:15) overheard a conversation about network flow control, and now I've got "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol stuck in my head. Bad, bad brain.

(20:19:35) is home. The in-laws are here.. not sure what to do with myself. I shall make them toast.

(20:26:34) my Twitterank is 34.39!

(20:28:30) wonders if a twitterank of 34.39 is good squeezy...

(20:48:16) wonders ~WHY~ did they change the Dairy Milk runway vehicles advert music? I mean.. Bon Jovi? For heaven's sake! If it ain't broke..

(22:16:48) is trying to write a happy tweet before bed.. my Twitter feed all looks a bit negative at the moment. Yay! Thursday tomorrow! Night night.

Tweets for 11 Nov 2008


(09:03:02) said it before & will say it again.. I should not change my desktop paassword first thing in the morning - I invariably forget I've done it.

(13:12:00) has done a 50p tour of the W1 broadcast facilities and now I'm all tired out now. Time for a sandwich, a cuppa and perhaps some soldering.

(20:08:58) is waiting for that work laptop of doom to boot up. (It doesn't ~do~ standby) so I can find out when the Work Christmas 'do' is. Hmm.

(21:00:04) wishes Jools Holland would stop. Shouting.

(21:05:51) has finished booking my commutage through the Christmas period. It'll be nice to have New Year's Day off. (For a change!)

(21:53:42) is off to bed. Something weird has just happened to the last half-hour. Where's it gone? I only get 48 per day, so one going missing is BAD!

(22:10:43) saw someone's comment that Kelly Jones looks a bit like Sylar.. then saw him on TV on my way to bed. Basically: yup.

Tweets for 10 Nov 2008


(08:17:49) found a couple of errant shredded wheat in the cupboard. Yum. Nearly school run time.

(11:12:05) AsdaFM shouldn't be allowed to play "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys; too hard to resist singing "I'M HIGHEST BIDDER!" like Weird Al.

(11:22:16) Reflections from an Asda visit: Someone is a genius. All the checkouts have a different tone of 'beep', so queueing is a musical experience.

(12:17:08) is indulging in other wet day pursuits (suitable for November, anyway): Christmas present wrapping & burning those festive CD compilations!

(13:27:12) currently favours Play 1 over most UK commercial music stations.. I guess I've not heard enough of it to be sick of the rotation.. yet :D

(14:50:48) has brought our monthly Virgin Media bill down by 37 quid a month.. always worth pressing the 'thinking of leaving' option and negotiating..

(17:28:37) is feeling a bit anxious. I'm out of my comfort zone, here.

(17:51:01) is off to cubs with Chris. I need to rinse my hair before we dispatch ourselves (haircut earlier).. and try to forget about other things.

(19:58:31) is home from Cubs.. my CRB check is through (no murders or ~anything~). In the words of a helper: "Welcome to the halls of the damned" :D

(22:04:28) is off to bed, having enjoyed an interesting programme about cryptic crosswords on BBC Four. Makes me want to try one, but I know I'll FAIL!

Tweets for 09 Nov 2008


(08:29:26) is having breakfast out with a tired Christopher. Pancakes and syrup. Sugar rush!

(16:01:57) is listening to Lenni doing a 'radio show'.. nice she's comfortable in front of a microphone, even at 5. Bossing me about.. "Weather news!"

(18:17:15) has the children in bed already - both are dog tired. Thing is, so am I. How very frustrating.

(19:32:35) just listened to Chris's radio show - probably his best! OK, so he ended most links the same way.. maybe qualifies him for commercial radio!

(19:33:38) is now doing some long overdue Freecycling. Do people want DVD players and 17" CRTs these days? I'll soon find out...

(20:24:08) is chuckling at the Top Gear documentary on American muscle cars. Heh.. they're not allowed frippery there by order of the State Department.

(22:56:48) actually had some studio time this evening, working on a track mixing assignment. Needs a little more work, I fear..

Tweets for 08 Nov 2008


(09:31:35) has enjoyed some proper Saturday Morning indulgence, with a nice warm bed and lots of RSS feeds to catch up on.. best get some coffee, now..

(10:48:04) can hear rain rattling down. I should really get the guttering sorted, but it's three floors up, I've got no ladder. Oh, and it's raining.

(17:43:18) is at the in-laws.. visitations from their extended family. Too. Many. Biscuits.

(20:29:13) was sent a link to this by Beth: ... I have to say, it was definitely worth a go. (Apologies if GC / already tweeted!)

(21:52:46) is listening to & re-loving Lenlow's "U Hide 2" ( while trying to see if I can get Image FM to stream onto the wifi radio.

Tweets for 07 Nov 2008


(06:13:42) enjoyed Stewart Francis on "4 Stands Up" (Radio 4, Thurs 18:30) - "I'm going to write a Mystery novel... or am I?" . Heh.

(09:03:37) is in the office, still wrestling with my recently re-installed laptop. Lots to do today, so may need to compromise fixage so I can work..

(09:21:20) Oh.. and guess who's working Christmas Day?

(15:22:12) is going to the Orange Shop. there may be casualties.

(16:09:24) Oxford Street Orange Shop: 1

(21:32:34) is very much enjoying font-based jokes on Have I Got News For You. They are comic, sans doute. I am teh geek :D

(22:39:34) I've been a-blogging: Orange 2G pay-as-you-go SIM... how to get a (free) upgrade to 3G

(23:38:23) is off to bed, having blogged ~and~ sorted out some photos. OK, so I'm listening to NDR-2 jingles, too. The worst kind of brainitch. Uhoh..

Tweets for 06 Nov 2008


(10:05:45) is in a powerpoint presentation about something that looks quite simple, but I'm sure I can overcomplicate it...

(16:30:22) My goodness the espresso here is good. Now, however, I feel a bit wobbly. It's been a long day- nearly hometime. Definitely worthwhile, too.

(21:54:37) received an email from someone asking if they could use one of my Flickr photos for a professional purpose.. how cool is that? Oh: home now!

(22:06:17) had better turn in.. back to the 5:30am (UK time) starts tomorrow. Although I'm not sure I've managed to get the caffeine out of my system..

Tweets for 05 Nov 2008


(10:17:14) feels like I've been up most of the night watching the US election coverage. Which is odd, because I wasn't. Still, interesting times ahead.

(13:09:00) ought to find out how to check-in for my flight. I've done nothing but write emails for the past two hours. Now I shall have a sausage roll.

(17:25:31) is popping off to Germany for a bit. I wonder what the views of the fireworks will be like...

Tweets for 04 Nov 2008


(06:00:45) couldn't find the pre-course reading that I needed to do. It's ITIL.. how hard can it be? Have a happy election day, you American folks.

(12:57:15) has had only one highlight today - TPC043 ( This ITIL course is as dry as sandpaper, and my laptop's borked. Again. Oop!

(18:08:15) is all coursed out for the day.. exam went, well, passably. Home now, with working laptop and nearly-working phone. Improving. Zooommmm!

(18:35:57) is waiting at the coach shop, quasi-blissfully unaware of the US election. One thing I do know: I shall not be watching Mr Vine, @emalyse.

(18:38:17) meant "stop", not "shop" (which could be a Credit Crunch slogan, were it still fashionable to say "Credit Crunch.") I think I tire now. Yep.

(21:31:06) really absolutely LOVES Mr A-Z by Jason Mraz. I wish I had the demo of 'Plane' (think Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur" without the whining :D)

(22:11:12) made the fishtank pump quieter. I'm a genius, albeit an easily distracted one. Unfortunately, the solution's more functional than elegant.

(22:25:56) is reaching technological stability.. only a few more things to fix - the errant wi-fi printer and the noisinesss of Chris's new PC for two.

(22:48:32) has gone to bed. Wake me when something interesting happens in the world. Well, actually.. if you could leave it till half-six or so...!

Tweets for 03 Nov 2008


(11:01:23) has a pair of tickets for The Mighty Boosh - tonight, in Oxford for sale: 20 pounds for the pair. If you're interested, please message me!

(12:08:12) is hoping today is the last day of feeling a bit meh.. I shall cut down on the caffeine and biscuits and try to get fit. At some point. Heh.

(17:20:56) enjoyed today's teatime discussion with the children - how long would it take the world's population to write out a gugleplex in longhand!

(17:58:51) is watching the children play the Spore Creature Creator.. fun for free... not bad as it goes.

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