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Tweets for 31 Oct 2008


(10:23:24) is a little delayed my The First Tweet Of The Day. I have destroyed my laptop, once again - this time, with SOFTWARE!

(11:27:53) was rather surprised to see, yesterday, a Toyota Prius parked,but with the engine ticking over. I thought they weren't supposed to do that?

(11:32:23) wonders if moving the pagefile to the D drive (to make extra space on C: for the desktop upgrade) caused the BSOD. Heh. Not my problem :D

(11:33:45) managed to get Portal to run on my mac mini this morning. It's a bit slow, but shows how wicked cool 'Crossover Games' is.. love those toys!

(14:03:47) found the transcript of Brand & Ross's Show Of Doom amusing.. on a comedic level it ~is~ funny; shame about the effect it had 'in real life'

(17:13:10) has been helping a colleague with Interview Technique... I only hope I've done the subject justice. Blow your own trombone, I say. TROMBONE!

(17:47:32) is feeling sleepy. Very sleepy. Hypnosis by TFT, the hum of fans and a warm office. Now: looking for a mashup Bob Harris played. He's fab.

(17:48:41) should be finishing an email to the weekend sup, but I've lost the will to work. "Dear supervisor. Please reboot EVERYTHING. kthxbai."

(18:10:51) Overdub - What A Wonderful Surprise : bliss. Mash. http://hypem.com/track/424134

(19:42:55) is watching a special showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.. appropriate wrongness for All Hallows Eve.

(20:47:41) has an interval. Some of the people here know all the audience words. That's the way it ~should~ be done.

(21:02:53) http://twitpic.com/j6vv - Beth and me.. I'm probably the least convincing Riff Raff ever :D

Tweets for 30 Oct 2008


(10:55:58) hardly tweeted at all yesterday.. not like me at all. Feeling a little more alive this morning, although only just. Me vs. headache.. c'mon!

(12:30:32) may well be going to Germany next week. Hurrah!

(14:12:02) is in a conference call thing because I really, really don't relish the prospect of being in a meeting room for two hours..

(14:17:27) is also pleased that I don't have to share my Lovehearts with anyone. Heh.

(20:31:00) Oh definitely.. Paterson Joseph as the next Doctor. Forget what I said about Christopher Biggins.

Tweets for 29 Oct 2008


(06:15:23) is off to work (with a hi-ho etc). Feeling a little sleep-deprived this morning. Considering how comfortable under my desk might be.. :D

(13:58:43) doesn't really feel the full shilling today. I will have to get used to the extreme temperature differences between within & without. Bleh.

Tweets for 28 Oct 2008


(08:27:09) is working from home today. Hmm.. my work laptop takes less time to log in over VPN as it does in the office? Today: BST-> GMT post mortem.

(12:24:03) is quite pleased my 'muschup' tweets have made it onto the first 3 pages of Google search results.. it's a better word than 'ketchard'.

(12:25:42) (incidentally my preferred recipe is 3 parts of Heinz ketchup to 1 of Tesco value mustard). Great with pie.

(13:40:52) is back to work, with (finally) defrosted fingers. Also, I heard there were coconut rings at large somewhere in the kitchen. Coffee + yum.

(15:18:59) is being mildly amused by this Radio 1 comedy pilot: http://is.gd/50T2 ... somewhat Chris Morrisesque, with blippy & bloppy inbetween. Fab.

(15:31:32) has downloaded what appears to be some interesting free stuff from http://www.codeweavers.com that does Windows on Mac & Linux. Eventually.

(19:42:29) is wondering what to listen to. I very quickly tired of Afuken.. now (on @petecooper's recommendation) perhaps some Heartthrob.

(19:43:55) meant Akufen. My brain is being addled by a very annoying and persistently unquietable fish-tank aerator motor. Am I making up words, now?

(20:11:06) was expecting the bowl of warm water to soften the contents of the honey jar. Unfortunately, the bowl of water was cooled by the jar. D'oh.

(20:12:38) is pleased to announce no muffin-related injuries on this occasion. I really shouldn't be left home on my own.

(20:24:41) is watching @vobes in a very fetching cardigan on his show (http://www.vobes.com) mac software to watch camstreams: http://snipr.com/baldy

(22:03:18) is going to step away from the computer.. need to sort out the dishwasher, pack my bag for tomorrow and get to bed! Stay warm, Twitterverse.

Tweets for 27 Oct 2008


(00:33:56) had completely forgotten it took so long to make a compilation CD.. it's looking like the inlay is going to have to follow later...

(07:26:32) is preparing for some serious coach travel today.. off to Bristol to see an old Uni pal. Good to get out for a gallivant...

(08:42:07) is in the midst of part one of the Voyage West.. it ~is~ possible to get a return ticket Luton to Bristol, but it takes all day...

(08:45:10) (forgot to mention the 'for eleven quid all-in' bit. Shame I didn't get a replacement 3G SIM. Still, a pound for all-day browsing ain't bad.

(08:51:26) ) I hate it when I don't close parentheses. The coach is jammed-full, as was the previous. I can't doze when someone's sitting next to me.

(10:36:54) is on stage 2 of el-cheapo trip to Bristol. Beth's lent me her high capacity phone battery for podcast sustainment.. what a hero. Onward..

(12:41:14) is passing Chippenham & Cirencester, places that I'm not ~totally~ sure I can place geographically. 20 mins from Bristol, though? Doubtful..

(17:50:58) is all done being in Bristol.. it's getting dark already, and the M4 beckons. I love this city. ~puts hands up~ (on a Megabus to boot)

(18:10:44) shouldn't be using Fring on the Orange Unlimited day's internet thing, but hey.. I couldn't get Google Maps to work, so this is EDGY karma.

(20:23:45) Earlier: two words: Hammersmith; Flyover. Another two: Earls; Court. Two more: Chelsea; Embankment. Final two: GPRS; failure.

(20:25:41) now: preparing for the final leg home.. it's been a long day, but a fun adventure. Days off like this are good. Definitely

(22:11:40) is finally home. It's pretty darn cold out there.. the gritters are out, so it's going to be frosty. I hope everybody in Twitterland's warm.

(22:55:36) is all caught up with @stephenfry's podgrams.. now off to bed. I will never comprehend how sitting in a moving vehicle can be so exhausting.

Tweets for 26 Oct 2008


(14:15:16) is making plans for tomorrow.. need to make sure I've got 11 hours worth of audio for a gallivant (although I'm taking a DAB radio, too!)

Tweets for 25 Oct 2008


(07:31:05) is horizontal and musing whether there's any point being not so.

(08:15:48) had an SMS arrive just as my phone hung.. now I've rebooted it, the text has gone.. oh noes! I don't get many texts; it might've been ~good~

(08:50:24) likes having a 9-year-old son. Me: "What's that song playing on the radio?" Him: "Ah.. that'll be The Script." He certainly knows his pop.

(08:53:20) has had a muffin-related mishap.

(09:30:21) has a new toy for the i600 - MusicID (by Shazam) for song identification joy & wonder (when Chris isn't about!) DM me if you want a copy :)

(20:23:26) is all entirely full after Chinese banquet action.. the in-laws are round, and we're talking about social networking & old schoolfriends..

(22:29:11) is off to bed after tucking my daily 'Narci Project' photo into an obscure corner of the internet and getting uPNP sort-of working (Twonky!)

Tweets for 24 Oct 2008


(07:36:40) is planning to feel truculent and write things on post-it notes today. Now, though, it's Berocca time, since I've run out of coffee. Oops.

(08:12:28) is trying to find out if orangey vitamins + Who Boys junglism will counter caffeine withdrawal. I predict it won't, but still, it's SCIENCE.

(10:32:09) has now had caffeine. And lots of it. Playing with virtualisation.. VMWare in one window, MS Virtual PC in another. Chances of success: Low!

(18:08:10) is off home.. a little later than normal, because of clock change shenanigans. But the weekend's here.. nearly. Nearly yay!

(22:36:04) can't decide whether I approve of Tony Christie's cover of Human League's "Louise". It's better than the Robbie Williams one, but still...

Tweets for 23 Oct 2008


(08:05:28) has selected an upbeat Moroccan breakfast show with which to annoy my colleagues this morning. Learn French by irritation... splendid idea!

(11:59:02) is having a bad network day with the mac.. not too many tweets from me :D Means I get more work done, though!

(19:59:39) has won "PRINCESS MAX TX2 ELECTRONIC GAME" on eBay.. "You might also be interested in: "SEXY LACE TOP WHITE STOCKINGS - Large". Oh dear no.

(21:28:41) There is too much shouting on the television.

Tweets for 22 Oct 2008


(08:07:18) has started the morning with some 90s happy hardcore choons. Thanks, @petecooper - http://uksfinest.org.uk is my current favourite station:D

(15:15:25) is getting all immersed in broadcast-based XML data.. wondrous stuff to distract me while I'm on hold with Orange. Shouty James Blunt. Ow.

(15:22:43) actually spoke to someone from Orange who knows what he's talking about.. The 8th & 9th number on my SIM needs to be over 30 for 3G.. Cool.

(15:23:49) Oh, and it was David Gray, not James Blunt. Who I think is even worse.

(20:43:49) has gone to bed early for Christmas.

Tweets for 21 Oct 2008


(05:12:25) has podcasts and a clean shirt.. now time for work. Good morning, Tuesday.

(08:43:32) is dealing with work today like a baggage handler.. roughly on a case-by-case basis.

(10:24:50) The worst & best of Netherlands' internet radio: Apres-ski radio (http://is.gd/4toP - cheese!) and Gothville (http://is.gd/4toN - electro!)

(14:22:24) is impressed.. Barclays are offering Kaspersky Internet Security suite free for 3 PCs if you use online banking. http://is.gd/4tUX . Handy.

(16:22:20) is bothering workmates with in-store radio. Now? Dunelm Radio. Special offers on fabrics across the store. Mmm-hmm yeah. http://is.gd/4uvz

(18:53:50) is home. There's a chill in the air, but sausages and batter in the oven. Mmmmmmmmm! Bring on the muschup :)

(19:56:32) is (finally) heading down to the studio to tidy up after a weekend of grabbing cables & microphones, while watching Vobes (http://vobes.com)

(21:08:58) has, as I believe the modern idiom would have it, 'done my back in'. Too much lifting & twisting over the past couple of days. Ah well..

Tweets for 20 Oct 2008


(09:43:42) hasn't had a wi-fi radio crash (yet) this morning. @poots thinks it's in cahoots with the satnav, which misbehaves when only she's around..

(10:02:42) is listening to Engadget podcast 114.. The new MacBook doesn't have firewire? http://blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=2387 Why? DV Camcorder hell!

(10:27:16) is going (mercifully?) offline to tend to more domestic tasks. That washing isn't going to fold itself. Which is a shame.

(16:55:49) is off to cubs with the boy. Last time before a half-term break. Chaos is shortly to ensue. I shall take sweets.

(16:55:57) (the sweets are for ME. Right.)

(20:51:26) I've been a-blogging: Goodmans CD1505Wi wifi micro CD system - a review http://tinyurl.com/5832y2

(21:55:36) is off to bed, late as usual. Still, blog entry written.. all-in-all a fairly negative review of kit that could so easily be the future..

Tweets for 19 Oct 2008


(11:56:21) is having a major caffeine crash .. hopefully with a little peace and quiet.

(18:03:44) is home & has correspondence, blogging & internet radio reviewing to get on with. The housework will have to wait! OK.. dishwasher & bins!

(18:54:24) is listening to Guardian's Media Talk podcast. Is it just me that finds Maggie Brown's voice SO grating? It's the squeaky quasi-RP. Ugh.

(19:49:56) is catching up on Radio 4 listening (now: Feedback) ..& troubled about what'll happen to my MP3 shell script if A&Mi update Listen Again :D

(20:39:25) has filtered down this weekend's photos to 185.. now? Choosing the 'best' to email & blog. I think my photography is improving. A tiny bit.

(22:55:02) is all done collating and emailing the sights & sounds of the weekend. A brief blog entry about it tomorrow, maybe.. lots of ~people~ pics..

Tweets for 18 Oct 2008


(16:11:16) is in Enfield. I'm not sure I like it here, much. New phone SIM win, but no 3G. Them Orange Shops sure like to make me work!

(16:12:28) has done PA for a conference, which included a 60 mile round trip for an IEC lead. I now keep one in the boot for such errant eventualities.

Tweets for 17 Oct 2008


(10:40:30) has taken Hazel the Peace Lily out of intensive care.. well, OK, removed the plastic bag that's covered her for the past two weeks..

(11:04:21) likes the realisms: http://www.onemotion.com/flash/spider but then, I'm not an arachnophobe. (I wouldn't recommend clicking if you are!)

(11:27:00) is a little irked by the Independent's hyperbole about the BBC's party spend; we pay for staff Christmas parties in everything else we buy..

(11:59:58) can't read my handwriting. Darn.

(13:54:07) has turned off XFM.. there's only so much overcompressed generic guitar music I can bear. "I don't know how I'll make it through this." Yup.

(14:40:36) is, apparently, high on caffeine and ozone. I'm 2 metres away from two huge laser printers. Trust me to lower the toner...

(19:49:06) is listening to a new Zealand radio station. It's 8:45am & the DJ sounds like he's doing late night chat. Whuh? Don't they ~do~ breakfast?

(19:50:16) now realises that it's Saturday morning in New Zealand. Heh. I need to get the hang of this world radio :D

(20:13:22) likes the way the Merriam-Webster dictionary enunciates 'lackadaisical'. I am ~so~ easily pleased.

(22:28:57) has had mobile phone SIM failure. How odd. I hope nobody tries to call/text me over the next few days (or at least knows my work number!)

Tweets for 16 Oct 2008


(04:44:34) forgot to change my alarm time.. up twenty minutes early. Fine, though, since I've spent most of it trying to find my camera charger. D'oh.

(09:48:14) is going to have some Berocca. It's perfectly fine, save for the fact that it doesn't make my wee fluorescent & it contains aspartame. Hmm.

(13:02:54) is off to a meeting. There will be doubtless ~no~ biscuits. Back at 4..

(19:36:57) is home, recompiling Fink to try and get hold of mediatomb for the mac (unless there are better uPNP servers out there?) and being warm.

(20:37:38) is going to bed almost ~eight hours~ before I am due to get up. This must be a record (especially when my alarm goes off too early!) Night!

Tweets for 15 Oct 2008


(08:00:00) ♺ @poots.. Lenni: "If a hexagon has six sides and a pentagon has five, how many does a cardigan have?" (that girl is a comedy genius)

(13:08:25) is off to a meeting. I have Berocca.. like healthy Haribo. This may be survivable!

(13:47:27) is slowly dying in Microsoft Server Patching debate tedium...

(15:11:47) has risen from the undead. I'm feeling extremely sleepy, though. I think I need more exercise. And a cheese and pickle bap.

(19:24:05) ♺ @emalyse http://ping.fm/Krbdv (Midweek quiz) exercising those geek credentials. (Gotta love the BBC Magazine!)

(19:27:22) is gonna finish my food & upload a rambling pre-amble blog entry I wrote en route home. It may be titled 'confessions of a radio anorak'..

(20:50:09) I've been a-blogging: A rambling internet radio pre-amble (or 'My Life as an Anorak') http://tinyurl.com/3tgvoe

(22:18:39) Dear everyone in the world (especially British people): Please do not start paragraphs with 'So,' either spoken or written. Thank you.

Tweets for 14 Oct 2008


(09:24:40) is back in the office. the minute hand is zooming round FAR more quickly than is appropriate. It's done two laps since I got in! Already?!

(09:53:33) needs more coffee. I am certainly not at my most dynamic today. Focus, man.. focus!

(12:24:03) always looks with interest at the goings-on of Big L. Mike Read's announced it's been bought by a 'growing radio group'. (from @RadioToday)

(12:27:26) is amused. Our document management system's been downgraded from 'Knowledge Shrubbery' to 'Bonsai of Vague Awareness'. Frankly, it's rubbish

(18:08:43) is off home after a brief yet interesting coffee break with a Facebook friend. That's what's great about London. (Not much else :D)

(20:29:25) made two disgruntled noises: one because it's nearly bedtime already; another because I'm not appropriately dressed to put out the recycling

(20:35:00) is disappointed that baby guinea pigs aren't called guinea piglets, but cheered by the collective noun for hedgehogs: 'an array'. Ta, @poots

(20:54:03) I will keep this picture for whenever I feel sad: http://is.gd/44kl

(20:58:41) Last tweet for the evening. You'll laugh.. you'll cry.. you'll want to turn it off: http://fairtilizer.com/tracks/14123

(22:17:49) has worked out that if I were to fall constantly due to the earth's (surface) gravity, within a year I'd be falling at the speed of light.

Tweets for 13 Oct 2008


(09:52:46) finds it far too easy to forget ~quite~ how unreliable people can be. Drinking coffee in McDonalds till Suzi arrives. Eventually...

(16:08:09) has bought a new toy with a git voucher award from work: Goodmans CD1505Wi FM/internet radio/CD player micro hi-fi. Still setting it up..

(16:09:13) hasn't worked out what directory the internet radio uses.. not Reciva, and some favourites (Magic 105.4 and FUNRadio for two) are missing..

(16:50:52) loves being an early adopter. Hello, Mr Pillar, I would like to introduce you to the Postal system, when you're calling up for tech support.

(19:25:11) has found it! http://station.penbex.com.tw .. that's how to add stations to the wifi radio. I hope it doesn't go down in the near future!

(20:26:01) has a firm favourite Random Internet Station find so far: http://spamradio.com ..spam emails read over an ambient soundtrack. Heh. Genius.

(21:37:54) I've been a-blogging: Qik! Get the cameraphone! (techie) http://tinyurl.com/3uffzk

(21:48:25) is off to bed... back to work in the morning. Night night, the internets and your breathtaking collection of radio stations. Wow.

Tweets for 12 Oct 2008


(07:51:07) is up (not so bright 'n early!) drinking strong Douwe Egberts Good Origin ground coffee. Highlights ahead: Harvest Festival & shoe shopping.

(15:51:06) is schlomped at the in-laws'.. Lenni's playing with a necklace kit & I'm discussing making weighted companion cubes with Chris. Very Sunday.

(18:02:38) is off down to the studio with a cuppa rooibos and some more nostalgia. Making a CD called 'The Years Inbetween' .. from 1994 to 2007.

Tweets for 11 Oct 2008


(08:49:08) believes it is impossible (or at least impractical) to launch headlong into a day while still wearing pyjamas. It's nearly 10am! For shame..

(08:59:02) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(12:28:49) is having lunch with the children.. they've enjoyed having a go on Qik; got new technology but no real use for it? Let the children play!

(15:41:31) is out on the green kicking a football about with Lenni, after a play at 'gymnastics park'. It's gorgeous out!

(16:17:57) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(17:27:17) is listening to Play Radio UK http://playradiouk.com .. shocking website, but good music so far. Like Absolute with fewer fat sounding DJs.

(19:55:12) is making compilation CDs in 'radio show' format to test the voicetracking in my mate Jon's playout software. Tough bit? Choosing the songs!

Tweets for 10 Oct 2008


(07:41:07) has really rather strong coffee this morning. I also went through my work email on the coach rather than dozing. I feel.. netherworldly.

(10:27:48) Radio's going to hell in a handcart.. Channel 4 Radio's backed out of DAB, and- even more serious- yesterday Big L went internet only. Doom!

(14:49:12) needs fresh air & leg stretching to clear my head so I can finish writing up meeting minutes. Off for a walk (which may fulfill the latter!)

(15:25:59) isn't impressed with the lack of free wi-fi on Great Portland Street. You'd think, wouldn't you? Or am I under-estimating capitalist greed?

(15:55:25) will never get tired of this: http://tinyurl.com/2fwek9 Dass perks mich.

(17:20:06) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(20:11:09) I just received the strangest blog comment. It doesn't contain a URL pointing to viagra, just an odd fact about the Norwegian Royal F.amily

(20:13:46) definitely likes to be educated: http://is.gd/3QNI

(22:11:38) I've been a-blogging: A visit to a World Service Transmitter site... http://tinyurl.com/3ejmzp

(22:17:46) is off to bed.. a little later than I'd planned, but I shall have lots of water and some camomile tea. Night night interwebulites

Tweets for 09 Oct 2008


(04:41:39) is off on a geeky gallivant... off to a transmitter site. Never was the word 'anorak' more appropriate. Coffee and biscuits.

(06:46:10) is at Waterloo, preparing to head SouthWest ... coffee time.

(19:31:09) is home. Tired, but with some fantastic trivia in my brainium and remarkably geeky pictures on a CF card. Blirriant.

(19:33:46) is, of course, following @StephenFry. It would be churlish and befwitterdly not to. He's on Buzzcocks at 9pm. What a splendid evening.

(21:34:46) was amused to see a spam email with the subject: "muhahahahahahhahaahahahha" ..The message body wasn't from an evil overlord, though. Shame.

Tweets for 08 Oct 2008


(07:55:58) finds music like this (http://is.gd/3Hsm) good to work to. Colleagues don't agree. Currently mashing up Brian's plainsong with UK 2-step :D

(08:10:50) believes that never truer was the phrase 'The devil has all the best tunes' than when talking about Christian Rock music... (on the whole).

(08:46:54) is all excited because I've managed to get qik (http://qik.com) installed on my mobile phone. I have ~no~ idea what I'll use it for, though!

(14:24:33) could well do with a nap about now. Apparently it's a sign that I'm getting old. Perhaps I should take a bracing walk. Or make coffee!

(16:36:50) was told that Lenni just said: "Oh poo poo.. I forgot about gravity" having dropped a book on her head while lying on her back reading :D

(16:37:59) tracking

(16:38:29) Oh.. that went well. Is it home time yet?

(19:54:28) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me!

(20:01:39) is watching HEROES! Wahoo!

(20:17:28) wonders if Heroes is a bit yukkier than before. There are no nice people in it. It's like Grange Hill, except confusinger. And with Sylar.

(20:30:44) Ooh.. Niki Sanders / Tracy Strauss (mmm, by the way) was using an i600. Phone geekery ahoy!

(20:44:16) has gone to bed. Up early tomorrow for Shenanigans.

Tweets for 07 Oct 2008


(08:48:41) is wondering whether I should turn it off and on again. It's going to be a Tuesday one way or another. Still, comedy later!

(10:14:29) is still sleepy, even after lots of coffee. It doesn't help that it's 25 degrees C in here.. *stifled yawn*

(21:18:25) is home after witnessing some fine comedy from Lucy Porter, Doc Brown, Ivan Brackenbury, Jon Richardson & Jason Byrne compering. Top banana!

Tweets for 06 Oct 2008


(00:37:26) has closure on a matter of some trivia, & is now going to bed. Time, Doctor Freeman. Is it that time again? Goodnight interwebs. Or morning.

(08:35:08) is trying to get as much housework done as possible before 10am.. MP3s on the player, and open windows bringing in a damp autumn breeze...

(09:18:40) has taken delivery of a speaker stand. I now have enough gubbins to do PA at a conference in a couple of weeks time. Ear bleeding fun :D

(12:49:54) is back from the supermarket. Ploughmans lunch (never know where to put the apostrophe - if there is one!) to come. In summary: autumnal.

(14:49:11) I've been a-blogging: Nasturtiums - even in October! http://tinyurl.com/3gxa7l

(19:24:50) has had my horizons broadened once again. Silent disco. Brilliant. http://tinyurl.com/2x2zcw

(22:22:51) has been playing with Half Life 2 mods for children.. simple, yet amusing. Something for a wet winter weekend! Late to bed now.. night!

Tweets for 05 Oct 2008


(08:11:27) looked out the window & saw that it was damp. It's my nephew & neice's birthday party this afternoon- I'm photographer. Need more practice.

(12:19:42) is checking the traffic for a trip out west later.. cool - the Traffic England map now even has the weather conditions! http://is.gd/3xUQ

(18:50:54) is home and sorting through about a million photographs of children dashing about. Or, more likely, half-children. Out of focus :D

Tweets for 04 Oct 2008


(08:47:51) Ahhh... Saturday morning - Sorry I've Got No Head, spending time with the children and general coffee drinkings. Oh yes.

(10:53:37) is getting round to a load of things I've been putting off. Now: testing PA system (Beth's out at the mo & the children think it's funny :D)

(14:57:16) is enjoying the delights of ToysRUs .. window shopping with the children.. a lot of entertainment for a little pocket money toy or two!

(15:51:04) is making pancakes. YUM.

(18:18:35) is annoyed that the new airstone in the fish tank seems to resonate at 50Hz. What I need right now is an antinoise generator. *Googles*

Tweets for 03 Oct 2008


(07:49:08) wishes the world a good morning. Feeling almost compis-mentis today (I'm hoping that means what I think it does)

(07:50:44) had a chilly commute, with a walk to work sullied more than normal by the smell of cigarette smoke. Yikky. Are more people smoking?

(09:08:57) is practicing: "Es tut mir leid - das ist einfach nicht gut genug." Apparently it's a Bank Holiday in Germany today.

(16:34:12) is protesting against receiving two teflon-coated emails. I am thinking: Don't make me come over there. And using terrible language.

(19:35:20) is home and writing, hm.. THREE blog entries tonight. I'm gonna have some Berocca & see what happens. I think I went a bit hyper last time.

(22:03:16) I've been a-blogging: Family catch-up... http://tinyurl.com/43pw4l

(22:48:52) I've been a-blogging: Berocca - blogger relief (and some fine marketing!) http://tinyurl.com/3syycc

Tweets for 02 Oct 2008


(05:16:48) is of to work with a Hi and .. no. Not a Hoe. More of a slight headache and a big glass of water. Still, Beth's made banana bread! Yum ;)

(08:40:03) is at work.. late late late because of a car fire on the M1. I'm reflecting a bit on conversations last night. And I shall have paracetamol.

(10:56:42) is entirely enjoying today's minor crisis. Some ass-chewing may be in order. Grand.

(10:57:08) is rehearsing the line: "I'm sorry, but that really isn't good enough."

(20:03:57) is only watching the new series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, people. Or something. Smash! Hits!

(20:53:21) is caught between a sensible bedtime and a sitcom with my Olivia Colman in it.. http://is.gd/3rIq

Tweets for 01 Oct 2008


(05:07:51) has a remarkably heavy work bag today. Probably too much tech... perhaps I should go through it on my way to work. That'll learn 'em.

(07:31:09) read my old diary on the way to work (14 years ago.. wow!) Worryingly there are some names in there that I don't remember.. who was Becky?

(07:51:30) is catching up with Bleepshows.. listening to 293. 'Fridge Bastard' by Subi is certainly a track I can work to.. especially after coffee!

(09:15:50) always feels a ~bit~ guilty having to use my Windows Skills to avoid the IT muppets wasting everybody's time doing pointless diagnostics.

(15:22:11) needs a screenbreak.

(15:40:21) was reminded of this rather delightful piece of music (fast-forward to 1hr 24 for 6Music's finest Freak Zone material) http://is.gd/3nG

(16:41:34) always gets a bit sleepy by this time of the afternoon.. nearly time for a brisk walk to the bus. One more change request to raise...

(20:26:42) is watching Heroes Chapter 3. It is dark.

(21:37:17) is off to bed. Today has been quite full enough, thank you very much. Especially when involving a recalcitrant USB stick. Darn you. Night!

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