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Tweets for 30 Sep 2008


(05:07:46) loves Morrison's own-brand shredded wheat. Need to be quick, though.. nearly work time!

(07:48:49) vaguely recalls 'Chocky' ( .. nostalgia for a Tuesday morning! I also have music from Theme Hospital stuck in my head.

(08:16:19) can hear someone filing on the building site across the way: it sounds like the shower scene in Psycho. Or maybe it's somebody's ringtone :D

(09:10:01) gets inexplicably irked when people from the IT department pronounce Linux as "Lye-nux". A pedantic geek is not a good thing to be :D

(15:32:07) Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

(20:41:13) is watching 15 Storeys High on DVD.. bought AGES ago at a charity shop. It's slow moving, but funny. Sean Lock - underrated. Odd.

Tweets for 29 Sep 2008


(06:39:24) is listening to the run-up to the Absolute Radio launch. I wonder if they'll keep their policy of only having newsreaders with odd names..

(06:45:14) ARRRRGHHH! MAKE IT STOP! They're mashing up a dirge on Absolute Radio. Should've got Osymyso to do it.

(08:08:12) has found some rhubarb near the shoe rack downstairs. In a carrier bag, not growing wild, mind. Incidentally, word of the day: theocracy.

(08:44:20) was joking about misspelling the children's names - having comedy ideas for economical Christmas presents) Chirp & Lenin. On grains of rice.

(11:31:12) is looking up UTZ Certified ( but the website is terribly slow & borked. Better working conditions for web servers!

(12:12:24) has had FISH. Now I am off to give blood. Fishy blood. Yum!

(14:51:29) gave blood. Went to Abbey to open a savings account for Chris. Ended up late to school. Rush! Headrush! Now: feeling pleh. Numpty.

(15:00:10) Woohoo! My near-comatose state has been lifted! Berocca emailed: they're sending me a Blogger Relief Pack. Yay! I've not been forgotten!

(16:57:14) had a pound for each time I used the phrase 'yes, please, a pound would be lovely'.

(21:44:19) Bed.. hurgh! What is it good for? Absolutely sleeping. To Tuesday, then.. good night internets!

Tweets for 28 Sep 2008


(07:16:49) needs to cut down on his pork life, mate.. get some exercise. First, though: coffee.

(20:24:38) has SO much Freecycling to do. But would anybody claim a 17" CRT monitor? Or a 266MHz Pentium 4 motherboard? A shame it'd be to chuck 'em..

(21:42:07) has booked coach tickets to go to Bristol for the day. Well, a few hours. It's not as cheap as it waas... who'd be a student these days?

(21:44:54) just spotted the double 'a' in my last tweet. It wasn't a poor attempt at an accent, honest! Right.. voice-tracking time. Finally!

(22:47:15) has seen fit to do away with Sunday. And not 14 minutes too soon. What will Monday hold? Tesco Clubcard points, no doubt.

Tweets for 27 Sep 2008


(08:31:54) is feeling moderately chipper this morning. Not chipper in a 'reducing wood to tiny pieces' way, either. Coffee -> Shower -> Tidying. Great.

(13:35:38) had an odd waking dream this morning.. I was visiting Britney Spears at her parents' house, and @epiduralgirl was Britney's mum.. weird.

(22:29:49) is all tired and off to bed to muse on what to do about my mixer having no PFL. These are the things that don't keep me awake at night :D

Tweets for 26 Sep 2008


(07:40:07) had this thought last night: To be a wit, one needs a swift mind and a good memory. I have only the former; this makes me a half-wit.

(07:42:05) also spent much of the night trying to recall the name 'Ocean Colour Scene' I'm sure i've struggled with it before. Best I could do: Pigeon.

(10:24:31) AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 'Quick' 'Order' 'Plus'. An utter contradiction if ever I saw one. Attempt number 2..

(10:31:59) did it. Now awaiting a call from the 'purchasing' 'team' to tell me that I've filled the form in wrong. Has anyone got a spare will to live?

(13:22:30) reckons that a sandwich isn't a proper sandwich unless you've got to give it a good press down before slicing it. Triangles or rectangles?

(13:29:52) wonders who's going to write the 100 millionth tweet... won't be for another 50 days or so, though, so I won't go too crazy!

(14:54:26) Just got twitter deja-vu.. weird.

(19:37:27) is home & fed. What now? The options: sort out more music, work on a mixing assignment or play stupid computer games. Or simply have a lull.

(19:50:03) ♺ @trevypoos : 150 people have listened to: . (@Z80GameCoder has. And he's brilliant.) Have ~you~? /SPAM!

(20:15:12) thinks Amarula over ice is ~yum~. Kinda like a fruity Baileys. Quite reasonably priced in Tescos, to boot. (

(21:55:03) realises why I didn't hate "Take Me Home" as much as I normally do Phil Collins's songs- it's got Peter Gabriel singing backing vocals. Woo!

(22:31:32) should've gone to bed hours ago, but is now wrestling with ID3 tags & my mildly obsessive compulsive need to keep these MP3s tidy.. bah.

Tweets for 25 Sep 2008


(06:25:31) has just woken after nearly nine hours of sleep. Either I was run over by cattle or have slept too much/little. Coffee: the hoofmark remover

(10:42:21) keeps finding interesting hotkey things.. hitting Apple->number in Safari goes to the corresponding bookmarky thing on the links bar. Cool.

(10:51:49) has finally got the home network back up and running.. TWO cable failures in 24 hours? And a router that reset to factory settings. Gah.

(13:49:17) is summarising spreadsheets of doom, and looking for audio needles in GUID haystacks. Bet it doesn't turn up, but it's fun trying...

(18:24:18) loves the movement on this little gamelet: ... don't click if you're arachnophobic, though!

(19:22:31) Mmm... battenburg! Truly royal cake.

(19:29:34) has 830 MP3s to put in various places before I can try and break Jon's playout system. I might play 'radio stations' on Qix or Camstreams..

(19:52:01) Thank goodness for Tunatic.. coping fairly admirably with "Track1.mp3"...

(21:09:08) is off to bed, to hide from Friday until strictly necessary. I didn't get to play radio stations today.. perhaps tomorrow night..

Tweets for 24 Sep 2008


(05:01:46) has an onerous day ahead. Here, 800GB... come back, now! First, though, a commute and some lunch preparation.

(11:10:56) is bemused about quite how midday it is. Tea & liquorice allsort consumption: within normal parameters. Server RAID: rebuilt. Cake: lie.

(12:06:34) completely forgot to mention celebratorily: Heroes Chapter 3 is kicking off on the 1st October. Wahoo!

(12:17:01) is eating cheese. YUM. I'm not addicted though ( [Goes all Harry Hill..'Cheeeeeeese!']

(14:24:23) wants to stop but can't.. too much to do to take a break.. could do with a cuppa, but my colleagues made themselves one when I was out.D'oh!

(15:02:00) desires: at a reasonable price (partly your fault, @petecooper ;) has: rooibos tea. Yumster.

(19:48:02) is looking up how cheaply I can get to Bristol from Luton. The answer: ridiculously. But it might take all day :D

(19:52:42) wonders.. is it me, or is there just something ~wrong~ about close male harmony in heavy rock? I get easily confused.

(20:01:34) is opining about music this evening. New Bond theme: it would be disappointing if I didn't expect it to be a bit noisy and shambolic. 1/10.

(20:59:58) has stopped. Hammertime. thgindoog.

Tweets for 23 Sep 2008


(08:11:58) is shocked that it's ten past nine already, and I've only just started drinking coffee. Things are not as they should be. Bring biscuits.

(15:08:19) : "Bad time for caffeine crash!" - Captain Coffeeman. (Sorry.. obscure :D) This afternoon is not going well. Broken RAID array action. Darn.

(17:35:10) is waiting for the coach to arrive.. diplomatic email to write. Tomorrow: wrestling 800GB from a reticent RAID array.. then I will have won!

(21:09:21) seems to be physically incapable of going to bed at a reasonable time. I may just stop doing anything.

Tweets for 22 Sep 2008


(11:45:00) is watching I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue on iPlayer (BBC4). Genius.

(11:59:13) is having SO much seafood for lunch. Definitely in the mood for brainfood!

(13:29:41) completely forgot to say yesterday - welcome to your new home, Princess Petals the fifth. I hope you live a long and happy life.

(14:54:36) is back from the first half of the school run. Lenni's doing drama club, so another walk up the hill for half-past four.. I'll get fit!

(16:19:16) is home, and having some tasty sausage sarnies before Cubs. Mondays are turning into quite busy types of day. Time for a cuppa tea.

(16:45:15) has finished cooking an NSD and has passed it to the Maitre-de for serving. With spinach & a rather tasty muschup sauce of my own invention.

(18:58:10) is somewhat perturbed that I can't see the latest tweet from @trevypoos on my main timeline. Is this thing getting all 'New Facebook' on me?

(19:14:59) is home & wondering what to do for the last hour of consciousness.. blog? Uploading photos from the weekend? Ironing? Tidying up. Yes. That.

(21:16:23) is moderately proud to announce the North South Divide 08 - 'sky' - is published. is where to find it. Woo!

(21:39:18) I've been a-blogging: The North South Divide - 8 - 'sky'

(22:09:47) is off to bed. Far too late, as normal. I will need coffee, most definitely, in the morning. Coffee and a shirt.

Tweets for 21 Sep 2008


(01:00:27) is back after a fab, yet bizarre, yet very very quick. Some fine friends of friends. Random words. Yes. Late. Night!

(01:02:02) I inadvertently missed out 'evening / birthday celebration' in that last tweet. I am most definitely not a night owl...

(10:16:05) is back in Luton.. off to get the children in a mo. Terribly, terribly bad form with the burglary Elin's. ~while they were sleeping there!~

(12:38:52) is going to celebrate the sunny weather by buying a new goldfish and rebuilding Chris & Lenni's PC with the children. Window status: open.

(12:40:49) inadvertently tuned into Capital 95.8 on the way home. I'm sure my ears were bleeding within 5 minutes.. do they ~have~ to process so hard?

(20:00:40) has been building computer desks and computers and, just for a bit of variety, installing operating systems all over the place. Tired now.

Tweets for 20 Sep 2008


(09:17:46) hasn't used the word 'pants' as an adjective in a long, long time. But that's how I feel this morning. Hangover. Ugh.

(10:40:40) is up & about..probably the longest lie-in I've had on a Saturday morning. I shall never drink again. (well, I'll never drink binge, anyway)

(15:27:33) just uttered the phrase: 'what could possibly go wrong?'

(18:32:30) is off out for the second evening in a row. Now ~that~ is a rock'n'roll life"style". I have brushed my hair special.

Tweets for 19 Sep 2008


(10:44:28) has sorted out the next couple of months.. well, at least I know I'm going to make it to work every day! Next.. more emails & job logging..

(11:10:40) thinks it's rubbish that my mobile phone has unilaterally decided not to bother taking calls. Which probably means I've missed at least one.

(11:25:05) Wow.. this looks like a bargain - and a very useful bit of kit: .. still tempted by the OWL though:

(12:02:28) Yes, of course. I like noodles, too.

(12:38:57) will never stop enjoying the worst radio advert ever. (unless you know of worse/better!)

(13:02:03) shouldn't be, but is quite excited that the scrollwheel on my mouse is working again. Don't ask.

(17:17:21) is all done for the week, & heading to the Tower Bridge area for drinks with The Captain. Now: prawn cocktail crisp stomach lining action.

Tweets for 18 Sep 2008


(05:09:20) C'mon then, Thursday. What are you capable of? I think I might look at emergency database backups. Doesn't get more proactive than that..?

(10:26:52) gets a bit taken aback when people pick up the phone before it makes that ringy noise. My instinctive response of 'Hello, then!' amused me..

(10:45:02) has about 10 bleepshows to catch up on! I can't believe I've not had any music at my desk for a couple of weeks...

(16:49:34) is trying not to moan about having to run the Cancer Gauntlet between BH and my office.. instead, thinking of creative retaliation methods..

(16:57:52) is off home, having had about a 50% hit rate today... more sleep tonight for a better tomorrow. I should go into politics :D

Tweets for 17 Sep 2008


(04:50:31) is stumbling about.. this is perfectly normal for the time of the 'morning'. Thank goodness for Radio 4 comedy Listen Again! (And cereal).

(12:01:14) The word I keep forgetting is, I believe, 'edification'. It is thus my word of the day.

(15:23:59) has just received an email from my boss's boss that closes 'Keep taking the haribos'. I think she's got the measure of me.

(19:28:49) is home and home. Food then evening tasks.. last bit of NSD editing, coach ticket buying and laptop ghosting. @trevypoos is here. Cool.

Tweets for 16 Sep 2008


(05:10:57) has had shredded wheat for breakfast.. yum! (Morrison's own brand) Now.. a trek up the hill in the dark. Happy Tuesday.

(20:21:07) has been watching @vobes on camstreams ( while eating suppertime pie - amusing and great.

(20:52:08) is off to bed, preparing for Wednesday to happen. Will it be any good? Only time, and possibly Sarah Palin knows. (It's a little known fact)

Tweets for 15 Sep 2008


(08:32:15) is reading a brochure (yes - a glossy brochure!) about antimatter. I am sixpence none the wiser.

(08:35:12) "My quarks are feeling a bit down at the moment." "Are you sure?" "Yes, I'm positive." Hmm. Actually, I think that entirely doesn't work.

(11:32:38) is back from the supermarket shoppings.. lunchtime now, then off into town. I'll be looking at this: ..could be the thing?

(14:13:56) is off on the school walk, brandishing scooters, and musing about what @trevypoos has tweeted...

(20:04:10) is back from Cubs (Chaos, more like) and is now pondering options for food before bed. It's looking like muffin (better than nuffin').

(20:07:03) has dealt with an audiovisual nightmare. We thought the telly had broken, but the Overcomplicated Switch Box had been inadvertently clicked.

Tweets for 14 Sep 2008


(13:14:53) is doing some much needed shelf/cupboard clearing.. Beth has suggested she might like a little 'mini hifi' for the kitchen... gadget yay!

(13:16:16) So, highly esteemed tweeters - can I get something in the UK with all the features of this: .. CD + internet radio? Cool!

(16:45:46) is in charge of making pancakes for tea. Yum (although we have no maple syrup.. lemon & sugar is the British Way :D)

(16:50:59) The smell of inadvertently frying cheese reminds me of Eastbourne. Strange the way my brain works.

(17:04:39) Everybody seemed perfectly comfortable with lies being told in the embassy. Apparently, the ambassador's deceptions were noted in society.

(17:08:43) Eleanor & Christopher are playing 'spies'. Eleanor: "We're going to need some thermite in case baddies come." A little harsh, I thought..

(18:36:45) has done some long-overdue screwing.. this little corner of the kitchen now has a threshold. I can be quite the homebody sometimes.

(19:38:15) is doing assignments 9 and 10.. This twelve week course has taken nearly nine months!

Tweets for 13 Sep 2008


(15:45:54) has slightly (but only ~very~ slightly) changed my opinion about Leicester. It's also a gorgeous sunny afternoon. Yum.

(17:38:25) is home and trying not to doze off.. may perk myself up with some coffee in a bit. Later: blogging- I got an interesting email from Neuros..

(18:05:49) is listening to comedy (The Genuine Particle) while sorting out photos from today and the last couple of weeks...

(19:57:36) I've been a-blogging: The National Space Centre - another fun day out!

(22:52:01) I've been a-blogging: Watching TV on my i600 and the mac mini... (techie!)

Tweets for 12 Sep 2008


(06:30:02) is preparing coffee and musing on what might be an entertaining way to spend the weekend. We have Tesco vouchers and know how to use 'em.

(22:39:11) has almost completed editing the long awaited number 8 in a series of North South Divide comedy podcasts.. 3 days solid editing done. Sleep.

Tweets for 11 Sep 2008


(07:14:59) is in a lull.

(08:07:33) can't believe I missed the England Croatia drubbing yesterday. Too much geekery.

(12:26:10) has had a minor contretemps with the freezer (serious ice hacking required, and some binning, regrettably) but is now preparing muschup.

(15:20:26) is sorting pizza picnic (in the lounge; the garden is a state worse than Alaska), discovering that the children have a million types of toy.

(18:26:45) is being thrashed by Christopher at 'Magic The Gathering'.. I really have no idea what I'm doing. Fortunately, it's not for money. Yet.

(19:19:51) has been listening to UK Garage & Grime for the past half hour. Big up the Luton Massive (as I understand the youngsters say these days)

(19:53:50) is blessin' up da place. And eating sugary foods.

(21:43:40) has been looking for sound effects.. and found this: .. I'm not sure it's ~supposed~ to be there, mind. Should I..?

Tweets for 10 Sep 2008


(08:33:36) Retweeting @giagia - .. large hadron collider + Chris Morris + cogent explanation. Just so cool!

(08:38:23) is going to hide from Twitter and Facebook and finish sorting my studio PC out so I can get NSD edited.. finally!

(16:46:04) has done the school run after a quick trip to my Dad's to pick up some XP install CDs.. teatime at the in-laws now.

(17:55:33) is back home, and finishing off buffing up the computer (well, one of them) before some proper editing work tonight. Definitely, no really.

Tweets for 09 Sep 2008


(05:00:46) has got damp pasta brains this morning; cereal goes in the bowl, apples go in my work bag; podcasts go on my phone. Now, don't get it wrong!

(07:43:18) is in the office, shoes off, coffee on and Excel Spreadsheet of Doom at hand. Welcome to Tuesday.

(07:46:35) is rather irked by the mac's MSN Messenger 'alert' that keeps popping up: "Make a mini you." I've already got one- he's called Christopher.

(08:03:36) My choice for word of the day: perfunctory.

(14:49:24) definitely likes this site: . The fun that can be had...

(19:25:26) is home.. I have the BEST children - three hours in the car to Central London & back to drop Beth off, and then straight to bed. Bless 'em.

Tweets for 08 Sep 2008


(08:04:35) is back from my first school run of the school year (we always have fun!) & now will perform housework magic.It's all sleight of hand, mind.

(08:28:38) was impressed to hear Magic 105.4 play the whole of 'I Feel Love'.. you wouldn't get that Global Radio networked mess doing that.. probably.

(09:16:02) "It's not the Jews' fault.. or the Muslims'.. or even Frank Lampard's".. The Colonel Radio Show is wrongness of the highest quality. Genius.

(09:51:05) is catching up with Stephen Fry's English Delight while I potter around. I love learning about such things.

(14:14:44) has got the small scale electrical repairs bug. WHY do people insist on mounting things directly onto PCBs instead of running wires? Cheapo.

(19:33:45) is home from a hectic Cubs session, and heading down to the studio for some relaxation & Easybus ticket printing before work preparation..

(19:59:20) is so 'middle-aged Dad'. I'm drinking scotch over ice. But trying to resist eating biscuits with it. I found Nice Creams in Tesco - oh yeah!

(20:13:40) is listening to Bleepshow 279, and has turned on the Big Speakers for better appreciation.. it's like @petecooper's in the studio with me :D

(20:20:53) Apparently is available (& .com, for that matter). Beth mocks me with such a domain whenever I consider tweeting.

(20:56:40) just sent myself a threatening email at work. Also, I burned a CD-ROM with an autorun.inf, but it didn't autorun. Dot inf. Stoopid work PC.

(21:31:21) is off to bed.. my final thought for the day: muffin tops have been and gone.. I wonder when crumpet tops will come into fashion...

Tweets for 07 Sep 2008


(08:19:29) is preparing for Sunday.. need to get motivated and moving. And not play charming little games like this:

(14:49:21) doesn't really like large crowds.. and extended family of friends counts as that. Hiding in the lounge (where the wi-fi is ;)

(20:36:07) is really struggling to fix anything tonight. And there's a lot that could do with fixing. PC monitor: fail. Radio: fail. Dad's laptop next!

(20:41:47) is getting the soldering iron out. Radio fixage II - this time it's personal.

(22:03:07) is watching The Big Bang Machine on WatchAgainThingy while putting a radio back together. The little green light means something good.Maybe.

Tweets for 06 Sep 2008


(06:33:12) needs to shake a leg. Things to do, people to see.. coffee, most definitely, to make and then drink. Sleepy.

(07:42:26) is conscious & fresh as a daisy (albeit a 6 ft tall one). Off to breakfast & family visitations. I keep ending sentences with 'for science'.

(15:35:55) is back at my mother's after what might be described as a 'bracing' walk along the sea front. It could, but 'well breezy' would be better :D

(16:33:43) is off back up the A21. This may take some time!

(19:13:32) is telling the internet that I'm home. It's a long day when we head south, but it's nice to be back in Luton. Never thought I'd say that!

(22:30:06) is off to bed after uploading all of today's pictures to the gallery & failing to write a blog entry. Tomorrow.. there's always one. Mostly.

Tweets for 05 Sep 2008


(05:19:35) is dashing up the hill to the bus for the last time this week. Late, as usual - d'oh!

(10:22:11) was, for a dark and foolish moment, contemplating a firmware update on the my router. From work. I have done such things before. Badly..

(14:21:41) is honing those SQL scripting talents. Can't beat a good hone.

(15:10:44) was rather confused to hear, in a Radio 4 programme on Grange Hill ( a snippet of the music from Zwok (

(15:15:24) is aware that my previous attempt was all to cock. Re-retweeting @gazuky: Live comedy tonight 8-9pm UK time.

(15:26:31) wishes that ALL software, if you drag a file into it, would open that file. Every. Single. Bit. Of software. Even the rubbish I write. Heh.

(19:17:40) is eating casserole & bread'n'butter while listening to Charm Offensive. Entertaining wrongness!

(19:46:28) loves comedy. Radio comedy is even better. Music is wonderful, but surprisingly, Musical comedy on the radio.. is John Shuttleworth. WIN.

(20:29:26) is toying with the idea of being very silly for no other reason than my own entertainment.

(22:26:28) has done with all the silliness, and is going to bed before I break something. Although there's plenty here that's already gone a bit duff..

Tweets for 04 Sep 2008


(08:23:18) feels moderately good. Back on Facebook, had coffee & I'm in the mood to tinker. I should get some work done, really, though. Mornin', then.

(15:24:34) isn't impressed with Tesco (kinda indirectly) covering Beth in petrol. I've a list of Strong Letters To Write. Indignance through indolence.

(19:22:45) Home now.. highlight of a rather yicky trip was @vobes: "Large Hadron Kaleidoscope" on VBC1040 ( ... I ~love~ podcasts.

(19:32:34) Mind you, second best highlight was the end of TWiT with iPhone Girl, Lloyds Is Pants man & Sean 'P' Combs mockery (

(20:15:06) Great. Now I'm suffering from DVD drive failure on the mac mini. Is this thing doomed? Can it read mac DVDs on a USB drive? Do I have one?

(21:19:55) is off to bed now.. haven't ~quite~ tinkered enough this evening.. and definitely haven't done enough editing. Well, none actually. Night!

Tweets for 03 Sep 2008


(05:00:32) isn't sure being awake is such a good idea considering the broken sleep I had. Feeling less viral, mainly, but a bit coughy. Coffee?

(08:04:26) is going to make some coffee, and look at the snippet of a poem I wrote at 1am, to get it out of my brain. It's probably not very good :D

(08:32:08) will make himself feel better by listening to Chris Morris at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. An impressve combination.

(08:56:53) I don't think I will ever get tired of this: The Pointer Sisters & Pinball. SO 1970s.

(09:31:15) I WILL get some work done instead of watching SesameStreet.Org's immense video collection (new and old!) ALL teh Pinballs!

(10:41:47) Brian Cox is a cool bloke.

(10:52:35) is this not the COOLEST place in the whole world? (1.9 Kelvin ;) Getting excited about Big Bang Day (

(14:06:41) I'm sure I just heard someone say "I know what you don't mean."

(14:58:32) probably won't be using Google Chrome ~just~ yet: the End User Licence Agreement is a bit, er, nasty? (retweeting @alfie)

(15:49:01) I've been a-blogging: Radio Pop!

Tweets for 02 Sep 2008


(09:20:11) is slightly better this morning, but is not well enough to go to work (still a bit feverish and clammy.. eww) More coffee & paracetamol!

(11:59:53) is a bit disappointed that sticking Dad's laptop hard drive in the freezer didn't bring it back to life, even temporarily.. liquid nitrogen?

(19:13:44) is looking at the flashes in the sky.. two storms in (about) two days? Blimey. I WILL get some NSD production done tonight. Without FAIL.

(19:31:20) has moved dave (the D-Link drive) to under the mac & is now heading downstairs while there's lots of parents swearing on the telly up here.

(21:04:44) wonders if it's wrong to feel sentimental about a carrier bag? There'll be none to replace it. It was German.

Tweets for 01 Sep 2008


(07:15:52) is all up and about.. feeling a bit more human this morning, but still clammy eugh. Doing disk copying (failed last night) & DVD burning..

(09:45:30) hasn't really achieved terribly much this morning.. still copying data from the USB hard drive & helping Chris play this:

(14:25:08) is out in The Great Big (municipal) Front Garden with the children, bubble machine and stereo thing. Nice and warm.

(16:38:46) feels decidedly weary, wonky or perhaps a combination of both. This isn't good - I've got friends due round & I'm back to work tomorrow :(

Tweets for 31 Aug 2008


(00:52:49) is finally home.. mad a bad decision that got me stuck on the M1 for over an hour..still - top evening :) Night, interwebs

(11:48:08) Christopher, at lunchtime: "Name me anything, and I'll tell you how it relates to chickens" ... still haven't beaten him!

(12:18:55) is feeling a little more human. Heading down to the studio in a bit to burn some tracks to DVD.. then my sister's coming over (woo!)

(14:42:09) is rewiring & labelling all the network cables to accommodate new kit. In this house I'm Infrastructure Manager. Cool title, dusty job!

(16:06:35) is making pancakes with Lenni while listening to various random songs on http:/ .. don't seem to be able to queue tracks up..?

(17:26:07) is witnessing a spectacular thunderstorm.. in the words of Professor John P Kilcoyne: "What a great bang."

(19:38:55) Video recorder fail: setting it to stop recording five minutes after the show's ~started~ not finished! D'oh!

(20:40:12) knows very well that installing software when tired is a BAD idea. Installing software on something which is eminently brickable doubly so.

(22:25:05) is off to bed, a little later than planned.. but with 250GB of data (180,000 items!) now trundling from one drive to another. Hopefully!

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