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Tweets for 30 Aug 2008


(08:23:31) woke up feeling like an amoeba in (what passes for) a man's body.. slowly evolving to humanity. Thank heavens for paracetamol & coffee!

(08:25:37) little known fact: Sarah Palin listens to Vobes ( but hasn't told anyone for fear of persecution.

(08:26:45) will stop with the meme-leverage now. Off for a shower & sort through my PA gear. Need to make a guitar audible without feedback. Challenge!

(09:37:10) loves the mashups, especially when they sample Musical Youth...

(12:24:24) has had a tasty lunch. I could do with a nap. Off out and about again at 2 - some Bleak Expectations before then. Ver funny.

(16:27:59) is watching Gladiators finals with the young'uns before heading west for an evening with podcasting legends - been a good summer for that!

Tweets for 29 Aug 2008


(07:56:40) is working at home today. I think I might be fighting off a virus.. the roof of my mouth is really sensitive. In other news: blueberries.

(10:24:22) has found the website of Finland's fine Shouting Choir, Mieskuoro Huutajat ( - first heard them on the Peel show.

(10:25:28) Mieskuoro Huutajat's interpretation of The Star Spangled Banner: - BRILLIANT. Shouty.

(12:46:35) Children's telly + Mark Heap = amusement: (wasn't this good when I was a kid)..

(17:42:33) is all done with work..quick play with the children, then probably an early night.. I'm feeling rather otherworldly and odd. Always the odd.

(20:21:54) is going to bed, as I think these are flu symptoms & they tend to cause me to break computers. Camomile tea + horizontali tea = bliss.Night!

Tweets for 28 Aug 2008


(06:52:05) is stumbling around the mobile web, semi-conscious when I could be doing just that in real life.. just add coffee. Studio PC going on..

(06:57:49) wonders if there's such a thing as a wi-fi soundcard.. kinda like that Apple thing, but installs on Windows as a virtual audio device...

(07:39:14) is rebuilding my beleaguered studio PC today. This could end in tears, but I plan to start early, so I'm not back and forth till midnight!

(12:24:33) I've been a-blogging: Tom =Tom voices - child stars!

(18:14:31) is playing host to his old mate Jon, who's heading to Scotland tomorrow. Beware, ye north of the border.

Tweets for 27 Aug 2008


(07:40:40) is having a great big stretch and a cup of coffee. Although doing both at the same time could be something of a messy challenge.

(10:29:57) has potentially found the missing musical link I've been missing - .. distortion is Good.

(10:31:50) If I have time, I might enter this particular remix competition:

(16:58:03) Attention Zoom H4 owners, who, like me, might have missed it! New firmware out now: Cool!

(20:14:34) saw "Mamma Mia: the advert of the soundtrack of the film of the musical of the songs of the band" And they say there's no originality left..

(20:54:18) I've been a-blogging: Luton Airport - off their trolley.

(21:25:56) I've been a-blogging: Zoom H4 - firmware update!

(22:18:06) Ooh.. one of mine. The question is.. where on ~earth~ did find it? Coolio.. ♫

(22:20:34) Right.. last one before I go and do a VO for the podcastrophes... it don't get much cheerier than this! ♫

Tweets for 26 Aug 2008


(07:43:27) is back in the relative peace of the office. My word of the day: poltroon. Trying to think of appraisal things, without using 'poltroon'.

(12:26:06) is out of the appraisalings. Off for a geocache or three. I might take an umbrella.

(15:23:19) Woo! Geocaches.. 3 out of 3, including a webcam cache, which is a delightful oddity (to 'find' it you need to be visible on it). Grand.

(18:26:53) is in The Stag. This is where all the cool radio people hang out (Steve Lamacq is just 4 feet away). And the Wogan producer. Funny bloke.

(19:14:20) is en route to Baker Steer listening to @Z80GameCoder & @EpiduralGirl doing Bleepshow...starting with a lush Kraftwek cover.BLISS!^floats^

(21:09:07) is home & going to bed. It's been a good day, and I've spent most of it appreciating all the wonders with which I've been blessed. Peace.

(21:38:13) I've been a-blogging: Woburn Safari Park - Wonderful!

Tweets for 25 Aug 2008


(07:42:26) doesn't feel like I fit properly into today. It doesn't help that MIDI seems to have gone a bit bonkers on the studio PC. Time to rebuild?

(15:15:51) has just been to Woburn Safari Park for the first time. It's a very marvellous place - some quite good photos to blog about later. Splendid.

(17:02:06) was quite amused by this:, mentioned on TWiT. Now ~that~ is something London could do so much more spectacularly in 2012..

(19:07:22) Oh well done me.. I've had my Facebook account suspended having stupidly clicked a nasty link this morning. Gotta admire those trojans. Not.

(22:33:26) is off to bed after doing a comprehensive antivirus sweep of all the PCs I can get hold of. Work in the morning. Appraisal to boot. Oh dear.

Tweets for 24 Aug 2008


(07:15:38) has just looked out of the window. It's looking damp out there. I wonder what would happen if it rained on the internet.

(11:19:01) I've been a-blogging: Family photos..

(11:35:03) I've been a-blogging: Smartwater and Immobilise..

(13:02:37) I've been a-blogging: 'secret' - the card game!

(13:23:32) is off to my Dad's with the children.. taking the GPS just in case! (of geocaching opportunities, not getting lost :D)

(16:53:18) is back home with two tired, grumpy children. Early bedtime for them, I think.. then some more studio time. Definitely.

(19:31:47) is making a list of Geocaches, and checking it twice - not sure which are going to be nasty or nice.. but there's plenty round work, too!

(19:50:08) Nice work, Mr Chris Morris.. (surely it was him, right..? Please?)

(21:31:42) While researching ad music (for NSD) I was reminded of this: ... I believe all adverts should be broadcast in this form.

Tweets for 23 Aug 2008


(02:59:58) has scarcely managed to avoid a sneezing fit at 4am.. there must be something throwing out a lot of pollen right now.

(14:12:41) is doing the Smartwater thing.. auditing all the cool stuff we've got (too much!) I wonder how you get the serial number of a guinea pig?

(18:08:35) is most definitely looking forward to Stephen Fry's programme on English next Monday morning on Radio 4 (

(18:10:48) Well done me. is what I meant. I very much smiled when I saw the logo at the top left hand side..

(18:12:47) is being distracted by a game of Russian Roulette with random recent links while the boy is still up.. I'd probably best stop.

(18:14:42) Quality:

(20:10:45) has just taken delivery of some fine industry standard PA speakers. If that doesn't give me a reason to perform live,I don't know what will!

(22:09:25) I've been a-blogging: Visitations and vacations..

(22:27:30) is logging some geocache finds, with no small amount of help from @epiduralgirl, @Z80GameCoder and the legendary Amy.

Tweets for 22 Aug 2008


(04:53:43) has Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for breakfast and Wint-O-Green Lifesavers for the commute.. Friday's started in a super-sweet way.

(07:53:40) has received an email from eBay with their reviewed prices. It all seems rather complicated, and puts me off selling things. Boo. Boo!

(10:42:17) has got smartwater now ( - free from Bedfordshire Police (I guess it varies between forces and councils)

(10:43:31) will probably continue to use to register our techy stuff - unless anyone knows of better/issues?

(13:44:13) is looking up 'Heuristically' on the internets. I think I know, but I don't want to make myself look stupid if it means something different.

(21:12:19) is watching the news on TV for the first time in months. Can't see it lasting. Off to bed, so. Drag me out of bed at 7.30 tomorrow.. please?

Tweets for 21 Aug 2008


(20:21:46) hadn't tweeted today..goodness me. Our dear friends have departed- back to work tomorrow. Then, a quiet weekend (hopefully some production?)

Tweets for 20 Aug 2008


(05:25:18) is awake and about to embark on some semi-conscious tidying before the legendary @Z80GameCoder and @EpiduralGirl arrive. It's gonna be fun!

(10:00:33) is having a Sit Down before a brief forage for biscuits. On reflection, I should've done the foraging first, but there y'go.

(10:01:39) will nominate James Dyson for a Nobel Prize if he can develop a whirry brush head thing that can discreetly deposit a furball afterwards..

(22:30:34) is off to bed after a busy, exciting and entertaining day with some fine folk. Random podcaster meeting in the morning! :S

Tweets for 19 Aug 2008


(08:05:15) is back at work. One hour in, and I'm still working through the emails. Today is going to be a typical Tuesday, I fear. Pile on the coffee!

(12:38:45) has a migraine. I've tried alternative 'coffee & sweets' treatment but, before I have a cheese bap (non-medicinal) some paracetamol,I think.

(12:44:00) is reflecting upon Emma & Pete Show 114 ( and wondering what exactly the protocol is for parking on someone else's drive..

(12:55:19) believes it is well overdue for OffWight Radiator to reform.

(13:01:38) is helping a colleague find a fire axe (he wants one for by his desk). This is one of the only sites that mentions it:

(16:44:41) has just learned about 'type A', 'type B' and 'type C' projects. My head's gone a bit spinning.

(19:21:16) just heard what the children enjoyed about their trip to London: "We went to McDonalds AND Burger King!" Memories that will last forever...

Tweets for 18 Aug 2008


(12:23:41) is in the Museum of London.. I'd not realised it existed. We've done London Wheel, a river cruise & The Bank Of England.. top tourist stuff!

(13:47:49) is having some coffee & chickeny thing at McD's.. everybody's kinda tired after lots of walking.. that's London! River cruisin' again soon.

(18:56:22) is home, with tired offspring & wife.. and me. Work tomorrow, followed by a visitation from internet legends. THIS is non stop fun & action.

(20:16:32) has photos, podcasts and blogs to sort out before bed (not to mention emails!) Need some peanut-butter on toast to sustain me. Briefly.

(21:53:15) I've been a-blogging: London tourism...

Tweets for 17 Aug 2008


(06:40:57) is highly skilled at remaining stoically horizontal in the face of Things To Do.. I will be dipping a toe into moblogging today..

(07:54:06) I've been a-blogging: A slight digression...

(19:08:52) A fun day, with all sorts of everything.. now we're all in a hotel room, trying to be as quiet as possible so the children can go to sleep..

Tweets for 16 Aug 2008


(00:10:42) has a theory: in Medieval times, everyone in England spoke with a West Midlands accent. I'd have liked to have lived then.But not as a serf.

(08:06:18) is listening to TR808 cowbell & some delightfully short '80s samples while the children watch Tom & Jerry and Beth visits Asda. Saturday.

(09:32:54) will now tart myself up for photos later. I've a pot of bizarre hair styling wax on the desk in front of me but no idea what to do with it.

(09:35:23) FACT: my children do not like Vimto. Later: Tizer. I am an evil parent.

(18:41:52) has had a lovely afternoon with lovely photography Tamara, and is now contemplating this evening's activities...

(19:53:07) is in the studio, and will start doing something constructive in at least the next few minutes. Enjoying Own-Brand Malibu again. Relaxing.

(20:59:40) has just edited together car horns to make a humourous tune. Ronnie Hazlehurst was paid just 30 quid for the Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em theme!

(22:16:35) believes Rentaghost series 1 was the best.

Tweets for 15 Aug 2008


(08:13:47) is up & about for the last day of the training course.. getting my internet fix first, though - although now I've got laptop PSU failure!

(10:09:48) is halfway through.. probably had enough coffee.. I've made some nice challenging puzzles for the delegates to work out.. ooh yes!

(15:12:18) is home hoorah. Absolute chaos. About to suffer body and brain shutdown. FAIL. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(16:13:32) is making Tom Tom voices with the children. One way to relax, I guess... :D

(19:49:27) loves this: .. is it just me, or does John Linnell bear a striking resemblence to Chris Morris in this video?

Tweets for 14 Aug 2008


(08:07:59) is just about to kick off some training... I've had coffee and toast, so no excuse! Shame about the SMS thing. Evil Phone Companies bah.

(09:12:47) is suffering from Doomed Server Syndrome. It's not going terribly well. I think Germany is out, which doesn't help any.

(09:38:13) is suffering from Not-Quite-So-Doomed-Server syndrome. Turns out the system was being reticent. More coffee then it's my turn proper.. eek.

(13:07:55) is just exiting the Borough of Lunchington, and is now embarking on a voyage to Teatimecester via the hamlet of Training-on-the-Dull.

(13:21:10) would, if I had time, write a thesis called "The benefits to learning of having a small infestation of wasps during a training course."

(16:23:00) is all done braindumping to some fairly awake delegates.. the wasps definitely helped. Off for a Spoons Curry Night after checking in...

(22:22:29) had General Wi-Fi Failure today. Managed to finish some major NSD editing, though. In bed by 11.20pm too; maybe not such a bad thing, then!

Tweets for 13 Aug 2008


(07:26:54) is rockin' and rollin' this morning. In a good way, I think. "Caffeinated and Smug".. a band name or an album title? Off to look at webcams.

(08:07:33) can see Bill Drummond through the glass (just about to be interviewed on 6Music) BILL DRUMMOND! Legend. (bloke from the KLF, @poots ;)

(09:58:09) is convening for another couple of interviews. Is eating banana bread while interrogating candidates considered rude?

(13:25:55) is really pleased to see a website dedicated to integer sequences. (such as - abundant!)

(16:13:33) believes I know what's wrong with 6Music: the music only sounds good through decent speakers, and everybody seems to talk through a frown.

(16:46:57) has had a breakthrough and will celebrate by going home. And having a glass of water. Whatever comes first.

(19:36:29) wants to know where in tarnation (or its locality) my hire car is. @poots suspects they'll deliver a bona fide tractor in cover of darkness.

(20:05:20) has just enjoyed Kid Carpet's Olympic tribute: & was reminded of Esser, what I heard on 6music. Similar:

(20:53:46) has the funkiest dishwasher:

(21:47:42) is packing, then heading to bed, in the hope there'll be something with four wheels and an engine outside the house first thing tomorrow..

Tweets for 12 Aug 2008


(04:56:16) is back to work this morning.. slowly does it.. I could never get the hang of Tuesdays. But you knew that. Coffee in T minus 2 hours 5 mins!

(07:47:45) is making the coffee.. come one come all for caffeine-infused goodness on this damp morning. My Dilbert desk calendar still says 1st August!

(09:03:03) Current undead emails: 107. Plant news: Yvette the Pepper Collective is sprouting well; Hazel the peace lily needs a little TLC, though.

(11:39:39) Somebody's already beaten me to it.. - I may just start one of my own anyway..

(11:40:22) Interesting.. I hadn't heard the term 'Tetris Effect' before.. - I've SO had that.

(12:11:29) Wonders under what conditions 10 pounds = 'FREE'? vs ..? Pricebeat email sent :D

(12:11:53) (and yes, I'm drooling over mics during my lunch braek. This is not healthy, I know :D)

(15:27:19) bagged a bargain from (a workhorse Rode NT-1A with free popshield & delivery) Definitely worth calling them if you want a deal.

(19:56:36) has textbook banana bread made by Beth, and a nice cup of rooibos. I made the tea. I'm in charge of achieving little things. Now? Easybus!

(20:07:03) was briefly distracted into creating a side project.. Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism. ;)

Tweets for 11 Aug 2008


(07:40:17) is not a member of the Wide Awake Club this morning. I wonder if I should start an exercise regime.. I wish I didn't dislike getting sweaty.

(09:09:08) has been distracted by Dartford Crossing changing their prices. Dart Tags.. like Oyster cards? I think I might need one.

(12:38:44) is going to have to cut down on the toxins, I think. Lunchtime, then some exercise of some sort might help. One step at a time.

(15:27:42) believes the sewing machine is a power tool (although using it to attach a new button to a work shirt is perhaps a little excessive).

(19:23:42) is in a tiny continental restaurant in Highgate (I think) with friends & friendly strangers celebrating a triple birthday.A special evening.

(22:54:40) is home entirely too late to bed, but after an utterly fantastic night with some lovely people. I wasn't expecting it to be so much fun. :)

Tweets for 10 Aug 2008


(07:56:58) has had breakfast & done some toy repairs, now to get into my Sunday finery. A dry day in prospect, although I can smell the pollen..atchoo!

(12:27:33) is feeling man-flu-ish. Coffee, dozing & antihistamines haven't helped. I have a hankering for Christmas Pudding. Maybe the fillip I need..?

(13:16:22) wrote a ditty about Lenni: "Twig, twig, spaghetti hoop head, two pipecleaners & a matchbox." Describes her near as well as I could draw her.

(13:20:13) has also invented a new game: Pseudoku: a 9x9 grid that you stick digits in randomly with an expression of intent thought. I'm really good.

(13:56:24) is off in a mo to do some geocache maintenance. Replacing an apparently waterlogged sandwich box with a watertight aluminium flask. Robust!

(16:20:17) didn't find his geocache. Either this is because of idiocy or pilferage. This has complicated matters, since I was planning a decant.. darn.

(20:34:31) has a mate round. He brought Tizer with him, so I took his photograph. This is what Sunday evenings are about. I think.

(20:39:03) isn't sure about Tizer, to be honest. I thought it was.. er.. more like cherry coke, I guess. Don't tell Nik, although he might finish it.

Tweets for 09 Aug 2008


(07:44:33) has most of a Saturday ahead, having had coffee and breakfast.. some housework and - if the weather holds - geocache maintenance, I think.

(07:47:20) block brownfox

(07:48:02) Oops.. that didn't work. There's no easy way to remove spam followers, is there? Where's my internet Stanley Knife?

(09:42:52) just wrote a letter to a sponsored child - he's called "Feri" & lives in Indonesia. I wanted to make a 'cross-channel Feri' joke. Best not.

(14:02:15) has just painted ramekins with the children.. Beth's about to fire them - otherwise the paint just peels off.. not so palatable!

(18:24:24) is heading down to the studio for an evening of editing.. and a long overdue blog entry (or three!) This may take a while.

(19:01:16) has performed overdue maintenance on my main vocal mic.. it wasn't on the list but the hum was annoying & it's best done when I'm NOT tired!

(20:20:36) cannot stand the song 'Whistle Down The Wind'. It cannot be sung properly, even by gorgeous red-headed wunderkinder. This is a proven fact.

(20:55:03) I don't say this very often, but I am quite good at audio editing. Very quite good indeed. My goodness it takes a while to do, though!

Tweets for 08 Aug 2008


(07:25:21) is getting things ready for the day.. returning things to shops is on the cards - Coolermaster drive case & Aldi coffee machine (shame!)

(12:33:59) has returned faulty items and has received (so far) two out of three refunds. Next.. off to Bedford to spend the proceeds at a pound shop :D

(12:35:22) has this advice: if you buy a coffee machine, it may be worth spending a couple of quid on extended warranty; it's bound to fail in 3 years!

(12:50:27) will go to Bedford now, after getting rather sucked into a Flash Biro-style Balancing Game:

(16:08:48) has been to Bedford. Can't navigate the place without a satnav or map.. how bad is that? On the plus side, though: I HAVE CANDY FLOSS! Yay!

(16:26:27) - not a pretty sight.. Shame I can't justify a candyfloss maker (even a cheap Firebox one:

(19:28:57) is working for a bit tonight.. switching big mains switches. LET'S ROCK!

(20:59:44) is all done with the mains switching (a few perhaps a little ahead of schedule!) and now settling time.. the babysitting begins...

Tweets for 07 Aug 2008


(06:52:34) "I'm highest bidder!"

(06:53:26) is up and about.. Christopher's birthday today - though I'm not sure why the children have adopted pet potatoes.

(14:19:51) is spending FAR too much time doing futile video things.. trying to retrieve a corrupt video CD and bounce down a wedding slideshow.. bah!

(18:22:59) is playing Sing Star Legends with Beth & Trev. Some fine songs for me to murder :D And an excuse to clear my palette with port.. yum!

(19:36:54) believes our karaoke endeavours are appropriate recompense for the neighbours who insist on smoking outside our lounge window... HAH!

(20:46:40) thinks Jo Enright is the best. /loves the Birmingham accent. I'm told there's something wrong with me..

Tweets for 06 Aug 2008


(09:12:27) is pottering today. Children are happy doing craft things, Beth's off to Asda. I'm going to try and write my blog, I think.

(11:00:56) is letting Lenni loose on my sister's answerphone. Great fun :D

(15:13:31) is writing and recording North South Divide stuff with Trev.. nearly all done - just a couple more voicers and a STACK of sound effects...

(20:36:42) made some progress earlier.. now I'm foundering a little. Beth's wrapping Christopher's Huge Birthday Present. I'm thinking about blogging..

(20:39:29) has had Black Forest Gateau in a glass: - on special offer from Asda, no less. YUM!

(22:31:41) is off to bed having not written a blog entry, but a shell script that captures JPGs from a cruise ship webcam. Funny what I'm asked to do.

Tweets for 05 Aug 2008


(08:04:36) is praying it is ~quite~ dry today. That would be perfect thankyouplease. Why do I feel so sleepy this morning? Some exercise is in order.

(14:38:38) is SO happy it's stopped raining. A Good Thing. I can smell freshly cooked doughnuts, but still don't know where to buy cheap candyfloss.

(19:40:48) is home after a day at Legoland. I'd say 7/10.. not too busy, since it was damp & Tuesday, but some rides were borked. Wicksteed's better.

(20:25:35) is watching The Italian Job having a little too much Chinese food.

Tweets for 04 Aug 2008


(07:00:05) is making a list of things to do today.. a few bits of housework, a little shopping and general fun & games. Bit too sleepy for details :D

(09:38:19) is off to Asda with the bairns. Current debate: who's going to be taking the wheelie trolley up/down the hill. Full ahead, bicker factor 4!

(11:35:15) is back home and preparing lunch.. perfect weather for a walk, and most of the items ticked off the list :) This afternoon.. gro-bags!

(12:22:38) believes this is the cutest: (shame it's not the full version - piglets playing electric guitar ROCK!)

(20:02:10) has attached storage again (bodged). Coolermaster HD case going back to PC World (wish me luck) & a non-USB solution is on the horizon...

(20:10:29) has performed Stylophone maintenance. All now sounding ~gorgeous*~ with nary a crackle (*a matter of opinion) Good ol' lighter fluid.

Tweets for 03 Aug 2008


(11:05:39) is making lunch for the children, hoping this morning's downpour is the last of the rain for today. We're flying ROCKETS this afternoon.Yay!

(12:20:17) has the coolest geek kids.. they're making a treasure hunt around the house using QRcodes as clues ( !

(16:27:59) is back at Dad's with children smelling of lavender. Rocket firing a 2 out of 3 success. Top holiday activities.

(19:03:21) is home.. kids nearly in bed. An evening of studio activities - after Top Gear Comedy (& Irritatingly Sycophantic Interview) - is in order.

(20:07:19) has just realised my 2000th tweet was of a fairly low standard. This should've been it: . Now ~that~ was luck.

(21:12:17) is immensely grateful to @petecooper for an introduction to the delights of D-Link's DNS323 & advice on my current storage crisis. Ta, mate!

(22:38:37) is off to bed.. didn't quite make it an 11pm sleepy time... too many pics to sort out. Have I really been sitting here all evening? Night!

Tweets for 02 Aug 2008


(07:40:28) isn't in too poor a state this morning, but definitely didn't get enough sleep.. mustn't be a layabed, though! A quiet Saturday in prospect.

(09:38:50) is having mammoth style FAIL with attached storage on the mac :( Cheering myself up with Neuros OSD YouTube: Never fails.

(10:09:52) It just took a quick browse of the Apple Warranty site (it's long expired.. boo!) to persuade the drive to return to life. I have no idea...

(11:11:03) ~loves~ this ... a blend of two of the cleverlyfunniest things ever: (thanks, @trevypoos!)

(22:24:04) has had a very reasonable evening with a willing subject to test my new mic pre-amp.. it does most of the work for me. Sounds lush, though!

Tweets for 01 Aug 2008


(07:27:11) is running headlong into August. I'm going to do this month ~properly~ with mantras & resolve and MUSTARD. RIght now, though.. yup, coffee.

(10:40:12) is relieved.. my dear Mother has received her insurance payout from the bureaucratic oafs at Phoenix, so can pay off (some of) the mortgage.

(10:44:18) advises everyone on the internet: NEVER invest with Phoenix Life (formerly Royal Sun Alliance)- their customer service is unbelievably poor.

(10:56:23) always thought there was a way dynamically to set my location on Twitter; I can't find anything in 'help'. Am I being customarily dimwitted?

(21:41:56) is drinking some Flibbertygibbert with some fine friends in a lovely Wetherspoons in EC1. This is all I know. Hoppy. A fine Friday evening.

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