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Tweets for 31 Jul 2008


(07:29:57) is in the office after the most humid walk to work I've known this year. Rackmount PCs whirring.. today ~will~ be a good day. Coffee anyone?

(12:52:28) is going to have something to eat, then carry on with that big ol' pile of Things To Do.

(13:04:44) would like to remind everyone of his generation: "Don't POKE the PET!" (http://6502.org/users/andre/petindex/poke.html)

(15:51:52) feels like going for a run, but I know that after about 100 yards I'll be needing a lie down. There's nowhere to lie down 100 yards away.

(16:58:40) is off home.. ahh.. the bliss of a quiet studio (with working air conditioning!) The perfect way to end a working day.

(20:04:32) is doing some week mocking and some rat labbing before bed. Oh yes comedy, Mr BBC2.

(20:20:50) Ahh... blessed rain! In hot stereo, with both front and back windows open.

(21:23:23) is off to bed. Remember folks.. keep your friends close, your enemies closr & a geek closest of all. You never know when you might need one.

Tweets for 30 Jul 2008


(08:09:50) has coffee and exactly the same issue to deal with as yesterday. Now ~that~ is what I call 'no progress'.

(08:10:40) On the upside, though, Ray the van driver just gave me some gardening gloves that say "Network Rail" on them. "They're brand new, an' all"..

(16:46:18) has no idea where Wednesday's all gone.. it's been sucked away from me by a great big fan of meetings. And no, I'm not one. Nearly home yay!

(19:23:42) Darn it.. tweety texts have died ~again~ .. I really miss those little soupçons of life plopping onto my phone wherever I am. Whimsical.

(22:02:25) is finally heading to bed, somewhat ruing a decision to solder a mic lead. The wrong wire gets cut when tired.Pay attention, bomb defusers.

Tweets for 29 Jul 2008


(08:05:47) is at work, fan on, coffee in & busy day ahead. My boss has just shown me the new 'glossy' TFT screen every laptop seems to have now.. yee.

(08:16:05) was sent this by my big bro: http://snipr.com/zzzap No lightning strikes over the UK at the mo, so I won't bother starting the DeLorian..

(08:36:36) It's just recurred to me: WALL·E at the cinema yesterday was subtitled- is this normal? Crediting "Don't worry,Be Happy" to Bob Marley?FAIL.

(10:59:38) is catching up with Bleepshow while I chase calls.. one of the most frustrating parts of my job. At least I've Lovehearts (thanks, @poots!)

(13:02:23) Possibly the most wrong thing I've seen today: http://tinyurl.com/5vgbj8. God bless you, Timothy.

(13:53:34) Meat and gardening - this is how it should be. It's like having a barbecue indoors, except without the need for the London Fire Brigade.

(15:04:19) would like to welcome Eliza & Barnaby the Aloe Vera plants, Hazel the peace lily and Yvette & Orville the pepper collectives to the world.

(15:06:37) Oh.. and Froggie the strange plant that I don't know the name of. Sorry, Froggie. Genealogy available on request. I have filthy fingernails.

(15:10:48) There's someone playing the tambourine outside.. the same one bar rhythm over and over and over again. This could get irksome.

(17:14:54) is, like a chicken owner with a keen interest in DIY.. making a run for it.

(18:10:20) is testing Twitter on 3G to see how much data costs compared to 15p for an SMS (that's effectively 983 quid per megabyte!)

Tweets for 28 Jul 2008


(07:57:08) is having coffee and kippers (home in time) for breakfast. I need all the brain food I can get at the moment :D Later: tidying & Wall-E ...

(09:51:26) watching 'Sorry, I've Got No Head' .. silly, silly kid's comedy. Appeals to me.. a bit like 'Stupid' - both have got Marcus Brigstocke in..

(11:15:25) is having a Windows-free day.. trying only to use the mac. So far: FAIL! Safari keeps being stroppy & cahoot webcard needs a PC to install.

(11:18:05) http://twitpic.com/5p02 - Mmm... blackberries! (fresh from the jungle at the bottom of the garden.. which is rapidly encroaching!)

(14:37:45) is at the cinema with Beth and the children - we're seeing Wall¤E - they're excited!

(18:17:14) was most impressed with Wall¤E .. breathtaking CGI, and a wonderful storyline. The children both gave it 10/10 :) Presto was hilarious, too.

(18:41:31) is going to try and perk himself up with a banana milkshake. All the major food groups (except meat. Lamb chops in the fridge, though... :D)

(20:10:13) I've been a-blogging: Haircut, breakage and general relaxation! http://tinyurl.com/5nuxtj

(22:20:39) is off to bed after straightening things out (even to the latest Neuros OSD firmware). Sleep is for wimps. I, sadly, am a wimp. Night! :D

Tweets for 27 Jul 2008


(06:56:49) is trying hard to resist being very rubbish and turning over for just one more sleep cycle... ~no more daywaste~ (busy one ahead...)

(16:02:26) is having a wonderful afternoon (with the in-laws) at some family friends'.. barbecue, paddling pool (for the kids!) & lots of laughs.. yay!

(21:31:34) I've been a-blogging: Adding microphones to church sound reinforcement - economically! http://tinyurl.com/6yehbp

Tweets for 26 Jul 2008


(08:07:30) is warm warm. Ambling about today, mainly in my pyjamas. I wonder if they do a fan attachment. Days like this I wish we had solar panels!

(12:22:31) Dear godaddy, your website is a MESS and disgusts me. I only use you to support my favourite podcasts. Please sort it out. Yik.

(13:49:56) has achieved very, very little so far today.. still not out of my jimjams. Tidy-up-and-housework time this afternoon; children playing out..

(16:49:04) OK then right then. Kitchen -> tidy -> pancakes - > happy children. It's a simple flowchart, but may need fans and podcasts to ...

(18:52:13) right.. children are in bed. I shall endeavour to do something musical this evening - need to justify more gubbins. Battleaxe & Enigma FTW.

(19:15:05) There's an amazing low orange sun outside.. were there something even vaguely photographable nearby, I'd put a t-shirt on & take pictures.

Tweets for 25 Jul 2008


(07:37:08) is looking at a traumatic triage Friday. There's nobody here but us chickens.

(09:38:38) has very very mixed feelings. It's been a crazy busy morning, with muc smugness, but I have destroyed one of my earphones. Darn clodhoppers.

(10:17:54) does not need an iPod Touch. Rinse and repeat. I do not need an iPod Touch. I do not need an iPod Touch. I do not need an iPod touch...

(14:29:52) is badly over-running in meetings today.. I'm not sure it's possible to over-run with any degree of grace and style.

(15:47:04) is having a brief sojourn towards Denmark Street.. must focus right... or resist?

(17:41:38) is waiting for the next coach that comes along... left a little late tonight (boo!) Rather hungry, now. Hankering for candyfloss. Not good!

(17:46:43) Yay! Coachage! Doing some long-overdue study... Need to get this course finished.. I wonder if I'll get a sustificate.

(17:56:06) just checked my Orange balance.Hmm. I'm wondering if tweets have been removed from my 5-a-day freebies! Should've listened to @striderpaul..

(19:34:33) Yip. SMS tweets are now definitely ~not~ included in Orange's 5-a-day free text thing. I'm considering wiring an old nokia to my mac mini...

(19:46:29) has jacket potato, beans, sausages, mustard and A STYLOPHONE. You rock, @poots. Almost as much as the great Rolf Harris.

(19:48:24) I was in a meeting earlier & one of the attendees pulled out a stylophone. "I orderd an iPhone 3G on QuickOrder; this is what they sent me."

(21:33:36) is intrigued (just before bedtime) by a collection of musical instruments here: http://snipr.com/oddie. Hang Durm & Glass Armonica FTW!

(21:37:54) likes the Daxopone: http://snipr.com/jadzia.. maybe an inspiration for Art Of Noise's "Eye of a Needle"? http://snipr.com/ineed. Night all!

(21:38:40) likes the Daxophone: http://snipr.com/jadzia.. maybe an inspiration for Art Of Noise's "Eye of a Needle"? http://snipr.com/ineed. Night all!

Tweets for 24 Jul 2008


(08:22:57) is like a tightly coiled spring.. that's been left on the beach for two weeks. I love the smell of WD40 in the morning. In a bit: a course.

(10:26:36) is on a course about, well, something. It's all rather complicated, but I could do with them picking up the pace a bit. I'm a poor student.

(11:52:48) finds it difficult to be concise in these status updates.

(13:32:46) is all done with the course - an hour early, so time to sort my emails before I start breaking more stuf.

(14:27:54) is still amazed that Heart & Magic have more listeners than Capital.. it used to be ~the~ station to listen to in London.Bring back Kremmen!

(16:08:07) is all done at the desk today..leaving it in a bit of a mess while I go and bust up a server bigtime. My eye still aches a bit. Is it ague?

(18:32:00) is nearly home, and in really good time, despite scheduled work due to finish after home time. It's rather warm, but surprisingly pleasant.

(19:03:18) is warmer inside than it is out. If that makes sense.

Tweets for 23 Jul 2008


(07:16:45) is late to the office.. worse that I'm working at home today! Darn you, mistagged "Always Something There" (Naked Eyes, not Human League!)

(07:28:33) "Coupon printing is not permitted in a virtual environment." I've not encountered that before. Why does barcode printing need a special app?

(09:37:14) is catching up with @petecooper's bleepshows while trying to fix an unexpected oddity and translating user manuals from German. Need coffee!

(11:59:24) is done with the translation..now being beset by Windows Messenger messages from work about stuff nobody seems to be able to explain. Great.

(12:23:26) is considering becoming the office despot.

(13:56:15) My eye feels bruised. Time for a tuna & salad cream & cheese toastie & coffee. Then.. change control. Oh joy. I may just grow that beard...

(16:33:28) will quit & have a quick tidy & shower once this last change request has gone in. I've a crazy day planned tomorrow.. spilling into Friday!

(17:25:29) is all done.. disconnected from the Work Umbilical.. now to shut down the computers & have some family time. And a cup of tea. And a shower.

(18:09:22) is predictable. Peanut butter on toast, I think.

(18:36:06) is crying with laughter at Failblog: http://failblog.org/page/9 [sorry if everyone on the internet already knows about this except me!]

(21:30:45) is off to bed, having tooled around with ping.fm for far longer than appropriate...

Tweets for 22 Jul 2008


(07:55:46) suffered the rubbish motorway this morning, but now drinking coffee and planning the day. Work emails already tamed.. time for the details!

(10:44:56) RAR! Twitter's stopped texting me with the latest happening in World Of Tweets. I shall have this seen to, after bashing away at registries.

(15:39:34) wonders: how hard can it be to configure a system to send an email if a disk fails? HP clearly make it too complicated. Or I'm too thick.

(19:26:05) was going to send this from the coach, but Twitter has stopped working on by SMS now. Bah! I shall have some banana milkshake to compensate.

(19:35:02) Anyway, as I was saying, if it's not Flying Ant Day today, I'm fairly sure it will be tomorrow. Nasty little things. Bring on the seagulls!

Tweets for 21 Jul 2008


(07:04:31) is up and showered... a little late by all accounts... Lenni's at school, Chris is off - hopefully off on our bikes later. Coffee time!

(08:36:53) robot rage, gladiators, cycle ride, Toys-R-Us window shopping: a boy's ideal summer holiday Monday...

(09:28:06) is pumping up the tyres and squirting WD40 onto the chains.. Chris & I are going on a bike ride... hope I can find the cycle path this time!

(10:34:40) is ambling round ToysRUs with Chris, after a gentle bike ride through the industrial area. Odd that there's free wi-fi here.. but cool!

(12:01:31) is home and all tired out. We cycled 3.7 miles, and did some errands on the way. Chris's first 'proper' cycle ride.. another momentous day.

(12:13:42) got an email from FriendsReunited.. "Why not add yourself to these places? Bridge of Don, ABERDEEN.." (etc). Because I've never been there?

(20:15:59) is officially off to bed (after selecting and flattening clothes for the remainder of the week). Thank you, Monday, that will be all.

Tweets for 20 Jul 2008


(08:28:48) is awake, barely. My justification for playing HalfLife 2 until 1.30: it's a value for money thing; if I don't, I'm wasting the box price :D

(11:16:42) is watching the Brainiac Sports Day.. definitive study material for A-level sports science students everywhere. Hilarious.

(11:57:29) What I use my i600 for: to confirm that Wayne & Waynette Slob did, indeed, have a daughter called 'Spudulika'. I've never had a Spud-u-like.

(13:33:48) has just put a little light up in Lenni's room.. long overdue, since her bunk beds cast a massive shadow! Now: sparkying, coffee & laundry.

(16:38:29) I've been a-blogging: Cave! http://tinyurl.com/6aos7v

(16:48:20) I've been a-blogging: Daily Photo of the Day : hoop-la! http://tinyurl.com/5u4puc

(20:10:18) is FAIL at needlework. No badges sewn on Chris's cub sweater during Top Gear. I was going to break out heavy machinery; now Beth's doing it!

Tweets for 19 Jul 2008


(08:49:17) is listening to The Eureka Years, drinking coffee and relaxing. I'm fortunate to have such pleasant Saturday mornings. Later: Chris's party.

(09:27:39) they're digging up the main road again.. there's a machine that sounds like a loud, giant, unremitting vacuum cleaner. It's a noisy weekend.

(09:30:08) Shower tune: Sister Sledge - Lost In Music. It's in my All Time Top Ten Songs. Now enjoying Cake - Guitar. Feel Good Saturday!

(19:06:48) is home after a busy day.. Christopher's birthday party (caving at Dell Farm - http://snipr.com/dellfarm cool!) & mic installing at church..

(19:09:31) whoops!) and and and ... I saw my first 'new' coin today - only a 1p, but I like the design. SHINY. http://snipr.com/coinij

(21:08:59) has just finished a couple of hours of NSD editing. I fear I will need several bucketloads of sound effects for one of these sketches...

Tweets for 18 Jul 2008


(10:24:43) has had a good morning so far, despite the alarm clock not waking me and Twitter being unavailable for my drivellings thus far. FREE MUG!

(12:37:22) doesn't feel like any progress has been made either with Virtual PCs or HP Systems Insight Manager. Most frustrating. I *will* prevail..

(15:40:44) has a Virtual Windows 2000 machine running on Windows XP! Trivial, you may think.. not when it's off a Ghost image. http://snipr.com/ghost2k

Tweets for 17 Jul 2008


(07:41:31) is writing interview questions.. I have a feeling I'll be asking 'em, so I'd better make them ones I can answer myself!

(09:56:26) is back from the shortest fire drill ever. Why do people laugh at me when I put a day-glo vest on? Am I a comedy fire warden?

(10:27:18) loves the way facilities management works here; second time round the loop to get a laser toner cartridge recycled. Bureaucracy 1 : james: 0

(10:38:09) loves the way I can call up Lyreco and ask for free stuff, but they'll not send it unless I order it through the 'procurement' 'system'. 2:0

(11:01:17) can't remember if my boss told me he was going to be away this week. This may mean I'm in charge. Uhoh. POWER RUSH!

(12:59:15) is awaiting the return of my colleague (ooh.. this week he's an UNDERLING! POWER!) with a sachet of mustard. If he fails me, he will die.

(13:50:31) Mustard update: FAIL. It'll have to be McDonalds barbeque dip.

(14:16:25) is on a conference call..waiting for the meeting to start, since they've had to move rooms. Kinda disembodied & odd. Bring on Google Lively!

(14:39:01) has had the conference call interrupted by a fire alarm. Now is a good opportunity to make some tea...

(16:38:09) is all done on the phone and is wrestling with virtual PCs and translating German manuals. This is, indeed, the life.

(16:52:07) is going to dispatch himself home through the medium of the Internal Post.

(17:22:09) To write comedy, one needs a good memory. And funnyness. And an armoury of amusing words. That may not be all; it's what I just thought of.

(17:31:27) is Listening Again to a David Quantick programme about the mix tape. My children will look back & say 'you did ~what~ with C90 cassettes?'

(17:37:49) still makes CD compilations, mind. They take me days. In case you're interested: Radio 4, 11.30 today. End of side A.(gap) (leader) (click)

Tweets for 16 Jul 2008


(07:41:23) Yay! My cold is nearly gone! I have plans... but first, woo! I just discovered How Stuff Works does a podcast! FAB. http://snipr.com/syskpod

(07:45:24) Google Lively.. heard it on Digital Planet. I find myself reading T&Cs of so many sites to see if Chris can play them. Not this one. :(

(07:45:57) "You may not use the Services and may not accept the Terms if (a) you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with Google" Scary.

(09:34:50) may make August an Internet Distractions-Free month. Twitter, blog & emails stay.. mailing lists & Facebook go.. a chance to rationalise.

(12:05:18) is running crunchy VBScript to rename 22,000 WAV files based on XML fields. It may just come in handy. If it doesn't break horrendously.

(12:19:32) is still sniggering at @petecooper's earlier twitpic (http://twitpic.com/49pc) I may have to print and laminate it.

(16:49:05) is stil getting angst from an emo server. Man, it's got issues. It just doesn't want to talk... darn tweenage ProLIant DL380 G4s...

(19:15:09) is home & dry (after garden watering - entertaining for the children at least).. feedings, then a brief interlude of This and, indeed, That.

(20:54:39) wants to buy the guinea pigs a fez each: http://www.monkeygoods.com/images/fez.jpg

(21:38:01) has worked out a way to get podcasts to my phone from the mac.. Mocha FTP server (http://is.gd/VjT) on the i600 & Cyberduck on the mac. Heh.

Tweets for 15 Jul 2008


(10:05:30) is taking 5, having at least got the inbox down to no undead emails. Lunch with my big bro to look forward to..hoping I'll be awake by then!

(15:20:27) is back at his desk; speakers had to be unplugged to put the fan on. Carbon footprint reduction through lack of power sockets. It's a start.

(17:22:20) is tweeting during a #Lugradio discussion of Twitter. Ver good. I may have a dull life, but live in hope that something interesting happens.

(18:58:49) is home and sniffling. My mac mini is running hot, as am I. I'm in the mood for own-brand-Malibu and own-brand-Coke. Alcohol's bad, m'kay?

(19:51:03) Where have my old tweets gone? *cries*

Tweets for 14 Jul 2008


(08:50:04) is going to drill some holes for science, while listening to hammer-action podcasts & drinking coffee.Tip: hold a vacuum cleaner underneath.

(09:17:29) has started the drilling. Plaster dust everywhere..

(10:33:51) is all done with the drilling.. now back to Microsoft Office. Licence but no media.. and the copy I (ahem) borrowed is corrupt. GAH!.

(15:03:58) is home after the school-run, a bit of shopping in Letchworth Garden City, doing the parental thing and DRILLING. A busy day.. Cubs later..

(15:56:00) has prescribed himself an hour of gentle leisure time.. HalfLife 2 & the 1000th Vobes show. A brief period of bliss (if that's OK?)

(20:13:34) has been inspired by Alternative Kitchen Garden 65.. it's getting ompost to the office which is the problem. Any garden centres in W1?

Tweets for 13 Jul 2008


(09:10:14) is dragging the children to the new "Discovery Centre" in a bit.. http://snipr.com/dscvry - hopefully a sunny and cool Sunday for it!

(09:50:35) Don't underestimate the benefits of the Westwood Soundboard to turn any piece of music into a comedy masterpiece: http://snipr.com/dabomb

(16:59:54) is reclined on the sofa, watching Scrapheap Challenge with the children and trying not to doze off...

(19:50:45) approves of Clarkson's use of a Bill Oddie mask to avoid speed camera prosecution in Japan. Most humourous. We want the rubbish stuntman!

(21:58:31) I've been a-blogging: A new Discovery! http://tinyurl.com/5pfkls

Tweets for 12 Jul 2008


(07:15:36) is feeling a bit more human after coffee. http://snipr.com/cuppa -17th Century coffee houses. Yay! Hart-Davies: worth the licence fee alone.

(07:26:29) makes a mental note: Stephen Fry, Adam Hart-Davis, Rolf Harris, Olivia Colman, Liza Tarbuck & Chris Morris would be my ideal dinner guests..

(09:47:20) is shorn and now waiting in a Post Office queue for some defective memory postage action.. then home for some last minute tidying.

(12:13:30) is hoping for sunny spells tomorrow.. it'd be nice to get out & about without the risk of being damped upon! For now, though, tea and cake.

(16:00:01) http://twitpic.com/3q6r - Before and after my lawn-mower treatment...

Tweets for 11 Jul 2008


(10:29:57) is maxi-sniffly this morning. Feeling a bit like death on chaos-defrost. More coffee.. and one more segment of training before hometime Yay!

(16:02:17) is (between sneezing fits) quietly expiring on the sofa. There is some schitzophrenic weathers going on today...

(20:01:35) Man-colds and fruitloops... http://tinyurl.com/2hv863 ; http://tinyurl.com/6xvcv2

(20:58:52) is off to bed. If I feel this rubbish in the morning, shoot me. It's the only humane thing to do. Night, interwebs!

Tweets for 10 Jul 2008


(10:13:29) Is in the rather sunny climes of Evesham. Everybody here seems rather rude. At least my mate Slipshod is here..

(16:36:24) is done throwing knowledge at engineers. I think I might be allergic to this hotel room. Antihistamines are good. And relax (with a Lemsip).

(17:28:12) is off to get something to eat & pop over to see some old pals; there's little more I can do here. I wonder if anywhere does menthol pie..?

(21:40:11) is stuck in a roadworks traffic queue. This might take a while.. looking forward to honey & lemon at the hotel. Top to see my pals, though.

(22:19:02) is back at the ranch (or rather the 'Pear Tree'.. Ah-haa!) and doing a quick bit of recording before bed. Just the tiniest bit.. it's late!

Tweets for 09 Jul 2008


(08:21:04) happens quite to like this weather, especially since sun-worshippers in the office are grizzling. Maybe I should've brought my coat, though.

(13:54:41) is in a presentation about software licencing. I can feel my life being sucked away. I didn't know it was possible to melt from boredom.

(16:10:48) knows more than before. And has eaten lots of custard cream biscuits. The sad thing is, though, there is no connection between the two.

(17:29:25) delights somewhat in an eerie calm when the lights bring the rushing splash of traffic to a halt. Lots of people have pokey broken brollies.

(20:13:52) has invented a new drink: peach schnapps + root beer + a splash of brandy = a "Datkoin Datting." Very nice.. sweetness with dark undertones.

(20:14:31) is a little disappointed with Ebuyer.. sending me duff laptop memory on TWO occasions now. Quite inconvenient.

(20:29:08) There goes next-door's smoke alarms again. Almost a nightly occurrence. What *are* they cooking?

Tweets for 08 Jul 2008


(07:51:55) is doing the usual Tuesday thing.. anything new? Well, the office network's finally been upgraded to 100MB/s.. will it help? Slow servers...

(11:42:38) is all done with meetings.. now? All those tasks I've slung on my calendar this morning. Nearly lunchtime already? Where's the morning gone?

(14:26:18) wonders how many geeks work for this company.. http://www.ubuntu-trading.com .. it's never really going to be the top Google result, is it?

(21:18:01) is all done for the day. 40m mic cable fashioned from bits (CAT-5e.. suitable? Balanced, twisted, sounds OK; capacitance is fine).Top bodge!

Tweets for 07 Jul 2008


(01:14:49) has had a delightful, if unexpected evening completing Portal. Worth it for the ending. COULTON! Up for the school run... night!

(07:14:22) Purple Wizard needs coffee badly.

(08:38:01) is going Christmas Shopping with Beth. That sounds wrong, doesn't it? :D

(09:13:32) feels the need more than ever to wring every last drip out of the petrol pump hose. 51 quid!

(13:03:14) wonders what on earth has gone wrong with Global Radio's networking/automation. Cutting out songs for the news jingle? It's like 1989 again!

(15:34:58) mercifully home & dry.. plans for a hair cut postponed. I'm not keen on going back out, but Chris has Cubs later. Lenni has a nasty cough :(

(16:20:29) WHY WHY WHY does it take so long to write my blog? Making little MP3 snippets from the recording session *last weekend*! Frustrating.

(17:22:31) Rainbows always make me smile; the best natural phenomena EVER. Apart from ones I've never seen that are better. Or am I talking Borealis?

(21:20:27) I've been a-blogging: Two weekends (with work in the middle!) http://tinyurl.com/5k4epu

Tweets for 06 Jul 2008


(00:00:29) will go to bed *before* trying to install Windows XP service packs. There's plenty of time for that nonsense tomorrow. Goodnight, interwebs.

(08:19:47) is trying to get up-to-date with the blog, while instaliing the millionth Wnidows software update onto Dad's laptop. Slow progress on both!

(10:29:54) is generally pleased with church PA after the maintenance we did on Monday. It would've been poor if it had failed, considering my vocation!

(12:38:43) is pleased to announce: Beth Is Getting The Ramekins Out.

(15:58:39) Hello, lovely Twitterverse :) I'm only nice when I need something ;) Cheapest/best place online to buy a wireless router + PCMCIA wifi NIC?

(16:24:32) Darn this BlackJack-style keyboard .. I meant the WRT54G.. there. That's more accurate. Sorry for compounding your confusion, @petecooper!

(21:27:20) may not be still alive.. I've finally installed Portal.. level 16 since the children went to bed. Let's get it over with; there may be cake.

Tweets for 05 Jul 2008


(07:28:53) will be up in a minute.. enjoying the sound of birdsong In Stereo around the open-windowed house, punctuated by the whoosh & whirr of A310s

(08:55:58) is listening to "The Age Of Plastic" by The Buggles.. retro pop in its finest form by the only Trevor who's better than my mate from the NSD

(12:30:15) is making beans on toast for the children, and trying to resist giving my 8 bass drivers a bit of a workout (while Beth's at the school ;)

(14:56:56) Ahh yes.. the traditional School Fete (worse than death..?) the children have spent all my loose change! Lovely to be out in the sun though.

(17:17:46) is taking a break from what is tantamount to a feature-length Doctor Who (last week's then tonight's) for pie action. Oh, as they say, yes!

(20:45:00) is having some toast and some Rather Interesting Cheese then off down to the studio. I have a lot to do, and may just make a start on it..

Tweets for 04 Jul 2008


(08:34:30) has lost an hour..where's 8.30 to 9.30 gone? The day can't be allowed to continue like this. Take control. Take a hold. Of the comfort zone.

(12:38:19) is having big trouble with slow computers today. It may well be cheese & pickle time. This afternoon: filling in forms & sorting things out.

(12:52:41) Cheese should not have crunchy bits in it, should it? Off to WH Smiths in a bit to buy a copy of Prima so I can scan Beth's article. Hoorah!

(22:19:02) So.. am I able to tweet from my mobile phone again? It said 'incorrect PIN' - I didn't set one. Is this identi.ca envy manifesting itself?:D

(22:22:50) has full mobile twitterage again. Bring the addiction! (Although @poots still doesn't get tweets on hers.. funny how that keeps happening)

Tweets for 03 Jul 2008


(08:02:45) is making appreciative sounds while drinking coffee (fairtrade Zambia Kaleya Valley) to counter a "where do I start with this lot?" feeling.

(08:42:58) is laughing at today's Dlibert Calendar.. sums this place up perfectly... http://snipr.com/di7b3rt

(10:40:31) is having a go at http://identi.ca and can't really see much difference to Twitter. Except it's a but untidier, and some bits don't work.

(10:50:32) My lovely @poots is a lifestyle magazine superstar..August's 'Prima' (out imminently) has a fine article about her :) Quite deservedly, too.

(12:35:07) is coding VBscript like it's going out of fashion. It never *was* in fashion, was it? Oh. Oh dear. Time for cheese & pickle pleasure. (!)

(17:03:09) has had a mad afternoon, with all kinds of interesting things to deal with. Oh yes. But now it's hometime, and I shall continue to tinker.

(20:41:13) :)

(20:42:18) Heroes finale + Murphys + brandy chaser = oh my goodness yes.

Tweets for 02 Jul 2008


(08:38:54) has written lots of emails so far this morning... the caffeine's kicked in and I *might* be going to see Kid Carpet busk later. Woo!

(15:40:43) didn't get to see Kid Carpet. Boo! And Twitter texts have stopped coming through, despite turning it off & on again. Frustration Crustacean.

(19:10:15) is getting Twittery texts again yay! (finally) Home and having food.. then some high-class pottering an' ting. But mainly ting.

(20:30:14) is musing in the studio, then heading to bed...

Tweets for 01 Jul 2008


(14:22:39) is trying to find the perfect ratio of cheese:pickle by trial and error and eating. Thanks, Ploughmen. Thoughmen.

(16:48:04) is suffering from mild nausea from the utterly brain-shaking bass of a Marcoerre track on Bleepshow 203.. concentration lapsing a little..

(17:42:42) is in the shade of a tree; waiting for the coach in the breeze, hoping gorgeous feathery clouds don't distract me so I end up missing it!

(19:54:39) wants something cold & tasty to drink. Ooh.. I think I've got some ginger ale. No whisky though. Who needs alcohol, though, when I have pie?

(20:24:46) Fire engines have sirens to alert other traffic that they're approaching. So why do they need to use their horns, too? A rethink is needed.

(20:31:12) I've been a-blogging: Diamond (but avoiding the Jubilee!) http://tinyurl.com/692y5b

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