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Tweets for 30 Jun 2008


(12:32:20) has had a busy morning.. sorting out electrical safety PA at the church. I had a thought (yep, just one) earlier, but didn't tweet in time.

(16:47:47) is nearly done typing up the safety test results (just like being at work). Now, though, time for Cubs. Glass of wine ready when I get home!

(19:32:45) wonders how many of those little candied fruit things that go on top of cakes makes up one of my 'five-a-day' fruit & veg intake..

(19:33:32) is now looking for solar-powered cat scarers because I have had enough of solar-powered cats doing their business on my vegetable patch. Ikk

(22:15:51) is off to bed, having spent FAR too long looking for a 2 quid CD on amazon to get free postage. Final choice: Buggles - The age Of Plastic.

Tweets for 29 Jun 2008


(07:51:46) is benefitting from coffee after an unsettled night.. chinese food (yum!) & songs rattling round my head (3 fine recordings so far!) mainly.

Tweets for 28 Jun 2008


(07:50:30) could well do with some strong coffee..more sleep would be a bad idea right now. After that? Massive tidy attack! (terms & conditions apply)

(12:03:12) is lunching with the children, who are guffawing at Tom & Jerry. Timeless! Also, my dear singing friend is en route. Hoovering nearly done!

Tweets for 27 Jun 2008


(07:53:08) is back at work; important things to break at 10am.. making preparations now (little hiding place under my desk.. plausible deniability etc)

(07:59:55) If you need to attach a picture of Garfield to your joke email, the odds are that it wasn't funny to start with, and isn't any funnier now.

(08:13:03) wonders why gangsta rappers in photos often seem either to be flippin' the V's or playing scissors-paper-stone and opting for 'scissors'...

(11:17:19) is buzzin'. The thing I was going to break - despite originally installing it in the wrong apparatus room - is now in & working fine. Scary.

(12:19:51) loves the text-only version of the BBC HD trail on the intranet site..

(12:27:49) The benefits of blu-tack in PC repair should not be underestimated.

(19:33:39) regularly suffers from lethologica, but can never remember the word.

Tweets for 26 Jun 2008


(07:46:48) is back in the office, and trying to work out to do first. Well, second - tea is number 1. This is silly web 2.0: http://www.makethetea.com

(08:31:16) wonders why humans find it comfortable to sit with their their hands together on their heads. In fact, it's mostly men who do that...

(10:50:25) is having a quick tea break before going (late) to a meeting (still late). Too many meetings today.

(11:48:58) has the seededest bap in the whole world. I am having lunch instead of going to the last 13 minutes of the first meeting of the day.

(17:01:32) is heading home after a busy busy day. I think I mainly need more sleep.

(20:45:00) is off to bed. That'll do now, Thursday.. back in your box!

Tweets for 25 Jun 2008


(00:16:54) should've gone to bed hours ago. Double-tracked guitar solo for the win, though (albeit not a very proficient one!) RAWK. Night night world.

(07:19:43) is up & ready to face a Wednesday. Which is apt, given the day. Tidying, blogging, laundry, music & Dad visitation ahead.. lots to be doing!

(10:15:06) hat die Serendipity gern.

(10:56:23) is back down in the studio.. borrowing some pre-recorded drumlines and speeding them up. This is rockular music by the means of SCIENCE!

(18:14:33) can always tell when the children have been using the mac.. the mouse is sticky and there's a sofa cushion in the kitchen...

(21:10:56) is off to bed, in preparation for the cavalcade of workness in the morning. I'm feeling.. somewhat ill-prepared. Thus: blagging is in order.

Tweets for 24 Jun 2008


(08:24:26) is entirely sniffly today.. finding it hard to do anything productive. I'll point myself at a pile of washing & see what happens. Slumpage?

(12:33:19) is out in the sunshine watching Chris's school's sports day. Takes me back..I wasn't a brilliant athlete, but it was always fun. Cheating :D

(14:27:56) put in a fair performance in parents' race. I'm wobbly now, but it was fun & I didn't go crashing to the ground like an embarrassing hippo.

(16:51:14) saw this: ( http://www.rainhamsheds.co.uk ) and thought of you.

Tweets for 23 Jun 2008


(06:59:23) has frigthtening hair this morning, and a bit of a headache. Some breakfast, rooibos then time to spark up the PC for more tune arranging..

(17:28:31) has done a day's recording.. Seems to have gone well - one song down, one to go for the weekend. Now at cubs with the boy. Chaos.

(19:23:08) is heading back to the studio. I can feel some rock is about to happen. The problem is, it will doubtless be Very Bad Rock. *does the sign*

(22:28:57) is off to bed, a little hangdog but relatively pleased with the scant achievements of the day. A better tomorrow, despite the Tuesdayness?

Tweets for 22 Jun 2008


(08:44:50) has slept for millions of years; driving through London sure takes it out of me! Darn you, Blackwall Tunnel. Darn you to Heck.

(11:31:04) has a sickly Beth and a Lenni with a nasty cold.. it's going to be a subdued afternoon.. patio doors open, though - lovely & warm!

(13:30:41) is off for a brief cycle ride with Chris, while Beth and Lenni recover from their ailments at home. Proper Dad/son time yay!

(15:03:24) is home and a little itchy-eyed. Tea is a good idea. Tea, blogging and doing something else that's important but for the moment eludes me.

(18:17:00) is watching last night's Weakest Link with puppets. Remarkably amusing, for stuffed animals.

(18:24:38) now has white wine spritzer, cheese, crackers, a beautiful lady beside me and Doctor Who on the PVR - bliss in a Tony Rudd t-shirt.

(18:48:11) A stamp that says "LEEDS" hahahahaha! I shouldn't laugh.. there are some nice people in Leeds. Probably.

(20:12:16) became incapable with laughter at Hammond's 'police car' on Top Gear. Utterly, utterly hilarious. Haven't laughed that much in years.

Tweets for 21 Jun 2008


(06:39:34) is up a little early for a Saturday morning.. enjoying the tranquility (well, sort of - listening to the Guardian's Media Talk podcast :D)

(08:43:53) is off to London Village for the day, in no small part to watch Mr Neil Diamond sing and play later. I might just moblog it...

(11:22:40) is in The Montague Pyke on Charing Cross Rd.. the rain's let up - it's gonna be a lovely (relaxed!) afternoon :)

(12:34:41) is in the National Gallery - a first for me. Everyone talks quietly.. for fear people with beards and breasts will jump out of the pictures?

(13:24:21) just passed Monmouth St en route to The British Musem. How could I resist the best cappucino in London? Coffee-free June FAIL (again!) hehe!

(15:24:09) is in a quue of traffic waiting to go into the Blackwall Tunnel. I've never done this before, I may be in the wrong lane and a bit scared.

(16:20:23) is in the rather lovely 'Chill Out' area- a comft inflatable dome within the O2 millennium dome thing. Despite this, I'm not two tents. Heh.

(18:24:17) is waiting for the show to start.. mild vertigo; we're way up and way back. Someone's making an enormous amount of money out of this place..

Tweets for 20 Jun 2008


(07:03:01) is awake, only just. Busy day ahead, trying to get this tip of a house into something approaching an acceptable state after the school run..

(08:56:06) is popping out to see Eleanor's year assembly. Good timing with the days off, I think.. but back to the grind when I get home. More rooibos!

(10:00:51) is home now, and choosing some music to tidy to.. some Who Boys followed by some Prodigy? I wish.. not Beth's cuppa tea, though :D

(12:43:27) is finding it hard to concentrate on tidying while the compelling 1 Giant Leap programme's on. Why was it on so late? http://snipr.com/1leap

(12:43:51) "Worrying is praying for something you don't want." I like that.

(18:17:34) has been teaching Christopher pontoon and some simple card tricks... next? Three card brag, gin rummy and stud poker :D

(21:57:28) has just discovered that qik (http://qik.com) is available for Windows Mobile for Smartphone. Cool! (though no help to @doctoe.. *honk*)

Tweets for 19 Jun 2008


(08:06:57) is wondering where to start today. I might try and crawl under some desks, I think. Yes. Anything to avoid having to listen to George Lamb.

(11:20:53) "In the 1980s, Nik Kershaw was partly responsible for making the snood fashionable yet again.[citation needed]"This is why I love Wikipedia.

(13:55:07) wonders if there's a FB group about appalling ringtones.. I may record some of my colleagues''; is it cool to have anything but "drriing?"

(13:55:47) (by which I don't mean you shouting "Oy! The Phone's Ringing Mate!", @gazuky)

(17:24:43) is all done for the week (in the office!); progress made, maybe helped by a sign saying: FREE! This afternoon: short shrift. Help yourself!

(22:17:24) will now attempt unconsciousness until about 7-and-a-half hours time. A brilliant episode of Heroes & anticipation of the morrow will help.

Tweets for 18 Jun 2008


(11:12:51) is being entirely thwarted by meetings and a change request system that is deliberately forgetting my password. BAH.

(12:45:00) So Orange has launched LiveRadio: "the radio reinvented by Orange" (http://snipr.com/orinj) So what's Reciva, then? (http://reciva.com).

(12:47:24) is pleased to see that the top three internet radio stations on Reciva over the last hour are ones I look after ;)

(12:47:47) (oops.. in all the excitement, I forgot the linky) http://rss.reciva.com/rss/hottest.php

(20:11:00) wonders how on *earth* the Euro2008 coverage can work out that a particular player covered 8.57km before he was substituted. Whuh?

Tweets for 17 Jun 2008


(13:19:11) is looking at http://foodfocus.co.uk (while finishing a pack of choc digestives).. might be the wake-up call I need.. looks like it's free.

(13:59:35) just walked past a TV showing a model walking on a rectangle of astroturf. muted; just subtitles: "rather lice animutely in cocktail." Whuh?

(15:18:59) Just time for tea with The Captain. Well, there's not time, but I shall have one anyway. I'm dressed remarkably monochromely today.

(15:45:23) didn't make it to tea at The Captain's Table. Writing emails instead, having a Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger if you're interested.

(19:25:52) is home and about to read chapter one of his father's memoires, drink Murphys and eat pie and beans. THAT is what life is all about yes.

(19:26:50) saw @alfie 's link to joiku (http://snipr.com/joiku) and SO wants to play. I think it might be a bit crippling on pay-as-you-go, though!

(19:39:06) keeps thinking of reasons why school is SUCH a stupid concept. Number 66: Being forced to sit motionless in a classroom. In summer. Eugh.

(21:44:17) I've been a-blogging: More things to do with an i600... http://tinyurl.com/5fm8qw

(22:10:02) is off to bed. Late again, as normal. But refreshed after doing a little writing. Goodnight technowebthing.

Tweets for 16 Jun 2008


(08:16:27) is back from the school walk & preparing for Monday, but a little frustrated by Windows Mobile Smartphone's lack of decent copy & paste.

(10:30:53) HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Z80GameCoder! Hope you have a splendid one with NO mowing :) Wow.. Father's Day then a birthday - can it get any better?

(10:31:30) is hiding out down in the studio trying to play something in B flat. This may take a while, and a lot of reverb...

(11:55:03) finally has the backup going (I think!) Spotlight seems to have been to blame (gah!) Now, as long as I keep watching that progress bar..!

(13:06:55) is exploring the locality through car use avoidance. Tucked away footpaths with creosoted fences FTW.

(16:06:26) quite likes the addition of Panoramio (http://panoramio.com) to Google Maps, but a shame my geotagged Flickr pics can't be imported easily..

(19:52:21) is looking at the St Albans Festival with interest (http://stalbansfestival.co.uk) .. shame the Food Festival website doesn't seem to work..

(21:21:25) is off to bed. I wonder if it's possible to take toast to work & reheat it in a microwave. Back there tomorrow..it's not going to be pretty.

Tweets for 15 Jun 2008


(07:38:25) is watching the children playing Sing Star.. Chris has really nailed 'Waiting For A Star To Fall' .. great to see them enjoying singing...

(07:59:02) is doing a long overdue data backup for offsite storage. Disaster recovery comes to the family home..! Now to record tech & serial numbers..

(08:24:28) received some fab gifts; a shirt, a gorgeous photo-mug & FIFA08 for PS2. I'm blessed to have such a lovely family. Happy Fathers Day, Dads!

(11:52:43) is at his brother-in-law's tidy house for family Father's Day lunch.. Beth's cooking.. I'm trying to avoid the children trashing the place..

(18:40:16) thinks 78,000 items (220GB) should not be so tough to copy from one USB hard drive to another. Trying a different USB socket pairing...

(20:41:14) is doing the Sunday Evening Thing: easybus bookings, watering plants and Freecycling. Oh, and relaxing... it's been a lovely day. :)

Tweets for 14 Jun 2008


(08:07:23) is up 'n at 'em.. in the widest possible definition of the phrase. Time to entertain the children to save them from Playhouse Disney...

(11:50:08) wonders whether there's no panic petrol buying because it's so expensive, and people are saying: "It's a nice day.. We might as well walk.."

(13:07:11) Is nearly done with the walk to the park, the library then Associated Dairies.. It's warm warm, but dry. Birdsong & traffic noise FTW

(20:47:30) is writing a blog entry (shock horror) then off to bed with a pet migraine.. totally my own fault.. hopefully I'll not stay-a-bed tomorrow!

(21:39:43) has been blogging: "Sports Day and Course" (http://tinyurl.com/6pk53p)

Tweets for 13 Jun 2008


(08:48:54) is back in Tower 42, in the shadow of the Gherkin. I'm hoping we'll be done shortly after lunch.. SO much to do back in the office..

(13:17:36) is just a bit bemused by the technical mumbo jumbo, but probably won't be setting up a 'Data Center' in the foreseeable future thanking you.

(15:02:11) is all done with the course and is heading back West again.. by foot, I think, because it ony takes 15 minutes longer than public transport!

(17:34:13) would like to get on a coach now pleasethankyou. I have people to email, don'tchaknow! kthxbai

(19:59:49) I wonder if Vista irritates in the same way as XP.. "log in, then spend 5 mins finishing startup" & "12GB C: drive.. almost eaten up by..?"

(20:15:19) is 100% enjoying this Holland vs. France match for two reasons: 1 - Holland is winning; 2 - it is FANTASTIC football. So glad I can see it!

(20:43:43) is off for some Beth time & to watch someone get roughly thrown out of a house (oh I wish!) Night, tweeters. Don't do anything I wouldn't!

Tweets for 12 Jun 2008


(08:05:55) is back in The City, catching up on work before day 2 of the course begins.. grabbing some free wi-fi before I arrive on the tenth floor..

(09:07:54) is drinking fruity tea & eating cinnamony biscuits while Linux installs. We've given up with Windows Server 2003.. not enough strong liquor!

(12:25:00) is up to speed, all fed, drinking raspberry & echinacea tea(!); now I'm getting all educated about Blade Servers and Fiendish Design Trays.

(14:14:56) is being given the sales spiel again. C'mon, man.. we're here for the tech. I've not brokened anything this afternoon. Is it still raining?

(14:48:46) Thanks, @dhsavage and @mrsbojangles. The sky is an odd orange colour here in central London. But that might just be the pollution...

(15:47:50) saw one of these photos on Tuesday on the way home from work: http://www.spaceyideas.com/todonnalovebob .. I wish I'd taken one. Top meme!

(16:46:45) loves to walk through this bit of London (Holborn) on an overcast day, even at a bit of a lick.. So much to see - always the looking up!

(21:13:15) is off to bed after spending an hour & a half writing a grumpy email to work colleagues about an overloaded washing machine... or something.

Tweets for 11 Jun 2008


(08:07:29) is off East (well EC2) to a Blade Server course; if the motorway hadn't been so mashed (again!) I'd have walked.. Oyster Card here we come..

(09:41:34) is not used to sitting still & watching Powerpoint slides. Is it lunchtime yet?

(10:49:53) is still looking at powerpoint, but there's a lot of information there.. now being slowed down by The Man Who Asks Lots Of Questions...

(11:49:41) is off to forage for berries and foliage in the heart of The City...

(16:12:35) is all done studying for the day, and finally caught up after some bad software issues. It's how I learn (no.. I didn't break it :D).. Home!

(17:21:50) is at the bus stop in good time after rather a warm 3 mile walk. I'll bring water next time, though! Cooling down while I wait for the bus..

(21:18:57) is now off to bed. I seem to be incapable of remembering things at the moment. Or blogging. Where does all the time go? Have you stolen it?

Tweets for 10 Jun 2008


(08:45:40) is back in the office and shoveling through the emails before another annoying meeting at half-ten.. this time a teleconference thing. Eek.

(10:49:31) has resorted to biscuits. I fear obesity, but that chocolatey digestiveness is just too good to resist. A brisk walk at luncthime, I think.

(12:15:10) likes the word 'bap'. Having tasty cheese & cucumber bappage before a conference call at half-past 1. I'm so glad I've got a headset thing!

(14:19:34) Where I would most like to be right now: The Netherlands, by a lake, under a tree, with a book, tunes & NO INTERNET. Or work. Or biscuits.

(14:39:14) is off the conference call now & is going for that walk I might have mentioned earlier. Anybody want anything? I may go to the Orange Shop.

(15:35:33) just watched an Orange Shop Man do.. er.. something & now I have 2 SIM cards. If I lose my 5 free daily texts, there'll be trubbles. Oh yes.

(16:57:15) now has a phone with 3G. What am I going to do with it? Apart from mess about with video calling with Errol (he's got free minutes)...

(17:00:14) is going to stop all this nonsense & go home. Yes, that's the ticket. I seem to be tweeting in the style of a 1950s British film. Top hole.

(17:29:50) is rather disturbed that he knows the names of both of Hyacinth Bucket's sisters. Why do I not know anything *useful*? Thanks, @gazuky :p

(19:33:59) is finally home. Home, sweet (quite warm) home. Apparently I've been tweeting quite a lot today. I only hope it's been worth it /stillnoblog

Tweets for 09 Jun 2008


(07:25:31) needs to be a little more productive this Monday morning. Once the children are at school, I shall knuckle down bigstyle. Hopefully..

(13:06:53) is quite surprised by how expensive food's suddenly become. Inflation's not 16% or something, is it? Right.. back to housework.. it's free.

(15:21:25) finally has an external data HD again.. I opted for the Coolermaster X Craft .. a little more expensive, but worth it, since it's on 24/7.

(19:57:41) is ripping CDs and tidying up when there is SO much else to do. Where to start, though.. where to start?

(21:35:47) went to bed an hour ago. No.. really. Ahh, there's no kidding you, internet. I shall have to ban myself from your lure. Tuesday = Nolureday?

Tweets for 08 Jun 2008


(07:42:33) really should get up'n'at'em.. fun day ahead, and not one to be lazing about. I need an alternative 'kick' to coffee. Cycling didn't work :D

(16:10:09) Out in the sunshine with the extended family.. So, so very warm; why I love breezes and treeses. Comedy Sports Day - children having fun!

(20:46:08) has just finished watering the 3 parsnips, 4 onions and billion weeds.. still rather warm out there even though it's dusk..

(22:24:47) is FAIL booking Easybus tickets; too much text bust the booking frame on Safari & when I tried Firefox/XP, it took my money & 500 errored!

(22:24:57) is off to bed.. late again, and with a bit of a headache. Not sure I'm going to spend so much time in the sun tomorrow! Ouchybrain.

Tweets for 07 Jun 2008


(07:19:01) It's days like this that I miss coffee most. Days that start sleepy, & have an 'a' in them. I might zoom around the block to perk me up.

(09:12:44) has lost another hard drive enclosure PSU. Fortunately the drive survived. Now to find a decent replacement. I'm not paying Maplins 25 quid.

(12:12:02) heard the children talking about the half lime I gave them to squeeze.. Lenni: "it's like a lemon"; Chris: "Yes, but more energy efficient."

(19:29:39) really enjoyed tonight's Doctor Who. Splendid writing, oh but yes. Planet Gallifrey had better give it 10/10.. like I care :D

Tweets for 06 Jun 2008


(10:18:18) is out of the 9am meeting & is crunching some data now. It's not what I should be doing, but hey, nobody crunches datas like me. SMASH BASH!

(10:43:32) Hints & tips for a non scabby office life 3: if you've made changes to a doc, why not identify these changes using font colour or initials?

(12:31:13) has been blown out for lunch... noodles it is, then. And a bit of a wander/podcast catchup combo thing. Sunny!

Tweets for 05 Jun 2008


(09:50:32) wants BISCUITS. Party rings, maybe... or.. or actually some jam doughnuts? 62p for five. I think I might be eating too much. Feed a cold!

(10:05:29) more tea, vicar?

(11:36:28) has learned that (certainly according to Outlook) 'enormous' is bigger than 'huge'. And an enormous email is one that's bigger than 5MB..

(13:33:16) has been walking around with fruit in his pocket

(14:16:58) is off on a mission. Not emission. I have buttery fingers at the moment. Which gets this stuck in my head: http://snipr.com/btrfngrs

(17:23:44) will be throwing away up to half of my clothes when I get home. Today, I have the geektramp style. Oh yeah!

(20:26:19) dullards, bimbos and odd human beings. Yes, it's Big Brother. Why am I watching this? Because it's on.

(20:29:47) Mario & Lisa (for this is the only time I will remember their names) - Not very interesting. Some issues with Mario's Masonic obligations?

(20:31:03) Luke.. he has something a little Alan Partridge about him. Otherwise, he's just kind-of.. insipid. So he may win.

(20:33:10) I have already forgotten the bimbo's name. So has Beth. Is it 'Charley?' Current BB09 watchability: 4%

(20:39:40) Rachel: watchability is now down to 3%. Irritation up 500%. Is she Welsh?

(20:42:48) Dale: twat. This is why I will not be watching Big Brother. I have now lost interest. Miracles required for watchability to scrape off 0%.

Tweets for 04 Jun 2008


(08:06:06) is back in the office, and feeling fairly OK today. My desk is still entirely a mess, though. Onwards and upwards (35 emails to deal with..)

(08:33:21) is Judge Judy and Executioner. Hmm.. Katherine Parkinson or Katherine Jakeways? There's only one way to find out... FIIIGHT!

(10:43:48) had a free apple. Apparently it's "Environmental Day" here at work. So.. how were the apples delivered? Not on a pushbike, I'll wager..

(10:45:13) did not go and see the 'hybrid Mercedes' they were showing off in a delivery area. Biodiesel is FAIL. Hydrogen cells for everybody! Yeah!

(11:47:40) needs to get out into the sunshine.. meeting at 2.. then two hours of hacking trough this Evil Document.. then.. FREE FOOD! (ish)

(11:48:18) is looking for a hard drive enclosure that doesn't keep breaking. I may have to go to Maplin. We are all doomed. Doomed, I tells yer.

(12:35:56) is off for a wander. I shall muse upon the pretty & beautiful things in life. Not mini-DIN PSU plugs and SCART cables. Pretty & Beautiful.

(13:58:42) is telling you this so I don't have to do it for real. AAAAAAAAAARGH! Why ask the same question 4 times? So slowly? Thank you for your time.

(16:55:42) is off for tea with the visiting dignitaries...

(18:21:58) is having a laugh with some Germans. And beer. Both, I might add, very good for my cold!

(21:22:12) is all done with the eating and the conversating and is now going home to bed. I may not be capable of much more than that...

(21:24:34) is leaving the building with a sneezing fit. Lovely.

Tweets for 03 Jun 2008


(07:57:29) is off to a four-hour meeting about which I know nothing.. if ever I needed caffeine it would be now. Thank heavens for liquorice allsorts.

(09:37:43) Arrgh! Sugar crash! I have no more liquorice allsorts left. Is it time for tea yet?

(12:35:45) is out of the meeting but has managed to pick up a fairly hefty bit of work to do. Bah. Sandwiches weren't bad, though. And there was fruit.

(19:01:38) is home and dry. Well, not actually dry. Quite damp actually. My head is ringing, and my hair is wringing. How cool is that? Pizzzaaaa!

(19:38:14) thought of a brlliant Facebook status and then forgot it. It's been one of those days. My brain appears to have crashed.

Tweets for 02 Jun 2008


(15:50:45) remembers when satellite TV listings only had times in CET. I am *so* old-school.

(16:18:07) IS NOT looking for a better deal on my car insurance, Mr Low Budget TV advert man. Thanks, though. I appreciate your concern.

(20:24:06) is off to bed. This cold had better be gone by morning, I have a FOUR HOUR meeting tomorrow. What's going on there? Caffeine free: 2 days.

Tweets for 01 Jun 2008


(09:00:52) is now caffeine-free for the next 30 days. Ready for the withdrawal (although my sore throat isn't connected, it's not helping!) *yawns*

(11:20:04) is off to town to print the last of the holiday pics (can you believe there's no "order on-line, pick up in-store" facility?) and EAT FOOD.

(19:08:27) is about to make Something To Eat That's Not Peanut Butter On Toast. The smoke alarms have been turned off in anticipation. Bring it on.

(20:03:59) UK versus US... Eggy Bread! French Toast! It's bread that's eggy.. no, it's toast, French style. My life as a total podcastrophe...

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