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Tweets for 31 May 2008


(09:31:20) is stopping off for much neede caffeine before a 4 hour drive home...

(11:23:12) Slow progress on the A1M; apparently a shed load one junction south. I always wondered how much a shedload is.. now's my chance to find out.

(12:25:44) hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates traffic jams. The laws of physics & flow dynamics DO NOT apply and that angers me.

(18:57:09) thinks that this season of Doctor Who is definitely more betterer than the previous one. Oh, as the Doctor would say, yes.

(20:04:35) Trying Twitter Chat. Mmmm Tallulah Riley. Very very lovely.

(21:13:03) has gone to bed. Need that familiar horizontal feeling again...

Tweets for 30 May 2008


Tweets for 29 May 2008


(09:07:56) is still a little grumpy with Orange, since their interwebs has been really dodgy over the past couple of days (boo!)

(09:31:31) is off swimming with the children again. Another glorious day. I have no idea what's going on there.

(11:00:17) is, and always will be epic FAIL at the 2p pushers...

(12:36:37) is watching the children have a go at pony riding.. something I've never done... yay for vicarious living!

(14:20:32) feels that The Da Vinci Code is the book equivalent of The Sound Of Music in the definitive Charity Shop contents. Current Record: 4 copies.

(17:13:45) is playind 'dots and boxes' with Chris in Morrison's cafe. There is no more tedious game.

(18:33:41) wants to win a football ( . Is watching Alan Davies mocking the curling back in '99.. a fine one to talk..!

(21:15:23) has been a-blogging. Away.. (and long overdue!)

(21:31:59) really happens to like Alanis Morissette. She's funny, feisty, gorgeous and a good singer.. win!

Tweets for 28 May 2008


Tweets for 27 May 2008


(13:24:01) isn't really doing anything of any consequence. Apart from being a little unsettled by driving licences in transit (but not A Transit).

(19:43:36) isn't sure what to attempt this evening. Wrestling uploading photos to mobile Flickr & blog-based FAIL.

Tweets for 26 May 2008


(10:27:43) is back from a swim with the children; now it's hot chocolate, new bulbs and tide times. I should write my blog. Later..?

(14:26:00) is off to do a tour of the local supermarkets, not least to print out some of the children's photos... scrapbook!

(18:18:50) thinks The One Show is excrable middle-class worthiness. With the most irritating gruff human annoyance in the 'semi-detatched nature' bit.

(18:24:52) prefers the Gadget Show. Weak Lemon Drink style geekery. I'm becoming a TV cynic.. podcast withdrawal?

Tweets for 25 May 2008


(06:35:50) is hiding under the duvet, as the sea breeze unremittingly chills everything else like a very effective fridge..

(09:03:05) is off to a Christening this morning. Can't remember if I'm on photography duties...

(16:35:17) is back at the seaside after an afternoon running around with the children. It's still windy.

(19:16:19) is back by the sea after a day running about with the children. It's still windy. Now? I feel doomed. (Channel 4)

Tweets for 24 May 2008


(08:19:47) can happily assert that The Doctor does not need a Tardis; a T-reg Vauxhall Astra Estate can do just as well :D

(11:38:42) There's a very large Tesco in a very small town called 'Clowne'. I know that because it's where we are. Lunch in the car.. simple but tasty.

(19:19:11) Hold my calls.. this evening's devoted to the Best Annual TV Event (in my calendar at least).. AND I can sea the see! Top quality UK effort!

(20:07:38) WITH A HI HI HO! win! So far it's been.. variable. Hopefully they've sorted the foldback issues..(?) Less off-key? Sweden: no.

(20:24:54) #eurovision (I keep forgetting to tag 'em) Why amost of the women (without beards) orange? GOLF CART! Is this about jam?

(20:29:47) is still not sure what Boogaloo Stu is for. He's all a bit.. BBCThree..? STOP SHREIKING Mr Azerbaijan, please. #eurovision

(20:33:25) Greece: first song of the evening that's got the Kiss Kiss (or Justify My Love?) beat.. something of a relief from the last couple of years.

(20:36:28) #eurovision ODDNESS! I happen to like, despite the .. flaws. And girating brightly coloured ladies. Actually, no, it's utter rubbish.

(20:40:32) goes and switches kettle on. I may just enjoy watching it boiling more than this tripe. #eurovision

(20:41:21) numa numa eh? #eurovision

(20:48:43) may have to call the sat-op boys at TVC to see if they can fast-forward to the voting.. the interval will doubtless be turgid. #eurovision

(20:59:21) is going to have to ditch the phone for a bit.. nice to have mobile interwebs but it kinda saps the battery.. enjoy, #eurovision lovers!

Tweets for 23 May 2008


Tweets for 22 May 2008


(07:53:11) is up and about.. ready to tell sleepy engineers about, well, how to break more stuff. I have a whiteboard, and I'm gonna use it. Grafitti!

(10:16:27) is hitting the final straight of the course.. just a brain dump really. At least they're awake this morning! Coffee...

(15:58:32) is back in Lutoncestershire (having listened to TWIT #143 on the way home.. high geek tolerance, me :D) and off to get the children now..

(16:51:17) has been told that "TWAIN" doesn't mean "tool without an interesting name".. nothing about it on Snopes. I mean.. "Never the Twain"..?

(18:09:03) has his family back under one roof.. all 6 mammals and 2 fish. Yay. Lenni is in bed listening to Rodriguo's Concerto D'Aranjuez. She's cool.

(19:24:24) will watch Heroes in a bit then go to bed. Health < 60%. Need perking up. No alcohol, no coffee.. no internets? Probably best. /coldt ...

(19:43:48) PIRATES! YARR! That is all.

(19:53:07) There is no place for shouty tramps on Eurovision. Or scratchy record players on sticks. Are they going to start singing at any point?

(19:59:06) #eurovision Dexy's Midnight Runners gone a bit Scandinavian? Denmark could benefit from some Van Dyke Cockerney accents.

(20:59:07) #eurovision Yay! Latvia's through! It's gone good again. Spain's entry is Tony Rudd meets Kid Carpet. France? Pop Yeti! Yay!

(21:39:49) is going to bed properly, though still at only 55% health, despite being on water all evening.. hopefully recovery will be swift tomorrow.

Tweets for 21 May 2008


(06:07:56) is going on a long, long, horrible drive. And once I have reached M1 J10 (2 miles away), I will drive up to Worcestershire. To teach. Hmm.

(08:36:40) is in rural Worcestershire, topping up my caffeine levels before the course kicks off. This is going to be tough..

(16:46:34) welcomes careful drivers.

(16:47:30) is a bit worn out after teaching some sleepy engineers about exciting server failovers & other disastrous things... tempted to break stuff..

(17:31:50) might just go down to Evesham for something to eat. Walk or drive? Hmm... alcohol-based decisions.

(17:43:50) is tearing himself away from the big rectangular thing and going mobile. There's a big world out there (and I have the interwebs with me ;)

(21:31:22) is in the study centre.. the security guard is watching Chelsea and Manchester United do penalties. He seems somewhat.. edgy.

(22:14:18) has had nice beer with a giraffe on the label to settle my jangling bones after driving a Skoda with the LOUDEST DIESEL ENGINE IN THE WORLD.

Tweets for 20 May 2008


(10:26:51) is back at work.. 15 more emails to look through. Distracted by wondering if screen polishy stuff actually works (

(12:29:27) has a cup of tea but no biscuits. I know I shouldn't.. but my self-control is low today.

(16:14:53) has just discovered that the rolly thing on the side of this phone is also a pressy thing. Technology WOW! (any good, @Z80GameCoder?)

(17:05:53) is off home through the medium of coach, email and apple eating. Catch you on da flipsad, as the iZ would have it...

(19:18:24) Righty righty.. time to crank up the Zattoo.. time either to put Gok Wan or Eurovision Semi on. Decisions, decisions.

(20:31:36) WHO BORKED TWITTER? i worry it was i.

(21:14:53) is going to bed. Mind you, Eurovision's going to be GOOD this year. Ireland's Zig & Zag / Basil Brush chimera didn't make it through. Shame.

Tweets for 19 May 2008


(08:10:43) school run done.. mind drifting on the way home.. I wonder how fast sound travels through brick. Probably about 0.25s for a 3 storey house..

(08:29:01) is off swimming.. looking forward to doing a few lengths.. thing is, I don't know when to stop.. I hope to be able to walk afterwards.

(09:43:50) 20 lengths done; I'm still (just about) alive.. only 500m, but one underwater, so I'm quite smug & pleased. Now.. Shopping/coffee. Shoffee.

(12:42:11) is back from St Albans... mildly disappointing. I shall compensate with a trip to the tidy tip. Yay for stuff-get-rid-of-age.

(12:43:04) is aware, though, that St Albans has - hands down - the cutest traffic warden in the world. She was gorgeous. Does not compute.

(15:46:02) is most perturbed that the i600 (and other Windows smartphones) don't do java. I mean.. this is SUCH a bodge..

(19:07:11) is in the studio, but not really getting much done. Again. I need something to stop me from being distracted. Pull that network cable out?..

Tweets for 18 May 2008


(07:46:52) likes the idea of Stickam as a window to the wider world. Or at least a way of keeping an eye on my mate's car..

(20:46:52) has, in tracky bottom pocket: an i600 quick start guide, a small crosspoint screwdriver, a small paintbrush, 5p, a marble and 2 screws.

(21:16:52) can has teh cheaps ezeebus tickets.

Tweets for 17 May 2008


(11:48:21) has an antidote to the stinky smoke coming through the window from next door. COFFEE GRIND YUM! And closing the window. Not ideal, but hey..

(12:06:22) still enjoys a game of hide and seek, although it seems the police are getting better at playing. I think helicopters is cheating, though.

(15:19:12) thinks that the game of 'run in circles trying to kick each other's bottom' should be adopted by Gladiators. Bishop Brennan, READY?!

(18:50:12) has concluded: Doctor Who plus a ten-year-old Jura malt = utterly blissful entertainment.. despite the wasps.

Tweets for 16 May 2008


(09:00:02) UPDATE! UPDATE! The broken light above my desk has now been removed. How exciting? Yeah, I know.. not very.

(09:01:15) is ordering serial cards and mammary.. I mean memory. Look what you've done, Pete Cooper. :p

(09:03:42) is no good at this new technology. I clearly meant @petecooper. I'm still on web0.6a (running Netscape Navigator 2)

(16:56:49) has just seen an iPod touch. Which is LUFF. However what it can do is even more impressive:

Tweets for 15 May 2008


(09:22:11) has declared today: "Get a light fixed Thursday". Not the most creative of themes, but better than "fill in pointless forms Thursday."

(15:53:27) is listening to two engineers talking and talking and talking and talking. I need coffee and to go home.

(19:55:52) is doing that proper Thursday thing. Home-> Geekery-> Heroes-> Bed. Goodnight, interweb world (tempting though it is to stay, @ ...

(19:57:45) Darn those html metacharacters. Still, you'll never know, now. Nor, indeed, will I.

Tweets for 14 May 2008


Tweets for 13 May 2008


(10:33:05) is having a Bank Holiday today; an attempt to counter work-based stress by diong things people don't really understand.Seems to be working..

Tweets for 12 May 2008


(08:36:38) must make every effort not to squander today. Caffeine, focus.. the studio's tidy enough to make some music. Yeah.. I work like that. Odd.

(08:48:39) still gets caught out by the Blue Screen Of Death screensaver on my laptop. Does anyone have that really cool Leitch clock LED screensaver?

(14:01:27) is off to collect the children from school. Amount of music recorded:0. I think I might be stressed. June will be caffeine-free month again.

(17:19:45) is helping out with the cubs.. This may well do my head in, but it's a good opportunity for father-son bonding. All teh outside now.

Tweets for 11 May 2008


(07:14:00) was up early this morning.. expectant to see if half of R1's storage was entirely dead. Fortunately it survived some misplaced cables. Phew.

(08:04:58) is rationalising podcast subscriptions for use with HubDog ( .. three categories: favourites / the rest / dumper.

(10:30:49) has just seen Chris ride his bike for the first time.. one of those 'proud parent' moments. Now, off to Aldi for some hot SCART action(?!)

(14:38:10) wonders where the solar powered radio is.. it's that kind of gentle-neighbour-annoymencing weather. And I'm in that kind of mood, too. Top.

(16:23:18) is preparing frankfurter hotdogs and salad buffet after an afternoon in the garden. Only one minor casualty.. but the boy's gotta learn :D

(19:13:24) is having one more go at getting Hubdog to download a reasonable selection of podcasts. Then, tidying and putting things in boxes. And cake.

(19:49:54) The Onion Radio News; The Colonel ep 51; The Official Heroes Podcast & Topical Pish. On the iPaq (stoopid Hubdog!) and ready to go. Oh yeah!

Tweets for 10 May 2008


(10:43:20) The first part of One Big System Failover is complete.. now if I can get this server suite back up by hometime tonight.. WIN!

(11:31:40) is giong to have to reboot. All I wanted to do was open a Word document and now the task bar thing is frozen. I blame.. er.. IT.

(16:51:20) does NOT want to stay any later than necessary. But that I've not heard from the engineers ten minutes before home time is worrying. Hmmm..

(18:18:13) isn't really comfortable with the database that's just come up. This may take a while..

(18:41:06) is really starting to get a bit grumpy about virgin media's continual POP3 failures.. should I move entirely to googlemail? Alternatives?

(18:43:02) is on the phone, and just doodled a snail going "RAR!" I have very poor drawing abilities. None of this moleskine business for me, then.

(18:52:21) likes the Frenc word "donc". It always stands out when I overhear conversations. The word "thus" is an underappreciated word, I feel. Thus.

(19:16:22) has now sold his email soul to Google, and is off home.. up the M1 before the Germans call back. This database won't fix itself, y'know...

(20:38:55) is home again, but still has work to do. And Doctor Who to watch. It may be inadvisable to do both concurrently, but hey... it's only TV.

Tweets for 09 May 2008


(08:15:19) is off upstairs to get some noise to come out of a wire. I'm using a Krone tool- this is the most exciting thing I've done this week. WAHOO!

(09:49:14) right.. coffee break over. No more playing on the interwebs till lunchtime. Focus, man.

Tweets for 08 May 2008


(07:45:43) is achey; a little better after coffee, though. Too many late nights & biscuits. I have tonight planned, though: Heroes -> bed. No me ...

(09:15:14) is having 'headspin' while reading up about Java Message Service. I get very easily overwhelmed by this sort of thing.. is XML no good?

(14:20:59) I don't watch enough BBC Three comedy. Facebook humour.. .

(14:26:56) doesn't understand why some people who work with computers all day are still such rubbish typers. TWO fingers? I mean.. come on..

(21:23:32) Wow.. i600 + mac + VMware = kaplooiey!

Tweets for 07 May 2008


(08:00:14) is drinking coffee while waiting for a desktop update.. a slightly underwhelming start to Meetingsday.

(14:02:13) has just come out of the first meeting I've ever attended with a piano accompaniment. For the office comedian:

(14:04:29) I have no sense of style (I want a wifi t-shirt!) So please, tell me this is wrong: (thanks for the link, @poots!)

(14:26:48) wonders.. is it rude for a colleague to make a loud phone call during a meeting? It's certainly irksome. What about tweeting? *sheepish*

Tweets for 06 May 2008


(10:36:38) loves the bric-a-brac & rubbish CDs offered by charity shops. Thus I'm enjoying a gorgeous sunny but breezy morning in Letchworth with Beth.

(16:47:09) Once again, call me shorn. I have the phrase " twelve convenient monkey payments.." stuck in my head. I am WARM. Back to work tomorrow..

Tweets for 05 May 2008


(09:28:25) Off up the M1 for the day.. Stopped for fuel & supplies in Loughborough. In other news, my tweety texts aren't coming through.. is it me?

(11:33:49) Yorkshire Sculpture Park is.. almost indescribably beautiful; it's a warm, humid day - perfect for some gentle countryside amblings.

Tweets for 04 May 2008


(11:36:51) is off swimming with the chiddlers later.. I SO need to get more exercise. The internet makes me atrophy..

(17:02:10) has just watched Doctor Who Christmas Special 2006 with Lenni. On a mobile phone :D Loved the mention of Saxon at the end. Very very clever.

Tweets for 03 May 2008


(11:47:33) Black & Gold - good bit of pop ( But now I know Sparro's Australian I can't help imagining Jason Donovan singing it.

(14:03:03) There's something so much fun about climbing over a fallen-down tree trunk.. Natural climbing frames en route to the first geocache of 2008!

(16:50:14) Geocache was a FAIL, but we all had fun.. home, tired and in need of caffeine. Nearly Doctor Who time, though - yay!

Tweets for 02 May 2008


(07:19:52) arrived early in the office today- obviously nobody else is working. In other news, I still have an annoying catch at the back of my throat.

(08:06:03) it seems there are walking tours of the sound mirrors in the summer.. . Wanna go! Fancy joining us, @regularjen?

(19:08:33) A cool invention, even if it sounds like it should be an April Fool joke. But it was the 1st of May yesterday.

(21:34:49) I've been a-blogging: Weekend away...

Tweets for 01 May 2008


(09:45:07) Allrighty then. Time to make some phone calls. Still not sure where my work mobile is. In fact, I think I'm continually losing things..

(14:28:29) is feeling tired. Tired and anxious, with no reason for either, really. I think a cuppa tea & a brain reboot might help. And custard creams.

(16:20:41) There is a spotlight from the offices opposite shining straight at me. It was irksome during my nightshifts.. quite annoying now, too.

(16:51:30) likes Twitter as a free way to text people. I should do more linkying, though. Like this: 2GB micro SD for a tenner!

(21:06:18) always finds the prospect of Graham Norton's show a good prompt to go to bed. I hope I achieve more tomorrow.It's a Bank Holiday in Germany.

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