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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wicksteed Park - a hidden gem in Northamptonshire

Lenni and Chris in the floral gardenThe amusement park to which we've taken the children more than any other - certainly, since they've been a little too young for the big rides in the likes of Alton Towers and Chessington - is Wicksteed Park, near Kettering in Northamptonshire. It was originally set aside as land for local people to enjoy by the founder of Wicksteed playground equipment.

Parking costs £6, and even without going on the rides (which, during busy times - such as the half-term weekday we visited earlier in June, have fairly long queues) there are lots of things to see and do, with the biggest adventure playground I've ever been to, and a huge amount of green parkland to run around.

Lenni enjoyed the 'umbrella' ride the best - she's not really into the 'high G-force' rides, and has always wanted to fly, so gliding around high in the air, with legs free to swing was about as close as she's ever got!

The 'Laser Tag' was much more up Chris's street - in fact, given the chance, I think he would've played there all day!

It's been - on the whole - a very sunny June, so I was glad of some factor 20 suncream and the breeze on that busy, but fun day. Below are some photos from the day; as ever, there are more in the gallery.

Before that, here's an audioBoo I recorded on the day:

An audio recording from audioboo.fm

Beth and Lenni on the pirate shipChris and Beth on the umbrella ride

Posted by james at June 10, 2010 9:40 PM

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