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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 15 February 2010

New(ish) year..?

Since the snow's gone away, and winter has moved on, it's really been 'business as usual' for me and the family - we've had a few days out here and there, but much of the time has been spent enjoying family time in the warmth of our home!

This has meant that I've not really taken any photos of note, and we've not really had many opportunities to take out our family Christmas present - a rather excellent Flip Ultra HD video camera.

That said, just after Christmas, there was a most enthralling exhibition called 'Space Age' at the Stockwood Park Discovery Centre that I compiled into a short video (see below).

The software that comes with the camera is simple but effective - in fact, a new version was released that means that videos that are edited in the software are able to be transferred back to the camera, which can be plugged into an HD ready television, so we can watch our finished products in their full glory (or not!)

Here, then are our creations - my video of the Space Age exhibtion, and Christopher's video of the snow people he and his sister made!

My new year's resolution has been to be more organised, and to focus on getting things done. One of my objectives has been to clear out some of the cupboards in the studio and bits of the loft - in doing so, I've actually done fairly well selling it on eBay or giving it away with Freecycle. It's amazing how time-consuming doing these things can become, but if it saves taking stuff to the tidy tip, there's definitely a benefit!

I started recording a daily 'mini-podcast' on AudioBoo, but - as with many of these good intentions, that has dwindled somewhat... it is not before time, though, that I need to get myself organised again, and start creating!

That said, my brother Dave is coming over this evening - we'll probably just have a bit of a jam (as we did last time) but it keeps my focus on making music! The studio has been multi-purpose over the past couple of months, from workshop (I had to carry out repairs on a broken bookshelf in the lounge, so sawing and drilling of wood was required) to warehouse (it's where the stuff that I'm selling and giving away tends to accumulate).

It would be great to get back into the world of podcasting, too - I'm still a voracious listener, occasional contributor, but I've not actually made anything original for over a year, now. It's all about finding the time, though... and, more importantly, having the self-discipline not to waste it!

Anyway, that'll probably do as a brief update to this somewhat neglected blog! As always, my daily 'goings-on' are chronicled on Twitter (with an archive here, but I'll hopefully update this blog sooner rather than later!

A couple of links, while I remember:

  • lutonlive.com - a live (sometimes real-time) webcam of a Luton Street.. yes, it's inspired me to do something similar!

  • Google FlashBlock / Firefox FlashBlock - There seem to be more bits of Flash animation than ever before on the internet, which has caused something of a backlash - certainly with small netbooks, all the processing power required just to display all the adverts can grind it to a halt! Here are a couple of useful add-ins that stop Flash items starting automatically when a page is loaded.

Posted by james at February 15, 2010 10:45 AM

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