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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre - and Santa!

It's always nice - certainly while the children are young enough to appreciate it(!) - to pay a visit to Father Christmas. A couple of years ago, we were able to see him at Harrods, and Beth made arrangements this December for a visit to the Snow Centre that opened in Hemel Hempstead in May this year. We'd never been into an indoor ski centre before - the closest we've come, I think, was looking at the Xscape in Milton Keynes from the shopping centre there - and I vaguely recall watching some ice-skating from the viewing balcony somewhere else.. though I have no idea where!

December has been fairly mild (and wet!) so far, but the temperature as we trudged through the compressed snow along the base of the floodlit snow slope was - understandably - much lower. Because we were indoors, the humidity was much greater than one would expect "in the wild", but the snow was perfect for playing in - there was a snow garden set up in one of the corners, and that's where the children spent a happy quarter of an hour or so before being called in to see Santa.

It's a little cheeky, I know, but we took delivery of our family Christmas present during the week, so we made good use of it. It's the first digital video camera we've owned - a tiny Flip Ultra HD - and it takes remarkably good pictures for those family memories.

Here, therefore, is a short compilation of our first proper 'go' on the camera (please excuse the poor editing and cheesy music) and, of course, our two cheeky children with Father Christmas.

Lenni and Chris with Father Christmas

Posted by james at December 12, 2009 8:34 PM

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