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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Sunday, 28 June 2009


There are quite a few reasons why this has been the first entry in June, despite having been quite active at work, and at home with the family; principally, though, the near future has offered little in the way of certainty.

What's most of a relief now is that Beth finally has an appointment for surgery after several months of not knowing (there has been a distinct lack of communication since the whole thing started last year), and some days of very bad pain and immobility. We're now making preparations for the mid-July and the recovery time thereafter, while attempting to maintain a degree of normality for the children and minimize disruption to work and family life.

It's been a busy, anxious time, but not without its highlights. The weather has certainly permitted us to get out and about, for example to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes. It's an immense piece of parkland, and we managed to circumnavigate the south lake in a rather futile attempt to find some geocaches.

We chose the south lake because it has a wonderful play park there, and the children had great fun - along with many other children - on some rather innovative and inventive equipment. There's a scattering of photos below - please click for the larger versions in the gallery.

Me and the children at Willen Lake playgroundChristopher helping his sister on a piece of play equipmentEleanor playing on the high ropes!

It's been a big month for Christopher, and Eleanor, to an extent, as well. Chris had his first school trip away, spending the week at Dell Farm, which for years (certainly since Beth was at school) has been an educational getaway for Luton schools, and is an excellent idea. Chris was already fairly well acquainted with it, since he had a birthday party there last year, and he had a fantastic time, with plenty of stories to tell when he returned home.

Last weekend was another first - Eleanor and Chris had a weekend at the Scout Camp at Phasels Wood. Since I currently help out at the Cubs, I went along as well, and I think we all came home exhausted but having experienced an amazing assortment of things from air rifle shooting (to which Christopher took with a rather troubling adeptitude!) to camp fire songs!

Things are changing with Scout groups to which the children belong - we have, until recently, been driving up to Wigmore on a Monday evening, but since both children have sessions on the same night, it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle the logistics, especially since I tend to help out with the Cubs, and have to break off to drive Lenni home. Fortunately, there have been vacancies at the closest Cub pack and Beaver colonly nearby, and both Chris and Lenni seem to have taken to their new groups very well, so that's encouraging.

With the weather being so kind (especially since the rain has mostly come at night!) I have also been able to pursue another of my long-neglected hobbies - geocaching. The thing I love most about this hobby (although Beth compares it to golf as a good way to ruin a long walk!) is that it's a brilliant way to discover places of interest and beauty, whether one is a visitor it's no distance from home.

I'm running short of single caches to find within easy walking distance from the office, but there are plenty left to find in Luton, which will give me and the children something to do during the summer holidays. Our geocache is still hidden and being found, although it seems there has recently been some holly growing wild around it, which makes it more of a challenge to find.

Summer, then, is most definitely here, and things are looking fairly optimistic - if we can get through the next month or so, I think we'll be on track for a more positive, sure time. I'll keep this blog up-to-date (hopefully moreso!) with whatever transpires...

Posted by james at June 28, 2009 4:30 PM

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