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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pre-spring weather and lemony electricity!

The last week's been one of variety - busy, as always, at work (my boss has been on leave, so I've been to quite a few meetings on his behalf. This means we'll have plenty to talk about when he gets back!) - and with plenty of family fun, too.

Last weekend (though it seems quite a while ago now!) was, in general, very clement; we spent the morning in the garden, just doing some 'post winter' stuff. The brown bin is now completely full of brambles and the low-hanging overgrowth of the Leylandii (which I really want to get rid of completely!) and we've also turned over the raised beds, covering them with black anti-weed plastic stuff ready for the last frost to go. Lenni has a real affinity with the garden, and loved to dig, play with the worms and help us with our garden preparations.

Lenni in the garden..

With any luck we'll have a more productive year than 2008; Beth is already chitting some potatoes and we have a wonderful selection of seeds that can be planted. I'd really like to have another go at growing parsnips, and Eleanor wants to grow tomatoes.

However, the weather remains - perfectly normally for March - somewhat schitzophrenic. Beth and I went shopping in Letchworth last Monday in bright sunshine (see the left-hand picture); compare that with the hail storm a few days later, rattling on the terrace, and making us glad to be indoors!

Letchworth town centreLetchworth town centre

It's another mild, mostly overcast Saturday, but with the occasional stream of sunshine which is encouraging; I'm keen to go out for some fresh air! We've had a relaxing morning, though - one of the activities was to use some lemons which Beth had bought, reduced, from Asda to make electricity.

We found the instructions on Schlumberger's interesting Seed website: www.seed.slb.com/en/scictr/lab/fruit/index.htm and the children were really interested to see the LED glow through nothing but household items. Lenni had lots of questions - how much sense my answers made, or whether the information will 'stick' I don't know, but she's definitely taking an interest in science, so that's definitely something to encourage. I'm sure we'll be visiting the Seed site and many others for practical experiments to do over the next little while!

Lemon battery!

Posted by james at March 14, 2009 12:38 PM

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