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Saturday, 7 March 2009


I may have mentioned that Christopher is a member of the local cub pack, and most Mondays I go with him to 'help out' with the activities that they do. It's remarkably rewarding, especially when the children (aged between eight and ten) show an interest and enthusiasm for what we're doing. Obviously, there are games most weeks, but in a meeting just before the beginning of this term, I came up with a few more adventurous ideas, such as allowing them to put together a performance for their parents - an ambitious challenge, but one that would help them qualify for their 'creative' badge.

Lenni cheerleadingMonday was the culmination of this preparation, which had been somewhat hampered by half-term and cancellations because of the snow; the cubs have been split into three 'teams' - a small backstage crew, who made masks, props and prepared the introductions, and two 'performance' groups, who wrote and acted out much of their own ideas.

The rehearsals were chaotic - sometimes even dissolving into shambles, but I was taken aback by the way that, when the parents arrived they all pulled it together to make an engaging performance, which was met with smiles and appreciation.

Apart from directing one of the groups, I also brought in a small amount of PA kit, and found myself using - for the first time in a long while - a minidisc player to play in the spot effects and themes; it's a bit more robust than a laptop, and perfect for the job, because it can be set to 'pause' after playing each track, making it easy (or at least easier!) for the lad who was pushing the play button to keep control of what was going on.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the cubs in their finery, but I thought I'd write this blog entry to remind myself - if anything - of a small, yet quite pleasing, success. Lenni might well be joining Beavers after Easter, so when Christopher moves up to Scouts, I'll probably stay on and help at Cubs, since Lenni have joined their group by that point. It's great to be involved with the children as they grow up.

A couple of weekends ago, for example, Lenni took part in a cheerleading performance with her gymnastics club - since it was on a Saturday, I was able to go along and enjoy the show (although I ended up putting the music on... I tend to answer 'yes' if asked if there's anyone technical around!). Fortunately we did have the camera with us that time, so to the right you'll see a picture of Lenni with her pom-poms.

It's promising to be quite a quiet weekend ahead, but if the rain holds off, I might drag the children into the garden to make preparations for planting our vegetables in the spring... who knows, we might actually grow something this year!

Posted by james at March 7, 2009 9:37 AM

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