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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 16 January 2009

Post-Christmas.. resolutions?

Another three week break in blog posts - it's been a busy time, all in, with the wonders of Christmas, plenty of visitations, a little internet radio and unremittant work. I'm hoping to reap the benefits of working during the Christmas period, with one of our (hopefully!) few investments of 2009. Oh yes - there are plenty of resolutions, too!

Firstly, though, a few photos of the family fun we enjoyed during the break - save for Dave & Debi and their family (with whom I hope we'll be able to catch up soon), there have been lots of opportunities to spend time with the whole of our extended family and friends. Rob is recovering well from his operation, and will hopefully be able to return to work soon, Mary's making preparations for her wedding and everyone else is doing well. That said, there were coughs, colds and all sorts of nasty bugs over Christmas - I had some sinusitis, which, after a bad cold, returned in force just after New Year, but hopefully as the days lengthen we'll all become more healthy. We stayed in a hotel in Hastings overnight on the 28th - the wind was bitterly cold but didn't deter us from a pilgrimage to the beach. On New Year's Eve, Trev and his little'uns were over, and once the children had gone to bed, we spent an enjoyable evening playing 'radio stations' with Jon, eating chocolates and drinking wine until the early hours. If you'd like to hear the shows (although I can't see why you would, since it gets a little grotesque later on!) you can find them in the imageFM radio archive - such that it is!

Christopher on Christmas DayThe children in boxes...Lenni on Christmas DayEleanor and Luke pulling a cracker in secret!

2009 is definitely going to be a 'be thankful for what we have' year, not least because I enjoyed so much new gadgetry last year (the Neuros OSD, my i600 and the camera were certainly highlights!) The only exceptions will be a new laptop for Beth, if hers gives out, and - when I've saved up enough - a Nintendo Wii with one of those fitness boards. I'm trying to become a little more healthy this year - I've cut out biscuits from my workday life, having seen that each digestive or custard cream contains nearly 10% of the body's saturated fat intake for the day (and I can easily demolish , replacing them with cereal that I can nibble on from a bowl; I'm also trying to do more walking - on a workday, the most I can manage is probably six miles, which isn't too bad over the course of the week, but if I don't go for a walk at lunchtime or if I catch the shuttle bus to the airport (mainly if it's raining or I'm late!) that will decrease to three and a half miles. I love to take the children swimming, too.. hopefully it'll beneft us all.

That'll pretty much sum up my resolutions for the year - I still have absolutely no idea what 2009 will hold; with any luck there will be some milestones, not least Beth having some treatment for her occasionally very painful back condition (it's been diagnosed as Tethered Spinal Cord syndrome - if I've not mentioned it before, there is an explanatory video here) and we're off to the Isle of Wight for a holiday later in the year, but who knows what will happen? We can just hope and pray that we all stay healthy, happy and busy (but not too busy to update this blog!)

There are, as always, more photos in the photo gallery...

Posted by james at January 16, 2009 10:22 PM

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