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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

iPod Touch.. another new toy!

It's always a little depressing when the front page of my blog disappears - I'm going to have to do something about the setting so that at least the last couple of entries are displayed, even if they were written over three weeks ago(!)

A week has already passed since my birthday (thank you very much for the cards and good wishes) and, as I'm now well ensconced into my late thirties, I thought I'd write an update.

Beth gave me a wonderful present - yip.. another bit of hi-tech gadgetry: an iPod Touch. It's a 'first generation' one, but that's no matter, since it's capable of taking the latest operating system update (currently 2.2) and differs from the iPhone only in that it has no phone circuitry (obviously), no camera and no speaker - it still has an amazing touch-screen interface, an accelerometer, a lovely big screen (see the comparison with the i600) and some amazing applications available for it in the Apple 'Apps Store'.

iPod Touch next to a Samsung i600My favourite applications so far have to be (and most of them are free!):

  • JellyCar : a game where you have to make a wobbly car drive over some wobbly obstacles - definitely addictive, and free!
  • iBowl : a ten-pin bowling game that is quite realistic, since you have to swing the iPod like you're holding the ball - just without letting go! (It's free, as well)
  • iBall 3D : an excellent (and free recreation of the classic wooden marble maze game
  • Virtual Pool : probably the best of the pool games I've played, and a bargain at 59p
  • MyPaint Free : as the name suggests, a free 'finger painting' application that Lenni loves
  • TwitterFon : Probably my favourite of the (free!) Twitter clients I've tried, with a nice simple, clear interface.

That'll probably do for now - I've downloaded some others, and I'm tempted by Uno... but so far I've only spent £1.18 (the other game I bought was Touch Physics - cute, but gets very hard!) and I'm hoping to avoid spending too much more, especially since it's really easy to buy something without thinking (just one click and it's there!) The games can certainly give the DS Lite a run for its money, though!

It would be excellent to have a more versatile media player for the Touch, so that it's possible to stream internet radio stations and play different media formats - vlc4iphone was developed, but it's unlikely ever to make it through Apple's stringent criteria and end up in the Apps store. Hopefully there'll be a solution that means I can view the Neuros OSD's stream on it..

I'll close by mentioning - in case you weren't aware - the two main gripes that iPhone and iPod Touch owners have (apart from the single-source of software) - that there's no 'cut and paste' functionality, and, more critically, no implementation of 'Flash' for it. The latter is obviously because it would result in the development of applications outside Apple's control, so this may never happen.. but we live in hope that cut and paste will eventually turn up.

Posted by james at November 29, 2008 5:50 PM

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