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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 3 October 2008

Family catch-up...

I thought it was time - if not well overdue! - to write a blog update. I'm sitting on the coach on a Friday evening, taking my last trip home of the week. Since I'm never out of the office dead-on (or just before) six, I tend to aim to catch the half-six coach, but I was a little delayed getting everything shut down and tidied up for the weekend, and was approaching my stop just as I saw the coach leaving. Since the next one wasn't for another twenty minutes, I took it upon myself to run up the road, chasing the stop traffic lights; it was only a quarter mile (if that!) but I was puffing and panting by the time I made it to the stop - but I beat the bus, so I won the race! My goodness, I'm unfit, though.

But what's been going on? I've been tinkering, really - the production of the podcast was quite intensive, and sorting out Dad's laptop (the hard drive failed just weeks after I rebuilt it - typical that the free software I used to make an image of it created a file of 57MB.. I should have checked! I also put together a PC for Lenni, with some bits kindly given to us by some friends, so both children have a small PC on which they can learn (and, of course, play!)

The weekends have been spent with family and friends - we went to a birthday party in Cheltenham (the pictures are on Facebook), and - oh yes - we had some pictures taken by our fantastically talented friend Tamara. It was blessing that the weather was so pleasant, since we were able to have the pictures taken in Stockwood park, and the results are lovely! See the bottom of this blog entry for three of our favourites.

Work's been busy - I was thinking it was going to be quietening down, but we keep on experiencing minor crises (yesterday was a good example, with an IT server failure that was out of our control, but had a serious effect on clients connected to our broadcast network - I can only hope someone's going to learn some lessons from this) so I think I'm earning a living!

And that's about it, really.. Beth's been studing hard, but suffering a little from back pain (she has an appointment at the hospital next week - hopefully that'll shed some light on it), and the children are doing really well and enjoying the new school year. Chris has had the first of his latter milk teeth fall out - this was something of a worry because we'd not realised that there were more to come! He's really enjoying design software (like Phun, the excellent Bamzooki and our long-time favourite, Scratch) Lenni's as cheerful and creative as she always was - unfortunately her goldish died (she was less than a year old) so we've had to replace her - amazing to see how much they've grown, because there's a tiddler (Princess Petals 5) in with Silver Spy.

Another weekend approaches, and includes a birthday party for two of our littlest nieces and nephews!

The Hart family - by TamaraChris and Lenni - by TamaraThe Hart family - by Tamara

Posted by james at October 3, 2008 10:57 PM

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