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Saturday, 13 September 2008

The National Space Centre - another fun day out!

The National Space Centre, LeicesterOnce again, armed with some Tesco Clubcard Deal points that needed to be used by the end of September, we took a drive up the M1 to the National Space Centre, on the outskirts of Leicester.

It's an unusual looking building (certainly when seen from above) but quite small when you're actually in there, which makes it fairly easy to navigate - and hard to lose the children!

Our ticket price included an amble round the many hands-on exhibits, which were well-maintained (I've been to so many museums where 'out of order' posters were dotted around the place - on this occasion I just saw one, and that was only for one of two identical sides of an activity, so it was still usable) - and a show in the enormous hemispherical Space Theatre. This was spectacular - and a testament to the creativity of the place, since the two films we saw were created in-house.

Abbey Pumping Station, LeicesterIt was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday, but I guess so soon after the summer holidays makes it less likely that people will be taking a day out.. there's no doubt that the children had an absolutely brilliant time, though, zipping from one place to another, constantly distracted by all the exciting things that caught their eyes. I think we'll definitely be going there again - there's enough there to enjoy twice, and a few things we didn't get round to seeing.

As we left, I was interested to see that the Abbey Pumping Station nearby was a museum of science and technology, with free entrance, so that's a potential destination for our next visit.

Here are a few pictures of the children enjoying themselves - there are more, as always, in the gallery.

Chris switching things off and on again..Lenni, watching her voice..The children running around a weather globe!

Posted by james at September 13, 2008 8:22 PM

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