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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 25 August 2008

Woburn Safari Park - Wonderful!

I think I can safely assert that Woburn Safari Park is the greatest attraction in the area - we had a most wonderful day out, helped in no small part by the warm, dry but not overwhelmingly sunny weather that accompanied this weekend.

We thought we were taking a risk going on a Bank Holiday Monday, since many touristy places are extremely busy, especially during the school holidays, but either it wasn't too busy, or (quite possibly for the first time in my experience) it was big enough to cope with the number of people who chose to come at such a popular time!

The first thing we encountered when we entered the gates was the safari trail, which is certainly the part of the attraction that's made its name. In a very, very slow stop-start procession of cars around a tight three-mile-long track (a matter of some concern if you've got an old car!), we saw some animals unhindered by the wire fences often seen in zoos... OK, so the lions were lazily lying around, and the bears kept their distance, but then a wolf crossed the road in front of our car, the family of giraffes stood elegantly outside their tall shed and most excitingly, the patas monkeys hopped about between, and at times onto our car - the children absolutely loved that bit!

But after this 45-minute long drive, there was still plenty to do. We parked up, and were able to see sea-lion, exotic bird and wallaby feeding displays; during a picnic, we were accompanied by some chickens, and the children completely loved both the well-equipped indoor play area and the fun things to do outside, which included some small fairground rides which were completely free! (I was most taken aback by that - how many places would try and squeeze another few pounds out of the vistors through parent pester power?) Oh, and how could I forget the delightful Rainbow Lorikeet birds, who happily hop onto your hands to feed from the little pots of nectar?

There's no doubt that Woburn is a fantastic day out - and a great way to spend loyalty card points, because with Tesco Clubcard Deals, £15s worth is almost enough to admit a family of four.

Of course, with all those animals, how could I resist taking some photos? Here's a small collection - there are more in the gallery!

A patas monkey, really close up!Giraffes!
A pair of macaws in flight

Posted by james at August 25, 2008 10:16 PM

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