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Monday, 14 April 2008

studio project photos...

Since I updated my website to run on a contact management system, I hadn't taken the time (or, more accurately, made the effort!) to copy the story of the studio project onto it; as a result, unless I were to forward viewers to my rubbishy old website on Lycos - which is mostly obliterated by adverts - and various blog entries, it would be consigned to history.

One of my objectives this weekend was to start work on the studio door, which had never really had any time spent on it, marking it probably the largest unttractive part of the room after the curtains. I'd managed to get hold of some foam hard disk packaging sheets, which seemed to be ideal for the purpose, and the first stage was to apply them to the door. With the assistance of Christopher and some No More Nails, we got the job done - see below!

This prompted me to wander through my collection of studio photos, be they from the original project - over six years ago - and upload as many of the reasonably good ones to a new studio photos album in the gallery. The next stage will be to write up the story on my main music website.. something to do on my commutes, anyway!

The original door,<br />
covered in asbestos
The original door,
complete with asbestos
The stripped-down door, half-covered in foam packaging
The stripped-down door
half-covered in foam packaging
The stripped-down door, half-covered in foam packaging
The nearly-finished door -
just awaiting a fabric covering

Posted by james at April 14, 2008 4:53 PM

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