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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Curtains and gardening... and more, I've no doubt.

A first blog entry for April.. they really don't come often enough, do they?

The main highlights of the past week have been my work on the fabric (literally!) of the studio and finally making progress with the garden. Since I put the studio together, I had planned to put up some curtains using the same material that lines the walls, but hadn't touched a sewing machine since my second year at comprehensive school (23 years? Terrifying!) But once I'd followed the instructions and managed to destroy one machine (I think there was something wrong with it, to be honest.. the motor burned out - and I'll certainly recognise the early signs if it starts to struggle again!) I finally measured up the right amount of material to make the curtains and, if I'm honest, I'm quite pleased with the results.

They're probably not hemmed in the way that a professional would do it, but they hang straight and look OK - the most striking thing about them is that they're the original colour of the fabric, so are a much darker blue than the faded walls. Here, as always, is a before-and-after shot:

studio curtains - before
curtains - before
studio curtains - after
curtains - after

The next step is to cover the door with the remaining fabric. Unfortunately, it'll have to consist of two pieces of material tacked together in the middle, but I've managed to reclaim quite a lot of pieces of textured packing foam from hard disk boxes, so I think it'll look - and sound - pretty good when it's done.

So the weekend's here - the first of Beth being 30 years old and the last of Eleanor being 4. We were warned of snow, but it turned out to be a very mild morning, so we took full advantage and caught up with the gardening project. We managed to sow the sprouts, lettuce, parsnips (which were incorrectly labelled as carrots on the diagram - whoops!) and nasturtiums. We also planted out the parsley, which has been growing quite happily on the windowsill of the studio, next to Barry, the original of my aloe vera plants.

Here's a photo of the children preparing the raised bed for the parsley, which you can see in the pots on the right - it's always great fun in the garden, but we all work hard.

Christopher's back to school on Monday; Lenni has a teacher training day, so we're throwing a small party for her and some of her schoolfriends, which will certainly be an experience!

That'll do for now.. hopefully I'll write a bit more this month! Oh, before I go - remember we had a flood last June? Well, finally the last piece of work's been done; a new light fitting in the downstairs toilet needed to be installed by a council certified electrician. Annoyingly, though, he left without carrying out an inspection, so I need to chase that up before everything's finally signed off, otherwise we could be in trouble when we want to sell the house. How frustrating is that? It'll be a year, soon...

Posted by james at April 5, 2008 11:07 PM

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